Onward With Love…

Chapter Ten:  The War Drags On…

By Yuki Wildstar

With much appreciation to Fred Kopetz , he encouraged me to go for it. With his collaboration in this story about Derek and Nova it has turned out to be better than I thought it would. His vision with detailing and added script has made this so much more fun than expected.  You and Gail ROCK! Thanks for everything and I am so blessed to have a partner in writing.


I. Planet Paxton

Bolar Federation Headquarters

May 13, 2205: 2100 Hours

Hindleman sat at his desk trying to finish up some reports that needed to be sent to Prime Minister Bemlayze, when someone knocked on the door. “Who is it!” he bellowed.

“It is I, Lieutenant Pevin! May I enter?”

“Yes Pevin come in, any news on Baynet?”

“My apologies sir, but the base on planet Baynet has been totally destroyed as well as the bases on Rima and Tenco,” Pevin kept his distance from the General. He knew his temper and knew that things would be thrown soon.

“What, how could this be?” Hindleman couldn’t believe it.

Pevin stepped a little forward and decided to tell him about the only one that escaped “Sir, Lieutenant Kryptin was on Rima when it was attacked. He has some important information to give to you.”

“Let him in, Pevin!” Hindleman ordered him. “Lieutenant Kryptin, what is this information that you have to present to me?”

Kryptin stood at attention and started to explain “General Hindleman, Rima was attacked and destroyed!”

“I know this Lieutenant; tell me something I don’t know!” Hindleman was getting annoyed with the long explanations.

“Sir, we were attacked by the Gamilon and another fleet. Sir I believe…no, I am certain that it was an Earth fleet.”

“What did you say, an Earth fleet?” Hindleman was now looking at Lieutenant Kryptin with slit eyes.

“Yes sir, I am sure of the fighters that were chasing us down. There were the same type that we fought back in 2203; the Cosmo Tiger II’s, as they call them. We call them the Foxdarts, sir.” Kryptin said in hopes that the General would not blame him for what happened.

“Are you sure about the fighter pilots? Are you sure those were Terran vessels?” Hindleman needed to make sure of the information. He had to report this back to the Prime Minster, and he wanted to make sure that his information checked out before they would start a war with another planet.

“Yes sir, I have no doubt that it was Earth that were assisting the Gamilons. The shapes of those Tigers were unmistakable.” Kryptin stood in front of Hindleman still at attention and afraid to move. “Sir, I and Lieutenant Toler from the Comet Empire, were the only ones that managed to escape in order to bring you this information.”

“Lieutenant Kryptin you may go! I must pass this on to the Prime Minister. Report back to your squadron at once! And say nothing to the others!” Hindleman ordered him.

“Thank you, sir” Kryptin saluted, turned and left. Pevin closed the door and walked over and stood at attention in front of Hindleman. “Sir, will there be anything else?” he asked.

“Yes….Pevin, connect me to headquarters to Prime Minister Bemlayze. Make it fast, Prime Minister Bemlayze will not be pleased when he hears that Earth has joined in a union with Gamilon. It was bad enough, and it was their fault that we lost so much when they meddled into our war with Gamilon years ago, up to that battle that almost cost the Prime Minster his life when his Fortress was fatally damaged and he warped out into the Fourth Dimension. Now they are back and in joint union with our worst enemy. That is an impertinence I must make them pay for in their own blood! Pevin, also send a message to Commander Navox and see where they are with the search party on Baynet, if they find anything on my daughter Devina. I need to know if she was on the planet when they were attacked!”

“Yes sir, right away” Pevin saluted, bowed, than left the room. A moment later Pevin informed that he had the Prime Minister on the video monitor.

“Hindleman, what is it? I am not pleased to the fact that we have lost the bases on Rima, Tenco and Baynet. Or am I hearing you wrong?” Bemlayze said with vile. “What else can you tell me that I do not already know? And make it fast. I have little time for failures such as you,  Hindleman!”

“Your Grace….” Hindleman lowered his eyes “I was just informed that an Earth Task Group has joined in a union with the Gamilon-Garuman Empire. With their help, Gamilon was able to defeat us and they thus destroyed our bases.”

Bemlayze face started to twist into a frown, and anger came over him. “Damn the Earthlings! Earth is again the cause of all this! We should have destroyed that planet with a proton missile years ago when we had the chance, just like I did with Planet Berth when they got to be too much trouble! You remember that? And that is when the Earthlings began to defy me, led by that meddling boy Captain Wildstar. It would be too much of a coincidence for that meddling boy to be annoying us again! I wanted him captured and tortured to death years ago! Find out who is in charge of this fleet, and report back to me immediately, and Hindleman, you will make sure there is no more bad news! Not if you desire to maintain your position! Do I make myself clear to you?”

“Yes your Excellency” Hindleman still with his head down said and sign off. “Pevin get a recon team together, I want them to look into who the fleet commander is of the earth fleet.”  If it’s the last thing I do I will crush the commander of this fleet. Especially if he had anything to do with Devina and the destruction of his bases.

Pevin walked into Hindleman’s office again. “Sir, they have captured two spies following our pilots!”

“What? Where are they?” Hindleman bellowed.

“Sir they are on the flight deck being detained, what should we do with them?” Pevin asked

“Kill them…like the garbage they are!” Hindleman said without hesitation.


II. Planet Gamilon

Space Battleship Endeavor

The Docking Port

May 14, 2205: 1946 Earth hours

“Captain Wildstar, I hope that we are not intruding” Desslok said while boarding the Endeavor from the gangway. Wildstar met him and Devina when he heard that they wanted to see Nova before they left in the morning for the next phase of the mission.

“Not at all Desslok, how are you Devina? Nova is running a little behind; she’s trying to catch up on some things and will meet up with us in our stateroom. Please come this way…let me give you a formal tour of the Endeavor.” Wildstar took them and led the way around the ship.

Nova hurried too in the Medical Ward so she could get back and visit with Desslok and Devina. “Ma’am, Captain Wildstar called and told me to let you know that the Emperor and Princess Devina are both now aboard,” Ensign Tidwell informed her.

“Thank you Ensign, I should be finished up here in a sec.” Nova worked quickly, she looked over everything and was happy with what she accomplished. She got up to put her reports away and a wave of dizziness washed over her. She grabbed at the table and held herself steady. Whoa…got up too quickly…I’d better take a breather. Nova regained her balance and finished putting things away, and then headed to meet Derek, Desslok and Devina at their stateroom.

