Onward With Love…

Chapter Twenty-Six

By Yuki Wildstar

EDF Battleship Argo

Flight pad

“Ma’am the escape pod is now under our protection, we will be docking on the Argo in 5 minutes.” Pesci informed Nova on the bridge of the Argo.

“Very well, I will meet you there in 5 minutes.” Nova said. She wanted to be there when Julie stepped onto the Argo.

“Captain Forrester, I have Captain Wildstar on the line.” Dash called over to her.

“Thank you Dash please put him through.” She said back to him “Captain Wildstar we are expecting the Princess escape pod to land in 5 minutes.”

“Good, I am now on the Adsila we have managed to take control of her as well as the Canapus. I will be returning to the Argo in a few minutes with the Captain of the Adsila. Please have the MPs ready for escort to the ships cells. I will contact Desslock and inform him that Devina is on the ship. Be prepared for his arrival to come get his wife.” Wildstar said “Captain Forrester job well done.”

“Thank you sir, I will greet the escape pod personally.” Nova said “Should we send over a Cosmo hound sir?”

“Yes Captain, please do.” Wildstar said.

“Will do, Forrester out.” Nova said and then turned to Dash, “Get a Cosmo Hound over there ASAP.”

“Aye aye ma’am.” Dash replied then called down to the flight pad.

Over on the Adsila

“Captain Wildstar I don’t know how to tell you but thank you, you saved my crew.” Namir said as he sat in a chair that Wildstar helped him in.

“Captain Namir, why were you and Hindleman at battle with each other?” Wildstar said as he looked over to Hindleman's body that now lay dead on the cold bridge floor.

“He was trying to stop us from returning to Rhima. He thought that we were going to betray the Prime Minister and the Bolar Federation.” Namir sat on the chair holding his stomach where Hindleman kick him.

“Well are you?” Wildstar asked curious of why Namir was willing to die then to join with his comrade in the fight with EDF and the Gamilons.

“Captain Wildstar did Julie and the Princess make it to the Argo alright?” Namir asked with concern.

“They will be docking in a few minutes I have two of my best pilots escorting them as we speak. But you know of the situation with Lieutenant Commanders Tolbert. We will have to arrest her on site and bring her back to earth for sentencing.”

“I know this Captain, I have asked a favor from your Deputy Captain to show leniency for her. Captain Wildstar she has change her ways and I love her dearly, please I’m begging you do not harm her.” Namir pleaded with him.

“My wife is a woman of her word. If she has promised that nothing will happen to her then she will keep her word.” Wildstar said.

One of the Black Tiger pilots walked over to Wildstar and whispered into his ear. “Sir we are ready, the Cosmo hound is now on their docking bay.”

“Thank you ensign, Captain Namir it’s time to go.” He said as he help him to his feet. Namir almost lost his balance and Wildstar grabbed hold of him before he fell to the ground. Wildstar threw his arm around himself and grabbed hold of him around his waist. Then he walked him towards the flight deck.



Argo . . . . . .


The doors to the Escape pod opened as Nova stood tall waiting to see her again. Julie walked off the ship with Devina helping her as she tried to get her balance. “Devina are you alright?” Nova said as she ran over to them and took hold of her.

“Nova, I think, I think I’m in labor.” Devina said.

“Lieutenant!” Nova called over to the officer of the deck “Informed the medical ward that we have an emergency, now! Get a room ready for a delivery it looks like she going to have her babies today. Corporal Sato please escort Ms. Tolbert to a cell. We will deal with her later.”

“Yes Ma’am,” Corporal Sato said. “Ma’am please turn around I have to place you in handcuffs.”

Julie turned around and placed her hands behind her back. She then turned to Nova and said “Please take care of her.”

“I will Julie.” Nova said as she looked on while Sato escorted her towards the ships brig and cells. Nova then turned her attention to the princess. “How long have you been having contractions?”

“I don’t know about every 10 minutes now.” Devina said.

“Okay, let’s move it she looks like she going to deliver soon.” Nova yelled at the nurses that brought a gurney for her.

Doctor Spada waited as he finished with some of the wounded. He walked over the minute they showed up. “How long between contraction princess?”

Devina was sweating and breathing heavily “They seem to be coming every minute now.”

Spada ordered the nurses to strip her of her clothes and continue to check her vitals. Once clear of her clothes Spada place his hand down between her legs and felt for the baby’s head. “She’s going to have this baby now, nurse get ready for delivery NOW!”

Nova stepped up. “Doctor Spada she’s having triplets.”

“Well I think that we need three incubators, get another nurse and have them help out.” Spada yelled.

“I can help doc,” Nova said as she took off her pea coat and threw it on the chair. She walked over to the sink and wash her hands while the other nurse help her put on some scrubs.

Devina began to scream in pain, Doctor Spada yelled over to Nova “The first one is coming now, she can’t wait.” Nova dropped the towel and went over to help. “I need you next to her Nova. She needs to start pushing now. Devina push hard the baby’s head is almost out.”

Nova stood behind her and helped her sit up “Devina you can do it, push, push.”

“I AM PUSHING IT HURTS!” She screamed at the top of her lungs.

“Alright I need you to hold it for a minute.” Doctor Spada said.

“Is everything alright, Doc?” Nova asked concerned that something was wrong.

“Yes Nova, I just got to clean the baby a little. It’s been a while since I delivered a baby. If I remember right it was after I graduated out of medical school,”

“HELLO, I’M HAVING A BABY HERE OR DID EVERYONE FORGET THAT!” Devina screamed. “I DON’T THINK REMINSCING ABOUT SCHOOL IS,” Before she could finish she felt another wave of pain.

“Okay your highness, give it one more push.” Spada cheered. “Come on one more, that’s it, here it comes.” The room suddenly filled with a screaming baby. “It’s a boy, baby number one is a boy.”

Feeling another wave of pain shoot through her body, “I think the other one is coming” she scream breathing heavily from the pain.

Nova held her up again, “Doc she going to have the other one now.”

Spada stood in front of her and looked, “I see the other head, nurse come here and help me.” He handed the new born to the nurse and worked to help the next baby out. “Okay Devina one more push, just one more.”

Devina bared down and pushed with Novas help sweat coming down her face and screaming.

“Almost there, come on sweetie you can do it. Push harder, there you go. Here it comes the shoulders are out, its, it’s another boy.” Spada laughed at her, “You have another son.”

Devina began to cry from the pain that took over her again and the joy of seeing her two sons. “Oh my god, the other one is coming. I can’t, I ‘m so tired.” She began to breath slower.

Trying to encourage her Nova cheered her on, “Devina focus, just one more you can do it. Just one more push I promise once this one is out you can rest.”

