Onward With Love…

Chapter Three: A Battle and Wildstar’s Big Mistake


By Yuki Wildstar


With much appreciation to Fred Kopetz , he encouraged me to go for it. With his collaboration in this story about Derek and Nova it has turned out to be better than I thought it would. His vision with detailing and added script has made this so much more fun than expected.  You and Gail ROCK! Thanks for everything and I am so blessed to have a partner in writing.





Space Battleship Endeavor

Sector 8

Near Planet Mira

April 26, 2205

1000 Hours


Captain, there’s another wave of missiles coming at us!” Pratt yelled. “Sir, are you listening?”


The Endeavor was in a serious battle, and Captain Wildstar had been caught staring into space by his own crew. It had taken three weeks for the Endeavor to get to Planet Mira. Mira was all the way on the other side of Sector 8 and upon reaching the remote planet, Wildstar and his crew came under attack from the planet itself. With the enemy hitting the ship with full force, the Endeavor took a heavy beating. Captain Wildstar could not think of anything but what had happened on the video phone almost 3 weeks ago when he had last spoken with Nova. What was a man doing with her in our house? Derek thought.


Captain!” yelled Pratt.


“Yes, I hear you. Which direction are they coming from?” Wildstar tried to concentrate.


“They’re coming in on our starboard side, sir! Should we launch the flare missile so it will give us time to aim our guns, Sir? Sir?!”


“Lieutenant Ortiz….fire all guns down to planet Mira, I’ll bring the ship up another 10,000 meters.  That should give us some distance from their guns.  Lieutenant Wright, get a crew together and see if you can find where that damned base is at?” Lieutenant Commander Tolbert ordered.


“Yes, ma’am,” Lieutenant Wright saluted and ran for the door down to the Cosmo Hound.


“Captain Wildstar, maybe you should get some rest? You don’t look very well,” Tolbert said looking at Wildstar.


“What ….ah….yeah, sure. Take command, please…..I’ll be in my quarters,” Wildstar said completely distracted. His mind was thousands of lightyears away.


“Sir, is everything all right?” Tolbert asked him with concern in her voice.


“Yeah,” Wildstar replied, still completely out of it. He stumbled off the bridge. Then, he went to his quarters and looked out the huge window. He thought, I have to snap out of this. I’m putting my crew in danger. I don’t know what was going on at the house but I’m sure there was a logical explanation for what Nova was up to…if only I could have called her back. Nova, what’s going on?


Sir may I come in?” Tolbert asked.


Derek didn’t even hear anyone knocking at the door. “Yes, enter…Lieutenant Commander Tolbert, how’s it going down there? Any signs of the enemy?” Wildstar said trying to get back to business.


“No sir, not yet. Permission to speak freely?”


“Lieutenant Commander, if this is getting personal, then permission is denied,” Wildstar said, trying to avoid the question that he knew she was about to ask.


“I understand sir, but since you’re not focused on the mission right now, then I have a right as your First Officer to know what’s eating at you. Remember, sir, there are other lives at stake here!”


“Don’t you think I know that, Lieutenant! Don’t worry about me! I’m fine! You just stay out of this one. It’s none of your business, damnit!” Wildstar snapped at her.


“I’m sorry, sir, but it is my business when the Captain of this ship cannot focus long enough to give a simple order to return fire, damnit!” Tolbert snapped back.


“Just give me the report, Tolbert!” Wildstar whipped back. “Do that and get back to your post! That’s an order!”


“Very well then, sir. The Cosmo Hound landed 15 minutes ago on planet Mira. I think you should come back to the bridge ASAP, sir,” Tolbert said with a snap. She thought,  Hmmm trouble in Paradise with Nova? Could that be it? Is that what happened that he is so distracted? This might get interesting. Tolbert thought.


“Yes, I’ll be right down,” Wildstar said.


Wildstar entered the bridge with total focus on his work. Okay, I’m here now… I have to put things aside with Nova and get us the heck out of this situation.


Then, he snapped, “Lieutenant Miamato, get Lieutenant Wright on the wire, and let’s see what he’s found down there!”


“Yes sir” said Miamoto. He’s back, thank God. Miamato thought to himself.


A moment later, Wright came up on the Endeavor’s main screen. Derek snapped at him, “Wright, what’s the status down there? Have you found anything that looks like an enemy station?”


“No sir, I think they are underground somewhere. We are going to use the sonar panel to see if there’s any movement underground. We should get something back soon,” Wright reported back to Wildstar.


