Onward With Love…

Chapter Twenty-Five

By Yuki Wildstar

EDF Battleship Argo

Outer skirt of Terron

22 February, 2206

1134 Earth Hours


Landing on the Argo he ran straight to the bridge. “Report Captain” He commanded.

“Sir, the Galaxy II is now disable she had to pull back and access her damages, Captain it doesn’t look good.  Sir we have damages to our port and stern, 2 of our main guns are lost and the wave motion engine heated up. Sandor and Wantanabe are looking at it as we speak.” Nova ran down the list then turn to Wildstar once more “Sir.”

Wildstar knew what she was going to tell him next “Yes Commander?”

“We lost 7 of our fighters.” Nova lowered her head as she spoke, “3 Black tigers and 4 Black Hornets.”

 Wildstar took in the lost and bowed his head taking a deep breath. “Very well what else Ms. Forrester?”

Nova looked up at him and felt the pain of the lost of his men and women. She continued with her report, “Sir the galaxy II lost 9 of their fighters, and the Gamilons lost 2 battleships and 15 fighters also. We are still fighting some of the fighters that stood behind. Commander Howard, Pesci and Delvechio are in pursuit with Lieutenant Ortiz.”

Wildstar looked over to Dash, “Dash, get me Homer on the Galaxy.”

“Yes Captain.” Dash turn and move his button on the communications broad, “Sir on the video panel now.”

“Homer, Wildstar here. How are you over there?”

“Wildstar we suffered major damages to our port and our wave motion engines is losing power. We can do the repairs but they will only hold for our trip back to earth.” Homer said.

“I see,” Wildstar bowed his head and then looked back up to the video screen. “So be it, I’ll call Earth and Singleton and let them know that the Galaxy II will be returning back. Homer I’m sorry for your lost, would you like me to make those calls.”

“No thanks Wildstar, I have to learn how to deal with this myself.” Homer made a few calls in the past, sending his condolences to family but not as much as Wildstar. He had to grow a thick skin and do this on his own. “Thanks anyway Wildstar.”

“Alright then, we will see you soon on earth I’m hoping.” Wildstar said.

“Wildstar?” Homer said.

“Yeah Homer?”

“Your Deputy Captain did a great job.” Homer smiled at Nova while Wildstar also look her way.

010a.jpg“Yeah she did,” Wildstar said. “I’ll keep in touch with you. Let me know when you will be able to leave.”

“Aye aye skipper.” Homer said while saluting.

“Dash” Wildstar ordered “put the Galmus on the screen I want to speak with Emperor Deslock.”

“Yes sir,” Dash said. “Putting him on the screen now.”

“Emperor Deslock” Wildstar said “Sorry for the lost of your men and ships.”

“Captain Wildstar, it is part of war. My men have died with honor fighting in the name of Gamilon.” Deslock said with pride. “We will need to regroup and work on our next steps.”

“Yes Deslock, Permission to board in 20 minutes.” Wildstar asked. “Then we can go over our next phase.”

“Permission granted I will see you in 20 minutes.” Deslock said with a salute.

“Nova please assess what is being done, I’m heading down to the engine room and see what can be done while on our return to Gamilon.” Wildstar ordered.

“Yes sir, captain leaving the bridge I now have command.” Nova called out while Wildstar left the bridge. “Okay people let’s get another run down with damages. Dash communications, is everything in working order.” Nova asked.

“Yes Ma’am all communication are in working order.” Dash said while looking over his system.

“Ortiz make sure that those guns are repair ASAP, we don’t want to be caught a sleep in an open field.” Nova said.

“Yes ma’am” Ortiz replied and began a check list with the artillery crew.

“How is the raider working?” Nova asked.

“All is on line ma’am, nothing affected it.” Pratt said.

Nova looked over her report and took a deep sigh, she wonder how long this war will take them. It was a small victory for now, but she felt that there will be a bigger battle to fight. She gave everyone a look over and called over to Eager. “Mr. Eager I need to go up to the captains quarters, please take command. Inform me when our fighters are back from their pursuit and please let Captain Wildstar know where I’m at.”

“Yes Ma’am will do.” Eager said the called out to the bridge.

She took the private elevator up to hers and Derek’s suite and lean back against the wall waiting for the elevator to stop. When the doors open Nova stepped into the suite and threw off her pea coat onto their bed. She walked over to their desk and pull opened the draw to the personal jackets and began to take out the fallen fighter’s jacket, placing them neatly on the desk. She placed them in alphabetical order and waited for Derek to come up. She knew that that will be the first thing he will ask for. She then dialed down to Dash. “Dash please make sure that there is an open line for Captain Wildstar.”

“Yes Ma’am” Dash replied.

This will be the hardest part of his job. She knew that he will want to make this call himself. She took off her boots and stretched her legs out, when she heard the door opened. She swung the chair around and looked into her husband’s eyes. She knew exactly what he will be doing for the next hour. She then pick up the phone and called down to Dash. “Lieutenant Commander Dash, please inform Emperor Deslock that the Captain will be running late and place a clear line to his quarters.”

“Yes Ma’am” Dash said back “Line 3 is open for him and I will be informing Deslock ASAP.”

“Thank you Dash,” Nova said still looking into Derek eyes.

Derek walked over to where she now stood and looked back into her eyes. “Thank you babe.”

“Derek would you like me to make those calls?” Nova knew that it wasn’t easy giving family’s bad news and it always took a toll on him when he did it.7.jpg

“No babe, I got this one. Thanks anyway.” Derek ran his hand down her shoulder. “Are these the jackets?”

“Yes sir, they are in alphabetical order.” Nova saw the stress in his face and placed her hand on it. His eyes wonder down to the jackets and sighed hard. She gave him another look and then hugged him. Kissing him on the lips she pulled the chair out for him to sit. Derek opened the first jacket and began to dial the numbers.

As Nova predicted it took an hour to go through the jackets. When he finally got off the phone with the last family he lean back in his chair and let out a huge sigh. Nova sat on the bed also with tears in her eyes, she cried for those families and for her husband. For he was the barrier of bad news to those families, she got up and walked over to him. He held out his hand and she sat on his lap. “Thanks babe,” Derek said.

“For what?” Nova asked.

“Just for being there for me and the crew, you did a great job if I didn’t tell you before.” Derek said.

“Well I learn from the best.” Nova tried to cheer him up.

Derek smirk and let out a little laugh, “you are the best, babe” and gave her a kiss. “I guess we better get going, we have to go see Deslock and see what our next steps are.”

“Should I call down for Sandor?” Nova asked.

“Yeah he should be on this also.” Derek said as they both got up. Nova put on her boots and then Derek helped her with her pea coat. She called down to the engine room and told Sandor to meet them at the flight deck. They both left their suite and made their way down to the flight deck where Sandor awaited them. All three boarded the ship and made their way to the Galmus.



An hour later Arlin arrive on the Galmus shortly after the fighting stop, he landed his ship and help Cora out.

“Arlin my leader will have you executed you know that. Deslock is not one to give second chances and for his pregnant wife to be taken while in your hands . . . Its best that I came with you.” Cora said.

“I will take whatever he has for me,” Arlin said standing proud. He turned to the sergeant of the deck and said “Take me to Deslock.”

“Yes sir, he is on the bridge with Captain Wildstar.” the sergeant said and then turned to lead them there.