“I’m so sorry, I just can’t anymore,” Devina said as she lay on the table feeling tired. Nova screamed over to one of the nurses that was cleaning the other infant. “Come here now give the baby to Jessica, stand behind her and hold her up.” Nova with great force began to push on Devina’s stomach.

“You’re doing great Nova one more its head is right there. Come on one more.” Spada said as Nova continued to push down on Devina's stomach. “Here it comes, one more.” With a big push the baby came out into the waiting hands of Doctor Spada. He began to laugh at what he held in his hands. “Hahaha it’s a girl, a little girl. You have a beautiful little girl.”

Devina looked on with tired eyes, “how are they?”

Nova smiled at the infant and looked at Devina that was starting to fall asleep. “Their all healthy and crying, which means they have strong lungs. Considering they arrived early they are all beautiful. The nurses are cleaning them up now. Devina their all gorgeous, we’ll bring them over one by one so you can see them.”



Sandor watched as Desslock shuttle boarded the Argo. The doors to the ship opened and Sandor step up to greet Desslock, “Welcome aboard the Argo Emperor.”

“How is she?” he asked as he began walking with Sandor off the flight pad.

“She’s in the Medical Ward sir.” Sandor looked over to Desslock and saw the concern in his face. “But she’s fine, please this way.”

Sandor walked Desslock in silence to the medical ward and step in. All the nurses looked on as he walked in. Some seeing him for the first time were a little frightened at his appearance then quickly went back to work. Jessica the nurse saw them walked in and went into the room to informed Nova. “I want to see her.” Desslock said to Nova.

“We’re cleaning her up right now, just give us a second.” Nova smiled at Desslock knowing that he did not know that Devina already gave birth to their children.

“Is she alright, Nova?” Desslock said as he tried to look in the room from a partial open door.

Just then Doctor Spada walked out the door, “Oh Emperor Desslock, Nova she’s ready.”

012 (2)a.jpg“How is she Doctor?” Desslock asked concerned for his wife.

“She just fine, a little tired but that is to be expected considering.” Spada said.

“Considering what?” Desslock started to get worried.

“Well why don’t you go in and ask her for yourself.” Spada opened the door revealing Devina on a bed hold a small bundle.

Desslock walked over to her with curiosity, he stop mid way when he heard the sounds of sucking. Devina looked up and saw her husband standing there. “Come here and meet one of your sons.”

Desslock approached her slowly and then took a long look at his son. His hair was the color as his father and skin also the same shade of blue.  A smile came to his face and then he sat on the edge of the bed. “Devina he is beautiful, where is my other son?”

Devina giggled and pointed, “Over there next to his sister.”

Desslock smile quickly faded in surprise, “A girl, we have two sons and a girl.”

“Yes my dear, you have a daughter also.” Devina laughed at his shock.

Turning towards the other bassinets he walked over to where the other infants were. He picked up his daughter a small replica of her mother, with fair skin and golden hair. Holding her closely to him he slightly bounced her in his arms. “She’s beautiful Devina, but I thought we were having two, this is a surprise.” He looked on at his other son and smiled with joy. “Devina I can’t, I don’t know what to say, this is wonderful.” He walked back over to his wife still holding his daughter in his hands and kissed her. “I love you my sweet, thank you for my three beautiful children.”

“I’ve name them, would you like to know their names?” Devina smiled as Desslock shook his head yes. “This little one here is Dillan, your other son over there is Damir and this little doll in your hands is Aurora. I name her after my mother if that’s okay with you?”

“I will be able to tell her from the other two, but how will we be able to tell these two apart?” Desslock said as he walked over to where Damir was and scooped up his other son, and held each child in each hand.

“Well let me show you, bring him here.” Devina said to him.

Desslock placed him next to her and she quickly unwrapped her sons. “See here on Dillans leg, he has a birth mark, it looks like a moon ceresin.”

Desslock look closely and saw the ceresin on his leg, “Well Dillan you will be the heir to my great empire and will share it with your brother.”

“And their sister?” Devina intervened.

“What, oh yes and your baby sister.” Desslock blushed at what she said.

“She will keep her brother’s grounded. It will be best that she be part of your empire.” she said to him.

“Our empire, my love.” he gazed at her.

Nova walked in and smile at the family before her. She walked over to Desslock and said, “so you look like a proud father, their all beautiful, Devina did an excellent job.”




“Dash, we will be landing in a few second.” Wildstar said into his helmet. “Please make sure that there are some MPs waiting on the flight deck.”

“Aye aye sir,” Dash said back. “By the way sir, Emperor Desslock is aboard.”

“Good, I will meet him on the flight pad.” Wildstar said.

“Uh, I think he will meet you in medical ward 1, Wildstar. Devina gave birth 40 minutes ago to her triplets.” Dash laughed into the mic.

“She did!?” Wildstar asked as he flew closer to the ship. “What did she have?”

“She had 2 boys and a girl.”

“Well I’ll be, that’s great news Dash, descending on Argo flight pad now.”

“I will inform the Deputy Captain, sir.” Dash said.

“I’ll meet them all in the medical ward.” Wildstar said.

He landed as quickly as he could on the Argo and waited for the Cosmo Hound to land. The Cosmo Hound landed a few minutes behind him. Wildstar with two marine MPs, watched as the door to the hound opened.  Namir stood tall to his full height and walked off the ship with another two MPs behind him. “Captain Namir welcome aboard the EDF Battleship Argo. I’m sorry that you must be here under these circumstances. These two marines will bring you to your quarters. I have to check on the princess she is at the medical ward right now.”

Namir face turned to concern and asked, “Is she alright?”

“Yes she’s doing just fine.  She gave birth to her triplets almost an hour ago.”

“May I ask what she had?” Namir smiled that she was fine.

“She had two boys and a girl I’m going there to see them now. Sergeant Reeves, please make sure that Captain Namir is comfortable. Have the mess hall send up some food and water for him and Lieutenant Commander Tolbert. I will be there later to check on both of them.” Wildstar ordered the young Sergeant.

“Aye sir, will do.” Reeves said and escorted him to the brig as Wildstar ran to the medical ward.

Wildstar walked into the ward and looked around, the crying of babies in the ward drew him to room 2. “How is she?” he asked Nova as she ran to get more blankets for the babies.

“She’s fine, Derek. Desslock is in there with her, he is so proud. It’s like looking at peacock with its feathers opened and chest out.” Nova giggled.

“I bet he is. Can I go in?” Wildstar asked.

“Sure, I’ll go with you.” Nova knocked on the door and opened it slowly. “Can we come in?”

“Yes Commander, please come in.” Desslock said. “Captain Wildstar, please come meet my family.” Desslock said with pride.

Wildstar and Nova walked over to where the three bassinets were and looked down at the two sleeping babies and one crying one. “Which one is which?” Derek turned around and asked the new parents.

Desslock walked over and pointed “Well, this one is Dillan, this one is Damir and the little princess here in pink is Aurora.”

