Onward With Love…

Chapter Thirty-Eight

By Yuki Wildstar

20th of October, 2206

EDF Headquarters

30th floor

Returning from Pluto basegallery666[1].jpg station Wildstar’s mind wondered how his life would change once he put his papers in. He gave Nova his word that he would once he returned. They made their way down the hall to General Stone’s office walking hand in hand. Nova looked over to her husband once more, than focus towards to Stone’s door as it drew closer.

“Good afternoon Captain Wildstar, the General is waiting for you” Stone’s aide said. “Please let me announce you first, before you go in.”

“Thank you,” Wildstar said and stood close to the door as Nova sat down on the coach that was in front of his office.

“You can go in now captain.”

Wildstar straighten up and winked at his wife. “Wish me luck,” he said as Nova gave him a half grin.

He stood tall and entered the office, “Captain Wildstar, what can I do for you?”

“Sir” Wildstar saluted and took out his papers, “I am here to hand in my reti . . . ”

“Derek, NO!” Nova burst in.

“What the hell is going on here, Captain?” Stone stood up and bellowed.

“Nova, what are you doing?”

“Derek I can’t let you do this, it’s not right. I can’t let you throw away what you worked so hard to establish. If I let you do this you’ll resent me for the rest of our lives. And I can’t live with that!” she said then took the papers from his hand and ripped them up in front of him and General Stone.

“Nova, baby I’m doing this for us and the baby.”

“No Derek, you’re doing this for me because I asked you. Now let’s go home, General Stone I’m sorry that we took up your time. Derek let’s go.” She grabbed his arm and pulled him out of the office, as Stone looked at the two confused.

Nova pulled him quickly to the elevator, he turned to face her. “Nov, are you sure about this?”

“Derek I never told you this, but remember that day I came to see you on the Argo and Sandor and you were going over the stats, it was about 4 or 5 days before you left for Pluto.”


“Well I heard Sandor asking you how you felt about me asking you to retire.”

“Yeah, but I told him that I was alright with it.”

“I know, but it wasn’t what you told him but how. I could hear it in your voice how much it hurt and I didn’t want to be the cause of that. I love you too much to feel that every time you look up in the sky you wish you were there.” she said as she looked him in the face and ran her hand down it.

“I don’t know what to say, only that I love you more now than ever. I promise you that I will be there when the baby comes; even if I have to warp the ship on top of Great Island Hospital.” He said then held her in his arms, uniform or not he didn’t care who was watching.

“Let’s go home Skipper, so you can take advantage of me.”

“Aye aye madam,” he saluted and lean over to give her a kiss on the cheek.

Stone watched from his door at the two still a little baffled, he watched them as they entered the elevator then turned back into the office and took out the papers Nova ripped up and threw in the trash. He took the piece and began to place them together like a puzzle. Once finished he realized what they were. ‘So Wildstar you were planning on retiring early, hmm. Damn why didn’t she let you.’




30th of November, 2206


What Wildstar feared most finally happened. Weeks later General Stone summoned all of the Star Force officers and announced that the Argo would now be in dry dock indefinitely. He knew that Stone would make his and Nova’s lives miserable. Wildstar sat beside Singleton’s bed talking out loud, “Now he has dry docked the Argo, sir. I’m amazed that he let me come here to see you, sir. I’ve missed Nova’s first few appointments and we barely see each other. Sir, we all missed you commanding us. It’s not the same. Please hurry up and get better.”

Homer stood outside and waited until he finished. “Wildstar, I wasn’t expecting you here.” He said as he walked into the room.

“It’s the only time I was able to get since he took over. How are you Homer? I try to come as much as I can. Nova keeps me informed when I see her. It’s been hard seeing her too, since he has taken over.”

“Tell me about it. If I’m there to see my baby born it will be a miracle.”

“Seems’ like he is making everyone’s life miserable, but at least he’s letting you see the Admiral.” He said feeling tired. “So, did you find out what you are having yet?”

Smiling at his question Homer couldn’t help but blurt it out, “A girl.”

“A girl, that’s awesome. Congratulations Homer. Wait isn’t she due soon?”