“Very well then, please keep me informed! Wildstar out. Lieutenant Commander Tolbert, you will keep the ship at this altitude! Keep us away from those missiles until we find that base,” Wildstar ordered.


“Yes, sir,” she replied in a flat voice with just a hint of a smirk on her face.





“Bevins, please keep the ship steady we have to find that base!” Wright called out from the back of the Cosmo Hound.


“Yes sir, sorry,” Bevins called back


“Now where are you, come on show yourself. I know your somewhere in this area but where?” Lieutenant Wright muttered as he continued to look at the sonar panel. “Sir, this is Lieutenant Wright! I’m going to need for you to bring the ship down 15,000 kilometers so as to lure them to fire their guns.”


“OK Wright; acknowledged! Tolbert, bring her down 15,000 kilometers. We are going to use her as bait to lure them out. Be careful, because we can’t take another hit,” Wildstar snapped.


“Yes sir, dropping her down 15,000 kilometers,” Tolbert called out.


The Endeavor dropped and waited for the next wave of missiles but nothing happened. “Sir, I think they are on to us; what should we do next?” Tolbert asked.


“Mister Miamato, get me the Cosmo Hound on a secure line,” Wildstar ordered.


“Yes, sir!”


“Lieutenant Wright, send back the Cosmo Hound with two men. I think they are onto us. If we send back the Hound, then they will think that we have given up, and they’ll just land. That’s when they’ll strike,” Wildstar said into the microphone. “I’ll call you back on the other frequency and order your return…that way they’ll think it’s not a trick, but a legitimate action of mine.”


“Yes sir…will do!”


Wildstar gave the order to Wright, and he sent back the Cosmo Hound, leaving him and five other men on the planet. Once the Cosmo Hound returned to the ship, Wildstar gave the order for the ship to start to descend on the planet. Just when the Endeavor came to 50,000 meters, the enemy base fired their missiles at her.


“I got the location now, sir! It’s L56NW by L135. Let’s fire on that spot!” Wright called into his helmet.


Wildstar gave the command to fire on those coordinates.


It was a direct hit.


But what happened next took them all by surprise......




Space Battleship Phoenix

Sector 8

Near Planet Turoc

April 26, 2205

1032 Hours


“Nova, do you think that they are all right?” Howard asked.


“Denise, I know that you may not believe me,” Nova replied from her post, “But I truly think they are, I can feel that Derek is still alive out there and we will find them, and soon!”


“How can you know that? The way they told me…is like they weren’t expecting us to find them!” Howard was frantic


“Denise you have to believe that they are alive!”


“Nova!” IQ-9 interrupted with his lights blinking.  “Sandor wants you at the conference room at once! You must come with me!”


“Okay IQ-9 let’s go….It might be something on the Endeavor!” Nova called out as she ran.


When Nova and Howard arrived in the conference room, Sandor was just finishing up his report to the Phoenix’s skipper, Captain Zarzour.


He was an older man; about the same age as Captain Avatar had been when they had all first met on the Argo years beforehand. 


However, he far was more unfriendly and distant, especially when it came down to the issue of women in the Defense Forces. His cold logic was that they should be home, barefoot and pregnant. He felt that women were only a distraction for his troops, and that they were here only to fight, and not to socialize in the least. He made his way past Nova and Howard, ignoring them without even a nod. Nova and Howard just stood at attention until he was out of the compartment. He gave Nova a visibly dirty look as he left. 


“What’s up, Sandor…have you spotted the Endeavor yet?” Nova asked, looking at him hopefully.


“Not yet, Nova, sorry. However, we do have information that they were in this area, and recently. We have seen wreckage from a battle here. It looks like they got into it with the Bolar Federation, and I’m not sure…but I think it was the Gamilons also.”


Nova stood back in shock, “What? Gamilons? Sandor, we’re not at war with them anymore! Desslok has been our friend for years now! Why would he fight with us?”


“I don’t think that Desslok was fighting our fleet, Nova. I think he was after the Bolar fleet. I think Derek just got in the middle of it, that’s all. His fleet took some heavy damage there.”                   


“But how can we find out?” Howard jumped in and asked.


“The best way I know is to go ask Desslok himself! Captain Zarzour has given the okay to go to Garuman-Gamilon. We are heading there now,” Sandor looked into Nova’s face and saw some relief.


“Commander, are we sure we should go there? Do you really trust him?” Howard looking nervous that they would actually considering going there after what he did to Earth many years ago.