“How do you tell the boys apart?” he asked confused.

“Dillan has a little ceresin moon on his left leg.” Desslock laughed as he explained.

“Their beautiful Desslock congratulations.” Wildstar shook his hand and pat him on the back.

Nova quietly walked over to them and pointed at Devina. “Gentleman she needs her rest while the babies are sleep.”

“We must be getting on the bridge Commander, Desslock we will return to check on Devina and the Babies.” Wildstar told him.

Nova waved Spada over and asked, “Doctor when will she be able to travel over to the Galmus?”

“Congratulation Emperor Desslock.” Spada shook his hand. “She can leave in a few hours, do you have medical doctors aboard.”

“Yes Doctor, they are the best in Gamilon. They will be able to tend to her and the children once aboard. Captain Wildstar, what about Captain Namir and Lieutenant Commander Tolbert?” Desslock was not about to forget what they did.

“They are both here in our brig, I will handle them personally. You need to take care of you wife and newborns. Let us deal with it.” Wildstar said. He knew all too well that Desslock would have them both killed once aboard the Galmus. There was something about Namir that intrigued him. He wanted to know more about him and his hand in all of this.

“Captain Wildstar, Namir is my enemy and I want him on my ship.” Desslock wanted his revenge after all he was involved in kidnapping his wife. “Lieutenant Commander Tolbert I can understand she is of your earth and she is wanted back for treason. But I feel that Namir should return with me to the Galmus and let me handle him.”

“I understand, but please let us try to handle him he may have information that can help us with the Prime Minster.” Wildstar said trying to defuse the situation.

“I want him on my ship Captain.” Desslock said with a stern voice.

“And you will have him, Desslock. But right now I have to question him. I promise that you will have a turn in questioning him.” Wildstar said with a firmer voice.

Desslock knew Wildstar all too well that he wouldn’t give in that easily. “Very well, I will expect him on my ship soon. By the way Wildstar, what has happened to General Hindleman?”

“Let’s just say he will no longer be an issued to us.” Wildstar said. He looked at his friend long and hard then shook his hand and walked back into the room to be with his wife.

Wildstar waved over to Nova and they walked out the medical ward together. Wildstar looked around and pull over a Private, “Make sure that he stays within the medical ward. He is not allowed to walk freely with in the ship. If he wishes to speak to me call me. Understood private?”

“Yes sir, should I call down some MPs to stand guard?” the private asked.

“Yes do that Private.”

“Yes sir will do.”

Nova and he walked back to the bridge and talked, “so what are we going to do with the both of them skipper?” Nova asked.

“I don’t know yet. I want to talked to Namir something about him makes me think he can be of use to us.”

“Derek did I hear you right when you told Desslock that Hindleman is dead?” Nova looked at her husband.

“Yes Nova, he’s dead. I don’t think that your nightmares will continue now.” Derek grabbed her by the waist and held her. “Are you alright?”

Nova nodded and felt her body relax for the first time since her return back to space. “Hmm and what about Miss Tolbert?” She asked trying to keep her personal feeling from her professional roll as a Deputy Captain.

“We will deal with her later, let her sit there.” Wildstar said as they continued to go towards the bridge. “Well they are cute babies,” he smiled at her.

Nova looked into her husband’s eyes and smile. “Yes they are, especially Aurora. She so cute, those cute little hands and feet, you just want to bite on them.”

“Nova” he said and wrapped his arms around her waist as they walked “What do you say we start trying?”

“Sounds good but there’s one thing that stopping that.” Nova smiled at her husband

“And that would be?”

“This war and the fact that I am the Deputy Captain of the Argo. What would happen if I did get pregnant what would we do then?”

“Ah come on babe, you’d be a cute pregnant Deputy Captain.” He said as he held her tighter.

“Captain Wildstar don’t you think we need to finish up on the bridge first and take care of our guest.” she said to avoid his drilling on the subject.

“Your right Nova, come on lets wrap things up.” he said then kissed her. “I love you very much.”

“I love you too.” She said back.

They walked onto the bridge as Sandor was looking over some raider reports. “Captain and Deputy Captain on the bridge.” he called out.

“At easy, Sandor what’s doing?” Wildstar asked.

“Well sir everyone is back on ship and things are starting to die down.  Whatever Bolar fighters were out there, are now in the hands of the Gamilons. Wildstar what are we going to do with Julie and Namir?” Sandor asked.

“I’m not sure right now, but I do want to speak to them.” Wildstar said as he rubbed his hand on his chin. “I think we should wait until Desslock and Devina are safely back on the Galmus. I don’t want him near Namir and Julie right now. I have a couple uniforms keeping an eye on him so he doesn’t wonder around the ship.”

“Agree Captain, if Desslock gets a hold of either one of them its guarantee that he will have them both killed. I can stay down in the ward and keep an eye on them if you like.” Nova said.

Derek grinned at her “Yeah, I think you’re more interested in looking at those babies.” Nova giggled at the thought and nodded her head. “Very well Commander go and keep an eye on them.”

“Thank you sir.” She pivot and ran out the door.

“She looks happy.” Sandor said. “But wouldn’t it be better for her to be on the bridge?”ya37.jpg

“I’m hoping the more she is around the babies maybe her maternal instincts will take the best of her.” Wildstar grinned as he explained.

“Well if she’s anything like Yvey you’ll be waiting a hell of long time.” Sandor patted him on the back.

“Yeah well, I’m sure with Devina and the triplets now here Desslock will be making the trip back to Gamilon so they can be safe. I doubt very much if he’ll be leaving their side for a while.”

“I agree Wildstar, will we be making the trip to Rhima on our own.” Sandor asked.

“Looks like we will be, we have to go over stats and I’d like to talk to Namir and see what he will tell us” Wildstar said “How is Yvey, Sandor?”

“She’s fine, Doctor Spada sent her to her quarters. But, she’s not liking the fact that she can’t be out there with her friends and behind a fighter jet.” Sandor said with a sigh, she been impossible the last few hours complaining that she is bored.

“Let me call over to EDF and see what they want us to do.” Wildstar was anxious to talk to Namir and Julie. But knew he had to wait until Desslock was off the Argo.

24th of February, 2206

0113 Earth Hors

Hours later . . . . .


Final reports were finished and Wildstar sent over an explosive crew to destroy the two ships that floated jointly in space. Nova stayed with Devina, Desslock and the triplets fussing over them. Watching Nova pick up one of the babies and cooed at him Spada looked on in admiration as she gently rock each one to sleep. Remembering when she worked with Doctor Fritz in the pediatric ward at central hospital he loved watching her with the babies. It only made him want someone like her to fall in love with.

Devina looked on as she held Damir in her arms and smiled at her friend “You look so natural Nova. When are you and Captain Wildstar going to start a family?”