Nova got there first and jumped in the shower. She had just enough time to bathe and get ready. She was just finishing doing her hair when she heard someone at the door. She walked over and opened the door; the dessert and coffee that was prepared for the five of them was being delivered. “Oh perfect timing, just set it up over there near the window!” Nova helped in setting up; she set candles around to make it more intimate for all of them. She thanked the crewmen for their help and closed the door. She ran back into the head to finish getting herself together.  She wore her simple black strapless dress and matching peep-toe pumps. She adjusted her necklace and checked her earrings, then she brushed her hair one last time and got some lipstick.  As she put her finishing touches she heard the door opening; she took a peek out and saw Derek with Desslok and Devina. “I’ll be right out!” She called out to them.

Desslok looked at Wildstar impressed with his quarters. “This is something I could use, Wildstar. They really do treat you well on Earth! It looks like a hotel suite.” Wildstar looked away from him with embarrassment. Nova walked in and walked over to Desslok and Devina. She gave both of them hugs and kissed their cheeks. “You look stunning Nova, Wildstar is a very lucky man.”

“Shall we all sit down?” Nova said, waving at the table that was set up for them. “Sandor is running late as usual, but says to start without him.”

Both men walked over to the table and pulled out chairs for them. Nova watched and laughed to herself, it looked like they rehearsed each step together. “Ladies,” Derek said waiting for them to sit. Nova and Devina looked at each other and walked to the table, they both sat and just like a dance, Derek and Desslok help them with their chair.  Desslok sat first while Derek opened a bottle of wine that they brought from back home on Earth.  Derek poured everyone a glass and sat down. “So Devina, I hear from Desslok that you have decided to stay on Gamilon with him.”

Devina looked at Desslok then over to Derek and Nova. “Yes, I find him quite charming and he has made my stay more than interesting.”

“I knew that you two would get along, I’m glad that it worked out.” Nova said to them

“To be honest, Your Highness, I feel more comfortable with you here on Gamilon. It is safer for you here. This ship is not a place for civilians; we don’t know when something can go wrong and it can turn dangerous at any time.” Derek told her.

“I understand Captain, and you’re right Gamilon is the place to be. I know that the Emperor will guard me with his life and I feel safe with him.” Devina took to him very quickly.

Nova looked at Derek and gave him a stare of I told you so. Nova then turned to her and asked “Do you still remember your mother?”

“I still hold only little images of her. Sometimes if I look at something or do something I get an image of her and me doing that. But when I get one of my feelings…I actually see her in front of me”

Derek leaned forward, “Devina, are you saying that you are clairvoyant?” Derek knew it was a gift that Sasha and Starsha had.

“I’m not sure, I guess I am,” Devina knew she hadn’t perfected it yet. “I’m not sure if it was a gift that I inherited.”

“It just might be,” Derek said to her “Your cousin was and your second cousin, my niece was also. It could be something that you inherited.”

This was also news to Desslok he never thought that she could have what Starsha had.

“Your cousin Starsha had the same gift,” he said. Desslok remembered that he had always warned him when things were going to go wrong. Unfortunately, he never listened when she had warned him about the Star Force.

Sandor arrived 15 minutes later. “Sorry that I’m late, Hello Desslok, Princess Devina. I was rechecking all the flight status and coordinates to planets Paxton and Tizen for warping.”

They all talked on about Starsha and Alex so Devina could get a sense of who she was. Desslok spoke highly of her, and he spoke the most, for he had known her longer then all of them. It made Devina feel like this was home for her they all talked about her cousin Starsha and told her wonderful stories about her. It made her feel warm inside knowing that she too wanted peace throughout the galaxy like her.

The night went on about the past, and then Nova yawned and everyone stared at her. “Oh my God I’m so sorry…I can’t understand this. I’ve slept all day and I felt fine after I woke up.”

Desslok and Devina looked at each other and decided to head back to the palace. Nova , Derek and Sandor stood up so they could make their way out.

Sandor said his goodbyes to Desslok and Devina and headed to his quarters so he can get some sleep before morning. He knew it was going to be a long day and he needed to make some adjustments to IQ-9; it seemed that he still couldn’t get the kinks out of him with chasing female officers, or any female for the matter. Good thing he hasn’t chased Devina, yet, he thought with an amused grin.

Derek and Nova walked Desslok and Devina to the gangway, where at the bottom, there awaited a car to take them back to the palace. Devina gave Nova a hug, “Nova thank you for introducing me to Desslok. Derek you take care of her, and came back safe.”

“We will,” Derek said and then shook Desslok’s hand. Devina hugged him and both of them walked down the gangway to the car.

Derek and Nova waved until the car was out of sight. Derek then turned to Nova and took her by the waist back into the ship to their room. “You look tired my love, are you pushing yourself too much?”

“I guess I am. Maybe I should get back to bed, are you going to join me?” Nova purred into his ear.

Derek smiled and closed the door to their room. “Nova, are you okay with the whole Tolbert thing? It’s not going to be easy working with her I know this.”

“Derek, I don’t want to talk about her any more tonight, I think I’ve had enough. Just talking about her is wearing me out. So let’s just start the making-up procedure and hit the bed and make love, hmm?” Nova said with a smile.

“Ah, a woman after my own heart! Come here you! I knew I married you for the right reasons. He wrapped his arms around her and gave her a kiss. “Let’s go to bed.”

Nova undressed and Derek went and put some music on. Nova hummed to the music and threw on one of Derek’s old t-shirts. It was an old T-shirt with the old Star Force pattern on it that they only wore around each other in private. Derek sat at his chair with his hand propped against his face. He watched as she got dressed and walked over to the head and began to wash her face. Derek gazed over to his hand that held his wedding ring. He swiveled his chair and looked up into the night sky, Nova walked behind him and threw her arms around him from behind. “A penny for your thoughts?” 

Derek smiled and looked up at his wife “You know what, I’m so glad that you’re here with me. Sometimes I do wish you were safe on Earth but it’s really nice you being here. I love you very much.”

Nova came around to him and sat on his lap, she put her arm around his neck and gave him a kiss on the neck. “Derek, I’m glad that I’m here too, I missed you so much when you first left. Then when they told me they couldn’t find you my heart sank. Derek, I’d rather die next to you in battle then live my life without you!”

