Onward With Love…

Chapter Thirty-One

By Yuki Wildstar

Kaif walked into the dining hall and got on line to get her some food.  As he placed food on his plate he made sure that he added a little extra for her to eat. He was almost finished when he felt someone tap him on the shoulder.

“We have to talk, same place in two hour.”

Kaif nodded his head and then grab the plate to take back to his room. Quickly he stop at the infirmary and talked to one of the doctors there, grabbed some clothes and left. Before opening his door he looked around and then walked in. The young girl was still sleeping in bed when he entered the room. Kaif place the tray down and shook her awake. Quickly he placed his hand over her mouth as she got up and was startled as to where she was.

“Shh, you’re safe. But if you scream you will attract others. I brought you food and some clothes to wear. Please eat quickly and get dressed. I have made arrangements for you to spend the remaining time in the infirmary. I have a friend that will make sure that he never steps near you again.”

The young girl sat in the corner of the bed wondering about this young officer. “What do I have to do to repay you?” she asked weary.

“All I ask is that you tell me your name.” Kaif said.

She looked at him confused and then said softly “It’s Pasha”

“Hello Pasha, my name is Kaif.” He smiled at her. She ran into the bathroom and dressed quickly. “Eat quickly then I must take you to the infirmary.” He ordered. Curious about the young girl Kaif asked her questions. “Pasha, do you have family?” She nodded her head. “Is there someone special waiting for you back home?”

Pasha eyes began to well up with tears. He held her hand and she explain how she lost her love. Kaif sat there and listened to a story he heard many times. If it wasn’t Hindleman it was one of Bemlayze’s monstrous officers. He cringed in disgust as he listened to her. So many times he heard this story and each time it made him hate his own leaders. “They’re space pigs, how can they do this to their own people, and to young women.” He said softly looking away. He noticed that she didn’t eat much and then asked her if she was ready. He opened the door look up and down the hall then motioned her to come with him. Quickly he walked her to the infirmary. He looked around and one of the doctors waved him over to a room.

“Doctor Hoshi this is the young lady I spoke to you about.  Pasha, this is my friend Doctor Hoshi, he will take care of you while you’re here on the ship. Once we are back on Rhima he will make arrangements to get you back to your people.”

“Hello Pasha” Hoshi stepped closer to her at the same time Pasha stepped back. “I won’t hurt you Pasha please lay down you look tired. I will make sure that you never see that monster again. Here you will be able to heal and get back your strength. Do you have family somewhere?” He asked.

“Yes” she said very softly. “They live on Antarus.”

“Doc I have to go. Pasha you’re in good hands. I will check on you when I can.” He said as he shook her hand. Quickly she hugged him and cried in his arms. Kaif held her tight not wanting to let go. “Take care of yourself Pasha.” With regret he pushed her away, “I must go.”

“Thank you, how will I ever repay you, Kaif?” she asked with tears in her eyes. He has been the only Bolar officer that treated her nice and she wanted to keep in contact with him.

“Go home and be happy, that’s how you can repay me. If you need anything have the doctor contact me.” And with that he left to his meeting. Slowly he walked down going further and further to the belly of the ship. Constantly looking around he made his way to a room. He looked around and then opened the door.

“Kaif, we need to do this quickly.” Minano said.

“What’s going on? Why the meeting?”

“We haven’t heard from Namir in weeks and fear that he is dead.”

“Naruto said he was sure that it was him on the radio.”

“What if it wasn’t him?” One of the officers asked.

Kaif sighed “We still go on with the plan. It is imperative that we get that monster out of power. After what I have witness in the past few days. I would love to be the one to kill him myself.”

Minano turned to the door and place his hand in front of his mouth. Kaif quietly walked over to the door and listen. “We better wrap this up. I’m sure that the royal pain is bellowing for us right about now.”

One by one, they walked out the door and may their way back to their stations. Kaif walked back to Bemlayze’s quarters and found the guard standing with a twisted face.

“He’s been yelling for you.” he said annoyed.

Kaif rolled his eyes. “’I’ll take it from here. Go get something to eat and don’t worry about him.”


Taking in a big breath Kaif knocked on the door and waited for him to respond. “ ENTER!” he heard him yell. Kaif walked in and duct in time to prevent a lamp from hitting him.

“Where have you been?” Bemlayze snapped.

“Sir I was in the chow hall and I ran into Minano. We were going over some reports.”

Bemlayze walked over to him and stared him in the face. “Next time inform me where you are at.”

Kaif could smell and feel his breath in his face. “Yes sir” he thought to himself about pulling his weapon on him, but it would prevent their plan from working.

“Very well.” He said with suspicious eyes. He walked out of his quarters and they went to the bridge.  “Minano the next time you want to discuss anything with my guard please check with me first.” He snapped.

Minano bowed to him and said. “Yes sir,” he knew that if they were ever questioned that they would count on each other to back up whatever was told to him.

“Are we ready to head back?”

“Yes sir, we will be heading back to Rhima in one hour. All fighters and recons are on board and all minor repairs are completed.”

“Damn that earth battleship. How can one ship cause so much havoc in our plans.” He growled.

“We will someday defeat her, sir.”