Nova continued to look at baby Damir and smiled. “We are still debating, but just holding these little miracles makes me want one sooner.”

Doctor Spada finished looking at her chart and interrupted, “Emperor Desslock she can go now.”

“Yes Doctor, I will have Talan prepare for the arrival of my sons and daughter in my quarters. Will there be anything I need, this is new to me.” He said.

“I’ll make sure we send over everything she needs Desslock.” Nova said. “Devina, I’m going to miss them, especially this one here. I think we have a bound going on here.” she said as she held Dillan.

“My son has good taste in women, not even a day old and already a ladies’ man.” Desslock smiled with pride.

Entering the room Wildstar smiled as he saw Nova holding Dillan. Doctor Spada stood next to her listening to the baby’s heart beat and checking him over one last time before leaving for the Galmus. “Do you want to hold him?” Nova asked as he stood next to her watching the infant in her arms.

“I’m sorry, hold him. I don’t think so. I don’t want to break him.” Wildstar looked panic stricken.

“Don’t be silly, just hold out your hands like this,” Nova said and began to give him the baby. She watched as Derek held the baby in his arms and looked uncomfortable at first as he held him. “Derek you can bounce him if you like. Here let me show you. Like this.” She said as he began to bounce him gently making funny noises to the baby. Nova smiled at him, he looks so at ease with them she thought to herself.  Jenifer the nurse walked in to announce that the ship was ready for them. Nova turned to the men and said “Okay you guys out, Devina has to get dress and we need to get the babies ready. Out, out.” she said as she shoo them out. Derek handed the baby back to Nova and gave her a quick smile as she took control like so many other positions.

Wildstar and Desslock step outside of the room and Desslock asked, “So Wildstar our thorns what will become of them?”

“I will be questioning them soon enough Desslock. I just have to wrap things up before dealing with them. You not need worry about them, you have a beautiful family there Desslock enjoy them. You’re a lucky man.”

“And someday you will be as lucky as I.” Desslock patted his friend on the back.

“I’m sure someday it will happen for us.” Wildstar said as the door to the room opened and Nova, Devina with the triplets in hand step out of the room. Desslock grab Dillan from Devina’s arms and looked at his son. Nova held Damir and Devina continue to hold Aurora, Jenifer carried some of what supplies they had for the babies.

“Well looks like we’re ready” Nova said. “Captain Wildstar, would it be a problem if I helped Devina settle in over on the Galmus?”

Wildstar smiled at his wife “I don’t see any problem with that, just come back as soon as possible.”

“Thank you sir.” Nova said as she looked at Damir and snuggled her face on him.  They all walked to the flight pad and Wildstar helped Nova and Devina get the babies ready for their first flight.

“Desslock, Lieutenant Commander Pesci and Howard will escort you back to the Galmus.” Wildstar told him.

Desslock turned to his friend “Wildstar, I don’t know how I can ever repay you and what you have done to help me and Devina. I thought I lost her forever and I thought I would never see her again. Now here I stand with her back in my life and with a small family to see grow. Thank you Wildstar.” he shook his hand and the stood back at attention and pride, than saluted him.

“Desslock I am only returning the favor that you and Devina did for me and Nova. Please don’t feel that you owe us anything, that’s what friends do. Now go home and take those cute kids to their future empire.”

Nova step out of the ship and said “Captain I’ll be back as soon as they are all settled.”

He quickly stepped closer to her and said in a low voice, “I love you very much.” He watched as the ship began to lift and take off, with Pesci and Howard escorting them back to the Galmus.


Wildstar raced back to the bridge ready for his next step. It’s time to question them both he thought as he walked onto the bridge. “At ease everyone, Sandor I think it’s that time. Eager take over the bridge” Wildstar said.

“Yes sir,” Eager yelled out.

Sandor and Wildstar walked down to the ships brig, the two marine that stood at the door of Namir cell saluted and stood straight at attention. Namir got up as he heard the door to his cell opened.

“Captain Namir, please sit.” Wildstar said then called out to the marines. “Can you get me two chairs in here please marine.”

“Yes sir” the Marine said and ran to get them a couple of chair

 “Well Captain what is it that you want to know?” Namir asked.

“First Devina and the babies are doing fine and are now on their way to the Galmus with Emperor Desslock.” Wildstar told him knowing that he was curious on how she was. “Second why were you fighting with Hindleman?”

“Hmm, it’s not the first time any officer in the Bolar Federation has question General Hindleman. Is he really dead Captain Wildstar?”

“As far as I checked,” Wildstar grinned and feeling better that it was him that killed him. He wanted to be the one that brought him down, after what he did to Nova “So why the fight with the general?”

Namir let out a sigh, glad to be rid of that evil man. “Captain Wildstar, I have watch and heard many great things about you. I envy you and how you rise from such predicaments. Your men and women respect you and that is something that I want from my men and women. Julie has spoken highly of you she knows now that she has done many wrong things and regrets it all. At first we did try to use Princess Devina as a pawn in this ugly war. But after speaking with her and her feelings on this war I find that we had both something in command.  I felt that we should have joined together in getting rid of her father and then turning our forces in having the Prime Minster thrown out of office. You have helped us in one of our obstacles already.”

“Does Julie have that much power over you that you are willing to become a traitor to your own people?” Wildstar asked.

“I have felt this way for many years. Hindleman executed my family and many others because they have spoken up against this needless war. She had no hand in my decision to eliminate the general.” Namir went on. Wildstar sat back and listened to his tale of how Hindleman was involve in the murder of Devina’s mother and the people she swore to defend. He spoke of how heartbroken it was for her to find out that the man that raised her was the same man that killed her mother. He spoke about how Hindleman beat and torture Nova and that he was present for some of sessions. He pleaded with him many times to leave the earth women alone for a few days. But he was dead set on making her pay for Wildstar's hand in the capture of Devina. “I’m sorry Captain Wildstar, I know that he was a monster, and deserved his fate. But please let me tell you that Julie is now a change woman. I love her and she loves me. Please if there’s anything I can do to have her stay with me I will do it.”

Wildstar sat back once Namir was done with his tale and looked over to Sandor. “Well I will consider what you have told me and I need to talk to my other officers about what to do with you and Lieutenant Commander Tolbert. You have to know that my wife will be one of those officers.”

“I understand Captain Wildstar, is there any way that I can let Julie know that I am alright.” Namir asked.

“I will relay the message to Lieutenant Commander Tolbert and I’ll make sure that she knows you’re alright.” Wildstar said as he stood up and motion Sandor to leave.

“Captain Wildstar?” Namir said.


“Thank you, Julie is correct when she call you an honorable man.” Namir said.

Wildstar nodded, turn and walked out the door. He and Sandor walked down the hall and then turned. “So what do you think, Sandor?”

