Onward With Love…

Chapter Thirty-Seven

By Yuki Wildstar

23rd of August, 2206

Conference hall

EDF Headquarters


006 (4)a.jpgDeslock walked onto the stage as Namir and Wildstar waited for his arrival. The Press came out in full force to witness the most historical event on Earth. T.V. stations were set up to capture every piece of the event. Admiral Singleton stood to the side while the president of Earth greeted both Namir and Deslock. Deslock walked over to Wildstar and shook his hand. “It is good to see you again, my friend.”

“Hello Deslock. Where are Devina and the kids?”

“They’re on their way up. How is Nova, I thought that she would be here?”

“She decided to stay away on this one. She sends her apologies.”

“Is she ill?”

“Ah, well.” He step closer to him and whispered. “Can you keep a secret?”

“Of course you know that.” Deslock looked at him intrigued.

“Well, umm, she couldn’t make it because if she did the press would have a field day with it. And the important thing right now is you and Namir.”

“And the secret is?”

“We are having a baby.” Wildstar grinned with excitement.

“A child!? But that is excellent news. I would be telling the universe.”

“Don’t think that I wanted to do that. But I have orders to keep this under wraps until this is over.”

“I guess that is why I am the Emperor. I don’t need to keep things under wraps as you would say.”

“Keep what under wraps?” Devina stood next to her husband with her children behind them fussing with each other.

“My darning Devina, the captain here is finally expecting a child of his own.”

 She hugged him as cameras flashed continuously. “I knew the last time we saw it each other. I didn’t want to say anything for spoiling the good news.”

“You knew? Why didn’t you say anything to her or me?”

“It was not my position to tell you. I knew the minute she came into the room. As much as I know about you and her past it is not my position to tell people their future. I knew that you and she would come out of battle unharmed. Had I seen a different future for you both I would have said something to stop you and her from going into battle together.” She squeezed his arm and smiled. “How is she, Derek?”

Smiling wide he couldn’t help but feel happy about their news. “She’s doing well. She sends her apologies but will be meeting up with us at the detention center.”

“How is Julie, is there anything that I can do to help her?”

“I’m sorry Devina but she wants to go ahead with the trial. I spoken to my superior and he says that if she pleads guilty that they will give her a light sentence. I might be able to convince them to get her a few months with a dishonorable discharge. It’s the best I can do for her. Nova and I want nothing more than to see her happy with Namir and Saku.” He said.

The crowd gather closer to the stage and watched as the two most powerful leaders of the universe walked on. Both shook hands as Wildstar stood between them. Admiral Singleton stood at the table that now held the treaty papers. Quiet filled the audience as Namir and Deslock walked to the table and sat down. Wildstar sat across from them and handed them a pen each.

“Well Deslock, Namir this is it. Have you both looked at the treaty?” they nodded yes to his question. “And are you both in agreement?”

“I agree with it.” Namir said.

“I am also in agreement. Where do I sign?” Deslock replied.

Wildstar pointed to the bottom of the paper and both men took turns signing. They all stood up and saluted each other as the press screamed out questions and took pictures. “Gentlemen, congratulations. It was an honor working alongside you both. I wish us all luck and peace throughout our nations.” Wildstar said as he shook each ones hand.  After an hour of taking pictures for the press he led them off the stage and were all escorted to their cars. The caravans were escorted to the prison while the press follow suit. A hundred feet from the prison gates the Press were stopped from getting closer. Namir and the others all walked into the prison quickly as flashes could be seen from all over. The warden greeted them all and then escorted them to a private hall. Namir waited nervously as he held their son in his arms. Wildstar, Deslock and the rest stood to the side as they waited for her to come in. The door opened and they watched as Nova and Julie walked into the room. She ran towards to Namir and took hold of her son showering him with kisses and holding him tight.

“Oh Saku I’ve missed you so.” She cried. Namir watched as she cried for their son. How he wanted so much for her to come back to Rhima with him. “It seems every time I see him he is getting bigger and bigger.” Saku grabbed her nose and squealed with delight as she kissed him over and over. Looking up she hugged Namir and whispered into his ear. “I love you.”

“I love you too, Julie. Our son is looking more like you.”

“When are you going back?” Julie asked hoping that he would be on Earth a little longer.

“I leave in a week. I have to return to get everything in order and then I will come back for your trial. I know Minano and Kaif will step in and make sure everything is running smoothly. If I have to step down to be with you here on Earth then so be it. My life is nothing without you.”

