Onward With Love…

Chapter Twelve

By Yuki Wildstar

Planet Gamilon

Gamilon City Headquarters

May 15, 2205

1232 hours


WONDER CARDS 042a.jpg“Good evening Devina” Desslock said as she opened the door. “Are you ready to go?”

“Just a minute I’m still in the middle of finishing up in here” Devina said. “I’m sorry I know I’m running a little behind. But you know us women we’re never on time” Desslock smiled at her, he knew them all too well.

“No need to worry, take your time.” Desslock said.

sta1[1]a.jpgDevina hurry as quickly as she could then grab a shawl that she found in one of the little boutiques while looking around the city. It was a beautiful city Desslock built it was grand and full of life. There were statue everywhere of him and also of Starsha. He created a shrine for her and a legacy for himself. Today he was going to take her to the place that he took Nova and Derek when they were there last. “I’m ready” Devina stood before him for his approval. He bowed and stuck out his arm for her to take and escorted her to the air car waiting for them. The driver opened the car door and where quickly whisked away to their destination. When they arrived there Desslock got out first, he held out his hand to help Devina out. She looked around and was amazed of the beautiful garden that he had, it stretch for miles. “Oh Desslock it’s beautiful.”

“Thank you, it is all for you to have one day.” He motion to a particular part of the garden and she saw a beautiful table in the middle of it all. “I had my staff set this up for you. I hope you like it?”

“Oh Desslock it’s just lovely thank you.” Devina was falling madly in love with him day by day. He was a charmer and would do anything to please her. “Everything looks delicious.” There where exotic fruit from all over the planet. He walked over to a chair and pulled it out. “Thank you,” She said to him with affection.

He sat down across from her and looked into her eyes, “Devina, I know that we have only known each other for a short time. But it is no secret that my affection towards you is more than a simple crush. I thought that I would never find someone that would steal my heart and thought that my empire would be with no heir, and when I saw you I knew then that it would continue. Devina it would be my honor if you become my Empress.” He pulled out a huge diamond ring that was made for her. It was pear shape about a carat and small stones of emeralds and rubies wrapped around it. It sparkled as the light hit it. Devina sat there in shock, not in a million years did she even think this would happen. She was speechless all she could do was look from him to the ring he held before her. “Desslock I’m, I don’t know what to say, this so sudden. Are you sure?”

“Devina I have never been so sure in my life. I want you to understand that you are not replacing Starsha. Yes I did love her at one time, but that was long ago.  I have accepted the fact that she loved someone else and I swore to myself that if I had the opportunity again that I would snatch it up and never waste another minute waiting. So Devina please marry me.”

She sat there then finally looked at him, “Yes Desslock, yes I will marry you.”

 Desslock got up and grab her by the hand and pulled her close to him. “You have made me the happiest man alive. We should start the celebration; we will be married in a week. Talan, announce to the city that I am taking a bride.”

Devina giggled at him, he looked like a child seeing his very first toy.  “Desslock, what about my father, I always thought that he would be there to give me away.”

“Devina, I know that it is very important for you that he be there. I will do anything you want to make it right.  If you want to wait then we will wait.”

“Desslock I love you very much, I could not wait that long. I want to be your wife and I will deal with my father later. If he was so …”

Desslock place his hand over her mouth and kissed her. “No more of that, we will be married in week’s time.” He then kissed her again this time longer and with more passion.



Planet Paxton

Bolar Headquarters

May 17, 2205

1643 hours


“Pevin, prepare to depart with the fleet. We leave at 0600 to Baynet.” Hindleman told him.

“But sir is it necessary for you to go also.” Pevin asked he really didn’t want to go back into battle he was happy there on Paxton.

Hindleman was not amused by his question “The only way that things are going to get done right will be to do it yourself. After Captain Rycon disregarded my orders I cannot trust him in this delicate mission. Prepare my things to take to my flag ship.”

“Yes sir right away,” Pevin bowed and began to make preparation.




