Onward With Love…

Chapter Twenty-Two

By Yuki Wildstar

Deep Space

Unknown Space Ship

29th of December, 2205

1238 Earth Hours


09930_00-02-54_122_1161lo[1].jpgJulie’s ship continued to go deeper into space. After days of wondering aimlessly she decided exactly where to go, now just locating him is the problem. Her uncle made sure that she was well stock in food and fuel so as never to return back to earth. Yes her dear sweet uncle Thomas, his logic of taking care of her was to throw her out. He would pay dearly for that. She guided the ship further and further into space. After weeks of drifting in space she was about to give up when she ran into a squad of Bolars doing recon in the area.

“Who are you?” the pilot asked.

“My name is Lieutenant Commander Julie Tolbert I am looking for General Tobo Hindleman.”

treizelook[1].jpgThe pilots weren’t sure what to think of the female earthling. But any capture of a Star Force member is a guarantee medial. “Very well put your ship on autopilot and our tracker beams will pull you back to our ship.”

DorothyCataloniaGW[1].jpgThey brought her back to their fleet ship the Bolar battleship Adsila. Captain Namir met with them at their flight deck. He was a tall man with piercing blue eyes. He stood 6’3” with dark brown hair. Julie looked at him with amazement he is handsome she thought. With grace she walked over to him holding her head high. “I am Captain Namir and you are on my ship the Adsila. What can I do for you?”

 “Lieutenant Commander Julie Tolbert” She said taking his hand. “It’s not what you can do for me it’s what I can do for you. I would like you to take me to General Hindleman, tell him that I’m an old friend.”



“Who did you say she was?” Hindleman asked.

“Sir she says her name is Lieutenant Commander Julie Tolbert from the Earth Defense Force. She claims to know you, what shall I do with her?” Namir asked.

“I see. Bring her to me.” Hindleman ordered. “She may be of some use to us.”

“Yes sir, we will be there in four days.” Namir said as he bowed and saluted him.

Tolbert sat in the cell in hopes that Hindleman will be helpful when she heard the door open. “I have confirmed with General Hindleman and he will be expecting us in four days. For your sake you better have some information that will be useful to him.” He looked closer at her and he noticed that she was a beautiful earthling with light hair and dark eyes. One that he had never seen since that Nova Forrester was in their grasps. “I will expect you at dinner tonight the private here will make sure that you are properly dressed.”

He turned and walked out as Julie watched and wondered more about him.



Gamilon Planet

Deslock Palace

30th of December, 2205


“Deslock my love come here” Devina said in bed.

“Yes.” he crawled into the bed next to her and smiled. She took his hand and placed it on her stomach. “My, he’s very active tonight.”

“What makes you think it’s a boy?” Devina asked.

Deslock grinned at her, “I must have a male heir to take over my empire.”

Devina laughed at him, if only he knew. “Well, whatever it is I’m sure he or she will be healthy and nothing more.”

Deslock lean over to her and began to kiss her as he caressed her swelling stomach. She giggled as he touched her all so gently. “Devina your right as long as he or she is healthy.” He whispered into her ear. She threw her arms around him and brought him closer to her smiling with a sly grin. She kissed him on the lips and began to work her way down his neck. Deslock let out a moan and kissed her back as he continued to caress her body further.



“Emperor Deslock we have the status report you asked for.” Talan informed him. He walked over and turned on the monitor. “Sir we now have won control of the base on planet Paxton and Tizen.  Paxton turned out to be one of the biggest bases in area. Sirius is now commanding the base.”

“Good, have we heard from the Galaxy II and Captain Glitchman?” Deslock asked.

“Sir he is now on the way here to go over plans for our next mission. It seems like the Bolars are making their way closer to earth.” Talan told him.

“And how about Captain Wildstar? Any word on when he will be returning back to the area?”

“Not yet sir, I believe Captain Glitchman will know that when he returns here.” Talan bowed.

“Informed me when he does.” Deslock said.

“Emperor Deslock?” Talan said.

“Yes Talan, what is it?”

“How is the Empress?” Talan liked Devina she was nice and always asked about his family and worried about him. She is a sweet girl, and he was honor that she confided in him when she suspected that she was pregnant.

Deslock smiled at him. He is a true friend and a loyal person “She’s doing very well Talan. I will tell her you asked about her.”

“Yes Emperor.” Talan then bowed and saluted him one more time.


Bolar Battleship Adsila

Captains Quarters


“Enter Lieutenant, you two can stay outside.” Namir told the two guards. “If I need you I will call.” They both saluted and walked out.

“So Lieutenant Tolbert, please have a seat.” He said as he held the chair out for her. “What is it that General Hindleman can do for you?”

“I will wait to see the General and inform him myself.” Julie was not stupid, she didn’t want to give him information and then have him kill her. She will hold on to see the general so he can guarantee her safety.

“Touché’, so why is it that you are out here all by yourself? No fleet in sight and just little ole you.” Namir asked intrigued with this creature.

“I am in exile from my planet. I am no longer welcome on Earth.” She told him.

“Treason I suspect. Is that it?” Namir asked. She just stared at him and sat there silently. “I know you where the one that help us capture Captain Wildstars’ wife. And informed us about blind spots when we attack on Baynet. I was on one of those ships that attack the Sitka and the Endeavor. I know of your treason Lieutenant.” He glared at her.

“Then I have no need to explain anything to you, do I?” Julie told him.