EDF Battleship Argo

5,000 light years from Zazba

13th of May, 2206

0235 Earth Hours


“Captain Sandor,” Dash called out. “Lieutenant Commander Pesci has informed us that the Bolar fleet are leaving the area. They’re requesting permission to go down to the planet and search for Captain Wildstar and Deputy Captain Forrester.”

“Permission denied, have them returned to the ship when his shift is over.” Sandor commanded.

“But sir!” Dash said surprised.

“You heard me.” He snapped. “We have to make sure that they are leaving completely and not just pulling away temporarily. If we go there now it can be a possible ambush and the ship can fall into enemy hands. We are still repairing our ships and we can’t afford to get into another fight.”

“Aye aye sir, Understood.” Dash said and then relay the message to Pesci.

Pesci couldn’t believe what was being said through his helmet.  “What! But why?”

“You have your orders Commander continue with the mission and then report back on time for the next shift.” Dash ordered.

“Fine, Pesci out.” He said in a slumber.

Sandor turned to Dash, “I’m going to the chow hall for some coffee, Dash. Take over the bridge.” He walked down and thought of what their next step will be. ‘This stress is killing me. Wildstar you better be alive.’ He walked into the chow and got himself some coffee. He looked around and saw Yvey sitting at a table alone. “Hello Yvey.” He said standing over her.

“Captain Sandor,” she got up and saluted him.

“Sit down Yvey. May I join you?” he tried smiled.

“Of course, sir. So how are things going Sir?”

“The Bolar fleet is leaving the area as we speak.”

“That’s great we can go look for the Captain now.” Yvey said with excitement.

“No we can’t, I ordered Pesci to stay put.”

“What! But why?”

“Because we are not certain that they are leaving the area for good or waiting to set up a trap.” He said. “I can’t take that chance in putting the Argo and the crew in danger. We are only down to three ships and one isn’t doing too well in the repairs. Not only that the Argo is in need of some repairs herself. They are still working on it as we speak.”

Yvey looked closer at her fiancé and reach over to touch his hand. “You look tired Stephen. You should rest for a while.”

“I’ll rest when Wildstar and Nova are back on the ship.”

Yvey reached over to his face and said softly “Papi I’m worry about you, you should rest.”

He smiled at her through tired eyes and changed the subject. “So I hear that you’ll be out there flying soon.”

“Yup.” She grinned. “I can’t wait.”

Sandor only laughed at her excitement. “I better get back on the bridge. I see you later.” He looked into her eyes and whispered “I love you.”

“Love you too, papi. Please get some rest.” She gave him a concern look.

“I will,” He winked at her and made his way back to the bridge.

Yvey watched as he walked out of the mess hall and try to finish her meal. “Gosh I hope we find the captain and Nova soon.” She said under her breath.

“Hey there Ortiz.” She heard someone say behind her. Yvey turned to see Springer standing over her.

“What do you want?” she snapped at her.

“I hear that you are back on duty.” She purred.

“Yeah what’s it to you?” she looked at her with slit eyes.

“Well, I was hoping that you can make yourself scarce for tonight. I’m having a gentleman caller coming over to the room,” Jessica said.

Yvey snapped at her. “You know we aren’t supposed to have men in our rooms.”

“Well it’s not like you and our acting captain haven’t been alone in a room before.” She drooled

Yvey stood up and came face to face with her. “First of all, one we are never in a room together alone. Second, if we are the captain knows about it and he gave us R and R. So I advice you that you mind your own business.”

Springer looked back into her face. “And what are you going to do about it?” She grinned

Yvey sat back down trying to stay calm and avoiding getting into trouble again. “Back off, Springer I mean it!”

“Are we backing down? Well that’s a first.” She stared more at Yvey.

“I mean it, you bleach blonde bimbo. If you don’t back off I’ll wipe the floor with you.” Yvey gritted her teeth trying to stay in control.

Springer sat down in front her with a smile on her face. “You and what army?” she said as she picked at Yvey’s food. Ready for a fight Yvey stood up. “Bring it on.” Springer said as she got up with her. “I’m not scare of you.” She huffed when she felt someone’s hand pushed her back to her seat.  She looked up to see who it was.

 “I will so sit back down Lieutenant JG.” Howard said with a smile.

“Get your hands off of me!” Springer snapped at her.

“You better cool yourself down, or I’ll make sure you’re on latrine duty for the next month.”

“You can’t do that.” Springer snapped as she stood up.

“Sit down! You’re starting to make a scene. Face it you’ve been busted down twice, the first time for having a male officer in your room. The second for being in a male officers quarters naked, I do believe it was that Hartcliffe guy. I’m sure that you don’t want to get busted down again for starting a fight.”

“Me! She threaten me!”

“Yeah and pigs fly, just quit the crap or you’re going to be busted down to a seaman.” Howard commanded.

“I hate you!” Springer yelled, stuck her tongue out and then ran out the mess hall.

Yvey stood there shocked then began to laugh. “You must be kidding.” She tried to catch her breath. “Chica I didn’t know anyone can get her ruffled up like that.”

“You just have to get to her before she gets to you. Something Nova and I found out from the beginning.” Howard winked at her with a grin on her face. “Come on, I’m sure that we need to prepare for our next mission and I know that you are aching to get into your fighter.”

“I sure am, let’s go.” Yvey jumped up and they both ran for the door.