EDF Headquarters

May 20, 2205

1000 hours


“Are you sure about this?” Stone asked Tolbert. “To bring this kind of charges you better be damn sure of it.”

“Sir, I know what I heard,” Tolbert said. “She was pregnant and she lost it.”

“Very well, I will get to the bottom of this,” Stone said with anger. “Continue with the mission.”

“But sir about my transfer back to the Endeavor?” Tolbert asked.

“That will not be my decision, I will have to address Admiral Singleton about it,” He said back with aggravation.

“Yes sir I will wait for orders,” Tolbert replied in hopes that they will give it to her. “Tolbert, out.”


I have to bring this to the Admiral, Stone thought to himself. He picked up the phone and called to the Admirals office. “I like to speak to the Admiral this is General Stone.”

“I’m sorry sir but the admiral is busy on the other line,” Michelle, the administrative aide said over the phone. “Would you like to leave a message?” She didn’t like him very much he’s always rude to her and treated her like a maid.

“Never mind I’m coming over to his office now,” Stone hung up the phone with a slam. Glorified secretary why don’t they just fetch coffee and take dictation like they are suppose to do he thought as he made his way over to the Admirals office.

Michelle saw him coming down the hall from his office with the same angry look that he always has. He never seems to be in a good mood ever.  She just hated dealing with him his wife must not be putting out maybe that’s why he is always angry. He needs to get laid. “Can I help you sir?” She asked.

“Like you don’t know, tell the Admiral I’d like to see him it’s important,” He bellowed at her.

It’s always important you prick, “Yes sir let me see if he is available.” She walked over to the door and knock softly. “Enter” Singleton called from behind the door.

Michelle step in, “Sir General Stone is outside waiting to see you.”

Singleton rolled his eyes, “I’m sorry that you have to deal with him. Very well send him in.”

“Yes sir” Michelle saluted and walked out the door. “He will see you now General.”

Stone nodded and almost pushed her out the way.

“General Stone what is it today.” Singleton asked him with annoyance.

“Are you aware of what is going on the Endeavor with the Captain and his wife?” He spat out.

“What is it now Stone?” Singleton was getting tired of rumors that he overheard.

Stone was determined to let him know what was going on with his great Captain Wildstar. “Captain Wildstar and Lieutenant Forrester were expecting a child, but somehow she lost it. Is that why we sent him and his crew up there to make a battleship into the love boat? He should be brought up on charges, fertilization is not allowed. He should be made an example of.”

“Hold on Stone, what you’re getting at right now is not the time to approach the counsel with this.” Singleton was shock to hear such news. “If this is true then we should be a little more delicate in handling this. This is a sensitive problem, I will handle it.”

“Like you handle everything else,” Stone said with slit eyes. “I always said that having those two together will cause a problem. The Star Force members are a bunch of reneges, charges is what they should be brought up on.”

Singleton stood up from his chair, “General Stone I said I will handle this and I don’t care for idol threats. I am still your superior officers and I will not take threats from you, I will take care of this personally. Now dismiss.”

Stone stood at attention and saluted. He knew when to back down. “Yes sir,” was all he could say then left his office.

“Michelle, please get me a secure line to the Endeavor right away.” Singleton called into the intercom.

“Yes sir” Michelle replied. Ten seconds later she called back on the intercom. “Sir I have Captain Wildstar private line on hold.”

“Thank you Michelle put him thru on video.” He said. He looked at his screen and was surprise to see Nova on the screen. “Lieutenant Commander Forrester where is Captain Wildstar?”

 “Sir he is on the bridge,” Nova said with red eyes.

Singleton could see that she was crying, “Nova I need clarified something and please be honest with me.” He didn’t want to make this more painful than it was, “were you pregnant and did you lose the baby.”

Nova looked at him with shock that he knew about it, who could have told him. Doctor Webster, Sandor, Wendy. They were the only ones that knew. “Yes sir it is true, but sir I can assure you that everything with the mission is going to plan.”

Singleton looked hard at her, “Nova how are you dear? How are you holding up?”

