Onward With Love…

Chapter Sixteen

By Yuki Wildstar

Planet Gamilon

Outer Atmosphere

EDF Battleship Endeavor

26 May 2205

1738 earth hours


“Hungry?” Derek asked Nova. She was in the medical ward for the last time, and walked around putting things away.

“Sure, can you wait while I put all this away.” Nova smiled in his direction.

“Sure babe,” Derek walked over to her and kissed her on the cheek. “Can I help?”

“Ah, yeah hand me those 4x4 over there.” Nova reached out to grab them from him. He held them out long enough for her to look his way. “Come get it.”

“Derek I have to finish in here, now give me that.” She giggled at him being playful.

“No, come here and get them.” Wildstar teased her.

Nova walked over to grab the 4x4 but he put them around his back. She crossed her face and tried to grab them from him. “Will you stop and grow up. I’ll never finish here and the Captain will be angry.” She huffed.

Derek smiled at her and handed her the 4x4 but grab her hand. “It’s our last night together Nova. I’m going to miss you terribly.”

She looked at him and just smile. She took the 4x4 placed them in the cabinet and finished putting away all the other medical supplies with his help. They walk together into the mess hall, got on line and got something to eat. Sitting in a quiet part of the mess hall he wanted so much to reach out and touch her hand. “So what’s on the agenda tonight skipper?” Nova asked.

“Well let’s see I’d figure get you back to the room strip your clothes off and then make love to you. What do you think will that work for you?” Derek grinned.

“Oh I guess the same old boring thing,” Nova laughed at him.

“I never thought it was boring.” Derek sat back and gave her a frown.

“Oh, I’m just kidding. It’s never boring with you.” Nova said looking into his eyes.

“Captain, Commander, are these seats taken?” They both looked up to see Sandor standing there.

“No Sandor, please sit.” Nova said while Derek gave her a frown. He wanted to be alone with her and not with the crew.

“Sorry am I disturbing you guys?” Sandor saw Derek face.

“No Sandor its fine, sit.” Derek said feeling really bad that he made his friend uncomfortable. “Any news on the Sitka, Sandor.”

“She should be here around 1100 hours tomorrow. Will we be leaving the next day as plan?” Sandor asked.

“Yeah, we’ll have to go through the Baynet system to get to Paxton. We better be careful in that sector, it makes me feel uneasy. We’ve been delay long enough, with Deslock and Devina wedding and then waiting on the Sitka there could be a possibilities that Bolar or Comet can be back in the area. So we better stay on our toes out there.” Derek told Sandor.

“Derek, do you really think that they are back in that sector?” Nova asked.

“Remember that they were there when we were headed to Paxton. They attack but then pulled back. It just makes me think that they went back for more reinforcements.” Derek explained to them. “Let’s just be careful when we get there, Sandor”

“I agree Wildstar” Sandor said

“Well, Nova, are you done?” He turned to his wife.

Nova nodded and they began to get up, “sorry to leave you so early Sandor but I like to spend whatever time I can with my wife.”

“I understand skipper, have fun and I'll see you in the morning.” Sandor said as they got up. “Goodnight.”

“Goodnight Sandor, see you in the morning.” Nova said.

They walked out the mess hall and Derek grabbed her hand. “Why don’t we take a walk over to the observatory?”

“What do you have plan there, Captain?” Nova asked curiously.

“Nothing just wanted to spend time with you, that’s all.” Derek said as they continue to the observatory. They stood facing the window looking out into the glowing planet. The stars twinkle in the distance as the ships came and went from the planet. “It’s quiet here, so many times we’ve both came here to think.” Derek said.

“I know, do you remember on the Argo our first date?” Nova smile as she looked out into the night.

“How could I ever forget, that was the first time you hit me.” Derek laughed thinking back.

WONDER CARDS 034.jpg“How old were we?” Nova asked

“Oh gosh baby, too young. It seemed like years even thou it wasn’t too long ago.” Derek said as he wrapped his arms around her waist and held her close.

“The Argo was such a magical ship so many lives were brought together there. Friendship were tested and formed. Look at you and Deslock I believe that it was her that brought you two together.” Nova said.

Derek smiled at the thought of how Deslock and he grew to respect each other as leaders and comrades.  “Someday I wish that EDF take her out of that icy grave and bring her back to us. We will need her in this new war and my feeling is that it will only get more intense. This is only the tip of the ice berg Nova. I really wish that you weren’t here in all this. I wish you were back on earth safe and sound.”

“Derek you know me better than that, I can’t stay on earth and not do anything while everyone else from the star force is out here fighting. I am just as a part of the star force as anyone else. I’ve earn that right just like you, and don’t you think I bite my nails every time you get out there with the black tigers. I don’t ask you to stop what you do because I know that’s your job.” Nova wanted him to know that weather she is with him or not that she was there to fight for the same cause.

Derek knew all too well not to fight her on that subject but he wanted her to know how he felt.  He turned her around and gave her a kiss. “I love you Nova Wildstar and I just want you safe. You can’t blame me for that.”

“I know Derek, I love you too.”

“I need to check things on the bridge before we head to bed, coming?” Derek asked her.

“I’ll meet up with you at our room I want to check out something’s at the ward before handing over to next in command.”

 “Captain on the bridge,” Turner called out.

“At ease men, just came to check out your reports.” Wildstar said to Turner as he took the reports from him. “How does it go so far, Turner?”

“Everything is going smoothly sir, nothing yet on the Sitka.” Turner knew that’s what he was looking for. He knew that his wife would be leaving once they arrived and you could tell that it depressed him a little. He liked Captain Wildstar, he may be young but he was a good captain. He was always fair and he never belittles anyone. Turner was older than him and had worked with many other captains some were just downright rude and pompous. Some were okay to work with but not as bright. Wildstar seem to be open to any suggestion and he never claims to know everything like most captains. He went with his gut feeling that always seem to be on the nose about things.

“Thank you Lieutenant Commander Turner, please continue I’ll see you in the morning. Good night.” Wildstar said as he handed him back the reports.

“Good night, sir. Captain Wildstar” He said. “We all will miss Lieutenant Commander Forrester.”

He nodded and made his way back to the elevator lift up to his stateroom. He looked around and noticed that Nova wasn’t there yet. He took his seat behind his laptop and asked the relief communication officer to give him a line to EDF headquarters.

“Sir, Captain Wildstar reporting in.” Wildstar saluted Admiral Singleton.

“Captain Wildstar, how are things on the Endeavor?” Singleton asked.

