Onward With Love…

Chapter Eighteen

By Yuki Wildstar

EDF Battleship Sitka

Planet Baynet

1st of June, 2205

1303 Earth Hours


“How’s Wildstar, Homer?” Eager asked.

“He’s okay, he’s worried to death about Nova, but he is hanging in there. How’s my stowaway?”

“Doc says he is still in a coma, no telling when he’ll come out of it. What’s the big hush, hush on him anyway?”

“Let’s just say he holds the key to our little dance with the Bolar fighters.”

“What’s going on Homer do you suspect treason on your ship?”

“I’m not sure just yet, but I think we need to keep this on the down low. If word got out, no telling what will happen to our friend. Plus Wildstar has enough on his hands. If he even suspects that someone we both know had something to do with it, let’s just say that friendly fire will have to go on a report.”

“That bad, who do you suspect?”

“I rather not say right now. I need to get all my evidence together before I bring it to Singleton.”

“I see, well if there’s anything I can do further let me know.”

“There’s one thing, go see him.” Homer knew that he felt responsible for Nova capture and he wanted to make sure that he knew Wildstar didn’t blame him.




EDF Battleship Endeavor



“Sir Captain Eager is requesting to come aboard.” Pratt turned to Wildstar.

“Permission granted, tell him I’ll meet him on the flight pad. Lieutenant Wright, take the bridge.”

“Aye aye sir.” Wright said “Captain leaving the bridge I now have control.”

Wildstar walked down to the flight pad and waited for Eager’s ship to land.

“Hello Eager.”

“Wildstar, how are things going?” Eager couldn’t bring himself to ask about Nova.

“We got lucky we didn’t suffer much, they pretty much concentrated on the Sitka. I now know why.”

“Wildstar I’m sorry if I had known….”

“No Eager it wasn’t your fault, it was her job. No need to blame yourself. They were going after her from the beginning. What I don’t understand is why?”

“I wish I knew Derek.”

“Well how are the repairs coming along on the Sitka?”

“Doesn’t look to good, they did a number on her. I’m waiting to see what the crew can do before we ask to return to Earth.”

“We should be done with repairs by morning. I’m sending out a search party to see if they can find anything that can tell us where they went. Then we are heading to planet Gamilon.”013a.jpg

“Wildstar anything you need just ask.” Eager watch his friends face, he could see the stress that loom over him.

“Thanks Eager, you better get back to the Sitka and check on the repairs.”

“Right, let me know if you need anything.” Eager walked back to his ship and took off.

Wildstar made his way back to the bridge have to keep busy or I’m gonna lose it he reminded himself.


Planet Urbia

Holding area

2nd of June, 2205

0212 Earth Hours


They came in the middle of the night waking both Nova and Spada. “Get up” the guard told Nova.

“What are you doing leave her alone.” Spada try to stop them from taking her again.

“Get back Earth scum.” the guard told Spada. Spada try to grab the guard from behind but was knocked down by the other guard. They took Nova out and slammed the door shut.

“NOVA!” Spada yelled out, but they were gone just as quickly as they came.

They drag her to the same area but this time they place her in a smaller room with a chair.  She stood there waiting to see what they were going to do to her, but no one came. She sat on the chair and waited it seem like an hour before she heard voices coming her way.

“Open the door” she heard someone say. Then she saw him, Hindleman walked in and stared at her.

“Good evening, Mrs. Wildstar” Hindleman sneer at her.

“What do want from me?” Nova asked.

“I want you to suffer. Because of you my daughter is now married to the man I despise in the whole universe, next to your husband.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Nova said with defiance.

“You don’t do you?” Hindleman walked over to where she was and with the back of his hand hit her across the face, causing her to bleed out of her mouth. “Now you must tell me where is Captain Wildstar?”

“What makes you think that I will give you that information?” Nova glared back at him.

“Because if you don’t I will make life very hard for you here.”

“Then I guess I should prepare myself for what you throw at me, because it will never happen.” Nova spat back at him.

 “Very well then,” Hindleman wave in the two guards. They took Nova and placed her against the wall. One guard tore open the top of her uniform at the back. With one swift hit Hindleman took a whip and slapped it across her back. Nova screamed out in agony, he swung again and hit her again. Nova screamed with every hit praying that it would stop. Hindleman took 7 hits before Nova passed out with pain. As the guards let go of her, she could have sworn she heard Hindleman in the back ground. “She is much tougher than the other Earth slut. She gave up everything without even a single thought.”

They dragged her back to the cell and tossed her in before Spada had a chance to grab her. There was little light in the cell but he could see her back was exposed and there were bloody marks across her back. “My god Nova, are you alright? Talk to me.” He tried to shake her awake, but then realize that she had passed out. He began to rip off the sleeves of his shirt and use them to wipe the blood away. He laid her stomach first on the bunk and called for the guard.

“Guard, guard.”

“What is it?”

“I need water.”

“I don’t have the authority to bring you water.”

“Please just a cup of water, who’s going to know?” Spada begged for Nova’s life.

The guard looked at him then at Nova “Okay, just a cup.”

“Thank you.” Spada said.

A few minutes later the guard returned with a cup of water and placed it through a hole that was there to feed the prisoners. Spada took the cup and thank the guard one more time. He took the cup poured some of the water onto the ripped sleeve and cleaned Nova’s wounds. Then he turned her over and tried to wake her. “Nova, Nova, honey wake up, drink this, come on sweetie drink.” He poured some onto her lips and she drunk a little all the while calling for Derek.