“Namir you can’t stay here. You have a nation to run. I will be alright. I have talked with my lawyer and we will be making a deal with the prosecuting attorney. I am not going to let it go to trial I just want to take my punishment and do my sentencing.”

Looking at her confused he couldn’t understand why she would not tell the truth. He pleaded with her for him to step in. At least the Earth government would listen to him and release her to him. But she refused every time. How he hated her for her decision. “A deal?” he asked confused.

“It’s a negotiation between the lawyers and myself so I do not have to stand trial. If I go to trial there’s a strong chance that I would get a longer sentence. This way if I plead a deal I can get a lenianet sentence. Maybe 6 years,” she trailed off.  “At least I will only miss his first 6 years.”

“Maybe if I have a word with your Leader he will change his mind.” Deslock said as he stood behind Namir. “I am sure I can pre-sway him to see things my way.”

Julie giggled at the thought and smiled at him. “Emperor Deslock, thank you so much for trying, but this is my problem. You are a great leader and I am so sorry for putting you through so much with your wife and children. It feels so good to be surrounded by so many that care. I am over whelmed with all the love and support that I am getting. But please it is my decision and all I asked from you all is to show that support to Namir and Saku. Especially Saku,” she said looking at her son that now was in the arms of Devina.

Cooing at the infant Devina moved her to a corner of room and spoke frankly. “Julie, why do you not tell them everything? Maybe they will understand and show mercy and you can see your child grow.”

Julie smiled as her eyes went soft. She couldn’t believe how much support she was getting. She had hurt all of these people that now stood in the room with her. After all she had done to make their lives miserable, they stood there in the room with her offering her their help and power to have her released. Even the man that she loved once who now stood with his wife wanted her to be free and happy. The man that she wanted to destroy, she turned to them finally and said. “Thank you all, but my mind is made up. I will do what I must.” Namir took hold of her and held her tight.

“We should go and give them some time alone. Julie if you need anything Nova and I will be more than happy to help.” Wildstar said.

He gave her a kiss and she kissed him on the lips. “Well that solves it,” She said. “I am so over you.” Making them all laugh. “See I still can make you laugh. Thank you Derek for everything. Nova you have a great guy here. Take good care of him.”

“I will Julie.” Nova said as she smiled at her friend. “Don’t you worry about Saku here, he has a lot of people that love him and will make sure that he knows all the good things about his mother.”



30th of August, 2206

“Are you sure about this Ms. Tolbert?”  Now a Lieutenant, Davis was relieved to know that they will not go to trial. He was still mad at her after they lied to him and then her escape. Making him looked foolish to his superiors.

“Yes and please inform my uncle he not need worry about anything. I no longer want him to be in my life. And Lieutenant Davis, I’m sorry for putting you on a spot. I should have more confidence in you. You’re a good lawyer, don’t let anyone tell you different.” She smiled at him as tears rolled down her face.

Davis sat there wondering what happened to the selfish woman that he met. She seemed sincere in what she was telling. “Julie, you’re wise to take the deal.” Looking more closely at her, he lean in and said. “If you need anything have them call me.” He gently placed his hand on hers and gave it a light tap. “I’ll stop by this week and make sure that you are alright.”

“Thank you Lieutenant for everything. Just one more thing.” She stood up stopping him from leaving. “The next time Namir comes with Saku, I don’t want him near them. Namir will understand.” Giving her a nod he left back to his office.


23rd of September, 2206                                                                                                                                                                                               

With the press finally winding down Derek and Nova Wildstar finally began to enjoy their lives expecting their first child. They called the planet’s most prestigious paper and announced to the world the news of the upcoming birth as to keep the press from hounding them further. They tried to settle back into normal life. As promised Julie made a deal with the DA and agreed to 4 years in military prison. The DA fought hard to give her a tougher sentence, but agreed to 4 years in the assistance of the Earth president after having a heart to heart with Emperor Deslock. Namir returned back to Rhima to finish what he, Kaif and Minano started. Still with Julie in prison the council still demanded who help her escape. Singleton called a meeting to begin the next step in finding out who was involved.

“Are you telling me that he was the one to help Tolbert?” Singleton asked.

“Yes sir,” Corporal Sahill said.

