Onward With Love…

Chapter Thirty-Six

By Yuki Wildstar


Docking bay

July 23, 2206 :1303 hours

Hundreds stood on the port as they watched the slightly battered ship descend from the sky. Admiral Singleton vlcsnap-2010-09-06-21h10m13s84.pngmade it a point to be there for this final return. Though he did not want to be present, General Stone knew it best to be there also. The Argo thus came down and rested 2 miles from the docking bay. Slowly she made her way back to the docks. Families gathered since early that morning to welcome their love ones home. The press stood beyond the gates held back by military police as to give the returning men and women time with their families. They watched as the Argo floated into the port as the men and women stood tall on the deck. Smiles could be seen on some and relief that they were finally home. Singleton looked further up to the bridge and could make out Wildstar’s figure looking down to the crowd that now seem to be endless with people. Within an hour she was finally docked and the gang way was sent down. Quickly with Stone, Singleton walked up the gangway. As they made their way to the bridge they heard the final announcement. “Attention all hands, attention all hands. Mission is now complete. Please take all gear and go home. And let me be the first to say welcome home, it was a great pleasure working with each and everyone.  Liberty starts ASAP,” they heard Wildstar say. As they made their way up to the bridge they were saluted by the crew making their way off the ship. Singleton patted them on the back and greeted them home as they hurried to their awaiting families.


Conference Room . .


Wildstar stood in the middle of the room as his senior officers stood around him. “Until we speak with our superiors no one, and I mean no one is to make any statements to the press. You can tell them that you are happy to be home and your relief of the war ending. But until we are debriefed and given further instruction you are not to make any statements. You all will be escorted off the piers and my suggestion is to go home and get as much rest as you can. Because it’s going to be a long few weeks until the treaty is signed. I have to warn those that haven’t been through this, you will have paparazzi camping on your door steps. They will do anything to get a story, please try to keep as much of a low profile as you can. I cannot stress the importance of the outcome of our return. Now as of 1204 hours today, Deputy Captain Forrester is no longer active. Sandor, you will assist me in any interviews that will be held . . . .” Wildstar continued before he was cut short by Sergeant Sato. Nodding he said. “Tell them I will be right up, thank you. Okay everyone, meeting over, please remember what I said. Sandor, Nova come with me,” he said making his way out the door.

003 (3)e.jpgStanding near the window Singleton took in the view from the bridge of the Argo. Slowly the crowd began to depart the area. The press tried to speak to some of the crew as they made their way to their cars. Most of them just smile into the camera then continue to walk past them. Other ran past them with their families wanting nothing more than to go home. He turned and began to look over the ships instruments and then looked up to see the picture of Captain Avatar. “Well old friend, looks like she made it through again.” He said when the bridge doors opened. “Captain Wildstar welcome home.”

“Admiral,” he stood at attention as did the others. “Thank you.”

“Looks like she held up once again, Captain.”

Wildstar looked around and smiled, “She sure has, sir. It was great commanding her again.”

“Well, looks like you are all the center of attention once more. I have arranged for your officers to have a week off.  It will give all your officers time to relax from a long mission. I am sure that you could use the rest. Sandor, you did a great job resurrecting her.” Singleton said. “Well, I’m sure that you all are aching to get to your homes. And I won’t keep you. As you can see there is a sea of reporters out there itching to get a story, so please refrain until you all are debriefed.” Concerned with Nova he turned to her, “Nova, how do you feel?”

“Exhausted sir, I never knew being Deputy Captain with a demanding Captain would be such hard work.” She said smiling at Wildstar. “It was an experience that will stay with me forever.”

Wildstar laughed, “She was an excellent Deputy Captain, sir. It was a pleasure working alongside her.”

Looking at Nova, Stone gazed at her closer. She seemed tired and gaunt. He couldn’t quiet put his finger on it, but there was something different about her. It seem like something was being said but he was left out of the loop. His mind race back and forth to what Julie has told them and his relationship with her. “Captain Wildstar, your prisoner?”

“She’s was escorted off the ship while the crew departed. She should be settling in at Fuchu right about now. She was a big help after the battle was fought. She helped a lot with the wounded and kept herself within the brig’s area even after it was nearly destroyed.”

“Any information about who helped her?” Stone asked trying to feel them out to see how much they knew about Julie and him.

“None sir, she was very adamant about no one helping her. But sir, Nova and I feel that she has change. She was a big help with the Bolar leader and she help a lot after our last battle. All she wants now is to be with her Son.”

“SON!?” Stone stood stunned at what he said. “But how? With who?”

“Namir, the new Bolar leader. She and he have been seeing each other before her capture. At the time when she boarded the Argo we did not know she was pregnant, she didn’t either. After releasing Namir to the queen he took their son with him. By the way, when he comes for the treaty he would like to see Julie. He will be bringing her son so she can see him. She hasn’t set eyes on him since before the battle started.”

