Onward With Love…

Chapter Twenty-Nine

By Yuki Wildstar

Planet Zazba

Resistance Headquarters

8th of May, 2206

1500 hours Earth time


One week has gone when they heard from Naruto. They have managed to get most of the women and children safely off the planet to an undisclosed planet 20,000 light years away. Namir sat back and looked at Wildstar and the Queen, while Nova and the rest of the staff looked on.

“They’re on their way there we better finish getting the rest of the women and children off the planet. We only have two days time to get them off the planet and prepare for battle.”

“Are you sure Namir?” Mariposa asked.

“Yes your highness, they will have Naruto call once more to confirm that we are still here and then they will attack.” Namir said.

“Well we better step things up, Sandor let’s put a rush on everything. Take what they need only, nothing else.” Wildstar ordered. “Captain Namir I believe you have a fleet to command.”

“Yes Captain.” Namir stood up and began to leave and then turned midway. “Wildstar I would like to see Julie before things get crazy, will it be too much to ask?”

“No Namir, Nova and I will take you to her.” Wildstar said as he motion for him to follow them.



Quarters of Lieutenant Commander Julie Tolbert


“Julie” Namir said as he held her in his arms.

“Namir, is everything alright?”

“Julie, I will be staying on Planet Zazba with the Queen. She will need me to finish in the evacuation and then we need to prepare for battle.” he said as he walked over to where Saku laid in a make shift bassinet that Nova and Yvey made for her.

As tears began to form in Julie eyes she looked away and said. “Namir, you have to take Saku with you, he will be safe with the evacuees, and a battleship is no place for an infant.”

“Julie, the Argo is the safest place for him.”

“No Namir, take him. You have to, he will need you.” She said as she began to cry.

“I, I, I want him with you.”

“Namir, please take him.” she ran over to the bassinet, wrapped Saku up took him into her arms and handed him over to Namir. “Please just take him.”

Nova and Wildstar stood at the door and watch at just what happened. Almost bringing Nova to tears on the decision that was made.

“I will give him to Naruto wife she will protect him.” Namir said almost crying as tears welled up in his eyes.

Julie stroked his face, then on her new born sons face. She kissed Saku gently on his fore head then looked up to Namir and kissed him on the lips. “I love you Namir, I know that you will teach him to be a good man.” She said as she turned around and looked away from all of them.

Namir held his son closer to his body and turned away from Julie as tears flooded down his face. Wildstar put his hand on his shoulder and walked him out of the room as Nova walked over to Julie and gave her a hug.

“Julie you did the right thing, Saku will be safer with the evacuees.” She said trying to assure her.

“I hope so Nova.” she said as she wiped the tears from her face. “Nova?”


“I am so sorry for taunting you after you lost your baby. I don’t know how I will ever have you forgive me. You have been so good to me in the past few weeks and all I could remember is how bad I treated you. When Derek told me that he was married I should never had interfere with that. I am so sorry.”

“Julie all is forgiven, I will make it my personal business to check up on little Saku.”

She stood up and said “Thank you Nova, well you better get going there’s a battle to prepare for.”

“I’ll come back later and check on you.” she said as Julie handed her some things for Saku.

“Take this and give this to Namir he will need it.” Julie asked as she handed Nova a picture of herself and necklace that held a St. Christopher charmed. The only thing that she held from her mother that pasted many years ago when she was only a girl.

“I will”


EDF Battleship Argo



Wildstar stood with Namir on the gangway as Namir tried to compose himself with his infant son in his arms.

“What am I going to do without her, she is his mother.”

“Namir, first you must get Saku to safety then we have to put an end to this war. Then you can concentrate on Julie.”

“Yes, we must finish this war and remove the prime minister forever.”

Running down the gangway holding Saku’s things Nova called out to them. “Namir, wait. You’re going to need these and Saku your mother wanted you to have this.” She said still out of breath as she placed it around Saku’s neck.

“Thank you Nova, how is she?”

“Heartbroken but she knows that she is doing the right thing.”

“I only hope that I will do the right thing.”

“You will Namir, just think about that little one and things will work out.” Wildstar advised. “Now take Saku to Naruto’s wife, her ship will be departing soon. The Galaxy is a good battleship and she has great pilots they will protect her ship all the way.”

“Thank you Captain, I will never ever know how to repay you.”

“Let’s just get this war over with I will join you shortly once we have the fleet up and in position.”

Namir nodded and held his son closer to his chest. Nova and Wildstar watched as Namir got into the carriage that will take him back to the village and then hand his son over to his friend’s wife.

“Well we better get going, we launch in an hour.” Derek said as he looked into his wife’s eyes. He could see that she was crying and wrapped his arms around her waist. “Are you okay?”

“Yes Derek. Just that it’s so sad that a family is being divided to different worlds. A mother that will be returning to Earth for treason, a father that is preparing for battle and a baby that’s future is unknown. I never knew that it would effected me this way”

“I know babe, we chose this life but Saku is an innocent bystander. It’s just not fair, that is why we have to finish this so all the children can live free without fear of invasion and enslavement.” He gave her a kiss then said “let’s go we have to launch.”


As they both entered the bridge Wildstar began to give out orders. “Okay everyone this is what’s going to go on. We will launch from here and head to the other side of the planet and wait for the Bolar fleet. Now let’s get ready to leave everyone to your station and prepare for launch. Commander Forrester, make the call.”

