Onward With Love…

Chapter Twenty

By Yuki Wildstar


Great Island

Residence of Yvette Ortiz and Stephen Sandor

25th of June, 2205

0634 Hours


“Good morning Yvey, how did you sleep last night?” Sandor looked at her. Sandor gave up his apartment in the city and moved in with her at her insistences. It’s cold and empty there and anyway you spend most of your time here. Just move in, that way we can really test out the waters before we set a date. He laughed at her.

“I slept great knowing that I wake up to you.” Yvey smiled “what have you plan for today?”

“Have to go in and check on the computer systems, I want to make sure she is at her best when he takes her over. What are you going to do today?”

“Figure I get some flying time in before its gets crazy.”

He sat up on one elbow and gave her a kiss “Love you very much Chiquita, you want to meet back at the pier and then we head over to your parents for dinner.”

“Sounds great, but first I need some love to make my day easier.” she pulled him by the neck and then kissed him. “Wow Stephen it just keeps getting better. I guess marring someone older with bionic arms and legs has its perks. You sure know all the right spots.”

“Baby you make it just as interesting. I guess we better get going, join me for a shower?” Sandor raised his eyebrow with a grin.

“Of course beat you there.” She giggled and ran for the bathroom with him in pursuit.



She moved quickly trying to put on her uniform, as did he. “I can’t believe we’re late. See what you did.” she smiled at him.

“Sorry sweetie, hurry up we have to be out of here in 5 minutes or else we’re really going to be late.” Sandor ran for the door while Yvey grabbed her boots so she can put them on in the car. They both dodge for the car giggling and laughing. Sandor jump behind the wheel and Yvey took the passenger side. As she put on her boots Sandor made his way into the city at top speed. Once on the base Sandor drop her off at the air strip, kissed her and drove over to the pier. He ran up the gang way and saluted the private standing duty. “Is the shuttle ready?” he called out to the private.

“Yes sir they are waiting for you.”

tere[1].jpg“Great.” Sandor ran faster to the shuttle, once there he met Eager and Dash.

 “What took you so long Sandor it’s not like you to be late.” Dash said while winking at him.

“Sorry had to help Yvey with something, lost track of time.” He said blushing.

“Help her get into something or get out of something?” Dash laughed.

“Let’s go.” Sandor closed the shuttle door and prepare for takeoff.

Eager took control of the shuttle and began to make his checks “This is shuttle 34 requesting permission to depart for Aquarius moon mission.”

“Roger Shuttle 34, you’re running a little late. You can take off on run way L76, please make necessary calculation for departure.”

“Roger control tower, departure on runway L76.” Eager called back.

Both Dash and Eager looked at Sandor and smiled. Sandor just looked away turning beet red from embarrassment. As they took off Sandor looked out the port hole and watched as two Tiger fighter take off. He smiled to himself thinking of what happened earlier that morning. When he turned back to Dash and Eager he saw them grinning at him. “What?” he asked.

“Oh nothing.” Eager said giggling.

“Okay lay off Eager you can see that he is happy as a cow just getting milked.” Dash tried not to laugh.

“Back off you two. So I’m happy is there a crime on that?” Sandor said sarcastically.

“No, not at all.” Eager smiled at him. “Only that it looks like she has got you in a tails spin. I’ve never seen you like this, it suits you Sandor.”

“Can we get back to the mission please and less focus on my love life?” Sandor began to get annoyed with them.

“Yes sir” Eager stood at full attention and saluted him before taking the controls again. “Coming on Aquarius moon base now, this is shuttle 34 to Aquarius moon base, request permission to land.”

“This is Aquarius moon base you’re late, permission granted. Please place on auto pilot we will guide you in.”

010a.jpgThey both turned to Sandor and laughed.

All three made their way to the bridge and began to look over the computer system. Dash sat in his chair smiling. “This feels great I thought I’d never see the day that we will be with her again.”

“Wildstar is going to be very happy.” Eager said.

“She’s going to be a nice surprise for him.” Dash said “Have you heard anything yet on their return Sandor?”

“No nothing.” Sandor said as he looked over the instruments.




EDF Battleship Endeavor

Near Pluto Base


“Roger that Endeavor, they have been expecting you back on earth.” Pluto base said. It took them over a week to get back, with continues warps. The last continuous warp that they made like that was when the Argo was escaping the destruction of the Black Nebula planet, where he lost his niece Sasha.

“Pratt put me through to Admiral Singleton.”

“Aye aye sir!” Pratt turned to his system and placed the call. “Sir I have the Admiral on line, switching him over to video panel.”

“Thank you Pratt, Sir Captain Derek Wildstar here. We are now passing Pluto base we should be on earth in 2 hours. We’re making finial warp in 30 minutes.”

“Captain Wildstar we will have the ambulance ready and waiting. Central Hospital is preparing for her arrival.”

“Thank you, sir.”

“Singleton out.”

“Okay everyone prepare for final warp” Wildstar said. “Wright, take the con.”

“Yes sir,” Wright said.

Wildstar made his way down to the medical ward and walked in. He spotted Doctor Spada and walked over to him. “How is she Doc?”

“The same, sorry I don’t have better news for you Captain.”

“Thanks, can I go in?”

“Sure go ahead.” Spada said. Wildstar was there every chance he got. If he wasn’t on the bridge or taking care of the ship he was by her side. The nurses made him a bed so that he could sleep there. Not that he got much sleep just hearing her rasp for air and the machine going kept him up most of the night worried about her. He talked to her every night and played some music for her.  He walked into the room and smiled at her, he knew she was in a coma but just knowing that she was still alive gave him hope that everything would be okay. “Hey baby, sorry I wasn’t here this morning, but I had to prepare for a warp. Just one more and then we’re home. I just came to check on you, I have to get back and get ready. You’ll be home soon, everyone is waiting for you. I love you Nova just hold on a little longer.” He lean down and kissed her on the lips.

He walked out and over to Spada. “Doc, make sure you have her ready to depart as soon as possible. The ambulance will be waiting for her at the dock. Everyone else will get off after she leaves. I have to wrap things up here and follow behind. Doc, thank you for everything.”