“As you can see on our reports all is going according to plan. The Sitka should arrive here in the A.M. tomorrow at that time Commander Forrester will change command with her new replacement.” Wildstar looked away when speaking about Nova leaving. 

“Captain Wildstar is there something bothering you. You seem unhappy with the decision about Commander Forrester” Singleton asked. If only he would be honest with me Singleton told himself.

“No Sir, I understand your decision on that, off the record sir?” Wildstar asked. Singleton nodded his head yes. “I’ll just miss her very much. She has always been by my side since we left for Iscandar and to know that she will not be there will be hard on me.”

“I can understand that Wildstar, I will do my best to have her return to you safely. In the mean time please keep me informed on the union, I will be going in front of EDF soon about a project that I have been thinking about and I hope that it will be approved. It will be very beneficial for this new threat.” Singleton said.

“Yes sir, Wildstar out.” He saluted Singleton and turned off his laptop.

Nova walked in a few minutes later. “Hey sorry I’m late, you know how it can get down there. Anyway everything is sign off to the next in command all I have to do is sign off on raider. Captain here are my papers.” Nova stood at attention while handing him her papers.

Derek looked at them then back at Nova. “To tell you the truth Nova I’d like to just rip these orders up and chuck them. If you like I can talk to Singleton and see if he will change his mind.”

“Captain Wildstar orders are orders and if we start pulling favors now when we really need one there will be no favors to pull.” Nova said to him as his officer not as his wife.

With much regret Derek took the papers and signed them. “I guess you’re right Commander we will need that favor one day. Here you go. You are now officially been signed off the Endeavor. Good luck Commander we will miss you.” Wildstar gave her a salute and she returned it.

“I guess this is now unofficial,” Nova smiled. “Now what?”

“Well you’re free to do as you like until you get aboard the Sitka.” Wildstar told her.

Nova walked over to him and threw her arms around his neck and gave him a big kiss. “Well then skipper, I guess we have a long night together.”




Great Island

EDF Headquarters

26 May 2205

0934 hours

“This is none of your concern Stone. I am not asking you for it I’m asking the council for the funding. You can be with me or against me. With these new young members we might just have the chance to do what I’m asking for.” Singleton yelled back at him.

“To get all those hooligans back together on that ship again is asking for trouble.” Stone bellowed back.

“Like they got together, created havoc and defeated the Comet Empire and Bolar. Because of them earth is still a free planet and we are not under the ruling of another. Why can’t you stand behind the only chance we have in defeating this new threat to earth.” Singleton questioned him. He knew that Stone didn’t care for the star force but always thought that he would stand behind them after how much they scarifies. “Those young men and women have scarified a lot for this planet some of them with their lives. Have you ever really looked at the headstones of those fallen in the name of peace, have you? They deserve the best and they will get it, you can oppose me or you can stand by me. What is it going to be?”

Stone saluted, turned and walked out the door slamming it behind him pushing Michelle out of the way “Well,” she said as he walk by.

She knocked on the door and walked in, “Sir is everything alright?”

“Yes Michelle thank you for asking, are we set for the meeting with the council” Singleton asked

“Yes sir, they will be expecting you tomorrow at 0830 hrs.” She said.

“I thought it was at 1000 hrs?” Singleton asked confused.

“It was sir but they wanted an early start with you so they change the time.” Michelle replied.

“Does anyone else know about the time change?” Singleton asked.

“No sir I haven’t sent out the memos yet.” Michelle wasn’t sure what he was getting at but what he told her next made it all clear.

“Good don’t send anything out. This is something I want to take to the council on my own. If anyone comes in tomorrow asking for me I haven’t come in yet. Especially General Stone, do you understand Michelle.” He asked her.

“Yes sir I sure do.” Michelle grinned at her boss and was going to have fun with it.



Planet Gamilon

Gamilon City

Gamilon Prison Cell B

26 May 2205

1143 earth hours


“Devina when your father finds out that you are married to the man he despised the most he’s going to have a fit.” Arlin said to her.

“I know, but I love him dearly there’s another side to him that no one knows about and that’s the person I fell in love with.” Devina looked out the cell door thinking of that night with him. He had brought her to pleasures she never felt before.

“Devina don’t you think this could be a setup for you to tell him where our bases are. He will toss you aside once this war is over and after he gets what he wants.” Arlin said with bitter words.

“You don’t know him like I do, never once has he asked me about any of the bases. Not that I know where they are anyway. He respects me and doesn’t treat me like a child. He wants me as an equal.” Devina said defensive about her husband.

“And what will you do when he is pointing a gun at your fathers head?” Arlin asked.

“I cannot answer that all I know is that I love him.” Devina said in a low voice, “I have to go back before he looks for me. I will try to see you again soon. Goodbye Arlin I will make sure that you will be treated fairly”

“Devina remember what I said, he is your father enemy so be careful.” Arlin told her before she left.

As Devina walked out the prison she looked over to corporal Ovid and wink at him. Once she was out sight he picked up the phone and call Emperor Deslock. “Your grace she just left the prison.”

“Thank you Corporal what did they talk about?” Deslock asked.

“Sir she was very honest with the prisoner, her devotion to you is undeniable.” Ovid reported.

“Very well Corporal, keep me informed on her visits.” Deslock said.

“Yes your grace.” Ovid said and then hung up.

Deslock sat in his office and thought about what he and Devina talked about. “Deslock please I will not give away any major secrets. He is just a friend and I want to make sure that he and the other prisoner are being treated well.” She begged him.

“Very well, but I will be watching, you are only there to see if they are being treated fair. To which you will see that I have kept my word.” Deslock answered her.

As he waited for her to return he called for his aid, “Talan come in here.”

“Yes Emperor.” Talan walked into his office and bowed to Deslock.

“I want you to place a surveillance camera in the prisoner’s cell.” Deslock informed him. “Please make sure that it is place there without his knowledge.”

“Yes your grace right away.” Talan said bowed and left the room.


Planet Gamilon

Outer space

EDF Battleship Endeavor

1156 earth hours


“Captain Wildstar the Sitka just came out of warp now. Setting up communication with them now.” Pratt called over to Wildstar.

“Put them through Pratt.” Wildstar took a breath and try to put a smile on. “Eager how was the trip?”

“Quiet, did you clear the way for me Wildstar. I mean not one sighting of any enemy ships coming out this way.” Eager said.

“Well I’m sure that they are out there. We’ve already had a couple of run in with some of them. Trust me when I say that they are out there” Wildstar reassured his long time friend

“Well I guess we are here to pick up some new member, is she ready?” Eager asked.