They walk to the bridge and walked through the sliding doors. Everyone turned to see who was entering. Arlin and Cora walk up to the where they stood. Deslock looked confuse as to why Arlin was there without Devina and with some young Gamilon women.

“Arlin, why are you here and who is with my wife?” Deslock started to get annoyed that Devina was left unprotected.

Arlin walk in front of Deslock and bowed his head “Your Excellency, I have bad news.”

Deslock stood there with blood draining from his face. Wildstar and Nova stood closer to him in order to protect what will be said next.

“Sir,” Arlin began and started to cry. “Devina was kidnap by the earth women Tolbert.”012.jpg

“WHAT!” Deslock screamed. “What are you saying, how could this happened!? HOW COULD YOU LET THIS HAPPENED!” Deslock grabbed him by his collar and tighten his fist with his shirt.

“NO!” Cora yelled out. “Please Emperor, it was not his fault.”

“What are you talking about? He was supposed to protect the empress with his life.” Deslock looked in her direction still holding on to Arlin.

“She wanted him to have some fun, she introduce us and set up a romantic dinner.” Cora cried out. “She insisted that he go with me. Please Emperor he insisted that he stayed with her but she said to go and have fun.”

Deslock’s hold became tighter, his fingers going around Arlin's throat and squeezing hard.

Wildstar grabbed him and try to pull them apart. “Deslock let him go. He is no use to you dead. She would want you to spare his life, Deslock, look at me!” Wildstar yelled.

“How can I let this idiot live when he has lost my wife and my unborn child?” Deslock yelled. “You were suppose to protect her, how can you let this happen?”

“Deslock” Nova jumped in between the three men “Deslock please let him go. I am sure that he feels terrible about what has happened. He is the only one that can help find her. Please Devina would plead for his life if she were here.”

Deslock loosen his grip of Arlin and stood back falling to the floor. Wildstar bent down to him and place his arms around him. “We are going to find her, I promise you this.”

Deslock looked up to his friend with tears running down his face. Derek stood in front of him so no one would see him. He then turned to Nova and nodded, she knew exactly what to do. Nova turned to Talan and whispered in his ear, he nodded and ordered the crew. “Everyone out NOW!” he called out. Nova looked over to Sandor and nodded in Arlin and Cora’s way. He walked over to them and guided them to the other side of the bridge. Wildstar helped Deslock to his feet and brought him over to his Captains chair. Talan came over to him with a glass of Deslock wine and handed to Wildstar “Deslock drink this” Derek ordered him. He took the drink and drunk it quickly down.  “A little better?” Derek asked.

Deslock sat in his chair and try to collected himself “Thank you Wildstar, I know now what you went through when Nova became missing.”

Wildstar was shock to hear him say thank you, it caught him off guard. It wasn’t like Deslock to say words like that he usually dismissed any gratitude to anyone. For him to say this to him he knew that he was hurting. His pregnant wife was missing and if Nova was pregnant when she was capture he probably lose his mind with worry. “Now we have to put our heads together and figure out where they will take her. Arlin will be the only one that can help us so it is important to keep him alive. He is Devina’s friend, and he wouldn’t have taken a chance to come here and inform you risking his own life if he didn’t want to help.”

Deslock stood up and wiped the tears from his face. He looked over to Wildstar and nodded. “Your right Wildstar, if he was a coward he would have never came to me and gave me this information. Devina would not be please if something happened to her friend. Captain Arlin, tell me what happened when I was gone.”

Arlin began to tell him how Devina was kind enough to set him up with Cora and insisted that he take the night off. He then explain that they had no clue that Tolbert was in her suite waiting for the opportunity to kidnap the princess. He also informed him that he tried to get Tolbert to let her go but she threatened the life of his wife and their unborn child. Nova stood there listening to all she had done, first trying to take Derek away from her, then having her capture by that monster and now this, to take a helpless pregnant women was lower than low.  She swore that she would put an end to all this once and for all. She walked over to Deslock and placed her arms around him he hugged her back and thank her for her support. “If there is anything I can do Deslock, I am at your disposal,” Nova told him. She will never forget what Devina did for her, the information that she gave them when she was being held at that place, and she would repay that back to them.

“Arlin is there anywhere you think they would take her?” Wildstar asked.

“The only place I can think of is back to her father, it will be leverage over Deslock. They will use her to help the prime minster take control of the Gamilon Empire” Arlin explain. “Emperor Deslock I want to help and bring her back to you, she was taken on my watch and she is my friend. I swore to keep her safe and I failed, I want a chance to bring her back to you.” Arlin said as he bowed to him.

Deslock stood over him and waved his hand for him to get up. “You will bring her back to me, if she or my child is harmed in any way. It will be your life, understood?”

“Yes sir, I swear to you that I will bring her to you alive and unharmed.” Arlin said with vengeance. 

“Very well, Talan prepare the fleet to depart we will leave as soon as possible and find my wife.” Deslock bellowed over to Talan. Talan turned around and called out to the crew for them to return onto the bridge. He gave them the order to get ready for their departure in search for their Empress.

Wildstar looked over to Nova and Sandor and spoke to Deslock “We will join in the search.”

“Thank” Deslock began to say.

Wildstar waved his hand to him and said. “Deslock I am only returning the favor,” he said with a grin and small joke that they share from the last time they helped each other. Deslock helped with their search for a new planet earth, when the Bolars and Gamilons fought and a missile hit the sun. “Now we need to return back to the Argo and prepare her for the search. I will have to report back to earth but I am sure that they will have no issues in us helping with the search.  Nova, Sandor lets go.” They all saluted each other and left to return back to the Argo.



Outer space

Near Planet Terron


“Ok Pesci, looks like we got all of them. Let’s head back home.” Delvechio said.

“Right, alright Black Tigers we’re done here let’s head back.” Pesci ordered. “Lieutenant Commander Howard, I think it’s safe to say that we got all of them so go home and have some dinner.”

“Yeah Pesci all looks good from over here too. Lieutenant Ortiz, time to go home.” Howard said into her helmet.

“You got it chickie, vamos” Yvey said back. They started to make their way back to the Argo when they heard the fire of a laser gun Yvey began to turn her head and felt her ship shake from an impact. “Oh shit I’m hit!” she yelled into her helmet.

“Yvey you’ve lost part of your wing” Howard yelled into her helmet. She began to look around the area and spotted a Bolar fighter still in firing distance of Yvey fighter.  “I see him Yvey, turn hard left NOW!”

Yvey snap what was left of her ship hard left as laser shots went by her. Howard turned her ship and fired head on to the Bolar fighter. Both ships shot back and forth in hopes that one will go down. Howard pulled slightly back on her ship and took aim, with one final shot the Bolar fighter exploded. “Got him” she yelled into the helmet.

Yvey fought with her ship hard to keep it steady, “She’s not going to make it Howard I’m gonna have to eject.” She said.

“I got you covered Yvey, you’re not going to make it down to planet without impact. Eject now, I’ll cover you.” Howard said.