“You’re welcome Derek.” Spada said. He felt awful knowing that he and Nova came close to making love and hope that she doesn’t remember what happened. He had to stop it before it went too far, he didn’t want her to feel regret. They were both lonely and she was delusional, he didn’t want to take advantage of her like that.

Wildstar shook his hand and went back to the bridge.


Earth space

Aquarius Moon Base


“Yes sir we are wrapping it up here.” Dash said then turned to Eager and Sandor. “Hey guys we better go. Just got word that the Endeavor should be warping in a few, guys, its Nova she’s hurt. They have an ambulance waiting for them when they dock. We need to get out of here, Wildstar going to need all the support he can get.”

Sandor and Eager looked at him and left everything for later. They all ran to the shuttle and took off back to Earth to wait for the Endeavor.  Eager flew the shuttle with quick speed and landed it back on the base. They all ran off the ship and headed for their cars, each racing to the docking pier. When they arrived they already saw the ambulance waiting with lights flashing. “Eager I need to make a call I’ll be right back.” Eager nodded at him knowing that he was going to call Yvey and tell her that Nova and Derek were almost here. Sandor ran to a guard house and asked to use their phone. The Private gave him the phone and he dial the number “Yes this is Lieutenant Commander Stephen Sandor is Ensign Yvette Ortiz around?”

“Yes sir she’s in the hanger, just a minute.” Sandor heard him call over to her and heard her ask who it was. A few seconds later she was on the phone. “Hello Stephen, what do I owe this pleasure, you couldn’t get enough this morning?” She giggled.

“Yvey, honey the Endeavor will be docking in an hour, its Nova she’s hurt really bad.”

“Oh my god, how bad Stephen?” she started to sound worry.

“I’m not sure yet, they didn’t say. But there’s an ambulance that’s waiting for her here. I’m sorry I won’t be able to make our plans tonight, please tell your family I’m sorry. But Wildstar is going to need all the support he can get.”

“Stephen don’t worry about that, I’ll call them now and meet you at the hospital.”


“Yes papi?”

“I love you, thank you?”

“De nada, meet you at the hospital,” with that she hung up and called her family and explain the change of plans. She dropped off her helmet at her locker and grabbed a military jeep from the hanger then made her way to the hospital.


Great Island

Docking bay 23

EDF Endeavor

25th of June, 2205


The Endeavor landed at 1142 hour, Spada and a nurse stood at the hatch and waited for the gangway to draw out. Once they fully dock Spada and the nurse ran down with Nova on the gurney. They whisked her onto the ambulance and it took off towards Central Hospital were Doctor Sane and a team of specialist waited in the emergency entrance.  He took control once the ambulance pulled up. Rushing everyone to take her up to the OR, “come on let’s get moving, we don’t have any more time. IQ9 make way to the OR. Move, get out of the way!”

“Move Nova is sick, she might die what will I do without her who am I going to chase now?” IQ9 yelled down the hall.

“IQ9 don’t talk like that, Nova will be fine after all she has the best surgeon and specialist here.” Doctor Sane said.


Mean while back on the Endeavor. . . . .


“Wildstar I can finish up here, you go you need to be with Nova.” Wright said.

“I know but …”

“Captain Wildstar I am now relieving you of your command. You are not competent to finish here, now go.” Wright told him.

“Thank you.” He grabbed his pea coat and captain’s hat and ran off the bridge to be with his wife. He ran down the gang way and spotted Sandor and the others waving at him. “They just took off Wildstar, how is she?” Sandor asked.

Not paying attention to what he was saying he looked around and saw Nova car. He ran for it and found the spare key she puts under the front right tire and opened the car, jumped in and sped off. Sandor, Eager and Dash followed suit in their cars. He pulled the car up in the front entrance and left the car sitting there. “Hey you can’t leave that there it’s for emergency vehicle only. It will get towed.” the security guard yelled.

Wildstar ran and yelled back, “Tow it.” He made his way up to the OR area nurses station “Where is she?”

“I’m sorry Captain where is who?” the nurse asked. Just then Adrian one of the nurses that Nova worked with came over. Wildstar face began to get angry and was about to scream at her. “Captain Wildstar she is in the OR they are working on her right now. You can wait in there I’ll go in and see if I can get any information for you.” He told the other nurse to take him into the private waiting area and left to see what he could find out for him.

“Would you like anything coffee?” she asked as she opened the door to the waiting room.

“Yes please thank you,” Wildstar said. He was going to need it. He hadn’t slept right in days.

“Derek how is she?” Eager asked as he, Dash and Sandor walked into the room.gallery256[1].jpg

Wildstar shook his head and sat silently waiting. The nurse returned with a cup of coffee and handed it to him. “Thank you,” he managed to say then looked at Sandor and the others. Sandor sat next to him and placed his hand on his back. “How bad is she Wildstar.

“Bad, when we found her, she was. She was almost dead.” Wildstar eyes weld up with tears. “Sandor if she doesn’t make it I don’t think I could live on without her.”

“She’s going to make it, she’s a tough girl. She won’t give up that easily.” Sandor tried to assure him.




EDF Battleship Endeavor




“Okay traitor time for you to go.” Howard said. “Get up we’re to escort you over to the base brig.”

Tolbert stood up and place her hand behind her back and turned to her so she could place the handcuff on her. Tolbert turned and punch her in the face and then pushed her to the floor. Howard with lighting speed kicked her feet and tripped her.  She crawled over to her and got on top of her. Tolbert try to gain control and push her off of her, but Howard had her weight on her and began to punch her hard in the face. “You little bitch you think you’re going to escape. Take that and that, and that’s for Nova, you tramp.” The two female marines ran in when they heard the commotion and grab Tolbert by the hair. Throwing her onto the bed, one marine sat on her while the other place the handcuffs on her. She helped her up and Howard walked over to her. “Not this time cookie, you’re not going to weasel out of this one,” and then punch her in the jaw hard enough to knock her out. “Now take her down to the MP’s waiting for her.”

They dragged her down and the MP looked at her. “What happened to the prisoner?”

“She tried to escape, we had orders from the Captain to use any force necessary.” Howard said to them.

The MP lifted her face. “Well at least we don’t have to hear her mouth, she’ll be a quiet prisoner. Put her in the van.”

