Onward With Love…

Chapter Thirty-Five

By Yuki Wildstar

51819[1].jpgEDF Battleship Argo: Flight pad  16th of June, 2206

0846 Hours

 “Are we ready everyone?”

They all nodded at him and made their way into the shuttle. Wildstar and Nova sat quietly next to each other as the shuttle descended down to Rhima. Lost in thought Wildstar felt his heart beat faster, to finally come to this after all this time. He thought….Once we deal with this part we can all finally go home and start our lives.  He looked over to his wife and smiled knowing she was still tired…he was happy to have her by his side. His shuttle landed first giving them time to step out and wait for Deslock to land. Wildstar watched as Nova, Sandor and Dash stood behind him. They watched as Deslock’s shuttle doors opened and he stood tall with Arlin next to him.

“Well this is it.” Wildstar said breaking the tension within the group.

Walking into the same forum room that was the Prime Minister last stand they all came to the center of the room. Namir, Minano and Kaif sat at a table waiting for their arrival. The room was filled with Bolar officers and Resistance men. Namir stood up and saluted them as they enter as did all the others in the room. Wildstar, Deslock and the others ya37.jpgstood in front of them and saluted back.

“Captain Wildstar it was an honor to have fought by your side. Emperor Deslock it was also a pleasure. Now shall we begin?” He said then motioned them to sit across from him. “I hold here a map of all of Bolar and Gamilon territory. The Planets that are ex out are the planets that either Bolar or Queen Mariposa has settle on. The Gamilon territory is in red. I spoke with the Queen last night and she agrees with me to release the planets that have been conquered by the old Bolar Federation. We will be more than willing to give them the protection since they are within our space.  We ask that you leave us the following planets for colonization.” He said as he handed him a list of planets. “Emperor our borders run here, I wish to maintain it at such area.”

Looking at the list Deslock leaned to Wildstar and said. “What do you think Wildstar?”

“It’s up to you, looks like you’re getting a better deal. He is only taking the original space they had before this whole war. I think him watching over the other planets is a good idea.”

“One thing Namir,” Deslock began.  “About this space here, what is it that you plan on doing with it?” He said pointing to a large asteroid belt that lay between his and Namir’s territory.

Minano, Kaif and Namir began to talk amongst each other and finally nodded with one another. “Agreed,” Namir said to them “Because it is on our borders it can be divided, say about here. We were going to use the space for reconnaissance, but if you wish we can do it elsewhere. ”

“Seems like a good idea to use it for training. Of course we must be in agreement to appoint someone to each of our forces to oversee the scheduling.  At no point shall either of our forces be allowed to train without either one of us being informed…that way there will be no misunderstanding.”

Once again Namir and the others talked amongst each other. “Agree your grace, Kaif here will be appointed to such honors.”

Deslock looked over to Arlin, “I assigned Captain Arlin to head our part.”

“SIR!” Arlin stood shocked.

“Arlin you have my total confidence in you. You have proven yourself to me and the Gamilon Empire. You will be the bridge that will keep our nation from war once again. Talan will be at your disposal when needed and he will report to me as well as you. Captain Namir, you have an agreement.” He stood up and stuck out his hand, Namir stood up and they both shook hands.

Namir turned to Wildstar, “Captain I assume that your planet will draw up the necessary documents and we will sign them when they are done.”

“They are being work on as we speak, I will inform them of your agreements and have them incorporate it into the documents. I will need a copy of the map to make sure I have all the necessary information to hand to my superiors.”

“Good, we will await your return.” Namir said.

“Captain Namir, it will be best for us to go to Earth. So it is sign in neutral territory.” Deslock said.

“Agree, we will all go to Earth to sign the treaty. Thank you Captain, Emperor Deslock I look forward to our nations working together in the future.” Namir said. “Now, we have all fought together maybe it will be a good idea to celebrate together.”

Wildstar looked over to his crew, “I think my men and women would like a short liberty. We can leave first thing in the morning back to Earth.”

“Good, say about 1600.”

“I will be there. Emperor Deslock will you be joining us.”

“I do think that my men and women deserve such a break. 1600, we will be there. Now I must return back to my ship and check on all our repairs. Captain Wildstar I will see you later.”

“We should be going also to make sure that our repairs are done. Congratulations Namir on your appointment to lead the New Bolar Federation.”

“Thank you Captain, but it is a joint union, Minano and Kaif will help in running it all.”