“Sir?” Nova was confused was he reprimanding her or being concern.

“Nova I know that this is a difficult thing for the both of you to go through, that’s why it has me concern. Will the Captain be able to separate his personal life with his duties?” Singleton always had a soft spot for Nova and Wildstar, they have scarified more than enough for Earth and he wasn’t about to give in to Stones threats.

“Sir I can guaranty that he is totally devoted to this mission. He,” Nova tired to hold back tears.

“Nova,” Singleton soften his tone. “I’m sorry to hear you had a miscarriage, how are you really doing. Is there anything I can do?”

ya36a.jpgNova broke down in tears, “Thank you sir for your concern and yes there is something you can do. Give me a transfer off the Endeavor.”

Singleton was shock to hear her say those words. “Wouldn’t you rather be with Wildstar at a time like this?

“Sir, I know that this will come up if EDF finds out and that they will try to bring charges up against the Captain. I am willing to take the blame for everything. Just put me on another ship, just as long as Derek career is not tarnished.” Nova collected herself and sat up straight.

“Are you sure about this, Commander have you talked with him about this?” Singleton was not stupid he knew that she was avoiding being around him. It was a difficult thing to go through as a couple but to go throw it alone. She and Derek needed to get through this.

“Yes sir I am sure.” She told him.

“Very well I will give the order. But Nova if I may say this is something that should be worked out together. If you feel that you need to stay then give me call.” Singleton knew that she was protecting Wildstar. She was right if Stone went through with his threats EDF would have a field day with it. “Once the Sitka arrives you are to transfer to that ship and take your position as head nurse and life support. I will email the orders to Captain Wildstar as soon as possible.”

“Thank you Admiral, and sir….” Nova couldn’t finish.

“Commander not to worry this will be kept under wraps,” Singleton heart went out to her. “Good luck, Singleton out.”

“Thank you sir,” Nova stood up and saluted him. Once the screen went blank she turned to the room and began to clean what mess was still there. Derek hadn’t come back and she needed to keep busy. She knew that Doctor Webster would chase her out and if she went to the bridge Derek would be there and order her back to the room. She finished straightening up and got dressed. She made her way to the flight pad and hoped to fine Howard.



“Pesci you have to put that bolt back here not there” Howard told Pesci.

Pesci laughed at his bride, she was direct when it came to her star fighter. There was no telling her of how to fix anything she was set in her ways. “Yes my love you’re right,” Pesci always remember that she was right to an extent. He learned that from his mother and growing up in a house fill with women.

“Hey guys how’s it going?” Nova walked up to them. They both turned to face her.

“Hey Nova haven’t seen you in a few days how’s it going?” Pesci said. “They finally let you out sick bay. Those marines can be really big babies if you ask me.

“Yeah they sure can” Nova laughed at the thought. She hasn’t laughed in a couple of days since it happened and it felt good to her.

“So what brings you down here among the trenches of the ship?” Howard asked.

Nova smiled, “Oh just a change of scenery.”

“Okay Forrester what gives you just don’t come down here just to get away.” Howard was giving her an odd look. She knew something was wrong and hopped down from the fighter and asked her friend, “Do you want to talk?”

Nova just nodded and they both walked out of the flight pad and walk over to the observatory. “So what give Forrester, what’s bugging you?” Howard could tell she was upset about something, but what.

“Denise, I’m getting orders to transfer to the Sitka when it comes in.” Nova wanted her friend to know before the order came down to Derek.

“Transfer, but why?” Denise was stunned she didn’t know what was going on. “Is this something EDF ordered or something you asked for?”

“Denise, I can’t stay on the ship any longer.” Nova said with pain in her voice.

“I don’t understand what happened?” She looked at her.

It just hit Nova she didn’t know what happened “Denise, I found out that I was pregnant a couple of days ago”

“But that’s wonderful.” Denise smiled at her.

“I lost the baby the same time they told me.” Nova lowered her head and turned to look out into the stars.

“Oh Nova I’m so sorry, how are you handling it. If there’s anything I can help you with please let me know.” Denise hugged her friend and shed a tear for her pain.