Howard helped the Marines placed her into the van, they saluted and she returned their salute. “If she gets up and opens her mouth use whatever force you have to gag her.”

Howard made her way to her car that she left there when they took off and made her way to the hospital. She walked into the main entrance and asked the Receptionist where they brought Nova. The same time Yvey walk in asking the same question. They both looked at each other “Who are you?” Howard asked.

“I’m Ensign Yvette Ortiz, Nova and I were roommates on the Sitka before she was capture and you are?”

“I’m Lieutenant Commander Denise Howard, Nova and I served together on the Endeavor. She’s my best friend.”

“Hello Ma’am we didn’t get to know each other well. She was capture before we were able too.” Yvey stood at attention.

“At ease Ensign, and its Denise, please.” Howard said. The nurse looked up and told them where they were keeping her when Pesci and Delvechio walked in. Howard introduce them to Yvey and they all made their way up to the OR waiting area. Entering the room Denise walked over to Wildstar and touched his hand. “Any word Captain?” He shook his head and stayed quiet. Yvey walked over to Sandor and gave him a kiss. “How is he, Stephen?” Yvey asked.

He looked up at her and smiled “Thank you for coming you didn’t have to come.”

“Papi your friend is mine friend and Nova is a cool chica.” Yvey said.

“Come on.” Sandor stood up standing a foot and half over Yvey and took her outside to get some coffee for everyone.

Hours passed by before Doctor Sane walked into the room. “Wildstar?” Derek looked up bracing himself for the news that he was about to get. “She’s stable we manage to finish the repairs that they started on ship. Doctor Spada did a good job in trying to keep those wounds clean. Had he not, she may not have made it past the first few days. Derek, she is going to need some plastic surgery, mostly skin grafting.  She will need a minimum of 3 procedures. We will use the allergenic technique that should work. If not we may have to see about family donors. Does Nova have other family?”

“Just her parents, maybe a few cousins, I’ll have to talk to her mother.” Something Wildstar was not prepare to do but had to let her know about Nova.

“Make the call Wildstar the sooner we start the sooner she’ll get better. She is still on antibiotic and will be on that until after the surgeries. Now I’m must go back and get ready, we will start on her surgery tonight and then again in two days. Wildstar she is in good hands.” Sane told him.

“Doctor Sane can I see her?” Wildstar asked.

“Yes Wildstar, but only for a few minutes the nurses will be in there to prepare her for surgery.”

“Thank you Doctor Sane.” Wildstar got up and followed him to Nova ICU room. Still hooked up to the machines they laid her on her side also to keep her wounds from getting infected. He walked over to her and bent down. “Hey babe, your home. Doctor Sane is going to work on you soon so I only have a minute. I know you wouldn’t like for me to call your parents but I have to let them know. Anyway Doctor Sane advice me to call, he may need them to donate some skin tissue. So hang in there, you have the best doctor on the planet working on you. I love you.” Derek walked out and may his way to a Nurses station and made the call to her parents.



Planet Bolan

Bolar Command headquarters


Prime Minster Bemlazy entered the command center. He waited a long time to see him, Hindleman stood in the center of the room head bow and saluting. “You’re Excellency.” Hindleman said.

“General Hindleman I am not happy at what happened on Urbia and when I’m not happy then no one is happy. Tell me what happen and chose your words carefully.” He said looking at him with slit eyes. He was angry to lose another base in the hands of incompetent fools.

Hindleman continued to bow at the prime minster. “Your Excellency it was not I that let the prisoners escape, I gave specific orders to my aid Pevin to make sure that they were heavily guarded. He is the one that made the decision to have only one guard on a cell block. Never once did he inform me about the status of how many were on duty.”

Bemlazy stared at him the veins on his head began to bulge from his head. “You fool do you think I would believe such a story. Pevin has been informing me about your stupidity.”  He grabbed his staffed and with one swift swing hit Hindleman across the head, bringing him down to his hands and knees. He knelt down to him “Tobo do you not think I don’t know about how you use my army for your personal vendetta. You have failed me, but I am willing to give you another chance. You will take over one of my fleets and bring me Captain Wildstar and then only then you will be back into my good graces. He has interfere with my plan one too many time. Do I make myself clear Tobo?”

“Yes your Excellency, I understand.” Hindleman said fearing for his life.

“Very well go and do not fail me again.” Bemlazy told him.

Hindleman got up and began to walk out the door looking towards Pevin. I will get my revenge my friend you too will suffer.




Planet Gamilon

Deslock palace

26th of June, 2205


“Deslock my love any word on Captain Wildstar and Nova?” Devina asked.

“Not yet, I have been in constant contact with Captain Glitchman and he said he would relay anything to us when he gets the information.” Deslock told her.

“Deslock, I feel so responsible, my father is such a monster. If I hadn’t gotten on that,” Devina trail off.

“Devina my love if you didn’t take off on the escape pod I wouldn’t have met you and I’d be a miserable man.”

“I know that she will pull through, but I just hate my father for what he has done and I never want to see him again.”

They talk more about Nova and Derek when Arlin walked in. “Arlin how are you, are you getting alone with everyone?” Devina asked.

“Very well your highness, Emperor Deslock may I speak to you privately.” Devina looked at them both, kissed Deslock on the cheek and walked out. “Emperor Deslock, you said you would release my partner.” Arlin told him.

“I am a man of my word. He will be release as soon as possible.”

“Sir please, let me escort him to somewhere safe. If he returns home he will be marked as a traitor, he does not wish to stay here. He has only a wife that is living on the planet Messier, 40,000 light years from here. I can bring him there and I will return to take my position as Princess Devina’s personal body guard.”

Deslock nodded, “I believe that you would. I will have Talan arrange for your partner to be escorted to Planet Messier. He can leave as soon as he like. Now go and return if you like when you can.”

“Thank you Emperor.” Arlin saluted him and left.

“Talan” Deslock called.

“Yes sir?”

“Please make sure that he is given a ship.” Deslock said. He was grateful that he was loyal to Devina; he knew that he did not like him very much but he protected Devina when she was on planet Urbia and he will never forget that. He was loyal man and he needed someone to have that loyalty for his wife. 