“Do you have hard evidence, because if we approach the board with these allegations there has to be hard evidence? If we bring charges against an officer of his statue we must make sure they stick.” Singleton said, “We have to make sure.”

“I understand sir,” Sahill said. “We have one of the men that helped with the escape and he is more than happy to cooperate. Seems like Stone reneged on his part of the deal and he claims that he has a guilty conscience.”

“I see and how much of this guilty conscience0 are we talking about?” Singleton asked.

“About 50 thousand credits,” Sahill said. “That’s what he says Stone promised him.”

“No, I won’t have the defense getting hold of that information and use that against us.” Singleton said with disgust. “If we take this to trial then I want to make sure we have all our bases covered. See what else you can do, give him some options and if that doesn’t work charge him with obstruction.”

“Yes sir,” Sahill said.

“And Corporal Sahill,” Singleton stop him before he left. “See about that other guy, maybe if we get them to turn on each other than we might just have a chance.”

“Aye, aye sir” Sahill said and then saluted, leaving Singleton to think about what just happened. Could this be true Stone after all these years. I just can’t believe it, how could he put himself into this predicament. And how did he manage all these years to keep his relationship with his own niece a secret. Singleton reached over and talked into the intercom. “Michelle can you please come in here.”

“Yes sir,” She said. Two seconds later she stood in front of Singleton, “Sir.”

“Can you get Tolbert’s  attorney on the line and see if he can come down here sometime tomorrow. Tell him it’s about his client,” Singleton said.

“Yes sir, but do you think he will give you any information. He is still her attorney he may not give you anything.” Michelle said.

“I know, get the DA that tried it and have him come here to. There something I need to find out.” Singleton said.

“Yes sir,” Michelle said turning to head for the door.

“Michelle,” Singleton called to her. She turned as she opened the door, “Let’s keep this between you and I, understood?”

“Yes sir,” Michelle said.

Singleton sat at his desk and let his mind wonder. When the buzzer on his desk brought him back, he reached over and spoke into the intercom. “Yes Michelle.”

“Sir General Stone is . . . .  General Stone he didn’t say to enter” He heard Michelle say at the same time Stone walked thru the door.

“Stone, I do not appreciate being disturbed. My aide would have announced you.” Singleton stood up from behind his desk.

“What is it that I hear that the Argo is being refitted? Aren’t we spending enough on that ship!?” Stone roared. “Why are you keeping me out of the loop? I have a right to know these things!”

“General Stone! Stand down NOW!” Singleton yelled as he slammed his hands on his desk. “How dare you talk to me that way. Have you forgotten that I am the one that is above you in rank! You will treat ME with the respect that you expect from your subordinates. I will not have you talk to me like some wet behind the ears recruit!”

Stone stood at attention and waited to talk. “Sir but to have the Argo go for refitting that will only hold other ships to be sent out. It’s costing more money to keep her in commission. She’s too old of a ship, the newer ships are easier to maintain.”

“General Stone, that ship has been to hell and back many times over. Not even our newer ships have taken the beatings that she has and survived. She is a special ship and she will come thru many times more.” Singleton sat back in his chair and looked at him with intense eyes. He wanted so much to ask him why he kept Julie such a secret. How he manage to keep her jacket clean and why he put his rank at stake for her. After all she has managed to put lives in danger and had a hand in the capture of Lieutenant Commander Forrester and Princess Devina. “Is there anything else General?”

Stone looked at him and saluted “No sir, may I be dismissed?”

“Go, and General next time wait until you are asked to enter. Understood?” Singleton said.

“Yes sir,” Stone said and walked out the door.

Michelle watched from her desk at him miserable cranky old prick. He’s not happy until everyone is unhappy. Why can’t he just get laid and get it over with, maybe then he will have a little sunshine in his life. Or maybe he’s gay and hasn’t come out of the closet yet. Hmmm. “Sir is there anything I can do,” she tried to ask.

Stone just looked her way and gave her a dirty look. He walked down to his office and slammed the door so hard that all the aids on the floor looked his way. Michelle couldn’t help but let out a laugh serves him right. She giggled quietly when she heard the phone ring. “Admiral Singleton’s office, may I help you?”

“Yes this is Lieutenant Davis, I received a message to call the Admiral.”

“Yes Lieutenant, I’ll put you through now, please hold.” Michelle said as she buzzed the Admirals office. “I have Lieutenant Davis on the line, sir.”