“Aye aye sir.” Nova saluted and then spoke into the ships communication systems “Attention all hands, attention all hands, prepare for launching. We will launch in 20 minutes, secure all station, I repeat secure all station the Argo will be launching in T minus 20 minutes.”

She turned around and looked to where Derek sat, in his captain’s chair looking down on the bridge crew.  He gave her a nodded and then called out.

“Start the wave motion engine. Dash no communications with the base, we don’t want them to pin point their exact location if we can help it. If we can save the base it’s worth it.”

“Yes skipper will do.” Dash replied.

“Haul in the gangway.” Wildstar called out.

“Haul in the gangway.” Nova repeated.

“Yes ma’am hauling in the gangway.” Miamato called over the bridge. “Auxiliary engines at 50 percent.”


Planet Gamilon

Gamilon City

Deslock and Devina’s quarters

10th of May, 2206


“Talan, have we heard from the Argo yet?” Deslock asked.

“No sir, nothing yet.” Talan replied. “Your highness you’re looking stunning today.”

“Why thank you Talan. Can you have the nurse come here so she can help me with the kids?” Devina said.

“Yes your highness.” Talan smiled at her as she held Aurora in her arms. The little girl was growing so fast with her brothers. Already they were walking, talking and running havoc in the castle.

“Talan, please see to it that you try and get in touch with the Argo.” Deslock ordered.

“Yes sir, right away sir.” Talan bowed and then left their quarters.

Deslock then turned to one of the joys in his life “Come here my beautiful Aurora” he said as he took her from her mother and held her in his arms. “Now where can your brothers be?”

“More like what are they getting into?” Devina frown with a grin.

“Devina leave them alone, they are boys.”

“Easy for you to say that now, you weren’t saying that when they got into the control room and almost blew up the whole base.” Devina said sarcastically.

Deslock grin at that day “We caught them in time that is all that counts.”


“Do not worry about them they will grow out of it.”

“When?! After they blow up the planet!” Devina said. She tried to keep their boys in control, but her darling husband just thought it was cute and funny.

“They will do no such thing, this is their future.” Deslock laughed still holding his daughter in his arms.

“Daddy, Dillan broke my doll.”

“He did well I must get you another one then.”

“Deslock, now do you see what I mean. They are starting to get out of control.”

“Devina, I will talk to them.”

“Well you better do it quickly before they do something  . . . . .” she was cut short with a loud crash and someone screaming. Quickly Devina and Deslock ran out the door and down the hallway. In the middle of the entry way the children’s Nurse sat in the middle of the floor covered in mud and trash.

“You little demons, when I get my hands on you I’m going . . . .”

“WHAT IS GOING ON HERE!” Deslock bellowed as Devina stood behind him in total embarrassment.

“Oh my goodness,” Devina ran over to her. “Are you alright?”

“I am sorry your highness I didn’t mean to say what I said.” she said once she saw the Empress standing over her.

“Nonsense, I have to admit they can be much.” Devina said as she helped her up off the floor.

“DILLAN, DAMIR GET OUT HERE RIGHT NOW!” Deslock yelled out. They looked around and Dillan was the first to come out.

“It was Damir’s idea daddy.” he yelled out and pointed as his brother that came out from behind a statue.

“I bet he twisted your arm.” Deslock try to look stern at them.

“No it was not.” Damir said.

“Yes it was.”

“No it was not.”

“Is to.”

“Is not.”

“Enough! I want you two to apologies to nurse Aura NOW and then help in cleaning up this mess.” Deslock yelled. “I have been too lenient with the two of you, and it is time to start to make you into men that will be fit to run my empire. You both will start with self defense classes and then weapons training. Then you will start to learn on how to fly . . . .”

“Deslock, they are still children.” Devina said under her breath.

“You asked me to be tougher with them and now you want me to be easy. Make up your mind woman.” Deslock said annoyed.

“I want you to be a father, my darling. I think for now that cleaning up this mess will do.” Devina began to help Aura to their bedroom. “Come with me Aura so we can get you clean up.”

“Very well, you two get going. Start cleaning this mess and then we will continue this later.” Deslock smirked at them as they began to clean up the mess.

Your Excellency” Talan interrupted.

“Yes Talan”

“We still have no communication with the Argo.” he bowed as he gave him the news.

“And you bother me with no news, Talan you know better than that.”

“Yes your Excellency, I do apologies.”

“I will be up to the control room shortly. I must deal with this problem here before my wife has me cleaning up the mess with these two partners in crime.” he said as he watched that his sons cleaned up the mess.

“Yes sir.”

“Now back to you two, your mother may disagree but it is time you two learn how to run an empire. After you finish here you will accompany me to the control room and learn.”

“Yes father” they both said as they continue to clean up the trash.


30 minutes later . . . .


“Now sit there and don’t you two move from there, understood.” Deslock said.

“Yes Father” they said together with a pout.

“Talan, have the communication officer put in these coordinates.” Deslock handed him a piece of paper.

“Yes sir”




EDF Battleship Argo

40,000 miles from Planet Zazba



The Argo and the rest of the fleet stood 40,000 miles off the planet’s surface, waiting for the Bolar fleet to arrive. All women and children have been removed from the planet and Wildstar and Nova stood now in the Observation deck looking out into the dark sky.