“Ah you’re a feisty one I see. Very well then we can talk about your hand in why you were so willing to give up your fleet position and why you were set on having Mrs. Wildstar out of the way.” Namir asked

“Let’s just say she had something that interests me at the time.”Julie said as she drank from her wine glass.

“And now?”

“Now I’m interested in destroying it.” Julie looked at him with batting eyelashes.

“Hmmm, intriguing.” he said while he stared at her with a grin. She will be a great conquest He thought.

Julie stared back, she knew that look all too well it’s the same for any man. It doesn’t matter what species a man is a man.  She took a sip of her wine and raise her eyebrow to him as he grin at her.


Deep Space        

EDF Battleship Galaxy II

3rd of January, 2206


“Captain Glitchman we have EDF Headquarters on line one.”

“Put them through.” Homer said.

“Captain Glitchman.”

Homer stood up and saluted the Admiral. “Admiral Singleton.”

“How is it going with the enemy?” Singleton asked.

“So far so good sir, the Gamilons have gain control of the base on Planet Urbia and its surrounding planets. We had a little trouble at the Tizen Solar System but we have managed to get control of it. We lost a few ships, sir.” Glitchman said with sorrow for those who died in battle. “Now we are heading to Gamilon to go over plans for our next mission with Emperor Deslock.”

“I’m sorry to hear about your lost Captain, but none the less a good job. I am calling to inform you that of our Lieutenant Commander Tolbert is now a fugitive from Earth. We haven’t found out who is the one that helped her but be prepared that she may team up with our enemies.” Singleton told him. “Captain I don’t have to tell you that she is wanted back on earth for sentencing. If she is with the Bolars, then she is our enemy and you do what you must.”

“Understood sir, how are Nova and Derek taking this news?” Homer asked.

“They are not worried about it. They will be leaving soon from Earth. They should be there soon.”

“Are they in?”

“Yes Homer, she is now back in commission, I will have them notify you when they are close.” Singleton told him.

“Thank you sir, it will be nice to see her back in action. Glitchman out.”

Glitchman sat in his quarters and stared out into the dark skies. He knew that she was no good, the way she tried to brush past him and try to seduce him. It made him uneasy to be around her that’s why he was never alone with her and he never allowed her to close the door to his room when she was there. It didn’t surprise him that she would manage to escape, she was cunning like that.


Deep Space

Bolar Battleship Xylander

Bolar Battleship Adsila


General Hindleman waited on the flight deck for them. As the shuttle ship landed he walked closer. The hatch door open and Captain Namir and Tolbert walked off the ship. “General Hindleman” Namir bowed and saluted.

“Captain Namir, Lieutenant Tolbert we meet again.” Hindleman looked at her.

Julie looked at him and smiled, “General Hindleman yes we meet again.”

“So I am told that you ask for me, what can I do for you?” Hindleman asked.

“I am here to offer you my expertise on the EDF fleet.” Julie said.

“What makes you think that I need your help? We have managed to do just fine without you.” Hindleman looked at her what goal does this earth woman have. What does she know? “I am sure that your EDF has not given you access to their most top secret files. You are only a woman.”

“I can tell you how they think in a time of war. I can also tell you that Captain Wildstar will be returning soon to the area, with his wife.” Julie grinned.

“Hmm, and what do you want in return?” Hindleman stared at her with interest.

“Only to see the Star Force and their Captain suffer,” she told him.


“And I want Nova Wildstar.” she said with venom in her eyes.

Hindleman stood there watching her, “hmmm, anything else?”

“You to guarantee my safety.”

“Very well, agreed you may stay. PEVINS” he called out. After what happened with the Prime Minister he has kept him on a very short leash. That and he made sure that he would never speak again. Pevin walked in and bowed “Take the Lieutenant and make sure that she is comfortable.” Pevin bowed again and waved her to follow him. “Captain Namir, how did you find her?” Hindleman asked.

“My pilots found her alone in a shuttle. She was exiled from her people and planet.” Namir said.

“Hmm, we need to keep a close eye on her. She is a very cunning woman and we don’t need her roaming our ships.” Hindleman said.

Namir stood straight “Sir she can stay with me on the Adsila I will be able to keep an eye on her.” He didn’t want Hindleman to find about their night together. And he didn’t want him to take her like so many others. Hindleman was not one to ask for anything he took it.

Hindleman stared at Namir, “Why the interest in her, Namir? Is it that you want her for yourself?”

“Yes sir, if it’s alright with you.” Namir was not stupid if lie to him his fate would be like Pevin and so many others that defied him.

Hindleman watched him. “Very well then take the earth woman. She is not of my liking anyway.”

“Thank you, your Excellency.” Namir bowed and saluted. 

“But Namir I must remind you if she turns on us, it will fall on your hands. Do I make myself clear?” Hindleman said. He didn’t want to be the one that the Prime Minster took his anger out if anything goes wrong.

“Understood sir.” Namir bowed at him.

“We will be heading back to Terron. The Gamilons now have taken over our bases on Urbia and Baynet. Tenco and Paxton have also been taken control of. We need to keep control of the base on Terron or Prime Minster Bemlazy will have all our heads. We must defeat the Star Force first, without them the earth forces will crumble in our hands. Namir, I cannot stress enough of how I want the captain of the star force. I want him brought to me alive, do as you like to his wife and the rest of them. But Captain Derek Wildstar is mine.”

“Yes sir, I will see to it that he is brought to you.” Namir said.