“Hmm, I don’t know Wildstar. He seems sincere, but he is also a Bolar. We need to be careful about this. Will you be calling EDF about their capture?”

“I need to sit on this one. Nova will have a lot of input on this. I’ll need to speak to her first before we confer with the rest of the crew. To tell you the truth I’m not sure what I’m going to do.” Wildstar said rubbing his face.

“Are you going to see Julie, Derek?” Sandor asked.

“Yeah, coming?”

“I think its best.” Sandor said.

“Thanks, I really don’t think Nova would want me questioning her alone.” Wildstar try to grin. “Well let’s get this over with.”

They walked down the short narrow corridor to where they put Julie. Corporal Sato stood at attention as Wildstar and Sandor approached the door. “At ease Corporal, please open the door” Wildstar ordered. Julie looked up as the door opened and saw Wildstar standing in front of her. “Hello Julie.”

“Captain Wildstar.” she said as she stood up at attention.

“At ease Lieutenant Commander,” Wildstar said. “Please sit, first thing Captain Namir is safe and sound a few doors down, he sends his love.”

Sitting back on the bed she relieved that he was alright. “And Devina?”

“She’s fine, she’s now back with Desslock on the Galmus with her triplets.” Wildstar said.

“What did she have?” she asked with concern that Wildstar knew was genuine.

“Two boys and girl.”

vlcsnap-29606[1].jpgJulie smiled at what he told her and let out another sigh. “So what is it that we do now? I know that I have to go back to Earth and face my charges and I’m willing to go, but I have just one request.”

“I don’t think that you’re in a position to request anything Julie. I mean look what has happen in the last year. You’ve exposed our fleet to our enemies, not once but twice, putting thousand men and women in danger. You’ve made inappropriate advances to me and Captain Glitchman not to mention the little hand you had in the capture of Commander Forrester and Princess Devina.” Wildstar snapped.

“I know what I did, Derek. And believe me when I say I feel regret for it. I have changed please believe me.” She pleaded with him.

Wildstar stood there looking at her not sure where she stood. Was she telling the truth about feeling regret or was this another one of her tricks to get out of what she has done.  “I don’t know Julie this isn’t something that you can say sorry put a band aid on it and things will be better. These charges are major.”

“I know that Captain and that’s why I’m willing to go and face those charges. I only ask that you release Namir so that he may be able to help his people. He wants this war over just as much as you and Desslock.” She said with her head down.

Just then Corporal Sato walked in and said something to Sandor. Sandor nodded and step closer to Wildstar and whisper something in his ear. Smiling he said, “I’ll meet her on the flight pad,” then turned to Julie. “We’ll finish this later, Commander Forrester is returning from the Galmus.”

Julie stood back up and said “Derek, if she has time I would like to speak to her.” Wildstar looked at her with suspicious eyes, then turned and left her standing there at attention.

“What do you think she’s up too, Derek?” Sandor asked.

“Not sure Sandor, she sounds genuine but knowing her past I just don’t know. Can you take the bridge, while I go meet Nova on the flight pad?”

“Sure, are you going to let her talk to Nova?” Sandor asked.

“That’s up to my wife, thanks. Be up there in a short while to relieve you. Then you can go take care of Yvey and keep her off the flight pad. In the short time she has been released, she has created havoc down there and it looks like the flight pad officer is about to commit murder.”

Sandor grinned then let out a laugh. “Sorry Wildstar, she can be a little much. She is just stir crazy that she can’t fly for awhile.”

“If I see her there I’ll order her back to her room and rest.” Wildstar grinned knowing that she will defy him within the hour.

42197_00-08-27_122_252lo[1].jpg“Go luck on that captain.” Sandor waved and walked back to the bridge. Wildstar walked to the flight pad and waited for the Gamilon shuttle to arrive. With his luck Yvey stood next to the flight pad officer asking him questions on her fighter and when will the repairs be made. Wildstar let out a laughed and walked over to where she was. Trying t002 (3)a.jpgo make his voice as firm as he could without laughing he said. “LIEUTENANT ORTIZ, what are you doing here? You should be resting in your room. I can’t have you harassing my other officers. They have a job to do and you are interfering with their work. Now get back to your room. That’s an order!”  Yvey stood at attention and listen as Wildstar yelled at her. She could see that he was trying not to grin midway of ordering her back to her room as the flight pad officer knew that she would be back to harass him more within the hour. “Do I make myself clear Lieutenant!?” Wildstar try to keep a straight face.

“Yes sir” Yvey saluted “Permission to returned back to my quarters.”

“Permission granted, and make sure you stay there. I don’t want to see you here until Doctor Spada gives you the okay to return to work, and that’s after he informs me of that release. UNDERSTOOD!” Wildstar smiled and she nodded with a “yes sir” she saluted and pivot around heading back to her room all the while cursing in Spanish down the corridor.

He watched her leave and then turned to the officer “I really have to learn Spanish. If she comes back page me directly.” He ordered then turned to watch the Gamilon shuttle approach. As it made its way onto the flight pad Wildstar played with his feet and thought about his conversation with Namir and Tolbert. ‘What were they both up to?’ he thought to himself.

He watched as the doors up to see his wife standing tall. “Hey babe, how did they make out?” Standing next to her she always took his breath away.

“Devina and the babies are just fine, all settle in. Desslock will be calling you shortly to let you know when they’ll be heading back to Gamilon.” Nova told him. He could see something stirring in her face. Her eyes lit up for some odd reason.

Derek looked at her a little harder, “Anything I should know about?” he smiled at her.

Blushing she asked. “How about our guest?”

“Hmm still out on those two, but our dear Ms. Tolbert says she would like to speak to you.” Wildstar said.

“Really, hmm I think she can wait awhile longer. I want to finish my reports before dealing with her. Is Sandor on the bridge?”

“Yeah, I just had to chase Yvey out of here. She was giving the flight officer a headache. But I doubt that she will stay away for long, figure I relieve Sandor so he can keep her out of here.”

“Yeah, right like that’s going to happen,” Nova laughed. “Well, shall we?”

Derek bowed and showed her the way out with one wave. “After you my lady.”

They both walk onto the bridge as Sandor called out to the bridge. “Captain on the bridge.”

“At ease everyone, you all did an excellent job today. I am proud to have you as my crew. Now let’s finish up here and get some rest. Sandor looks like Desslock and the Galmus will be heading back to Gamilon. Dash can you put me through to the Emperor to confirm, Eager status report.”

“Sir, all damages from the battle on Terron have been repair. We suffer nothing here, due to the fact that they were fighting among each other.” Eager said.

“Captain I have Emperor Desslock on the line now, putting him on video panel now.” Dash called out.

“Thank you Dash. Emperor Desslock I see that you 5 already have settle in. My Deputy Captain here tells me that you will be returning back to Gamilon.”