“Ejecting, 3  2  1!” Yvey pulled on her emergency cord and the hatch began to drift away but not fast enough,  Yvey’s body shot out of the  cockpit and slam into the hatch knocking her unconscious. She bounced off the hatch and hit the tail of her ship as it continued to speed away towards the planet. Howard watched helplessly as she saw Yvey bounced from the hatch to the ship and back to the hatch. When Yvey body stood still Howard flew her ship close enough to where she was and grabbed her lifeless body pulling it into her cockpit. Howard screamed into her helmet. “Argo this Black Hornet One, have an emergency unit waiting for me on the flight deck Lieutenant Ortiz has been injured and she doesn’t look good. She’s not moving at all, contact Commander Sandor and inform him of the situation he needs to know.”

“Denise, what happened?” Pesci called back.

“There was a Bolar fighter still lose she was hit and try to eject. She hit her head on the hatch and bounced back and forth from the hatch to the ship. She’s unconscious, and going to need medical attention.” Howard said with a nervous voice.  She flew her fighter at top speed back to the Argo, landing with record time. The medical unit with doctor Spada grabbed her body and began to strip her of her clothes as they made their way back to the medical ward.  Howard followed closely behind them making sure that they were doing their best for the young officer.

“I want x-rays stat, get her into exam room 3.” Spada yelled out. “Her head is bleeding make sure that you clean that, move out of the way. Let’s go, let’s go NOW!”

Pesci and Delvechio landed seconds after Howard and jumped out of their fighter. Pesci took hold of the deck officer and asked “Where’s Captain Wildstar?”

“Sir he and the deputy captain will be landing in about 2 minutes. They are returning from the Galmus.” The officer told him.

“Commander Sandor is he with him or is he still on the ship?” Pesci began to get louder.

“He is with the Captain and Deputy Captain, sir.”

“Does he know?” Pesci asked.

“I believe Lieutenant Commander Dash relayed the message to them.”

“‘D’ go see how she’s doing and stay with Denise.” Pesci said. “I’ll wait here for them to land.”

“Right!” Delvechio said as he turned to run for the door.

Pesci pace the flight deck, what only took them less than a minute to land felt more like an hour to him.




Wildstar was starting preparation for docking on the Argo when he heard Dash called over to the Cosmo hound communications speaker “Captain Wildstar, come in?”

“Yes Dash, what is it?” Wildstar said back into his helmet.

“Wildstar its Yvey, she’s been hurt.” Dash said in a calm sad voice.

“Repeat?” Wildstar asked.

“Sir, Lieutenant Ortiz has been injured. She was on her way back, when a Bolar fighter shot at her. She tried to eject and something went wrong. She didn’t clear the ship in time when ejected. They took her to the medical ward, she is still unconscious.” Dash voice came through the speaker.

“Roger that Dash I will relay the message, approaching the Argo now. Docking in 2 minutes.” Wildstar said back then turned to Sandor. “Sandor, its Yvey she’s been hurt.”

Sandor stood before him and felt his heart dropped. “How is she Derek?”

“Dash says she unconscious, that all he knows.” Wildstar said.

Nova turned her chair around and grabbed Sandor hand, she could see the worry come over his face. “I’m sure she’s alright Sandor.” Sandor looked at her and then put his head down with worry.

“Prepare to land.” Wildstar said. He landed the Cosmo hound as fast as he could. They all jumped out of the ship and made a dash for the ward.



The ships door flew opened and Sandor raced out, “where is she?” he called over to Pesci.

“They took her to medical ward one, she in exam room three.” Pesci ran with him.

Nova and Wildstar were right behind them racing to the medical ward. Sandor threw open the door and looked around. Howard stood at a door leaning against the wall while Delvechio sat on the other side of the door. Sandor ran over to them, Howard watched as he came up to them and said. “She’s doing okay Sandor. Doctor Spada just came out and said that she has a broken arm. It must have been when she hit the tale of her ship.”

“I need to see her.” Sandor pushed his way past Howard.

“Sandor,” Nova said. “I’ll go with you.”

Sandor threw opened the door and saw Yvey laying still on the bed while some monitors were hooked up to her. He walked over to her bed and took hold of her hand. Nova took hold of her chart and went over it. “Sandor she has a concussion, and they already have a cast on her. Looks like she will be alright, try talking to her she needs to hear your voice.”

Sandor looked at Yvey and started to talk in a soft low voice into her ear. “Yvey mi amore, wake up I’m here. I need to see your eyes Chiquita. You can’t leave me now, how will I tell your family. Please mami wake up.”

“Aye papi, I’m awake and you’re not going to tell my family anything. That will be another excuse for them to make me marry you.” Yvey said with a smile.

“Oh baby you gave me such a scare. How do you feel?” Sandor said as he brushed her long hair out of her face.

“Well I have a headache that can cut threw rock and I won’t be able to fly for awhile. I think I’m okay.” Yvey lifted her arm that was now in a cast.

Sandor laughed out loud with relief. “Te amore my love.”

“I love you too papi.” Yvey said as she smiled at him.

“Well I guess I can leave you two alone.” Nova said with relief that her friend was going to be alright. She walked out the door and saw Pesci, Howard, Delvechio, even Dash and Eager waited outside for news on their friend. “She going to be alright, she has a concussion and a broken arm. So she’s going to be grounded for a while. I don’t think that she’s going to like that part.” Everyone let out a sigh of relief and giggled at the fact that she will fight to get back behind another fighter.

Wildstar moved closer to Nova and asked “Can I go in?”

“Give them a second, Derek. I’ll go and see Doctor Spada and see when they will release her.” Nova said and then turned to get Spada.


In the room


“Yvey baby you had me worry.” Sandor said.

“I’m alright, it comes with the job.” Yvey said and trying to joke. “You know the thrill of flying and crashing.”

“Yvey baby I don’t want to talk about that. I’m just happy you walked away.” Sandor said but Yvey could tell from his eyes that he was worry.

“I’m grounded for a while so you won’t have to worry about me, for awhile.” Yvey try to make light of it.

“I only wish they ground you for the remaining time out here.” Sandor said under his breath.

“Papi, you knew coming into this relationship who I was and what I do.” Yvey temper start to come through, “So let’s not start that again al-ight.” her thick New York accent came through.

“Yes ma’am but I do worry about you.” Sandor said. Yvey placed her hand on his face and stroke it. Sandor bent further down to her and kissed her. At this point they didn’t care about rules, he needed to feel her if only her lips. “Just don’t do that again, Al-ight” Sandor said trying to imitate her.

“Yes papi, love you.” Yvey pulled him down and kissed him again.

Wildstar walked into the room and gave a quick knock on the door to let them know that he was standing there. “May I come in?”

“Yes sir.” Yvey said letting Sandor go.

“How are you feeling Lieutenant?” Wildstar asked as he walked over to her bed. He was relieved that he didn’t have to make another call to a family and better yet tell her fiancé, his friend that something happened.

“I’m fine sir, now that my papi chulo is here.” she smiled at him.

“Well I’m glad that you’re okay Yvey. I would hate to tell my friend here some bad news. Howard informed me what happen, it could happened to anyone. Lord knows you guys got me out of a jam many times. Thank god Nova doesn’t know half the story.” Wildstar smiled down at her small frame. “Well I give you two sometime together. Take your time and stay here with Yvey for as long as you like. I’ll check in on her later. I’m glad that you’re okay Yvey.” Wildstar held her hand “Good job out there today, you and the others did a great job.”

“Thank you sir.” Yvey said as she tried to salute him with her broken arm.

“Whoa there, that is not necessary.” Wildstar moved her arm down. “Just get better, that’s an order.”

