Onward With Love…

Chapter Thirty-Three

By Yuki Wildstar

EDF Battleship Argo

2,000 light years from Planet Rhima

15th of June, 2206

Wildstar opened his eyes from the effects of the warp. Casing over the bridge he watched as each personal came out of consciousness. “Everyone alright?” he called over them. One by one they all replied with an ‘Aye aye sir.’ He then notice Nova still sitting back with her eyes closed. Panic set in and quickly got up to her side. “Nova, are you alright? Nova!” he shook her starting to panic even more.

She moaned slightly and opened her eyes. “Stop shaking me, I’m not a rag doll!” She snapped pushing him away.

“You scared the crap out of me. Are you alright?” letting out a breath of relief.

“I’m good, so stop fussing all over me! You have a ship and fleet to run, Captain.” Nova said softly smiling at him.

Wildstar stood up and looked around then shouted out to the bridge crew, “Report!”

“Everything is still on line, sir” Dash called over his shoulder.

“All guns are in working order.”

“Mr. Watanabe?”

“Wave motion engine is in prefect order. Prince Dillan gave us a heck of an engine.”

“Sandor I want to test out that force field as soon as possible. If he is giving us 2 minutes endue window then I want to make sure it works. 2 minutes will give us a hellva lot of time. Not to mention save a lot of lives.”

“Yes sir.”

“Nova, have Pesci and Delvechio go out and test it.”

“Yes sir.” Saluting and then getting on the communication to the flight pad. “Sir they’re on their way to their ships.”

“Good.” He glanced at her more closely and thought she looked a little tired. ‘She’s still stress’ he thought to himself. “Dash contact Deslock’s ship.”

“Aye sir”

Quickly the screen above them came on and Deslock’s face appeared on it. “Deslock how did your ships come thru?”

“Just fine Wildstar. We are finishing up our check list now.”

“Good let me know when you are ready. I will get in touch with Namir to see how he is coming along. Wildstar out. Dash, Namir ship please.”

“Putting it through now sir.”

“Captain Wildstar.”

“Namir, all is good on our end. How about you?”

“My men are ready to go. I will be boarding your ship in 20 minutes.”

“We will be expecting you in 20 minutes. Wildstar out.” He nodded in Dash’s way. “Deputy Captain Forrester, Commander Sandor my quarters.”

Captain’s quarters . . . .

“Nova are you going to be ready for this?” Wildstar asked as he leaned against his desk.

“Yes sir, you can count on me.”

“Sandor will back you up. Nova you know I wouldn’t tell you how to command a ship but this time around I have to insist that you lean on him. You know me well enough that I always depend on you to give me some input when we’re in a jam. If you feel that your back is in a corner then I want you to get the hell out of here and warp somewhere safe. I will be alright. Delvechio and the others will be there so I'll be in good hands.” He could see the stress in his wife’s face and wondered if she would be able to think clearly.

“Derek, you can count on me to be the Deputy Captain that was assigned to you.” He gave her a nod and then looked over to Sandor.

“I think we should prepare for our Force shield run. Uh Sandor can you give us a minute. We’ll be right down.” Sandor gave them both a nod and headed out the door. “Nova are you sure you’ll be alright? You look stress and tired.”

“I’m fine Derek. You know I worry about you, that’s my job as your wife. It’s no different then you about me. Just come back to me.” She said as her eyes began to tear up.

He took her in his arms and whispered in her ear, “I will baby, there nothing that will stop me from coming back to you. And when we get back we’re taking a nice long vacation. After the briefing and the news conferences, and the interviews that I will have to do, and running from the paparazzi, and the  . . . .”

Letting out a laugh Nova looked into her husband eyes. “So it will take another year before we get pregnant.”

“Are you kidding!? We can try in between interviews.” He gave her the grin that always melted her heart. “I love you babe.”

“I love you too.”

“Now let’s get back so we can finish this once and for all.”




EDF Battleship Argo

Bridge . . . .


“Dash inform Pesci and Delvechio to begin.”

“Roger that sir. Black tiger 1 you are a go. Begin test.”

3886[1].jpgPesci voice came over the speakers with a “Roger, beginning assault. Prepare for shock. I hope this works.”

“Sandor, set it off, let’s see if she take’s the blast from them.” Wildstar ordered.


“Okay Dee, here we go.” Pesci said into his helmet. The blast was shot at the port side of the ship. The bridge crew watched as the blast hit its port side. Holding his breath Wildstar hope that what Dillan inform them would work. For two minutes they held on to the instruments as the blast shook the bridge and the ship. “This is Black Tiger 1 mission complete.”

Wildstar looked over to Sandor with a question look on his face. “Captain Wildstar I have no damages to report. The shield worked!”

“Horary!” the crew screamed out.

 “Commander Pesci” Wildstar voice came over his Helmet. “Yes sir.”

“How did it look out there?”

“Sir we both got direct hits on the port side of the Argo. We did not hold back on fire power.”

A smirk came over Wildstar face. He could feel the relief of leaving the ship in the hands of his wife. His fear of losing her in battle went through his mind to many times that he could count. Now with the force shield given to them gave him a sense of an upper hand. He looked over to his wife and felt that she would be more then safe on the ship. “Let’s get ready to meet Namir. Dash have Pesh and Dee come back.”

“Yes sir.”