Wildstar didn’t want this moment to come but it had. “She’s ready to board the Sitka, Eager. We’ll be leaving here to board in about an hour. I guess we will catch up then.” Wildstar voice went sad, Eager nodded at him and sign off.

“Well Sandor I guess I better get her over there, coming?” Wildstar asked him.

“Yes Wildstar,” Sandor wanted to be there he knew that it would be hard on him to hand over his wife to her new duties.

“Miamato take the bridge.” Wildstar ordered.

“Aye aye sir.” He called out.

Wildstar and Sandor walked into the private elevator that went to Wildstars stateroom. “Nova, are you descent?” Wildstar called into the room.

“Yeah come in.” Nova yelled back.

“Hey babe, the Sitka’s’ here, you got everything?” Wildstar looked down at her duffle bag and grab it.

“I have that, captain.” Nova try to take her bag away from him but Wildstar pulled it away.

“I got this Nov, let’s just get going.” Wildstar fought tooth and nail to keep her from getting on the Sitka, but she had orders.

They made their way to the flight pad where Pesci, Delvechio and Howard waited to say their goodbyes to her. Howard gave Nova a hug. “I’ll miss you it won’t be the same here without you. Take care of yourself Nova.”

“Denise, please keep an eye on him. I’ll try to call everyday and make sure that he is alright.” Nova said with a tear in her eye.

“I will Nova he has people that care about him on ship we won’t let anything happen to him, promise.” Howard crossed her heart and then wipe a tear from her face. She was going to miss her dear friend. Pesci and Delvechio gave her a hug and the three of them got into the Cosmo hound. Derek took control of the hound and flew the ship out of the Endeavor and headed to the Sitka. 

“This is Cosmo Hound 6 permission to land.” Wildstar called into his helmet.

“Permission granted Captain Wildstar Welcome aboard.” The communication officer said back.

Wildstar landed the ship on the flight pad with easy and they all prepared to disembark. Sandor walked over to the ships hatch and pressed the key pad to open the door.  He looked over to where Derek and Nova stood looking at each other and decided to head out first.

“Well here we are.” Nova said trying to smile at her husband.

“Yeah I guess we are. I’ll miss you Nova” Derek put her bag down and gave her a hug.

“I’ll miss you too, Derek.” she hug him tighter and then kissed him.

“Come on let’s get this over with.” Derek said. He grabbed her bag and took her by the hand then lead her out of the Cosmo hound.

“Wildstar how are you?” Eager said as they saluted each other and then shook their hands.

Nova step forward then saluted Eager. “Lieutenant Commander Forrester reporting for duty sir.”

“Welcome aboard Commander it will be great having a fine officer on my ship.” Eager returned her salute and then shook her hand.

“Eager this is my life I’m handing over to you, please keep her safe.” Wildstar stared Eager in the face and the look alone told Eager he meant it.

“Wildstar I will take good care of her like she were my own wife.” Eager said.

“By the way how is Roxana?” Wildstar asked.

“She doing well, her practice is picking up and she just loves it on Great Island. By the way Nova she sends her love.” Eager said.

“I’m glad that you both decided to move closer to us, makes it so much easier to see you guys.” Nova said smiling.

“Well this is Ensign Marcus Jenkins. He will be taking your place on the Endeavor. Ensign this is the famous Captain Wildstar.” Eager introduce them.

Wildstar rolled his eyes at the introduction that Eager gave. “Hello there Ensign glad to have you aboard.”

“Sir it is a great honor to be on the same ship as you.” Jenkins saluted. Jenkins was from South Carolina, an African American he stood 6 foot 2 towering over Wildstar. Nova remembered him from the academy he was a very well manner individual never in trouble. His grades were excellent. His studies came first in his book his mother made sure to that when she came up and visited him at the academy. Nova remembered meeting the elderly lady, and she was a true southern bell but firm when it came to his studies. He was her pride and joy but always made sure that he never forgot where they came from. Nova like her from the start, Mrs. Jenkins admire Nova with the success of her career and what she did with the mission to Iscandar. She even told her son in front of her that he needs to find a girl like her. Strong willed, focus and her marriage to Wildstar was a solid one.

“At ease Ensign you’ll have pretty big shoes to fill.” Wildstar told him.

“Yes sir I hope to do just as good as a job as Commander Forrester. She was one of my teachers back at the Academy and yes her shoes are pretty big to fill. It is my honor to take over her job.” Jenkins stood tall at attention.

“How is your mother Ensign Jenkins?” Nova asked.

“She’s doing just fine Ma’am, she asks about you all the time. You’ve made a big impression on her. She would like you and Captain Wildstar to visit her sometime soon. She says that she’ll make you a real southern dinner.” Jenkins informed her.

“I would love that very much. Maybe after this is over we’ll come and visit.” Nova smiled at him.

“Captain Wildstar I’ll be ready to leave when you are.” Ensign Jenkins said.

“Good we will be leaving shortly. Please make sure that you are here when we are ready to leave.” Wildstar said.

“Yes sir.” Jenkins said with a salute.

They all began to walk towards the bridge as they talked about the next day departure. “I hear Baynet was a success Wildstar.” Eager asked.

“Yeah it was but the last battle there the Bolars pulled back all of a sudden which makes me think that they will be back with a vengeance. They are definitely looking for Princess Devina on Baynet and once they find out that she is on Gamilon Deslock will have a full war there. It is important that we keep them away from his planet as well as Earth.” Wildstar explain.

“I see, I guess we will be on our toes crossing over to Paxton.  So Wildstar, how do you feel about the new battleships?” Eager waved at the Sitka.

“She’s about the same as the Endeavor, I still miss the Argo now that was a real battleship.” Wildstar said.

“Wildstar shhhh, I don’t want to hurt her feelings.” Eager said while holding his finger to his mouth. “Nova I’ve manage to get you a private stateroom. Considering that we don’t have that many women officers on board. You get the luxury of having one all to yourself. Derek if you like to take her there I can have Ensign Kwan escort you two there. Sandor can inform me on anything else, and we can talk more over dinner tonight in my stateroom.” Eager said.

“I’d like that very much, Nova let’s go get you settle in.” Derek said as he took her duffle bag.

“Ensign Kwan please escort Lieutenant Commander Forrester to her stateroom.” Eager said then turned to Wildstar and gave them both a wink. “Take your time in getting her settle in,” Making them both blush.

“Ma’am, here you are on the officers deck section G. Will you need anything else?” Ensign Kwan asked with a salute.

“No Ensign I can take it from here, thank you.” Nova said with a return salute.

