Onward With Love…

Chapter Twenty-Seven

By Yuki Wildstar

EDF Battleship Galaxy II

Earth docking station

Great Island

5th of March, 2206

1303 Earth Hours


gallery518[1].jpgThe Galaxy II arrived at 1300 hours earth time, still beaten from the fight with the Bolars it was amazing to the crew that they made it home in one piece. She now sat on the dock 34 for her refit as the crew made their departure to their love ones waiting on the pier.

“Homer, over here.” Wendy yelled out as she saw her fiancé walk off the ship. He waved at her and signed to her one minute. He walked over to the dock master and signed some papers then made his way to her.

010 (2)b.jpg“Hello there, I’ve missed you so much.” Homer said, kissing her.

“Mmm, I’ve missed you too.” Wendy looked up at him. “How is Nova and Derek?”

“Their fine babe, so what are we doing for the rest of the day?”

“Nothing much, I have the day off and I was thinking of just spending time at my place and have a little romantic dinner.”

“I have a better idea.” Homer said.


“You’ll see, where’s the car?”

“Over there next to Nova’s and Derek’s car.”

“Okay, let’s go.”

They place his things in the car and jump in. Wendy watched as he drove past their exit and down further to a small village.  “Where are we going” Wendy asked confused.

“You’ll see.” he smiled at her as he pulled up to a small chapel at the end of a street. Looking confused she turned to him as he got out of the car and walked over to open the door for her.

“Homer what’s going on?” she asked.

He pulled her by her hand and opened the door to the chapel. Her eyes widen as she saw her Uncle there with a few family members sitting down. Before she could say anything two bridesmaids, Homers sisters, whisked her away to a private room and began to help her get dress. They dressed her quickly in a wedding gown that she had picked out for the wedding that they had to postpone.

He stood outside the chapel entrance and glance as she walked out of the dressing room door. “Surprised!” he grinned at his bride.

“Homer when did you get this all done?”

“I asked your uncle if there was any way of setting this up for me. Wendy,” Homer fell down to his knees and looked up at her. "I’m sorry that we had to postpone our wedding twice. But I can’t live another day without you as my wife. Please marry me today, say yes, because I really don’t want to look like a fool here on my knee.”

Wendy laughed at him, “Yes Homer. I only wish that everyone was really here.”

“They all send their love and understand completely. Nova and Derek are the ones that advised me to marry you the minute I got back.”

“I love you Homer Glitchman.” She said as her eyes gleamed with love.

He got up handed her hand to her uncle and walked down the aisle to wait for his bride to come to him. It was a simple small wedding that was beautiful and had a small reception in the church’s hall. Wendy and Homer left for a quick honeymoon at her apartment before he was to report to duty at EDF headquarters the next day.


EDF Headquarters

The next day

6th of March, 2206



“Sir Lieutenant Commander Glitchman is here.” Michelle said into the intercom.

“Thank you Michelle please send him in.”

Homer walked in and stood at attention “Sir Lieutenant Commander Glitchman, reporting for duty.”

“Homer at ease son, I’m sorry that you and Wendy couldn’t have a real honeymoon but I needed you here. I have a special detail for you on Pluto. As you know firsthand that the Bolars are coming closer to our solar systems and we are going to need someone up there with combat experience with them. Homer you are to leave in two week. At that time you will take command of the EDF Battleship Endeavor here are the jackets to your crew. I am granting you leave for one week to take time with Wendy so that you can settle into your new home.”

Homer looked over the first jacket and looked up at Singleton “Sir my deputy captain?”

“Yes Homer, he is cleared to return back to work. I have interviewed him myself. I have also talked with Captain Wildstar and he agrees with me that he is the best person for the job.” Singleton said.

“Well if he’s okay with Derek then I guess he’s okay with me.” Homer said.

“Now go and enjoy your time with my niece. And Homer welcome to the family, it’s nice to know that Wendy pick a great guy and officer.”

“Thank you sir, or should I call you uncle?” Homer tried to joke with him.

“SIR will do just fine in the office.” Singleton tried to look stern at him.

“Yes sir.” Homer stood at attention and saluted.

“Dismiss Lieutenant Commander.” Singleton said returning his salute.

“Thank you sir.” Homer turned and left his office running straight into General Stone. “General Stone how are you?” he said standing at full attention.

“Glitchman, I heard you are now married to Admiral Singleton’s niece congratulation. May you have a good life together.” Stone said with a daunt face.

“Thank you sir.”

“So how goes with the mission in Sector 8?”

“It’s going well, sir. Captain Wildstar has everything under control.”

“Good, good it’s good to know that things are working out. Has anyone heard anything on Lieutenant Commander Tolbert?”

“Sir she is now with Bolar federation.” Homer said.

“Yes I heard, shame she became a traitor of earth.” Stone said. Wildstar had not yet reported about the battle with the two Bolar ships so no one knew that she was in their custody. Not even Homer.

“Sir I must be going home to my bride, so if you don’t mind.” Homer said.

“Yes, yes please go to your bride and congratulations again.” Stone said. When he turned he saw Singleton looking at him, and then walked back to his office. He wondered about the meeting with Julie’s lawyer and what he will do once he knew that he was the one to help Julie escape. His mind raced at how to handle him.



Residence of Homer and Wendy Glitchman


“Hey baby I’m home.” Homer called out as he looked at the boxes that were delivered to their new house. They had bought the house a month before their wedding that never happened. He had given up his apartment to move in and keep up the house but was called out to sector 8. Wendy came out of the kitchen wearing an old t-shirt of Homers and some sweats wiping her hands with a towel as she walked over to him and gave him a kiss.

“Hello there Mr. Glitchman.” she said then kissed him. “So what does my uncle have in store for you now.”

“I’ve gotten orders to Pluto, I leave in 2 weeks.” Homer said and saw her face. “But he has given me a week off so we can finish up here and continue our honeymoon.”

“Oh Homer, I wish you weren’t going. I hate my uncle sometimes for doing this, but it is your job.” Wendy whined.

“I’m sure that if he could he’d keep me here, but he can’t show favoritism towards anyone. He has to be fair about everything. Now let’s just make the best of things and enjoy our honeymoon. Come here.” he said then kissed her and picked her up, carrying her into their bedroom. “I love you Mrs. Glitchman.”

“I love you too” she giggled. They stayed in bed the rest of day making love and laughing at silly things that they did when they were dating. The rest of the week they put stuff away and made love in between.



Their week together went quickly and Homer was back at work getting ready to depart for Pluto base station to take command of the Endeavor. Sitting at his desk he looked over the crews jackets. “Enter” he called out to the knock on the door.

“Deputy Captain Evan Lee reporting for duty sir.”

“Lieutenant Commander Lee, how are you it is a great pleasure to work with you.” Glitchman said shaking his hand. Lee stood at attention feeling a little uncomfortable as he shook his hand. “Please sit I have heard good things about you. Captain Wildstar speaks highly of you.”

“Sir, he has?” Lee looked a little confused after what he did he thought that he would never recommend him for anything. But he and Nova were always there once a week to check on him and see how he was doing. They helped him pull his life together and he would never forget it. He owed it to them and now here he is standing before Captain Glitchman as his deputy captain.  He was shock when Admiral Singleton called him into his office and gave him his orders.

“Lieutenant Commander Lee, I’m glad that you came. How are you?”

“Good sir, glad to be getting my feet wet again.”

“Good to hear. Here are your new orders.” Singleton said and handed him his papers.

Lee looked over his orders and then looked up at him. “Sir am I reading this right?”

“Lieutenant Commander, I have weighed this out very carefully and spoken to Captain Wildstar, besides the little mishap with what went down on Canapus he still has high hopes for you and recommended you himself. Don’t let him down, he is my best officer and captain and if he says that you are the one for the job then I respect that. Good luck Lieutenant Commander, I wish you well.”

