Onward With Love…

Chapter Fourteen

By Yuki Wildstar

Planet Baynet

Bolar Flag ship Proxima

May 22, 2205

1347 hours

“Sir, commander Navox is here should I send him in?”  Pevin asked as he entered the bridge.

“Send him in.” Hindleman ordered “Navox tell me that you have something?”

“Yes sir,” Navox replied. “We did not find any evidence of Princess Devina on the planet. I am certain that she was the one in the escape pod that was captured by the earth fleet. There is a possibility that the fleet returned to Gamilon. I have sent my top two soldiers to investigate the planet in hopes to find her.”

“Very well we make Baynet our temporary base until she is located.” Hindleman informed Pevin so he can make the necessary arrangements.

“General, we are not sure if the fleet will be returning to the area. Shouldn’t we make ourselves scares in case they do come back?”

“Yes Navox, your right.” Hindleman turned to Pevin, “have the fleet descend to the planet we will make it a temporary base to see if they return this way again.”

“Yes sir I will send the order to the other ships.” Pevin said while bowing to the General.

“Dismiss Commander please keep me informed on anything that should come up with the mission.” Hindleman ordered.

“Yes sir, I should be hearing about what they find within the next 24 hours.” Navox saluted and turn to walk out.

Devina my child I am coming for you, just hold on General Hindleman thought to himself.


Planet Gamilon

Gamilon City

Deslock Palace

May 22, 2205

2113 hours


“Oh Deslock the wedding was just beautiful. It was all I’ve ever dream of, thank you.” Devina was admiring her new husband as she wrapped her arms around him.

“Anything for my bride it is my job to keep you happy.” Deslock looked into her eyes and she stared back at him. “I love you Devina thank you for making me the happiest man in the universe. I should say you sure made my day with that little show you put on. It was amazing.”

Devina step back from him and turned around. “Can you help me out of this please?” Deslock hands began to shake, he waited so long to make her his wife he wasn’t sure if he would make her happy. He has been with others but they never meant anything to him but a night of pleasure. This is his wife and he didn’t want to disappoint her which made him even more nervous. Slowly with shaking hands he unbutton her dress, it felt like forever to finally take it off. She turned around and stood before him in her under clothes. She slip off her camisole then stood naked in front him as so he may gaze at her.  “Devina, I” she put her finger on his mouth and lead him to the bed in their suite. She sat on the edge of the bed and pulled him close.

She began to unbutton his shirt and kiss him on his chest. She helped him take off his shirt and cape then started to unbutton his pants. She stood up in bed and put her arms around his neck and kissed him on the lips. He wrapped his arms around her and picked her up to carry her more to the center of the bed.   She laid there waiting for him, he lean over her and began to kiss her first on the lips then he worked his way down her shoulders. He looked up and took her beauty in. “I love you Devina.”

“I love you too my darling.” Devina said as she pulled him closer and they consummated their marriage.




Outer Atmosphere

Planet Gamilon

EDF Battleship Endeavor

May 23,2205

0640 hours


Derek sat at his desk and watched as Nova slept, she began to stir and a smile came to his face.

005 (2).jpg“Mmmmm” Nova stirred as she opened her eyes and try to focus at where she was at. She sat up in bed and grabbed her head “Oh crap, what happened?”

“Good morning Rocky how do you feel.” Derek laughed at her.

003 (2)a.jpg“Like the cat dragged me down a few miles and then let the dog pee on me, and don’t call me that.” Nova said still holding her head.

Derek couldn’t help but make fun of her, “Call you what?”

“Stop yelling my head feels like it’s going to explode and don’t call me Rocky.” she tried to yell back but couldn’t.

“Here take this.” Derek handed her a tall glass of water and some pills.

“What are these?” Nova looked at the pills.

“Doc said it was for your headache.” Derek stood over her and handed them to her.

She took the pills and put them in her mouth then drank the water. “What happened I don’t remember anything past the bar with Denise?”

“You my dear where completely drunk, I had to literally carry you back to the ship.” Derek thought of how funny it was that she got that drunk.

“Oh god I’m so sorry, I hope I didn’t ruin Devina and Deslock reception. I must have looked like a real drunk.” Nova kept trying to focus from the hangover.