Great Island

Central Hospital

27th of June, 2205

2325 hours


Derek sat in the ICU room watching Doctor Sane looked over Nova chart. “Wildstar, her surgery went well. It looks like the tissue took and she’s healing well. We should be bringing her out of the sedation in the morning. She will need 2 more skin grafts in the next two weeks. Don’t look so glum she’s doing well. She’ll be home before you know it.”

“Thank you Doctor Sane.” Derek said with a tired voice. Since their return he took short naps inside her room. Looking at him closer Sane could see the bags in his eyes and he looked daunt and he knew that he hasn’t slept well since she was captured.

“Now go home and get some sleep. You can’t be any use to her if you don’t get any sleep.”

“I’m alright Doc; I can’t let her down now. She needs to see me when she wakes up. I can’t let her wake up and I’m not there.” he told him.

“Suit yourself, I’ll have a nurse set something up for you, try to sleep.”

“I will, thanks Doc.”

Doctor Sane left the room and Derek watched as she slept. He had doze off in the chair and felt someone put their hand on his shoulder. When he looked up Doctor Spada stood over him.

“Captain Wildstar you should go home and get some sleep.”

“Derek, Please I’m off duty right now.”

“Well maybe you should go home and change your still in uniform. I promise she’ll be alright. We’re not going to pull her out of sedation until morning so you have time to go home shower and change. I’ll stay with her if you like.” Spada assured him.0[1].jpg

“I don’t know, suppose she wakes up and I’m not here.”

“Derek she’s sedated.  She won’t come out of it till we bring her out of it. Now go home.” Spada insisted.

Derek was about to argue with him when Sandor and Yvey walked in. “How is she?” Sandor asked.

“Sandor please help me out, he needs to go home and rest. Nova will be fine, he should go home and shower, change and maybe get some sleep.”

“Wildstar, he’s right you haven’t slept in days and you could use a shower.” Sandor waved in the air and tried to make him laugh.

“Come on chulo, we’ll take you home.” Yvey grabbed him by the arm and moved him out the room.

“Hold on.” Derek walked back into the room and bent down to kiss his wife. “I’ll be back a little later, ok baby.”

Yvey put her arm through his and walked with him and Sandor out the ICU and out the hospital.

Derek looked around to see about Nova car and realized, “Oh crap, she’s going to kill me. They must have towed the car, I left it park out here in the front.”

“Derek, they were about to towed it when Dash took it and parked it over there.” Sandor pointed to the parking area “Why don’t you leave it here, Yvey and I will take you home.”

“Naw, I’m not staying there long, just shower and change. I don’t want you guys waiting on me and hulling me around. I promise I’m going home.”

“Alright here are the keys,” Sandor shook his hand and pat him on the back “We’ll stay with her for a few, I think Singleton will be stopping by later also to see how Nova is doing.”

“Well let me go, thanks a lot Sandor I appreciate it.” Wildstar walked over to the car and jumped in.

Walking in it felt stuffy and cold. Most of the furniture was covered with sheets and dust seemed to settle on top of it. He made his way over to the bedroom and stood there looking at their bed. He pulled the sheet off of it and lay down. He closed his eyes for just a moment.  When he woke up it was 0608 hours Oh crap I slept almost all night he got up and took off his uniform, jumped in the shower and let the water run down his head and back. He quickly dressed throwing on a pair of jeans and polo shirt. He threw on some sandals, got back into Nova’s Mini Cooper and went back to the hospital.

The nurses on duty watched as he walked back to Nova room and called Adrian over. “He’s back.” He looked into the room and saw Derek sitting back in his chair.

“Good morning Captain Wildstar, she looks better this morning.” He said as he checked her IV bag and chart.

“Yeah she does.”

“Looks like they’re planning on bring her out of sedation this morning. So that’s good news. I’m sure you’re excited about it.” He tried to make idol conversation with him.

“Looks like it. It will be nice to see her brown eyes again.” Wildstar said.

“Oh by the way, a Mrs. Forrester called and asked to speak to you. She said she tried to call the house but no one answered.” Adrian told him.

“What else did she say?”

“She was leaving on her private jet and should be here in the morning.”

Derek took a deep breath and sigh this is going to be interesting he thought to himself.

“Would you like for me to set up a bed for you.”

“I’m okay thanks anyway. Managed to get some sleep at home.” He told him.

“Well if you need anything let me know, just push the red button over there.”

Derek nodded and Adrian left back to the nurses’ station.

It was 0934 hours when Doctor Sane came back in, “Wildstar I see you decide to go home and rest.”

“Not by choice Doc.”

“Well here we go, mine you that it may take a few minutes for her to come out of it. It may even take a couple of hours but she will come out of it.”

“Are you sure Doc.?”

“Don’t question me. I am good at what I do.” Doctor Sane said with annoyance.

Derek just grinned at him and watched as he put an injection into her IV then removed her breathing tube. “There now I have to make other rounds I’ll be back to check on her a little later.”

“Is that all Doc?” Wildstar watched as he walked out the ICU.

“She’ll be fine.” He waved to him on the way out.

Derek sat there watching her to see if she would wake up. He walked over to the small Ipod and put on some music for her.



 She walked into the ICU fuming. Derek sat by Nova bed side and rolled his eyes when he saw her. The nurse asked her a questioned and she turned to her with anger “I’m here to see my daughter Nova Forrester!” she snapped.

Derek got up and made his way to the nurse’s station hoping to calm her down before she made a scene. “Hello Sandra.”

“Don’t you dare talk to me! She’s here because of you!” She turned to the Nurse “Where is her doctor?”

“Ma’am?” the nurse looked from her to Wildstar.

“Get me her doctor right now. I’m taking my daughter home!” She yelled.

“Sandra calm down, this is not the place or the time.” Derek said through his teeth.

She made her way over to Nova room and opened the door. “When is the time or place Captain Wildstar, tell me because I want to know!” Sandra glared at him then turned to Novas’ bed, tears forming in her eyes.

“This is not going to make her recover any faster so you need to calm down.” He snapped at her. Derek always managed to stay out of Nova and her mothers’ way when it came down to arguments but this was different it was between the two of them.

