Onward With Love…

Chapter Thirty-Two

By Yuki Wildstar


EDF Headquarters

General Thomas Stone’s Office

22nd of May, 2206



“Sir those reports you asked for” his aid stood before him.

“Fine, just leave them on my desk.” He growled at him.

Corporal Weston set the reports on his desk and then pivoted leaving him to his work. ‘What a jerk, how did I get this position anyway? I asked for a ranking officer and I get the prick of the year. I just hope that my transfer papers get approved so I can get the heck out of here. Sarah is complaining all the time about me working late hours because of him.’ He thought then gave Stone one more look with disgust as he closed his door.

Meanwhile Stone buried his head into his paper work, grunting and growling over financial reports. Reaching for the phone to call his aid once again, it suddenly rang. He quickly answered the phone, “What is it!?”

“Sir, your wife is on the line,” Winston voice came over the speaker.

“Tell her I’m busy.”

“Sir, she says it’s important.”

“Very well, put her through,” he said with a sigh. “What is it Teresa?”

“Thomas, I need you home tonight.”

“Teresa, I told you this morning I will be working late tonight. It can wait until the morning.”

“You’re seeing her again aren’t you?” she whined.

“That’s none of your concern, so don’t bother cooking and don’t wait up,” He snapped.

“Thomas when will you start treating me like you treat her. All I ask is that you come home at least once a week to eat dinner.”

“I have to hang up, goodnight Teresa.” He placed the receiver back on the cradle. “Weston!” he yelled.

Within seconds Weston stood at the door, “Yes sir?”

“I will be leaving now; if anyone needs me have them page me on my cell.” He said as he got up and began to put on his jacket.

“I understand sir,” Weston stood at attention and watched as Stone walked past him. ‘He’s going to see her again. His poor wife, he treats her like crap and she takes it. I can never do that to Sarah.’ “Good night sir” he said, but all he heard from Stone was a growl. ‘You prick.’


Stone took the elevator down to the garage and then made his way to his car. He got in and drove down past the city and towards the other side of the island to a quiet part of the island inlet. He got out of the car and walked up to a small cottage and knock on the door. The door opened slightly and a young girl stood before him. “Hello general she is waiting for you.” He walked past her into a living area where three other young women stood there in their under clothes smoking cigarettes. They all smiled at him as he continued to walk into the hallway and down the hall to a pink door that read Jasmin on it. He knocked gently on it and waited for a 5’ 9” women in her early 30’s with bleach blond hair and blue eyes with dark red lipstick opened the door.

“Hello Tommy, I waited all day for you. Come inside, let me take your jacket.” She said as she guided him into the room and removing him from his jacket.

“I am so stress Jasmin I need a good message,” He told her.

“Oh poor baby, lie down and tell me all about it,” she purred.

He lay down on her bed taking in the scent of Lavender that over took the odor of stale cigarettes.  “I am just tired of hearing about that punk. How he is doing a great job and how he is pulling the impossible off. Then I have Teresa calling me to spend time with her at home. I should have cut her loose years ago.  She is nothing more than dead weight to me, but because her father was some great General years ago I have an obligation to stay with her. What was I thinking when I married her. She is clingy, whiny and most of all stupid, her intelligence is so inferior to mine.”

“Oh Tommy, I am so sorry that you had a bad day.” Jasmin purred more as she rubbed his back while sitting on him. “I hope that you don’t feel that way about me?” she asked.

“No my sweet, you are far more intelligent then she is.” He grinned. “Have you heard from Marckell?”

“Like I told you last night he is making himself scarce. You have no need to worry about him, after all he is family.” She crooned.

“You said that about your other cousin and he almost gave up the whole thing. If he hasn’t already,” he frowned at her as he turned to face her while she still sat on top of him.

“I’m sorry about that my love, sometimes it’s a crap shoot when you hire family.” She smiled at him.

“I wish I can get rid of her and take you home.” He said as he rubbed her legs.

“Tommy you know that can never happen, the military will always see me as your whore and nothing more.” She sighed. Not wanting to get into it with him again. She not only didn’t want to marry him, she couldn’t. She was still legally married to another officer that was missing in action from their last war. She also didn’t care for Stone much; he was arrogant and liked to play rough. She only liked the fact that he paid really good for her services, at a whopping 10,000 credit’s an hour.

“You will be married to a General, a high ranking General I have to say.” He said pulling her closed to him.

“Tommy it’s best that we keep it like this, it makes it more exciting.” She smiled.

“Hmm, I guess you’re right”




Stone residence

0332 Hours


“Thomas is that you?” Teresa said looking down the stairs after hearing the front door opening.

“I thought I told you to not wait up.” He bellowed.

“I worry about you, did you finish at work?” she asked as she came down the stairs.

He stood near the hall closet as he placed his cover and jacket away then made his way into the kitchen while she followed. “Would you like for me to make you something dear?” she asked as he looked into the cabinet. Her blood drained from her face as he turned with an angry stare. “Is something wrong?” she asked as she stepped back from him. He took hold of her arm and brought her to the cabinet.

“Do you see something wrong here?” he asked.

52003[1].jpgTeresa looked into the cabinet and saw one of the cups out of line with the others quickly she reached for it and straighten it out. “I’m sorry, I didn’t see it before.” She said looking away from him.