“Ha ha, actually you looked pretty cute. Deslock didn’t mind one bit, unfortunately he did find out about the bar brawl you had with Julie.” He just loved the fact she wipe the floor with her.

“It’s not funny Derek, I feel horrible about it. It didn’t look good on me or you. Deslock must think that I do this all the time.”She was so embarrassed at the thought of what happened.

“Actually he kind of liked it and wanted to know if you can show Devina your moves.” Derek just made fun of the whole thing even though he had to be tough on her after the incident.

“Argh my head,” Nova laid back down and try to stop the room from spinning. “Is the ship moving?”

“No, Nova it isn’t.” Which made him laugh even harder.

 “Derek, stop yelling please.” Nova head felt like there were bombs in her head going off.

“Okay try to get yourself together I’ll be back in an hour and we need to talk.” Derek walked over to her and gave her a hug and then kissed her. “Take a shower. It’ll make you feel better.”

Nova sat at the foot of the bed and tried to get herself together. Every time she try to get up her head began to spin. She lay back on the bed and closed her eyes. she didn’t even notice that the time went by so fast. An hour pasted when Derek walked back into the room and saw her still lying on the bed. Slamming the door shut made Nova sit up with a startled look. She held her head still reeling from the pain. Derek stood over her and then walked over to his desk.

“Do you really hate me that much, Derek?” Nova laid back down holding her head.

“Why would you think I’d hate you?” Derek was confused at what she was asking.

“Because, the way you slammed that door.” Nova try to talk but her hangover was taking its toll on her.

“I don’t hate you, but I can’t have the crew thinking I have favorites. So get your butt up and get dress, you’re supposed to be on duty an hour ago.  Come on.” Grabbing her by the arm he dragged her into the shower. He turned the shower on and then threw her into it. Nova almost jumped over him because the water was so cold. “What the hell is wrong with you?!” Nova yelled at him. “It’s freezing, shut it off!”

“Nova I’m doing this for your own good. Now stay in there!” Derek held her in the shower also getting wet.

“Derek what is wrong with you?” Nova yelled more at him.

“Are you up now?” Derek snapped at her.

“Thanks to you, yeah I’m up!” Nova said sarcastically, she stood in the shower fuming over what he did.

09[1].jpg“Good now finish up and get dress, we need to talk.” Derek left her in the shower and slammed the door shut. Fuming now that he had to put on a whole new uniform he sat down and waited for her to come out.

Nova stood under the shower and turn on the hot water, she stay in there for 15 minutes before finally getting out. Wrapping the towel around her she walked out into the room. Derek sat at the desk watching her; she grabbed one of her uniforms and got dressed. Once she got her uniformed on Derek got up and grab hold of her. “I love you Nova and I’m sorry for what I’m about to do.” He gave her a long hard kiss and then walked back around to his desk. “Lieutenant Commander Forrester I hereby sentence you to maintenance detail in the chow hall.  You are to wait on all the officers and enlisted personnel after that once chow is over you are to scrub all the pots until Cookie can see himself on them. Then you are to take a wire brush and scrub all the piping so that they gleam. I cannot condone what you did yesterday it was inexcusable. Fighting with another officer and then drinking excessively to the point that I had to carry you back. You’re lucky that I don’t throw you in the brig, now get to your station and tonight you will go to the mess hall and assume your punishment. Dismiss Commander.”

Nova stood there at attention and shocked at what he just told her. “Sir, I,” She wasn’t sure what to say. “I understand sir. I’m sorry about what happened it won’t happen again. Thank you sir for being so lenient,” was all she could say as she bowed her head down.

Derek walked back over to her, “Nova I’m sorry babe but I can’t let the crew think that I condone what happen.”

“No I wouldn’t expect you too, I’m sorry Derek I never thought that. . . .”

“Nova I’m just sorry that all this happened. We will only have a few more days together before you have to report to the Sitka and the last thing I wanted to do is have you cleaning up the mess hall. I’d rather use that time with you here, and try to catch up.”

Nova smiled at him, she knew that he meant it, but she understood also what he had to do. “I guess I better get going I have a lot to do.” She started out the door but Wildstar pull her back.

“I love you Rocky.” He took her in his arms and kissed her. Nova just rolled her eyes at him and left to her duties.