4th of June, 2205

0623 Earth Hours


She woke up with the light that came from a small window, Nova could barely move from the pain that ran down her back. She tried to get up but then realized that someone was holding her.  She turned around in the bunk and came face to face with Doctor Spada.  She moved his arm and sat up on the bunk. Slowly she moved towards the window feeling her back on fire. When she turned around, as she finished zipping what was left of her uniform shirt she saw Spada sitting there looking at her.

“How are you Nova?” Spada looked at her with concern.

“I’m good, how long have I been out?” Nova wanted to keep track of the time.

“I say about a day, Nova why you?”

“I don’t know what Julie told him, but he blames me for his daughter’s marriage to Deslock. He is also dead set on finding Derek.” Nova looked out the window avoiding his stare. She knew that he was the one who dressed her, he saw her naked as a man not as a doctor.

“Maybe you should give him some false information about Derek.”

“No, I rather die then give Derek over to him and even if I give him a false location I’m dead either way.”

“Nova I’m sure that Derek will understand. He wouldn’t want you tortured like this.”

“There nothing to tell him, and even if I knew I rather die.” Nova said with anger in her voice. Just the suggestion on his part she knew that he would break and give up the whole fleet.

“I hope that they find us soon, I don’t think they want you to come out of this alive.” Spada said.

“Then so be it, I will never let him know were Derek is.”



EDF Battleship Endeavor

Outer atmosphere Planet Baynet

1156 Earth Hours


002 (3).jpgWildstar sat in his room looking at Nova picture. He sent three search and rescue ships down to planet Baynet in hopes that they find something amongst the rubble from the base. They comb the planet with a fine tooth comb but found nothing. Pesci and Howard took charge of the first squad, Delvechio took the second and Yvey had the third. It took them 2 days to look over the planet with no signs of where they went.

“Captain I have Lieutenant Commander Pesci on line one,” Pratt called up to his room.

“Put him through Lieutenant.”

“Captain, we check and double check the areas, I’m sorry sir we found nothing.”

Derek threw his fist on the table, where is she? “Very well Lieutenant bring them back, thank you for trying.”

“Yes skipper, Pesci out.”

Derek walked over to their closet and ran his fingers through her uniforms then pulled out the dress that she wore for Deslock’s wedding and smelled it.  He put it down on the bed, walked over to his private lift and went down to the bridge.

“Captain on the bridge.” Wright called out.

“Pratt put me through to the Sitka, please.”

“Yes sir” Pratt replied “Sir I have Captain Eager on the line should I put him through to the video panel.” Wildstar nodded.

“Eager how are your repairs going?”

“No go Wildstar, this new Andromeda class is a little complicated then we thought. I only wish Sandor was here, he usually can fix things in no time flat.”

“I guess I need to tell Singleton that you’ll need to head back.”

“Sorry Wildstar I wish I could be of further assistance, but looks like this ship has had it for now.”

“I understand Eager, good luck on your return trip.”

“Good luck Wildstar I hope you find her soon, Eager out.”

“Pratt get me through to EDF Admiral Singleton and please put him directly on video screen.”

“Yes sir.”

“Captain Wildstar, how are the repairs going?”003 (3)e.jpg

“Sir I’m sorry to say that the Sitka has to make the return trip back to earth. She is no longer in commission. Captain Eager will be leaving right away. The Galaxy and the Endeavor will be heading to Gamilon as soon as possible.”

“No luck in locating Commander Forrester?”

Wildstar looked away with pain in his heart. He didn’t want to leave but he had to ask Devina if she knew. “No sir, we didn’t find any signs of where they took her.”

“I’m sorry captain, truly I am.”

“Thank you sir, Wildstar out.”

“Lieutenant Commander Wright let’s get going we have to get to Gamilon, prepare for warp.”

“Aye, aye sir, attention all hands secure all quarters prepare for warp in T-minus 10 minutes.”



Great Island

EDF Battleship Sitka

11th of June, 2205

Docking bay 6R

1324 Earth Hours


While the Endeavor and Galaxy II warp to Gamilon the Sitka made its trip return back to the earth.

The Sitka took a little over a week to reach its destination. Yvey and Sandor have been keeping in touch throughout the trip. When the Sitka finally landed on Great Island Sandor stood on the port and waited for Yvey to get off.  She walked off the gangway and looked out into the crowd of the families waiting for their love ones returned. Sandor waved her over while holding flowers in the other hand. She tried to run off the gangway pushing some of the other crew members down. She made her way closer to him and jumped into his arms wrapping her legs around him making him drop the flowers so as to pick her up.  He spun her around and the put her down picking up the flowers and gave them to her.oka[1].jpg

“Hi there papi.” Yvey looked into his eyes “For me, ah thank you, you’re such a chulo.”

“Hello Yvey, I’m glad that they let you come back.”

“Me too papi, so what have you been up to since you left me up there to fend off all those pilots.” Yvey smiled at her new bow and wanted very much to spend as much time with him as possible.

Sandor placed in his leave papers for 4 days to Singleton just to be there when she returned. “Oh been busy with a very special project. I can’t reveal anything yet we are still working it out. But I have plans for us, so let me take that.” He reached down and grabbed her duffle bag. “Your carriage awaits you over here.” He walked her over to a mint condition 1949 motorcycle with the side carriage.

 Yvey looked at it and began to laugh, “Papi you really are a renaissance man.” She gave him a hug and ran her fingers on his face. Sandor put the Duffle bag in the side carriage and then handed her a helmet which she took and place on her head. He drove her into the city and pulled up to a tall building.  He handed the door man the keys and walked her into the building. “Wow Stephen you live here?”

