Onward With Love…

Chapter Thirty

By Yuki Wildstar

Planet Zazba

Mount Tizben

11th of May, 2206

0725 Earth Hours


Derek got up first and began to get dressed, glancing over to his sleeping wife. He put on his boots. He noticed their little friend sleeping near Nova, like a cat would near your feet. He grabbed his gun and went back to the ship, picking up the transponder that Nova left near the door. He walked out of the cave and made his way up the ridge to place the transponder. ‘Gosh it’s cold out here, lucky for us we found that spot’ he thought to himself. He climbed higher and higher so he could place it somewhere that they can read it. He stood high and look around him ‘wow nothing for miles but snow and ice’ he thought as he put the transponder down in the snow and switched it on. Then turned around and made his way down the mountain back to the Cosmo Hound. He started to look over the ships communication system, turning it on and off in hopes that he would get something, ‘Damn nothing, I’ll work more on it later’ he thought. Giving up after trying for over 30 minutes he left the ship and went back to where Nova was.

He stood over his wife’s sleeping body, lean over and began to shake her lightly.  “Nov, hey wake up its morning.”

Nova eyes open slowly and turn to look him in the face, “Hey.”

“Hey, how are you, feel better?”

“Yeah” she smiled up at him then realized that she was naked under the blankets. “Is my uniform dry?”

“Should be let me check” he walked over to where he hung her clothes and check “Yeah it’s dry” he said as he brought it over to her. “Here you go.”

“Thanks.” she said as she dressed.

“I took the transponder to the ridge and turned it on. Now we wait some more and hope that they come back soon.”

“And what do we do in the mean time, Skipper?”

“We can go explore further into the cave and see what we find, but first we should look over the Cosmo Hound.”

Nova looked down and saw the furry little creature lying next to where she was. “Do we have a new pet?”

“I think it’s looking for a friend we’ll deal with him later. Let’s go and see if we can fix the ship before we go for that walk.”

“Right Captain.”

They walked over and began to look over the ship’s engine. Derek pulled open the burnt panel and saw the controls, ‘burnt from the blast’ Wildstar thought then shook his head. “Doesn’t look like we’ll be able to fix it, it’s a miracle that we made it down in one piece”

“Nothing, Derek?”

“Nope, nothing, let’s hope that they are able to be back within the week or else we’re gonna have to make it back to the base.”

“You think we can get the communications back up?”

“You can try, but I doubt it.”

Nova walked into the ship and began to work through all the communications wires. “If I can just get the power generator to charge maybe we’ll be able to get enough juice to get it started.”

“Nov, it’s not gonna work.”

“Have you even tried?” she snapped.

“Actually, yeah I have this morning when you were sleeping. Not even Sandor is going to get the thing working.”

She blew some hair from her face and took another look at the panel still determined to fix the communication system.  As she move wires around and connected some together she stood back and looked over to Derek. “I guess the damn thing is broken.”

Derek smiled at her and said “Told you, but I like to see you get dirty.”

“Well, Captain maybe it’s time for that walk.”

“Okay let’s go and explore,” he said as he held out his hand. They walked deeper into the cave looking around at the rocks and lava tubes. They both touch and looked at the lavacicles that were formed on the walls and ceilings on the cave walls. Further down they came to a lava pillar that stood about 20 feet up almost touching the ceiling. Nova ran her hand down touching the pillar that was black and smooth almost like an onyx feeling.

“This is beautiful,” Nova said still looking up at the pillar.

“Sure is.” Derek said as he walked over to another opening. “Hey, this looks interesting.”

“What is it?” Nova lean over and looked in his direction.

“This cave looks like it runs for miles into the mountain.”

“Should we follow it?”

“Naw, it looks like it will take hours. Hey there little one, are you following us?” Derek looked down as he felt the little creature rubbing against his leg.

“I think we have a new pet, Derek.”

“Well I don’t know, but then again we haven’t seen any other ones.” Derek bent down and began to pet the little creature.

“Why don’t we take him back with us?”

“We’ll see I don’t want to take it away from its habitat.”

“Oh come on Pesty here will be a great pet for the Argo.” Nova picked it up and it rubbed its self against her.

“Oh no,” Derek whine with a grin.


“You gave it a name I think we just got ourselves a new pet.”

“Did not.”

“Pesty, if that’s not a name then I don’t know what is.”

Nova giggled at him, he knew her all too well. “Maybe we should get back, looks like these caves can go on forever and we don’t want to get lost in here, no one will ever find us.”

“I think your right, okay Pesty let’s get back to the ship.” Derek said looking at Nova and their new found friend and pet.

Walking back to the cave’s entrance they stopped to hear voices coming from where the ship was. Derek looked over to Nova and put his finger over his lips. Nova nodded and stood behind him. Derek looked around the cave wall and saw two images standing near the ship. As one walked into the light he saw him in a Bolar uniform.  ‘Damn, not now’ he thought to himself. He turned to Nova and pointed to the back of the cave, and made their way there.

In a low voice Nova asked “What are we going to do?”

“You stay here and stay out of sight.” Derek told her. “Oh damn, were did Pesty go?” They both looked towards the opening and watched as Pesty made his way towards the two Bolar soldiers.

“Hey Taven, look at that thing.”

“Must be one of the creatures that live here, leave it alone we have to see if anyone is still here.”

“In this cold planet, I don’t think anyone would have survived the freezing temperature.” Kainier said.

“Yeah, well, we better check it out anyway. Don’t want to go back to the General and tell him that we didn’t look over the cave. Let’s split up, I’ll take the cave to the left and you take the one on the right.”

“Okay, but let’s not take a year and a day to get out of here. This place gives me the creeps.”

 “Let’s just get this over with…it’s cold in here.” Taven said.

They both headed in different direction. Derek looked over to where Nova was and motioned her to stay put, then headed in the direction of the Bolar soldier Taven went into. Nova watched as Derek went into the cavern after the Bolar soldier. She stayed within the shadows out of sight. She began to lean forward to take another look and slipped on a rock. Falling to the ground she quickly got up to see the other bolar soldier standing in front of her.

“Get up.” Kainier said as he pointed his weapon at her.

She stared up and got up slowly, putting her arms up in surrender.

“Who else is with you?”

“No one, it’s just me.”

“You’re lying, now who else is with y . . . .” he was ready to ask when he felt something on his leg. “What? You again, get out of here.” he said as he kicked Pesty to the side.

“Don’t do that.” Nova snapped at him.

“Or what, what can it do to me. He’s just an ugly little creature.”

“Just don’t hurt him.”

Kainier grabbed Nova by the arm and began to pull at her when Pesty started to make a snarling noise and his eyes began to grow bigger in size. He showed teeth that Nova and Derek didn’t see before. With fierce anger he jumped up and began to tear with his hands at the Bolar soldier. The soldier reached to Nova again and then Pesty began to dig its claws into his body.

“Make it stop, HELP! Make it stop,” he yelled out. Each time he reached for Nova Pesty became more enraged trying to protect her from him.

On the other side of the cave Taven heard the screams that came from the direction that his partner went and turn to run to his rescue. Running towards the entrance of his cave he smacked straight into Wildstar. He drew his weapon, but not quick enough to shoot. Wildstar squeezed his trigger setting off his weapon taking Taven down.  Wildstar checked his pulse ‘dead’ he said and then ran in the direction of the screams. Wildstar ran as fast as he could and came up to a scene from the animal kingdom. The little furry creature that they befriended was attacking the other Bolar soldier. Every time he reached out for Nova to help him Pesty began more enraged and attack him more furiously.