“Yeah, anytime soon and every time the phone rings I keep thinking this is it.” He said as Wildstar laughed at him. “Don’t laugh you’ll be the same way when Nova is ready to deliver.” Making him stop laughing, “Not laughing now are you? Are you and she going to find out what you’re having also?”

“We haven’t talked about it but I’m sure we will. Anyway I should go.” He said when Homers phone went off. They both looked at each other and he quickly answered the phone. Wildstar watched as his face turn to panic. “Where are you?” he screamed into the phone.

“Homer is everything alright?”

“She’s in, she’s in.” he try to say.

 Taking the phone from his hand Wildstar spoke into it. “He’s already here in with the Admiral Wendy. I’ll get him downstairs right away,” then hung up the phone.  “Okay Homer, snap out of it. Wendy needs you now. Now pull yourself together and get your mind focus on your next mission.” He ordered.

“Huh what mission?”

“Helping Wendy with the labor; now let’s go.” He said taking him by the arm and leading him out of the room to the labor delivery room. They could hear her screaming for him as they entered the hall. Homer stopped and looked at Wildstar with a nervous look. Wildstar laughed and pushed him towards the nurse’s station. “Excuse us, this is Commander Glitchman, I believe his wife is in labor.”

“Yes Captain, she has been calling for him.” The nurse said as the heard Wendy scream again for him. “I think you should come with me. We need you to change into some scrubs and then we will take you in to see her. Commander are you alright you look a little pale?” she asked looking at him.

“I, I, I think I am,” he babbled.

“Well this is not the time to fall apart Commander!” Wildstar snapped. “Pull yourself together and get in there! I’ll call the others and let them know. NOW GO!”

They all gathered into the waiting room for word on Wendy. 2 hours later they watched as Homer and Nova walked down the hall, Homer holding a bundle in his arms. His smile broadened as he came closer to his comrades. “Abby this is your other family. Guys this is Abigail Olivia Glitchman.” He announced with pride. “Abby this is the Star Force and they will always be part of our family.” One by one they all cooed over the infant and congratulated Homer on the birth of his daughter.

“Okay everyone, we need to get her into the nursery.” Nova ordered. “Wendy will be ready for visitors in about 30 minutes. She’ll need her rest so not too long.”

“Can I see her first?” Derek asked Homer.

“Of course Wildstar she would love to see you.” Homer said then looked at his new born daughter.

He knocked gently on the door and poked his head inside. “Can I come in?”

Maureen smiled at the young captain and waved him in. “Yes come in Captain. She’s a little tired but she’s still up.”

“I won’t stay long. Hello Wendy, she’s a beautiful little girl. Homer is already wrapped around her finger.”

“Thank you Derek. I understand you went to see my Uncle again.”

“I got lucky and old Stone face let me off with good behavior.” He said making her laugh.

“I heard he put her in dry dock. My Uncle is probably not sleeping well. I appreciate you visiting him when you can. And thank you for posting someone there to protect him.” A few days after his arrival to the hospital a male figure was spotted in his room. When the nurse walked in he pushed her out of the way and ran down the hall and into the stairwell. She looked around his room and found the pillow on the floor. She quickly reported it to the MP’s and Wildstar assigned a Marine to his room. They reported only to him and no one else. “I’m so sorry about it. My Uncle will be furious with him if he ever comes out of it.”

“Wendy don’t you worry about the Argo. Right now it’s all about Abigail and you.”

She smiled at him and held out her hand for him to take. “It will be you and Nova’s turn next.”

“Looks like it. Well I won’t stay, you need your rest and I know there’s a lot of people that want to say hello. If you need anything just call.”

“Thank you, Derek.”

“Mrs. Singleton he’s looking better today.” He said as he held onto her hand. “I will get to the bottom of it. I believe he will come out of it. You have to believe too.”

“I do and thank you for coming.”



5th of December, 2206

A Week later . . .

Sandor stood at the bar waiting for Yvey and the others to come. For once he was the early one. He had made plans to surprise Yvey with another proposal of marriage in front of their friends. He waited for the bartender to bring him a beer when he felt someone tapping him on the shoulder. Sandor smiled as he turned around and then his smile left as he saw who was standing in front of him. “Hello Danielle”

“Hello honey, it’s been a while since we sold the house.” Danielle said with a grin.