“I know that I promised Venture that I would never make you cry, and never make you unhappy, and I’m sorry that I have put you through all this. I hope that he will forgive me also,” Derek said looking up to the stars. “Sometimes I miss both him and Alex. Alex was my only blood family and Venture became another brother to me. I never knew that he was in love with you, he hid that well. Had I known that, I might have stepped aside.”

“But he didn’t Derek, he knew that there was something special between us, and he saw that. Someday when we have kids I would like to name one after him, if that’s okay with you?” Nova put her head on his shoulder and listened to his heartbeat.

“I’d like that very much, you know we’ve never talked about how many kids we would like? I’m thinking two or three!” Derek said looking down on her head.

Nova grinned “I really think that’s a nice number no less than two and no more than three.”

“When would you like to start this family?” Derek asked “I know that we talked about waiting, but maybe we can try after the mission like we talk about, seriously.”  Derek put his hand on her stomach and pictured her pregnant.

Nova’s eyes went soft and she lifted her head and looked into his face, and without hesitation, she kissed him. Derek picked her up and carried her to the bed, placing her down gently. He took off his uniform and placed his hands on her leg, he stared at her and bent down to kiss her stomach after he stripped off her T-shirt. “Someday this won’t be so flat,” He smiled at her. “I think you’re going to be more beautiful pregnant”

“And you dear sir, will probably be walking around like a proud peacock flashing his feathers and screaming “look what I did!” Nova laughed at him.

“You’re probably right!” Derek replied at her statement. Then, they kissed.


“Wow, am I beat. I never knew there were that many people on board the ship.” Howard wiped her face with a towel. It was hot in the galley and Pesci was also tried.

“You know I really thought you were kidding when you said that you had to cook for the crew. Now being that I was drag into this with you, mind telling me what happen at the palace with Tolbert. I mean if I had to help you cook the least you can do is tell me.” Pesci laughed at Denise when she came to him and told him about what she had to do; Captain’s orders.  Wildstar remember what he complained about and finally she had to learn how to cook old fashioned sauce and pasta for the crew. Pesci stopped laughing when she said that he had to help her. They went to the galley and Pesci showed her how to boil tomatoes fresh, peel them and mash them. To serve so many it took them two hours just to boil and peel them. Pesci guided her in every step. It seemed like it took all day to cook, but they managed to finish in time for dinner rush.  Now finally they were done thanks to the kitchen crew that helped with the cleanup they were done earlier then they expected.

“So what’s it gonna be…are you gonna spill the beans or what?” Pesci stood there with his arms crossed.

“Tony I rather not, I don’t want to embarrass Nova or the Captain. Please don’t push the subject,” Denise said hoping that he would back off on the matter.

Pesci looked at her “Fine I can respect that. I don’t want to push you.”

“Thank you Tony” Denise touch his face and looked into his eyes. “I think we better get some rest, tomorrow is pretty much a long day. And to tell you the truth I am beat.”

“Yeah me too, I cooked for a large family but this beats the cake. Come on I’ll walk you to your quarters.” He put his hand on her waist and leaded her out the galley and into the hall. They came to her stateroom and he opened the door for her. She was so tried that she leaned on the wall and closed her eyes. Pesci noticed her leaning on the wall and grab her hand.  She fell into his arms and he carried her inside. He began to take her uniform off and drag her into the head for a quick shower.  She was so out of it that she let him dress her and put her in the bed. He kissed her on the lips and then on the forehead. “Goodnight my love I’ll see you in the morning.”

“Goodnight Tony, thank you,  and Pesci      I love you” Denise said with a sleepy voice.

Pesci turned one more time and watch his new bride falling into a deep sleep. He closed the door and made sure it was locked. Then he walked down to his stateroom smiling at the day that they both had.



After returning from the Endeavor and an evening with the Wildstars and Sandor, Desslok walked Devina back to her suite. “Thank you Desslok…I had a very nice time, it was nice to see Nova before she left. It may be a while before they return back to Gamilon.”

“Anything for you my dear, it was a pleasure to escort you. Now I have a very long day tomorrow, and I know it’s been a trying day for you also.  I hope to see you in the morning for breakfast if you are up to it.” Desslok looked at her with a glow in his face that told the universe that he was falling madly in love with her.

Devina gazed back “Yes….I would like very much, goodnight Desslok” Desslok leaned over to give his signature kiss on the hand, but Devina sidetracked him and kissed him on the lips. At first, he was stunned that she made the first move, but then he wrapped his arms around her and kissed her back passionately. Then he pulled away “Devina…I’d be a fool not to say that I am not very smitten with you and to take advantage of it would not be gentlemanly or honorable. As a man, I would love to go in there and make love to you. But I cannot allow that to happen; I respect you too much, and I would like for our first time to be very special.”

Devina’s heart reached out to him, for he was indeed a true gentleman. “Goodnight, then until tomorrow.” She held her hand on his face and gave him a quick kiss on the cheek, then closed the door leaving Desslok there wanting her even more.

He touched her door with his hand and thought to himself 0h, Devina if only you knew that if you had asked me to come in… I would have. He turned and walked back to his own suite within the palace.

“Talan, have we heard any news on our fighters?”

“No, Your Grace” Talan replied.

“Very well, please have the usual sent to my room,” Desslok said to his aide and right-hand man. Talan knew all too well what to do. He called down to the dining hall and had them send up his wine, then called to Desslok’s massage specialist and had them send two of his regulars.


III. Planet Paxton

Bolar Federation Headquarters

May 15, 2205 0932 Hours: Earthtime

“Pevin, do we have any news on the status of what happened over on Baynet?” Hindleman bellowed at his aide.

“Not yet sir, they landed an hour ago and are on their way to the remains of the base,” Pevin said in hopes that would appease the General.

“Well, get him on the line now I want to speak to him” Hindleman couldn’t wait any longer he needed to find out what happened to his daughter.

“Yes sir, right away sir.” Pevin ran to the communications panel and began to get Navox on the telecom. “Commander Navox what is the status of your search?” Pevin called into the communicator.

“Sir, we found some survivors from the base…they were hiding in a distant cave. I have questioned them and they confirmed what the Lieutenant said, it was Gamilon and Earth that attacked the base.”