Namir ship landed on the flight deck of the Argo. Two of his officers stood behind him. “Captain Wildstar,” he said as they shook hands. “Are you ready?”

“As ready as I’ll ever be. Deslock is waiting for us on his ship. We should go.” Wildstar said “Pesh, you can follow us to his ship. Dee, Sato are you both ready?”

“Yes sir” they both said.

“Very well let’s go.”


Within minutes they all boarded Deslock ship. Wildstar landed first, jumping out he toss his helmet into the cockpit of the shuttle and greeted Deslock. “Are you sure about this Deslock? You will be teaming up with your enemy. And a lot of those men don’t seem too happy about you coming with them.”

“I will be alright. I have my own men and some of your marines with me. The only thing that will concern me is to remove the prime minister from power. I am sure that is what we all want.” He said out loud so that all could hear. The Bolar men stood there watching and listen to what he said and nodded. There was nothing more worst then their prime minister. If it meant teaming up with the Gamilon leader and the Earth Captain then so be it.

“Gentleman are we all ready?” Namir asked.

“We are ready. Arlin, I wish you well.” Deslock said as he shook his hand.

“Thank you Sire. I am grateful that I am given this opportunity. You have showed me that your race only seeks peace and have treated me with respect. It was an honor to serve with you.” Arlin said as he bowed his head to him.

Deslock stood tall and place his hand on the young man’s shoulder. “You speak like you will not come back. Arlin please know that you are always welcome to live among my people. Devina would be sad if you do not return. Not to mention the young lady that you are courting. And who else will be there to protect the empress? Now enough of this let us complete the mission.”

“Booker, you and your men will go with the Bolar recon group. And Booker.”

“Yes sir.”

“Make sure you watch over the emperor.”

“Yes Sir,” he snapped to attention and saluted Wildstar.

Once again they all boarded their ships. Wildstar, Namir, Arlin, Sato and two other Bolar rebels went into a shuttle that was worked over to look like it escape from heavy firing. Deslock, Booker, some Gamilon men and the Bolar recon group enter the other ship. Quickly it took off and made their way to position of the symthe machine that would transport them 60,000 miles from planet Rhima. As they approached the planet both ship took formation. Namir place his hand over his mouth and began to make contact with the Bolar headquarters.

“This is captain Namir of the Bolar Federation. Come in anyone.” He said into the communication system. “Someone come in, this is Captain Namir of the Bolar federation.”

“This is Bolar Headquarters who is this?”

“This is Captain Namir.”

“Captain Namir, what happen with you? You have been missing for months.”

“I will explain later, permission to land.”

“Permission granted. You can land in section 8. Coordinate 01 6 89. Will you be needing assistance sir?”

“No I think she can make it. Inform the Prime Minister that I am here and will be presenting him with a special gift.”

“Sir the Prime Minister wishes to speak with you.” He heard the communication officer say.

“Captain Namir, this is Prime Minister Bemlazye. Where have you been? And what is it that you have brought for me?”

“Your grace I have the Captain of the EDF Battleship Argo. I hold Captain Derek Wildstar.”

“What is that? You have the infamous Wildstar?”

“Yes your grace.”

Bemlazye slightly grinned at what was said over the communications system. He couldn’t believe that the Captain of the Argo will finally be in his hands. His mind race as to how he will torture the Captain. Finally he will get his revenge for what he did to him. He ran his hand on face feeling the scares that were left from the last war with Earth and the Gamilons. “You have done well Namir. We will all meet in the forum center.”

“Yes sir. We should be dock in 20 minutes. Captain Namir out.” He said then turned to Wildstar with a smile. “I do believe we have peeked his interest in you. Are you ready for this Captain?”

“More than ever, Namir.” Wildstar replied his heart pounded with excitement to finally end it all for all of them.

“You do know that he will have to prove to his men that he is still in power.”

“I will be prepared for anything he has to a point. Have you informed your men about our weapons?”

“They will hand them to you and your men prior to entering the forum center.” Namir assured him. “We will be coming up to headquarters soon, it’s time that our guest drop down. Arlin inform them to detach from us. They will drop 2 miles from the castle. Well are we all ready.”

Delvechio and Wildstar both nodded and the signal was sent to the attached shuttle.



They all walked into the Forum and stood in the center as they watch Bemlazye walked into the room. Word was spread quickly about the capture of the Captain Derek Wildstar and they all went to the forum center to get a glimpse of the famous Captain of the Argo.

Bemlazye stood before Wildstar grinning from ear to ear. “I finally got you. Namir please tell me how you capture the Captain.”

“Sire, as you probably know my ship as well as Hindleman ship were destroyed in battle. I was lucky to survive when the captain’s men pull me out of the rubble of our ships. I was then brought to the Argo as their prisoner. For weeks they kept me isolated in their ships brig. I later learned that lieutenant Arlin, Arata and Hotaru were also their prisoner. We all manage to send word to each other without the guards noticing. We created a plan to over throw the guards and escape. It took many weeks to hash out a plan but we managed to over throw them and fight our way out. In the process I happened to run into Captain Wildstar who was running down the hall, I am assuming to join in the fight, when I ran into him. I thought it was perfect timing for I could use him as my pawn to get out of there. With the captain as my hostage all the others back off.”

“And this two officer?” Bemlazye asked pointing to Delvechio and Sato.

“They are two of his top officers that we took also as a hostage. We took hold of the shuttle and with much speed manage to evade their fighters. It wasn’t easy at first but we made it here.” He finished then bow to him.

