Onward With Love…

Chapter Twenty-Eight

By Yuki Wildstar

EDF Battleship Argo

Outer space Planet Zazba

28th of April, 2206

“Alright everyone give me stats,” Wildstar called out to the bridge crew.

“All systems check out sir. No damages reported.” Sandor said.

“Skipper, I’m getting a call from the Endeavor.” Dash said.

“Put them through Dash,” Wildstar got up from his chair and walked around to face the video. “Homer what’s going on?”

“Wildstar I have Commander Qadan of the Battleship Guardiana II here. He calms that Queen Mariposa sent them here to help with a coming battle. Also he has informed me that there is a Bolar Fleet heading this way they are a few light years away.”

“Hmm, I will have to speak to the Queen she did not inform me about sending a fleet to earth. Do you have everyone on high alert?”

“Yes Wildstar, we are prepared to fire at any given moment.”

“Give me a few to contact the Queen.” Wildstar said then turned to Dash. “Get me Queen Mariposa now.”

“Aye Captain!” Dash called out and then punched in the buttons as fast as he could into the system. “She’s coming on video now, switching now.”

“Captain Wildstar, I see that you have made it you are clear to land on the coordinates being sent now.”

“Your highness my colleague has informed me that there is a fleet that is present near our Pluto station back in our galaxy. They claim that you sent them, I have to verify this information before they use force.”

“Oh my, I am so sorry Captain I should have informed you about them when we spoke last. We were not expecting the Bolar Fleet to gain so much territory in such a short time. We had no choice but to send out the Guardiana II and a small fleet to earth in hopes to stop them before they got to close. I can assure you Captain that he is with us. Commander Qadan is one of my best fleet Commander.”

“Thank you your highness, I will relay the message to my captain.” Wildstar looked over to Dash and nodded his head. Dash switched the video back to Homer. “Homer I have just gotten off the line with the Queen she has confirmed that indeed the Guardiana II was sent there to help. But Homer, I still haven’t access the situation here yet so stay on high alert. At this point we don’t know who is who.”

“Aye aye captain, Glitchman out.”

“Dash, have those coordinates came in yet?”

“Yes sir they have.”

Zazba_edited-1[1].jpg“Alright everyone prepare for landing, and be on your toes for anything.” Wildstar called out then went to his captain’s chair sat down and announce through the ships intercom “Attention all hands, attention all hands the Argo is landing on planet Zazba in 20 minutes, secure all station.” As the Argo descend to the planet, a tracker beam came out of nowhere and guided the Argo down. They looked at snow Cap Mountains and snow for miles to see. They witness huge oval mountain partially open exposing greenery below, lush trees and a waterfall that came from with inside of the mountain itself. Derek and Nova looked at each other at how beautiful this part of the planet was. The Argo continued to descend down and in the distance they can see a castle that stood out from the trees. The Argo landed on the river over 2 miles from the castle. Wildstar got up from his captains chair and looked over to his bridge crew.  “Alright people, have the docking crew secure her to the dock. Sandor, Nova, Dash come with me. Eager you’re in command be prepare for anything.”

“Yes skipper, Captain leaving the bridge I’m now in command” Eager call out as Wildstar and the others headed off the bridge.


They walked down to the gangway, and looked down to see a welcoming party waiting for them to come down from the Argo. As they walk off the gangway they were greeted by Queen Mariposa aid Tam, “Welcome to Zazba, Captain Wildstar, it is good to see you again.” He was a short round man with a white beard and long white hair and Wildstar notice that he hadn’t age since they’ve seen him last.

“Thank you Tam, it is indeed good to see you again.” Wildstar saluted him and then shook his hand.

“Please this way my queen awaits you.” He bowed, turning to the carriage that stood before them. They all climb into the carriage and watched as they past trees green with fruit growing. The road continued passing small villages within the trees themselves. They saw young children playing in the openings as mothers watched the carriage stroll by.

“Derek, there are children here.” Nova looked at him with concern.

“Yeah I see.” The carriage continued and they saw the castle come before them. They stopped in front of two huge mahogany doors with handles made of gold. To Both Derek and Nova it looked like something they read in medieval books. Tam step down and motioned them to follow. They all enter the castle through the huge doors and walked down a long corridor, then entering a room filled with people checking charts and reading data. Queen Mariposa stood in the mist of all the business. She turned and looked up as Wildstar and the rest walked into the room.

“Welcome Captain, it is good to see you once more unfortunately it must be under trying times again.”

“Yes it is your highness.” Wildstar took her hand in his and held it. “I have to admit that you have a nice hiding place here. Your highness you remember Commander Stephen Sandor, also this is our communication officer Commander Dash and of course this is my duty captain Nova Forester.”

“It is a pleasure to see you again Nova, but I was hoping that Captain Namir would be here with you.”

“Yes, but we need to speak before I make my decision and letting him go. IF I let him go your highness, I cannot make that decision without discussing it with my staff.”

“I understand Captain, please come with me so that we can talk some more. As you can see it is very hectic here and I won’t get a moments peace.” She said as she walked into a smaller room which held a round table and chairs. “Please sit.”

They all sat down and Wildstar was the first to talk, “Your highness, the Bolar fleet that now is in our solar system what can you tell us about them?”

“I know that they are setting up a base on planet Erie, they are preparing to attack earth. They will attack within the next two weeks, that’s why I sent one of our fleets there to aid in the battle.”

“Why haven’t you told Emperor Deslock about the resistance, I am sure that he would be more than happy in joining forces?” Sandor said.

“If the emperor knew about us then our whole existence will be exposed. Secrecy is of the importance. We cannot risk the families that now reside here. I know that Deslock will be of help, but we cannot risk Prime Minister Bemlazy from finding us. And the Bolars that are here are somewhat weary about the Gamilons to begin with. So we choose to be undercover, if it wasn’t for Namir we may never have allowed you here.”

“I truly think by telling Deslock he would be more than willing help in getting rid of the Prime Minister. He and his fleets have been a big help with this war.” Wildstar said.

“I know about Earth and Gamilon union, I have known for a long time now. We did not want to expose our headquarters to anyone for fear that the Bolars will find us like last time. I will not allow that to happen again. So please forgive me for not approaching you sooner.”


“So what is Captain Namir hand in this?” Wildstar asked.

“He was supposed to get General Hindleman and the prime minister to turn against each other. Captain Wildstar what happen that Namir is now your prisoner?”

 “Well your highness, Namir and Hindleman were in battle together, and we happen to intervene. General Hindleman was about to kill Namir when I shot him.”

“So the General is out of the equation?”

“Yes your highness he is,” Wildstar said then continued. “May I ask you how you managed to hide here for so long?”