EDF Battleship Argo

Captains Quarters

1432 hours

 “How are the repairs going, Sandor?”

“All exterior repairs are almost finished, as for the brig we are still dealing with the electrical system and some of the guns are still in need of alignment.  Have you spoken with EDF yet?”

“I spoke with Singleton last night. I’m sure that the council wouldn’t pass up the opportunity to show off that they had a hand in this treaty. Not only that but I’m sure that they will also put something in there about both nations ensuring peace with Earth. So how do you feel about going to a party later?”

“It sounds tempting but I should finish this up that we can head back to Earth without worrying about it on the way. Will you be attending?”

“I have to, but I will be cutting the night short. We should prepare to return to Earth. I know a lot of the crew are already excited to get home now that it’s over.”

“I’d say. It’s the only thing that is being said now. They keep asking, when are they heading home?”

“I’ll make the announcement shortly. I have to inform Singleton on their agreement so they can have the documents ready when they arrive. I don’t want any mix ups. If we leave first thing we can be home in 3 week’s time. We will have to make a few extra warps so we are going to need all those repairs taken care of ASAP.”


Captain’s Quarters

1303 hours


“Sir, I’ve sent you the information that both Namir and Emperor Deslock have agreed on. As you can see the Asteroid Belt that is on the borders of both nations will be divided between them.”

“Yes I see it. And about the sections B6 and C3 what are their intentions about those two areas?” Admiral Singleton asked.

“Sir those areas are under the ruling of Queen Mariposa she will be protected under the Bolar ruling.” Wildstar replied. “Sir I think that they pretty much got everything covered. Is there any interest that I should bring up to Namir? I will be attending their celebration in a short time if there is anything that we are interested in its best to approach him now.”

Looking over the information Wildstar sent he looked back into the screen “It looks all good. I will have the council look it over and have those documents ready for them. How long will it take them to arrive here on Earth?”

“We will be leaving first thing. I will find out later when it will be convenient for them.”

“Very well Captain, I will await your call. Singleton out.”

“Sir” he stood at attention and saluted him as the screen went black.


 Docking Bay Rhima port

0530 hours


“Thank you for letting me see Julie before you depart.” Namir said.

“Not a problem Namir. I’m sure she will be happy to see you.” He said as they both stood in front of her quarters. “We leave in an hour so you have enough time to say your goodbyes.”

Julie heard the door opening and smiled at Namir as he walked into the room. “Namir!”

“Hello my love. Are you alright? Are they treating you well?”

“Yes, yes I only wish that you were able to bring Saku with you. I would have loved to see him before our return to Earth.”

“Julie I can ask your leaders for your release. Wildstar and Nova have witnessed first hand on how you changed.”

“No Namir I have to face my sentencing. Plus I have unfinished business there.”

“Julie, why don’t you tell them? I know that they will understand everything if you just tell them.”

“NO! I can’t, they can never know what happened. It’s best that they think what they think. I just have to face the council and hope that they are lenient on my sentencing. The only thing is I will miss our son growing up.”

“All the more to tell them what happened, if not for me at least for our son.” Namir begged.

Looking into Namir’s eyes she ran her hand on his face and gave him a warm smile. “I love you Namir. Please it’s my choice. I have to do this.”

“Oh Julie our son will know of your choice and he will hold his head high when he thinks of you.” Namir said then took her in his arms holding her tightly. “I love you so much Julie, I just want us to be together.” He said as he gave her a tender kiss.

“I know once we return I will be put in jail and my trial will not commence again until everything is calm. With the return of the Argo, the press will want to know everything about the mission. Wildstar and the other officers will be debriefing with the council members as well as EDF Superiors. That may take a few weeks, maybe longer. When will  you be arriving on Earth?”

“We have to finish up here and will leave a week after all is done.” He could see the questioned in her eyes. “By that time Naruatos wife will bring Saku to me. Julie, I will make sure that you see Saku as much as I can arrange it. If it means traveling light years twice a month then so be it.”

The ships alarm system sounded throughout the ship warning them that the Argo was set to depart. “You better go Namir, she’s ready to leave.” Julie looked away with tears in her eyes. “I love you.”

“Julie, please.” He said softly into her ears as he hugged her. “Tell them.”

“I can’t.” she whisper back then pushed him out the door. She threw herself onto the bed and cried.