“Yes Captain Wildstar, we will be leaving in a few hours. Devina is nursing Dillan as we speak. Once again Deputy Captain Forrester thank you for your assistance with the babies.”

“You’re quite welcome Emperor Desslock, it was my pleasure to help out. I just loved holding Damir, looks like we are going to be more then friends.” She smiled.

“Yes, it looks like he is quite taken with you. Captain Wildstar once again, thank you.” Desslock said

“Desslock I will take care of our guest.” Wildstar said.

“Yes Captain.” Desslock said his mind more focus on his three newborn children.

“Wildstar out.” he said glad that his attention was focus on his new family and not on Namir and Julie.

 Nova placed her hand on Derek shoulder. “We should go.” she said to him and nodded. 

“Eager call down to the relief crew and have them report to the bridge. Sandor, why don’t you take care of that hot package of ours? See if you can keep her out of the flight masters hands. Eager once the relief crew is here you and the rest of the crew get some food and rest. Report back to the briefing room at 0900 so we can go over our next steps.”

“Aye aye sir” Eager said. “Captain leaving the bridge I now have the con”

“Who is it?” Yvey yelled out as she heard a knock on the door.

“It’s me babe, can I come in?” Sandor asked knowing from the sound of her voice she was not please with her situation.

“Come on in.”

Sandor poked his head into the room and smiled at her as she sat on her bed looking at some flight manuals. “Is it safe to come in?” he asked still peeking into the room.

“Yeah papi, come on in. I was just looking over some stuff keep my mind sharp so when I can finally fly again.”

“That’s my girl always thinking about flying.” Sandor said as he laughed at her.

“Did the Captain send you here to keep an eye on me?” She asked.

“As a matter of fact he did, he wants you to rest Yvey. He worries about everyone on this ship especially his closes friends. So if you don’t want him to go ballistic on you, I’d advice that you stay away from the flight deck. Understood?”

“Yeah, yeah, understood. I promise I will behave and stay away.” Yvey rolled her eyes. “So what are you going to do to keep me occupied?”

“Have you eaten yet?”

“I’m not really hungry.”

“You have to eat, come on lets go.” he grabbed her by her good arm and helped her up.  She stood up and looked up into his eyes. Sandor stood his full height of 5 feet 11 inches tall and he towered over her like a giant.

“Alright, I’ll go and then what?”

“You’ll see later, first eat. You have to keep your strength up.” he said as they walked out the door together and down to the chow hall.

Walking into the chow hall she looked around and saw Pesci and Howard. Delvechio sat next to Springer as she fussed over him. Rolling her eyes at them Yvey wonder why he kept her around. Being roommates with her was impossible at times. She always made noise when Yvey needed sleep.  They all stood at attention as Sandor stood at their table. “At ease everyone no need to be formal here, you all had a tough time. Please sit.” Sandor said.

“So what’s this I hear that our old Deputy Captain is now aboard the Argo?” Howard asked.

Yvey turned to Sandor and asked, “is this true papi, is she on the Argo? I mean I thought I was dreaming when they were talking about it in the medical ward but I thought it was the drugs making me hallucinated.”

“She’s on board, and so is Captain Namir of the Bolar Federation.” Sandor said.

“Are we going to interrogate them.” Pesci asked.

“Captain Wildstar and I have already talked with Captain Namir. We will inform the rest of you tomorrow at 0900 in the briefing room.” Sandor said knowing not to tell them what went on with the conversation. Captain Wildstar will inform them all about what he found out, plus he wanted to talk more with him.

“And Lieutenant Commander Tolbert, sir?” Yvey asked.

He looked at his fiancé and smile. “I don’t think we will need you there for interrogation, we need them unharmed to speak.” they all laughed at his remark knowing Yvey short temper.

“I know that.” She looked away from him blushing at the remark.

“Good, because we already talk to her, she wants to speak with Nova” Sandor told them making them all look up at him.

“Well she got a lot of balls.” Howard said “After what she’s done I would think that she would want to stay away from her.”220px-Murrue_Ramius_005[1].jpg

“Nova’s not gonna go is she?” Yvey asked.

“I don’t know babe, that’s up to her to make that call.” Sandor said.



Captain and Deputy Captain Quarters

24th of February, 2206

1734 Earth Hours


Nova finished signing off on all her reports before handing them over to her husband. She looked up and saw him staring at her. “What?”

“Just looking at my beautiful wife.” Wildstar said then got up from his desk and walked over to his wife that now lay in bed. She sat up and he turned her around and began to message her shoulders.

“Mmm, that feels nice, thanks.” She told him.

“So how have you been, we haven’t had much time to talk alone.” Derek said to her.

She turned around and said. “I’ve been going over and over in my head, and I’m curious what she wants with me, Derek. I’ll talk to her, but I can only do this alone if you don’t mind.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yeah I’m sure. You can walk me down if you like.” She smiled at him.

They walked down to the brig together. Derek held her hand for support. He knew that this was not going to be easy for her, to face the women that had her capture by that animal. She’s had nightmares for months after her rescue. Derek stood up many nights with her holding her while she cried out into the night. She never spoke of what happened to her until the trial, and it tore him apart. Never again would he let her out of his sight, especially now that she willing to talk with Tolbert. They walked up to the cell and Corporal Sato stood at attention. “At ease corporal, please open the door.” Wildstar said.

Corporal Sato unlocked the door and began to open it, Nova said. “I’ll do it, Corporal thank you.”

Derek turned her to him and he gave her a hug and a kiss, “I’ll be right here if you need me.” Opening the door she saw Julie was already standing up once she heard the key turned in the door.

“Nova, thank you for coming.” Julie said.

“It’s Deputy Captain Forrester, what is it that you want Lieutenant Commander?”

“Please can we sit?” Julie waved at the chair that was still there from when Wildstar came to see her.

“Is it going to take that long.” Nova asked with sarcasm.

“I would be mad too if I were you.  This is not easy for me.” Julie sat down on the bed.

“And you think that this is easy for me. May I remind you what you did to me and my husband!?” Nova said still standing in front of her.

“I’m so sorry Nova, I was angry at Derek for not wanting me back. I felt like my life was spinning out of control, and I thought that he would be the one to save me. I can’t apologies enough for what happened, I am only thankful that you came out of it alive. Namir has showed me what I did wrong, he is an honorable man please I asked that you speak to Derek about letting him go. He has so much work to do for his people.”

“That is Captain Wildstar Ms. Tolbert, and are you trying to tell me that one man has changed your ways? That’s very hard to believe considering that you would jump from bed to bed to suit your own needs, with or without willing partners.”

“I deserve that, but please believe me that Namir and I are truly in love.”

“I’m happy for you and him.” Nova said still with sarcasm in her voice.

“Please Nova hear me out, Namir is the only one that can end this war with the Bolars and Gamilons.” Julie pleaded.

