Onward With Love…

Chapter Twenty-Three

By Yuki Wildstar

Gamilon Planet

EDF Battleship Galaxy II

EDF Battleship Argo

18th of February, 2206

1413  Earth Hours


Derek and Homer met on the Gamilon port. “Ready Captain?” Derek asked Homer. They walked over to the awaiting car that would bring them to Desslock Palace. Both jumped in and the car made its way back to the palace.

When the car pulled up Talan, Desslock aid awaited for them. “Good evening Captains the Emperor has been waiting for you. Please this way.” Derek and Homer looked at each other and nodded following Talan into the palace.

“Captain Wildstar, Captain Glitchman, welcome.” Desslock said. “So I understand that things didn’t work out on the outer part of Terron. My General informs me that we had a major conflict with the Bolar Federation.”

“Sorry Desslock, but as you now know that one of our former officers has now joined with Hindleman and the Bolar Federation, she is wanted back on Earth for treason. Now whether we bring her back alive is up to her.” Derek told him.

Desslock gave Wildstar a long stare. “I see, what now Captain Wildstar??”

“Well considering that she is well informed on our ships and strategies I think we should work on another plan. She can cause a lot of headaches for all of us. After all she has worked with myself and Captain Glitchman. We need to do something she won’t expect.”

 “Oh I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to intrude. I was just getting something that I forgot in here.” Devine said as she walked into the room.

“Devina my sweet you weren’t intruding, come in. Captain Wildstar I’m assuming you heard the news” Desslock placing his arm around his wife and waving his other hand on her stomach.

“Yes Desslock, congratulation. Nova will be here later to catch up on things we are all happy for you.” Derek grabbed hold of her hand and squeezed it.

“Thank you Captain” Devina blushed.

“Devina my love is it important, we just need a few more minutes to finish up in here.” Desslock asked.

“Is this about my father, Desslock?” Devina asked.

“Everything is about your father Devina and the Bolar Federation.” Desslock said with a sigh.

“Maybe I can help.” Devina said staring into her husband’s eyes.

Desslock looked at her. This was the first time she offered any information about her father. “Devina I don’t know, it’s too much to ask of you.” Desslock said.

“No Desslock, he hurt my friend and I can’t let that sly. He is a monster and he deserves everything he gets. I don’t ever want my children to know of him, he must be stop.” Devina begged.

“Why don’t we call it a day, and resume in the morning. That way you have time to talk and think about it.” Wildstar said. He didn’t want her to just jump into anything. He wanted to make sure that she knew what she was offering them.

“I agree Captain Wildstar.” Homer said.

“Then I will see you all tonight for dinner.” Desslock ordered. They all shook hands and headed back to the docks.

“Wildstar, who do you think helped Julie escape?” Homer asked.

Wildstar has been thinking the same thing since her escape. “I’m not sure, Homer. But whoever it was had to have known the routine of the van.  I think it was someone within the EDF. But let’s not talk about this in front of Nova I don’t want to upset her.” Glitchman nodded.

“Derek, how is Nova?” Homer asked.

“She’s doing pretty well considering what she’s been through. But you’ll see for yourself tonight.” Derek smiled. “I’ll see you in a few hours.”

Homer saluted and made his way up the gang way to the Galaxy that was dock next to the Argo. He turned around and yelled back to Wildstar that was walking up the gang way to the Argo. “Wildstar she looks great.” Derek wave up and made his way back to the Argo.

He walked onto the bridge and watch as Nova stood in the center of the bridge looking over charts and talking with Sandor.

“Captain on the bridge.” Eager called out.

“Hello crew, how are the repairs?” Derek asked.

“Sir all repairs have been made, she’s back to her old self.” Nova said.

“Sandor, we are expected for dinner with the emperor. Why don’t you and Yvey attend, give you two sometime together away from the ship.” Derek said. Ever since they left earth Sandor and Yvey hadn’t spent time together. All his time has been on the bridge taking care of all the technical problems, if they did see each other was at meetings. Yvey’s time was spent training on the Hornets new Fighters with Howard, Pesci and Delvechio.

“Thanks Wildstar that would be nice.” Sandor smiled, he couldn’t wait to see his fiancé again.

“Maybe you two can have some quiet time after.” Derek said in a low voice.

Sandor grinned and said nothing. He blushed at what he was suggesting and turned to Nova for some of the reports.

“Commander Forrester, I’ll see you up stairs.” Derek whispered into Nova ear.

“Yes sir, I’ll be up there in a few” Nova smiled back at him as Wildstar made his way into his private elevator.

Sandor smiled away and finished with his report to her. “Go, you two need to be alone for a few. I’ll see you two later.” He knew that Derek and Nova were always working, he even saw them working in the Wildstar’s quarters when he went into their room to go over reports. If they weren’t talking about the mission, Nova was studying for medical boards to maintain her licenses.  There were times when Nova pulled an all nighter on the bridge or Derek was on duty. Their duties hardly gave them a chance for anything else.

“Thanks Sandor” Nova said and then turned to take the private elevator up to their stateroom. They got the okay from Singleton himself to keep quarters together.