 Wildstar leaned against the ships walls as he waited for Namir to come out. He talked with the guard on duty asking him about his family. Wildstar listened as he told him about his wife and 4 kids and the craziness that his wife had to take on since his departure. He was happy to go home after such a long time away. He asked his captain about him and his wife and did they have kids. Feeling a stab in his heart he just smiled and told him that they were going to try when they returned back to Earth. Their conversation continued until Julies hatched opened and Namir walked out. From the look on his face Wildstar knew that things didn’t go as well as it should have so he decided not to ask him how it went. Quietly Namir wiped the tears from his face and brought his shoulders back. “I should go.” He said

“I’ll walk you out Namir.” Wildstar replied.

 Bidding farewell to his friend he then went back to the bridge and order the crew to begin sequence for departure. Within the hour the Argo and its crew headed back to Earth.


EDF Battleship Argo

1st of July, 2206

Deep space

Destination: Earth


vlcsnap-2010-09-03-20h10m31s182.pngMaking its way back to Earth, the Argo’s crew worked to finish any minor repairs to the ships exterior. Within two weeks of departing from Rhima the ship was once again looking like a new ship. Wildstar sat in the captain’s chair over seeing some files from his screen as he overheard his wife talking to their radar tech.

“I said to check the radar again!” Nova snapped at Pratt.

“Ma’am I just did, there is nothing on radar that shows a planet in the sector,” Pratt said annoyed.

“Gosh do I have to show you myself,” throwing her hands up in the air she proceded to his station.

“Deputy Captain Forrester!” Wildstar snapped. “Please come here.”

Nova looked over to Derek and saw the face that he was giving her. Giving him a serious look she leaned on his control panel. “Yes sir.”

“Don’t you think you’re a little too hard on him? You need to let him do his job, Commander.” Wildstar said with a stern voice.

“Sir, I know that the planet is there, if you just let me . . . .” Nova said.

“Commander, you need to rest. When was the last time you slept?” Wildstar said.

“Sir,” Nova said confused. “I’m fine, I don’t need to sleep.”

“Deputy Captain Forrester, I am relieving you of your duties! Go and get some rest.” Wildstar ordered.

“But Captain Wildstar I’m fine, don’t you think that if I was tired I would ask for time off.” Nova snapped at him.

“Miss Forrester, I’m not asking you. I’m telling you, go and get some rest NOW!” Wildstar stood up and screamed. Nova looked at him and stood at attention.

“Yes sir,” she said feeling defeated. She turned and walked off the bridge into their private elevator to their suite.

Hearing Wildstar reprimand Nova, Sandor asked with a low voice, “Is everything alright?”

“I don’t know what is wrong with her. It’s not like her to act like that. She’s been snapping at everyone lately.” Wildstar said.

“She has seemed a little edgy lately, I thought she was going to tear off Pesci’s head the other day about him making fun of Yvey.” he said.

“Hmm, I better go talk to her,” Wildstar said. “She’s been acting really strange lately.”

“Do you want me to take over for now?” Sandor asked.

Rolling his eyes he said, “Would you, I have to get to bottom of this before she kills someone for something stupid. I don’t need EDF down my neck asking question on how the poor sap got shot.”

“Yeah, I don’t blame you. Don’t worry Wildstar I can take over for now.” Sandor said with a laugh. He watched as he got into the elevator and called to him, “Good luck, Wildstar.”

Wildstar nodded as the door closed. He looked into space and wonder how he was going to approach Nova about her mood swings. As the doors opened he saw Nova sitting at their desk. She looked up and watched him walk into the room.

“Are you here to sentence me to KP duty or swab the flight deck?” Nova said with sarcasm.

“Whoa, calm down for a minute will ya.” Derek waved his hands at her. “I just want to talk that’s it.”

“What is it then, I have stuff to do!” Nova said with a sharp voice.

“Nova do I have to pull rank on you? Derek said trying to sound like he was getting angry with her, but could not keep a straight face.

“What’s so goddamn funny?” She said with a hard voice.

“You, what is up with you? You’ve been yelling at everyone, you’ve been edgy. You look like you haven’t slept in days.  I think you need to go see a doctor.” Wildstar try to keep calm with her.

“I don’t need to see a doctor; I promise I’ll get some rest!” Nova said like a two year old.

“Nova, honey please you need to relax a little. You can’t keep getting angry at everyone over little things.” Derek started to say.

“But if I don’t keep on top of them those little things will become big things. I’m only trying to do my job, Derek. Or would you rather the shit hit the fan later down the road.” she said with a whine.

Derek smiled at her; she looked so young at that moment. “Baby, what’s really bothering you. Is there something wrong, do you want to talk?”