“Yes sir!” Yvey said smiling at Sandor.

Wildstar turned and left them alone to talk. Nova stood outside waiting with the others. “Alright everyone, she’s fine. So let’s get back to work.” He said to them all.

They all made their way out of the medical ward back to their station. Wildstar turn to Nova before entering the bridge. “Baby I gave Sandor some time with Yvey, can you take on his duty for a bit.”

“Sure Derek,” Nova smiled at him. “They do need some time together.”

“Are you suggesting that I give them some R & R?” Wildstar looked into this wife eyes.

“Well it’s been a while for them.” Nova looked down and grinned at him, “and it’s not like they are married and can spend time with each other like you and I and Pesci and Denise.”

“Hmm, I’ll see what I can do, is that okay with you?” Wildstar smiled back at her.

“Thanks” Nova knew what they were going through and figured that she bat in their favor with Derek.

He gave her a quick kiss and they walked onto the bridge. “Dash, get me the Galmus.” He called out to Dash that now sat at his station.

“Aye aye Sir,” Dash said “On the screen now.”

“Talan, Captain Wildstar here. How is he doing?” Wildstar asked.

“Captain Wildstar he standing strong, he is working out details with Captain Arlin as we speak on where they would take her.” Talan spoke with concern about his Emperor and friend.

“Talan we are going to find her, I give you my word.” Wildstar said.

“I will relay the message Captain. We will inform you when we are ready to leave.” Talan said “and Captain, he’s barely hanging on.”

“I understand all too well, Talan. Wildstar out.” He said.

Turning to Nova he ordered, “Commander Forrester quarters please, Dash get me a line to EDF headquarters to Admiral Singleton.”

“Yes sir I’ll place the line to your quarters.” Dash said.

“Eager, please take the bridge.” Wildstar ordered.

“Yes sir.” Eager called out.

Nova and Derek took the private elevator to the suite. Derek walked over to his laptop and turn on the screen. He called down to Dash “Do I have that line.”

“Yes sir, line 4.” Dash said.

“Thanks Dash” Wildstar switch over to his laptop and turn on line 4. Taking a few seconds of coming in and out of focus Admiral Singleton was on the screen. “Sir Captain Derek Wildstar.” Derek said as he stood at attention and saluted.

“Captain Wildstar, how is it going with the mission?” Singleton asked.

“Sir, we have the Bolar’s on the run from planet Terron. It is now in the hands of EDF territory.” Wildstar informed him.

“That is great news. I will give this information to the council.” Singleton said “We are still investigating Tolbert’s escape. I think we have a lead, but are looking more into the source.”

“I am sure that Commander Forrester will be happy to hear about that, sir.” Wildstar said. “At this point she and I are only concern about this ongoing war.”

“Good Captain Wildstar, I am happy to hear that your priority is still with EDF and your crew.” Singleton said he knew that he and Nova will always stay professional, even after their miscarriage they stayed focus to the mission. “Please inform me with anything else.”

“Sir, there is two more thing.” Wildstar remembered why he was calling in the first place.

“Yes Captain, what is it?” Singleton asked.

“Captain Glitchman and the Galaxy II will be heading back to earth. His ship has taken on major damages and repairs cannot be done here. Even with the help of Gamilon engineers they will not be able to give her the right parts.” Wildstar informed him.

Singleton took in the information. “Very well Captain, have them returned to earth so that the Galaxy II can be repaired and refitted. I’m sure my niece will be happy to know that he is returning. Maybe they can finally wed in the time that he is here. I will have another ship sent out to you within the week, and the other thing captain?”

Wildstar cringed at the thought. “Also sir, Princess Devina has been capture by our good friend Tolbert. Emperor Deslock will be departing soon to locate her, permission to join in the search.” Wildstar asked.

“Mmm, we are not in the position for a search and rescue Captain.” Singleton said.

“Sir, if I may, Princess Devina help us when Commander Forrester was captured. If it wasn’t for her” Wildstar tapered off and thought about what the outcome would’ve been, then looked back at the screen. “She wouldn’t be here now.”

“Captain even if I denied your request, I sense that you will somehow join in the search.” Singleton said with suspicious.

Wildstar grinned at him and said. “Your right sir, I would join in the search. They have done more than enough for Earth and well sir, we owe them that much. I can speak for Nova and she feels the same. She owes them her life.”

“Very well Captain Permission granted.” Singleton said. “Join in the search, and inform me of any new developments.”

 “Thank you sir, Wildstar out.” he said as he turned off his laptop and closed it.

“So?” Nova asked.

“We got the okay.” Derek said and held out his hand for his wife to take. Nova walked over and took his hand and sat on his lap. “Well we leave when the Gamilons leave.”

“I’m glad. I wouldn’t feel right if we couldn’t help.” Nova said as she placed her head on his chest.

“Well I think Singleton knows me better than that, and that is why he gave us permission.” Derek laughed. “Okay babe, get up for a minute. I have to make this one final call.” he said as Nova got up. He picked up the phone and called down to the communication officer “Dash, get me Deslock.”

“Aye sir” Dash voice said back on the phone “Sir he is line 3”

“Thank you Dash” Wildstar said and opened up his laptop hitting line 3. “Deslock, Captain Wildstar here.”

“Wildstar, what can I do for you?” Deslock said standing proud, but Wildstar could see the pain in his eyes the same pain that he had when Nova was taken from him.

“Please inform me when we will be leaving in the search for Princess Devina.” Wildstar said.

“And what about you’re Earth Defense Force?” Deslock asked.

“I have permission to pursue in the search of the Empress. It’s the least I can for her after she put her own life on the line for my wife. And if EDF did not approve it wouldn’t be the first time I went against orders.” Wildstar said.

“I don’t know how I can ever repay you Wildstar. This means a world to me.” Deslock tried to hold back his emotions.

“Think nothing of it Deslock, so please inform me when we leave, Wildstar out.” He said as they saluted each other.

Derek looked over to his wife again and walked to her grabbing her in his arms and then kissed her. “I love you Mrs. Wildstar, are you sure about this. I don’t want to lose you again.”

“Derek, how could we not help him after what she did for me?” Nova said.

“I know babe,” Derek said still holding her. “Well we have sometime before leaving what do you say we go see Yvey and then maybe, well you know. You taken command of the Argo really turned me on.”

Nova let out a laugh, “Ha ha Captain you can be so silly, but I love you so much.”

“I love you too babe.” Derek said and kissed her on the lips hard. “Let’s go see our young Lieutenant, shall we?”

“Yes let’s go.” Nova said and they head to the medical ward.




Bolar Battleship Adsila


Namir stood tall in front of the monitor facing Hindleman and defying him with all his might. “I will end this General, you shall see.”

“Then so be it Captain, I love my daughter but I will not let you and the earth tramp destroy what the prime minster and myself have built for so long.” Hindleman said with anger.

Glancing behind Namir he watched as Devina and Julie walked onto the Bridge of the Adsila. “Devina my child, forgive me.”

“Father, what are you saying?” Devina looked into the monitor.

“Devina my love, I cannot let this man take over what we have build. You must scarify your life in the name of Bolar Federation.” Hindleman said.

“We have built! Father I didn’t help you build this I have been against this war since I can remember. You would put my life and the life of my unborn children for the name of the prime minster!” Devina screamed into the screen.

