Onward With Love…

Chapter Thirteen

By Yuki Wildstar

Sector 8

Outer space Planet Baynet

EDF Battleships Endeavor and Galaxy II

May 21, 2205

2045 hrs


“Captain Wildstar the Galaxy II just came into our raider” Pratt called out to Wildstar.

“Good please put me through to Captain Glitchman” Wildstar ordered him.

“Hey Wildstar glad to see you again, how’s it going.” Homer was glad to see his old friend.

“Well considering that there will be a wedding tomorrow and Desslock is finally taking the plunge I figure we can all attend. Not very often do we get invited to a royal wedding.” Wildstar said.

“Do you think it’s a good idea that he does it now, I mean with this little pending war that’s going on.” Homer was not at ease with it. He didn’t want to be caught with his pants down.

Wildstar was in agreement with it. “yeah me too, but you know Desslock he tends to take things in stride. Anyway if we don’t attend he will be insulted and we can’t have him a little tiff at us. We better warp tonight so we can make the event tomorrow.”

“Okay skipper what time is this event going to take place?” Homer asked.

“1600 our time tomorrow.”

“We’ll be there with bells on,” Homer said with a smile.

“Oh gosh Homer, you don’t have to tell the whole bridge what you do on your spare time.” Wildstar joked with him.

“Bite me,” Homer laughed back. “Glitchman out.”

“Okay Miamato let’s start preparation for warp. Attention all hands, attention all hands prepare for wrap. Secure all quarters, secure all quarters we will be warping in 20 minutes” Wildstar called into the microphone and sounded throughout the ships loud speakers. “Well Miamato think you can take it from here?”

“Aye aye skipper,” Miamato replied. “Raider punched in coordination to Planet Gamilon.”

“Yes sir,” Sandor called back. “Coordination are in, you can begin countdown sequence anytime.”

“Thank you Commander beginning countdown in 10 minutes, check all systems for warp.” Miamato went over all his system he wanted to make sure all was well. One wrong mistake and they can be lost forever. Everyone scrambled to get their quarters and section secure, the flight pad was moving at quick speed to put the fighter securely in their hangers.  Nova ran around to put medicine in the cabinets and secure the remaining patients in their beds.

“Attention all hands attention all hands warping in 5 minutes” Miamato call into the ships communication system.

“Let’s get it right the first time guys,” Wildstar called out to the bridge crew.

“Starting countdown at T-minus 15 seconds, secure all crew get ready for warp. 10  ..  9  ….  8  ..  7  ….  6  ….  5  ….  4  ….  3  ….  2  ….  1 WARP!

At a blink of an eye the ships warp near the Gamilon planet. Wildstar came to after Sandor, “Check all systems,” He ordered the crew.

“Raider is working fine.” Sandor replied.

“Communication working fine sir.” Pratt called out.

“Wave motion Engine working at full capacity, sir.” Wantanabe called out.

“All system check out Captain.” Miamato said.

“Sir all guns are in working order.” Ortiz said.

“Good, great job everyone. Pratt, get in contact with the Galaxy.” Wildstar ordered.

“Yes sir, putting you through to the Galaxy now,” Pratt replied. “Sir I have Captain Glitchman on video panel.”

“Homer, how did you guys pull through?” Wildstar asked.

“We came through just fine having a slight problem with the communications system, but nothing that we can’t fix in a couple hours.” Homer told Wildstar.

“Okay Homer then I’ll talk with you in the morning, I’m pretty beat. Wildstar out.”

“Sandor, can you hand over control to the next shift?” Wildstar asked, he was drain and just wanted to get to bed.

“Sure Wildstar I’ve got this, Captain leaving the bridge. Deputy Captain Sandor in charge.” Sandor called out.

Wildstar took his private elevator up to his room and drag himself to his desk. He wanted to email his report back to Admiral Singleton and get some rest. “Sir I have Captain Glitchman on line 3 for you. Should I put him through?” Pratt said into the intercom.

“Yes Pratt put him through.  Homer, what can I do for you?” Derek was pretty beat and just wanted to get to the point.

“Derek, I just wanted to say how sorry I am for you and Nova, Wendy told me.” Homer meant to tell him earlier but things got hectic. “I would have said something earlier but I had Tolbert around and I know you and Nova rather not her know about it.”

“Thanks Homer, I’m assuming that Nova called Wendy.” Wildstar felt little stabbing pains in his heart still.

“I hope that it was alright with you that she told me. If there’s anything I can do for you or Nova let me know.” Homer said.

“I appreciate it Homer, and thanks for telling me that you know makes it easier for me and not have to tip toe around the subject. I really got to get some sleep I’ll talk with you tomorrow, Wildstar out.”