“Thank you Michelle.” Singleton said as he pick up the phone and hit the line to speak to Davis.

“Lieutenant Davis, I need for you and Lieutenant McCoy in my office tomorrow morning. I need to address something about the Tolbert case.”

“Yes sir, I can be there at 0900 hours.” Davis said.

“Very well, I will see you then,” Singleton said and then hung up. He grabbed his jacket, cover and brief case and walked out the office “Michelle.”

“Yes sir”

“Please call Lieutenant McCoy office and inform him that I would like him to be here at 0900 tomorrow morning. I’m leaving to go home now, why don’t you finish what you’re doing and go home.” he said smiling at her.

“Yes sir, please say hello to Mrs. Singleton for me,” Michelle said as she took some files from him so they could be filed away.

“I will, have a good night.”

He put on his jacket and walked to the elevators, from his office Stone watched as he got into the elevator and the doors closed. Quickly he left his office and headed to the stairwell.

“Sir is there anything you would want me to do?” his aid asked before he left.

Stone looked at his aide and sneered at her “Here do something with these! I’m leaving, if my wife calls tell her that I will be a little late.” he said as he shoved the files in her face and stomped his way to the stairs. She watched as he opened the doors to the stairwell and went down. That’s strange he doesn’t take the stairs she thought to herself and went back to putting the files away.

Singleton took the elevator straight down to the garage floor and made his way to his car that was parked in the far end of the floor. It was dark and he noticed that the lights were out. He made a metal note to tell the maintenance department to fix it first thing. He didn’t want Michelle or any of the other Aids walking around here with no security. He opened the trunk and put his briefcase in it, then walked over to the drivers’ side of the car. He put his hand on the handle and noticed someone standing behind him. He turned to see Stone standing before him “Thomas what is it,” that was the last thing he remembered saying before everything went black.

Stone stood over him with a wrench and then he kicked him to make sure that he was out. He looked around, bent over and took his wallet out of his jacket. He heard him moan and was ready to finish him off when he heard footsteps coming their way.  He moved quickly into the darkness and then ran up the stairs.

Michelle saw the light out from the distance and decided to walk back to the elevator and get an escort to walk her to her car. She walked over to security station and asked a Corporal on duty, “Corporal would you mind walking me to my car? The lighting in the garage is out again and I don’t want to walk in the dark.”

“Sure ma’am, it would be my pleasure.” He said as grabbed his cover and walked her to the elevator. He had seen her around the building and thought that she was a little cute. “So what floor do you work on?” he asked.

Michelle blush at him trying to make chit chat, “I work on the 30th floor.”

“Oh isn’t that where the Admiral’s office is?”

“Yes it is.” She said blushing more.

“Great guy, never met a person more concerned with his men.” The Corporal said “He is always makes time to ask us grunts how we are.”

“Yes he is a great person to work for.” Michelle smiled kinda cute wonder if he is single she thought to herself.

“Ma’am may I ask your name?” he smiled at her.


“Michelle, what?”

“Just Michelle,” she said smiling back at him “and you are?”

“Corporal Gibbs, Jonathan Gibbs and what is it that you do on the 30th floor Michelle?” he asked.

“I am Admiral Singleton’s aide,” she said smiling back.

Quickly Corporal Gibbs smile left his face and stood back. “I’m sorry ma’am I didn’t know.”

“It’s alright Corporal, he’s not my father so you don’t have to worry about him trying to give you the third degree. As you said the Admiral is a great man.” She laughed at him.

 The elevator doors opened and they step out still talking. He walked her to her car that sat across from Singleton’s car.  She was ready to put the key in the door when they heard a moan. Corporal Gibbs turned around and saw the Admiral lying on the ground.

“Oh my god, that’s the Admiral!” Michelle screamed.

Corporal Gibbs ran over and knelt down to check on the Admiral. “He’s still alive, go call for an ambulance NOW!” he yelled over his shoulder. Michelle ran for the stairs and Gibbs walked the area to see if there was anyone still around.

Within an hour the area was shut down and emergency crews were called to the floor. Singleton was put into the ambulance and raced off to the hospital while NCIS questioned Gibbs and Michelle over and over at what they saw.

“Looks like a robbery gone wrong.” the officer said.

Michelle watched as the ambulance raced out of the garage and began to cry.

“Ma’am does the Admiral have any family?”