The door opened and before she walked into the room Derek grabbed hold of her and kissed her. Nova giggled at him and threw her arms around him.

“Mmmm, that feels good, Mrs. Wildstar. How is everything on the bridge?” He held her in his arms and looked into her eyes.

“Good Captain, looks like any damages that were sustained were so minor that it wouldn’t affect anything on the ship.” Nova giggled as she tried to stay professional.

“We have a dinner date with the emperor and his wife.” Derek said.

“Oh, how is she, is she big already. I can’t wait.” Nova walked over to the closet and rummaged through it. “Where is it?”

“What are you looking for?” Derek asked.

“The little booties I found downtown that day, ah here they are.” Nova pulled them out and showed them to Derek.

“Cute” Derek looked at them and smiled at her. They talked about it on and off but lately she hasn’t brought up the baby thing again. “So, when are we going to start?” he asked.

“When this is all over.” Nova smiled at him.

“Would you like to practice now?” Derek asked with a grin.

“Captain Wildstar stick to the mission, there will be no hanky panky this trip.” Nova said stern. “Unless I say so.” she winked at him.

Derek walked over to his wife and gave her a kiss, “I need to go check on the engine room and make sure that all is in working order. I’ll be back in time to pick you up for our date.”

“Captain, make sure that you don’t get too dirty. I don’t want to be late.” Nova warned him.

“I’ll try, can’t promise anything.” Derek said and walked out the door. Nova sat at Derek desk that they both shared and went through some charts of the Terron system. She looked at them and realized something that she needed to use the next time they held a meeting. She stretched out and decided to take a walk down to the observation room. When she got there she bumped into Yvey. “Hello Lieutenant, are you going to get ready for tonight?”

“Yes ma’am, but should I wear something formal or my uniform or should I dress informal?” Yvey asked.

“Just wear what you feel comfortable in I’ll be wearing that little black dress I got when we went shopping. It shows off my shoulders and back. And Derek likes it.” She winked at Yvey

“I guess I’ll have to look through some things and see what I have.” Yvey looked out into the sky.

“Yvey is everything alright you looked distracted.” Nova asked.

“Ma’am I’ve been hiding something from Sandor.” Yvey said.

Nova looked at her with caution “Yvey if this is going to hurt Sandor.”

“No, no nothing like that I hope not. We’re okay I love him dearly.” Yvey said with a sigh.

“But?” Nova watched her.

“Nova, Sandor must never know until I’m ready. He thinks I come from humble means, but the truth is that my family owns tons of real estate in New York and Puerto Rico. My father was one of the Architects that help build the underground city there.” Yvey said with relief. Nova stood there and started to laugh “What’s so funny?” Yvey asked confused.

“Here I thought you were going to tell me that you had some child hidden somewhere or you were having an affair with another pilot. And what you’re saying is that your family is loaded.” Nova laughed even harder.

“It’s not funny, I don’t like to use my families’ background and anyway I don’t need my families’ money. Mi abuela left me a small inheritance.” Yvey smirked.

“And how much is this small inheritance?” Nova asked amused at her.

“13.5 million.” Yvey said in a low voice.

Nova looked at her in shock then started to laugh again, “Yvey your secret is safe with me. But eventually you will have to tell him. He’s going to wonder how you’re paying for everything on your salary, is that why you insist on paying your own way with him.”

Yvey smiled at her friend and laughed with her. “Yeah, thanks Nova for letting me get that out.”

“De nada,” Nova said. “Now the captain has managed to get you a little time with Commander Sandor use it well.” Nova winked at her. “We better get going our dates will be picking us up soon.”

N3.jpgNova and Yvey walked back to the hallway and went their separate ways to go get dress.  Entering her room Nova couldn’t help but laugh about what Yvey told her. All this time Sandor thought Yvey resented his money. Maybe that was why she never had him pay for anything All alone it was her with all the money. She walked in still laughing at the thought and how Sandor is going to have a rude awaking about her finances. She looked in the room and heard the shower going. She made her way to the head and watched as Derek took a shower. She could tell that he got himself into something because the dirt kept coming off.  She smiled to herself as she watched him gosh he looks great then turned and went into the room to look for something to wear for the night.

She pulled out a little black dress that she spotted when Yvey, her and Denise went shopping. She looked it over and figured the only shoes that she brought would go nice with it, black strap 3 inch stilettos. As she hung the dress up Derek walked out with a towel wrapped around his mid section. “Hey babe, sorry couldn’t keep my promise.” He smiled at her.

“Mmm” Nova frown at him, “I guess we’ll be running a little late.” She walked over to him and gave him a kiss. “You missed a spot.”

“I did where?” Derek looked at himself.

“Come here and I’ll show you.” Nova grabbed him by the arm and dragged him into the shower.

“Oh I see it now.” Derek said with a grin.

Later . . . . .


They all met on the gang way, Nova and Derek, Pesci and Howard, and Yvey stood by herself waiting for Sandor to show. “Where is he?” she said tapping her foot.

