By: Neil Burns

SPACE BATTLESHIP YAMATO/STAR BLAZERS is owned and copyrighted by Leiji Matsumoto, Sunwagon Productions, etc. TENCHI MUYO is owned and copyrighted by Masaki Kajishima, AIC/Pioneer LDC Inc.,etc.

The Yamato encounters Tenchi and his friends in this amusing romp. Enjoy and send comments.

(AUTHOR'S NOTE--Unlike Freddo, I write the characters the way Leiji probably views them, i.e. Wildstar 100% Japanese. Nova 100% American. The only hybrid is Sasha. There is nothing wrong with him making them part-another nationality. We write the characters the way we see them.)

(EDITOR'S NOTE: I personally think Leiji sees them as all-Japanese. However, opinions that differ can certainly be held by other---Freddo)

It was calm in the Arcturus Quadrant and the Yamato had been patrolling for five months and cabin fever had long since set in. There had been theme parties and the occasional smokers, but the boredom was still rampant. However, some people have found a way to relieve the tedium. Captain Nova Wildstar and her Combat Leader/husband of five years Derek Wildstar were in their quarters "holding a private meeting", complete with carousing, shimatsu and shiitake massages and other fun activities. Nova was lying on Wildstar treating him to one of his sensei's shimatsu massages, her slender fingers gently stroking and relaxing his tense muscles. Wildstar smiled as thirty hours of no-sleep combat drills and maintenance work seemed to melt away. He could stay like this forever.

"What are you thinking about?" Nova purred.
"Nothing," her husband replied. "Just sheer bliss."
"I wish all our patrols could be like this."
"Of course, without IQ9 having our activities broadcast throughout the ship."
"Yes." A dry smile formed on the Captain's lips. "I must talk to him about that. Maybe we can drop him in a volcano and see if he is heatproof."
"Dr. Sane might object, but I'd be interested in seeing that."

The couple turned and saw the ship's cat Mimi sitting on the bed, her tail curled around her legs, purring musically. Sasha was standing in the doorway with her arms folded, her lovely angelic face matching amused expressions with the tiger-striped animal. Nova rose and gently picked Mimi up and held her close, her long slender fingers caressing the soft fur. Wildstar stroked Mimi's chin, eliciting a satisfied purr. He did the same to Nova, eliciting a similar reaction, albeit in a joking manner.

"Yes, Sasha?" Nova queried.
"Sorry to interrupt, Auntie Nova," Sasha smirked, "but there is a ship about a thousand space meters ahead of us."
"Is it friendly or hostile?"
"It hasn't fired on us, so I assume it's friendly."
"I'll be right down. Coming, Derek?"
"I've been running on thirty hours of no sleep," Wildstar retorted softly. "Any objection to my crashing for a while?"
"Well," Nova mused, kissing his cheek. "Nothing's going on and Tatiana can help Conroy teach the recruits. We'll see you later."

Wildstar nodded as he went back to Dreamland. Sasha left as Nova began to pull on her Living Group uniform. Being in a rather lazy mood and figuring the likelihood of seeing an EDF ship or Desslok would be about nil, Nova simply draped her peacoat over her shoulders and did not even bother with her boots. Padding barefoot to the command chair with Mimi in her arms, the Captain sat down and the chair descended to the bridge and stretched out her crossed legs on the console. There were a few raised eyebrows, but the crew knew that Mrs. Wildstar was a captain not afraid to show herself as "one of the guys". The videoscreen was on and showed a ship resembling a circular diamond with buttresses and a giant red stone in the center.

"Steven," Nova addressed the Science Officer. "Anything?"
"Nothing," Sandor replied. "I never seen anything like it. The material is unknown."
"Oh my God," Sakomoto smirked. "Mr. Wizard doesn't know everything."
"Sasha," Nova ignored the pilot. "What about you? Sense anything?"
"I sense four beings," the Earth-Iscandarian hybrid replied. "Three are human. One from Earth and the other two from unknown worlds. The fourth is the ship itself."
"The ship is alive?" Venture put in.
"Yes. I sense a living entity."
"Homer," Nova turned to the Communications Officer. "Please hail them."
"Aye aye, m'am," Homer replied. "Unknown ship. This the Earth Defense Forces battleship Yamato. Please respond."