“Yes we are, I know Desslok, and he would have contacted Derek if any of his fleets had encountered them. He would know where they went, I’m sure of it,” Nova sighed.


“I believe that too. We’re going to be warping to the Garuman-Gamilon Empire in 20 minutes,” Sandor told them.


“I guess we should get ready and get to our posts, right?” Nova told Howard.


Howard nodded. They both left.



Nova and Sandor reported to the bridge and took their places. Sandor sat at his seat with the computer readings, and Nova at the radar controls. She looked back at Captain Zarzour with a look of thank you. But he just glance at her with a nasty look that said, Go home and have babies, I’m only doing this because of our MEN that are out there and they need our help.


Howard returned to the flight deck where she was now a Black Tiger pilot. Pesci had encouraged her to go for it with these words;  You can do it, honey. You’d make an excellent pilot, just as well as any of us.


So with him pushing her she graduated top in her class in Flight Training. It was the proudest day in her life and Pesci’s. Now, she would be in the cockpit looking for the man that she fell in love with.


“Attention all hands, attention all hands this is Captain Zarzour, we will be warping in 5 minutes, secure all quarters. REPEAT, warping in 5 minutes, secure all stations!”


Well Pesci, we are coming for you and Derek, Howard thought. Let’s hope that Desslok really is the honorable man that Nova and Sandor say he is.


At that, the Phoenix’s helmsman said, “Warping in ten seconds. Five seconds! Five, FOUR, Three, Two, One…WARP!!!”


The Phoenix whizzed out in blue streaks of light.





The Phoenix arrived at Planet Garuman-Gamilon in three space warps towards the center of the Milky Way Galaxy.  Captain Zarzour called out to the communication officer to get a line open to Desslok .


“Sir, we have Desslok on the line. Should I put him through on the video panel?”


“Yes, please. I am Captain Alvin Zarzour of the EDF space battleship Phoenix. We are here to speak directly to the Emperor.”


Desslok’s image came up a moment later. “This is Emperor Desslok, how can I help you, Captain?” Desslok said in his smooth, even voice with a cold, calculating look on his face. He sat on his Imperial Throne with his usual drink in hand. “So, you’re from the Earth Government? Please speak quickly. I am a very busy man. I also do not suffer fools gladly. I pray that is understood.”


“Sir, we were sent here to look for the space batt......”


“Desslok!” Nova jumped in as she jumped up.


“Nova, my dear!” Desslok said as he sounded surprised and his face lit up as the tone of his voice changed. “Are you the First Officer of this vessel? How are you? I am most pleased to see you once again. Please come down as soon as possible, so we may talk. I am most interested in Captain Wildstar’s doings, as well as in yours.” Desslok smiled at her. “I assure you that I will give you all of my time.”


“My Lord, you just said you were very busy,” Nova said in a small voice as she blushed.


“For you, I would cancel my entire agenda for the day,” said Desslok with a smile.


“Lieutenant Commander Wildstar-Forrester, please sit your butt down!” snapped Captain Zarzour. “Be quiet and let me do the talking! He is a head of state, and not your long-lost cousin, Forrester! We are not here to have a tea party with him. We are here for information; that and only that! Are we clear on that, damn you? If you want my opinion of you, you are a rotten officer!” Captain Zarzour screamed as he came up to Nova and yelled in her face. “ARE WE CLEAR?”


“Yessir,” she said, abashed.


“I CAN’T HEAR YOU!” he snapped as if he was talking to a raw recruit.


“I SAID, YESSIR!” Nova barked back as she snapped to. She was close to being in tears. No one except for General Stone and her Cadet Company Commanders in her plebe year of ROTC had ever talked to her like that.


“Captain, I know that you are looking for Captain Wildstar,” said Desslok from the screen. “But I cannot tell you anything until I speak to Lieutenant Commander Wildstar-Forrester in person. I will see her at once. I will send an escort. I’ll be waiting, Captain,” Desslok signed off.


“Sandor, you are to go with the Lieutenant Commander down to the planet and get the information!” snapped Zarzour. “And Lieutenant Commander Forrester, if you ever do a stupid female stunt like that again on my command, I will have you brought up on charges! Is that clear?” Captain Zarzour said sternly.


“Yessir,” said Nova, as she looked down at her boots.


Zarzour smoothed down his little grey moustache, shook his head, and said, “Dismissed. Get out of my sight and have your tea party with that damn blue genocidal dictator,” he snapped. He said this while thinking, Women! If you ever do that again, it will be more than charges that you will get!