Bemlazye step closer to Wildstar, the stench from his breath almost made Wildstar gag. “Hmm, that’s very interesting Namir. Strange how after all these years that it took only a simple officer to finally catch the great Derek Wildstar. So Captain where is your lovely wife?”

“Why? Not that you will ever get your hands on her.”

“I have my hands on you don’t I?”

“I’m sure that it won’t be for long.” He smirked.

“Really, I don’t think time is on your side this way around. I only wish that your wife was also capture so I can do as I wish while you watch.” He grinned.

Feeling his blood boil there wasn’t much he could do until Deslock and Booker made their way to the castle. All he could do was smile at him with confidence that he knew Bemlazye was meeting his final days.



Out skirts of Bolar Headquarters . . .


006 (4).jpg“Are you ready, your grace.” One officer asked Deslock.

Looking over to Sergeant Booker, “We are ready.”

Slowly the group made its way to the castle where they were met by Minano and three other officers. “Emperor Deslock this is an amazing time for both our planets. This will be a calibration that will be talked about for centuries. Come this way.”

Quickly they headed to the middle of the Castle and were met with more Bolar men. Deslock and Booker were surprise at how young most were. “The bombs will set off in about 10 minutes. It will distract most of the men. We will make our way through the caverns to here.” He pointed to a map. “This is where they have Captain Wildstar and the Prime Minister. All of the Bolar officers are there in hopes to get a glimpse of the famous Captain Wildstar. We have another set of soldiers here they will take over the communication room when the bombs go off. One of our men is station at the flight pad, he will let in another recon group to take over the flight pad. Gentleman, good luck. May the entire universe be with us. Let’s make Queen Mariposa proud.”

Forum  . . . .

He wanted to make him suffer like Hindleman made his wife suffer. His hand ran past his burnt disfigured face and remembered it was Wildstar that created the mess that he and the Bolars are in now. Stepping closer he punch him hard in the face. Delvechio and Sato tried to jump to their captain’s aid but were restrained by the two allied guards.

“Search them again!” Bemlazye shouted. Each guard looked them over, overlooking the weapons that were given to them prior to them entering, and gave the all clear to the prime minister. “So Captain, you’re not so tough without your ship, are you?” once again he punched Wildstar in the face. Double over from the hit Wildstar stared back with vengeance in his eyes. ‘If he hits me one more time I may not be able to hold myself back.’ He thought. Delvechio and Sato try again to protect their captain but again were held back. “Trust me” Arlin whispered into Sato’s ear. “You will have your time.”

Drawing his weapon Bemlazye sneered at Wildstar. Wildstar stood tall as he came face to face with Bemlazye weapon. ‘Well I hope that he doesn’t pull that trigger yet’ he thought when they all were rocked with an explosion that sent them all to the floor. Wildstar moved as fast as he could to reach for his weapon that fell to the floor. He looked over to Sato and Delvechio that were also getting up to join in the fighting that broke out. From the distance Namir watched as Bemlazye began to get up from the floor weapon still in hand. He looked around and found Wildstar beginning to stand. He aimed his weapon and shot it towards Wildstar. Sato fought to get back on his feet and watched as Delvechio ran in front of Wildstar to shield him from the shot.

Delvechio flickered his eyes open to see Bemlazye pointing his weapon at Wildstar. As fast as he could he got up and ran in front of Wildstar just as Bemlazye shot off his weapon. He felt a sting to his back, ‘ouch’ he thought as he dropped into the arms of his Captain.

Dee!” Wildstar stared at his friend.  Quickly he picked up his weapon, looking up he came face to face with Bemlazye and his weapon again. “Shit!”

“You’re almost right Captain. Shame that it must end this way you have been a hell of an enemy. I can’t say that I will be sorry to see you go, I would love for you to watch as I finally get hold of your wife and make my way with her. Goodbye Captain it was never a plea . . . .” he said as he felt something hit him from behind. Slowly he turned to see Deslock and rebels enter the forum and begin to take control of the area. Wildstar knelt back down and grab Delvechio in his arms.

Dee, can you hear me. Dee! Come on you can’t die on me now.” Wildstar yelled. “Get up solider! Get up.”

His eyes opened slowly as he heard someone calling him from the distances. “What? Captain, are you okay.”

“That’s a question I should be asking you. You think you can get up?”

“Yeah, how bad am I?”

Wildstar turned him over and took a look. “Not bad, he got you on your shoulder blade. Your probably gonna make it.” He grinned.

“Shucks, I was hoping for a place on hero hill.”

“Not this time, you’ll just get one of those shiny metals pinned to your chest. Sorry, you’re going to have to live with that fact that you’re a hero.” He said as he helped him to his feet. “Sato, help me with him. Do you think you can get him back to the ship?”

“Yes sir!” he said as he took hold of Delvechio’s other arm. “Lookie here, I get to touch a hero.”

“Ha ha, everyone’s got jokes today. Just get me out of here.”

Scratching his head Wildstar turned to Deslock who still held his weapon towards Bemlazye. “So I guess I owe you.”

“Looks like it once more I have to get you out of trouble with him. Must I keep saving your earth butt.

“What about him?” Wildstar asked as he motion towards Bemlazye body.

“He’s dead you don’t have to worry about him anymore.”