“Commander, and the status of the General’s daughter?” Pevin demanded.

“Sir, they were not sure of that. The whole base looked for her and no one was able to find her.  One of the men thought he saw an escape pod take off right after the attack began. There is a possibility that she was captured by one of the ships.” Navox called into the microphone.

Pevin was not sure what to tell the General, they neither had good news nor bad. But he had to tell him either way. “Very well, Captain see what else you can find out and report back ASAP.”

“Yes sir” Navox stood at attention and saluted the Commander.

I guess I have to tell him it will not be easy Pevin thought to himself. He walked into the General’s office stood and saluted. “Sir, I have news about Baynet!”

“Well, tell me, damn you!” Hindleman ordered with no more patience.

“Sir, Navox has found survivors; they have no information about the Princess…only that there was an escape pod that took off right after the attacks began.  They searched high and low for the Princess before the attacks, and they believe that she was the one in the pod,” Pevin relayed the news. “Sir, they confirmed that it was Gamilon and Earth that were the ones to attack”

“So Desslok has finally gotten the Earthlings to join in union with him? He will pay for this!” Hindleman slammed his fist on the desk and then threw a statue that sat on his desk towards Pevin, missing him by a foot. “Pevins, I want you to get Captain Rycon NOW!”

“Yes sir” Pevin, ran out the door and called Rycon on the communication line. “Captain Rycon…General Hindleman wants to see you right away. Be warned, sir. He is not in a good mood.”

“Yes sir, on my way now,” Rycon said. He arrived just 15 minutes later and stood before Hindleman. Rycon was a round man with small slitted eyes. He stood about 5’5” with a half bald head; what was left of his hair ran around the back of his head. He walked with a slight limp considering that he had been shot in the leg by one of his own men in a battle with the Gamilons by accident. Rycon had turned to the man and shot him dead. “Sir, Captain Rycon reporting!”

Hindleman stood up from his desk and walked over to him “Rycon, it is good to see you again! How is the leg?”

“Much better, sir,” Rycon said, still apprehensive over Pevin’s warning to him.

“Captain Rycon, I need you to take a fleet to Baynet right away!” Hindleman said. “When there, you should meet with Lieutenant Navox and his man, once you are there, report back to me and I will give you further instructions.” Hindleman said.

“But sir, isn’t the base on Baynet destroyed?” Rycon asked.

Hindleman was short tempered with him “Yes, I know that the base is destroyed! Navox has vital information that I need, now go! Report only to me… understood?” Rycon nodded, saluted the General and turned to go.

Now I will find out what happened to Devina! Hindleman thought to himself as he ground his teeth, poured himself a goblet of wine mixed with a Vodka-like liquor, and belted back his drink.


IV.  Planet Gamilon

Space Battleship Endeavor

May 15, 2205: 1045 Hours Earth Standard Spacetime

“Okay, everyone, let’s get this going! I want everyone to double check their instruments, let’s make sure we do everything by the numbers. I don’t want any mistakes.” Wildstar ordered. “Miamato, take over the departure sequence.”

“Yes Captain,” Miamato called out. “Watanabe, Main Thruster start!”

“Main engine thruster starting, power building in main thruster,” Wanatabe said.

“Release closing valve of main cylinder!” Miamato called off the next step.

“Main cylinder valve opening up” Watanabe replied as a hum of power resounded through the ship. “Cylinder pressure of wave engine increasing!”

“5 seconds to thrust ignition on my count,” Miamato called out to Wanatabe. “5  …. 4  ….. 3 …… 2 ……. 1 IGNITE!”

“Main engine IGNITE!” Wanatabe yelled out.

“Prepare for cruising speed, main wings open,” Miamato said as the ship ascended up into the sky at an angle “Ascending to 1500 megameters from the surface, continuing to climb; 10,000 megameters to planet’s orbit, still climbing at 25,000 megameters. Leaving Gamilon orbit. Re-track wings. Sir, we are clear from orbit.”

“Full power on wave motion engine!” Wildstar called out.

“Wave motion engine at full speed!” Wanatabe replied.

“Good job Miamato, your takeoff reminded me of Mark Venture. Keep up the good work,” Wildstar called to him from his Captain’s chair.

Miamato smiled to himself “Thank you, sir” He knew that the captain had worked with the best in the fleet, so any praise coming from him was the highest of compliments.

“Lieutenant Commander Forrester, how does it look on the radar?” Wildstar called to her.

Nova looked closer at her instruments, “Looks all clear sir, we can begin the first warp. Our calculations show we should warp to about 50,000 mega meters from planet Baynet.”

“Let’s get ready for warp.” Wildstar then activated the PA from his post. “Attention…all crew members…we will be warping to the outer part of Baynet in 20 minutes, please secure all stations! Attention….all crew members we will be warping in 20 minutes! Please secure all stations!  Wildstar announced over the loud speakers. “Sandor, how are all our communications with the other ships?”

“Everything is working fine, sir,” Sandor replied.

“Good I don’t want anything happening like before,” Wildstar said. “Put me through to Admiral Singleton and put him up on the video panel.”

“Yes sir!” Pratt called back to him.

Wildstar then turned to Watanabe “Mister Watanabe, are all systems working to their fullest?”

“No sir, we are only on half speed, but she can pick up speed in less than 30 seconds if needed!” Watanabe said proudly. He loved his job; it was one that needed you to think quickly on your feet.

“Very well then; let’s cruise at this speed until we are ready to warp. Keep me informed if anything is amiss.”

“Yes sir, will do!” Wantanabe called back

Good, it all seems to be going acoording  to plan, so far. Let’s hope that everything stays on track. I really don’t want  any surprises. Derek thought back to earlier that morning….

“Hey babe, are you up?” Derek said as he turned to Nova.

“Nova, are you up?” He tried to shake her awake, but she wouldn’t stir. He tried a little harder, finally getting her to stir and open her eyes. She sat up, yawned, and rubbed sleep out of her eyes like the fabled Rip Van Winkle.

“Hey babe, it seems like it’s getting harder and harder to wake you. You’ve been working too late and hard, maybe you should cut back on some of the duties?”

“Don’t be silly, I’m fine. What time is it anyway?” Nova asked with sleepy eyes in a drowsy voice.