“I don’t think that will be a good idea.” Stone jumped in to say.

“But sir!” Wildstar snapped.

“She is our prisoner, or have you forgotten that!” Stone yelled back.

“No I haven’t, but it would make the treaty signing easier if he was able to see Julie. Not to mention have her see her son. We can’t show the Bolars that we cannot be sympathetic to our own people. What will they think, Sir?”

“Why are you so willing to forgive her? After what she put the two of you through,” Stone said frustrated.

“Because sir, we have to move on. And part of moving on is forgiving those that have done wrong to us. If we did not forgive the Gamilons after what they put our planet through we would not be allies.”

“Captain Wildstar we cannot . . .”

“I gave Namir and Julie my word.” Wildstar cut him off. “Maybe your word doesn’t mean much, but mine does.”

“Listen you little pun . . .”

“Enough!” Singleton yelled over them. “I agree with Captain Wildstar. If we do not let the Bolar Leader see Julie he may take this as a means of us not trusting him. I will make the arrangements for him and their son to see her.” He ordered.

“Charles, you can’t be serious. She is an enemy of the state, we have to treat her as such. How will it look if we   . . . . .”

“I’ve made my decision Thomas and she will see her son as well as Namir.” He snapped making Stone bow his head with defeat. “Now I’m sure that the Captains and their officers would like to have some time to themselves before they start their debriefing. Captain Wildstar we will leave you all to finish here and I will see Commander Forrester first before all the others for her debriefing. Once again welcome home.” He said as he saluted them and then shook their hands.



They all stood near their cars bidding their farewells. “Dinner at our house in a week,” Yvey announced to everyone. “No excuses.” She said in her thick New York accent.

“It’s a date.” Denise laughed as they hugged. “Nova, will you both be there?”

“Of course, just give us the time.” She said.

“”I think we should get going, I’m sure that Sandor and Pesh are aching to get home and relax.” Wildstar said. “And I would like to take you home and relax with you.” He said then kissed his wife on the cheek.



Standing in front of their house, Nova couldn’t believe they were actually home. “What’s wrong babe?”

“Only that I can’t believe that we are finally home.”

“Come on we shouldn’t stand out here too long. For all we know there are paparazzi hiding in the bushes.” He said then swept her up into his arms. She opened the door and he gently kissed her on the lips. “Welcome home Mrs. Wildstar.” Putting her down, he closed the door behind them.  “It’s been so long I almost forgot how our house looked liked inside.”

“Derek, do you think it will get out before the treaty?”

“Relax, our friends would never say anything and Singleton is pretty much tight lipped. Now stop worrying about it and let’s enjoy being home.”

“I don’t know, Stone kept staring at me like he was sizing me out. He always made me feel uncomfortable whenever he’s around me.”

“What do you mean? I know that he doesn’t like me much and who knows why. But staring at you? How so?”
“I don’t know. He seems to be leering at me like he’s undressing me with his eyes. But then there are times when I feel like he hates me with a passion when we are together. It’s just creepy.”

“Hmmm, I never know what he is thinking. I only wish I knew what he was up to.” Derek looked closer at her and could tell she was exhausted. The toll of returning home and her pregnancy was starting to affect her. “You look beat let’s get some rest. Before we know it we’ll be back to work or at least I will be.”

“Yeah you’re right.” She said melting into his arms as he held her.


The Home of Yvey and Stephen Sandor . . . .


“Come here chica.” Sandor reached over to her. Within minutes of them entering their home they made their way into their room. It’s been weeks since they made love and Sandor couldn’t wait to make love to her.

“Aren’t you tired?” she asked. “I can barely keep my eyes opened. I just hope that this week drags so I can catch up.”

“I know what you mean. Thank your brothers for taking care of the house for us. I was afraid that we had a lot of work ahead for us.”

“I’ll call them in the morning, I spoke to my mom and told her we will stop by in a day or two. Stephen, what do you think will happen when they find out about Nova’s pregnancy?”

“It will get crazy that’s for sure. I think more crazier then when they got married. That was a mess, she was hounded for weeks and then they had to leak out a fake date so they could get married without the press showing up harassing the guests.”

“I read about that in the paper. Poor Nova, she must have been a wreck.”

“She waited so long for them to get married and then the press just wouldn’t leave her alone. Now if they find out about her pregnancy they’ll never leave her alone. Let’s just hope that they find out after the treaty signing.” He reached over to her and whispered, “When are we setting a date?”

“Why aren’t you happy just like this?”

“Yvey, Honey” he pulled her closer to him. “I just don’t want to wait too long. If you haven’t notice, I’m not getting any younger. And some day I would like to start a family as well. Someone to take over my company, plus I would like to tell your parents that we finally set a date.”


 One week later . . . . .