“Are you sure?” Wildstar ask concern. They thought he was dead once before and didn’t want to make the same mistake again. He started towards Bemlazye body as a fight came into the area. Wildstar and Deslock took hold of their weapons and ran towards the fight leaving Bemlazye.

Hearing the footsteps fade away from him he opened one eye and glance around to see everyone running towards the door. Slowly he moved his head around and looked to make sure all was clear. Holding his stomach he made his way down a small corridor to an underground rail that took him to the other side of the castle. Seeing the prime minister step out of the cart the young officer ran to help him. “Take me to the control room.” He grunted.

“Your grace, are you alright?” he asked

“What’s the situation? How did this happen? Where is Minano and Kaif?” he questioned.

“We don’t know sir. We were hit on the outer north part of the castle and then the main communication room was destroyed. Our flight pad is now under control by the rebels and sir.”


“There is a fleet in the outer part of the planet. We believe its Gamilon and Earth.”

“Do we have fighters in the air?”

“Yes sir we were able to get a small fleet up when the first explosion went off.”

Space Battleship Argo . . . .

“Captain a small fleet managed to escape. Our fighters are now in contact with them.”

“All right people prepare for battle. Mr. Ortiz are you ready with our guns?”

“Yes ma’am. All guns are on line and ready to go.”

“Mr. Watanabe we can only use that force shield Dillan gave use for a short time. Make sure we use that time wisely.”

“Aye aye ma’am”

“Dash, patch me through Commander Pesci.”

“Putting him through now ma’am”

“Commander Pesci, how goes out there.”

“Ma’am they are breaking threw. Six ships managed to get by.”

“We are ready for them, do your best Argo out.”

“We have incoming!” Eager screamed out.

Nova jumped into the Captain’s chair and braced herself for impact. “Here we go!”

Underground Level

Bolar hidden control room

“Sir we can’t hold them back much longer. It’s best that you go.” An officer suggested to Bemlazye that was being treated for his wounds.

“How bad?”

“Sir they have broken through C level. It won’t be long until they get through.”

“DAMN IT! Has anyone else made it? Namir, Minano, anyone!” The officers looked at each other afraid to inform him. “WELL!” he bellowed.

“Sir Captain Namir, Minano and Kaif are the leaders of the resistance group.” One officer said.

“That can’t be?” he said then thought of how he was the only one able to capture the Captain of the Argo. Slamming his fist onto a control panel he shouted out, “I will have my revenge!”

Hearing the commotion coming closer the officer took hold of Bemlazye. “Sir we have to go, it won’t be long before they make their way here. We have the ship ready on the other side of the planet if we leave now we may make it out.”

Feeling defeated Bemlazye followed the men out of the communication room and down a secret corridor. A small shuttle awaited them to take them to the other side of the planet.

“Captain Namir, we have complete control of the communication room and the flight pad. We have a small group seeking out the area.” Kaif informed Namir.

“Good, Captain Wildstar, Emperor Deslock we thank you both for your assistance in over throwing the prime minister. Now that he is gone it should be easy to seek out the rest of the men that were loyal to the scum.”

Feeling something in the pit of his stomach Wildstar mind kept going back to Bemlazye. “Is something wrong?” Deslock asked.

“I don’t know, just something keeps nagging at me about the prime minister.”

“Relax Wildstar he’s dead.” Deslock try to assure him.

“I don’t know, I just keep getting this sinking feeling.”

“Did you check him?” Namir asked.

“I was ready too but then a fight broke out.” Wildstar said.

Getting a nagging feeling also Namir, Wildstar and Deslock ran back to the forum room. “Damn it, I knew he wasn’t dead. Where could he have gone?” Wildstar said as he kicked a chair across the room.

“Captain Namir!” a young solider yelled as he entered the room. “A shuttle manage to elude us, it took off from the other side of the planet.”

“Bemlazye!” Wildstar shouted. “Deslock we have to get back to the ships.”


“Your grace, we clear the planet.” An officer called out.

“Good, stay behind the fleet. I still have one trick up my sleeve, it’s time to take the Argo. All fighters attack the Argo.” He commanded.

Argo . . .

“Captain Forrester! I have something huge that just came up on my radar.” Pratt yelled out.

“What is it!?”

“Ma’am it’s huge! I can’t seem to make out if it’s a ship or a small meteor.”

Nova raced to the radar station and looked at the instruments. “Get Pesci on the line NOW!”

Black tiger One

Commander Anthony Pesci

“Yvey stay close I think we can take out the flight deck in this next round.” Pesci said into his helmet.

“Right behind you, Commander.” Yvey smiled as she went into fight mode.

Howard flew her fighter faster to keep up. “I’m coming with you.” She said as she manage to catch up. Pesci took the lead and fired into the ships flight deck taking out 5 fighters beginning to take off. Yvey flew low and took out 3 more fighters. Howard flew her fighter up to the control deck and fired into it. “Direct hit!” she yelled into her helmet.

“Okay put full guns onto the flight deck. Make sure that no one get their ships off.” Pesci ordered.

“Commander Pesci, come in. This is the Argo.”

“Read you Argo. Pesci here.”

“We have a huge image on our radars. We have to confirm if it’s a meter or ship.”

“Aye aye, will do.” He confirmed back. “Yvey need you to follow me.”

“Yes sir, on your tail now.”