“It’s your fault she’s here, making her take unnecessary risk. How could you send her out into the hands of a mad man?! I’ve had enough of her risking her life with this childish dream. I’m taking her home now, I have a chopper waiting for us to take us to the airport and head back home. Nurse where is that drunk of a doctor?” she yelled over to the nurse.

“Sandra you’re not taking her anywhere, she is not to be move. She’s staying right here.” Derek grabbed her by the arm.

“Let go of me, I’m taking my daughter home, and that’s it.” She yanked her arm away from him.

“You’re not taking her anywhere. I’m her husband and I say she staying right here. This is her home now, here on Great Island with me. Now leave and when you calm down you can see her.” Derek snapped at her.

“I’m not going anywhere!” she said with anger then slapped him across the face. “You should have kept her safe. You promise me on your wedding day that you wouldn’t let anything happened to her and now look at her. She’s in this hospital broken. I trusted you and look at her.” She pointed towards Nova. “First I almost lost her coming back from Iscandar and now this. What’s it going to take, Captain, tell me.” She screamed.

“Sandra, lower your voice.” He said looking over to the nurses’ station as they all turned to watch the commotion. “I can’t control your daughter, you know that. Don’t you think that if I could I would have stopped her from getting on the ship. I blame myself I don’t need you to keep reminding me of it. Now please leave you can see her when you’re a little calmer.” He yelled at her.

“I’m not leaving until I speak to her doctor and make sure that she is alright.” Sandra snapped.

“You’re leaving now.” Derek said with vial.

Humming to the tune that was playing they were both shock to hear her. “Mother, leave him alone” Nova said with a raspy voice.

“Nova!” Derek ran to her and smiled.

She moved her hand and brought it up to his face. “Hello there my love, voice a little scratchy.” She smiled back.

“Oh baby I’ve missed you so much.” Derek said with tears in his eyes.

“It felt like a dream, where am I?”

“You’re in ICU Central Hospital.” Derek told her.

“Nova, sweetie, don’t worry I have all the best doctors back home waiting for you.” Sandra spoke with a stern voice. “They will take over from here. I’ll make the arrangements right away.”

“Sandra I told you, she’s not going anywhere.”

“What right do you have, I am her mother!” Sandra yelled.

“But she is my wife, and she is staying right here. Now leave, or I will have you escorted out.” Derek snapped at her.

“Nova are you going to let him talked to me like that?”

“You heard him Mother. Leave, you can come back later with Father.” Nova told her.

“Nova, are you taking his side?” she stood there shocked at her daughters’ behavior.

“Yes, he is my husband.” Nova try to raise her voice but couldn’t.

Derek walked over to the door and waved to the nurse “Nurse, please escort Mrs. Forrester out, thank you.” Derek ordered. Sandra threw her hands in the air and began to walk out.

She turned around at the door. “This is not the last of it, Derek. I will speak to your superiors.”

Derek looked at the nurse, “Make sure that she leaves.”

“Yes sir.” the nurse said back worried.

“Don’t worry about her she is all talk, and don’t bother calling Doctor Sane. He doesn’t have to be in the middle of this.”

She nodded and walked Sandra out then went back to her work. Derek walked back to Nova and sat down next to her. “Hey there sweetie, you look good.” Derek softly said.

Nova tried to move. “Ouch it hurts.”

“Baby, please don’t move. They still have to do two more skin grafts on you.” Derek said while stroking her hair.

“Derek, how about Spada?” She asked him.

“He’s okay, back to work already.” He smiled at her.

Nova was ready to ask him about how they found them and then remember. “Tolbert!”

“We know she was the one that gave you up and the fleet. She’s going to be facing a court marshal as soon as you’re well enough to testify.”

“I saw her there.” Nova tried to talked.

“Nova rest we can talk about this later.” Derek gave her a kiss. “I love you very much. I better go and make some calls to let everyone know that you’re awake. I’ll be right back, get some rest okay baby.”

“Yes sir.” she smiled at him and tried to salute.

He smiled at her and walked out to the nurses’ station to make the calls.



Within hours her room was filled with people coming and going. Derek called Sandor and he passed the word to everyone else. The news spread as far as the Galaxy II and Gamilon. Weeks went by and her recovery went ahead of schedule which surprised everyone.

Derek was giving Nova updates on the war with the Bolars and passing on best wishes. “Deslock and Devina send their love, their happy that you’re recovering so quickly.” Derek told her.

Doctor Sane was happy as well that her recovery was going quickly and the graft went smoothly. 

“Nova looks like your healing faster than we expected, tomorrow will be the last of the skin grafts. It looks like you only needed three. You are my miracle patient and my greatest work.” Doctor Sane said with pride.

Sandra Forrester stood in the corner watching as Doctor Sane check her back and bandages, then gave the nurse instruction on her medication. 

“Doctor Sane, when can she travel?” Sandra asked.

Derek looked up at her and gave her slit eyes. “Sandra we are not going to have this conversation again.”

“She is going to need some rest and” Sandra began to say.

“Mother no, I will be fine Derek will take care of me. Plus they will need me to testify at the court marshal hearing.” Nova was angry at her mother for even thinking of taking her back to the States.

“But Nova darling you need to recover, I can take care of you there. Derek will start work soon and who is going to take care of you then.”

“Mother I’m a grown woman, I’ll be able to take care of myself and any way Derek orders won’t start until after I’m better. So leave it alone.” Nova told her.

“Then I’ll stay with you at the house when Derek goes back.”

Derek eyes almost jump out of his head and the blood drain from his face he looked at Nova and pleaded with her. “No mother, go home, I need whatever time I have with Derek, ALONE at my house.” She said making her mother look away. Nova knew if her mother stayed with them she wouldn’t give Derek a single day of rest let alone her.

“But Nova, I’m your mother, I should be . . . ” Sandra whined.

“Mother, please enough, I’m going home with Derek ALONE!” Nova raised her voice enough for her mother back down.

Nova’s father James a tall man with gray hair and moustache walked into the room. “How are you Nova? Feeling better I hope.” Nova had his eyes, warm and loving. Quickly Sandra ran to him crying. “What’s wrong Sandy?”

“Your daughter is being impossible.” She said crying.

“Oh mother, please enough with the drama.” Nova rolled her eyes at her.

James laughed at his daughter he knew all too well how her mother can be. “Sandy your daughter is head strong so why do you persist in trying to change her.”