“It’s 0543 hours; we have to get up on the bridge soon. Do you want to hop in the shower first or should I?” Derek asked.

“No you go first, you have to be on the bridge before me. And anyway I can go over some reports that I left on the desk from last night.” Nova got up and walked over to the desk.

Derek shrugged his shoulders and went to take a shower. He didn’t notice how Nova was turning green, she suddenly ran to the head almost knocking Derek out with the door.

“What the hell?” Derek turned and looked at her after she was through being sick. “Nova are you okay? God! How long have you been like this?”

Nova collected herself and washed her face.  “I’m okay, Derek. It was something I ate last night that didn’t agree with me, that’s all. And this is the first time that this has happened,” She lied about the fact it had happened a few times before but she didn’t want him to worry.

“Are you sure you’re alright? Maybe you should go to sick call and have them check you out?” Derek said while holding her hand and fixing her hair to the side.

“I’m good, Derek. I am a nurse. I would know if something was seriously wrong with me. Now stop fussing! We need to get ready to go to the bridge.”

Derek looked at her long and hard before stepping into the shower. He kept looking out into the room to see if she was okay. She sat at the desk looking over at some papers and writing things down.  He finished up and began to get dressed as he did he watched her jump into the shower. He stayed standing there looking at her shower then finally decided to head up to the bridge. When Nova came out of the shower she was relieved that Derek left, she didn’t want him fussing over her. She needed to get focused and concentrate on her job….

“Captain, I have Admiral Singleton ready for the video panel,” Pratt called out to Wildstar.

“Captain Wildstar, it’s good to hear from you!” said Singleton as his image came up. “Tell me what has been going on with the Union?” Singleton asked

“Sir, the battles at Tenco and Baynet have all been successful; all enemy bases have been destroyed.  We are now on the way to Planets Paxton and Tizen. We will be warping to Baynet in 15 minutes…then we will have two more warps before reaching Paxton. The Endeavor, with the Galaxy II along with the Gamilon battleships Lalanda and Turion with both our fleets will then continue to the Tizen System. From there, Captain Glitchman and Captain Cantara of the Turion will continue on to Paxton.”

“Very good, Captain! Continue on with your mission; and please contact me as soon as you can about the outcome of the mission. Singleton out!”

Wildstar and the others saluted as the Commander vanished from the screen. Then, Derek looked at the bridge crew and said, “Okay, guys! We have one minute to warp, everyone prepare for the warp! Strap yourself down and secure all stations” Wildstar announced over the PA system. “Let’s begin countdown to warp! Miamato, are you ready to take over?”

“Sir, yes sir!” Miamato called back.

“Very well take over and commence the final countdown,” Wildstar said, handing over control of the warp procedure to him.

Miamoto then said, “All stations secured! Start countdown T minus 15 seconds!”

“Final scans complete, our path is clear ahead to the warp-out point,” Nova said from her post.

Miamoto ordered, “Watanabe…prepare the engine for warp speed! 10…9….8…7….6….5….4…..3….2….1!  WARP!”

Watanabe then pulled back the lever and warped the ship. The Endeavor disappeared into hyperspace with a flashing roar of blue light. The stars distorted, and reality itself became twisted for a moment as Derek shut his eyes, guarding his mind from the bizarre visions and sensations that resulted from going between dimensions like a hot knife through a stick of butter. If you looked around too much, you could see all sorts of weird things.

For a moment, everything seemed to be a bizarre eternal “now”, with the minutes adding up to no passing hour. The human mind could not quite comprehend what happened in hyperspace, and it was actually hazardous to one’s mental and physical well-being to ponder this weird state of nothingness too deeply; since it could drive a man or woman mad, even a disciplined officer.

Finally, reality crashed back into being with a strange “slam” as the Endeavor flashed back into normalspace near Planet Baynet.

Wildstar opened his eyes and focused his vision. He looked over everyone on the bridge and one by one they all came to from the warp. Nova was the last one to come out of it; it almost scared him enough to get out of his chair and to run over to her. She looked up and rubbed her face, she then turn towards Derek and smiled at him.  He smiled back knowing that she was all right.

“Excellent work Miamato, couldn’t have done better myself,” Wildstar said. “Anything on radar, Lieutenant Commander Forrester?”

“No, nothing…wait a minute there’s something that just popped up on the far side of planet Baynet!” Nova called out. “It’s moving fast!”

“Pratt, see if you can find out who they are! See about the rest of the fleet too; have them all check in. Let’s make sure it’s not one of ours out there.” Wildstar said.

“Sir,” Nova yelled out. “It looks like a small fleet! I’m reading battleships, cruisers, destroyers and other escorts!”

“What!” Wildstar turned to the video “Switch it over to video NOW!”

Wildstar look really hard at the video panel at the blurry image of a fleet in the distance. Whatever kind of fleet it was, it was spread out quite a bit. Derek guessed they were in some kind of patrol formation.  “Sandor…what do you think, could those be Bolar ships?”

“I think you’re right Wildstar! We’d better take defensive action.” Sandor said

“Pratt, call over to the other ships and have them prepare for battle!” Wildstar yelled over to Pratt. “Ortiz, get those guns ready, if they fire you are to return fire. Pratt anything on the wire from the other ships?”

“Sir the Galaxy says it’s not one of theirs. Also the Lalanda and Turion say the same. Captain Cantara is on the line sir, should I put him through?”

“Put him on the video panel” Wildstar said. A moment later, Cantara’s image came up on the screen

“Captain Wildstar, that is a Bolar fleet. They must be there investigating what is left of their base,” Cantara said over the video panel.

V. Planet Baynet

Bolar Battleship Antara

May 15, 2205: 1156 Hours Earth Standard Spacetime

“Captain, a fleet of ships 100,000 mega meters from Planet Baynet just came on my radar screen! Sir…it’s the Gamilon Fleet and another fleet with them!” a radar tech called to him.

“It must be the Earth fleet that joined forces with those vile Gamilons! Fire all guns at them. Send out our fighters;  ATTACK!” Captain Rycon yelled to his officers.

“Captain Wildstar” Nova yelled to Wildstar while looking at her radar.“They just fired a wave of missiles in our direction! And, sir, they’re sending out fighter ships! There’s about a hundred of them!”