She opened up the hatch to her stateroom and looked inside. “Whoa, this can’t be right, Derek, this could fit at least 4 officers in here and still have room for all of us to walk around in. I can’t take this room it’s too big.”

“Well maybe Eager can assign someone here with you later. Let’s get you settle in and then you can get him to get someone here to keep you company.” Derek threw her duffle bag on one of the beds and unzipped it for her. Nova continued to look around opening draws and then took a look into the head. At least that was a modest size. She grabbed some of her toiletries and began to put them up in the medicine cabinet. She then began to place her uniforms and other things away in the closet. She grabbed one desk for herself and placed her laptop on top of it. Derek watched as she placed all her things up making it her own space. He wanted so much to throw all her stuff back into her duffle bag and run for the Cosmo hound and get her back on the Endeavor. “So I guess your settled in then?” Derek asked her.

“Looks like it.” Nova stood before him and looked him in the eyes. “Are you going to be okay, Derek?”

Derek look away from her stare and just nodded his head. “Yeah Nov I’ll be okay, just gonna miss you very much.”

She placed her hand on his face and pulled it to look at her, “Derek, I’ll miss you too.”

They hug each other tight and then sat on the bed. He gave her a kiss and ran his hands threw her hair. “Well think it will be okay to christen the room?” Wildstar grinned.

“Well Eager said to take our time.” Nova smiled back at him.

“Nova I had an extra line put in my room that will be a direct line to you so you can call me anytime.” Derek wanted her to know that in case she wanted to talk at night. Nova nodded and then he kissed her.



They all met back up at the flight pad. “Ah, were did you two disappeared to?” Eager asked knowing all too well where they were.

“Just getting her settle in, Eager.” Wildstar blushed at him and looked in Nova way.

“We better get going Sandor. I’ll see you tonight then Eager.” Wildstar said “Ensign Jenkins how’s your flying skills.”

“Sir, I’m one of the top ten in my class.” Jenkins said.

“Good take control of the Cosmo Hound let’s see what you can do. Can you get the ship ready for departure please?” Wildstar asked.

“Yes sir,” Jenkins snapped into attention.

Eager and Sandor looked at each other then turn to give Derek and Nova some privacy. “I’ll see you tonight?” Nova whispered at him

“Yes, I’ll be there, love you babe.” Derek said as he stared at her with sad eyes. “Eager until tonight” Wildstar shook his hand and then saluted.

Nova watched as they boarded the Cosmo Hound and then took off. “Are you going to be alright Nova?” Eager put his arm around her shoulder. “I’ll give you some time tonight also with Derek, I know how it is to be so far away from the one that you love. Lucky for you, you’re only a ship away for now.”

“I know. Eager would it be a big problem if you can assign someone else to my room?” Nova asked.

“Sure but I’d figure you would want to be alone.” Eager asked.

“I think having a roommate would be better for me, I really don’t want to be alone in such a big room.” Nova explain.

Eager smiled, “she can be too much at times. I’ll see what I can do, in the mean time why don’t you give yourself a tour around familiarize yourself with the ship. If you get lost just ask someone.” Eager said with a laugh. “I’ll see you later.”

“Thanks Eager, if I get lost I’ll scream for help.” Nova smiled at him.

Eager left her there and she gave herself a tour of the ship. It was pretty much the same lay out of the Endeavor and she whine up in the observatory. When she walked in she heard music going on, she looked around and was surprise to see an old friend dancing with a young petite girl. “Michael?”

He looked up and was also surprise to see her there, “Nova oh my goodness how are you?” They gave each other a hug and smiled “It’s good to see you again, where is Captain Wildstar?”

“He had to get back to the ship, but he’ll be back tonight for dinner.” Nova told him.

Suddenly the young women poke him in the side “aren’t cha gonna introduce us?”

“Oh yes, sorry Chiquita Nova this is Ensign Yvette ‘Yvey’ (pronounced Evie) Ortiz she is one of the Black Tiger pilots. Yvey this is Commander Nova Forrester Wildstar.”

“How are ya I’ve heard so many good things about cha.” Ensign Ortiz stuck out her hand and Nova took it shaking it.

“I detect a New York accent, Ensign.” Nova asked.

“Yup, Born and Bred from the Island. My Family is originally from Puerto Rico a little town called Patillas.  So you are the famous Nova,” Nova nodded yes. “Well welcome to the Sitka ma’am, she’s a good ship right papi.” Looking at Spada.

“She’s alright.” Spada rolled his eyes at her.

“Come on papi let’s finish dancing.” Ortiz grab him by the arm and turn on the music on again.

Nova stood in front of the window and watched as she gave him dancing lessons. “No papi you have to move your hips like this.” she took his hands and place them on her hips, “see feel how I move let the music take control of your hips.”

Nova smiled at how he tried to dance with her. She stood about 5 feet even, long dark hair with brown eye. When the music ended Spada and Ortiz walked back over to her. “So are you here to stay or just for the day, I saw your orders to the Medical ward but it never stated how long you would be here.” Spada asked.

“Indefinitely, Ensign Ortiz can I ask you what you were listening too?” Nova was intrigue with the young Ensign.

“Ah ya like it, It’s Hector Lavoe it’s salsa I grew up on this stuff. Would you like me to show you how to dance salsa?” Ortiz asked. “And please call me Yvey everyone does here. Except you know, the captain and when I’m in the cockpit.”

“Maybe another time, thank you.” Nova said then she saw something from the corner of her eye. It was small and hairy she took a closer look and realized what it was. “Mimi what are you doing on this ship?” She bent down and picked her up.

“Oh yes Doctor Sane sent her to you, he thought she would cheer you up now that you and Wildstar aren’t on the same ship.” Spada waved at the cat.

“Oh Mimi, you made my day. Why don’t you and I take a tour of the ship together? Yvey, Michael I’ll see you two later, hopefully at dinner tonight?” Nova asked.

“Sure Nova I’ll see you tonight.” Spada watched as she walked out into the hallway and the door closed behind her.

“She seems nice papi, anything going on between you two before?” Yvey asked.

“Naw, she is really happily married with Wildstar. I only wished I had that.” Spada still looking towards the door.

“Have what she has or have her?” Yvey asked, she seen that look before with many friends. Not her though she like her job. All she ever wanted to do was fly one of the Black Tigers, ever since she saw one fly by near her neighborhood. Romance is second in her book her career is first and the man she’s with can’t understand that then they need to move on.

