Onward With Love…

Chapter Fifteen

By Yuki Wildstar


Outer Atmosphere

EDF Battleship Endeavor

24 May, 2205

0630 hours

Nova was gone when Derek woke up. Funny I thought after last night everything would be okay. Getting up he headed to his desk. He checked his emails and then made his way to the head to take a shower. The water felt good as it hit his body. He thought of last night and smiled to himself of how special it was. At least he thought so. He got dress and headed for the bridge.

“Captain on the bridge,” Sandor called out. Derek looked around the bridge and spotted Nova at her station. He nodded at Sandor and walk over to her. “Hey,” he said as he knelt down to look her in the face.

Smiling back her eyes soften to see him there, “Captain.”

“Why didn’t you wake me?” He said as he smiled back.

Nova lowered her voice, “Sorry, wanted to catch up and have everything ready so when the skipper came in.”

His eyes dance to see her. He gave her a crooked smile and said, “talk later?”

“Sure, and Derek I love you.” Nova said softly.

Standing up he gave her a quick wink and said, “Diddo.”

“Okay what do we have?” Wildstar called out to the crew as he sat in his captains’ chair. “Give me a rundown.”

Sandor was the first to give his report “Sir all communication with the Galaxy and Gamilon ships have been check and confirmed. Once the Sitka arrives we will have all download information ready for her and schedule to leave the following day. We will be head through the Baynet space systems, where the Sitka and Turion will continue to planet Paxton. One of the fighters that were sent to follow the escaping Bolar fighters have managed to send word that there is a major base there before losing contact with us.”

“Ortiz, how are our guns working?” Wildstar questioned.

“Sir all guns are in working order, as a matter of fact we have managed to extant our range by 10 more mega meters.” Ortiz said with pride.

“That’s great, give us an advantage over the Bolars.” Derek replied “Wantanabe is the wave motion gun at its best?”

“Sir we have checked and rechecked all parts of the engine and she is at her top form.” Wantanabe responded.

“Good, let’s make sure that we have all the spare parts for any damages that we will sustain.”

“Yes sir,” Wantanabe said.

“Lieutenant Wright I’m sure that you and Deputy Captain Sandor are up to speed on all communications.”

Sandor and Wright both called out, “Yes sir.”

“Lieutenant Commander Forrester, all reports ready for your replacement?” Derek wanted to call Singleton and beg for her to stay on the ship with him. But that would mean explaining what happened. He didn’t want the Admiral to question his ability to run a fleet.

“Yes Captain, I will have everything ready for my replacement.” Nova thought about what she had done in asking for a transfer and a little part of her regrets it. But she also knew that they both needed the space.

“Well looks like everything is working, let’s start our drills and let’s keep it under the time frame that is allowed. We will continue our drill until 1300 hrs so everyone on your toes. Let’s begin, Attention all hands, attention all hands. We will begin our emergency drills in 10 minutes. Prepare all station for drill exercise.”

Nova stood up and saluted Derek, “Sir Permission to take my station at the Medical Ward for drill exercise.”

“Permission granted.” Derek looked her in the eyes and smiled sending his love thru his stare.

Nova made her way out of the bridge and down to the Medical Ward. She began to get her station ready and prepare for the fake causalities that will be arriving there.



Flight Pad

0730 hours



Pesci, Howard and Delvechio ran to their fighters and began to check over their ships. Every nuke and cranny was checked, any obstruction around their fighters were removed. They all check their wings and then jumped into the cock pit and began going over their instruments. Each one put on their helmets and checked their communication. “This is Lieutenant Commander Pesci, checking all communications.”

“Delvechio here testing communication.”

“I hear you ‘T’ your coming in loud and clear, Lieutenant Howard?” Pesci called into his Helmet.

“You’re coming in clearly, Sir.” Howard replied.

“Black Tigers please check in.” Pesci called out.

“Black Tiger three all systems check.”

“Black Tiger five all systems check.”

They all finished checking in and waited for the drill to start. “So Lieutenant Howard, think the Captain will grant us some R&R after this?” Pesci grinned through his Helmet.

“Uh Lieutenant Commander Pesci I think we need to stick to the assignment. There will be no fraternization on exercise drill. In other words Pesh keep it on ice no need in getting excited because nothing going to happen.” Howard said firmly; everyone else was heard laughing into their helmets.

