Laughs of the present, Pain of the past

Part 6

By Yuki Wildstar




2nd of January, 2225

 Zazba Airfield


“Come here right now!” Nova screamed as she jumped out of the black tiger. “We told you to stay on ship. Do you know that you could’ve been killed! What do you think we would do if we lost you?” She took hold of her son and held him tight. “I love you, don’t you ever do that again. Now come on and let’s go find your father. I am sure he is going to ground you for a year.”

Pesci walked over to them and stood in front of DJ. “If you ever do that again I will shoot you down myself.” He said angrily. DJ stood there shaking, seeing him angry was something he rarely saw in his uncle. He was ready to speak when he saw his face smile at him. “Your father would have been proud. I have seen a lot of great pilots and you will be one of those I would love to fly with.” He stood at attention and saluted the youngest Wildstar.

“I’m sorry Uncle Tony, but I couldn’t sit there and do nothing to help dad.”

Patting him on the back he said. “Maybe your dad won’t be so hard on you.” Making their way into the castle they quickly went to the control room. Deslock and Namir stood giving orders to their men while the queen’s men all sat on the floor with their hands above their heads.

“Namir, Deslock have you found him.” Nova asked.

“Kaif called and they are on their way. They have him, Nova.” Deslock said. She let out a breath of relief and gave her son a small hug. Deslock and Namir called back to their ships and informed them that they were now in control of the planet.

Pesci called to the Argo and also told them all was clear that they were waiting until Wildstar was brought to them. He listened silently to his radio when they saw him walked into the room. Shocked to see him Nova ran into his arms and hugged him tightly.

“My god I thought I would never see you again.” She pulled away and looked at him. “Oh Derek how bad are you? Where are you hurt? Sit down you need to rest. Someone get me some ice.” Touching him he flinched from the pain. “Oh god, how bad?”

“Nova I’m fine.”

“No you’re not fine! You have broken ribs. Your face,”

“NOVA! Stop it! I’m fine. It’s, it’s Alex.” He said in a tone that sent chills down her spine.

She finally stood back and saw blood on his shirt. It was obvious it wasn’t his. “Where is my son?” she asked.

“Nov, listen to me. They took him to the infirmary.” His voice quivered as he held his tears back trying to tell his wife. “Nova, Alex’s been shot.” He blurted out. She looked at him in a dazed trying to figure out if it was a joke. She pulled away from his hold and looked at Damir and the rest of the men. Wildstar took hold of her once again and held her tight as the pain shot through his body.

“I have to be with my son.” She pushed him away. “Take me to him, NOW!”

DJ sat on a chair stunned to hear about his brother and tears ran down his face. Here he was still alive and his brother was shot and on death’s door. He got up and ran with his mother to the infirmary while his father tried to follow suit. She threw opened the door to see him sitting up smiling at them. “Hi Mom! I guess Dad told you.”

She ran to him and hugged him tight. Crying she began to check him. “My baby, are you alright. Where were you hit? My god you scared me. What happened?”

“Mom, Mom! Calm down. I’m fine. I’m fine. It was just a flesh wound, although seeing my blood made me a little nauseous, and I’m not proud of passing out. I think I freaked Dad out.”

She let out a laugh and hugged him tighter. “You almost gave me a stroke. Don’t you ever do that to me again! Do I make myself clear?”

“Yes Ma’am.” He said. “Mom you’re hurting my wound. It’s gonna start to bleed again.”

“Oh my, I’m sorry.” She said then turned to see her husband and DJ standing behind her.

“How are you son?” Wildstar asked him.

“Sorry Dad I wasn’t prepared to see my own blood. Not to mention it hurt like hell when it hit me.”

“That’s alright son. I’m very proud of you and you too DJ. Although you two will be grounded for awhile for disobeying orders. I should get back to help Namir and Deslock wrap everything up here and start heading back home.”

“Just one minute Admiral.” Nova said in a stern voice. “You’re not going anywhere until you are checked out by me.”

“Oh boy, am I in trouble?”

“Just sit up on the table and let me rewrap you until the doctor can see you.” She touched his face and realized that he didn’t look that great either after his ordeal. “You’re going to have a shiner for a while. But it will clear up before we get home.” She said then kissed him on the cheek.