“Just for now, until I find a house.” Sandor helped her onto the elevator and it made its way up to his floor. 

“I thought you would have the pent house.” Yvey laughed.

“No I’m pretty much a simple guy, plus the x-wife is still dwelling at the old house. Part of our settlement, she gets to stay there for a year, give her some time to find a place. I have it on the market now. I really don’t need anything that big. That was more her liking, not mine.”

“Well I like you just the way you are, I don’t want to change anything.” Yvey threw her arms around him and made him bend down to kiss her. He opened the door and took her bag inside. When she walked in, she noticed that there was no furniture in the apartment. She looked over to the other room and found a desk in the middle of the room with a computer on it.

“My you are a simple man, what gives papi?” She asked.

“No time for furniture, but I have a bed to sleep in, some dishes and pots to cook.”

“That’s okay, guess I’ll just have to rough it, or we can go back to my place.” Yvey felt sorry for him. How could he live in such a cold empty place, his ex really did a number on him.

“If you preferred to stay at your place Yvey, I’ll understand.”

“Stephen I think it will be better and you need a good down home Puerto Rican dinner. Come on lets go.” She grabbed her duffle bag and they made their way back to the elevators and down to the street. Yvey wave over a cab and they both jump in. She gave the cab driver the address and the cab speed away to it. Twenty three minutes later the car pulled up to her cottage on the beach front. He carried her bag in and looked around the small house.

“This is really nice Yvey. I never picture you in something like this. I was thinking more of a high rise apartment with young single party animals going on all kinds of hours of the day or night.”

Yvey laughed at what he thought. “Ay no papi, I like my privacy. And when I’m not flying I like to just sit back and relax and sometimes sit out on the beach and look at the sun set.”

“I guess there’s more to you then I thought.” Sandor said.

“Nope, just a simple girl, excuse me while I finally get out of this uniform and throw something more comfortable on. Be right back papi, make yourself at home, the kitchen is over there and there should be some wine in the wine frig” She gave him a kiss on the cheek and walked into her room.

Sandor walked over to the kitchen and found the frig. He looked over the kitchen as he open a bottle of Merlot. He called over to her, “Yvey where are your wine glasses?”

“Second cabinet from the frig on the first shelf.” she called back.

As he poured the wine into the glasses she walked back into the room wearing a pair of shorts, a spaghetti strap shirt and some roman sandals.  “Thank you.” She took the glass and motioned him outside onto the beach.

“This is really nice Yvey I can see why you like it here. My apartment is so cold and empty.”

“So Stephen what’s the big secret with your orders?” Yvey asked.

“Boy you are straight forward.” He smiled at her “I wish I can tell you but I can’t.”

“No problema.” Yvey said.

“How is Wildstar I heard about Nova.”

“He seems okay, but he is putting up a front for his crew. We all searched for a couple of days but didn’t find anything. He was heading to Gamilon and see if he can get some information from the princess. Maybe she might know where they took her and the Doctor. I hope it works out for them, I really like Nova and the Captain seems like a really good guy.”

“He is, I wish I was up there helping but they need me here.”

“Speaking of here how long do I have you for?” Yvey asked with a smile.

“Four days, so what would you like to do first Ms. Ortiz?”

“Hmmm, I know this place that serve great arroz con pollo if you want.”


“Okay then let me grab my bag and I’ll take you there.” They both hopped into her car and speed off. As she drove they talked about their past relationships and laughed about his ex wives. She finally pulled up to a large house with three cars in the drive way. Sandor was a little confused at the place.

“Come on, you’ll gonna really like the food here.”

She walked over to the door and opened it up. They stood in a huge foyer with Spanish tiles on the floor in the back ground he heard voices and music playing.

“Come on.” she took him by the hand and they made their way into a large kitchen. Sandor looked around and saw six women laughing and cooking while dancing to the music. They all stop dancing when she and Sandor walked into the room.

“Hi mommy, I missed you.” the women squealed with delight to see her, “hija, when did you get back?”  Yvey walked over to the lady and gave her a kissed on the cheek. “I got in a few hours ago, where’s papi and the others?”

“Your papi is outside with your brothers and who is this?” she said looking at Sandor.

“Oh, come here chulo.” she motioned to Sandor. “This is Stephen Sandor and this is my mother Nada and over there is my sister-in-laws, Teresa, Vanessa, Marielle, Jenny and Sonya. Everyone this is Commander Stephen Sandor.”

They all got up and started to give him a hug and kiss welcoming him there. Sandor was taken back a second but then stood still when her father walked in, he was average height with brown eyes a mustache and white hair.  Then five men walked in behind him, all the same height as their father and resemble him with the same nose. “Papi this is Commander Stephen Sandor, Stephen this is my father William, over there are my brothers, David, Emilio, William Jr. we call him Willie, Robert and Armando we call him A J.”

They all took turns shaking his hand. A J was the last to shake his hand and the first to speak. “You must be someone very special.”

“Why do ask that?” Sandor felt a little unease.

“Because my baby sister never brought anyone to the house ever; so for her to bring someone here she must really think highly of you.”

Sandor gave a smirk, he never dreamed of meeting her family this quick. “Your sister is someone special too.”

“I’d say she is.” David said. “I hope that you’ll be able to handle her. She doesn’t hold anything back, so be prepare.”

“Don’t forget to warn him about her temper. She is one, how did that one guy we saw her with describe her, oh yeah, one psychic Chiquita Banana.” Emilio told him.

Sandor laughed at them and began to feel at ease with her family. They all huddle in the kitchen and made fun of her. Telling Sandor all the things she did as a child and the boyfriends she had when she was younger. Her father finally got a chance to pulled Sandor to the side.

