Onward With Love…

Chapter Seventeen

By Yuki Wildstar

Planet Baynet

Baynet Solar System

Bolar Base

30 May 2205

1134 Earth hours

“PEVIN!” Hindleman yelled through his door.

Pevin with quick speed ran into the room, “Yes sir!”

“What happened to our two pilots that were sent to the Gamilon Planet?” he bellowed.

“Sir we stop hearing from them days ago. We’re assuming that they were capture and killed.”

Feeling his rage take over he picked up cup and threw it across the room hitting Pevin in his shoulder. “Send another set of scouts out and make sure that they are our top men.”

“But sir shouldn’t we save our best men for future battle?” Pevin asked but coward away from him.

Hindleman grabbed something from his desk and threw it at him this time hitting him in the face with it. “Ouch!” He screamed out.

“Now go find me Navax, Now!” Hindleman yelled out to him.

“Yes sir,” Pevin grabbed his head and walked out of his office. That self center prick I can’t wait until the Prime Minister finds out what he is up to. He is wrap up in finding his daughter that this war with the Gamilon will destroy him. Pevin thought to himself as he made his call to General Navax.

An hour later Navax walked thru the door. “Sir you wanted me?” Navax bowed as he spoke.

“Yes your two men never made it back, what have you said to that?” Hindleman was not in the mood to listen to his incompetence.

“Sir my fear is that they have been capture and killed by the Gamilons.”

“Don’t you think I know this, you idiot. What have you got plan now?” Hindleman walked over to him and was almost ready to hit him when Pevin walked in. “What do you want Pevin?!”

“Sir I just got word that a fleet of ship just came into the solar system. Sir it looks like the Earth fleet.” Pevin said. Hindleman looked at Pevin and Navax and then left to the control room with the both men following him.

“Tell me the status of the fleet?” Hindleman ordered the corporal at the raider systems.

“Sir we are looking at least a thirty ships. Within the Earth fleet there are three Battleships two carriers, looks like there are about six battle cruisers, four frigate and two destroyers.” The corporal called out.

“Which one is the flagship of the Earth fleet?” Hindleman said with slit eyes.

“Sir?” the corporal asked.

“Find out which one is the Flagship of the Earth fleet.” Hindleman ordered.

“Yes sir, right away sir!” the corporal answered.




EDF Battleship Galaxy II



“Captain Glitchman, something just came up on our radio waves. Looks like there something going on Baynet.” Lieutenant Hatch said out loud.

“Try to see if you can get a better reading.” Glitchman ordered.

“Sir it’s a faint signal but it’s there.” Hatch replied.

Homer felt a little on unease with the whole thing “I don’t know I got a funny feeling about this.”

Tolbert knew this would be a good opportunity to get off the ship for a while. “Sir we should check it out. It could be a distress call.”

“Okay I guess we will need to send out a search crew. Chan get the Cosmo hound out there and see what we find.” Glitchman called into the intercom to the Black tiger leader.

“Sir I would like to volunteer for this mission if I can?” Tolbert asked.

“Are you sure Lieutenant Commander?” Homer asked her and a little weary on why she wanted to go.

“Yes sir I would like to lead it sir.” Julie said all the while telling herself at least I can do something instead of standing around with everyone watching me all the time. Anywhere but here.

“Very well go join the rest of the cosmos hound crew.” Homer ordered. “Lieutenant Commander be careful.”

Tolbert saluted and ran for the door, finally something different I don’t have him breathing down my neck. She ran into the flight pad and grabbed her helmet, put it on and ran into the Cosmo hound. “Okay fellas let’s get going it’s time to flush out who is down there and move on to the next mission”

The Cosmo Hound took off from the Galaxy II and headed towards Baynet.


“Homer it sounds like a trap, tell them to be careful. It just sounds too easy, plus with the Gamilon fleet heading over to Planet Isfahan near the Kuiper belt so we will be half the force.” Wildstar was a little concern with him sending a ship down to the planet. “Let’s just keep on our toes, prepare for anything.”

“Aye aye skipper,” Homer said.



The Cosmo Hound landed about 2 clicks from the area that the signals were coming from. Tolbert opened the hatch to the ship and drew her weapon. “Okay guys let’s stay alert here” She walked out with two men behind her. They began to make their way through the heavy marsh and tall weeds.  Step by step they walked deeper into the heavy forest making their way into a clearing. She held her hand up letting them know to stay back as she listened slightly checking to see if there was anything there.

They made their way further in closer to the faint signal, stopping every few feet to listen out for movement. At times when they thought they heard something she gesture for them to hit the ground.  They cased the area looking under bushes and walked around the open field.  She motion to them to spread out and cover more ground. Each one went separate ways spreading out a few feet from each other.  Julie heard something coming in her direction which made her turned and trip over a huge branch. Before she knew it a bolar solider was on top of her. He held his weapon on her head and gesture to her to put her hands up.  Julie sat there shock that she was capture by the enemy.  He then grabbed her weapon and placed it in his belt. She looked over and found that one of her men was also capture with her. She looked closer to her crew man and notice that he must have put up a straggle because his face had bruises. The Bolar solider shoved him and he continue to fight back which made the Bolar solider angrier.

“Stop it you idiot, you’re going to get us both killed.” Tolbert yelled to him. “Okay we can make a deal. What do you want?”

“Shut up you Earth slut,” Tunstall called back to the base informing them that they have captured two Earthlings from the fleet. Siemaszko called over to his partner advising him that all the others were taken care of. Making Julie blood go cold.

“Listen we are expected to call in back to our ship, if they don’t hear from us. . .” Tolbert began to say.

“Lieutenant shut up!” Mitchell, the young enlisted man told her. Her big mouth is going to give everything away he thought to himself.

“Listen to your friend Earth slut!” Siemaszko said.

“Siemaszko base has informed me to bring the prisoner back to base.” Tunstall said.