“Alright, let’s not just sit here, “ Derek barked back. “Return fire! Ortiz, use the main guns!” Wildstar yelled out, then he turned to the microphone to the flight deck. “Pesci, Delvechio get the Black Tigers out there!”

“Aye, Aye Sir!” Delvechio called back.

“‘T’” Pesci called into his helmet .“Let’s show these Bolar what we got, shall we put on some tunes?”

“I get to pick it this time!” Delvechio called back to Pesci.

“Alright fellas and of course lady, let’s go!” Pesci grinned as he gave the order to head out.

One by one the Black Tigers flew out of the ships haul all to the tune of Def Leppard’s ‘Let’s Get Rock’. With precision, they all took their positions in a V form. One by one they turned to the Bolar pilots and proceed to counterattack.

 Over on the Galaxy II, Captain Glitchman also gave the order to attack. He said,  “Williams, fire our laser cannons! Tolbert, hard to port!”

“Evading enemy fire-heading to port!” snapped Tolbert as she rolled the Galaxy II on her main dorsal axis to a void an enemy barrage aimed right at them that just whizzed past the ship.

“Main guns on target!” said Williams! “FIRE!”

 The Galaxy II’s main guns went off, destroying two Bolar vessels as the beams of energy ran right through them.

Over on the Gamilon S type battleship Turion, Captain Cantara was ordering his pilots to take off and join in the fight. He also gave the order to return fire towards the Bolar fleet. “Fire all guns! Target …Bolar fleet!” He yelled out.

On the Lalanda, Commander Sirius gave his order to also attack. His ship shot pink energy at the Bolars, blowing hole after hole in their ships and fighters.

Meanwhile back on the Endeavor….

The Endeavor’s bridge lights flicked on and off and then back on as the ship kicked and bucked as if she had been a car rear-ended on one of Earth’s ancient overcrowded expressways.

“Captain we are getting hit hard on the aft part of the ship. Should I fire laser guns?” Ortiz called out.

Wildstar turned to Pratt, “Give me the status on Glitchman and Cantara!” Then, he turned to Ortiz. “Ortiz you don’t need to ask, just shoot! This is not a drill! Fire all guns”

“Yes sir” Ortiz said “Artillery aim main laser guns 20 degrees port side, Ready hold….fire.”

The Endeavor’s guns spoke three times in succession, followed by a pulse laser barrage as a huge cloud of fighter planes heading right for the Earth space battleship were obliterated, although some scored hits on gun mounts on the Endeavor, which was trailing smoke and gas from several ruptured compartments.

Back over on the Antara ……

“Captain, our fighters are getting shot down one by one! There are too many of them. We should retreat!”

Rycon walked over to the Ensign and slapped him hard. “I will not retreat, continue with the attack!”

“But sir….they outnumber us 3 to 1” the Ensign said. Rycon looked at the Ensign and grabbed him by the neck “We retreat when I say we will! NOT BEFORE!” Rycon said with fire in his eyes.

“Sir” The communication officer called to Rycon “I have the commander of the Earth fleet, he wishes to speak to you!”

Rycon turned to the Officer “Put him through.”

“Captain, I am Captain Derek Wildstar of the Endeavor, you are in EDF Territorial Space! This planet is one of our space colonies! You must withdraw and return back to your own sector of the galaxy!” Wildstar said.

“Captain Wildstar, I am Captain Rycon of the Bolar Federation Space Battleship Antara. I would have you know that we have taken this planet under the name of the Bolar and Cometine Union. It is you that is in our space! You and the Gamilon fleet should be the ones to retreat, and do it at once! Do it before I finish you all off!”

“Captain Rycon you are outnumbered 3 to 1; do you honestly think that you will win this battle?” Wildstar said in the hope that he would just retreat.

“HAH! No! You have meddled into this war enough, Wildstar! Thanks to your stupidity, Bolar is not only at war with the Gamilons but also with Earth!” Rycon said with vile in his voice.

“Very well then, if that’s how you want it…Wildstar out!” Derek then snapped, “Mister Ortiz….aim all guns at the Bolar flagship and fire at will!”

“Aye aye sir” Ortiz called out. “Artillery, aim all guns 65 degree to starboard. Ready, Set, FIRE!”

The Endeavor’s main guns went off, and blue death poured into the Antara’s innards.  There was major damage to the cursed Bolar vessel. It turned about and ran off at flank speed with smoke pouring from it in three places, and twenty-six members of Rycon’s crew dead.

The Endeavor then changed course and took off in hot pursuit of the Bolar flagship.

“Delvechio, Pesci how’s it going out there?” Wildstar called into the telecom as the Black Tigers continued to engage the clouds of enemy fighters.

“Sir we have them on the run, but some of them are quite bold, they will fight to the death!” Pesci spoke into his helmet mike.

“Good, keep them away from the Endeavor! We’ve taken enough hits to the bow of the ship.”

“Aye aye sir, you heard the Captain let’s cover the ship!” Pesci said into his mike. “GO!”

But before the Black Tigers could get to the ship a Bolar fighter slammed into the Port side of the Earth space battleship. “Damages?” Wildstar called to Sandor.

“Sir we have a hole on the Port side of the ship, Wildstar we have six caualities in Cargo Area B!.”

“Captain” Nova spoke up “permission to attend to the wounded!”

“Yes Lieutenant Copmmander; permission granted,” Wildstar said. At that, Nova got up, pulling on her space gloves and helmet “Lieutenant Commander?” Derek said.

“Yes?” Nova turned to look at him as she was about to close up the faceplate of her helmet.

“Try to get back as soon as you can!” Wildstar was actually telling her to be careful. Nova saluted and ran for the door to attend to the wounded.

“Pratt, put me through to Captain Glitchman!” Wildstar ordered.

“Aye aye, skipper” Pratt replied back. A moment later, he said, “I have him on the line, sir!”

“Homer, how’s it looking over there?” Wildstar asked as he looked up at Homer on the main screen.

“Sir, we have minor damage to the hull of the ship but we are hanging in there! Cantara says the same. I have to admit that the Bolars are stubborn little boogers, but we outnumber them!”

“Yes,” said Wildstar. “We do. But how soon until they realize that?”

“Will they ever realize that?” said Homer.

Wildstar then sat in silence.


“Captain Rycon, we have major damage to our port side, and thanks to that damned Earth battleship hitting us point-blank like that, we’ve lost the use of most of our guns and there was direct hit to a major part of the engine!”

