Onward With Love…

Chapter Nineteen

By Yuki Wildstar

Earth Atmosphere

EDF Station Aquarius

11th of June, 2205

1234 hours

“Hello there Chulo, I missed you last night.” Yvey said and smiled at him.

“Sorry baby, I got caught up here with some minor electrical problems. But I’m glad that you came.” Sandor snuck a hug and kissed from her.

“So what’ the big secret, Papi?” Yvey asked “Ya brought me up here for what?”

Sandor smiled at Yvey then walked her to an elevator. “Come on I’ll show you.” Stepping into the elevator it made its way down. She watched the doors opened and he guided her unto a command bridge.

“This is nice, what is it?” Yvey looked confused, you see one bridge you seen them all. It was smaller then what she seen in other ships and some of the instrument looked out dated. “Stephen, what is this place?”

He walked her over to the great window and she looked out onto the deck of the ship. Then it hit her “Oh my god, it’s not!” She turned to Sandor, “is it?”

“Yvey, you are now standing on her bridge.” Sandor told her. “I wanted to bring you here for a reason. I had to pull strings and asked Singleton for a favor, so I hope I don’t make a fool out of myself. Can you please sit down so I can do this the right way, I’m a little nervous.”

“Okay papi what’s up?” Yvey sat down on the raider chair.

Sandor then drop down to one knee and pulled out a velvet box, inside was a 2 carat diamond with sapphire stones around it. “Yvey I know that this is fast but I don’t think I can wait any longer. The last few weeks have been just wonderful. I never met anyone like you. You’ve made my life wonderful since I’ve met you. What I‘m trying to say is Yvette Ortiz will you marry me?”

Yvey jumped up and down screaming, “Oh my god, oh my god, are you serious?! I mean you’re not pulling my leg?”

“Is that a yes?” Sandor looked at her worried.

“Yes Stephen, yes I’ll marry you.” she through her arms around him and kissed him. Sandor took the ring out of the velvet case and slipped onto her finger. “Whoosh, I thought you were going to say no, scared me there for a minute.”

“So that’s why you brought me here. I have to admit you have style, bringing me here. I can actually tell everyone that I was proposed to in the stars.” Yvey laughed. “Come here papi, yo te amar.”

“I love you too Yvey.” Sandor said. “Now the other half of my surprise, with the help of Admiral Singleton he has giving me the pleasure of forwarding your new orders.”

Yvey opened them up and smile, “will you be attached to these orders?”

Sandor nodded yes. “she won’t be ready for a while and we’re going to have to wait until the captain comes back. In the mean time we should be leaving I have reservation back on earth at our special place.”

“What special place?” Yvey looked at him playfully.

“Oh, you’ll see.” He gave her another kiss and they walked off the bridge.


He had her blind folded all the way there, Yvey fussed with him the whole way. “Where are you taking me?”

“Don’t worry we’re almost there.” He pulled up to the house and walked to the door. He opened it and guided her through the hallway. “Almost there, now stop peeking.”

“Okay, okay” she said back soaking.

“Okay Yvey, we can take this off now.” Sandor removed the blind fold and Yvey looked at everyone.

“SURPRISE!” they all yelled out.

“What is this?”

“Surprise hija, Sandor had this plan for a week. We knew that he would be proposing today so we asked him if we could throw you an engagement party.” her mother said.

“I couldn’t ask you to marry me if I didn’t get your families blessing first.” Sandor told her.

“Mija, Sandor came to me and asked me for your hand in marriage like a true gentleman, I can see he adores you.” Her father said.

“He is, isn’t he.” Yvey looked into Sandor eyes.

“Well, let the festivities begin.” Her father announced.

The party went on for most of the night, until Sandor told Yvey they needed to get back. “I have to get up early baby, have a lot to do and I have to keep on schedule.”

Yvey gave him a nod and gave her family kisses and hugs while Sandor thanked them for the party. They both got into the car and headed back to her cottage on the beach.

“Stephen, when do you think that you’ll have her ready for takeoff?”

“I’m hoping that she’ll be ready in 2 more weeks. We’re ahead of scheduled I’ve already started construction on the detonation setup. So I’ll be able to give Singleton the thumbs up.”

“Boy is he going to be surprised I just hope that he’s able to find her in time.”

“Yeah me too Yvey, me too” Sandor said with hope.


Planet Urbia

Bolar base

Detention Center

9th of June, 2205 Days earlier

2136 Earth Hours


Nova hung naked in front of Hindleman. Once again he hit her hard with more force across her face. He motion to the guard to bring more water, throwing it at her to wake up. It sent Nova screaming with pain. “Are you going to tell me where he is?” Hindleman yelled at her.

“I don’t know where he is, he is probably out there looking for me. I don’t know, please, please no more.” Her lips shivered as the pain went through her body.

“Take her down, put her in the barrel.” He ordered.

“The guards lifted her up and carried her to the other room. “Why concentrate on her only?” the guard said. “The male could use a beating he may talk quicker than her.”

“You have to admire her she is one tough earth women. I have never seen anyone take as much as she.” The guard said

“I kind of feel sorry for her, what can one woman know to cause so much torture?” the other guard asked. “Why don’t we just put her back in the cell, doesn’t look like she will wake up for days.”

“Do you want to be the one to tell him that she was not place in the barrel?” the other asked

“I guess not,” they made their way into the cell and place her into the barrel. The cold water made Nova wake up losing her balance in the barrel and swallowed water in. She coughed and jumped up looking around adjusting to where she was at. Have to stay awake or I’ll drown in here, so cold need to stay awake she thought to herself.

She sat in there for hours trying to keep awake. When they came to get her she was almost falling asleep. “Okay, it’s time for you to go back to your cell.” The guard said as he helped her out of the water. Nova body shivered uncontrollably from the cold water. The guard looked at her with pity, she is beautiful for an earthling, and even with all that she is going through you can tell she is beautiful the guard thought to himself.  He dragged her out and saw that she was unable to walk. Looking over to his partner he said, “I’ll carry her just get the door.” He picked her up and carried her back to the cell.