“Okay fellas out of my private affairs,” Pesci said his face turning beet red with embarrassment.

Delvechio yelled into the radio waves, “Looks like you’re taking a cold one tonight Lieutenant. She’s got you by the balls.”

“Shut up,” Pesci said laughing. He loved his bride she had a lot of spunk and didn’t hold back.

“Okay everyone back to business.” Howard said.

“Attention all crew members, attention all crew members drill exercise commencing in T minus 10 seconds.  5   ….   4   ….  3      2   … 1 begin exercise.” Captain Wildstar called throughout the ship.

“This is Black Tiger One please open flight hatch.” Pesci called into his helmet.

“Roger that sir, opening flight hatch,” communication officer called back.

“Okay let’s get going.” Pesci said.

One by one they started to go through the hatch and began to from outside of the Endeavor.

“Okay what shall it be this time?” Pesci said into the helmet.

“I get to pick.” Howard said.

“You heard the lady, what’s it going to be my love?” Pesci said.

“Hmmm, how about this one?” Howard press the button on the iPod that was installed into her fighter, Guns and Roses came on singing ‘Welcome to the Jungle.’

“Pesci a women after my own heart, Lieutenant Howard if you ever decide to leave him I’ll be more than happy to step in.” Black Tiger six said into the helmet.

“Back off, she’s mine and I’m not letting her go.” Pesci said back.

“Okay guys let’s get to work.” Wildstar ordered from the bridge.

“Yes sir,” Pesci and the rest called back.

WONDER CARDS 022.jpgThey began their maneuvers with precision hitting all targets and they worked great with the Gamilon fighter. At first the Gamilon pilot weren’t sure what to make of the music that was playing but they seem to like the lyrics and began to work with the music.

Derek sat at his captains’ chair, placed his head in his hands and shook his head. “Oh gosh, the Gamilon pilots must think we are insane.”

Sandor laughed at Howard’s choice of music and looked at Wildstar. “Wildstar I think the Gamilon kind of like it.”

“Yeah I guess you’re right, let them have their fun.” Wildstar laughed at the thought of Gamilon pilots rocking and rolling to Earths music.

Nova had all the nurses working round the clock for the pertain causalities that flowed into the medical ward. She too liked the music that was playing and kept everyone on their toes. Some of the marines came in to get their share of nurse treatment, but Nova kept them in line. Some of them she had to give them a little pepper spray to keep them from harassing the nurses. IQ9 helped in robot handling them into the gurney and strapping them down.

Everyone was on top of their game, they practice over and over again until 1300 hrs when Wildstar called everyone in for a break so as they can eat and relax before the next set of exercise.

“Okay, attention all hands, attention all hands this exercise is over. Great job everyone. I’m proud of you all. Black Tigers return to ship, it’s time for some down time. Lieutenant Ortiz take over the bridge, everyone else get some chow and relax a little. Lieutenant Wright you will relieve Lieutenant Ortiz after chow.”

“Yes Sir,” they both said.

“Sandor, grab something to eat?” Wildstar asked.

“Yes sir.”

“Captain leaving the bridge Lieutenant Commander Ortiz now has control of the bridge.” He yelled out as they left to get something to eat.

“How did you think it went?” Wildstar asked Sandor as they made their way to the Mess hall.

“I think it went well. I think we should continue on tomorrow first thing give them a little rest before we start up again in the morning. They deserve it Wildstar.” Sandor said.

“I agree I’ll let the crew know when we get back from lunch.” Wildstar said. They made their way into the mess hall and looked around to the chow line, “It’s pretty long, think we should wait? Let the men and women eat first.”

“Yeah we can grab a table over there at the officers section.” Sandor pointed to the officer tables.

They made their way to the table; sat down and talked about the drill “I have to admit Pesci and Delvechio remind me of Hardy and the late Conroy. They are really excellent pilots and Howard is getting just as good. Although, I wouldn’t piss her off when it came to hand on hand combat.” Derek said grinning

“I wouldn’t piss off her or Nova.” Sandor said. “After what she did to Tolbert it’s a tossup between the two.”

Derek thought back to that day and grinned on how she beat the crap out of her. But he knew this wasn’t over between the two women.