“Teresa I work all day all I ask is that when I come home I have order in my house. How do you think this makes me feel when I look in here and see no order?” he said calmly.

“I’m sorry I promise it will never happen again.” She said as tears began to swell up in her eyes knowing what will happen next.

“You’ve promised that before and I let it slide, I think it’s time you learn your lesson.” He said stepping closer to her. He raised his hand and slapped her hard across the face sending her to the ground.

“Thomas, please don’t” she begged, without letting her finish pleading he kicked her hard in her stomach causing her to black out. Stone stood over her, checked her and then went to bed.






General Thomas Stone’s Residence

0300 hours


50992[1].jpgTeresa woke up feeling the cold floor on her face. Trying to move she felt pain in her abdomen shoot throughout her body. She reached for the counter and pulled herself up from the floor. Gaining her composer she made her way up the stairs to the bedroom that she and her husband shared. She looked over his snoring body and then went into their bathroom closing the door behind her. She looked in the mirror and was shocked at what she saw in the mirror, for her 57 years she looked 80. Beating for so many years she wondered why she stayed with this man all this time.

“I had so many opportunities to leave him and yet I still stand behind him. After what he has done to me and that poor child, because of him I’ve lost our only child. 3 months into my pregnancy never to have children again. Father why didn’t you try harder to stop me from marrying him, but no I told you that I love him. What a monster I married, I should have left him when I found out what he was doing to his poor sister and her child. Why? Why? Why?” she said in a soft tone making sure that she didn’t wake him. She looked out the door one more time and then tears began to run down her face. “Because I love him so much, and one day he will see that,” she said closing the door and cried into the night.


The morning was like no other, Teresa got up and dressed as her husband still slept in their bed. She walked down the stairs and into the kitchen, than began to make his usual breakfast. She set the table to his specific liking, plate center in the place mate, glass of orange juice filled a half inch from the top, fork and knife to the right. She placed his eggs and fruit on the plate not touching each other and cleaned all the excess amount off. She then began to make coffee for him all the while cleaning as she goes so not to upset him. Stone walked into the kitchen 30 minutes later dressed in his uniform.

“Good morning Thomas,” she said as she poured him a cup of coffee.

“Where’s the paper?” he snapped.

She picked it up from the counter and walked over to him “Here you go; I have it opened to your financial page. Thomas, will you be home tonight because my sister would like for us to come and have dinner?”

“Teresa I have a lot of work to do at the office, with this war going on I don’t know when I will be home.” He snapped. “You go, I don’t have the time.”

“As you wish,” was all she could say.

He then got up and she walked him to the door, he went into the closet and took out his jacket and cover. He turned to her and gave her a peck on the cheek then said. “Have a good time at your sister and don’t wait up for me.”

“Have a good day Thomas,” she replied as she watched him get into his car and drive down the street.





Planet Gamilon

EDF Battleship ARGO

23rd of May, 2206

1138 hours


“Dash, call down to Gamilon and inform them that we are here, get clearance to land.” Wildstar ordered from his chair.

“Aye aye sir” he said as he began to make contact.

“Mr. Miamoto, have the repair crew ready to depart. Remember we have to her fix as soon as possible and make sure that they get it right. I don’t want to be in the middle of a fight and something goes wrong.”

“Yes sir, I’ll get right on it,” he said, stood up and ran off the bridge.

“Sandor why don’t you help him,” Wildstar suggested.

“On it,” he said and followed suit to the engine room.

“Captain Wildstar, I have Emperor Deslock on screen. Putting him through now,” Dash called out.

“Thank you Dash.” He said as he stood up and looked up to the screen. “Emperor Deslock, how are you it’s good to see you again.”

“Wildstar, you’re clear to land. My communication officer is sending the coordinates as we speak. The Children are excited to see their uncle and aunt.” Deslock said while a small face appeared next to him. He stood tall like his father with the same posture. “Damir this is your uncle Wildstar. Say hello to him.”

“Uncle it is nice to meet you,” Damir now looked like a seven year old with a mischievous grin.

“Well hello Damir, it is nice to see you again, my how have you grown. You look just like your father, how proud he must be of you.” Wildstar couldn’t believe how they have grown in such a short time.

“We will meet you on the landing dock in a few, Deslock out,” he said and the screen went blank.

Wildstar stood there stunned, he remember back when Sasha announce who she really was back in 2202. Within a year’s time she grew to be a young lady in her teens. He couldn’t believe it then, until she explained how the Iscandarians’ biology grew at a faster pace than earth children. By the end of the year Damir and his siblings would be mature enough to run an empire. “Wow, he grew up quick.” He said out loud as all the others stare in amazement. “Well let’s get ready to land. Dash can you call up to the Deputy Captain and inform her that will be landing soon and her presences is need.”

“Yes sir”

“Mr. Ortiz please make the announcement to the crew that we are landing.” He ordered.

“Aye aye Captain.” He said then called into the ship speaker system “Attention all hands, attention all hands, prepare for landing, prepare for landing. The Argo will be landing in 20 minutes. All repair crew prepare for immediate assistance with the Gamilon technicians.”

Wildstar sat in his chair looking down at his bridge crew ‘I hope that this works, she hasn’t said much to me since I made my choice.’ He thought as he heard the bridge door opened and Nova walked in.