“Nova!” Wildstar yelled over the noise that Pesty was making and waved her over.

10[1].jpg“Derek!” She said making her way over to him and jumped into his arms…placing her face into his chest not wanting to look at what was happening.

Derek held her in his arms and moved away from the scene that took place. He walked her out of the cavern and pulled her away from him checking to see if she was hurt. “Are you alright?”

“Yes,” Nova shook in his arms. “He attacked him when he grabbed me.”

“Looks like he was protecting you from getting hurt.” Wildstar said when the screams stopped and they both turned to see as Pesty came from around the corner. Slowly walking over to Nova the little creature began to rub against her leg. Derek and Nova bent down and began to pet him on the head. “Thank you, Pesty. You helped out a lot with the Bolars.” Derek said as Pesty rub then curled up next to them. “Looks like he’ll be coming back with us, after all he saved your life.” Derek said as he stroked her face.

“We’d better prepare for more Bolars. Once they don’t check in they’ll come looking for them.”

“Yeah, you’re right babe, you stay here with Pesty. I’m sure that you will be safe with him. I’m gonna check out the entrance of the cave and also the ship.”

“Derek, please be careful.” She pulled at his arm.

“No worries babe, be back soon.” He said and gave her a kiss on the forehead.

He walked back to the ship and began to take out charges to set around the outside of the cave. He placed them 10 yards away and then returned back to the ship taking the remaining supplies and went back to where Nova and Pesty were.

“Well?” Nova looked at him relieved that he came back.

“I set some charges just in case. We better find some other way out. Once those chargers are set off, it will cause an avalanche. Let’s go.” He said as he started to pick up their supplies.

“Okay,” She said then pick up Pesty. “Come on Pesty, your coming with us. Which way Captain?”

“Let’s try that one tunnel. I felt air coming from there maybe it’s another way out.”

“Lead the way.”

They walked down further into the caverns with Pesty in tow. The wind pick up as they made their way further into the tunnel. They soon walked into an opening that glowed from the sunlight high above. Nova and Derek could feel the cold air coming down hitting their faces. Derek looked around the cavern and saw an easy way up.

“Looks like we have to head up, you stay down here with Pesty. I’ll climb up and see where it leads.” He said and then saw the concern face she had. “I promise I’ll be alright.”

With a half smirk Nova looked at Pesty that was still in her arms. “I’ll be okay Derek. I have Pesty here for protection.”

He gave them one final look and then began to climb up the wall. Nova could see him climb higher and higher until he was close to the opening.  Derek pulled himself up and out looking around to where they were. From the distance he could see over the mountain. He walked over to the edge and looked out past the ridge. He could tell they weren’t that far off the hidden base, ‘We must be close’ he walked a little further down and spotted a ship flying around as if they were looking for someone or something. He dive into the snow and covered himself with it so that they could not see him. He watched as they flew by several times and then flew off into the sunset. Wildstar quickly got up and ran back to the opening of the cavern and made his way down to where Nova and Pesty waited.

“What did you see?”

“We aren’t that far from the base, maybe a few miles. Also there’s a ship out there looking around and it’s not one of ours.”


“I really couldn’t make it out, but it could be.” He said.

“So now what do we do? With the Bolars still in the area it won’t be safe for the Argo to come get us.”

“Don’t worry Nova, Sandor’s a smart guy, they’ll just wait them out. Too bad Pesty here can’t show us the way to the base.”

“That would come in handy. Well skipper, which way?”

“Let’s try down here.”



EDF Battleship Argo

3rd Fleet

14,000 light years from Planet Zazba

Acting Captain Commander Stephen Sandor’s quarters

“Sir, I don’t think by punishing her will help at this point.” Pesci said “We will need her for the search of the Captain, plus she is one of our best pilots.”

“It’s still no excuse for her hot dogging out there. She could’ve gotten someone killed!” Sandor yelled at him.

“I understand sir and I will take care of her punishment personally.”

“Send her in here.” Sandor ordered as he fumed over what she did.

‘”Yes sir,” Pesci saluted and walked out of his quarters and into the hall. He looked over to Yvey that was standing against the wall listening to everything that was said.

“He sounds pretty mad,” Yvey looked down as she questioned Pesci.

“That pretty much covers it, you better get in there. I’ll hand down your punishment when he’s done.” he said under his breath.

Yvey stood tall in her 5 foot frame and walked into Sandor’s stateroom. She saluted then stood at attention. “Lieutenant Yvette Ortiz reporting as ordered.”

Sandor stood behind his desk and looked at her, “Lieutenant, it’s not like you to get cocky out there. But today you showed poor judgment, almost causing someone to get killed.”

“Sir, I had the enemy in sight I was just checking my tail when . . .”

“Don’t give me bull, Lieutenant. You used poor judgment and you almost killed your fellow pilot. Captain Wildstar wouldn’t stand for this and neither will I. Now I will leave the punishment up to your team leader. So better thank him that I don’t hand down the order, because if I did you would be grounded from flying even after we return to Earth. Do I make myself clear!?” Sandor said feeling her hatred towards him at that moment.

“Sir may I speak off the record,” Yvey asked.

“No, there nothing more to say, dismiss Lieutenant. I am sure that Commander Pesci has a job for you to do.” Sandor sat down and stared her down. ‘She’s not my fiancée she’s my officer and I have to treat her as such’ he thought to himself.

“Yes sir,” was all she could say. She saluted and then turned to leave his quarters.


She turned around and looked at him “Yes sir.” She said softly.

“I’m sorry to be so harsh, but I am the captain now and I have to act no different than Wildstar would. We still have to maintain the same protocol that he and Nova would. And in all consolation I do love you.”

Yvey smiled at him, “No te preocupar, papi. I still love you too.”

He gave her a smirk back and gave her a motion to go. Sitting down he lean back at his chair and took a deep breath. ‘Wildstar I hope that you’re alright.’

Yvey walked back to the hanger and stood before Pesci and Howard. “Sir, ma’am, Lieutenant Yvette Ortiz reporting.”

“Well Lieutenant, I’m sure that the captain has said more than enough about what happened. I won’t give you a repeat of how angry he was as well as myself. You are to report to the flight pad at 0500 tomorrow and help with the scrub down. Also you are grounded for two days and if you pull that stunt again you’ll be grounded for the remainder time out here. Do I make myself clear?” Pesci said with heavy heart. He didn’t want it to come to this but if the Captain was still here he would have dealt with her the same way.

“Yes sir.”

“Dismiss Lieutenant.” Howard said.

They watched as Yvey headed off the flight pad and out of sight. Pesci then turned to his wife and smiled.

“She’s a good pilot Pesh, but it wasn’t like her to act that way. Do you think we were a little hard on her?”

“Denise as one of our team leaders she has to set a perfect example to the others. If she shows off like that then everyone else thinks they can do it. She almost took out Dee for god sake.  I’m only glad that Wildstar wasn’t here cause her punishment would have been worst. And we need her right now once we head back to get the Captain.”

“I guess you’re right” Howard said. “I’ll go check on her and make sure she doesn’t beat Springer to a pulp. You go check on Sandor.”

“That’s why I love you so much you always know what I’m thinking.”

Sandor was just finishing up on reports before beginning what happen in the captain’s log when he heard a knock on the door. “Enter.”

Pesci walked in and saluted then stood at attention.

“At ease Commander.”

“Sir, Lieutenant Ortiz will report to the flight deck at 0500 tomorrow morning for her extra duty. I have also grounded her two days from flying her star fighter. Sir she wasn’t too happy about that.”

“She’s damn lucky I didn’t give her her punishment or else it would have been a week or longer. There was no excuse for her to act cocky, she should have known better.”