“No thank you, I just finished getting off the video phone with Admiral Singleton. I don’t know how he found out but he knows. He was very supportive, more so then Derek.” Nova said but never turned to face her.

“What do you mean Derek has always been there for you.” She wanted to know what happened with them.

“Derek is taking this hard. I’m not sure if he’ll come to terms with it right now. It’s best that I transfer to another ship for now. He needs his space and so do I, I wanted to work this out together but he. . . .” Nova shook her head in order not to cry. “I just can’t be here. He just looks at me with blame. I know he loves me but we just need this time away from each other.”

“Nova I don’t think that by you leaving will make this better. You two have to work this out together.” Denise tired talking sense to her.

“Denise I’ve already tried to work it out. Now all I see in his eyes is blame, I didn’t know I was pregnant it caught us by surprise. Maybe he still is mad at me because he asked me to go see the doctor over and over again. I thought because I was a nurse that I knew better. I guess not enough to see the signs and that is why he blames me. Denise just do me a favor, watch him for me I’ll call you daily to see how he’s doing.” Nova wanted to make sure someone was keeping tabs on him so he doesn’t do anything that would endanger the mission.

“I will Nova don’t worry about him, Pesci and I will watch him closely. I’ m sure Sandor will help in that too.” Denise gave Nova a slight smile. She wished she could change her friends mind but she knew her well enough once she set her mind on something there was no way of changing it. “You want to go get something to eat. You should eat something get your strength up”

“Thanks Denise, I guess I should eat a little something” They both walked towards the mess hall and talked about what happened further.


EDF Battleship Endeavor

Planet Baynet.

Captains Quarters

May 21, 2205

1743 hours


He thought back to those days of madness. It was only a week but to him it seemed like yesterday. His mind tried to focus on the mission but it kept going back to that day. He stood in the entrance to their room looking at the bed. Sighing Derek walked over to his desk and looked once more around to what was their room. She made sure that she and he did run into each other making him miss her more. He sat there and decided to check his emails on his laptop. He began to check the important ones first each one was just the normal EDF reports on when he should be expecting the arrival of the new ship. He continue down the line to all the emails, then one caught his eye,

Ref: Lieutenant Commander Nova Forrester Wildstar


Captain D. Wildstar:


Be advised that upon the arrival of EDF Battleship Sitka Lieutenant Commander Nova Forrester Wildstar is to report to Captain Christopher Eager. Her new assignment will be given on arrival.


Admiral Charles Singleton


Derek just sat there looking at the message over and over.  Nova is being transfer to the new battleship, but why he couldn’t make out the reason why.  “Pratt please get me a secure line to Admiral Singleton,” Wildstar called into the intercom.

“Yes Sir, right away.” Pratt replied, a few seconds later. “I have the admiral on line 3 for you sir.”

“Thank you Pratt” Wildstar turned to his video screen on his laptop and saluted when he saw the Admiral on the screen. “Captain Derek Wildstar here, sir.”

“Ah Captain Wildstar I have been waiting for your call,” Singleton said.

“Sir you have?” Wildstar new something must have gotten back to him.

“Yes Captain, I figured once you got the orders for Lieutenant Commander Forrester I would be hearing from you. I’m assuming that you got the email?” Singleton waited for Wildstar to tell him his side of the story.

“Sir I don’t understand, it doesn’t state the reason for her transfer.” Wildstar asked.

Singleton didn’t want to expose Nova decision on asking for the transfer. “Captain it is a new battleship and they are going to need an experience officer to help with the transition in the medical ward and with life support. I thought of her exemplary record. I hope that you have no exception or is there something I should know about her.”

“No sir, not at all. I just thought. . . . ” Wildstar couldn’t give him a reason. “Sir, I will make sure that she knows of her new orders. When will the Sitka be arriving?”

“She left earth air space two days ago she should be arriving near planet Baynet in about 10 earth days. Very well Captain, how is the mission going so far. I hope all is going according to plan?” Singleton kept hoping that he would tell him what happened, but it seem that it he wasn’t going to.