“Do you think we should tell Deslock about Namir?” Nova asked.

“Hmm that will be the question of the day.” Wildstar said.

“I don’t think he will be happy about it, unless Devina spoke to him about it.”

“I know, and it feels like we will have another war after this one is over. Looks like we are never gonna get to that one project.”

“Derek, I don’t think she will allow him to start another war with Namir.”

“Allow him we are talking about Deslock here?”

“Yes I know and you men forget that we can also get our ways when need be.”

“You women sure have a power over us that we have no clue as how to say no.” Wildstar smiled.

“Captain Wildstar you’re needed on the bridge, Captain Wildstar you’re needed on the bridge,” a voice came over the ships intercom.

“Well we better go, duty calls.” Wildstar as he took hold of her hand.



On the bridge . . . .


“What is it Dash.” Wildstar said as he entered the bridge.

“I’m getting a call in from Gamilon on your private line.”

“Well speaking of the devil, put him through Dash.” Wildstar said as he walked to the middle of the bridge and looked up at the bridge screen.

“Emperor Deslock, how goes with the family?” Wildstar asked as he saluted him.

“We are all doing well, Stop that you two.” He said as he turned to his sons. “I’m sorry Wildstar I’m trying to teach them the ins and outs of the Gamilon Empire.”

“Looks like you have your hands full.” Wildstar smirk as he watch one of the boys climbing on one of the panels and started to throw things at the communication officers.

“Yes it can be, hold on please. Damir, Dillan enough leave that alone right now. Do you understand me!” He said as he grabbed Dillan off the communication control board and placed him back in a chair. “Now don’t you move from this spot or else.”

“What can I do for you Deslock?” Wildstar said trying to keep a straight face.

“How is our friend Captain Namir?” Deslock asked.

“Deslock he is now with Queen Mariposa anticipating the arrival of the Bolar fleet.”

“Are you telling me that you let him go?”

animeboy[1].jpg“You would have to know the circumstances to understand why we had to let him go.” Wildstar stared him in the face.

“Wildstar I am not happy with this. I was assuming that you would have him handed over to me for more questioning. I said to STOP THAT RIGHT NOW!” Deslock turned to Dillan and grabbed him by the arm. “Talan, take them to their mother.” he ordered.

“Yes your Excellency, come with me boys.” he grabbed them both by the hand and leaded them out of the control room.

“My apologies Wildstar, they are getting big and very mischievous.”

“Not a problem Deslock, they are still young and of course their boys.”

004 (3).jpg“I do think the only one that will keep me sane is Aurora and Devina.” Deslock scratched his head.

“Deslock please understand that my decision to give Namir over to Queen Mariposa was not an easy choice. But after confirmation from the Queen we do believe he is a big benefit to the mission. His knowledge of the Bolar fleet and their thinking is important, he can be a big help in ending this battle once and for all.”

“I see Captain, I will be in touch.”


“Yes Captain.”

“My best to Devina.”

Deslock just nodded his head then looked over to his communication officer to turn off the screen.

“Wildstar, I’m getting a call from the base on Zazba.” Dash reported.

“Put it through Dash,” Wildstar waited to see who it would be calling from the base. As the screen switched over Namir face came over the screen.

“Captain Wildstar, any word on the Bolars?”

“No Namir, nothing yet. I have heard from our battleship and the all evacuee are now settled on the planet. The Captain of the Galaxy has informed me that Saku is doing just fine.”

“Thank you, and Julie?”

“She’s just fine.”

“We’re going over some last minute details with the Queen. We should be expecting another call from Naruto very soon and I am sure that he will give us information on when they plan to attack.”

“Very good, I will be down soon for that call.” Wildstar said “Wildstar out.”

“Derek I’m going with you.” Nova said.

“Nova I need you here to run the ship, you stay here. That’s an order. Dash call down to the flight pad and tell them to have the Cosmo hound ready.”

“Aye aye sir.”

“Derek I’m going with you.” Nova stood in front of him with determination.

“Nova, I need you here.”

“No, I’m going.”

“Oh alright, come on. Sandor take the bridge.” he said not wanting to have a fight with her now.

“Aye aye skipper, Captain leaving the bridge I am now in command.” Sandor called out.


“Hurry up Nova, the sooner we get there the sooner we get back.” Wildstar yelled back to her as they ran down to the flight pad. When they arrived they found Pesci and Howard waiting for them. “Sir we will escort you down.”

“Fine, let’s go” Wildstar and Nova jumped into the Cosmo Hound and took off to the secret base.


They landed close to the castle and made their way there. Tan waited for them in the entrance and then escorted them to the control room.

“Captain Wildstar, Commander Forrester.” Namir said.

“Any news on Naruto?”

“Nothing yet, but I’m sure that he will be calling some time soon.”

“Namir, I have talked with Deslock, it doesn’t seem that he has fully forgave you on what happened. But it looks like he is coming around.”

“After this is over I will go to Gamilon and speak with the emperor. I will face my fate then but now I must think of the queen and removing the prime minister. If all goes well I will take the fleet to Rhima and attack their main base and headquarters. If I know the prime minister he will be with the fleet.”