Zarzour had a 48-year old wife named Mona and a daughter of 19 named Samantha.


He regularly beat both of them when he was at home. He did not know it, but Mona Zarzour was sick of this and she was seeking a divorce.



Nova, Sandor and Howard took a medical ship down to Planet Garuman-Gamilon. They were met by one of Desslok’s aides who took them straight into the presence of Desslok himself.


Howard was scared of him.


She wasn’t sure what to expect; she remembered what had happened to Earth not long ago when it had been planet-bombed, and she remembered that he was the one who had done it…just five years ago. He had been their deadly enemy until one day less than four years ago when they had been fighting Prince Zordar.


Since, then, they said, he had become Earth’s ally…but could he truly be trusted?


Howard’s fears were eased a little when Nova curtsied to the Leader, and he smiled and stood, taking her hand and lightly kissing it. He said, “Nova my dear, how are you? You look just lovely…and Sandor, how are you?”


“I am well, Leader Desslok,” said Sandor.


Desslok nodded and looked in his direction until he got a glance at Howard. “And this lovely creature who may she be?” Desslok said, gently taking her hand in his. Howard almost pulled her hand away until she looked in Nova’s direction.


Nova gave her friend a look that said, don’t let him scare you.


Howard almost passed out, because Desslok scared her so badly. She also never knew how tall he was. He seemed to be close to seven feet tall. Sandor, who was 6’ 4”, looked short beside Desslok, and Nova, who was taller than she was, looked like an elfin little girl even at her 5’ 7” compared to the tall, muscular Emperor.


Sandor looked at Desslok and said, “This is Lieutenant Commander Denise Howard. She is one of the leaders of our Black Tiger Squadron. Her fiancée, Lieutenant Pesci, is on the Endeavor with Captain Wildstar. He is also a Pilot with the Black Tigers.” 


“Ah, yes….I had the pleasure of meeting the gentleman and the other pilot. There was also a Lieutenant Commander Tolbert that was by Wildstar’s side,” Desslok said to them.


Nova cringed at some other woman standing next to Derek, especially an ex-girlfriend.


Desslok continued with, “I know what brings you all this way to grace me with your presence. Your beloved was here almost 4 weeks ago, Nova. Not to worry…I will tell you what I told him.” Desslok then continued to tell them about the battle in Sector 8 and how he told Wildstar about the Bolar base on Planet Mira. “He left right afterwards to check things out, as you Earthlings would say. Now will you be staying or leaving as well?”


“Desslok I appreciate the information, thank you,” Nova said, looking at Sandor. “But you are right…we cannot stay. We haven’t heard from the Endeavor in weeks and we are looking for them. Thank you for the invitation, but we must decline it for now. Maybe another time we shall stay,” Nova said smiling at him.


“I understand, Nova. Please allow me to have my ships join in the search for the Endeavor. I would be most grateful to help in your search. I have many ships near sector 8. I ask you to allow me to do this,” Desslok said, looking at Nova while holding her hand


Nova nodded at the gesture, and then she looked at Sandor, who also agreed that it would be a great idea.


Desslok and his aides escorted Nova and the others back to the ship. “Good luck, Nova, I know you will find him. If my ships find the Endeavor first, I will relay the message back to the Phoenix.” Desslok kissed her hand and shook Sandor’s hand. “I pray that the next time you return, it will be with Captain Wildstar by your side as always. I feel you were meant to be together.”


“Thank you again, Desslok,” Nova turned and went into the shuttle with the others and took off, heading back to the Phoenix.




Planet Mira

Bolar Base

EDF Space Battleship Endeavor

April 26, 2205

1150 Hours


The space battleship Endeavor was suffering like a tormented animal in a trap. They were being attacked from all sides. Derek couldn’t figure out who they all were. The bridge tower was getting hit the heaviest by both laser fire and missiles. The Endeavor was now smoking in several places, and many ship‘s systems were out.


“Pratt, who are they?” Derek yelled. “Find out now! Ortiz, get those guns going! They’re pinning us down. Tolbert, keep the ship steady! Try to avoid those missiles.”


“Yes sir, I’m trying my best, sir!” Tolbert called back


“Sir I found out who they are, they’re Cometine battleships and destroyers! They must have joined forces with the Bolars!” Pratt yelled out.


“Cometines, I should have known! Joining forces with the Bolar Federation? That’s bad! Very bad! Okay people, let’s get this situation under control! Black Tigers…stay close to the ship don’t stray away…that’s what they want you to do!” Wildstar ordered


“Sir a whole new fleet just appeared on our radar and it looks like they’re going to fire,” Pratt said, trying to stay calm.