“Devina you’re a Bolar not a Gamilon, that bastard child that you carry will have no right in Bolar Federation.” Hindleman snapped.

“I am not of Bolar decent, I am of Iscandor decent. Or did you forget that, like you forgot about killing my mother.” Devina snapped back.

Hindleman eyes flew wide open and asked “Who told you that?”

“I did.” Namir said.

“How can you tell such lies to my child?” Hindleman moved closer to the monitor.

“I only told her the truth, General. I was there, how you torture her for hours.” Namir looked away thinking of the horrible day.

“Devina do not believe him. He only wants you to side with him, so he can take down the Bolar Federation.” Hindleman yelled.

“General Hindleman!” Devina snapped. “I remember everything now, you where the one that ordered the slaying of innocent people. You stood before my mother and tortured her, and to think I call you father for all this time. I told you once and I am telling you again you are dead to me. I never knew my real father and knew little of my mother and you took that away from me. I only want you destroyed and this war to stop.”

Hindleman looked into the monitor and yelled into it. “I will get you for this Namir! I will kill you with my bare hands!”

“General, I will see the day that you and our prime minster are brought down.” Namir said with a grin. “Turn it off.” he said to the communication officer.te2[1].jpg

“Captain Namir, I must speak with my husband. I have to let him know that I am alright.” Devina said.

“I am sorry your highness, but I cannot allow that. In order to have this work he must not get involve.” Namir said.

“Namir, my husband can help.” Devina said.

“Or he can make things worse.” Namir said back with a kind voice. “Please princess it is important that he not be involved. Julie my love please escort the princess back to her quarters she will safe there.”

“Yes Namir, Princess this way please.” Julie said as she waved Devina towards the door.

They began to walk back to her quarters and talk “Julie if my husband thinks that I am being held against my will he will kill you and Namir. Please ask Namir to let me send a message stating I am alright.”

“I will see what can do, Devina.” Julie said as they came up to her door, “But Namir has his reasons.”



Back track . . . .


EDF Headquarters

Great Island

Admiral Singleton offices

19th of February, 2206


“Ensign Davis it is no surprise to you that we called you here today.” Singleton asked “Please sit, you know Ensign McCoy the District Attorney. Of course this is my aid Michelle Lynn, she will be present in this meeting.”

“What can I do for you Admiral?” Davis asked.

“I am aware that you were Lieutenant Commander Julie Tolbert’s attorney. But we must know who was person that hired you to represent her?” Singleton asked.

“Sir you know I cannot answer that. That is client attorney privilege. I can get disbarred for that.” Davis said.

“We are aware of the client attorney privileges. But also understand that you will be held accessory after the fact. We know of General Stones hand in the escape of Tolbert. We have the two men that help with the escape and they are willing to tell everyone in front of a court.” McCoy replied with a sharpen tongue.

“You cannot charge me with that. I had no knowledge of the general’s intension. He never conferred with me with that.” Davis said not realizing that he gave them vital information.

Singleton looked over to McCoy and nodded. McCoy turned to Davis and said. “Thanks Ensign that will be all. We will be in touch if anything comes up with Tolbert.”

Davis looked from Singleton to McCoy and it hit him that he gave away information on who hired him to defend Tolbert. But Julie lied to him and so did her uncle. He wasn’t about to let them get away with what they did to him by making him look like a fool in court. He warned both of them to be honest with him and they weren’t. The trial turned into a fiasco and he wasn’t going to forget it. If they bring her back to earth he will see to it that they give her the maximum sentences. She was a trader and General Stone will see the day that he helped her escape, he didn’t like him, no one did. He was arrogant and he used his rank to push people around.


“So what do you think Ensign?” Singleton asked.

“Well, he pretty much put his head on the platter if you ask me. I think he just threw him under the bus.”McCoy said. “I know Davis from school and his reputation is at stake here. He likes to put it out there that he wants his client to be honest with him. He doesn’t like any surprises in court, and it seems to me that that is all what was happening at trial.”

“We have to approach this very delicately bringing charges on an officer can back fire. Stone still has friends in high places. We will need to keep this under wraps, understood everyone.” Singleton looked at McCoy and Michelle.

“Yes sir.” they both said.

“Michelle, are you sure that he won’t be back for awhile.” Singleton asked.

“Sir I sent him clear across town, with traffic at this time of the day and the distance I doubt he will be back until 7 pm tonight.” Michelle said with a smile.

“Very well, stay on top of this McCoy and let me know what the others know.” Singleton said.

“Aye aye sir.” he said as he got up saluted and turned to leave.

“Michelle I’d keep an eye out for him, keep me informed when he leaves the office and be careful.” Singleton said. “You never know what will happen when you corner a wild animal.”

“Yes sir.” Michelle said and then left the office.

Standing at the stair way entrance he looked down the hall of the offices, he watched as Davis left and then McCoy. As he stood there he thought to himself what was going on. Michelle said that Singleton needed him across town to see about the refit of the Sitka but mid way there he left his paper work at the office and had the driver turn around to retrieve it. He was about to walk to his office and then saw Davis walk out of Singletons office, he quickly jumped into the stair well and watched as he walked to the elevators and got in it. Then watched as McCoy came out he quickly decided to head down the stairs to the waiting car. He told the driver to proceed to the docking bay and sat there in his own thoughts.




EDF Battleship Argo

22nd February, 2206

1438 Earth Hours


Wildstar sat at his desk looking over the jackets of his falling men. He wrote in them the incidents that happened before their lives were taken. He finished and then began to write into the captain’s log, writing the outcome of the battle that took place with the Bolar’s, Gamilon’s and EDF ships. Wildstar like to write into the Captains log by hand then to use the computer. It was easier to maintain and if they needed to leave the ship fast he could just grab it instead of downloading to an external drive.  He was just finishing up when he heard the buzzer on his phone ring. “Yes?”

“Captain Wildstar” Nova said, now taking control of the bridge “Emperor Deslock is on line 3 for you.”

“Thank Deputy Captain, please put him through.” Wildstar said as he hit line 3 of his laptop. “Deslock how are you?”

“Captain Wildstar, we will be leaving within the hour to Planet Rhima. Arlin has informed me that’s where Prime Minster Bemlazy is at. The Main headquarters of the Bolar Federation. Will you be joining in the pursuit?” Deslock said.

“I will inform my crew and ships to prepare for departure within the hour.” Wildstar said. “Deslock, we will bring her home.”

“I have no doubt that we will, now that I have a good friend to help.” Deslock said with relief.

“It’s the most we can do for what she has done for Nova and myself.” Wildstar said with a slight smile.

“Very well, we shall prepare for departure.” Deslock said and sign off the screen.


“Captain on the bridge” Nova yelled out

“At ease everyone, Miamato prepare for departure.  Mr. Jenkins please get the calculations for Planet Rhima.” Wildstar gave his orders then turned to Nova “Deputy Captain Forrester take leave, go get some rest. You’ve done a hell of a job.”

“Thank you Sir.” Nova said as she saluted and started to make her way up the private elevator to their suite.

“One more thing, Ms. Forrester.” Wildstar called to her.

“Yes sir?”

“How is Lieutenant Ortiz doing?” Wildstar asked.

“She’s fine sir, a little peeved that she can’t fly for a month but she’s recovering just fine.” Nova said with a smile that made him melt.