The videoscreen shifted to a large spare bridge with crystals floating around and three human figures. One was a tall athletic woman of about 20-30ish years of age with a silver spiky mane and golden feline eyes. Another was a girl about nine with turquoise pigtails and red eyes which lit up her adorable freckled face. The third was an Oriental youth about nineteen years of age, his expression one of wonder. One of the crystals floated in front of the trio and immediately became a furry cat-like face with bright friendly eyes and red stone in its forehead. Nova kissed Mimi's forehead as she stroked her chin.

"Hello," Nova purred. "I am Nova Wildstar. Captain of the Yamato."
"Hi ya," the spiky-maned woman grinned. "I am Ryoko. This is Sasami. Crown Princess of the Jurai Royal Family."
"Nice to meet ya," Sasami beamed sunnily.
"This is my man Tenchi Masaki."
"Hello," Tenchi smiled. "It is nice to meet you."
"So what brings you out here?" Nova queried.
"We were bored," Ryoko chirped. "Plus I promised Tenchi that I would take him on a trip." The crystal mewed. "I almost forgot. This is Ryo-oki."
"Your ship's name is Ryo-oki?"
"Yes." Tenchi put in. "Ryo-oki's a cabbit. Her species changes into living ships."
"Interesting. Why don't you come aboard?"

A little later, the trio was aboard the Yamato with a small rabbit/cat-hybrid animal sleeping in Sasami's arms. Dr. Sazeko Sane and Natalie Fisher, Nova's classmate/Assistant Nurse and sometimes substitute, gave them physicals to assure that they had no space viruses. Sasami and Natalie hit it off and the older woman treated the young Princess to a sundae. Tenchi walked around the ship, his expression full of awe and wonder as the three walked onto the bridge. The crew on the bridge greeted them pleasantly. Mimi purred hello.

"This is amazing," Tenchi whispered.
"Tenchi," Ryoko butt in, unimpressed. "It's just a stupid ship."
"Ryoko. This isn't 'just a stupid ship'. This is history."
"What's a Yamato, Tenchi?" Sasami queried. Tenchi patted her head.
"The IJN Yamato was considered the most powerful battleship in His Majesty Hirohito's Navy. We are standing on that very same battleship."
"Whoopee," Ryoko snorted. "It sank, didn't it?"
"It's all right," Nova smiled. "Some people we know aren't impressed with the ship either. Our Combat Leader's ancestor served aboard the Yamato."
"Satori Kodai," Tenchi smiled. "He helped Ghandi organize the attack on Pearl Harbor."

Ryoko was clearly bored with Earth history, especially with World War II. She levitated and immediately disappeared, causing slight consternation among the crew, but Sasami assured them that this happened all the time and there was nothing to worry about. A few minutes later, Ryoko stuck her head out of the ceiling with a wicked grin on her face.

"This where you live, darling?" she purred.
"Yes," Nova smiled, arching an eyebrow. "Why?"
"Well, there's a gorgeous hunk sleeping in your bed."
"That 'gorgeous hunk' is my husband."
"Lucky you." the pirate flew into Tenchi's arms. "I have my hunk here."
"Ayeka's not gonna like this," Tenchi sighed.
"Who cares about Princess Prissy Bitch?"
"Who's Ayeka?" Dash put in. "Why is she a bitch?"

Sasami gave Ryoko a dirty look as Tenchi explained how his quiet home became a sort of harem of interstellar women. He told of Ryoko crashing on Earth and meeting the dimwitted Galaxy Police Detective Mihoshi Kuramitsu. As he went on, there was jealous murmurings of "What a lucky sonofoabitch" and "Why don't space broads drop out of the sky at my house?" Nova smiled as she envisioned her household with Derek and women running around. Tenchi smiled as he told of Kiyone Makibi's job as comedianne at "The Happy House", ripping her partner and the other residents with merciless glee. The crew laughed at some of the "observations" Tenchi related.

"'Scuse me, Miss 'Yoko," Eager drawled. "Tenchi says y'all a pirate. Y'all know Captain Harlock?"
"Hell, yeah," Ryoko grinned. "Me, Harley and Emmy are best buds. I can tell you stories you wouldn't believe."
"You mean Emeraldas, right?" Sakomoto put in sourly. "Fucking bitch tried to kill me."
"She always did have a bit of a temper."
"Maybe you should transfer 'Double Trouble' to her ship, Nova," Venture smirked.
"I'll keep that in mind," Nova drawled dryly.
"You are so funny, dago," Sakomoto groused unamused.