“Sir I have Naruto on the line,” interrupted the communication officer.

“Put him through,” Namir said.

“This is Naruto come in Alpha one.”

“This is Alpha one come in Naruto, what do you have for us.”

“Nothing to report here sir looks like they are still looking for Hindleman and Namir.”

“Is there any new development Naruto.”

“Only that things look quiet, the prime minister only wants to find them. I will call back soon with anything more information.”

“Thank you Naruto, I will be waiting to hear from you, alpha out.” Namir turned to Wildstar “They will be here shortly its best that you get back to your ships.”

“Right, I’ll call back to the ship from the Cosmo Hound, Nova let’s go.” They ran back to the Cosmo Hound and started to head up to the Argo. Mid way up Pesci and the other fighters met the Cosmo Hound to escort them back.

“At your side, sir.” Pesci called into the Cosmo Hound.

“Thank you Pesh. Nova something’s not right. I keep getting this sick feeling in my stomach like something going to hap . . . .”

“Incoming!” someone call out.

“Damn it,” Pesci yelled out. “Howard, Yvey cover the hound. Dee let’s get out there and get some Bolars.”

“Right at your wing, Pesh.”

“Argo, this is Cosmo Hound 3 we are under attack. I repeat we are under attack.”

“We’re on our way just hold on.” Sandor turned to Miamato. “Let’s get out there. All ships we have incoming, prepare for battle.”


“Pesh we are getting more incoming over here, I think we’re gonna need your help.” Yvey said into her helmet.

“On our way. Dee we need to protect the captain. Let’s get over there fast!”

“Captain, how are you holding up?” Howard asked.

“We’re hanging in here, but we have a couple of fighters on our tail.” Wildstar said as he used what guns the ship had.

“Got two!” Yvey yelled.

“There’s too many of them.” Delvechio called in.

“Argo we need more fighters out here.” Pesci commanded.

Derek maneuvered the Cosmo hound through the fight that went on around them trying to make his way back to the Argo.

“Black Tigers cover the Captain and the Deputy Captain.” Pesci yelled into the helmet.

“I got the rear, Pesci.” Delvechio called into his helmet. “Yvey, you have two fighters coming in on your starboard. Watch out it looks like their heading for the Hound!”

“I got it papi.” She called back into her helmet.

“Yvey, you have one on your tail!” she heard Howard into her helmet. “Pull left NOW!”

“Right.” Yvey said.

“Damn it,” Pesci said. “They lost coverage, get in here someone. The Captain needs coverage.”

Two Bolars cut through Yvey and Howard at full speed and charged right at the Cosmo Hound. Within seconds without any notice they fired on the Cosmo hitting it and disabling it, making it loose control.

Wildstar held onto the controls with full force, trying to control them as to avoid hitting one of his pilots. “Nova strap yourself in, we’re going down.”

Nova sat in the chair taking the straps and tightening them. “Derek what do you need me to do?”

“Just hang on. I’ll try to make this as smooth as possible.” Wildstar looked at his wife, knowing her concerns. Although she didn’t show it he knew her all too well not to know.

“I think I can get one of the engines . . . .” she said as she began to get up.

“SIT DOWN!” Derek yelled at her “You can take care of that later. Nova do you trust me?”

“Yes Derek of course, why?”

“Because this going to be tricky, we barely have power and I don’t know how she is going to respond.” He said as he looked straight ahead.

“Do you want me to call out a may day?” Nova said.

“I pretty much think they know we are going down,” Wildstar try to grin at her. “Pesci do you hear me?”

“Yes sir,” Pesci replied.

“We’re going down make sure that the Argo is out of their range. Get the ship away from the planet they still don’t know where the base is. You can come back later and search for us.” Wildstar ordered.

“But sir, you’ll be left there unprotected.” Pesci yelled into the helmet.

“Lieutenant Commander this is an order, Sandor has command. You will follow orders and get back to the ship. Nova and me will be just fine, what more can I ask for then be on a deserted planet with my beautiful wife.” He said as he smiled at her. “Now get back to the ship and relay the message. Sandor will know what to do, now go!”

“Aye, aye sir” Pesci looked over to the Cosmo hound as it made its way down onto the cold planet and saluted the Captain and his wife. “You heard the captain back to the Argo. Black Tiger, Black Hornets return back to the Argo.” he said as a tears swelled up in his eyes with frustration.

“Pesci we can . . . .”

“Lieutenant Commander Howard, you heard the Captain get back to the ship NOW!” Pesci said but still feeling frustration that he was leaving his captain and friend to fend for himself with his wife on the cold planet.

Wildstar continued to hold the control as steady with force. Nova looked on ahead ready for impacted. He managed to move the Cosmo Hound down passing the mountain that held the resistance force. The hound zip by as Queen Mariposa looked on to the screen, hoping that they land safety and also that the Bolars do not realize the secret base that hides within the mountain itself. The ship dropped further near the planet surface at a faster pace. Wildstar began to push buttons and hopes that he could get more energy into the engine.

“Nova is there anything on?”

“Hold on let me check” Nova began to look over the dash board and switch thing on and off. “Derek, I’m getting some energy from the radar system and communication system.”

“You think you can reroute that energy to the engines” Derek asked thinking quickly.