Planet Gamilon

Gamilon City

Deslock Palace

May 23, 2205

0945 hours

Waking up she found Deslock already gone. She got up and looked around the suite. She checked in the bathroom and then in his office that was a joint to their room.  She figured that he had some things to do before the fleet took off to their next mission. Devina went into the shower and took a long hot shower while humming to herself and thought about last night. He was so nervous, but gentle throughout their love making. He caressed her body and gently took her over and over. Devina smiled as she thought about it and didn’t even see him standing there watching her shower. When she opened her eyes she jumped as he startled her. “Oh Deslock you scared me, I wasn’t expecting you there. I’m almost done be out in a minute.” She sang as Deslock began to take his clothes off and then made his way into the shower. “What are you doing?” Devina purred as she made room for him.

“How can I let you take a shower without me?” Deslock made his way into the shower and wrapped his arms around her.

 She stood slightly shorter than him so she had to reach up to grab him around the neck. “Emperor Deslock you can be so ruthless. It’s not fair of you to take advantage of a lady while she is in the shower.” Devina giggled at him.

“I just can’t get enough of you, my darling wife. And after all it is still our honeymoon.” Deslock grin. He started to caress her body with his hands and worked his way around her back bringing her closer to him so as she can feel his body.  But they were interrupted with someone knocking on the door. “WHO IS IT?” Deslock yelled thru the door.

“Your Grace it is I Talan. I have important information for you.” Talan called through the door.

Deslock walked out of the shower with a cross looked and threw opened the door standing before his aid totally naked “What is so important that you have to disturb me with my wife?”

“Sir we have captured two spies within the city, they are from the Federation.” Talan looked away so as he did not see Devina standing behind him in the shower trying to cover herself. 

“Where are you holding them?” Deslock asked.

“Sir they are at the prison integration room,” Talan still looking away.

“Very well then, I will be there in a few.” Deslock said then turned and closed the door. He looked at Devina and wished that they had more time but his duties called. “I’m sorry my love but I must go, we will pick this up later.” Deslock said with large grin on his face.

Devina was curious about the two spies, “Deslock what will you do with them?”

“Devina my sweet please do not worry about it. This does not concern you.” Deslock said while looking into her eyes.

“Deslock, I know that you don’t want me to interfere with what you do but can you please not hurt them.” Devina asked.

Deslock just smiled at her. “My love, you know I cannot promise that. I must be going I love you.” Deslock finished dressing and walked out the door. Devina dress quickly and follow suit.




Planet Gamilon

Gamilon City

Prison Integration Room

1222 hours


“What is your name?” Milan asked, but the prisoner refused to say. Milan walked over to him again and slapped him again. “Tell me your name and what are you doing here.”

The door open and Deslock walked in with Talan. Everyone turned and saluted as they bowed to their Emperor. “Anything yet, Milan?” Talan asked.

“No sir, I’m sorry.” Milan said as he bowed down to him and Deslock.

Deslock walked over to him and looked him over. “Where is the other one?”

“Your grace he is in the cell waiting to be integrated.” Milan said.

Deslock bent down and looked the man in the face “Now we can make this easy or hard. What would you like for it to be?”

The man didn’t say anything, Deslock grab a book that laid on the table and hit him across the face with it causing him to bleed.

The man yelled out in pain and spit blood on the floor. “My name is Lieutenant Arlin of the Bolar Federation.”

“Well Lieutenant Arlin who sent you here and why?” Deslock asked.

“I cannot give you that information.” Arlin said.

Deslock picked up the book and hit him again across the face. “Must we continue this conversation like this or would you rather just give me the information and leave here alive.”

Arlin did not answer. Deslock raised the book again but was stop by Devina scream “Deslock NO! Arlin what are you doing here?” She cried out.

“Devina do you know this person?” Deslock asked in shocked.

012.jpg“Yes Deslock, he is my friend. We went to school together when we were young before he was sent to military school.” Devina said with tears in her eyes.

Deslock was not sure at what to do with the situation, “Talan, escort the Empress out.”

Talan walked over to her and extended his hand out so as he can escort her out.  “Deslock please don’t hurt him.”

“Devina this is none of your concern please leave now.” Deslock began to raise his voice. He was not about to have her influence his judgment in what needed to be done. “Talan, take my wife to the palace.”