Ignoring him, Venture went back to navagating the ship while Tenchi excused himself to do more exploring. He came upon the exercise room and curiosity got the best of him as he decided to check it out. It was empty except for a sole occupant dressed in mere gi bottoms doing sword katas, sweat drenching his unruly mane. Feeling a kinship for a fellow swordsman, Tenchi entered and picked up a wooden sword, asking the person if he needed an opponent. The two bowed and began going at it, the sound of banging wood and yelling filling the room.

"How do yo do?" he greeted. "I am Tenchi Masaki."
"Nice to meet you," the person replied. "Derek Wildstar."
"I take it you're married to the captain."
"I am. Five wonderful years and two beautiful children."
"She said you're related to Satori Kodai."
"Direct descendant through my father's bloodline," Wildstar chimed proudly.
"It's an honor to meet you. I read about the Yamato in history class."

The fighting continued and, despite a ten-year age difference, Wildstar was impressed that the youth Tenchi was keeping up with little difficulty. The Combat Officer tried a few suprises that his sensei taught him, but Tenchi was not fooled. The young Masaki tried a few Grandfather Yosho taught him, but Wildstar also saw through them. Unbeknownst to the duellists, they had gained an audience as the other crewmates appeared and began cheering and taking bets as to who would win. Many picked Wildstar and the home favorite, but others liked Tenchi's chances. Ryoko and Sasami cheered loudly for their man as Nova smiled dryly. I thought you were tired, husband of mine. Finally, the stalemate was broken with Wildstar feinting and catching Tenchi off-guard and knocking the sword out of his hand. Amidst the raucous cheering, the two bowed in respect and shook hands as Natalie brought towels and water bottles to both men. Nova padded over and coiled an arm around her husband's shoulders.

"I thought you were sleeping," she chided gently.
"Well," Wildstar shrugged."I wasn't quite succeeding so I decided to do some katas to try and tire myself out. Fortunately, my partner here was accomodating."
"And are we tired?"
"Yes. Exhausted."
"Well, you got three hours. Sasha sensed a world not to far from here that is a resort so we can get some needed R&R."
"As my lady wishes."

Three hours later, the Yamato was anchored just offshore while the crew were dressed in various beachwear, enjoying the sun and surf. A few jokers had buried IQ9 in sand up to its "head", much to Nova's delight and Dr. Sane's consternation while Natalie and Sasami were playing with Mimi and Ryo-oki. The cabbit and the ship's cat had hit it off and were almost inseperable. Ryoko was entertaining the "Golden Couple", Tenchi and Sane with stories about her adventures with Emeraldas and Captain Harlock, including how she had to do some fast talking so the Pirate Queen would not seperate Tenchi's head from his shoulders with her laser sword. Eager treated everyone to a typical Southern barbecue while Sandor and Tatiana served a few Russian dishes, though Ryo-oki was happy sticking to carrots. The karaoke machine was out and people were trying their luck singing. Some were decent while others were plain God-awful. Hartcliffe was crooning "Satisfaction", behaving and strutting very much like the late great Mick Jagger. Sasami endeared everyone with her performing B.I.G.'s hit "Now You Know", though some of the black crewmen and Marines were not too impressed.

"What does a Princess know about the ghetto anyway?" one asked.

Venture and Eager took the stage and began to butcher several Elvis songs, much to the dismay of Nova who cringed as she envisioned her childhood idol spinning in his grave in agony. Wildstar smiled as his wife held her ears in mock horror as classics like "Falling In Love With You", "Suspicious Minds" and others were mutilated beyond recognition. Boos and catcalls did not phase the performers as they trudged on. Finally a horrific "rendition" of "Viva Las Vegas" forced Nova to bound onto the stage and shut off the machine, much to the relief of the cheering audience.