“I sold the house Danielle not you. So you here with someone” Sandor asked to be polite.

“Oh just waiting on my date to come,” Danielle said. “Want to buy me a drink for old times sake?.”

“Sure Danielle why not,” Sandor said then turned to the bartender. “Give the lady a cosmopolitan.”

“You remembered. I’m flattered.” Danielle said then placed her hand on his face.

“Don’t do that,” he said.

“Do what Stephen?” she purred.

“Touch me, I’m engaged now.” Sandor said.

“Who’s the lucky girl?” Danielle asked.

“She’s a Lieutenant Commander in one of our squadrons.” Sandor explained.

“Mmm, isn’t that a bit of conflict of interest?” She asked.

“So you have learned something from the EDF packets that they gave you.” Sandor said. “I thought that the only thing you learned was how to live the life of an officer’s wife and a millionaire.”

“Hmm, trust me Stephen I have moved on to bigger and better pastures,” Danielle said.

“I bet you have,” Sandor looked her over and remembered that she was a beautiful woman.

“Are you jealous, my love?” Danielle said and then placed her hand on his face again.

“Excuse me, am I interrupting something?” Yvey stood before them with Nova, Denise and Wendy standing next to her.

“Not at all, Babe, this is my ex wife Danielle.” Sandor introduced them.

Casing her out Yvey looked her up and down. “So you are the infamous Danielle, well did you run out of money?”

“I’m sorry did I do something to offend you?” Danielle frowned with confusion.

“Yeah, ya put your hand on my man’s face,” Yvey said as her thick New York accent came out. “I don’t appreciate it, so if you don’t mind keep your hands to yourself.”

“My Sandor, you picked a feisty one this time.” Danielle looked her over.

“That’s right chica, he has me now. So do yourself a favor and go find your next victim, y te vas.” Yvey snapped at her.

“Excuse me, what did you say?” Danielle snapped.

Sandor looked from Yvey to Danielle as he rolled his eyes and said. “She said to leave Danielle.”

“Well I’ll go when I’m ready, and when did you learn to speak, is it French, German.” Danielle tried to ask.

“It’s Spanish, and it means get lost, leave and he’s been learning since he’s met me.” Yvey stood closer to her.

“What’s going on, Nov?” Derek asked as he stood behind his wife.

“Nothing good that I can see,” Nova whispered back.

Derek smiled at the scene, and what Sandor got into. Homer and Pesci walked behind him and watched as Yvey stood tall and drew words with Danielle.

“I’ll leave when I’m ready, cookie.” Danielle said as she towered over Yvey.

“Well, why don’t I get you ready, chica,” Yvey snapped back at her.

“Are you threatening me?” Danielle looked down at Yvey and then looked at Sandor who looked very uncomfortable.

“Don’t look at him, his not gonna help ya,” Yvey said as her New York accent got even thicker.

“What are you going to do? Your superiors are here and I will press charges.” Danielle said with a smile.

Sandor looked at Yvey and knew that this was not going to end well. “Yvey, honey she’s not worth it, let’s go and grab a table.”

Yvey looked up at Sandor “Are you taking her side, she started it!”

“No baby, it’s just that people are starting to stare,” Sandor said in a low tone.

“Do you think I give a shit!” Yvey snapped.

“Honey please,” Sandor pleaded.

“Yes Honey, you should listen to him.” Danielle said. Derek cringe his eyes and knew then that things just got ugly. Yvey gave her a look and swung with all her might, hitting Danielle straight in the nose. Danielle grabbed her nose and screamed out, “you bitch, Captain Wildstar what are you going to do about this?”

Sandor held Yvey with both arms trying to calm her down, “Baby not now. Calm down, please.”

51727[1].jpgWildstar looked over from Yvey to Danielle and then let out a laugh.

“What the hell are you laughing at!?” Danielle screamed that everyone in the restaurant turned to look at them.

Nova grabbed Derek’s arm and pulled him to her, “Derek this is serious.” She said thru gritted teeth.

“Come on babe. Don’t tell me you haven’t been waiting for this moment for a long time. Only thing is that Yvey did it. She deserved it.” Derek laughed harder.

