Onward With Love…

Chapter Twenty-Four

By Yuki Wildstar

Bolar Federation ship

Out skirts of Gamilon Planet

21st of February, 2206


“There they go Namir” Julie purred into his ear.

“This was a great idea my love, most of the fleet will be gone and the planet is mostly unguarded. We can get in there without much problem.” Namir grinned at her.

“Once they clear their warp then we can go in and do what we have to do.” Julie smiled.

Namir looked into Julies eyes and pulled her closer to him, “You are something else my earth women. After this we will celebrate back in my quarters, were I can take total advantage of you.”

“Mmmm, I like that very much my love.” Julie smiled back and gave him a kiss on the lips.

“Sir the fleet has made its warp, they have left their raiders.” the communications officer called to them.

“Good let’s go.” Namir said. Julie and he made their way to the flight deck and boarded her space ship that they found her in. They made their way down to Gamilon, because Earth and Gamilon were leaving for their mission there would be many ships traveling in and out of Gamilon. And because Julie’s ship was of earth they would not question it entering into Gamilon space. Julie moved the ship down into a deserted area and they made their way towards the palace. She motion Namir to stay there near a few trees and rocks. She continued closer to the palace, found an open door and made her way around the palace. She continued further in going past the grand room and making her way into Deslock and Devina suite. She opened the door and walked in finding it dark and quiet. She turned as she heard someone coming and hid behind a curtain at the window. She watched as Devina walked into the room with another Bolar Federation officer and listen to them speak.

“Thank you Arlin I will be alright now, why don’t you go get something to eat. Please I insist that you go.” Devina said.

“Princess, I was order never to leave you alone. I cannot go, I will have them send something up and I will stand at the door.” Arlin said.

“Arlin, don’t you have any family that you miss back on your planet. I mean wouldn’t you like to start a family someday with someone.” Devina asked him.

“Princess, my family was killed by your father a few years back.” Arlin said in a low voice. “And now I don’t have anyone in my life before being capture. I didn’t want to put anyone threw with what I went through. To be married to someone now would be an in convenience. My duties are now with you.”

“Oh Arlin, I want you to be just as happy as I am. Isn’t there anyone here that has caught your eye?” Devina smiled at him.

“Well, Devina there is one young lady that has caught my eye.” Arlin blushed and looked away.

“Oh there is. Who? Tell me.” Devina squeal in delight that he had someone in mind.

“I’m afraid that she doesn’t even know I existed.” He said with his head down.

“Well it will be my mission to set you up with her. Now tell me, what’s her name?” Devina asked grinning that she was able to set him up.

Arlin smiled and his eyes lit up. “Her name is Cora she is so beautiful. Her smile is like a ray of light and her eyes are the deepest of black. It’s like looking into a black hole they are so deep, in a good way.”

Devina giggle at him as he describe her and was happy to see that he was in love. “Well Arlin then you must ask her out.”

“Oh I don’t think so. What would I say to her?” Arlin face turn to panic.

“Arlin you walk up to her and ask her. What so hard about that?” Devina gave him a shove.

“Easy for you to say, you’re so beautiful Deslock is a lucky man. What will she see in me?” Arlin sounded so sad.

Devina smiled back at him knowing that he had no clue as to what all the other women have been saying about him. “Arlin you are a very sexy man and you don’t even know it. Have you ever paid attention to the women around you how they smile your way and giggle when you walk by.” Arlin just looked at her confused at what she was saying to him. He has never notice anyone looking at him in a romantic way. “You have never notice Arlin?” Devina started to laugh.

“No.” he blushed and turned away.

“Well I guess I will be making arrangements for your very first date.” Devina said.

“Princess, no I don’t think that will be a good idea.” Arlin pleaded with her. He was afraid of being rejected.

“Not another word. I will see to it myself to make a romantic dinner for you and Cora. But first we must have you ask her out. Let’s go and find her.” Devina grab him by the arm and led him out the door.

Julie heard the door closed shut and step from behind the curtain. “Gosh she reminds me of that Nova, so prissy, it makes me sick. Hmm now I just have to wait, I hope that Namir doesn’t worry about me.” She took a seat in a dark corner and waited for her to return.




 EDF Space Battleship Argo

EDF Fleet

Gamilon Fleet

Deep Space

21st February, 2206

1820 Earth Hours


They gathered in the ships hanger. Howard stood close to her husband trying to stand tall. The worry on her face told more to the others then she wanted to.

“Are we set?” Wildstar asked Booker and Pesci.

“Yes Captain we are all set.” Booker replied.

Pesci quickly looking over to his wife he sighed then turned his attention back to Wildstar. “We are all set sir, we will be warping with Booker and two of his man prior to your warp with the Gamilon Smite machine. Once we know that the Bolars are interested in taking a bite we will inform you through communication on channel 6.”

“Very good Lieutenant,” Wildstar watched as he kept looking over to his wife. “Why don’t you take a minute and say your goodbye to your wife.” He whispered over to him.

Murrue%20Ramius%2004[1].jpg“Thank you sir.” Pesci saluted Wildstar and walked over to his wife. He took her by the hand and led her out the room. Hugging her in a remote part of the hall he said softly into her ear. “I’ll be back, baby. I promise.” she held him tighter than ever and tried not to cry.

“You better or I’ll never speak to you again.” She tried to joke with him. They have always been together in battle. She never thought that he would go on a mission without her.

He smiled at her and gave her a long kiss, pulling away he try to smile. “I love you slugger, now don’t go looking for a replacement just yet, I will be back.”

He gave her another kiss and then made his way back to his ship where everyone else was waiting. He jumped into his fighter and started it up. Checking over his instruments he then looked over to where his wife stood. He gave her a wink and a wave, and then took off out of the Argos flight deck. Julie stood there watching as she saluted for as long as she could before she went to get her helmet and prepare herself to take off for her mission on Terron.

Wildstar watched as she made her way back to prepare to leave, he let out a sigh and made his way back to the bridge.