“Get up” Siemaszko yelled to them. He threw Tunstall some plastic strings and told him to tie their arms behind them.

“Move earth scum!” Tunstall shoved Mitchell.

Siemaszko pulled Tolbert by the hair and made her stand up. “OUCH! Stop that!” she cried out.

Siemaszko pushed her back down to the ground and shoved her face into the ground. “Get up or I kill you here.”

Tolbert made herself get up with his help, and they followed them back to the base. Before they made their way to their ship, Tunstall got in and started the ship while Siemaszko tossed Tolbert and Mitchell into the ship causing Tolbert to hit her knee against the panel of the ship.

Mitchell gazed at Tolbert with disapproving eyes. “What?” Tolbert said back in a low voice.

They were knocked to the side once the ship took off “You’re not supposed to talk to them, or did they not teach you that in officer training class.”

“Shut up you idiot!” she said through grit teeth.

They flew for a few more minutes when they landed on the old base that they thought they destroyed weeks ago.  When they finished landing the two bolar soldiers grab them and walked them off the ship as another solider waited outside for them. “Take them to the interrogation room Hindleman wants to talk to them.”

Mitchell continued to fight Tunstall making Tunstall to hit him in the back of the head with his weapon. Once there Tunstall threw Mitchell into one cell and Siemaszko took Tolbert into another.

Hindleman walked into the interrogation area. “Tell me which one is the superior one.”

Tunstall saluted Hindleman. “Sir I believe it is the earth women, the other one call her Lieutenant.”

Hindleman walked over to the room where they place Tolbert and looked in. “She is the superior one? I don’t believe it. Where is the other one?”

Tunstall pointed to the other room where they place him. Hindleman walked over to the room and opened the door. Mitchell stood in the corner of the room watching this huge man walk towards him. Hindleman pulled out a chair and motion Mitchell to sit, as he watched him Mitchell walked over and sat in the chair. “Now tell me where is Captain Wildstar?” Mitchell looked at him confused, why would he ask for Captain Wildstar.

“I’m sorry, Captain Wildstar?” Mitchell asked.

Hindleman grab hold of his shirt, “Where is Captain Wildstar!”

Mitchell sat there quiet I’m not giving you anything he thought to himself. Hindleman slapped him across the face and asked again. “Where is Captain Wildstar tell me or I will have you killed were you sit!”

“I will never give up Captain Wildstar.” Mitchell looked up at Hindleman and spit in his face. Out of rage Hindleman grabbed his side arm and shot him dead.

Mean while in the room next door Tolbert heard the shot and then a loud thump of Mitchell body hitting the floor. Her mind began to race of what to do next, than the door flew open. Tolbert eyes widen with fear at the huge man that walked in. He showed no emotion when he looked at her. He took the chair and sat down. “Who are you?” he asked Tolbert. She stood in the corner fear coming over her and tears streaming down her face.

“I am Lieutenant Commander Julie Tolbert Deputy Captain of the EDF Battleship Galaxy II.” she told him.

“What are you doing on this planet?” Hindleman just kept looking at her. She was beautiful for an earthling.

“We were here investing a signal that was sent to our ship.” she replied to him.

“Where is Captain Derek Wildstar?” Hindleman asked her.

Tolbert stood still and stared at him.

“Where is Captain Wildstar!” he yelled at her.

“What is it that you want with Captain Wildstar?” Tolbert asked.

Hindleman got up and walked over to her, raised his hand and slapped her across the face so hard that it threw her to the ground. “I’ll ask the questions!”

Tolbert stay down holding her face with her hand as she stared up to Hindleman. “I cannot give you information if you don’t tell me why.”

Hindleman sat back down and motion her to sit in the other chair. “I am General Tobo Hindleman my daughter is Princess Devina and I am looking for her. I believe that Captain Derek Wildstar knows where she is at. Now tell me where is Captain Wildstar?” Hindleman said with a calm voice.

“I don’t know.” Tolbert lied.

“Do not fool with me, or you will have the same fate your friend had.” Hindleman lean forward as he spoke to her.

“I don’t know where he is. But I do know where your daughter is.” Tolbert’s mind was racing on how she was going to get out of this.

Hindleman asked with slit eyes, “Where is she?”

“She is on Gamilon. She’s now married to the Emperor.” She said.

“No, no this cannot be. My daughter a princess married to Emperor Deslock. Who is responsible for this? Tell me now!” Hindleman threw the chair against the wall.

“Her name is Commander Nova Forrester Wildstar. She is the one that introduce them and encouraged your daughter to marry him.” Tolbert said. “She is the wife of Captain Derek Wildstar.”

Hindleman looked at the earth women and wonder why she was giving him this information “And where can I find this Nova Forrester Wildstar?”

“She is on the EDF Battleship Sitka.” Tolbert told him.

“And why the sudden interest in giving me this information, what do you want?” Hindleman was not stupid she had her reason for offering him this information.

“Let’s just say that she is a thorn in my side and she is in the way of something I want back.” Tolbert was starting to be at ease with him. He could help in her plan to finally get even with Nova and take back what was hers.




EDF Battleship Sitka

Quarters of Nova Forrester and Yvette Ortiz



“Hey Nova, Como estas” Yvey walked into their stateroom and threw her side arm over into her closet.

Nova had asked Eager about Ensign Ortiz rooming with her. He called down to the flight pad after and spoke to Ortiz about it. She was thrilled to room with Nova and ran to her room, through all her stuff into her duffle bag bid one of her old roommate ado and took off towards her new stateroom.  She took one of the beds on the other side of the room and began to put all her things away. Nova stopped in her quarters long enough to check in and see if Derek left any messages on her email. “Hey Yvey, I guess we are both all settle in.” Nova sat at her desk and began to go thru her mail. “Glad to have you as my roomie. God knows how lonely it would have been here alone.”

