Onward With Love…

Chapter Twenty-One

By Yuki Wildstar


EDF Headquarters

Court session

Trial part II

28th November, 2205

0903 Hours


They all sat in the court room, six panel judges. Two Admirals, two rear admirals, one captain and one vice admiral. Derek and Nova sat in the first roll while the other members of the Endeavor sat in the second. The prosecuting attorney was turned to Derek and Nova asking them questions and discussing what they were going to say to the last minute.

“Counselor, are you prepared to call your first witness?” The judge asked.

“Yes sir I am.” Ensign McCoy replied. “I like to call Commander Nova Forrester-Wildstar to the stand.”

Nova got up while Derek squeezed her hand then made her way up to the stand. She wore her dress blues uniform and held her cover under her arms. She stood tall at the witness stand with her right hand up, “Yes” was her replied to her sworn oath.

“Please tell us your rank and name.” Ensign McCoy asked as he paced back and forth from the table.

“Commander Nova Forrester Wildstar.”

“Commander, congratulation on your promotion.” He said. “Commander, you were on the EDF Battleship Sitka is that correct.”

“Yes sir, I was.”

“Commander it is in your statement that you witness first hand that Lieutenant Commander Tolbert was involved with your capture and that as of Lieutenant Commander Spada.”

“Yes sir I did.” Nova replied.

“How did you come to this conclusion?” McCoy asked.

“After we were capture and force to the base, we were brought to holding cells. At the time I was looking out of the window and saw Lieutenant Commander Tolbert walking with General Hindleman of the Bolar Federation.”

“Commander how did you know that she was involved in this capture, what proof do you have?”

“When I looked out the window I saw that she had no handcuffs on or any signs of her being treated like a prisoner.”

“Who else was present that can testify to this?”

“Lieutenant Commander Michael Spada MD.”

“At that time did you have any conversation with Lieutenant Commander Tolbert?”

“Sir I called her name and called her a traitor.” Nova replied.

“And what else?”

Nova looked away feeling a little embarrassed at what she had to say “Sir, I called her a Bitch and told her I would get even.”

“Commander what happened after your capture?”

“Sir Lieutenant Commander Spada and I were brought to Planet Urbia were I endured days of torture,” Nova said.

“Explain, Commander.”

Nova’s eyes began to weld up with tears and anger. She knew that someday she would have to relive it but she had to do it sooner then she thought. “Sir, every other day when they saw that I was awake or conscious I was taken to a small room and beaten with a whip on my back or beaten to unconsciousness by General Hindleman himself. I was then taken to another room where I was thrown into a freezing barrel of water and left there for hours unable to get out. On top of the beatings they felt that by placing salt on my wounds they can wake me up. When we were rescued I endured 4 surgeries one on the Endeavor and then three more here on Earth.”

Derek sat in the front role of the audience hearing for the first time of the torture that Nova received. Until that day she didn’t want to talk about it and he left it alone, knowing that she would eventually tell him. He wanted to run up to the stand and hold her but sat there and looked into her eyes telling her that he loved her. She returned the stare with tears beginning to run down her face. She knew that it was going to hurt him and that was one of the reasons she didn’t want to tell him of what she went through. She moved her stare towards him and tried to smile letting him know that she was okay.

“Commander Forrester, are you sure that the person that was with the Bolar Federation officer was Lieutenant Commander Tolbert.”

“Yes sir, no doubt in my mind.”

“And for the record can you please point to that person.”

“Yes sir, she is the defendant there.” Nova pointed to her.

“Thank you Commander, your witness.”

Ensign Davis sat at his chair and stared at Nova. “Counselor, your witness.” the judge told him.

“Yes Sir.” He walked up to the stand and continued to stare at Nova, which made her a little unease. She remembered the last time on the stand, and they made a complete boob of her.

“Commander Forrester when you and Doctor Spada landed on Planet Baynet at anytime did you have a physical confrontation with the enemy.”

“Yes sir we did.”

“Were you injured in this altercation?”

“No sir, they over powered us.”

“So at no time you hit your head that rendered you unconscious.”

“No Sir.”

“Didn’t you at one time accused Lieutenant Commander Spada of conduct unbecoming an officer?” Davis asked.


“What happened with that trial?”

“The charges were dismissed for insufficient evidence.” Nova sat trying to keep her composer.

“And the reason for the dismissal?”

“I hit my head and was unconscious causing me not to remember all the details.”

“So it’s correct to say that you have a history of charging other officer and not following through with evidence?”

“No sir, I was not unconscious when I saw Lieutenant Commander Tolbert with General Hindleman. It was clear as day.”

“A simple yes or no will do.” Davis said.

“No sir.”

“Tell me Lieutenant in planet Urbia you and Lieutenant Commander Spada were place in a cell together.”

“Yes sir.”

“At anytime did you pass out?”

“There were many times, yes.”

 “So it’s safe to say that you do not remember most of the time you where capture.”


“Commander Forrester is it not true that you and the defendant had a physical fight at the wedding of the Emperor of Gamilon.”

“Yes sir, we did.”

“And can you tell me the reason for this altercation?” Nova sat there silent “Commander Forrester what was the reason for this fight?” He asked.

“She said a comment that hit a nerve.” Nova said.

“So you’re telling me that because she said a sly remark was caused for you to physically assault her.”

 “No, but she was taunting me.” Nova said.

“Ma’am you said earlier that you were on the Sitka.” Davis asked.

“Yes I was.”

“Is not true that you were on the Endeavor prior to the Sitka?”

“Yes I was.”

“Can you tell me why the orders to the Sitka?” Davis asked.

“I was ordered to the Sitka because they needed my expertise as an officer.” She said.

“Commander was it not you that asked for the transfer?” Davis said with a grin.

Nova sat there dumb founded ‘How’? She thought.

“Commander, please answer the question.” the judge said.

“I uh yes I did.” Nova said staring in Derek direction. Derek looked at her with shock expression.

“Why is that, why did you ask for a transfer?” Davis asked.

Nova looked at Derek with a sorry looked he nodded back to her. “I requested a transfer because at the time my personal life was taking its toll on my professional life. I needed to take a step back.”  Nova said with tears.

“Commander wasn’t the real reason for the transfer is because that your husband Captain Derek Wildstar was under investigation by EDF for fraternization with you and that was the reason that you requested the transfer to keep the heat off of him?”

Nova couldn’t understand how they got the information it was suppose to be sealed orders. She never thought that Admiral Singleton would give them that. Nova looked back to Derek and try to read his face but gave nothing her way.

“Commander I’m waiting.” Davis said.

“Yes, I felt that EDF would have started an investigation on us and I didn’t want that interfering with the mission.” Nova said with a low voice.

“I have no more questions at this time for Commander Forrester. You can step down ma’am.”