Nova took a deep breath she knew that he only wanted to make sure she was alright “Oh Derek, I don’t know what’s been getting at me lately. I feel like am always angry and it seems like everything is setting me off. I’m sorry maybe you’re right I should get some sleep. I can’t remember the last time I’ve slept.” She said feeling very tried all of a sudden.

 “Nova maybe you should see the doctor, get yourself check out,” Derek said. “Maybe he can give you something to sleep.”

“What are you saying; I look so hideous that I need to sleep!” Nova snapped at him.

“Nova what the hell is wrong with you? I’m worried about you, you’re not acting like yourself.  It’s like rooming with Jeckal and Hyde with you. Now, why don’t you get some sleep I’ll talk with you later.” He gave her a hug and then kissed her.

“Derek” She called softly to him as he made his way out the room.

“Yeah babe, what’s up?” Derek said looking at her.

“I feel so out of control,” she said and then sat down on the bed, beginning to cry. Taking hold of his wife he gave her another hug.

“Babe, you know you’re showing symptoms,” Derek smiled at her. “Maybe you should get checked out.”

“No I don’t think so, I’m just tired.” She said trying to convince herself.

20051215.gif“The symptoms are there. Moody, tired and I didn’t want to say anything but it looks like you put on some weight.” Derek smiled at her.

“Oh great, now I’m fat! Well thank you very much.” Nova raised her hands.

 “No, no baby, not in a bad way. Could it possibly be that you’re pregnant?” Derek asked her.

 “Oh Derek, I don’t think so. It’s been so busy here lately we really haven’t had time for anything.” Nova tried to convince him as well as herself.

 “I think you should take a test.” Derek suggested to her.

“Don’t you think I would know if I am?” Nova started to raise her voice.

 “Yeah well it would make me feel better if you took it,” he said.

“I said I was fine Derek, just tired!” Nova complained about how he has been acting.

“The signs are there Nova or are you just plain blind!?” Derek shouted at her beginning to lose his patience. He wanted to remind her about the last time she neglected the signs. But he knew it would open up a whole new argument.

“I’ll go tomorrow and see the Doctor, ALRIGHT!” she shouted back.

“Why don’t you do it now? Let’s face it you’ve been moody, you look like hell. On top of everything you’re always tired.” Derek tried to tell her in a softer tone.

“Derek, please I really don’t think now is the time.” Nova was starting to feel drained.

Derek walked past her and went into the head, he emerged ten seconds later with a small pink box.

“What is that?” She asked.

“Take it right now,” he ordered her.

“Is that an order?” Nova snapped at him, not liking his tone.

“Yes it is!” Derek pushed the box into her hand. Snatching it from his hand, she walked into the head. Derek sat on their bed and waited for her to come out. He sat there with his leg jumping up and down in a fast pace. It seemed like forever before she emerged from the head. It only took seconds for her to read the results. She came out of the head with a nervous grin.  “Well, what does it say?” Derek looked at her with excitement. Nova stood before him and tears began to roll down her cheeks. “Are you alright?”  Nova handed him the stick and he grinned from ear to ear. “Oh baby, I love you so much.” He took her into his arms and kissed her on the lips. Nova cried out of joy at what that little stick read. “We’re pregnant!” Derek whispered into her ear. Nova just nodded her head and held him tighter.

“Oh Derek, I can’t believe it. You were right, I’m so sorry I snapped at you!” Nova said through her tears.

“Come on.” He took her by the hand and led her out of their suite.

“Where are you taking me?” Nova said still reeling from what she didn’t suspect.

“To see Doctor Roberts,” Derek said with a firm tone, while Nova smiled.


Knocking on his door they waited for a reply “Yes?”

“Doc, it’s me Captain Wildstar and Deputy Captain Forrester.” He replied through the closed door.

“Come in Captains,’” Doctor Roberts said. “What can I do for you two?”

“Commander Roberts, we like to show you something,” Derek took the stick and handed it to the doctor. Doctor Roberts looked at it and knew immediately what it was. “Congratulation, is this something that you are both happy with?” He knew of her medical records and what happened to them. He heard the rumors of how it was a rough spot in their lives.

“Doctor Roberts we need you to confirm what that little stick says.” Wildstar told him.

“But you did the test,” Doctor Roberts laughed.

“Yeah Doc, but it will be official if it comes from you,” Wildstar grinned.