Pesci and the rest of the Black Tigers walked in and wave at the Captain and Deputy Captain. Sandor and Wildstar nodded their way in approval of their exercise. The line finally went down and Wildstar and Sandor went and got themselves something to eat. Pesci and the rest took their seats in the pilots’ area and could be heard throughout the hall laughing. Pesci and Howard made jokes back and forth on each other flying skills and Delvechio sat back and laughed at the both of them.

With a worried look on his face, Wildstar began to wonder why he had not seeing Nova. “Relax Wildstar I’m sure that she’ll eat something later or she probably had something brought to her. You know those marine take any excuse to harass our nurses. She’s probably fighting them out of the medical ward with a stick.” Sandor said noticing that Wildstar had a concern look on his face. Wildstar grinned at the thought and they made their way back to their table. After lunch Derek decide to stop in on Nova and see how she is doing.




Wildstar walked into the ward and notice that she was with Doctor Webster. He also noticed that he was giving Nova a shot. “What’s going on?” Derek looked on with concerned.

“Hey Derek Doctor Webster here is just giving me my birth control shots. It’s a higher dosage, my body was immune to the other prescription and that’s why.  Well you know. Thanks Doc, appreciate it.”

Doctor Webster put the syringe in the hazards bin and began to walk towards his office. “Nova that should hold you for three months it will take 24 hours to take effect so be careful.” He warned.

“I will. Thanks again.” Nova said.

“Shouldn’t have we discuss this?” Derek asked.

“We have don’t you remember.” Nova said as a matter of fact.

“Yeah but that was in the heat of passion, and we were careful last night. You know how I hate wearing those things but I did.” Derek began to blush a little.

“I know, but there are going to be times when we will say screw it and go to town and I don’t think now is the time to conceive anything. We still need to work things out.”

“I thought we did last night?” Derek said with a whine.

Nova shook her head. “No that’s just a man’s way of thinking things are alright. We still have some issues even though you think we don’t,” Nova said softly. “Anyway we can talk about this later. I have to get things in order here.”

Derek stood there a little stunned, and watched her put things away. “I need to get back on the bridge and relieve the crew for today, talk later? In the room?”

“I’ll be there, give me twenty minutes.” Nova said over her shoulder.



Planet Gamilon

Gamilon City

Desslock Palace

1435 hours


“Very good Wildstar I’m glad that all worked out. I’ll inform my captains that there will be another drill in the morning. When is the Sitka coming in?” Desslock asked.

“She’ll be here in three days, I spoke to Captain Eager yesterday and all looks good.” Wildstar informed Desslock.

“Until later, Desslock out.” Desslock turned to his aid, “Talan make sure that you informed the fleet that there will be another training exercise in the morning.”

“Yes your Excellency, I will do that now” Talan turned and walked out. Desslock then left to see about his wife.

When he walked into their suite she was not there. Maybe she’s walking around the grounds he then noticed the maid in the bathroom. “Where is the Empresses?”

“Sir I believe she has gone down to the prison.” the maid said.

Storming out of the room, he went into his office and pick up the phone “Who is this!”

“Sir Corporal Ovid,” the guard said.

“Is the Empress there?” Desslock demanded.

“Why yes sir, she is with the bolar prisoner,” Corporal Ovid said shaking as he held the phone.

“I will be there make sure she does not leave,” Desslock ordered.

“Yes sir!” Ovid said hoping that he would not take it out on him.

Desslock made his way to the prison and threw opened the door to the holding unit. “Where is she?” he bellowed to the corporal.

“She is holding cell B5 with the prisoner.” Ovid said shaking uncontrollably.

Desslock walked over to the cell and motion to the guard standing next to the door to open it.  Devina and Arlin looked up to him standing there with anger on his face. “Devina!  What are you doing here?”

“Desslock I was just …..” Devina try to explain.

“Devina come with me now,” he ordered her.

“Arlin I will see you again, I must go with my husband right now.” Devina said sarcastically.

“That will not happen.” Desslock said with piercing eyes. They went back to the palace in silence, as they made their way back to the palace Desslock just kept staring out of the air car. Devina try to look at him and see how mad he was but Desslock would not look in her direction. They both walked into the palace and made their way to their suite. Desslock open the door and wave her in then slammed the door hard. “How dare you, if you were any of my man I would have you charged with treason and have you killed!” Desslock yelled.