Now here he is sitting in front of Captain Glitchman as they talked over the crew and their mission.

“So it looks like if they decide to invade our system it will be from here in one of these moons that face Pluto.” Glitchman said.


“Evan, please its Homer or Glitchman. Sir is for the ship and my father.” he smiled at him.

Lee smiled back as he felt more relax with him “Homer, I have to tell you that I was . . . .”

“No need to expelled Evan, I know all about it. But that is the past, are you ready to take command?”

“Yes sir!” Lee snapped with zest.

“Then let’s get down to business, any input on other parts they may come in.” Homer asked looking to see if he would pick up on an opened path.

Lee looked over the map and point to the blind spot Homer was thinking of. “We need a small fleet here to protect this part of the sector.” Lee said.

Homer grinned that he picked the spot he was thinking of, “very good Evan.”

“Homer it was an easy test, next time pick something a little harder.” Evan grinned back.

Homer laughed at him and patted him on the back. “You’re alright with me Evan, Wildstar said you are sharp. I’m glad to be working with you. Now let’s really get down to business.”

“Placing a small fleet here and over in this sector will alert us if there are Bolars in the area. We can send in a carrier and a couple of battleships there that should be more than enough. Over in this sector we will need two carriers and maybe 6 battleships, its bigger air space to cover.”Lee said.

“I agree, very good Evan. Why don’t we call it a day and get something to eat we can go over to that new bar and grill.” Homer said.

“That would be great Homer, but I kinda have a date.” Lee grinned and blushed.

“You have, well who’s the lucky girl?” Homer asked.

“Her name is Melissa she’s a nurse from Center Hospital. We met when I went to visit a friend there.”

“Well I guess you better be going then. I can have lunch with my wife.” Homer smiled at what he said he was finally married to Wendy he couldn’t be any happier.



Planet Rhima

Bolar Federation Main Headquarters

3rd of April, 2206

1123 Earth Hours


Prime Minister Bemlazy exited out of the interrogation room and told the guard “Take him back to his cell.” as he cleaned his hands of blood then putting on his gloves. “Minano, have we heard anything from Hindleman and Namir?”

“No your Excellency, we have not. The last communication we had with them were months ago” Minano said.

“Send out a search party in the last known area they were in,” Bemlazy said. “Now bring me the other Gamilon prisoner and his Bolar wife.”

“Yes sir.” Minano said with distain in his mouth. He hated this man. He runs an empire in fear. He has tortured many including his own people for those who defined him and his rules. So many hated him and if it wasn’t that they feared him they might over throw him.

Just then an explosion was heard throughout the prison shaking it to the core throwing Bemlazy and Minano to the ground.

“I’m sorry sir it’s the resistance again. Every time we think we have captured them all, another one forms.” Minano said as he helped Bemlazy to his feet.

“Damn Queen Mariposa, she is the one behind all this. If I can only get my hands on her I’ll make her pay dearly for this. She is a thorn in my side. What have we heard on our recon group that was sent to Zazba?”

Minano bowed to the Prime Minister. “I am so sorry your Excellency, but that is also bad news. We have not heard anything in weeks from them. We fear that they have been captured.”

Bemlazy eyebrows started to form with anger he grab a chair that stood nearby and threw it against the wall. “How can this be, am I dealing with such incompetence that they can’t handle a simple mission. Get me General Oran if there’s anyone that can deal with this incompetence it’s him.”

“Yes your Excellency.” Minano bowed and left to go get General Oran.

Bemlazy walked into the next cell that held another Bolar resistance crew and grabbed him throwing him to the ground. He began choking him screaming “Where’s Mariposa and the resistance forces? TELL ME NOW!”

“I rather die before I give up my comrades.” the Bolar solider said through deep, racking breaths.

“I will not let you die so easily, it will be too civil for you.” Bemlazy said. He took the solider by the neck and squeezed just enough to bring him to unconsciousness, then threw him on the ground kicking him in the stomach and face. When the solider was passed out Bemlazy threw cold water on him and began to beat him again. He tortured the young solider for hours bringing him to screams of pain. He used sharp knives to cut him slowly on his arms, legs and stomach. He used electric shocks on his privates bringing him to almost death. When he felt tired he left him laying there on the cold cell floor to die. Bemlazy walked out, an aide stood waiting with a bowl of water and towel for him to clean his hands. He waved over to his driver and ordered him to take him back to the palace.  Minano and Oran awaited him on the steps of the palace.

“Your Excellency,” Oran bowed to him. “I am at your disposal.”

“General Oran it is good to see you, our General Hindleman has lost contact with us. The resistance is gaining strength and my patience are wearing thin.” Bemlazy said as they walked into the palace.

“I understand Prime Minister, my men have been fighting their resistance on planet Hollis and I can say that we are almost completely rid of the pest.” Oran said.

“That’s good, but I have another mission for you, since we haven’t heard from Hindleman or Namir in months I need you to go and find out what has happened to them both.” Bemlazy said with very little patience. “The last contact we had with them was on Terron where they were expecting the Earth scums and Gamilons forces to arrive. After that there hasn’t been anything from them. Oran be advised that Terron will probably be under Gamilon or Earth forces.”

“Yes sir, I will win the planet back for the Bolar Federation,” Oran said as he bowed.

“Very well, go. I have the 8th fleet ready for you to take command. You will also oversee the 5th fleet and 2nd fleet.” Bemlazy informed him. “Do not under estimate the earth fleet, like so many have done. If the Argo is among this fleet then take precaution her captain is very smart and do not let his youth mislead your judgment. He may be young but is a force to be reckoned with. Now go and bring me Captain Wildstar of the Argo. Dismiss Oran, do not fail me.”

“Yes sir, I will not disappoint you. I will bring you the captain of the Argo as a gift.” Oran said.



Pluto Base station

EDF Battleship Endeavor

Captains Quarters

5th of April, 2206

0800 Earth Hours

Now aboard the EDF Battleship Endeavor station on the out skirts of Pluto Base Station, Homer Glitchman sits in the same quarters that Derek Wildstar once occupied and commanded with his wife. He sits behind his desk looking into the laptop screen at his wife of only a few months.

“Homer I miss you so much,” Wendy said. “It isn’t fair you were only home for such a short time.”

“I know honey, but it’s my job.” Homer said into his laptop monitor. “How are you feeling today? You looked pretty pale yesterday when I spoke to you. Are you eating right you look tired. We don’t have to talk every day, I understand if you need to sleep. What time is it there?”

“Its 0800 here I have to get ready to go to work.” Wendy said.

“Baby why don’t you take the day off and go get yourself checked out?” Homer said looking at her with concern.

“You know I can’t it will give Stone another excuse to bother my uncle.” Wendy said.

“I’m sure that the Admiral will rather see you well then drag your ass around looking like shit.” Homer said. “Go to the doctor, or do I have to call your uncle and request an escort to the doctors.”

“Alright I’ll call in sick and then call Doctor Sane.” Wendy said as she looked at him, he looked so concerned. “I promise.”

“Good, call me as soon as you get back.” Homer said then heard someone knocking on the door. “Gotta go babe, please call me once you get back, love you.” then turned off the laptop and called out. “Enter!”

Lee walked in then stood at attention and saluted Homer. “Captain we received word from the Titan, she has spotted a Bolar ship in the outskirts of asteroid.”

“How many of them?” Homer asked.

“They’re still investigating it, sir.” Lee said.

Homer pressed his button to the intercom and called down to the bridge. “Lieutenant Ryker get me a line to the Titan.”

“Aye aye sir.” Ryker said then called back in seconds, “Captain Brunt is on line one, sir.”