The guard opened the door and Spada was shock to see them carry her in, usually they just toss her in and slam the door shut. The guard placed her on the bed and threw the blanket on top of her.

“My god, Nova” Spada said.

“She’s still alive, but barely. Tomorrow they’ll leave her alone.” The guard spoke softly to him. “I have never seen anything like her. Her spirit is undeniably strong.” He lean over to Spada looked over to see where the other guard was and notice that he was looking the other way. “She doesn’t deserve this I will bring you some medical supplies tonight to clean her wounds.”

Spada just nodded at him then went over to Nova and sat next to her holding her hand.

True to his word the guard came back later that evening and handed Spada some clean bandages and water to help with her wounds. “Thank you, what’s your name?”

“It’s Barron, just take it and say nothing or else we both are dead. I will be back later to collect the dirty bandages. Now tend to her wounds.” Barron said then walked away.


Before the other guard came back Barron came to the cell door “How is she?”

“She’s doing fine, but she’ll need rest and some antibiotics. She has a fever and she’s shivering, I don’t know how much longer she will be able to last. It’s a miracle that she’s held on this long.” Spada told him.

Barron nodded he too was amazed by her lasting this long. He never seen anything like it, it was like someone was helping her through it all. “Hand me the bandages, if they find them here we are both done for.”

Spada handed him the dirty bandages, “Please can you get me some medication for her. Please without that she will not make it the next few days.” He pleaded with him.

“I can only try. What is it that you need?” Barron asked. Watching her hold on made him question the need to torture the earth woman? She is strong, he thought. Man I can understand but a mere woman, what a monster for him to do such a thing.

Penicillin, and a syringe. Thank you.” Spada tears ran down his face that someone was willing to help them.

Barron returned within an hour with the bandages and water. He brought them food that he snuck from the mess hall. He handed it to Spada and said. “I have a friend in the medical center. I can get you what you need. But you must have to wait until the late shift is on. I’ll be able to bring it then.”

“Thank you, Barron. Thank you.”



Spada sat there watching her, she was out for three days and he began to worry. True to his word, Barron managed to bring him a small bottle of Penicillin and syringe later that night. She finally stirred and began to open her eyes. He knelt down beside her. “Nova sweetie, hey how do you feel?”

“Not good. How long Michael?”

“This time three days, you were getting me worried, don’t move just stay still. Here eat something.” as he try to feed her.

“How?” Nova tried to talk.

“Don’t worry about how, just eat you’ll need your strength. There’s water too.” Spada help her sit up and gave her the food that Barron gave him. “They will be back for you tonight, stay asleep. Whatever you do don’t move. They won’t take you if they think you’re still unconscious.”

“Don’t’ won’t be hard. How did you get . . . ” Nova try to ask.

“Don’t worry about it, I’ve manage to make a friend. Just do as I say.” Spada said.

Nova ate and drank some water. Spada grabbed what was left and place it aside where they couldn’t see it. “Nova you need to rest.” she nodded at him and fell back to sleep.



EDF Battleship Endeavor

Arfa solar system

Conference Room

12th of June, 2205

0940 Earth Hours


“So this will be the best way to go. Planet Urbia is only two warps away we will be making the next warp in an hour.  Devina is there any way of getting to Urbia without being detected.” Wildstar asked

vlcsnap-2010-09-06-20h52m52s151.png“Once you warp you can hide the fleet here near or within this asteroid belt without being detected, it’s about 150,000 space miles from the planet. Their raiders can’t penetrate through the asteroids. I can go ahead in one of Deslock ship and distract my father. If you can get a small rescue group here on this side of the planet and make your way through the forest you can get there in a few hours. I can keep my father busy long enough for you to get her. She will be held here in the detention center. They keep the prisoner here on this level, but if I know my father he will have Nova here on this level here near.” She stopped and looked at a Wildstar.

“That’s okay Devina.” Wildstar told her.

Devina took a deep breath, “She will be held here near the torture chambers.” She looked away as Wildstar closed his eyes.

Wildstar looked over to Deslock, “Are you going to be alright with this?”

“Yes, once you have her, we will attack. Devina you must get away somehow, if your father finds out you had anything to do with this he will kill you.” Deslock looked into her eyes. “And then I will kill him.”

“How will we know if Devina is in danger?” Glitchman asked.

“We will need someone to go with her to keep an eye on things.” Wildstar said.

“Deslock my love, Arlin, he is loyal to me. He will protect me.” Devina said. “That is why I insisted that he come.”

“I don’t know I think we should send someone else.” Glitchman wasn’t too keen with a bolar fighter protecting the princess.

“It will be too dangerous. If I show up there with a Gamilon solider or an earth solider I can guarantee that they will be shot on the spot. Arlin is our only hope.” Devina told Glitchman.

“I will take care of Arlin.” Deslock said.

“Good, let’s all prepare for warp.” Wildstar said. “Good luck everyone.”

Deslock, Wildstar and Devina walked out together and headed to the flight pad. Wildstar walked silently, Deslock pulled his friend to the side before boarding his ship “Wildstar we will get her back.”

“Deslock this is very dangerous for Devina are you sure that you want to do this.”

“It is the only way without barging in there guns blazing, and the possibility of Hindleman escaping with her again. This is more of safe way to get her out of there without her getting hurt. Devina is her only hope, I don’t want her to go but I know that if the tables were turned you and Nova would do the same for me.” Deslock assured him.

“Deslock I will make sure personally that she gets back to you.” Wildstar told him.

“Good luck my friend.” Deslock said.

Wildstar walked over to Glitchman Cosmo hound. “Homer, be careful out there this is not going to be as easy as Deslock thinks it will be.”

“I know Wildstar let’s hope that Devina is right about a lot of things.” Homer knew it will not be easy. “Derek, what are we going to do about Tolbert?”

“I can’t think that far in advance, I need to put all my focus on Nova right now. But a court marshal is in order when we get back to earth.”

“I agree, if we don’t put a stop to this who knows what she is capable of next.”