“So Nova what’s your story with the Deputy Captain of the Galaxy, or am I being to forward. Sorry but that’s just the way I am.” Yvey said curious as to why everyone was hush, hush about Tolbert.

Nova smiled to herself, she picked a straight forward roommate, but she like that. “I rather not talk about it right now, if you don’t mind.”

“No problem, figure we get all our stuff out in the open. That way we’re not walking on egg shells around each other.” Yvey said.

“Let’s just say we are not going to be in the same sorority together.” Nova told her.

“Gotcha.” She winked at her. “Anyway your friend Sandor, email me that night when he got back to the Endeavor. He doesn’t date much does he?”

“What do you mean?” Nova asked.

“Well usually guys wait about a day or two before even calling. But he email me the minute he got back.” Yvey said “But I find that different from most of the men I dated. He’s really cute.”

“Yvey, Sandor is family and I don’t want to see him hurt again. So if you think of just toying with him please don’t.” Nova let her know that she can be very protective of her friends.

Ay no, I really like him. If I wanted to play with him I would never had given him my email address. He’s cute in a geeky sort of way. He kinda, Como se deicer, he rings my bell?” Yvey smiled.

Nova grinned at her new roommate, “He is a catch.”

“Well I don’t think I will be throwing him back.” Yvey said to her. There was something about him that she liked it wasn’t the fact that he had money, that was not her interest. She dated man with lots of money before. But it never was something that appealed to her. She liked to make her own way in life and she wanted Nova to know that as well. “Nova please don’t think that it’s his money I’m after. I have dated many men with lots of money, but there something about Sandor that really screams to me that he could be the real thing.”

Nova new she would be the right one for Sandor and she was going to encourage her to go after him. “Well that’s good to know because the last bimbo he was with was nothing but a greedy self center bitch.  Now, I think that we better get back to our station. I just wanted to check and see if Derek email me. I’m glad that you’re my roommate, Yvey.” Nova walked out and headed back to the Medical Ward.

Nova walked into the medical ward and began looking over charts, “Hey Nova, how are you finding things?” Spada asked.

“Good thank you. Looks like you’ve kept a tight ship here. But is there anything here for me to do?” She asked.

“No not really. We will have to wait until battle for now there are only space sickness and running noses.” Spada smiled at her, and still wondering how he can tell her how he feels about her.



EDF Battleship Endeavor



“No Wildstar I haven’t heard from Tolbert yet. You think we should send in another crew?” Homer asked.

“Let’s wait awhile longer then send someone down. If there is Bolar still in the area I don’t want to give away her location.” Wildstar said. “Let’s keep on our toes. Homer looks like it’s going to get ugly very soon. I have a really bad feeling about this.”

Jenkins turned and yelled to Wildstar, “Sir I have incoming Bolar fleet to the rear. They came into our blind spot.”

“Hit the alarm get our pilots out there NOW! Homer we have incoming prepare for evasive action. Attention all hands! Attention all hands! We have incoming enemy fighters coming in on our aft prepare for impact. Black Tigers get out there ASAP!” Wildstar yelled into the ships intercom. “Lieutenant Wright take the con! Pratt called down to the flight pad and have them have my super star ready.”

“Aye aye sir!” Pratt and Wright called out.

Wildstar ran out off the bridge and headed to the flight pad. With quick speed he grabbed his helmet and jump into his ship. He checked over his instruments and looked at the picture of Nova that was place on his instrument panel. He took off and head next to the other Black Tigers. “Okay guys let’s get this job over and done with.”

“Wildstar, where did they come from?” Wildstar heard Eager in his helmet.

“I’m not sure it’s like they knew were our blind spot was.” Wildstar said back.

“Wildstar we still have people down there!” Homer said.

“I know, Black Tigers let’s make sure that they don’t head into the planet we still have people down there.” Wildstar informed them. “Ortiz get those guns going use the shock cannon. Homer see if you can get in touch with Tolbert tell her to get the hell out of there!”

The Bolar fighters now with some of the comet pilots attacked with lightening speed. They were hitting the Sitka heavily. Wildstar watched as they increased their attack towards the Sitka. “Black Tiger cover the Sitka, their hitting her the hardest. Eager increase your attack they are trying to bring you down” but why? Wildstar thought to himself.

“Sir!” Jenkins came threw his helmet speaker. “Another set of fighters and three destroyer just came into view. They’ve just came in on the Galaxy blind spot also.”

“WHAT?” Wildstar was baffled at what was going on. It’s like someone was giving them information on where to attack. “Homer, get the hell out of there. Their on your tail and coming in strong.”008 (3).jpg

“Got them on raider. Take care of the Sitka it looks like they want to bring her down.” Homer yelled back.

Eager came on the intercom, “Wildstar we’re getting hit hard.”

Nova Derek thought to himself, “Eager see if you can get her behind the planet we’ll take care of the other ships.” Before Wildstar knew it he was getting attacked by two fighters. They began to give chase, Wildstar work his ship under one of the Bolar ships in hopes to lose them or get them out of control enough to crash into the vessel.



Mean while back on the Sitka

“Nova get me more gauze pads I have a gusher here.” Spada yelled out to her.

Nova grabbed a stack of gauze pads and some plasma bags for one of the other nurses that was trying to control bleeding on one of the crew that was hit from sharp metal. Nova ran across the ward grabbing and tossing medical supplies for the other nurses and doctors.  She ran up to Doctor Spadas’ side and held the young soldier down, while he placed an IV into his arm.  He was screaming in sheer pain for the burns he sustained on his face, arm and hands. “Nova get me some morphine! He’s gonna need it ASAP!”

Nova put the soldier down and ran to the medicine cabinet. Another sudden hit on the ship threw Nova across the room hitting her head on the side of table as Nova thought port side of the ship. She got up grabbed the morphine and ran back to Spada. “Here Doc, that’s 300 cc in the bottle.”