“Desslock lower your voice right this minute,” Devina stood her grounds and define him.

“I am the Emperor of this planet and I will not lower my voice. I forbid you from ever going there again.” Desslock yelled louder.

“Forbid, who are you to forbid me?” Devina stood face to face with him “I am not one of your soldiers you can order around. I am your wife and your partner not a servant!”

Desslock grabbed her by the shoulders and looked at her with slit eyes “Devina please do not let this happen again.” Releasing her he turned and walked out the door with another slam of the door.

Devina stood alone in the room with her mouth open not knowing what he was thinking.




Desslock left the palace and went straight back to the prison. The young corporal saw him come to the door and buzzed it open. “My wife is not to came here again, if she does you are to call me, do I make myself clear!” Desslock ordered

“Ah yes sir, understood sir!” Ovid said as he bowed to his emperior.

“Now the prisoner.” Desslock walked over to his cell and order the guard to open the door. Arlin stood up from the bunk and saw the look in Desslock eyes. He was a man enraged by anger. Desslock grab him by the neck and began to chock him while asking “What did you talk about with my wife. Tell me now!” He let go of his hold and threw him on the bunk. “Talk!”

Arlin fell to the bunk and began to cough trying to catch his breath. “We talk of nothing,” he managed to say.

012 (2)e.jpgDesslock walked over to him and punched him in the face. “You will tell me what you spoke about or my promise to my wife will no longer hold.”

Arlin coward in a corner “We just talked about growing up and how we came to be here, nothing more”

Desslock grab him by the shirt and punch him again “Do not lie to me, I want the truth.”

“I, I, I am telling you the truth ask Devina she will confirm it. She also said that you are an honorable man that keeps his word.” Arlin said as he continued to catch his breath.

Desslock stood back and looked down on him “You had better be telling the truth or the promise that I made to her will not be honored.” Desslock turned as his cape flew throughout the room and left Arlin to sit and coward in the corner that Desslock left him.




Planet Gamilon

Outer space

EDF Battleship Endeavor

1622 hours


“Okay guys the backup shift is here, go relax tomorrow will be pretty much the same.” Wildstar told his bridge crew. “Lieutenant Turner take the bridge.”

“Yes sir, captain leaving the bridge Lieutenant Turner is now in control of the bridge.” Turner called out.

“See you later,” Wildstar called back as he made his way back to his stateroom.

He threw open the door and headed to his desk, opened his laptop and began looking through his emails. A few minutes later Nova walked through the door and threw her side arm on the bed. She walked over to him and gave him a kiss on the cheek. “Hello there handsome, how was your day?” smiling at him. Derek turned his chair and wrapped his arms around her. He pulled her onto his lap and kissed her on the lips.

“I’ve missed you all day, how’d it go in the Medical Ward.” Derek asked.

“The usual, marines that don’t know how to behave themselves and IQ9 and myself have to put them in their place.” Nova rolled her eyes and then grinned.

Derek got to the point “So what gives Nova?”

“Derek, it’s really no big deal I just had doc give me the shot.” Nova tried to make light of it.

“Nova, come on.” Derek wasn’t letting this one go.

“Okay, I have been on birth control for a long time and from time to time you either have to switch prescription or up the dosage or your body just gets immune to it. Well that’s what happened, I just had doc give me a higher dosage so it won’t happen again until we are ready. And I know how much you hate wearing condoms and after last night I figured I’d take care of my part. We still have to be careful within the next 24 hours.”

“Nova are we okay with everything, I mean you said that we still had to work out some things. Do you want to talk more about it?” Derek asked.

“I want to know how you feel Derek about everything,” Nova asked.

Derek knew that this would be the perfect time to get everything out into the open. She was finally opening up and he had the chance to tell his side.

“Nova honey, I’m sorry that I wasn’t there for you. I regret every minute of it I hope that you can forgive me. I felt like the whole world just came crashing down on me, I never knew how much that I wanted a child until all this happened.  It broke my heart that we lost it, and I never wanted you to go through that again. I just felt powerless and so out of control. I know that I should have thought about what you were going through, but I was stupid. I’m sorry” He hugged her tighter and gave her a kiss.