“Good to hear.” Wildstar smiled back only wishing that he was going up with her to make love to her. “Alright gentleman let’s get going, make sure all calculations are done. Check on the artillery Mr. Ortiz and make sure that all guns are in working order. Expect to go straight into combat when we come into the Bolar space. Eager take command I need to see Sandor, I’ll be back before departure.”

“Aye aye Captain.” Eager called over his shoulder.

Making his way onto the medical ward he looked around and spotted Spada. “How is she Doc?”

“Well psychically she’s fine, but she’s really mad that she can’t go out with her squadron. She said something in Spanish that I don’t care to repeat, Commander Sandor is still with her.”

Wildstar laughed at what he said then turned to go into the room. He walked in and saw Sandor sleeping in the chair next to Yvey. Placing his hand on his shoulder, he shook him awake. Sandor opened his eyes and looked up to see Wildstar standing over him. He put his figure in front of his lips and nodded over to Yvey that was sleeping soundly.

“What’s up Wildstar?” Sandor said.

“We are going to be leaving for planet Rhima within the hour to look for Devina. Sandor this is the main Bolar Planet, Prime Minster Bemlazy will be there.” Wildstar said. “This is going to be major, Sandor. I hate to this to you but I’m gonna need you on the bridge.”

“I understand Wildstar.” Sandor said “Yvey is doing well, I’m kinda glad that she is in there. One less thing I have to worry about.”

“Yeah I understand, Steve. Hard to work with the one that you love and working in a situation like this makes it harder.” Wildstar said.

“Let me let her know that I’m needed on the bridge and I’ll be right up.” Sandor said to him.

“Take your time, see you in a few.” Wildstar said and walked back towards the bridge making his way to his and Nova quarters. He looked in and saw that the lights were out and focus at the figure in their bed. He walked over to Nova sleeping and bent down to give her a kiss. Nova turned to look up and see him standing over her.

“Is anything wrong?” she asked.

“No baby, everything is alright.” Derek said as he sat down on the bed. “Just wanted to check in on you real quick.”

She sat up and gave him a hug. “Everything is going to be alright Derek. We will find her I know we will.” Nova said.

“I love you baby, this isn’t going to be easy. We are heading into the lion’s den and all we have is a pee shooter.” Derek held her tighter.

“We’ve been through worst before, and we always manage to come out of it alive.” Nova tired to boost his confidence.

“Yeah, you’re right. I’ll see you in the morning get some rest. I love you very much.” Derek said to her and then kissed her.

“Go Captain, I see you later.” Nova pushed him off the bed and he made his way back to the bridge.


“Yvey, baby” Sandor said as he stroked her hair to wake her up. Doctor Spada gave her a little morphine for the pain for her broken arm and her concussion.

“Mmm, what, where am I?” She said still half asleep.

“Your still in the medical ward, how are you feeling?” Sandor asked.

“I feel like I’m floating away to paradise, woo hoo, you want to come.” Yvey said with glazed eyes.

Sandor smiled at her and continued to stroke her hair. “I have to go to the bridge Wildstar needs me. I’ll check on you later. Doctor Spada will be releasing you tomorrow afternoon, you need to rest now. I love you baby.”

“I wuv you too.” Yvey said feeling the effects of the morphine. She turned and fell back to sleep. Sandor bent down and kissed her face before heading back to the bridge.




Gamilon battleship Galmus



“Arlin, you will lead the fighter down to the planet,” Deslock ordered.  “Do not fail me again.”

“Yes Emperor Deslock, I only want the safe returned of the Empress.” Arlin said. He didn’t like Deslock much but he knew what he was feeling. Any man would go insane knowing that his pregnant wife was in the hands of that monster. The only thing that will keep her alive is the fact that she was his daughter. He may not like Deslock much, but he respected him. He wasn’t like Captain Wildstar but he had honor, something the Bolars lack. Because of that is what will bring them down, he heard rumors of some Bolars forming a resistance force to break away from the Federation. Some Bolar officers were downright brutal. They only seek power and didn’t care how they got it. They would turn in their own family and kill whoever was in the way. Yes Arlin wanted this war over so there can be peace, like Devina and many others wanted.

Deslock turned to the bridge crew and called over to the communication officer. “Get me the Argo.”

“Yes sir.” he called back. “Placing her on the screen now.”

“Captain Wildstar here, what is it Deslock?”

“Captain Wildstar, we will be warping in 1 minute, please prepare your fleet.” Deslock said.

“Yes Deslock, we are now counting down.” Wildstar said. “Good luck to us all.”

“Yes Captain.” Deslock said “and Wildstar, thank” Wildstar didn’t give him a chance to thank him the screen went black.



EDF Battleship Argo


“Alright everyone let’s begin sequence count down. Miamato do have the calculation?” Wildstar asked.

“Yes sir, Mr. Jenkins punched them in already.” he said back.

vlcsnap-2010-09-04-13h28m00s232.png“Very well,” Wildstar said “Attention all hands, Attention all. Prepare for warp, prepare for warp, secure all quarters, secure all quarters, we are warping in 25 seconds.” Wildstar said into the ships intercom. “Mr. Miamato, take over countdown.”

“Yes sir,” Miamato replied. “Countdown commencing, 10 .. 9 .. 8 .. 7 .. 6 .. 5.. 4 .. 3 .. 2 .. 1 WARP!”

Within seconds they warped into planet Rhima sector, what they saw stunned Deslock and Wildstar.

Within the fleets distance they witness two Bolar ships fighting with each other.



Bolar Federation Battleship Adsila

Bolar Federation Battleship Canapus

Rhima Sector

1700 Earth Hours


“Ram the ship if you have to.” Hindleman gave out orders.

“But sir she is one of our ships.” the younger officer yelled over the noise.

“Helmsman, turn the ship to port side and take out her engine.” He screamed. “He will not live to see the day that Bolars will rule the universe.”

Just then the screen came on. “Hindleman you have lost your mind, stand down stop this nonsense now!” Namir said into the screen

“Sir, a fleet of ship just came into our radar!” another office called out.

“What?! Put it on screen NOW!” he bellowed. Hindleman looked up and was shocked to see her before him once again. “You have too many lives Argo. YOU!” he pointed to the communications officer. “put me through to the captain of the Argo now.”

“Yes sir, place him on the screen now.” the communication officer said.

“Captain Wildstar, once again you have managed to seep yourself back to what does not concern you and how is your tramp of a wife?” he snared.

“General Hindleman, we meet again.” Wildstar stood tall before him. “I don’t care what is going on between you and the other ship. We are only looking for Devina.”

“What do you want with my daughter?” He snapped.

“To bring her back home to her husband.” Wildstar snapped back.

“Husband, I doubt that will ever happen. She is where she belongs with her people.” Hindleman laughed.

“Don’t you think that decision is something she should make?” Wildstar grinned knowing that he was getting the upper hand.

“I will never accept her marriage to that space pig.” he said.

Wildstar began to say something when Dash called over to him, leaving Hindleman standing there facing a blank screen. “Wildstar you’re not going to believe this, I have Captain Namir of Adsila on monitor 2.” Dash said as he held onto his ear piece.

“Put him through now, Dash.” Wildstar called back to him, “this is Captain Derek Wildstar of the EDF Battleship Argo, where is Princess Devina?”