“Well, Captain, no one would ever think of an icy planet to be a place where you would set up a huge resistance, but this is the only solar system that the Bolars haven’t tried to conquer.”

“Your highness how did you managed to create such a paradise in this Ice Planet.” Nova asked.

“Commander when there’s a will there’s a way,” was all she said. “Captain if it’s too much to ask, I would like to see Namir.”

“I will make the arrangements for you to speak to him.” Wildstar said.

“Thank you, now if you don’t mind I must go and finish with my staff. Captain, please join me tonight for dinner with your officers.”

“We love too your highness,” Wildstar said. “If you don’t mind your highness I would like to see your operation, maybe there is something that we can both help each other with.”

 She turned to her aid and said, “Tam please have the cooks prepare for our guest tonight. Captain, will your deputy captain be joining us?”

Derek looked over to Nova and nodded. “Yes she will.”

They followed her to the control center and she began to inform them of the status on their operation “These monitors here show us if there is a fleet in the area up to 200,000 mega meters. Over here is our communications system, our recon groups check in with us every other week to inform us on what the Bolars are up too.”

“Queen Mariposa, are you not worried about Prime Minister Bemlazye capturing one of your men and them exposing where you’re at?”

“My people are devoted in ending this war, if they choose their fate then so be it. I don’t want to lose my people, but I cannot stop them from doing want they have to do to stop the Bolars from finding us. A lot of these men and women have families here and to give up the resistances will give up their love ones.”

“I see.”

“Captain, can you tell me again how it happened?” she asked about Contrail.  

“Your highness, he was a brave man. He will be remembered always at our memorial on hero hill.” Wildstar said thinking it best not to relive that time.

Queen Mariposa nodded in his direction understanding his thought. “Please come with me.”

She led them out of the castle and walked down to a small village that was close to the castle. There were houses within the trees and on the ground most of the people were working in small fields. “This is where their families stay.” Nova and Derek look around as children and their mothers came out to greet the Queen. She picked up a little girl and gave her a hug as the other children surrounded her asking to be picked up by her.

“They are all so cute.” Nova said as a little boy came up to her and gave her some flowers.

Wildstar knelt down to the little boy and smiled, “Are you trying to steal my girl away from me?”

The little boy giggled and said. “She’s as pretty as our queen.”

“Yes she is.” Wildstar said then stood up and ruffled the boys’ hair.

“These people depend on me to keep them safe. It is because of our secrecy that they are.”

“Queen Mariposa, thank you for the tour but we must get back to the Argo and report back to earth.”

“Captain Wildstar I cannot allow that, by you contacting your EDF that can send out waves that can inform the Bolars of our position.”

“I can understand that your highness,” Wildstar said. “But I need to inform them where we are at. And I need to confirm with Emperor Deslock of the status of his fleet also.”

“Captain, I will have to stop you from making that call, our radio waves will block your call as need be.”

“Captain Wildstar, I agree with the Queen,” Nova said. “If we call earth now they can all be in danger. And Derek, there are too many children here to do that.”

Wildstar looked at Nova and Sandor and rub his face, “Very well we will make that call after we make our decision. Let’s get back to the ship, your highness we will see you tonight for the banquet.”

“Thank you Captain for understanding.” Mariposa said.




As they boarded the Argo, Wildstar spoke about the decision that they had to make. “Well people do we give up the captain or keep him?”

“Wildstar,” Sandor stepped up. “We have no charges on him. Only that he is our enemy. If there is anyone that wants him more is Deslock for the capture of his wife.”

“I agree Derek,” Nova said. “We can’t hold him just because he is our enemy. And if Queen Mariposa has her faith in him then we should at least let her speak to him. Maybe he can be the one that can end this once and for all.”

“I agree, we should at least see what their plan is and see if there anyway to aid them.” Dash said.

“Very well, Nova, make the arrangements to have Namir attend the banquet.”

“Aye aye skipper.” Nova saluted and began to leave for the brig.


“Yes sir.”

“About Tolbert?”

“Derek, I really don’t think so.” Nova said with a firm voice.

Derek nodded and walked back to the bridge.

“Captain on the bridge.” Eager called out.

“At ease people, looks like we are staying the night. Prepare the crew for liberty, I think they can use it don’t you think Sandor?”

“Yes sir,” Sandor said as he grin knowing that he and Yvey can spend some time together without hiding their feeling. Last night was nice but they just talked about the mission and joke with each other about her being so stubborn.

“And Sandor bring Yvey with you I think she will like it.” Wildstar winked at him.

“Yes sir.”

“Wildstar, will be alright to call back to earth? I haven’t spoken to Roxanna in a couple of weeks and I know that she worries.” Eager asked.

“Sorry Eager, but if we use our communications it’s most likely that the Bolars are listening and Queen Mariposa wishes to keep this base hidden from their clutches. And after seeing what they hold here I agree with her, there are too many women and children here to put their lives at risk. So make sure you shut down all communication Dash. Make sure no one calls in or out until we are safely away from here.”

“Yes sir.” Dash and Eager said and nodded as they returned back to their station and began to make the necessary input to shut down the communication systems.

“Sandor let’s go see how Nova is with our guest.” Wildstar said.

“Yes sir.”

They made their way down to the brig where Namir and Tolbert were being held. Nova was talking to Corporal Sato about the detail of escorting Namir to the Banquet. She stop mid sentence when she saw Wildstar and Sandor walk into the brigs entrance.

“Attention on deck” Sato called out

“At ease everyone,” Wildstar said as he saluted them back. “Commander Forrest how goes with the escort detail?”

“Sir we walked over all the details and looks like we will not have any problems. He will have two Marine Guards as well as Corporal Sato escorting him to see the Queen.” Nova replied.

“Good, Corporal Sato I expect the best you have.” Wildstar said.

“Yes sir, Lance Corporal Pavlich and Lance Corporal Crowley are my top marines. They have excellent records and will make sure that the prisoner is always under their watch.”

“Good Corporal, we will be leaving the Argo at 1600 hours make sure that he is ready.” Wildstar said.

Sato stood at attention and saluted, “Yes sir.”

Nova and Sandor nodded at the three marine and follow Derek to Namir cell.

“Open the door Corporal” Wildstar said to Pavlich.

“Yes sir” Pavlich said.

Namir stood up as they enter, “Captain Wildstar I take it that we are on Zazba.”

“Yes we are, I have spoken to the Queen and she is expecting all of us and you to be present tonight at the banquet. Namir I must warn you, if you try to escape, I have given orders to shoot you on sight. Is that understood?”

“Yes Captain, you will not have a problem with that, but Captain Wildstar, about Julie. Will she be attending also?” Namir asked with hope.