Sandor and Yvey looked up and saw that everyone was laughing with Derek. Danielle turned around screaming at them, “I hate all of you, this is not the last of it I promise you this.” She grabbed her bag turned and left them all there laughing.

Yvey pivot around and slapped Sandor in the face. “What the hell was that for?” he said shocked.

“Because you should have walked away,” Yvey said.

“But I didn’t do anything.” Sandor whined.

Derek laughed harder, Yvey turned to him and said, “You better get your boy here in check, or else it will be him in the hospital.” She pushed past all of them and made her way to the ladies room. Nova looked at Sandor and called over to Denise and Wendy. “I think we need to go and calm her down. Derek we’ll meet you at the table.”

“Yes dear” Derek said as he saluted, then turned back to Sandor still laughing.

“It’s not funny, I just knew seeing Danielle here would be trouble.” Sandor said as he held his face.

“Come on Stephen, I’ll get us all a drink.” Derek said as he patted his back and lead everyone to the table.

Ladies Bathroom


“Yvey, are you alright?” Nova asked.

Yvey walked back and forth and waved her hands in the air, “que puta, caunado yo la consiga. Voy a matarla.” (What a whore, if I ever see her, I’m going to kill her).

“Yvey calm down…sweetie she’s not worth it.” Nova said.

 “I know Nova but she just got under my skin,” Yvey said. “I need a drink!”

“Oh, no you don’t,” Denise said. “Not after what happened last time, I don’t think another night in the brig with you will be good for any of us. To think, after a fight at the bar we had to be thrown out of the brig for starting another fight in there.”

Nova let out a laugh, “alright ladies, please let’s get ourselves together. Yvey are you calm because I am 7 months pregnant and I don’t want to go into early labor tonight.”

“Yes ma’am, she just gets under my skin,” Yvey sighed.

“I know she’s has always been like that, but I have to admit I wanted to do that to her from the day I met her,” Nova smiled.

“Okay okay, I’m good.” Yvey said, “Now to take care of Stephen.”

“Uh oh, what are you going to do with him?” Denise asked.

“Me and him are going to have a talk,” Yvey said with slit eyes.

“Let’s hope that she won’t press charges.” Denise said.

“Don’t worry about that I’ll make sure nothing comes of it,” Wendy said “I never liked her either. Out of both of Stephen’s exes she was the worst. Even Veronica was a little more civilized at least she was more subdued with her affairs and acted more like a lady.”

Nova agreed with her, “Her I could tolerate, but number 2 WAS really a bitch.”

They all walked out of the ladies room and made their way over to the table. Derek and the men all got up and helped the ladies with their chairs. Sandor tried to kiss Yvey on the neck but she turned away.

“We will talk later,” she said to him under her breath.

Sandor looked over to Wildstar and saw him shake his head giggling at him. Was he in the dog house as he thought to himself. They talk through dinner about the war ending, and how Wendy looked good after having their baby. Derek held Nova’s hand knowing that soon they too would be parents. The remaining night they talked about how General Stone was riding Derek making him oversee every aspect of the fleet. “Every time I turn around he has me going to one of the docks and making sure all their reports are acquired. It’s like I’m his go to boy, Nova and I haven’t had any time together that much and I haven’t been able to make any of her appointments. I just hope that Singleton comes out of his coma. Nova…any word from Doctor Sane about his recovery?”

“Nothing Derek,” Nova said.

Wendy looked down and said “I know he was working on something with Tolbert’s escape, but he never said anything to me. You may want to talk to Michelle his aide.”

“I asked her but she says that she doesn’t know anything,” Derek said. “But to me it just seems like she was scared to say anything around Stone.”

“Well we are just going to have to invite her over to our place for dinner then,” Nova said. “After all we did work together for a short time, and it wouldn’t look like nothing more than two friends hanging out.”

“Good idea, babe,” Derek said.

Sandor looked at Yvey and got up from his chair. “Hey everyone, I’m glad that we are all here tonight I wanted to take this chance to ask my fiancé something. So if you guys don’t mind, Yvey honey I know that I have asked you this before on the bridge of the Argo, but I wanted to ask you in front of all our friends and keep my pressure on you. Yvette Ortiz will you marry me, and set a date, please.”