“That feels better.” He smiled at her.

“Ah come on you two, can you wait till we get back on ship to do the mushy stuff.” DJ said making them all laugh. He stood next to his older brother and punched him in his shoulder making Alex squirm. “So ya passed out huh bro?”

“If you hit me again you’re gonna pass out.” Alex told his baby brother.

“I’m glad you’re alright Alex.” He softly said.

“Thanks, me too.” He ruffled his brother’s hair.

She wrapped his chest tight and gave him another kiss on the cheek. “Alright you two let’s not start another war. Alex, get your jacket on and meet back in the control room. DJ don’t you think that you are off the hook. We will talk once we get back to the ship. Nova,” he stuck out his hand to her.

“I’ll be there in a minute. I want to check on Alex first.” She said. He nodded and left back to the control room.




Control Room




Pesci listen carefully as to what they were telling him on the radio. “Are you sure about this?” he asked. “I see I believe it’s safe for you to land. I will recheck with the admiral. Pesci out.”

“Commander is everything alright?” Namir asked.

“I should speak to the Admiral.” He said. “It’s Miku, she’s disappeared.”

Namir stood quiet and looked towards the door. “What did you say?” He heard someone say behind him. Turning around he saw him standing in the door way. “What did you just say?” he ordered.

“Sir, I just spoke with Captain Lee they are still looking for her on ship. But they can’t seem to find her. Sir.”

“Get me communication with the Argo now.” He yelled to the queen’s guards as he began pushing buttons to get through to the Argo.

“Wildstar I can do that.” Namir said. Pushing a few buttons he got through to the Argo in seconds.

“Captain Lee,” Wildstar said into the video panel. “This is Admiral Wildstar, please give me a report.”

Lee stood at attention and saluted. “Sir, we are almost in the atmosphere. We have been trying to locate your daughter. So far we haven’t been able to find her. Mark wants to talk with you.” Lee said then brought his son to face him.

“DAD!” he was so happy to see his father. “I’m sorry Dad. I looked for her but I couldn’t find her. She took her. That weird lady, I saw her and then I didn’t. She just disappeared. Then Miku was there and then she was gone too. Dad I’m sorry I fail you and Mom.” He said then began to cry.

“Mark, calm down.” He spoke softly to his son. “Now take a deep breath and tell me what happen.” He watched as his son took a deep breath and began to tell him what he saw and knows. Wildstar’s heart sank to the floor to what his son told him. She took his daughter. This was all to lure him away just to take her. “Mark it’s alright. It’s not your fault, you did a good job.” He told his son. He could see he was devastated to tell his father what happen. “Just calm down, Mom and I will be on ship soon.  Captain Lee, please have him go to my quarters. I want all activity of all ships in the area. And not one word to his mother until I tell her. Better it come from me than anyone else.”

“Yes sir. And Admiral it’s good to know you’re alright.” Lee said.

“Thank you. I should be on ship soon. Wildstar out.” He said and then turned to Pesci. “Get all fighters back on ship.”

“Yes sir, sir will you be flying back your Cosmo?”

“Huh my Cosmo zero. Why would, OH! Damn that child.”

“Sir, I do have to say he did a banged up job. He took out a few enemy ships.”

“Hmm, fine I will bring it back. Make sure that I get those reports.” He ordered. Turning, he finally took a breath feeling the pain from his rib. “Namir, Deslock thank you. I don’t know how I will ever repay you. It’s good to see you all. I would love to,” he began.

“Wildstar no need. We both owe you more than we can count on how many times you saved our skins. Now let’s get down to locating the queen.” Deslock said. “My wife is on your ship she and Aurora will probably be able to help in that department. We will help in finding Miku.”

“Thank you Deslock, but I think I know where she took her. There’s only one place that I can think of that she would go.” Wildstar said and thought to where she took his daughter. “Pesh, what are you waiting for. Get going. Once we are through here we will leave ASAP!”

“Aye aye sir!” Pesci said and ran out of the room.