Quickly they flew through the battle which was becoming more in their favor. Dodging in and out of fights, Pesci maneuver his ship through with Yvey in the rear. As he came to a clearing past the ships his eyes couldn’t believe what he was looking at. Clearing his throat he called back to the Argo. “Argo this is Commander Pesci. Come in?”

“We hear you Pesci, what’s up.” He heard Nova’s voice come through the helmet speakers.

“Ma’am you’re really not gonna like what I’m about to say.” Pesci said as his eyes grew in size to the image in front of him.

“What is it!?” Nova snapped.

Madre de Dios,” they heard Yvey say.

“Ma’am it’s a ship.”

“That can’t be it looks like a size of a small meteor.”

“That’s correct ma’am. It’s three times bigger than an Andromeda series.  And Ma’am?”


“She’s got the guns to prove it.” Pesci could tell the Argo was no match for what stood before him. “YVEY! GET BACK TO THE SHIP NOW!”

Argo. . . .

“Alright people man down the station. This going to be bumpy,” Nova screamed over the guns’ blast. “Sandor, any news from Captain Wildstar?”

“No Ma’am, looks like we are on our own in this one.” Sandor called back to her.

“Okay Mrs. Wildstar, think.” She said to herself in a low tone. “What would he do?”

“Ma’am!” Pratt yelled bringing her back to reality. “We have full visual contact now.”

“Captain, I’m getting a call from the ship.” Dash yelled.

“Put it through, Dash.”

Slowly the image came through as Nova stood up and watched Bemlazye’s face come on the video screen.

“Mrs. Wildstar I do presume.”

“No, that’s my mother in laws name.” Nova smirked. “I am Captain Nova Forrester, Deputy Captain and now assuming Captain of the EDF Battleship Argo. Prime Minister Bemlazye what a rotten pleasure to finally come to face with you.”

“I must say, your husband has great taste in women.” He sneered down to her. “I see that this will be an easy win for me. Your ship is no match for my ship. Do you like it? This is my prize ship the Procyon, she will finally destroy the great Argo. My only wish is that it will destroy her enough to capture her and then capture you. Who knows you may like being my new pet.” He said as Nova gag from the look on his face. “Give up now and I will spare the lives of your men and women.”

“I don’t think that is the plan we had. I do believe that Captain Wildstar has other plans for me. So I think MAYBE you can just give yourself up and call it a day.”

“Why you earth bit . . .” he began to say when Nova gave Dash the cut off sign.

“We have missiles coming our way Captain.” Pratt yelled.

“Mr. Ortiz set off the flares.”

“Artillery set off the flares. Fire guns 3 and 4.”

“Nova our starboard side was hit from one of their fighters.” Sandor yelled out.

Holding on to her chair Nova yelled out. “GET THOSE GUNS GOING MR. ORTIZ!

“I’m trying ma’am but there so much I can do. It looks like she has us out gun!”

Dash turned from his instruments and yelled to his Captain. “Ma’am”

“What is it!?”

“Nova . . .”

“Well say something, or did you forget that we are in a little war here.” Nova snapped.

“Ma’am the brig was hit.”

Nova looked at him and could tell something happen with Julie. “Eager go down there and make sure everything is alright. Sandor!”

“Right I’ll see about the repairs ASAP.” He said running out the door with Eager.

“Mr. Watanabe, I think it’s time to get her ready. How long will we need?”

“Two minutes Ma’am.” He replied.

“Well Mr. Miamoto you think that you can keep her out of harm’s way until we have her set to fire.”

“I will try my hardest.”

“Try harder Lieutenant!” she snapped.

“Yes Ma’am.”

“Mr. Ortiz, start sequence to fire. Mr. Watanbe set off the shield it will give us time to begin repairs and get the Wave Motion Gun ready.”

“Yes Ma’am”

Where are you Derek, I could use your help right now. She thought to herself. Holding her breath she could feel the impact of the missile hitting the ship. Her nails dug into the chair arm as she tried to keep from being thrown to the floor. 



The shuttle tried to makes its way back to the ship. With fighting all around them it made it impossible to get back. Wildstar moved the ship as best he could to get back to the Argo. Sato sat in the co-pilots chair as he watched the fight around them. From the corner of his eye he saw as a large ship approached the Argo. As he watched he tapped Wildstar on his arm. “Sir, do you see that?”

“Yeah I see it.” He said as his face stare straight to the Argo. “Dee, how are you back there?”

“Doing great sir. Permission to get into my fighter the minute we land.” Delvechio asked breathing heavily from the wound. They patched him up as best they could before they left the planet. He stared out the window and saw as his fellow pilots fought hard to stop the enemy from shooting at the shuttle. How he wanted to be out there with them. But no he was shot and he knew that his captain would forbid him from going back out to join them.

“Permission Denied. You need to rest. You are to go straight to the medical ward. I want the doctors to make sure we didn’t miss anything.”

“But sir, I can still fight.”

“It’s an order Dee. No sense in arguing. Remember you’re a hero.” Wildstar said giving him a grin, making everyone on board laugh to ease the tension of battle.

“Ah geezes,” he shook his head back and forth then threw himself back onto the gurney.




vlcsnap-2010-09-06-18h12m37s170.png“Ma’am we are getting slammed hard from that ship.” Miamoto called out.

“DO you THINK!” Nova yelled back. “Maybe we should try hitting them back. What do you say Mr. Ortiz.”