“Yes sir,” Pesci couldn’t say any more about that. “Sandor what do we do now?”

“We wait and hope that when we return back to Zazba that our Captain and Deputy Captain are still alive.”

“How long do we wait sir?”

“One day but considering that it looks like the whole Bolar fleet is there we might just have to wait a little longer.”

“Do you think that they are still alive?”

“We have to think they are. I really don’t like taking command of a whole fleet. It’s not exactly what I wanted in EDF but I’m stuck with the job now. Pesci to tell you the truth, I’m not cut out for this. Dash or even Eager is more suited for this job. My hair is turning gray as we speak.”

Pesci laughed “I’m sure that the Captain knew what he was doing when he left you in charge. If he has his confidence in you then I know that you can do the job.”

“Do you think I should go see Yvey now?”

“Uh Sandor I think its best you stay away for a day or two, at least until she calms down a little. She may have handled her sentencing calm, but I hate to be the one that sets her off.”

“Oh damn, maybe we need to keep her and Springer apart for a day or so.”

“Yeah I think your right. Howard is going over to their stateroom now. Let’s hope that she intervenes before Springer’s set her off.” Pesci rolled his eyes, crossed his chest and then gave a hail Mary in hopes that nothing more will happen with their friends temper.

“Knock, knock can I come in?” Howard asked as she peeked into the room.

Yvey looked up and gave her a half smile. “Sure I’m not too mad, so you’re safe. I’m sorry Denise I didn’t mean to get you caught up in this. I should have known better, Nova and Wildstar would have said the same thing. I hope that you’re not too mad at me.”

“Oh come on Yvey, you’re still my friend. We all have managed to separate our personal and professional lives. So nothing’s changed. Are you going to be alright with not getting into the cockpit?”

“I guess I’m happy that Stephen didn’t hand down that part, he would have me doing pots and pans for the duration of this mission.”

“Well that’s why he had me and Pesci give you that punishment. He didn’t want you to think that he was trying to keep you out of flying. Although I’m sure he would love that, but then again so would Pesh and the Captain.”

“Denise do you think their alright on the planet? I mean the hound didn’t look good going down.”

“If I know the Captain he has some cam lights lit up and is romancing Nova,” Denise smirked at the thought.

They both laughed at what she said when Springer walked into the room. “Well, well, well if isn’t the Argo Sorority. What’s the new gossip around ship?”

“Why don’t you just shut up for once, you bleach blonde bimbo,” Yvey snapped at her.

“You brainless dip stick,” Springer snapped back.

“Ladies please, I think we have more to deal with then make rude remarks to one another.” Howard said as she rolled her eyes to the two.

“I hear that our dear Lieutenant Tolbert is aboard the Argo, too bad that our Captain and Deputy Captain aren’t aboard it might have gotten interesting,” Springer purred at the thought of gossip.

“You know something you’re a real piece of work. I don’t know what Delvechio saw in you the first time. Although I know what he see in you now. You’re nothing more than a hump in the road for him now. Once we’re back on Earth he’s going to drop you like a bad space rash.” Howard snared at her.

“What did he say to you?” Springer said, as Howard knew that she struck a nerve.

“Yvey let’s go, I think we should check out what our acting Captain and your fiancé has got in store.” Howard glared over to Springer and knew that she hit a sore spot with her by saying that. “By the way have you two set a date yet?” she continued as they walked out the door and headed to the bridge laughing.



Planet Zazba

Resistance Headquarters

Main Control Room


“We better send out a rescue unit that was Captain Wildstar’s ship that went down.” Namir said to the Queen.

“Your right Namir, but its best that they go through the caverns, it will be safer.” Mariposa said.

“Lance Corporal Crowley.” Namir called over one of the Marines that Wildstar left behind. “We need you in the search for the Captain. Your highness, we need one of the best trackers you have, someone that knows their way around the caverns.”

“Tan get me someone that knows those caverns like the back of their hand.”

“Yes your Highness,” he bowed and left the room.

Lance Corporal Crowley stood next to Namir and said “I will need at least one more person in the search for Captain Wildstar”

“Kiran, you will assist in the search,” Namir ordered.

“Yes sir.”

“Namir, look on the screen,” Mariposa pointed.

“Bolar fighters, looks like their searching for the Cosmo Hound. We better move it. I don’t want them to get to the captain first.”

“Where is Tan? We need to move quickly!” Mariposa began to pace around the control room.

Tan walked in and following behind him someone that seemed to look like a young girl. “Tan, who is this?” Mariposa asked.

“Your Highness, this is Jasna,” Tan said as he bowed to the queen.

“Tan she is a child, I thought we had everyone evacuated?”

“I AM NOT A CHILD.” Jasna spoke with defiance.

“I cannot allow a child . . .” Mariposa started to say.

“Your highness, I can assure you that she is the best. She knows those caverns with her eyes closed. Jasna began exploring them since she was only 4 years old. If anyone can find them it will be her.” Tan said.

“We don’t have much time, if Tan says she is the best then so be it. Lance Corporal Crowley you’re in charge. What will you need to go in the caverns?” Namir asked.

“Those Caverns can go on for miles, there are many paths. But if your captain is smart as we all think he is. He will find the Cave that brings in the wind. We will go there first. We will need lights and water, or do any of you men need more to carry?” Jasna asked in the direction of the two soldiers to which they both gave her a dirty look.

“I think we will be able to keep up.” Crowley said with sarcasm.

“Good then let’s go, we have not a minute to lose.” she said as she grabbed some lantern and water canteen. Crowley and Kiran looked at the small girl then stared at each other. Jasna turned around and rolled her eyes at them “Well, are you two coming or do I have to do this on my own?”

Namir gave out a laugh and smirk at the gusty little girl, “You two better get going, keep an eye out for her. Or should I assume she will be looking out for you two.”




Into the caves . . . .


For hours they walked through caves, Jasna walked quickly huffing ever so often as she looked back to the two men trying to keep up.

“Will you two hurry up!” Jasna said as she looked behind her.

“Look little girl, no need to be a smart ass, and keep your voice down. We don’t want to attract any Bolars if they’re in here.” Crowley snapped at her.

“Then keep up!” she snapped back sucking on her teeth like a teenager would. As they went further and further into the caves, Jasna continue to walk at a high pace almost making the other two soldiers begin a trout like run. She took them through small narrow caves and Caves that opened up to huge caverns that a castle could fit in. Crowley and Kiran were amazed that she took them through caves only once. It took them most of the day till they came to the cavern that Wildstar and Nova slept at.

“They were here.” Crowley pointed to the blankets on the floor.

“But where are they now?” Kiran asked.

Jasna walked over to the entrance of the cave and saw a body. Letting out a gasp she held her hand to her face. Crowley and Kiran ran over and Crowley walked over slowly. His heart beating faster, he took the lantern and moved it over the body to see a bolar soldier on the ground. Kiran walked further out and called over to them both “Over here.” Jasna and Crowley ran over quickly and saw the Cosmo Hound within the entrance of the cave. Crowley ran into the ship and looked around. “Well anything?” Kiran asked as he watched Crowley walked off the ship with his head down.

“No one, they must have tried to make their way back to the base.”

Jasna stood at the entrance and pointed outside. “Over here, foot prints.”

“Stay where you are, don’t move!” Crowley screamed, as Kiran saw what he saw.

Jasna stood still and watched as they walked over to her slowly “Don’t move,” Crowley called out to her. “Jasna listen to me very carefully, I need you to move towards me in a straight line. You need to pick up your feet up very high. Don’t drag them, when I tell you I want you to take a step and then stop. Okay now come towards me, easy, that’s it. Now stop. Kiran, do you have something sharp, a knife or something?”