“Captain on the bridge” Nova called out. She returned to her station to make final calculations to their warp.

Wildstar stood there for a few minutes and stared at Nova as she continued to look over her raider. She felt his stare, turned and looked back at him, as he gave her a nod. Nova got up and made her way to him “What’s up, skipper?” she said as she sat on his captains’ console and leaned over to him.

“Ah nothing, just thinking about Pesci and Howard.” Wildstar said.

“How is she, Derek?”

“Taking it the way you took it on our last missions.” he said as he ran his hand up and down her arm.

“Hmm” Nova knew all too well what she is thinking. She will be going through the same once Derek hands command to her and takes off with the rest of the tigers.

“Nova I’ll be fine.” Derek said to her softly, knowing what she was thinking.

Nova looked at him and smiled as she brushed his hair a little with her hand. “I know you will Captain. I know you will.”

They both looked into each other eyes and smiled at one another. She turned and walk back to her station as he stared at her. He let out another sigh and called out “Alright people, let’s get underway”

“Wildstar, our recon unit has now warped.” Eager called back.

“Thank you Eager, Dash called over to the other ships and have them prepare for our final warp.” Wildstar ordered. “Miamato, we will be warping in 30 minutes make sure that everything is checked out. Ms. Forrester please rundown our calculation to the black cloud.”

“Aye aye captain.” Nova call back as she ran her fingers threw her systems. “Lieutenant Miamato please input these coordinates L65 N78”

“Aye Ma’am, punching in coordinates L65 N78” Miamato repeated “Preparing for warp sequence, attention all hands, attention all hands prepare for final warp. Secure all station, I repeat secure all station.”

Nova turned to Derek and he nodded at her with a make shift smile, “Miamato how many more minutes to warp.” he asked.

“Sir we are down to 15 minutes.” Miamato said back.

Wildstar waved over to Nova as she turned to Sandor. “Commander Sandor please take the bridge.”

“Yes Sir, Captain Wildstar and Deputy Captain Forrester leaving the bridge, I now have the bridge” Sandor called out.

Derek and Nova walk off the bridge out into the hallway, “Nova, I want you to stay here no matter what.” he said to her. “Not even if I am taken down.”

Nova looked at him with worry. “Are you expecting something that we haven’t talked about?”

“No baby, but I know that you worry and I want you to know that I love you and I want you safe. I don’t want to lose you again. I promise I will come back to you no matter what.” He said with intense eyes.

“Derek you’re scaring me, everything is going to work out.” She said as she frowned at what he was saying.

“I love you baby.” Derek said to her.

“I love you too honey.” She said back.

“Good then let’s get back in there.” Derek smiled at her and kissed her gently on the lips. They made their way back onto the bridge as Sandor called out “Captain on the bridge”

“Lieutenant Miamato continued with the countdown” Wildstar called over to him as he looked over to Nova one more time before making their warp to the Black Cloud near Terron.

“Aye aye sir, continuing countdown T minus 15 seconds  14    13    12   10  prepare for warp strap yourselves in 8   7   6   5    4    3   2   1  WARP!!!!!.





Back on Gamilon


Julie waited for an hour before she was ready to make her way out of the suite when she heard Devina giggle. She Stepped back behind the curtain and waited once more.


“Hahaha, I told you she would be interested Arlin. If I do say so myself, I thought she was going to melt when you asked her out.” Devina laughed at him.

Arlin was smiling from ear to ear. “I was so nervous Devina. It was like that one girl I asked out back in school. Do you remember her name?”

“I think it was Sharin and if I do remember she was a little snooty for you.” Devina frown at the thought.

Arlin try not to laugh, but knew that she was right about her. “Well I guess I must get ready for my date. What should I wear?”

“Wear your uniform so you can show off your medals. She can walk proud next to you and show you off to the other girls.” Devina stood in front of him and fixed his collar and his medals. “Now go, I’ll be alright here, and when you’re done with your date please come back and tell me.”

Arlin smiled at her and then was about to leave her room when he turned to give her a hug “Thank you Devina, you were always a true friend.”

“Arlin go have fun for once, and remember to come and tell me all about it.” Devina started to wave him away. Arlin walk over to the door and opened it, he gave a quick look, wave and shut the door. Devina walked over to her mirror and began to brush her hair when she saw a figure step from behind the curtain. She spun around shocked. “Who are you and what are you doing here!?” she demanded.

“How are you, your grace? It is nice to meet you once more.” Julie said as she stepped out from the shadow. Devina’s face turn white when she saw who it was. “Tolbert, what do you want?” she said as she held her growing stomach.

“My dear Princess, I’m here to bring you back to your father.” Julie purred with vile.

Devina’s eyes widen as Julie drew closer to her. “Get out, before my aidereturns!” she screamed out.

“I doubt that very much your grace. After all he will be on his date, and when your husband returns he will question him about it. Most likely have him killed for leaving you unattended.” she smiled wickedly “Now please come with me or do I have to get physical. Something I do not want to do especially in your condition.” as she walked over and touch her stomach.

“Get your hands off of me!” Devina screamed. “Don’t you ever touch me!

“Please your grace I don’t want to get physical, come with me now.” Julie tried to grab her by the arm.

“NO! GET OUT!” Devina screamed and then try to run for the door, “ARLIN HELP ME! ARLIN, SOMEONE. ANYONE!” she screamed at the top of her lungs.

Julie walked up behind her and grabbed her, as Devina tried to get free. “Your grace please I don’t want to hurt you, just come with me now.”

“NO! I would rather die than go back to my father.” Devina fought her tooth and nail. “SOMEONE HELP ME!” she called out into the hall.

“Shut up you little twit, I’m sick of you already. Now let’s go.” Julie grabbed her tighter.

“NO! NO! LET ME GO, I’M NOT GOING BACK, LET ME GOOOO!” she screamed again.

“Come on” Julie pulled her out of the suite and started her way down back the hall she came from. Devina struggle to get free while holding her stomach. She screamed louder and louder, then Julie turned and slapped her hard on the face. “Shut up or I’ll kick you in the damn stomach of yours.”