Derek sat at his desk and put his head back against the back of the chair he closed his eyes and drifted off to sleep. He was awakened by someone shaking him, when he opened his eyes he saw Nova standing over him. “Hey, I know we agreed to no hanky panky but you can sleep in the bed with me.”

“Gosh didn’t realized I pasted out, but it was nice waking up to you.” Derek smiled at her.

“Why don’t you get dress for bed I’ll join you in a minute.”Nova said to him. Derek got up and walked over to the head, undressed and put on some boxer shorts. He walked over and dropped on the bed. Nova sat at his desk and watched him fall into bed without pulling the covers over him. She continued to finish up some paper work for the next shift to take over in the morning. She put on their IPod and Expose’ came on singing ‘as long as I can dream.’ She got up and got dress and walked over to his side of the bed and threw the covers on him. She crawled over to her side and laid next to him watching him sleep. As she stroked his face he reached out for her, pulling her close to him. She kissed him on the lips and turned to go to sleep, he move closer to her and kissed the back of her neck. As much as she wanted him to make love to her she knew it would be best that she didn’t encourage it. So she just went to sleep.


EDF Battleship Endeavor

Captains Quarters

0630 hours

May 22, 2205

Derek turned over to actually see her sleeping next to him. He smiled to himself and was relieved to see her there. He didn’t want to wake her up too soon so he decided to leave her sleeping. He walked into the head and washed his face and brushed his teeth, then jumped into the shower.  When he walked out of the shower he saw her sitting at the end of the bed smiling. “Hey,” was all Nova could say to him.

“Hey,” He smiled back. “Thank you for being there last night. I missed you very much.”

“Well I guess I better get ready for work.” Nova got up and walked over to the head and ran the shower. She was ready to step in when he walked up behind her and wrapped his arms around her. “I love you very much,” then kissed her on the neck. She turned around and smiled back at him.

“I guess I better get going there’s a lot to do before the wedding I see you later?” Derek asked.

“I’ll see you later and Derek . . . . I love you too,” She gave him a peck on the cheek and then jump in the shower.



“Captain on the Bridge,” Miamato called out.

“Where’s Deputy Captain Sandor?” Wildstar asked.

“He hasn’t showed up yet, sir. He was here till late last night.” Miamato replied.

“Well I guess he deserves the extra sleep. Tell me where we are at helmsman,” Wildstar order.

“Sir everything is clear we are still on the outer atmosphere of the Gamilon planet. Emperor Desslock has left word for you. It reads: Captain Wildstar I am thankful that you have come to celebrate Devina and my union. Please be informed that you are expected to be my best man and Nova is to be the maid of honor.”

“Well looks like I’ll be leaving early,” Wildstar laughed.010.jpg

“Sorry I’m late.” Sandor walked onto the bridge.

“That’s okay,” Wildstar said. “Just don’t let it happened again and by the way you’ll be part of Desslock and Devina's Bridal party.”

“What?” Sandor was confused so was Pratt and Miamato. Desslock didn’t say anything about Commander Sandor in the wedding party. What was the Captain up to? Pratt thought to himself.

“Now if you excuse me I need to go tell Lieutenant commander Forrester about her part in the bridal party” Wildstar said. “Commander Sandor, please join me.”

“Captain leaving the bridge, Lieutenant Miamato is now in charge of the bridge,” he called out.




“So you know what to do?” Wildstar asked Sandor.

“Yeah but are you sure about this.” Sandor asked.

“Just do it. I’ll meet up with you later.” Wildstar told him as they walk to the entrance of the medical ward.

“Okay, see you later.” Sandor said as he walked away.


Derek peeked into the ward and looked for Nova, he saw her standing over a patient and looking over his chart all the while laughing and joking with him. “Commander, can I interrupt for a minute.”

“Yes Captain what is it?” She asked.

“Ah we have to leave early. We are expected to be in the wedding party.” Derek told her.

“Really how soon?” Nova smiled at him.

“Like within an hour.”

 “Okay, give me a few minutes I have to let the next shift know.” Nova walked over and gave the next shift nurse instruction on medicine and rounds. She walked back to Wildstar “Okay let’s go,” they walked back to their stateroom and got dressed. They headed to the flight pad and found Sandor waiting for them. “Is everything ready?” Wildstar asked.

“Every things ready Wildstar.” They all boarded the Cosmo hound and flew down to Gamilon city.




Gamilon City

Desslock Palace

May 22, 2205

Desslock and Devina's Wedding Day

1037 Hours


“Wildstar welcome, I’m so glad that you came. Lieutenant Commander Forrester you’re as beautiful as ever, Talan please take the lieutenant commander to my brides’ suite.”

“Yes your Excellency, Lieutenant Commander please this way.” Talan bowed and motion for her to go.