They woke up two days later after their return home. Little by little they eased back into a normal life at home. They stayed within the house avoiding any reporter trying to get a story. Now they both sat outside of the Commanding Admiral’s office waiting for them to call her in. “Are you okay?” Wildstar asked. He could tell she was nervous. He took hold of her hand and gave it a squeeze. “Hey, you don’t have to be nervous. The Admiral said he would debrief you himself. I’m sure that he will make it quick.”

“Commander Forrester,” they heard Michelle call for her. “The Admiral is ready for you.”

Wildstar helped her up and fussed with her uniform. “Now do you have your reports ready?” Nodding at him Nova took a deep breath. “Okay just answer his questions and keep them short. No different than being on trial.”

“Not funny, Derek!”

“Sorry I was trying to make you laugh. You’ll do just fine. See you in a few.” He said as he squeezed her hand one last time.

Nova walked into the office and she was shocked to see General Stone sitting across from the Admiral. She stood at attention and saluted both officers. Singleton said, “Good Morning Commander. How was your time off?”

“It was good sir, thank you for asking.”

 Singleton motioning to the chair at the end of the table and said, “Please sit down. “Now I won’t keep you long Commander. I ‘m sure that Captain Wildstar will fill me in on most of the details, was it hard working with him?”

Nova grinned “It was sir. You will read about it in his report.” She said as she remembered to their many disagreements on some issues. “He never showed any favoritism to anyone, including myself.”

“That’s good to know. Now considering the circumstances as of your return you were released of your contract with EDF. We are sorry to lose such a good officer.” Singleton said. They questioned her for two hours as Nova sat tall and answered them. To General Stone’s surprise she was direct and short with her answers. She watched from Singleton to Stone and back again hoping that it would end soon. Beginning to feeling tired she tried to sit straight as they continue to ask her more questions. “Commander, are you alright?” Stone asked noticing that she seemed to be falling asleep.

‘Huh, yes, yes just everything catching up with me. I guess the week wasn’t enough.” She tried to smile at him.

Seeing that she was having a hard time trying to stay focused, Singleton interrupted Stone’s questioning. “I think we have enough Thomas. It’s clearly that she did an excellent job.”

“Charles, I still have some more questions about Ms. Tolbert.”

“We can continue that with Captain Wildstar, Thomas.”

“I think I have some concerns about what happen on ship with Ms. Tolbert.”

“That something that Captain Wildstar can inform you with. Now I think Commander Forrester can go.”

“No she can’t, I am not finished with her.”

“Thomas, I agreed to let you sit in on my debriefing with Commander Forrester. And I am finished with her. She can go.”

“Why so lenient on her, Charles? She can inform us of her interactions with Julie just as well if not better then Captain Wildstar.” He snapped.

“Are you blind or don’t care, as you can see she looks exhausted.”

“I can see that she is, but it would be best for her to finish with the debriefing. Don’t you think?” he yelled.

“Oh for god sake, Thomas.” He said throwing his hands in the air. Nova watched as they continue to argue with each other. Singleton continued to tell her to leave while Stone yelled at her to stay. With each word Nova couldn’t believe the argument in front of her over her. Unable to take any more arguing she stood up and blurted out what Singleton was trying to avoid. 

“Stop it! Enough, I can’t take it anymore. I’m pregnant!” Stone looked at her with mouth open and then turned to his colleague.

“So this is why you wanted to debrief her alone.” He said shocked then turned to Nova. “How far along are you?”

Nova bowed her head and replied “almost three months.”

Staring more at her he finally spoke, “That would mean that you were pregnant in battle.”

“Yes sir but I didn’t know until after it was all over.”

With anger in his voice he bellowed at Singleton. “What are we going to do about this!?”

“Nothing, it’s none of our business.”

“Not our business! They fraternize while on duty. We should bring charges on them. Especially Captain Wildstar, he out of all should know the consequences of fraternization.”

With tears streaming down her face Nova yelled out. “NO! It’s not like that. We crashed on Zazba and then we found a pet and then . . . .”

“A pet! What’s going on here . . . .” Stone demanded.

“Not now Thomas. It was a tricky situation. I’ve read the report and besides the details I have no need to pursue charges.” Singleton could see that she was losing control as to how she should handle his questioning.

“Like hell, I’ll be talking with the counsel first thing in the morning about this.” Stone said with anger.

“NO! Please, don’t. I’ve step down, Derek shouldn’t be punished. Please!” Nova begged as she cried.

Hearing the commotion in the room Derek wonder why were they yelling. Hearing his wife’s screams he quickly got up and ran into the room. “Wh51814[1].jpgat’s going on?” he burst into the room and asked, shocked to see his wife crying in the arms of the Admiral. “Nova what’s wrong, what happened?”

“The fact that she came back pregnant was something you neglected to report in your logs.” Stone said with a sly remark.