“Yea, but what are you going to do?”

“I need something like a mirror for the beam. I’m gonna slide it easily here and it will cut the beam off. Jasna on my mark get over here 1 2 3 NOW!” he yelled. She ran as fast as she could into Kiran arms, quickly Crowley removed the knife and walked back to where they both stood.

“How did you know that was there?” Kiran asked.

“I saw the beam when a cloud past by outside. I knew then that the Captain must have set them up. After they killed the bolar soldier, which means they’re still alive. Jasna are you alright?”

She nodded her head and then gain back her composure “They had to go that way, it’s the only way.”

“Let’s go we have no time to waste.” Crowley said. They all turned and headed in the direction where Nova and Derek went.




“Derek can we take a rest, we’ve been walking for hours and I’m pretty beat.”

“Sure babe, over here. We can rest over here.”

“It feels like we’ve walked every tunnel in this place and not getting anywhere. How long have we been walking?”

“Don’t know, but maybe we should call it a day and set up camp here.” Derek looked at her and could tell she was beat from all the walking. “I’ll get something to make a fire. You set up those extra blankets we brought. How are you on ammo?”

Nova looked over her weapon “I’m good, you go. I’ll be alright here with Pesty. Oh Derek?” she said as he was ready to go.

“Yeah babe…”

“Don’t get lost,” Nova smiled at him.

“I’ll try not to. I’ll be right back,” he said giving her a wink and then turned to leave.

Nova placed the blankets down and then sat down. Pesty walked over to her and cuddle up next to her. She petted him and wondered how they all came to this point then began to talk out loud speaking to the strange little creature. “Pesty, when is this ever going to end? I mean as long as I can remember my whole time with the Star Force there hasn’t been peace for long. I want so much to have a baby and I know Derek wants one too as much as I do if not more. But I don’t know about having one in this mess. I just hope that this is all over soon enough. So Pesty what do you think? Do you think this will be over soon? You’re just probably happy to be roaming these caverns looking for friends. Are there more of you, I wonder?” 

“Well I hope that it’s all over too.” Derek said as he walked towards her.

“Where you eavesdropping?” Nova asked smiling as she saw her husband walk back to her and Pesty.

“Sorry I couldn’t help it,” he said as he put some wood he found down on the ground. “I don’t think these will help but we can try. They might be a little damp”

“Well I guess we will have to cuddle together to keep warm,” Nova giggled.

“So what are we going to do about you?” he asked as he kneeled down beside her.

“Do about what?”

“About making you happier. I’m sorry that this is all happening yet again. I only wish I can make it all go away. So you and I can start a family, but to tell you the truth, I really wouldn’t mind starting now.”

“I know Derek, I know you would. Guess we have to wait and see what happens with our next steps. Namir has a lot riding on his plan let’s hope that it works.”

“Considering that Bemlayze has no clue that he is still alive it may just work.” He sat down facing her and started to put the wood in a pile in hopes to make a small fire. He began to try to make a fire, sparking a light enough to start a flame. “Well I’ll be,” he said and then turned to see his wife drifting off to sleep. He smiled at her and leaned over to cover her and then continue to get the fire going a little higher. Lying next to her, he placed her head on his chest, than gave her a kiss on the forehead as he whispered, “I love you.” Then he drifted off to sleep himself.



“Which way now?” Kiran asked.

“Not sure,” Jasna said as they all stood in the middle of the cavern that Derek climbed up.

“Over here.” Crowley called over his shoulder.

Kiran and Jasna hurried to where he was and stood in one of the entrances of a tunnel. “Do you smell that?”

“Smell what?” Kiran asked.

“I smell it,” Jasna said. “Do you think it’s them?”

“Who else could it be? Let’s follow it.” Crowley said.

They walked towards the scent of fire burning, “It seems like it’s coming from all of the caverns, which way now?” Kiran asked.

“These caves can get tricky, they make too many turns. Just when you think that you’re going in the right direction, you’re actually going in circle. One wrong mistake and you’ll wined up in the same place you started.” Jasna informed then.

“The smell seems stronger from this cave.” Crowley said pointing into the cave.

“Wait,” she said. “It may seem to come from one, it all depends were the wind is blowing.”

“What the devil is that thing!?” Kiran said as he saw Pesty walking towards them. Kiran raised his weapon at the small creature ready to shoot it when Jasna step in front of him.

“No don’t shoot, he is my friend!” she turned around and walked towards Pesty. “Hello there my Bucue how have you been?” she said softly as she petted it on the head. It began to rub itself on her hand.

“What is it?” Crowley asked.

“He is one of the creatures that roam the caves. This is his home he lives off anything he can get his hands on.” Crowley looked concern at what she said. “No need to worry, he is not a cannibal. He only eats bugs and whatever greenery he can find. But he can get aggressive if he feels his friends or his life is in danger. That’s what must have happened to the other Bolar soldier. So my friend have you seen the Earth Captain’s?” Pesty rubbed harder on her and began to walk into one of the caves. “He wants us to follow him, come on let’s go.” she said as she followed him into the cave.

They walked for about 20 minutes when Crowley asked, “Are you sure that he will lead us back to the captains?”

“He knows everything that is in these caves. If he knows where they are he will take us there or do you still intend to shoot him?”

Which Crowley gave her a look of disgust, “If he even looks at me funny, he’s history.

They walked more into the cave when the smell of burning wood became stronger. Crowley and Kiran drew their weapons and inched their way into the area. As they made their turn they saw Wildstar and Nova sleeping on the floor of the cave. Crowley walked over to Wildstar and shook him slightly.


Wildstar jumped and grabbed his weapon ready to shoot. He was surprised to see the Corporal standing over him and Nova. “Lance Corporal Crowley, it’s good to see you.” Wildstar smiled at him as Crowley helped him get up. He stood at attention and saluted as Wildstar saluted back and then shook the corporal’s hand. “So, has the Argo returned?” Wildstar asked.

“Not yet sir, Captain Namir sent us to find you and bring you back to the base.”


“Yes sir, this is Kiran and this little lady here is Jasna. She is the one that guided us through the caves.”

“Well thank you Jasna, let me wake up my Deputy Captain so that we can get started and return back to the base.” Wildstar said then knelt down to wake Nova “Nova wake up, we gotta go.”

Slowly she opened her eyes and saw Derek looking down on her. As she looked over his shoulder she saw Crowley standing behind him. “Is the Argo back?”

“No, but Namir sent in a rescue crew to locate us.” He said as he helped her to her feet. “This is Kiran and Jasna”

“Hello, how did you find us?” Nova asked.

“Bucue brought us to you,” Jasna said.

“Bucue?” Nova and Wildstar asked as they both looked at each other.

“This is Bucue” Jasna pointed to their friend Pesty.

“So that is your name?” Nova bent down and picked him up, “that is twice now that you have saved me. Thank you Bucue.”

“Sir I hate to break up all the introduction but we should be getting back,” Crowley said.

“Your right,” Wildstar then looked over to Jasna and said “Jasna, considering you know these caves more than we do, you lead the way.”

“Yes sir!” she said feeling grateful that he didn’t treat her like a child. “This way sir.”

They all walked through the caves Nova behind Jasna, Wildstar closely behind Nova and Kiran and Crowley in the back.

“Jasna, how old are you?” Nova asked.

“I am 19 in your earth years.”

“So young, but I was young when we started out for Iscandar. It’s a shame that we have to grow up so fast when it comes to war. Do you have family, Jasna?”