“I’m trying Ma’am but it’s like a fly on a horse’s ass. It’s not doing anything.”

“Have you heard from Captain Wildstar yet?” She screamed out.

“Not yet Ma’am,” Dash yelled.

“How much longer Mr. Ortiz?” she screamed over the noise.

“One minute more, Ma’am. Mr. Watanabe, are we at full power?”

“We are at 85 percent.”

Feeling the stress of waiting Ortiz snapped back. “Can’t we rush it.

“Hold your horses! If we push her she will over heat too quickly.”

“The shield won’t last much longer. These hits are more intense then of a fighter.” Ortiz yelled back.

“Look, we are trying our best, I don’t tell you how to do your job so don’t tell me how to do mine!”

“Why you . . .” Ortiz said as he was ready to get out of his chair.

“SIT DOWN AND DO YOUR JOB MR. ORTIZ!” Nova snapped. “Mr. Watanabe please inform us when she is ready.”

“Yes Captain.” They both said in Unisom.

“Ma’am only five seconds till the shield is down.” Miamoto called out.

“Mr. Watanabe!?”

“Almost there, she’s at 98 percent.”

“Dash, call back all our fighters. If they can’t make it then have them get out the way.” Nova ordered.



Bolar ship Procyon

Main bridge . . .

“Make sure that you only damage her enough to take her. I want the acting captain as my prisoner. She will be a prize to win.” He ordered as he licked his lips. The pain in his side was beginning to get worst. Holding on to the chair the sweat from his forehead dripped down to the floor, his vision started to become blurred. Breathing heavily he try to stand straight almost losing his footing. One of the officers took hold of him and try to help him to a chair. “Don’t touch me!” he waved him away.

“But sir, you’re hurt. We have to change the bandages.” He said as he tried to hold him up.

“I said I’m fine, don’t touch me!” He said slapping him across the face. “I want all guns on her. Fire all guns. I want that ship!”

“Yes sir” They all yelled out as they scurry to their post. Bemlazye leaned more on the control panel as the pain grew more intense. Have to hold on, I cannot let it end like this. He thought to himself.

Shuttle . . .

“Sir, what are you doing?” Sato asked with concern. He noticed the captain turning the ship away from the Argo.  The shuttle moved more towards the planet instead of the Argo.

“She’s going to fire our main gun.” Wildstar said. “Everyone put on your shields! Sato called over to Deslock shuttle and informed him that Captain Forrester is firing our main gun. Have them protect their eyes and move away from the ships blast.”

“Aye aye sir.” Sato replied then called over to the other shuttle.

Argo . . . .

“She’s at full power.” Watanabe yelled out.

“Are all our ships out the way Dash?” Nova asked

“Yes Ma’am. Even the Gamilon ships have pulled back.”

“Good, Mr. Ortiz she is all yours.”

“FINALLY!” he said throwing his arms in the air. “Open target scope. All members brace for recoil shock, wave motion engine at maximum power. Release safety lock.” Nova watched as they all put on their safety goggles. Finally after the last of the bridges crew put their goggles on she put hers’ on. “5 seconds to firing all members make final preparation.”

She lean forward and finally gave the final order. “Mr. Ortiz fire when ready.”

“Aye aye captain. Take down the shield, firing in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1  . . .  FIRE!”

Shuttle  . . . .

From the window of the shuttle Wildstar watched as the glare from the wave motion gun fired through to space. You had to do it baby he thought to himself. But this time I will make sure that he did not make it out. Quickly he turned the shuttle back to the Argo and raced to her.

Bolar ship Procyon . . .

“Sire, she is starting to turn her bow towards us. Looks like she is ready to fire her main weapon.” One officer called out. “We should retreat.”

“Stay on course.” He bellowed at them. “Their weapon cannot destroy this ship. She was built for such fire power.”

Each officer began to look at each other, it took one officer to get up and run for the door for all to make the same retreat. Bemlazye turned to see everyone running for their lives. “Come back here, I order you to return back to your station.” He tired to yell, coughing and feeling the pain over come him he lost his footing and drop to the floor.



EDF Battleship Argo  . . . .

Flight Pad . . . .

Waiting for the shuttle to land Howard, Pesci and Yvey patiently waited for their captain to land. Pesci got the news from the captain himself. “Dee was hit, but he’s okay.” The door opened and Dee was helped off by Sato and Booker.

Howard rushed to his side and pushed Sato away. “I can’t leave either of you alone can I? It seems like you are always getting into some kind of trouble.”

“Uh he’s alright, just a flesh wound.” Booker grinned.

“Looks like more than a flesh wound, looks like you’ll be out of commission for the rest of the trip.” Denise said as she looked at his shoulder. “I thought you were the one that’s supposed to be careful, are you trying to get yourself killed?”

“I’m okay.” Delvechio said as he began to feel light headed. He suddenly felt tired.

“Whoa there buddy.” Pesci grabbed him.  “We better get you to the medical ward.”

“Can’t have to finish off those Bolars.” He said quietly.

“Not this time Commander, you need rest. Sato take him down to the ward and have the doctor look him over. Dee, thank you.” Wildstar said. “Pesci, Howard, Yvey I need you with me. We got one last mission.” Jumping into his fighter he checked over his instruments and nodded over to his three leaders, “Let’s go.”

Argo . . .

Bridge . . .

“What do you mean he took off?” Nova said with annoyance.

“He said that he needed to make sure of something.” Dash said.