“Don’t underestimate him, Captain Wildstar is very smart and a great leader. Just when you think you have them he will turned the tables on you. Let’s hope that Tolbert is a useful source of information, if not kill her.” Hindleman warned him.

“Yes sir.”

“Good, now go get your prize and let’s get ready to move to Terron.” Hindleman said. “Pevin please escort Namir to where Lieutenant Tolbert is”. Pevin bowed and motion him towards were he put her.


“Captain Namir, I thought you would be gone by now.”

“You are to come with me, let’s go.” Namir said.

“But I thought that I would stay here with the general.” Tolbert asked.

Namir smiled at her “He doesn’t have room for you here, so you are to come with me” he held out his hand and she took it. As they walked back to the shuttle Pevin watched with concern.  She will be our down fall, he thought and when all falls Prime Minster Bemlazy will know who will be at fault. I may no longer be able to speak but I still can communicate to the Prime Minster. He will pay for what he did.


Planet Gamilon

Deslock Palace

Center Control Room

29th of January, 2206


“Hello Deslock.” Homer said as he saluted him.

“Welcome back Captain Glitchman, I understand that all went well over at planet Urbia and the other planets.” Deslock said.

“Yes we had great success there. At one point they had the upper hand, but we managed to overtake the planet. Once we took over Urbia the rest of the planets just fell into our hands.”

“That’s excellent, I am also aware that they are managing to get closer to earth. We must stop them in Terron or else they will succeed in making their way to your planet earth.” Deslock informed him.

“Yes we must stop them there. I haven’t heard anything yet on the new fleet. I should be hearing from Wildstar soon on their status.”

“Give him my best when you do, now let’s look over our plan for our next mission. The flagship Epsilon and the 4th fleet will accompany you to Terron. General Lugin here will be in charge of our fleet. Once in Terron space you will most likely be under attack. From what my sources tell me it is one of the biggest bases and most powerful in that solar system. So they will be on their toes, now how to warp there without being detected.” Deslock looked over to Glitchman.

“That is the question we all have to ask ourselves.” Homer said to him while rubbing his chin.

Lugin turned to Deslock “If we try to warp into the area over here for sure we will be detected. The only thing I can suggest is that one of our ships warp there first to distract them, giving the rest of the fleet to warp over here near this planet that is about 750,000 miles from Terron.”

Homer looked closer to the video map “Deslock how about these moons over here near this planet. It looks like a shorter distance and we could probably get there without being detected by their raiders. And considering that there is an asteroid belt there it just might give us enough coverage.”

Deslock looked over to Lugin. “What do you think General?”

“Hmm, there could be a look out post there, we can send in a recon group and have them check things out.” Lugin said while looking at the map.

“Very well then, let us send our best recon there and check things out.” Deslock said.

“They can warp a day prior to us and check the area out.” Homer agreed.

Deslock nodded, “General Lugin you can go and start preparation for your flight. We can leave in three days after all the ships check out their systems.”

“Yes sir” He said as he bowed to him and then left the room.

“Captain Glitchman any word on your Lieutenant Tolbert?” Deslock asked.

“I’ve received word that she had escape from custody and now is a fugitive from the earth defense force. We are still trying to figure out how she managed to escape.”

“Would she not be a problem for us, considering that she knows the way EDF works and how you think?” Deslock asked.004 (3).jpg

“I can assure you Emperor Deslock that we are handling this, and she will be caught.” Glitchman said hoping that he can be wrong about what he was insinuating. With Julie on the run she had nowhere to run but the Bolars, if she returned back to earth for sure she will get the death penalty.

Deslock glared at him and nodded. He knew better then Glitchman was telling him. Someone with vital information about a fleet can be a threat to their mission. “Let’s hope that she doesn’t team up with the Bolars, Captain. She can be a wedge in our victory to defeat the Bolars. I must be getting back to my wife and I am sure that you need to get prepared for your departure also.”

“Yes Emperor, once I hear from Captain Wildstar I will have him give you a ring.” Homer said and then saluted him. Deslock nodded and then made his way out of the room leaving Homer with Talan.

“General Talan, Emperor Deslock is very perceptive about things.” Homer said.

“Yes he is Captain, yes he is.” Talan replied. “I will show you to the car that will take you back to your ship.”

“Thank you” Homer said as he followed him out.



Gamilon Planet

EDF Battleship Galaxy II

Captains Quarters


Homer walked back into his stateroom and sat behind his desk with a sigh. He hesitated if he should call back to earth and advised them on Deslock concern over Julie Tolbert. “What to do?” he said out loud. “Anderson, try to get in touch with the Argo.”

“Sir, the Argo?” Anderson said “Isn’t she out of commission for like a couple of years already.”

“Trust me Anderson she’s out there, look under the old communication logs, you’ll find her on that.”

“Aye sir.” he replied. Shocked Anderson called back up to his stateroom “Sir I’ll be damn she’s on line 4.”

Glitchman smiled so she is back. “Thank you Anderson put her through. Captain Wildstar, how are you?” Homer said into the video phone.

“Homer, how did you find us?” Wildstar was shock to get a message from anyone. No one knew about the Argo except for Singleton.

“I had my communication officers look under the old log. I figured that they haven’t been able to outdate the logs and kept her under the old logs.”

“Well it’s good to hear from you, how are things going?” Wildstar asked.

“We will be heading over to Terron in a day or two. That’s located near the Kurpier Belt we have received information that there is a large base there. It will be tricky trying to sneak up on them. We will send a recon unit first to asset the area.” Homer told him.