“Very well, Deputy Captain Forrester lets go see how far along you are.” Doctor Roberts said as he got up and walked her out of the office into a medical room. “Nurse Fijimoto, please have this room prepared for an exam, thank you.” Feeling nervous they both walked into the room and she began to take her clothes off. He helped onto the table and took her hand in his. Derek stood by her as he watched the doctor begin his exam. “So Nova when was the last time you had your period?”

Nova tired to remember the exact date “to tell you the truth doc, I really can’t remember. It’s been so busy here with the war I haven’t had a chance to keep up. And with the shots I’ve always skipped my period for months.”

“Well from what I feel inside I’d say your about 6 weeks along. Nurse, please bring over a sonagram machine.” Roberts ordered.

Grabbing his hand tighter she giggled at the cold jell Doctor Roberts placed on her stomach. “Sorry we don’t use this machine much on pregnant women, now here we go.” He said. He moved the scanner around the bottom of her stomach and then looked up at Derek and Nova. He moved the machine’s screen so they both could see, “here’s your little problem, right there.” He said pointing to the screen.

“What is that?” Derek asked squinting at the screen.

“That’s the baby silly,” Nova laughed at him.

“Are you sure Doc, it looks like a peanut!” Derek scratched his head.

“Captain that little peanut is your child.” Roberts laughed at him.

Derek focused more at the screen and started to smile “I guess it will get bigger?” Nova laughed at him and then pulled him down towards her. He kissed her on the lips as a tear rolled down his cheek. “I love Mrs. Wildstar, thank you.”

“If you look closer you can see the baby’s heartbeat.” He pointed to the heart and they watched as it flickered on the screen. “Well it’s confirmed…you are pregnant.” Roberts announced to the both of them.

“Thank you Doc, this is the best news ever.” Wildstar said and then shook his hand.

“I’ll have to put a report in once we get back to Earth.” Roberts said.

“Doc can you keep this under wraps for a while? I need to inform the Admiral before we go announcing this.” Derek said as Nova got dress.

“Very well, but it won’t be long before it gets leaked out.” Roberts said.

Nova finished getting dressed and walked over to Derek placing her hand on his shoulder. “I’m ready Derek!”

He nodded at her, grabbed her by the waist and they both walked out the door together. Walking back to their quarters neither talked about it until they walked into the room. He couldn’t help but to grab her and kiss her. “You’re pregnant, I can’t believe it. Honey I love you so much. When do you think this happened?” Derek asked her.

“If my calculations are correct it must have happened when we were trapped on Zazba in the ice cave.”

Derek grinned at her and kissed her again. “This is great the war is over and you’re pregnant.”

Nova sat on the bed quietly, “Derek why did you tell the doctor to keep it under wraps?”

“Sorry, but it’s best that we don’t tell anyone right now. Especially that we are heading home. There will be a lot of press there and we are going to be debriefed for days. If this get’s back to EDF that just will open a whole new can of worms. And I don’t want them integrating you about us. Once it all dies down we can announce it to the world.”

“But Derek . . . “

“Nova trust me on this, I’ll call Singleton myself and make sure he knows. I can trust him with this. Anyway we need to concentrate on the treaty. If the press found out our lives will be the center of attention and not the treaty signing.” He could see the disappointment in her eyes, “Babe, can you just trust me on this. I’m so happy that we are pregnant, but we have to make sure that our personnel life doesn’t get all the attention. Not to mention General Stone and what he will try to pull. Agreed?”

Nodding her head she knew what he was finally saying. Stone would do anything to make their lives miserable. Even with the support of Singleton he still would make sure that he would find something to charge them with. “Agreed.”

“Good, now come here.” He took her by the hand and began to take off her clothes.

“What are you doing Captain?” She giggled.

“I want to know how it feels to make love to a pregnant woman, what do you think?”

“Ha-ha, Captain I don’t think this is the time to. . . .”Derek kissed her again stopping her in mid-sentence.

Later . . .

Derek looked at Nova and said, “I was thinking maybe it would be safe to tell our friends. I know that they would keep it under wraps.”

“Derek, maybe we shouldn’t. If they know then Stone will get them involved.”

“I know, but at least we can tell Sandor. I know that he can keep a secret.”

“I don’t know, he may tell Yvey and she will tell Denise and so on and so on. Anyway they say it’s bad luck to announce it in your first trimester.”

“Oh come on I have to tell someone or else I’ll bust. Just Sandor I promise.” Looking at her husband with suspicious eyes she knew him well enough that he wouldn’t quit harassing her. “Come on just Sandor.”