“Like I said she’s happily married.” Spada said. “Ok Chiquita I have to get back to work thanks for the dance. I guess we’ll be going to dinner tonight together I’ll find out what time.”

“Okay papi, oh sorry, Lieutenant Commander we’re back on the clock. Check you out later sir.” Ortiz said.



Nova made her way up to the bridge while Mimi the cat followed and took a look around. “Commander Forrester, I see you have doctor Sane’s present to you. He thought she would keep you occupied in between your shifts. So how was the tour around ship, do you like her.” Eager smiled and gave the cat a pat.

“I ran into Doctor Spada in the observatory and an Ensign Ortiz.”

“Ah our infamous Ensign Ortiz, yeah she is a character, but she is one of our best pilots.” Eager laughed at the thought of Nova meeting her.

“If it’s alright I invited them to dinner tonight.” Nova knew he wouldn’t mind.

“Sure, she will have to know about what to expect from the Gamilon pilots and who else to let her know then Derek.” Eager wanted her to feel at home there, he knew that she missed Derek.

“Well I’m going to head to the medical ward and look around, see you tonight, ah what time.” Nova asked.

“About 1900 hrs you can dress causal I’m sure Captain Wildstar would like to see you pretty and anyway you won’t start your duties until the morning.”



Great Island

EDF Headquarters

0854 hours


“So as you all can see that bringing her back would be funding well spent” Singleton addressed the counsel.

“Admiral, if we fund this project how long will it take to get her active.” one of the council members asked.

“Sir if we begin within the next 24 hours she can be ready in a few months.” Singleton replied “but I will need the returned of Lieutenant Commander Sandor in order to get all the circuits and systems on line. He is the best of all the technical advisors.”

“We will discuss this and get back to you before the end of the day” Councilman Anderson said.

“Thank you all for your time.” Singleton saluted and left the room.

It took Singleton an hour to get back to his office. Michelle stood up and saluted him. “Sir I have a message for you, it’s from Councilman Anderson.”

Singleton stood there stun, “So quick? I guess they didn’t go for it, damn. Well what does it say?”

Michelle grinned from ear to ear “Sir it says, Admiral Singleton. After reviewing your proposal the counsel has agreed and has grant you the funds to start on your project. This counsel will not stand back and let it happen one more time to Earth. Good luck and God speed.”

“Are you serious?” Singleton asked her.

“Serious as a heart attacked sir, here read it for yourself.” Michelle handed him the message.

Singleton reached over and grabbed the message from her. As he looked at what she wrote down he was in disbelief, this new counsel surprised him. “Michelle can you get Councilman Anderson on the line, I just want to make sure?”

Michelle laughed at him, “Yes sir right away.”

Singleton walked into his office and sat behind his desk still stun at what he just heard and read. Michelle buzzed in “Sir I have Counsel man Anderson on line 1.”

Singleton picked up the phone “This Admiral Singleton sir, I just received your message. I, I just wanted to make sure I am reading it right.”

“Admiral, we are not the old stuffy grandfathers that sit around and take up the hot air. We are all aware of the Star Force and the scarifies that they have made. As you know one of our Councilman have served with them in the Iscandar mission and we will stand behind them like they stood behind Earth on so many mission for peace.  Please give the order to have Lieutenant Commander Sandor returned to Earth and start on your project as soon as you can. Good luck Admiral.” Anderson hung up.

Singleton sat back in his chair and looked out into the city. ‘We will never let that destruction happen again.’  He thought to himself when he heard Stone arguing with Michelle. “Sir General Stone is here to see you.” Michelle looked in with an aggravated looked.

“Let him in, Michelle.” Singleton said waving at her.

“How dare you, you purposely withheld that memo so that you can talk to the counsel yourself.” Stone yelled. “Well I hope that they denied your request.”

“As a matter of fact they gave me the Okay to go ahead with the project.” Singleton smiled at him.

Stone stood there and looked at him. He turned and left his office slamming the door behind him.

“Michelle, get me the Endeavor on a secure line.” Singleton asked on the intercom.


 EDF Endeavor

Captains Quarters

1548 earth hours


“Captain Wildstar here”

“Captain Wildstar has the Sitka arrived?” Singleton asked.

“Yes sir a few hours ago” Wildstar replied

“Wildstar I am going to need you to send Lieutenant Commander Sandor back to Earth. He is needed more back here.”

“Sir?” Wildstar asked confused.

“It’s a delicate matter and he is needed here, please send him back on one of your frigates.” Singleton ordered.

“Yes sir I will send him back on the Seasons they should arrive there in a week and half.” Wildstar said.

“Very well Captain, Lieutenant Commander Wright will take on his duties as Deputy Captain.” Singleton said.

vlcsnap-2010-09-06-20h36m00s29.png“Yes sir, Wildstar out,” He saluted and Singleton returned his salute.

Great first Nova and now Sandor, what else are they going to throw at me. Well Wildstar I guess I better give him the bad news. Wildstar grabbed his captains hat and put it on, he hop on his private lift and headed down to the bridge.

“Captain on the bridge.” Sandor called out.

“At ease everyone, Sandor I’d like to speak to you please.” Wildstar called him over to his chair.

“Yes sir what is it?” Sandor stood next to him.

“Sandor I just got orders for you, you are to returned to Earth first thing.” Wildstar said.

“Earth, but why?” Sandor asked.

“I don’t know, Singleton just told me to send you back. You are need more there then here. So I guess you need to pack your bag and leave for the Seasons they will be heading back first thing.” Wildstar informed him.

“Very well then, should I still go to dinner with you?” Sandor asked.

“Why not, might as well make the last night here worth it.” Wildstar shrugged his shoulders and sat back in his chair. “Lieutenant Commander Wright.”

“Yes Captain,” Wildstar waved him over. “Yes Skipper?”

“Deputy Captain Sandor will be heading back to Earth on the frigate Seasons first thing tomorrow. You are to take over as Deputy Captain from here on end.” Wildstar ordered.

“Yes sir, thank you sir. Sorry to see you go Sandor it was nice working with you.” Wright was nervous taking over the position of Deputy Captain it was tough job to take on especially as Captain Wildstar’s Deputy Captain.

Sandor shook his hand. “You’ll do an excellent job, don’t let the skipper scare you he isn’t that bad.” Sandor grinned at him knowing what he was thinking.

“Thank you sir.” Wright took his hand.

Sandor then turned to Wildstar, “I wonder what’s so important that they need me there so fast.”

“I don’t know Sandor but whatever it is I think you can use IQ9 with you.” Wildstar said.