“Where are they?” Wildstar called out.


“They’re 100 megameters to our port side, and closing in fast! What do you want to do, sir?” Pratt watched his Captain to see what he was thinking. How are we going to get out of this one? We’re finished if we get attacked by another fleet! We’re already fighting over a hundred and fifty ships at once!


“Call in the fighter pilots,” Wildstar snapped. “Tolbert, turn the ship about to port! Aim all guns at the fleet. Watanabe, how quickly can we get the wave motion gun ready?”


“Sir it will take 2 minutes to get her at 100 percent charge!” Watanabe replied.


“Make it in one minute, or we are deep-sixed!” Wildstar commanded.


“Engine room, get the wave motion gun ready in one minute! We can’t wait! Get it right!” Watanabe yelled into the comm mike.


The engine room responded with, “Sir, this is Ensign Arsham! We are having a problem with the energy generator; it’s not responding to the fly wheel. If we can’t bring up power, we can’t fire the gun!”


“What?! Hold on I'm coming down now!” Watanabe ran out the hatch straight to the engine room.


“Watanabe, what’s going on down there…can you fix it?” Wildstar yelled over the blast sounds a moment later.


“Sir, the engine’s badly damaged, I’ll do my best!” Watanabe was not sure now if it could be fixed in time.


“Keep all guns aimed at the enemy Ortiz; don’t let up!” Wildstar said while trying to figure out what to do next.


“Sir there’s another ship, that just popped up on the screen! It’s only 1500 kilometers behind us,” Pratt looking confused as to who it was this time. “Vessel identified as…Garuman-Gamilon?”


A voice-only signal came up a moment later. Wildstar recognized the voice at once. “Endeavor, move out of the way! This is General Lugin of the Garuman-Gamilon Empire, in command of the Epsilon. We are here to offer aid, but you must move out of the way at once! Acknowledge this transmission!”


“You heard the general, acknowledge his transmission, Mister Miamoto! Tolbert, move her out of the way now!” Wildstar yelled.


“Acknowledging in secure code,” said Miamoto as his finger flew over the control keys.


“Turning about, to forty five degrees, accelerating on new heading,” said Tolbert.



“Sir!” said General Lugin’s comm officer aboard the Garuman-Gamilon space battleship Epsilon. “Endeavor has acknowledged our transmission in code and she is clearing the way to a new heading!”


“Good, that Wildstar fellow is not as suicidal as I thought he was, nor quite as stupid as I thought he was! I’d let him die, but we have our orders!” snapped Lugin. “Engineering sector, begin the energy charge procedure for firing our Desslok cannon!”


“Energy charge begun,” said the Epsilon’s engineer over the speakers. “Thirty seconds to firing! Recharge now at eighty percent,” he said as the Desslok gun began its pulsing charge-up sequence.


Lugin left his seat, and stood behind the ornate firing stand for his ship’s Desslok cannon as the hatch opened and the stand hissed up on its hydraulic lifts. Switches were flicked, and a targeting scope appeared right in his ship’s strange triangular bridge windows. “Locked right on to the enemy fleet!” he snapped.


“Energy level now at ninety-five percent,” said the engineer. “Thirty seconds to firing!”


“Wonderful,” said Lugin as he cocked a control on his firing grip. “Ten seconds to firing!”


As the Endeavor moved out of the Epsilon’s way, they watched as the Gamilon battleship set off its Desslok Cannon, destroying the enemy fleet in one shot. The crew on the Endeavor cheered. “Okay Ortiz, we’re no longer pinned down. Miamoto, send our thanks to General Lugin. Guys…let’s finish the base on planet Mira.”


“Yes sir,” Ortiz said.


“Lieutenant Commander Tolbert, turn the ship to Planet Mira now!”


“Yes, sir,” she acknowledged.


Wildstar then said, “Aim all guns at coordinates L534 by N68.”


“Locked on,” snapped Ortiz as the gun turrets turned. “FIRE!” Ortiz yelled to the gunners in the turrets.


The Endeavor fired, again, and again, and again. Deadly blue streams of plasma energy ripped into the Bolar base like knives going into a fine cut of meat. Soon, nothing was left of the base but flames and smoke.


“Send down the Black Tigers to confirm destruction of the base,” Wildstar said, sitting in his Captain’s chair, very relieved that they made it through with the help of the Epsilon. “Miamato, did they acknowledge our last transmission sending thanks?”