“So Desslock making the plunge, you’re not thinking of running out on her.” Wildstar pat him on the back.

“Not on your life, she is everything I ever wanted and waited for.” Wildstar could tell that he was a man in love. He was happy for him, he finally found someone to spend the rest of his life with.

“Ah Desslock I’ve notice that some of the statues of Starsha have been removed.” Wildstar try to avoid asking him about it but there no way of going around it.

“Yes it is time to move on. I have not taken all of them down I will still have the one in the grand room and the one in the garden. Devina insisted that we keep those, she really didn’t want to remove any of them, but it would be awkward to have them around now that Devina will be the Empress of Gamilon.”

“I understand Desslock I guess it would be.” Wildstar knew all too well about the past, it had come to haunt him on this mission.

“Shall we get ready for the big event?” Desslock asked.

Wildstar looked at him. “I guess we shall, I’m not sure what it was you wanted me to wear and all I have is my uniform.”

“A uniform is what I prefer. I will be wearing my full uniform with medals.” Desslock informed him.

“I guess a uniform is what I’ll be wearing then.” Wildstar hated wearing his medals he felt like a GI Joe doll on display. But that’s what Desslock wanted, it is his day.


“Oh Devina you look beautiful, that dress it’s just gorgeous.” Nova looked at her and she thought about her wedding day. How Derek looked when she walked down the aisle he was so nerves but he gazed at her feeling like the luckiest man on earth.

“Do you think? Desslock had this made for me, it’s so beautiful. I feel like a queen. How do you like the dress that I had made for you?” It was a beautiful satin dress that clanged to her body. yuki01[1].jpgIt was a soft red with a high halter top and a very low back that exposed all of Nova shoulder and back.

“It’s so elegant, but how did you know my size.” Nova was a little confused how she could have known.

“That was Desslock, I don’t know how he does it but he can guess anything about a women, it’s just amazing.” Devina twirl in her wedding gown.

“Devina I never thought in a million years that you two would get together. I’m so happy for you and Desslock, I’ve always wanted him to find someone that will love him. He’ll never admit to it, but I knew he needed someone in his life to give it meaning and I’m so glad it’s you. I can be very protective about the people I love and I know that you two will be very happy.” Nova wanted her to know that she was welcome into their family. “Devina, only one word of advice Patience, just be patient with him, even though you feel he is wrong about everything, you’ll see that sometimes he’ll have a reason for it. Just be patient with him. If he loves you he’ll do anything to please you.”

The two women hugged each other and Devina smiled at Nova “Thank you Nova I am so happy.”

“Oh don’t start to cry you’ll mess up your makeup and mine too, because I’ll start to cry too. Now let’s finish up and get this veil on we are expected down stairs in a few.” Nova said smiling at her.


“Well Desslock it’s about that time, Sandor are you ready?” Wildstar asked them.

“I’m ready,” Sandor answered.

“I’ve waited my whole life for this,” Desslock said. “But I seem to feel a little uncomfortable.”

Derek laughed at him. “Yeah I know the feeling, it will pass trust me.”

“I’ve had that feeling twice,” Sandor joked with Wildstar.

“Emperor Desslock it is time.” Talan entered and announced.

“Well you still have time to make a run for it.” Wildstar told Desslock.

Desslock just nodded and gave a straight face. He was more nerves then he led on to be. They made their way to the grand hall and stood at the front of the room. The guess stood up as they entered and then sat down.  The music started and Nova entered the room from the other end of the hall. Derek watched as she entered, he never seen her in this type of dress it was stunning. He beamed with pride at his wife and wanted to take her in his arms. When she turned her back to him to stand on stage Derek saw her bare back and his eyes lit up. Desslock saw his face and gave him a shove. “Your wife is beautiful Derek I hope that you enjoy her in that dress.”

“I hope to enjoy her out of that dress.” He told Desslock. Then the music change and Devina stood at the entrance, she looked like the queen she is to become. Desslock watched as she made her way to the front of the hall. As he thought to himself how beautiful she was and the dress that he had made for her may her even more stunning. He smiled at her while she made her way up to the front and all he could see was her, nothing else matter at this moment.

wedding3[1].jpgWhen she finally made her way to the front of the hall, Desslock put his hand out for her to take. She smiled and took his hand tightly. He helped her up to the stage and looked into her eyes. The Priest stood before them and motioned all to sit.

“Devina and Desslock, in presenting yourselves here today to be joined in marriage, you perform an act of faith. This faith can grow and develop and last, but only if you both decide to make it so. A lasting and growing love is not guaranteed by any ritual.”

“If you would have the foundation of your marriage be the devotion you have for one another, not just at this moment, but for all the days to come, then treasure the hopes and dreams that you bring here today. Establish that your love will never be blotted out by the common nor obscured by the ordinary in life. Faults will surface where now you find comfort, and admiration can be shattered by the routine of daily life.