“Everything is going well I will call once the Sitka arrives. Wildstar out,” He saluted and turned off the screen.

He sat there and soaked it in. How was he going to tell Nova that she has orders to the new ship?  Could it get any worse than this? He sat there going over what happened in the last week, Nova loosing the baby and a big ass that he made out of himself with her when she needed him the most.  He just kept looking out to the stars thinking on how he was going to make it right with her and a simple dinner with a night of love is not going to make things right.  He looked at his hand that held his wedding ring and thought about Venture So Mark how do I fix this, I wish you were here I could use some advice on how to make it right with Nova. Alex you can step in too if you like.

A knock on the door brought Derek back to reality. “Who is it” He called out.

“Deputy Captain Sandor.”

“Come in Sandor,” Wildstar called back.

“Hey Derek, just finish updating the system we should be good to go when the new fleet comes in. Oh by the way I just got word from Desslock he would like to inform you and Nova about his pending nuptials. He and Devina are getting married by the end of the week and would like for us to attend. What should I tell him?” Sandor asked

“I’m sorry Sandor I don’t think that we will be able to attend.” Wildstar said, “With this pending mission and well you know Nova is …. I’m just not sure it would be a good time. Send him my apologies”

“Send who your apologies. Has something happened?” Nova said as she walked in. “Well, send who your apologies.”

“I’ll leave you two alone, we’ll finish this later.” Sandor nodded and walked out the door.

“Well, Derek, send who your apologies?” Nova asked again.

“Desslock wanted us to attend his wedding to Devina at the end of the week” Derek told her.

“Married, but that’s wonderful I’m so happy for them.” Nova smiled.

Derek walked over to her and stood closed enough to touch her face. “I’ve missed that smile.”

She looked at him and tired to give him another smile which they both knew was not as genuine. “So when actually are we going?”

“Nova, baby, orders came down today. You are to report to the Sitka once it arrives.” He told her looking down at his feet.

“Damn, when is she expected to arrive?” Nova asked.

Derek knew something was a mist she wasn’t reacting the way she should. “Nova, are you happy about this transfer?”

“I think it came down at a bad time, I never thought that Devina and Desslock would get married. I would like to attend if we are in the area, if that’s Okay with you.” Nova didn’t want to talk about the transfer. If he continued to grill her she would sure crumble to his questioning.

“Nov” Sometimes he drop off the A in her name when he really wanted her attention “I know I haven’t been the best husband lately, but I would like to work this out.  I love you too much to lose you. We’ve been thru too much together and this transfer made me realized that I’ve acted like a complete jerk. You needed me and I wasn’t there. I know that there’s nothing I can do to have you forgive me I guess it never dawn on me that you were hurting too.” Derek tired to hold her but Nova step back away from him.

“I’m sorry Derek I just can’t go thru this right now.” She tried to walk out but he grabbed her by the arm.

“Nova please don’t go.” Derek tried to make her look at him but she just couldn’t face him. How could she undo what she did and still face him. When he finds out that it was her that asked for the transfer he will hate her.

“Derek not now, I can’t, I just can’t. I have to go I have to get some work done.” Nova ran for the door. She ran down to the observatory and sat in a corner and just cried.  Derek stood there stunned not knowing what to do.

He took his elevator down to the bridge. “Sandor we should be expecting the Sitka to arrive in about 10 days”

“Well that gives us time to completely go over everything.” Sandor walked over to him, “so what’s the verdict are we to attend the wedding.”

“I know Nova would love to go but she’s gotten orders to the Sitka when it arrives.” Wildstar couldn’t give him a straight answer.

“Sorry Derek I know this wasn’t the best time for the orders to come down. Is there any way to have them change it back?” Sandor tired to make light of it for Wildstar sake.