"That's it!" she exclaimed. "I have heard enough!"
"What's wrong, Nova?" Eager asked.
"Didn't you like our singing?" Venture asked.
"Singing?" Nova arched her eyebrows. "Mark, if that's singing then I'm Prince Zordar."
"You didn't like it."
"No. And you and Christopher have KP duty for a month."
"KP!? Why?" Eager could not believe his ears. "What did we do?"
"The cold-blooded murder of Elvis' classics."
"You don't exactly give Cher much to worry about yourself." Venture smiled.

Suddenly, a red ship flew in out of nowhere wildly and, barely missing the Yamato, crashed almost vertical on the shore. A greenish energy ball shot from the ship and dissolved into three twenty-something women hovering ten feet in the air. Suddenly, they landed on top of each other roughly as some Yamato crewmen chuckled in amusement. Two of the women were dressed in military-like uniforms while the other dressed in a richly elaborate robe. One policewoman, her hair a dark blue-black, began strangling her blonde partner, her lovely face a mask of fury.

"Mihoshi!" she snarled. "Who the hell taught you how to land? Stevie Wonder?!"
"Please, Kiyone!" the blonde gasped, trying to release her partners's grip. "I'm sorry."
"Give me one reason not to strangle you!"
"How about you'd be charged with murder?" Tenchi put in, forcing Kiyone to release Mihoshi. "What are you three doing here?"
"Tenchi!" the third woman exclaimed, almost strangling him with her embrace. "Are you all right?"
"I'm fine, Ayeka."
"That beast did not do anything to you?"
"Great," Ryoko groused acidly. "Her Royal Bitchness has deigned to grace us with her presence."

The crew studied Ayeka, liking what they saw. The elegant cheekbones and graceful features. Her purple Prince Valiant hairstyle accented by twin ponytails. Her regal yet warm red eyes. Her aura emenated Royal Authority. Sasami gave a cheer as she ran into Ayeka's arms and the two embraced warmly.

"My dear little sister," Ayeka cooed in a cultured, almost-British-sounding voice. "Are you hurt?"
"No," Sasami smirked. "Tenchi, Ryoko and I are having fun with our new friends."
"How do you do?" Nova smiled. "I am Captain Nova Wildstar of the Earth Defense Forces Battleship Yamato." the two women shook hands.
"I am Ayeka. Heiress to the Royal House of Jurai. It is a pleasure to meet you."
"To what do we owe the pleasure of this visit?"
"We are rescuing my sister and Lord Tenchi from this horrible she-devil," Ayeka gestured to Ryoko who graced her with an obscene gesture, "who kidnapped them."
"Please forgive Her Royal Lowness," Ryoko smiled venomously. "She has the unfortunate habit of lying her ass off."

Suddenly, the two women began blasting each other with energy bolts. The crew scattered to avoid being hit, the Yamato miraculously avoiding being blasted. Yet, the karaoke machine was not so lucky. Tenchi sighed as he explained to Nova how Ayeka and Ryoko each claimed to be his destined soulmate, jealously chasing off any other girls who tried to, as they saw it, "invade their exclusive territory". He kept telling them that he did not love them that way, but it was like talking to a brick wall. As two bolts barely missed her, Nova decided that enough was enough. She drew her weapon and shot at both Ayeka and Ryoko, barely missing them and shocking them into stopping. Kiyone stopped trying to kill Mihoshi in time to get out handcuffs.

"I'm sorry about that," Nova intoned quietly, "but either take that elsewhere or find a more civilized way of solving your differences."
"You realize that you are shooting at a member of the Jurai Royal Family," Kiyone put in, "and I must arrest you for assault."
"No charges will be filed," Ayeka smiled. "I do apologize for frightening your crew, Captain Wildstar, but Ms. Ryoko only understands violence."

Tenchi was working on the karaoke machine with Sandor, trying to fix it. He turned to the two women, a disapproving expression on his face, but simply shook his head and decided that chastising them was pointless. Later, the beach held a dinner party with the Yamato officers and those of the Gamilons' Flaghip. Tenchi, Ryoko and Ayeka were also part of the festivities. Sasami helped the ship's kitchen staff cook a dinner of epic proportions while having to keep Ryo-oki from eating all the carrots. Desslok regarded the Jurai Princess with a mixture of amusement and contempt while Tenchi was in awe of actually dining with one of the Gamilon leader's formidable prescence. Desslok turned to Ayeka and sipped his wine.