Dedication, love, and joy can grow only when you nourish them together. Stand fast in that hope and confidence, having faith in your shared destiny just as strongly as you have faith in yourselves and in one another today. Only with this spirit can you forge a union that will strengthen and endure all the days of your lives. Now Desslock please face Devina and say your vows.”

“I, Desslock, take you, Devina, as my friend and love, beside me and apart from me, in laughter and in tears, in conflict and tranquility, asking that you be no other than yourself, loving what I know of you, trusting what I do not know yet, in all the ways that life may find us.”

Desslock then placed Devina’s ring on her finger and looked into her eyes “Devina, I give you this ring as a symbol of my vow, and with all that I am, and all that I have, I honor you, in the name of God.”

The Priest then said “Devina please say your vows.”

“I, Devina, take you, Desslock, as my friend and love, beside me and apart from me, in laughter and in tears, in conflict and tranquility, asking that you be no other than yourself, loving what I know of you, trusting what I do not know yet, in all the ways that life may find us.”

Devina then placed Desslock’s ring on his finger and said:

“Desslock, I give you this ring as a symbol of my vow, and with all that I am, and all that I have, I honor you, in the name of God.”

The Priest then turned to all the guest and said. “With this statement made of love and trust, which we have just heard, I now wish you to greet Devina and Desslock as husband and wife. May this day shine eternally in your lives, May it add brilliance to every achievement and cast a divine light over any misfortune. May you care for each other in all sadness, May you give cheer to each other. May you give vitality to each other in all undertakings and May all that is virtuous, beautiful and honest, remain with you always.”

The priest then took hold of both Devina and Desslocks hand and place them together. “Emperor Desslock you may now kiss your bride.”

Desslock stood tall and wrap his arms around Devinas’ waist and pulled her closed to him. He bent over and kissed her with love and passion. When they pulled away he took both her hands and pulled them up to his face and kissed them both. “I love you very much Devina you have made me one of the happiest man in the universe, next to my friend Captain Wildstar.” Derek nodded and then looked up at Nova and smiled at her.

Everyone stood up and cheered, yelling Desslock and Devinas name. The crew from the Galaxy and Endeavor yelled out a hooray and clapped at the union. Desslock took Devina by the hand and lead her out the door. Derek and Nova walked up together hand in hand as he lean over and whispered to her how beautiful she looked. She smiled at him and whispered back how she loved him in his monkey suit.

They all entered the dance hall that was decorated with thousands of flowers. It was a room filled with enchantment, Devina and Desslock took center stage in the middle of the room, the band began to play. Desslock took Devina in his arms and began to dance. She felt like she was in a fairytale dancing with the prince that saved her from the evil villain. They dance for the entire song, when the next song came on Desslock reached for Novas hand and Devina took Derek. As the two couples dance everyone else joined in. Later in the dance Derek and Nova made their way back to each other. “Hello there Mrs. Wildstar did I tell you how beautiful you look in that dress.” Derek ran his hands down her soft back.

“Yes you have Captain and Devina looks beautiful doesn’t she. They really do complement each other.”

“Yes they do.” Derek looked at them dance, it seem that they just melted into their own world. Derek then felt a hand on his back.

“Captain, may I cut in?” Glitchman asked. Derek didn’t want to let go of her but she shoved him away.

“Okay for a few minutes Glitchman then I’ll be back, Nova would you like a drink while I wait?” Derek asked.

“Thank you Derek that would be nice. Hello Homer it’s nice to see you,” Nova said. “I can’t wait till you and Wendy make your way down the aisle, how are the plans coming along/”

“Well you know that we had to post pone it until my returned. I was thinking just running off and doing the deed.” Homer said. “Nova, Wendy told me about the miscarriage. I’m so sorry to hear it. I’ve already spoke to Derek and if there anything you need please let me know.”

Nova stopped dancing and looked at him with a tear in her eye. “Homer, thank you but we are both trying to get past this. Now let’s just enjoy ourselves no more talk about the subject.” She grabbed his hand and continued to dance with him making small talk about their wedding and his and Wendy’s pending wedding.


Wildstar stood at the bar and waited for the waiter to get him a drink.  When he turned to look for Nova and Homer he came face to face with Julie Tolbert. Oh Shit what does she want? Derek thought to himself. “Hello Julie, are you having a good time?”

“Not yet, would you like to dance?” She asked him.

“Ah I don’t think so,” Wildstar said with annoyance.

“Oh come on Derek I promise I’ll behave myself.” Julie pleaded with him.

“No” Wildstar said firmly, just in time the waiter came with his drinks. He grabbed the drinks and pushed by her.