“Well let’s get to it we warp in less than an hour, Good luck Homer.”



EDF Battleship Galaxy


Captain Homer Glitchman


As soon as he walked onto the bridge his communication officer called out. “Captain on the bridge, sir I have a message from Captain Christopher Eager of the Sitka.”

“Yes Lieutenant what does it say.”

“Sir it reads: have that info for ya, please call when you get this message.”

“Lieutenant get me Captain Eager and put it through to my stateroom ASAP.” Homer got on his lift and went directly to his quarters.

“Lieutenant, do you have him on the line?”

“Yes sir placing it thru now.”

“Eager, I just got in what’s the scoop?” Homer waited for this moment to come.

“Homer you were right, Corporal Chan woke up singing like a canary. He can testify that Tolbert was involved with Nova disappearance. He witness Tolbert and Mitchell taken by Bolar soldiers. She later returned with two soldiers and turn on the ships transponder. When Nova and Spada landed they ambushed them, Tolbert was there all along she then returned later and took off.”

Homer was still shock at what he heard, how was he going to tell Derek. “Eager thank you, I will be placing form A 63 in for treason to Singleton. I don’t know how I’m going to tell Wildstar but he needs to know. I’ll keep in touch Glitchman out.”

Homer sat in his stateroom thinking on how he will break the news to Wildstar. After the warp I can’t tell him just now. We’re warping in less the 15 minutes.



“Warping complete, sir.” Miamato called out “All systems check.”

“Systems are running at 100 percent sir.” Wright said.

“Good, we will be warping again in 4 hours.” Wildstar told them.

“Sir I have Captain Glitchman on video panel.” Pratt called out.

“Put him through. What’s up Homer?”

“Wildstar I have something you need to know, permission to come aboard?”

“Permission granted I’ll meet you on the flight pad.” Wildstar wonder what this was about. “Wright take the bridge.”

“Yes sir, Captain leaving the bridge, I have the con.” He called out.



He watched as Homers Cosmo Hound Landed. “Hey Wildstar, sorry for stopping by before the next warp but I think you need to know this.”

“What’s going on, Homer?”

“Derek, I just got word from Eager about that corporal you found on the planet. He came out of his coma and gave Eager a statement at what happened on Planet Baynet with Nova.”

Derek lean back on one of the ships and braced himself at what he was going to tell him.

“Wildstar Julie was the one that gave Nova and Spada up. She set them up to be capture. Derek, Julie is a traitor. She was feeding the Bolar information on our position and blind spots. Remember how they all of a sudden drew back and how they concentrated their attack on the Sitka. She was the one that told them were Nova was all along.”

Wildstar stood there quiet for a long time. “Let’s go Homer.” He boarded the Cosmo Hound and they took off back to the Galaxy. He sat in silence and once they landed on the Galaxy Homer took him to her stateroom. The two female marines stood at attention and saluted, he motion them to open the door. Julie stood up surprise to see Wildstar again. “Derek what’s going on?” Derek walked over to her, stared at her and slapped her across the face sending her reeling to the floor.

“You BITCH! If anything happens to my wife I will kill you with my bare hands. Captain Glitchman, keep her out of my site for the remaining time until her court marshal.  Julie, you better hope that she is still alive.” Derek turned and walked out, leaving her on the floor crying.

“Captain Glitchman, I don’t understand, what have I done?” she asked.

“I can’t believe that you still think this is not your fault Lieutenant I have a witness stating that you were behind the disappearance of lieutenant Commander Forrester and Lieutenant Commander Spada. It was you that gave the enemy information on our ships causing major damages and putting hundreds of lives at stake. All for what Julie, so that you can win back Wildstar love a love that he will never give you. You actually put your whole career on the line for it. You have major issues, I’ll have to report this to Singleton and there will be a court marshal when we returned back to earth. So I suggest that the time you spend here you think of what you did and see if it was all worth it.” He said and then walked out the door. “Private, make sure that she is fed, give her water but she is not to have contact with anyone. If she tries to escape you have orders to shoot on sight.”

“Yes sir!” the both women marine said with a grin.

Homer called out to Wildstar as he caught up. “Derek, I’m so sorry I can’t apologies enough for what she did. She will stand trial when we get back to earth that I can guarantee.”

“I know Homer. It’s not your fault.  Right now I have to concentrate on getting her back. Nothing else matters right now, nothing.” Derek turned and walked back to the flight pad got in the shuttle and went back to his ship.



Gamilon Flagship Galmus

Cell 23

“Devina, I don’t know if your father finds out that we trick him he will kill us both.” Arlin said.

“I know, but you too had dreams for peace, or was that washed away when you were forced into the military. Remember we use to talk about some day making a difference in the life of our people. You know how my father is. He is a monster not only to our enemy but even our own people. We both have seen firsthand how my father has a whim on punishment to his own people. He had your family killed because they did not agree with this war.” Devina pleaded with him.

“I know Devina I fear your father more than Emperor Deslock here, and I can’t put you in harm’s way.”

“I wouldn’t be if you are there to protect me. Deslock welcomes you to join his forces and your partner will be released. I need you Arlin if you are there with me I will feel safe, please.” Devina held his hand.

“Ensign Arlin, I am grateful that you want my wife safe. But without your help I fear that she will be in harm’s way, you are her only hope.” Deslock intervene.

Arlin sat there in the cell with his head down, “Devina I will do it, but we must have a backup plan when we get there. Your father is very conning, he will ask questions. We must have the same story or he will suspect treason if we do not stick to our story. He must not find out that you and Deslock are married or he will have my head and yours.”

“But that is one of the main reasons that I want to confront him. I will not hide my marriage to my husband.” Devina said looking at Deslock.

“No Devina, for sure he will kill her, just to make a point.” Arlin said “Best to keep that out.”

“What is your plan Ensign?” Deslock asked.

“I will need a ship. I can always explain that my ship was destroyed when I landed on Gamilon. When I was capture, you help me escape.  At that time Emperor Deslock was quite smitten with you and trusted you enough to roam the palace and its surrounding buildings. He did not have a clue to your visiting me. We managed to elude the guard and escape.” Arlin explain.