Planet Zazba

0900 hours

Resistance headquarters


Wildstar walked onto the control room and found Namir giving orders to some of the men. He woke up before Nova and dressed quickly leaving her there to sleep a little longer. “Good morning Captain Wildstar, I hope that you and Deputy Captain Forrester slept well.” Namir said.

“She is still sleeping. Didn’t look like she had much sleep last night.” Derek felt her tossing and turning all night. At one time she yelled out in her sleep. ‘She’s still having those nightmares from that monster” he thought to himself.

Wildstar looked him over and could tell that he didn’t sleep much either. “Was the room not to her liking?” Namir asked

“No, no, the room was just fine. It’s just that she . . .”

Namir sense it had something to do with her capture and said. “No need to explain, Captain. I’m sure that her nightmares will soon disappear once this is all over.” With a nod Wildstar thank him for understanding. “I was just going over some things before we begin our next steps,” Namir said.

“And that would be?” Wildstar still wasn’t sure what he had in mind. All they’ve talk about on how his men would set up his arrival.

“Ah yes.” He grinned. “I would like to go over that with you once the queen is up. And your Deputy Captain will she be joining us?”

“She should be here shortly.” He said still wondering why she was having the nightmares again.

“Sir the Bolar has left the Planet’s atmosphere.”

Both Wildstar and Namir walked over to the raider screen and also witness the Bolar fleet gone. “What do you think their up too Namir?”

“Not sure. Keep an eye on the screen, make sure that their gone.”  He ordered him. “Let me know if they return.”

“Yes sir.”

Wildstar looked towards the door and watched as his wife walked into the room. “Good morning sorry I’m late.”

“Not at all,” Namir turned to Wildstar.    "Captain we can talk further over in one of the rooms. Please this way. Tan, can you advice the Queen where we will be?”

“Yes sir.”

They all entered the room and Namir motioned them to sit. Wildstar sat across from him and asked. “So Namir what’s your plan? I mean we’ve discuss possibilities of taking him down. But what is your real plan? How are you going to get close enough to him? How are you going to explain you disappearing and then showing up out of the blue?”

“Well,” Namir began when Queen Mariposa walked in and explain it to them.

“He will tell them that we took him prisoner after his ship was destroyed. Once he got a chance he managed to escape with another Bolar prisoner.”

“Do you think he will fall for it?” Wildstar questioned the plan.

“I will have a present that will distract that thought.”

“And the present is?” Wildstar lean forward and listen to him closely.

“The Queen will pretend to be my prisoner. It will make it more appealing for him to over look my long absence.”

Wildstar looked from the Queen to Namir. “I can’t let you do that.”

“And what do you suggest, Captain?” Nova asked knowing where he was going with it.

“I will be your prisoner.”

With shock Namir said “I can’t ask you to do that. After all I cannot grantee your safety, some of those Bolars' aren’t too keen with the Earth alliance forces. You teaming up with Gamilon is already known to the Bolars. And some of our men hate Deslock more then they hate you.”

“Trust me it will work better then the Queen being your prisoner.”

“He’s right Captain Wildstar. This is a battle with in the Bolar race.” Queen Mariposa said.

“Do you honestly think that he will take that explanation? I think it will be better if you take me instead of the Queen. My explanation would be better.”

“And that would be?” Nova asked annoyed at what he was suggesting.

“This is what I’m thinking. Considering we were there when Hindleman rammed his ship into yours, we can tell him we took you prisoner. After all it would be the truth. Then you managed to escape with one of the other soldiers. In the process of trying to stop you, you took me hostage and escaped.” Wildstar grinned. “All in all we take him down.”

“Derek you can’t.” Nova said with worry.

“Commander Forrester, I cannot allow the queen to risk her life. I will go with Namir.” Wildstar said firmly.

Tan walked in and announced. “Sir, your highness it is confirmed the Bolar fleet has completely left the area. We sent two pilots to see where they went and they warped out of the area.”

“That’s our cue to call to the Argo. Captain I need to call my ship.” Wildstar said avoiding Nova’s stare.


EDF Battleship Argo


“Captain Sandor, Pesci has informed us that the Bolar fleet has completely left the area. They’re asking permission to search for the captain again.”

“Permission granted.” Sandor ordered.

vlcsnap-2010-11-26-16h36m41s207.png“I think we should hold on to that order.” Dash turned to Sandor.


“Because I have Wildstar on the line now!” He said with a wide smile then switched on the video screen making everyone look up and cheered.

“Hello Sandor, how’s my ship?” Wildstar face appeared on the screen smiling.


“Wildstar you don’t know how glad I am to see you.” Sandor grinned. Relieve that he was alive. “We’re still making repairs on her.”

010.jpg“Have the stats ready for me when I board.”

“Where is Nova, Wildstar?”

“She’s right here.” He said as Nova step behind him. “Well Sandor what are you waiting for, come get us.” He ordered with a smile.

“Aye aye, Captain.” Sandor saluted then turned to the bridge crew “Well you heard him, prepare to return to Zazba we’re picking up the captain.”

“Sir, I have Lieutenant Miamoto on the intercom.” Dash said.

“Put him through.”

“Captain, we have a problem with the engine.”

“How bad?”

“I think you need to see this.”

“On my way, Dash take over.”

Sandor ran down to the engine room as fast as he could. “What’s the problem?”