“No, sir,” said Miamoto.


“Well, patch me through to the Epsilon, please. Do it now!”


“Yes sir, putting a message up via video now!”


The video panel came up a moment later. General Lugin appeared; he looked very annoyed.


Lugin looked at Wildstar and said, “Boy, what is it that you want now? Here to whine at me about your issues of morality? I do not share your outmoded morals! We are a military organization! You were not quick enough in getting out of my way! Whose side are you on anyway, Wildstar? Sentimental fool!”


“General Lugin, this is Captain Derek Wildstar. I thank you for your help...”


“You thank me? HAH!” laughed Lugin coldly. “You slowpoke! You wooly-pated, slow-witted lad! Save it for Emperor Desslok, it was his order for me to come back here and help you. I was just following orders! I, on the other hand, would have just let you perish after the last talk we had, you fool! You are not a military commander! You are a boy barely out of his teens who thinks that you know everything! Maybe this battle will teach you that there is no room for the weak in warfare! Evolve or die, Derek Wildstar! That is all I have to say to you now. Good day!”  The screen went black.


On the Epsilon, Lugin’s new Executive Officer, a fat man named Gwaltney, looked at Lugin and said, “Sir, was that necessary?”


“Was what necessary?” snapped Lugin as he sat back down at his command seat, where he flipped a switch and clapped his hands once. A moment later, a blue girl servant clad in a headdress and short red skirt appeared with a goblet of wine. She knelt before Lugin and offered him the goblet. Lugin accepted the goblet and said, “Thank you, Mina. Back to your point, Gwaltney?”


“Sir, was it necessary for you to give the Earthling Captain the rough side of your tongue like that?”


“Gwaltney, we are trained and made for battle, battle, and battle. The boy slowed me down a few weeks ago with his notions of fairness and morality and he got in my way. He is an idiot, but maybe he has potential,” said Lugin as he drank his brandy-like wine. “Or he would have potential if he had a better ship. That vessel he is in command of is an overstuffed piece of junk with an inadequate armour belt. Soft, like him. On the other hand, if he had the old Yamato back…now, the Yamato, or the Argo as they used to call her…that was a proper ship! The lad might fight harder if he had a better ship?”


“Are they really going to be our allies in this new war against the Bolars and what is left of the Cometines?” said Gwaltney.


“I hope not,” purred Lugin. “If they are going to be, they’d better grow up. A lot.” Then, Lugin laughed like a madman.



On the Endeavor, Wildstar wiped his brow. He was tired, and it seemed that the battle was over, and that they had survived. This time.


“Captain, this is Lieutenant Delvechio…we have just passed over the Bolar base and it is totally destroyed.”


“Good return to the ship, Lieutenant Wright, what is the damage report?” Wildstar looked towards Wright.


“Sir we have major damage to the upper levels of the ship. Our wave motion engine has been hit and they are working at getting her repaired. We have ten dead and thirty-six injured, ten of those severely injured. We lost two pilots in the fight. Our flight bay has also been hit, and 10 percent of our guns are not working. Most of the officers’ quarters were damaged, and long-range communications were badly damaged. The Communications Group is working on getting the alternate antenna coils patched in now.”


“Thank you Lieutenant. Make sure all the repairs are done as quickly as possible. I’ll call EDF Headquarters soon, and give them the update. Miamato is the auxiliary comm unit up yet?”


“Sorry sir, not yet, but we are working on it,” said Miamoto.


“Very well…call me when you get it going again. Lieutenant Commander Tolbert, I think you need a break. You are relieved. Lieutenant Miamato, take over the bridge.”


“Yes sir” both replied.


Wildstar went straight to his cabin and fell into a deep sleep. He was awakened by a knock on the hatch twelve hours later.


“Who is it?” Wildstar said with annoyance.


“Sir it’s Lieutenant Commander Tolbert!”


“Come in, what is it?”


“Well, sir…the Officers’ Quarters were damaged, and my cabin was also damaged by smoke and fire-fighting foam. It is a mess. My bunk is ruined. I was thinking that maybe I can crash here for a little sleep. It seems everyone is trying to grab someone to bunk with, sir.”


“Here? I….I…I don’t know. Tolbert, you do remember I’m married, right?” said Wildstar as he looked at his picture of Nova. “How would it look? And news travels fast in the Fleet.”


“Oh, come on sir, I have nowhere to go and I’m pretty beat!”