“Nova what happen to your head?” Spada stop what he was doing and got up to help her.

“Doc I’m okay. Take care of him first” Nova said and then ran to help another nurse with another soldier.


Out in space the battle continues…..


“Wildstar, we are not going to be able to take another hit!” Eager yelled into his helmet.

“Eager, hold on! See if you can get over to the planet. I think I have a plan.”

“Black Tigers get into formation!” Wildstar called into his helmet. “Homer I need three destroyers behind us. Wright, get the Endeavor behind them at least 50 mega meters from the destroyers and keep them close.” With precision the fighter took a ‘V’ formation with the three destroyers centered. The Endeavor followed suit forming behind the fighters and the destroyers. “Black Tiger open fire on their flag ship, let’s plow thru their fighters with all we got. Eager on my mark, get the hell out of there!”

Why the Sitka, it’s like they want something on that ship but what?! Wildstar thought to himself, he couldn’t figure it out.

They began attack on the Bolar and Comet fighters and broke through to the flag ship with ease. Wildstar took down 6 fighters in less than a minute. The Sitka turn to port and headed for planet Baynet at full speed.  Pesci, Delvechio and Howard guarded the ship as she made her way to the planet. No one notice the four Bolar fighters coming up behind them. They fired on Pesci, hitting his fighter on his left wing causing him to lose control of the fighter. “What the hell was that?! Oh crap! Mayday, mayday I’m hit! Trying to gain control of my fighter. Hard to do.”

“TONY!” Howard called out, she turned to the Bolar fighter and began chase firing everything she had on them taking three of the four ships down.

“Howard stay with the ship! I’m good, I’m good!” Pesci came back on the line. “I have her under control. I’m gonna have to land on the planet I don’t think my ship will make it on the Sitka without causing her more damage. Best if I land on the planet. Just send someone for me when you get a chance.”

“TONY!” Howard cried into her helmet with tears.

“It’s okay baby. I’ll be waiting for you.” Pesci saluted her and Delvechio then began his decent down to the planet. With emergency training he let the fighter glide down through the planet’s atmosphere.  He managed to keep control of his plane long enough to clear the atmosphere then ejected grabbing his transponder with him.


Mean while….


Wildstar heard what happened through his helmet. “Pesci, we’ll send someone down once this is over. Good luck.” Wildstar said.

The fight between Earth and Bolar continued Wildstar aim at one of the fighters as it made its way towards the Galaxy.  While another Bolar fighter followed him in his spider fighter.  As he was ready to shoot down the fighter in front of him his alarm went off.  “What the hell! Shit not another one!”

“Don’t worry sir I got cha covered.”

 Wildstar heard a voice coming over his helmet speakers. “Who is this?”

“Sir it’s me Ensign Ortiz, just stand still you little shit.” Just when the Bolar fighter was ready to fire on Wildstar. Ensign Ortiz fired on him. “Gotcha, your clear now sir.”

“Good job Yvey, thanks.”

“De nada.”

Wildstar then turn his focus back on the fighter he was following. With precision he took aim and fired, shooting him before he could fire on the Galaxy.

“Wildstar, we are cleared over here on the planet I’m sending down a rescue ship for Pesci.”

“Okay Eager but if there is any hostel enemy get the hell out of there. Pesci has survival training he’ll be fine until we can get to him. Homer any word on Tolbert and the others?”

“No Wildstar we haven’t heard anything they probably hiding someone until this is all over.”

“Eager when the rescue ship gets down there make sure that they look for the Cosmo Hound. See if they can find out what happened to them.”

“We’ll send down some medics just in case.” Eager said.

“Just make sure that they keep a low profile.” Wildstar warned them.

“Aye aye, skipper.”


“I understand sir, we’re leaving now.” Spada said into the intercom. “Nova I have to go to the Rescue ship. Stay here and take control of the ward.”

Uh ah, I’m coming with you. You’re going to need someone down there that can help you with causalities and combat experience.” Nova called back to him.

“Nova, you’re needed here.” Spada told her.

“We can argue about this and take up more time or we can go get Pesci and the others.” Nova stood stern.

“Ok come on, we don’t have much time.” Spada said.

They both made their way to the rescue ship, Nova took control of the ship and they headed down to Baynet.  “I have a blip on the monitor. There it’s coming from over there. L54 D6. Let’s land over there in that clearing.” Spada told Nova.

“Roger that Doc landing in L54 D6. Make sure you fasten your seat belts.” Nova guided the rescue ship to the clearing. It took her only a few minutes to land. They both step out and headed towards the ship. As they came up to the ship Nova noticed that it was the Cosmo Hound that was still missing. “This can’t be right we should be looking for Pesci.” Nova told Spada. “What the hell is going on here?”

Spada looked in the direction of some tree covers and the blood drain from his face. He tried to get Nova’s attention but it was too late. They came at them at full force. They never knew what happened.




“Good bring them here!” Hindleman said back into the intercom. The Earth woman was right they sent a rescue ship. 20 minutes later Tolbert and one of the guards walked back into the control room. “You were right. But until they verified the two crew members I cannot let you go.”

“I can wait.” Tolbert said as she sat back and folded her arms.


Nova and Spada were brought back to the base and thrown in two separate cells. Nova tried to run for the door before it closed, but didn’t make it in time. “Spada are you there?” she called out.

“Yeah, I’m in the next cell, are you alright?” he asked her.

“Yeah, how about you?”

“I’m alright, Nova I think this was a set up. It was like they were waiting for us to come down.” Spada then notice some blood on the floor and wall. He walked over and looked closely. It was human blood. His blood ran cold just touching it and then turned his attention to Nova.

“Yeah I know. But did they want us or someone else?” Nova said not knowing what he found in his cell. “Guess we’ll have to wait and see what they want.”

“Nova, if you get a chance run for it. Don’t worry about me, I’ll be okay.”