Arlin looked up in surprise wife, she is his wife he thought to himself.

Talan took her by the hand and escorted Devina out of the room and back to the suite.

Deslock grab a chair and place it in front of Arlin. He turned the chair around and sat down “Now my friend, what is it that has brought you here to my planet. I do not want to hurt you for the sake of my wife but if I must then I must. Once again what brings you here?”

Arlin could not take another hit, “I was sent here by Captain Navox in search of General Hindlemans’ daughter.”

Deslock lean back and looked at the Lieutenant, this is going to be a problem he thought to himself. He looked over to the Ensign that stood in the corner. “Take him to a cell and leave him there. Make sure that he and the other one is fed and given water.”

“Yes Emperor,” the Ensign said as he walked over to Arlin and escorted him back to the cell.

Deslock made his way back to his suite and opened the door. Devina was sitting on the bed that they shared the night before and got up when he walked in. He was not happy at her at this point. “Deslock did you ….”

“No Devina he is still alive.” Deslock said as he slam the door, “now can you tell me what you were doing there?” Deslock asked and trying to be patient.

“I’m sorry Deslock, I know that I shouldn’t have been there. But I cannot sit back and have people mistreated.”

“Devina, these are the same people that have murdered others in the name of conquest. Not in the name of peace, and now that you are my wife. I would appreciate it if you opened your eyes and see the Bolars for what they are.” Deslock raised his voice.

Devina stood there and stared at him, he was angry with her and it surprised her. “Don’t you think I know that? I have lived my whole life witnessing the mistreatment of prisoners. So forgive me if I don’t condone any more of it.” Devina became angry and she also began to raise her voice. “All I ever wanted was peace, is that too much to ask?” Devina screamed at the top of her lungs.

Deslock step back and stood there quiet, he wasn’t quite sure what to tell her. “I see that I have met my match, your passion for peace makes me want you more.”  Deslock smiled at her and walked over to where she stood. He could see that she would fear no one and stand up to anyone just in the name of peace. “Oh Devina my love I think we just had our first real fight. But please understand that I too want peace and this is the only way that we will ever get it. I wish there was another way.”

“I know my love, and I am sorry that I interfere, but please do not hurt Arlin he is my friend.” Devina asked

Deslock looked at his bride “He will be safe, I promise.”

“Thank you.” Devina said as she bowed her head. Deslock took her face in his hand and lifted it to see her eyes. “I love you Devina with all my heart.”




Outer space

Planet Gamilon

EDF Battleship Galaxy II

1235 hours



“Wildstar you don’t have to worry about Deputy Captain Tolbert, I’ll be keeping her busy until the Sitka arrives. I have spoken to my communication officers and notified him that if she tries to make an attempt to contact earth to please inform me. But I don’t think that she will making any calls in the near future. There are a few things that I can bring up to EDF that can give them a second thought about her judgment as an officer.” Glitchman informed Wildstar.  

“Homer I don’t want to tarnish her record she is a good officer.” Wildstar said.

“I understand Derek. . . .” Homer was cut short with a knock on the door. “Hold on there’s someone at my door, who is it?” he called out.

 “Deputy Captain Tolbert, Sir.”

“Derek I better go. The little gremlin is at my door, talk to you later.” Homer smiled at his friend

“Right Wildstar out.” Derek said and signed off.

“Come in!” Homer yelled out.

Tolbert open the door and walked in, she left the door open as he always requested and then stood attention. Her eyes were not swollen but blacken and her nose was place in a splint to correct it. She had a black and blue burse on her jaw where Nova managed to get her when she broke free. Homer kind of felt bad for her, he never thought Nova had it in her. They fought side by side in combat but she always had a gun.

“What is it Lieutenant?” Homer asked.

“Sir we’ve have heard from the Sitka she will be arriving here in three earth days Captain Christopher Eager is in command of the ship.” Tolbert informed him.

“Eager, well I’ll be. Thank you Lieutenant have Ensign Anderson try to put me through to the Endeavor and see if they can get the Sitka to join in, dismiss.” Homer ordered.

“Yes sir,” Tolbert saluted and left to inform Anderson the communication officer.