“So Sandor what is it that you do in the Star Force?”

“Well the Star Force has been dissemble for now. But I do a lot of Technical work for the ships. Right now I’m putting together one of the ships and getting it prepare for the war that has started with the Bolars.”

“I see, I worked on some of the plans for the underground city back in New York, my sons have all followed in my footsteps. When my daughter decided to go into the EDF my heart almost stopped. She is my little hija. It almost broke my wife’s heart to send her only daughter to fight wars. But there was never stopping the child. After all she grew up with five bothers and when she saw one of those jets fly by our neighborhood she was head strong in flying one. So Commander, what are your intentions with my daughter?” he asked.

“Sir, you can see I am much older than her, but she is great gal. I hope that our age difference doesn’t concern you but my only intentions are that I keep her happy nothing more.” Sandor stood before him like a nervous teenager asking permission from her father to take her out.

“My wife and I are 8 years apart so for my daughter to date someone older doesn’t surprise me and doesn’t concern me. My only concern is she is my only daughter and I don’t want to see her hurt. She has always been head strong about things and for her to bring a gentleman home to meet her family shows that she is very much falling for you.”

“Sir I am very much taken by her too. I would like this opportunity to ask your permission to date your daughter.”

William looked him over. “Have you and my daughter been together?”

Sandor turned beet red and shook his head. “No Sir, and even if we have I am a gentleman I will never embarrassed her that way by giving that information.”

William smiled at him, he seem like a genuine man. He patted him on the back and walked him back into the kitchen. “Tell me Stephen where did you meet my little Yvey?”

“Sir went met on the EDF Battleship Sitka. Commander Nova Forrester Wildstar introduced us.”

“Hmmm, the name Wildstar sounds very familiar.” William said.

“Sir she is the wife of Commander Derek Wildstar of the Star Force.”

“Oh yes, it was a big buzz back in New York about the star force. Tell me Commander have you ever drank Puerto Rican Rum?”

Yvey walked over to them and smiled at her father, “Well?” she asked him.

“You have my blessing.” He then turned to Sandor “Take care of my little girl. Now, your mother is waving to us to come and eat. We better not keep her waiting. These Puerto Rican women can have a temper.” He shook his head and rolled his eyes. “I am warning you now don’t piss them off.” Sandor laughed at her dad and walked with him to the dining room.



As they made their way back to Yvey house Sandor turned to her, “Your family is really nice, I like them a lot. But you should have warned me about going there. I was a little uncomfortable at first.”

Pulling the car over, she turned to him. “I’m sorry about that, I really wanted you to meet them and I didn’t want you backing out at the last minute disappointing me or them. And with our jobs we have to take advantage of the time we have. And anyways they really took to you in a good way.” She lean over to him and kissed him.

She put the car back into drive and went back to her house. “You wanna come in or do ya want me to take you back to that cold empty place you call a home?”

Sandor smiled at her, “No I think I can hang out for awhile.”

“Good, come on.” They walked into the house and she threw her shoes off in the corner. “Would you like some more wine?” she asked.

“Sure Yvey.” Sandor took a seat in her living room while she went to get them more wine. She came back and handed him a glass and then sat next to him. “So Sandor tell me about the star force, how was the trip to Iscandar? I’ve always wanted to know.”

“It was such a long time ago. I can’t believe how young everyone was. It felt like Captain Avatar and I were the only ones that were older.  I took the position when I heard of Derek brother. They thought he was killed in combat. He and I were very close in the academy.  It felt like a life time ago, there were hard time but we all manage to have some good times. A lot of people got together then, many married right after. That’s were Wildstar and Nova met and they’ve been together ever since.  Wildstar is like a younger brother to me and Nova is the sister I lost many years ago. I can admit she is very protective of those around her.”

“Yeah I got that impression about her. I’m glad that there is someone in your life like that. Do you have any other family besides the star force?” She asked him.

“No, my parents died a long time ago and my sister died when I was young. So all I really have is the Star force.”

Yvey heart melted knowing that he had no family. She reached out her hand to him and pulled his face closer to her. She kissed him gently and he kissed her back. She took his hand in hers and led him to her bedroom.

“Are you sure about this?” Sandor asked.

“Not a doubt in my mind.” Yvey said back. She wrapped her arms around his neck and smiled at him. “Stephen I’m so glad I met you.”

“Me too Yvey” Sandor never met anyone like her before. She was just what he needed in his life. “I love you Yvey it might be early for me to say that but I know you’re the one for me.”

“I feel the same way.” she told him as she got lost in his arms while he made love to her.


Planet Gamilon

Gamilon City

Deslock Palace

2nd of June 2205

0934 Earth Hours



“I am so sorry Wildstar is there anything I can do?” Deslock asked.

“Would you mind if I talk to Devina?” He asked.

“Not at all, I’m sure she will be happy to help in any way possible.” Deslock lead him to the grand room where Devina was.

She was in the middle of giving a droid instruction on something when she heard them enter the room. “Wildstar it’s so nice to see you again, I think I have a feeling of why you’re here.

Wildstar stood there shock at what she said. “How did you know?”

“I am of Iscandar descent I have the same powers as my cousin Starsha and Sasha.”

“Is she alright Devina?” Wildstar asked.

“She is still alive, Derek. But she calls for you.”

Wildstar eyes weld up with tears. “Where is she I have to get to her? It’s already a week.”

“You will have to make a long journey. She is on the planet Urbia where I was taken from my mother all those years ago.  It is located near the black nebula you must go to her. Deslock my love we must go with him.”