“What else, Ensign?” snapped Rycon.

“Sir, we’ve already lost two of our cruisers, and a few of our fighter pilots, if we do not retreat now we’ll lose the ship…maybe the entire task force!” The Ensign said with fear of what the Captain would do to him for speaking out.

Rycon thought hard for a second. He thought, Damn…better to retreat now and live to fight another day. He thus finally came to the understanding that they would not win this part of the battle.

“Very well, tell all the fighters to retreat back to the ship! We’re done here! Prepare to warp to the other side of the planet. We can regroup there and contact Headquarters! IS THAT CLEAR?” Rycon bellowed.

“Yes ,sir!” the Ensign said.


“Wildstar, it looks like they’re retreating!” Sandor said as he turned to Wildstar.

“Don’t bet on it, they are probably regrouping somewhere! Pesci, stay alert out there.” Wildstar said into the telecom.

“Aye, Sir!” Pesci replied. “You heard the skipper, let’s keep our eyes open.”

“Sandor…let’s go check on the damage! Mister Miamato, take the bridge!” Wildstar said.

“Yes, sir! Captain leaving the Bridge! Commander Miamato now taking command,” he called out.

Sandor and Wildstar walked over to Cargo Hold B to look over the damage. As they toured the area, Wildstar said, “Well, Sandor…what do you think?”

“It’s not as bad as it looks, we should be able to fix it in a couple of hours.” Sandor said while making notes of the damage and stopping here and there to make systems adjustments.

“Good, make sure that they stay within that time frame; we can’t afford a second more,” Derek said. “I’m sure that the Bolars are just regrouping for their next step. I’m going to check on the wounded,” and Nova, he said and thought to himself. “I’ll meet you back on the bridge”

“Right sir, I’ll make sure that we repair this within the next two hours!” Sandor jumped in and started to help with the repairs.

Wildstar walked up to the Medical Ward and walked in, as he looked around he spotted Nova in her white nurse’s dress putting bandages on one of the men that was injured. He walked over to her “Hey there, how’s it going?”

“They all just have minor cuts and bruises,” Nova said as she coughed. “A few….have minor burns and some smoke inhalation. No major casualities, sir,” Nova said in a slightly shaky voice. She was trying to finish up but Derek immediately knew something was wrong. She wasn’t looking good, and it seemed that she was getting paler by the second. Wildstar could see her bare arms and legs suddenly going pale as the blood seemed to drain from her face. Derek grabbed her by the arm and turned her towards him; it almost startled her “Nova, you don’t look well! Are you all right?”

“I’m alright Derek, it’s just very busy right now…I should have gotten more sleep…so tired…” Nova started to walk over to get another medical tray, then she suddenly keeled over, slamming against the deck like a puppet whose strings had just been cut. Derek ran over to her and put his arms around her. “Nova, what’s wrong…are you hurt?” He started to check her over to see if she had been shot or hurt. He saw her arms and legs were shaking, and she was moaning slightly and curling up into a ball as if she was guarding her stomach.

“I’m….not feeling good…Derek..my…OOOOOH!” Nova tried to speak but the pain was too much to take. "Stomach, can’t stand up!” Then, for Nova, everything went black as she fell into unconsciousness. Derek caught her and dragged her over to a gurney all the while yelling for the doctor.

Doctor Webster ran towards them, yelling for a nurse “Grab a medical cart NOW! STAT!”

A nurse grabbed Nova’s wrist and said, “Patient showing signs of shock…her pulse is thready and fast…body temperature to extremities is dropping…”

Derek stood over her, utterly shocked, but the doctor pushed him out of the way. “What happened, what was she complaining about?” Doctor Webster asked Wildstar

“She,  she said her stomach” Derek said in slow motion like he was in a bad movie.

Doctor Webster ordered the nurse to put her in a closed room “Ensign!” he snapped to the nurse. “Get her in there and take her clothes off! Get an IV going, and get her an EKG as soon as you have her stripped down!”

“Yessir,” said the nurse as she pushed the gurney bearing Nova’s still form away.

Nova!” Derek tried going in the room but Doctor Webster pushed him out. “You can’t go in there! You don’t want to see her like that and we have to work on her!” he snapped.  “Captain, has she been complaining about anything else?” he asked.

“She has been looking tired and before we left for the mission she threw up. But she … she said she was alright. I have to go with her she’ll want me there!”

“No! Captain we’ll take care of her, you just stay here,” said Doc Webster as he went into the room and closed the door.

There was nothing more Derek could do but stand outside of the room and wait.

“Sir?” a nurse came over. “Should I get the Deputy Captain?” All Derek could do was nod.

A few minutes later Sandor walked into the medical ward. He spotted Derek in a corner sitting with his head in his hands as nurses ran into the small room with trays of instruments under covers. Sandor put his hand on his shoulder and asked “Derek, any word? I’ve already heard…about Nova. Everyone has.”

“No Sandor, I knew something was wrong but she kept telling she was all right; I should have made her see the doctor. How is the ship doing?” He was more worried about Nova but he also had to stay in touch with the repairs of the ship.

“Miamato still has control of the bridge. No signs of the Bolar fleet, the repairs are going faster than we thought, and we should be finished within the hour. Derek, how are you holding up?” Sandor looked Derek in the face and saw the stress that was on him. With the Bolars still out there and Nova now in sick bay, he knew that Derek was under a lot of stress.

“I’m okay Sandor, thanks…” Derek just kept looking at the door waiting for someone to come out of that room with news about Nova.

“I’m sure she’ll be alright,” Sandor trying to ease his mind. “She has a good doctor with her."

“I know Sandor, thanks , if you don’t mind I’d like to stay here and see what happens,” Wildstar said still looking at the door.

“Wildstar…take as long as you like …” Sandor said. Just then the door opened and the doctor stepped out in full surgical scrubs. Wildstar saw spots of blood on them that had to be Nova’s, amd he felt worse than ever.

“Captain Wildstar, may we talk in private?” Doctor Webster looked at Sandor then to Wildstar.

“It’s okay Doc…he can hear this too! Deputy Captain Sandor is family to me,” Derek was getting antsy about what he was going to tell him. And extremely worried.