“Oh Derek, I felt so alone since it happened, I thought it would never be the same between us again. I know that you had your way of dealing with it I’ve seen it here in this room. But believe me when I say I felt horrible and my heart went out to you more so. I wish that I can just turn the clock back and take your advice and went to see the doctor.” Nova told him.

He hugged a little tighter “Oh Nova I never thought that I lost you. I thought you would leave this ship and that we would never resolve this.”

“I was hoping that we would fix this before I left too.” Nova said while snuggling her head on his chest.

“So from now on we move forward is that a deal?” Derek asked her.

12_1451947c1ae513.jpgNova nodded and wiped the tears that weld up in her eyes. “Okay then, get up.” Derek said as he began to get up. He walked over to the light switch and turned the lights down and locked the door. He then walked over to the desk and turned on his iPod and put on George Michaels ‘One more try.’ He grabbed Nova by the hand and began to dance with her. She held him tight, closed her eyes and let the music and the smell of his cologne just take her away.  They danced and held each other tight wanting each other in that moment. He ran his hand up and down her back whispering to her “I love you more today than the first day we met and it grows more and more every day.” Their dance seem like forever to her, and she let him kiss her neck as the next track came on Boyz II Men singing ‘Bending knees’. She returned his kisses and began to regret her decision for the transfer. But she also knew that Stone wanted blood when it came to Derek and she couldn’t let that happen. She just decided to make the best of the little time they had together. She grabbed him tighter and whisper, “I love you so much Derek” while she cried silently inside. He caressed her gently on the back and felt her squeeze him tighter, “Are you okay?”

She didn’t let go of her hold of him and just whisper in his ear. “Yes” while a tear ran down her face.

“I’m gonna miss you so much Nova, but I’m glad that we worked things out.” Derek said, with grace he brought her over to the large window in their stateroom and began to undress her. He kissed her on her neck and caressed her body. He wanted to see her naked with the star in the back ground. She closed her eyes and wanted him also and then took her turn undressing him, leading him to their bed.  She then stop him before it went further. “Derek you have to put one on. Sorry but the shot won’t take effect until 24 hours from the time I took it. I want to be careful.”

Derek smiled and rolled his eyes but understood. He walked over to the bathroom and grabbed one that she brought from the medical ward and put it on. He climb into bed with her and began to kiss her once more. She let him caress her body and brought him closer to her letting him make love to her once more as the tune of Faith Hill and Tim McGraw sang ‘Let’s Make Love.’




Planet Gamilon

Outer space

EDF Battleship Galaxy II


“Sir, have you consider my transfer to the Endeavor?” Tolbert asked.

“Lieutenant Commander Tolbert I have explained to you before I cannot make that decision that is up to Admiral Singleton and what happened to your face?” Stone asked.

Julie remembered what Glitchman said to her and decided against telling him, “from the last battle sir. I fell face first into the control panel the doctor says I should heal fine. Sir also I can get better information if I am on the Endeavor, no one will talk here. How can I give you anything from this ship? ”

 “Very well, I will speak to Singleton when I get a chance, in the mean time please keep me posted, Stone out.”

Tolbert turned and was ready to walk out when she ran into Glitchman “Hello Julie may I ask what you were doing here in the communication room?”

“Nothing.” Tolbert tried to move past him, but Glitchman stood in front of her.

“I hope that you weren’t spying on anyone” Glitchman questioned her.

“No I wasn’t, now move.” Tolbert pushed him to the side.

“Julie what is it with you and your obsession with Wildstar. You know he is happily married, why don’t you just move on? Find someone that will love you back, someone that is worthy of your love.” Glitchman try to convince her but she wanted him back, yeah she made a mistake so many years ago when she ran off with that other officer and looked what happened. He left her alone and pregnant and didn’t even show up when she lost it. Since then she has been in and out of bad relationships. One actually beat her to the inch of her life, so why not go after the one man that was good to her. Married or not, it’s still fair game if you ask her.

Glitchman just stood there watching her walk away and shook his head. She has issues he thought to himself, Derek I’d watch out for this one.