“I spoke to Singleton he was the one that gave the order. At least I have a few more days. Just enough so we can work things out I try talking to her but she just couldn’t face me on the subject. Sandor I feel like a complete jerk I never thought that this would happen. Now that she’s getting transfer I realized that she is my life and I treated her like this. How am I going to make this right before she leaves and dinner and a night of romance is not going to cut it this time.”

“Wildstar would you like for me to talk to her?” Sandor asked.

“Naw, I don’t think that would make a difference, thanks anyway Sandor.” Wildstar just sat at his chair and just stared into space.

“Captain I need to take care of something in the engine room.” Sandor looked at Wildstar with concern.

“Go on Sandor just don’t take long.” Wildstar had no idea that he was going to look for Nova.

Pratt turned to Wildstar, “Sir I have Captain Glitchman on line”

“What now?” Wildstar said out loud. “Put him thru Pratt.”

“Wildstar I just got word from Captain Cantara, he is pulling back for the big event on Gamilon what should we do now.”

“I guess we can pull back for now. When is the event taking place?” Wildstar asked.

“In two days time he’s leaving right away” Glitchman didn’t like the feel of having a wedding in the middle of a war. But Desslock was one that didn’t care about the odds.

“Fine just follow suit, I’ll wait until you warp and will go on from there” Wildstar was starting to get hopeful. Maybe this will be a good time to patch things up with Nova Derek thought to himself.




Sandor walked into the medical ward and looked for Nova, she sat at her desk looking over some reports for the two patients that were the only ones left from the last battle. “Hey Nova” Sandor waved at her.

“Hello Sandor what can I do for you, are you feeling sick?” She looked him over to see if he looked sick.

“No, nothing like that can we talk?” Sandor asked her.

Nova knew were this was going, “Sandor I really don’t want to talk about it.”

“I know Nova but just hear me out, please.” Sandor really wanted to let her know how Wildstar was really hurting about everything.

“Okay Sandor I’ll hear you out what is it?” Nova sat back in her chair and crossed her arms.

“Nova he’s really not taking this well, and now with your transfer. Nova, can you just listen to him. He’s being trying to figure out how to talk to you. If you can just give him a chance for me I’d appreciate it.”

Nova took in what he said. “Okay Sandor I’ll hear him out, but it won’t stop me from the transfer.”

“What do you mean?” Sandor seemed confuse at what she said.

“I had no choice, Sandor if I didn’t take the transfer EDF would have brought him up on charges. Singleton found out, how . . . . I have no idea. He didn’t quite come out and say they would, but I knew that if I didn’t step down somehow General Stone would gladly be the one to bring the charges. Sandor I rather let Derek think that this was just orders, nothing more.”

“I understand, but will you please hear him out.” Sandor pleaded with her.

“I will, now let me get back to work I have to finish up here before the Sitka comes.” Nova turned her back to him and continued with her paper work. Sandor stood there watching her for a few seconds and decided to leave while he had her agreeing to talk to Wildstar.




Planet Gamilon

Desslock Palace

May 21, 2205

Devina looked over the flowers that she and Desslock wanted at the wedding. She like the arrangement that the female droid presented to her “That’s just lovely, these will do, thank you.” Devina told her.

Devina walked to her suite and looked around in the middle of the room stood a beautiful wedding gown that Desslock had made for her. She walked over and looked over the dress. It was cream color made of silk and satin, strapless with embroider lace that was brought around the top and bottom of the dress. It had diamond studs on the lace part of the dress that sparkled when the light hit it. The veil was laid on top of the bed it was about 8 feet long made with the same lace on the dress also with diamond studs spread threw out the lace. She walked over and inspected the dress it’s beautiful she thought to herself.  She looked over to the vanity table and saw the note.

My Dearest Devina:

I sincerely hope that you love this dress. I had it made especially for you to wear on our nuptials. I wanted you to wear something as beautiful as you. I cannot wait for you to be my wife.

Yours forever


Devina smiled at the note and then took off her clothes to try it on. She slipped the dress on and looked at herself in the mirror as she walked around the room the dress flowed beautifully on her slim frame. She spun around and giggle to herself when she heard the knock on the door.  “Who is it” she sang out.