Devina stood there stun as Julie pulled her again down the hall, as they made their way down the hall Devina spotted Arlin with his date and she screamed out. “ARLIN!” Arlin looked up and saw her being pulled away “DEVINA!” /*

“Come on.” Julie screamed at her.

“ARLIN, HELP ME!” Devina screamed.

“DEVINA, stop, you let go of her now!” He yelled as he drew his weapon.

Julie looked on as he came running towards them and drew her weapon pointing it at Devina’s stomach. “Stay where you’re at or I will shoot her and the bastard she holds inside of her.”

Arlin stopped in his tracks and watched as she dragged Devina out of the palace, feeling helpless. He called over to his date and told her to find some more help as he followed them out of the palace never taking them out of his sites. He followed them off the grounds and out towards a field where Namir waited for them. Julie continued to hold her as a shield and dragged her into the ship as Namir pointed his weapon on them. Arlin watched as they stepped into the ship and closed the hatched. He fired his weapon at the ships engine as it took off in to the sky. The other soldiers came running and Arlin turned to them “We can’t have them leave the planet, they have the princess. Get back to the palace and call out a fighter squadron they must be stopped!” He yelled as he ran back into the palace with the other soldiers and made his way to the flight pad jumping into the cock pit while four other fighters followed suit. “They have the princess so be careful, we cannot risk losing her. Aim at her lower engines, try to disable her.” Arlin called into the helmet to the other fighter.  They shot at the ships engines and tried to disable it but Julie maneuvered the ship with ease until she was out of the atmosphere. Arlin and the other fighters raced with time to get her back and before they dock onto the ship that awaited them.

Devina try to make Julie lose control of the ship but Namir grabbed hold of her and dragged her to a seat and strapped her down. “Sit down and stay put.” he said to her. “You will be with your father shortly.”

Devina looked at him and remembered him from many meeting that her father went to. “Namir why are you doing this, let me go.”

“Shut up. Julie hurry. If they get close enough they will be able to disable the ship and bring her down.” Namir called back to her.

“I’m trying, but he is good in his skills.” Julie said back. “We are almost there anyway. Once we are on ship they won’t be able to get her.”

Namir, please let me go. I know that you are a good man. You know my father he will only put blame on you and have you killed. And why are you trusting her, she’s only a trader and will turn on you the minute she gets a chance.” Devina pleaded with him.

“Princess, please shut up or I will be force to gag you.” Namir said in low tone wishing that she just settle down.

Devina looked at him with wide eyes and began to cry, not for her but her unborn children. Namir looked at her and his heart felt a little pinched and turned back to Julie with a questioned face. Julie saw his look and said. “Namir this is the only way to get rid of him and the prime minster. We have to do this, she is our only hope.” Namir nodded at her and turned back to Devina.

Devina couldn’t quite make out what was really going on. “Namir what is it that you want with me? Obliviously it has something to do with getting rid of my father and the prime minister.”  Namir just looked at her and walked over to Julie and sat down next to her in the cock pit. They sat quietly as they made their way back to the ship, dodging gun fire.

Arlin flew his fighter fast and quick to get the ship down, all the while thinking of what Deslock will do when he finds out that Devina was taking while on his watch.  He fought tooth and nail to get the ship disable, but the little ship managed to get aboard the battleship and within seconds warped into space. Arlin could do nothing else, and ordered the other fighters to return back to the planet. He would have to explain to Deslock how his wife and their unborn child were taken from the planet.



EDF Space Battleship Argo

EDF Fleet

Gamilon Spaceship Gamilus 

Gamilon Fleet

Terron Space

Black cloud

22nd February, 2206

0223 Earth Hours

As Nova predicted the Bolars sent a small fleet to the asteroid belt in search of the recon group that went there. They also had a fleet on the moon 1000 mega meters from Terron. They never suspected them to come thru the black cloud. The Bolars assumed that the black cloud gases were dangerous to them it would be just as deadly to Earth and Gamilon people.

Wildstar call over the ships speakers. “Alright everyone it’s that time, let’s all get ready. Black Tigers, Black Hornets prepare to disembark from the Argo.  Mr. Miamato, are you ready to bring her around?”

 “Yes sir, all ready!” Miamato said back, proud to bring the Argo to battle like his predecessor.

“Very well, Lieutenant Ortiz are you ready with those guns?” Wildstar asked.

“Aye aye sir!” Ortiz smiled as he responded.

“Dash, Eager, Sandor” Wildstar looked in their way “Here we go again, looks like we are at it one more time.” They all returned a nod and continued with their stations. “Deputy Captain Forrester, take command. I will be joining the Black Tigers”

“Aye aye sir,” Nova replied, staring at him with intense eyes. Derek looked at her and she saw him tell her ‘I love you’. She called out to the bridge “Captain leaving the bridge, I am now in command. Captain Wildstar?” Derek turned to her before leaving the bridge. “Good luck.” she said, but Derek knew she meant ‘be careful I love you’. He nodded and ran off the bridge to his super star.


He ran into the flight deck and checked his fighter one more time then saw Howard sitting in her cock pit. He walked over quickly to her fighter and looked up to her. “Lieutenant Howard.”

“Yes sir?” She said looking down to him.

“Everything will be alright, he is an excellent pilot and so are you. Just concentrate on the mission worrying will affect your flying skill.” Wildstar told her.

Howard smiled at him and told him. “Thank you, sir.” She knew he meant it and that he was looking out for her. He smiled back at her and made his way back to his fighter. With one quick stride Wildstar jumped into his fighter and looked over his instruments and then looked at Nova picture. He looked over to Yvey and all the other pilots thinking to him, they are all so young like I was when I went into battle. “Good luck everyone, come back safe. I really hate to call peoples families and give them bad news.” he said into his helmet.

“Captain Wildstar?” Nova called into his helmet speakers. “You can start disembarkment from the Argo.”