“I have a little brother, my mother and he left with the evacuees. I stayed behind with my uncle Tan to help in headquarters. They all think I am too young, but I can hold my own. If boys my age can fight so can I.” Nova smirked at the young women, she too remembered when they told her that she was a girl that she need to stay home and let the men fight. Jasna was head strong as she was when they left for Iscandar.

“How old is your brother, Jasna?”

“He is 12 of your earth years, and can’t wait until he can join the resistance. But I’m hoping that this will be all over and he wouldn’t have to join. I don’t want this for him, or any other child. If I fight now he won’t have to later.”

“That’s very admirable of you, I too know the feeling. Let’s hope that all goes well and your brother will never have to fight,” Nova smiled at her.

“Thank you ma’am,” she said then turned to Wildstar “We should rest here, and we can continue back in the morning.”

“Right,” Wildstar said. “Crowley, Kiran can you bring me up to speed on what’s going on since we landed un-expectedly.”

“Well sir, the Argo has made a warp to unknown space. The Bolars are still in the out skirts of the planet. They have not yet landed to search for the base. I don’t know why, I would think that they would invade and seek out the base, but all they have done is send out recon groups to look around, but it just doesn’t make sense.  It’s just strange.”

“I see that does sound strange,” Wildstar sat with the men and rubbed his face. “We better stay on our toes, Lance Corporal Crowley you and Kiran can get some sleep. I’ll stand watch. You are going to need it.”

“Sir I’m alright I can stand watch first,” Crowley said.

“No, get some rest I can’t depend on you if you’re tired. Now that’s an order get some sleep.” Wildstar said as he got up and walked over to where Nova and Jasna was.

“How do you know what he wants?” Nova asked still carious of their little friend.

“All you have to do is listen and watch,” Jasna said as Bucue sat next to her. “I haven’t been able to visit him for a while, we were forbidden to enter the caverns after your arrival. I worried about him and hope that he was okay. He can get himself into things if you don’t watch him.”

“I see, Captain Wildstar found him rummaging through our supplies and then our little friend managed to cover me under 10 feet of snow.” She said smiling at the little creature. “I’m glad that he has someone to take care of him. We were thinking of taking him back to the Argo with us, but I can see that he is happy with you.”

“He has helped me through these caverns many times when I was lost. One other reason for not leaving was because I didn’t want harm to come to him. He is my friend.” She said gazing at her friend.

“Hello ladies, I see that Pesty, uh Bucue has made his way into the lioness den. You lucky thing you,” Wildstar gave him a pat on the head as he sat down next to Nova.

“Captain Wildstar, Jasna and I were just talking about Bucue, and how determined she is to helping with the resistance,” Nova said.

“Well, considering that she can find her way around here, she’s alright with me. Looks to me that we were going in circles, we walked for hours and sometimes it looked like we walked by the same cave more than twice.”

“Yes sir you can go in circle here for hours before you realized that you’ve past the same turn more than once.” Jasna giggle at him, knowing that that’s exactly what they’ve been doing.

Wildstar smirked at her and knew she was thinking the same thing. “Ladies best that you two get some rest, I’ll stand watch for now.”

“I can stand watch with you. I think I’ve slept enough.” Nova said.

“Are you sure Nova, you never know when we’ll get sleep again.”

“Captain Wildstar, Bucue here is an excellent guard. He will protect us from someone sneaking up on us.” Jasna said.

“Yeah I see how he can be very protective. But any way, get some rest, Nova and I will stand guard.”

“Yes sir,” Jasna said as she crawled up with Bucue next to her.

“Guess it’s just you and I again captain.” Nova said as she and he walked over to another part of the cave and watched the area.

“Damn I was hoping to have a little more time alone with you.” He laughed.

“You’re a funny man, captain.” She said as she pushed at his arm. “Better go into over drive so this war ends and we can finally be alone.”

“I am so determined to do just that.” He said as they sat down.




EDF Headquarters, Control Room

It seemed like forever to control the straggling Bolar ships that try to enter the Earth Solar system. The Main Battle with Bolar took a day to win, but for almost a month they found more Bolars trying to control the space. With the Help of Captain Brunt at Pluto Base Station and Commander Qadan, Homer managed to keep the Bolars from gaining any ground. Now they were seeing less Bolar ships and were able to relax enough for Homer to contact Earth with good news.

“Captain Glitchman, what is your report?” Singleton asked.

“Sir all is going well, Commander Qadan was dead on with where the Bolar fleet was coming in. We have managed to defeat the fleet and Captain Brunt has the others on the run as we speak. We have a few Bolar that are trying to fight back but our forces are too strong.”

“Great job Homer, finish up and ask Commander Qadan to come to Earth we have much to discuss.” Singleton said.

“Admiral, aren’t we taking a chance having Bolars on Earth. This could be a trap and we could put everyone in danger” Stone snapped.

“General Stone we have to be hospitable to our allies in order to find out what is next for the Bolar fleet. If there’s any information that can be useful to us it’s best to be friendly to them.”

“We are taking the word of a captain and he is taking the word of that punk that thinks he can do as he wishes with that ship of his.”

“General Stone, why is it that you hate Captain Wildstar so much?” he asked intrigued at what his answer would be.

“I just don’t trust him, after that one incident back in 2201 it seems that everyone thinks he is such a hero . . . .”

“Stone, he is a Hero. He has saved this planet more than once with his instintic and we should be grateful that we have an experience officer and a great leader in EDF. So if there’s anything more let’s get down to the matter at hand. Put your personal feelings aside and focus on this new threat.”

He huffed, turned and left the control room. Singleton stood there watching him, ‘what is it with him and Wildstar. I never understood the hostility towards the boy, as far as I can remember he and Wildstar never had harsh words other then the incident when the Comet Empire try to take them over. But it was all for the greater good and if it wasn’t for his hunch back then, earth would be in the hands of the Comet Empire.’ He thought then turned to an officer “Ensign, I’ll be at my office please put all communication there and please inform me if anything comes up.”

“Yes Admiral,” he said as he stood at attention until he left the control room.



EDF Battleship Endeavor

Main Bridge

50,000 feet from the Earth’s surface


“Commander Qadan, my superiors request your presence back on Earth.” Homer said looking up into the main bridge screen.

“And to what do I owe this request?” he asked.

“Admiral Singleton would like to talk about our next steps in defeating the Bolars.”

“Very well permission to board the Endeavor, Captain.” He stood at attention and saluted.

“Permission granted,” Homer returned his salute, then wave over to the communication officer and motion to turn off the screen. “Ensign Secada, have them prepare for the Commanders Arrival. Have the Cosmo Hound ready to depart as soon as his ship is docked”

“Aye, sir” he saluted and then called down to the flight deck to expect the ships arrival.

“Mr. Lee please take command of the ship. I will be going down to Earth with Commander Qadan. She is in your hands.” Homer winked turned and left the bridge.

“Thank you sir, Captain leaving the bridge I now have command” Lee called out.

Homer walked down to the flight pad and watched as Commanders Qadan ship docked. He smiled to himself that he would have the opportunity to see his wife once more, and hope that he would have time to speak to her face to face and not on the video. The doors to Qadan shuttle opened and he step out, saluted Homer then put his hand out to shake it.

“Welcome aboard Commander Qadan, I would love to show you around but we must get down to Earth. My superiors are waiting for us so they may discuss what we can do next.”

“Captain Glitchman, have you heard anything from Captain Wildstar?”

“Not yet sir, but I am sure that he will be contacting headquarters soon enough. And you have you anything from Captain Namir?”