“Wildstar, maybe its best that we go with you. You can use some back up to face the queen. I cannot assure that she may have a small army with her. Most of the soldiers are Bolar’s soldiers’ but there is no telling what she is capable of at this point.” Wildstar nodded and watched as Nova and Alex walk into the room. Namir turned and said nothing more to him. Deslock also watched as she held her sons arm noticing his arm was in a sling to keep it stable.

“Damir tells me that you took your first shot.” Deslock said then pat him on the back. “And Tanizi said that you made your first kill. Not bad for a Wildstar. How do you feel son. Hurts like hell doesn’t it?”

“Yes sir.” He tired to grinned from the pain that his uncle caused by slapping him on the back. “Mom can we go? I’m feeling pretty beat.” He said in a low tone.

“Yes we should get back. You need to rest.” She said.

“Um Nova I need to talk with you. Alex why don’t you and DJ go back to the landing dock we will catch up with you soon.” Wildstar told his oldest son. He took hold of his wife hand and led her to a quiet part of the control room and began to tell her what happen. Deslock and Namir watched as her shock turned to anger. He tried to grab hold of her and she pushed him away slapping him hard across the face where he was injured.

“THIS IS YOUR FAULT! First I almost lost my sons and now I lost my daughter! Because of you! Get my daughter back! Or I will never talk to you again! Stay away from me until then!” she screamed then ran out the door. 

Feeling his face he turned to see Deslock and Namir blushing to what they witness. “Well that went better than I thought. I guess I should just wait until she calms down before I try talking to her some more.” He said.

Deslock place his arm around his shoulder and asked. “I think now is the time to tell me what this is really all about Wildstar. Does this have to do with what happen at the ceremony?”

Nodding his head Wildstar began his tale of what happen with Mariposa and him. “I’m sorry to drag you into this Deslock. It’s best to let me handle everything from here now on end. You have done more than enough for me and my family. But I have to take control of it from here. This is my mess and I have to deal with it. I just hope that she doesn’t file for divorce again once we are back on Earth. At least her mistake didn’t bring as much drama as mine.”

“Wildstar I will see this until the end with you. She is my god daughter and I promised her that I would punish the person that is responsible for taking you away from her.”

“Thank you Deslock but I should take care of this matter from here. I pretty much know where she could’ve gone. It’s the only place she would go.” Wildstar started thinking to where they buried their daughter. It’s the only place she would go to.




They helped Namir in taking control of Zazba with appointing Kaif in charge until his relief came. The Argo now on dock a half mile from the shore sat waiting for him to board. The officer of the day saluted him as he boarded. Wildstar saluted back feeling the pain in his chest as he brought his arm up. All he wanted to do now was see his wife and family then take a long nap. But he knew he had to keep his distance from his wife and take all his energy in finding his daughter. Walking onto the bridge they stood up at attention saluting his return. “At ease everyone. Let’s get back to work. Captain Lee, my ship is still on dock have someone pick it up and stored back on ship.”

“Yes sir,” Lee responded.

“Then prepare to depart as soon as we can. Destination, Gardiana.”


“Trust me we will find her there.” Wildstar said.

“Sir I have an incoming call from the Aurora. It’s Emperor Deslock.” His communication officer called out.

“Put him through Lieutenant.” Wildstar looked up and watched as his face came to view. “Deslock I thought you would be heading back to Gamilon by now.”

“I don’t have much to do right now. You know running an empire and universe has gotten quite boring. I think I need a little excitement in my life. Plus my sons need to know firsthand on how to run a fleet and mission. Though they did pretty well this last time I think they could do better. Like your son.” He winked. “Now where too?”

“Planet Gardiana and Deslock, thank,” Wildstar try to say when he cut communication off. “Damn him. He never lets me finish. Captain Lee send over the coordinates to the Aurora.”

“Yes sir, sir may I speak freely.”

“Go ahead Captain.”

“You look like hell. I think you should go to the medical ward and get check out. I can handle things here for a while.  Sir this is not a request.” Lee said in a stern voice. 

Nodding his head Wildstar got up and left the bridge. He made his way down to Nova’s room and stood staring at it. How he needed her strength to get through this.  “Dad?” he heard Alex voice. “She’s not there.”

“Oh I wasn’t going to bother her. I just wanted to be near her.” He said wiping the tears from his face.

“She’s on the observation deck if you want to speak.”