“Arlin your loyalty to Devina is admirable.” Deslock said.

“My loyalty will always be with the princess and no one else.” Arlin wanted to let Deslock know that he was still his enemy. “Now let us go over the details.”




EDF Headquarters

Great Island

1332 hours

“Sandor congratulations again, will this be the last time.” Singleton joked with Sandor.

“Yes sir, she’s the one.” Sandor laughed back.

“Well have you two set a date?”

“No sir not yet we’re going to wait a while.”

“Well I hope it will be soon, now how are the repairs going?” Singleton asked.

“She will be ready in two days, sir. Have we any news on Wildstar and Nova?”

“Yes they should be warping into the Planet Urbia space in about two hours. Homer has email me some disturbing news, General Stones little protégé has gotten herself into deep waters. Homer has place in Form A-63 for immediate court marshal when returning to earth. Anything you should tell me about?”

Sandor looked confused. “I know that they were having problems with her but court marshal, I’m not sure what that’s all about.”

“They are filing suit for treason.”

“Treason I wouldn’t pass it by her, she is a determine women. Especially when it comes to Captain Wildstar, she had a really big thing for him.”

“What do you mean, Sandor?” Singleton asked.

“Well from my understanding Wildstar and Tolbert dated way back. I guess she regretted ever giving him up. She has been creating havoc since the mission started.”

“Well once their return we will get to the bottom of all this. I will be getting in touch with Wildstar and have them returned to earth it’s time that they meet again.” Singleton told Sandor.

“Permission to leave sir, I have a lunch date with a very hot Latin princess.” Sandor stood at attention and saluted.

“Permission granted I’ll speak with you more on our project when you return.” Singleton returned his saluted.




“Hi papi, sorry I’m late, but I had to look over my fighter before training. It took a little longer than I expected. So how has your day been going?” Yvey kissed him and Sandor pulled out her chair for her.

“It’s been interesting. We only have two more days left.”

“That’s wonderful papi, you’ve been waiting for this day to come. Have they contacted him yet?”

“Not yet Singleton will be sending him orders to return to earth soon. They are in the mist of preparing for the rescue mission. They should be warping as we speak to planet Urbia.”

“I hope that it works out and they find Nova, it was really ugly out there. The Sitka got most of the beatings I’m surprise that we were able to get out alive. It was like they hit hard and then they disappeared.”

“Well looks like they found out how and why they hit the Sitka hard. They were after Nova all the time, and it was Tolbert that had a hand in it.”41855_00-10-00_122_5lo[1].jpg

“What do you mean Stephen?”

“Remember she disappear no one knew where she was at.  Well it was Tolbert that was giving them information on everyone’s position.”

“Get out, so that explains a lot. Cuando yo la coja.” Yvey said as her blood boiled.

“I know Yvey, but let’s see what happens with the rescue mission. There’s a possibility that she may not be on the planet and somewhere else.”Sandor held her hand.

“Well I hope they find her because I can’t wait to tell them about our engagement.” Yvey smiled at Sandor “Baby, I’m not really hungry you think that we can just pick something up on the way home.”

“What do you have in mind my love.” Sandor asked with an eyebrow up.

She lean over the table and purred “I’m really hungry for you.”

“Well what are we waiting for, Waiter check please.” Sandor called over to him.



EDF Battleship Endeavor

50 space km from

Planet Urbia

Mission Rescue

“Okay everyone, let’s keep to the plan.” Wildstar said “Deslock is the ship ready?”

“Yes Wildstar, Arlin we made it look like there was a struggle to get off the planet. It will give them an impression that it wasn’t an easy escape.” Deslock said.

“Deslock my love you think of everything.” Devina smiled at him.

“I hope that you are right.” Arlin said to Deslock.

“Ensign Arlin, if there is any signs of trouble get out of there quick.  Grab the princess and run for the hills. I had my Deputy Captain install a transmitter on the Empress. Devina if there is any sign of trouble you are to touch here and it will set it off. That will tell us that something has gone wrong and we will send help immediately.”

“Thank you Captain Wildstar.” Arlin said.

“Arlin we will leave the ship together to throw off their raiders, stay close that way they can’t detect two ships. Once near the base we will drop down where they can’t pick us up. Our ship will land here in this area where we will make our way to the prison. Wright you will resume command of the ship. Should none of us return Homer you will take control of the fleet.” Wildstar said which brought Glitchman to reality of the severity of taking command of a fleet.

“Okay let’s get this going, good luck everyone.” They all stood at attention and saluted Wildstar and Deslock.

Devina and Derek ship took off making their way down to the planet’s atmosphere. Once low enough Derek maneuver the Cosmo hound undetected to their landing spot.

Devina and Arlin made their way to the base “Come in, this is Ensign Arlin of the Bolar federation, someone come in.”

“This is Urbia command control, who is this?”

“This is Ensign Arlin of Bolar federation. I have the princess with me. Repeat I have the princess.”

“Ensign Arlin you can land in area 6 7 3 L, allow the tracker beams to guide you in.”

“Roger that, allowing tracker beams to guide switching to auto pilot now” Arlin switched off the radio transmitter, “I hope your Captain Wildstar knows what he is doing.”

“I hope so too Arlin.” Devina said back.

The ship was guided down and then landed on the flight deck of the base. When the hatch was open Hindleman stood before the both of them. “Devina my child how I worried about you.” He took hold of Devina and hug her.

“Father I missed you too.” Devina smiled.

“Ensign you will be rewarded highly for your bravery and retrieving my daughter unharmed.”

“Thank you sir.”

“Come Devina let us get you settle.” Hindleman said.

“Father I would like Arlin to stay with me, after all he rescue me from that planet, I trust him with my life.”

“Very well, Arlin come you can be my daughter personal body guard.”  He said as they made their way back to the control center.


Mean while on the other side of the planet.


“Okay guys, we got a long walk ahead of us. Keep together and no one gets left behind.” Wildstar ordered. “Private you stay here and guard the ship, if you encounter any enemy take off.”