42197_00-08-27_122_252lo[1].jpgWildstar was just about to call up to the bridge when Sandor came running down the hall. “Sorry, just had to make last minute check run.”

“Well it’s about freakin time we waited 5 minutes for you and now we’re late.” Yvey scold him.

“I’m sorry really.” Sandor pleaded with her.

“Never mind, let’s go.” Yvey grabbed him by the arm and they all made their way down to the car.

Desslock and Devina waited in the grand room for them when they arrived. They all saluted Desslock and bowed to Devina. “Nova it is nice to see you again. You look lovely as always, Lieutenant Howard you also look lovely and who is this pretty little creature” As Desslock looked at Yvey.

She stood tall as Desslock held out his hand to her, Sandor gave her a nod and she took it. Like so many others meeting Desslock for the first time she was a little skeptic about him. “Desslock this is my fiancé Lieutenant JG Yvette Ortiz. She is one of our Black Hornet Leaders.” Sandor said.

“A pleasure to meet you Lieutenant,” Desslock kissed her hand and then stood back.  “Shall we?” He motion everyone into the grand room and over to the table.

Desslock took the foot of the table with Wildstar to his left and Nova next to him.  Glitchman sat on the right side with Pesci and Howard next to him. Devina sat at the other side of the table facing Desslock with Yvey to her right and Sandor between her and Nova. Yvey chatted with Devina and asked her about the pregnancy while Sandor listened in.

“So Lieutenant Ortiz, when are you and Commander Sandor planning to get married?” Devina asked.

Yvey blushed at the question but decided to answer her. “To tell you the truth, I want to wait. But Stephen here wants to get marry like yesterday. He is relentless about asking when, but I find it not a big deal.”

Sandor looked at her and smiled at her honesty, she told him the same so there were no surprises that she was saying. “I’m hoping that she caves by the end of this mission.” He took hold of her hand and squeezed it.

Taking out the small box, Nova handed it to Devina. “Devina I have something for you.”

Devina opened the box and smiled at the little booties that Nova got her. “Thank you Nova they are just adorable.” She held them up to Desslock that smiled at the tiny shoes.

They finished dinner and made their way out to the balcony. Nova looked out into the night and smiled to herself. Devina walked up next to her and stood watching out into the night also. “It’s a lovely night isn’t it?” Nova asked.

“It is Commander, I can’t be any more happy then I am tonight.” Devina said taking in the night air. “Nova, I wanted to tell you that I am sorry about what my father has done to you. He is a monster and I don’t want to anything to do with him any longer he is dead to me. I’m glad that you have remained my friend. I thought after your ordeal that you would have nothing to do with me.”

“Devina I cannot hold you responsible for your father’s behavior. You have chosen to rise above all this and step forward to help me. I will always be grateful for that. I never got a chance to say thank you Devina. Thank you. Now when are you going to tell Desslock that you’re having triplets.” Nova looked at her friend.

Devina looked at Nova with amazement. “How did you know?” she asked.

“Your highness, I am a nurse. And unless you’re having a 30 pound baby it’s not hard to see.” Nova smiled at her.

“I want it to be a surprise to him, but I’m not sure if I’ll be able to keep it much longer. I’m assuming that he will suspect sooner or later.” Devina grinned.

Nova smiled at her friend. “Well your secret is safe with me, I guess that I’ll have to get you another two set of booties.”

“What’s going on here, girl talk?” Sandor and Yvey walk over and asked.

“Hello Commander Sandor, Lieutenant Ortiz.” Devina said.

“Please no one on ship calls me Lieutenant Ortiz it’s Yvey” she told her. “So what cha talking about?”

Sandor looked at the three women and said “I think I’ll join the men over there. Yvey don’t go far we still have to use our time later.” Sandor bent down and kissed her on the cheek.

“Okay papi, just give me a few and we’ll head back.” She smiled up at him.

Denise saw the three women together and motion to Pesci, “Why don’t you go with the men, I’ll go to the women section and shoot the breeze. Love you.” she gave him a quick kiss and headed over to where they were.

Pesci made his way to where all the men were. “So I guess we need to watch our women. Now that Devina is expecting they will fuss over her like hens in the cope.”

Derek looked over to where Nova was and got a glimpse of her touching Devina stomach, at the same time she looked in his direction and he smiled at her. She winked at him and continued to talk to the other ladies.

“Wildstar, I see a glimmer in your wife’s eye, looks like they’re all catching the bug.” Desslock said as he admired his wife from a far. She was growing quickly in size and he looked forward to seeing his child

Sandor laughed at Desslock. “I don’t think my Yvey is ready for anything she’s too busy having fun in that fighter plane of hers. Which reminds me I better get her we still have a little time left to spend with each other and I intend to use it well.”

Derek smiled at his friend and nodded alright that he leave, “Goodnight everyone.” he told them and made his way back to Yvey.

“So Wildstar are you and Nova planning a family?” Homer asked. He looked at his friend and thought about Wendy and how much he missed her. If it wasn’t for this war he and Wendy would have been married and starting a family already. They didn’t want to wait, she told him so. She wanted to start right away, on their honeymoon, if possible.