“Thank you,” Homer switched to line one. “Captain Brunt.”

Captain Jennifer Brunt an officer from the rebuilt Australia territory turned to face her commandeering fleet officer. “Yes sir” She was the oldest of women officers but just as sharp in her job, she stood 5’ 8” with golden shoulder length hair, and the bluest of eyes with a smile that would melts men heart.  Her husband Commander Steve Brunt a tall man at 6’ 2” with sandy brown hair, grayish blue eyes and a mustache that always tickled her when they kissed was also a high ranking officer within the EDF and one of Glitchman’s instructors from before their mission to Iscandar. They both have been married for more than 20 years and made their way into the ranks of EDF with their wit and easy laid back attitude. They both fought side by side in their last encounter with the Bolars as well as the Comet Empire, taking down numerous ships with their sharp minds out witting Bemlazy’s top generals. Commander Steve Brunt now overseeing the 13th fleet past planet Dunbar in command of the EDF Battleship New York was sent out before Glitchman and the 6th fleet to cover the planet for enemy ship.

“Do we have any information on the Bolar ship in the area?” Glitchman said.

“No sir not yet,” Captain Brunt replied. “But we have a recon group searching.”

“How do we know it’s the Bolar Federation?” Glitchman asked.

“Sir we are not sure, but it wasn’t us sending out message to unknown fighters. It sounded like Bolar and Comet fighters reporting to each other.” Brunt said with a cheeky smile “and to be honest sir Bemlazy’s top general couldn’t organize a root in a brothel with a fist full of 100 dollar credits.”

“Keep me inform Captain Brunt.” Glitchman said with a slight snicker of her respond, “and by the way, how is Commander Brunt?”

“Great we’re acartoon on who finds them first, sir he’ll lose as usual.” She said with a wider grin.

“Send him my best when you speak to him and let me know if you find anything.” Glitchman said.

“Will do sir.” Captain Brunt said as she saluted her commandeering officer. “Captain Brunt out.”

Glitchman then turned his attention to his Deputy Captain, “something tells me we will be hearing from her sooner then we think.”

“Why is that sir?” Lee asked.

“One thing Wildstar taught me is to go with your gut instincts, and he usually is right.” Glitchman said.

“Which reminds me I have to thank him for putting in a good word for me, I thought that I would never see the day when I would be able to lead in EDF, let alone assist in a fleet.” Lee said.

“I’m sure he would not have recommended you if he didn’t have any confidence in you.  So what do you think about the Titans report?” Homer asked.

“I agree with your gut instincts, Homer. We will be hearing from her soon enough.” Lee said. 

They looked over some more maps and talked over some possibilities of where the Bolars could be hiding. Lee looked up to Homer and said, “Sir I think we better get on the bridge just in case Captain Brunt calls.” Homer let out a breath and nodded his head at his Deputy Captain. Wildstar was right he was good at his job, and made sure all was running well on ship. Handling everything that Homer threw at him, he went above and beyond his duties. Which made Homers job much easier, giving him some time to talk with Wendy. A big difference from Lieutenant Commander Tolbert, he didn’t have to be on his toes about someone coming on to him.

They both walked on to the bridge and someone called out “Captain on the bridge.”

“As you were,” Glitchman called out to the bridge crew. “Lieutenant Hatcher report?”

“Sir my raider shows nothing on screen, I have called over to the other ships and they also have nothing. Looks like all clear for now.” Hatcher said.

“Good, Lieutenant Williams are we up to date with our engines.”

“Yes sir,” Williams snapped. “Those new cartilages they installed are amazing. We can hit top speed in half the time.”

“How about our guns, Lieutenant Brooks?”

“Sir we can hit the bulls eye from 25 mega meters.” said Brooks his gunner, a cocky young officer that reminded him of Wildstar back in 2199.

“Well then we should be ready for anything.” Glitchman said.

“Sir I have a call coming in from EDF headquarters.” Lieutenant Ryker turned and yelled out.

“Put it on the main screen Lieutenant.” Glitchman ordered.

“Aye sir,” he replied. “Switching over to video panel now.”

As the screen came on Admiral Singleton appeared, “Captain Glitchman any word on the Bolar ship?”

“Nothing yet sir, we are in contact with the Titan and Captain Brunt has sent out a recon unit to investigate the area. We should be hearing from her shortly.” Glitchman replied.

With a stern voice Singleton looked into the screen. “Captain, it is important that we take care of the matter and stop them before they enter our solar system. We need to flush them out before they join their forces and attack Earth.”

“Understood sir.” Glitchman said.

“Please keep me informed Captain.” Singleton said.

“Yes sir.” Glitchman stood at attention and saluted.

“Oh and Homer.”

“Yes sir.”



Singleton looked at Homers face and saw the confusion, “I am assuming that Wendy hasn’t told you.”

“Told me what sir?” Homer still confused at what he said.

“I’ll let her tell you in the mean time report to me as soon as you hear something.” Singleton said.

“Sir, that’s it for communication.” Ryker said.

“Ryker, give me a few minutes and get me a line to earth.” Homer said as he wondering what Singleton was talking about.

“Yes sir.” Ryker replied.

“Lee, please take command I need to make a call.” Homer ordered.

“Yes sir, I hope everything is alright at home.” Lee said concerned.

Homer walked into his private lift and headed up to his quarters, the elevator stop and he step out walking over to his desk.  He looked around and thought about Wildstar when he commanded the Endeavor. Wildstar was right with the room, it was too big for one person. He only wished that Wendy was an officer so she could be here next to him sharing quarters with him. He called down to Ryker and ordered him to put the line through.

He waited for an answer, it felt like forever and was about to give up when Wendy answered breathing heavily. “Hello?”

“Wendy, are you okay?” Homer asked.

“Homer I was just walking through the door when I heard the phone ring.” Wendy said out of breath.

“Honey, is everything alright. I just got off the video with Uncle Thomas.” Homer started to say.

“Homer, baby I have some news. We’re having a baby” Wendy said quickly.

Homer stopped talking and looked into the monitor. “What did you say?” he asked as a smiled came to his face.

“Homer I’m pregnant, we are going to have a baby.” Homer sat back in his chair in silent “Homer are you alright?”

“Huh, yeah, yeah I’m alright. Babe this is great news. I just don’t know want to say this is so sudden. Are you sure?”

“Doctor Sane confirmed it. We got pregnant on our honeymoon. Isn’t this great!” Wendy said smiling from ear to ear.

Homer laughed at the news that Wendy gave him, “Baby this is great, I am so happy. I love you so much.”

“Homer I hope that you will be here for when I give birth.” Wendy started to say when Homer heard the buzzer on the communication line.

“Honey I have to go I’ll call you later.” Homer said. They said their goodbyes and then Homer went down to the bridge.

“Captain on the bridge.” Williams called out.

“Report!” Homer yelled out

“Sir we have the Titan on video.” Ryker said.

“Switched it on now Lieutenant.” he ordered. “Captain Brunt, what do you have for me?”

“Sir my recon units has located the source of the messages. Looks like it’s a small fleet off the asteroid belt in section area 36, we are still getting feed back as we speak.”

“How many ships Captain?”

“Sir one battle ship, two destroyers and a frigate.” she replied. “Doesn’t look like they are in any attack formation.”

“Have they spotted you yet?” Glitchman asked.

“No sir, not that I can tell.”

“Very well stay out of their way and keep an eye on them.” He ordered.

“Yes sir.” Brunt said as she saluted him.

Glitchman then turned to Lee, “Well looks like we’ll be seeing action soon enough.”

“Is everything alright back home Homer?”

Homer smiled from ear to ear, “Couldn’t be any better.”

“Good news I’m assuming.” Lee said as he saw the smile on his face.