“I’ll have to get under the dash and pull the wires but yeah it should work. Can you keep her steady enough for me to do it?” Nova said as she started to get out of the chair.

“Just make it quick, I’ll keep it as steady as possible.”

Nova drop down under the dash board and began to reroute the wires to the engine wiring. She worked quickly taking out blue and yellow wires and splitting open green and white wires. She pulled herself from dashboard and looked over to him.

“It’s done, what are you going to do?”

Derek began to turn off switches and said “Let’s see if it works, by rerouting some of the energy from both communication and radar we might have enough to slow us down. Shut everything off now then on my mark turn on the engine switch.”

Nova began to shut everything off on the dash board as well around the cabin. She sat back down and strapped herself on to her chair and watched as he moved the Cosmo Hound deeper into mountain caverns.

“Okay here we go, prepare to turn it on. 3 . . . 2 . . . 1 switch it on.” Derek said.

Nova switched on the engine power and they heard it go on.

“It worked.” Nova smiled at him.

“Yeah but how long, we have to land somewhere they can’t find us.”

“Over there inside that cave, it looks big enough for the ship to fit in. It will give us shelter from the cold and hide us from the Bolars.”

Derek guild the ship towards the cave and pulled back on the controls slowing down the Cosmo Hound enough to land it with a loud thump underneath them. They sat there for a minute before letting out a loud sigh.

“Awesome landing, skipper.” Nova smiled.

“Yeah, well, now it’s the waiting that’s probably going to kill us.” Derek got up from his chair and began to look around the ship. “Unfortunately cutting off all those wire’s we will only have enough heat here for about 2 hours.”

“You think that they will find us, Derek?”

“We’ll have to give it time. Sandor will have to warp out of the area for a few before coming back. Let’s hope that the Bolars think we left and follow the Argo away from the planet. I gave Sandor order to head out and let the Bolars think that we retreated back to Rhima they are to wait in undisclosed location for one day then return back for anyone that was left behind. We better prepare for the night ahead of us. It’s gonna drop here down to 50 below or more. So we need to ration out the two hours of energy we have left.” Derek said as he looked around the ship for supplies.

Nova got up and helped him find some things for them to survive on. She pulled out the transponder and placed it near the door.

“We can place that some where high up about 50 yards from here. We can do that in the morning when it’s safe to set it off.” Derek said as he pulled out a couple of wool blankets to keep them warm.

“You think we should look around, Derek.”

“Give me a minute, then we can go together.” he said as he took out more supplies that were kept on ship for such emergency. “Well we have enough MRE to last a week, and enough blankets to keep us warm. Too bad we can’t make a fire inside the ship. Well let’s go scout out the area see where we stand, here’s a weapon.” Derek gave her and asteroid gun and took one too.

They left the ship and walked into the cave. It was cold and dark. Derek took out a cam light and snapped it on. They explored the cave for an hour looking in open spaces. Nova pulled Derek over to an opening and put her hand in the air.

“Do you feel that?” Nova asked.

“Yeah, it feels warm. Let’s go take a look.” They followed the warm air deeper into the cave about 100 yards from the ship as they walk further along they came to a lava stream that flowed down river.

“So this is how they managed to build the city and have so much flourished. But wouldn’t they be afraid if the volcano erupts.” Nova said.

“I don’t think that it will anytime soon, looks like its dormant. But at least we have a warm place to stay for the night.” Derek said.

“Better to make camp over there away from this. We don’t want to wake up and find ourselves in the middle of a hot river.” Nova said.

“Yeah, let’s go and cover up that entrance and then bring some supplies back.”

Slowly Derek got above the cave entrance and made enough noise to cause a small avalanche to help cover up their landing tracks within the cave.  The sun began to settle leaving an orange red glow in the sky. They went back to the ship and grab some supplies they had and made camp in the area they found.

“Now what Captain?”

“We wait.” Derek said as he set down a blanket for them to sit on.

Nova sat down and lean back against a rock, “Derek what are we going to do with Julie?”

“Don’t know. I feel bad leaving Namir there with Saku. She looked heart broken when she handed him to Namir.”

“I know Derek, it just broke my heart to see that. It’s not fair Derek a child needs their mother.”

“Are you having second thoughts about taking her back to Earth, Nova?”

“I don’t know Derek, but it’s not right.”

“He is a cute little thing, can you believe the combination of Earth and Bolar. He has her fair skin and his hair color.”

“You didn’t look into his eyes, their so deep, like you can lose your soul to him.” Nova smiled.

“Yeah, anyway, I hope Namir pulls this plan off. If he does, you know what this means.” Derek reached over and ran his hand down her leg.

Nova grinned at him. “Yeah I know.”

“You promise Nova, but I don’t want to push you into anything. It’s your choice, weather we have a baby or not.”

“I think it would be the right time, Derek. I am so ready to have a baby. After Devina and Deslock. Wendy and Homer, and now Julie and Namir. It’s like my maternal instincts are in over drive.”