Taking a deep breath Nova said. “Put me through to the brigs’ intercom.” With all the commotion she forgot that the brig was hit hard and Julie was still there. “Sandor how is everything down there.”

“We’re repairing the damages but it’s going to take a while.”

“How’s Julie?”

“She’s okay, actually she is here helping with the wounded. Did Wildstar get back?”

“He did but took off again.” Nova said anger filling her tone.

“I’m sure he has his reasons. I should get back to this.”

“I’ll be down later to check on things. I’ll have the medics go down and help out.” Standing up she looked over the bridge crew and can see that they were still busy with their station a few fighters still remained of the old Bolar Federation and continued to attack the ship. She looked out into the window and could see the debris of what was left of the Procyon. The wave motion gun did its job well, the shield came in prefect for the pounding that it received from the Procyon. She wasn’t prepared for the force that it sent to the Argo but with shield to cushion the blow it kept her sane. Making a mental note she told herself that she would have to send something special to Dillan. Because of his shield hundreds of lives were saved. “Dash can you please put me through to Captain Wildstar?”

“Yes Ma’am”

“Captain Wildstar, is there something more important out there that you couldn’t come say hello.”

His heart beating fast as he heard her voice a calming smile came to his face. “Sorry Captain but there’s something I have to make sure of or else it will bite us in the ass once again.”

“Is that so? And what could that be.”

“The Prime Minister I have to make sure that he is finally out of everyone’s hair.”

“Very well sir, continue, I will speak with you when you get back.” He could feel her smiling at him as her voice came through his helmet.

“YES MA’AM!” he laughed

“You’re a real smart ass aren’t you?” Nova couldn’t help but laugh with him.

“Sorry, I’ll be back soon and Captain Forrester?”

“Yes sir?”

“Job well done.”

“Thank you, sir.”

Making his way to the debris of Bemlazye's ship Wildstar and the rest looked for survivors. Slowly they moved past destroyed ships and what was left of any ship that was vaporized from the blast. Bodies floated past Pesci ship as Howard looked away from the horror. Yvey opened her cockpit and began to search by hand.

“Yvey, be careful out there.” She heard Wildstar say.

Waving at him she noticed something floating near her. Closer she drew to it and made out to be another body. She floated towards it reaching to grab it closer. This body seemed different than the others. It wore a different uniform. A cape flutter into the dark skies and it seem like it was still moving. Slowly she moved closer hand on her hip that held her weapon. She grab for its arm to turn him towards her. Her eyes widen to what happen next.


Wildstar continued to look back and forth from Yvey to more bodies. Still feeling unease he watched over to Yvey as she made her way to another body. The image looked familiar as he looked on. Why am I feeling like something REALLY weird is about to happen. He thought to himself. He closed his eyes to focus more on the image. He watched Yvey pull the body closer to her and within seconds the arm of the body moved grabbing hold of her throat. He watched as she struggled to get free. He’s eyes widen at who it was. “No it can’t be!”


Yvey tried to push him away, his grip getting tighter around her throat. She reached for her weapon but he managed to knock it out of her hand. Afraid that he would manage to remove her helmet, Yvey fought hard to keep her oxygen from escaping her helmet as she try to get hold of her weapon that slowly began to float from her reach. Bemlazye wrestle hard with her to get hold of her, his helmet secured to his chin he needed her ship to make his escape. “I need your ship.”

“No! Get off of me.” Yvey screamed.

“You fight like a wild animal shame that I cannot take you with me.”

“Let go you bastard!”

“I need your ship!” he said once more. “Die earth slu . . .”

45303[1].jpg“Now that’s no way to treat a lady.” Wildstar grabbed him from behind and began to choke him. “You know you have more lives than a New York Cockroach. It’s time to make sure this is the end of it all.” He said making his grip tighter as he tried to pull Bemlazye’s helmet off.

Coughing from his release Yvey moved closer to him and Bemlazye and began to help Wildstar remove his helmet. Hearing him cough Wildstar continued to tighten his grip around his neck making Bemlazye cough and gasp for air. Yvey unsnapped his helmet and began to remove it. Arms waving franticly he fought to get his helmet back. Yvey watched as Bemlazye eyes bulged out of his head trying to breath. His Bluish grey skin lost its luster and within seconds he took his final breath. Wildstar jerked hard and listen for his head to finally snap. “Just in case you decide to resurrect yourself.”  He said then checked to see if he was finally dead. “Let’s get back to our fighters.” He told Yvey.

Wildstar brought his ship around and aimed fire towards Bemlazye lifeless body. “Just to make sure.” He said aimed and shot at it once more. Yvey brought her ship next to his and began to fire also. Within seconds Bemlazye body was spread throughout space. “I’m happy, let’s get back to the ship.” Nodding towards Yvey as she saluted him.


EDF Battleship Argo

Main Bridge


“Well, well, welcome back Captain. Did you find what you were looking for?” Nova asked as he stepped onto the bridge making the crew stand at attention.

“At ease everyone, report.”

“All repairs are being made as we speak. The Gamilon ships as well as our fighters are fighting off whatever Bolar is still loyal to Bemlazye. Captain our brig has been hit hard. Sandor is down there doing the repairs. Julie has been helping out with the wounded but I’m sorry to say we will need somewhere to put her. Captain what did you do out there?”