“Thank you Deputy Captain Forrester.” Wildstar responded. “Okay everyonvlcsnap-2010-09-20-22h17m25s31.pnge, follow me.”

Wildstar was first to leave the Argo, with precision he guild his fighter out into space. He looked over to the other ships and watched as the fighters from the Lalanda came out. The Gamilons fighters also met up with him and they form formation in front of the Argo. Nova stood on the bridge looking out as they all got together. Her heart beat a little faster as she watch Derek fighter take the lead towards the planet.

She turned to everyone on the bridge and called out. “Alright everyone, here we go get to your station prepare for battle. Mr. Ortiz have you check over our guns?”

“Yes ma’am, all are working. But I won’t be able to predict after the battle.” Ortiz said.

“I understand that Ortiz, just make sure that we cover our captain and all our fighters.” Nova snapped.

“Aye aye ma’am.” Ortiz said looking out to the black skies and watched as the fighters descend towards the planet.



EDF Super Star 1


“Ladies and Gentlemen, here goes nothing.” Wildstar said into his helmet.

“Vaya con dios, everyone.” Yvey said. “Howard, I got your back, don’t worry chica your papi will be with us soon enough.”

“Thanks Yvey, you’re a good friend. Stay close, I don’t want Sandor losing you before he gets you down the aisle.” Howard smile into her microphone.

“Okay ladies, let’s go.” Wildstar dove his fighter hard into the planet with mach speed. He shot the first round.



Planet Terron



Hindleman stood in the middle of the control center and watched as the officer on duty waited for the asteroid patrol to check in. “Sir, I’ve just got word that there is a small recon group heading to our largest asteroid.”

“How many ships?” Hindleman asked.

“Sir it’s a small ship with two escorts.” the bridge officer replied.

“Have them followed. See if there are others.” Hindleman ordered. ‘So the earth woman was right about them. She has come through with the information.’ he thought to himself.

“General Hindleman, patrol just confirmed a battle ship has just entered the area from a warp!”

“Send out the fleet, if it’s the Argo I want her captured and the captain brought to me.” Hindleman said.

“Yes general, relaying the order now.” the officer replied.

Without knowledge Wildstar and the Tiger Fighters with the Black Hornets made their way down to the Terron headquarters. Wildstar swooped down and was the first to fire on the base. 

Hindleman turned to the officer of the deck and scream out. “WHAT WAS THAT!!!!

The young officer turned with a shock face. “Sir we are under attack, they came in through the Black Cloud!”

“Get our fighters out there NOW!” he bellowed to his officers. “Call our fleet’s back it’s a trap. You!” he pointed to a thin short officer that was in charge of communication. “Get on the line and have them get whatever fleet we have off the ground. Call back our fleet from the moon stations, get them back here fast. If they clear our fighter defenses our ships on the ground are done for.”




Asteroid belt….


“Pesci, their retreating,” T said into his helmet.

“Yeah, I’ll call down to Booker and have them return to the ship.” Pesci said. “Sgt Booker, do you read me?”

“Roger that Pesh.” Booker voice came over Pesci helmet.

“Return to the ship, our little plan has worked. Make it fast I don’t want to miss all the fun.” Pesci said to him.

“Roger that pee brain, we’re on our way.” Booker laughed into his microphone in the helmet.

Booker turned to his marines and yelled back to them. “Come on fellas, we’ve completed this part of our mission.” They all climb back into the ship and flew back to where Pesci and Delvechio waited and then all headed back to the Galaxy ll.  Within minutes a Gamilon fleet warped into the Galaxy ll space and headed towards Terron.




Galaxy ll

Main Deck

“Captain Glitchman Sir, our recon group has just check in, they are returning back to the ship.” Anderson, the communication officer said.

“Thank you Anderson, get me the Argo please and put her on the screen.” Glitchman ordered.

“Aye aye Captain,” he replied. “Sir the Deputy Captain of the Argo is on the screen.”

“Thank you Anderson, Deputy Captain Forrester our recon group is now abroad the Galaxy ll. The Gamilon 2nd fleet is now within our space and we are now heading in the direction of planet Terron.” Glitchman spoke as he held a salute in attention.

“Very good Captain, I will relay the message to Captain Wildstar. Our fighters are now under way to Terron as we speak be prepare for immediate action once here.” Nova warned him. “And Homer?”

“Yes Ma’am.” Homer said looking up to the screen.

“Good luck.” Nova said. Homer nodded saluted and the screen went black.

“Alright everyone prepare for battle.” Glitchman ran up to his captains chair and jumped in, he switch on the communication intercom and called into the microphone that went throughout the ships speakers “Attention all hands, attention all hands report to battle station, report to your battle station, we will be in Terron space in 5 minutes and will be going into immediate battle. Good luck to us all”

“Mr. Anderson, put me through to General Lugin on the Turion.” Glitchman said.

“Yes sir,” Anderson replied. “Putting him on the screen now sir.”

“General Lugin, our recon group is now back we are now heading in the direction of Terron. Captain Wildstar and our fighters are now on Terron attacking the Bolar base. Prepare for immediate battle, ETS 5 minutes.” Glitchman said.

“Very good Captain Glitchman, good luck.” Lugin said.

The Galaxy ll and the Turion with the small fleet made its way through the asteroid belt towards Planet Terron. What Glitch saw was the bolar fleet that headed to the asteroid belt retreating back to their base on Terron. He could see the flares of guns firing onto the planet and fighters dodging in and out of laser fire. Glitchman turned to Anderson and ordered. “Tell the pilots to get out there and help those ships.”

“Yes sir” Anderson called back.

Within minutes Pesci, Delvechio and the other tiger fighters flew out to join the other fighters in battle.

Yvey was tailing a bolar fighter and gaining speed, she almost had him when she heard her warning alarm go off. “Oh shit!” she cried out. She turned to look to which one had her in their sights. She maneuvered her ship in hopes to shake them off. She turned her ship over and still nothing.  Yvey was ready for them to fire on her knowing that she couldn’t shake them off, when she heard an explosion go off behind her. She turned her head to see what happened when she heard him over her helmet. “Your all clear Ortiz, now stop playing around and get back to work.”  Pesci said.