EDF Battleship Sitka

Flight Pad

1700 earth hours


The Cosmo Hound landed in the Sitka flight pad on time, Wildstar and Sandor step out and greeted Eager.

“Welcome back, guess we should get going. Wildstar, Commander Forrester will join us in my quarters she looking over the medical ward and getting herself familiar with the station. I also have Doctor Spada and one of my top pilots, she’s young and feisty but pretty much leads my Black Tigers. Let’s go this way it’s shorter.” Eager guided them to his quarters and pointed to some areas as they walked.  Once there they enter the quarters, there in the middle of the room sat a huge table set up for dinner.

“Nice digs Eager” Wildstar patted him on the back “Now I don’t feel like a complete jerk living in a Deslock suite.” They both laughed at the thought. Wildstar asked him, “So how is she?”

“Relax Wildstar she’s just fine, she’s only been gone a few hours and she already made friends.” Eager placed his hands on Wildstar shoulder. “So Sandor, Wildstar tells me that you’re heading back to Earth tomorrow.”

“Yeah, would you happen to know anything about it.” Sandor asked.

“I’ve heard rumors about a project that Singleton was trying to get off, but EDF was fighting him on it. Well at least the old EDF Counsel, guys we now have a new EDF counsel in office and the best part of it is that they are all younger and willing to take chances. Wildstar remember a guy on the Star Force name Maxwell Beeken?” Eager asked.

“Beeken, hum there was a Beeken that worked in the engine room when we went to Iscandar. I think he was an Ensign JG at the time.” Wildstar remember him better.

“Well he is now on the counsel and he is all for the Star Force.  General Stone is about to blow a gasket because of him.” Eager laughed at the old General, he remember he was the one that wanted the Star Force shot down when they took off to fight the Comet Empire and he wanted to do the same thing again. “He fought tooth and nail to stop Singleton from getting the project lifted but in the end they gave Singleton the funding.”

Wildstar stood there looking at him and then looked at . “I guess that explains the whole union thing, I guess we have an allied amongst the wolves.”

“But why do they need me?” Sandor still had a baffled looked.

“Well I’m not sure what the project is but rumor has it that he is trying to get the Argo back into commission.” Eager told them.

Wildstar stood there with a blank look on his face he has heard the rumors many times and wasn’t holding his breath.

“Wildstar we all wish that was true but remember we heard that one before.” Sandor explain, he too remember hearing stories about resurrecting the Argo from its icy grave. But it would take a lot of man power and funding something EDF would not put funding on.

For a moment there Wildstar eyes lit up but then he too has heard it all before. Just then Nova walked in with Spada and Ortiz, smiling and giggling. “Hey everyone.” She said as she walked into the room.

Derek made his way over to his wife and kissed her on the cheek, “Hey babe, miss you already.” He whispered softly.

“Me too,” Nova smiled back at him and felt someone poke her in the back. “Oh, I like you to meet someone, you all remember Doctor Spada and this is Ensign Yvette 'Yvey' Ortiz, Ensign Ortiz this is Captain Derek Wildstar and the love of my life.”

“How you doin captain, I heard so much about you all good sir.” Ortiz said.

tere[1].jpgNova then turned her attention to Sandor. “Ensign this is Lieutenant Commander Stephen Sandor.” Sandor stood there staring at her, he tried to speak but somehow couldn’t. Nova caught his look and seen it before with both his two wives.

“Sandor she won’t bite you can shake her hand.” Nova shoved him.

“Hi I’m Sandor,” was all he could only say to her.

Ortiz giggled at him and took hold of his hand, “hello there Lieutenant Commander nice to meet cha.”

“We have a Lieutenant Commander William Ortiz on the Endeavor he’s our gunner. I hope that we don’t get you too mixed up.” Wildstar told her.

“That’s okay you can call me Yvey sir everyone here does well for the exception of Captain Eager here.” Yvey pointed to her superior officer.

“Well Doctor Spada, how have you been?” Wildstar asked. “I hope that you take good care of Nova here.”

“Yes sir I will she is an excellent nurse and hard to fine.” Spada stood completely at attention.

“At ease Doc I’m not sentencing you to death.” Wildstar grinned at him. Spada knew all too well how he can be with his wife.

Nova walked over to the table and notice that there were two more plate setting on the table. “Eager, who else is missing?”

“Glitchman and his Deputy Captain should be arriving soon.”

Wildstars’ face went white and Sandor stood next to Nova staring at Eager. Eager looked at all three of them and notice immediately that there was something wrong. “Did I do something wrong?”

Wildstar shook his head and try to take the shock off of it. “No Eager, everything is okay.”

Right on cue Glitchman walked into the room, alone. “Eager how’s it going? It’s been a long time.” He turned to Wildstar and winked at him and Nova. Glitchman knew bringing Tolbert would be a big mistake so he gave her order to stay on ship. Also he left word with his communication officer to monitor her when she makes any call to Earth.

Eager shook his hand and asked. “Where is your Deputy Captain?”

“She had to finish up some things, sorry Eager she won’t be able to make it.” Glitchman said.

320px-Sumeragi_Lee_Noriega_2307[1].jpgOrtiz noticed the tension that was in the room about the Deputy Captain. She will have to ask Forrester about that but in the mean time she took an interest in Wildstars Deputy Captain. He was very tall for her but cute with deep intense eyes. Nova caught the electricity that ran between the two and decided to play match maker.

“Shall we” Eager waved towards the table. Eager sat at the head, Sandor sat at the other end. Nova managed to put Yvey next to him and Homer and Spada sat next to each other while Derek and she sat on the other side together, Nova seating across from Yvey.

Throughout the dinner the three captains talked about the upcoming mission with the Gamilons. Derek on and off place his hand on Nova leg under the table. While Sandor and Yvey made chit chat about nothing. Spada and Nova exchanged words about the medical ward and what Nova would be doing. After dinner they all stood up and talked with each other. Derek grabbed Nova by the hand and stood near the edge of the window. He stood behind her placing his arm around her waist. “How are you holding up here? Are you okay?” Derek asked her.

“I’m okay, just missing you very much. Tonight will be the test for us. It’s going to be hard to reach over and you not being there.” Nova said as they both looked out towards the Endeavor.

“Hey there Derek, Nova sorry that Tolbert couldn’t make it.” Homer said. “But she is a little too busy doing reports.”

“That’s okay Homer, I’m sure that she wasn’t interesting in coming anyway.” Wildstar said still holding Nova.

Nova looked over to where Sandor and Yvey stood and saw that they were in a heated conversation.

“So are you and Doctor Spada an item?” Sandor asked.