“Sandor the cartridge to the wave motion engine is in need of repair.” Miamato said as he pointed to a crack that ran half way through the base of the machine.

“Will we be able to warp back to Zazba.

“It will be pushing her, but I think I can fix it enough to get us there.”

“How long will it take to repair it?”

“I should have it fix in about 4 hours.”

“Do it, we have to go get the captain.”

“Right away sir.”


Planet Zazba

Resistance headquarters


“Captain Wildstar I really don’t think that Nova agrees with your plan.” Namir said

Wildstar looked over to his wife that was talking to the Queen. “I know, but I know that your prime minister would love to get his hands on me. It’s been years, but I’m sure that presenting me to him will distract him from the real mission.”

“Yes it would. I believe the term is he wants you so bad he can taste it.” Namir repeated something Julie told him.

“Yeah, that’s pretty much true.” Wildstar grinned. He looked over once again to where Nova stood then excused himself. “Namir, if you don’t mind. I should go talk with my deputy captain.” Namir nodded his way understanding all too well what Nova must be going through.

He walked over to Nova and put his arms through hers. “Why don’t we go for a walk?” He suggested as he led her out of the castle and into a small garden. “How are you, Nova?”

“How do you expect me to feel?” she snapped.

“Babe, I’ll be fine. Trust me when I say I’m not going in there without a backup plan.” He tried to assure her. “I will have my own men there to back me up.”

“Derek, I don’t want you to go.”

“Nova,” he placed his hand on her face and rubbed it softly. “I promise I will come back to you. There’s nothing in this universe that would stop me from that.”

“You can’t promise that.” She looked away from him as tears started to build up in her eyes.

“Yes I can, I have never made a promise to you that I never kept.” He smiled at her trying to ease her fear. “Nova, have I ever let you down?”

She looked into his eyes and nodded. “No you haven’t. So you better.” She grabbed his collar and then kissed him.

“Anyway, I have to come back. We have to start that family we talked about.” His eyes danced as he said it. “Come on we need to prepare for our return to the Argo. I’m sure Sandor has had enough of taking control. I wonder if he has any hair left.” Still feeling doubt Nova just nodded to what her husband and Captain said.


Space Battleship ARGO


“Warp complete, check all systems.” Sandor said from the captain’s chair.

“Communication system working, sir.” Dash called out.

“Radar checks out, sir.”

“How about our guns? Sandor asked.

“Sir they managed to make all major repairs before warping. They are out there now making the final adjustments. We should have everything on line before Captain Wildstar broads the ship.”

“Good. Mr. Miamoto, how’s our engine holding up?” Sandor asked.

Miamoto listen to his radio and then turned to Sandor with a twisted face. “Sir we have a problem. I was just informed that the cartridge has a big hole in it. They’re telling me that it is beyond repair.”

“Go check it out and report back to me as soon as you can.”

“Aye aye sir.” He jumped up saluted and ran off the bridge.

“Alright people, make sure all stats are ready for when Captain Wildstar broads.” He said out loud as everyone looked at him. Sandor stared back at them then yelled out “WELL WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR, MOVE IT PEOPLE!”



Bolar flagship

26,000 miles from planet Rhima


“What do you mean she is in the infirmary?” Bemlayze snapped.

“She was feeling sick and I brought her to get checked out.  The doctors found a deadly virus that can be transmitted within 48 hours. They have her in isolation so far she is the only one with the virus, the doctor says we are lucky to have caught it before it was spread throughout the ship. I have brought you this one to your liking sir. She is much better in taste, I hope that you will enjoy her.” Kaif said bowing to his prime minister.

Bemlayze looked over to the girl. She was heavier and a bit older but he wasn’t taking a chance with a virus. “Fine leave her.” He ordered Kaif.

Kaif bowed and walked out of the room. He chose her specifically remembering when her planet tried to invade their planet many years ago. Their women were as ruthless as the men, slaughtering women and children like wild pigs. He didn’t give it a second thought of him taking the women. She was one of the worst that were captured. She fought harder than the men and it took 4 Bolar solider to finally bring her down. Since then they managed to break her spirit. She was broken enough to bring her to him. With a smile on his face he walked into the infirmary straight to the room that held Pasha.  She was sitting up looking out the portal of the ship looking as they came into Bolar air space. She smiled at him as he enter the room. “Hello Pasha, how are you?”

“Good thank you Kaif. The doctor has been very nice, he says that they will be waiting for me once we dock.”

“That’s great news. I’m glad that you are doing better.”

“I want to thank you for all you’ve done for me. One day when all this is over I would like for you to meet my family and have dinner.” She held his hand in hers.

“I would like that very much. But first you must finish getting better.” He said as he pushed some hair from her face. “We should be docking in a few hours, I’m sure that my friend has everything ready for you and before you know it you will be back with your family.”

Pasha suddenly felt panic and her grip on his hand tighten. “Kaif what if they don’t want me back or worst yet, what if they are all  . . . .” she looked away

“You need not worry I am sure that they are still alive and they are your family. They would be happy to see that you are still alive.” He tried to assure her. “And if not, you can stay with me.”

Her face lit up “REALLY!” she asked, there was something about the young officer that intrigued her. She was starting to like him more than a friend. He has been the only one that finally stepped in and helped her from that monster. ‘A year in the clutches of that mad man’ she thought to herself ‘Not one Bolar try to help me escape in fear that they would be found out and killed.’