“Pesci!” Yvey said back into her helmet “thank you, I was wondering when you would show up.”

“De nada, I don’t think Captain Wildstar would like giving Sandor some bad news.” Pesci said.

“Yeah,” Yvey smiled into her helmet and then they moved down to where most of the fighting was.

“Hello my love.” Pesci said.

“Pesci, honey it’s about time you guys showed up.” Howard smiled into her helmet and glance over to where he was at. He gave her a quick salute and flew over to another fighter being chase by a bolar.

Wildstar concentrated on the Bolar headquarters, making rounds up and down firing all he had at the buildings. All he could think about was what Nova went through in the hands of the Bolar Federation.  He only hope to catch the monster that did that to her so he can pay.  Wildstar made another turn and dove at mach speed to the tower that face the air strip, shooting anything that moved on the ground and blowing up any ships that were still there. His mind racing with what happened to Nova he began to push his fighter harder and faster.

“Captain Wildstar.” Yvey came over his helmet breaking him out of his thoughts.

“Huh, yes Yvey.” He replied back.

“I think you better move it there someone on your tail.” Yvey said.

Wildstar looked at his instruments that were all ringing red with warning “Damn it.” he said through his breath.  He flew his Super Star up into the sky and tried to shake him off. Yvey follow suite behind the Bolar fighter that was chasing him, she fired at him trying to help Wildstar. She called into her helmet “Sir if you don’t mind, mueva te.’”

“What was that?” Wildstar said not understanding.

“She said move out the way Derek.” Nova came over his helmet with a sharp snap in her voice.

“Oh, I’m trying.” Wildstar blushed knowing that a woman will bail him out of this. Wildstar moved his fighter right then a quick hard left letting Yvey have a clear shot of the Bolar fighter.

“Your clear sir.” Yvey said back into her helmet.

“Thanks Yvey, I don’t know how I would have explain that to Nova.” Wildstar grinned with embarrassment.

“No problem, sir.”




Back on the Argo  . . . .


The Argo was taking on some heavy hits, Nova called out the orders to return fire from the captains chair. “Ortiz we need you to hit them not them hit us, I know you can do better.” Nova snapped “I want the captain to come back to a whole ship not one in pieces.”

“Aye aye ma’am.” Ortiz said “Artillery, what are you doing down there, get those guns on my coordinates NOW!” he yelled into the microphone. “Repeat, L6 R7, 500 mega meters.”

“Roger sir L6 R7, 500 mega meters.” the artillery officer called back.

“Hold it right there, got it. Fire guns.” Ortiz shouted.

 “Much better Lieutenant, much better” Nova said with a smile.

“Ma’am we have incoming on the portside of the ship, we need to fire our pulse laser guns.” Ensign Wagner yelled out.

“Ortiz are you falling asleep, fire the pulse laser.” Nova snapped.

“Yes ma’am.” Ortiz said getting frustrated with her. she can be a bit pushy he thought.

The Argo took on heavy hits from the Bolar fleet, they already lost two ships. Deslock sat on his chair and watched as the Argos’ Deputy Captain took on the fighters. “Talan have our fighters assist on protecting the Argo.” Deslock ordered.

“But sir,” Talan replied. “Our fighters are minimum we may lose our ships.”

Deslock weighed out the odds. “Very well, put me thru to the Argo.”

“Yes sir.” the communication officer said. “Sir the Argo is on the video panel.”

“Captain Forrester, are you doing alright there.” Deslock said looking at the screen.

“Deslock we are just fine, I have the best officers here, thank you.” Nova gave him a slight grin.

“Very well, Captain.” Deslock said with admiration on how much she has endured and now taking command of the fleet ship. “Talan, have them keep an eye on the Argo.”

“Yes sir.” Talan said.

“Sir we just lost the Mira.” the officer said.

Deslock looked towards him and ordered. “Well then we should return fire don’t you think Lieutenant.”

“Yes sir.” the lieutenant reply, not wanting to get on the Emperor bad side.

“Fire the Laser guns towards the ships.” Talan yelled out.



Bolar Headquarters. . . . .


“YOU IDOIT!” Hindleman screamed at the raider officer “HOW COULD YOU NOT SEE THEM COMING FROM OUR BLIND SPOT!” 

“Sir they came in through the black cloud, we had no idea that they would survive it.” said the raider officer as he snap back.

Hindleman looked at the officer with disbelief on his tone. He walked over to him and punched him hard to send him reeling to the ground. “If you ever speak to me that way again, you will regret it. Now get up and do your job.” he yelled at him.

The young officer got up and returned back to his chair. Still shaking from the blow that Hindleman gave him he tried to stay focus on the raider.

Hindleman lost his balance again, another hit from the fighters. Explosion went throughout the base, fire were growing within the control center. Pevins, looking around and knew that the base was coming down. He made his way to the escape pods and began to get in then something pulled him out throwing him to the floor. Hindleman stood over him looking at him with distain. “Where do you think you’re going? You’re not planning on leave so soon are you?” Hindleman sneer at him. Pevin look up at him with fear in his eyes. “If this base goes down then you will go down with it. I will go back to the prime minster and tell him how you lost this base you stupid idiot!”

Pevin looked at him with fear and anger that took control of him then Pevin lunge for him. If he was going to died he was going take him with him. Hindleman stood back and knocked him down. “What are you trying to do” Hindleman sneered harder. Pevin went for him again, trying to grab his weapon. Hindleman looked at him, “what are you doing?” he laughed at him. “You weakling, do you think that you will leave here alive!” Hindleman took his weapon and shot him, then looked down on his lifeless body and kicked it. “Anyone else would like to take leave or question my orders.” The control crew turned quickly and continue with their positions. “Now let’s get this under control where is Namir and the Earth tramp?” 

“Sir he hasn’t checked in.” the communication officer called out.