“Sir I can’t leave you all here.” the private said.

“You will do as I order. If you don’t take off then there will be no way of escaping, understand.” Wildstar snapped.

“Yes sir, I understand.”

“Very well, let’s go.” Wildstar and the rest of the crew began their way through the jungle.


Bolar Base


“Devina my child I am so glad that you are back with me, tell me what happen on Baynet.”

Devina rehearsed her story over and over with Arlin, “When they attacked the base I ran to one of the escape pods and took off. I was rescued by the Earth Battleship Endeavor and they brought me to planet Gamilon. I pleaded to the captain to put me somewhere else but he wanted to make sure that I was safe from all the fighting. I just think he wanted to get even with you and brought me to that scum Deslock. Father I had to play nice with him so he can earn my trust enough to walk free around the palace. I then over heard that two of our fighters were capture and I figure I found my escape to came back home.”

Hindleman listened to his daughter and looked at her, “and your marriage to Deslock?”

Devina blood drain from her face, “father?”

“Your marriage to Deslock or were going to leave that out?” Hindleman voice became angry.

Devina mind race she looked away and turned to Arlin with fear. She finally composed herself and then turned to her father with tears streaming down her face. “Father I was forced into that marriage, it was the only thing to do to stay alive.”

Hindleman stared from her to Arlin. Arlin stood there with a blank face not giving away anything. He took Devina in his arms. “My poor child, you have endured so much. You must be relieved that you are home. Pevin, get my daughter a change of clothes and escort her to her room. Arlin what happened to your partner?”

“Sir he was killed in action trying to escape.” Arlin said with a straight face.

“You will receive a metal for this, please go with them and stand guard.”

“Yes your Excellency.” Arlin saluted.

They Followed Pevin back to her quarters, “Your highness I will have them send something up for you to eat”

“Thank you Pevin.” Devina said.

He turned and walked out the door, Arlin follow suit and stood at the door. They waited 20 minutes before he knock and enter. “Arlin I …”

Arlin raised his hand to his mouth and looked around the room more. He lifted lights, pulled pictures off the wall, until he found what he was looking for. He felt under a desk and pulled out a small mini microphone, held it up and showed Devina. She nodded and then pulled out a pen and paper, how many more? She wrote down

Not sure, best to keep a low profile he wrote back.

“Arlin thank you again for bringing me home to my father, I am so happy I don’t have to spend another night with that monster.” she said.

Arlin continue to work the room looking for more microphones and video cameras. As he found them he pointed them out to Devina then place them back where they were. At least now she knew that father didn’t trust her. They made idol conversation and then he left the room.  Pevins returned later that evening with dinner for her. She checked her food and then walked back to the door asking Arlin to come in. Once again they reminisce about their childhood all the while Devina pointed to the food. He looked it over and smelled it. He pulled out a vial and poured something over the food. Right away the food turned a shade of purple. Again Devina looked at him and realized that someone wanted her dead. “Aren’t you going to eat Princess?” Arlin asked.

“I’m not hungry after all I’ve been through I would like to just get some rest. Just leave the food there or you can have it.” Devina told him.

“Thank you your highness I could use something to eat, it’s been a long time since I had anything to eat.” Arlin said.

“Be my guess, eat it outside.” Devina commanded.

Arlin walked over to the trash and threw it out only leaving half on the plate. He walked out and sat outside. Devina walked over to the trash pick it up and tossed it out the window down it went 100 feet to the river.

Pevin went back to the room and looked at Arlin as he slept at the door. He walked into the room and looked for the plate in the dark. He saw it and picked it up and made his way back out the door. Devina sat there in the dark and watch as he left the room.  Hurry Wildstar they are on to us she thought to herself.


Half way to the bases….


Wildstar, with the help of Pesci and Delvechio in camouflage uniforms made their way further into the jungle. Never slowing down making their way towards the base, once at the mountain ridged, Wildstar opened the map that Devina drew out and turn on a cam light. “We’re here, according to the map we need to go through here to make faster time. Pesci I’ll go ahead a few feet you follow and ‘T’ stay close but not to close. There could be someone out there we don’t want to all get caught, keep your distance, but stay close. Alright, let’s move on we should be there before sun rise.” Wildstar buried the light in the ground so no one would find it in the dark and they moved on.

For hours they made their way closer to the detention center. Two hours before dawn they made their way to the far part of the prison. Wildstar, Pesci and Delvechio huddle along the wall of the prison. He turned to Pesci and signaled him with a hand sign on the guard standing above them. He motion for him to take care of him. Delvechio threw a rock in the other direction while Pesci made his way up to the top of the wall. The guard looked in the direction of the rock to see who was there. Pesci came up behind him, grabbed him by the mouth and cut his throat. He dropped him to the ground below. Wildstar and Delvechio covered him up with leaves and shrubs. Wildstar looked around for the entrance that Arlin told him about and found it. Now remember that door is only used by guards coming in and out of the prison, mostly to grab a break and air. There are about 10 guards on duty throughout the prison. Each one takes a 10 minute break. Depending on the mood of the day each guard takes their break once a day. The two remaining hours are used for update on the next shifts. Wildstar remembered what he told him about the schedule. He was about to opened the door when he saw the knob turned. He motion to Delvechio to stand back and Pesci to hit the ground. Wildstar stood behind the door and waited for the guard to come out.

Barron walked out to get some air. He wanted to get away from looking at the earth woman going through another night of pain after Hindleman torture her. His stomach couldn’t take it anymore. A man yes, beat him to death if they like, but a women and especially one that has held strong for this long he thought to himself. As he walked out he felt someone hand go over his mouth and a gun aimed at his head.

“Keep quiet or else I’ll kill you were you stand.” Wildstar said. “Now just nod once for yes and twice for no, understand?” Barron nodded once “Do you know where they are holding the two earth prisoner?” again he nodded once. “Are they still alive?” Barron heart race and nodded once again. “Now I’m going to remove my hand from your mouth if you scream or say anything to give us away I will kill you.” Wildstar told him. Barron nodded one time and then Wildstar removed his hand from his mouth slowly. “Now where are they?”