Deslock nodded “Of course I will have my flagship prepare for departure.”

“How long will it take you Deslock?”  Wildstar asked.

“We can leave tomorrow in the afternoon it will take another week to reach the Black Nebula then a few days after that.” Deslock told him. “We’re going to have to go over battle plans on the way. I have to inform my fleet to meet us there. We will need every available ship.”

“Thank you Deslock.” Wildstar said to him with relief that there was a possibility that she was still alive.

“Come my friend, join us.” Deslock said.

“I’m really not hungry right now.”

Devina grab his hand. “You’ll need your strength Derek. She will need you to have your strength when you go get her.”

They made their way to the dining room and sat down. Glitchman and Tolbert were there waiting. Also there were Howard and Pesci.  Howard stared at her with hater, Pesci leaned over to her. “Denise my love now is not the time.”

“I know but why does my gut feeling tell me she had something to do with this.” Howard said still staring at her.

“My love let’s concentrate on finding her first, then we’ll deal with prissy pants.” Pesci held her hand tighter.

They all sat down, Deslock look over to Derek and new that he was distorted about his wife. He too would go to great length to find his wife. He would stop at nothing to save her. Nova and Derek were more than friends to him, they were his extended family and he would do anything for them.

Throughout dinner Derek sat there just poking his food, like a three year old not wanting to eat his vegetables. He could only think of what Devina said she is still alive. Did that mean she is being tortured? Derek felt a hand touch his shoulder when he looked up he saw Deslock looking down at him. “Come my friend you need air.”

Walking onto the terrace, Derek leaned on the banister and took in the air. “I’m worry about her Deslock.”

“I know you are. I would be too if it were Devina. But you must keep a level head for your crew and our mission. We will find her you must know that. Devina feels that she must confront her father to let him know about us and to let him know she is happy here with me. She will help in any way she can to get her back to you.”

“Thank you Deslock, I don’t know how I am ever going to repay you for this.”

“Not to worry, just your first born will do.” Deslock tried to make him laugh.

Derek smiled back at him, if he only knew that it almost happened. But he did not know it so he just shook his friends hand and thank him.

“Are you coming Wildstar?”

“I’m just going to stay out here for a few if you don’t mind.”

“Please take your time.” Deslock told him and walked back into the room.

Devina walked out to him and watched him looking up into the sky. “Captain?”

Wildstar turned to her, “It’s Derek, please.”

“Derek, I cannot tell you enough how sorry I am.”

“Devina is she?”

Devina turned away, she already knew what she was going through she had seen it many times before. Her father may be compassionate with her but with others he can be a monster. Her powers did not need to tell her that. That’s why she needed to go there with them, she had to talk sense into him and let Nova go. “I’m sorry Derek, I cannot tell you more then she is still alive.” She looked up towards the sky hoping that he could not see it in her eyes.

“Thank you Devina, I hope that this does not put you in a bad position with Deslock and your father.”

“Derek I know who my father is. I do not shy away for the person that he is. He may have been a loving father to me but to others he is a monster. I must do what I have to do to stop him. I cannot stand back and have him hurt someone that befriended me in a time of war.  You, Deslock and Nova never once asked me about my father’s affairs and that show me that all of you are honorable in your friendship to me.”

“Devina I don’t know what to say but thank you.”

sta1[1].jpg“No thank you Derek, you and Nova showed me that there is love and even in war love can be found. Deslock and I have beating the odds and will continue to do so like you and Nova.” Devina walked over to him and gave him a hug. She pulled away from him and thanked him again with her eyes then walked back in to be with Deslock.

Wildstar stayed outside on the terrace watching day turn to night thinking about Nova. Another night without her, another night that she is in the hands of a monster! He began to go back in when he came face to face with Julie.

“What do you want?” Derek said with annoyance.

“Derek I’m really sorry. I can’t image what you are going through. I know how much you love her. I hope that someday that I find someone that will stop heaven and earth to find me.”

Derek kept his distance from her and looked her over. He wasn’t sure what to make of her.  “Thanks Julie, I appreciate that.” He made his way past her and walked back into the room. “Hey Homer, listen I’m going back to the Endeavor and try to get some sleep.”

“Okay Wildstar I’ll speak with you in the morning.”

“Captain Wildstar, Pesci and I will go with you.” Howard told him. She saw that Tolbert was with him and wanted to make sure that she didn’t bother him.

“Naw, Howard you and Pesci have some fun, I’ll be alright. Good night.”

They watched as Wildstar left the room with his head down and his hands in his pocket.



Planet Urbia

Near the Black Nebula

Bolar Battle station

4th of June, 2205

1556 Earth Hours

They threw her back into the cell naked and unconscious, Spada pick her up and placed her on the bunk. With the water he saved from before, he wiped the blood off her back. He couldn’t figure how she was holding on. Anyone would have given up and died. “Oh Nova, I only wish it was me that they did this too.” Spada held her in his arms and looked down at her face. She was pale, her lips looked almost blue he couldn’t watch her like this. She was naked and shivering… he took the dirty ragged blanket and covered her again like the many nights before. He held her in his arms looking down on her without even thinking he kissed her on the lips.

Nova woke up and looked around, she dreamed of being back on earth in her home with Derek.  But when she opened her eyes and moved reality set in. She was in this dirty cell cold and broken.  She couldn’t remember what day it was or how long they have been there. Her back burn and each day she hope that Derek would find her.

“Nova, are you okay?”

“Yeah, how long was I out this time?”