“No, you’re right the first time. We have to keep this under wraps. The less people know the better.”

Taking a huge breath he began to get dressed. “Fine, I have to go to the bridge and check on things. Are you coming, or would you like to rest?”

“I’d like to rest. I’m pretty beat. Seems we are busier now then when we were in battle. Oh and Derek, make sure that you say nothing.”

“I will, get some rest. I’ll be back later.”


 Bridge . . . . .

“Captain on the bridge.” Someone called out.

“At ease people, everything alright, Sandor?”

“The last touches were just finished, she may not look like new but she’s looking good. Our electrical systems in the brig are still giving us problems so I think it’s best to keep Julie were she’s at now. We shut the electric down in the mean time.”

“Will you be able to fix it before we get back?”

“I can try, but I doubt it. It’s best that we wait until we get back to Earth and fix it. We need to 010a.jpgconcentrate on other parts of the ship.”

“Okay, see what you can do. Commander Dash how much longer until we reach Earth?”

“Another week sir,” Dash replied.

“Can you get me a secure line to Admiral Singleton?”

“Yes sir, would you like it here or in your quarters?”

“Send it to the communication room.” Sandor, Dash and Eager turned to look at their captain. They were baffled to what he said, he never use the communication room it was use only for top secret communication with headquarters. They watched as he left the bridge and looked at each other still confused.


Communication room . . . .


“Dash do you have that line ready?” Wildstar said.

“Yes sir, putting it through now.”

He sat quietly as he nervously shook, thinkg about what he had to tell his commandeering officer. Slowly the screen focused as he watched Singleton’s face appeared before him. “Captain Wildstar, why are you contacting me through this ancient relic of communication? Is everything alright, I thought that the war is over and you are returning back to Earth.”

“The war is over sir, I just needed to talk with you in private. This is the only thing I could think of to make sure my line is secure.”

“Is there anything wrong with the treaty?”

“No sir not at all everything is on target. The Gamilons and Bolars will arrive on Earth one month after we arrive. Sir this is on more of a personal basis.”

“I see and that is?”

Wildstar looked down afraid of his reaction. “Sir Commander Forrester is pregnant.” He blurted out quickly.

Silence fill the room, slowly Wildstar looked up to see him smiling. “Congratulations Captain, you look ecstatic. How is Nova feeling?”

003 (3)e.jpg“A little drained but well.”

“I take it that you haven’t told anyone.”

“No sir you are the first. Well sir considering that on our return to Earth we will be debriefed and dealing with the press I just think that maybe we can keep her out of the lime light. Plus we don’t want our personal life to take over what is really important and that is the treaty between the Bolars and Gamilons. Also sir . . .”

“I understand Captain, I don’t think the General would take too kindly as to the outcome of this all. Your secret is safe with me.”

“Thank you sir, any word on Julie;s trial?”

“Her trial will have to wait until the treaty is signed. We are still trying to figure out who was the benefactor of her escape. Just when we thought we had some leads we hit a wall. Has she given you any information as to who was involved?”

“No sir she still refuses any information on that. Thou I have to admit that she has been helpful on ship in battle. Sir is there anything we can do to help her?”

“I’m sorry Wildstar but she must stand trial for treason and escaping. We can only hope that the jury is lenient on her when it comes to her sentencing. Is there anything else?”

“No sir.”

“Very well I will see you when you return. I will ensure that Commander Forrester will be debriefed quickly personally by me. I agree with you it’s best to keep her out of any press conference. ”

“Thank you sir, Wildstar out.” Sitting in the communications room Wildstar didn’t realize he was there for over an hour after he finished talking to the admiral. I have to make sure when we get back that she stays out of sight. If the press gets wind of her pregnancy they would have a field day with it. Which would jeopardize the treaty. He was thrilled that she was finally pregnant, but reality began to set in for him. Knowing General Stone he would do everything in his power to find something wrong with her getting pregnant while on a mission. He finally got up and walked out of the room running straight into Sandor. “Anything wrong Sandor?”

“No, nothing’s wrong. But what’s the big secret? Why the communication room? Is something wrong?” Wildstar looked away trying to make up an explanation. “Wildstar it’s not like you to keep something important from the crew. If there’s something wrong with the mission or treaty we all have a right to know. Everyone is excited to go home it would put a big damper if they heard that they weren’t.”