Wildstar looked back into the video as Nova walked behind him “That’s a good idea Homer, we are going to need any information that they can get back to us.”

“Nova, it’s good to see you again. How are you?” Homer smiled at his friend.

Derek turned around and smiled at her then motion her to stand next to him. “Hello Homer, I’m doing much better, thank you. Wendy gave me something to give to you when we see you.”

“That’s good, can’t wait to see what she sent. So Wildstar will you be taking over as Fleet Commander when you arrive.” Homer asked. He didn’t care too much for that job. He couldn’t understand how Wildstar took responsibility at such a young age.  It was stressful just knowing that other lives depended on you to get them home safe.

“Yes Homer, I hope you don’t mind.” Wildstar asked.

“Not at all, she’s all yours. To tell you the truth I don’t know how you do it without having a nervous breakdown. So who’s on board?” Homer asked.

“Sandor, Eager, Dash and my Deputy Captain here.” He pulled Nova closer to him.

“You’re his Deputy Captain, Nova?” Homer smiled.

“Yes she is and a pretty damn good one.” Derek looked up at her.

“Well I’ll be glad to see all of you guys, Nova congratulations you deserve it.” Homer saluted her.

“Thank you Homer.” Nova smiled and shied away.

“So, what’s the stats on Deslock and his next step?” Wildstar asked.

“Well Gamilon is now in control of Urbia, Paxton, Tenco and Baynet. I guess once we get to Terron we can go over more battle plans. Oh yeah, Deslock would like you to give him a ring, and by the way he and Devina are expecting. She’s due in a few more months.” Homer said.

“Really, that’s wonderful news.” Nova said with delight. Derek looked up at her and gave her a nudge.

“Relay a message to Deslock, tell him congratulation from both Nova and I.” Wildstar said.

“I will, so should we keep this under wraps?” Homer asked.

“I think its best. We want to see their surprise when she comes up behind them. We will speak soon. Wildstar out.” and the screen went black.

Homer pushed down on his phone and called down to Anderson. “Get me Emperor Deslock.”

“Yes sir, putting him through now sir.” Anderson said.

“Captain Glitchman is anything wrong?” Deslock asked.

“I just wanted to relay a message from our fleet commander. He sends his congratulations on your pending birth and he will be meeting up with us shortly.” Homer told him.

“That’s good news, will he be making his way over for a visit.” Deslock asked.

“I don’t think so, but I’m sure that he will get in touch with you soon. Glitchman out.” Homer saluted and turned off the screen. He gave out a big sigh and hope that the Argo would get there soon.



Outer Space

Gamilon Planet

EDF Battleship Galaxy II

Gamilon Battleship Epsilon


1635 earth hours


“General Lugin are you ready for this?” Homer asked him on video.

“Yes Captain I am, all the best to us.” Lugin replied.

“Okay everyone let’s get going, we have a date with the Bolars. Let’s hope that they don’t get to mad at us for dropping by unexpected.” Homer announce to his crew. “Lieutenant Commander Akura, begin countdown.”

“Yes Sir, all systems check starting countdown.” Akura called out. Lieutenant Commander Mike Akura a young officer fresh out of cadent school was Glitchmans helmsman. Wildstar and Homer reviewed his jacket together before Wildstar was called out. Wildstar told Homer that he was indeed a good pilot and would be a great helmsman. Homer was glad that they assigned him to the Galaxy II.

“Lieutenant Jankowski are all our guns in working order?” Homer asked.

“Yes sir all guns are in working order” Jankowski called back to him. Lieutenant Jasmine Jankowski served on the Pegasus in the Deingil war and was one of the lucky ones that came out alive from the brutal slaughtered that accorded when they try to leave earth to safer planets.

“How about everything else, Lieutenant Williams?” Homer asked his deputy captain.

“Sir all systems check out at 100 percent working order.” Williams said as he turned to Homer.

“Very good, let’s go. On ward to Terron. Lieutenant Hatcher please make sure that we have the necessary coordination for warping.” Homer ordered.

“Yes Sir.” Hatcher said back. Charles ‘Charlie’ Hatcher was in his 50’s. The oldest of all the bridge crew members he served under Captain Avatar back with the Gamilon war before Iscandar.

And with that the fleet made its way to Terron in preparation for a major battle. 


Deep Space 50,000 light years

From the Planet Terron

Bolar Battleship Adsila

2ND of February, 2206

1732 Earth Hours


“Good evening Lieutenant, I hope that we are treating you well.” Namir said.

“Yes, Captain Namir.” Julie softly answered. She stood before him in her stateroom in a long dark emerald dress that clinged to her athletic body. With her piercing dark eyes he noticed that she was indeed a beautiful earthling.

“Will you like to join me for dinner tonight?” Namir asked.

“It all depends will I be escorted by those two standing outside?” Julie was tired of being escorted everywhere by two Bolar soldiers.

“I will escort you personally if you like.” Namir told her.

“What time will you be coming for me?” she asked.

“I will come for you in two hours please wear that dress that you have on, I like that color on you.” He gave a lairing look.

“I will wait for you then.” She smiled at him. He was an excellent lover something she found out on their night together.




“Good evening Lieutenant.” Namir walked into her stateroom.

“Julie please.” she told him.

“You look lovely Julie, shall we?” he put out his arm and she took it.