Desslock and Pesci both looked at Wildstar, “Well?” they both said.

Derek began to blush beat red “Well we’ve talked about it, but she wants to wait until after the mission.”

“This war could take longer then we think, why wait. You must embrace it now while we are all young.” Desslock told him.

Wildstar could only laugh at him. “Well I’ll have to talk to Nova about that. Captain Glitchman are you ready to go back. I feel a little pressure here about babies.”

“Yes sir we need to go over strategies in the morning. Emperor Desslock, it was a pleasure.” Glitchman saluted.

Derek waved over to Nova and she nodded back at him.

“Devina it’s getting late and I’m sure that you need your rest considering that you have a heavy load there.” Nova said while touching her stomach one more time.

“Will I see all of you ladies in the morning?” She asked.

“Yes you will.” Denise said.

“Very well goodnight.” Devina said as they all walked back to their men.


Sometime later


Sandor and Yvey lay in his bed together after exhausting themselves with their love making. Sandor had Nova private room, since she was with Derek she gave it to him, so it made it easy for them to steal the time away.

“Love you Chiquita.” Sandor pulled her closer to him and kissed her on the head.

“I love you too papi, I guess I should be getting ready and get back to my room.” she said as she started to get up. Sandor grabbed hold of her and pulled her down back on the bed. “Why don’t you stay, I’m sure Wildstar wouldn’t mind.”

“Ay papi, you can be so bad. But if I don’t get back to my room then we will be the talk of the ship. Especially with that Springer chick, something about her rubs me the wrong way. It seems like she always chasing Delvechio around. Was there something between the two of them before or something?” She asked him.

“Oh, never mind her stay Yvey, please.” Sandor pleaded with her.

Yvey gazed into his eyes and melted “Ay papi how can I say no, but we better make sure it’s alright with the captain.”

“I’ll make the call right now. They should be back by now.” Sandor picked up the phone and dial Wildstar extension.



Captains quarters. . . .


“Captain Wildstar quarters.” Nova said into the phone.

“Hello Nova is Captain Wildstar available, it’s Sandor.”

“Hold on Sandor, I’ll get him.” Nova told him. She looked over to Derek that was lying in bed with his top and shoes off looking over some charts. “It’s Sandor, Derek.”

He walked over to his desk and answered, “Yes Sandor what’s up?”

“Sir, permission for Lieutenant Ortiz to stay the night?” Sandor asked.

“What, are you serious?” Wildstar laughed. “Permission granted Sandor you know me better than that.”

“I know Wildstar, but I don’t want you to think that we are taking advantage of our friendship.”

“Just make sure that you both report to duty at 0600. We need to go over our next step with the Bolars.” Wildstar told him.

“Aye aye Captain.” Sandor said and then hung up the phone. “Okay mami, we now have permission from the captain himself. Now take off those clothes and get into bed, pronto.”


Wildstar hung up the phone laughing. “What happened is everything alright?” Nova asked.

“Yeah babe, Sandor just wanted a little more time with Yvey that’s all. Now show me that little information that you were giving me about the Terron area.” 

“Sure, give that to me.” Derek helped her opened the map to the Terron area. “See here past these asteroids, I found an asteroid almost the size of Brumas it’s big enough to cover a small fleet of ships from their raiders. Over here behind Terron there is a Dark Cloud, I’ll have to run some stats on it with IQ9 but if we let the Bolars think that we are coming in from the Asteroids we can surprise them by coming in through this area here.  We can let them think that we are checking out the Asteroid by sending in a small recon group, but in reality we will be coming in from this direction here.”

Derek looked over what she was showing him, “Babe you’re a genius, I know I married you for something.” He gave her a hug and a kiss.

“So we’ll have to send a recon group in order to let them think that we are planning to come through there.” Nova said.

“I agree, we’ll have Booker and his team go ahead of us with Pesci and Delvechio as escorts. That way we will have everything covered from both ends.” Wildstar said, “Now it’s been a long day why don’t we get some sleep.” Nova step out of her dress and made her way to the closet to get some pajamas on. “What are you doing?” Derek asked.

“Putting on some pajamas.” Nova said with her back turned to him.

“Well I don’t think they’ll be on for very long.” Derek grinned at her.

Nova turned around and smiled back at him. “Is that so?” She walked back over to the bed holding her shirt up across her chest. Derek grabbed the shirt from her and threw it across the room. “Now get in bed that’s an order.”

Nova giggled at him and jumped in bed like a teenage school girl. “I love you Captain Wildstar.”

“Love you too, babe.”



Planet Terron

Bolar Headquarters

6th of February, 2206


“Namir, I have to be honest I have no knowledge of the Argo. I can only tell you how the captains think. I’ve heard stories about her but never worked on her.” Julie said. Namir and she lay in bed together at his small apartment on the planet.

“I must be honest too, Julie, Hindleman is not one to be tested. If you do not come through with information he will kill you.” Namir said as he wrapped his arms around her. “But not to fret, I am here to protect you.”