"Tell me," he purred musically. "How exactly did you find the Yamato?"
"Kiyone, Mihoshi and myself," Ayeka replied, "left earth when Ryoko did not return my sister Sasami or Tenchi after several hours and we went looking for them."
"How did you know to find them on this world?"
"While searching, we came across a pirate ship. The captain was a woman who looked like Captain Wildstar here, save for having reddish hair and a scar down her left cheek. She actually had decent manners for a pirate."
"Emeraldas," Derek smiled. "She's a friend of ours. Helped us a few times."
"Yes. That was her name. She said that she often vacations here and told us that she saw you land her this afternoon."

The Gamilons ate their meal, surprised and actually impressed that one so young could be capable of creating such exceptional dishes, although the concept of a member of Royalty lowering herself to such a menial task was uncomprehensible. Desslok chuckled as Tenchi told him and his staff about Ayeka and the others landing on Earth and essentially becoming his "family". Ryo-oki hopped onto the table in front of Nova, who picked the cabbit up and held it in her lap and stroking it behind its ears. An amused eyebrow arched skyward as the Gamilon leader chuckled.

"Forgive my rudeness," Desslok mused, "but do you not think you are being rather selfish, Ayeka?"
"What do you mean, Lord Desslok?" Ayeka replied taken aback.
"You are a member of Royalty with a duty to your world and your people, but you turn your back on them all for the sake of a mere commoner."
"I often wonder why she did that myself, sir," Tenchi put in politely. "I am not interested in her romantically and I do not want to be the cause of an interstellar incident."
"Not to mention, you lower yourself, along with your sister, to performing menial tasks. Such acts are beneath your station. I have visited Wildstar and his bonding mate several times and not once have I touched a broom."
"Nor would we expect you or any other guest to, Desslok," Nova smiled.
"Lord Desslok," Ayeka retorted stiffly. "We are part of Lord Tenchi's family. He, Noboyuki and Yosho have graciously allowed us to live with them. It is only right that we help with the chores. As for my Royal Duties, I am well aware of them."
"Then why do you not fufill them?" Desslok pressed. "Why do you instead live on Earth with a lowly commoner? No offense, Tenchi."
"None taken, sir," Tenchi replied politely.
"Because I love Tenchi." Ayeka stood up. "I am his and he is mine! It is destined in the stars above! I would gladly give up my life and my station in life for his love! We are meant to be together and NOTHING will stop that! Do you understand, LORD Desslok? Or is love an alien concept to you?"

Desslok's smile and placid expression remained although his eyebrows raised glacially skyward. Nobody had dared address him in this manner and he was not about to tolerate it now. Nova and the other Yamato officers gasped at the outburst though Ryoko merely gestured that Ayeka was crazy. The Gamilon officers reached for their weapons, but were waved off. Ryo-oki jumped from Nova's lap and onto the table near Ayeka. There the cabbit leapt onto the Princess' shoulder and rubbed it head against her cheek pleading calm. Desslok chuckled at the rather ludicrous image.

"I apologize, Lord Desslok," Tenchi intoned, somewhat embarassed. "It's like this all the time at home. I try to have a relationship and Ayeka and Ryoko chase them off. I tell them I don't love them that way, but they simply say 'WE will decide which one of us you love.' I quite frankly have had it."
"Well," the Gamilon leader replied. "I have a suggestion to solve the problem."
"Which is what?" Ryoko put in.
"The two 'ladies' fight each other hand-to-hand for the boy's affections."
"Sounds fine to me."
"I have no objection," Ayeka smiled. "And the loser leaves Tenchi alone forever."
"The battle will be to the death. The winner is the one who still lives after the battle."
"Death?!" A pallor fell over the Jurai Princess' face. "Is that not a little harsh?"
"It is either that or, since the boy does NOT love you, let him go, return to Jurai and assume your place on the throne."

Before Ayeka could respond, several Yamato crewmen ran up and saluted. Mihoshi and Kiyone were with them. Gamilon soldiers also appeared and saluted.