“Don’t be silly I can’t leave you behind. We have to think and see how we can get out of here.”

“Shut up you two! General Hindleman will be with you shortly.” The guard said.

“Hindleman?! Oh god he’s looking for Devina.” Nova told Spada.

“Nova I mean it if you get a chance run for it.” Spada was worry for her safety.

Just then Hindleman walked in. He motion to the guard to open Nova cell. Nova stood up put her shoulders back and face him. “Who are you?” Hindleman asked her.

“Who are you?” Nova questioned him back.

Hindleman walked over to her and slapped her across the face throwing her to the floor “I will ask the questions here, now tell me your name.” Nova stood up and gave him a face of defiance with piercing eyes. “So you what to keep quiet do you?” Hindleman grabbed her hand and turned her around. He grabbed the back of her uniform and ripped the neck part open almost choking her. “Well Commander Wildstar we finally meet.”

009.jpgNova looked at him with shock how did he know that? Nova mind was racing “What do you want from me?” she asked him.

“You will soon see Mrs. Wildstar.” Hindleman laughed out loud and walked out the room. Novas’ blood drain from her face and tears began to form in her eyes. Just then she felt someone looking at her she looked towards the door window and shock at who she saw. It was Julie Tolbert. She ran towards the door and the last thing she saw was Tolbert smiling at her as she walked out the door with Hindleman.

“TOLBERT!” Nova yelled out. “You traitor! You bitch! I’ll get you for this!”

“Nova is that one of our officers?” Spada asked but all Nova could think of is getting her hands on Tolbert. She bang at the door trying to break it down and then threw a chair at it without any success all she could do was just kneel down and cried.

“Nova, Nova focus. I need to know what’s going on, Nova talk to me!” Spada try to get her attention.

Nova collected herself and stood up, “it’s Lieutenant Commander Julie Tolbert she is the Deputy Captain of the Galaxy, she turned traitor. This whole thing is to get me here. She has been giving them information on the fleet.”

“But why?” Spada asked.

All Nova could do was sit down and cry, Derek how am I going to get back to you she thought.



“Now am I free to go?” Tolbert asked.

“I am I man of my word, you can go.” Hindleman told her.

“Thank you, I will need to get back to my ship.”

“Guard bring the Lieutenant back to her ship.” Hindleman wave over to him.

“Yes sir, right away.” the guard said.




“What the hell’s going on?” Wildstar said “They’re pulling back but why?
Eager how are things over there?”

“We still haven’t heard from our rescue ship. Homer, have you heard from your crew on the ground?” Eager asked.

“No nothing, I afraid something has happened.” Homer replied.

Just then the communication officer yelled back to Homer. “Sir we have Cosmo Hound 6, they are on the way back.”

“Put her through now.” Homer told him “Tolbert what happened down there?”

“Sir my two men have been killed. I hid until things settle down and the minute I got a chance I got the hell out of there.” Tolbert said into the communication system.

“Once you land I want to see you in my quarters.” Homer told her.

“Yes sir.”

“Tolbert what about Lieutenant Commander Pesci do you have him?”

“No sir, it was too dangerous to go after him.”

“Eager, how about your rescue crew?” Homer asked.

“I haven’t heard from them. I’ll call down to the medical ward and see who went out there.” Eager said.

“This is Captain Eager who is this?”

“Sir this is medic Pvt. John Roberts.”

“Who went down to pick up the pilot on Baynet?”

“Sir that was Doctor Spada and Commander Forrester.”

Eager face went white “Did I hear you right? Did you say Commander Forrester?”

“Yes sir.” Roberts responded.

Eager couldn’t believe what he heard, “Lieutenant put me through to Captain Wildstar in his Super Star.”

“Yes sir.” the communication officer said “Sir I have him on the line.”


“Yeah Eager, what’s up?”

“Nova’s missing; she went down to the planet to get your pilot. We haven’t heard from them yet.” Eager said to him feeling like he failed his friend.

Wildstar heart hit the bottom of his ship. He turned his fighter and headed to the planet at full speed.

“I’m coming with you.” Howard told him.

“Me too.” Ortiz said also.

“I’m right behind you.” Delvechio said as they all followed Wildstar down to the planet.




“Get the prisoners, we are moving out now.” Hindleman said. “Prepare the fleet for immediate warp once we get there.”

“Yes sir.” Pevin pick up the communication phone and spoke to the guard. “Get the prisoner on the ship now.”

“Yes sir!” the guard waved over two more guards and walked over to the cells that Nova and Doctor Spada were in. They open the windows and shot Nova with a sleeping dart, “Ouch” Nova cried out and then she dropped to the floor. The guards then walked in and tied her up, then went to Spada cell and did the same. Within minutes they were whisked away to another ship that warped into space.



“Pesci can you hear me.”

“Yeah baby I’m here, think I broke a couple of ribs when I landed.”

“Pesci, can you set off your transponder?” Wildstar asked.

“Yeah, switching on now.”

“Good we got you, we’re coming for you.” Howard smiled into her helmet.

They landed in a small opening near where he landed. Howard jump out and ran towards him. He laid there against a tree smiling at them, “Hey there guys, thought you’d never get here.” Howard threw her arms around him and then hit him on his chest.

“Don’t ever do that again!” she snapped.

“Ouch, easy babe. I’m an injured man here.”

“Pesci where’s Nova and Spada?” Wildstar asked.

“Sir, I haven’t seen anyone, only you.” Pesci said as Howard helped him up.

“Sir they might have landed on the other side of the planet.” Ensign Ortiz said.

“Howard get him back on ship, Ortiz, Delvechio, I’m going after them are you coming?” Wildstar said.

“Yup.” Ortiz said.

“Right behind you sir.” Delvechio said.

They help Howard put Pesci in her Fighter and then took off to search for Nova and Doctor Spada.

“Good luck skipper.” Howard called into her helmet as she headed back to the ship with Pesci.