“Now we should be docking soon. I am giving you a name. . .” he said as he handed her a piece of paper. “If you need to get in touch with me look him up. He will know how to reach me.”

“Kaif thank you.”

“Go and live a good life. Stay away from here for a few months. A lot will happen and I am hoping that you will be able to return to a new Bolar Federation.”

“Kaif please keep safe.” She said wanting to stay by his side.

Kaif heart tug at the young girl. Something about her made him want to protect her at all cost. “I will Pasha. I better go before someone catches on to what we are doing.” He lean down and kiss her on the cheek that sent chills throughout her body.



EDF Battleship Argo

10,000 miles from Zazba surface

1342 hours


“Welcome back aboard captain.” Sandor said as Wildstar stepped off the shuttle. “It’s good to see you again.”

“Thank you Sandor. Pesh have all the officers in the conference room for a meeting in an hour. Sandor my quarters please.”

“Aye aye sir.” They both said in unison.

“Commander Forrester, pleased make sure that all reports are ready.” Wildstar order. He wanted to keep her busy enough to talk with Sandor.

“Yes sir” she saluted and ran to get everything ready.

As Wildstar walked into his quarters he threw his jacket and cover to the bed and sat behind his desk. He knew in order for his plan to work he had to get Sandor aboard. Knowing that if Nova had her way she would have the crew stop him from doing what he wanted to do.

“So how did it feel taking command of her?”

Sweat of relief ran down his face all he could do was grin at his friend. “I have to give you and Nova props. How you two manage to keep your professional life and private life separate is beyond me.”

“Oh, and what is that suppose to mean.” He asked intrigued.

“Well you’re going to read it in one of the reports, but I had to confront my fiancé as a captain. Something I only wished I could have given her a harsher sentence. Lucky for her Pesh and Howard gave her her punishment.”

“Hmm I see. I’ll deal with that later. Sandor I’m going to need your help. Namir and I will be teaming up for this next mission and I’m going to need your support.”

With caution Sandor sat down across from him and asked. “What is it you have in mind?”

“I know Nova disagrees with me on this one. But I know that it will work.” Wildstar began to tell him what he was planning as Sandor sat there shock that he would put his life into the hands of someone that he barely knew. “So what do you think?” Sandor sat silently before answering him. “You know she will fight you teeth and bone.”

“Do you blame her Wildstar? She has a right to worry. You’re putting your life in the hands of a Bolar.”

“Trust me I won’t be alone in this. I’m not putting my life on the line for him. I want this to be over with so I can go home and start a family.”

“A family?”

“Nova has finally said that she wants to start a family but only after this is all done” Wildstar said with a grin. “So I pretty much want this over with so I can make her happy.”

“It’s not going to be easy but I’m behind you.”

“Thank you Sandor, now let’s go and get this over with.”


EDF Battleship Argo

Conference Room

1530 hours

Present: Captain Derek Wildstar, Deputy Captain (Commander) Nova Forrester Wildstar, Commander Stephen Sandor, Lieutenant Commander Anthony Pesci, Lieutenant Commander Denise Howard Pesci, Lt Commander Tony Delvechio, Lieutenant Yvette Ortiz, Commander Eager, Commander Dashell Dash, Corporal Justin Sato, Staff Sergeant Kevin Booker.

“I would like to thank you all for a job well done in my absences. Lieutenant Ortiz, I would like to speak to you after the meeting.” He said as Yvey nodded. “Now, what I am about to say I know I will get some negative feedback but I want you all to bear with me. I have talked with Captain Namir about his next step. He will be heading over to Planet Rhima in hopes of taking out the Prime Minister once and for all.”

“The plan sir?” Pesci asked.

“Namir will be returning to Rhima explaining that he was taken prisoner. He will then present the Prime Minister with a special gift. Something that will distract him from the real mission.”

“And that would be sir?” Delvechio said.

“Me,” Wildstar said. They all looked up and gasped at his answer. They all turned to Nova and Sandor for any signs of disapproval. Nova stood next to her husband gaunt while Sandor show no emotion.

“But sir how can you trust a Bolar with your life. I will go.” Pesci said.

“No, I will need you to lead the fighters in the attacks. Dee, you will go with me also as a prisoner.”

“I’m going too.” Sato said.

“Very well, Booker you will lead the recon group down with the Bolar resistance group. They will have people waiting for them on the planet that will help in the overtake of the Bolar guards. Commander Forrester.” Wildstar said giving her a nod to turn on the floor video. “This is a lay out of the Bolar command center on Rhima. This is where we will land, if Namir is correct we will be brought to this section here. He will present us to the prime minister. The recon group will land here in this section about a mile from the base.”

“But sir, how will the ship go in without being detected.” Howard asked.

“Piggy back, their radars won’t detect both ships if we go in piggy back. Once we get a mile from the landing you will descend down to this area and make your way to the base.” Wildstar said then looked around. Seeing their concerned faces he continued. “Trust me we are not be going there unprepared. Now what are the stats of the Argo?”

Sandor : “she took major hits Wildstar. We managed to fix our guns and whatever exterior sections that were damaged. But . . .”

“But what?”