“Yes sir, his wife and his niece.” Michelle said through tears.

“We will inform them of the assault.”

“If you don’t mind, I would like to be there. Mrs. Singleton is like family and she going to need someone there until they get in touch with his niece.”

“Corporal Gibbs, can you please take her I don’t think she is alright to drive?”

She looked at the other officer and asked “How is he?”

“He was hit with a blunt instrument and looks like he slipped into a coma. Ma’am was there anyone that you could think of that would want to see the Admiral hurt?”

“No, no one that I could think of.” She frowned, how could anyone want to hurt him?



Word spread quickly and the Star Force gathered into the hospital giving comfort to Mrs. Singleton and Wendy.  Homer stood close to his pregnant wife consoling her as she cried with her aunt. They all waited as they waited for news from Doctor Spada. Wildstar looked out the window wondering who would do such a thing and swore that he would get the person who did this act to such a great man. They all looked up as Nova walked in with Spada looking grim. “How is he?” Homer asked.

Spada sighed after hours of surgery and running tests.  He looked around and talked quietly to Mrs. Singleton. “Ma’am we can talk in my office if you like.”

“No, they are all family. Anything you have to say you can say in front of everyone.” She said through her tears.

“We managed to stop the swelling in his brain. The next 24 hours are crucial. We will be monitoring him round the clock. Mrs. Singleton…Maureen…he is in a coma.”

“Doctor, will he, well will he be alright?”

“It’s too early to tell. He may come out of it tomorrow or never. I can’t be sure. I’m sorry I can’t tell you anything more.” He spoke softly as he held her hand in his. “I promise I will do everything in my power to make sure he is alright.”

Nova sat down next to Wendy and looked at her closer. “Wendy are you alright?”

“I’ll be alright. It’s just that I’m worried about Aunt Maureen and Uncle Charles.”

“Homer maybe you should take her home. She should get some rest.” Nova said looking closer at her.

“I can’t leave Aunt Maureen here alone.”

“She’s not staying here alone, Wendy. She’ll have the whole Star Force looking over him. Anyway, Aunt Maureen, you’re coming home with us. You could use some rest too.” Homer ordered. “There’s nothing more we can do. And I am sure that Doctor Spada and his staff can handle things.”

“Homer, I can’t leave Uncle Charle’s side now.” She whined.

“Wendy you’re pregnant and you need to rest. He wouldn’t want you to put your health or our child’s health in danger.”

Maureen stood up and took hold of her niece’s hand. “Homer is right sweetheart. There’s nothing more we can do. You need to rest. Your Uncle wouldn’t want his great niece or nephew born too early. Doctor Spada, Nova thank you for everything. Please call us if anything changes. I’ll be back tomorrow morning.” She said standing tall.

“Ma’am” Wildstar finally said. “I’m sorry, he is like a father to me and I will not rest until we find out who did this.”

“Thank you Captain. He always speaks highly of you.” She gave him a hug and then left with Homer and Wendy.

Nova and Derek sat outside their home taking in the wind from the sea. It was a long day for them. They spent most of the day at EDF headquarters sorting out what happened with Admiral Singleton before heading to the hospital to support Wendy, Homer and Mrs. Singleton. Now home Wildstar sat numb from the day, as Nova lean back on his chest taking in his heartbeat.

“This is unbelievable, why Singleton? Who would want him out of the way, I mean how could this happen?” Derek said.

“I don’t know honey, Wendy is just devastated. And poor Maureen I don’t know how she is holding up. He is her life, and such a wonderful lady.” Nova said with a tear in her eye.

“Nova I just hope that he comes out of it and tells us who was responsible for this. What does Sane say?”

“He’s in a coma, Derek. There’s a possibility that he may never come out of it, it could last as little as a week or he can stay that way forever. I can’t tell you anything.” Nova explained.  “I’m sorry, Derek I know you and he were close, but we just have to wait for the best”

“I know, I only wish I knew who would do this”

“Derek, I know that this isn’t the best time, but what are your plans for us? I mean now that we’re pregnant?”

“Plans? What plans?”

“Well now that things are whining down, are you planning to stay a fleet commander?”

“Nova, you know that Stone will have me busy sending all of us somewhere.”

“No Derek, I’m not asking that. But I want to know about us, and our baby.” Nova said as she sat up and looked him in the eyes and face. “With the war finally over, I would think that, well…maybe you’d retire?”