“I’m sorry Captain, but she will have to sit this one out.” Wildstar said as he looked over to Nova that gave no expression.

“Can you give her a message for me? I haven’t seen her in weeks and I’m sure she is fine but I miss her terribly and I want her to know that I love her.” Namir pleaded.

Wildstar just nodded and walked out the door, Nova and Sandor following. He walked over to another cell where they held Julie. Nova looked at Wildstar and step closer to him.

“It’ll be alright Nova, you two stay here.”

“Derek I need to be there, you don’t need her to accuse you of anything else. When we returned to Earth she will have no excuse to make up anything about you.”

“Very well, Corporal open the door.” Wildstar ordered.

Julie was still lying in bed when they enter the cell. “Lieutenant Commander Tolbert I have a message for you from Captain Namir.” Julie still didn’t move. “Lieutenant Commander get up,” Wildstar said again.

Nova walked over to where she laid and turned her over. What they saw caught them all with surprise. Julie laid there paled breathing heavily, Nova check her pulse and turned to Derek. “Get a gurney in here quick she needs medical attention now.” Sandor yelled over to Sato and told him to call up to medical ward and prepare for an emergency. Wildstar moved Nova out of the way and picked up Julie carrying her out of the cell. Nova ran behind him as Sandor yelled out “Get the door now!”

They ran to the medical ward, Doctor Spada and a nurse grabbed a gurney and Wildstar put her on it. They took her into a room and closed the door leaving all three wondering what happened to Julie. Nova walked over to a locker and grabbed some scrubs and went into a room to change. When she emerged Derek looked at her and said “What are you doing?”

“I’m going to help he’s going to need it.” Nova said as she placed her hair up in a pony tail and walked into the room.

“What do you think is wrong with her?” Sandor asked.

“I don’t know.”



Nova walked into the room while Spada worked on Julie. “What can I do Doc?”

“Help remove the rest of her clothes Nova, we’ve already drawn blood and the test should be here soon. How long has she been like this?”

“I don’t know we just found her.” Nova said as she continued to take Julie clothes off. She looked over Julie’s body for cuts and wounds, but what they saw surprise them even more. Julie’s mid section had a slight bump.

“My god she’s pregnant.” Nova placed her hand on her mouth and said.

“Get an ultra sound machine, NOW!” Spada yelled at the other Nurse.

The Nurse ran with the portable ultra sound machine in hand and handed it over to Spada. Nova quickly put jell on her stomach while Spada began to move the camera on her stomach. Nova ran her hand over Julie forehead taking the sweat off.

“Is there a heart beat? Doc,” Nova said.

“Yes, it’s slow but it’s there. Nurse prepare for emergency c-section.” Spada said as the nurse came over with her blood results. “Nova she has an infection and its spreading throughout her system. We have to take the baby now or we’ll lose her and the baby.”

With high speed Nova broke out all the surgical tools needed for the c-section. The room suddenly went into high gear, Nova set up more surgical supplies. The other nurse ran to get an incubator for the baby. They worked quickly as they cut her open and then removed the baby from her stomach. Within minutes Doctor Spada held the baby in his hand and rubbed his stomach for the baby to draw a breath while the other nurse suctioned his mouth and nose. The baby gave out a loud cry and he handed the baby to Nova.

“Looks like the baby is about 21 weeks,” Nova said as she wrapped the baby up and handed it over to the other nurse to clean. “He is so cute and tiny. What do you think the chances are?”

“A little small, but it’s not the first time a baby has been born premature.”

“How does she look, Michael?”

“We need to put her on some antibiotics maybe some steroids. She has TSS (Toxic shock syndrome) she must have had a wound somewhere about ….” Spada said as he looked her over and found a wound just underneath her buttock on her inner thigh. “Here.”

Nova looked over to the area and nodded. “Will she be alright doc?”

“We’ll have to wait and see how does the baby look Nova?”

“He looks fine, we’re running test on him now. We have him on a respirator and his eyes are covered. But we won’t know until the blood work gets back.”

“You better go informed the Captain, he needs to know.” Spada said as he finished helping clean Julie up.

“I’ll be back to help.” Nova said. She went to the sink and washed her hands and then walked out the door where she saw Wildstar and Sandor waiting for news.

“Nova how is she?” Derek asked concerned.

“She’s fine Derek, for now. Derek, Julie was pregnant. The baby seems to be doing fine considering that its 21 weeks. We have him on a respirator. We won’t know anything more until the blood results get back. It’s a boy Derek, Julie had a little boy.”  She said.

“Do you think we should tell Namir?” Wildstar asked.

“Would you want to know Derek?” Nova asked as she answered his question.

“Yeah I see your point.” he said and then turned to Sandor. “I guess we better go break the news. Nova, keep me informed if something changes.”

“Will do skipper.” Nova said and then walked back into the room to help with Julie.

“Let’s go Sandor, if he doesn’t know anything then I know he’s gonna need a good support crew.”


Nova walked into the room and dove into cleaning up. She turned to the other nurse and said “why don’t you go help with the baby? I can take over the rest.” Nova put the remaining instruments into the autoclave and began to scrub more instruments so she can have them ready for the next cycle when she heard Julie coming out of the anesthesia.

“Ahh, what happen, where am I?” She said.

Nova put the instruments down and walked over to Julie’s bed. “Julie, you’re in the medical ward. How do you feel?” she asked as she ran a wet towel over her head.

“I’m, I, I feel like crap. What happened?”

“Julie we had to take the baby. He’s doing fine right now, but he’s little and the next few days we will need to watch him closely. Julie why didn’t you tell us you were pregnant?” Nova asked.

“I wasn’t sure, where?” She asked trying to talk. Afraid of what Nova would tell her.

Nova smiled at her, “It’s alright Julie. The baby is doing fine. Julie you had a beautiful little boy, he weighed in at 3pounds 5 ounces. But he looks like a fighter. Derek and Sandor are going to tell Namir now.”

“Namir doesn’t know. I didn’t even know that I was pregnant when I came on the Argo at first. It wasn’t till a month ago that I notice my body changing.” She said taking deep breaths.

“Once you’re better we’ll bring him to you, now rest Julie. You need to rest to gain your strength.”

“I started feeling sick a few days ago, I thought it was something I ate.”

“Julie, do you remember falling or scraping against anything?” Nova asked as she sat down next to her bed.

“One time I felt light headed and remembered passing out. I scraped my rear on the side of the bed. There was a sharp piece of metal sticking out, I took it off after.”

“Do you remember if the metal was rusty?”

“I think it was. I’m not sure.”

“Well that would explain your condition. You have TSS Toxic Shock Syndrome, and if we didn’t come down when we did you would have died. We got to you and the baby just in time.”