“Our wave cartridge suffered some major damage. We were in the process of fixing her but when we made our final warp here it made it worse. We’re going to need a new part completely.”

“How long would we have to wait on the part?”

“Dash how are our communication systems?” Sandor asked.

“Their all on line.”

Sandor continued “If we call right away we could get them here in about two or three weeks.”

“How about trying to get the part from Deslock?” Wildstar asked.

“That would save us a heap load of time. But would he have the part?”

“Only one way to find out.” Wildstar said. “Dash establish communications with Gamilon. Also call back to Earth and have them send the part anyway. That way if we can’t fix it on Gamilon we will have the part coming. How long will the part make it to Gamilon.

“Give it another week, that’s if the part is sent right away.” Sandor said.

“See whose arms you can twist to get it out ASAP. Call in any favor we have left. Anything else?”

“No sir” they all said.

“Very well, dismiss. Lieutenant Ortiz my quarters.” He ordered.

“Yes sir.” She said her heart beat faster.



19889_00-12-15_122_527lo[1].jpgCaptain’s quarters


Yvey stood before her captain praying that he would not ground her from flying. Wildstar sat behind his desk staring at her. “I’m not gonna get into what happen. I’ll read the report later a little closer. Commander Sandor filled me in on what happen and the punishment that was handed down to you. I concur with it. Yvey, what were you thinking. That was not you. I’m not going to sit here and judge it, lord knows I’ve done some stupid things also. But I expect better from you and everyone else. You almost gave him a stroke not to mention the fact that you almost killed your fellow pilot. The last thing I want is to inform my friend that something happen to you.” Wildstar snapped. Standing up he walked around and stood in front of her. “Yvey, Just don’t do it again.”

With wide eyes Yvey stood at attention shocked at what he said last. “Yes sir, I’ve learn my lesson.”

“Good now get your fighter ready. We are going to need you in this one, dismissed!” Wildstar said. “And Yvey?”

“Yes sir.”

“Can you just be a good friend and have a talk with Nova. She’s really taking this part of the mission hard and I know she’s worried.” Wildstar said.

Smiling at her friend she said, “Sure skipper. But do you blame her?”

“I keep getting the same answer from everyone. But no I don’t blame her. Thank you, now get out of here and get to work.” He ordered.

Throwing himself back in his chair he looked out into the dark sky. Closing his eyes, he heard his intercom buzzer going off. “Yes?” he said.

“Captain Wildstar. Captain Namir is asking permission to board.” Dash said.

“Permission granted. Inform him I will meet him on the flight pad.”

“Yes sir.”


Flight Pad

1816 hours


“Welcome aboard the Argo Captain Namir,” Wildstar saluted.

“Thank you captain, I am assuming that you have spoken to your crew.” Namir asked.

“Yes. So what do I owe this pleasure of your presence.

“Captain I wish a favor.” Namir said.

Wildstar knew what his favor would be and smile. “I think she would love to see you Namir. Why don’t you go visit and then we can go over our plans. Marine,” Wildstar ordered. “Please take the captain down to Lieutenant Commander Tolbert’s quarters.”

“Aye aye sir.” He saluted and then said. “ Right this way Captain.”

Julie sat on her bed reading a book Nova gave her. She flip the pages back and forth not interested in what was on the pages. All she thought about was her son, ‘I wonder how big he’s gotten. Is he smiling, is he laughing. Is he eating well. Oh gosh Saku I miss you so much.’ Tears began to form in her eyes as she thought more about him. Her thoughts were interrupted when someone began to open the door. Getting up she stood at attention waiting for who would walk through the door. Her eyes widen as she saw him standing before her. “NAMIR!” she yelled and jumped into his arms.

“Julie my love. How I missed you so.”

“Oh Namir, how is Saku, is he eating? Is he sleeping well? Tell me everything.” She asked anxiously.

“He’s doing just fine. Missing you a whole bunch and he is not the only one that misses you.” Namir leaned forward and kissed her.

“I’ve missed you too.”

“How are they treating you?”

“Nova arranged for me to be moved here instead of the brig. It’s been okay but I miss my son so much.” She said sadly. “She has been so nice to me. She tries to visit, but the last few days she hasn’t come. I managed to get information from the guard. Are they alright?”

“Yes, your captain is now back on board as well as Nova. Things will be going faster soon enough. Our next steps to removing the prime minister is in the works. Your Captain has volunteer to be my prisoner in order to distract Bemlayze.”

“WHAT! No Namir, you can’t let him. What if something happens and it goes wrong. Nova would have lost her husband. I can’t allow this to happen.” She said angrily. “It’s bad enough that I put them through what I did. I can’t allow it to happen!” she slammed her hand on the desk.

“Julie, I try to stop him. But he is set on doing this. Do you think that I want him there. I cannot live with myself if something happens to him. But your captain is head strong in doing this himself.”

“Namir you have to just tell him no.”

“I’ve tried but he is a stubborn man. I promise I will do everything in my powers to make sure nothing happens to him.”

“Argh, men! What is it with you men? You men can’t seem to be happy with what you have. That is why wars are started. You look to conquer other worlds for what.” She preached.

“For the women they love. That is why. Julie please I don’t want to spend my time here arguing with you.” He huffed. “Now if you just relax I have something for you.” He said then reached into his pocket bringing out a photograph. “Here, Naruto’s wife had sent this.”