“Well call them and see where they are at NOW!” Hindleman yelled. “Return fire to those fighters NOW!”



EDF Battleship ARGO


“Ortiz what’s the problem, you’re aim is not getting its target.” Nova screamed over the noise.

“Ma’am, I’m calling it down but they are having problems with gun gage.” Ortiz yelled back “I’m trying to aim free lance.”

“Well call down there and see if they are on top of it. If they keep getting the hits through we are going to lose her.” Nova ordered. “Miamato bring her around see if you can get her out of the way of their firing range. Watanabe see what the problem is down there?”

“Ma’am we are having problems in the engine room, the wave motion engine is heating up.” Watanabe yelled.

“Well get down there and see what the problem is?” Nova Yelled back.

“Ma’am, I’ll go with him to see if I can help.” Sandor yelled over the noise.

“Yes Sandor, go keep me informed on what is going on.” Nova said back with a hoarse voice.

“Yes Ma’am” Sandor said as he called over his shoulder running with Watanabe off the bridge.



EDF Battleship Galaxy II


Akiera , bring her around to the port side we need to help the Argo she taking on too many hits.” Homer called out his orders. “Lieutenant Brooks, let’s get those guns going.”

“Yes sir.” Brooks said.

“Sir I have a wave of missiles coming on our starboard side.” Lieutenant Charlie Hatcher said.

“Send out the flare missiles.” Homer called over to Brooks.

“Aye Sir, Artillery send out flare missile 1000 mega meters starboard coordinates R 8 L 76.  Aiming, that’s it hold it there. Fire.” Brooks called into the intercom.

“Good shot Brooks.” Homer yelled.

“Not so fast Captain, We have another wave coming in again.” Hatcher yelled “Prepare for impact!”

The blast was so hard that it knock Glitchman out of its chair and onto his counsel. He closed his eyes tight feeling pain on his rib cage. “GET THOSE FLARES OUT THERE!” Glitchman screamed out. “What are the damages?”

“Sir, we have heavy damages on our port side!” Hatcher called out. “Sir looks like another wave is coming in to our starboard side this time!”

“Akeira, swing hard to port NOW!” Glitchman screamed out. Akeira pulled the ship hard but not in time, the missiles hit mid port side taking out part of the engine room.

“DAMAGES!” Glitchman called out.

“Sorry heavy damages in the engine room, major casualties.” Hatcher said.

Glitchman called over to Anderson, “get me the Argo fast!”

“Aye Aye Captain.” Anderson called back. “She’s on the screen now.”

“Nova!” Homer said “We are heavily damaged. We are going to have to pull back.”

“I understand Homer. Pull her back. No sense on losing the whole ship and your people. We’ll cover you, good luck captain.” Nova said into the screen.

Glitchman salute then called the command, “Pull her back. Let’s get out of here.”


Argo ….


“Captain Forrester.” Wildstar said into his helmet “I think it’s time for the main gun.”

“Yes sir.” Nova said “Miamato get the Wave Motion Gun ready.”

“Yes ma’am.” Miamato said.


Terron, Bolar Headquarters .  . . . . .


Hindleman scream at the artillery officer, “Why is it that you can’t take down a fighter let alone a ship. Get those guns going or I will have your head.”

“Yes sir.”

“Where the devil is Namir and that earth women?! Have they not made it back from the moons yet?” He cried out.

“Sir we lost communication with them hours ago.” the communication officer yelled back.

“General Hindleman.” His raider tech called to him “Looks like they are pulling back from the planet, seems like they are retreating”

Hindleman face turned with confusion. “Put it up on the screen,” he ordered. As the raider tech said their fighters were pulling back to their ships. One main ship was retreating from damages. Then he saw her turning her bow toward the planet. Hindleman step back and ran for the door, makings his way to the escape pods. He jumped into one and took off.  Within seconds he looked back and saw a wave of light head towards the planet. He pushed the pod faster and faster out of the atmosphere of the planet. “I will get you for this Namir, and that earth slut of yours. Captain Wildstar you have won this round but next time I will win.” He cried out.


Argo . . . .


“Wave Gun up to 100 percent, prepare for recoil traction. Everyone put your safety glasses on. Begin countdown to firing . . . 10 . . . 9 . . . 8 . . .  7 . . .  6 . . . 5 . . . 4 . . . 3 . . . 2 . . . 1 . . . FIRE!” Ortiz screamed out as he squeezed the trigger that release the wave of light that ran down to the planet.

The planet was hit with a huge explosion that destroyed the base and its surroundings.  When it finally cleared everything went quiet. “Good shot Lieutenant.” Nova said then called down to the engine room. “Sandor can you get the reports on damages as soon as possible.”

“Aye, aye ma’am.” Sandor replied back on the ships communication.

“Dash check all communication with the other ships see what they have on their damages.” Nova ordered.

“Yes ma’am.” Dash called back.

“Mister Watanabe, how goes with the engine. Is she still in working order?” Nova said in to the communication system.

“We are working on it now ma’am.” Watanabe said back.




Escape pod

Bolar Federation


Hindleman flew his ship to the battleship Canapus, landing with seconds after the explosion.

“Your Excellency, welcome aboard the Canapus. I am Captain Winthrop and I am at your deposal.” The captain said.

“Take me to your bridge.” Hindleman looked at this little man with a huge nose.

“Yes sir this way.” He waved towards the exit of the flight deck.

They made their way to the bridge and Hindleman looked around then said. “I am now taking control. You lieutenant, I need you to find out what happened to Captain Namir and that earth slut. You, corporal, get me through to the Argo, NOW!” He screamed out orders.

“Yes sir.” the Corporal said. “I have the Argo and its Deputy Captain on the screen.”

“Ah, Deputy Captain Forrester, hello there my sweet flesh. I can see that you are at the helm of the famous Argo. I underestimated you. I portrayed you for a feeble earth woman. You have guts to take command of such a great ship. I applauded you. But this is far from over just remember that.” He said at Nova.