Wildstar with Delvechio and Ortiz flew to the other side of the planet. Ortiz was the first to spot him. “Sir I see something going down to check it out.”

“Be careful.” Wildstar said as he followed suit.

She landed and jumped out running towards the body. She leaned over him and turned him over. “Corporal are you alright?” she check his vital signs. “Sir he has a pulse but it’s really low.”

“Get him back to the ship.” Wildstar ordered.

“Yes sir.”

“Help me get him in the fighter.” Wildstar told Delvechio. They carried the Corporal back to her ship and place him in. Ortiz jumped in and took off.

“Delvechio lets go.”

“Yes sir.”

Wildstar and Delvechio flew for an hour before they spotted the rescue ship. They landed near the ship and both jumped out of their ships. Derek ran ahead reaching the ship first. He noticed that it was left wide opened and then looked around. “There’s been a scuffled; they were at least four of them. It looked like they were waiting for them.” Derek could tell form the foot prints on the ground, one of his many training ops.

“Sir looks like they drag two from here going down that way.”  Delvechio said looking at the tracks.

“Let’s follow it.” Wildstar said.

They followed the tracks for awhile before coming to an area. “Looks like they had a ship here. They took off but which way?” Delvechio said.

“‘T’ how far is that Bolar base we took out from here?” Wildstar asked.

“I’m not sure. Maybe 5 miles give or take.”

“Let’s get back to our ship. We’re going to the base.” Wildstar said.

011.jpgThey ran back to their ships, jumped in, took off and headed to the old base. From the sky Derek noticed that it seem the base was back in action. They flew in circles a few times before settling down. They both jumped out with weapons drawn.

“Be careful T stay close.” Wildstar said.

They looked further into the area and realized that it was completely empty. Wildstar and Delvechio looked around coming to a holding area. “Looks like a prisoners holding area, over there.” Delvechio pointed. “Looks like two cells.” They both made their way over, opening up the first cell. Delvechio saw it first, “Skipper over here.” They both look and saw blood on the floor and wall. Wildstar heart flip at what he saw, god please don’t let this be were Nova was.

As they made their way to the next cell, Wildstar opened the door slowly. They looked around and then he saw it. Wildstar pickup a small piece of material and looked closer at it, it read Commander Wildstar. Delvechio put his hand on the Captains shoulder “Sir I’m sure she’s fine. We found that here in this cell and not in the other.” Wildstar just kept looking at the name on the material. He couldn’t image life without her, he couldn’t even speak. “Sir let’s keep looking, maybe we can find out where they took her.” Wildstar nodded and they both continued searching the base.

They came upon the control room and Delvechio started to look through what files were left. “T what are you doing?”

“Checking for files, maybe they left something on their data banks.”

“Step away from that now.”


“Move it now, get back to the ships, move T move!” Wildstar yelled.

They ran as fast as they could back to their ships, jumped in and took off. They made it out just before the base blew up. Wildstar looked back as the base burn to the ground then gazed at the material with Nova name on it. Tears filled his eyes Nova I’ll never stop searching for you, never.




“We’re on the way back,” Delvechio called to the Endeavor.  Wildstar stayed quiet all the way back, Howard waited on the flight pad for them and watched as they both landed.

“How’s Pesci, Denise?” Wildstar asked.

“He’s okay sir, a little banged up and two broken ribs, but he’ll be okay, Sir?” Howard could see that he didn’t fine Nova it was written all over his face. “Derek” Wildstar turned to her “are you alright?”

“Yeah, I need to talk to Pesci.” He started to make his way out of the flight pad, but Howard held him back.

“Derek, we will find her.” she could see the tears in his eyes. All she could do was hold him while he cried.

“Thanks.” Wildstar said as he stepped back.

Howards’ heart went out to him, “let’s go and see Pesci.”

They both walked out together and headed to the medical ward.




EDF Battleship Galaxy II

Captain Quarters

1430 Earth Hours


“What happened out there Tolbert?!” Homer asked her.

“Sir once on the planet we were ambushed. We didn’t have a chance. Corporal Mitchell was killed while we were interrogated. I don’t know what happened to Corporal Chan, and I assumed that he was killed also. I managed to get away before they brought me to their base. I had to make my way back to the ship which took me over three hours to get to. Had I known that Chan was still alive I would have brought him back with me, I didn’t even know about Lieutenant Commander Pesci or the others.”

Homer sat back and looked at her. He wasn’t quite sure if he should believe her or not. There was something about her story that just didn’t make sense. “Very well Lieutenant Commander you can go, get yourself check out.” Tolbert saluted and walked out when she was cleared of his quarters she stood in the corner and took a deep breath. She looked at her hand and watched as it shook uncontrollably. Rubbing her hand she made her way to the medical ward to get herself checked out.


Homer went down to see about the corporal that they found, “How is he doing, Doc?”

“He’s been beaten badly; they must have thought he was dead. He still unconscious, I’m not sure when he’ll come around.”

“Doc, can you do me a favor. Send him over to the Sitka, and between you and I he’s never coming out of a coma.” Homer told him.

“Sir, are you sure?”

“I’ll make the necessary arrangements.” He ordered.

“Very well sir, I will get him ready then.”

“Thank you Doc.”

Homer went back to his stateroom and called down to the communication officer. “Get me a private line to the Sitka.”

“Aye aye sir, line 3 is opened.”

Homer walked back to his door and looked outside, closed the door, locked it and walked back to his desk. “Eager, need a favor.”

“Sure anything Homer, what is it?”

“I’m sending over one of our casualties, I rather not let anyone know that he is with you.”

“Sure, but what gives?”

“Just need him on a better ship. Have you heard from Wildstar?”

“No, I feel like crap I promised him that I would take care of Nova, that she’d be safe here. Now she missing, Homer how do I face him?”