Nova wasn’t sure what would happen with her and Derek. She never wanted him to find out about the transfer but it was out now and she would have to deal with it sooner than she thought. She walked back over to where they sat and smiled at him. He got up and gave her a hug. “I’m sorry Derek.” she said in a low voice.

“We’ll talk later, you did great.” he said.

McCoy stood up, “I would like to call Commander Michael Spada.”

Spada made his way from the back of the room and gave Nova a glance. He too stood at the stand and swore in.

“Lieutenant Commander Spada when you and Commander Forrester were capture did you see another officer in the holding area of Planet Baynet?”

“Yes sir I did.” Spada said.

“Can you tell me who it was you saw there?”

“The defendant Lieutenant Commander Julie Tolbert,” he said as he pointed in her direction.

“Are you sure that it was her?”

“Yes sir, she was wearing an EDF uniform, I ask Commander Forrester who that was.” Spada said.

“Thank you Lieutenant Commander.”

Davis then got up and walked over to Spada “Doctor Spada are you sure it was my client and not a Bolar pertaining to be an EDF officer that looked like my client.”

“No sir it was her.”

“Yes or no will do.”


“Tell me sir, you and Commander Forrester were both in a cell together on Urbia, is that true?”

“Yes sir.”

“It had to be close for comfort in such tight quarters.”

“A little sir.”

“Tell me sir, at anytime was Commander Forrester stripped of her clothes.”

Spada looked from Davis to Nova he knew exactly where he was going with this. He did his own defense at his trial with Nova.

“Yes sir, after they beat her. Her clothes were torn to bits.”

“Can I ask her state of mind at the time?”

“She was in pain, fever, lost of blood, week and delusional at times.”

“At anytime did you and Mrs. Wildstar become intimate?”

“I’m sorry?” Spada face went white.

“Objection your honor, this question is un call for. What happened in such closed quarters has no significance to these proceedings.”

“Counselor?” the judge called.

“Sir, this is to show the state of mind of Commander Forrester.”

“Very well let’s moved it along, over ruled.”

“Tell me Doctor Spada, at any time did you and Mrs. Wildstar became intimate?”

“No sir.”

“Remember you are under oath.”

“We did not.”

“Did you at anytime come close to intimacy?”

Spada looked at Nova and Derek; Derek stared at him with interest. “Yes, she thought I was her husband, but I stop it before it went any further.”

“And would you say that it was because of her fever and being delusional?”

Spada bowed his head, “Yes sir.”

Derek sat there looking at Spada, he then turned to Nova who had tears running down her face, “We really need to talk later.” he said with anger.

Nova looked at him and wiped the tears from her face. She could tell that he was angry at her. Nova then turned her stare to Tolbert and saw her looking at them with a grin.

“Thank you Lieutenant Commander Spada you may go.”

“Counselor, redirect.” The judge asked.

McCoy knew the damages that he cause on Derek and Nova that what he want to accomplish from the start. McCoy got up and walked over to the stand “Doctor Spada, at any time were you beaten or suffered from any kind of delusion.”

“No sir.”

“And you are certain that when you saw Lieutenant Commander Tolbert it was on Planet Baynet.”

“Yes sir.”

“It is safe to say that there was no mistaken her for a Bolar Solider.”

“No sir, no mistake.”

“Thank you that will be all.”

Spada walked off and by Derek and Nova, Derek stay focus ahead but Nova looked at him. He worded to her sorry and she nodded, not to worry. As time went on they called character witness on behalf of Tolbert, including officers that she worked with. McCoy also called witness that had first hand on her underhanded trick. Also a Lieutenant Commander Hartcliffe the man that left her pregnant. Derek and Nova sat throughout the trial in a fog, a thirty minutes recess was called and everyone left the room. Derek walked ahead of Nova and made is way out quickly. Nova managed to keep up with him and they stood in a far corner away from the press and everyone.

“Derek, are you alright?” Nova asked as she tried to put her hand on his shoulder.

“Not now Nova.” Derek was trying to calm down from what he heard in the court room.

“Derek, I’m sorry I don’t know what to tell you.”

“You could have prepared me for this.” Derek looked at her with anger.

“I’m sorry, I don’t even remember that. I was in and out of consciousness that I didn’t know what was going on.”

Derek took a deep breath and sigh, “I know I just need some time to soak this in. Lord knows there’s going to be a lot of things that are going to be drag out of this, and I already told you what happened in our room with her. That didn’t go over to well with you that day. Let’s just get this over with okay babe.”

“I’m sorry Derek.” She said beginning to cry. Derek grabbed her by the waist and gave her a hug.Ya5[1].jpg

McCoy walked over to them “I’m going to bring in our surprise witness after I put you on the stand. Be aware that they are going to try discredited you as well. Plus there’s a pending rape charge on you with her and it will make it all the more easier for them to throw that into that case. After that I will bring him in.”

“Do you think that it will help?” Nova asked.

“He has no ties to you or Captain Wildstar. So he has no reason to lie for both of you and Davis won’t be able to make it look like he is. Let’s go their calling us in.”

They made their way back into the court room and sat in their chairs. “Order in the court.” yelled out the court clerk.

“Mr. McCoy your first witness.” the judge said.

“Yes your honor, I call Captain Derek Wildstar.”

Derek walked up to the stand and stared at Nova, he stood up with his hand up and agreed to the sworn truth.

“Can you please state your rank and name for the record?” McCoy said.

“Captain Derek Wildstar.”

“Captain Wildstar your wife has informed you that while she was capture it was Tolbert that was present at the base on Planet Baynet.”

“Objection your honor that’s hear say.” Davis called out.

“Sustain, counselor please refer to what he experience firsthand.”

“Sorry your honor, Captain Wildstar can you please tell me what Lieutenant Commander did in your quarters on the night before the rescue.”

“She came into my stateroom and tried to take advantage of me.”

“Now how did she take advantage of you, you’re a man.” McCoy asked.

“I was asleep when she enter my quarters, she slip into my bed and began to caress me.” Derek face turn flushed with a slight pink shade “I woke up and order her out of my room. I called her Captain and informed him of what happened. I also called Lieutenant Commander Howard and Lieutenant Commander Pesci to assist in removing her from my quarters.”

“How long do you say it took them to get to your stateroom sir?”

“About 15 minutes”

“And then what happened once they arrived?” McCoy asked.

“Lieutenant Commander Howard escorted her to the ships brig and I waited until Captain Glitchman came.”

“Thank you.” McCoy said.

Davis got up and walked over to Wildstar “Captain Wildstar is it true that you and Lieutenant Commander Tolbert dated once back in 2197 thru 98”

“Yes sir we did.”

“So it’s safe to say that you and she at one time or the other were intimate with each other?”

Wildstar looked at Nova and felt flushed “Yes sir we were.”

“So you might say that you and she were in love.”

“I believed so.”