“Hmm, I won’t rest until you are destroyed General Hindleman. This is just the beginning. If it isn’t me that takes you down then it will Captain Wildstar himself.” Nova said with anger in her voice. “Either way I will be there to witness it.”

“Damn you woman, if I ever get you in my grasp again I’ll make sure you return to Wildstar in a bag.” Hindleman slammed his fist on a control panel then yelled to the communication officer. “TURN OFF THE SCREEN!”

The communication officer quickly turned off the screen and just as quickly he heard something come over his ear piece. “Sir, I have Captain Namir on the line.”

Hindlemans face turned red with anger. “About time! Place him on the screen!” He ordered with anger. “Captain Namir where have you been, we lost the base on Terron!” Hindleman yelled.

“General Hindleman, we have something for you.” Namir said then grabbed Devina by the hand and brought her to the screen.

“Devina!” Hindleman heart dropped. “Devina my child are you alright?”

“Father, why have you sent these people to get me?” Devina said with defiance.

“Devina I never sent anyone for you.” Hindleman said in a sad voice. “You have made it clear that you never wanted to see me again. I would never send anyone to get you.” Hindleman stared at Namir and Tolbert. “WHAT have you two done? I never order this.”

“General we thought you’d be happy to see your daughter again.” Namir smiled, “and considering that she is going to bring your grand child into this war maybe you would like to make amends with her.”

The screen became wider and Hindleman saw her growing stomach. “Devina,” he turned his head and said softly.

“Father I am not a shame, I am carrying my husbands’ child.” Devina stood tall as she said it. She wanted him to know that she was happy with being pregnant with Deslocks’ babies.

“Devina my child.” Hindleman look over to Namir and Tolbert “Bring her to me.”

Namir smirked at him “Sir I think bringing her back to Headquarters will be better. She would be safer there.”

“Bring her to me NOW!” Hindleman ordered.

“But it will help with leverage with Deslock.” Namir said.

“How dare you use my daughter as a pawn in whatever scheme you two have cooked up?” Hindleman bellowed. “She is still your princess, now bring her to me.”

“Father!” Devina yelled before the screen went black.

Hindleman stood staring at the big screen on the bridge. I will get them for this. They will regret the day that they were born.



Over on the Adsila


“Good job princess.” Namir said “I thought you were actually frightened.”

“Thank you captain.” Devina said. She wanted very much to have her father removed from his position. To her he was no longer her father after what Namir told her on the return trip.

“Devina, when Hindleman found you on Urbia I was there when we invaded. It was your father that murdered your mother all those years ago. I remember, she pleaded for the lives of her people on the planet. She stood tall throughout the torture. He beat her repeatedly even after she passed out. I am so sorry, I should have stopped him, but back then no one dared challenge him. I saw you hiding in the closet. I tried to keep him from finding you for fear that he would kill you too. I hoped that he would not see you and then I would be able to return and take you away from there to a safe place. But he found you and faith had it that he fell for you and decided to raise you as his own.” Namir said.

“I am starting to remember some bits and pieces., I always wonder who was the one that murdered my mother. When I asked him he just tended to shrug me off. I never knew.” Devina began to cry. After all these years she found out that it was him that was the one to have murdered her mother. The same man that had raise her, how could he. Namir held her while she cried and Julie watched feeling the pain that she felt. She too lost her mother at such a young age, over that man, leaving her to be raised by her uncle that showed no emotion towards her. He just assumed that she would turn out like her. So she did just that, looking for someone to love her the way she wanted.  She found that in Namir, and was grateful that he loved her back.

Namir called over to the ships helmsman, “Lieutenant, take us to Bolar headquarters.”

“Yes sir.” the lieutenant said.

“Namir what if he makes it there before we do?” Tolbert asked.

“That’s the chance we will have to take.” Namir looked into her eyes “If we don’t then we will have to change our plans.”

“Captain, I feel a little tired I would like to rest.” Devina said holding her stomach.

“Yes your highness.” he turned around and called over to a sergeant. “Sergeant please escort the princess to a suite so she will be able to lie down. Make sure that she is comfortable.” Namir said.

Devina held her back and try to stretch. Then she almost lost her balance “Devina are you alright?” Julie asked.

“Yes thank you, Julie could you please come with me.” Devina asked.

“Sure.” Helping her back to the suite they all walked in silence as Devina rubbed her stomach. Julie walked into the suite and helped her lay down on the bed. “Thank you Lieutenant”

“It’s no longer Lieutenant, your highness. It’s just Julie.” Tolbert said.

“Julie may I ask you something.” Devina said looking at her over her stomach.

“Sure.” Julie said.

“Why do you hate Captain Wildstar and his wife?” Devina asked.

Julie took a chair and asked, “May I?”

“Yes please.” Devina answered.

“I thought I hated them, but I’ve had second thoughts now.” Julie said.

“But you had to have a reason at some time.” Devina said.

Julie lean back on the chair and look at Devina with a soft face. “Your highness, I was stupid. I chased after a man that I thought could love me the way he did many years ago. I was wrong, he is happy with Nova. I know that it was stupid to try to win his love once again. But when you are expected to fail you do anything to make others just miserable.”

“Julie I can sense that you didn’t have such a great child hood.” Devina tried to sit up and felt like a beached whale. Julie walked over to her and helped her sit up and then place pillows behind her.

“My uncle was not a loving man. He predicted I would wind up like my mother. Alone and depress, she committed suicide when I was young for the love of a man that didn’t love her back. I guess he figured that I would follow in her footsteps. And I did, only that I made sure he knew about it. I didn’t flaunt my sex capes at first. Derek was my third lover, we were so young and he was like a wide eye little puppy. I truly thought that maybe I could love him and I did, but it didn’t work out that way. I fell for a young officer that swept me off my feet. He was so charming and I thought that he was the one to take me away. Little did I know he became a womanizing pig, taking every chance to make me feel small inside.” Julie said.

“But why didn’t you leave him, or did you?” Devina was intrigued with her story.