“Oh Namir you have been so good to me, why must I find love now in the mist of war. I only wished that I have met you long ago.” Julie melted into his arms. For all the men she has been with the only two that have treated her with respect was Derek and Namir. He was a kind lover not taking like most of the men she was with but giving. Yes Derek was also a good lover but they were both young and he was inexperience. She was with many young lovers before him. But then Derek turned on her, he was the one that was suppose to rescue her not Namir. He was now married to that woman, damn you Derek why couldn’t it be you lying beside me. But she then turned to Namir and looked deep into his eyes. She was falling in love with him. Really in love, she never felt like this before. This was all so new to her. She didn’t feel like she had to hide her emotions with him. He was doing everything that he could to make her happy.

“Namir, I love you.” She said, while he brought her closer to him.

“Julie my love, I love you too. I will never let anyone hurt you.” Namir said. She was an extraordinary creature, one that he has never met before. The women of his race only want to achieve power within the ranks of the Bolar Federation. They never wanted love only rank. She was different from all the others. To him she was a lost pet looking for its home. He loved this earth woman and swore to protect her.

“Hand me those charts again.” Julie told Namir. “Hmm, if they attack they will attack from here, near the asteroid belt. It will cover them from the raiders. Captain Wildstar will try to surprise you from here, we will have to inform Hindleman before they attack.”

“I will announce it tomorrow at the meeting with Prime Minster Bemlazy. Unfortunately our dear General Hindleman must explain to him why he had to retreat from the Argo once again.” Namir told her, he knew that Hindleman would have to answer to the Prime Minister on his returned. He would make sure that Julie did not attend the meeting for fear that Hindleman would put the blame on her completely. “Best that you stay here and I will come for you.”

“I don’t fear him Namir. I have stood up to worse men.” Julie stood tall.

“But you should Julie. Hindleman is a monster and he will kill you without a second thought, and I cannot live with that.” Namir told her while he held her face in his hands.

Julie eyes began to tear up no one has ever talk to her like this. He really did care about her. She threw herself into his arms and held him tight. “Thank you Namir, I don’t know how to repay you. You have been so good to me. I don’t know what to say”

“Just tell me you love me every chance you get.” Namir whispered into her ear then grinned at her. He lean over and kissed her with passion that she wanted for so long.  See uncle, I am finally happy without your help. You will pay for all those years that you spoke little of me. My dear mother that long for happiness will finally rest in peace that I am now happy.  And you dear uncle will pay. Julie thought to herself.


Planet Terron



7th of February, 2206


They all gather in the conference room, Hindleman, Namir, Pevin and the other Generals. Prime Minister Bemlazy made his way into the room. He’s face still grotesque from the burns he sustains many years ago from the last battle with the Star force.  Namir was right not to allow Julie there. Bemlazy stood in front of Hindleman once more, his face show no signs to all around him. Hindleman, Namir and Pevin bowed down to him. He looked down to Hindleman and without any warning took his staff and hit him across the head, sending Hindleman down to the ground.

Namir and Pevin stood back and watched in fear of what would happen next to him.

“Get up you idiot, GET UP!” he yelled at him. Hindleman struggled to get up and stood in front of Bemlazy trying to stand at attention. “You have fail me once again Tobo, explain yourself!”

“Your grace,” He tried to talk but could not from the blow he just received.

“Your grace,” Namir stepped up. “may I speak?” he said as he bowed down.

Bemlazy looked at him with slit eyes, “What is it?”

“I like to explain sir. We had the earthlings and Gamilons on the run. We did not know that the Argo would appear. We heard last that she was destroyed in 2203 the General had no clue that she was back in commission. We were taken off guard and had to retreat she already had her wave motion gun aimed and ready to fire at us. We truly apologies for the retreat I can assure you that it will not happen again. Now that we know that the Argo is back in commission we must begin preparation in how to destroy her.”

Bemlazy stood there and read his face that gave nothing away about Julie. “Very well, Namir. Tobo, you should thank the Captain here for your life. You are to return back to your fleet and Tobo do not fail me again.”

Hindleman held his stand for as long as Bemlazy stayed. Once he left the room Hindleman drop to the ground. Namir tried to help him up but he pulled away “Get your hands off of me. If you think that you will try to take over my command you are sadly mistaken.”

Pevin looked on him with a grin, finally he gets what he deserves, the imbecile. I only wished that the prime minister would’ve had him executed.

Namir stood over Hindleman and said “Tobo let’s face it I need you like you need me. You should be thanking me you walked away with your life.” Namir looked down on the pitiful man and snare at him. “You’re a fool, just except that it was me that stop Bemlazy from killing you and keep your dignity.” Namir walked away and headed back to his apartment where Julie awaited him.





“What happened, Namir?” Julie asked when she saw him walk in.

He walked over to her and kissed her, “I have manage to keep Tobo alive for one more mission we are going to need him for this alive. We must be careful. He will seek revenge on both of us once he finds out what we are up to. So we must be on our guard at all times. I may have Pevin on our side, but we must be careful with him too.”