“Who was the one to call off the relationship?”

“She did.”

“And why is that, Captain Wildstar.”

“She found someone else.”

“So it safe to say she left you.”

“Yes sir.”

“Did you hate her for that? I mean she left you for another man an already commission officer. That would cause anyone to have anger in their heart.”

“At the time yes I hated her but that was the past.”

“When she was assigned to you as your Deputy Captain, wasn’t she relieved of command requested by you?”

“Yes sir she was.”

“Isn’t the reason for you to relieve her of command was because of personnel reasons.”

Derek looked at Julie with more hatred. “Yes sir.”

“Would it be fair to say that emotions were part of it?” Davis asked.

“Yes but that was,” Derek try to explain.

“A simple yes or no, Captain.” Davis said.


“Sir let’s go to the day of Emperor Deslocks wedding.” Davis grinned. “Can you tell me about the altercation between my client and Commander Forrester?”

“There’s not much to say, I was called to the patio and found Commander Forrester and Lieutenant Commander Tolbert in a street brawled. I and Lieutenant Commander Pesci had to remove the two apart.”

“Why were they fighting, Captain?”

“It was of a personal matter.” Wildstar try to avoid exposing something so close and personal.

Davis turned to Wildstar and smiled. “Captain, why were they fighting? Obviously something triggered the fight. So what was it?”

“I rather not say.” Wildstar felt his temper begin to rise.

“Your honor may I have permission to treat the Captain as a hostile witness?” Davis said to the judge.

“Captain Wildstar please answer the question.” The judge said.

Davis then turned back to him and asked. “Captain Wildstar, why were they fighting?”

Searching his wife’s face he could see the pain of their personal life unfold in front of them all. “They fought over what Lieutenant Commanders Tolbert remark.”

“And the remark was?” Davis pushed harder.

“Objection your honor, this is all hear say!” McCoy yelled out.

“You’re Honor!” Davis began.

“He’s right counselor, I cannot allow what was said to him.”

“But your honor!”

“Counselor, if I let you then I have to allow it to him also with his questioning. Now move on. Your next question?”

“Yes sir.” He said then turned back to Wildstar. “Now Captain Wildstar on the night of the fight between my client and Commander Forrester is it not true that she did not receive any disciplinary actions?”

“No sir.” Wildstar smiled. Which caught Davis off guard, Julie thought that he was going to over look it because she was his wife. Derek knew better, obviously she mention it her lawyer she didn’t know him well enough that he and Nova can separate their personal lives with their duties.

“I’m sorry then there were action brought to Commander Forrester?” Davis was thrown a curve. He assumed that he didn’t do anything about it.

“Yes sir, she was given KP Duty, she had to wait on all crew members, than she had to clean pots and pans by herself with no help from the kitchen staff. After that she was to clean the piping in the kitchen for all rust.” Derek smile to himself of how she looked that day, hung over and trying to make the best of it.

Davis looked over to Julie and gave her a stare. He wasn’t happy about this, “Captain Wildstar, are you sure that you took action on this?” he asked trying to catch him in lie.

“Yes sir, it was put in my Captains log and the cook and crew can vouch for that.” Wildstar smiled at him. He never wrote in that she was hung over from the night before.

“Very well then, now when did you learn about the alleged treason?” Davis asked trying to take back control.

“Before making our final warp to Urbia, Captain Glitchman got information and relayed the message to me.”

“So he is the one that told you, correct?”

“Yes sir.”

“Did you approach Lieutenant Commander Tolbert on this, Captain?”

“Yes I did.” Wildstar was beginning to get angry.

“And what did you say?”

Wildstar took a deep breath, he knew that this would make him look bad but he didn’t care “I called her a bitch and told her that if anything happened to my wife I would choke her personally.”

“So I see that you have a temper.”

“No sir I do not.”

“If you don’t why does my client inform me that you slap and then threaten her?”

“I was wrong for hitting her but I was angry at the time and they were just only words.” Derek tried to say.

“Some words can be carried through. Don’t you think Captain?” Davis said with sly smirk that Derek wanted to punch out. 002 (2).jpg

“I’m done, Captain Wildstar you can go now, thank you.” Davis said.

Derek walked back to where Nova was and looked at Tolbert as she smiled at him. He stared with hateful eyes and made his way back to Nova.

The Judge then looked over to McCoy “Your witness.”

“You’re Honor at this time I would like to call to the stand Corporal Lee Chan.” McCoy called out.

Davis looked at Julie and then called out, “Your honor permission to approach the bench.”

The judge waved them over, “What is it counselor?”

“Your honor this witness was not part of the witness list.” Davis said.

“Sir we did not know about this witness until this morning, he decided to come forward with information about his superior officer. He witness first hand on the action of Lieutenant Commander Tolbert.” McCoy said.

“Sir Permission to confirm with my client.” Davis said.

“You have ten minutes.” the judge informed him.

He walked over to Tolbert and grabbed her by the arm they made their way to a room off the court room.

“Tell me what he witness.” Davis was short with her.

“I don’t know he is a disgruntle subordinate. We had words on the way down but it was nothing to cry over spill milk.” She tried to think back as to what he might know.

“For your sake it better not hurt this case.” Davis said.

They made their way back into the courtroom and sat down.  The judge nodded over to McCoy and he stood in the middle of the courtroom and called out to Chan.

Julie face began to go white remembering who he was; damn I thought he was dead. Davis looked over to her and noticed her face also. He sat back and looked over to Chan and knew then that something was going to go wrong.

Chan walked up to the stand and was sworn in. McCoy walked over “For the court records can you please tell us your name and rank.”

“Corporal Lee Chan.”

“Corporal Chan were you a crew member on the EDF Battleship Galaxy II?”

“Yes sir I was.”

“And tell us your job there.”

“Sir my partner and I were in charge of search and rescue.”

“Can you tell me have you had any contact with Lieutenant Commander Tolbert during the time on ship?”

“No sir not until the day of the battle on Baynet.”

“So you say that you had no contact with the Deputy Captain of the Galaxy II?”

“No sir, I mean I knew who she was, but we never spoke until that day.”

“Do you know Captain Wildstar or Commander Forrester?” McCoy asked.

“No sir, I only know them as high ranking officers that’s all. I never had the pleasure of working with them.”

“You have respect for them do you not?”

“Yes sir, but I respect all my superior officers.”

“That’s good to know Corporal.” McCoy said “Corporal Chan on the day in question can you tell us what happened and what you witness?” McCoy asked.