“REALLY, well I better get on that right away before you change your mind.” Derek grinned at her. Suddenly they both heard something. Derek got up and whisper to her. “Stay here, I’ll check it out, be right back.” He headed back to the where the ship was and searched the area. Derek turned again to a noise that came near or in the ship. He drew his weapon as he heard it again. Slowly he made his way into the ship looking around. The noise kept getting louder and consistent. As he walked over to where their supplies were he couldn’t tell what to make of what was inside the cabinet. It was hairy with black feet and hands. To Derek it looked like a hairy little monkey as he remembered in the past when his parents took him to the zoo.  Derek stood back and watched as it rummaged through their supplies. He picked up a rod that lay near the door and shook it in the direction of the small creature.  It looked up and stared at him in the face. Derek grabbed hold of his gun, ready to fire if the creature became aggressive. When he looked at the creature and saw the biggest eyes on it, he put out his hand to try to touch it. The creature ran into a corner and coward down afraid of him. “It’s okay I won’t hurt you.” Derek said then picked up a piece of food and waved it at the creature. Little by little it sniffed at the food and came closer to him. When he was close enough he reach out to pet it. From the front he could see its big eyes and more hair that covered most of its face. On the top of his head two long antennas poked out. The little creature sniffed a little more at Derek’s hand and began to rub against it like a cat would for affection. Derek reached with both hands and picked it up, as the little creature snuggled against his chest. He giggled at the little thing that now snuggle against him and held it in his hands. “Come on I think my wife will like you and its pretty cold over on this part of the cave.” He said as he walked off the ship with the creature in his hands


Nova sat on the blanket waiting what’s taken him so long she thought as she was getting up from the blanket. She looked up as a shadow came her way. She drew for her weapon and pointed in the direction of the shadow. As it came closer to her the figure within the darkness became familiar. Derek emerged from the darkness and holding some kind of hairy creature.

“Derek is that you?”

“Yeah babe, so please put your gun down. You’re gonna scare this little guy.”

“What the hell is that?” Nova said standing back.

“I found it going through our supplies. Looks like he or she is hungry.”

“Is that thing safe, I mean we don’t know anything of the creatures here?”

“I think It's safe enough. Its more scared of us then we are of it.” Derek put it down and it ran over to Nova and sniff her out. Nova stood still not wanting to move, in fear it would bite her. “It’s harmless from what I can tell, go on it wants you to pet him”

“I don’t know Derek, hmm it is kinda cute.” Nova bent down and put her hand out as it rubbed itself against her.

“I think it likes you.” He said smiling at his wife being careful to pet it.

“Where do you think he came from?” Nova asked.

“Don’t know, but I’m sure there are more somewhere around here. Why don’t we get situated for the night? We can head out in the morning and put the transponder over that one ridge we past coming down.”  Derek said as he watched the little creature run around Nova making her giggle from the fur. He took out the other blanket and help Nova sit down on top of it.  “It’s not like our honeymoon but at least its warmer over here then at the ship.” he said as he sat next to her then put his arm around her and drew her closer to him rubbing her arm to keep her warm. 

“Derek do you think it will take them only a day to come back.”

“If they are being followed we may be here a couple of days. I’m hoping that we are picked up tomorrow. But to tell you the truth, I’m kinda liking the fact that we’re here alone together.” He said as he kissed her on the fore head.

“Hey where did that thing go?” Nova said realizing that the little hairy creature disappeared.

“Don’t know. let’s go see if it went back to the ship.” Derek got up and then turned to help her get up. “I don’t want it tearing up our ship, even though it’s had it.”

They walked towards the ship and looked it over once again. Nova looked down and saw tracks going outside into the ice cold weather.

“Derek, look,” she said pointing at the tracks. “It looks like it went outside.”

Derek followed the tracks outside while Nova followed suit. They stood outside of the cave and looked around. The weather became windy and it seemed like the temperature drop another 30 degree. Nova stood close to the entrance of the cave and watched as Derek looked around. She suddenly felt something fall on top of her. Looking up the last thing she saw was white powder.

Derek turned around and watched as snow fell on her then ran over to the top of the huge mound. Looking up he watched as the little creature climb further and further up. He began to dig into the snow that seemed to take forever until he saw her hand. He pulled hard getting her out and pulled her close to him. “Nova, are you alright?”

“C c cold.” she shivered in his arms.

He picked her up and ran inside to their camp site and then quickly he took off her wet clothes, then his. He laid her back and took the other wool blanket bringing it over them. He held her closely to him keeping her warm.

“Nov, you’re gonna be alright.” he said rubbing her shoulders up and down her side.

“J ju just cold, wha what ha happen all I saa saw was white.” she said trying to stop her teeth from chattering.

“Our little friend decided to take a walk upward and managed to drop some snow on you.”

“P p pesty little thing.”

“Well I wouldn’t say pesty, he got you out of your uniform.”

“D D Derek is that all u u you think of?” She looked at him.

“Sorry, just stay close and keep warm.” He said then gave her a kiss. “Your lips are cold.”

“N n no Shit.” Nova said still chattering and shivering from the cold snow that fell on top of her.

Derek laughed at her and kissed her again, trying to calm her down. He rubbed her body with his hands for warmth and she began to stop shivering.

“How’s that babe?”

“B b better, thanks.” she said giving him a kiss back.