“Deputy Captain Nova Forrester reporting as ordered, sir” she said standing at attention.

Wildstar nodded at her and said, “Deputy Captain, we will be leaving the ship as soon as we land. I need you to accompany me to speak with the Emperor.”

“Yes sir,” she said.

“Argo, descend to the planet.” He called out.

“Descending sir,” Ortiz said.



Deslock watched as the gangway came down and Wildstar with Nova at his side walked down it. He stood tall and then gave his son a glance, how proud he stood near him. Dillan wasn’t much into learning about the empire as much as Damir. He chose to stay behind with his mother and sister. He stuck out his hand and shook Wildstar hand.

“Welcome back Captain, it is good to see you are well.” Deslock said then turned to Nova and grabbed hold of her hand and gave it a kiss. “You are looking lovely as always.”

“Thank you Deslock,” he always said something that made her blush “Where is Devina and the other kids?”

“She is back at the palace with Aurora and Dillan, Dillan has no desire to run an empire.” He said looking annoyed at the thought.

Nova smiled at him and said. “So this must be Damir.” He was tall and lankly like his father just reaching Deslock chest. He looked more like him and could see how Deslock would look as a young boy.

“Yes Ma’am,” he said as he bowed and reached for her hand.

“My, you are your father son.” Nova blushed.

“And you must be my Uncle Wildstar?”

“I guess I am, it is nice to see you again Damir. The last time I saw you were climbing on some of the control panels as your father was speaking to me on the video screen. Before that I held you in my arms when you were just born on this very ship.” Wildstar said as he wave over to the Argo.

“My mother told me how I was born on such a great ship every night, well until I got old enough for her to stop tucking me in bed.”

“Ha, if I’m not mistaken that was last night young man.” Deslock laughed.

“Father please!” he said blushing. He didn’t want his Aunt Nova to know that.

“Sorry son didn’t mean to embarrass you in front of a beautiful woman.” Deslock pat him on the back.

“Well Deslock I believe we have much to discuss, shall we.” Wildstar said.

“Never a day of rest for you is there Wildstar? Very well.” Deslock said as they all hopped into the air car and headed back to the palace.


They walked into the palace and made their way to one of the grand rooms. Talan waited with servants that set up a small table with food. Deslock waved to the table so they could all sit.

005 (3).jpg“Nova, Devina will join us shortly she is attending one of Aurora’s classes”

“That’s quite alright, Emperor”

“Wildstar, so how goes with the Bolars? My generals have informed me that they tried to attack earth and were defeated.”

“Yes, Captain Glitchman has told me that they sent a massive fleet and were either destroyed or captured. With the help of the Bolar resistance we were able to be one step ahead of them. Had they not showed up we would’ve been in a mess.” Wildstar said then looked away towards Nova. “Deslock, Namir is coming here.” He blurted out then watched for his reaction.

“Hmm, I have to admit the man is insane to come here. After what he put me through, his ego must be bigger than the universe itself. Why would he come here knowing that I just might kill him on sight?” he said as he lean back in his chair and looked at Wildstar with slit eyes while holding his wine glass.

“Well that’s one of the reasons that I am here.” Wildstar was hoping that he was able to look past what happen and work with the new plan at hand.

“I would assume that it was, or else he would not even think of coming here.” Deslock said annoyed.

“I understand what you are feeling Deslock, there’s no one else in the world that would not want to kill him for what he has done to you and your family. And Nova and I wanted very much to kill Julie when she came onto the Argo. But for starters 1, our Politicians would not allow us to take the law into our own hands and 2 we still have a legal process that she has to face.”

“I have no politicians here, I am the law.” Deslock said with arrogance.

“Yes I know that, but I am asking you to just hear him out before you make your decision as to what will happen after this is all done.”

“Wildstar I am not one to forgive so easily.”

“I know this, but just hear me out. The plan that he has worked up just might work.”

“Hmm, I don’t know.” He said rubbing his chin looking at Wildstar.

“Hello Captain Wildstar” He heard Devina say as she came into the room and then turned to Nova, “Nova it is nice to see you again.”

GhostAnime-1[1].jpg“Devina, you look great. I see that the kids are keeping you busy. Aurora you look just beautiful.” Nova gave her a hug.

“Thank you Auntie Nova, you’re just glowing” she said wondering why her senses were strong with her aunt Nova.

Dillan stood in the back ground and held his head down until Nova walked over to him and said “Dillan, how are you? You look more and more like your father.”

“Hello Auntie Nova, you’re just as pretty as mother and father said you were.” Blushing at what he said.

“Well thank you, you’re not so bad looking yourself. I bet you’re just fighting the girls off with a stick.”

“Um, well, no.” He blushed harder.

Devina stood behind him and said, “he’s a little shy Nova, but he’ll come around. It’s just wonderful that you can come see us, even if it is under these circumstances.”

“Devina the children have grown so quickly I just can’t believe that a few months ago I was just holding them in my arms. Especially you Dillan, I thought we had a bonding phase going.” She said as she messed up Dillan’s hair.

“Dillan here is our prodigy, he may be shy but he can work out problems quicker than my best scientist. Maybe I should have him look over the Argo’s engine and see if he can help.” Deslock boasted.

“That would be great, I’ll have Sato come and get you and take you to Commander Sandor. He’s our prodigy, he can fix things that no one else can fix. I think you two will hit it off great.” Wildstar said.