“It’s nothing like that Sandor. Everything is just fine with the treaty. We are still expected to arrive on time on Earth.”

“Okay but what’s going on?”

“I really don’t like you questioning me Sandor. I feel like you’re acting like my wife.” He snapped feeling frustrated.

“Sorry Wildstar, but it’s odd that you would take any kind of communication here. Are you and Nova alright? I thought with us returning it would be less stress on you and her now.”

“It is, it is. It’s just, well . . .” he looked up and down the hall.


Looking around again Wildstar step back into the room and waved him in. Confused at his action he step in and waited. “Sandor, Nova and I were going to tell everyone privately later but I guess it’s alright to tell you.” Grinning his eyes, danced as he said the words. “Nova’s pregnant.”

“That’s great news but, why all the secrecy?”

“Well with the end of the war and the upcoming treaty signing. We don’t want our private lives taking top billing in the press. You remember how it was each time we got back from a mission and the last time with Julie’s trial. This will give Stone an excuse to drag things out that has nothing to do with the treaty or the mission. Plus I don’t want Nova feeling any stress over something that should be the best thing in our lives right now.”

“I understand completely. Your secret is safe with me but will you be informing the others. Or should I stay quiet until after everything is over.”

“Dinner my quarters tonight, 1800 hours bring Yvey. I’ll tell Dash, Pesh and the rest. Now, let me go check on Nova. See you later.”


Lying down on the bed Wildstar looked up to the ceiling as Nova slept next to him. Smiling to himself his hopes were answered finally. They were having a baby, he thought. He pictured Captain Avatar looking down on them smiling with Alex, Mark and his parents standing next to him. Quietly he made his way over to their desk and tried to do some work. His mind drifted back and forth to his work and Nova.

Lying quietly on her side, Nova felt him when he lay down next to her. Her mind racing to the news they both received. Thinking about her pregnancy she made her decision long before he came back to their suite. Sitting up she smile at her husband that seem to go back and forth with work. “Derek.”

“Huh, you’re up.”

“I’ve been up, just thinking.”

“Yeah me too.”

“Then I think your thinking the same thing.”

“It all depends. What were you thinking?” he asked.

“I think it would be a good idea if I step down as Deputy Captain.”

“I disagree, you’re doing a great job. You should finish what you started and yes we will cut back some duties considering we only have a week to go. But what I do think is that you should ask to be released from you contract as soon as we get back to Earth.”


“Because, you and I both know that once we get back to Earth the press will be trying to get every little detail about the mission, including our sex life. Anyway, I don’t want you getting stress out with their questioning. I’ve already informed the Admiral about it, and he’s agreed with me that you should stay out of any press conferences.” He explained. “Nova I love you and I know that this is a sore spot between us. But it’s something that is there and I don’t want to go through it again. I want you to be stress free when we get back home and take every precaution to prevent from it happening again. I’ve invited Sandor and the rest for a formal officers’ dinner tonight.”

“Derek, I thought we agreed….?”

“I know, but I have to give them an explanation why you’re cutting back on your duties. Anyway I think they will be able to keep it a secret.” He took hold of her hand and guided her to the window. Sitting down on the ledge he wrapped his arms around her. “How do you feel? Any morning sickness?”

“No, not really but I have been getting nauseous at the smell of foods. Derek, what will happen when the press finds out?”

“We’ll deal with that when we come across it. Now we need to get ready for our guest tonight. Can you call down to Cookie and see if he can have something set up on short notice.”

“Yes sir.”


Later . . . .


Dinner at the captain’s quarters was filled with laughter and celebration. The war was over and they all were going home to start their lives again. They talked and joked about things that happened while in space and their excitement of going home.

“The weeds are going to be 6 feet high when we get back.” Denise informed her husband.

Rolling his eyes he already felt his honey-do-list starting to grow. “Denise, please don’t think that it’s all going to get done in one day.”

“I’m glad that my brothers helped us out with all that. They’ve been taking care of everything at the house since we left.” Yvey said. “But we will have a lot to do inside with the dusting.”

“Hey Dee, think you want to come by for some beer that weekend?” Pesci asked thinking he could get someone to help him out.

“Sorry, I’m booked solid for a month with dates.”


“Sorry Pesh, but looks like Yvey got me booked for a while too. Guess you’re on your own.” He giggled.