“Ayi papi again, we had this conversation too many times, yes I will marry you but not now!” Yvey said still a little mad at what happened earlier.

“Awe, come on Yvey. Marry the man already,” Denise said.

“Yeah Yvey he’s pouring his heart out.” Pesci laughed.

Avoiding any more pressure Yvey got up and looked over to where Nova was, “It’s late and looks like Nova is sleepy.  Vamos, I have to straighten something’s out with my fiancé.”

“Uh oh Sandor, good luck on that one. But Yvey is right, Nova looks tired and my wife is too polite to say anything but she needs her rest.” Derek said as he got up and helped her out of her chair. “Goodnight everyone.”

They all left and made their way to their own cars. She sat in silence as Sandor try to make small talk with her “are you alright Yvey?”  She didn’t reply. “I wish you would say something, anything”

“Not now Stephen,” Yvey said softly. They pulled up to the house and Yvey got out as he parked the car in the detached garage. Sandor walked into the house and looked for Yvey; he called out and realized that she was sitting outside on the beach.

“Here you are I was calling you.” Sandor said.

Yvey stared out into the night sky and out towards the dark sea. “Stephen, I didn’t like the way that women was touching you.”

“Yvey I didn’t know she was there, I was at the bar and the next thing I knew she was tapping me on the shoulder. I was telling her to go away,” Sandor tried to explain not telling her that he brought her a drink.

“Yeah, but you didn’t tell her loud enough. You should’ve walked away from her if she didn’t want to go.” Yvey said with harsh tones.

“Are you suggesting that I was still interested in her?” Sandor asked with confusion.

“Well, were you?” Yvey said.

“Yvey what is wrong with you, no I don’t love her. She is someone from my past that is all.” Sandor said. “She’s my ex wife and that’s all she’ll ever be. I can’t believe after all this time you would still question my love for you. I want to marry you and only you.”

“Well then act like it!” Yvey yelled.

“What the hell is up with you!?” Sandor voice grew louder “What more do you want me to do. I let you be your own person, you fly your ship, and I let you pay your own way.”

Yvey stood up from where she was sitting and started to yell at him waving her hands in the air. “LET! what do you mean that you LET me! Stephen for one I don’t need your permission to fly. That’s my job and I love it. Second of all I don’t need your fucking money, I have my own.”

Sandor was even more confused, “So, is this what it’s all about? So you managed to save up and put some money away. That doesn’t mean that you can live on it forever. I wish you wouldn’t put my finances in my face I only want to take care of you.”

“No Stephan, you just don’t get it. I really don’t need your money!” Yvey snapped back.

“What are you talking about?” Sandor more intrigued at what she was trying to say.

“Sit down Stevie, this is going to shock you,” Yvey said with a drained voice. Sandor sat down and Yvey joined him. “Honey, it’s not even what happen tonight with the blonde bimbo, I really over reacted to that and I am sorry but she deserve it. I guess this has been weighing on me for awhile. Stephen, I really don’t know how to tell you this, but I have more than enough money to last me over and three more generation.” Yvey said in a very low tone.

“What, Yvey you are usually the loudest person I know. So what’s with the low voice?” Sandor grinned at her.

“I said!” she spoke louder “that I have enough money to last me over and three more generations.”

“Yvey I hardly think that you manage to save that much on your salary,” Sandor was amused with what she was telling him.

“Tu no comprender, Diablo,” She said getting frustrated with him. “Stephen Sandor, wait here.” she said as she walked back into the house and into her office. Pulling her financial portfolio, she walked back outside and handed him the file.

“What is this?” Sandor asked.

“Just look at it,” Yvey demanded. Sandor opened the folder and began to read it. At first he just read it and then his eyes looked up to her, then down back at the papers. He closed the folder and sat on the lawn chair quietly for a very long time before Yvey took the folder back from him. “Stephen?”

“Yvey, give me a minute here.” Sandor said as he put his hand up and sat there shocked.

Yvey stood there and watched him, biting her nails a habit she had since childhood. “Stephen, say something please,” she asked.

“When were you going to tell me about this?” Sandor asked.

“Are you mad?” Yvey asked.