“Love you,” Derek said and began to kiss her on the lips and down her neck. Her body responded to his touch and she quickly forgot her how cold she was. Feeling him close to her it made her want him at the moment. She kissed the top of his head as he kissed her cold breast. He loH8.jpgok up at her and kissed her on the lips again then began to make love to her, making her body temperature rise. With passion Derek brought her to excitement with every stroke. Making love to her was always great as he thought to himself taking in her beauty.  As her excitement grew so did his, until they climaxed together. He kissed her one more time and then watched as she fell asleep in his arms. He looked around the cave and then dozed off also. They slept there until morning snuggled in each other arms as the warm breeze from the lava flowed down hill.






EDF Battleship Argo


“Captain Sandor, the black tigers are returning to base.” Dash yelled out.

“Dash put me through to Black Tiger one.”

“Yes sir.”

“Black Tiger one, what is the status of the fleet?”

“They’re right behind us. Get ready for incoming.” Pesci commanded “And Sandor,”

“Yeah Pesci, I heard it over the intercom. Just get here on the double.” Sandor sat as he heard the conversation that Wildstar told Pesci. He knows what he is doing we’ll come back for you Wildstar. “Okay people let’s get ready for battle. Mr. Ortiz let’s get those guns line up.”

“Yes sir all lined up and ready for firing.” Ortiz said with his finger already on the trigger.

“Mr. Jenkins, the status on the Bolar fleet.”

“Sir there behind the Black Tiger about 750 mega meters from them and closing in fast.”

“How fast and how many are there?”

“Sir 100 space knots and getting faster as they come closer. Sir their over a 30 ships, it’s pretty big.”

“Okay people they intend to hit hard. Sound out the alarm throughout the ship everyone on red alert.”

“Sandor what about Nova and Wildstar?” Eager asked.gj[1].jpg

“He gave the order, there nothing more we can do until this is over.” Sandor said as sweat ran down his face with stress of taking control and worrying about his friend.

“INCOMING” Ortiz yelled out “Artillery, aim pulse laser guns at 6 degree starboard” Ortiz ordered. “Just one more degree that’s it, Fire”

“Mr. Miamato swing around to port 36 degree.” Sandor ordered.

“Aye aye sir!” Miamato replied, “Turning her round 36 degree port!”

“Mr. Ortiz, use the shock canons!”

“Yes sir!”

“Sandor we just lost one of our ships.”

“Watch out for that Bolar carrier, Pesci get those tigers over there and try to stop them from taking off.”

“Will do, let’s go Dee, this is what we get paid to do.”

“And what a job it is! So much fun and so little time,” Delvechio laughed over the speakers.

“I’m coming, don’t want you men to have all the fun.” Yvey said.

“Yvey stay back we got this.” Pesci said.

“I don’t think so, I’m coming!” Yvey, “So te calle!”

“What?” Pesci asked.

“It means shut up.” Howard screamed from the noise around her.

“Yvey they need you back at the ship, Howard you too.” Pesci called out.

“No way we’re coming.” Howard snapped.

“Fine stay close then, especially you Ortiz. I’m not giving Sandor bad news.” Pesci ordered.




Bolar Fleet

Bolar Flag ship

Command Bridge


Oran send your fighters on the Argo, I want her destroyed.” Bemlazye commanded over the communication system.

“Yes sir.” Oran turned to his communication officers and said, “You heard him send out the next squadron attack the Argo. Bring her down at all cost.”

“Yes sir.”

A blast hit the side of the flag ships bridge sending Bemlazye to the ground. “Get those fighters out there NOW! I want the ship that did that, bring them to me.” he said with fist clinching.

“After them now sir.” a Bolar fighter called in.


“Yvey I think you just set off the hornets’ nest, cause they look really pissed that you hit them.” Howard laughed.

“Well then maybe we should hit it a few more times.” Yvey laughed with her.

“Lieutenant Commander Ortiz, let’s not get cocky.” Sandor came over her helmets speakers.

“Relax Captain we got this covered.” She said with a little sarcasm. She flew her fighter closer to the Bolar fleet and took out three fighters not realizing that there were two fighters coming up from behind.

“Watch your tail end Lieutenant you have two on it. Pull back you’re going too fast.” Delvechio yelled.

Yvey looking back finally looked forward and saw she was heading straight into Delvechio’s ship. With quick instincts she pulled back on her fighters control and managed to pull up in time not to hit him.

“That’s what he means about being cocky.” Pesci jumped in to bring her down a notch.

“Yes sir.” she replied like she was being scolded by her father, her heart beating faster as to the near miss of one of her fellow pilots.


“Sandor we just got hit on our starboard taking out some of the shock canons.” Eager called out.

“Sir we just lost the Illinois and the Nimitz II!” Jenkins screamed.

“Ortiz, use the main guns.” Sandor ordered.

“Sir we lost three of them already.”

“Then use the remaining one!” Sandor snapped at him.

“Yes sir!”

Another explosion hit the Argo on the port side making Sandor hold on to the captains chair,“Report!”

“She just got hit on the port side, we lost three more guns.”

“Captain should we use our torpedoes.”

“No the heat from the other ships and Fighters will attract them. Call back the fighters, prepare for emergency warp we gotta get out of here, we’ll have to fight this battle another time.”

“But Sir Captain Wildstar?” Jenkins asked.

“I am in command now! So get the coordinates for the warp. That is what Captain Wildstar would want us to do. We have to get the ships out of here.” He said as silence fell over the bridge. “Dash, call them back!”

“Yes Sandor.” Dash turned to his communication system and began to call back the fighters.