“I would like that very much sir.” Dillan said

“SIR! My gosh you just made me feel 100 years old. I expect my crew and officers to call me sir but not someone so young.” Wildstar said. “And to tell you the truth everyone pretty much calls me Wildstar or Captain. You can call me uncle Wildstar.” He gave him a shove and ruffled his hair making Dillan blush. “Corporal Sato” Wildstar called into his communication radio.

“Yes sir.” He heard Sato voice come over the small speaker.

“I will be sending over Prince Dillan to the Argo, please escort him to Commander Sandor in the engine room. I think he could use his help.” Wildstar replied and then gave him a wink.

Deslock called over one of his soldiers and instructed him to bring his son over to the Argo. “Now let us all sit and talk about this plan that you and Namir have planned out. Talan, please inform us when the Bolar ship arrives. Come Captain’s we can talk more over in the conference room.”

“If you don’t mind, Captain Wildstar, I would like to catch up with the Empress.” Nova didn’t want to hear the plan again. She didn’t feel comfortable with what he had planned and being present just made her worry more.

Devina sense her concerns and took hold of her arm. “Why don’t we go to the garden, I want to show you some of the new flowers that Deslock had them made for me and Aurora.”

Nova and Devina walked through the garden as Devina showed the new flowers that bloomed. “Their so beautiful Devina. I just love this one. What did they name it?”

“This one here is called Devine and this one is called Aurora. Of course he had to name it after his only daughter.” She beamed at her daughter that now was talking with a young solider that was assigned to her.

“Looks like love is blooming over there.” Nova watched at the two young couple.

“Hmm, Aurora dear I think it’s time for your singing lessons. Quade can you please escort her to her lesson.”

Quade bowed and said “Yes your highness.”

“They look very nice together. I’m assuming that Deslock had him handpicked.”

“He is the youngest of Talan’s son.” Devina smiled. “He is a very sweet boy and adores her very much. Deslock admires him, he is his godson. Deslock took him under his wing so he can take over for Talan, when he finally steps down.”

“How does his brother feel about him taking over?”

“They are just thrilled. The other three have no desire to walk in their father’s footsteps. Anyway how are you and the captain?”

“Everything is fine, why do you ask?” Nova looked at her confused.

“Your worries about the next mission will be for nothing. Everything will be fine. The captain will return to you unharmed.”

“Can you guarantee me that?” Nova asked.

Devina held her hand and closed her eyes. “Yes Nova, he will come back to you. You have many things to look forward to after this is over. So don’t worry.”

“Look forward to? Like what?” Nova asked intrigued.

Devina just smiled “Being happy with Derek.” She knew that Nova was not aware of what life had in store for her. So many times she told her own daughter not to say things to people about their future and she wasn’t about to do this for Nova and Wildstar.



“I’m not sure about this Wildstar, you’re pretending to be his prisoner. Seems like a risky situation.” Deslock sounded worried.

“Deslock I cannot sit back and have her life in danger. She did help Earth once and saved billions of our people. What better way to make sure that he is dead then I being there when it happens. At least I know it will be done.”

“But do you trust him Wildstar?”

“I have too. Anyway I will have a few of my men with me. So I won’t be completely caught with my pants down.”

“How many men?”

“One of my top fighter pilots and one of my best marines. Also there will be a small recon unit that will go with a group of resistance soldiers.”

“Hmm, I still feel something can go awry in all this planning.” Deslock looked at his friend wearily.

“Your grace, the leader of the resistance is here. He is docking his ship as we speak.” Talan walked in and announced.

“Shall we Captain?” Deslock stood up and motioned towards the doors.



They watched as Namir’s shuttle landed near the Argo. Deslock stood tall as Wildstar watched the doors to the shuttle open. Devina stood next to her husband while Nova stood a step behind Wildstar. Namir stood tall as the door completely opened. Namir saluted Wildstar and then bowed to Deslock and Devina. “Your grace it is an honor to be here.” He said.

Devina took hold of Deslock arm and then said. “I’m glad to see you again Namir.” Deslock stood quiet staring at the man that put his wife in danger. Without warning he grabbed Namir by the neck and began to choke him. “Deslock! Let him go!” Devina snapped.

“You put my family in danger, tell me why I should let you live.” Deslock yelled.

“Deslock please let him go!” Devina pleaded.

“I should kill you with my bare hands for what you put me through.” He said as Wildstar took hold of his friend.

Deslock, let him go it’s not worth it. Listen to your wife.” He said hoping that he would release him.

013 (2).jpgHe looked over to his wife that looked at him with worry. Slowly he released his grip on Namir and then finally let go. “Thank my wife and Captain Wildstar that you are still living.” He said with disgust.

Namir laid on the floor holding his throat gasping for air as Wildstar and Nova helped him to his feet. “I thank you Emperor for your leniency. I too would have been just as upset and would have seek revenge on the man that took my wife and unborn child away. I truly apologise and beg for your forgiveness.” Namir bow once more to him. “Your kindness of sparing my life shows you are a great man.”

‘At a boy Namir’ Wildstar thought to himself then looked over to Deslock and knew Namir’s words would win him over. There’s nothing more to Deslock then a man admitting that he was wrong and showing respect to a man as powerful as he is.