Julie let out a sigh of relief, “I wanted to tell Namir but, well, under the circumstances I couldn’t tell him.”

“Well Derek is on his way there to let him know. Julie, he’ll be able to relate to what he will go through. So don’t worry. Now rest because that little one is going to need you.”

Julie grabbed hold of Nova’s hand and Nova squeezed it. “Thank you Nova, thank you for everything. After what I put you and Derek through I wouldn’t have blame you if you left me there to die.”

Nova gave her a smile, “Julie everything is going to be alright, now rest.” she squeezed her hand one more time then covered her more with a blanket as Julie drifted off to sleep.

Nova turned off the light and closed the door to the room and waved over to Corporal Sato that stayed behind. “Have two guards posted here, she’s sleeping. No one is allowed in here except her doctor, the nurse and of course the captain and myself. Understood?”

“Yes ma’am” Corporal Sato saluted and then took the phone and called down to have two marines come up to stand watch.



Sandor and Wildstar stood in front of Namir cell, “Sandor I think its best that I talk to him alone.”

“Wildstar, he may not take the news well.” Sandor said.

“Just hang back. I think I have a little experience in this kind of news.”

“Alright, but be careful.”

Wildstar nodded and opened the door, Namir stood up and said “Is it time to go, because I would like to freshen up before seeing the Queen.”

“Namir sit down.” Namir looked at his face and saw something was wrong, he sat down and waited for Wildstar to talk. “Namir the last time you talked to Julie did she mention anything that you needed to tell me?” Wildstar didn’t want to blurt out what happened.

“Mention what? Is there something I should know?”

“Namir, after leaving you I went to tell Julie that you were alright and relay the message. We found her unconscious in her cell . . . .”

Namir stood up ready to push Wildstar out of the way to look for her, “What happened to her?”

“Namir did you know that Julie was pregnant?”

Namir stood there stun and slowly sat down, “Pregnant? Julie’s pregnant? Is she alright, is the baby.  .?”

“Relax, they’re both doing fine. They had to take him early, but he’s doing fine. You have a son Namir.” Wildstar said. “Namir she had an infection and it spread just a little which affect the pregnancy.”

“Captain, can I?” he looked down at his feet and then back up to Wildstar, “may I see them?”

Wildstar turned and walked out the door, he waved over the marine that stood guard “prepare the prisoner I’m taking him to see his son.”

“Aye aye sir.”

He looked over to Sandor, “I hope I’m making the right decision.”

“Wildstar, it is a good thing you’re doing.” Sandor smiled as he placed his hand on his shoulder. They made their way back to the medical in silences. Namir walked tall in handcuffs while two marines walked along side them.

She watched as they enter the room, he stared into her eyes as they made their way to her. “Nova, how could I not let him see his child?” Wildstar said as he saw her face.

Nova smiled at him and said, “I don’t blame you, he has a right to see them.” Turning to Namir she smiled, “Namir she sleeping right now, but you can see your son first.” She then stood between him and the guard; grabbed hold of his arm and began to walk with him back as she described his son to him.




He walked closely over to where they had him and looked down at the tiny infant that laid there.

“Can I hold him?” he asked Nova.

“You can only hold him through those arms that are attached to the cube. I’m sorry I wish I can let you have more, but we have to make sure he doesn’t pick up any germs his immune system is still week.”

Namir began to reach through and realized that he still had handcuff. Quickly Wildstar ordered the marine to remove them. He turned to Wildstar and said “thank you” then reached in to hold his son. Wildstar and the others stood in the far end of the room as Namir held his child in one hand and touched his stomach with the other. Nova could see him smiling at the tiny little baby in his hand, she lean over and said to Derek in a low voice. “Are you going to let him see her?”

“I think it would be a good idea.” Wildstar said.

Nova smiled as she looked at Namir holding his son and lean closer to him. “I think it’s a good idea too, Derek” Then walked back to Namir and put her hand on his shoulder “Would you like to see her?”

“Yes.” Namir said still amazed at the infant he was holding.

“You can see him before we take you back, Namir. He’s doing just great you have a strong little boy there.”

“Thank you Commander, he is handsome.”

“Come, I’ll take you to see her.” she said, grabbed hold of his arm again and walked him to Julie room.

“At ease gentlemen,” Wildstar said to the two marines standing grade. Nova and Wildstar walked in with him but stood in the far end to give them privacy.

Namir walked and stood over Julie’s bed, he gently stroke her face and move her dark hair away. Julie opened her eyes and looked up to see Namir looking down on her.

“Hey there.” Namir whispered softly as he continued to stroke her face.

“Namir, how did you . . .”

“Captain Wildstar and Commander Forrest told me. Julie he is just beautiful. Commander Forrester says he’s doing just fine, but I would expect that he is half Bolar.” he smiled at her trying to make her smile.

“Yeah, but he is also half earthling, so he has two good things going for him.”

“How do you feel my love?”

“Tired but alright now thanks to Nova’s quick thinking.” Julie said as she looked over to where Nova and Derek stood.

“Then I am grateful to her for saving you and our son.” Namir said. “What shall we name him?”

“I don’t know. There are no men in my life that is worth giving him their name, why don’t you give him a name, Namir.”

“Hmm, I would like to call him Saku after my father. He was great man someone that stood up for his beliefs.”

“Then Saku it is, I love it Namir it’s a strong name.”


Nova walked over to Namir, “I’m sorry Namir but she needs her rest. Saku will need her so she’s going to need her strength. With the captains permission I’ll arrange for you to see them once a day” Nova said as she looked over to Derek who shook his head yes.

“Captain Namir it’s time to go.” Wildstar said as he waved over the marine. Namir kissed Julie and stood up facing the Marine that escorted him there.

They all walked back in silence to the brig. Rubbing his wrist he looked at Wildstar, “Thank you captain.”

“Think nothing of it. Now, you’ll need to get ready to see the Queen. I will have them get you a change of clothes. Please be ready to go and Namir, congratulation.”He said and closed the door.




Nova finished up in Julie room and then sat down as she watched Julie sleep. She thought about all that has gone in the past all this fighting, all these wars at least something good came out of this, feel bless Julie because you have a part of you now breathing life.

“Nova is something wrong?” Julie asked.

Nova smiled at her as she snapped back to reality, “No Julie everything is fine. How do you feel?”

“Fine thank you, will I be able to hold Saku soon?”

“I’m sorry he has to stay in the incubator for health reasons. But we can bring him in here so that way you can see him.”

“I would like that, Nova. Nova, I’m so sorry at what has happen, I hope that we can get past all this and be friends someday.”