“James she won’t even let me stay with her and help her with her recovery.” Sandra cried.

“Sandy don’t you think after what she’s gone through all she wants to do is be with her husband. She doesn’t need you there to interfere.” James said to her.

Sandra face twisted that he chose them over her. “James, take me to the hotel.” She stomped her foot and began to walk out the door.

James walked over to his daughter and gave her a light hug. “She’ll be alright, sweetheart, don’t worry about her. Derek take care of my little girl, I’ll call you tomorrow to see how everything went. Honey I love you. Good luck on your last skin graft.” He shook Derek hand and then left to catch up with his wife.

gallery819[1].jpg“Whoosh, I thought for minute there we have an uninvited guest, thank you babe.” Derek wiped his forehead.                                                               

“My mother can be a little insane and I don’t think having her there will make our sex life better. She would definitely ruin it, and I can’t wait to be home making love to you again.” She purred at him.

“I love you very much Mrs. Wildstar.” He grinned at her as she threw her arms around him and gave him a kiss.



Planet Gamilon

Deslock Palace

15th of July, 2205

1356 Earth Hours


“Talan any word on Cantara and the rest of the fleet?” Deslock asked.

Talan walked into the room, “Sir I have Captain Cantara on monitor.”

“Very good Talan. Captain Cantara, status on planet Urbia.” Deslock commanded.

“Your grace, we have taken control of the base on Urbia. Unfortunately General Hindleman has escape with most of his men.  Your grace should we take command of the base, or destroy it.” Cantara asked.

“Captain, take the base we could use it as a go between for our ships.”                                                                

“Sir what should we do with the remaining prisoners?”

“Let them go. They will be more use to us if they go back to their planets. They would give the Bolars more of a headache.” Deslock ordered.

“Yes sir, I will give the order to release the prisoners. Should we supply them with ships?”

“No, let them take whatever the Bolars left behind. We’ll need all our ships.” Deslock said.

“As you wish sire.” Cantara saluted and sign off.

“Talan, have you any word on Arlin?”

“Sir he has made the trip with little or no signs of enemy. Since then we have not heard anything yet, but we expect to hear from him soon.” Talan bowed.

“Very good, inform me when you do. I want to make sure that Devina does not worry about her friend.”

“Yes your grace.”


Deslock made his way back to their suite and walk in. Devina sat at her desk and looked at some papers. She now took over handling running the palace. She liked to stay on top of everything down to the details of the flowers.  Deslock made sure that she was also train in combat and handle a weapon. She didn’t like doing it but he did remind her that one day she may need it.

“Hello my love.” Deslock walk over to her as she worked on the next gala for when Homer came for updates on the some of the surrounding planets.

“Oh, I didn’t hear you come in. How did it go today my love?”

“So far so good and how was your day my sweet?”

“Everything is prepared for the Cantara returned.”

“Uh my sweet, I’m sorry but I just gave Cantara orders to stay on Urbia and take control of the base there.” Deslock felt unease at what she would say to him.

Devina looked at him with a smile. “Well I guess I’ll have to work on something else.”

“Maybe I should give you a fleet to work with. You do such a great job organizing the palace maybe you do just as good with a fleet.” Deslock laughed at the thought. He knew that his man would have a problem taking orders from a woman.

“Don’t be silly, I don’t have combat experience. And I don’t think that in my condition I should be taking control of anything but the stress of running a palace.” Devina grinned at him.

Deslock took a second and didn’t understand what she was telling him. “Are you ill, Devina?” looking at her with concern.

“Deslock my love, I think you need to sit for this one.” She held his hand and guided him to a chair. “Deslock we’re going to have a child.”

“What?” He sat there shock at what she just told him. “I’m going to be a father, already?”

“Don’t act so surprise, I mean we have been acting like space rabbits lately. What did you expect would happen?”

Deslock shock turned to excitement, he grinned at his wife and jump out of the seat picking her up off the floor. “Devina, you have made me the happiest man in the universe, next to our marriage.  We must announce this to everyone, Talan! Talan!” he called into the phone.

“Yes Emperor Deslock.” Talan heard the excitement in his voice. Devina must have informed him about her expecting. She had told him earlier that she suspected but want to confirm with the doctors. She asked him to keep him busy in the control center and he agreed Thank you Talan, do you think that this will make him happy. She asked him Princess Devina it will make him happier since the first day he laid eyes on you. I am happy for you and my Emperor, he now has a heir to carry on his legacy.

“Congratulation, your grace.” Talan smiled through the phone.





Great Island

EDF High security Prison

Cell A65

17th of July 2205

1025 Hours

“Lieutenant Commander Tolbert, I see here on the report that they are charging you with Treason, also conduct unbecoming an officer. These are charges that are hard to beat considering that the witness listed have firsthand knowledge that you were in cahoots with the enemy. These are serious charges, I’m going to have to investigate the other witness, is there anything you can tell me that can help your case out.”

“Only the fact Captain Wildstar tried to rape me.” Tolbert said.

“Excuse me Lieutenant when did this happen?” Ensign Davis asked.

“It happened after Commander Forrester was capture. He asked me back to his suite to go over some plans for the rescue mission and then he try to rape me.”

“And who did you tell this to.”

“I try to tell my superior officer Commander Homer Glitchman the captain of the Galaxy II, but he wouldn’t believe me. In turn they had me confide to my quarters.”

“These are strong allegation on such a highly decorative officer. Do you have proof of this?”

“Yes sir, Lieutenant Commander Pesci and Howard where present after I refused to sleep with him.”

“Julie, are you telling me the truth? Because, I don’t like surprises.” Davis told her.

“It’s the truth.” Julie replied.

“I warn you now if I find out that you lie to me or have misled me, I will bury you. The reason I’m the best is because that I expect my clients to be honest with me. If not you will sadly feel the heat in court, because I will let them fry you. Am I clear?” Davis told her.

“Yes, very clear.” Julie said.

“Very well, let’s go over this deposition.” He said as he pulled out some more papers.



Later that evening ….


“Hello Julie.” a voice came from behind the door.

“Who is it?” Julie asked.

“Oh just a visitor, I’ve come to see how you are getting along.”

“What do you want?”