“And our plan?” Julie asked.

“We must keep this to ourselves. If things don’t work out then we won’t be blamed for any failure.” Namir said.

“But I am certain that that’s how they will come.” Julie told him.

“And suppose they don’t and they come through one of our moons. It will be on our hands. Trust me Julie it best to say nothing. Hindleman is hanging on a thread and will use anything to get back in the good graces of the prime minister. Even if it means handing us to him on a silver platter.” Namir snapped at her.

Julie thought about what he said, “Namir, what will happen if Hindleman finds out about your betrayal?”

“He will be threw, I am sick and tired of him using his power for his own personal use. It is time for his down fall and if I have a hand in it then so be it.” Namir said.




Planet Gamilon

Gamilon Headquarters

Control Center

19th of February, 2206


“So as Commander Forrester has said this will be the logical way there. IQ9 please give us your reading of the Dark Cloud.” Wildstar said.

“Yes Captain Wildstar” IQ9 replied “The Black Cloud consist of Carbon the fourth most abundant element in the universe by mass after hydrogen, helium, and oxygen. It is present in all known life forms, and in the human body, carbon is the second most abundant element by mass (about 18.5%) after oxygen. This abundance, together with the unique diversity of organic compounds and their unusual polymer-forming ability at the temperatures commonly encountered on Earth, make this element the chemical basis of all known life.”

“So it will be safe to travel through it.” Nova said “The Bolars will think that we will come through the Asteroid Belt and we shall. We will send in a small recon ship to warp there so they may think that’s the area we will be going through. A diversion you might say so as to have the main fleet come through this part of the Black Cloud.”

“I will go with the fleet and command from my flagship Galmus.” Desslock informed them.

“Desslock are you sure?” Wildstar asked “I mean this is dangerous and Devina is expecting.”

“I must finish this once and for all for the sake of our unborn child.” Desslock said.

“Captain I know that Desslock will return to me I do not fear about this battle. I can sense that he will be back.” Devina said as she looks at her husband with admiration.

Derek nodded as Desslock place his arms around her. “SSgt Booker you and a small recon group will go ahead of everyone and scout out the Asteroid that Deputy Captain Forrester pointed out. Pesci, Delvechio will escort them. At that time the Bolars will get wind of it and head in that direction. Once we confirm that their fleet has taken off you will get out of there and head back to the fleet that will be awaiting your return lead by Captain Glitchman and General Sirius of the Lalanda.” Wildstar looked over the area “Any questions?” He asked as he looked around. “Good we leave at 0630 tomorrow, good luck to us all.” They all stood at attention and saluted Wildstar and Desslock. Derek looked over to Nova and smiled, she nodded in his direction and turned to Devina. “Devina are you going to be alright with this?”

“My only regret is that I am not there to see my father’s face when he is finally brought down,” She said with vile. Devina confirmed what Nova had suspected about the Dark Cloud, she gave them as much information about the base headquarters without any hesitation. She wanted this to be over, what her father did to Nova was inhuman and he deserved to be taken down.

Devina sighed and took a deep breath “Are you alright princess?” Nova asked.

“Yes, someone just threw their foot into my lungs.” She smiled.

Nova came closer to her and placed her hand on her stomach. “My they are active in there, have you told Desslock yet?”

“No, I want to wait for as long as I can.” Devina said as she caught her breath.

“Maybe you should lie down and get some rest.” Nova suggested.

“Yes I need to lie down.” Devina grabbed for a chair to sit down. Nova looked over to Derek and motioned him and Desslock to come over.

“Is she alright?” Wildstar ask.

“Yes she’s just tired. I think you need to take her to your suite and have her rest.” Nova told Desslock.

“Devina, my love how are you, is everything alright?” Desslock asked as he knelt down to look her in the face.

“Yes Desslock, I better lay down. This little one in me is quite active and he is giving me a hard time by kicking me in my lungs” she smiled at him

“Talan can you please help me with the Empress.” Desslock called over to his aid. Talan turned and waved to Arlin. He returned from helping his partner and his wife relocate to a quiet planet somewhere far from the war. They both made their way to were Desslock and Devina were.  Desslock looked over to Wildstar and said “Wildstar I must leave and bring Devina back to our suite, please forgive me.”

“Not at all Desslock, please. Devina needs you right now, I will see you tomorrow.” Wildstar said, “And please don’t feel obligated to leave with us. I’m sure that General Sirius will be capable of taking command. Devina take care.” Wildstar said as Arlin and Desslock help her up. With one quick swoop Desslock pick her up and began to carry her out of the room, while Arlin opened the doors and assisted him.

“Well everyone I think it’s time to get back and rest, get a good night sleep because we won’t know when we will again.” Wildstar said.


Back on the Argo


“Well I guess we should relax.” Derek said. “I hope Devina will be alright she looked a little green.”

“She’s just fine. It’s expected for having so many for the first time.” Nova said as she put on some pajamas.

Derek looked up at her confused. “Nova what are you saying?”