“No, no she made it clear she didn’t want me near her. I’ll just give her time to calm down. Listen can you just keep an eye on her. She needs someone to stay level headed for her right now, okay Alex. Can you do that for me?” he asked as he placed his hand on his shoulder.

“Sure Dad.”

“Good, I should go get checked out. We will be taking off soon. Get some rest it’s been a long day. Alex I am very proud of you and DJ. You guys held your own out there.” He told his son and then left him standing there watching him walk away. He walked into the medical ward and the doctor waved him into a room. He sat down and waited for the doctor to check his wounds out. He laid back on the gurney and closed his eyes. It hurt more as he relaxed. Breathing was a chore, he could feel the sharp pain on his lung each time he took in a deep breath. In the distance he heard Lee announce their warp. He hurt all over from the beating and for his wife. Once he got back his daughter he was going home for good. He wasn’t about to let her down ever again.

“Well Admiral let’s give a look see at your wounds.” He heard the doctor say. Slowly sitting up he let him remove his bandages and looked him over. “You look like they fought the battle on you. I see this is not your first time here in the hospital.”

“I’ve been here once or twice.” He said making light of it.

“The bruise on your face will heal eventually but this rib has seen better days. I think it will heal alright once I re-set it. Hold on this is going to hurt.” The doctor said then he pushed hard to reset it. The pain shot throughout his body and he wanted to scream from the pain. “Good, I think that will do it. I’ll send the nurse in to tape you up. I want you to rest for it to heal properly. Now, try not to move or I will have to do it all over again. Just lay still.”

He closed his eyes and drifted off to sleep. He didn’t hear the door open and she walked over to him with band aids to wrap him up. She lightly touched his arms to wake him up. “Derek.”  He heard her say. Opening his eyes he was shock to see her there after what she told him. “Nova,”

“Come on we have to tape you up.” She helped him up slowly and began to tape him up. Tightening the tape she looked into his eyes. “How do you feel now?” she asked.

“Better thanks.”

“Derek,” she said in a low tone. “I’m sorry. I should have never said those words to you. You didn’t know what she was up to. I just want my daughter back.” He took hold of her as she cried in his arms.

“I promise you I Will get her back.” He whispered in her ear. “I won’t stop until she is back with you.”

She looked up and tried to put on a smile. “I know you will. I’m sorry that I embarrassed you in front of Deslock and Namir. I was just,”

“Hey, I am not worry about them. I’m sure they understand so don’t sweat it. But how did you know that I was here?”

“Alex told me and I overheard you talking to him. You know you have a wise and smart son. He actually told me that I should talk with you.”

“Really? I thought he would either punch me again or stay out of it.”

“Actually he said that it wasn’t your fault in what happen. That she was a deranged woman that can’t seem to let go. You didn’t know what she was up to and that you would have never let her take Miku.” His son was actually rooting for him. After what happen with them earlier he still loved him enough to save their marriage.

“I guess I should thank him.” Touching his face she began to cry again. He held her a little tighter not caring about his wounds. “We are going to get her back. It’s late and we should get some sleep. I need to go to my quarters and then I’ll walk you to your room.” he said. She nodded her head yes and they made their way there first. Walking back he thought about if he was wrong in assuming that she went back to Gardiana. He could feel his anger building up as to what she is putting them through. Nova lean her head on his shoulder trying to hold back her tears. She missed her daughter and wanted her back. If she gets her hands on her she was going to strangle her. Opening the door they walked in. He walked over to his desk and called down to the bridge. Checking on everything he was relieved to know that Lee was taking control of her and he could sleep knowing everything was alright with the ship. She stood at the window looking out. The tense look on her face made him worry. “Are you alright?”

“I just want her back.” She said then cried. “Derek, I know I won’t be able to sleep tonight and,”

“Nova, stay here tonight. I really think we need to be together tonight.” he said.

“I’d like that but what about,”

Feeling at his bandages he said, “I don’t think I am in any shape for anything else. I just need you here tonight. I need you to be with me. I really just need to hold you and feel you next to me.” She knew what he meant and agreed. She too needed to be with him and not alone. He smiled at her and led her to his bed. They lay down and he held her close to him. He buried his face in her hair taking in her perfume. They lay together fully dress hoping that they find their daughter.