“Sir, I was on the search and rescue shuttle 76 with Lieutenant Commander Tolbert and Corporal Mitchell. We went down to investigate a signal. When we landed on the planet we made our way through the jungle. It was Lieutenant Commander Tolbert who ordered to separate and that’s how we were ambushed by Bolar Federation Solider.  Lieutenant Commander Tolbert and Corporal Mitchell were both taken by the Bolars. I managed to hide in the bushes and then make my way back to the shuttle. I sat there waiting for a few hours when I heard another ship come in the area. I saw it was a Bolar Ship. It landed about 50 yards from our ship and then it was concealed from site. I watched as four Bolar Soldiers and Lieutenant Commander Tolbert step out of the ship. At first I thought she was still a prisoner and I was trying to figure out how I was going to get her out of there. Then I heard another ship, this time it was one of our ship a search and rescue ship. When it landed Commander Forrester and Lieutenant Commander Spada step out, they never knew what hit them. They were taken by the Bolars and brought back to their ship. The strangest thing was that Lieutenant Commander Tolbert walked behind them when they went back. It didn’t even look like she was being held against her will. The next thing I knew I was hit from behind and then I woke up here on earth.”

“Corporal Chan, what happened to your partner, did he make it back?” McCoy asked.

“No sir, his body was found in the woods a few yards from the base. He was shot in the head” He said with his head down.

“Corporal Chan, once again for the record. Are you sure that it was Lieutenant Commander Tolbert that you saw?” McCoy asked.

“Yes sir.”

“Thank you.” McCoy walked back to the table and then motioned to Davis that sat there in shocked.

The Judge looked in Davis way, “Counselor your witness.”

Davis stood up and looked at the judge. “Sir permission to approach the bench.”

The judge waved over to both lawyers and they made their way up. “What is it now counselor?”

“Sir Permission for a continuance. I need time to prepare for my questioning for this witness.” Davis said.

“Mr. McCoy, any objections?”

“I have no problem with it. If Mr. Davis would like to investigate the Corporals back ground he will surely find that he is one of the Marines Corps outstanding marines, his record is impeccable.” McCoy said with a smile.

The judge motion them back to their tables. “So be it, this court will be adjourn until 0800 hours two day from today.”

Everyone stood up and watched as the Judges walked out. Nova and Derek watched as Davis talked franticly with Tolbert. She sat there with a white face and frustration.

McCoy walked over to Derek and Nova. “They won’t find anything on our Corporal Chan, I made sure that my legal assistants went through his records and spoke to everyone even his grade school teacher. You’ll find no one else with a squeaky clean record on and off the Earth Defense Federation.”

“So what happens now, Ensign Davis?” Derek asked.

“Well I think he has a lot to worry about right now.” he said “Why don’t you two go home and get some rest I know it’s been a trying day.”

Derek and Nova nodded and headed back to where the others were. “So what happens from here?” Sandor asked.

“I think he needs to get regrouped, they weren’t expecting Corporal Chan’s testimony. I truly think that Julie thought he was dead. She didn’t even think about making sure he was.”

“So how about O’Malley’s for drinks?” Sandor asked.

“I don’t know Nova are you up to it?” Derek asked.

“Yeah, I could use a drink after today.” Nova said.

“How about 1900 tonight?” Yvey asked.

“Yeah that sounds good, we need to get home and hash out some things.” Derek said looking at Nova.

“Okay see ya tonight then, if you need anything mami call me.” Yvey said.

“Thanks Yvey.” Nova said.



Derek and Nova went home in silence, both in their own thoughts. When he pulled the car up Nova got out and went to open the door while Derek placed her car into the garage. She sat on the coach waiting from him to walk through the door. He opened the door and saw her sitting there. He knew that she wanted to get this over with. He took a deep breath and closed the door. “Hey” he said.

“Hey Derek, I guess we need to talk.” Nova said to him.

“I guess we do.” he said as he put his things away then sat down. “Were should we start?”

“Derek, I know this is all a shock to you about what happened on Urbia. You must believe me when I say I didn’t remember what happened that day. If he said that we almost, well you know. It was because I was out of it. I can’t apologies for something I wasn’t in control of.”

“Nov, I knew it would take awhile for you to tell me about what happened. That’s why I didn’t push it. But for everything to come out in court it just threw me a curve. I wanted to at least be warned about it.” Derek said with anger in his voice. “It’s just, well; to even think that some other man touching my wife intimately makes me want to just punch something.”

“Don’t you think I felt the same way about what happened with you and Julie? But I understood what happened and it wasn’t your fault.”

“Yeah Nova but she came on to me it wasn’t something that was mutual. You on the other hand almost went with it. And I didn’t ask for a transfer and try to run away.”

“Derek I had a fever and from what he said I thought he was you.” Nova voice started to get higher. “And the only reason I asked for that transfer was because Stone and Singleton found out about my miscarriage. Stone wanted to press charges on you. You know how that man is about the Star Force and you. I was only protecting you!”

Derek wasn’t about to get into a screaming match with her, he got up and walked over to her and knelt down to her “Nova what’s done is done, we’re here together that’s all that matters. I believe what he said and nothing happened. I love you and I can never pertain to know what you went through. So let’s just move on, okay?”

He grabbed her face and made her look at him. She nodded and cried in his arms “I love you Derek.”

“I know baby, I love you too. Now let’s eat something and then go meet up with everyone. We deserve a little fun tonight.” Derek looked at her with a smile that made her smile back.

She went into their room and took off her uniform and then step into the shower. She felt dirty about what Spada said in court and cried silently in the shower. She didn’t notice Derek at the door until he knock. “What’s up babe?”

He looked at her with a frown on his face. “I think you need to hurry up.” she shut the shower off and step out, grabbing a towel around her.  Derek sat in the kitchen waiting for her.

“Sit down.” He told her.

“What’s wrong?” Nova said as she sat down.

“Ensign McCoy just called.” Derek told her, “It’s Tolbert.”

“What?” Nova said with sarcasm.

“She’s escaped custody.”

Nova sat there shocked at what he told her. “But how, when, how could they let this happen?” She got up and started to pace the floor.

“He didn’t give much detail about it but he said once he gets all the information he’ll relay it back to us.” Derek said.

“So what’s going to happen with the trial?” Nova asked.

“Not sure, guess he’ll let us know in the morning. In the mean time let’s just go and have little fun, alright?” He said with affection.

Nova took a deep breath and nodded. She jumped back into the shower and then got dressed.

“Do you want to grab something to eat or I can make something here.” Derek said.

Nova laughed at him, “Are you serious?” she said.

“What? You don’t like my cooking?” Derek smiled back at her.

“Well let’s just say that I like to EAT something edible tonight.” Nova laughed remembering the last time he tried to cook for her.  The Fire Department showed up and kicked the down the door ran into the house and found Derek standing in the kitchen with a frying pan full with burnt eggs and sausages while a thick smoked hovered above him that set off the fire alarm in the house. Nova stood in the door way laughing so hard she cried.

“Okay that could have happen to anyone.” Derek knowing she was thinking of that day.