“Oh heck no, my career is first, Doc is just a bump in the road. He is a good friend and dance partner that’s all.” Yvey said.

Sandor eyes lit up. “So you’re pretty much free?”

“Yes papi, I’m free until I find the right guy for me.” She looked up at him and smiled. “So ya know Nova for a long time?”

“We met on the star force, pretty much all of us did. That’s how Nova and Derek met. They’ve been through a lot together. We are all pretty much family here. We all fought together in many wars and battle’s so any family back on Earth?”

“Yup I sure do papi, I come from a big Puerto Rican Family from New York and there are 6 between all of us. My family is very protective of me when they are around and I am that way towards them. I love to dance but my passion is getting behind my Black Tiger and kicking the ass out of Bolar fighters. And if the man in my life doesn’t like the fact that I am a fighter pilot well then screw him.”

Sandor let out a laugh. “My, you’re a feisty little one.” He like what he saw but began to get depress knowing that he was heading back to Earth in the morning. He wanted to know more about her and had little time to get to know her.

“So Lieutenant Commander what is it that you do on the Endeavor besides Deputy Captain?” She asked.

“You are straight forward aren’t you?” Sandor said with a smile.

“I call it as I see it. I don’t have any time to beat around the bush.” Yvey told him.

“Well my passion is sciences, and thinking on the spot. I’m also a mechanical Engineer having Degrees in pretty much anything. I’ve been married twice before, if that’s a problem, I’m also the creator of the Do-it-all Machine.”

“So you’re the famous Stephen Sandor Millionaire. I read about your divorce in some paper. Shame that you had to go through all that, she seemed like a bitch if you ask me.” Yvey didn’t hold anything back what you see is what you get.

Sandor laughed at her comment. “Well shame that we can’t get to know each other more. I’m leaving in the morning for Earth, they need me back there. But I would like to keep in touch if that’s alright with you.”

“I like that very much chulo.” Yvey like him a lot she really never felt like this before about a man. She was intrigued by him but she wasn’t going to jump in the sack with him just yet. This one wasn’t one to fool with like the others. The others were just flings that she had fun with.

“Hello there Sandor, Yvey can I steal him for a minute.” Nova asked, she had been looking at the two of them for awhile. She excused herself away from Derek and Homer and headed in their direction.

“Sure Ma’am, but I like this papi chulo so keep him close.” She told her.

“I will bring him right back, how do you say it ‘lo traeré detrás’.” Nova tried her Spanish.

“Muy bien, Nova.” Yvey said.

“Gracias.” Nova laughed that she was able to use one of the languages she study in high school. She pulled Sandor over to the side and gave him a look of approval. “Sandor I hear that your heading back tomorrow for Earth.”

“Yeah, Singleton needs me back there for some project.” He kept looking over to Yvey who was now talking with Wildstar. Nova had to actually snap her finger in front of his face.

“Sandor focus, I see you like the young Ensign, she is a nice girl.” Nova grinned at him this was a different choice of women for him. Sandor, usually pick the dumb bimbo type, tall blonde with blue eyes and very superficial, total air heads if you asked her. For him to go for the total opposite is a breath of fresh air. “So what are you two going to do about it?”

“What can we do about it, I’m leaving in the morning and what the heck is papi chulo?” Sandor gave a confuse look at Nova.

“Derek and I have been apart many times and we always manage to keep in touch, and papi chulo means cute guy. Now what are you going to do about each other. This is the first women I have approved of and I don’t want you to let her go, okay.” Nova stood stern.

Sandor smiled and pertained to kick a rock with his foot. “Well we are going to keep in touch is that okay with you sis.”

“Good now go finish getting to know each other.” Nova pointed in her direction.

Sandor walked back over to where Yvey was talking to Wildstar. “Hello there chulo now where were we?” She put her arm around his arm and walked over to the window.

“What were you doing Commander?” Wildstar frown at her matchmaking. “Are you trying to set them up with each other?”

“I think they would be good for each other.” Nova kept watching them.

“Nova did you hear me?” Wildstar gave her a nudge.

“What, I’m sorry what did you say?” Nova turned his way and gave him complete attention.

“I said let’s go, Eager gave me the okay to spend some time with my wife.” Wildstar rubbed his fingers up and down her arm.

Nova smiled at him and walked over to Sandor and Yvey, “goodnight you two, Sandor safe trip back to Earth and Yvey I’ll see you in the morning hopefully. By the way are you rooming with any one?”

“Yeah, three other female officers, why?” Yvey asked

“Oh well I’ll be looking for a roommate soon. I hate being in such a big room all by myself and wanted to give you first dibs if you like.” Nova said.

“Sounds great, but we’ll have to ask the Captain first.” Yvey wanted out of her room she didn’t care too much for her roommates. They were all so silly always talking about others and keeping her up all hours when she had to get up early for flight practice. Rooming with Forrester might be a change for her.

“I’ll ask him in the morning, Goodnight.” Nova smiled at the two of them.

“Goodnight.” They both said.

“Derek I’ll see you back on ship later?” Sandor grinned knowing that he was going to stay back for a while with Nova.

“Uh, yeah see you later.” Wildstar grabbed hold of his collar and try to let it loose all the while blushing, that even Ensign Ortiz laughed at. They made their way out of the stateroom and everyone else began to say goodnight. Yvey walked with Sandor back to the flight pad. “So can I get your email?” Sandor ask.

“It took ya long enough to ask, here I wrote it down before dinner.” Yvey gave him a piece of paper with her email on it.

Sandor started to give her his but she put her hand on the paper “Once you email me I’ll get it then. Okay papi?” she hated taking numbers, emails or address it made her feel like she needed to call or write.

Sandor lean down to kiss her on the cheek then blushed. “Oh I’m sorry will it be okay.” But before he could finish she threw her arms around him and gave him a kiss. Sandor put his arms around her small petite frame and kissed her back. They finally let go “Wow you sure put a twist to everything, I’m not sure what to make of this Yvey, but I like where it’s going.” Sandor smiled at her.

“Wow me too. I can honestly say that that was a real kiss for me.” Yvey said. His kiss threw her a curve. She didn’t expect him to be a great kisser.

“Yvey will our age difference bother you, I mean I’m about 11 years older then you and I’ve been married twice before. Will you be okay with that?” Sandor wanted to know now before it led anywhere.

“Why would it bother me, my pops was older then my mom and you being married dos veces. Well their lost and you just haven’t found the right one yet. Do you have kids with any of them?” She asked him.