“Derek don’t you say a word to Desslock, Devina is expecting triplets.” Nova grinned. Derek just sat there even more confused, before she could say anything else Derek broke out in laugher.

“What’s so funny?!” Nova looked at him just as confused as he was.

“To tell you the truth I think he already knows. We were talking and he mentioned that she looked a little bigger then what he seen with other women. But I think he only thinks it will be twins. I really don’t  think that he suspects triplets.” Which made Derek laugh harder.

 Nova laughed with him and gave him a shove. Grabbing her arm he brought her closer to him. “Nova, when are we going to start?” He looked into his wife’s’ eyes.

Nova sat on his lap looking deep into his eyes, she loved him so much and after what they went through the other time she was a little hesitate to getting pregnant while in the mist of battle. She knew it put a rip into their marriage the other time, and she didn’t want to go through that again.  “Derek, why don’t we wait and see where this war will take us? I want to have a baby but not until this is all over.”

He pulled her closer to him rubbing his hands up and down her shoulder “What if this war takes us years like so many other times. Look how long it took us to get married because of the other battles we had to fight. And let me tell you there were many times that I didn’t want to wait until we got married to make love to you. It drove me crazy feeling you so close to me and wanting you. Do you know how many cold showers I had to take after leaving you?”

Nova laughed at him she too had taken many long showers after leaving him. “Trust me Derek there were times when I wanted you to stay. But I knew in the end that our wedding day and honeymoon were going to be more special for you. And wasn’t it worth the wait?”

“I guess you’re right, it was really special” Derek sighed “I love you Mrs. Wildstar, and I intend to tell you every chance I get. I’ll never want to let Mark down on that.”

“I love you skipper. Why don’t we get something to eat and then hit the sack? It’s going to be a long battle and with Julie helping them she may already be setting up her next step.” Nova said.

“You may be right, come on lets go eat.” Derek said as they both got up and walked out towards the mess hall.

Mess Hall . . . .


They walked into the chow hall and spotted Sandor, Pesci, Delvechio, Yvey, Howard and Eager at the officers table. “Hello everyone” Nova said, they all stood up at attention and saluted Derek. Nova was still in PJ’s feeling comfortable.

“Going to bed really early I see,” Eager said.

“They’re almost like scrubs and comfortable, so bite me.” Nova said to him. “Plus Derek got them for me,” she added, looking at a cantaloupe someone had brought to the table.

“It’s hard to imagine that Wildstar would buy you clothes considering he might want you out of them instead.” Eager said.

“Okay Eager…lay off the Mrs. will ya!” Wildstar said feeling uncomfortable about someone talking about his sex life.

Bowing his head to them Eager blushed. “Yes sir.”

“I advise that we all head to bed early, we’ll be launching first thing. Sandor, are all the systems checked out?” Wildstar asked.

Artwork: “Pajamas” by Freddo © 2010 by Freddo

“Yes Wildstar, I had IQ9 go over everything and all checked out.” Sandor replied as he stared at Yvey, she smiled and blushed at his stare.

“Pesci, will you and T be ready?”

“Yes sir, I spoke to Booker earlier and we mapped out a course that will give the Bolars an interest in why we are out there.” Pesci said then looked over to Howard that looked nervous for him going out.

Nova caught it and sat next to her, “Denise are you alright with this? You have the same look I get when Derek goes out with the tigers.”Almost crying Nova grabbed her by the hand, “Excuse us for a minute, girl talk.” she smiled at everyone.

Wildstar and Pesci watched as she led Howard out the mess hall, “She’s not taking this very well for some odd reason.” Pesci said turning to his friends.

“I understand, Nova and I usually get into it about me taking off with you guys, but at least she worries. I’d be a little concern if she didn’t.”

“Yeah, I know. But it’s my job.” Pesci said.

“She’ll be okay.” Wildstar patted him on the back.

“I worry about Yvey all the time when she gets behind her fighter.” Sandor said.

Yvey looked at Pesci and said, “But I make sure I come back isn’t that right papi chulo?”


Mean while outside of the mess hall.


Nova watched as her friend cried. “Denise he’ll be okay. I know what you’re going through right now. I feel the same when Derek goes out. I can’t believe I’m not completely bald from worrying about him. But it’s what we both chose in our lives.”

Denise cried harder and Nova held her friend through her tears Howard said “Thank you Nova, I know that we’ve been through this so many times, but the last time on Baynet when he was shot down I thought I was going to lose him. Even when he went with Captain Wildstar to rescue you, I was biting my nails hoping that nothing will happen to him. How do you do it? So many times that Captain Wildstar was either shot down or risk his life helping someone else. It’s just nerve racking.”

“Denise, let me tell you something, on our last battle with the Denguil. Derek was returning back from a mission and something happen to the Argo. Somehow she made her way back to earth. No one knew how, but when she finally docked, a lot of the crew didn’t make it back. That day when we boarded her we found the bridge crew unconscious. They all managed to put on their helmets but Derek didn’t I thought I lost him then. I was ready to die that day. I picked up his asteroid pistol and was ready to shoot myself. Sandor knocked it out of my hand. I’m not proud at that but I felt that my life was over if something happened to him. Thank god Sandor did that because Derek was still alive. So I do know how you feel every time he goes out. We just have to stay strong and pray that they come back to us in one piece. We are all in this together you are our extended family and if you hurt so do we.”