He watched as she left the room and made a mental note about her. Wildstar may think she is a good officer but I’m sure that she has more up her sleeve in store for him and Nova. Talk about a women scorn I better keep her out of their way.



EDF Battleship Endeavor

1712 hours

“No kidding! put him through Pratt.” Wildstar smiled at his old friend. “Eager so you’re the Captain of the new ship. So tell me how do you feel about these new Andromeda type ships?”

Eager now the Captain of the new EDF Battleship Sitka was also one of the original Star Force crew. Working alongside of the late Mark Venture as his assistant co-pilot and tactical radar officer and now married to Roxana Gorbechic an Orthopedic Surgeon for three years. They met while he was training some of Russian pilots in Moscow. She was 5’4” very pretty with dark black hair and emerald green eyes, she fell in love with him the first day she met him. Their courtship was short but she adored him, he was funny and sweet and she loved his western accent.

010 (2)a.jpg“Well I got to hand it to EDF they keep making them bigger.  Is your stateroom as big as mine, I feel like I need a map just to get to the head.” Eager said.

“Yeah I feel the same way, but she’s a good ship. She’s not the Argo, but then again she will never be the Argo. I’ve always wonder if they’ll bring her back. I miss her at times. She was a great ship.” Wildstar reminisced about those days. “Hold on Eager I have my communication officer buzzing me. Yes Pratt what is it?”

“Sir I have Captain Homer Glitchman on line 4 should I put him through?” Pratt asked.

“Put him on conference with Eager and myself, thank you.” Wildstar asked.

“Aye aye skipper,” Pratt replied.

010 (2).jpg“Hello Homer looks like they are putting the Star Force back together little by little.” Eager said to Glitchman

“Eager you dog how are you? Glad to see you again.” Homer smiled at his friend.

“Well we should be in Gamilon space in three days. So bring me up to speed on the situation.” Eager asked.

“We’ve managed to take out the base on Baynet and Mira.” Derek began to explain “It looks like the Bolars are running the whole thing. The Comet Empire has a hand in it, but we are not sure how much. Deslock and his officers have been a big help in flushing out the bases. We’re heading out to Paxton the next day once you get here. We’ll have to go past Planet Baynet that’s the base that we found Princess Devina a descendent of Queen Starsha.  She and Deslock are now married they took the big step yesterday. Sorry you had to miss it.”

“Well you’ve been busy,” Eager said. “I’m hoping to see how the Sitka handles in combat, how is the Endeavor Wildstar?”

“She handles pretty well, but it’s the crew that makes her run the way she should.” Wildstar said. He never liked the fact that a ship can run by itself. It was always the crew that made a ship run. The Argo was that ship, it was the crew that gave it a spirit and with that the ship came alive.

“Well I don’t know about you two but I need to get to work and run a ship.” Homer said. “Eager looking forward to working with you again. See you in three days, Glitchman out.”

“Wildstar, I’ve received orders that Nova will be joining me once we get there.” Eager asked to confirm.

“Yeah, I was handed the orders a few days ago.” Derek said while holding his head down.

“Wildstar, what’s going on? Don’t you want her there with you?” Eager looked at him through the screen.

“Yeah but orders are orders. Just take good care of her Eager, your taking on the most important thing in my life.”  Derek  said in a low firm tone.

“Not to worry Derek, Nova will be safe here.  I’ll talk with you once I get to Gamilon, Eager out.” they all saluted each other and signed off.

Derek looked out at the bridge and decided to check on Nova at the mess hall. It was time that she report to her assigned punishment.  “Miamato take the bridge,” He called over to him.

“Aye aye sir,” Miamato said and then called out. “Captain leaving the bridge, Lieutenant Miamato now has the bridge.”

Wildstar nodded at him and left to see how Nova was doing. When he walked into the mess hall he saw that she was cleaning tables and getting drinks for the enlisted men and women. He looked at some of the marines sitting over the far end of the hall, whistling at her until Sergeant Booker walked over and put them in their place. He didn’t want anyone messing with his friend which made them all lower their heads and apologies to him and then to Nova.  Sandor sat in a corner talking with Pesci and Delvechio over dinner.  “Hey guys what’s good on the menu today?” Wildstar asked.