He took hold of Nova in his arms as she continued to cry. Holding her tightly he looked at Stone with hatred. He could feel himself begin to get angry at his superior officer and his body began to tighten ready to hit Stone. “Derek No!” Nova whispered in his ear. “Don’t… he’s not worth it.”

“Captain, it’s best that you take her home. We are done. There should be no need for her to come back for any more questioning.” Singleton jumped in to defuse both Stone and Wildstar that now stared each other down.

“Are you going to do something!?” Stone said.

“Wildstar go! I’ll deal with this.” He said then looked in the direction of Stone.

Nova pushed him out of the office and walked him down the hall. Tears still streaming down her face he wanted so much to go back into the office and punch him in the face. Pushing her hair from her face he gently wiped the tears from her face. “Are you alright?” Nodding her head she fell into his arms again and cried harder. “Oh Nov, I’m sorry you had to go through that. Come on let’s just go home.” He said as he shield her from all the aides that now stared their way.

 “Is this how it’s always going to be with him Charles?” Stone said with bile in his voice. “Just shield him…because why?”

“Because he is an excellent Captain, and because of him and the rest of his crew Earth would be under the rule of one or more enemies. They’ve risked their lives each time to keep Earth free from alien invasion. Anyway, it’s not the first time a Captain has come back with a pregnant wife or girlfriend. Some I can recall were your friends. Do I need remind you about a certain Captain that got a young ensign pregnant while his wife was here on earth at the time? That same captain still commands a ship, a dear friend of yours. And because he is an excellent captain and fleet commander I chose not to press charges on him or all of your other friends.” Singleton snapped back. “They are young, yes I do admit that. But they have the respect of others and work well together. They executed the mission well, even after what happened to her. She took hold of her fleet and commanded without anything clouding her judgment. So if you charge them then I have a few charges of my own that I have overlooked because they’re YOUR friends.” Feeling frustrated Stone grabbed his cover and stormed out the door slamming it behind him. Singleton dropped hard into his chair and let out a loud sigh when he heard a knock on the door.

“Sir, are you alright?” Michelle, his aide, asked as she poked her head in the door.

“Yes Michelle, thank you. How were the Wildstars when they left?”

“Not good sir. She cried all the way out. I’m shock that he didn’t hit him.”

“Trust me if Nova didn’t hold him back he would have. And that is something I don’t think I could’ve saved him on, though I would have loved to see it.” He smirked “Funny he questioned her mostly on Julie, I only wished that we could get enough evidence to finally end the mystery of who helped Julie. No word from our sources?”

“None sir, apparently since the return of the Argo and Julie it seems that all our sources have disappeared. I’m sorry sir.”

“Yeah me too, keep me inform if you hear anything.”

“Yes sir will do.”



It was night when Nova finally got up from sleeping. She walked into their kitchen and stepped outside onto their patio. It seemed to get colder outside and she was ready to go back in to get a sweater when she saw him standing there in the door. “Did you have a good nap?” Derek asked.

They had left the EDF HQ building earlier and found a swarm of reporters waiting for them. Trying to make their way into their car it was almost impossible to get to as reporters jump in front of them asking questions. Derek hugged his wife tightly as he pushed their way past them. Each time answering no comment to anyone that stood in front of them. Once in the car it took them more than 10 minutes to pull away with the help of 3 Marines to help their escape to go home.

He brought her a sweater knowing it was cold for her, helped her into it and gave her a hug. “Well looks like the cat is out of the bag with Stone. So we don’t have to walk on egg shells around him.”

“I don’t know if that’s a good thing or bad thing. This might be the start of something, Derek. He seems to always have something against us and I just don’t get it.”

“Nova, why are we even giving him the time of day? Anyway, I spoke to Singleton while you were sleeping, and he said not to worry about him.” He said trying to ease her mind. “Looks like it will be my turn in the morning. I want you to stay here. No going out. With reporters hiding in the wind we can’t take the chance of them finding out. It’s difficult enough with them now if they get wind of this it will be nearly impossible to live. Plus Namir will be coming in two weeks to see Julie, hopefully that will distract them away from us.”


Within the week all were debriefed. Wildstar’s session lasted longer than all the others, 6 hours long. Stone questioned him for 2 of those hours. Asking about Julie’s capture over and over, even going as far as asking him about his relationship with her and then about Nova and his private life. Singleton try to sit back and let him question him but jumped in when he try to expose Nova pregnancy. Something he knew Stone was trying to do for the Council Members. He didn’t feel her pregnancy would be of any importance to any but close family members and friends. Each time he asked Wildstar he could tell that he was getting frustrated with Stone and Wildstar repeated that it had nothing to do with the mission. Finally for both Stone and Wildstar it came to an end. Wildstar left the proceedings exhausted and angry at what he tried to pull. Taking Stone to the side Singleton questioned his intentions. “What the hell were you trying to pull in there Thomas!?” he said through his teeth barely keeping his voice from yelling.