“There located in level C, cell number 611, she’s barely holding on.” Wildstar stood there shock how did he know. “Please you have to knock me out or else they will know I told you and they will kill me.”

Delvechio came around him and hit him with the back of his weapon knocking him out. Then stood above him and punched him in the face and kicked him in his chest breaking a rib. Wildstar looked at him and he shrugged “Well he wanted it to make it look good. Don’t want them to think that he gave up the information that easily.”

Wildstar smiled at him and shook his head. He waved his hand to Pesci and gave him the all clear. Then he and Delvechio made their way into the prison. They stood close to the walls and follow the instruction that Arlin gave them. Slowly they made their way towards level C, dodging a guard walking by. Wildstar heart beat so hard that he thought everyone heard it. He came around to the hall and began to look at the doors until they came to the one that had 611 written on it. He looked inside and saw a shadow. He tapped on the door and waited for answer.

Spada stood watching her sleep, another night of her resting. Barron was right if she stayed asleep they wouldn’t take her. He moved over to her and washed her back one more time. Barron would be back shortly to collect the bandages, then he heard the tap on the door. “Hold on I’m getting them together.”

“Spada?” Wildstar said.

“Who is that?” Spada asked the voice was different.

“It’s me Captain Wildstar.”

“Wildstar, oh my god.”

“Where is Nova?” He hoped that she wasn’t far.

“In here with me, hurry the guard will be here shortly.” Spada said. “Wildstar she’s hurt really bad I don’t think that she can walk.”

“We’re opening the door.” Wildstar said. He nodded to Delvechio who had taken the keys from Barron and opened the door. Wildstar pulled out the radio and spoke into it, “Pesci we have the package, inform the others. Get the princess out of there now.”

“Roger that skipper,” Pesci said “Rescue to Endeavor we have the package begin sweep. I repeat we have the package begin sweep.”

At that moment Devina’s device went off, she took off her dress exposing a Bolar uniform. As she opened the door she looked around. “Arlin,” He looked up and winked at her. “It’s time to go.”

They walked through the base as two Bolar Soldiers, Arlin walked slightly ahead to make sure that they wouldn’t walk into someone that knew her. They passed other soldiers and nodded as they made their way to the flight deck.

Another guard called out to them and Arlin turned around, “Hey what are you two doing?” Arlin pushed Devina into the ship and made his way to the guard.

“What do you think you’re doing your not authorized to be here.” the guard said.

“We have orders to check out something in the jungle. Last minute thing, you know how upper command is.” Arlin said.

“Where are your orders?”

“They just told us to go, nothing in writing. Look call up stairs if you like, but the way the generals been acting. It looks like he’ll bite the next persons head off if they question his orders.”

“I don’t know.”

“Look I don’t want to go. I was in the middle of getting hot and heavy with this cute female guard, if you know what I mean. And the longer it takes me to get out of here the quicker she going to cool herself down with some other soldier.” Arlin tried to talk quickly.

The guard looked at him and smiled. “Yeah I know what you mean. Go ahead but next time. Make sure that they give you orders in hand. I want to make sure I cover my ass too.” the guard told him.

“Thanks a lot.” Arlin slipped into the shuttle and smiled a little at Devina. “Let’s get out of here fast before he starts to get suspicious.”


Wildstar walked into the cell and saw Nova laying there. His eyes swelled up with tears. “Nova baby, it’s me.”

“Captain we have to go, save it for later.” Delvechio said.

Wildstar picked her up and carried her out. They made their way to the exit, when they heard the guards coming in the other direction. Quickly they made their way out the door, Pesci stood outside the door waiting. “Come on let’s get out of here.” Pesci yelled out.

“The RS is waiting for us just over that hill.” They began to run as the whole area lit up with sirens and lights. They moved faster towards the ship. Derek holding tightly to Nova, Pesci called into the radio, “Endeavor we need some backup like two minutes ago.”

“Pick up the pace.” Wildstar called back to the others.

“Right behind you, sir.” Pesci said.

 They made their way to the Rescue ship and everyone jump in. Pesci help Spada in while Wildstar carried Nova in. “Take off, Take off, NOW” Wildstar yelled at the private. While the hatched still closing the private took off. From the ground guns fired up to the ship. Wildstar put Nova down and grabbed the controls from the private and started to maneuver the ship up to the sky. “Endeavor this is Captain Wildstar, how about the other package did they make it out?”

“Endeavor to Rescue 9 yeah they will be docking on the flagship in about 5 minutes.”

“Thank you, Endeavor. Will need escort to make trip smooth.” Wildstar said into his helmet.

“Roger that Skipper, you should see them now on your port side.”

“Captain, this Black Tiger three, we have your back.” Howard said into her helmet.

“Got them in sight,” Wildstar turned to Pesci. “Pesci take control of the ship.”

“Yes sir.”

Wildstar handed him the control and ran over to where Nova was at. He knelt down and held her in his arms. She looked pale and beaten he pulled the dirty blanket from her and saw that she was completely naked. “T, give me that blanket over there. Pesci called to the Endeavor and have a medical unit waiting.” Wildstar brought her close to him holding her tight as Nova moaned in pain.

“Wildstar don’t they . . . .” Spada try to tell him but it was too late. Derek slowly turned her around and saw the welts on her back “Oh my god, Nova NO! Baby what did they do to you?!”

“Wildstar I tried to stop them but they kept taking her. I’m sorry I couldn’t do anything.” Spada wanted to cry for the both of them, but more for her.

“Oh Nova, Pesci hurry it up.” Wildstar screamed.

“Almost there Captain just a few more minutes.” Pesci said pushing the ship as fast as he could. Howard followed the rescue ship firing at the enemy pilots that managed to follow them up from the planet. She shot three down that almost took out the ship. “Pesh you’re clear, I’ll finish up out here.”

“Thanks sweetie, be careful out there.” He landed the ship on the Endeavor as fast as he could as Wildstar threw open the hatch carrying Nova over to the gurney. “GO get her to the medical ward NOW!” he yelled to the medics on the scene.