He made his way to Nova and Homer, while Julie watched. He looked around and finally spotted them still dancing together. He gave them both a wave and made his way thru the sea of people. “I thought I’d never fine you. Here you go Nova.” Derek handed her a drink, a simple spritzer.

“Thank you Derek.” Nova took the drink and drunk it down quick.

“So can I have my wife back?” Derek asked Homer.

“Sure of course,” Homer saw Julie approached Derek from the other side of the room and made sure that Nova did not catch it.

Derek step in front of Homer and grab Nova by the waist. Sandor walked up behind them and tapped Derek on the shoulder, “It’s time Wildstar, Nova.” They both nodded and started towards the stage. Derek walked up first and gave the band that they put together on ship a wave. They all filed up on stage and grab their instruments. Derek grabbed the microphone and tapped on it, “Can I have your attention please.” Everyone turned towards the stage and looked up. “Desslock, Devina I like to say congratulations I hope that you and Devina have a happy life together. May you be blessed with many sounds of little feet running around this huge palace. I like to take this moment to dedicate something to the bride and her maid of honor, if you don’t mind.”

Desslock lifted his glass and wave for him to continue.

Derek turned to the band and raise his hand, the band began to play Elton John’s ‘the way you look tonight’ Derek lifted the microphone and grab Nova by the hand and began to sing the song to perfection. He hit every note, every word on cue. Nova always knew he had a great singing voice and she held him by the waist and swayed to the music while he sang to her. When he finished the song everyone cheered. Desslock walked up to the stage and gave him a handshake, “thank you that was just great”

Derek looked at him “We’re not done yet” he handed Nova the microphone and waved over to Denise to come join her on stage, she then signal the band to start to play ABBA’s ‘Waterloo’ Everyone jump up with excitement and all began to dance. Even Desslock found himself swaying to the music. He took Devina hand and did his best to dance with her. Nova jumped off the stage and grabbed Devina by the hand and brought her up to the stage, and gave her the mic so Devina can take a solo. Desslock stood there stunned that she was so talented. When the song was over everyone cheered and Desslock ran up to the stage and grab his new bride giving her a long hard kiss. “That was wonderful, when did you manage this?”

“Nova told me about it and I wanted to join her. She gave me a crash course of the earth’s music. Did you like it my darling?”Devina blushed at her husband.

“Like it! I loved it. That was great. I never knew you were so talented” Desslock smile from ear to ear. “Nova you and Howard were just great also. Thank you, you have made this day memorable.”

Nova gave him a kiss on the cheek “Your welcome Desslock, congratulation to both of you. I wish you the best.”

Derek then grabbed his wife and led her to the dance floor and gave her a few turns. They made their way to the balcony and took some air. “So, did we do good?” He asked her.

“I think we did, skipper.” Nova looked up to the stars and try to figure which one was the Endeavor. She would be leaving him soon to the Sitka and wanted this time alone with him.

“Are you having a good time Nova?” Derek asked her. Looking at her shoulder and the dress she was wearing he whispered into her ear. “I love that dress on you, it makes you very sexy” Nova just looked at him and smiled. “Another drink?” Derek asked.

“Ah sure why not,” Nova said. “I’ll just wait out here in the fresh air.”

“Be right back, don’t move.” Derek said as he ran to get them both drinks.

Nova stood looking out into the night sky deep in her own thoughts. “Hello Lieutenant Commander.” Nova opened her eyes and quickly turned around. 

“Tolbert how are you” Nova, remain calm. She told herself. No need to get upset on the wedding day of your friends.

“That was a nice show I never knew that Derek was such a good singer. I guess I miss that part of him. You’re so lucky,” Tolbert teased her. “So where is that husband of yours?”

“He went inside for a minute.” Nova looked at her with caution, she was up to no good and Nova knew that she was fishing for something.

“Oh I was wondering when he was going to give me that dance he promised me.” Tolbert said giving her a smirk.

“Yeah, right Julie, try something else please. I am getting bored with the same story.” Nova waved her away and tried to leave when she said something that threw Nova off.

“Nova I’m sorry about your miscarriage.” Julie said with a side grin.

Nova stopped dead in her tracks; turned and said “What did you say?”

“I said I’m sorry about your miscarriage, gosh can’t someone be concern about another fellow officer.” Julie threw her arms up trying to make fun of her.

Nova stood there still in shock that she knew about it. “What are you talking about?” Nova wasn’t about to give in to her.

“Oh come on Nova let’s be real now.” Julie set the wheels in motion.

“Julie I don’t really think that it’s any of your business. So just leave it alone.” Nova was trying hard not to get mad.

“Well, I’m sorry I brought it up I was just trying to be a friend.” Tolbert said.