He escorted her back to his room and when they walked in she noticed a table in the middle of the room with lit candles and dinner waiting for them. “Hmm, this looks lovely Namir.” she said.

“I am hoping to get to know you better.” Namir grinned at her. “Please have a seat.” he pulled out the chair for her.

Julie sat and found him different from other Bolars, he seem to have manners. She wasn’t expecting this from him. General Hindleman seemed to be a man that took what he wanted and didn’t care if you were willing or not. She was glad that he was able to take her from Hindlemans' grasps. She knew if she’d stay there he would not be a giving lover.

“So Julie tell me about Captain Wildstar.” he was intrigue about their enemy. He was a smart man and seemed to escape many of his enemies. He wanted to know how he has managed to not be caught after so many wars.

“Derek Wildstar, hmmm, what can I tell you about him” Julie said. “Very smart in the battle field, he has managed to stay sharp under pressure. He works with his crew very closely. He never claims to know everything but depends on his crew to also put their opinion. He is very protective about his wife that is his weakest point. He would do anything for her that is why I handed her over to your General Hindleman. Unfortunately for him he wasn’t able to keep her in his grasp for long. Wildstar managed to get her back. Lucky for him she was still alive. Had he killed her sooner he made not be here. He would be in a small part of the universe destroyed with sorrow. I told your General to kill her right away, but I guess he felt that torturing her would be better. That was his first mistake.”

“I see, I understand it was all for his daughter that escape him and married Emperor Deslock, I guess our General Hindleman can let his emotion take the best of him. Sorry to say that might be his down fall.” Namir didn’t like Hindleman very much he wasn’t a soldier he was a monster. Even with his own people, he has managed to alienate many of the upper commanders and most of his subordinates that have not spoke up to him. The only reason that Prime Minster Bemlazy keeps him around is because others fear him. If someone kills him he will not be missed Namir thought to himself. “Unlike my superior I am not one to use my personal life to conquer. Though once he is gone maybe my nation can move on.”

“Hmm, so I see that you are not a fan of the General?” Julie looked at him with intrigued. She was starting too really like him. He just might have potential she thought to herself. “Namir would you like some more wine. I think we both have a lot in common then you think. We both want to be in power and need something to get there. By working together we may be able to get the Endeavor and Captain Wildstar. With my knowledge I can make that happen.”

“Are you sure about that? I hear that Captain Wildstar is not your average captain. He does not go with your federation rules.” Namir told her.

“Yes he is a little bit unconventional, but together we can make it happened.” Julie got up from her chair and made her way over to where he sat and put her arms around him. “What do you say Namir?”

“Sounds very interesting” He pulled her around to him and sat her on his lap. She ran her finger down his face and kissed him on the lips. “You are a very beautiful earth women and a very insatiable one too.” He ran his hand up her leg moving her dress further up her thigh. “Mmmm, shall we go over to the bed?” He picked her up and walked over to his bed placing her down “Julie, you are something else. I think we can manage to work together” Namir held her in his arms wanting her more.

“I think we can too.” She told him back.


Deep Space

Outer rim of Planet Terron

EDF Battleship Galaxy II

Gamilon Battleship Espilon

3rd of February, 2206

1054 Earth Hours


“Captain Lugin we are now 10 light years from Terron. I think this will be a good spot to wait and send out our recon group.” Homer said.

“I will have them prepare to leave as soon as possible. We can have them warp the rest of the way with our smite machine. It will get them there without any detection.” Lugin told Homer.

“In the mean time I will try to get in touch again with Captain Wildstar. Please inform me when your recon group leaves for Terron moons.” Homer said.

“Will do Captain, Lugin out.”

“Mister Anderson, please see if you can get the Argo on the line and put them through to me.”

“Aye aye sir.” Anderson called back to Glitchman. “Sir I’m sorry I can’t get her on the line, she must be warping. I’ll try again in a few.”

Homer nodded his way and turned to his Deputy Captain. “Lieutenant Williams how are all of our instruments?”

“All working in tip top order. Our last warp had no impact on them.” Williams called back.

“Mister Hatcher is there any way to see where the Argo may be on raider?”

“No sir sorry.” Hatcher called out.

“Sir I have her on the line now, she just finished warping.” Anderson turned to Homer.

“Very good, put her through.” Homer called to Anderson. “Captain Wildstar, how’s the trip going so far?” Homer asked.

“Homer we should be there shortly, we will be making our last two warps within a day. What are the stats of the mission so far?” Wildstar asked.

“Sir Captain Lugin is sending his recon to the Terron Moons to check on any hidden bases before making our final warp to Terron space.” Homer replied.

“Very well, be careful Homer, Julie is probably expecting that and informing them of our steps. Wait until the recon group report back to him before making any decisions.” Wildstar said.

“Aye aye sir, Glitchman out.”



Deep Space

20,000 Light years from Terron

Bolar Battleship Adsila

1200 Earth Hours



“Captain Namir, are there any bases on these moons here near Terron?” Julie asked.

“Yes, we have small bases to inform us about any unwanted ships.” Namir said.

“If I know Captain Glitchman, he will send a recon group there to check out those moons before making an attack. I would have them look out for them. If anything they will be sitting somewhere within the out part of the planet waiting. How far out are we from Terron?” She asked.

“We are 20,000 light years from Terron, it will take us two warps to get to Terron.” Namir said.

“They’re between us and the planet. You better beef up your fighters we will probably be running into them.” Julie told him.

“Are you certain about this?”