Doctor Webster looked them both over and motioned them towards his private office. “Captain Wildstar,” Doctor Webster began to talk while closing the door. He looked at them and motioned them to sit. “I’m very sorry to tell you, but Lieutenant Commander Forrester will be all right; she’s a strong woman, but she lost the baby.”

Derek snapped his head up and stared at the doctor “I’m sorry…what did you say?”

“Captain Wildstar, I’m sorry but she lost the baby,” he said again

“I don’t understand Nova was pregnant. But, how I mean when …?” Derek was at a loss for words.

“I’m assuming you didn’t know,” Webster looked at the Captain. “Did she even know that she was pregnant? From the physical signs, she was not pregnant for long when this happened.”  Then, Webster described exactly what had happened to Nova and the baby, in maybe four or five sentences filled with harsh clinical terms that included such words as “hemorrhage”, “poor implanatation”, and “involuntary dilation”. Then, he asked, “Did she guess anything, Wildstar? Anything? She missed one and maybe two of her cycles.”

“I don’t think so, something like that wouldn’t escape her, she would have mentioned something like that to me.” Wildstar’s mind started thinking back to all the times she was looking tired and ragged.

“I’m sorry to give you this type of news;  you know, sir, that it is my obligation to report this back to EDF headquarters and…… ” Doctor Webster began to say.

Sandor stepped in “Doc, we’d both appreciate if you kept this under wraps. We have more important things to deal with; not that Nova isn’t important right now, Derek. But we don’t need the EDF breathing down our neck right now”

“I don’t know if I can do that.” Webster said.

“Doc, this is hard enough on the Captain and Lieutenant Commander Forrester, and it would best for them and the mission if this is kept quiet,” Sandor said in an authoritative voice. “They don’t need to go through some kind of inquiry or even a Performance Review Board over this. I’ve seen what those boards do to good officers. The men on them are relentless; they’re like robots, and they would have no compassion for something like this. All they would see were two officers fraternizing, even though they are married. And they would be especially hard on both Wildstar and Nova, Doctor. Some of those officers still have a grudge against the Star Force.”

“I understand, I think I can write something up,” sighed Doctor Webster. “Okay…as far as I’m concerned, the Lieutenant Commander has a mild case of the flu. She’ll need rest so make sure she gets that rest. Captain, you can go see her now; she should be awake.” Webster knew that if this got out it could make things very difficult for the Captain with the EDF, just as Sandor had said, and Wildstar was a good Captain. Plus he looked disturbed to begin with, and Webster knew he didn’t need any more problems.

“Does she know, Doc?” Derek asked.

“Yes, and she’s taking it pretty hard,” Webster remembered how Nova took the news when she came around and the necessary procedures on her were finished; first there was shock, and then grief.

“You go see her…I’ll take over for you, Wildstar,” Sandor put his hand on his shoulder and walked him to the room where Nova was. Derek stopped at the hatch. “Thanks a lot Sandor, I don’t how I’m gonna face her on this one,” Derek was still soaking in what the doctor just told him.

“Derek, just take it one step at time. This is hard on her too, remember that she’s going to need your support!”

“Thanks again Sandor but I wouldn’t know what to say and …” Wildstar stood at the door looking in.

“Think nothing of it Derek, there’s too many times you got me out of bad situations even worse than this,” Sandor was remembering the one time Derek got him out of a bad marriage with his second wife Danielle; she was a crazy psycho bitch that just wouldn’t let go, and Derek and Nova were now the only family he had.

Derek gave a soft knock on the door and walked in “Hey babe, are you up?”

He walked over to Nova’s bed; she lay there with her back turned towards. “Nova, baby look at me,,,please…” Derek’s eyes filled with tears. He placed his hands on her shoulders and tried to pull her around. She waved him away, and pulled the covers over her head.  Derek wasn’t walking away that quickly; he walked around and pulled up a chair that stood in the corner. He placed it in front of her, sat down and stared at her. “Nova…please…we need to talk about this.”

 “Talk? Talk for what? It’s my own fault that I didn’t know; I’m a nurse and I didn’t even pay attention to the symptoms,” Nova tried to hold back the tears as she spoke in a broken voice.

Derek walked over to her and sat on the bed, “Babe look at me, please look at me!”

WONDER CARDS 012.jpgNova looked up and saw the tears in his eyes. “Oh Derek, I’m so sorry, I’m so sorry.”

Derek grabbed her and cried with her “It’s alright baby, we’ll get thru this together. Right now you need to rest; doctor’s orders,” he said in a choked-up voice. Derek tried to smile, but she could see the pain in his face. She was pregnant and had lost his child…she wondered how could he ever forgive her for that. She should have known the signs were there.

“Nova just rest…you need sleep; I’m not going anywhere, I promise.” Derek lay on the bunk next to her and held her. He watched her crying herself to sleep, and then cried himself. For her, but more for the child they had just lost. Oh Nova…how could this have happened and now. Why didn’t you know, why? As he thought more about it, Derek started to get angry.  He looked at his wife and decided to leave, for he needed to think. He gently laid her on the pillow, gave her a kiss on the forehead and walked out.

Derek walked straight to the bridge and decided to buried himself into his work. As Wildstar walked onto the bridge Sandor looked confused “Captain on the bridge!” Miamato called out. Sandor walked over to him “Wildstar are you okay, you should be with Nova now. I can take control here ….”

“Not now, Sandor I need to keep busy  and if you’re not aware of it, we are still in the middle of a battle! Anyway she’s sleeping, I’ll check on her later. Now give me the status on what’s been going on!”

Sandor looked at him, he could tell that he was angry “Wildstar I can handle this…you need to be with Nova. She needs you now.” Sandor spoke low as to let no one hear what they were saying.

“I said give me the status report, Commander!” Wildstar said with gritted teeth.

“Yes sir” Sandor backed off. He knew he would have to talk to him later when he was a little more calm. “All the damages have been repaired. I spoke to Captain Glitchman… his crew has also repaired what damage they sustained in battle. No fatal casualities, and there’s no signs of Bolar nor Cometine ships at this moment.”

“Thank you Commander, please finish up what you were doing!” Wildstar said with sadness in his voice.

“Aye aye, Captain” Sandor said.

No fatal casualties? Derek thought to himself. There was one today. Baby Boy or Baby Girl Wildstar. Now dead. But why? WHY?