“Julie, I have learn from Derek that it can be possible for us to be friends. If Derek and Deslock can do it then I think I can put my differences aside and give it a chance. Now get some rest” She said as she covered her and then walked over to the door, turned off the light and left.



Bolar federation

Planet Rhima

Bolar Main Headquarters and Bemlazye home


Prime Minister Bemlazye was having a bad day, not only has the resistance been attacking the castle, but he hasn’t heard from General Oran.  He left the prison and went to the Control Center. As he walked in they all stood up and saluted, he nodded and walked over to the communications officers.

“Have we heard from General Oran?”

“No your grace, nothing yet, seems like they have warp out of the area. We should be hearing from them soon.”

“Let me know when you hear from them.” Bemlazye said. ‘where the hell are you? Oran. What happen out there that Hindleman hasn’t gotten in touch with me, it’s been weeks!’ he thought to himself as he walked over to his chair and threw his cape over it. He watched as the staff may themselves busy with reports and tracking other ships.

Just then the communications officers turned to him “Your grace, I have General Oran on the line, switching him to screen now.”

Bemlazye looked up to the screen from his chair and watched as Oran came to view.

“Your grace,” Oran said as he bow to his superior.

“What have you found Oran?” Bemlazye asked feeling inpatient that he was telling him anything fast enough.

“My lord, we are light years away from Rhima, when we warp here we found wreckage. We have picked up some of it and have verified that it was the Adsila and Canapus. Sir there are no survivors, looks like they were attacked and destroyed.”

“What!” Bemlazye stood up and slammed his fist on the chair arm. “Any traces of the Star Force?”

“Sir, we are trying to track who was responsible for this.” Oran said.

“I’m telling you who is responsible, you IDIOT! It’s the Star Force now go find where they went NOW!” He yelled into the screen.

“Yes sir, we will locate them.” Oran bowed as the screen turned black.

Bemlayze stormed out of the control center and back to his quarters. “Blasted Wildstar I will get you if it takes my last breath.” he said out loud as he threw a chair across the room. “Tengee get in here!” he screamed to an aid.

Tengee ran into the room and quickly bowed at him “Yes your grace.”

“Bring her to me, I have to relieve my tension.” he bellowed.

“Yes your grace I will have them send her up.” he said as he bowed walking out.



Pluto Base Station

Outer space

EDF Battleship Endeavor

1800 hours earth time



“How do you feel Wendy?” Homer asked.

“I’ve been throwing up and haven’t been able to eat anything, but Doctor Sane gave me something for it. I feel a little better today.”

“Good, just take good care of yourself, has Doctor Sane restricted you to home. That way you don’t have to deal with Stone face.” Homer said as everyone now called General Stone.

Wendy giggled at what he said and then said “I better get going Homer I’m having lunch with Uncle Thomas.”

“Is he still investing the escape of Julie?” Homer asked.

“Huh, he has a strong suspicion about something but doesn’t want to tell anyone yet. It could mean a high ranking officer.”

“How high?” Homer asked intrigued.

“He suspects very high Homer he hasn’t said anymore on who,” Wendy said. “Have you heard from the Argo, Uncle Thomas said that they drop off the face of space and he is starting to get worried?”

“I know that they were on their way to Planet Zazba, but they couldn’t tell us where they were located. Top secret, the queen wanted to make sure that the Bolars do not find them. Well I won’t push the issue on the Julie situation. I better get back on the bridge. I’ll talk to soon, love you babe.” Homer said and threw a kiss her way as she did the same.

Homer walked onto the Endeavors Bridge and step up to the captain’s chair that looked over the crew.  “Anything on our guest, Lee”

“Nothing yet sir, Captain Brunt called in and says that the Bolar fleet is still on planet Erie. Looks like they haven’t started anything yet, their just sitting there, her recon unit are just waiting for further orders.”

“Mr. Lee, why don’t you take some time and rest you’ve been on the bridge for hours. I can handle it from here.”

“Aye aye Captain,” Lee said and saluted. “I guess I can call Melissa, I haven’t been able to call in a few days.”

“How is she Evan?” Homer asked, to Homer he seem happy and in love.

Lee smiled at him. “She just great, I thought I would never see the day that I can love again.”

“Hmm, seems to me that I will be hearing wedding bells.” Homer slapped him on the back.

“You just might.” Lee couldn’t help but smiled wider.

“Congratulation Evan, I wish you two the best.”

“Thank you, I guess I better get down on my knees for this call.”

“You mean you haven’t proposed yet?”

“Well I was going to wait until I got back but I don’t think I can contain myself. I only wished that I was there in person.” Lee looked down at his feet.

“Well I hope she says yes. Why don’t you go and make that call, that’s an order.”

“Aye aye skipper.” Lee said and made his way to his quarters to make the call.


“Captain Glitchman, Captain Brunt is on the line,” Ryker his communication officer call out.

“Put her through Lieutenant.”

“Yes sir, switching over now.”

Homer stood up and watched as Brunt’s image came on the screen, he returned her saluted and then asked. “Captain Brunt what’s going on?”

“Sir we have movement on Erie, my recon unit indicates that the Bolars are starting to form. Looks like their preparing to leave the planet.”

“Where do you think they’re going?”

“Earth sir.”

“Any sign of a fleet?”

“No sir, but they could be warping and meeting them within Saturn space.”

“Alright people, Lieutenant Ryker, call over to the Guardiana II and inform Commander Qadan that we are moving over to Saturn. If the fleet is going to form there then we need to surprise them before they reach Earth. Captain Brunt move your fleet to Saturn we will meet you there in an hour.”

“Sir I have Commander Qadan on line 2 he wishes to speak to you.” the communication officer called out.

“Put him through,” Homer said and continued to look at the screen. “Commander Qadan what is it?”

“Captain Glitchman I know that you want to go to Saturn but that is nothing more than a trap. They want you to go there it’s a ploy. If I know them they will go to an area that will be more vulnerable. Where will that be captain?”

Homer rubbed his chin thinking of the most vulnerable planet. “The only sector I can think of is Mercury but who would want to come in that way, the heat alone will be like committing suicide. It’s just too hot to enter through that way.”

“Captain Glitchman it may sound farfetched but you do not know the Bolars as much as we do. Ridiculous is their forte, if they do begin attacks it will be from there.”

“But that planet is so close to the sun and the heat alone will disintegrate any ship there.”

“Excuse me Captain Glitchman,” Lee said as he walked back on to the bridge, which stunned Homer.

“Evan I thought you were going to make that call?”

“Yes sir but, she wasn’t home and I’m not tried.” Lee said. “But I believe what he is saying, what a better plan then to enter through an area that no one would think of. We should send Brunt and her fleet to Erie and we can make base on Venus. If we send a few more ships with her from our fleet they will think that we are all heading to Saturn. In turn our fleet will head over to Venus.”