They work on Nova with lighting speed, placing IV’s on her and cleaning her naked body. Derek ran with them back to the medical ward where the doctors took control pushing him out, “We’ll take it from here Captain.”

“I have to be there.” Wildstar tried to break through.

 Spada grabbed hold of him. “Wildstar I’ll go in there with her, I promise she will be alright.” Spada said with tears in his eyes.

Pesci walked in and place his hand on Wildstar, “Sir she is getting the best care possible. She’s a real trooper. I know that she’ll be alright.”

Wildstar sat down and place his head in his hands. “Nova you have to pull through, you just have too.”

Howard came running in to the ward “How is she?”

No one said anything they all stood there and waited. A few minutes later Wright ran in “Captain we under attack I’m gonna need you on the bridge.”

Wildstar stood up and nodded, “Howard, please keep me informed.” He stood tall and walked out of the medical ward.

Wildstar and Wright ran back to the bridge and went into combat mode.

“Give me a report!” Wildstar called out.

“Sir they are attacking from the port side of the ship.  The Galaxy II has suffered damages to the bow of the ship. Emperor Deslock has managed to take out some of their fighters from his flag ship.” Wright said.

“Wright, we have to warp out of here, get me Deslock and Glitchman on video panel now.” Wildstar ordered.

“Aye aye, sir”

“Sir I have them on the video panel.” Pratt said.

“Deslock how is Devina?”

“She is a little shaken but she is fine.” Deslock said.

“We have to warp. Nova is in bad shape she’s going to need medical attention. We can’t afford to fight this battle right now.” Wildstar said.

“I agree Wildstar, better to fight another day.” Homer said.

“I will have my fleet stay behind while you warp to safety.” Deslock said.

“Good, warp immediately.” Wildstar said. “Wright get everyone on ship we are warping, make the necessary correct calculation. Call down to the medical ward and informed them of the warp.”

“Aye aye Captain!”

Within minutes the fighter retreated back to their ships, and they warp into space.



Planet Urbia

Bolar Base

Detention center


“What do you mean they got away!?” Hindleman asked the guard.

“Sir they escape, they killed one of our guards and beat another. He is in the infirmary right now in a coma.”

“Pevin, can you tell me how Devina and the ensign manage to leave without permission.” Hindleman asked with slit eyes.

“Sir I’m sure that they ate the food, the Ensign looked dead when I checked on him.” Pevin said with fear.

“Well obviously he didn’t eat it!” Hindleman slap him on the head, “you idiot!” as he continue to hit him. “Find them!”

“Sir the fleet has warped into unknown area.” General Magna told him.

“Warped, what do you mean they warp!?” Hindleman snapped as his vain bulging from his neck.

“Sir I’m sorry but they disappeared into a warp, we cannot trace them. Only the Gamilon fleet stayed behind so they can make their escape.”

Hindleman turned to Pevin and hit him again “This is your entire fault. If you have done your job we would have Devina and the earth prisoners.”

Pevin lay on the floor bleeding from his head. Hindleman stormed out of the room in rage of what happened. Pevin sat up and thought the Prime Minster will hear about this.


Walking into the communication room, the radio man called to Hindleman. “You’re Excellency I have princess Devina on the line.”

Hindleman looked confused. “Put her through NOW!” he bellowed. “Devina what have you done?”

“Father what have you done?” She said with vial. “You have hurt my friend and for what?”

“Devina you have taken the side of our enemies, have you lost your mind?”

“Father, they are not my enemy, they are yours. You chose this war, not I. It was you that took Nova and beat her to an inch of her life. You are a monster and I want nothing to do with you.” She screamed at him.

“Devina, my child tell me that you don’t mean that. This is not you. It is Deslock influence on you. How can you believe him, he just wants to destroy the Bolar Empire.

“I chose to believe him because he is my husband. Father he is a kind loving man that loves me and he has never questioned me about your affairs. I lie to you about him forcing himself on me. I went to him, not him to me. I pursed him I love him with all my heart and would die for him.” She told him.

“Devina you can’t be serious.”

“I am Father and I want to have his children.”

“Then my child you are dead to me. You are now a traitor to the Bolar Federation.” he said with anger.

“Then so be it father.” Devina stood tall and switched off the screen.





EDF Battleship Endeavor

Medical Ward


They all sat in the waiting observation deck watching as the doctors worked on Nova. Derek leaned on the glass window staring at his wife body being worked on, tears running down his face. Doctor Spada in full surgical scrubs kept looking from the procedure to Wildstar. Finally after six hours, he looked up to Wildstar and motioned him to come down.

Wildstar, Pesci and Howard walked down and waited for the doctor to come out. “Captain, she’s stable for now. We have her on antibiotics and we’ll need to put her on a respirator. We are going to have to keep her heavily sedated, in a coma state you might say until we can get her back to earth. She is going to need major surgery to repair the wounds on her back. Doctor Spada was lucky enough to keep her wounds from getting too infected. Had he not done that she might have not made it. But still yet sir to be honest, I don’t understand how she held on this long.”

“Is she a wake Doc?” Wildstar asked.

“She will be for a short while but you can go see her if you like. Only for a few minutes Captain. We will have to start sedation as soon as possible she will be more comfortable that way.”

“Thank you Doc.” Wildstar took a deep breath and headed into the room. Howard tapped him on the shoulder, “Derek would you like me to go with you?”

“No Denise, I want to be alone with her.” Wildstar said and then walked into the room. He stared at all the machine hooked up to her and took it all in. She lay on her side so the wounds on her back would stay clean. He walked over to her and grabbed a chair placing it next to her. “Nova baby.”

She opened her eyes and stared at him, not sure if she was dreaming like many times before.

“Hey honey, you’re safe now. We’re gonna head back soon and we will get you the best treatment.” He held her hand and she knew then that he was real.

“Derek?” Nova tried to talk.

“Shhh I’m here, I’m not going anywhere baby.”