Sandor didn’t say a word then roared in laughter “mad at you, are you kidding me. I hit the jackpot, you almost have as much money as I have.” he said as he laughed.

Yvey looked at him confused and then realized that he was serious. She couldn’t help but laugh with him. She walked over to him laughing and he held her tight.

“Here I thought about asking you to sign a prenup and I think you should ask me about signing one. No wonder Nova never put her two cents in like the other two.  Does she know about this?” he said.

Yvey nodded her head, “She knew since the Argo left on her first returned mission. I’m sorry I should have told you a long time ago. But I tend to scare man off with that amount of money. If they weren’t scared they wanted to marry me for the money. Much like your Puta.”

Sandor held her tighter and laughed at her. “Yvey I love you so much, why did you decide to tell me now?”

“My papi push me into it,” Yvey managed to say threw laughter and tears. “He said I should be honest with you, even with the money. Only then will I know if you really love me.”

“Well hand me the prenup and we can take care of that right now,” Sandor joked.

Yvey laughed at him and said “I love you papi, I thought you would be mad and run for the hills.”

“I love you Chiquita, make no doubt about that.” Sandor smiled then kissed her on the lips. “Well I guess you need to make this up to me, don’t you think?”

Yvey grinned at him and pulled him closer “why don’t we settle up here?”

Sandor grinned at her and began to take her clothes off. With no knowledge to them both Yvey was already with child, conceived a few months later after their return.



6th of December, 2206

Three days later . . . .


Getting into the cockpit of her fighter she felt a wave of dizziness hit her. Yvey took hold of the side of the ship and held on tight waiting for it to pass. “Madre, I must have gotten up here too quickly.” Feeling better she slid herself into the seat and went over her instruments. Making another quick check she moved her fighter to the runway. “Control, ready for takeoff.” She said into her helmet.

“Roger that Lieutenant Commander, whenever you’re ready.”

She waved over to the ground crew and jetted off into the sky.  She began her usual flight plan when another wave of dizziness hit her. Her stomach began to rumble as she held back her morning breakfast. “Control! I have to make an emergency landing!”

“Negative Ma’am. We show nothing wrong with your instruments.”

“It’s not my instruments you idiot! I’m feeling sick. I have to land NOW! Or else I’m gonna puke in my cockpit.”

“Ma’am?” Feeling another wave hit her she headed straight for an open runway. Coming within inches of fighter taking off, Yvey touched ground and jumped out of the ship. Within in seconds of her feet touching the ground she began to throw up. One ground crew ran to her side and stood back as she threw up more. “Ma’am are you alright? You don’t look to good, a little green.”

anime-gundam-00-second-saison-episode-4-L-8[1].png“DO you think!” she snapped back. “Just get someone here to take her in. I have to go.” She yelled back as she ran to the restroom.

Walking into the hospital she walked straight to the nurse’s station. “Is Commander Forrester working today?” She asked one of the nurses.

“Yes she is would you like for me to page her?”

“That would be a good idea.” She snapped also thinking, “Duh why do you think I asked for her.” She stood to the side and waited. Nova came through the double doors and saw her immediately.

“Yvey is everything alright. Is something wrong with Stephen?” Nova saw the pale look in her face.

“No, no Stephens is fine. It’s me. Nova I think something is wrong. I’ve been feeling dizzy and today I almost pop the cork in my cockpit. I had to rush back and make an emergency landing. I have to find out what’s wrong before they ground me.”

Nova looked her over, “Come on. We’ll run some tests on you.”

Pacing back and forth since her blood was drawn Yvey felt like it took forever for Nova to come back with her results. What seem like hours she finally heard the door open. She stood next to the table and waited for Nova to talk.

“Yvey sorry it took so long. I got your results back.” Taking a deep breath Nova continued, “Yvey I’m going to have to ground you. I spoke to the doctor and he agrees with me.”

“But why! Is it that serious?” Yvey fell back against the table and brace herself for what else she was going to tell her.

“No it’s not too serious. But your recovery is going to take a while. As a matter of fact I’ve seen this type of disease before.”

“A long recovery? My god what is it?”

“Yvey, I think you should sit down for this.” Trying not to laugh Nova held her chart in front of her face.