Glitchman thought about it and turned to Lee. “Lee are you thinking what I’m thinking?”

“I’m way ahead of you Homer.”

“Ok we head over to Venus. I’ll send over a carrier and two battleships to Captain Brunt. Lieutenant Ryker, send a message over to the Titan on an open line, advise them that we feel that her fleet alone will be able to take care of the Bolar fleet that is there. We will head back to earth moon station for supplies.” Homer commanded.

“Sir?” Ryker looked at him confused.

“You heard the Captain relay the message, Lieutenant.” Lee snapped at him.

“Yes sir,” he said and relay the message over to the Titan.

“Commander Qadan, I hope that our little plan works.” Homer said as he looked up to the monitor.

“I hope so too, I will get our fleet prepare for warp. Good luck Captain.”

“And the same to you.” Homer said as he saluted him.

“Lieutenant Ryker,” Homer ordered. “Get me a secure line to the Titan. And Lieutenant it is important that it is secure.”

“Aye aye captain.” he called out as he began to find a secure line.

 “Lee, we better plan this out to the last detail. If this goes well we can get the Bolars on the run. If not, well you know what can happen.”

“Then we should get started.” Lee said.

“Sir,” Ryker called out.

“Yes Lieutenant.”

“I have Captain Brunt on a secure line. Patching her through now.”

“Thank you Lieutenant.” Homer and Lee looked up at the monitor.

“Captain Glitchman, this is Captain Brunt.”

“Captain Brunt, I need you to disregard my previous orders, you are to stand ready for battle. The Endeavor will not be going to moon station for supplies. We will be going to Venus in preparation for the Bolar fleet. The small fleet that is making base on Erie is only a decoy. Once we warp to Venus we will await the Bolars there. You are to keep a few ships there to take out the Bolars that are making base there then join us in the battle.”

“Aye aye Captain, I’ve been dying to get back into the swing of things for a long time.”

“Captain Brunt it is important that they never leave Erie to Saturn. Please be careful and good luck.”

“Will do sir.” Brunt stood at attention and saluted.

“Very well I will be in contact ASAP.” Glitchman said as he returned the salute then turn to Lee.

“Okay, let’s get ready for warp. Make the announcement Deputy Captain.”

“Aye aye sir,” Lee sat down at his chair and called into the ships intercommunications “Attention all hands, attention all hands, secure all station prepare for warp. We will be warping in 10 minutes to Venus. I repeat we will be warping in 10 minutes to Venus.”




EDF Battleship Endeavor

Resistance Battleship Guardiana II and fleet

30th of April, 2206



“I hope that your right about this Qadan, this is leaving our fleet on Pluto wide open and Earth defenseless.” Homer said as he looked up to the screen.

“Just be prepared for battle Captain,” Qadan said looking down on Homer and his bridge crew.

“Captain Glitchman, I’m getting something on raider sir.” Hatcher the raider officer called out.

“Where?” Glitchman asked.

“1,000 mega meters from Mercury and sir its moving fast towards Earth.”

“Lee, make the announcements,” Homer turned to Lee and ordered.

“Put the ship on red alert, prepare for battle. Mr. Ryker, have our black panthers prepare for departure. All hands all hands,” Lee called once again to the ships intercommunication system. “Report to your stations prepare for battle, I repeat prepare for battle.”

“Sir, all guns on line, fully load and ready to go.” Lieutenant Jasmine Brooks called out.

“Lieutenant, status on the Bolar fleet?” Lee snapped.

“Sir approaching towards Venus at 100 space knots, they will be here in 15 minutes.”

“Captain, we are prepared and ready for battle.” Lee turned to Glitchman at his chair and said.

“Very well, good luck Endeavor, let’s make Earth proud.” Homer called out to the bridge crew then thought to himself as his heart beat faster. ‘Wendy I will be back home, I promise.’

“Sir we have a small squadron approaching, the fleet is about 2 minutes behind. Sir their moving at a higher speed 150 space knots.” Hatcher called out.

“Get the fighter’s out, have them stand formation.” Lee called out.

“Aye aye sir” Ryker called back. “Black Panthers disembark the Endeavor.”

vlcsnap-2010-09-06-20h54m51s67.png“This is Black Panther One roger that Endeavor.” Commander Kwan called into his helmet. “You heard the bridge lets go, it’s time to show them what we’re made of.”

One by one each ships fighter left their ships and formed in the direction that the Bolars were coming. Kwan yelled into the helmet to all “Incoming, here they come. Take evasive action now, let’s rock and roll ladies and gentleman.”

Within minutes the Panthers and Bolar fighters where in battle. Homer stood on the bridge calling out orders to his bridge crew.  “Brooks get those guns going, Ryker make sure that our communication with the Guardiana and our other ships on complete contact. Call over to the Titan and find out the status on Erie.”

“Aye Skipper,” he replied focusing on all the orders he will have to perform for the captain.

“Sir incoming to the starboard side” Hatcher called out.

“What are they?” Lee yelled out.

“Missiles sir.”

“Next time, add that with your report Lieutenant!” Lee snapped at him.

“Yes sir, sorry sir.”

“Brooks send out some flares, let’s hope that will stop them from hitting us.” Lee said with sarcasm as he looked over to their raider officers that looked down and focus more on what was coming in.

“Firing flares, 3 . . . 2 . . . 1 . . . fire!” Brooks yelled out.

The missiles exploded close to the Endeavor as the flares heat attracted them away from the ship. The Bolar battle ship set off another round of missiles, sending them in the direction of the Guardiana.

“Sir a wave of missiles are coming straight at us” a young officer called over to Qadan.

“Turn hard port now!” Qadan yelled over to his helmsman.

“Turning hard port!” the helmsman yelled back and pulled hard on the controls. The missiles flew by the ship within inches.

Qadan screamed out to the helmsman, “good job, now keep your eyes on the other incoming.”

On the Endeavor Homers fighters raced to stop the bolar pilots from attacking the ship, each fighter flying at top speeds to prevent any damages to the Endeavor. Homer stood on the bridge calling out orders, Lee screamed out to the raider tech making sure that he was on top of the incoming missiles.

“Sir another wave coming in on port side, 300 mega meters, 10 space knots. Another coming in on starboard 500 mega meters, 20 space knots.” Hatcher kept calling out to them.

Homer screamed down to the gunnery crew “move those guns NOW!!!! Ms. Brooks keep on top of those guys, their getting to close and we can’t afford to get a dent on this multibillion dollar ship. Understood? Not only that I intend to make it back to earth.”

“Doing the best I can sir.” she yelled over the noise.

“Well move it up a notch because it’s not working.” Homer yelled back.