“You’ll see.” the lights went out and the door flew opened three figures in dark clothes with hoods barged in, a blanket was thrown over her head and someone pinned her down to the bed. “What are you doing?” she screamed out. Then she felt someone hit her stomach sending a pain that made her throw up with the blanket still over her head. Another blow came to her face causing her to spit up blood. They continue to hit her until she passed out.

“Now when you decide to become a traitor your best bet is to stay with the enemy.” One of the visitors said.

They left her there lying in her bunk passed out and bleeding.




Central Hospital


Wildstar waited in the room watching Nova.

“The surgery went well,” Doctor Sane told him. “If she continues to heal this quickly she’ll be home by week’s end. Just as long as you keep her dressing clean I don’t see her staying to much longer. I’ll send over a nurse during the day to make sure she’s properly taken care of.”

GINA[1].jpg“Thanks Doc, you’re the best.” Wildstar told him.

“I know this.” Doctor Sane replied.

The nurse knocked on the door and peek in. “Sir, Mrs. Forrester is here.”

Derek shook his head and rolled his eyes, then took a deep breath. “Send her in please.”

He got up and greeted her at the door “Hello Sandra, she hasn’t come out of the anesthesia yet. But Doctor Sane here has given her a thumb up. She’s going to be alright.”

She nodded in Dr. Sane direction and walked over to her daughter bed side. “Nova my child I’m glad that your alright.” she gave her a kiss on the forehead and then turn to Derek. “When will she’ll be going home.” she asked.

“Maybe by the end of the week.” Doctor Sane said as he made his way out the door. He knew that they were having problems with Nova’s mother and didn’t want to get involved.

“I will make arrangements for her to be taken to the airport.” she said.

Derek couldn’t believe what he was hearing, she was persistent that’s for sure. “Sandra we already went over this, she’s going home to her own house.”

“Not after what I read in the paper,” picking up the paper she toss in his direction he couldn’t believe what he read. On the front page of the paper it read ‘PRESTIGIOUS CAPTAIN ACCUSED OF RAPE’ as he read on he found his name attached to the article.

“You can’t believe this? This is the same women that put Nova life in danger. She’ll do anything to discredit me, and destroy Nova.”

“Be as it may, I cannot have my daughter recover in the mist of this inquisition.” She said.

“Sandra, she’s not going and that’s that.” Derek stood at his full height and stayed stern.

“If I have to get a court order to have her claim incompetent to make medical decision then so be it.” She stood face to face with him.

“You have got to be kidding me.  Does James know about this?” He asked.

“This doesn’t concern him, I’m protecting my daughter.” Sandra spat back.

“We’ll see about this.” Derek was ready to grab her by the arm.

“ENOUGH” Nova yelled as loud as she could. She sat up in bed and turned to both Derek and her mother. “I’ve had enough, mother no more. Leave him alone for god sakes, you made my recovery harder with your over baring commands. Now leave, Derek call my father and have him come get her, I will deal with her later.”

“But Nova, I’m only doing this for your own good.” she cried.

“No you’re not, your just being selfish as always and the center of attention. What will I do back home? Have you make me a charity case for your friends. No thank you!” Nova snapped at her.

“But Nova you have friends there that care about you.”

“Yeah right mother. The only people that care about me are my friends here. All those other socialite are nothing but self center bitches that think of nothing but themselves, how much money their next husband make and how much of it they will take with them when they divorce.” Nova said with sarcasm. “Now get out.” Sandra stared at her then Derek with vengeful eyes and left the room.

“God I never knew that you had such fire in you babe. I thought she was going to blow a gasket.”

“Enough of that what is this about a rape.” Nova got to the point.

“Here you can read about it.” Derek handed her the paper and she looked at it.

“Is she serious?” she asked him.

“I don’t know, I just found out about it too. I’ll call headquarters and find out what this is all about. But for now how are you, how do you feel?” he smiled at her.

“Better now that she’s gone. I need to talk to my father about her she is getting way out of hand.” she said rolling her eyes and holding her head.

“Doc says that all went well, if your healing the way you have been you can go home by the end of the week.” He gave her a kiss.

“That sound great, I can wait until I get you home.” She grinned at him. “I love you Captain Wildstar.”

“I love you too.” he said.

They both turned as they heard a knock on the door. Derek looked up and saw Admiral Singleton standing at the door. “Admiral come in, she’s up.”

He walked in and over to Nova taking hold of her hand “Glad to see your doing better Commander.”

“Thank you, sir.” Nova replied.

“Sir I think I know why you’re here. We both read the paper. It’s not true I already put a report in for the incident that she is referring to. Captain Glitchman can vouch for it.”

“Derek, our lawyers are on top of it. We know that she is trying to turn the tables so they focus on her allegations and not her treason. I’ve already address the press at 0800 hours. Of course we will stand behind you on this one. Nova how are you, are they treating you well here?”

“Yes sir, looks like I’ll be going home sooner than expected.”

“I’ll make sure that the captain is there for you, now for the real reason I came to see you. Derek I’m sorry but I’m going to need you for a few hours today. We need to go over plans for the Endeavor refit.”

“Sir but I thought that I was off until Nova was well.” Derek questioned.

“Yes you are but this is something that can’t wait. Please make sure she is comfortable and come with me. There’s a car waiting for us out side.”

Derek sighed, he didn’t want to leave Nova now that she on the way of getting better, but she took his hand. “Go Derek, it’s not like I’m going anywhere. I’ll see you later, all I’m going to do is sleep anyway.”

“Are you sure baby?” Derek asked her.

“Yes, now go. They need you and you are the captain of her, now go.” Nova felt her eyes closing, after the fight with her mother it just drain her.

“Alright baby, if you need me call me. I love you very much.” Derek gave her a kiss and walked out with Singleton down to the car that was waiting for them.

“Wildstar I know that you won’t mind but the council has informed me that they decided to make the Aquarius moon base into a museum. They are renovating now, would you like to see it.”

“Sir the Argo a museum, shouldn’t that been brought up to the Star Force attention. I mean it’s a sensitive matter, I don’t think that Captain Avatar would want her as a museum. It’s a sign of disrespect. She is at her resting place.” He could feel his temper start to rise hearing such an action to his ship.