“A few days, they came back last night but they couldn’t get you up. I heard them say they can’t hear you scream if you’re unconscious.” Spada looked away her clothes strip from her which left her naked all she had was the dirty blanket to cover herself with. “Oh god Nova I’m so sorry.” He walked over and held her tight.

“Don’t,” she said. “It hurts, I’m sorry it just hurts.” With that she finally broke down and cried. He moved her over to the bunk and held her in his arms, wanting to stop the torture that they were doing.  She cried harder also wanting it to stop. He looked at her and raised her face up to him bringing his lips to hers. With tears in her eyes she kissed him back holding him and wanting him. He wanted her too but pulled away. “Nova we can’t, you’re a married woman and I know you love him. I just can’t take advantage like this. If you come to me it will be because you want to, not because we are in a situation that we cannot control. I love you I always have since I saw you on our first mission, but I want you to come to me willing.”

Nova wiped the tears from her face, “Thank you Michael you are true gentleman.”

They sat in the cell silent for hours before they heard voices coming their way Spada grabbed Nova he swore that they wouldn’t take her again. The door swung open and Hindleman walked in. “Take her.”

“No, take me, you’ve done enough to her.” Spada said as he try to hide Nova behind him.

“Hahahaha what makes you think that I want you, now move!” Hindleman raise is his hand and try to hit him. Spada grab hold of his hand and with quick speed punch him in the face.

“No! Michael No, he’ll kill you.” Nova stood between them.

Hindleman stood straight to his full height “Listen to her earth scum.”

“I’ll go with you.” Nova stood tall in front him.

“Nova, you can’t take much more, I’ll go in your place.”

“Your friend is very admirable, but I do not want him. Come.” Hindleman turned and walked out the door with Nova following.

She followed him down a brightly lit corral door different from the dim lit torture area. He led her into a small room and waved her in, “What do you want?” Nova looked at him with caution.

 “Mrs. Wildstar you have something I want. Obviously it would be better for you to just tell me what I need to know. The torturing will stop if you just tell me where your husband is and the safe return of my daughter.”

“Don’t you get it, I don’t know where they’re at and even if I did I wouldn’t tell you.” Nova said with defiance.

Hindleman looked directly into her face with heavy breathing “You would rather die than tell me a simple request.”

Nova felt her blood drain from her face and body but she stood her ground “I would rather die than hand my husband over to you. You should know that with your own child.”

Hindleman raised his hand, but Nova did not flitch, she stood before him tall and waited for what he was going to do to her. “I must say I admire your spirit. I only wish that my men had your spirit. Guard, return her back to the cell.”

“Yes sir!” the guard said and walked over to her escorting her out the room and back to the cell.

Hindleman watch as the guard walked her out and thought amazing how she is willing to die for someone. I guess their love is the same as ours, yet the other woman was willing to give it all up for her life, strange breed. He turned to the other guard “give her a night of peace, then beginning in the morning….”

“Yes your Excellency.” the guard said and bow as Hindleman walked out of the room.

Spada stood shock to see her walked into the cell. “Nova what happened?”

“Nothing he just asked me where Derek was that’s all.”

“Did he believe you?”

“I don’t care. It wouldn’t make a difference. He is determined to get Derek.”

“Do you think that they will, you know.”

“No, I’m sure that they will continue. But I will be prepared to what they have to give.”



Planet Gamilon

EDF Battleship Endeavor

Earth Fleet and Gamilon Flag ship Galmus

4th of June, 2205

1323 Earth Hours


“Wildstar, when ever your ready we can go.” Deslock said.

“Right, okay everyone let’s get ready to roll. Miamato take control of the ship. Let’s make it a smooth ride”

“Aye, aye sir,” Miamato called out. “Let’s do this by the number.”

Watanabe called down to the engine room. “Engine room activate the WME bring it to 2.8 engine power up to 6.”

“Open the valve to the wave motion engine cylinder.”Miamato called to Watanabe.

“Opening wave motion engine cylinder, 5 minutes to ignition,” Watanabe called. “increasing inner pressure to the wave motion engine.”

“Wave motion engine pressure raising energy 90 percent,” Miamato called out. “Sub engines at top.”

“Sub engines power in full,” Watanabe called to him. “Energy at 120 percent start flywheel, Countdown starting 9  ….   8   ….   7     6  …..  5  …. 4  ….  3  …..  2  ..  1 engage wave motion engine.”

“Engage” Miamato called out.

“Endeavor take off.” Wildstar called out.

Miamato pulled back on his controls and lifted the Endeavor towards the sky, the other ships follow suit. One by one they took off the Endeavor leading the way, then the Galaxy and Deslocks flagship.

“10 seconds to space Captain Wildstar.” Miamato called out to him.

“Very good, nice job everyone. Once we clear the planets gravity pull prepare immediately for wrap sequence.” Wildstar ordered.

“Aye aye captain.” they all replied.

Derek sat in the captains chair watching as Miamato brought the Endeavor into space as he thought to himself Nova just hold on I’m coming for you.

“Sir clearing Gamilon atmosphere, preparing for warp sequence.” Miamato called out.

“Good helmsman, begin sequence.” Wildstar told Miamato.

“Attention all hands, attention all hands, prepare for warp in T minus 4 minutes, secure all stations. Strap yourselves in for warp position and counting 10  9  8  7  6  5  4  3  2  1 WARP.”

They warp in less than 1 second into the Vidia solar system “Okay everyone let’s get ready for emergency exercises’, being exercises in 20 seconds” Wildstar order. Wildstar worked his crew harder than ever, going over training over and over. By the end of the day his crew were dead to the universe.

“Wow I don’t think that I’ve ever train harder.” Howard said.