“Sir we just lost the North Dakota, their abandoning ship as we speak.” Lee called over to him.

“Shit, Mr. Ryker put me thru the lead pilot NOW.” Homer ran over to him and screamed.

“Aye sir, on line now.”

“This is Captain Glitchman.”

“Yes sir!”

“I want you and the other pilots to try and get their battle ships in one area, make sure that they don’t stray from one another.”


“DO IT!” Homer screamed into the microphone.

“Yes sir.”

“Ryker patch me through to the other ships.”

“Aye Sir, on line now.”

“Attention 21st fleet this is your fleet commander, all cruisers assist the black panthers in maintaining the Bolar Fleet into one area. Mr. Ryker, find out what is up with Captain Burnt, call over to the Titan and find out their position.”

“Yes Sir.” Ryker called out, “I have Captain Brunt on line sir.”

“Captain Brunt, what is your status on Pluto and Erie.”

“Captain Glitchman we are wrapping up the remaining Bolar fleet here. As you predicated it was nothing more than a ploy to get us from finding out that their main fleet was coming in from Venus.”

“That’s good news, Glitchman out. Ms. Brooks, get the wave motion gun ready, when they have them surrounded and contain call our pilots back. Ms. Brooks you get one shot make it worth it.” Homer yelled over the explosions.

“Yes sir,” Brooks confirmed.

The pilots fought hard to move the Bolar fleet to keep together, with the help of the resistances pilots and the cruisers they managed to get them contain.

“Ms. Brooks, take the shot NOW!” Homer screamed out to her. “Ryker, get our pilots out of there now, call them back.”

“Yes sir, Black Panthers retreat, I repeat retreat.”

“WMG charged to full, releasing safety lock. Prepare for recoil, glasses on, aiming firing in 10 . . .  9 . . . 8 . . . 7”

“Make sure that our ships are out of range.” Homer called out.

“Sir they all reported in and all are clear from the blast.” Ryker screamed out.

“6 . . . 5 . . . 4 . . . 3 . . . . 2  . . .  1 FIRE!” Brooks yelled out as she squeezed the trigger, releasing the full force of the WMG energy. Seconds went by for the blast to clear all went quiet on the bridge as they waited for the screen clear.

“Direct hit sir!” Hatcher called out. The bridge crew cheered to what was said, than focus back on the remaining fighters that managed to slip through.

“Okay people it’s not over yet, we still have Bolars out there no matter how small the ships. Have the remaining Panthers sent out to help with the roundup.” Homer ordered.

“YES SIR” Ryker replied smiling from the results and got on the communication system ordering the remaining fighter out.

“Well done crew, Mr. Lee excellent job.” Homer said as he nodded at him. “Mr. Ryker put me through the Guardiana.”

“Yes sir, on screen now sir.”

“Commander Qadan, how are you?”

“I have to admit, you Earthlings do give a good show. We have minor damages and the lost of two ships. But all in all we came out of this pretty well.”

“Thank you commander but your information on their tactics was dead on. Had you not informed us we would’ve been sitting ducks on Pluto. It is an honor to fight alone side you.” Homer stood at attention and saluted him.

“Likewise, Captain, I will be in touch.” Qadan said returning his salute.

“Mr. Lee, can you take it from here?”

“I sure can sir.”

“Thank you I will be in my quarters should something come up.”

“Captain leaving the bridge, I now have command.” Lee called out as he stood at attention.

Homer took the private lift to his stateroom and let out a long sigh, gosh I hope that this ends soon. I just think I’m getting to old for this. I don’t know how Wildstar does it. He always looks like he’s enjoying it. He said out loud. As the doors to the elevator opened he walked in and threw his cover and jacket on the bed and sat behind his desk and closed his eyes. A few minutes later Lee was knocking on the door.


“Sir, I have the damage report and . . .” Lee trail off.

“Evan, just give it to me straight.”

“Sir we lost the North Dakota and 10 pilots from our ship. I’m sfllaga-05-animestocks[com][1].jpgorry sir.”

“Get me their names.”

“Here there are, sir again I’m sorry.”

“Thank you, this may take awhile, how goes out there?”

“Sir the panthers shot down the majority of the Bolar pilots and the resistances pilots are collecting the remaining ones for interrogations.”

“Good, good now I need to do this.” Homer started to pull out the falling pilot’s jackets so to report it back to EDF and then call the families.

Lee pivot and left Homer to make the calls and thought how Wildstar did the same. You’ve learn well from Wildstar. If I ever take command of a ship it will be a tradition that I will carry on.







EDF Battleship ARGO

Planet Zazba

Captains Quarters

28th of April, 2206



“Are you ready?” Wildstar asked as he waited for his wife to come out of the head, he stood there in full Officers uniform cleaned and press to perfection.

“Yes” Nova said as she came out wearing a strapless midnight blue dress that fell above her upper thighs. She wore a pair of black roman shoes that made her ankles thin. Her hair was down like he always like it. A pair of dangling earrings that swayed each time she moved.

It’s like seeing her for the first time, he thought. “You look stunning.  You tend to surprise me every time.”ya-21[1].jpg

She blushed to his comment. “Thank you, you don’t look to bad yourself.”

“This old thing, it’s just something I threw together.” He grinned as she walked over and started to fix his hair and jacket. She always thought he looked sexy in anything he wore, especially his uniform. “Shall we?” he stuck out his arm as she took it.

They walked down to the ships brig and waited for Sato and the other two marines to escort Namir. He was given privileges to shower and they press his uniform so to look his best for the queen. They brought him to the entrance of the brig where Wildstar and Nova stood waiting.

“Those won’t be necessary marine. You can remove them.” Wildstar said. “I’m sure he won’t be going anywhere.”

“Yes sir.” Sato said as he removed the cuffs.

“Thank you Captain Wildstar, I was hoping that the Queen wouldn’t see me like this.”

“Please note that I will still have these three watching your every move. You are still my prisoner and until we decide otherwise you are still our enemy.”

“Understood Captain.” Namir stood tall and then looked over to Nova’s direction. ‘My god she’s beautiful,’ he thought. “Commander Forrester, you look beautiful.”

“Thank you Captain, I have a message from Julie, she says that Saku is doing fine and he can’t wait to see his father.” she smiled as she passed on the news.

“Thank you, will it be too much of a problem if I can see him tomorrow?” he asked Wildstar.

“Ms. Forrester will arrange it for you.” Wildstar looked at his wife as she nodded with agreement. “Now shall we all go? We shouldn’t keep the Queen waiting.”

“Agree skipper” Nova said. She grabbed Wildstar arm once more and then look over to Namir and took his arm as well to her left.