“And what is it that you want from me?” she said looking at her with suspicion.

“I will go back to earth to face my charges with no fight please just let Namir go. He can be of help with this war in ending it. He has been forming a resistance group to stop the Prime Minister’s evil ways. He’s not only enslaving people from other planets but also his own people. He and Hindleman are both evil men and they need to be stop. I don’t have to tell you what Hindleman has done to others.”

Nova thought back closing her eyes to those days in the jail how much pain she endured by that man. She stiffened up her back still feeling the tip of the whip he used on her. She opened her eyes and look at her again with hater in her eyes, it was her fault that she went through all that. Her fault that she and Derek where separated. Her fault that he almost lost her. Nova began to think of it all and lurched for her hitting her harder and harder.  Derek and Sato opened the door hearing Nova scream at Julie. “It’s your fault, it’s your fault. You bitch I almost died because of you. I will never forgive you, NEVER!” Derek and Sato grabbed her off of Julie and then took her outside. Derek held her while she cried and Sato went back in to check on Julie. Nova turned around wanting to go back in, but Derek held her tight in his arms. “Leave her alone, let her suffer.”

“But ma’am she’s bleeding.” Sato said.

“I don’t care, let her bleed. She’s lucky I didn’t hit her with the chair.” Nova screamed at Sato still crying while Derek held her back.

“Nova…let’s go you need to take a breather.” Derek whispered in her ear as she cried in his arms.  He looked over to the corporal and motioned him to close the door. He walked Nova over to the door and then walked back to Sato. “Have the doctor look at her, but wait until we leave.”

“Yes sir.” Sato said, feeling sorry for Nova for what she went through. He heard the stories about how she was beaten to an inch of her life but survived. And he also felt sorry for Julie as she sat in the cell bleeding and crying alone.

Derek brought Nova back to their room and held her as she cried. He hated seeing her like this he held her and rocked her back and forth. Nova took a deep breath and push away. “I’m alright, Derek.” she told him then got up and walked into the bathroom to wash her face. When she came out he was gone. 



Derek walked back into her cell and stood over her. She looked up and wondered what he wanted. “Captain Wildstar, is she alright? I really didn’t mean to upset her. I really want to make things right.” she said as she held an ice pack that Doctor Spada gave her for the swollen eye that was forming on the left side of her face.

Derek stood there just looking at her making her feeling uncomfortable. Finally speaking he stared down on her with anger. “Julie I don’t know what you told her, but I’m sure you deserved everything you got. I don’t know what you and Namir are planning but you better believe that this will not be over. Get up.” he ordered her.


“I said get up!” Wildstar grabbed her by the arm and walked her out the room. 

“Where are you taking me?” Julie asked in fear.

“Just come on.” He walked her down the short corridor and stood in front of another cell door. He told the marine to open the door and threw Julie into the room. She felt someone other than Wildstar help her to her feet. When she looked up she saw Namir face looking at her. Derek slam the door shut behind him and sat down on a chair. “Now tell me what you both really want?”

Namir and Julie stood there looking at him, not knowing what he was thinking. “Excuse me captain, I’m not sure what it is your asking?” Namir said.

“I want the real reason why you two wanted Hindleman and the Prime Minster out of the way” Wildstar sat there with his arms crossed.

“Derek we just want this war to be over, that’s all.” Julie said.

Derek looked at both of them and then stood up. “I’ll let you too talk amongst yourselves. I will be back later to find out the real reason why you two are hell bent on taking out the Prime Minster.” And with that he turned and walked out the room. He turned to Corporal Sato and made him follow him to the screening room. “Watch them and record everything they say.” he told him as he pointed to the screen.

“Yes sir.”

“Do not take your eyes off that screen, she is a traitor and he is our enemy.” Wildstar commanded.

“Yes sir, I will not leave this screen.” Sato saluted.

Wildstar turned and went back to his quarters. Walking into the room he found it dark and quiet. Focusing his eyes he saw her sleeping on the bed. Quietly he walked over and sat down. He brushed her hair from her face and kissed her. He laid down next to her and held her in his arms kissing her on the back of her head. Hoping to wake her he rubbed his hands up and down her arm.

Nova felt someone touching her and slowly opened her eyes, to feel her husband next to her. She turned and looked him in the face. “Hey, where did you go?”

“Oh just had to take care of something on the bridge real quick, but I’m here now. How are you, are you okay?”

She nodded and kissed him, “I love you Derek.”

“I love you too baby,” then kissed her back and began to unzip her uniform, exposing her bra. She touched his face with her finger kissing him lightly on his lips. Derek ran his hand down her back taking her uniform top off then working on her bra unsnapping it with one hand. Slowly he began to kiss her on her breast as she kissed the top of his head wanting him at this moment. Nova was brought back to reality when she heard a buzzing sound. Derek looked over to his desk and rolled his eyes. “Damn it.”

Nova smiled at him, “You better get it, it could be important.”

Derek got up adjusting his uniform in case he had to leave to go to the bridge. Nova sat on the bed still half undress and watched as he walked over to his desk. Derek pushed on the button and snapped “What is it!?”

“Sir this is Corporal Sato, Captain Namir and Lieutenant Commander Tolbert wish to speak to you,” Corporal Sato said. “It sounds urgent.”

 Wildstar looked over to his wife and said, “I better get down there, sorry babe.”

“I’ll go with you.” Nova said.

“Why don’t you just stay here, I can take care of this.” he said not wanting to tell her that he place Namir and Tolbert together.

“Derek, I’m going with you. I have just as much rights to be there. I am Deputy Captain on this ship and I’m going.”

“Nova I really think you should stay here.”

“I’m going, I’m not going to hurt her I promise.”

Derek took a deep breath. “Okay, I guess I can’t talk you out of it. Let’s go then, but Nova I have to tell you one thing. I put them in the same cell together.”

“You did what! Derek, why would you do that?” Nova stood in front of him with amazements.

“Seem, like a good idea at the time. Maybe they’ll say something that will help in finding out what they are up to?”

“Hmm, I hope your right, Derek.”

“Come on let’s go see what they want.” Derek opened the door and they walked out and down to the Argo’s brig.

They stood in the monitoring room looking over the video of Namir and Julie. They watch from the point Derek closed the door.

“Namir, I’m so glad that you’re alright. I thought I’d never see you again.” Julie said while in Namirs arms.

“I was thinking the same thing, prayed that nothing would happen to you and Devina. Captain Wildstar informs me that she had her babies and is doing well.” Namir looked at her closer “Julie what happen to you?” he asked noticing the swollen eye.

“It’s nothing I fell and hit my eye. Oh Namir I’m so happy he put us together it makes what few days together worth wild. Has he spoken to you?”

“Yes, he wants to know what we are up too.” Namir said.