“Let’s just say that Bemlazye is finally out of our hair. That was a good call in using the wave motion gun. Mr. Ortiz, excellent shot, couldn’t have done better myself.”

“Thank you sir.” Ortiz said feeling proud that the captain complimented him.

“I’ll go check on Sandor see if there someplace we can put Julie in the mean time.”

“She can have my old quarters, she must be tired.”

Nodding at the idea Wildstar gazed into his wife eyes. One look to each other meant that they both were alright. “Can you go check on Delvechio for me?”

“Sure is he alright.”

“He was hit taking a shot that was meant for me.” He said quickly and ran out the door.

Nova stood still, her heart drop as to what he told her. “I need to go, Dash take control please.”

“Nova are you alright you look a little pale.”

“Well considering that he just told me that someone took bullet for him, and that we just had a major battle. How do you think I should look?”

“Yeah I guess you’re right, go on I have control.”

Medical Ward. . . .

Nova walked into the ward and notice Yvey on a gurney taking in oxygen. “Yvey are you alright?”

“Yes Ma’am. If it wasn’t for the captain I don’t think I would be sitting here.”

“What happen out there Yvey?” Nova asked then listened to what happen. Yvey describe the incident giving her every detail. Her heart racing as she took in every word to what her husband has done.

“So if he didn’t see what was going on I don’t think I would’ve not made it back. Nova, please don’t tell Stephen. I don’t need him hounding me about my job. I rather keep this between you, me and the captain.”

“Understood Yvey.” Nova knew all too well how he would react to what happen. She has been down this road many times with Derek. He never told her what actually happen and she never pushed him. “I better go check on Delvechio. Glad to know that your alright, Yvey.”

Brig . . . .

“Sandor, how are things going? Will you be able to repair her?”

“Wildstar glad that you made it back.” Sandor smiled at his friend and relieve that he made it back safe. “The outer part of the ship has been repaired, but it will take a while to at least get the brig back to speed. Not that we had a whole lot of prisoners down here. Sorry to tell you that we have to move Julie somewhere else in the mean time.”

“That’s alright Sandor, Nova suggested that we give her her old quarters. Where is Julie anyway?”

“Over there in the corner napping.” He pointed to the other side of the brig where she lay next to one of the wounded MP’s.

Wildstar walked over to her and nudged her slightly. “Julie, wake up.”

Stretching her arms out she yawn and opened her eyes. “Derek, is Namir alright.”

“He’s fine, we should hear from him soon. You look tired, Nova made arrangement for you to have her old quarters. Come on I’ll take you there.” He said holding out his hand.

“Maybe I should just bunk down here somewhere.”

“I don’t think that’s a good idea. They’re going to be repairing this place for a while. Come on it was her idea for you to sleep there.” Julie took his hand and they left the brig for the crew to repair.

“How did everything go?” she asked as they walked to the room.

“As we plan but with some slight adjustments.” He grinned.

“I rather not know. Is Namir alright?”

“He’s just fine, don’t worry about him. He will be here soon enough to see you. He’s wrapping things up down there as we speak. Bemlazye is no longer alive, so now it’s up to Namir to bring his people together.”Bowing her head she only wish that she was there to see his victory. Her mind drifted to Saku and a tear fell down her cheek. “Julie I’m sure you will see Saku very soon. When I spoke to Namir he plans on heading back to Earth with Saku so he can visit you as much as they allow him. Nova and I agreed that Saku can stay sometime with us so you can see him.”

“Oh Derek thank you but Saku needs to be with his father.” Feeling drain Julie opened the door to the room and she and Wildstar walked in.

“I’ll show you were everything’s at. I know she has a few pillows around here and some warm Blankets. Here they go.” He said pulling them from the cabinets. “I’ll have them bring you some supplies later. For now get some rest.

“Thank you Derek and thank Nova.” She said.

For once Wildstar saw that young girl that he found attractive way back when they first met. He gave her a smile and turned to leave when they both felt an impact to the ship. Wildstar fell on top of Julie and they both fell to the floor.

Medical ward . . . .

“Captain Forrester.” Delvechio tried to sit up and salute.

“Not any more Dee, Captain Wildstar is back on the ship. How are you?”

“Just fine thanks, but I’m bed ridden for a few days.”

“Captain Wildstar tells me that you took a shot for him.”

“He sure did.” Sato was eager to tease him. “Now he is my hero.”

“Oh will you stop it.” Delvechio rolled his eyes at him. “I’m sure if it wasn’t me it would have been you. And then I can make fun of you.”

Nova stood closer to him and lean down giving him a kiss on the cheek. “Thank you Dee. For making sure he would come back to me. I don’t know how I am going to repay you.”

Delvechio smiled and rubbed his cheek, “I think you just did.” He smiled. Nova held his hand and smiled back then felt something hit the Argo hard sending them all to the floor.

“What the hell was that?” Nova got up from the floor in Delvechio’s room. “I have to get to the bridge, Dee we’ll speak later.” She said as she ran out the door.

Bridge . . . .

“Dash what happen?”

“One of their fighters managed to get through. He hit the Port side of the ship.” Dash informed her.

“Any damages.”

“Their repairing it as we speak.”

“Where is Derek, I thought he would be here checking things out.” Wondering if he took off again she jumped into the captain’s chair and press the intercom. “Sandor is Captain Wildstar still down there with you.”

“No Nova he left about 20 minutes ago to take Julie to your old room.”