“Okay sweetie if you think so.” Nova laughed at him. “Let’s go to Andrea’s they always make good pasta.”

“Your carriage awaits.” He grabbed her by the waist and led her to the car.




They went to Andreas and had a romantic dinner before they headed to O’Malley pub. When they walked into the pub Sandor, Yvey, Howard and Pesci were waiting for them. “Hey guys, where’s Eager and Dash?” Derek asked.

“They were called back to see if they can locate Tolbert.” Howard told them. “So how are you two doing?”

“Good, we are not letting Tolbert spoil this night. So let’s forget about it. I want to forget about the trial and everything right now, okay guys.” Nova said.

They all nodded and then ordered their drinks. The guys ordered beer and the women ordered margarita.

2006youkosan[1].jpgDerek looked over to Nova, “Will I have to carry you back to the house this time because I just might take advantage of you this time.” He smiled at her.

“Trust me you don’t have to get me drunk to take advantage of me.” She gave him a kiss and walked over to the juke box to pick out some music. “Hmmm this one sounds good” She punch the buttons and Elton Johns’ ‘Nakita’ came on. She grabbed Derek by the hand and began to dance with him. “I love you Derek, very much.”

“I love you too baby.” He said looking into her eyes.

Sandor and Yvey looked over to them and followed suit, dancing along side of them.  Pesci and Howard stood at the pool table and continue to play laughing at the poor shots that they both were taking.

Sitting down Sandor asked. “So how do you think this war is going to go Derek. Glitchman is reporting that Deslock fleet in getting hit hard over in Tizen Solar system. It looks like they are really peed off that you managed to take back their prize capture.”

“Well now that this trial being postpone we should be leaving soon. I wouldn’t be surprise that they start calling everyone in a day or two to report to the Argo ASAP.” Derek’s eye lit up just thinking about taking her over.

Nova watched him and smiled He’s waited too long for this she thought to herself.

“Well I guess we better stay close to the phones.” Sandor said.

“I’m glad that I got the assignment, I can’t wait to get back out there and kick some Bolar butt.” Yvey said.

Sandor knew how she was, but still worried about her safety. “Yvey now that we’re engaged I’m glad that we got orders together.”

“Ay papi are you starting to act like my pops. You know we had this conversation before and I thought that we came to an understanding.” She said with a stern voice.

“Yes my love,” Sandor stood down on this fight he’s already met here temper once at a bar with another female pilot that was harassing her about dating him. Words were exchanged and the other pilot threw a glass of beer in her face. Without warning she grabbed a bottle off the table and ran for the pilot, her five foot frame took the bottle and smashed it over her head. It caught the other pilot off guard enough for Yvey to put her in a choke hold and then punched her in her face. A brawl was in full swing with Yvey getting the best of the other pilot. The Bartender called the MPs and it took a lot of strings to pull for getting her out of it.

“Wow Sandor I guess I know who wears the pants in the house.” Wildstar grinned.

Sandor laughed. “You haven’t met her alter ego yet, she’s crazy. Latin women they have some temper.”

Wildstar and Nova laughed at him. Pesci and Denise finally came back to the table and sat down. “So what’s the joke?” Tony asked.

“Oh nothing, just discussing this little firecracker temper.” Sandor put his arms around Yvey and hugged her.

“Oh that thing.” Denise smiled at Yvey. No one ever found out who caused Tolbert her injuries in the jail.

It was Denise and Yvey idea to get pay back for what she did to Nova, with the help of the Admiral niece, Wendy. They got together a mile off the Prison. Yvey and Denise were in one car and Wendy pulled up in a military jeep. They jumped into the jeep with Wendy and drove to the front gate. Wendy handed the guard she knew from school some papers and he let them in. They came to the entrance of the prison and then continue towards the back were another guard waited for them. They all got out and Wendy tapped on the door three times. The door opened and the guard looked around behind them, than let them in. They followed him through the corridor until they came to the cell number 98c. Wendy nodded to the guard and he went to the end of the cell block. Denise called into the cell “Hello Julie.”

“Who is it?” Julie asked.

“Oooooh just a visitor, I’ve come to see how you are getting along.”

“What do you want?” she asked.

“You’ll see.” the lights went out and the door flew opened all three women charged into the cell with hoods on. Yvey threw a blanket over her head and Denise pinned her down to the bed. “What are you doing!?” she screamed out. Then with one swift punch Yvey hit her in the stomach sending her such pain that she throw up with the blanket still over her head. Denise punched her in the face causing her to spit up blood. They both continued to hit her while Wendy stood watch until she passed out.

“Now when you decide to become a traitor your best bet is to stay with the enemy.” Wendy said low enough for her to hear. They left her there lying in her bunk passed out and bleeding. They made their way back to the exit and hopped back into the jeep. “Now remember ladies we were never here.” Wendy said. They all nodded and drove back to Yvey car and bid their goodbyes.

Yvey smiled at Denise as she shared her thoughts of that night then got up and walked over to the Juke box and looked for some music.  

“So tell me captain, when do you think we will get orders? I hope that I get orders for the Argo. It would be a great honor to work on her.” Denise said.

“I’m sure orders will be past down soon enough Denise. Sandor I wonder who they will give orders to be my deputy captain. I hope they don’t send another crazy from my past I don’t think I can handle another ex.” Wildstar grin.

“Well they better not, or I’m filing for divorce.” Nova said.

“Now you wouldn’t do that would you?” Derek gave her a worried look.

Nova sat there silent and then smile, “Silly I love you too much to throw you back into the pool of single life again.”

He kissed her gently and brushed a hair out of her face. Yvey then came running to Stephen, “Papi, come dance with me. I haven’t heard this song in years.” They began to dance to Tito Nieves “without you” Sandor tried to keep steps with her as she try to teach him all the while laughing.

Nova and Derek looked at them and laugh at the odd couple she stood only 5 feet and Sandor was 6’ 2”, but somehow they complimented each other. Derek then turned to Nova, “you want to try?”

“Try what?” Nova asked.

“Dance to that.” He said.

“It’s not as easy as it looks.” Nova smiled at him.

“Come on let’s give it a try.” Derek got up and held out his hand. They walked to the dance floor and Yvey yelled out to them, “bailemos todo!” Derek took hold of her waist and held her hand and tried to do what Yvey was doing. Nova couldn’t help but laugh at his dancing. Yvey finally came over and grab Derek by the hand and began to give him salsa lessons. Which he picked up quickly and then grabbed Nova and dance with her. They laughed at the fun they were having until Nova saw Derek face smile disappeared. “Derek what’s wrong?” she turned around and there at the door way stood Spada and Ensign Jones the nurse from the hospital. She grabbed Derek by the waist and turned his attention to her. “Derek, remember he was the one that kept me alive. What happened among that is nothing.” Derek looked into his wife’s’ eyes and nodded.