“Eager, I’m sure he won’t hold that against you. I’ll be going over to the Endeavor after I check reports on damages here. How are the damages on the Sitka? You guys took most of the hit.”

“We probably have to head back she took a beating. No telling how much damage she sustained. I let you know once I get a report.”

“Okay, talk later Glitchman out.” he made his way to his lift and went down to the bridge. “Okay give me the report, what are the damages?”

“Sir we suffered major damages to the port side of the ship and on the aft part of the ship. We lost 6 canons on deck 3 and 3 more on the starboard side of the ship. The wave motion gun was also hit. We are working rapidly to repair it.” Lieutenant Nelson his third in command told him.

“Very well, let’s get that taking care of as soon as possible. I’m heading over to the Endeavor. Please inform me if you finish anything before I get back.”

“Aye aye, sir.” He called out.



“Permission granted to come aboard sir.” Captain Wright now still in command of the Endeavor told Homer.

Homers ship landed on the flight pad of the Endeavor, as Delvechio waited for him. “Welcome aboard sir.”

“Where is he Lieutenant?” Homer asked.

“Sir he is in the medical ward checking on the some of the crew and Lieutenant Commander Pesci. Please come with me I’ll take you there.” ‘T” Said.

“Lieutenant, really how is he?”

“Sir, I really don’t think he is doing too well. But he’s putting up a great front for the crew. I mean would you be totally together if you just found out that your wife was capture and then drag off to god knows where?”

“Understood Lieutenant and Lieutenant Pesci how is he doing?”

“He sustained some broken ribs when he landed and few minor bumps and bruises but Doc said he’ll be just fine.”

They both enter the medical ward and looked around they spotted Pesci and Howard talking in a corner but did not see Wildstar. “Lieutenant Commander Pesci.”

Pesci tried to salute but couldn’t. “Not to worry about that Lieutenant you’re an injured man, may I ask you some questions?” Homer looked very serious at him and Howard.

“Why yes sir.”

“I need to know some things. When you were down on planet Baynet did you make contact with anyone beside Captain Wildstar and his crew?”

“No sir no one.”

“Did you see any ships leaving the area or even roaming the area?”

“Sir I was a little out of it when I hit the ground. But just before the Captain came down I thought I saw a ship land and then took off again in the distant. I thought I just hit my head hard on the floor so I was pretty much out of it. Sorry I couldn’t be of any assistant.”

“No Lieutenant you did a great job, Lieutenant Howard take good care of him.”

“I will sir.”

“Lieutenant Howard how is Captain Wildstar? Do you know where he is?”

“Sir, I believe he went to his quarters, and Homer I don’t think he’s going to keep it together much longer.”

“Yeah I know thanks Denise I’ll talk with you later.”

vlcsnap-2010-10-14-22h59m09s188.pngHomer left them there and made his way to Wildstars stateroom. He knock on the door but didn’t hear anything. He opened the door slightly and peeked in. He saw Wildstar sitting at his desk looking out into the dark sky.

“Derek, can I come in?” Homer asked “Derek?”

Homer walked into the room and walked over to where he sat. One look at him told it all, he had been crying while holding a picture of Nova. “Derek, snap out of it. You got to get yourself together the crew is depending on you right now.”

Derek turned towards him. “I know that Homer, I just need some time to think. How is the Sitka and Galaxy, what are their damages?” Wildstar went right into Captain mode not thinking twice.

“The Galaxy sustained some major damages, but nothing we can’t fix. They’re in the process of repairs now I talked to Eager, he’ll give me a report later. I think the Sitka might have to return for repairs, she took most of the beatings.”

“Homer, I not sure how to say this but it was like they were after the Sitka from the start. They place all of their efforts into bringing her down. I kept thinking to myself that it was odd, but now I know. They were after Nova, but why?”

“I know I came to that same conclusion. But right now we have to see where we stand. Get our ships repair and then we can go look for her and Spada.” Homer didn’t want to tell him what he suspected. He wanted to get to the bottom of it first before presenting it to Wildstar and EDF council. He wanted solid evidence and wanted for it to stick.

“I guess I need to go to the bridge and assets the damages.” Wildstar got up, place Nova picture back on his desk and ran his finger over it. They both walked over to his private elevator and headed to the bridge.

“Captain on the bridge.” Wright called out.

“At ease guys, well give me the report. What are our damages?” Wildstar stood straight and looked over everyone on the bridge.

“Sir, our damages are minimum, it seem like they concentrate on the Sitka with most of their fighter power. They took out 3 of our laser cannons and we sustain minor damages to the starboard side.” Wright ran all the reports down to Wildstar.

“Captain Wildstar.” Pratt called over “I have Captain Eager of the Sitka, switching him over to the video panel.”

“Thank you Pratt.”

“Hey Eager, how is it going on your end?” Wildstar said.

“Not good Wildstar, we lost a few men. Our third deck is completely destroyed. We’ve lost the majority of our cannons and our port side needs some major work over.” Homer lowered his head. “Derek I’m sorry about Nova. I didn’t know it was her and Spada that went down to Baynet. I don’t know what to tell you but I’m sorry.”

“Chris don’t worry about it. I don’t blame you. I know Nova she wouldn’t have stay back and did nothing, she was doing her job. Now let me get in contact with Singleton I need to let him know what’s going on. Homer let’s go back to my quarters. Pratt get me EDF on the line and put it thru my private line.”

“Yes sir.” Pratt said.

“Lieutenant Commander Wright, takeover.”

“Yes sir, Captain leaving the bridge I now have command.” Wright called out.

Wildstar and Homer went back to the state room. Derek sat at his desk and told Pratt to put Singleton through.

“Sir this is Captain Derek Wildstar.”

“Captain Wildstar, how did it go?” Singleton asked.

“Sir not good, the Sitka sustained major damages that she may have returned back to Earth. Captain Glitchman is now here with me going over the damages to all the ships.”