Derek sighed. “Oh all right. I’ve slept enough. I need to work on some things at my desk. Go ahead take my bunk and get some sleep for a few hours. If I need to sleep again, I can go down to the gym and find a mat to crash on.” Derek was a little amused at this, because he remembered a time when he had shared his cabin with Nova before they were married. It was after the battle of the Rainbow Galaxy in 2200. the Argo had been badly damaged, and Nova’s cabin was in similar shape. Derek had been very gallant, and had given Nova his pajama top to wear while he slept on the deck rolled up in some blankets. He remembered they had talked quite a bit while he had tried to keep from looking too hard at Nova’s long, beautiful bare legs.


“Thank you, sir…” Tolbert stretched out onto his bunk after removing her boots, and she was soon fast asleep.





Phoenix to Endeavor come in Endeavor! Sir, I think their communications must still be out…they are not responding to our call!”


“Very well then,” said Captain Zarzour. “Sandor take one of the Cosmo Hounds with Lieutenant Commander Forrester and Miss Howard and see if you can get on board that ship.” Zarzour thought, Good! At least I can get her and the other one off my ship…maybe for good.. Women officers….what a waste of training. They shouldn’t even be allowed in this man’s military.


“Yes, sir.” Sandor saluted and nodded to Nova….she just saluted the Captain and went to the flight deck.




The Vicinity of Planet Mira

EDF Space Battleship Endeavor

April 27, 2205

0312 Hours


Wildstar sat at his desk finishing up his reports and checking on how everything was going with the repairs. He finally was able to sit back in his chair and close his eyes and just think about Nova at greater length for the first time since this battle started.


He was worried. He still wondered who the man that answered the phone was. He looked across his cabin and watched Lieutenant Commander Tolbert sleeping and he decided to take a quick shower to calm his jittery nerves. He felt ragged in his uniform and needed to wake up more. He took a quick look at Nova’s picture and went into the shower, locking the door behind him. 


Lieutenant Commander Tolbert woke up, stretched out and yawned. She managed to take her socks off and had unzipped her uniform mid way, going down to her navel. She was hot. She usually slept in the nude, and she thought, Why did I end up here, with him watching? Oh hell, maybe I should just strip down and have some fun with him? A midnight snack? Screw Nova, he won’t be able to resist me if I get naked and put on the romantic music.


She walked over to Wildstar’s desk and saw a small radio. She turned it on and “Babe” by Styx came on. Just then both doors opened up at the same time. Wildstar was walking out of the shower with a towel wrapped around his mid-waist and Nova was throwing open the other door. They all stood there just staring at each other like some French bedroom farce.


“Derek?” Nova was confused at what she saw. “Now, what is going on here?”


“Nova is that really you? I’m not sleepwalking?” Derek looked at her smiling. Then he saw the expression on Nova’s face. It was shock, mingled with annoyance and anger. He turned around to see Tolbert standing there uniform half way unzip.


Lieutenant Commander Julie Tolbert just stared at both of them HAH! Oh boy, this may not look good. But I couldn’t plan it any better. After they argue, I can have my midnight snack, maybe…and maybe him. She’ll divorce him for this! This is good!


“Derek, what’s going on here?” Nova said, looking more in Julie’s direction. The look she gave her said one word; TRAMP!


“Nova it, it’s not what you think…and we really need to talk ourselves!” Derek said, trying to be calm after all he wanted questions answered too. Like what were you doing with a strange man in our house? Derek thought.


“Wildstar! How ar...” Sandor stepped in and noticed the scene.  Uh-oh, this is not a good time, he thought.


“Sandor!” Wildstar said trying to change the subject before things got out of hand “This is a surprise! Seeing you and Nova here, I mean. Uh…yeah! I’m glad to see you guys!”


“I’ll bet it is a surprise,” Nova said with sadness and anger in her voice. “Especially given what I think I just interrupted? That is one of our favorite songs on the stereo, Derek!” She wasn’t letting him change the subject. She kept staring from Derek to Julie.


“Lieutenant Commander Tolbert, I think you should leave now…” Derek turned and waved Julie out. “Sandor, can you give us a minute?” Derek knew he had to deal with this now.


“Yes, sir,” Tolbert and Sandor said while heading out the door quickly.


Derek was left staring at Nova. She had her hands on her yellow-clad hips, and she looked as angry as a hornet. “You have some explaining to do, Mister!” she snapped.


“Nova, this is not what it looks like!”