“Your right baby, I shouldn’t be jealous at a man that knew his boundaries, and yeah he did keep you alive.” Derek hugged and gave her a kissed. Then let go of her and made his way over to him. It happened so quickly that Nova didn’t have time to stop him.

Spada stood there almost blood draining from his body “Michael, I just want to thank you again for taking care of my wife. I’m sure you told the truth as to what happen on Urbia with you and Nova. I can’t hold you two for what could have happened up there it was a tricky situation.” Derek turned to walk away and Spada gave a sigh of relief. Turning at the last minute Derek punched him in the face. Spada fell to the floor while Stephen and Pesci grab hold of him. Nova stood there shock and angry. She wanted to run to Michael and see if he was alright but she knew that will make it all the worst for him with Derek.

Spada got up, “I guess I deserve that. I shouldn’t have let it go as far as it did. I’m sorry Derek. I hope that we can get past this. The point is that Nova is safe and alive.” he stuck out his hand and stood there waiting for him to calm down.

Derek looked at him and told Stephen and Pesci to let him go, “I’m good.” He walked back over to Spada and took his hand. “Just to let you know she’s my wife and I’ll do anything to protect her even die for her. Your right she’s here and she’s alive, thanks to you, I thank you for that. But if you ever disrespect her or even think impure thoughts, I will hurt you.”

“Understood Captain, I would be just as protect of my wife if I was married.” Spada said. They both shook hands and then Derek asked them to join them.

The evening went on with laugher and tales of the ongoing war, when Wildstar notice the time. “Gosh it’s 0100 we better get some rest we have to see what’s the status of Tolbert and the trial.” He turned to Nova and grabbed her hand. “Goodnight everyone, see you in court. Ready baby?”

Letting out a yawn Nova bid everyone a goodnight and they left to go home.

Nova was drain from the day. Derek sat in bed looking over the manifest for the Argo crew. Some of the crew members didn’t received their orders yet so he said nothing to Pesci and Denise. He asked for them specifically, they were both excellent pilots and he wanted the best. Denise and Yvey were going to have their own group of fighters that were going to be called the Black Hornets with the latest fighter ships off the press. His third in command would be Sandor and his relief officer would be Wright. He also requested Miamato as his helmsman and Ortiz as his gunner. He was given cart Blanche for picking his crew, the only thing he was not given was who he wanted as his Deputy Captain. Nova crawled into bed with him and gave him a kiss.

“Good night Derek.”

“Hey what gives?” Derek put his papers away and pulled his wife close to him.

“Derek I’m really tired, maybe another time.” Nova smiled.

“Oh no, you said I can take advantage of you any time.” Derek started kissing her on the lips and then moved to her neck.

“Babe, I’m really beat.” Nova giggled from his touch.

“Just give me at least 10 minutes.”

“Is that all?” Nova purred.

“Well, it’s better than a minute.” Derek cooed.

She laughed at him and threw her arms around him. “If you insist.”


12th of December, 2205

As predicted orders began to come down, Tolbert escape was considered second thought to the war that was going on. Word was coming back from the Galaxy II that the Bolars were gaining control and moving forward to Earth. Derek and his crew had 3 weeks to get ready to launch.

Nova came home from the hospital late that day, “Hey sweetie how was work on the Argo today?”

Derek eyes lit up. He had the two most important girls back in life, his beautiful wife and the Argo. “She’s coming along just fine. You won’t believe the things that Sandor put into her. Her ranges on the guns are twice of what she had before going down.  The wave motion engine can get up to three times the speed in less time. She’s back baby, with all the bells and whistles.”

Nova smiled at her husband, he looked like a little kid in the candy factory. Not knowing which flavor to eat first. “I’m happy for you.”

“I knew you would be.” He gave her a kiss and began to look over the stats again of the new improved Argo.

“Derek, I need to tell you something.” Nova gazed at him.

Derek looked up and saw she was serious “What’s up Babe?”

“I received orders this afternoon. I have to leave a few days before you to Pluto.” Nova said.

Derek stared at her. He was hoping that she would stay here this time. He didn’t want her out there again with that mad man running around. He almost lost her in this war he didn’t want to lose her again and next time for good. “Why Pluto?”

“I can’t tell you it’s sealed orders. I won’t know until I get there.” Nova tried to tell him.

“What are you talking about sealed orders? That’s another way of saying it’s an undercover job.” Derek voice became hard “Did you asked for this?”

“Derek you know me better than that, I won’t even think of taking a job like this without talking to you.”

“I’ll talk to Singleton. I almost lost you once in all this. I’m not going to lose you for good,”

002 (3)a.jpg“Derek you can’t keep trying to pull strings and keep me here on Earth. These are orders and I have to abide by them. You weren’t the only one standing in front of the reenlistment panel I was there too, and my contract ends the same time as yours.”

“Nova I can’t go through this again, if something happens to you I don’t know what I’ll do.” Derek voice pleaded with her.

“Derek I can’t get into a heated discussion with you about this. It’s my job and that’s that.” She walked away and into their room, closing the door behind her.

Derek wasn’t giving in that easily he barged into their room And said, “Nova I’m not done!”

“Yes you are!” Nova yelled back.

“No I’m not!” He said back as if he was two years old.

“Derek don’t you think that I worry about you when you go away. Just because you’re in a huge vessel doesn’t make your job safer. A lot of things can happen on the bridge and don’t let me get started about you and that Super Star of yours. But I don’t sit back and whine about it, it’s your job!” She snapped.

He stood there quiet his blood boiling. He turned and just walked back into the living room; grabbed his jacket and walked out of the house.

Nova heard the door slam and she looked out the room. Her anger grew even more that he decided to walk out instead of facing what needed to be worked on.  If only I could tell him the truth she thought to herself.

He didn’t get back till late into the evening. Nova was a sleep when he entered the room. Stroking her face she stirred and looked up at him sitting next to her, “Sorry didn’t mean to wake you.”

Nova sat up. “Where did you go?” she asked sleepily.

“Went over to the Argo and did some work and to think.” Derek said. He didn’t really tell her that he went to see Singleton about her orders. He only told him what Nova told him orders are orders.

“Oh, and?”

“Your right, it’s your job. I shouldn’t have asked you to refuse orders, I’m sorry.” Derek told her.

Nova sat up and placed her hand on his face. “I know what you’re going through; believe me when I say that I’ll be in good hands on this next mission.”

Derek hugged her tight and tried to make peace with it for her sake.




Aquarius Moon Station

EDF Battleship ARGO

6th of January, 2206


“Sandor, are we on schedule?” Wildstar asked.

“On schedule Captain, detonation is in 29 minutes. All charges are in working order.” Sandor told him.

“Miamato once we are free and clear take her to the outer atmosphere of Earth so we can pick up our fighters.” Derek ordered. “We will stay there for a day and then head out to Pluto Base station. Sandor, make sure that everything is on schedule.”