Planet Gamilon

Gamilon City

Emperor Desslock Palace



Desslock walked into the suite that he now shares with his bride still angry at what happened. “Devina where are you?” he yelled out, but there was no answer. “Blasted women who does she think she is!” He looked around once more then made his way to the grand hall towards his conference room. As he past the hall he spotted her sitting underneath the statue of Starsha, it looked as if she was in a trance.

“Devina, I have been looking for you,” Desslock said. But she didn’t respond. “Devina, answer me.” He walked closer and shook her. “Devina what is wrong with you.” Desslock looked more closely at her and noticed that she was not mentally there.

She tried to get up and stumble to the ground almost hitting the floor if Desslock was not there to catch her. “Devina my love what’s happening to you?”

“Nova is in great danger. she must not go onto the next ship.” Devina try to tell him.

“What are you talking about, Devina, Devina focus.” Desslock continue to shake her to bring her to.

Devina eyes began to the blink faster and she started to focus more on Desslock “Desslock, oh my god, we must stop Nova from boarding the Sitka, I had this strong feeling that she is in danger.”

“Devina how could you know this?” Desslock was a little weary about what she told him.

“I just do, every time I get this feeling something always happens. Please we must tell her not to go.” Devina grabbed hold of him trying to make him believe her.

“Devina I am sure that she will be fine, Wildstar will not let anything happen to her. Now we must discuss your little friend in my prison.” Desslock wanted to take care of his problem first and he knew that Wildstar would never put her in harm’s way.

“Oh Desslock, just get over it, Arlin was a good friend of mine he would never hurt me. We just sat in the cell and talk about our lives, nothing more.” Devina said that confirm the story Arlin told Desslock.

“Devina your friend will not be harmed,” Thanks to you, your friend owns you his life. “I will relay the message to Wildstar about Nova. But I’m sure he will do everything in his power to keep her safe just as I would for you.” Desslock said.

“Desslock please, he is only a soldier told what to do, nothing more.” Devina pleaded with him

“Devina I gave you my word and I stand behind what I say,” Desslock said. “Now just promise me that you will not go down to that dreaded prison again. It is not a place for the empress of Gamilon to be.”

“Yes, Desslock, I promise.” Devina said all the while she thought I’m sorry my love but I will continue to see him to make sure is being treated fairly.



Planet Gamilon

Outer space

EDF Battleship Endeavor

Captains Quarters


Derek felt someone staring at him and he opened his eyes. “Hey there skipper,” Nova said with a grin. “It’s getting late and I’m starving. I think we need to make an appearance so no one comes looking for us.”

Derek yawned and stretched his arms out, grabbing her and pulling her close to him. “Why don’t we just have Cookie send something up. We have all night here together, and we only have two more days before Eager and the Sitka arrives.”

“That would be sweet, but we still have to make appearances and trust me we will still have tons of time to make up for lost time. Plus I need to stretch my legs.” Nova tried to get up.

“I have a better way for you to stretch your legs,” Derek grinned not letting her go.

“Captain Wildstar get up or else you’ll be hitting the cold freezing shower” Nova thought of how he cured her hang over and laughed at his tactics.

“Oh that’s pretty low, and I’m not drunk.” Derek laughed as he teased her.

“No but if you don’t put that away I will be force to throw you into the freezing shower. And you know I can do it ask your friend Tolbert.” She jumped out of bed and ran for the head Derek gave chase and she giggled at him trying to catch her.



They walked into the mess hall together, Sandor notice them first and tapped on the table to get Howards attention. Howard looked up and noticed him pointing towards the door. A smile came to her face when she saw Derek and Nova holding hands before they quickly drop them as they enter the mess hall.  “Well I think the Captain and his wife are on the mends” Howard told Sandor and Pesci.

Derek and Nova walked over to them and began to sit while Derek pulled the chair out for her and then sat next to her. She looked into his eyes and smiled at him thinking of what they did just before they came out to eat.

“Hello there Mrs. Wildstar” Howard said grinning at her

“Hey Denise, how did the drill go with you two?” Nova eyes looked away knowing that she had sense what they were up to before coming out.

Derek began to blush and Sandor caught it “Well I see that you two have been busy. Guess you two had your own drilling to do.” Pesci and Howard laughed at the statement.

“Okay you three back off this is an order coming from your Captain.” Derek turning beet red with a grin he couldn’t get rid of.