“Thank you Nova.” Howard said drying her tears. “I guess we better get back to the others. They must think I’m such a babbling fool.”

“No one thinks that Denise. They are all thinking the same thing. Yvey and Sandor, the crew and their families, but we as officers must stand tall for those below us. They look towards us for strength. And if it makes you feel better, I sometimes cry at night after a battle that Derek was in and had a close call.”

Howard smiled at her and they both made their way back to the mess hall and to their table. Pesci stood up and gave her a hug and kiss, “Love you babe.” he said to her softly.

Wildstar pulled Pesci down and said. “Why don’t you two take some time to yourselves.”

“Thank you sir.” Pesci said and led Howard back to his quarters so they can talk.

Derek looked over to his wife and gave her a wink. But she too was feeling the pressure of the war. Being Deputy Captain was tough on her, so many responsibilities and she had to make sure that their private life didn’t interfere with their professional life. Derek as Captain was hard on her. She wasn’t getting any special treatment so she had to work twice as hard.

“I think we need to be going, Commander Forrester shall we?” Derek put out his hand.

Nova stood up and excused herself. “Good night everyone, see you in the morning.” she said.

“Good night ma’am, Captain,” they all said. And they went back to their room.

Nova stay quiet all the way back to their room and Derek didn’t say much either. Entering their quarters Nova went into the head and washed her face. Looking up she found him standing in the door way looking at her. “Hey” she tried to smile.

“Hey” he smiled back. He turned her around and hugged her tight not wanting to let her go. “I guess this is all taking a toll on all of us, huh?” he whispered in her ear. “How was she?” he asked.

“Like how I feel when you go out on your super star, nervous.” She said as she sighed.

Sensing something brothering her he looked into her eyes. “Nova, do you want to talk?”

“Derek, it’s the same story just a different day” she smiled at him and ran her hand down his face. “Just know that I love you and will always worry about you”

“Same here, babe. Same here.” he kissed her as she held him tight. “So how about a night cap I have some of that wine you like. It’ll help you relax.”

Nova smiled at him “I’m sure it will.” she pushed him out and followed him back into the room

 “Here you go.” Derek said as he handed her the glass. “What’s that you’re reading?”

“A book on transplants, it’s very interesting. Have to keep my mind sharp so when I get back I’m not lost.” She said as she looked at the book. “Want to see some pictures on how they do the procedure.”

“Uh nope, I’ve seen enough on the battle field and here after a fight.” Derek closed the book and took it from her hands. He threw it across the room and brought her face to look at him with his hand. “Every things going to work out just fine, you know that, don’t you?”

“Yes Derek I know that.” She said smiling at him with love. He kissed her and she melted back into the bed. Slowly he began to take off her PJs’ as she helped him removed his clothes.

“I love you baby, I can’t promise you that it’s not going to get crazy. All I can say to you is that I hope that we all come out of this safe.” He told her as he looked into her eyes. Nova nodded and kissed him on the lips, “I love you too Derek, very much.”



Bolar Ship

Out Skirts of the Gamilon Planet

21st of February, 2206

“Are you sure about this Namir?” Julie asked “I mean if he ever finds out he will kill both of us.”

“He will never find out.” Namir said “Hindleman thinks that we are heading to the small moons on Terron. I sent a small fleet there to protect that area. Once we get what we need. We’ll return before anyone finds out.”

“Namir, I hope you’re right about this.” she said.

“Don’t worry it will work.”


EDF Space Battleship Argo

EDF Fleet

Gamilon Fleet

Departure Planet Gamilon


“Captain Glitchman, Generals, Emperor are we all ready?” Wildstar said into the video panel.

“Yes sir.” Glitchman replied.

All the generals call back with a ‘yes’. Desslock stood tall and said, “Captain Wildstar we are all ready, let’s have a successful mission. Good luck to us all.”

“Aye aye Emperor,” Wildstar said as both saluted each other.

“Ms. Forrester, are all the instruments checked?” Wildstar asked.

“Yes sir, all in working order.” Nova replied to him.

Wildstar stared at his wife and smiled. “Very well then countdown to take off. Mr. Miamato, are you ready?”

“Yes sir!” Miamato said back “5 minutes to take off, attention all hands attention all hands this Lieutenant Commander Miamato prepare for takeoff. Secure all compartments, countdown to take off.” He said into the ships communication speakers.

“Lieutenant Ortiz, have you made all final checks on her guns?” Nova called out.

“Yes ma’am, all are in working order.” He replied.

“Captain everything is in order. We’re ready for takeoff.” Nova turned to Wildstar and smiled. He looked back at her and gave her a wink.

“Very well, continue countdown.” Wildstar called out.

“5    4    3    2    1   ARGO! Launch! Here we go off to Terron.” Miamato said out loud.