“Aye aye captain.”

“Lieutenant Commander Wright I guess you can stand in for our Deputy Captain until we pick him up on Pluto Base Station.”

“Yes sir, any idea on who they will give you?”

“Probably some thick head young cadent that doesn’t know his elbow from his ass.” Wildstar said. “Let’s just hope that we don’t go through our last Deputy Captain.”

“Miamato take the bridge, Sandor my quarters please.” Wildstar order and took his lift up to his stateroom. He stood there looking at what use to be Captain Avatars room for the last time before she was resurrected.

“What’s up Wildstar?” Sandor said as he walked in.

“Any word on Glitchman and the Gamilon fleet?” he asked as he looked at the picture of Nova. She left for her mission days ago and he missed her already.

“They moved back to the Tizen solar system they manage to hit big there with one of the largest Bolar bases in the area. Fighting has been heavy. They lost some ships but have managed to get the upper hand.” Sandor informed him.

“Are we going to be ready Sandor? We haven’t had a chance to test any of the weapons and we only have a day of training at Pluto before we head out to Tizen Solar system.”

“Everything is in working order Wildstar. The only thing we won’t be able to check right away will be the wave motion gun.  We’ll have to wait to we get to open space before doing so.”

“Good, I’ll take your word on it.” Wildstar said.

“Any word on Nova, Derek?” Sandor asked.

“No, where ever they have her it’s hush hush.” He said.

 “Well she arranged a little something for your coming birthday at Pluto. She figure it will cheer you up. It won’t interfere with the training.” Sandor told him.

Wildstar smile. “Even being apart she still manages to throw her touches here. Okay only for a few hours. We’re all gonna need some sleep before launching towards Tizen.”

“Very good, Captain.” Sandor replied.

“Well better get to work, Stephen any date on the big day?” Wildstar asked.

“No, she’s not ready yet. And to tell you the truth I want to marry her like yesterday but she’s not in a rush. Her career is very important to her, and she hates the thought of me trying to give her anything.  She’s a very special women, I only wish I met her before wife number one or two.” Sandor told him.

“Just do me favor don’t ask me to do the deed, I was a nervous wreck when I did Howards and Pesci wedding. I thought I was going to pass out my nerves were so bad.” Wildstar grinned.

Sandor laughed at him remembering all too well that day. “Don’t worry I don’t think she wants to get married without her family being there.”

They made their way back to the bridge and took their places. “Captain on the bridge.” Wright called out.

“Alright everyone, let’s start the countdown.” Wildstar ordered from his chair.

“Being countdown T minus 15 seconds.” Sandor called out. “All charges on line, checking status. All detonator ready, and counting 5   4   3    2     1   detonate.”

They sat back and listen as the chargers went off. Little by little the ice in casement fell off the Argo until they could see the darkness of space.

“Charge the wave motion engine.” Miamato called back to Watanabe.

“Wave motion Charging, she up to 80 percent charge, up to 95, 100, 120 at full charge” Watanabe called back.

“4  3   2   1, ignite wave motion engine” Miamato called out.

With full force the Argo was now in working order. She ran as well as the first day they took off Earth back in 2199. Wildstar sat in his chair grinning from ear to ear she’s back and she’s mine. “Great job everyone. Now let’s go get our fighters.”

They made their way to sector L78 of the atmosphere and the Black Tiger with the new Black Hornets with leaders Lieutenant Commander Denise Howard and now a Lieutenant JG Yvette ‘Yvey’ Ortiz began to broad the Argo.

“Sir, a suggestion.” Sandor said.

“Yes Sandor.” Wildstar asked.

“Why don’t we head out to Pluto today  that way we have some time to make any upgrades if need be.”

“Sounds like a good idea Sandor. Once all our pilots are on let’s make the necessary arrangements to leave as soon as possible.” Wildstar ordered.

“Aye aye sir.” Sandor replied. Within the hour all were boarded and they warped to Base Station Pluto. “Eager, please call down to Pluto and inform them we will be docking here in space for the night. We will commence training in the morning.” Wildstar Ordered.

“Aye aye sir.” Eager called back.

“Miamato take the bridge.” Wildstar told him.

Derek walked out and up to his room. He sat behind his desk for hours looking over some paper work while the ship stayed quietly in orbit of Pluto. He finally looked up after looking over his work and stared out the window. He was happy yet depress for he was happy that the Argo was now in commission but it was his birthday and Nova wasn’t there to celebrate it with him.  Sitting back and closing his eyes to think about his wife when he heard someone knock on the door. “Enter” He called out.

“Hey Wildstar figure I come get you, Nova surprise is ready for you and the crew are all waiting in the chow hall.”

“Ah come on Sandor not now. Why don’t you tell the crew to just have fun and send them my apologies.” Wildstar said.

“Nope that’s not gonna fly Wildstar. I have strict instruction to get you there per Nova’s request. She wanted you to have some fun for your birthday.” Sandor placed his hand on his shoulder and led him to the mess hall.



As they gather into the dining hall of the Argo they all waited for the guest of honor. Derek Wildstar walked in with Sandor next to him the crew cheered as he made his way to the front of the hall.

“Sandor I don’t know why they went to all this trouble, I really don’t feel like celebrating right now.” Wildstar said threw the side of his mouth.

“Oh come on Wildstar they all work hard on this, and any way it’s your birthday. Nova would want you to have a good time.” Sandor tried to assure his friend.

“Easy for you to say you have Yvey here with you and Pesci has Howard. I can’t understand why they wouldn’t let Nova here with me. What could EDF possibly find to keep her away from me?

Sandor brought him to his table were Pesci, Delvechio, Eager and Dash waited for him.  As he sat down Sandor stood up on a make shift stage and told everyone to lower their voices. “Okay everyone keep it down the show is about to begin. Captain Wildstar with much appreciation the crew would like to give you this present. Happy Birthday Skipper.”

Wildstar sat in his chair embarrassed at the fuss that the crew gave for his birthday. All he wanted to do is go to bed and be alone, knowing that his wife wasn’t there with him to celebrate his birthday. The music came on and two marines brought out a huge cake that stood at least 4 feet tall. There was a woman in the back ground humming to the music. Then two more cakes were brought in and place side by side. When the music pick up the last two cakes brought out, popped open and out came Howard and Yvey in emerald silk and satin strapless dresses. They sang to En Vogue ‘Don’t let go’. The crew whistled at the two women jumping out of the cakes. Then the curtain open and SSgt Booker came out with a dress matching the two women in high heels. The crew roar with laughter and whistle harder for SSgt. Booker one crew member try to dance with him and he shoved him back into the crowd.