“It is I, Desslock.”

“Oh my, please don’t come in yet, give me a minute to dress.” She yelled out to him. It took her 15 minutes before she answer the door. “Good evening Desslock.”

“Good evening my love did you receive my gift?” He said smiling at her.

Devina giggle at him. “Yes Desslock, it’s just beautiful but how did you know my size?”

“My dear Devina it is my job to know everything about you.” Desslock said to her with a look of admiration. “May I come in?”

“Ah NO, you cannot come in and see me and my dress together the night before the wedding. It will bring bad luck Desslock.”She shoved him back out into the hallway. “Now have you asked Nova and Derek to come?”

“Of course, I am sure that they will attend I have left word with Commander Sandor.  I have called all my generals and captains to return for this joyous accusation. The preparations are in full swing for tomorrow night. The fleet will be arriving in the morning for the festivities.” Desslock was floating on air, he had finally met someone that he wanted to spend the rest of his life and he wanted the universe to know. “Now, will you be joining me for dinner or is that out of the question also?”

“Yes Desslock we can have dinner together. A girl still has to eat,” Devina loved teasing him and he like it when she did.



Planet Paxton

Bolar fleet flagship Jarir

1754 hours


“Piven is everything ready for departure?” Hindleman asked.

“Yes sir, everything is ready. All the fleet captains have checked in and all is ready for departure.” Pevins bowed as he gave his report. “Sir Captain Rycon is waiting to see you should I send him in.”

“Yes Pevin send him in.” Hindleman wanted to know what happened on Baynet. Because of his stupidity he endangered the Recon group that was looking for his daughter and what happened on the planet.

Rycon walked in and bowed to Hindleman. “Sir my apologies for what happened on Baynet. I thought that I had the upper hand with the earth battleship.”

“But you didn’t, did you? If you would have listen to me and did the job I sent you to do then I wouldn’t have to go out there with you and take matters into my own hands. How can I trust your judgment, if you can’t even follow a simple order?” Hindleman got up from his desk and slap Rycon so hard it knocked him down. “Now make sure that I do not misjudge myself in letting you live.”

“No sir I promise that you will not be disappointed.” Rycon gather himself and stood up bowed again and left the room.

“Sir we are ready to depart. You are needed on the bridge.” Pevin announced.

“Good, now I will find out for myself what happened on Baynet and find Devina. I hope to run into Captain Wildstar and have my revenge finally.” He said out loud.




Outer Space Planet Gamilon

EDF Battleship Endeavor

Medical Ward

1820 hours

Derek walked into the medical ward and went straight to where Nova was sitting. “Nova?”

She looked up and remembered her promise to Sandor. “Yes Derek.”

“I …. Can we talk?”

Nova gave him a looked that gave him hope. “Sure.”

 Derek felt uncomfortable standing in the same area where it all happened, the same place that turned their lives into a tail spin. “Ah somewhere else?”

“Where would you like to talk?” Nova said with annoyance.

“I was kind of hoping back in our stateroom were its more private.” He hoped that she would go with him. They really haven’t had any time together since, she managed to keep different shift as to avoid him.

“I’ll go but don’t think that this is going to lead anywhere, like bed.” Nova got up and walked past him, Derek followed suit.

When they got to the room Nova walked past the bed and sat at his desk. “Well what is it?”

“You’re not going to make this easy for me are you?” Derek knew that she was way past the forgiveness stage. She was mad as hell.

“What do you think?” She looked at him with a blank look.

“I guess you aren’t, Nov this is really hard for me. I was stupid, a jerk, and an ass.” Derek began.

Nova interjected, “You forgot an in considered prick.”

“Yeah well I wouldn’t go that far,” He tried to smile. “Anyway, there are no words to explain what we have been through.  I only hope that you don’t leave the ship hating me. Baby I love you dearly and I know there’s nothing I can say to make you forgive me. I just . . . .  Well it just took us both for a spin and I didn’t know how to handle it. I can pour my heart out to you over and over, but I can see in your eyes that we are past that stage.”