“What do you mean?”

“You know damn well what I mean. If you expose them now you will jeopardize the treaty. You know that!”

“How would that take away from the treaty. It will only prove what I have been saying all along. His leadership has to be questioned. Especially when you put them together, how do we know if he is telling the truth about what happen out there?”

“Are you telling me that you suspect something?”

“I’m just saying that we should question everything he does. He has disobeyed orders before and he  . . .  .”

“Stop it right there. He was clear of that a long time ago. What is it really, Thomas? Why do you hate him so much? Let’s clear the air right now.”

With a huff he just said. “All he is a young punk that thinks he can get away with anything.” And he then stormed away. Singleton just stared as he walked away, more determine now to find out why he was hell bent on seeing Wildstar stripped of his rank.


For the weeks following his debriefing, Wildstar and Nova stayed close to home. They stay indoors as much as possible staying out of sight. At times they disconnected their phone as not to be bothered by unwanted calls. It was almost time for both Namir and Deslock to come to Earth for the treaty signing and both he and Nova were relieved that it soon would be over. They wouldn’t have to hide any longer, though they knew the press will still not leave them alone for a while. “Let’s go take a walk on the beach. It’s been a long time since we were able to walk on our own beach.” Derek took hold of her hand and guilded her out the door. It was a cold night but they both took it in. Months in space made them appreciate the evening sky on Earth. Midway down he took hold of his wife and kissed her gently. “I’m so glad to be home. Does it feel strange to you too?”

“Much more than before, before it was just us and I was still recovering. But this time it just feels really strange. We’re going to have a baby and the war is finally over.”

“Let’s just hope that this is the final war of all wars. We have one more press conference before the treaty signing and then we can sit back and relax.”

“Derek, maybe I should go with you.”

“No it’s best that you stay as far away from them as possible.”

“But Derek, I’ve been reading the papers and they seem to be asking why I haven’t been present at any of the conferences. Maybe if I wear my jacket button up they won’t be able to tell. I’m not showing that much yet.”

“No, the Admiral is right its best to keep you out of the press. We don’t need to be hounded like last time. And if they find out they’ll camp outside of our door step day and night. We won’t have any privacy like last time. Even when you were recovering they were impossible to live with.”

“I guess you’re right.”

Derek knelt down to face her stomach and gave it a kiss. “Hey there, I’m your dad. I just can’t wait to see you.” Giggling at his action Nova ran her hand through his hair. Feeling so happy they didn’t see the two men in the hills.

 “Do you have the shot, Joe?”

ali[1].jpg“Stop bugging me, I’m getting the shot. Hand me one of the infra-red lenses.” He snapped back.  They watched as Derek and Nova walked on the beach then watched as he drop to her stomach and kissed it. “Did you see that?”

Taking the binoculars from his face his friend nodded his head. “Yeah, are you thinking what I’m thinking?”

“Yeah, that’s why they’ve kept her from any of the press conferences. Boy, are we going to get paid good for this shot.” He grinned. “Hand me that zoom lens. I think I can get a better shot. Now if he only turns a little I can get the shot that’s going to make us rich.” Zooming on both Nova and Derek his wishes were answered when Derek stood up and stepped out of his shot. Slightly now showing he could make out Nova’s small bump. “Hot damn we hit gold! Come on let’s get out of here before we are spotted.”


Morning  . . . .

Residence of Derek and Nova Wildstar

“How could have this happen! How the hell did they manage this!?” Nova yelled.

Trying to stay calm for them both Derek placed the newspaper down on the table. “Well I’m sure that we will be call into headquarters so it’s best that we get dress.”

Staring at the head lines of the newspaper that read ‘EXPECTING CAPTAINS’ Nova said “I’m so sorry Derek, maybe taking that walk wasn’t such a good idea.”

“Don’t be sorry, it was my idea. I thought that maybe we would be safe in own back yard. I guess I was wrong. Come on we should . . .” he began to say as they both turned to the phone hub that was now ringing. Taking a deep breath Derek answered it. “Hello?”

“Captain Wildstar, I don’t have to tell you but you and Commander Forrester are wanted down at EDF Headquarters.” Singleton face looked into the screen with a stern look.

“We saw the papers this morning, sir. We were just about to get dressed.”

“There’s a car on its way there now. It should arrive in about 15 minutes make sure that you don’t speak to anyone.”

“Yes sir, we will be ready when it arrives.”

“I will see you when you get here, Singleton out.”

Turning to Nova he said “Well we better hurry up the car will be here soon.”


EDF Headquarters

33rd floor

Admiral Charles Singleton Office

August 22, 2206

 “How could you let this happen!? I told you that no good would come out of this when you team them up. Fraternization should not be allowed at ALL in any of the ships. But NO you gave them the permission. Now this! Charles I will not be a part of this. If it were up to me I would charge them both. The Press is going to eat this alive and now just before the most important time for Earth.” Stone bellowed.