“What?” Derek looked at her with concern and shocked. “You want me to retire?”

ya-21[1].jpga.jpgNova stared back at him “Derek, do you love me?”

“You know I do, without question.”

“And I have never asked you for anything beyond reason.”

Derek smiled at his wife “I know, I couldn’t ask for anyone more understanding and loving.”

“Derek, remember when you told me that you would give it up if I asked you to?”


“Well I’m asking.”

“Asking what?”

“Derek with a baby coming I don’t want to be one of those women in the military that their husbands are always deplyed so they miss everything. You’ve put enough time in to retire.”

“Nova, is that what you really want me to do?”

“Yes Derek, I think that it’s just time. You’ve served more than enough time in space maybe they can reassign you to a teaching job at the Academy.” Nova looked him straight in the face and watched his expression.

Derek looked away from his wife. He has always loved his job to be in space. It was thrilling to him.  He never thought about ever leaving it, but for his wife he was willing to make that sacrifice. ‘She has stood by my side for as long as we’ve been together and she deserves better.’ “Nova, I love you, you know that. You have stood by me through everything you have sacrificed just as much as anyone else in the Star Force.  I watched as you had to postpone our wedding more than once, because of war, without a single word of regret. If this is your wish, then I will hand in my papers as soon as possible. You deserve the best, baby and now with the baby coming he or she also deserves that. It’s not only you and I it’s the three of us.” Derek said with some regret, he never thought that he would retire but go down with the Argo someday like Captain Avatar before him. But for his wife he would do it.

Nova tried to look into her husband’s eyes as he turned away and gave him a smile “Thank you Derek, I just want to make sure that you’re here for our child.”

“Honey I will move heaven and Earth to be here for our child. There’s nothing in the universe that can stop that,” Derek said as he held her tight in his arms. “I love you.”

Nova held him back and knew that he was making a huge sacrifice for her, and she hope that he will never regret his decision. “I love you too Mr. Wildstar.”

“Nova, I just need to finish with the one last mission to Pluto before I put in my papers in, is that alright with you?”

“I won’t expect anything less, Derek. Now can you help me in the kitchen? The extra weight is making me tired.”

“Sure babe, but you’re not getting any smaller.” he said as he got up and put his hand on her bump. “How does it feel?”

“Some days I can feel him or her moving and stretching, it kind a feels like bubbles and it feels like I have to pee all the time. Like now,” she said as she race to the bathroom leaving Derek laughing at her.

He walked into the kitchen and sat at the table, thinking of what she asked him ‘what the hell am I going to do now, I can’t disappoint her. She needs me now it’s not fair for her to go through this alone. With Stone in charge now who knows what he’ll do to keep up us apart. Even though my leave papers are in I know that he’ll fight it and give us both a hard time’

Derek looked up and smiled as Nova walk back into the kitchen. “Better?”

“Much, I swear it feels like I spend more time in there than anywhere else.”

“Nova, I’ve been thinking,”

“What?” Nova looked at him with a concerned face. She didn’t like the tone in his voice and she prepared for an argument that may come.

“Your right, now that Stone is in charge he will do anything in his power to make our lives a little difficult. I’ll put in my paper work in tomorrow, maybe there’s a spot at the flight school. Homer still has a little pull with the commander of the school. The only thing I fear is that Stone will decommission the Argo. She’s a good ship she has too much in her to sit in some warship graveyard. That’s another battle I will have with him, let’s pray that he doesn’t do that”

“But Derek, isn’t that a waste of funds? I mean EDF put so much into her that why would they decommission her? I really don’t think that the council will let that happen, remember that the some of the members are from the Star Frce.”

“Yeah but you know Stone he has always given the Star Force and me a hard time and he still has a few good old boys still on the council too. Sometimes I feel that he still holds our little stunt we did back in 2201 against us.”

“I hardly think he still holds that against us, we did what we had to back then and if we didn’t then we would be under the rule of the Comet Empire.”

“Then what is it then, I just don’t get it. That’s pretty much the only time I’ve ever disobeyed orders. Besides that then what could it be?”

“Maybe it’s more personal” Nova also wondered what was up with Stone and his hatred towards Derek and the Star Force.

“How? It’s not like I slept with his daughter or wife” he said with a twisted face just thinking about sleeping with Stone’s ugly wife.

“Did he have kids?” She asked curiously about Stone.