With tears streaming down Julie held the picture of her son. “He’s so big.”

“This is why I fight. For you and our son. I want this war to end so he doesn’t have to fight like so many young men.”  He said as he held her close to him. “I love you Julie, and we will be together someday.”

“That will all depend on what happens after this is all done and we go back to Earth. I know that Derek and Nova are going to put a good word in for me. But I have done some bad things that I must face punishment for. I just hope that I will be able to see Saku grow to be a good man like his father.”

“And he will. Julie I have to go and speak with Wildstar I will come back and see you before I go.” He hugged and kissed her one last time then knock on the door.


Captains Quarters


“How was your visit with Julie?” Wildstar said as he shook his hand.


“Hmm, I wish there something I can do but . . . .”

“It’s alright captain. She is prepared to face what she has done.” Namir looked down with heavy heart. “She is an extraordinary woman.”

“That she is, Namir. I knew I saw something in her a long time ago. I’m only sorry that she saw herself too late.”

“Yes, thank you Derek.” Namir said. “I guess you have some input on what our next step will be.”

“I have. Namir it’s not that I don’t trust you but there will be another change to our plan. Two of my men will accompany us for our little meeting with the prime minister.”

“Understandable. Anything else.”

Wildstar lean forward and said. “We WILL be armed. I don’t care how you do it but there’s no way I’m going in there with my pants wrapped around my ankles. Also I will have my own reconnaissance join with yours.” Wildstar said with a stern look.

Namir grinned at his friend. “Not that you don’t trust me, but I understand. Very well I will inform my men.”

“My ship is in need of repair Namir. I am hoping that Deslock can help us. We need to repair the ship before we head to Rhima.”

“How long will it take?”

“My chief engineer thinks few weeks. We are sending word now to Earth for the parts.” Wildstar said.

“I still have to contact my men in Rhima and inform them that our plan is still on schedule. It will give you enough time to have your ship repair.”

“Good, I . . . .” Wildstar began to say.

“Captain Wildstar,” Dash’s voice came over the intercom. “I have Emperor Deslock on the line.”

“I will be right down Dash.” Wildstar stood up and said. “Captain if you don’t mind I should take this call. I’ll have my corporal show you back to your ship.”

“Derek, if it’s not too much to ask may I see Julie before I go?”

Wildstar nodded and call in his guard “Corporal Sato, please escort the captain back to Lieutenant Commander Tolbert’s quarters.”

“Yes sir.”

“We will speak later.” Wildstar said.


Argo Bridge

Wildstar walked onto the bridge as everyone stood at attention. “At ease everyone, Dash put him through.”

“Aye aye sir.” Dash answered.

Wildstar looked up as the screen as Deslock face appeared. “Emperor Deslock.”

“Wildstar it’s good to hear from you. I suspect that all is well?”

“Well Deslock, we are need of some repairs and I was hoping that your engineers can help us out. If we wait for Earth it may take longer to get to us.”

“Of course, when will you be here.

Wildstar looked over to Sandor. “1 week” he told him.

“1 week.” Wildstar repeated.

“I will have my best engineer waiting for your arrival. It will be good to see you again Wildstar I will inform Devina and the children that you and Nova are coming. Deslock out.” He said then the screen went black.

“Alright people, prepare for morning departure. We leave at 0500 hours.” Wildstar called out. He looked around and notice Nova was nowhere in sight. ‘Wonder where she is at?’ “Sandor” he walked over to where he was at.

“Yes captain.”

“Have you seen Nova?”

“Not since the meeting.” Sandor said. “I think she is trying to avoid you.”

“Yeah, she’s not too happy with the plan. Make sure that you and everyone get some sleep it’s going to be a long four days before we make it to Gamilon.” Wildstar said then headed off the bridge. He walked down to the observation room to find it empty. ‘Where is she’ he thought. He walked down to the officer’s quarters and nodded at the marine that stood guard. Wildstar knocked on the door and then heard footsteps shuffling around the room.

“Hold on a minute please.” He heard Julie call out.

Wildstar blushed at what he just interrupted and waited patiently until he heard her say “Enter.” Slowly he opened the door and peeked in. “Am I interrupting anything?”

“No not at all.” Julie blushed.

Namir stood to the side blushing as he zipped up his jacket. Wildstar try to give her a stern look, but new their situation and over looked what went on within the quarters. “How goes the visit.”

“Oh Namir was just showing me some pictures of Saku.” Julie quickly answered.

“Hmm, Namir we will be leaving first thing to Gamilon. Deslock will be expecting us there in a week. Because it will be impossible to warp in the condition that the Argo is in we have to go the old route.  Once we arrive I am hoping that his engineers will be able to fix the problem.”

“Wildstar Julie and I talked over something and I would like to meet you at Gamilon.”

 “You do know that Deslock is not to keen on the two of you at this point.” He said with concern.

“I know, but I would like to try to make a mends with him and put that behind us.”

“Uh Namir I don’t think you’re getting what I am saying. He wants you dead.”

With a big sigh he said. “That’s a chance I have to take. I think once the prime minister is out of the picture it is important to know that Deslock will not swoop in and try to take control of Bolar territory. That is why I have to make a mends with him.”