“Well what is it!?” Yvey shook as she braced herself more.

Taking a deep breath Nova said, “Okay, Yvey you’re pregnant.”

Silence fill the room as she took in what Nova finally told her.  “Does this mean that I can’t fly?”

“Yvey did you hear me? I said you’re pregnant.”

Blinking her eyes faster she took in her news. “How am I going to tell Stephen? This is something we weren’t even thinking about.”

“Well it something you need to talk to him about before you start to show. You’re about 4 months pregnant now. It’s going to be nice having someone else in the same shoes as me. Yvey, are you alright? Do you need to use the restroom?” Nova watched as Yvey looked a little paler.

“Yeah, yeah I’m alright. I, I just don’t know how I’m going to tell Stephen.”

“I suggest that you make a nice dinner, maybe some wine or in your case apple juice and tell him.”



Now working on the electrical systems and computers soft ware, Sandor was ordered to the refit of the ships that returned from space. He and Wildstar were assigned shortly after Stone took control. “Sandor there is a Lieutenant Commander Yvette Ortiz here to see you.” The deck officer called to him.

“It’s okay, send her up.” Sandor stood with Wildstar in the Captain’s quarters looking over some designs. “If we cut through those bulkheads we are going to have to redesign the whole area. What was Stone thinking when he approved this plans?” Sandor and Wildstar were frustrated with all the changes that were being sent to them.

Knocking firm on the door Yvey hands shook uncontrollably. “Enter” she heard someone yell out. Stepping in the room she tried to stay calm.

“Hello Yvey, I’m sorry but we are really busy. What is it that you want?” Sandor asked. Since his appointment he spent less time at home.

“Stephen I need to talk with ya.”

“Honey could it wait until I’m home. These plans are driving me crazy.” The frustration of the week was getting him restless. He didn’t feel up to Yvey rants of the days screw ups.

“It can wait but I think it’s something you should know now.”

“Do you want me to go?” Wildstar asked. He could tell that it was important.

“No Wildstar I’m sure that it not to important.” He said looking in Yvey direction and giving her a look. The argument they had earlier that morning about him working long hours was something he didn’t want to repeat, especially in front Wildstar.

 “STEPHEN! I’M PREGNANT!” she yelled out as she rolled her eyes at him.

He looked up from their work and stared at her for a few seconds. “Huh, did she say what I think she said.” Sandor asked.

“I do believe she said she was pregnant. And I don’t believe she is joking.” Wildstar said as he looked at Sandor stand there with his mouth open.

“Stephen.” Yvey said as she walked towards him. “It explains a lot. My mood swings, then getting sick in my cockpit.”

“Cockpit!? Did you get dizzy?” he began to panic.

“Yeah, yeah but that’s not the point.”

“Yvey, you could have crashed and,”

“Sandor I don’t think that’s important right now. I do believe you’re going to be a dad.” Wildstar said.

“Listen to him papi. This is not a time for an argument. We’re going to have a baby.” She said annoyed with him.

Patting him on the back Wildstar said. “Congratulation Sandor, I think that’s great news Yvey.” He gave her a hug and shook Sandor hand. “Why don’t you two go home? I can handle things here. Maybe I’ll send the crew home for the rest of the day. I can’t remember the last time Nova and I spent some quality time together. We can go over all this crap in the morning.” He smiled at his friends.

“Come on papi. We need to talk about this at home.” She said as she grabbed a hold of his arm and led him out the door.

They sat outside of their cottage and took in the sea air. “So how do you feel?” he asked her.

“Nauseous, but I’ll be alright. But how are you Stephen? I think that this caught us both off guard.”

“That’s an understatement.  But maybe now is the time to set a date. I can’t have you pregnant and not married.”

“It’s all the more reason not to get married. Why do we need to get married? I mean we are both financial set and me being pregnant doesn’t or shouldn’t mean rushing down the aisle. I don’t want people thinking I got knocked up so you would marry me.”

“Yvey, what are your parents going to think? I’m sure that they would rather see our child born in wedlock and not out of it. Let’s just get married. We can do a simple thing if you like. Like the justice of the peace or we can go to,”

“No and I rather not get into it. I have to think of a way to break this to my parents.” She sighed.