“Derek lets go get something to eat,” Nova got up and he followed suit. They watched as they walk over together to the mess line. They all saw how Derek placed his hand down her back and rubbed it up and down while whispering something in her ear as she giggled from what he said.

“Well I am so glad that they’ve worked things out” Howard said to Sandor “I was hoping that they makeup before her transfer.”

Sandor looked at her and nodded he too was happy for them. “So Pesci what do you think about today’s exercise.”

“Well sir I think it went well today and the little misses here can actually put some of their best pilots to shame.” Pesci smiled at her.

“I sure can vouch for that” Delvechio said as he made his way to a chair on the other side of the table. “She can be my right wing anytime.”

“Awe you’re so sweet” Howard ruffed his hair and gave him a kissed on the cheek.

“You’re welcome sis” Delvechio said. “By the way there this pretty officer that works in the med ward you think the captains wife can introduce.” They all stared at him then broke out in laughter.

“What’s so funny?” Nova asked as she and Derek walked back to the table.

“I think Casanova here wants you to hook him up with some hot chickie that works with you over at the ward.”

Nova raised her eyebrow and then gave Delvechio a look. “Ah, I don’t think I can handle another heart break with one of my nurses. You have been working your way throughout the ship. I don’t really think there is anyone else you haven’t tried to charm on this ship Lieutenant. I really think you should start on another ship at least that way you are far away enough to keep them from finding out about the other three your seeing. Don’t you think?” Nova gave him a shove in the side, like a big sister would while teasing him.

“Ma’ am that’s because both the best girls on this ship are already taken” Delvechio said

“Awe, you’re so sweet.” They both said together.

“Watch out Pesci I just might change sides.” Howard winked at him.

Pesci lean over to his wife and then looked at the captain. “May I sir?” Wildstar nodded and shrugged. Pesci then turned back to Howard and gave her a quick kiss. “I love you very much Denise.”

“I love you too, Tony.” Denise gave him a kiss back.

Sandor and Delvechio looked at each other and began to throw kisses at each other. Nova and Derek laughed at them and Pesci caught them making fun of them. “If you two want to be alone you can use my room.”

Nova let out a giggle and everyone turned to the both of them. Derek was whispering something to her that made her laugh.  Delvechio and Sandor just looked at the two couples, “I think it’s time to go it’s getting hot and heavy over here.” Sandor told Delvechio, as he nodded and laughed at what he said.

Nova reached over and gave him a punch “Ouch, damn Nova you have a strong hook there.” She raised her hand to him again and Sandor coward back making fun of her at what she did to Tolbert  “Please don’t hit the face or I’ll never get wife number 3”

“Alright enough,” Wildstar said. “Are you done, Nova?”

“Yeah I’ve had enough with dinner.” she said smirking at her friends.

“Sandor I’m going to check on the bridge real quick. I’ll catch you in the morning. Tomorrow is our last training exercises before the Sitka arrives.” Derek eyes turned sad knowing that it will be Nova last night there with him. Nova looked away and tried to give a smile.

“Good night guys see you at 0600 hrs and make sure you’re prompt” Derek said while everyone stood attention and saluted him. He grabbed Nova by the hand and made their way out the mess hall.

They walked to the bridge and check on the relief crew to make sure all was well. He checked with Turner and looked at all the reports. Nova walked over to the raider tech and talk for a few. All the while looking at the raider to make sure nothing was there that wasn’t supposed to be. Derek motioned her that he was finished. She bid goodnight to the relief tech and walk out of the bridge with Derek and headed back to their stateroom.

Once Derek closed the door he grabbed Nova by the hand and gave her a kiss. “Oh my, again skipper?” Nova said when they came up for a breath.

“Make up for lost time and time we are away from each other.” Derek said in between kisses.

“Oh my” Nova said before they fell into bed and made love again that night.




Planet Gamilon

Gamilon City

Desslock Palace

25 May 2205

0545 earth hours


“Good morning my love” Desslock said as he finished getting dresses. “I have to get to the control room and check on the training exercise. Why don’t you get dress and meet me later in the grand room then we can do something.”

“Desslock, if you don’t mind I would like to go with you and say good luck to Captain Wildstar and Lieutenant Commander Forrester.” Devina asked.