“Well the meat loaf is not too bad but stay away from the soup . . . . I think something is still alive in that.” Delvechio said as he poked into his soup. Wildstar laughed and walked over to the mess line all the while watching his wife make nice with the crew. She still looked hung over and could see that she was just counting the time away before she was relieved of her duties. 

Wildstar grabbed a cup of coffee, meatloaf and mash potatoes and walked back to the table where Sandor, Pesci and Delvechio were sitting.

“Sandor, guess who is the captain of the Sitka.” Wildstar grinned at the fact.

“Who?” Sandor asked.

“Eager, would you believe it. Looks like the Star Force are getting back together little by little.” Wildstar stated.

“Would you like another drink Captain?” Nova asked as she stood over them.

Derek looked up and smiled at her, only she didn’t smile back. “Uh yes Commander, coffee please, black.” Derek said. Nova grab his cup and walked back to the line to get him coffee.

  “Whoa Wildstar looks like someone is giving you the cold shoulder.” Pesci said. “I think when she gets back with that coffee you better hope that she doesn’t pour it on you.”

Wildstar was thinking the same thing but didn’t let on. “She’ll be okay, once she gets some sleep. She just did a little too much parting yesterday.”

“I’ll say,” Pesci said thinking back as to what happen with her and Tolbert.

They watched as Nova walked back with the coffee. Derek sat straight up watching her place it on the table in front of him. He let out a sigh of relief and the others gave him a smirk. “How about you sir’s anything for any of you?” Nova asked trying to smile yet hung over.

“No thank you Commander.” They all said together, they weren’t taking any chances of her taking it out on them.

Nova smiled at the three, gave Derek a look and continued to get the other crew members drinks and taking their trays.

“If I were you Wildstar I’d sleep with one eye open tonight.” Sandor said.

Wildstar just rolled his eyes and finish eating his dinner which wasn’t much. He had lost his appetite just seeing her there miserable from her hang over. But he had to do what he had to do.

“Sandor I’ll see you on the bridge.” Wildstar said as he got up.

“Yes sir, be up there in a few.” Sandor said.

Derek looked once more over to Nova and tried to give her a smile but she never looked his way.




Mess hall

2000 hours



Once dinner was over Nova went into the kitchen and began cleaning the pots and pans. Cookie watched her and walked over to her. “Ma’am are you okay you don’t look to well, kinda green if you ask me.”

“I’m okay Cookie just having a hard day today. Are there any more pots that need to be done? I have three more that I have to do before I start on the pipes.” Nova said.

“No Ma’am that’s all of them.” Cookie knew that there were a few more but he felt sorry for her and wanted her to finish out her punishment. “Ma’am if I may ask what did you do?”

Nova just shook her head and said nothing she quickly finished and stood back while Cookie inspected her work. “You’re done here Ma’am, the wire brushes are in the broom closet. You can start over near the frig that’s where most of the rust is.  I really don’t think there much to do with the piping.” Cookie didn’t want to make her do all the work, he like Commander Forrester. Whatever she did must have been really bad for the captain to give her this kind of punishment.

“It’s okay Cookie, the captain wants me to do the job and I have to do it. Please no special favors.” She walked over to the broom closet and opened the door; pulled out the wire brushes and began to do the piping around the door. It took her 3 hours to finish the job but she did it. Nova managed to drag herself back to the stateroom and jump in the shower.





 2330 hours


“Sandor all looks well here, I guess we should all turn in it’s been a long day.” Wildstar said he wanted to see how Nova was doing and if she was finished with her duties that he gave her. “Turner (the relief crew) please take the bridge.”

“Aye aye sir,” Turner said “Captain leaving the bridge Assistant Deputy Captain Turner now in control.”

Sandor and Wildstar left together, Derek decided to take the long way around instead of his usual lift. He walked with Sandor and headed with him to the officer quarters. “Are you avoiding seeing the little Misses?” Sandor asked.

“Ah yeah, I don’t think she wants to see me right now the more time I give her to cool down the better it is for me.” Wildstar whine about it.

Sandor laughed at him. “Are you sure the punishment deserve the crime, I mean we are talking about Julie here.”

“Sandor, I can’t have the crew think that she can get away with what happen because she is my wife.” Derek said. “As much as I wanted to look the other way I have to make sure that if EDF starts questioning it.  I can actually say that I did the right thing in passing down some kind of punishment.”

