Book two in the end of days SAGA

Written By: Jeff 'Wildstar100' Lincoln

Part Two

Day 2593 Forced R&R

7 Years after the Destruction of Earth

1324 Space Time

Space Battleship Yamato - Derek Wildstar's Personal Quarters

"Guldaze get the heck out of my cabin, NOW!" Wildstar exclaimed in Guldaze's face. Guldaze took off instantly his face filled with anger.

Homer sighed rubbing his eyes, "Skipper, he only wanted to transfer to one of the Galman Ships that is carryign his family. You didn't have to blow up at him for it..."

Wildstar snapped his head back at Homer, "I don't really care right now Homer, he needs to learn there are priorities to take care of. If I transferred every Galman aboard this ship we wouldn't have a crew at all."

Mizuki shimmered behind Wildstar, "Commander I have to agree with Lt. Glitchman, Ensign Guldaze needs to be near his family for a short time. It will not only improve his performance, but it will give his family and himself a morale boost. Something every member of this crew needs or we will fail in our mission."

Wildstar looked over his shoulder at Mizuki, "I don't recall granting you permission to speak Mizuki." He half snarled at her.

Mizuki frowned, "As I recall I was the one who brought you back to life Commander...I'd assume by now that you'd consider me a little higher than you."

"Mizuki...shut up." Wildstar said not facing her.

Mizuki looked visably hurt, "Very well Commander." She crossed her arms and watched.

"Skipper, you too are showing signs of low morale, please take a break and let someone handle things for you for a little while. It will-"

"HOMER GET OUT NOW!" Wildstar screamed, grabbing Homer by the back of his shirt and throwing him out of the cabin. Wildstar slammed the cabin door and locked it, sat down at his desk, then rubbed his eyes and sighed. "I alone am responsible for this ship."

Mizuki scoffed, "Alright Captain Avatar."

Wildstar looked up at Mizuki confusion covering his face, "What?"

"You didn't know about Doctor Sane's and Captain Avatar's conversation before the Ecto-Gas chased the Yamato into the Sea of Fire?"

"No...what about it?" Wildstar asked. Mizuki sighed and walked over to Wildstar and touched his forehead.

"Wha-?" Wildstar began.

"Watch." She said and room changed, showing the old Captain surrounded by Wildstar, Nova and Doctor Sane. Doctor Sane had just finished fixing Avatar's old wound. He lifted his hand towards Nova. Wildstar watched, a tear formed in his eye remembering that particular day.

"Alright let's wrap him up." Doctor Sane said waving Nova over.

Nova looked up at him, "I've redressed the wound Doctor."

Avatar closed his jacket up and began to stand, "Thank you Doctor Sane." He pushed himself off his bed.

"Take care now." Doctor Sane said packing up his MedKit. Wildstar and Nova began to escourt Avatar out of his room.

"Captain Avatar, there's something else I have to tell you." Doctor Sane called out to the Captain. Nova and Wildstar continued out, knowing that it was to be a private conversation.

"Hmm?" Captain Avatar returned walking back to Sane, holding his Jacket closed.

Sane rounded the bed facing Avatar, "Its more serious than you think. You have to be hospitalized."

Avatar blinked, "Hospitalized? With this scratch?"

Sane narrowed his eyes, "It's not because of that wound you've felt so ill lately. I think you know that yourself." Avatar stood there dumbfounded. "I checked the results of your Physical Tests just before we left Earth, even then there were signs of Radioactive poisons in your body. Captain your condition is getting worse."

Avatar lowered his head and turned away from Sane, "No, I cannot be hospitalized."


Avatar lowered his head farther, "I alone am responsible for this ship..."

Doctor Sane raised his voice, emphasizing the importance and rasied a figner to Avatar, "As a matter of fact you were so sick today you couldn't issue the order to fire the Counter-Attack Missiles. If it gets any worse you'll be totally unable to perfom your duties as Commander. Be hospitalized before the Radioactivity gets worse, before it's too late."

Mizuki removed her hand from Wildstars forehead. He collapsed forward in exhaustion, "That really happened?" He rubbed his forehead, sweat covering his gloved hand.

Mizuki placed her hand on Wildstar's shoulder, "It did Commander. You see, even Captain Avatar pushed himself too much. In his case it made things worse, the same will happen here too if you don't let someone else take Command of Yamato. It can and WILL make things worse."