“Evan I’m going to be a dad.” Homer said with zeal.

“Congratulation Captain, that’s wonderful news.” Lee said as he shook his hand and patted him on the back.

“So it’s more important now that we go home in one piece.” Homer said. “I don’t want Wendy raising our son by herself.”

“You know the sex already?” Lee asked confused, after all they were just newlyweds.

“No but its wishful thinking.” Homer laughed.

“Captain Glitchman, I have the Argo on the line.” Ryker called out.

“Put them up on video Lieutenant.”

“Aye aye sir.” he said as he switched to video.

“Captain Homer Glitchman.” He said as he saw Wildstar face come on video.

“Captain Glitchman how goes over on Pluto?” Wildstar asked.

“We spotted a small fleet over in section 36 near an asteroid belt. But looks like they are just sitting there, I’m in complete contact with Captain Brunt of the EDF battleship Titan.” He said.

“Any signs of them attacking?” Wildstar asked.

“No sir, their just sitting there, how is it going over at Rhima?” Homer asked.

“Funny you asked. When we got there we found Hindleman and Captain Namir fighting amongst each other.”

Homer gave him a confused look, “really that’s strange.”

“Well looks like there’s trouble within the ranks of the Bolar Federation. We had to step in but we were too late. Hindleman had rammed his ship into Namir's ship, causing both ships to be disabled. We boarded just in time to stop Hindleman from killing Namir.”

“So does this mean?” Homer asked knowing the outcome of it.

“Hindleman is dead and we have Namir in custody, with our Lieutenant Commander Tolbert.”

“Have you informed Admiral Singleton?”

“Not yet Homer, I want to sit on this for awhile. No telling who will get wind of this and try to stop us from bringing her back to earth.”

Homer knew who he was talking about they too suspected Stone helped in the escape of Tolbert. “Understood, but how is Nova taking Tolbert on aboard?”

“She’s doing pretty good considering the little mishap with them both.”

“Have you asked her who helped her in her escape?” Homer asked.

“I haven’t gotten to that part yet. I’m more concern with what is going on within the Bolar Federation. If Namir is telling me the truth then we just might have a better leverage with Prime Minister Bemlazy.”

“What is it that Namir is telling you?”

“He says that Queen Mariposa is behind the resistance force with some of the Bolar Federation Officers. They are supposed to meet within weeks on planet Zazba.”

“Queen Mariposa? But I thought that she was against war. She made it known the last time we spoke to her.”

“I’m not sure if he is telling the truth, I have to think this one out.”

“Will Emperor Deslock be joining in this mission, Wildstar?”

“No, he has returned back to Gamilon with his family.”

“I take it that you found Princess Devina?”

“Yes and she delivered right here on the Argo.”

“She did, what did she have?”

“2 Boys and a girl, they are all on their way back as we speak.”

“Give him my best, and congratulation. By the way Wildstar he is not the only one that is a father. Wendy is expecting.”

Wildstar looked into the monitor and grin, “So soon, you don’t waste time do you? Congratulation to you and Wendy, I’m happy for you both.”

“Haha, trust me this is much of a surprise to me. It was the furthest thing on my mind.” Homer said with a wide smile.

Wildstar then turned his attention to Lee, “Deputy Captain Lee, so good to see you back. How is my friend here treating you?”

“Good Captain, and thank you for the input on getting me back on ship. I don’t know how to repay you.”

“Nothing to it, I heard that you were doing well and since your release I’ve kept tabs on you. You did a great job with me on the Endeavor so when Singleton asked me about you I knew you would do a great job. Good luck Evan I know you wouldn’t let me down.”

“Thank you sir, I promise I won’t.” Lee said as he stood at attention.

“Well Homer, good luck. I will keep in contact if we find out anything more, Wildstar out.”

Homer turned his attention back to his ship and called over to his communications officer. “Ryker, get me Captain Brunt on video, let’s see what our unexpected guess are up too.”

“Yes sir,” Ryker replied. “Putting her on screen now.”

“Captain Brunt, how is it going with our guest?”

“Nothing yet sir, their just sitting there, a little strange if you ask me.” Captain Brunt said as she turned to someone. “Sir I’m just getting word that there is movement from one of the ships. Hold on, sir there are three shuttles exiting the ship and heading towards one of the moons near planet Palacios. I can’t understand why there’s nothing but rock on all those moons and planet.”

“Hmm, send over a recon group and see what their up to and report back to me as soon as you hear something.” Glitchman said.

“Yes sir, right away, Captain Brunt out.”

“What do you think, Evan?”

“Not sure Homer, but it doesn’t seem like they’re in a rush to attack.”

“I agree, I guess we will have to wait and see then.” Homer sense that there was more to the small Bolar fleet something was a mist with them. But what, He thought to himself. He would soon find out.


EDF Battleship Argo

Deep Space 2,100 light years from Planet Rhima

Captain’s quarters

vlcsnap-2010-09-03-20h10m31s182.png15th of April, 2206

1800 hrs

Derek sat behind his desk and stare at Captain Namir as if there was more to the story he just told him again for the 5th time. He questioned him many times to see if the story he was telling him changed. To his credit Namir stayed true to his story, Derek stood up and walk around his desk. Nova now stood on the bridge of the Argo taking over Wildstar’s shifts so that he may be able to question Namir.

“So Captain Wildstar have I answered all your questions again?” Namir was growing tired of his questioning. He wanted very much to either be charged or be released so he can meet with his comrades on planet Zazba.

“I’m satisfied, I will have my communications officer put in those coordinates” he said as he watched his face. “Please sit here so that you can talk with Queen Mariposa.”

Namir got up and sat down at Wildstar’s side of the desk. Corporal Sato stood at the door and watched as he moved from one chair to the other.

“Dash put in those coordinates and placed it through to my quarters.” Wildstar said into the intercom.

“Aye aye sir.”

“Captain Namir I hope that you are telling the truth with this.”

“Captain Wildstar you will see that I have been telling you the truth.”

“Wildstar, I have Queen Mariposa on video, switching over now.” Dash said.

As the screen focus, Wildstar stood behind Namir and saw the Queen’s image appear before his eyes. “Namir, what has been going on we have been waiting for your call. It’s been months and we feared that something has happened to you.” Mariposa looked worried as she spoke.mother[1].jpg

“I am so sorry to cause you worry, but we have been detained.” Namir said.

Wildstar then stood closer to him so she may see him, “Queen Mariposa, I do apologies but it was I that has detained the Captain.”

“Captain Wildstar, it is nice to see you again.” Mariposa stunned at who she was looking at. It has been a long time since she saw Captain Derek Wildstar. She remembered helping their earth with the Hydro Cosmo Penultimate Cannon. She also remembered Lieutenant Flash Contrail and wonder what happened to him. “It has been a long time.”

“Yes it has your highness.” Wildstar bowed slightly to her.

“Captain Wildstar is Lieutenant Contrail with you?” She asked hoping that he was still with the captain.

Wildstar bowed his head remembering over hearing his last words on speaker before taking his life. ‘I love you, forever, forever you’ll always be mine.’

“I’m sorry your highness Lieutenant Contrail died in battle when we returned to earth. He was a brave man. He risk his life to protect his friend Jason Jetter, by taking out a fighter, then ramming his ship into Prime Minster Bemlazy fortress.”

Mariposa looked away taking in what he told her, a tear fell from her eye as she hoped that one day she would see him again. But once again the Bolars were the ones to take another dear friend from her. She grew tired of them destroying lives and now she was in battle with Emperor Bemlazy trying to defend her people from becoming his prisoners and salves.