“No, unfortunately for us we have not heard anything. Shall we Captain?”

“Let’s go,” Homer waved him towards the Cosmo Hound and they both enter.  With precision Homer guided the ship down to Earth. Waiting for them on the flight strip Singleton and his aid Michelle stood next to the car. Homer step out first of the ship with Qadan behind him. He saluted his superior officer and Uncle-in-law then looked into the car and saw his wife sitting there. He smiled at her and then turned to introduce the officers.

“Sir this is Commander Qadan of the Resistance forces from Zazba. Commander this is our senior officer Admiral Charles Singleton.”

Both men saluted each other and then shook hands, “Commander thank you for your assistance in the battle off of Venus. Had you not come when you did, we might be meeting under different circumstances. Earth is grateful for your help.”

“Admiral, I still have not heard from my queen has there been any communication with your Captain Wildstar?”

“I’m sorry Commander, nothing yet. I have instructed our communication officer to see if they can get in contact with the Argo as we speak. If we hear anything I will make sure that we relay the message to you.”

“Thank you Admiral, sir I do believe our fight with the Bolar is over for the moment. As far as I know, that fleet was the only one sent to Earth. Prime Minister Bemlazy is exhausting his fleet, they are losing more to the resistance each day. For him to send such a large fleet to Earth has weakened his own forces, he is a fool. His only concern is to conquer your Space battleship Argo.”

“It seems that’s all they ever want,” Singleton smiled. “Come let’s go inside and talk some more, Homer I believe you would like to say hello to your wife.”

“Yes sir very much,” Homer smiled at her as she stepped out of the car and ran to him giving him a kiss.

“I take it that this is your mate, Captain?”

“Yes she is, Commander Qadan this is my wife Wendy Glitchman, Wendy this is Commander Qadan.”

“How do you do?” Qadan said as he bow to her then stood up as he notice her stomach “Are you with child?”

“Yes I am.” she smiled.

“Congratulation Captain.” he said to Homer.

“Thank you, if you will excuse me for a minute sir.” Homer said and then turned to his wife giving her a kiss on the lips. “I have missed you so much.” He said softly as he held her stomach with his hand.

“Me too” Wendy said looking into her husband eyes.

“We’ll talk later. I have to attend this meeting. Don’t leave I want to see you before I go.” Nodding she walked with Homer into the hanger as they began to talk about their next steps.

“Captain Glitchman, we have word from Captain Brunt that all is secure on Pluto base station. She has orders to stay with the fleet there until future notice. Now Commander Qadan” Singleton said as he turned to him, “Tell me what can we do to assist you in the war.”

“Admiral, I believe your Captain Wildstar has accomplished more than we expected with my Prime Minister. Leader Namir has set up a plan that will eliminate him for office once and for all. My sincerest apologies for his capture of your Commander Nova Forrester, unfortunately for Namir and myself we were present at one of those sessions that our late Hindleman was when interrogating her. She is a brave woman. I have never seen anyone with such spirit. I only wish that I was able to help her, but it would have given away my cover. My understanding is that she is back with the Star Force fighting alongside Captain Wildstar.”

“She is a special person, and one of my finest officers. Thank you, I will forward the message to them when I hear from them.”

“Admiral, Namir will be going to Rhima soon to set up the next step to his plan. Once he gets Bemlayze alone it will be then when he will make his next move. We have managed to get many of our resistances position within the Bolar headquarters. And if all works well, it will be then that we will over throw the Prime Minister.”

“Has the resistances grown that much enough to over throw the prime minister?” Homer asked.

“He has no idea how much it has grown.” Qadan said with a smirk on his face.

“How many are in the resistance?” Singleton asked.

“Let’s just say that the only ones that still believe in the old Bolar Federation are some top leaders and a very small amount of officers.”

“But why not overthrow the prime minister now, if there is not that many old Federation left?” asked Homer.

“We still have some that are between. They still fear the Prime Minister and his power. Unlike some think we still have honor in our species.”

“Understood,” Singleton said. “Commander please join us for dinner I would like to learn more about the resistances. It will give my captain time to spend with his wife.”

“Thank you sir,” Homer smiled and then looked over to Wendy that now stood in the distance rubbing her growing stomach.

“I would be honor Admiral, but first I must contact my ship and inform them that I will be awhile.”

“Captain Glitchman can you please show the Commander around with Wendy of course,” Singleton gave his niece a smile.

“Yes sir,” homer saluted and then turned to Qadan. “This way, Commander.”


They showed him around Great Island City and explain all that was done after the bombing from the Gamilon Empire. Last they took him down to where they build the underground cities. Further and further down to the cities they went.

“I have to admit you Earthlings are resourceful creatures. To build such cities in order to survive is truly remarkable. Instead of conquering other planets you fought for the one you have. Amazing.” He said in awe as he looked around.

“We never would go into other planets and take what is not ours. Earth is our home and as you can see our planet is beautiful and it has flourished since the attacks. We could never image living anywhere else.” Homer explained.

“Commander do you have family?” Wendy asked.

“Yes, my partner, uh Wife, lives on Zazba with the other families. But my prime minister does not know that. He only thinks that I have no one but the federation, I have two daughters,” He smiled “and they are my world. My oldest Astrina is 17 earth years and is madly in love with a young officer that I approve of. He is kind to her and treats her with respect and not because I am his superior officer. But because he loves her and my little one, Sari, she is 8 the star gleam of my eye. She is very inquisitive about her surroundings she can be much, feisty like her mother.” He said picturing them in his mind.


“You make them sound wonderful Commander Qadan, I can see that they are your pride and joy,” Wendy said with a smile.

“That they are, Glitchman wife.”

Wendy laughed at his notion of her name and corrected him. “Sir it is Mrs. Glitchman, here on earth we call married woman Mrs. in respect to the husbands. But you may call me Wendy it’s my first name.”

“I see, thank you Wendy,” Qadan grinned at the pretty girl. “Captain Glitchman you have an extort nary mate, she reminds me of Commander Forrester a brave female that endure much in the hands of that monster.”

“Commander Qadan we should be heading back, Wendy please be careful.” Homer took her hand and led them out of the underground city.



Planet Zazba


12th of May, 2206


It took them hours to reach the base but they all walked into the control room as the Queen and Namir were going over more plans. They both looked up and face the Captain and Deputy Captain as they walked into the room. “Captain Wildstar, it is good to see you again. I had my doubts that Jasna would find you, but I see that she is more than a child playing in caves. She has found and brought you back, Jasna job well done.” Namir said and then turned to Crowely and Kiran., “well I see that she kept you two out of trouble.”

“She was an excellent guide sir, she can be my tracker anytime,” Crowely said as he smiled over to her and then gave her a wink, making her blush.

“She is an excellent guide, thank you Jasna.  If wasn’t for you we would still be in the caves trying to find our way around.” Wildstar said then looked down at his feet “and you too Bucue. You were a great guardian to us.” He said patting it on the head.

“Well Captain we are grateful that you both are safe. It looks like the Bolar fleet is still sitting out of our space. I do believe they will be here for a while, so it’s best that we keep still and wait until they retreat back to their planet.” Namir informed Wildstar.

“Seems to me that they are very curious as to who landed here. We’ve already had a run in with two Bolar soldiers in the caves. Have you heard from the Argo Namir?” Wildstar asked.

“Nothing yet captain.”

Mariposa stood next to her raider tech and watched as the Bolar fleet blip sat on the screen. “They are still there, continue to monitor them. If they move please inform us right away.” She said to the tech and then turned to Namir and the others, “looks like they are not determined to find the base. We must be on our toes and hope that they give up and leave. ”

“Tan please take over.” Namir said.