Wildstar sighed, he knew she was right but he didn't want to admit it. His life, his love, and his future was on the line. He didn't want to put that all in jepordy by putting someone else in command.

"How long would you suggest then?" He asked Mizuki finally giving up the fight.

"I would recommend ATLEAST 48 hours of rest. Give yourself a break Commander. It's not that long of a time." Mizuki said placing her hand on his shoulder, "If you want I'll take Command or Homer."

"Homer. Tell him to take Command, I need some time to think..." Wildstar said unzipping his jacket. "And tell him to let Guldaze take 48 hours to visit his family. We're gonna need him here afterwards."

"I'll take care of it Commander. Just rest." Mizuki said flashing away.

"Rest...something I haven't done for some time now..." Wildstar said taking his jacket off and lying it on the back of his chair. He walked over to Captain Avatar's old bed and laid down on it. Placing his hands on his chest and looking up at the star's as the old Captain did.

"Captain Avatar what would you do?" He asked quietly. To his right a shimmering light appeared and Wildstar sat upright. Starring at it like there was a giant fire in front of him.

"So you want to know what I would do Wildstar?" The shimmering light turned into the figure of Captain Avatar. He stood there, cane in hand, hat on and a single hand behind his back.

"Captain Avatar?" Wildstar asked in shock, "I must be dreaming..."

"No Wildstar, you are not. Do you still want to know what I would do, or should I go?" Avatar asked pointing the cane towards the door.

"No...I mean yes I do want to know..." Wildstar said, his jaw dropped.

Avatar laughed and walked towards Wildstar, he lifted the cane to Wildstars chin and pushed up, "First I'd stop gawking at an old man. Second I'd take the day off."

Wildstar blinked, the cane was real, that means so was Avatar. "But Captain Avatar, do you not know what is going on? What is at stake?"

Avatar nodded, "I know perfectly well what is going on. Earth is gone, the StarForce divided, Desslok is dead, and now your being as stubborn as me. Wildstar there is always a time where one needs to relax."

"You didn't relax..." Wildstar said looking at the bed.

"I didn't have the luxury of doing so. Billions of lives were at stake, Wildstar. You can only get to the Andromeda Galaxy so fast. You need to remember that you aren't invincible Wildstar. You might have escaped the Wave Gun but that was a one time offer, Mizuki and her father won't be able to save you again." Avatar turned towards the chair and sat down in it. "Wildstar, I admit I regret not taking a break. Even with Doctor Sane's recommendation of being hospitalized I still went on duty. Look at what happened, I ended up on the surgical table."

"But I'm not suffering from Radiation Poisoning! Captain I can't..."

"Don't you dare tell me 'You can't' that isn't the Wildstar I know!" Avatar said raising his hand and slapping Wildstar in the left cheek.

Wildstar stood there for a moment stunned, "You hit me..."

Avatar nodded, "Yes I did, you going to complain about that too?"

"No it's one has hit me since back in 2199 after I fired the Counter-Attack Missiles without your order..." Wildstar said rubbing his cheek. "Was the same spot too..."

Avatar smiled, "Then you'll remember not to start complaining when I'm around."

Wildstar looked down, "I wish you still were..."

Avatar shook his head and placed a hand on Wildstar's shoulder, "I'll always be here Wildstar, in spirit anyway. I'll do what I can to guide you, but nothing more."

"But Captain I need more than that, we face an enemy that destroyed Earth..." Wildstar began.

"I'm dead remember? I can't do much more than this." Avatar said, "Wildstar there are some things that you must do alone."

Wildstar looked away, "It still doesn't change the fact your dead..."

Avatar sighed, "That may be but again I am here. Call on me when you need, I'll be here to guide you." Avatar nodded and walked towards the door, "By the way...nice jacket, it suits you."

"Wait! Captain Avatar, I need to ask you something!" Wildstar called after him.

"What is it Wildstar?"

"Have you seen Nova?" Wildstar asked lowering his head.

Avatar nodded, "She is well, same with your daughter. Who looks very much like her father." Avatar smiled and walked away, knowing that Wildstar was going to be content with that answer.

Wildstar smiled in return and laid back down on the bed. He looked over at his and Nova's old picture from 2199 and smiled, "I'll be there soon Nova. I promise I won't leave you ever again, just wait for me." He rolled back over and looked up at the stars and slowly drifted to sleep.