“We can’t go back the Captains still down there.” Yvey said with frustration.

“It’s an order Yvey, get back.” Pesci ordered to his feisty friend.


Bolar Flag ship


“Sir their retreating.” the raider tech yelled out.

“Cowards!” Bemlazye smiled, “See we are a force to be reckon with. After the Argo before she warp! Attack the earth scums, remove them from this space. Stop at nothing. Take them all out.”

“Yes your grace,” Minano bowed. “After the earth fleet, shoot down the Argo.”

“Get me Oran.” Bemlazye shouted.

“Yes sir on screen now.”

“General Oran, the earth fleet is retreating. They will make their warp to try to escape we must stop them before they can. Get your fighters over there and stop her. I want the Argo and Captain Wildstar brought to me.”

“Yes sir, I will take care of it personally.” Oran saluted him and then turned his attention to his crew. “Full speed ahead attack the Argo with everything we have. Shoot all guns in the direction of the Argo.”

“Yes sir, aiming all guns at the Argo.”

“FIRE!” Oran yelled out.

“Firing guns” the lead gunner called out.

“Sir we just lost one of our Carriers!” the raider tech yelled

“It’s that one fighter, get rid of it now.” Oran called out.


The Black Tigers fought hard to get back to the Argo taking out the ships that stood within them and the ship. Taking out fighters as they headed back before the Argo warped.

“Got another one.” Yvey laughed enjoying the fight she is in.

“Yvey behind you!” Howard yelled.

“Right chica,” she said making a dive down to lose it.

“Try to stay still, so I can get a shot.” Pesci said.

“Right, but don’t take too long, we need to get back.” Yvey said.

“Just stay still Chiquita!” Pesci said aiming in the direction of the fighter that was chasing her. “Gotcha now you shit headed Bolar.” Pesci said as he took his shot and taking out the Bolar fighter. “All clear, now stop hot dogging and get back to the ship. That’s an order.”

“Yes sir.”




Sandor heard the conversation over the ships intercom, what was she thinking. I better put a stop to this before she gets someone killed, or herself killed at that matter. She was getting to cocky out there.

“Dash let me know when their all back on ship. Miamato begin countdown to warp.” Sandor ordered.

“Sir counting downing. T minus 45 seconds.”

“Dash, how much more time for the fighters return?”

“They all should be back in 20 seconds. We are waiting for Pesci, Delvechio, Howard and Ortiz.”

“Tell them to hurry up. We warp with or without them.” Sandor heart almost stopped at what he said. But he couldn’t risk the fleet for four fighters. Wildstar would make the same decision, not an easy one but one none the less.

“Yes sir, Black Tiger leader what is your current position”

“We’re heading into the Argo now, should complete docking in 10 seconds.”

“Sandor they’re all aboard.” Dash called to him.

‘Whoosh, I thought I had to leave them behind,’ he thought to himself. “Miamato continue countdown”

“Counting down to warp, 11 . . . . 10 . . . . 9 . . . . 8 . . . .”

“Everyone prepare for warp, strap yourselves in.” Sandor yelled into the ship intercom.

“7 . . . . 6 . . . . 5 . . . . 4 . . . . 3 . . . . 2 . . . . 1, Warp”


Bolar Flag Ship


“Sir the earth fleet has warped, we are trying to get the coordination to where they went.”

“Damn you Star force!” Bemlazye yelled. “I will have my revenge, you can count on that!”


Planet Zazba

Resistance headquarters

Control room


“Sir the Earth fleet has warped into unknown territory.” Their communication officer spoke out.

“Thank goodness.” Mariposa said.

“And the shuttle that crashed landed?” Namir asked, knowing that Wildstar and his wife were flying.

“Sir they crashed 30 miles away from the base, on mount Tizben.”

“And the Bolar fleet?” he asked.

“Sir, they’re still in the outer part of space, 50,000 miles off the planet’s surface.”

“Which means we can’t move until they leave, keep a close eye on the fleet. I don’t think they know that we’re here. Take no incoming calls if we can save the base it will be best.”

“Yes Sir.”

“Namir, I know that area well they should be alright. If they get into one of the caves they will be safe from the elements of the planet.”

“If they made it down in one piece, your highness.” he said as he looked away from the Queen.


Bolar Flag ship


“Sir, I am sorry but we couldn’t find out where the earth fleet warped to.”

“Incompetent fool, all you had to do was pin point where they went and you can’t even get that straight.” He yelled to his raider tech as he walked over to him and hit him across the head.

“Your Grace, our pilots want to know if they should returned to the ships”

“Bring them back, I want to speak with the lead fighter.” Bemlazye was determined to have someone pay for the fiasco that accord with his well lit plan.

“Yes sir, on the double.”


Minutes later his lead pilot entered the bridge, bowing as he stood before the Prime Minister.

“What happened out there, I executed an excellent plan and you screwed it up.” Bemlazye bellowed.

“Sir we didn’t anticipate the shuttle coming off the planet.”

“You should have taken it out, it was a mire shuttle.”

“Your Grace their fighter fought hard to keep us away from it, but we did shoot it down. It crashed on the planet.”

“Hmm, what was so special about this shuttle, Minano, send down a search team and let’s find out what so important to them that they had to protect it.”

“As you wish your grace.”