Nova stared at her with hatred in her eyes. “You’re not my friend, now if you would please leave me alone.”

“Fine just hope that Derek doesn’t have to go through that again, he deserve someone that can tell the difference between morning sickness and a simple cold.”

She didn’t even give Julie enough time to finish what she wanted to say to her. Nova with quick speed pulled her arm back, swung and punched her straight in the nose. “You bitch you broke my nose.” She screamed at Nova as blood spilled down her face onto her chest.

Julie ran for her, Nova step to the side and trip her as she almost fell to the floor but Nova caught her by the hair and pulled her back. Julie tried to grab her by the leg but Nova turned her around quickly and put her in a head lock. Julie managed to get free and grab Nova by the waist and brought her down to the floor. She tried to kick her in the stomach but Nova grabbed her foot and twisted it enough to bring her to her knees. Julie kicked hard at Nova’s stomach that almost brought her down. She almost managed to get up but Nova got up first. Julie still on the floor try to get up but Nova grabbed her by the hair again and put her back in a choke hold then began to punch her more in the face. Julie fought hard to break free but Nova had a strong hold on her.



“Hey Pesci how’s doing?” Wildstar asked while waiting for drinks.

“Captain, we are just enjoying it all. Desslock sure knows how to throw a party. You and Nova rock the house, didn’t know you had it in you, skipper and my lovely wife surprised me as well. She was great.”

“I’m glad you like it, where is Denise anyway?” Wildstar asked him.

“She’s right over there.” Pesci waved at her while she waved back franticly. He looked at her confused and then realized something was wrong. As she pointed to him and Wildstar, he stood up and grabbed Wildstar by the arm.

“What’s going on?” Derek said shocked at Pesci action. Then Derek saw Denise waving franticly at them and he too realized that something was seriously wrong. They ran as fast as they could to where Denise was. 

“Denise what’s going on?” Pesci asked her when they reach her. She pointed outside on the balcony and they both looked outside. To both Derek and Tonys’ shock Nova and Julie were in the middle of a brawl, Nova having the upper hand.

“Oh shit!” Derek said, “Come on Pesci we better break this up before someone see them. Denise, go get Glitchman now!” Denise ran to find Glitchman while Derek and Tony went to break up the fight.

Nova still had Julie in a head lock and continued to punch her in the face. Julie fought tooth and nail trying to get free from her hold. As they drew closer to the fight they could hear both of them screaming at each other on top of the beating that Nova was giving her. “Let go of me, you bitch. My nose is broken enough, let gooooo.”

“You’ve been asking for this for a long time now, now you get what you deserve. And stay away from Derek you skank.” Nova said while continuing to hit her with every syllable.

“Nova what are you doing?” Derek said while trying to pull them apart. Pesci grabbed Nova also and try to get Julie free. It took them a few minutes but they finally manage to take Nova off of her.

“Let go of me!” Nova tried to kick Derek to let her go.

“Whoa there Nova calm down, I said calm down.” Derek holding her tight.

Julie stood next to Pesci trying to collect herself. Pesci grab a napkin from one of the nearby table and gave it to Tolbert. She snatched it and started to yell to Wildstar. “I want her brought up on charges.”

“Now hold on, first I need to know what happened here.” Wildstar try to make sense of the situation and still holding Nova from attacking her again.

Just then Glitchman and Howard came running out to the balcony. “What’s going on Wildstar?” Homer asked.

“I’m not sure, Howard is the one that waved Pesci and I out here and I found the little misses just going to town with your Deputy Captains face.”

Nova kept fighting Derek, “Just let me at her. I’m going to stomp the living crap out of you!” she yelled out to her.

“Nova enough, you need to calm down!” Derek said still holding her. She was getting harder and harder to control. “Homer why don’t you take Tolbert and get her cleaned up. Give me some time to calm her down.”

“Yeah I think that’s a good idea.” Homer never ever saw Nova this mad, she usually very calm no matter who gets on her nerve. “Let’s go Lieutenant we’ll get you cleaned up”

“I want her brought up on charges!” Tolbert called out to Glitchman.

“I think we all need to calm down first and get to bottom of this. Now let’s get you cleaned up. That’s an order.” Glitchman took her by the arm and dragged her to a room to clean her up. She was completely bloody from head to chest and they didn’t want anyone to see what happened.

“Ok Nova, are you going to calm down?” Derek asked in hopes that she calmed down just a little bit.

“I’m good, just let me go.” Nova said. Derek released her slightly to test if she would go after Tolbert.

“Okay Lieutenant Commander, what happened here?” Wildstar ordered as he went into captain mode. Nova knew the tone of his voice and she was not his wife but his officer. She stood at attention and collected herself. “Well Lieutenant Commander I’m waiting.” Wildstar asked.