“Yeah he asked me the same thing. I don’t think he believes us Namir. I mean do you blame him after what I put them through. He has the right to be suspicious about us. I only hope that he actually believes us and joins us.”

“If Captain Wildstar is the person you say he is then he will listen to what we have said.”

“Namir, I just feel horrible for my hand in Novas torture. I don’t know what I was thinking when I handed her over to General Hindleman, he’s a monster. I only wish I have met you earlier. I don’t know how I am ever going to get her to see past that.”

“She seems like a good person Julie,” Namir held her tight. “And we don’t have to worry about him anymore. Hindleman is dead I was there when Wildstar shot him. He’s never coming back. Julie, I love you and whatever happens remember that I will always love you.”

They kissed and Namir walk to the door and told the guard to get Captain Wildstar.

“What do you think?” Derek looked at Nova as he shut off the video.

Nova said nothing, he could see that she was still upset facing Julie again after all she went through.

“Nova you don’t have to be here, I can get Sandor.” Wildstar said placing his hand on her shoulder.

“No I can do this.”

“Are you sure babe?”


They both walked over to Namir cell and Wildstar ordered Sato to open the door. Namir stood in the far corner of the cell while Julie sat back on the bed. Wildstar walked in first while Nova stood behind him keeping her distance from the both of them.

“Captain Namir, Lieutenant Commander Tolbert. I take it that you are both ready to talk.” Wildstar said.

“Captain Wildstar I’m not sure exactly what you want us to say. Is it that you want us to say that we are here to overtake the Argo and kill your crew. Or is it to kill you and bring your wife to the prime minster to do as he wishes to her. We want this to be over as much as you do, the Bolars and Gamilons have been fighting for years and we have lost many between us. I have managed to get a resistances force together on the Planet Zazba. We are all to meet there in a week time, at that time I would have had Prime Minister and Hindleman at each other throat. But now that you have taken one out of the equation it will be hard to distract the Prime Minister.”

“How do I know that this is all true Namir, for all I know it can be a ploy to hand me and my ship to Prime Minister Bemlazye on a silver platter, so to speak.” Wildstar said.

“I can understand you have your doubts Captain, and if I were in your shoes I’d be just as cautions. I wouldn’t want to put my crew in danger let alone my wife.” Namir said looking in the direction of Nova, and still amaze at how beautiful she is. As much as he loved Julie she could not compare to Nova Wildstar in beauty.

Wildstar saw his stare lingered a little longer at Nova making him feel uncomfortable and brought him back to the subject on hand. “Captain Namir, you understand my position. If there was any way you can prove what you’re saying, then I’d be more than happy to work something out.”

“But there is Captain.” Namir said.

Wildstar looked at him hard and lean forward, “What is it?”

“Queen Mariposa can confirm what you have doubts in.”

Wildstar and Nova looked at each other, “Queen Mariposa? But she never would use force to gain peace.” Nova said.

“Things have change Captain. Queen Mariposa knows that the only way to end this war is through force. She hates the fact that it has come to this.”

“Very well I’d be more than happy to confirm this, how can I get in touch with her?” Wildstar asked.

“I can give you the frequency to your communication officer, but she will only talk to me.”

Wildstar rubbed his face and then look over to Nova again. “I will have to confer with my Deputy Captain and staff. I will get back to you shortly.”  Wildstar turned and motion Nova to leave.

“Derek do you think it wise to leave them together.”Nova asked.

“I don’t think so. It might be of use to us. Who knows what is the truth with those two? So I have them in the same room just in case they slip up.” Wildstar said.

“Derek, I’m sorry.”

“For what?”

“I should’ve acted more professional when I confronted Julie. I should have never attacked her like that. I don’t know what came over me, I just, I just.”

“Nova don’t worry about it, no one blames you. Julie actually seemed concern on how you were.”

“Derek, would you mind if I give it another try?” Nova looked deep into his eyes.

“Are you sure about this Nova, I mean you’ve been through a lot already.”

“I’m sure Derek, just have them bring her to the interrogation room.” she said as she walked to the room and waited. Wildstar went over to the cell and had Sato open the door.

“Lieutenant Commander, please come with me.” Wildstar said .

Julie looked at Namir and then back to Wildstar, “Where am I going?”

“Please Captain Wildstar, can’t she stay with me.”

“Don’t worry we are not going to hurt her, my deputy captain wants to talk to her.” Wildstar informed him, “I promise she will be alright.”

Namir hugged her and then kissed her, “I trust him Namir, I’ll be alright.”

Derek watched the two hugged and turned away to give them privacy. She turned to Wildstar and nodded that she was ready. Walking beside her with two armed marines he led her to the room. “You really love him don’t you?” he asked her before she entered the room.

“Yes Derek I do.” she smiled.

“I’m glad that you found someone that is willing to die for you Julie. I can tell he loves you.”

“Thank you, too bad it happened at the wrong time. Looks like I’ll be returning back to earth for sentencing and I never see him again. But at least I have found what you and Nova have if only for a short time.” Julie said as they stood in front of the interrogation room.

Wildstar opened the door and she walked in. Nova sat behind a table waiting for her to come. Julie took the seat across from her and sat, “Nova.”


“Nova I am so sorry, I don’t know what else to tell you.  I never met to upset you I only want to tell you that I was wrong in what I did, and I deserved whatever sentencing they give me.”

“Lieutenant Commander Tolbert, I am only here because of curiosity. Captain Wildstar will not know what will be said here.” Nova leaned forward and looked her straight in the face. “Why the sudden change in your actions?”

Julie stared back, “Nova I know that you hate me, and you have a right to hate me. But believe me when I say that I’m finally at peace, I have found someone that loves me for me. Not for what I can do for them, or what they can do for me. I know I was wrong to pursued Derek, he is a married man. But my life with men have always been destructive, my upbringing has never been the greatest.”

“That’s not an excuse Julie, Derek lost his parents at a young age and he turned out great. He never made an excuse for his past of not having a loving family.”

“Yeah, but he had his brother there to guild him. I never had that, I had an uncle that drill in me that I would never become anything but a tramp like my mother. She killed herself when I was 6 and I was left with an unfeeling uncle, that never new love.”

Nova sat there and listened to the rest of her story all the while feeling her out. Derek never talked about Julie much only that one time before they were married and only to tell her that she was an ex that he was going to ask to marry him. She talked for a long time while Nova sat there with her hands crossed. 

“Nova I beg of you please forgive me.” Julie said in the end.

Nova looked at her and said “Thank you Julie, I’ll have Sato take you back to YOUR cell.”  She got up and walked out the door leaving Julie sitting there.

Derek waited outside for them and saw Nova talk to Sato to which he went in and escorted Julie back to her cell away from Namir. “How’d it go?”

“It was interesting, let’s get back to work.” Nova said walking out of the brig, leaving Wildstar wondering what happened.