“Yes sir,” he said as he bowed.

“Your highness, Captains, let us go and eat. We must keep up our strength. I am sure that if something comes up Tan will inform us.” Namir stood up and began to escort the Queen to the main dining hall as Wildstar and Nova followed.

Dinner was filled with situation and planning. Namir talked about how he had enough people in his favor to overthrow the prime minister and they talked about stratergies on how he was going to approach him. Once dinner was over they all talk with each other on other things. Namir walked away to a far part of the room and stood against the wall while drinking a glass of the queen’s wine. Nova was in midst of talking with one of the officers when she saw him walk away.

“Excuse me commander,” Nova said to the officer and walked over to where he stood. “Namir are you alright?”

“No Nova, I’m sorry I was just thinking about Julie and Saku,” Namir said. “I miss them so much.”

“I’m sorry Namir, all of this has been so complicated.”

“How can I raise my son without her? He is so small in this great universe and with a war going on. How can I . . . .” he trail off.

Nova step closer to him and wrapped her arms around him. Hugging him as he cried for the women he loved. “Namir everything will work out I can assure you this,” she said as she continue to hold him.

Wildstar talked with the Queen when he watched as his wife walk over to Namir and then saw her hug him.  ‘Wonder what that is all about’ he thought as he watched them continue to hug.

“Well Captain Wildstar it is getting late maybe we should all turned in and get some sleep,” Mariposa said.

“Ah yeah,” he said as he continue to watch his wife with the Captain.

“Kiran,” Mariposa called to the aid. “Please escort Captain Wildstar and his Deputy Captain to their room.”

“Yes your highness,” he said bowing.

“Goodnight your highness. Let me go fetch my wife that seems to be quite close with your Captain Namir.”  He said and walked to where they both were. “Nova honey lets go the Queen wants to turn in. Kiran here will escort us to our room. Namir are you alright?” he asked wondering what was going on between Nova and him.

“Now I am thanks to your wife, thank you Nova for listening.” Namir said as she let go her embrace and stood next to her husband.

“Anytime you need to talk I’m here for you.” She said softly wishing there was more she could do to help.

“Thank you, goodnight.” He sighed as he turned to go to his room.

“Goodnight Namir, babe Kiran is waiting to take us to our room we should get some sleep. It looks like another long day tomorrow.” Wildstar took hold of her hand and followed Kiran to their room.

Once in their quarters, Nova looked around and found some clothes for them to sleep. Derek placed his cover on the bed and sat down in a chair that sat across the bed. He began to take his shoes off and then his jacket when he looked up and said to his wife. “What’s going on with Namir?”

“He misses Julie and his son this is hard to deal with especially with a small child involved. He wants this to end and raise his son.”

“What are we going to do with Julie, Nov?” He sat back and asked.

She gave out a sigh and then took a few minutes to answer. “She still has to face what she has done. I feel for her Derek, I really do, but she still has to stand trial for all she has done. We lost many lives because of her. If it wasn’t for that I’d be more than happy to drop the whole thing.”

With a concern look Derek got up and placed his hands on her shoulder. “Are you sure that’s what you really want?”

“Derek, you told me to separate my personal feelings from my professional life. I am doing just that, I have to weigh out the pros and cons of what she did. I can forgive her for what she has done to me, but I cannot speak for the families that lost their loved ones because of her actions. That something she has to face when we get back to Earth.”

Taking her into his arms he hug her tight,“Nov, you’re gonna be a great captain someday.”

“Speaking of which skipper, do you think the Argo is alright?” she asked.

“She’s in good hands, Sandor may not like the position but he will do the right thing.” Derek said “Now let’s get some sleep.”




Deep Space

EDF Battleship ARGO

“Captain Sandor, we just got word back from Commander Pesci. He says that the Bolars are still in the area. Looks like their scouting the planet’s surface, no word on Captain Wildstar or the resistance base.”

“Very well, keep me inform if anything changes. I’m going to get something to eat. Dash, take command of her and when I get back you go and relax.”

“Aye aye sir. Captain leaving the bridge. I now have the con.” Dash called out.

Sandor walked down to the chow hall lost in his own thoughts when he bumped into Yvey. “Oh sorry I wasn’t looking where I was going,” he said. She hasn’t talked to him since he scolded her on her flying.

“How are you papi?” she asked him, as she saw the far away strain look on his face.

“Hello Yvey, so you’re still talking to me?”

“Of course I am. why wouldn’t I speak to you?”

“Well considering that we haven’t spoken in a few days, I thought you would want to stay away from me.”

“Papi, you’re the acting captain now. I wouldn’t expect you to treat me any different. You made your point and how can I hold that against you. Where are you going?”

“Down to the chow hall and try to eat something.”

“Great, so am I. Come on we can have lunch together.” she said as she put her arms around his and they headed towards the chow hall. They walked in and got something to eat, Sandor pointed to an empty table far in the corner. They walked by Eager and Howard as they talked about going back to get the captain. Sandor nodded in their direction while Yvey said hello to Howard and then walked over to the table.

“Stephen, when do you think we can get the Captain, It’s been over two days already.”

“We got word from Pesci and he says that the Bolar Fleet is still in the out skirts of Zazba. We are just going to have to wait until they leave.”

“Excuse me Sandor, Yvey. Do we have any news on them yet?” Howard said also carious as to when they will be returning for the captain.

“No Denise, nothing,” Sandor said. “When are you heading out on the next shift?”

“I’ll be going out in an hour and meet up with Pesh and Dee 20,000 mega meters from the Argo.”

“Who’s going with you Howard?” Yvey asked still hurting from being grounded.

“Some guy name Jory Venture from one of the other ships.”

“Venture?” Sandor looked at her confused.

“Yeah do you know him?” Howard asked.

“I’m not sure, it can’t be the same Jory Venture we new back in 2199.”

“Who is he?” Yvey asked.

“Mark had a baby brother name Jory, but we lost contact with him after Mark’s death. Wildstar is pretty good about keep in touch with everyone, but he just took off and moved to the states. And we haven’t heard from him since. I just assumed that he went to NYU and became a teacher or something.”

“Well he is coming over to the Argo in a few so we can go over the mission, if you want to see if that’s him?”

“I just might, I have to relieve Dash in a few, so I’ll try to make my way down there.”

“I’ll let him know that you want to see him, Captain. I better get going, I have to look over my ship and make sure that all is well before I take off. Sir,” she stood at attention and saluted, as Sandor gave her a quick salute back so she can go over her ship.

“Yvey, when are you getting into the cockpit?”

“Tomorrow,” she said grinning.

Sandor couldn’t help but let out a laugh, “I’m sure that you couldn’t wait.”

“It’s me papi, it’s my life, and I am sorry about what happened. I should have known better, I promise I’ll stick to the book. No more fancy flying when in battle.” She said crossing her heart then giving him a wink.

“You know I have to tell this to Wildstar when he gets back.”

“Yeah, I figured that and I take his punishment without any fights, I promise.”

“I’m sure he will just give you a good talking too and nothing more. Well I better get back I’ll see you around?” he asked.

“Of course papi,” she said as they both got up and walked out the door. Sandor went to the bridge and Yvey went to the Flight Pad for her next punishment helping with the scrubbing of the flight pad.

Sandor entered the bridge as some call out ‘attention on deck.’

“At ease everyone, Dash anything on our fighters?”

“No sir, nothing,” Dash replied.

“Very well, go get something to eat and get some rest. Your relief should be here soon, I can take control for now.”

“Thanks Sandor, if anything comes up call me,” stretching his legs he made his way off the bridge.