“Thomas calm down, like you mention on Wildstar’s debriefing this is not going to affect the outcome of the treaty. We just have to keep this under wraps until after the signing. Nova, how are you feeling, any morning sickness?” looking concerned to her. I don’t care what he thinks, they did an excellent job. It should be a happy time for them both and now this, he thought.

“No sir none,” she shied away. “But sir, if I may, I think I should address the press. They’ve been asking as to why I haven’t been at the conferences. Well maybe we should give them a statement.”

Thinking, Singleton needed to finally get the press off their back. “What is it that you have in mind?”

“Just set it up.”


Press Conference . . .


“Nova, are you sure about this?” Derek stood next to her as they watch the press from all over Great Island take a seat. “You don’t have to do this. They can think what they want.”

Singleton stood at the podium waving for her to stand next to him. “I’ll be just fine. Don’t look so nervous.” She said as she gave him a wink. “Ladies and gentleman I give you Commander Nova Forrester Wildstar.” Singleton announced as she walked onto the stage.

“Good Afternoon,” she began. “At this time I will give my statement, there will be no questions afterwards. Many of you have published about my lack of appearance with the crew of the Argo, I apologise for such absences. On our return back to Earth I with my husband have decide to step down immediately following our return. As you all know I was captured and tortured by General Hindleman of the old Bolar Federation and my recovery was short. Not to mention the trial of Lieutenant Commander Julie Tolbert. Because of this I asked Admiral Singleton to release me from my contract temporarily in order to focus on some much needed recovery. At this point I ask you that you please respect our privacy, so as I can recover in peace. Thank you.”  She said then began to walk away.

“Commander Forrester!” someone yelled out, “Is it true that you are pregnant?”

Nova smiled at the reporter and quickly said into the microphone, “No comment, please no more questions. Thank you.” Derek grabbed hold of her by the hand and whisked her out of the room.

“You did great babe, I’m so proud of you.” He said. From the distance they could hear the reporters yelling at Singleton with questions. Minutes passed until Singleton was able to walk away from the reporters. General Stone stood in the distance as he watched Derek and Nova talking. With a huff he turned and left the building.

“You did a great job Commander. I couldn’t have done better myself. Now, I am assigning a detail to you until all this blows over. You are not to go anywhere without them. I will have two other details added to your residence so as to keep them from sneaking onto the property.”

“I’m sorry sir for all this.” Nova said in a soft tone.

“Nonsense Nova, this should be a happy time for you and Captain Wildstar. Yes the timing is off, but you shouldn’t feel like it’s a bad thing.” He turned to where Stone was and saw that he was gone. “Anyway, don’t let the General bellow on how if he had his way. I run the Star Force not him. Captain Wildstar.”

“Yes sir.” Wildstar stood at attention.

“Take your wife home and get some rest. Tomorrow is the big day and we need to make sure that everything is ready for it. I understand that Captain Namir wishes to see Ms. Tolbert before the signing.”

“Yes sir, he is bringing their son to see her.”

“Have one of your best men escort him to brig. I will make sure that they have some time together. And Captain?”

“Yes sir.”

“I hate to be a damper but I need you to be present with the visit.”

“I understand sir, I will be there.”

Nova stood forward, “Sir I’d like to be present also if it is all possible?”

“Hmm, I really don’t think it’s a good idea.”

“Please sir, I think Julie will need help with her son. And I am kinda fond of Saku.”

Letting out a laugh Singleton smiled and said. “Alright, but you will have your security detail with you, understood Commander?”

“Yes sir.”

“The car is waiting around back let’s hope that the press doesn’t get wind of you two still in the building.”


They quickly walked down a long corridor, it was lit low and Wildstar could see one of his men at the end of the hall. “Captain the car is waiting outside.” Sato said standing at attention. “Let me make sure the coast is clear then you both can follow.” Within seconds Sato return with a stressed look. “There’s a crowd out there. I guess they figure it out that we sneak you two out the back way. Just stay close together and we will get you to the car.”

“Thank you Sergeant.” Wildstar said then turned to Nova. “Get ready for anything. Stay close okay?”

Nodding her head they made their way out of the building into a crowd of reports. All screaming to get their attention, “Captain Wildstar is it true that you and the Mrs. are expecting?” “Nova when are you due?” “Where you pregnant while in battle?” “Captain, isn’t there a rule of no fraternization while on board ship?” With the help of Sergeant Sato they made their way into the car as camera’s flashed, almost blinding them. Without warning the other door opened and a photographer stepped into the car with them. As he flashed his camera, Derek shield Nova from the bright light. “Get the hell out of here!” Wildstar yelled.