"What is it, Dolak?" Desslok addressed one of the men.
"Leader Desslok," Dolak replied. "We have spotted a large Bolar Fleet approaching."
"Is this true?" Nova put in.
"Yes, ma'm," Yamazaki reported. "Thirty flying fortresses and one hundred ships several hours from here. We are sorry to spoil your dinner but we felt you should know."
"Do not apologize, Joseph," Desslok smiled while staring pointedly at Ayeka. "We were finishing up anyway. Gamilons! To your positions!"
"To the Yamato!" Nova commanded.

Shortly later, the Yamato and the Gamilon Fleet were in space flying to confront the Bolar Fleet. Mihoshi and Kiyone's ship was still too damaged to fly and Ryo-oki was sleeping off an alcohol and carrot binge. Desslok, Ryoko, Kiyone and Tenchi stood on the Yamato's deck watching the crew in action while Mihoshi, Ayeka and Sasami were in one of the sleeping quarters. Suddenly, there appeared a seeming endless wall of ships staring at the Yamato and Gamilon fleet. The crew was crestfallen, to say the least, and even the unflappable Desslok sensed the battle was probably going to be a losing one. The videoscreen hummed as the Bolar commander appeared with a mock-sympathetic smile on his scarred face. Nova stood in a pose of dignity, despite being clad in a pink sundress and barefoot.

"I am Gart," the commander growled, of the Fourth Armada."
"I am Captain Nova Wildstar," Nova replied. "Commander of the Yamato."
"Earth has a little girl as a commander?" A mocking laugh. "We claim this galaxy in the name of the Commonwealth. You will surrender and we will permit you to leave unharmed."
"And if we don't?"
"Then you die."

Nova thought about it for a moment, then smiled sweetly as she graced the Bolar Commander's demand with a string of Japanese curses that caused Tenchi's jaw to drop, Sandor's eyebrows to arch ceilingward and Wildstar and Yamakazi to laugh appreciatively.

"What did she say, Desslok?" Gart demanded.
"I am afraid I do not speak Japanese," Desslok smiled, "but I assume that she refuses your 'offer'. The Gamilons refuse as well."
"Then, as the Earthlings would say, 'it is your funeral'."

The videoscreen went blank as Desslok turned to Nova.

"Nova, what did you say to Gart?"
"Nova," Sandor smiled. "I didn't know you had it in you."
"I won't translate exactly," Yamakazi stated, "but let's just say that it's language that a proper Japanese lady wouldn't use."
"But I'm not a 'proper Japanese lady'," Nova chirped dryly. "I'm a gaijin."
"One whom I'm proud to call my Captain and wife," Wildstar crowed.
"Fine and dandy," Ryoko interrupted. "Any idea how to get us out of here?"
"Nova," Eager chimed in. "There's an asteroid field not too far from here."

Nova and Wildstar looked at each other, then smiled as something familiar clicked in their minds. Most of the crew smiled in recognition as some of the newer members wondered what was up.

"You have an idea?" Tenchi put in.
"Yes," Nova cooed. "Mark. Take us into the asteroid field. Desslok. Would you please order your fleet to do likewise?"
"Yes, ma'm," Venture complied.
"Are you crazy?" Kiyone protested. "Why are we heading there?"

A thought entered Desslok's mind as he saw Wildstar and Nova smiling.

"Would this be how you defeated Ganz and Bane?" he queried.
"You read our minds, Desslok," Wildstar replied.
"Your ingenuity never ceases to amaze me."
"What? What do you mean?" Ryoko put in.
"You and your friends are in for a treat. You are about to see a brilliant Captain in action."
"You flatter me, Desslok," Nova cooed in a mock gush.

Desslok ordered his fleet to follow suit, over much protesting by the ships' various commanders. As the ships travelled to the field, the screen lit up as Gart reappeared.

"So you reconsidered, I see," he smirked.
"Yes," Nova smiled tightly. "We decided to let you have this galaxy."
"Desslok, I'm disappointed. I never thought you to be the retreating type."
"Well, some battles are not worth fighting, Gart."
"I see. Well, have a nice trip back."

As the screen went blank, Gart gave an order. Suddenly, Eager saw multiple blips on the screen. The Bolars were sending their fighter planes to attack the Yamato. The field was in sight as the Yamato and Gamilons increased speed and entered. The rocks provided decent cover as they played hide-and-seek with the Bolar pilots who just missed seeing them.