“I understand, well this is my stop, good luck Wildstar.” Sandor said.

Derek headed to the Mess hall and peeked in to see if she was still there. Cookie was still there getting the menu ready for the morning rush. Wildstar knock on the outer door and peek into his office, “is she done?” Wildstar asked.

“Yes sir about 20 minutes ago.” Cookie informed him.

“How did she do?” He wanted to make sure that she carried out her punishment and that they didn’t give her special favors.

“She did it all, Sir, and then some.”

“Good, see you in the morning Cookie.” Wildstar made his way out of the mess hall and down to the observatory.  Pesci and Howard stood there talking and looking out to the stars. “Oh I’m sorry thought that no one was here.” Derek said.

“No problem Skipper, we were just hanging out and shooting the breeze.” Pesci said. “Thought you be turning in about now?”

“Yeah well I needed to stretch my legs.” Wildstar try to avoid the real reason he didn’t want to get back to soon.

Howard gave him an odd look and figure just the same. “Maybe you should get some rest Skipper. I’m sure that she probably is sleeping by now.”

“Yeah I guess you’re right, well good night.” He said as he headed back to his room. When he walked in he heard the shower going. Oh crap she still up I hope that she’s not mad he walked over to his chair, sat back and waited for her to come out.

Nova got out of the shower still feeling beat gosh I’m never getting drunk like that again. At least it’s not as bad as it was this morning. Now for some sleep I’ll feel better in the morning. When she walked out of the shower she didn’t notice Derek at first. She threw off her towel and walked naked across the room to get something to wear. Derek swivel the chair back and forth when she finally notice him sitting there. “Oh god, you scared me. Why are you sitting there so quiet?” She sound annoyed at him.

“Sorry didn’t mean to startle you. Are you still mad at me?” Derek asked.

“Mad? Why would you think I’m mad at you?” She asked.

“You seemed very mad at me in the mess hall. For a minute there I thought you would throw a cup of coffee in my face. You even had Sandor and Pesci afraid to ask for anything.” Derek stood his distance afraid that she may hit him.

“Gosh, did it seem like that. I’m sorry I’m still hung over. Didn’t mean to have you guys on your toes, but hey it seem that everyone left me alone.” Nova grinned at the thought.

“So is it safe to say that I don’t have to sleep with one eye open.” Derek shuffled his hands.

“Derek, I am pretty beat and the last thing I’m even thinking about is trying to kill you in your sleep. I’m going to bed and if you want to join me you won’t have to worry about me doing anything, because I don’t have the strength to do anything anyway.” Nova walked over to the bed, jumped in and threw the covers over her. “Goodnight Derek,” and she closed her eyes.

Derek began to undress leaving only his boxers on, than crawled into bed with her. He faced her and brushed her hair away from her face. Nova open her eyes and looked into his, he moved closer to her and kissed her lips. “I love you Nova, are you okay?”

“Yes Derek, I’m not mad at you about it. You had to do what you had to do. I don’t want anyone thinking I’m getting a free ride. I really just feel like shit, I promise I’ll never drink like that again. It’s not worth it. But I won’t apologies about the other thing.”

“Sorry again Nova.” He pulled her closer to him so he could feel her body next to his. He kissed her again and she kissed him back, as much as she wanted nothing to happen she didn’t have the strength to say no. He looked her in the eyes and caressed her body. She pulled him closer to her and kissed him more. Slowly he started to take her clothes off and ran his fingers down the side of her waist. She sighed a little and then he slipped off his boxers “I love you Nova I wish you didn’t get orders to leave. I’ll miss you very much.” Derek whispered in her ear.

H8.jpg“I love you too Derek, I love you too” Nova said. Oh Derek if only you knew it was me that asked for that transfer, I hope that you don’t hate me.  “I’ll miss you too Derek” She kissed him on the nose and then on the lips. 

“Nova this doesn’t have to happen, I don’t want you to think ….” Nova put her finger on his mouth and said. “Not now Derek let just savoir this night.” Derek held her tight and began to make love to her. For Nova it was a night of bliss if only for the night.  She held him tighter than ever knowing that this will probably be their last night together for a while.