They all step out of the carriage and headed into the castle, it was decorated for a festive occasion. Wildstar and Nova walked into the hall and looked around, noticing that some of the crew were already there with some of the officers and people that lived within the planets base. Sandor and Yvey came over to them saluting Wildstar and shaking Namir's hand. The Queen made her entrance shortly after they arrive. The horns sounded off as everyone looked in the direction of them. They watched as Mariposa walked into the hall in a beautiful ivory pink ball gown with a cape that flow behind her that was attached to her dress, the crown jewels that she wore on her head sparkled from the light.

“Captain Wildstar, thank you for coming. Captain Namir it is good to see you again. We have much to talk about, but first let us enjoy what the people of this planet have prepared for us.”

They all sat down and talked as dinner was served. “Your highness, have you heard from Naruto?” Namir asked

“Yes Namir he has been able to report back often on the Prime Minster and his fleet.”

“How often is he calling?”

“Three times a week, why?”

“That’s too much, his calls can be trace if he continues to call that often. I told him to call once a week and change times and days so that he would not be detected. You must inform him to stop reporting so often, or it will give away your location”

“But we haven’t had any encounters with the Bolars in this part of the universe. So I don’t think that him calling more often would be a problem.”

Namir looked over to Wildstar and then back to the Queen. “What has he been reporting your highness?”

“Only that they are just in search of General Hindleman, why?”

“Hmm, it could be a trap.” Namir said then gave a look over to Wildstar, which he nodded too.

“Your highness, it’s a little odd that he can report to you about something so minor when there is a fleet in Earth space as we speak.” Wildstar informed her.

“Are you suggesting that he is a trader?”

“Either that or he is being force to give you useless information.” Wildstar stated.

“So what do you suggest about this dilemma, Captain?”

“I will have to brain storm with Namir and my staff and see what we come up with. Captain Namir your input in this?”

“Captain, I know Naruto for many years, and he would not put the queen and the base in jeopardy if he wasn’t being forced. After all his family is here, he has small children that he adores and would never put them in harm’s way.  If he is being force to give up the resistance then there were times when he tried to warn you. We better prepare for the worst and start to get all of the women and children off the planet.”

Wildstar felt the same way in the possibility of an invasion “I agree Queen Mariposa is there a safe planet that they can be sent to?”

“We have been looking at a distant planet about 20,000 light years from here. We can send them there for safety until it is all over.”

“Who else knows about this planet?” Wildstar wanted to make sure that all was secure on the planet.

“Only my top generals know of the planet.”

“How about Naruto?” Wildstar asked.

“No, he knows nothing of the planet.”

“That’s good news, have a small recon unit go ahead to make sure the planet is still safe, and have all the women and children prepared to evacuate as soon as possible. I will have a battleship escort them to the planet.” Wildstar offered.

“Thank you Captain, why don’t we call it a night as to start evacuation proceedings?” She said as she stood up, “Captain Wildstar I really could use Captain Namir in this.”

Wildstar looked over to Nova and Sandor both nodding their heads yes “Very well your highness he is at your disposal. But I will leave two Marines with him to help out in the evacuation.”

“Captain Wildstar, I thank you.” Mariposa said and then turned to leave.

“Captain thank you, I will not let you down.” Namir said “But there is one thing I must ask?”

“She will be safe with us Namir, and Saku will be just fine.” Nova jumped in.

“Nova maybe it’s best to send Saku with Namir to the other planet.” Wildstar told her.

“No she’s right Saku and Julie will be safe with you on the Argo, and it will get to crazy here to keep an eye on everything and an infant son.”

“Namir, I will take care of them. Do not worry about them, I promise.” Nova said as she put her hand on his shoulders.

“I know you will.” he said as he saluted her. “Thank you Commander.”

“Commander Sandor, have everyone report back to the Argo. They are going to need as much help getting the people off the planet. I want everyone back in uniform and report back here in one hour to help out.”

“Aye aye Captain.” Sandor saluted and started to give orders to the crew to return back to the Argo.

“I will see you in an hour Captain.” Wildstar said as he grab hold of Nova hand and ran back to get ready for battle.




Planet Rhima

Bolar Federation Headquarters

Central Interrogation Room

1st of May, 2206


“Make the call!” He sneered at him.

“I Won’t!” Naruto said with Vial.

“Do it, or else I will start to kill each and every one of your men.” Bemlazye ordered.

Naruto looked over to his men, all so young and one a women. How could he give up the Queen? I tried your highness but I cannot let him hurt them too. I only hope that you have listen to my messages and had everyone evacuate from the planet. He looked up and nodded at the Prime Minister.

“Good, now be careful at what you say.” he said as he held a weapon to his head.

Naruto put the microphone to his mouth, “This is Commander Naruto, come in Alfa two. I repeat this is Lieutenant Naruto, come in Alfa two.”

“This is Alfa two, come in Lieutenant we have been waiting to hear from you” the voice came over the speaker. A voice that he knew too well, it was Captain Namir, he has returned.

“Alfa two nothing has changed they are still searching for the remains of the Canapus and the Adsila. They suspect nothing. I will call back in three days time.

“Very well, we will wait for your call in three days.” Namir said in returned.

“There, are you happy?” Naruto looked at him with slit eyes.

“Did you get the coordinates?” Bemlazye asked the raider officer.

“Yes sir, they are located in the Diamond solar systems, on the planet Zazba. 78,000 light years away.”

“Minano, Prepare the fleet to leave immediately.” He ordered.

“Yes your Excellency.” he bowed to him.

“Take them back to their cells, wait. This little one can be place alone.” he said as he held the young woman face in his hand sending a chill down her spine.

The young guard saw that look before and looked away in disgust. How could he think of taking her? She might be a trader but she is still a bolar solider and a woman for universe sake. “Yes sir,” was all he could say.

“Naruto you’ve done well. I just might let you return back to us and make you a Captain in one of my fleets.”

“No thank you I would rather die than to be part of your ruling.” Naruto spit out his words.

“So be it, you can be the last to be executed so you can watch as I have your crew killed before you die.”

“You will pay for this many times over, Prime Minister.”

“You and what army, there is no fleet in this universe that can ever defeat me.”

“I do remember once a little ship call the Argo set you ba . . . .”

“How dare you!” he yelled as he punched him across the face making him bleed from his nose. “You will not speak to me in that manner. Thank the heavens above that I need you for one more assignment or else I would have had you killed weeks ago. Get him out of my face!”

As they helped Naruto to his feet, Bemlazye left to return to the control center. Minano bowed as he entered the room “Sir the fleet is almost ready for departure.”

“Good, get my flag ship ready if the Argo is there then I want to see that ship one more time before I destroy it once and for all.”

“Yes sir.”