“Get up.” Deslock stared down at him. “We have much to discuss.”

Wildstar watched closely as Deslock stared at Namir. “Gentlemen, Ladies shall we?” Wildstar said to break the tension in air.

“Yes, Talan is everything ready?” Deslock asked.

“Yes sire, this way.” He said bowing as the group went back to the palace.


“Now, Captain Namir it is my understanding that my friend will pose as your prisoner.”

Namir spoke quickly to ease the tension. “Your grace, I have refused his offer to be my prisoner. But as you know he is head strong and insists that he be the one to be my prisoner.”

“Yes he can be head strong.”Deslock said as he looked over to Wildstar. “I do not feel comfortable with him being in that situation even if he is willing. I will go with you.”

Wildstar lean forward shock at what he said. “Deslock… I can’t let you do that.”

“Relax Wildstar, like you I can be a little head strong also. I will join the recon group with some of my men. I want to make sure that nothing goes wrong.” He said as he stared at Namir.

“Deslock I really don’t think it’s necessary that you be there. A lot of Bolar men might not like the fact that the leader of Gamilon riding in the same ship as they are. Let’s face it Deslock, your two races haven’t been playing nice with each other in a long time.”

“And yours has, Wildstar. Come on, what better way to create peace then to team up with our enemies. I mean it worked for us.” He smirked.

Wildstar smiled at what he said. Their friendship has lasted many years because of honor and respect. Something they both held high on their list. “I guess it has, Deslock.”

Nova listened to the three leaders talk. Her heart ached knowing that her husband will be in a dangerous situation. But now she listened to the leader of a huge nation agree that he too would be going for the ride. She lean over to Devina and asked. “Are you alright with this?”

Devina looked up and smiled “Why shouldn’t I be?”

“I mean he will put his life in the hands of his enemy.”

“They are not his enemy if they are seeking the same thing. They want peace and so does he.”

Wide-eyed Nova listened to her words. What she said made more sense to her now. Feeling his eyes on her she looked up and smiled at her husband. Nodding in her direction Nova felt at ease with his decision. “Thank you Devina.”

“For what?”

“You helped me without even knowing,” was all she could say.

“Well gentleman I should go check on my ship and see if your technicians were able to fix it.” Wildstar said as he stood up.

“Captain Wildstar I would like to see Julie if it is not too much to ask. I have a present for her and I think she will like very much.”

“I don’t see a problem in that, Commander Forrester can make the arrangements.”

“Aye aye sir.” Nova said in responce to his order.

Namir boarded his shuttle and headed back to the ship while the others headed back to the Argo. Sandor and Dillan stood in front of the engine talking over some of the new additions.




“How goes with the repairs, Sandor?”

“Wildstar, it’s coming along pretty well. Dillan here has been a great help. He has managed to fix the power source of the Wave Motion Engine to perform faster than before. Once they finish installing the new cartridge we will test its booster.”

“It will give your engine more boost. You will be able to maneuver her at top speed without her shaking like before. Oh yeah, I gave her an extra push she can now go as fast as 30 space knots.”

“Wow, how fast did she go before? Sandor.”

“Top speed was 25,”Sandor said.

“I think our helmsman is going to have fun with that. When can we test it out?”

“They should be finish installing in about another day. You can take her on a test run after.”

“I have to admit I think I have found my match. Deslock you have a very bright kid here.” Sandor said. “Dillan if you’re ever interested you can come work for me on Earth in one of my companies.”

“Companies, what’s that?”

“Well that’s where earth people go to work. And if you work really hard you’ll be able to run one someday.” Wildstar said.

“But Commander Sandor, why would I do that? When I have an empire to run with my brother and sister.”

Laughter exploded within the group as Dillan stood confused at what he said that made them respond in that manner. Deslock placed his arm around his young son and gave him a hug. “It’s nothing Dillan. I am very proud of you.”

“I forgot that I was talking to a very powerful young man. Of course you would not see yourself working for me. You have a bright young man here Deslock, he was very helpful.”

Wildstar knelt down to Dillian and asked. “So Dillan tell me, does my ship go faster than your father’s flag ship?”

Dillan looked from his father to Wildstar then looked down at his shoes. “Yes uncle Wildstar. I’m sorry father, but the Argo’s engine is much stronger than yours. Something about the way the older engine was made gives a more powerful push.” Dillan said. “I believe Commander Sandor calls it old fashioned horsepower.”

“What is that?” Deslock asked his son.

“Beats the heck out of me.” Dillan replied as he scratched his head which sent another wave of laughter throughout the group.

Deslock lean over to Wildstar and whispered “What is horse power?”

“I’ll explain later.” He laughed. “Well Dillan looks like you and my commander have this under control. Try not to make him look too bad.”

“I’ll try.” Dillan said shyly, he knew that the scientists on Gamilon didn’t care much for him. He always managed to solve problems before them. They felt that it made them look incompetent to his father. Within weeks he managed to solve problems that they were stumped on for years. His father ordered that all ships be overhauled and the booster that his son created be placed in them. Dillan felt proud that his father had so much confidence in him to make such an order. Now the Captain of the famous Argo, the ship that he was born on had the same confidence. He was ready to do his best for his uncle and the crew.


“I have to admit Deslock, he is a bright kid.” Wildstar said as they walked back to the gangway.