She remembered the day Namir wondered into her camp beaten on planet Zazba from a battle with the Gamilons. His escape pod crash there and he managed to walk away still injured from wounds that he sustained from battle. He had lost his ship and his fleet because of it. They brought him to the infirmary and it took him weeks to recover from his wounds. When he awoke he was taken to a cell deep within the camp. Mariposa visited him every day in the infirmary and his cell tending to his wounds and speaking to him about how her people were running from the Bolar and Gamilon war. Mostly from the prime minister and his evil ways of torturing those who opposed his ruling. She then told him that many Bolar people were with her hiding from him and his ruling. They either lost family to his torture or stood up to him and questioned his authority, making him put a price on their head. Namir listened to her tales and said nothing, afraid that it would be a trap that Bemlazy created to see if he would speak out about his ruling. It took him weeks to finally realize that she was indeed who she said she was and wanted badly for the war with Bolar and Gamilon to end.

Your highness I too have lost my love ones under the prime ministers ruling. He had my mother and father killed because my father spoke up for his rights. My brother’s family were taken from him and never seen again. He killed him to make sure that he would not seek revenge on him. I manage to flee and take on a new identity so I may be able to work my way into the Bolar military and get close enough to him to get revenge for the lost of my family. Then I heard of the resistance and joined them in hopes to get rid of him from his reign.” Namir said then continued with his story. “I do not like the Gamilons but they at least fight for their freedom and peace within their galaxy. They fight with honor something that most Bolars no longer have. We use to be proud people but now I see fear in their faces and would give anyone in to guarantee their family safety. Something that the prime minister sometimes does not honor and has them kill anyway, he fears if they can give up their own people then they will turn on him also. Please your highness I want to help.’ he said to her back then, and since then he has managed to build a resistance that have been given Bemlayz havoc for so long. They were supposed to gather their forces and take Bemlayz and his general down once and for all, but then Namir disappear until now.

“Captain Wildstar I ask of you to release Namir. We need him to organize the resistances and without him our plan cannot go through.” Mariposa said into the screen.

Wildstar wasn’t sure what he should do. “Your highness Captain Namir is our enemy and he must face charges with not only EDF but with the Gamilons. How am I going to tell Emperor Deslock that I let the man that kidnapped his wife free?”

 “I can understand your hesitation Captain, but if you are willing to take a chance I can guide you to Zazba and you can see for yourself how important it is for Namir to return back to us.”

“Let me talk with my senior staff and I will give you our response.” Wildstar said.

“Very well Captain, I will wait for your reply.” Mariposa agreed then sighed out causing the screen to go black.

Wildstar then turned his attention back to Namir. “Well Captain, I will have Corporal Sato here return you back to your cell and will let you know what we decide. Corporal please bring Captain Namir back to his cell.”

“Aye aye sir,” Sato stood at attention saluted and then escorted Namir out of the Captains quarters.

Wildstar grabbed his cover and got into his private lift to the bridge. “Attention on deck” Nova called out as she saluted him when he entered.

“At ease everyone,” Wildstar called out on the bridge. “Deputy Captain Forrester I will need you and the rest of the staff to report to the conference room in 30 minutes. Commander Sandor, please come with me, oh Ms. Forrester please inform Black tiger and Hornet leaders to also be present.”

“Aye aye sir” Nova said wondering what it was all about.

One Hour Later . . . .

EDF Battleship Argo

Conference Room


They gathered as ordered in the conference room. “All present and accounted for, sir.” Nova said in attention.

“Thank you, Commander.” Wildstar nodded and then turned his attention to his staff. “Thank you for coming on short notice. I have spoken to Queen Mariposa and what Captain Namir has been saying is true. He and the Queen have join forces and created a resistance force that have been holding the Bolars from gaining anymore strength within the galaxies. She has asked for his release and have him returned to Planet Zazba. So they may regroup and take their next steps to defeating Prime Minister Bemlays.” Wildstar said and looked at each and every one, then continued. “She has invited us to join her in Zazba so as she may speak to us in releasing Captain Namir. I want to speak to you all and get feedback before making this decision.”

Nova step forward and gave a concerned face, “If we agree to go to Planet Zazba, what guarantee do we have that Namir won’t try to help Lieutenant Commander Tolbert to escape? I know that Queen Mariposa can be trusted but from Tolbert’s record I don’t feel comfortable with Namir walking around free.” Derek looked at his wife. She hasn’t brought her feelings about her until now and it concerned him to see that she was putting her personal feeling first then the mission. Before bringing this to them he had weighed out the pros and cons before confronting her as well as the others about this. “Commander Forrester, I know that you want justice for what Tolbert has done. But right now we must talk about a chance to end this war. As we all know Bolar ships are in our galaxy, but yet we are not sure what their intentions are. So getting whatever information we can get or opportunity to stop this war is something we have to look into.”

“I agree, Captain.” Sandor said as he avoided Nova’s stare that show a look that could kill, which Derek caught. “If we go to Zazba then we can see how far the Bolar resistance has set up and maybe be able to aid them in taking over the Prime Minister.”

Wildstar look around to his senior staff and waited for more feedback. “Anyone else?” he asked.

“I agree also that going to Zazba would be worth the trip.” Pesci said. “How long will it take to get there, sir?”

“It should take us 2 weeks or less depending on how many warps it will take. Nova will let us know once we get the coordination. All agree?” Wildstar asked.

“Aye!” they all said for the exception of Nova who stood there looking twisted at Derek.

“Very well we leave for Zazba tomorrow at 0700, let’s informed the crew and prepare for departure.” Wildstar said. “Dismiss everyone.”

They all began to leave and head back to their station. Nova gave her husband one final look and stormed out the door. Derek almost had to run to catch up with her.

“Nova, wait!”

Nova walked faster making her way back to their quarters and slamming the door before Derek could walk in. He knew that he was going to hear it from her, he read her face and it told him everything. She didn’t want Tolbert to escape again.  Derek stood outside their room and took a deep breath before opening the door.  Slowing he opened the door and peeked in, “Nova? Are you alright?” He walked in and saw her sitting in front of the window looking out into space. “Nova?” he said as he walked over to her and placed his hand on her shoulder. She shook his hand off of her, got up and walked over to the bed.  “Nova please talk to me, I know that you would be upset with this. But you have to understand that the decision that I made is for the good of the mission.”

Nova turned to face him with anger in her eyes. “How could you! With not even talking to me about it! You knew that I wanted to get her back to earth to stand trial.”

“I know baby, but this is something to even we can’t turn away from.”

“No I guess we can’t but you should have talk to me about it first instead of me standing there looking like a fool. I still can’t understand why you’re not questioning her about what happen on earth with who helped her escape?” Nova snapped at him.

“Nova, you spoke to her too why didn’t you ask her?”

“Well maybe I should!” She said then turned and walked out the door leaving Derek standing there with his mouth opened.

She walked down the hall and made her way to the brig. The guards on duty saw her enter and stood at attention. “At ease Marines, I want to speak to the prisoner in cell 6, please bring her to the interrogation room.”

“Yes ma’am,” Sgt Lopez said and left to retrieve Tolbert.

Nova sat there waiting for them to bring her to the room, it took them a few minutes but it seem longer when the door opened and Sgt Lopez escorted Julie into the room.

“Commander,” Julie said as she walked into the room.

“Sit down Julie.” Nova waved at the chair across the table and in front of her.

Julie sat across from her and looked confuse, “It’s been awhile Nova, do what I owe this pleasure?”

“Are you comfortable Julie?”

“So far, how is Namir I haven’t been able to talk to him?”

“He’s fine. He has told us about the resistance and about Queen Mariposa.”

“Oh, and what is Captain Wildstar going to do with that information?”

“I’m not here to talk about that, what I am here for is one thing and one thing only.”

Julie sat back in the chair and crossed her arms. “And what is it that you want?”

“I want to know who helped you escape!”