Wildstar laughed at the thought of a 6 foot Marine in women’s clothing trying to sing. But then he noticed something coming out of the first cake that was brought out. He stopped laughing at him and focused his attention to the women that jump out of the first cake. It was Nova in a blue satin strapless dress that was thigh high. When she turned he could see her back show no signs of the torture she endure from Hindleman. The two marines help her out as she continue to sing to him, Derek shock turned into a smile he sat with the others and started to enjoy the show.  Nova, Howard and Yvey sang to each of the men in their lives, then the two marines help Nova off the stage and she walked over to Derek kissed him in between a verse. She pulled him up to the stage and sang to him in front of the whole crew. When the song finished he hug her tight and kissed her. “Oh baby this is the best present ever, thank you.” Derek said smiling at her.

“The surprise is not over yet sir, my orders.” Nova handed him some papers that Sandor handed to her.

Derek opened them up and asked her “Is this for real?” he looked over to Sandor and the other men at the table which the two ladies joined.

Sandor looked up to the stage and answer him. “Yes sir, that is for real, meet your new Deputy Captain.”

Derek couldn’t believe it, he didn’t know whether to salute her or hug her. He just decided to hug her and kissed her hard and long. When they pulled away Derek looked into his wife eyes “Baby I love you, this is better than taking command of the Argo.” He turned to the crew that had quite down “Thank you all, I can’t believe you all kept it a secret, now I know if you’re ever capture that you won’t talk. This is one of the best crews I will have a privilege to work with. Now have yourselves a good time, because I want to spend time with the new Deputy Captain.” Derek helped Nova off the stage and walked over to his table. “Okay, who knew about this besides Howard and Yvey?”

“We all did Wildstar, figure it would be a nice surprise for you. You guys deserve it.” Eager said.

“Guys I don’t know what to say, thanks.” Wildstar said to them as he looked into his wife’s eyes. “I hope that you don’t mind but can I leave early and spend some time with Deputy Captain Forrester.”

“No Sir we won’t mind one bit, Nova you take your papi chulo and have some fun. We will understand, verdad guys” Yvey gave them all a look. “Go, que los paséis bien.” 



Derek threw opened the door to his stateroom still with their arms wrapped around each other and kissing. He kick the door closed and began to take her dress off, she too worked frantically to remove his uniformed. It has been a week since they saw each other until tonight and they needed to make up for lost time.  “Derek I missed you, I’m sorry that I couldn’t tell you about the orders. But I thought it would be a great surprise.”

“Oh baby, it was the best surprise yet, you couldn’t do anything better than this.” Derek said.

“Well there is one more thing I like to surprise you with.” Nova smiled at him “Derek when this mission is over I want to have a baby.”

Derek pulled away from her, “What?”

“I said I want to have a baby, silly.” Nova said with a laugh.

“Nova but you said that you wanted to wait a few more years.” Derek was confuse what could have change her mind all of sudden.

“I know what I said, but after being in that cell for so long not knowing whether I’ll make it out alive I couldn’t bare not coming back and waiting a few years to have your baby.” Nova said with tears in her eyes.

“Um this is …. I don’t know what to say.” Derek sat up and just looked at his wife.

“Say you want one too, Derek.” Nova wanted him to be happy about her decision.

“Nova are you sure, I mean really are you sure about this?” Derek asked.

“I mean we are going to have to start sometime.” Nova wanted him to know that she was ready. “So how about it Derek, think you’ll be ready to be a daddy?”

Derek sat there soaking everything in, “well I guess we need to start working on it then.”



Great Island

Somewhere in a secret landing strip

Months earlier . . . .

“Julie, I don’t ever want to see you again.” Stone said.

“But uncle, where will I go.” Julie pleaded.

“I don’t care, just go. You’ve manage to get yourself into it and I helped you escape. Now go, I don’t care where.” Stone snapped “Take the ship and leave. No one knows about it and it won’t be detected back to me.”

“Uncle PLEASE! I have nowhere to go.” Julie begged.

“You have embarrassed our family one too many times, first with that Hartcliffe fella, then chasing a married man. Now this, treason for god sakes what were you thinking.”Stone bellowed at her. “Julie I love you like I loved my sister and because of that I have helped you. But I am now done.”

“Uncle!” Julie placed her face in her hands and cried.

“Julie, I hired the best lawyer on Great Island and all he asked is that you told him the truth. Obviously from the Corporals testimony it was you that gave away our fleet position and for what to try to get a married man into bed with you. I am so glad that I was able to keep our relationship from everyone. You are my sisters’ daughter and have taken in her footsteps” Thomas Stone said. “The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Did you not learn from your mother mistake? She too went after someone that didn’t love her back and look where that got her. She killed herself for it. Julie, go and don’t come back. If you return to Earth I will make sure that next time you will get the death penalty. You put too many lives at risk and I won’t let it happen again. NOW GO!” he pointed to the ship.

Julie lowered her head and made her way into the ship. Stone watched as she took off and prayed that she follow his orders and never come back. If word got out that he was the one that helped he too would be on trial for treason. He never thought that it would have come to this point. He worked hard to keep their relationship a secret for years.

Ever since she started to act like her mother, running around like some tramp. It was some boy in her private school then Derek Wildstar at the academy. At first she didn’t think that he knew about them but then she started to taunt him by moving in with him and sleeping with other men. Then she decided to leave him and run off with that Hartcliffe fella. A young man that got her pregnant and once she told him in hopes that he would marry her. He high tailed it out of there, leaving her to have it alone.

She cried for days when she lost it and he didn’t even have the decency to come see her at the hospital. She then moved from one man to another hoping that one would marry her. But nothing ever pan out for her, they use her and abused her.

Then he gave her orders for the Endeavor re-entered Derek Wildstar. She had the crazy thought that she could win his affection back and pick up where they left off.  But he was already married and didn’t want anything to do with her.  He managed to keep her record clean pulling strings to give her a good evaluation report on her jacket. But he couldn’t do it any more she step too far when she helped the enemy capture Nova Forrester and put the fleet in danger. He had enough it was time to cut all ties to her once and for all. He managed to get two low life thugs to help with the escape. They posed as two uniformed MP’s returning her back to Central Prison. They never made it there. Instead of pulling to the road that led to the prison they went in the other direction and met up with General Stone.

Goodbye Julie, don’t ever come back Stone thought.

As Julie took off she thought to herself I will have my revenge with Derek and you uncle. If it’s the last thing I do.

The ship continued to go further and further into space until it became just a speck in the night sky.


EDF Battleship Argo

Pluto space station

27th of January, 2206


“Alright everyone it’s time to go, Captain Glitchman needs us. Prepare to head to the Tizen Solar System. Miamato are you ready to take control of her?” Wildstar asked.

“Yes SIR.” he replied proud to take the controls of the famous Argo to battle. “Warping in 10 minutes, attention all hands attention all hands, secure all areas for warp, warping in ten minutes.”