“Well make it known to them that I wanted to make it legal for the baby’s sake and that I love you.” He took her into his arms and looked into her eyes. “So they grounded you?”

“Damn I almost forgot about that. Yeah Nova said I was grounded. I guess I’ll be home bound or at the office from now on.”

“Well I can’t say I’m not happy about it. But if it makes you feel better, I’m sorry that you aren’t able to fly. So you and Nova are both pregnant I wonder if Pesci and Denise will be expecting soon.”

“Hmm looks like the old wives tale of when their men get back from the field the population goes up is true.”

“I guess it is true. But I’m so happy that you are. My god I’m going to be a dad! I can’t believe it. When is your first appointment? Are we going to find out the sex early? We need to expand on the house. We’ll need a bigger car. We have to start a college fund for him or her. We need to make up a will,” he said getting excited over it.

“Whoa papi slow down. We just found out that we’re pregnant.”

“So when do we tell your parents about this little problem?”

“I don’t know.”

“How about we tell them tonight? Get it over with so the yelling, screaming and crying is over with and we can move on with our lives.”

“I rather not tell them just yet.”

“Oh no, we are telling them tonight. I don’t want them mad at me. This is something we can’t keep a secret for long so the sooner we tell them the sooner we can move on. Now let’s go.”

“Are you ordering me around!?”

“Most of the time I wouldn’t even think of doing it, but yes this is an order! This is one thing I will not let you talk me out of.  Now let’s go Lieutenant Commander Ortiz. And I don’t want any lip back from YOU!” Shrinking in size to his demand, Yvey followed him to the car and they made their way to her parent’s house. As they got closer to the house Sandor could see her face turned to fear. “Yvey you shouldn’t be afraid. You’re a grown woman and have a great career and someone that loves you enough to stick by you. And trust me I not going anywhere even if you weren’t pregnant.” She stared straight as they pulled up to the house and he gave her a shoved. “Come on. I promise I won’t leave you, EVER. I won’t be one of those men that leave their girlfriends pregnant.”

Standing in the kitchen they laughed and made idle chat. Sandor kept giving her a look to finally tell them about the baby but she looked away from his stares. “Yvey, it’s getting late and I think it’s time to tell them.”

“Tells us what?” her father asked.

“Yvey, are you going to tell them or am I?” he said with a stern voice.

“What’s going on hija? What do you have to tell us?” her mother asked with concern.

“Mami, Stephen and I, well, we just found out that we are.” Yvey looked down and stumbled with her words.

“Yvette! Tell them.” Sandor snapped.

“Okay, okay. Mami, papi Stephen and I are going to have a baby.” She blurted out. Looking at her parents she saw their faces turned from shock to happiness. Her mother grabbed her first and hugged her tight. Her father walked over to Sandor and shook his hand. “I am assuming there is a date set before the baby comes?” he asked.

“Umm, well that is the other thing. Your daughter doesn’t want to get married.” Sandor said quickly.

With disapproving eyes he turned to his only daughter, “And why not? Do you really want to bring a child into this world with parents that are not married?”

“Papi please, it’s not like I want to get married it’s just that I don’t think it’s necessary for the sake of a kid.”

“Hmm, Yvette, you’re a grown woman and there’s nothing I can do to make you marry this man. Someone that I do believe loves you. Or else you would have cut him loose a long time ago. I give him a lot of credit to even standing by you. I know that you are not an easy person to live with. I respect him and know that he will not let you down. But for you to be so stubborn as not to marry him is something I cannot find words for. Stephen I hope that she wises up and finally marries you. Good luck.” He gave his daughter a hug and said. “Don’t think that I don’t love you Yvey, I love you very much. You’re my only daughter and I am so happy that you are having a baby. Congratulation, how far are you?”

Yvey smiled at her father and began to cry. Sandor took hold of her and gave her a tight hug. “Yvey honey, looks like they are happy for us. Why are you crying?”

“Because I thought they would hate me.”

“Nonsense, we could never hate you. We are very proud of you. You have a great career, you’ve made your own way with no help from any of us and on top of everything you have a man here that loves you very much.” Her father said. “Now this is a celebration my little girl is having a baby. Nada call the family we have some celebrating to do.”