“Are you sure my love, I’m sure they would understand.” Desslock really didn’t like the idea for her to be there.

“Please Desslock, it would please me to say good bye to them and wish them luck.” Devina looked at him with her eyes that melted his heart.

“Very well, please hurry and dress, the exercise starts shortly.” Desslock agreed.

Devina jumped out of bed and race to dress, as she began to dress she said, “Thank you.”


They both made their way to the control room and as they step into the room all stood up and saluted Desslock and bowed to Devina. “Talan get Captain Wildstar on video.”

“Yes your grace.” Talan bowed and then turned to the communication officer. “Call the Endeavor the Emperor would like to speak to the captain now.”

“Yes sir,” Called out the communication officer.

“Emperor Desslock, and how are you this morning?” Wildstar said.

“Very well, how are the preparation for this morning exercise going?” Desslock asked.

“So far so good, we should be starting in a few minutes. I have spoken with your captains and all is well. We have a great fleet here and all your captains and crews are at their top form.” Wildstar informed him.

“Very good, is Lieutenant Commander Forrester present?” Desslock asked.

“Yes she is,” Wildstar nodded to Nova to stand up. “Lieutenant Commander.”

Nova stood up from her post, “Yes Desslock?”

“My wife would like to say something to you and Wildstar.” He said.

Devina stood in front of him so as they can see her. “Nova, Captain Wildstar I just want to wish you all luck. Nova please be careful I feel like something will happen to you when you arrive on the Sitka, so please be careful.”

“Devina thank you for your concern, but I will be alright. I will be on a good ship and the Captain here would never let anything happen to me.” She said as she looked in Derek direction.

“Just please be careful, all of you. I have finally made good friends and do not wish to lose any of you.” Devina said with sincerity.

“Thank you Empress.” Wildstar said. “Well we should begin with the exercise. Desslock we will be in touch.”

“Good luck Captain.” Desslock saluted him and Derek return the salute.

Desslock turned to Devina. “They will be alright, and if Captain Wildstar is like myself, Nova will be safe. He would die to protect her, just like I would for you” He pulled her closed and gave her a kiss.

Devina blushed at him, that he was willing to show affection to her in front of anyone. “Would you mind if I stay here with you my love.”

Desslock smiled at her and led her to his commanding chair. “Please sit,” he said as he motioned her to take his chair. “I will have a chair added here for you tomorrow. “Talan, please make sure that it is taken care of as soon as possible.”

“Yes your grace,” Talan smiled at his new Empress as he thought to himself I hope that this not interfere with his judgment.

Devina sat in his chair and Desslock stood beside her. “Let’s begin the exercises.”

Talan turned to the communication officer. “Advise the fleet to start the exercise.”

“Yes sir,” the communication officer called back.



Planet Baynet

Bolar Federation Base

25 May 2205

1300 earth hours


“Sir all repairs have been made on the base we are almost at 100 percent functional. We are still working on some of the guns, but will not take long.” Pevins informed Hindleman.

“Good, let me know when everything is complete and in working order.  Now when Captain Wildstar strode by we will be ready for him I want him capture and brought to me. He will tell me where Devina is if I have to choke it out of him myself.” Hindleman said with vial.

“Yes your grace” Pevins said but thought to himself I hate this blasted planet, why here anywhere but here.



012 (2)b.jpgPevin was the commander of this very same base many years ago. It was he who gave orders to Hindleman but when the war with Gamilon and Bolar began this was one of the first bases to which were hit hardest. Pevin order everyone to evacuate the base for it was falling into enemy hands. When Pevin was ready to get into one of the escape hatches it was Hindleman that kept him there. “You are the commander of this base you should be the last off.” Knowing that Hindleman would go back to Prime Minster Bemlazy, he stayed behind until everyone was gone. But just before he was to take flight off the planet a missile hit the base and Pevin was hit by sharp metal causing him to lose an eye. Once he recovered from his injuries he was reassign to Hindleman as his aid. It was a blow to him, he didn’t like Hindleman much, he was an arrogate pompous ass and all he ever thought about was his daughter. In a way he liked Devina she was a sweet caring girl, but because he put his daughter first it will be his down fall. Pevin will only sit back and wait for his opportunity to get back his command.