“Although I am disappointed that he does not want to run my empire. At least I know that he can head the scientific part of the Gamilon Empire. Aurora will balance them both. Damir can be head strong at times but his sister always manages to keep them focus on family.”

“So planning to retire already?”

“Ha-ha no I will run my empire till my death. Although they both seem ready they yet have a lot to learn. Not only that, Damir is still quite immature to take on such great responsibilities. He is still running with his friends that Devina and I disapprove of. How do you Earthlings say it ‘KIDS!” he said then rolled his eyes.

“I’m sure that one day I will experience it.” Wildstar joked.

“Yes your day will come.” Deslock assured him. “Well I hope to see you and Nova for dinner tonight.”

“It would be an honor.” Wildstar said.

“And invite Captain Namir, I would love to talk to him about his plan some more.” Deslock said.

“Will I have to wear an armor suit this time?”

Deslock smirk at his friend. “Not this time. I am sure my wife has had enough excitement for now.”

“So has mine.” Wildstar sighed. He bid his friend goodbye and went back to the ships bridge to check on everything before heading to his quarters. Nova sat at the desk they shared and looked up when he walked in. “Well hello there Ms. Forrester,” he smiled.

“Captain Wildstar, has Deslock left.”

“Yes, we are expected at dinner tonight with Captain Namir.”

“Hmm, is that good?”

“He promised that he will be on his best behavior. So anything I should know.”

“Nope everything is going smoothly.” She said smiling at him.

Wildstar walked over to her and lean down giving her a kiss on the forehead. “How are you holding up?”

“You know I am against you going, but I understand it’s something you have to do. Devina doesn’t know it but she ease my mind on the mission. You can count on me skipper to take control of the Argo.”

With a stunned face he said “Well that must have been some talk.”

“On the contrary skipper, it wasn’t a talk at all. She just put everything into perspective for me.”

“And her suggestion was?”

Ya5[1].jpg“They are not your enemy when they are seeking the same thing. Peace.”

“Not sure what you mean by that but I’m glad that you’re more at ease with it.” He held out his hand and she took it. Pulling her up he took her into his arms and kissed her. “Mrs. Wildstar I promise once this is all over we are going to our island for a few weeks. Just you, me and the sandy white beach and hopefully we come back pregnant.”

“Hmm, sounds heavenly. I can’t wait.” She said and snuggled on his chest to hear his heart beat.




Wildstar and Nova waited as Namir’s Shuttle landed once more. They were expected for dinner in 30 minutes and were ahead of schedule. The shuttle door opened and Namir stood with a small bundle in his arms. He walked towards them when they heard a small squeal. Stepping forward Nova look into his arms and saw Saku in his arms. “Oh my god he grew so much Namir. He is just handsome. May I?” she asked. Namir handed his son over to Nova as she gently bounce him in her arms. “Julie is just going to be so happy to see him.” She said and then cooed at the baby in her arms. Wildstar looked on and watch his wife as she fussed over the baby. How he couldn’t wait until it was them that were fussing over their child.

“I’d figure that if Deslock sees Saku he could be sway into keeping peace between our nations.” Namir grinned.

“Very smart, Namir, a child would sway anyone, even a powerful leader such as Deslock.” Wildstar agreed. They all got into the vehicle and went to the palace.




Deslock and Devina a waited for their arrival at the front of the palace. Devina made sure that the entrance was filled with flowers and all the staff would be at their best. “Welcome Captains,” she said. Then she looked in Namir’s direction. “My universe he is so cute. May I hold him?” Gently she took the infant from Namir and brought him over to her husband. “Isn’t he just cute?” She asked him.

Deslock looked at the child in his wife arms and smiled. With quick hands Devina shoved the infant into his arms. “What, what are you doing?”

“He’s a little heavy, why don’t you hold him for me.” She smiled.

Laughing at what happened Wildstar step next to his dear friend and cooed with him at Saku. “You got to admit Deslock, a baby can smooth over anything wrong in the universe.”

“I have to admit Namir he is a handsome child, he must take after his mother.” Namir smiled at his respond and try to take his child from Deslock. “No, no I have him.” He said quietly as he bounced the baby in his arms.

Namir looked over to his left and notice three young children standing behind them. Nodding in their direction he asked. “And these young people?”

“Ah these three are our children. Children come,” Devina said as she motion for them to step forward. “This is Damir, Dillan and this young lady is our little girl Aurora. Say hello to Captain Namir children.”

“Well hello there.”Namir said as he bowed to them.

“Father isn’t he a Bolar. Why are we not arresting him?”Damir said.

“Damir! That’s no way to treat our guest. Apologise right now.” Devina snapped.

“Father!” he looked over to Deslock.

“You heard your mother apologize to the future leader of the New Bolar Federation.”

“My apologies sir.” Damir said hanging his head down.

“Apology accepted, your grace.” Namir bowed to him. “I hope that once this is all over that we all can be friends. I would like very much for my son to look up to one of Gamilon’s great leaders.”

“Spreading it on thick are you Namir?” Deslock smirked.

“Is it working?”

“Hmm, why don’t we go and enjoy our dinner.” Deslock said as he walked back into the palace with Saku in his hands.


“So Namir, How are you going to protect the Captain?” Deslock asked as they made their way into a conference room after dinner.