“No, no kids.” Sandor was never married long enough to think about kids with them.

“Well then there are no ties to either, which makes it all the mejor para mi. I get to keep you all to myself.” She gave him a punch in the shoulder and then pulled on his collar so he can lean down and kiss her one more time before leaving back to the Endeavor.

Yvey walked back to the officer quarters with a grin she notice that she never had before and hum to herself as she made her way back. “Yvey” someone called her from behind. When she turned around she saw Spada walking towards her. “Papi que pasa, I thought that you were in bed by now.”

“Well I was thinking the same about you. You seem to hit it off with Deputy Captain Sandor.” Spada asked .

“Why are you jealous?” She stood back and put her hands on her hips “You knew that it was just for fun, we are just friends nothing more.”

Spada waved at her, “I know, I know. I was just wondering are we still friends and dance partners.”

“Ay papi of course we are who else am I suppose to dance with on this mission? Yvey asked. “And any way it looks like to me that you still have something for the Fleet Commanders wife.”

“Naw, I lost her long before we met again.” Spada said as he looked away not wanting her to read his mind. “Any way you can be my Chiquita Banana for now.”

Yvey gave him a hard stare at him. She could see that he loved her and that was dangerous after all she is the Fleet commanders wife, and they seem very happy together.


2338 earth hours

“Derek I think it’s time for you to go, it’s getting late.” Nova gave him another nudge and then he stir a bit more. “Derek, babe, babe get up, it’s getting late you have a fleet to command in the morning.”

Derek opened his eyes and looked into his wife face, he smiled at her. “I’m going to miss you.”

“I’ll miss you too my love, but you better get dress it’s late.” She said as she wrapped a sheet around her and started picking up his uniform.  She handed him his pants and sat down next to him. He lean over to her and kiss her. “Derek if you start this up again you’ll never get out of here.”

“That’s the whole point.” He grinned at her. She giggled at him and waved him away.

“Get dress skipper.” She threw his pants in his face and then threw his top. Derek slowly dressed trying to get her to get back into bed with him but she stood across the room with the sheet still wrapped around her.  He walked over to her with his shirt still open and opened the sheet she had wrapped around her. He then gave her a kiss and began to move down her neck at the same time caressing her breast.  Even though she wanted him to stay she knew that he had to get back, someone had to keep their heads clear. She took his hand and twisted it.

“Ouch, what are you doing Nova!” Derek drop to the ground.

“Now are you going to get dress and leave or do I have to throw you out.” Nova twisted his hand further back.

“Okay, okay I give.” Derek feeling pain yet laughing at her tactics.

“So if I let you go you’ll behave?” She looked him in the eye.

“I will, I will, I’ll behave, scouts honor.” Derek raise his other hand and gave her the cub scouts sign.

“Okay I’ll let go.” Nova release his hand and he finished getting dressed.

“Aren’t you going to walk me to the flight pad?” Derek asked.

“Will you behave and not try to kidnap me?” Nova winked at him.

“I promise.” Derek crossed his heart.

“Okay let me throw on something.” She threw on some jeans and t-shirt and put on some flip flops then they headed out the door together. Another Cosmo Hound was waiting for him there ready to take him back to the Endeavor.

“I’ll miss you Nova.” Derek held her tight not wanting to let her go.

Nova held him just as tight. “I’ll miss you too babe,” Then started to cry.

“Don’t cry baby we are only ships apart and I’ll call you every night I promise”

Nova nodded and watched him broad the Cosmo Hound, she stood back and watched as it took off back to the Endeavor. She wiped her tears and walked back to her quarters threw herself on the bed and cried her heart out.



EDF Battleship Sitka

Quarters of Lieutenant Commander Nova Forrester Wildstar

0500 Earth Hours


Nova woke up listening to something in the room going off. She opened her eyes and saw something flashing off her laptop. She made her way over to the desk and hit the button. “Hey there my sweet, did you sleep well?” Derek asked.

“Good morning baby, I miss you so much last night. But I slept okay.” Nova smiled at him. “What time is it?”

“It’s 0500 I need to be getting on the bridge soon, just wanted to see your face in the morning and wish you luck on your new duties.” Wildstar smiled at her only wishing that she was there in the flesh to wake up too.

“Oh well guess I have to get going I have to report at 0630, I need to get dress and get my paper work ready.” Nova pulled her hair back and let it go. “Guess we will be preparing for departure today. We’ll talk later than.”

“Yeah, I need to get going, relieve the night shift. Love you Mrs. Wildstar. I’ll call you back tonight.” Derek winked at her and she threw him a kiss.

“Love you too, bye.” Nova sign off and place her hand in her hands trying to wake up. She jumped in the shower, put on her nurse’s uniform and headed to medical ward.

She walked into the room and spotted Doctor Spada already checking medical charts. “Lieutenant Commander Forrester reporting for duty, Sir.”

“Good morning Commander glad to have you back, let’s get started shall we?” Spada handed her some charts and they began their rounds.



Derek walked onto the bridge and took control of his command. Sandor walked in and handed him his paper work for his signature. “Get there safe Sandor, let me know when you’re able to return.”

“I will Captain.” Sandor saluted and then took back his papers.

“Sandor I see that you and Ensign Ortiz were getting to know each other better. Are you and her going to stay in touch?” Wildstar smiled at his old friend. He too remembered his last wife, and he agreed with Nova on his choice of women. Ortiz was totally opposite of what he always look for. He wanted his friend to be happy like him and Nova.

Sandor blushed at what Wildstar. “Well, she gave me her email and I’m not sure if it’s too fast but I already sent her an email thanking her for a good time.” Derek looked at him and shook his head “What? I was never good at dating Derek. It’s not like women like that come banging at my door. Was that a mistake?”

Derek laughed at him, obviously his friend didn’t date much. “Sandor I’m sure she’ll love the fact that you email her. Well I think you better get going the Seasons will be leaving soon. You guys will be warping before the fleet, keep in touch old buddy.” They shook hands then Sandor left to catch his flight over to the Seasons. Derek stood on the bridge feeling alone with both Nova and Sandor gone he felt like he was the only one on ship. He looked around and gave a sigh “Okay crew let’s get this going, I wanted to be out of here in 2 hours. Pratt let’s get the Gamilon fleet commander on the video panel.  Jenkins, make sure that raider is up to speed. Ortiz, are all guns up to speed?”

“Yes Captain, all guns are in working order.” Ortiz called out.

“Wantanabe, are all engines at working order?”

“Yes sir,” Wantanabe looked up and replied.

“Very well let’s get this going.”