“Yes, I know Glitchman. He is a careful Captain. He’ll want to make sure that they have everything covered, including those moons and this asteroid belt.”

“Okay everyone, you heard her. Let’s get our pilots ready for battle.” Namir said. “I will relay this to General Hindleman.”

Julie smiled at him and nodded now it’s your turn Derek, I will have you but this time I want you dead she thought to herself.



Deep Space

EDF Battleship Galaxy II

Gamilon Battleship Epsilon

4th of February, 2206

0854 Earth hours



“Lugin, any word on our scouts it’s been over a day. If we haven’t heard from them by now we should assume that they have been captured.” Homer talked into the video.

“I agree Captain Glitchman, what do you suggest we should do now?” Lugin asked.

“We are still waiting on Captain Wildstar to tell us when he will be arriving. I think we need to pull back and see about a plan B.” Homer said.

“I concur, we will pull back,” Lugin said. What happened next took them all by surprise.

Within seconds they were all under attack. The Galaxy II was getting hit from all side. They appeared from nowhere. Once again they manage to come in on their blind spot. Homer was thrown to the ground on the bridge. The blast alone brought most of the crew members to the floor of the Galaxy II. Homer managed to get up and shout commands to his crew.

“Lieutenant Hatcher what the hell was that? Put it up on video NOW!”

“Yes sir!” Hatcher yelled back over the noise of the blast. “Sir there’s 4 battleships and 3 destroyers and a whole lot of fighters.”

Glitchman grabbed the intercom and called into it. “Attention all hands, attention all hands we are under attack, Black Tiger get out there. Anderson, check over to the Epsilon and see how bad they are. Lieutenant Brooks get those canons going use the pulse laser guns at their flagship.  Lieutenant Williams give me a report how bad are we?”

“Sir we were hit in the lower aft section almost taking out our engine. If she gets hit there again we are totally disabled. Three of our guns are completely out, and we suffered damages to our port side.” Williams screamed out

“Black Tigers, what’s going on down there how many of you guys are out there?” Homer yelled into the intercom.

“Sir we’re trying, but it looks like they’re picking us one by one.” a pilot yelled back.

Glitchman called over to his communication officer. “Do you have Lugin on video?!”

“Yes sir, putting him through now!” Anderson called out.

Homer leaned on his control panel to gain his footing ,“Lugin how bad is it over there?”

“We managed to get some of our fighters out there. I am sending you a squadron to assist your fighters out of the ship.”

“Sir I have the Bolar flagship commander on the line.” Anderson yelled out.

“Put him through!” Glitchman called back.

“Captain Glitchman, I am General Hindleman of the Bolar Federation. I suggest that you give up we have you completely surrounded.”

“Give up Homer you have no way out.” Julie stood next to him grinning with another officer.

“Julie I knew you would have a hand in this. You have shown your true colors. Have you no loyalty to earth and the people there!” Homer said with grit teeth.

“Uh no,” Julie smiled back at him.

“Captain Glitchman Surrender your fleet.” Hindleman demanded.

“We will never hand over you a whole fleet. We rather die.” Homer snared at him. “Julie you’re a traitor and a disgrace to the EDF. If I ever get my hands on you. I was order to bring you back for your sentencing, but that just might not happen. After what you did to Nova and Derek and now this, I’ll see to it that you’ll never make it back to earth alive.” Homer yelled at her.

“What makes you think that that will happen?” Julie laughed at him. “I have found my new home and I kind of like it. Now that we have you right where we want, our next step is going after Derek and Nova.”

“That will never happen, Julie.” Homer screamed while throwing his fist down on the control panel.

Hindleman, Julie and Namir laughed then the screen went blank.

“What now captain?” Anderson asked.

“Keep main guns on their flagship. Get all our pilots out there. Give them all we have, don’t give them a break. I’ll be damn if we surrender to them.” Homer screamed at them. He was trying to figure what to do next, but what? Damn that Tolbert.”


Bolar Flagship Xylander

“I hate to admit it Lieutenant Tolbert but you were right when it came to Captain Glitchman, right down to the recon squadron on our moons.” Hindleman smile at his new found friend. “Now, all we have to do is wait until the Endeavor shows up with Captain Wildstar.”

“I’m sure he will show up, I haven’t been able to get any communication between the Galaxy and the Endeavor. I will continue to keep tabs on the radio communication between them both” Tolbert said.


EDF Battleship Galaxy


“Black tigers what’s the situation?” Homer called into the pilots’ helmet.

“Sir they are giving us everything, but I think we can hold them.” The pilot told him.

“Don’t think, do!” Glitchman yelled back.

“Captain, maybe we should use our WMG it’s the only thing we haven’t use on them.” Brooks called out.

“Right, get everyone ready, charge up the wave motion gun now.” Homer yelled over the noise.

“Charging wave motion gun!” Brooks called out.

“Let’s make this quick, call back our pilots and informed the Gamilons to bring in their pilots.” Homer ordered Anderson.

“Aye aye sir!” Anderson called out, but then pick up something on his communication line “Sir I have something on the line. Putting it through now!”

kodaizero[1].jpg“Hello Homer, sorry it took us long to get here. But would you mind if I take it from here.” Wildstar said into his helmet from his Super Star.

“Mind? Heck no! It’s about time welcome back Commander.” Homer smiled.

“Okay Black tiger, Black Hornets lets go join the fun.” Wildstar said into his helmet.