“Captain Wildstar I have heard admirable things about you, you are an earthling to admire.” Namir said. “The princess is here safe with us. She has not been harmed in anyway.”

“Returned the princess to us and I’ll ask Emperor Deslock to be lenient on you.” Wildstar said.

“I can assure you that the princess is here of her own free will,” Namir said. “She can leave whenever she like.”

“I would like to hear that from her personally, if you don’t mind.” Wildstar said.

“Not at all captain, but she is resting right now and I would not like to disturb her.” Namir smiled, “as soon as she wakes up I will have her call you.”

“I bet you will.” Wildstar knew that he was stalling for time. “So be it, will you be needing our assistance in your little tiff with the General.”

“I can handle General Hindleman, he is my concern. So stay out of this.” Namir said then closed out communications.

“Dash, what happened” Wildstar asked

“Sir he cut off communication.” Dash said trying to get the screen back up.

“Wildstar what do we do now?” Eager asked.010 (2)a.jpg

“We can’t fire on the ship, not with the princess on it. We have to wait and see what happens with them. Sandor, what do you think?” Wildstar asked.

“Your right Wildstar if we fire on the Canapus there could be a possibility that things can go wrong.” Sandor said.

“Dash, get me the Galmus.” Wildstar said over to him.

“Yes sir.” Dash said as he moved his fingers over the communication panel. “Placing him on the panel now.”

“Deslock, Wildstar here. I just got off the screen with Captain Namir of the Adsila.” Wildstar said.

Deslock looked into the screen with hope written on his face. “Any news?” he asked.

“She’s on the Adsila, General Hindleman is on the Canapus. Looks like they are at each other’s throat, we have to assess the situation and figure out how we are going to get her off the ship.” Wildstar said in hopes that he didn’t jump the gun and put his wife in danger.

“How are we going to get her out of there?” Deslock asked with worry.

“I don’t know, give me a few and let me figure something out. One thing we can’t have them leave the area and head to Rhima. If they do then it will be a bigger problem with the Bolar fleet there.” Wildstar rubbed his face and started to think. “I will get back to you, and Deslock we want to make sure that she is not in danger and bring her back to you unharmed.” Deslock lower his head and nodded feeling powerless of the situation.

 “Sandor any suggestions?” Wildstar turned to him and asked.

“Looks like they are at each other’s throat out there, maybe they will make a mistake and give us an opportunity.” Sandor said.

“Anyone else, Dash , Eager any ideas.” Wildstar looked to his crew.

“It’s not like when Nova was capture, she was in an isolated area it was much easier to send in a recon group.” Eager said.

“Yeah I know,” Wildstar said.

Just then Dash yelled back to them, “Wildstar look on the screen, it looks like the Canapus is going to ram the Adsila.”

Wildstar turned to the screen and looked on with horror. “Call over to the Galmus and get some fighter out there, aid the Adsila.”

Dash called down to the flight pad and ordered the fighters to head out and assist the Adsila, while over on the Galmus Deslock ordered his fighters to also go and assist the Adsila.


Mean while on the Adsila . . . . .


Namir looked into the screen at Hindleman. “What are you doing, are you mad!”

“Only to end this Namir,” Hindleman said with vile. He turned to his officers and yelled out the order “Ram the Adsila, take her down!”

“Sir?” the bridge officer said. What is he thinking ramming our own ships when our enemy is standing in firing distances?

“I said ram them now!” Hindleman screamed at the helmsman. ‘At least I can tell the prime minister that he turned on his people when he fell for the earth tramp.’

“Yes sir!” the helms man said and began to turn the ship towards the Adsila.

Meanwhile back on the Argo. “Derek, do see that?” Sandor said looking at the monitor.

vlcsnap-2010-09-06-18h10m11s249.png“Yeah Sandor, Ortiz fire some flare rounds at the Canapus see if that will give the Adsila some time to react.”

“Aye aye sir” Ortiz said “Artillery room put in some flares and aim guns to coordinates Port L32 bring guns 3 degrees more. Adjusting visional for shot, got it 3 2 1 fire!”

The Argo’s guns shot off and flew over the Canapus rocking its tower and sending Hindleman to the floor of the bridge.  “Return fire!” he yelled at the gunner.

“Sir that will leave us vulnerable to the Adsila guns.” the gunner called back.

“Fire the main guns at the Argo and continue procedure to the Adsila.” Hindleman scream out the order.

The gunner and helms man looked at each other not knowing what to do. They took a quick look behind them and saw Hindleman standing over them with anger. Little by little the helms man continued to turn the ship in the direction of the Adsila.

Dash listen to his head piece and turned to Wildstar “Sir I have Emperor Deslock on line 2, putting him through now.”

“Wildstar what are you doing, my wife is on that ship!” Deslock yelled into the monitor.

“Deslock I know that, we are just trying to stop them from causing any harm to the Adsila.” Wildstar said “We need time to figure out what to do, in the mean time we need to aid the Adsila. If Hindleman rams the Adsila he can cause major damages endangering Devina and its crew.”

“Then what is your plan Wildstar?” Deslock said annoyed.

“Obviously we cannot attack without putting Devina in danger even more.” Wildstar said as he tried to think of the easiest way to rescue Devina. “Dash call up to my quarters and get the Deputy Captain down here.”

“Yes sir,” Dash said as he began to call up to the captain’s quarters. “Sir she’ll be right down.”

“What’s your plan Wildstar?” Sandor asked.

“I don’t know yet, Sandor take the bridge until Nova comes down. I’ll be down on the flight pad.”

“Wildstar, what are you going to do!?” Sandor asked out loud as Wildstar ran off the bridge. “WILDSTAR!”

Wildstar ran down to the flight pad and grabbed his helmet, making his way to his super star. He jumped inside and turned on his instruments setting his jets off. Slowly he maneuvered his fighter up to the launching pad and took off. He wasn’t sure what he was going to do, but sitting on the bridge was not what he wanted. He flew over to his fighters and said into his helmet. “Pesci take the Adsila port side with Howard try to disable the Canapus. We have to stop him from hitting the Adsila.”


Argo . . . . .


Nova ran onto the bridge pulling on her pea coat and placing her cover on her head, she looked over to Sandor and yelled. “Sandor Report.”

“I’m not sure what to tell you, only upon warping we came into the battle between the Bolar Battleship Adsila and Canapus, and that it looks like the Canapus is trying to ram the Adsila. Ma’am Captain Wildstar is out there with the black tigers.” Sandor said.

“Very well, what are we up to this point?” Nova asked.

“We are to fire around the Canapus, Devina is aboard the Adsila.” Sandor reported to her. “I have no clue as to what Wildstar is going to do next.”

Nova watched on the screen as the black tiger took formation and followed Wildstar towards the Canapus and Adsila. They broke formation and he and two other fighters turned towards the Canapus while the others and Gamilon fighters took control of protecting the Adsila.

“Lieutenant Commander Dash put me through Captain Wildstar.” Nova ordered.

“Yes Ma’am” Dash yelled back. “On speaker now Ma’am.”

“Captain Wildstar, this is Deputy Captain Forrester. May I ask what the hell are you doing?” She asked with a cool collective tone.

“Sorry Nova, but you know me. I get antsy when things are getting crazy.” Wildstar said with sly remark.