“No one.” Julie said with a straight face.

“Julie you can’t sit there and tell me that you did this all on your own. Someone helped you and I want to know who?”

“I said no one helped me, it was easy to slip away from the guard. He let me go into the bathroom and I went out the window.”

“That’s a good and easy story to give, sounds too simple. But we know for a fact that this was an inside job. Someone had to help you, now are you going to say who. Or are you too afraid of this person to give them up?”

“I said no one help me, now if there’s nothing more I would like to go back to my cell.” Julie snapped.

Nova stood up and walked over to the door letting Sgt Lopez in, “Please take her back to her cell.”

“Yes Ma’am.” he said then escorted Julie back to her cell.

Nova walked back to her and Derek’s quarters and kept thinking why she would not tell her who was involved in her escape. She obviously is afraid of the person that helped her. If she was willing to give up the fleet and me so easy and not think twice about it then this person has something seriously over her.  As she walked through the door she saw Derek sitting at his desk looking over some reports. He looked up when he heard the door open and saw Nova walk into the room. He can tell that she was thinking about something, he seen that look many times before. “What’s up?” he said as he lean back in his chair and folded his arms.

Nova walked in and sat on the bed, she began to take off her boots and then worked on her top.

“Nova, are you alright?”

“Huh, oh yeah I’m good, why?”

“I don’t know you kinda stormed out of here pissed. Where did you go?”

“Nowhere, I just went for a walk.”

“Yeah, right tell me another one. You were set to go somewhere and now you come back here with that look on your face.”

“What look?”

“That look that you get when you’re thinking something out.” Derek said. “And we didn’t finish our conversation.”

“I thought we were finished, and I’m fine there’s nothing more to talk about.”

Giving her a cross face Derek knew he had to play Captain to her, “Nova you have to get over this, your Deputy Captain of this ship and you’re gonna have to put your personal feelings aside when it comes to Julie.”

“You know me better than that, Derek. I just think returning to earth and handing her over to the authorities is more important. I don’t feel comfortable with anyone else taking her back. Who knows what she and Namir are capable of?”

“And I understand that, but right now it’s my call on what to do with the new information and I say that we follow this lead.”

“FINE!” Nova snapped at him, making Derek get up and walk over to her.

“Nova you have to let this go, it will affect your judgment. Don’t you think I want to go down there and choke her for what she has done? But I have a ship to run and a fleet to command. Their lives are in my hands everyday and every time we are in battle. So get over it!” he said in a harsh tone.

Nova sat there stunned at the tone of his voice, he never beat around the bush with her but he was never this blunt with her.  “Don’t you think I know that, and I think I can be a lot more professional then that!” Nova stood up and spat at him.

“Stand down Commander, right now!” Derek spat back.

“Oh so now your pulling rank on me, well that’s SO professional.” she said with sarcasm as she placed her hands on her hips.

“Nova you don’t want to go there, trust me.”

“And what, what are you going to do!? This is more personal then professional don’t you think!”

“You need to forget this at least for now! You’re my deputy captain and you need to remember that! I’m not going to have you be distracted because of her presences here, because if it is then you need to step down or I will have you step down.”

“Are you serious, do you want me to step down?!” Nova stood back and looked at her husband in shock.

“If you let this continue to get in the way then I will have to make that decision for you. I need you to act like the officer that was assigned to me. Not someone looking for revenge. Nova, I need you to act like an officer now, not when you damn well want too!”

“You bastard, how can you say that I can’t be professional, after all we been through with Iscandar and all the other wars we fought. How can you question me?” she said with tears of anger in her eye.

Realizing what he said he took a deep breath and said. “Nov, I’m sorry I should have know that this is taking a toll on you. But I have to make sure that your mind is here with the mission and not with your personal feelings. I depend on you for your leadership and judgment, if you feel that you can’t separate the two you have to let me know.”

“I’m sorry Derek, your right I have to focus more on the mission. But I would feel better if we have extra guards watching them both. It just makes me feel uneasy that we are going over to Zazba with them in tow.”

“Come here.” He put his arms around her and kissed her. “Everything is going to be alright I promise. I’m never letting you out of my sight again, I can’t lose you again. It was hell here without you. I barely held it together last time. I love you baby, I’m never letting you go.”

“Oh Derek, I just never knew how stressful this position would be.”

“Hahaha, welcome to my world madam, it’s not all glamorous as people think it is. You’re doing a great job and I should have never said what I said. Now can we get some sleep we have a long day tomorrow and I’d rather be making love to you then fighting with you.”

Nova couldn’t help but smile at him. She could never stay mad at him for long. “Damn you, I hate when you do that.”

“Do what?”

“Give me that look.”

“What look?” he said as he brought her closer to him. Placing his forehead on hers and looking into her eyes.

“That let’s go to bed look.” Nova giggled as he ran his hand down her back, and she felt him growing with excitement against her body.

“So what do you say, Mrs. Wildstar. Looks like you’re ready for bed.” Nova realized then that she was half undress.

“Hmm, I don’t know.” she said laughing.

“Mmmm” Derek moaned and continued to kiss her. She wrapped her arms around him and led him to their bed. He slowly took off her tee and worked down to her pants taking them off slowly while kissing her stomach all so gently. She helped him take off his pajama bottoms and brought him close to her feeling his body next to hers.

“Oh gosh, why do I let you get the best of me?” Nova said grinning at him.

“Maybe because you love me like I love you.” Derek said as he stroke down her side sending chills down her back.


Observation Deck Argo

2203 Earth Hours

Sandor stood next to Yvey holding her hand. Her close call with the accident made him want her to marry her even more. He didn’t want to lose her to this war, “Yvey, I keep asking you and you keep dodging the questions.”

“What question papi?”

“When are we getting married? I don’t want to lose you. I want you as my wife Yvey. I am only grateful that you were grounded for awhile it may me feel that nothing will happen to you.”

“Stephen, I love you dearly with all my heart but this is my life. I studied hard to be the best at what I do.  Trust me, mi amore I’m not going anywhere, I love you too much.”

“Then marry me now.” Sandor pressed on.

“No not now, your starting to piss me off papi please don’t push me.”

“I’m sorry babe, but you can’t blame me for asking every chance I get.”

Yvey looked up into his face and smiled at him, “you are persistent aren’t you?”


“Hey guys, guess you two were talking about going Zazba tomorrow.” Pesci asked as he and Howard walked into the observation room.

“Not really I was trying to convince Yvey to marry me again.” Sandor said.

“Again, for god sakes Ortiz, marry the man already.” Howard said as she walked over to the window and leaned back against it.

“See they want us to get married too.” Sandor said to Yvey.

“Of course they do. Their tired of you asking me and so am I.”

Pesci began to laugh at the two. “Ha ha, and I thought it took me forever to get this one down the aisle. She’s tougher then Denise was when I try to get her to marry me. Good luck Sandor on this one, if she’s any more stubborn then Denise then I feel for you.”

“So Sandor did you see the look that Nova gave you when you agreed with the captain. I thought she was about to rip your head off.” Pesci said.

“Pesh, it’s not nice to talk about our Deputy Captain. She’s dealing with a lot right now.” Howard snapped at him.

“Yeah, plus she happens to be our friend. It’s not easy for her to deal with the fact that bitch is aboard the ship. I can tell its’ putting stress on her, after want she’s done to her do you blame her for seeking some kind of justices.” Yvey said.

“I guess.” Pesci said.

“Maybe we need to give her a little girl time, how about it Howard. Think the captain will let her out for a few?”

Sandor gave Yvey a frown. “Ladies we are departing at 0700 tomorrow. And the last time she got drunk Captain Wildstar wasn’t too happy.”

“Relax papi, we’re not getting her drunk, just have a little girl talk. She needs to talk with women not men.”