“I’ve been waiting for this.” Yvey said into the helmet.

“Punch it Hornet’s let’s buzz their nest.” Howard said.

They took off at high speed into the fight, Wildstar in the lead. He took out four Bolar fighters in a row. Pesci flew over to the Galaxy to protect her from anymore hits. He took two Bolars that were ready to hit the bridge of the ship by taking their lives to knock it out. Yvey and Howard pull alone side the Epsilon and took out 9 fighters that were hitting it with their torpedoes.

“Homer, have your communication officer put me through to Bolar flagship.” Wildstar said into his helmet.

“Aye aye captain.” Homer replied, he looked over to Anderson and motion him to get the commander a line “you have a line now.”

“This is Captain Derek Wildstar Fleet Commander of the Earth Defense Force, who is this?” Wildstar asked

“Ah Captain Wildstar finally, this is General Tobo Hindleman fleet commander of the Bolar 5th fleet. I waited a long time for you.” Hindleman said with laugher.

“General Hindleman, I also waited to meet with you. There’s a little thing I like to talk to you about. Like the fact that you held my wife and almost killed her, I have score to settle with you.” Wildstar said with anger.

“How is your lovely wife Captain. She was a pleasure to beat with her smooth skin.” Hindleman laughed.

“Argh, this is not over Hindleman, you can count on that.” Wildstar screamed.

“Hello Derek my love how have you been.” Tolbert purred into the speaker of his helmet.

“Julie, it figured that you would find your way back to your kind. It didn’t take you long before you move on to another bed.” Derek said.

“Why are you jealous?” Julie snapped.

“Don’t flatter yourself. You can’t stand up to my wife.” Wildstar said.

“Hmmm maybe she’s not enough women for you.” Julie said back.

“May I interrupt for one minute?” Nova said into the conversation.

“Not at all my love, please do.” Derek said.

“Dash can you put me through to their flagship.” Nova said.

“Aye aye ma’am” Dash said smiling at their new Deputy Captain, “Switching over to video panel now.”

“Hello Julie.” Nova looked at the video panel. “It’s been a while since we saw each other last. You’re looking a little pale, General Hindleman we meet again. Oh and the gentleman next to you, you are?”

“I am Captain Namir.” He said looking at her with admiration. She was beautiful the last time he saw her at the prison and now she was more beautiful. Julie saw his look and nudged him in the side.

“Captain Namir, I don’t believe we’ve met. I am Deputy Captain Nova Wildstar.” She said.

“You’re the Deputy Captain of the Endeavor!” Julie Snapped.

“No, I am the Deputy Captain of the EDF Battleship Argo.” Nova said with a grin.

“WHAT!” Hindleman moved closer to the screen. He couldn’t believe it she has come back to haunt him. “This can’t be possible,” he turned to Julie and said. “I thought you said she was out of commission!”

“She was! There was no rumor of her returning if only for a museum.” Julie lost her balance when a torpedo hit the side of the Xylandar. Namir grabbed hold of her and kept her on her feet.

“Well Captain Namir it is safe to say you’ve already been bitten by the spider. Fair warning she will turn on you for the next officer that can do for her.” Nova grinned.

“Shut up you little bitch.” Julie screamed.

“Tsk tsk, we come down to name calling. What no smart remark Julie? Oh and just to let you know General Hindleman my recovery went smoothly no thanks to you.” With that Nova unzipped her uniform and took off her shirt, she turned around to show off her now healed back  all the scars now gone from what he did to her.

Hindleman face crossed then slammed his hand on a control panel. “I can’t wait to have you in my grasp again this time I’ll make sure you leave here in a bag.” He turned to Julie but Namir stood between them. He was not about to let this monster hurt her.

“Get her out of my sight, NOW NAMIR!” Hindleman yelled at him. “Mrs. Wildstar you will be mine again I promise you.” With that the screen went black.

“Well Mrs. Wildstar I guess I’ll have to keep close tabs on you. Looks as if he didn’t like the fact that you recovered so nicely.” Derek said into his helmet.

“I’m not worried about him. I have you, the crew and the Argo to protect me. Now go finish up, I’ll be here waiting.” Nova said.

“Aye Aye ma’am!” Derek said and jumped back into the dog fight with the Bolars. “Alright fellas let’s take care of this. Pesci stay close I don’t want Howard yelling at me for anything.”

“Yes sir, but how about the ladies shouldn’t we keep an eye out for them also?” Pesci asked.

“I think they’re doing a great job without us, follow us T.” Wildstar said into the helmet.

“Yes sir.” Delvechio called back.

With lightening speed the three pilots headed towards the Xylandar passing other fighters from the Gamilon ships and Galaxy. Derek took the lead and aim fired at the bridge, Pesci and Delvechio followed suit. They made their way down to the flight hatched and took out 7 fighters trying to take flight. They came around to the front of the ship in open space ready to make another round when Wildstar warning systems went off. “What the F@#K!” Derek turned around to see two Bolar spider fighters behind him.  Pesci and Delvechio tried to come round but where getting hit by other Bolar fighters.  “This is going to hurt.” Wildstar said to himself. Then he thought of something “Why not it just might work.” he said out loud. He began to slow down and let the two fighters come in closer. Hearing the instruments sound off he slammed on the brakes of the fighter and flip the plane over the two bolar fighters, catching them off guard completely. He maneuvered his ship behind them, aimed fire and took them both down.

yamato[1].jpgMean while on the Argo Nova gave orders to fire on the Xylandar.  “Ortiz, get those guns going. Don’t give them a break.” Nova yelled out.