“Hmm very well, be careful Captain.” Nova said back. “Alright people let’s set the ships level to red. Everyone on their toes, let’s not give them any chance of escaping with the princess.”



Bolar Battleships Canapus . . . . .


“Ram her now!” Hindleman screamed.

“But sir we may cause damages to our own ship and it will leave us vulnerable to the Earth ships and the Gamilons.” said first officer Winthrop.

“We have to stop that trader.” Hindleman turned to Winthrop grabbing him by the shirt “Don’t you see, we have to stop him first then we will take care of the earthling and the Gamilons. They are too inferior to beat us, head straight to the ship’s bow. We will disable her and take control. Have a unit ready to board her and take over the ship.”

Winthrop stared at him and thought ‘is he insane’ but he feared him more then to question him. He knew of his rage, and what he did to others that questioned his authority. He turned to his crew and said. “You heard your leader prepare to hit the Adsila. Have a landing crew ready to board her.”



Namir saw as the Canapus come towards them and thought out loud “he is insane, he would rather destroy both ships then to lose.” Namir continue to watch as the ship came closer towards the Adsila. Out of nowhere he witness the earth fighters with the Gamilon fighter take control in defending them. He turned to his first officer and said “Get the princess to safer part of the ship now.”

“Yes sir” the first officer said as he ran off the bridge.

Julie ran onto the bridge and stood by Namir side “Namir what’s going on?” stopping dead in her tracks she saw the Canapus in attack formation. “Oh my god, what is he doing? He’ll destroy us all.”

Namir screamed at the communication officer, “Get me General Hindleman.”

“Are you ready to surrender, Namir?” Hindleman asked with an evil laugh.

“Stop this right now before you destroy us both, your insane Hindleman.” Namir said with anger in his voice.

“Give up and I’ll make sure the prime minster will take pity on you.” he said with an evil grinned.

“We must stop this now, or do you not care that your child is on board.” he pleaded.

“I have no child, she died months ago.” Hindleman laughed harder.

Namir looked into the panel and said out loud. “He’s lost his mind.” He turned to the bridge crew and scream out orders “prepare for impact, Julie get the princess take her and you and get into an escape pod.”

“Namir I won’t leave your side.” Julie said as fear came to her eyes.

Namir grabbed her by the arms “I love you Julie, take her and leave the ship. The Argo’s fighters are out there they will protect you and the princess. As soon as this is over I will meet up with you, I promise.”

“I can’t Namir I can’t leave you here.” Julie said as tears formed in her eyes.

“You shall and you will, now go.” he said and pushed her off the bridge.

Hearing the bridge door locked she banged on the door and screamed. “NAMIR PLEASE LET ME IN!” After a few minutes she turned and ran to get the princess from where the officer placed her. She ran past falling objects and small fires that began to form on the Adsila. She opened the door and found Devina on the bed holding her swelling stomach and with fear in her face. “We have to go princess, come with me.” Julie said.

Devina stood up and held her stomach “Julie I don’t feel very well.” she said looking very pale.

Julie looked her over and saw that she was looking green “We have to go princess, I’m so sorry. Come on.” she took her hand and wrapped her arm around her and they began to make their way to the escape pod. It took them 10 minutes to get there then Julie helped her to the chair. “Just hang on Princess we’ll be alright.”

“What about Namir and the rest of the crew?” Devina asked.

“Namir wants us off the ship, he will meet with us later.” Julie looked away from her so she could not see her tears in her eyes.


Namir walked over to the communication officer and try to speak in a calm tone. “Patch me over to the Argo.”

“Yes sir” he said. “Argo this is the Adsila, my captain would like to speak to the officer in charge.”

Dash turned around and said “Deputy Captain Forrester, the Captain of the Adsila is on the line.”

“Thank you Dash, put him through,” Nova said and turned to the monitor above the ship bridge. “This Deputy Captain Forrester, what can I do for you Captain?”

“Deputy Captain Forrester, as you can see that General Hindleman is not thinking correctly. I have made Lieutenant Commander Tolbert and Princess Devina get into an escape pod. Please have your fighters protect them and bring them aboard your ship. Nova, I know that Julie is wanted back for treason, I am begging you please give her some leniency, she is a change person.”

“You have my promise Captain. I will inform Captain Wildstar of the escape pod.” She replied.

“Thank you Captain, I trust you will do the right thing.” Namir stood tall and saluted her, she returned the salute and Namir turned around telling the communications officer to turn off the video.

Nova turned to Dash “Get me Captain Wildstar on the line Dash.”

“Yes ma’am” he said. “He is on speaker now.”

“Captain” Nova said into the intercommunication system.

“Yeah what’s up? I’m kind of busy right now.”

“I just got off the screen with Captain Namir. Devina will be in escape pod leaving the Adsila she will need protection. And Derek,”

“Yeah,” she heard him say.

“Julie will be in the pod with her.” Nova said.

“Roger that, I will get an escort there right now.” Derek said. He called over to Pesci and Delvechio. “You heard that guys go give the princess an escort back to the Argo.”

“Yes sir, alright T lets go pickup the package.” Pesci said.

“This is Captain Derek Wildstar to the Galmus, please put me through to Emperor Deslock.”

“Roger Captain.” The Galmus communication officer said.

“Captain Wildstar I heard it all is she alright?” Deslock voice sounded concerned.

“I’m not sure yet Deslock, but she’s coming back to you.” Wildstar said to him, “let us take care this part, and she will be with you very soon.”


The escape pod made its way out of the Adsila while Pesci and Delvechio waited in the distance to escort them to the Argo. Wildstar continue to fire on the Canapus, but felt like a fly buzzing around a horse. The Canapus continued its ascend towards the Adsila. Wildstar and the fighters could do no more he called into his helmet. “Pull back everyone.”

They all watched as the Canapus rammed into the Adsila port side missing the bow by a few feet. Hindleman called out to the boarding crew. “I want Namir and the earth women. Anyone else killed them.” The boarding crew set charges and blew the door into the ship. They ran unto the ship and a fight broke out on board the Adsila. Hindleman and a group broke through a group of men trying to hold back the boarding crew. He and the others made their way towards the bridge to find the door lock shut. He motion to the crew to put charges on the door and blowing the door away. The door exploded inward causing Namir and the other bridge members to fall to the floor. Hindleman walked onto the bridge standing tall and looking over the men on the floor. He walked around and found Namir on the floor waking up from the impact of flying debris. gallery259[1].jpgHindleman knelt down as Namir opened his eyes and saw him standing over him.

“Hello Namir,” Hindleman grinned. “Where is your earth whore?” Namir started to take the debris off of him and then began to get up. Hindleman stood tall and kicked him down, sending pain throughout his body. “What do you think you’re doing, Namir” Hindleman grinned, he wanted to torture him for his treason to the Bolar Federation.

“Hindleman what have you done, you have left us vulnerable to our enemies.” Namir try to talk.

“You are my enemy right now. You have brought this on by bedding that earth slut and trying to approach the prime minster with my daughter. You have turned her against me and now you will pay.” Hindleman drew his weapon and aimed it at Namir. He almost pulled back on the trigger when they all heard a shot go off. Hindleman stood there with a strange look and then fell to the floor. Namir looked up and saw Derek Wildstar standing at the entrance of the bridge holding his weapon in hand, Namir took a deep breath and passed out where he laid.