“We understand how you feel and we took that into consideration. Trust me it will be honor for its many battles.” Singleton told him.

They pulled up to the port and began to walk towards the Endeavor.  “Wildstar lets go up first and then we can deal with the Endeavor later. It’s getting late and they are going to need the flight pad for other departures.” Singleton said.

“I guess so.” the only thing he could think of is to get back to Nova.

“Wildstar let’s go.” Singleton waved him over. They made their way onto the Admirals shuttle and took off.  He sat watching out towards Earth thinking of Nova and how long this was going to take before he can get back to her, and then he saw as they made their way to Aquarius moon base. 

“Aquarius moon mission this is the Admiral Shuttle permission to land” the pilot said.

“This is Aquarius moon mission permission granted, please set to autopilot, tracker beams will guide you in.” the control tower replied.

“Roger moon mission autopilot switch on take control.” the pilot said.

Once they land Singleton place his hand on Derek shoulder and guided him out the shuttle. He brought him to an elevator that descended down into the icy block.

When the elevators stop the doors opened, Wildstar stood still for a moment and then made his way in. He would know this bridge from anywhere, there no mistaking it. The computers were on and blinking. The control panels were brand new. He look up to the captains’ chair and saw that it too was new, on the wall behind it stood Captains Avatars plaque. He walked over to the great window and looked out onto the deck no mistaking it. He stood in the middle of the bridge and felt at home.

“Captain Wildstar, your new command.” Singleton said while handing him his jacket. “Welcome home. The Argo is ready to go.”

“Sir I don’t understand, is she going to be a museum?” Wildstar asked.

“Captain Wildstar, The Argo in now back in commission she is yours to take.” Singleton said.

Wildstar couldn’t believe his eyes, she was his again to command. “I would ask how, but that doesn’t matter, she’s here is all I care about.”

Sandor, Dash and Eager walked onto the bridge and all laughed at him. “Welcome back Wildstar.” Eager said.

“How do you like our little surprise?” Dash asked him.

“Guys you all knew about this, Sandor that’s why they had you come back?” Derek said.

“Yeah, Singleton here has a friend on the counsel. They thought it would be a good idea to bring her back. Now with this war with the Bolars, we’ll need her for luck.” Sandor told her.

“I don’t know what to say, I can’t wait till I tell Nova.” Wildstar said with excitement.

“She already knows. We had to tell her in order to help us push you out the door. We knew that it would be impossible to get you away from the hospital if not only to change.” Sandor explained.

“So my wife had a hand in this too, even with the surgeries and recovery she manages to surprise me. I’ll thank her later.” Wildstar said.

They all laughed at him, “Captain meet your crew, Commander Stephen Sandor your chief technical advisor, Lieutenant Commander Christopher Eager your chief tactical officer and Lieutenant Commander Dashell Jordon chief artillery officer.” Singleton said.

“Eager but you’re captain of the Sitka?” Wildstar said.

“And give up the chance to be on her again not a chance.” Eager said.

“Sandor and you?” Wildstar asked him hoping that he resume his position as deputy captain.

“Wildstar I’m a better technician then a deputy captain. Sorry but we have no clue to who is going to be deputy captain.”

“Sir, my Deputy Captain?” Wildstar asked Singleton.

“When you’re on your way to Pluto you will receive his jacket. You are to leave 2 months after the trial, as flagship to the 3rd fleet.” Singleton informed him.

“This is great news, I can’t wait to tell Nova, not that she didn’t know about this already.” Wildstar smiled. “Sir, permission to returned to central hospital.”

“I will take you there personally. Let’s go everyone.”



When they got back Yvey and Denise were in the room laughing with Nova. “Are you serious?” Nova asked with a laugh.

“What’s going on here? Is this a slumber party?” Derek asked.

“How u doin, Captain?” Yvey asked still laughing.

“Good now that I have my wife back.” Derek said. “What’s so funny?”

“Best that you don’t know Derek. Don’t want you accessory after the fact.” Nova told him.

“That doesn’t sound good. Guess I don’t want to know.” He walked over to his wife and gave her a long hard kiss.

“Wow, guess you got your surprise, Captain.” Nova grinned.

“How did you manage to keep such a secret.” he asked her.

“They told me the other day. I was too much out of it to say anything.”

“Honey my orders came down, I leave in a few months after the trail is over. I hope that doesn’t put a damper on your recovery?” Derek tried to make light of it.

“Well that doesn’t give us much time. With the trial coming up with Tolbert we are going to be busy.” Nova pretty much suspect that they would want to launch as soon as they could.

“I’m sorry babe.”

“Well Doctor Sane says I can go home in two days. I’ll need some help with the bandages at least you’ll be home to take care of me for a while.” She could see the happiness in his face with the new orders of taking over the Argo and she didn’t want to damper his spirits.

“That’s wonderful news baby, I can’t wait till I get you in bed, so to speak.” Wildstar said with a grin.

“Ah oh I think we need to leave all this talking about bed makes me want to go and find Pesci.” Howard said.

“Ay me too.” Yvey said. “Chica let’s go and find our men so we can take them home and take advantage of them.”

Nova and Derek laughed at them as they made their way out of the room. “So what was the big secret Nova, what did I walk in on?” Derek didn’t skip a beat he knew her all too well.

“What secret?” Nova asked.

“What were you and the other two stooges up too?” Derek asked with curiosity.

“Derek baby, its best you don’t know, really.” Nova smiled at him.

Derek looked at her with a frown what was she up to? he thought. “Well I guess I need to get the house in order so you don’t have to do anything” Derek jumped up pacing the floor. He acted like a cage lion wanting to get going and attack everything. Nova smiled at him, watching his excitement.

“Derek, go.” Nova said.

“Huh, what?”

“Derek, go. I know you have a lot to do. I’ll be alright and I can see the excitement in your eyes about the Argo.”

“Baby, she’s back. Now I have both my girls back in my life. Nothing can bring my spirits down now.” Wildstar said. “I love you very much, you don’t mind if I go and get the house ready.”

“No Derek and if you want to go see the other woman, you can.” She smiled at him.

“Thanks baby. I promise. I’ll be back later” Wildstar gave her a hug and kissed goodbye.