“Derek, I know it was hard on you, but did you ever think it was hard on me too or did that never accord to you.” She said with anger in her voice.

“I know babe, and I’m so sorry I wish I can turn back the clock and do the right thing, but I can’t. I meant it when I said I acted like a bad husband I should have been there. Please just give me the chance to make it up to you.” Derek pleaded with her. He didn’t want her to leave the ship still angry.

“And how are you planning to make it up to me Derek?” Nova wasn’t letting him off that easy.

“Boy you are mad at me.” He was lost for words, “I . . . .  Anything babe, I’ll do anything just name it.”

“No Derek, I can’t let you think that it will be easy for us both and your right it will take a lot more than just words and a night of romance. I can’t say that I will make it easy for you but I guess we can take it one step at a time.” Nova wanted to leave knowing that they work things out. This is the man that she loved for so long and she wanted him to be able to do his job without having to think of what happened between them.

2006youkosan[1].jpgHe walked over to her slowly and put out his hand for her to take. Nova looked at it and then took it. “Mrs. Wildstar I love you very much.” he pulled her close and kiss her.

“Derek, don’t think that this is going anywhere.” She wasn’t about to jump in bed with him just yet she needed more time for that.

“I would never take advantage of you. But you can’t blame me for trying.” Derek smiled at her. She just wanted to melt in his arms but knew that she had to keep her head on right. If EDF was fishing for something she didn’t want them to have more ammo to get him in trouble. Derek drop down on one knee, held his hand to his heart and asked her. “Nova will you give me the honor of escorting you to Desslock and Devina’s wedding?”

“Oh you can be so silly, get up I’d love to go. When are we expected?” Nova asked smiling at him.

“We’ll warp tonight once Homer arrives here the wedding is at 1600 hrs tomorrow. Everyone will attend.” Derek wrapped his arms around her and gave her long kiss.

“I guess I should put something together for the wedding then.” She walked over to the closet and started to look for something to wear.

“Nova will you be sleeping here tonight or will I have to sleep in this big bed alone again.” Derek missed her so much at night.

“Only if you behave.” She said back with a smile. She too missed him in bed, she gave him a nod “and yes I missed you too.”

“I promise no hanky panky. We can just cuddle I’ve missed you so much.” Derek gave her a quick kiss, “I have to get back on the bridge. I’ll see you in a couple of hours then?”

Nova nodded and turned back towards the closet to see if she found something nice to wear to the wedding.



“Captain on the bridge” Sandor yelled out. “So how did it go?”

“I can’t say it went great, but at least we’re talking. It’ll take time to get back to that level again, but it’s a start. Thanks Sandor I appreciate what you did.” Derek said.

“Anytime Derek, you guys help me out many times with my two ex-wives and Danielle took the prize on both of them.” Sandor rolled his eyes at the memory.

She was young and pretty, Nova made it known that she didn’t care for her to Sandor but he loved her and she was always polite to her. The wedding was outrageous she spent most of his credits to create a wedding straight out of a royal wedding. Once they married she became this money spending machine. Sandor try to talk to her and let her know that she needed to control her spending but she just laughed at him and reminded him that she was the wife of one of the Star Force members and the inventor of the Do-it-all machine. She needed to live up to that standard of a millionaire wife, which meant the extra marital affairs with at least five men. With the encouragement of Derek and Nova, Sandor filed for divorce. Lucky for him he managed to walk away without paying her any alimony and kept what was left of his fortune. Derek and Nova stood by him throughout the whole ordeal and help out with testifying on his behalf. 

“Yeah she was a real winner.” Wildstar joked with him.

Sandor laughed “More like a bitch on credit card wheels.”

“So what’s the story with the Galaxy?” Wildstar wanted to get back into the swing of things.

“Well they are on the way they should be here within two hours.” Sandor replied. “Captain I’m assuming that we will be attending the wedding then?”

“Yes we are we’ll warp once the Galaxy arrives and should station outside of the Gamilon planet.” Wildstar told him.