Mark Wildstar lay in his bed crying. His twin brother tried his hardest to console him. “Mark it’s not your fault. If I didn’t take off you would have been there for her. It’s my fault I should have listened to Dad and Mom. If you weren’t trying to stop me from taking off she would be here and we would be going home.” He cried. He knew that he would be in deep trouble once this was all over but he worried more for his sister. Alex walked in and could see the sadness in their eyes. They’ve been crying since returning to the Argo.

“Alex, I’m sorry!” DJ ran into his brothers arms and cried.

“Deej, it’s not your fault or your fault, Mark. No one knew that she could pull off something like this.”

“Dad and Mom hate me!” DJ cried harder.

“No they don’t. They are both proud of you and Mark. You can’t blame yourself. Anyway what would have happen if you were there? She would have taken you and Miku or worst she kill you to get Miku. Then Mom and Dad would have been even more upset. You two have to stop blaming yourselves. We have to concentrate in getting Miku back. Mom is going to need every one of us to pull together. Dad said we are going to do a warp every 8 hours so we can get there in a couple of days. Now stop crying and get some rest we will be at Gardiana in a couple of days.” He said with a stern voice. He knew he was being a little hard on them but crying wasn’t going to get his sister back. He wanted to be sharp when they finally get there.






6th of January, 2225

Outer space Planet Gardiana

EDF Battleship Argo



He argued with her for nearly 20 minutes refusing her to go down with him. “Derek I need to be there too. She is my child!” Despite regulation he wanted her in his quarters with him at night. The nights were the hardest for them. Nova cried out while he held her in his arms. Later in the night while she slept he would cry for his daughter too. How he wanted to change everything just so she would be happy.

Taking her in his arms he held her tight and whispered into her ear. “I know you want to be there. But it’s best that I deal with her alone. No telling what she would do if she’s sees you there. So please let me handle this.” He pulled away from her and brushed some hair from her face. “Anyway I need you to keep DJ out of trouble.”

“Derek I want,”

“No not this time. If I lost you too I wouldn’t be able to live. I love you Nova. No matter what happens down there I want you to know that I will always love you.” He softly said in her ear then he did what he always avoided when on duty. He gave her a passionate kiss for all to see. “Now promise me that you will stay put.” She nodded her head and he smiled at her before kissing her again. Turning to Deslock and Devine he took a deep breath and said. “Alright let’s go.” He squeezed her hand one last time and walked onto the cosmos hound. She watched as they took off and she then turned to head back to the bridge.

They landed near the lake as the sun beam off of it. Wildstar thought back to the day they brought her here. It seemed like yesterday that he was here with her. Taking a huge breath he pushed ahead towards the main building. They could feel eyes stare as they made their way. Deslock held Devina closer to him while Wildstar searched around ready for anyone to approach. Hand on his weapon he opened the door and walked in. They stood in the doorway and waited as a figured came their way. Wildstar stepped closer and watched to see him walk towards them. “Admiral how can I help you?” Cebo asked.

“Where is she?” He asked.

“She’s not here.”

Grabbing him by the throat Wildstar was not in the mood for any games. “I know she is here. Now tell me where is she or I will ring your little neck.” He said through grit teeth.

“She’s gone. She left the minute you landed.”


“I, I don’t know. She just picked up and left.”

“Did she have a child with her?”

“Wildstar,” Devina grabbed his arm. “Miku is with her.”

“I need to call the Argo. We have to make sure she doesn’t take off. I need to get back to the Cosmo hound.”

“You go and we will stay here and wait, just in case she comes back here.” Deslock said. Wildstar ran out the building towards the ship when he saw her from the corner of his eye. She was high on a hill running down the other side. He couldn’t believe it was her. From the make of her form it looked like she was carrying something in her arms. He quickly began to run in her direction chasing her down.




“Where are we going?” Miku said looking up at the strange woman.

“Well your father asked if I could watch you until they return from their mission. Your mother was very worried and she didn’t want you to get hurt.” Kneeling down she pushed some hair out of her face, “but remember when I told you that something really bad happened and your mommy and daddy won’t be coming back for you.”

“I want my mommy and Daddy.” She started to cry.