“Sir I apologies for what happened. But she gave me no choice.” Nova tried to talk of what happened without getting mad all over again. “She began taunting me about my miscarriage and I guess I snapped. My apologies for creating a situation at a time like now but I won’t apologies for doing what I did. She started in hopes that I’d run and cry. Guess she didn’t know me that well.”

“Lieutenant Commander I cannot have misconduct now, in the middle of joint union with one of the most powerful man in the universe not to mention his wedding day. What were you thinking?” Wildstar raised his voice. He was mad about what happen but more upset that Tolbert pick now to taunt her about their private lives.

“I’m sorry sir.” Nova lowered her head and said in a low voice.

“Let’s hope that Captain Glitchman was able to talk to Tolbert and she doesn’t pursue charges.” Wildstar hope that this would not get back to Singleton or Stone, especially General Stone he would love to throw this in the Admirals face. “Now Lieutenant Howard please take the Lieutenant Commander to the ladies room and have her clean herself up. I’ll go see about Tolbert with Captain Glitchman.”

“Aye aye sir,” Howard said and helped Nova to the ladies room to straighten herself up.

Homer was yelling at Tolbert when Wildstar walked in the room. “Homer what’s her side of the story.”

“She claims that Nova started the whole thing. She was trying to be nice to her and she snapped.” The minute the words came out of Homer mouth showed that he didn’t even believe her.

Derek wanted to smack her right across the face. He just knew that she was lying about the whole thing and Glitchman knew it too.

“What did Nova tell you?” Homer asked.

Derek pulled him over to the side so as for her not to hear them talk. “Homer did you mention anything to her about Nova miscarriage.”

“No not at all why would she think that?” Homer asked.

“Because that what started the whole thing. Somehow she got wind of it and rubbed it in Novas face. Is there any way she could have over heard or got it from anyone?” Derek wanted to get to the bottom of this once and for all.

“The only time that I spoke of it was on the video phone with Wendy and that one time with you. Hold up, she has been asking a lot of question about you and Nova right after I finished talking to Wendy. I never made the connection. She must have been listening in on my conversation with Wendy. That little bitch, Wildstar don’t worry about her I’ll take care of it personally” Homer was getting mad knowing that she had been ease dropping on his conversation with Wendy or better yet EDF.

“Homer take it easy, right now we have to get this under control. She has the right to report this back to EDF and we can’t stop her on that.” Wildstar knew the rules all too well. They were all going to get chewed out on this one.

“Wildstar I’ll take care of this one. I’m sure that once I talk to her she will go along with what I’ll suggest.” Homer was going to make sure this will never get back to EDF he had to fix her little snooping around on other lives and conversation.

“Are you sure Homer?” Wildstar asked.

“Yeah don’t worry about it.” Homer and Derek nodded at each other and then Homer walked over to Tolbert.

“Well are you going to let me file a report?” she asked him.

Glitchman grab her by the arm and led her to a remote part of the room. “You sneaky little bitch, you were listening on my conversation with Wendy.”

“What, I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Tolbert try to get free from Glitchman’s grasp.

“You know exactly what I mean. You knew all along about Nova miscarriage and you were the one that started the fight. Now I suggest that you drop your little miss innocent act with me and fess up to what your part was in on all this. You knew what buttons to press with Nova and you got what you deserve. So don’t think you will get any sympathy from me or anyone else. Also don’t think about reporting this back to EDF or I’ll bring up some charges of myself, how dare you listen in on my conversation. Now get yourself cleaned up and get back to the ship and have the doctor look at you.”

“Captain you are taking her side of the story?” Tolbert was thrown a curve on what happened.

“Captain Wildstar will handle Lieutenant Commander Forrester. I have the pleasure of dealing with you. Now get going!” Glitchman ordered her. She knew to do as he says. He was not one to be crossed.

“Aye aye sir” Tolbert turned, walked out and headed back to the ship.

Derek walked over to the ladies room and waited for Nova and Denise to come out. Pesci saw the Captain waiting for them and walked over to where he was standing. “Any word sir?”

“Naw, not yet,” Wildstar said.

“I have to admit Captain but your wife can be my back up in a fight anytime.” Pesci laughed at what she did with Tolbert.

“Yeah well I guess I’ll have to make sure that I’m not on her bad side ever.” Derek also started to laugh about what they both witness. He couldn’t believe what Nova did to Tolbert, a broken nose, two black eyes and he could have sworn he saw a tooth missing.

The door open and Denise and Nova walked out together. “Hello there slugger,” Derek smiled at her.

“That’s not funny Derek, I’m not proud of myself right now.” Nova tried to give a little smile but she still felt the pain of Tolbert bringing up the miscarriage. “I need a drink, come on Denise lets go get us a drink.”