“Is that really you Derek?” Nova spoke very low that he had to lean in to hear her.

“Yes baby, it’s me. I love you baby, you’re going to be alright now.” Derek said trying to hold back tears. The doctor walked back in “Captain we have to sedate her now.” Derek looked over to them and nodded.

gallery243[1].jpg“Nova the doctor is here to give you something so you can sleep, when you wake up you’ll be all better. I love you sweetie, hang in there. Please don’t leave me.” Derek said as he watched her drift into a deep sleep. He stood up and walked out of the room, Howard walked over to him as he came out the room. She put her arms around him and they both cried in each other’s arms.

Everyone stood around with tears in their eyes and watched as Wildstar finally broke down. He collect himself and looked at everyone in the room. “I’m alright thank you all for your concern Doc says she will be alright. Now we have work to do. Let’s get back to our station.” Wildstar said while wiping his tears away.  He turned and made his way back to the bridge. “Captain on the bridge” Miamato called out. They all stared as he took his seat on the captain’s chair and they all waited for him to tell them the news. “She’s stable, she looks like she going to be alright.” Each one sighed relief and gave their support. “Thank you everyone, I will make sure that Nova knows that you all send your support. Now we have worked to do, Pratt, get a line to EDF Headquarters Admiral Singleton ASAP.” Wildstar ordered.

“Yes sir,” Pratt said.

“Sir I have Admiral Singleton putting him on video panel now.” Pratt called out.

“Captain Wildstar, I’m hoping that you have good news about Commander Forrester.”

“Sir our rescue mission was successful, but unfortunately Commander Forrester has suffered major injuries, request permission for the fleet to return home. She needs medical attention that the doctors cannot provide here for her.” Wildstar said fighting back tears.

“Wildstar permission granted, but the Galaxy is needed there to help support the Gamilon fleet with their mission.” Singleton said.

“Aye aye sir.” Wildstar replied.

“Captain Wildstar, also there is the situation that he is holding on ship. We need her here on earth for interrogation.”

Wildstar knew what he was talking about and balled his hand into a fist. If it wasn’t for her Nova would be fine. “Sir I will have her deliver to you personally.”

“Good, have a safe journey back.” Singleton said.

“Thank you sir.” Wildstar stood up and saluted him.

“Okay everyone you heard him prepare course for Earth, were going home.” Wildstar ordered. “Pratt get Glitchman and Deslock on the video panel and then call down to the medical ward and have Lieutenant Howard come here.”

“Aye aye” Pratt replied. “Video on sir.”

“Glitchman, the Endeavor has orders to return to earth, you are now commander of the fleet. Deslock thank you for your help, Devina.”

“Yes Captain Wildstar.” Devina looked into the screen.

“Thank you, you place your life on the line for her and I will never forget it.” Derek said.

“She will be fine I can sense it, good luck Captain and thank you for your kindness.” Devina said looking into the monitor.

“Good luck Wildstar I hope to see you soon, and my best to Nova.” Deslock saluted him and the screen went black.

“Sir, Lieutenant Commander Howard present.” Howard stood at attention.

“Howard I need you to go with me to the Galaxy. Have two Marines, preferably women, meet us on the flight pad.”

“Yes sir!” Howard turned and headed off the bridge.

“Wright take command, I’ll be back shortly.” Wildstar said. He walked down to the medical ward and checked in on Nova. “Doctor Spada, how is she?”

“She’s sleeping, so far so good Captain. You can see her if you like.” doctor Spada told him.

“Doctor Spada, thank you for watching over her. I don’t know how to repay you.”

“Derek don’t worry about it, I’ll keep you informed on her recovery.”

“Doc you’ve done enough, why don’t you get some rest and come back in the morning. That’s an order.” Wildstar shook his hand and walked into Nova room.

“Hey baby, just came to see how you were doing, I know you can’t hear me but I’ll be here for you. We’re going home. We’re going to get you the best doctors and once your recover we’re going to take a little time off. Maybe start a family, but that will be up to you. I love you sweetie so hang in there before you know it we’ll be back on earth.” Derek leaned over and kissed her on the head and then on her lips.

He made his way down to the flight pad were Howard and two large female marines waited for him.

“Sir all present as you requested.” Howard said.

“Good let’s get going.” They all jumped onto the Cosmo hound and flew over to the Galaxy.

“Sorry Homer about you staying behind. I know that it would be nice to see Wendy again.”

“Don’t worry about it Derek, Nova is more important right now. I’ll walk you down.”

Tolbert was lying down on the bunk when she heard the door open. Glitchman walked in, she stood at attention once she saw him. “Get your things together your going over to the Endeavor.”

Tolbert grinned at the thought of going over to where Derek was. She gathered what she had and began to walk out of the cell. Wildstar stood before her with slit vial eyes.“Lieutenant, don’t think you’re going over and live in luxury, because you’re not. We’ve already set a nice little cell there for you and to make sure that you stay within your cell will be these two lovely ladies here that are order to use any force necessary if you get out of line.”

She walked over to the two marines and they place her in handcuffs. They made their way back to the flight pad where Howard waited for them. “Welcome aboard ma’am.” She looked at her with a smile.

Wildstar and Homer said their goodbyes and then took off back to the Endeavor. Once they landed Wildstar order Howard to escort her down to the brig. “Your new living space ma’am, try not to make yourself at home.” Howard smiled.

“Oh shut up.” Tolbert snapped at her. She walked into the cell and turned to Howard “So how is Nova?”

Howard walked into the cell and looked her straight in the face. “She is just fine thanks to you. Don’t think I don’t know what your hand was in all this and believe me when I say your stay here will not be easy. If I had my way you would stand before a firing squad, you traitor.” With that she shoved her down onto the bunk and then walked out. “Corporal, you have your orders if she even opens her mouth to speak use force.”

“Yes ma’am.” they both said with a smile. It’s not very often they get a chance to rough up an officer and they were looking forward to doing it.


Wildstar made his way back onto the bridge and looked over the crew “Alright everyone time to head back.” Wildstar ordered. “Destination EARTH!”011.jpg