“Come on Nova, one more picture. Let’s see the stomach.” He said as he continued to take pictures. Grabbing hold of his camera, Wildstar said. “I said get the hell out.”

“Hey, give that back to me.” He snapped.

Opening the cameras he took out the SIM card and placed it into his pocket and then smashed it outside of the car. “Now get out or you’re next!” Wildstar snapped at him.

“You will pay for that.” The photographer said then felt someone take hold of his collar. Sato snatched him out of the car and threw him onto the floor. Jumping into the seat across from them he blushed with failure and said. “I’m sorry sir, I should have seen him before he got into the car.”

Calming down he looked over to his wife and began to feel her stomach. “Are you alright?”

“I’m fine, just annoyed that their more interested in our lives then the treaty. What is wrong with people? Why is our lives so interesting?”

“Damn Paparazzi, Sergeant you did your best. Sorry to tell you it might get worst from here on end. Are you up to the challenge?”

“Yes sir, I only wish that I could have shot him. Shame we are not at war anymore, I could mistaken him to be a Bolar.” He said which made them both laugh.

“Driver, home please.” He ordered. The drive to the house was madding. The press followed in high speed to get pictures of them. The drive managed to stay ahead of them and once at the house the detail stop them from getting any closer to the house. Wildstar lean forward and said. ”Driver, please pick us up at 0630 tomorrow. Sergeant Sato will I see you also in the morning?”

“Yes first thing.”


Fuchu Prison

August 23, 2206

0702 hours


Once it was a major prison for convicted criminals. Fuchu Prison was now used to hold prisoners from all the wars Earth fought. Within the walls it held Bolar as well as Comet prisoners. A small section was used for any and all Earth Military personnel. Fuchu Prison was established in the 20 century and was one of the few prisons around the world that survived the bombing of the Gamilon planet bombs. Wildstar helped his wife out of the car and notice that the diplomatic car was already waiting for his arrival. Three other EDF Marines step around both cars and looked to see if it was safe for the Bolar leader to come out. They all watched as the driver knocked on the door and then opened it as Namir’s foot step out. He held his son in his arms, now 4 months old he looked alike his father with some small features of Julie. Nova could see he had his mother’s eyes and his father’s stunning good looks.

“May I?” Nova said as she reached for Saku.

“Captain Wildstar it is good to see you once more. I believe that Emperor Deslock will be arriving soon.”

“Yes we had contact with him. He is bringing the family for this. I see Saku is already a ladies’ man. It’s not very often that my wife falls for younger men.” Wildstar smiled as she held the infant. “So shall we, Julie has been so anxious to see Saku and you. She has been bugging the warden all day to see if you are here.”


Her anticipation was getting the best of her, Julie paced in her cell waiting for them to come get her for her first visit with her family. She finally heard the sound of keys and then heard her door opened. Smiling at the two MP’s before her she couldn’t stand her joy. “Is he here?” Both nodded at her and moved to the side so she can step out of the cell. She looked at one of the guards and noticed the handcuffs in her hand. Taking a deep breath she turned so they could put them on her. “Sorry Lieutenant, but its protocol.”

“It’s alright. But do I have to see them like this?”

“We will remove them before you see them.” She said as they walked down the hall. It seem like forever to her as they walked down the long corridor. They stop in front of a metal door that only showed a small window. Waiting there were the warden and another guard. “Ms. Tolbert, I need not remind you that you are still a prisoner of Earth and if you try to escape you will be shot on sight.”

Julie stood straight and pulled her shoulders back, “I know I am. You don’t have to remind me. I just want to have a decent visit with my family, that’s all.”

“Very well, take the cuffs off.” He ordered the guard as he opened the door. Rubbing her wrists she looked into the room and saw Wildstar and Nova stand up. Nova grinned first and then waved across the room. “Namir she’s here.” As she stepped into the room, Namir turn holding their son in his arms. Julie ran in quickly and snatched her son from his arms.

“Oh Saku I missed you so much. How big you’ve already gotten.” She said as she showered him with kisses. Wildstar and the others watched with tears in their eyes as she held her son tight, not wanting to let him go. Finally she looked up and hugged Namir. “I’ve missed you too my darling.”

“So have I, Julie.” He smiled at her with fresh tears in his eyes.

“Don’t, please you’ll make me cry all over again.” She said wiping the tears from his face.

“How are they treating you here Julie?” Wildstar asked.

“Good, I guess. But I don’t want to talk about that right now I just want to enjoy my son.” She said kissing her son once again.

“He’s gotten so big Julie and so handsome.” Nova said trying to break the tension in the room.

“Yes he has. Oh Namir he looks so much like you. How I wish that I can help raise him, but I know that you will do a great job.”

“Julie please I can ask them to release you.”

“No Namir, I need to do this. It’s the only thing I can do to make things right for Derek and Nova.”