“No, then what is it?” Nova said with anger in her voice. “Is this a new form of interpretive dance performance? The adultery dance? The screw around behind the wife’s back rumba?”


“Please, Nova sit down.” Derek said, trying to grab her by her arm to have her sit.


“Don’t you touch me, Derek! What the hell is going on here??” she yelled as tears of rage ran down her cheeks. “Come on! I didn’t fall off the damn turnip truck out of Colorado last week or something! Why was she here in your room with her uniform open and you were almost naked in a towel?”


“Rainbow Galaxy, remember?” said Derek.


Rainbow Galaxy?” Nova snapped. “What kind of crap is that?


“Nova, please stay calm, nothing happened here. Remember that battle we had at Rainbow Galaxy when you had to crash in my room in 2200 right as we were becoming an item due to damage to the ship? It was just like that. Totally innocent! I promise you this, the officers’ quarters on this ship were badly damaged in the battle and she had nowhere to sleep. Foam and smoke damage to her cabin. It happens.”


“Yes, all sorts of things happen,” Nova snapped. “If I even keep you, do I need to get you outfitted with a chastity belt?”


“Nova, that is not what happened!” Derek barked. “It was like Rainbow Galaxy. Damaged ship! Damaged cabins! She had no place to go! So I let her stay here, that’s all, I promise you! I just jumped in the shower to change before I headed back onto the bridge. Nova, please don’t look at me like that! It’s the truth?”


“Is it?” Nova responded.


“I would never do anything to hurt you, Nova. I love you. Not her! Between you and me and the bulkhead, I can barely stand serving with her! I wish they would have made you my First Officer! I asked for you in the first place, and I got her instead! Do you think I like that? Hell no!”


“Derek, I’m not sure what to think about this now,” Nova looking at the mess in the room with apprehension on her face. She picked up one of Julie’s socks. “God! Her smelly sock! She forgot it. Her socks in your cabin. What else was about to come off her? Her dog tags? Her bra? Her panties? What a man-stealing slut. And to think you let a mutt like that in your cabin when you are already married to me?”


“Nova, please! Do you honestly think something happened here? And I wouldn’t be the one to talk!” Derek turned away “You have some explainin’ to do for me, yourself, Lucy! Who was that guy that answered the video phone at our house? Huh? I never got an answer for that. Who was that? And why was he there? Did you get lonely all of a sudden one night and decide to play games behind my back?”


“That was Doctor Fritz from the Hospital, Derek! He is a Staff Pediatrician! He and the Staff were at the house for a meeting because a young patient had just died! I asked them to have it at our house because it was so formal in the conference room at the hospital and we were all really depressed over this little girl’s death! And you should know me well enough that I would never bring another man into our house, especially to do that! That is a mortal sin, or have you forgotten about that, Derek? If you have that little confidence in me then maybe we need to re-evaluate our marriage!” Nova said with anger in her voice that Derek knew all too well. “And at least he wasn’t halfway undressed while I was in a towel. Honestly, Derek do you think I would let another man answer the phone if there was something going on. Do you? Do you think I am some brainless bimbo or something? Give me some kind of credit in the common sense department! C’mon, damn you! I have more brains than you think, Derek!”


“Yes I know you’re right, and I’m sorry, Nova. I should have known that. But what you saw here is not what you think, either. I swear. The officers’ quarters were completely damaged. She just wanted to take a nap. We’ve all been up for more than 48 hours and being hit by missiles and lasers and plasma beams and all that crap, unless you have forgotten what it is like! I didn’t think anything of it to let her take a nap. I just hopped in the shower, that’s all, Nova! I swear to you on Alex’s grave,” Derek pleaded with his wife.


“Very well then, I think you should get dressed so Sandor can look over your communications system. Everyone has been trying to reach you and we had to board the ship without any one on the radio to help us in! We’ll discuss this little bedroom farce later!” Nova stood up and walked out the door, slamming it behind her.


Oh crap this can’t be happening now! Derek thought. He watched her walk out the door and turned to get dressed. He knew her all too well and knew he had to give her some space. She was stubborn like a bull just like her astrological sign, which was a Taurus.


As Nova walked out of Derek’s quarters Sandor stood and waited. “Are you okay, Nova?” as he put an arm around her.


She shrugged his arm off. “Yes, Sandor. I’m fine. Derek and I just had a serious discussion about one of his officers. I just need to walk around for a bit. I’ll catch up to you two later. Thanks.”


Sandor watched her walking off. He had heard some of the yelling, and he thought of the situation and thought, This does not look good.