“My dear princess, I was head over heels in love with him. And when I found out I was pregnant I thought that he would change for the baby’s sake.” Julie continued “But he . . . .” Julie tapered off with a sad voice and tears in her eyes.

Reaching for her hand Devine said softly, “Go on Julie, it’s alright.”

“When I told him that I was pregnant he told me that it was my bloody problem, and how can he believe it was his when I shagged everything that moved.” Julie thought about it and Devina could hear the anger in her voice as she spoke about the young officer. “I went to work the next day still reeling from what he said, when I got home he was gone. He took everything and left. I cried for days, but I finally made a decision to take care of the baby on my own. Then it happened two weeks to the day that he left. I was shopping for some things and it hit me. The next thing I knew I was in the hospital, my uncle was the only one there, with a disapproving look of course. He just said ‘I told you so, you should have stayed with the Wildstar fella at least he would have stood by you’ then left.  I was stunned that he knew about me and Derek I thought that he didn’t know I try to keep a low profile. After that I didn’t care anymore, I was determined to make his life miserable like he made my mother and me. He always managed to cover up my messes. He didn’t want shame brought into the house of Stone.” Julie said with fingers in the air.

“Julie I am so sorry.” Devina said.

“It’s not your fault, your highness.” Julie to give her a smile, she was starting to like her. She actually listened to what she was saying, then she continued. “When I got my orders to the Endeavor and found out that Derek was captain I knew then that it was my mother telling me to rekindle our love. I knew he was married but I didn’t care.  I just thought it was my second chance at love.”

“I hated that he was happy, I just felt that he betrayed me. He moved on and I didn’t. Before getting orders to the Endeavor I was in the hospital for 2 weeks. Thanks to my then boyfriend that almost beat me to death. I guess that’s when my dear uncle decided to put me with Derek.” Julie said.

Devina looked at her and asked, “and now Julie are you still bitter about Captain Wildstar and his wife?”

Julie sat quiet she thought long and hard about that question then stared back at Devina. “I’m not sure, now that I have Namir in my life I feel like, like my life is full. Namir has made me feel whole, he loves me I can see it in his eyes. He has showed me how to move on, that I no longer need to chase him.” Julie smiled and then blush knowing she was smiling. She then turned a serious face to Devina. “But my uncle is now dead to me. I know that I can never go back to earth and I have made peace with that. I have Namir and that’s all I need.”

Devina was amazed about her story and wanted to make sure that Wildstar and Nova knew that she was a changed woman. “Julie, now what are you going to do?” Devina asked her.

“I don’t know. Namir wants to end this once and for all. He wants the prime minster and your father gone. Your father was the one that put Namir family to death, because they spoke out against the war with Gamilon. All he wants is peace in the galaxy.”

“I do too, Julie.” Devina said and then yawned.

“I will let you rest now your highness. Namir and I will check on you later.” Julie said as she got up and place the chair back. “Devina, do you know what you’re having?”

“No, but I am having triplets.” Devina grinned.

“Wow, may I?” Julie asked and then placed her hand on her stomach. She smiled at Devina as she felt a little foot move across her stomach

Devina giggled at what she felt inside of her.

“You better get some rest.” Julie walked towards that door and turned to her with a smile. “Goodnight.”


She walked back to the bridge thinking to herself of how wonderful it would be if she was pregnant. But after her last incident she was afraid to get pregnant again.  She entered the bridge and look in Namir direction. He smiled back at her when something hit the ship with full force, sending Namir and Tolbert to the floor.

“What was that?” Namir scream to the raider officers.

“I’m sorry sir I didn’t see it coming it just pop on the screen.” The young officer said. “We’ve been hit with space torpedoes.”

Namir scream back with anger, “Don’t you think I know that. Find out from where and who!”

“Yes sir.” the office said.

“Captain Namir I have the Canapus on the line, switching over to screen.” The communication officer said.

 Namir looked up and yelled at Hindleman that looked into the screen. “What do you think your doing are you mad?”

“Do you think that I will let my love for Devina take control of my senses? You are sadly mistaken. I will stop you even if it means I have a hand in killing my own child.” Hindleman snapped.

“You’re mad!” Namir stood in front of the video panel with a frustrated face. “I will return fire General.”

“Then so be it, you and that earth slut are now the enemies of the Bolar Federation.” Hindleman yelled. “I will report this treason back to Prime Minster Bemlazy.”

“Not unless we get to him first general.” Namir smirk at him then turned to his officers “Return fire NOW!” Within seconds the Adsila began firing on the Canapus hitting her on the portside taking out her guns. Hindleman returned fire and striking the Adsila on her stern. “So we have come to this.” Namir said looking onto the screen.

“You started it, by taking the word of an earth slut.” Hindleman.

“General I have sat back and waited for years to take you down and if has to be this way then so be it.” Namir said. “You were the one responsible for so many lives not only with our enemies but among your own people. I know it was you that had a hand in the death of my family and I swore that I would stop you. No more will you destroy lives and break families up.”

“You imbecile!” Hindleman yelled.

“No, you are the one that is an imbecile,” Namir said. “You do not fight in the name of Bolar you fight to conquer and enslave innocent people. You have no clue how many lives you have destroyed, and the people you have alienated.”

Another missile hit the Adsila, Namir saw Julie fall to the ground. He went over and helped her up. “Are you alright?” he asked her.

“Yes Namir, I better go check on the Princess.” she said.

“Yes, make sure that she is alright.” Namir said.

“You discuss me, how can you turn on your people and your own nation.” Hindleman said.

“I have never turned my back on my people or nation.” Namir said. “It is you that has done that, by killing those who stood up and questioned the Prime Minister. Our people should have a choice in what our government does. Not two men that just want to conquer by enslaving other planets to do their bidding.”

“Captain Namir, you’re earth whore is twisting your mind. I suggest that you kill her and come back to your people.” Hindleman snapped “you remember them?”

“Yes I do, General. That’s why there are Bolar people that feel the same as I do and are willing to fight for their independence.” Namir said with a voice of pride and anger.