“That’s very honorable Julie, but Derek and I are past it all. We are more than willing to stand up for you at court.”

“Thank you Nova, but I’m sure that they’ve already have me convicted and sentence before the trial starts. Anyway I still have some things here to finish up. Oh Namir, I’m so proud of you, I knew that you would be a great man.”

“Oh Julie I only wish that you would be by my side.”

“I will someday. But I have to do my sentencing here first.  But will you be able to wait for me?”

“Till the end of time I promise.”

Pulling on Derek arm she led him out of the room to give them some privacy. The warden and guards stood outside and watched as they came out. “Captain Wildstar.” She stood at attention.

“At ease Commander, my wife and I thought it would be nice to give them a little privacy.”

“Sir? But she was not to be left alone.”

“Commander, I don’t think that they are planning an escape. They do have an infant in there with them. THIER infant and I don’t think that they would put their own child in harm’s way. They will be alright. I will take full responsibilities if anything happens.”

“Yes sir.”


“Oh Namir I missed you so much.” Julie said as he held her in his arms. They watched as Nova and Wildstar left the room. Namir quickly got up and took her in his arms. “I’ve missed you too. When is Deslock scheduled to arrive? I have asked around but they won’t tell me anything here.”

“He will be here later in the morning. Devina and the kids will be coming as well. I spoke to him yesterday and he will be requesting a visit with you also so Devina can see you.  Julie, how are you really, are they treaty you well here?”

“I’ve seen better days.” She said in a low tone and looked away.

“If they’re mistreating you please tell me. I can have Wildstar look into it.”

“It’s really nothing. I’m stuck in my cell all day and sometimes I feel like the walls are closing in on me. Even on ship I was let out to walk around. Derek and Nova stop by often but with no windows to look out of it’s just hard.”

“Julie please, let me arrange your release. Or at least tell them.”

“NO! never. They must never know. Especially Derek he would never look at me the same.”

“That was a long time ago. I’m sure he will understand why you were how you were. It’s not right that he is free to do as he wishes and you are here. What kind of monster would do such a thing? He is no different than Hindleman or Bemlazye. I’m sure that once you explain your actions they will understand.”

She ran her finger down his face feeling the love that she always wanted. “No Namir, and please don’t say anything to them. I will deal with it when the time comes.”

“You are as stubborn as a space donkey.” He said frustrated. “I want you with me can’t you understand that. Saku needs his mother and I want you to be with me as I lead the Bolar Federation to a better and brighter future as my mate.”

“What are you saying, are you asking me to marry you?” she said with wide eyes.

“If that’s what you call it here on Earth. Then yes.”

All her life she waited to hear those words and now she regretted what has happened to finally hear them. “I can’t Namir.” She said as she turned her face away feeling the pain of what came out of her mouth.

“Julie Tolbert you are the most stubborn human I have ever met. I stand before you asking you to be my mate and you turn me down.  What about our son? What about him growing up without his mother. Tell me!” he yelled. “Don’t you know that I love you woman! Don’t you?!”

“Don’t yell at me! I have waited forever for this moment and it kills me that I can’t marry you. Believe me Namir I want so much to marry you. But it wouldn’t be right, not now. It will only make things more complicated, especially now with the treaty. Please I don’t want to argue about this in front of Saku. Why don’t we wait till after? Then we can talk about it.”

Feeling defeat he sat back and just smile as he wiped tears from his face. “Fine, if that’s what you want. But I just thought that we had a plan to stay together.”

“I know we talked about it, but things change and I promise that everything will work out.” She said reaching across the table. Before they knew it the door opened and Wildstar with Nova and the warden walked into the room. “I’m sorry Namir, but visiting hour is over. You can come back and visit tomorrow. I promise.” Wildstar interrupted. Looking at him and Julie he knew all was not well. Namir looked frustrated and defeated. Julie was crying as she held on to her son. Slowly Namir got up and took hold of their son as Julie cried harder. Nova ran over to her and hugged her tightly.

“Julie I’m so sorry. Namir tells us he will be here for a week. So you can see Saku. I’ll ask the Admiral for a favor. I’m sure he will make it easy for you to see him.”

“Thank you Nova. But I don’t want any favors.” She said in between sobs. “I’ll miss you my little prince.” She cried as she fussed over her son.

“Julie? Please.” Namir begged.

“Go! I’ll see you two tomorrow after the signing. I love you both, now go, please.”

Holding his son tightly in his arms Namir ran out of the room. He stood in the corner of the hall and cried feeling defeated like he did the day she gave him their son before battle. Wildstar placed his hand on his shoulder, “Namir if there anything that can get her out of this maybe it’s best to let us know.”

Shaking his head Namir only wished he could tell them. But Julie made him swear never to reveal her secret. “I better go, I have a lot to do before tomorrow. Thank you Wildstar for everything.”