“It’s late she might be sleeping already don’t you think?” Sandor said

“Come on chica let’s go see if she still up.” Yvey grabbed Howard and pulled her out the door.


They made their way to the captain’s quarters, and knocked on the door.

N3a.jpg“Who is it?” they heard Wildstar yell.

“Sir It’s me, Lieutenant Yvette Ortiz and Lieutenant Commander Howard.”

They heard someone open the door slightly and Wildstar poked his head out half standing showing that he was in pajama bottoms and no shirt. “Yes ladies what is it?”

“Well sir we were hoping that Nova can come out and play?” Yvey said looking over to Denise blushing that she saw her captain with no shirt on.

Wildstar looked at her confused and then started to laugh, they looked like two school kids asking Nova’s parents for permission to play with their friend. “I think I’ll let Nova answer that just a minute.” He closed the door and sat on the bed were Nova laid naked.

“What is it Derek?”

“It’s Yvey and Denise, they want to know if you can come out and play.” he said still giggling at the way they asked.


“I’m dead serious they asked me if you can come out and play.” Derek let out a harder laugh.

Nova got out of bed and threw on Derek’s t-shirt as she walked over to the door. “Hey, what’s up?” she said as she opened the door.

“Time for us to steal you away from the captain. Now get some clothes on and come with us.” Yvey said.

“What?” Nova looked at her confused.

“I said to get some clothes on and come with us. I promise we’ll get you home early.” Yvey said.

Nova let out a laugh and closed the door then turned to Derek. “I think I’m being kidnapped, what should I do?”

“Go with them if you’re not tired.” Derek encouraged her, “It’ll give you a little time with the girls. Do you need me to get you some nail polish for your feet or some of that face stuff you girls use?”

“HA, very funny.” Nova said as she started to get dressed throwing some blue jeans and still wearing Derek’s t-shirt then looked at Derek. “Is it alright with you?”

Derek walked over and put his hands on her shoulder. “Go, have a little fun. Be home by 12 or I’ll get in my car and go looking for you. So don’t stroll in here a minute late.”

“You’re a comedian tonight aren’t you?” Nova laughed as she finished putting on some sneakers. “See you in a few.” she said and threw him a kiss.

“Go have some fun, love you kiddo.” he said as he pushed her towards the door and patting her in the rear.

“Captain Wildstar isn’t that against the rules?”

“What we did earlier was against the rules.” he replied with a wink.

The minute she walked out the door Yvey and Denise grabbed hold of her and made their way to the mess hall which was empty from the dinner rush. Only a few pilots remain enjoying what little time they had before heading out to scout the area.  They grabbed some coffee and sat at the officers section.

“So kidnapping is a federal offense, so who do I press charges on?” Nova said as she blew on the hot coffee cup.

“That would be me.” Yvey raised her hand. “I figured after our meeting you needed to vent out to some women and not a man.”

“And what makes you think I needed to vent out?” Nova said looking down at her cup and rubbing her finger around her cup.

“Nova we saw your face when Derek announced his intentions to go to Zazba.” Denise said. “We figured that you would rather want to talk with females then to Derek.”

Nova smiled from ear to ear and feeling thankful that she had some loving friends “That’s awfully sweet of you guys but Derek and I are just fine. We talked it over and everything is alright. Thanks ladies for being concerned.”

“We know that it’s hard with that bitch on board. If you like we can arrange a little blanket party.” Yvey said.

“Although it sounds tempting, no thanks Yvey. I don’t need Derek coming down on all of us. This is not earth and Wendy is not here to cover up the evidence.” Nova smirked at the thought.

“Gotcha chica, but if you change your mind let me know.” Yvey winked at her.

Nova rolled her eyes at her feisty friend and started to laugh.

“So Nova, I hope we weren’t interrupting anything?” Denise said with a smirk on her face.

“No you weren’t.” Nova said as she began to blush.

Yvey and Denise looked at each other and then at Nova. “So Nova how is he?” Denise asked.

“Excuse me?” she was caught off guard at her question.

“Come on mami, to tell you the truth I love Stephen dearly but I never saw the captain without his shirt off and well, Diablo, que chulo.” Yvey said through grit teeth and smacked her lips together.

Nova let out a laugh that made the other pilots look in their direction. “Well ladies I can’t complain, Derek is wonderful. But that’s as far as I go with giving information.”

“Gotcha.” Yvey said “But just one thing chica, I couldn’t believe your husband’s body. How do I get Stephen to look like that, ever since we moved in together he has a couple of love handles. Not that I’m complaining I would love him either way but after taking a peek at the Captain, wow!”

Nova couldn’t help but laugh at her friend, she was so straight forward about everything and that’s why she liked her so much.

“Nova are you going to be alright with Julie here? I mean now that we are heading over to Zazba means Julie will be with us longer.” Denise asked.

“I guess I’ll have to deal with it.” Nova said remembering the fight her and Derek had earlier and the way he told her to suck it up. “But I appreciate both of your concerns. I have this covered. So Yvey I hear that Doctor Spada gave you the okay to get back behind the wheel. I’m sure you’re happy about that, can’t say that Sandor is happy about.”

“Aye I know he’s been moping around like someone kicked his dog. Sometimes men can be such babies. If you have a job they complain that you’re never home enough and if you don’t they complain about you sitting around.”

“But Yvey haven’t you told him yet?” Nova asked.

“Told him what?” Denise asked lost in the loop. Yvey turned to her friend and explain her finances. She went on with all the details as Denise listen with a shock face. “So you’re rich?” Denise said after Yvey told her.

“Yup, she’s got more money than my family put together.” Nova said.

“Wow and Sandor doesn’t know anything at all.” Denise said

“No and I intend to keep it that way, entender, chica.”

“But Yvey, why would you keep that such a secret? I mean it will make you and him equals in the financial department.” Denise asked.

“It’s just that every time I tell the man I’m dating the truth they either get scared or approach me with some sob story about how they have a sick mom or relative. And that they need money to pay for the medical bills. Or they have some business opportunity for me and for me to invest my money in it. I’ve heard it all.”

“Yvey you and Stephen are engaged to be married, he’s not someone you’re dating. You’re going to marry him, he should know.” Denise said as she gave her a disapproval look.

“Mirar chica, I know that not telling him is wrong but I just can’t bring myself to do it. You can say from past relationships it just something I rather not talk about and I’d appreciate it if you don’t say a word either. Al-ight!” Yvey gave her a stare that told her mind your business.

“Alrighty, but I still think you should tell him.” Denise said as she gave her a hug from the side.

They laughed and talked for another hour before Nova told them it was getting late. “We have an early departure, and Derek wants me home before midnight. So I’ll bid you two good night.”

She got up from the table and so did Yvey and Denise. The three of them walked out of the mess hall and made their ways to their rooms. Yvey left the group first and went to her quarters, then Denise walk to hers and Pesci room.

“Good night” Nova said as she walked to her room where Derek sat behind the desk waiting for her.

He looked at the clock and smiled “You had 20 minutes to spare.”

“Oh shut up you.” Nova said as she walked over to the desk and stood behind him, “What are you doing?”

“Just looking at some charts.”

“Hmm, is this planet Zazba?”

“Yeah, looks like an ice planet. I had IQ9 run a check on the planet and the highest temperature there is 23 degrees Fahrenheit.”

“Brrrr, that’s pretty cold. Will our suits be able to keep us warm?”

“I spoke to Sandor and he thinks so, our suits should protect us down to 50 below freezing. So what did you ladies get yourselves into?” Derek turned to face his wife.

“Nothing Captain, you will be happy to hear we went to the mess hall and talk girl talk. That’s all, nothing major like burning bras or picketing the men’s room for equal urinals.” she said as she pointed at his nose.