“Well it’s your life. I can only try to stop him. I know Deslock for a long time and he is set in his ways.” Wildstar said.

“Derek, Namir has inform me that you will be his prisoner.” Julie said as Wildstar nodded yes. “Are you out of your mind. What does Nova say about this? I know she is not happy with it.”

“Nova was here?”

“Yes she stopped by at the same time as Namir. She looks really worried.” Julie added “I agree with her you’re the captain and should be on ship.”

“I think I heard this speech before. But I do appreciate your input. Well Namir I will leave you two alone. The guard will be ready to leave in an hour.” Wildstar advised. “I will let Deslock know that you will be arriving shortly after we do. Julie, is there anything you need?”

“Only my son.” She said sadly.

Wildstar gave her a nod and left. Walking back to his quarters his mind race as to how he will control the meeting with Namir and Deslock. He walked into his quarters and walked into the head. Throwing some cold water on his and lost in his own thoughts he never saw Nova sitting up in bed. ‘Gosh it’s been a long day.’ He thought as he walked back into the room. A smile came to his face when he saw his wife sitting up in bed. “Hello, I’ve been looking for you.” He said. “Were you avoiding me.

With weary smile she said. “Not really. I just needed time alone?”

Wildstar began to take off his uniform and then made his way to their bed. “So what have you been up to since we came back.” He asked as he wrapped his arm around her bringing her closer to him.

“Well, I went over all the repair reports, took notes of all missing or destroy ships. I took inventory of all parts that will have to be replace when we reach Gamilon. Check on our communication with Earth. Made sure that all our guns are working and on line. Did a head count on our crew, cleaned the room. Cleaned the bathroom. Made dinner and visited Julie.”

“You’re joking, right?”

“Only the cooking part.” She smirked.

“Wow, I guess they gave me the best deputy captain in the whole EDF. You’re great.” He said then gave her a kiss on the forehead.

“All the reports are on your desk. You just have to look them over and sign off on some of them.”

“All that and still manage to look great.”

“Derek . . .”

“Nova I know how you feel about my going. But it’s my decision and I think by my being there it will end this once and for all.”

“But anything could go wrong Derek and I don’t see the fact of you risking your life is such a good idea.”

“Nov, nothing will go wrong I promise. I’ll have Sato and Dee there. Come on I’m gonna need you to be strong. I can’t have you distracted about my decision. I need you to stay focus. And when this is all over we’ll go home and start our family.” He try to sway her. “Now do you trust me?”

“I trust you, but . . . .”

“Nov, if you feel that you can’t stay focused then maybe you should . . .”

“I got it Derek, I’ll stay focus.” She snapped.

“Thank you.” He said then gave her a kiss on the cheek. “Now we need to get some sleep. We leave first thing in the morning and to tell you the truth I am beat.”

She lean over and said, “Derek, just promise me that you’ll be alright.”

“I promise.” He said as he looked up at her.

Nova laid on his chest hearing his heart beat pound through. She slip into an uneasy sleep. Her mind still racing as she slept.  Her nightmares taking over her sleep, as she dreamt of the day she was beaten. How she call for him to stop ‘please no more, please.’ The dreams switched from her beatings to his death. She toss and turned as she slept tears running down her face.



Planet Rhima

Undisclosed location

0312 hours


Walking into the room Kaif wondered about Pasha. His attention soon focused on the men scattering around. The movement in the air was exciting. He wondered what happen in the time that they were gone. Quickly he grabbed another officer and asked. “What’s going on?”

“Captain Namir is still alive.”

With a smile on his face he felt the stress fade from his body. Namir was back, the plan will now succeed. “Is he on the radio now?”

“Yes he is?” the officer replied.

Kaif made his way to the radio and place his hand on the operators shoulder. He quickly got up and Kaif took his place. “This is Kaif, Namir. It is good to hear your voice. You don’t know how happy everyone here is relieved to know your well.”

“Kaif my good friend, it’s good to hear your voice also.” He heard Namir say. “How is our price pig doing?”

“As usual, making a pig of himself.” Kaif grinned, happy to hear his voice. “Are we still on track with our plan?”

“Yes, only there is a slight change in our package.” Namir said.

“There is? Is the time the same?”

“The time is still the same. Our package will no longer be the queen bee.”

“Who then?”

“It’s the throne on his side.”


“I repeat the throne on his side.”

Kaif face stared at the microphone. Was he actually telling him that the captain of the Argo would be replacing the queen? “How did you manage this?”

“He volunteered. Our plan will move as plan. At the moment I am on my way to Gamilon in hopes to meet with the Emperor.”

“But Namir he will . . . .”

“I have heard it already, but I must make sure once we take him out that he does not attempt to take over. We will need him as an ally in order to maintain peace. I will put my life in the hands of our new allied. I am certain that he will not allow any harm to me. Also, when we arrive, it will be imperative that we keep our package armed. See that you make sure it happens. If anything goes wrong we will have to prepare for a battle larger then what we have been fighting. I know for sure that Gamilon will then step in for sure. Now is everything set?”

“Yes Namir, we have everything ready. I will make sure that all is in place.”

“Very well, I will be in touch next week.” Namir said. “May the universe let us succeed in this final mission.

Kaif switched off the radio and stood up. “Alright everyone, looks like we are on schedule.”