“I know, but we have to be prepared for what we will encounter when we get to Urbia” Pesci told Howard.

“Pesci I hope that Nova is there, the Captain doesn’t look to good. I mean I know he is putting up a front for his crew but I know that he is really worried about Nova.”

“I can’t image what he is going through, but if I was him I’d do the same for you.”

“Oh Pesci, I love you.” Howard gave him a hug and then quick kiss.

 “We have to report to the conference room.” Delvechio said interrupting their conversation.

They all put their helmets up and all made their way to the conference room. When they all walked in Wildstar, Glitchman, Tolbert, Wright and some of the bridge crew were there already going over strategies for when they arrive at Urbia. Deslock joined them on video from his ship. Howard notice that Tolbert stood close to Wildstar. She watched as they went over the area map and the possibilities of bases. She looked from the map to Tolbert and back again watching her move closer to him. Howard felt her blood boil and wanted to grab her by the hair. Pesci gazed in her direction and nodded to her, warning her now was not the time. “I advise that you all get a goodnight sleep because we will continue training until we arrive at Urbia.” Wildstar ordered, “Dismiss and good luck.”

Howard walked over to Wildstar and put her hand on his shoulder, “Sir, permission to speak?”

“Sure Lieutenant what can I do for you.” Wildstar tired to smile at her.

“Captain, how are you doing?”

Wildstar looked at her and smiled. “I’m doing alright, thank you.”

“I hope that you will take your own advice and get some sleep. Nova will need you when we find her.” She said as she looked at Tolbert with slit eyes.

“I will Denise, thanks for your concern.”

“If you want to talk, I’m here and so is Pesci.”

Wildstar just nodded and smiled at her offer, he knew that she meant it. “Well get some sleep Lieutenant it’s going to be a busy morning. Then we will warp again later in the day”

“Yes sir, goodnight sir.” Howard saluted and walked out the door with Pesci in tow.

“Wildstar, I’m going to head back to the Galaxy and get some sleep, we’ll see you in the morning.” Homer said.

“Yeah, I’m pretty beat myself. I think that everything is just catching up with me. Goodnight Homer, see you in the morning.”

“Tolbert come on it’s time to go.” 

Tolbert nodded and follow him out into the hall. “Oh, Captain I forgot some of the reports that we’ll need for tomorrow. You go on ahead and I take then next shuttle back.”

Homer gave a suspicious look but decided she was only going back to the conference room. “Very well, make it fast I don’t want you on this ship alone. Every time you’re here it seems that you get yourself into some kind of trouble.”

Tolbert saluted him and then turn, all the while rolling her eyes as she walked away.

As she walked back to the conference room to grab her reports, Wildstar was on his way out. “Hello Derek, I forgot some reports I was just getting them.”

“Lieutenant,” Wildstar nodded at her. “Where is Captain Glitchman?” he asked with caution.

“He went ahead I told him that I’ll catch the next shuttle over. Well I see them over there on the table I’ll just go get them and head back to the Galaxy. It was nice seeing you again Derek.” She made her way over to the table and grabbed the reports, while Derek watched her. She was about to leave when she turned around. “Derek I’m so sorry about Nova I know that we had our differences but she is your wife and I know that you love her very much. If there’s anything I can do please let me know.”

“Thanks Julie, I really appreciate that. Well you better get back before Homer sends out a search party for you. And Julie,”

“Yes Derek?”

“I really do mean it when I say thanks.” Derek looked at her. She looked into his eyes and wanted him more. “Well I better get some rest I feel like I haven’t slept in days. I’ll see everyone in the morning, Good night Julie.”

 She watched as he left to his quarters and then follow suit. Standing in the shadows of the hallway she waited until she saw his light go out before entering his room. She peeked into the room and found Derek fast asleep in his bed. She watched him sleeping before making her way around the room. Walking over to the head she found Nova’s Perfume and sprayed some on then took off her uniform only leaving on her panties.  With ease she went over and crawl into the other side next to him.  She touch his face as he stirred, she notice that he toss a little but once he settled she place her head on his chest. Derek wrapped his arm around her and began to kiss her. Julie returned his kisses and ran her hands down his body making him moan. “Oh Nova, I love you.” It felt good to be in his arms once more, but now he was more matured and his body more firm. He still slept naked. You haven’t changed a bit, Derek. She felt his lips on hers and she kissed him back, “Oh Derek.” She moaned his name.


Julie laid there quiet, not sure what to say back. “Yes Derek” she said in a low tone.  Derek rubbed his eyes and looked again. He wasn’t sure what to make of the figure, was he dreaming. Was Nova safe next to him and it was a nightmare. He turned around and switched on the side table light. He turned to see if he was dreaming. Was it Nova or was he just losing his mind. When his eyes adjusted to the light he saw her laying there next to him “WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING HERE!” he yelled at her while he jumped out of bed. “Oh crap” he said as he grabbed the sheet wrapping it around him realizing that he was naked. He walked over to the phone and ordered someone to his room.

“HAVE YOU LOST YOUR MIND!” he yelled at her. “Get the hell out NOW!”

“Derek please let me explain.” She pleaded.

“Explain, what’s there to explain. You here in my room! Almost naked pertaining to be my wife! What’s there to explain?!”

“I’m not trying to be Nova. I saw how you needed someone, so I wanted to ease your tension.”

“Ease my tension, are you that delusional that you will stoop this low to win my affections. Get over it Julie before it ruins your career.” Wildstar snapped at her.

“Derek all I want is to make you happy.” Julie started to cry.

“Don’t you get it I am happy with my wife NOVA! You really need some help. I suggest that you get it and get it quick.”