“Hmm, and what did you talk about?”

“On how cute you looked when you answer the door.”

“Excuse me?” he looked at her confused.

“Next time you answer the door, make sure that you put on a shirt. Poor Yvey is ready to leave Sandor for you.” She giggled at the thought.

“Huh, I don’t get it.”

“Silly, you have no clue how cute you are.” she smiled as she took off her jeans and began to put on some yellow and black pajama pants.

“Apparently not,” He said still confused. “But I better keep my distance from Yvey.”

“Not to worry, she’s hopelessly devoted to Sandor. Now I’m a little beat and we have to get up early.” She said as Derek walked over to their bed and climb in as Nova jumped in with him. “Good night baby, I love you.” she said as she threw her arms around his waist and placed her head on his chest.

“Love you too.” he said as he held her in his arms and fell asleep holding her.



Yvey walked into her room and saw Springer sitting on the edge of the bed painting her toe nails.

“Where have you been?” she asked with a high pitch voice.

“None of your business, and are you going to be up all night doing your nails again. Because I have to get up early for flight maneuvers and the light bothers me” she said with annoyance. She never did like Springer, she was self center and superficial. Her laugh was annoying, to her she sounded like a playboy centerfold model with a hookers cackle.

“Sorry, I’m almost done, oh by the way there’s a note on your bed,” Springer informed her.

Yvey pick it up and looked at the envelope and notice that it was slightly opened. “Did you open this?”

“Sorry, I thought it was for me.” she grin while still painting her toenails, the most hideous color Yvey saw, sort of dark purple and black.

“Well, where did you find it?” Yvey questioned her. She knew that she tend to look through her things when she wasn’t in the room.

“Oh, they put it on my desk by accident.”

“I bet, next time read the name on it before you open it.” Yvey said to her with a harsh voice.

“It was on my desk.”

“Yeah right.” Yvey gave her a dirty look and then opened the letter. It said:

Lieutenant Ortiz

Report to area C on the officer’s deck ASAP

Captain Wildstar

Yvey looked at the message again and realized it was Sandor’s handwriting. She grabbed her jacket put it back on and started to walk out the door.

“So what did you do for the Captain to call you away this late at night?” Springer said with a sly voice hoping that there was a juicy story to it.

“None of your business!” Yvey said back and walked out the door while talking under her breath. “Bleach blonde bubble headed bimbo.” She made her way to his cabin and knock on the door.  She heard the door opened and Sandor stood before her smiling.

“What’s going on papi, what’s the emergency? And what’s with the secret code, area C. There is no area C on the Argo.”

“So you figured out the code?” Sandor smiled.

“The only C I know is your room, so what’s up?”

“Captain Wildstar suggested that we had a little time together before you report to duty tomorrow. I wrote out the note, with his permission of course, to get you here. So come on in I have a surprise for you.” Sandor opened his door and Yvey saw candles lit all over his room. A small table stood in the middle of his small quarters and a bottle of water with fruit grown within the Argo where place in a bowl.

“Stephen, what strings did you pull to do this?”

“Actually honey, this is Nova ‘sand his idea, see read the letter for yourself.” he handed her the letter which turn out to be leave papers for 8 hours for the both of them.

She walked around the table and smiled at him, “This is really nice of them to do this. But isn’t this against regulation Stephen?”

“He gave us leave something that we are not gonna see for a long time. I think we better run with it.”

“I don’t know my roommate can be a bitch. She would love to start trouble for me. You know that we don’t get along, after our last incident.”

Sandor, remember all too well about it, with Yvey hitting Springer in the face and giving her a black eye. Delvechio was witness to all of it and told the Deputy Captain it was Springer that started the whole thing. Nova was the one to approach him with it and she managed not to get Wildstar involved. He had enough on his plate with the mission and the disappearance of Devina.  Unfortunately for Springer Nova was aware of her MO and placed them both on probation for a week.

“It’s fine Yvey, we are just having some time alone. Nothing has to happen, although I would love for something too.”

She looked up at him and took his hand, although Sandor had bionic hands it never bothered Yvey to take them and hold them. “Thank you papi,” she said as she held his hand close to her heart.

Sandor looked at her confused and said “For what?”

“For putting up with me, most men would have left by now. Pero tu, you stayed with me. You stood by my side when I was in the medical ward, and you held my hand. No one has ever done that para mi, and the only one I have ever seen take care their love ones on this ship has been Captain Wildstar to Nova and Pesci with Denise. I love you baby, I’m so glad that I found you.” She told him then tip toe up to give him a kiss.

“Yvey I’m here for the long run, and some day I will get you to go down that aisle.”

Yvey laughed at the statement, “Someday, papi I will surprise you.”

“Come on let’s eat Chiquita.”



EDF Battleship Endeavor

Planet Pluto air space

28th of April, 2206


Glitchman sat at his captain’s chair on the bridge over looking his crew as they check and rechecked their instruments. His cover sat on the handle of the chair and his mind thought of what Wendy told him. He couldn’t believe that he was going to be a father. Now he wanted more than ever for this war to end for the sake of their unborn child.

“Captain Glitchman,” Ryker his communication officer said bringing Glitchman back to focus. “I have Captain Brunt on the line.”

“Put her through Lieutenant,” Homer ordered.

“Yes sir.”

Homer stood up from his chair and walked around to the front, standing underneath the huge screen.

Captain Brunt stood looking on to the screen in her captains’ pea coat and cover. “Captain Glitchman,” she said as she saluted. “We have news from our recon group.”

“Yes Captain what is it?”

“Sir looks like they are setting up on Planet Eris. It’s not much of a settlement if you ask me.”

“Captain Brunt it may not seem that way but I wouldn’t past it by the Bolars. They can be very deceiving so stay on your toes.”

“Sir, I have ordered the recon group to follow them down and keep a better watch on them.”

“Very well Captain Brunt, please keep me informed.”

“Captain Glitchman, I’m receiving something on radar.” Hatcher his Raider tech called out.

“Put it on screen now,” Homer called back.

“Switching to screen now,” he said.

They watched as a fleet came into view, 10,000 mega meters from their fleet. “Try to get me the fleet commander on video NOW!” Homer yelled.

“Yes sir,” Ryker called out.

“This is Captain Homer Glitchman of the EDF Battleship Endeavor. Who are you and what are your intentions?” he said.

“Captain Glitchman, I am Commodore Adan Qadan of the Battleship Guardiana II, I have been sent here by our leader Queen Mariposa. We are here to help aid you in the defeat of the Bolar Empire.”

“What? What are you talking about, earth doesn’t need aid. We pretty much have this covered and how do I know that what you’re telling us is true?” Glitchman asked.

“I can understand your doubts so I have permission to give you the coordinates to speak to my queen so you can verify your concerns.” Qadan said. “Also the small fleet that you are watching on Planet Eris happens to be Bolars setting up a base so as to bring in the fleet that is out about 5 light years away.”

Homer couldn’t believe it, his mine began to race. ‘What will Derek do?’ he thought. “Lieutenant Ryker get me the Argo now. Commodore Qadan I will need to talk with Captain Wildstar that is on his way as we speak to see Queen Mariposa. I will contact you once I have spoken to him.”

“I understand, Captain, I will await your call. Qadan out.” the screen went black.

“Ryker, have you got the Argo on the line yet.”

“No sir, I think she is warping and won’t be able to talk with her for a few minutes.”

“Keep trying and let me know once you have her on the line.”

“Aye aye sir.”

“Commander Lee, what is your intake on the situation?”

“We need to call Wildstar and confirm, in the mean time we better keep a sharp eye on our guest.  Brooks make sure that those guns are set to fire on a moment’s notice.”

“Aye sir.”