“Before entering the hall where I know we will bring him. I will have one of my man search him in front of the Prime Minister at that time he will hand over a weapon to the Captain and his man. It will not be easy Captain, but we will make sure that you are protected.”

“Hmm, I still feel that my friend here should be guarded with someone we can trust.” Deslock looked at him with suspicion. “Talan get Arlin. He would be of use to us.”

“Yes your grace.” Talan bowed and nodded to another solider that ran from the room to search for Arlin.

Deslock turned to Namir and said. “Arlin will accompany you. I trust him like I would trust any of my officers. He has proven to me many times over that he is loyal. I will feel much more comfortable with him escorting Captain Wildstar to your prime minister.”

“Arlin?” Namir asked

“Yes he is one of your solidesr that we captured. Lucky for him that he is Devinas' friend or else we would have killed him on site.”

“Emperor Deslock you summoned me?” Arlin said as he bowed.

“Arlin, I have a mission for you. Captain Wildstar will be going to see your prime minister and he will need an escort.”

Arlin stood there shocked. “Captain Wildstar are you insane?” he asked. Wildstar smiled at him and then informed him of their plan. Listening carefully Arlin took in all they told him. Finally he was able to speak. “Captain Wildstar I will make sure that you will have your weapons.”

“Thank you Arlin. I trust you are a man of your word. Now I will have Commander Delvechio give you more of the plan. He is one of my trusted officers. Do you have family Arlin?”

“Uh no sir.” Arlin said. “But I am seeing someone.”

“Well then it is important that we all come out of this alive. We all have someone to come home too.” Wildstar said looking over to his wife.

“Captain Wildstar it’s getting late and I would like to give Julie her surprise.” Namir said as he watched Deslock bounce his son in his arms.

“Yes of course. Nova, we should be going soon also. Deslock I will see you in the morning for our test run. I’m sure Dillan will be present to check on his work also.” He said as he looked over to him he bowed his head blushing. “Goodnight Devina, everything was lovely.” He said as he squeezed her hand.




EDF Battleship Argo


26th of May, 2206

0730 hours



“Dillan you can sit next to me.” Wildstar said.

“Thank you sir.”

“Mr. Miamoto begin count down.” Wildstar ordered.

“Yes sir.” He said. “Mr. Watanabe, start the engines.”

“Engine room, start the wave motion engine.” Watanabe called down to the engine room.

“Aright people let’s get ready to take off, hall in the gang way.” Wildstar yelled out.

“Gang way is in, taking her at 2 knots.” Miamoto said. Slowly the ship left the Gamilon docking area and lifted off into space. The Argo ascend deeper into the atmosphere Miamoto move her deeper into space. ‘Wow she is moving smoothly. She’s not even shaking like before.’ He thought.

“Mr. Miamoto, she’s all yours let’s see what she can do.” Wildstar called out.

“Yes Sir” he yelled back and then maneuvered the ship into high speed. He couldn’t believe how easily she responded. The Argo sailed smoothly through every turn he gave her. Quickly he pulled the ship on sharp turns waiting for her engines to give way. ‘It’s amazing, it’s like nothing I ever handle. She’s responding to everything.’ Miamoto thought to himself. 51723[1].jpg

“Mr. Miamoto, how does she feel?” Wildstar asked.

“Sir it feels like she just came off the lot. She handles great.”

“Mr. Watanabe, how is she holding up down there?” Wildstar looked over to his chief engineer and asked.

Watanabe called down to the engine room and smile at what they replied. “Sir she’s not even breaking a sweat.”

Wildstar looked over to Dillan and ruffled his hair. “Dillan you can fix her anytime. Great job! Deslock you have an amazing son here.”

Deslock stood tall as he gazed down at him proud. “Once he is of age he will be in charge of all my scientist. Whether they want to or not.” He said looking down at his son. “I know they give you a hard time son. But I just love the way you make them look like fools.” Making Dillan grin at what he said.

“Well Dillan if ever I am stumped I’ll look you up.” Sandor said.

“Mr. Miamoto, bring her back down.” Wildstar ordered.

“But sir, I was just having fun.” He whined.

“I’m glad you’re having the time of your life but we still have a mission to complete. Bring her down thank you.” Wildstar giggled. “Trust me you’ll have plenty of time to play with her.”

“Yes sir,” he said disappointed.





Gangway . . .


“Uncle Wildstar, there something else I should tell you.” Dillan smiled shyly.

“What is that? Dillan,” Wildstar kneeled down to him.

“Well sir, I’ve managed to install a force shield around the Argo in case she takes on too much damage. Commander Sandor knows how to set it off. Only thing is that you cannot use your Motion Wave Gun while it’s up. I haven’t been able to figure out that one yet.”

Wildstar looked wide eye at him, “Force Shield? Well this is some kid you have Deslock.”

“But Uncle Wildstar it can only stay up for 2 minutes at a time. I’m sorry, if I had a little more time I could fix it.”

Wildstar ruffle his hair and laughed. “Do you know how much two minutes in battle will help? Two minutes will save many lives. Thank you Dillan.”  Wildstar said. “Deslock how soon can we depart for Rhima?”

“My fleet is ready now. We can depart in 4 hours.” Deslock advised.

“Very well, I will have my ships ready to depart in 4 hours.” Wildstar said as they saluted each other.