“I’ve never heard him talk about it and no one has ever mentioned it before. Admiral Singleton would’ve said something at one point or another. Plus I haven’t even heard him talk about his wife, I mean is she still alive does she even exist?”

“The last time I saw Teresa was a banquet a few years ago, she seemed so timid, Derek. I felt like when I was talking to her she would look in his direction for approval of what to say. I could have sworn I saw a bruise on her face. She was wearing so much make up I really couldn’t tell without touching her.”

“I wouldn’t doubt it if he does hit her, he just seems that type.”

“We’re not sure on that Derek, so let’s not start rumors.”

“Whatever,” he said and then got up and took her in his arms. “Why don’t we get something then come back here and relax?”

“Hmm sounds good, I don’t think I would have been in the mood to cook anything anyway”

“Come my sweet we’ll take your car,” Derek kissed her on the cheek and walked her out of the house.



Great Island

Naval Station ShipYyard

EDF Battleship Argo

Captain Quarters

30th of September, 2206


“Captain, can I come in?”

“Yeah Sandor come on in” Wildstar called out from behind his desk.

“Just finished going over the status of the wave motion engine and everything is looking great. We should be leaving as scheduled.”

“Good the sooner we go the faster we can get back.”

“Derek, word around says you’re putting in your papers.”

“Yeah Sandor, I promised Nova I would once we got back. She wants me home when the baby is born.”

“Derek, how do you feel about that?”

“I’m good, just that ….”

“Just what it’s either you’re good with it or you’re having second thoughts and it’s a no. I know you well enough to know that you rather die going down in the Argo.”

“Stephen, she has stood by my side with every decision I’ve made with no questions asked. She gave up everything at a drop of a hat for me, how can I deny her this one request? It’s just not only me and her, we’re having a baby and I need to be there with her when the baby is born. I don’t want to retired but I need to make the same scarify that she’s made for me and the Star Force.”

“But are you sure that you won’t resent her for this in the future?”

Wildstar lower his head and began to push some paper around “It’s what I must do Stephen. I don’t want her to resent me taking off and thinking that I may never come back. I know that she worries about me not coming back and explaining to our child what happen to me. I don’t want her to go through that, now enough of this, how are the communication systems?”

Sandor stared at him and thought I hope that your making the right decision for yourself, “communication are all working, maintenance is checking out the guns and making sure that they are all on line. Our pilots will be in tomorrow to check over their planes and the radar equipment is getting updated tomorrow afternoon.”

“Thanks Sandor, just have all the reports on my desk first thing so I can take it over to Stone.”

“Any news on Singleton, Derek?”

zu[1].jpg“No, Nova has been checking his progress with Doctor Sane and Wendy and Maureen have barely left his side since it happened. I hope that they catch the bastard soon. They haven’t been able to make out who it was on video. Apparently it was too dark.”

“Yvey and I are going to stop by later and see him, let Maureen and Wendy know that if they need anything that we’ll be there for them.”

“I’m sure that they would like that, so can we wrap things up here?”

“Looks like we’re done here I . . . .” Sandor said as he was cut short when Nova knocked on the hatch.

“Hello guys.”

“Hey babe, what brings you down here, I thought that I was going to pick you up at the hospital.”

“Well Doctor Spada was coming this way to check out the medical ward, so I figured I’d catch a ride and surprise you.”

“Well it’s a nice surprise,” Derek said as he walked over to her and kissed her.

“Sandor, how are you?”

“Good Nova, I’d better get going. Yvey is probably waiting in the car and if I’m one second late she’ll have my head on a platter. We’re supposed to be at her parents’ house for a get together. Some of her family are coming in from the States this afternoon and they want to meet me. It’s like getting the third degree all over again, I’ll see you two later. Nova, take care of yourself,” Sandor said and gave her a kiss on the cheek before leaving.

“Well I’m ready to go,” Derek smiled at her.

Nova looked around and sat on their bed that they shared on their last mission. “I miss it here. We had some wonderful times in this room.”

“Yeah, we did.” Derek looked around knowing this would be his last time commanding her.

“Derek, are you okay with this?”

“Yeah babe, I’m alright with it.”

Nova looked at him and tried to see his face. She knew that she was asking a lot of him. “I love you.”

Derek looked at her with a half smile. “Love you too, let’s go home,” he said as he held out his hand for her to take and help her up.