“Yes ma’am, artillery move canons 3 degree to port ready aim fire.” Ortiz screamed into the intercom.

“Homer stand aside we’re going to need room.” Nova called into the communication system to the galaxy II.

“Yes ma’am!” Homer smiled as he screamed. “You heard the lady let’s move out the way.” As the Galaxy moved the full picture of the Argo came to view on the Xylandar video panel.

“Damn it!” Hindleman yelled out. He turned to Julie and Namir. “Well do you have any ideas now?!”

Julie stood there shock to see her back in action. She heard stories of the Argo but never saw her in action. She was lost for words and began to think what Wildstar would do. The Argo was different from other ships and Julie wasn’t equipped with any knowledge of her. Her mind racing, she needed to think of something fast her life was now on the line. “Get Captain Wildstar, he is in a different fighter than any other.  Have your man search him out.”

Hindleman looked at Julie and turned to his communication officer, “Have the man look for a fighter that is different from all the rest, that’s the one Wildstar would be in.”

Julie grabbed Namir arm. “He would be the leader in all of them, I know Captain Wildstar he is not one to stay on the bridge he is out there with his men fighting alongside of them.”

Namir looked at Julie and then thought to himself. No wonder he is admirable man, to fight alongside with his men. Maybe that’s why he has the respect of his man and of his enemy. He doesn’t sit behind a battleship and gives orders from a bridge he is out there fighting. He could be more than a foe he is a worthy adversary.

Derek continued to attack the other Bolar fighters. Pesci and Delvechio stayed closed to the Galaxy II, while Yvey and Howard Stayed with the Espilon. Derek looked over to his port side and saw 6 fighters coming his way. “Shit, gotta get out of here.” He turned starboard side and flew his fighter back to the Argo. The Bolar fighters follow suit, Pesci saw that they were after the Captain and turned his plane in his direction. 

“I’m coming up behind you captain, hang on.” Pesci said.

Wildstar flew his plane towards the Xylandar to keep them away from the Argo. Pesci followed close behind the Bolar fighter that chased him down. Yvey saw what was going on and follow suit with Pesci. “Captain!” she called into her helmet “Their trying to bring you down.”

“Yeah I figured that much Yvey thanks.” Wildstar said through grit teeth. Pesci and Yvey met up and began to pick off the Bolars that where after Wildstar. Derek moved his ship back towards the Argo “Deputy Captain Forrester, get the wave motion gun ready.”

“Yes sir, Ortiz here’s your opportunity. Let’s get this right the first time.” Nova ordered.

“Yes ma’am, charge the wave motion gun.” Ortiz called back to Watanabe.

“Charging wave motion gun. Charging at 75 percent, up to 80 percent.” Watanabe called back to Ortiz.

“Open target scope.” Ortiz called out. “All members brace for recoil shock.”

“Captain Wildstar set to fire clear the way.” Nova called into the microphone.

“Clear the way, everyone pull back now!” Wildstar said into the helmet.


Julie saw them pull back and yelled out. “Their using the wave motion gun we gotta get out of here, NOW! We don’t have much time.”

Hindleman turned to her and nodded. “Pull back prepare to warp to Terron. How much time Lieutenant?”

“Not much, less than two minutes, we gotta get out of here quick.” She called to him.

“Warp. Warp now!” Hindleman yelled.

“But sir all of our fighters are not back yet.” the communication officer called back

“Forget them, warp now!” Hindleman ordered.


“Wave motion gun at full power.” Watanabe called out.

“Release safety lock.” Ortiz called out.

“Releasing safety lock.” Watanabe replied.

“5 seconds to firing all crew members make finial preparation counting down.” Ortiz yelled out. “5   4   3    2    1 FIRE!” with one shot the wave motion gun went off. The blast went across the dark sky and shot in the direction of the Bolar Fleet. Derek watched as the main ships warped and the energy wave ran further into space.

“Damn they got away.” Wildstar said. “All right everyone let’s get back to the ship and see about damages. Pesci, Howard I want a report as soon as you get back on damages and causalities.”

Aye, aye skipper.” they both said.

Wildstar landed his ship and made his way back to the bridge. “Report!” he ordered.

Nova turned to him and ran down the report “Sir the Galaxy II has major damages on her hull, she will need repairs. Best to head back to Gamilon and make the repairs. She’s the closet planet for it. We manage to just sustain minor damages, we can make repair on the way.”

“What are the causalities?” Derek asked.

Nova lowered her head “Sir we lost 3 of our fighters and the Galaxy lost 6, I haven’t received any thing from the Epsilon.”

Derek looked at his wife and nodded. He sat back in his captains’ chair and looked over to Dash. “Dash put me through to Homer.”

“Aye sir,” Dash answered back. “Captain he is on the video panel.”

“Homer, sorry about your lost of pilots I only wish that we got here sooner. I understand your going to need repairs. The best place to make repairs is Gamilon she is the closest planet according to my Deputy Captain.” Derek smiled o at her “We will head back ASAP. Better to repair and fight another day.”

“Yes sir, it’s best that we regroup there and return with a better plan. Glitchman out.”

Derek looked over to his wife and smiled “Ms. Forrester excellent job.”

She nodded his way and then turned to continue to take reports from Sandor. “Everyone,” Derek said. “You all did a great job also! Now let’s get ready to leave for Gamilon.”