Wildstar finally stood up and cough, “Can I get everyone’s attention please?” Slowly they all turned towards him and went silent. “Thank you all for coming tonight. It’s great to have you all as my crew. I have some new assignments that will take effective immediately. Sandor will now take over as Deputy Captain. Dash you will oversee some of Sandor’s positions to ease the work load. Pesci, you will continue as lead pilot and commander of the black tigers as well as the Black Hornets. Denise, can I ask you to do some extra work in the medical ward for Nova?”

“Sure, but Nova are you feeling ill. Is everything alright?” she asked her friend.

“She just fine, but there is something you all need to know. And this must stay within these walls.  The reason for the sudden change in positions is that Nova and I are expecting.” Silence filled the room then a loud screech came from both women. Yvey jumped out of her chair and raced over to Nova.

“Oh my god, you’re pregnant! I’m so happy for you.” Yvey hugged her as she jumped up and down.

Denise joined in hugging her friends laughing at the news. “We’re going to be aunts! It’s about time.”

“Congratulations, sir.” Pesci said as he shook his hand.

“Thank you Pesh. I guess you and Denise are next?”

“Whoa I don’t think so. She’s not even hinting on it yet, though I wouldn’t mind starting soon.” Pesci smiled

“I don’t think so Commander. Not for a while.” Denise said as she overheard their conversation.

Sandor looked over to Yvey as she caught his stare. “Don’t you even think about it, Papi. That’s not going to happen for a very long time.” She said making everyone laugh.

“Everyone, please, I really would appreciate that this stays within these walls. It is important that on our returned we stay focus on the upcoming treaty. If word got out about this everything would be more focused on Nova and I and the treaty will be a second thought.”

“Your secret safe with all us,” Dash said as they all nodded in agreement. “Congratulation Wildstar I’m really happy for you and Nova. We’ve all come a long way since Iscandar and now you’re starting a family.”

“Thanks a lot Dash, I hope that you too will have a family also someday.”

“I doubt that, not after wife number 2. But I’m hopeful that it will happen.”

“Well everyone we still have a lot to do before we reach Earth so we should all get some sleep.” Wildstar announced as he looked over to his now tired wife. “Thank you all for coming.”



EDF Headquarters

General Thomas Stone’s Office


“Jasmine we have to work quickly. The Argo is set to arrive in a week. Julie’s trial will start soon after the treaty is signed. I want you to make sure that your cousin leaves.” Stone said into the phone.

“Don’t worry honey, he’s packing as we speak.”

“I can’t take the chance of them integrating him again. I don’t know how Julie will be this time around. Lucky for us she hasn’t said a word to anyone. And I like to keep it that way!” he snapped.

“Tommy baby, I haven’t let you down yet have I.”

“Hmm, I wouldn’t say that.”

“Tommy sweetie, when are you coming to see me again? I miss you the past few weeks.” She said.

“You know I have been busy. I will try to see you this week I promise.” He said then notice another aid at the door. “WHAT IS IT!” he yelled.

“Sir your wife is on line 2, she says its important.”

“Tell her I will call her later, I’m busy!” he said annoyed.

“Yes sir” he said and went back to his desk. “Mrs. Stone he says that he will call you back soon.”

“Very well,” he heard her say. “I’ll just wait till he calls.”

What a shame. Such a sweet lady and she’s married to that prick. He thought to himself as he hung up the phone. He was given the assignment of being his aid less than two weeks ago and he hated it. He heard about General Stone and so many warn him about being his aid. The same day he began to work for Stone he put in his papers for transfer. Since then all he did was what he was expected to do, his job and nothing more. To him Stone was nothing more than a male chauvinistic pig degrading any female aid that stood in his way. Especially the Admiral’s aide, he seemed to detest her more and he once heard him yell about a Commander Nova Forrester. As far as he was concerned he was just counting his days until they gave him a new assignment.

“Tommy I miss you so much. Don’t take too long or else I will have to start seeing some of my other clients on a regular bases.” She purred into the phone.

“I’ll come over tonight after work. I just have to tell Teresa I’m working late as usual. See you tonight my pet.” He said softly into the phone. He dial his house number shortly after hanging up. “Hello” he heard her say. “What is it!” he snapped.

“I’m so sorry to bother you Thomas. But I wanted to know if I will be going to the treaty signing so I can get a dress.”

“We don’t have the credits for a new dress. And anyway you’re not coming. This is strictly only for EDF. So don’t think you’re going to it. It’s not happening. You can go to your sister’s.” He said with bile in his tone. “Now I have to get to work, by the way I have to work late tonight so don’t expect me home.” Then he slammed the phone down.