“Captain Homer Glitchman here. The Galaxy sustained damages but nothing that can’t be fixed on site.”

“That’s good to know, Captain Glitchman. Captain Wildstar, how about the damages to the Endeavor?” Singleton asked.

“Sir minor damages, they concentrated on the Sitka causing major damages.” Wildstar was still reeling from the whole thing, but manage to keep focus on the mission.

“Captain Wildstar what will be the next step?” Singleton asked.

“Sir, I would like to return to Gamilon and question someone, before moving forward with the mission.”

“Who do you need to question Captain?” Singleton asked with concern.

“Sir Lieutenant Commander Forrester and Lieutenant Commander Spada have been capture by the enemy. I’m hoping that Princess Devina can help us locate her.” It took all of his strength to stay composed while talking about Nova.

“I’m sorry to hear that Captain, please follow your lead and contact me as soon as possible.”

“Sir has Commander Sandor arrive yet?” Wildstar wanted to make sure that his friend travels were safe.

“His passage back has been going smoothly. He is due to arrive here in four earth days with back to back warp. Please keep me inform about Commander Forrester and Doctor Spada”

“Yes sir I will, Wildstar out.” Wildstar sat there just looking at the screen. Homer walked over to him and placed his hand on his shoulder. “Are you alright Derek, I know that this is really hard on you. I don’t know what I would do if something happened to Wendy.”

“I have to stay strong Homer, she needs me to find her and I won’t stop until I do.” Wildstar put his head in his hands and started to cry. Homer stood over him and said nothing. All he could do is stand there and tell him it will be alright.




Planet Urbia

Near Black Nebula

Bolar Battle station

1st of June, 2205

1234 Earth Hours



“Throw them into the same cell,” Hindleman told the guards “and watch them.” he warned.

“Yes your Excellency.” The guard saluted and then went to get Nova and Spada. They open the ship’s hull and grabbed Nova and Spada. They walked them through the long corridor and then enter a huge open area. As Nova and Spada looked around the room they notice that it was circular form with at least three floors. Each floor held 15 doors, Nova stood tall as Spada try to shield her. The guard brought them to the first floor and opened the door to the cell with one quick shove Nova and Spada were pushed into the room.

Spada ran for the door before it closed but the guard pushed him back in. Nova looked over the cell and saw two bunks. “Guess we better make ourselves at home.” She told Spada.

“I don’t think that this is a laughing matter.” Spada said to her.                          

“What can we do? We’re stuck here. So let’s just make the best of it.” Nova lay down on the bunk and turned towards the wall and thought about Derek.

Spada sat on the other bunk and asked her, “Nova who is Tolbert?”

Nova turned to him and gave a sigh “She is the Deputy Captain of the Galaxy, she was originally the Deputy Captain of the Endeavor when Derek took off. She and Derek dated a long time ago before the star force. But she decided that he was not good enough for her and ran off with some commissioned officer. I guess her love life never pan out because now she wants Derek back. We got into it at Deslock wedding and Howard also had an incident with her. I guess she hasn’t gotten over me wiping the floor with her. She’s the one that set this up. She gave up our ships position just to get back at me. Now I don’t know what she will be capable of doing. I know that Derek will look for us, he’ll stop at nothing to find me.”

“So that explain how they knew that we would be there, but what would happened if you weren’t on the ship with me?” Spada asked.

“She knew I wouldn’t let you go alone. She was counting on that and had I never been on the ship, the Bolars would have brought it down. That’s why they were attacking the Sitka so hard, they wanted me all along. But if I ever get out of here, I’m gonna put her in the grave.” Nova felt her anger build up and threw her fist hitting the wall. She sat back and started to cry.

“We’re going to be alright, like you said Derek will not stop until he finds you” Spada hug her and try to keep claim even though he was scared to death.

 They heard the door being opened and both looked in the direction of the guard that walked into the cell. “You Earth Slut, come here.”

Spada stood up and asked, “What do you want her for, she knows nothing take me.”

The guard hit Spada with his weapon and grabbed Nova by the arm. Spada lunge for the guard, but the other guard hit him also with his weapon reeling him to the ground.

Nova try to fight but they bound her hands behind her back, they walked her through a hall way and brought her to another door. As they opened the door she noticed a large tub in the middle of the room. The guard pushed her in, as Nova eyes adjusted to the darkness she then saw it better. It was a deep barrel that was 6 feet wide and at least 6 feet deep. She began to fight again and they slapped her hard. The guard then turned to her, “Take your clothes off.” Nova face went white she never thought they would think of doing what she thought they were.

“No!” She told them.

One guard grabbed her arms still tied behind her back and then the other started to strip her of her clothes.

Nova started to fight for her life and screamed, “No!” Once the guard was finished they untied her and picked her up throwing her into the barrel. The water was freezing which made Nova scream, then one of the guards walked over and lowered a huge metal fence top down and closed the barrel. There was no way for her to get out. She was sealed in there and the only way of holding on was the fence top.

“Try not to drown, we’ll be back in a few hours” the guard laughed as they walked out of the room closing the door, leaving her in darkness.

She sat in darkness shivering from the icy cold water for hours. Nova tried to keep her mind occupied by thinking of Derek and their honeymoon.  She heard the door open and the two guards come in, opened the lid and pulled her out. They threw her clothes at her and walked her out of the room. She tried desperately to put on her clothes as they brought her back to the cell where Spada was. They threw her into the cell sending her to the floor.  Spada ran over to her and helped her up. He looked at her noticing that she was naked. He helped her get dress and felt that her skin was freezing. “Nova what did they do to you?”

“Cold, need blanket.” Nova said shriving.

Spada took the blanket off his bunk and wrapped her with it. “My god Nova, your freezing.” He wrapped his arms around her and tried to get her warm.

“Thanks Michael, I feel a little better” Nova held the blanket tight covering herself from shame that he saw her naked. She lay down on the bunk and try to sleep.