“Okay Rocky I’m going to talk to Desslock I’ll meet up with you in a bit.” Derek gave her a pull on the arm. “Nova I love you.”

She nodded in his direction then Denise and her went to get a drink. Derek and Pesci walked over to Desslock and Devina table and sat down. “Well Wildstar what was all the commotion outside on the balcony.”

Derek just gave him a stun look, “Boy Desslock nothing escapes you does it?”

“Well considering that one of your captains just dragged off one of his officers that looked a little beaten out of here. I would say no it didn’t pass me.” Desslock smiled at him

“Sorry Desslock didn’t mean for it to ruin your day. We have taken care of it not to worry about what happen.” Wildstar said.

“And the lucky person that inflicted this havoc on the lovely Lieutenant Tolbert?” Desslock never skip a beat.

“Oh gosh you remember her too?” Wildstar smirked at him and felt a little embarrassed knowing that he knew what went down.

“I make it a point to know everything Wildstar, even when I’m not around.” Desslock informed him not giving away that he knew about the fight between Tolbert and Howard.

“To tell you the truth Desslock the fight was between Nova and Tolbert and everything is under control.” Wildstar said in a tone the Desslock knew. (Leave it alone)

“Very well Wildstar, I just hope that your wife never gets that mad at you to send you to the medics.” Wildstar couldn’t help but laughed at him and at himself. He never knew Nova had it in her to beat the crap out of someone and that made him laugh harder. Pesci laughed with them at the thought of Tolbert and Nova going at it and Nova getting the best of her.

“Excuse me gentleman I think I should attend to my maid of honor.” Devina wanted to make sure that Nova was okay.

“Yes my love please don’t go too far, our honeymoon will begin shortly.” Desslock smiled at her.

“I won’t go far my love I promise.” Devina kissed her new husband and walked over to Howard and Nova that now sat at the bar with 6 shot glass of Sake for each of them line up in a roll. Howard watched her as she already drank down 5 shots in between shots Nova was drinking beer imported from one of the ships commissary. After two shots Howard stop drinking knowing that she had to report to duty in the morning plus she wanted to make sure that Nova was going to be okay. She needed to blow off some steam and Denise was going to make sure she did just that as long as she didn’t go overboard.

“Nova, are you okay?” Devina asked with concern.

“Doing jus find” Nova slurred her words. She was starting to feel good on the buzz she was getting. “Sorry chew need to c tha wit Tolhead and Me.” she tried to focus through blurry vision. Denise motioned to the waiter no more for her and put her arm around her friends shoulder. “Nova I think it’s time for us to get going, we have duties in the morning.” She didn’t tell her that she was having too much to drink or she would have started acting defensive.

“R chew sure, ahhh I was just havin fun.” Nova try to say and tried to stand straight.

“Devina could you get the Captain for me please?” Denise asked her while holding her friend up.

“Sure,” Devina smiled at both her new friends and went to get Wildstar. She walked over to where Derek and Desslock sat and bent over to inform Derek. Desslock reached for her hand to see what was going on. She looked at her new husband and gave him a wink. “Derek I think you’re needed at the bar” she pointed in the direction of Nova and Howard. Derek looked over to Denise and she just shrugged her shoulders showing that she was a little drunk. Derek just smiled and shook his head “Desslock I’m sorry but I think that I should be going as you can see my wife is just having too much fun.”

Desslock just laughed at him “Well I hope that she doesn’t beat you up tonight.” Derek pat his friend on the back, shook his hand and laughed at the thought. 

“Good night Desslock and Devina you take good care of my friend here. All the best to you two both Desslock, we’ll talk more in the morning.” Derek saluted, bowed and then went to go fetch his drunken wife.

He walked up behind her and put his arms around her. “Hello my sweet I think it's time to go.”

“Deerrrek hey sweeeeeeetie, I love you. Awe do we have to go?” Nova try to focus her eyes on him but couldn’t.

“Yes baby, it’s time to go. Desslock and Devina want to start on their honeymoon.” Derek said trying to get her to move.

“Awe come on can’t I sa good fight to them.” Nova try to keep her words straight but couldn’t.

“They’ll talk with you in the morning I promise.” Derek took her by the waist and dragged her to the door. Once he was cleared from view he pick her up and threw her over his shoulder, then took her to the car that brought them to the palace. He sat in the car and watched his wife come in and out of a drunken sleep. When she was up she fussed all over him “Come heer baby, let’s do it heer in the kar.”Nova giggled. Derek tried to keep her under control but she kept grabbing at him, all he could do was laughed at her. Once they got to the Cosmo hound he whisked her in very quickly and took off to the Endeavor.  He took her to their stateroom, undress her and put her in bed, he then gave her a kiss on the forehead and got ready for bed himself.