“Captain what happened.” Pesci called out as he and Denise entered his room.

“Get her out of here.” Wildstar pointed in Julie’s direction.

They both stood there shock at what they saw, Julie was naked in his bed and Derek stood near his desk with a sheet wrapped around his waist. Denise walked over to Julie and grabbed her by the arm. “Come on, time for you to go.”

“Get your hands off of me.” Julie pulled her arms away from her.

“Not this time.” Howard grabbed her again and twisted her arm behind her back. “Pesci get me her clothes, we need to cool her down. Captain I think you should call Glitchman.”

“Let go of me!” She tried to fight Howard but she tighten her grip on her and dragged her out of the room.

Wildstar grabbed a uniform and walked into the head to get dress. Pesci just stood there not knowing what to do. It took Wildstar a few minutes to get dress and barged out of the head walked over to his desk and placed a call to the Galaxy.

Homer , Derek here.”

“Wildstar, what’s going on did you get some information on Nova?”

“No but I think you better get over here ASAP, it’s about you’re Deputy Captain.”

“Oh god what did she do now?” Homer said.

“Let’s just say that a court marshal is in order.”

“I’ll be right over.”



“You’re hurting me you stupid bitch.” Tolbert yelled. “Where are you taking me too?”

“To the brig, now shut up.” Howard said “Looks like we have to keep you caged for awhile until we straighten this out.”

“I am your superior officer I order you to let me go.” Tolbert bellowed.

“Ma’am you are not my commandeering officer and you are not an officer of this ship. You are a trespasser here as far as I am concerned now watch your head and get in.” Howard pushed her into the cell and called over to a marine “If she tries to escape shoot her.”

“Ma’am?” the marine looked at her confused.

“You heard me marine, if she tries to escape shoot her.” with that Howard turned around and went back to Wildstar stateroom.

When she got back to Wildstar room Glitchman was already there. “You’re kidding.” Glitchman said “She told me that she was getting some reports from the conference room. I should have known better then to leave her roaming this ship unsupervised. I’m so sorry Derek, where is she now?”

“Sir she is in the brig, fuming.” Howard said “I have a marine guard posted there for her safety.”

“Homer we have to do something, I can’t have her sneaking into my room. I have enough problems with this mission and Nova captured.  I don’t need some psycho case trying to hop in bed with me any chance she gets.” Wildstar said with anger.

“I understand sir I will take care of it.” Homer said, all the while fuming of the embarrassment she has caused him. Derek may be his friend but he was the fleet commander and he still had to report to him.

“Make sure that you do. Howard, take Captain Glitchman to the brig and help him with our little stowaway.” Wildstar said.

“Yes sir.” Howard saluted and motion to Homer to follow her.

“Wildstar I’m really sorry.” Homer said before he left with Howard.

They made their way down to the brig where Tolbert sat on the bunk. She managed to get dress and stood up when Homer walked into the cell.

“Let’s go Lieutenant.” Homer snapped at her. “I can’t believe you, what the hell were you thinking. Have you no shame, are you really that stupid?”

Tolbert stood before him with her head down just listening to his questioning, her mind racing at what to say to him.

“WELL ANSWER ME!” Homer yelled at her.

“HE, HE TRY TO RAPE ME!” she began to tell him with tears streaming down her face.

“Are you fucking kidding me, do you think I would believe that. You tried to take advantage of him pertaining to be his wife and were hoping that something would happen.”

dorothy7[1].jpgTolbert stop crying and looked Homer in the face “Well what would you think of EDF getting a report accusing the great Captain Wildstar of rape. After all he just lost his wife and he’s so heartbroken he’d find comfort with anyone.”

“YOU BITCH!” Howard went to grab for her and Homer pulled her back.

“Howard not now.” Homer said “Julie your little plan is never going to work. No one will ever believe you. Now let’s get going.”

“We’ll see about that.” Julie snared back.

Howard couldn’t take anymore she grabbed her by the hair and turned her to face her. “If you even think about putting a bogus report in, you have to deal with me. You got it cookie!”

“Let go of me.” Tolbert shrugged her off.

“Okay ladies that’s enough, Marine please help me referee these two ladies back to my ship. Lieutenant Commander Tolbert as of now you are relieved of your command and you are confined to quarters until further notice. And don’t even think about trying to leave, I will have two large women marine standing outside your door. Move it!” Homer said with a stern voice as they walked down to the flight pad. Howard watched as he took off and then made her way back to the Captains quarters.

She knocked on the door and heard him say ‘enter’

Pesci and Wildstar stood at his desk talking. “So Lieutenant is it safe to say she is gone?”

“Yes sir, Captain Glitchman is having her escorted back to her stateroom by two women marine guard, it’s safe to say she will remain there until further notice.”

“Captain, will you be okay?” Pesci asked.

“Yeah Pesh, guess I’ll have to sleep with one eye opened from now on.” Derek tried to make light of the whole thing.

“Derek, we will find her. I promise you.” Howard told him.

“I know, thanks Denise, you know I have to admit I got a really great crew. I think you all would have been great on the Argo.  Now go get some sleep, good night you two.”

Derek threw himself on his chair after they left and gave out a big sigh. Nova I miss you so much.




Great Island General Hospital

4th of June, 2205

1345 Hours


“Eager, you asked me to call you when Corporal Chan woke up.” Doctor Sane said into the video phone.

“Doctor Sane is he able to talk?”

“He will be by the time you get here. He has been asking to talk to Captain Glitchman.”

“I’m on my way, be there in an hour.” Eager said while grabbing his Captains pea coat and hat.