"Pretty slick, kiddo," Ryoko mused impressed.
"I believe," Desslok smirked, " you people have the saying 'you have not seen anything yet'?"
"Stick around," Wildstar retorted. "You might learn something."
"Mark," Nova commanded. "Slowly find an exit and lead us out. Derek, prepare the Wave Motion Gun as soon as we are out and facing the belt."
"What the hell's a Wave Motion Gun?" Ryoko asked.
"You're about to find out."

The Yamato and the Gamilon fleet left the asteroid field more or less intact, save some damage, and turned their ships around. Suddenly, the familiar rising hum was heard throughout the ship as the Wave Motion Gun warmed up. Eager watched the screen, his face one of surprise.

"The Bolar fleet is headin' toward the field!" he announced.
"Won't you come into my parlor?" Nova purred, "said the spider to the fly. Derek. How long until you're ready to fire?"
"Fifteen seconds," Wildstar replied.
"Prepare yourselves." Nova turned to the non-crew "guests". "You might want to brace yourselves."
"Wave Motion Gun ready to fire."
"Ready. FIRE!"

The deck filled with white blinding light as the piercing wailing assaulted each eardrum. The beam of energy rushed like an out-of-control frieght train toward the field and vaporized it along with the Bolar fighter planes caught inside. Soon, the whole Bolar fleet was destroyed inside ten seconds. As the crew and Desslok recovered, Tenchi, Kiyone and Ryoko stared out the window in shock and awe, along with a bit of fear.

"Holy shit," Ryoko mused.
"If Japan had that during World War II," Tenchi wondered, "the Allies wouldn't have had a chance."
"That was absolutely frightening," Kiyone intoned.
"It is," Nova replied. "And sad, too. I always view it as a waste of life when we have to use it."
"Let's make sure that Mihoshi doesn't touch this," Tenchi put in.
"Now THAT would be frightening," Kiyone agreed.

Ryoko explained to the crew Kiyone's misfortune of being assigned the bubble-headed blonde as a partner due to her grandfather being Chief of the Galaxy Police. The next morning, the Yamato crew was having a picnic breakfast on the beach with Tenchi and company. Desslok had left with the Gamilons the night before, much to the relief of Ayeka who found him arrogant and disagreeable. Kiyone graced the others with various stories of her genius partner causing her to lose promotion after promotion with her stupidity and incompetence. That afternoon Nova, Ayeka, Kiyone, Ryoko and other Yamato crew women decided to have a "girl's afternoon" in town while Tenchi and Wildstar swapped adventures and Wildstar gave a family history all the way back to the first Kodai. Later, the girls were giving the crew a fashion show when IQ9 showed up and "examined the merchandise" to the delight of the crew and dismay of the "merchandise".

"I beg your pardon!" Ayeka gasped.
"Watch it, pervert!" Kiyone growled.
"Hey! Excuse you!" Ryoko snarled.
"I apologize," Nova put in, glaring at the "genius robot". "He has always done this."
"Yeah," Parsons put in. "When I get my hands on the joker who made him, he's having his balls for lunch."
"IQ9 always does this?" Kiyone queried while fixing her dress.
"Yeah. Although, the pervert does have his uses."

Suddenly, an explosion rocked the ship as Sasami stormed in holding Mihoshi's hand. The blonde detective's head was lowered sheepishly. Kiyone groaned, knowing that her partner had once again screwed up. She looked ceilingward and sighed, silently praying to the Cosmos, asking who did she offend to be stuck with such a bubblehead for a "partner". The Yamato crew began to feel sympathy for the Galaxy Detective.

"What happened?" Tenchi asked.
"Mihoshi blew up the kitchen," Sasami sighed.
"I'm sorry," Mihoshi whispered. "I just wanted to help."
"We don't need help."
"How bad?" Nova asked.
"The kitchen is toast," Ryoko put in, appearing through the wall. "The cooks are shaken, but unharmed."
"As long as she doesn't touch the Wave Motion Gun."

Later, the Yamato and Tenchi and company parted ways after a warm goodbye and promises to visit one another, as well as prayers for Kiyone to find a more competent partner. The crew returned to their routine, glad that for a few days there was a diversion. Nova and Wildstar spent the afternoon sleeping in bliss. Mimi rested in between the couple purring, but neither Nova or Wildstar minded.


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