“Will do Dash, thanks, now go get some rest.” He’s been on duty since we warped like so many others. No sense in having a tired crew that won’t be able to function if something else comes up’ He took his place on Wildstar Captains chair and looked over the bridge. How I hate this position he thought to himself when the communication relief officer walked in.

“Sir, sorry I’m late,” He said as he saluted Sandor.

Feeling the strain of everything he was happy to see him there. “You’re not late, lieutenant. Take your station. I’m going to my quarters, so if anything comes up contact me there.”

“Aye sir.”




Bolar fleet

20,000 miles off Zazba surface

Bolar Flag ship, bridge


“Sire, we have looked over the planet three times and there is nothing to report.” The communication officer said.

“I’m dealing with incompetence. How can they not find a base that huge? Send them out again and make sure that they come back with something.” He bellowed then turned to the raider tech and asked “anything on the Argo?” The raider tech looked over to the Prime Minister fearing to give an answer. “WELL!” Bemlayze yelled.

“I’m so sorry sir, we have not. We tried to locate them with the warp dust several times and nothing.”

Bemlayze looked to his raider tech and grunted, “Damn the Star Force!” he said slamming his fist against a table.

“Sire, our fighters have just finished looking around the planet and still nothing. We also lost communication with two of our recon soldiers.”

“Why is it that there are 15 fighters out there and no one can find a simple ship or a base?” Bemlayze snapped with frustration. “Where was the last position that they were at?”

“Sir, they were about 40 miles from the snow cap mountain.”

“Send a fighter over there and see what happened to them.” He ordered.

“Yes sir, this is flag ship command, B12 fighter 134 please take heading N7 SW3, report back with findings.”

It took the fighter to find the other recon ship and land, they landed near the ship and both pilots jumped out to look around. One of the pilots walked over to the cave entrance while the other looked around the area.

“Hey, Mica do you hear that?”

“Hear what?”

“Sounds like a beacon or something.”

“You go check it out and I’ll check out the cave.”


As the one Bolar soldier walked up the mountain to where the transponder was he was thrown down by a huge explosion. Back up on the Flag ship, the explosion was caught on raider.

With wide eyes the radar tech swung his chair around and yelled to Bemlayze,“Sir I’ve just picked up an explosion on raider from the area where we sent our pilots.”

“WHAT!” Bemlayze turned to him. “Send in a group and find out what happened, NOW!”

“Yes sir,” the communication office snapped to attention and began to call down to their pilots. Within minutes five fighters where in the area searching the bomb explosive area.

“Over here!” One pilot called over to the others. They all huddle at what was left of the cave entrance and began to remove rocks and debris. It took an hour but they finally had enough space to look into the cave.

“Can you see in?”

“There was a ship, but I can’t make out if it’s one of ours or the enemy. Whoever it was it doesn’t look like they made it out alive. Report back to Bemlayze, informed him that whatever was here is now destroyed.”

“Maybe we should send someone in?” the other soldier said.

“It’s completely covered if you think that you can find something more then you go!” he snapped.

“I suppose you’re right, plus we have better things to do with our real mission.”

“Good, now tell them it was just a mine that was left here from another war, and let’s get back. We have to prepare for our next plan, if not we will never get rid of that monster.”

They all nodded in unison and then headed back to their ships to relay the message back to their flag ship and Prime Minister Bemlayze. “Sire, we have word from our recon, they have nothing to report. Only that there was a ship and it has been destroy. Unfortunately we lost 4 of our soldiers.”

“Have them come back, and get ready to head back to headquarters.”

“Yes sir.”

“Minano” He bellowed in frustration. Minano quickly stood in front of him and bowed. “Bring her to my quarters and once our pilots are back prepare to go back to Rhima.”

“As you wish sire,” he said still bowing than saluted and went to do his job.

Bemlayze left the bridge to much relief to his crew and went to his quarters to wait for Minano and the girl. He sat on his chair and waited thinking of what will he do next with the Star Force and the Argo. ‘Ah, I would love to get my hands on that Forrester and do as I wish. Too bad Hindleman didn’t use her for what she is worth. To have her as a slave and do my bidding would have been something. Her smooth skin and voluptuous body, I can just feel it next to mine.’ His thoughts were broken when he heard a knock on the door. “Enter!”

“Sir, I have her,” Minano said.

“Come in, you can leave Minano,” he said then turned to the young equestrian woman. She was fair-skinned with Blue eyes, slim built with flowing blonde hair. She stood in the corner of the room with fear in her eyes as she watched him come closer to her.

“Please I’m begging you, don’t,” she asked with fear in her voice.

“Sit down,” he pointed to his bed.

“Please, I can’t I still hurt from the last time.”

“Get over here,” he said as he grabbed her by the hair and threw her on the bed. He looked down on her and drooled over her body. She seemed almost as pretty as the Forrester woman and he began to get excited. He reached forward and ripped off what she had on and threw it to the middle of the floor. As he looked more at her body, his mouth started to foam with saliva that dripped onto her.

“Stay still or it will be worse,” he commanded.

She began to cry for what she knew was going to happen to her again. She thought about the one man she loved that was killed in front of her by him. Her thoughts began to drift away so as not to be mentally present for what was happening to her. She thought about her and Haruki on the beaches of their planet sitting on the white sandy beach watching the water come on to shore gently rolling up from the calm seas. How she long for the nights that they made love to each other, but it will never happened again now that he was gone forever. Because of this monster that laid on top of her taking her with every brutal stroke. Her thoughts were cut short when she felt his fist hit her face causing her eye to swell. He raised his hand again and slapped her hard across the face, splitting her mouth.

“I was speaking to you,” he grunted as he tried to finish.

“I’m sorry please don’t hit me,” she begged.

“I said do you love it when I take you?” he drooled at her body.

“Yes sire, yes,” she try not to cry from what he was doing to her. Quickly he finished leaving her on the bed curled up in a ball as he dressed.

“Get out!” he looked away in disgust.

She grabbed what was left of her rags and ran to the door. Opening it she ran into the arms of a bolar soldier that stood guard. The Soldier looked into the room and then at the young girl. Closing the door he turned to the young girl, took off his jacket and wrapped it around her. She looked up to him with her swollen eye, lip still bleeding from the slap he gave her and said “Thank you.”

With soft eyes he gave her a smile and wrapped his arm around her, then led her to his quarters so she could clean up. His heart reached out to her as to what happened. ‘That monster, how could he. She barely looks 20, so young to go through what she has in her short life.’ She walked out of the shower slowly hurting from what happened with a towel wrapped tightly around her.

“How are you?” he said with a soft tone. She stood there silent, afraid to speak not knowing what he was going to do to her. As he got up she jumped and backup to the wall. “Relax I’m not going to hurt you, I promise. I’m sorry that you had to go through that, how old are you?” he asked stepping back from her so she would calm down.

With tears building up in her eyes she lower her head and said “21”

“I have to bring you back to your cell soon. If you like you can rest here. I’ll make sure that no one bothers you.”

“What about . . .”

“I’ll just tell him you’re in the infirmary that will keep you safe for a short time. Now rest I’ll get you some clean clothes.”

“Why are you being so nice to me?” she questioned him not sure what to make of him.

“Do not fear me, I want nothing in return. I have a sister your age, she hides from the war. I see you and think of her and hope that she will never have to go through what you have. Please I promise I won’t hurt you, just rest.” He said and motioned her to lie down.

“Thank you” she said with a tired voice. He watched as she laid down and drifted off to sleep. He peeked out his door and locked it before making his way down the hall to get her clean clothes.