Bridge  . . . . .


“Attention, Captain on the bridge.” Nova called out.

“At ease everyone, Ms. Forrester have everyone check all the systems and make sure that they are in working order. We leave in 4 hours.”

“Aye, aye sir.” She said then began to take down reports.

“Sandor, are you comfortable with the Wave Motion Engine?”

“Dillan did an excellent job. I feel confident that she will outrun any ship.”

“Also he has informed me about our new force shield.”

“Did he tell you it can only stay up for 2 minutes at a time?”

“Yes, Sandor. Also that we cannot use the Wave Motion Gun while it’s up. But it will give us enough time to charge up the gun, an advantage that we could use in our next battle.”

“I agree Wildstar.”

 “Okay everyone, get ready for departure in 4 hours. Destination will be Bolar Federation Main Headquarters Planet Rhima.” Wildstar called out to the bridge.







EDF Headquarters


1342 hours

General Stone’s office



“He wants me to go where!?” he snapped over the phone.

“General, Admiral Singleton wants you to personally handle the dispute at docking station 87.”

“Why can’t he send Glitchman? I have too much to do. The last time I went down there I didn’t get out of there until almost 2300 hours.”

Michelle sighed, she hated to call him. Every time she did he barked at her and tried to belittle her. “I’m sorry sir but he feels that you are the person to handle this. I will have a car waiting for you downstairs to take you there.”

“Fine!” he yelled and then slammed the phone down hard onto the receiver.  “How dare he treat me like lower ranking officers’! I worked hard to get to where I am, and this is the thanks I get.” Stone stood up and snatched his jacket and cover off the chair and walked out the door.


Singleton stood outside of his office and watched as he walked out towards the elevators and got in. “Michelle, how long will it take for him to get to the dock bays?”

“I gave the driver instructions to take the long way around sir.” Michelle eyes laughed. “If he asks why that way he is to tell them that there is major construction and it will be impossible to get through.”

“Good thinking. Now we all can work in peace around here for once. What time is the meeting with Lieutenant Commander McCoy and Davis?”

“In an hour, sir.”

“Good, I need to call my wife so no phone calls please.”

“Yes sir, and please ask her about Wendy’s baby shower. If she needs anything to give me a call.”

“I will. I just can’t believe that she is having a baby. I remember her in pick tails and playing in mud piles. Now she is married and going to have a baby.”

“Does she know what she is having?”

“I think Homer and her want to be surprised.”

“Awe so sweet. Well I will make sure you are not disturb.” She said pushing him into his office.


An Hour later . . . .


They all sat huddled in the adjoining conference room to his office, planning the next step to how they will prove Stone’s hand in the escape of Lieutenant Commander Tolbert. “Mr. Davis, we appreciate your help in all this, but you were Julie’s Lawyer and giving us any information can get you disbarred.”

“I’m not giving you anything that you haven’t got already. I’m just here to make sure that my client will be giving a fair shake in all this.”

“My informant says that General Stone was the one that hire him and an associate to help in the plan.”

“I have no knowledge in that. I was only hired to defend Lieutenant Commander Tolbert nothing more.” He said “But I will tell you, that because of their misleading information I like nothing more than to bury them for making me out to be a fool. Now if that is all, I have another appointment that I have to attend to.” Standing up he took hold of his cover and headed out the door. Davis watched as he walked out the door wondering how much he really knows.

“Admiral, do you think that he knows more then he claims to know.”

“I’m not sure. But if he is, what you say he is. He is wanting his revenge as much as anything. I don’t think he is a man that would sit back and let someone make a fool of him. His reputation is on the line and he’s not the type of man that will let that fly.”

“No he’s not.” McCoy said. “I just don’t get it. I guess he has his reasons. For one he wouldn’t want to get disbarred for betraying his client. But then again he must be itching to get them all behind bars.” Shaking his head of the dilemma that his colleague was in he hoped that he would be able to make sense of it all. “So what now sir?”

“Lean hard on our gentleman friend. See if there’s anything that he forgot to tell us.” Singleton ordered him.

Getting up and saluting McCoy replied with “Aye aye sir.”

“Michelle.” He called into the intercom once McCoy left. “Please come in here.”

Within seconds she was in his office. “Yes sir.”

“Is there any way of having someone follow our dear General Stone.”

“I think I have a friend that specializes in that department. Let me see if I can get a hold of him.”

“Please do, I am determined to get to the bottom of this. Even if EDF counsel doesn’t have any interest in this I do.”




EDF car  . . . . .


“Yes Ralph, I want you to have him stop this investigation. At this point this war should have priority not the escape of one woman.” Stone yelled into the phone. “I don’t care how you do it, just do it!” he snapped into the phone. “Listen to me, if you do not put pressure on him, he will make a joke of our justice system. Not to think of how they will uncover your indiscretions and how you have been pocketing a small percentage from the contractors. Do it or else.” Then hung up the phone. “Driver, why are we going this way? It’s much faster if we take the expressway.”

“Sir they are doing construction and the delay is much too long. It’s quicker this way.”

“Hmm.” Are they trying to keep me away from the office? I wouldn’t pass it by them.  I better start covering my tracks starting with her and her cousin. “Driver there’s been a change of plan I need to go to this address.” He said as he wrote it down and handed it to him.