“I know you do sweetheart but they are not coming back. It’s only you and me now.”

“I want Alec, DJ and Mark!” she cried harder.

Feeling frustrated she took her hand and squeezed it hard. “They’re not coming back, Sora.”

“I’m Miku!” she screamed. He could see them make their way into the woods and he gave chase. Where the hell is she going? He thought, trying to keep up. She moved quickly picking up Miku into her arms and walked faster deep into the woods. He looked up and lost track of where they were going. Wildstar heart beat faster wondering which way they could’ve gone. He came to a fork in the road and looked down two dark paths. Which way? He asked himself. He looked left then right and took the left.

“We have to go Deslock.” Devina said. “She’s still here and is trying to get away. We have to help him find her. He is going the wrong way.”





EDF Battleship Argo



Nova stood to the side of the bridge and tried to focus on her son taking orders from Captain Lee. Her mind wondered if he had their daughter and was he coming back to her. Biting her nails she wanted to jump out of her skin to see what was going on. I can’t stand this anymore. Quietly she slip out of their site and ran down to the flight deck. She took off within minutes and down to the planet. She landed past the village and jumped out. Now which way?

She looked around and decided to go down a long path that led into the forest. Was she going to find them? If anything she wanted her daughter more than anything in the world. Following the path she came to fork in the road and look in both directions. Making a decision she took the right path and moved quickly down it. The road was dark and it winded deeper into the forest. Her heart beat loudly in her chest to see it starting to clear in the distance. Slowly she eased her way into the clearing. From the distance she saw her standing there and looking down at what look like a huge stone. She took a few steps closer when she noticed her sitting down next to her. Nova started praying that she didn’t see her. Tears ran down her face knowing that she found her daughter sitting next to her. She could tell that she was tired and stood back from their site. If Mariposa saw her she would run taking her daughter with her. She watched as Miku drifted off to sleep lying down on the cool grass. Mariposa kneel down and cried in front of the stone then wrote something on the stone.  Nova got up and walked towards them. She stood tall on the other side of the stone when Mariposa looked up to see her there. She wiped the tears from her face and stood up. “I’m here for my daughter.” Nova said.

 “You’re not taking her. She is mine and Derek’s child.” She said standing between her and Miku.

“No she is not. She’s my child and I want her back!” Nova snapped then began to walk closer to her.

“Stay back! Or,” she screamed making Nova stop.

“OR WHAT! WELL! What are you going to do? Hurt her? Kill her? And if you do I will kill you!”

“I have nothing to lose.” She snare at her.

“Neither do I,” Nova drew her weapon aiming it at her.  “Now give me my daughter.”

“She’s mine. Derek and I had her first. You have no right to take her from us. You made your mistakes with him and now he is with me.” She ramble her words at her.

She stood there standing her ground. “He is my husband. You destroyed our marriage once I am not going to let you do it again. He made his mistake and I made mine. So there is nothing you can do or say that will shock me.” Mariposa stood standing in front of their daughter’s tombstone and stared once again at it. Kneeling down she kissed it and cried again. Nova walked around to finally face her husband’s late child. She stared at it shocked to see it. Anger flared up in her heart. How could he do this! She thought.

“She was ours. She was the only thing that I wanted to actually live for. I found love twice and both were taken from me. I was going to step down so I can be a mother and she was taken from me. Don’t you understand we had a girl first! She was meant to be ours. And here you are with him and a daughter. It’s not fair!” She screamed and lugged at her. “She was meant for us not you!”

Pushing her away Nova fought to stop her from attacking. “She’s not yours! She’s my daughter. She will never be yours!” With one full swing Nova’s fist connected with her face knocking her to the ground. Quickly she took hold of her daughters sleeping body and ran towards her ship never looking back. Her mind racing as to how she will confront him. The sky began to grow dark and she knew that she had to make it back before night fall or else she would have to wait until morning to head back. Holding tight to her daughter she ran as fast as she could. She could feel the wind hitting her face and swore she heard footsteps coming her way making her run faster. Going through bushes she ran into someone. She fell to the ground and looked up. She was surprise to see him standing there.

“Nova, what are you doing here? I thought I told you to stay on ship” Derek said. As she got up he grabbed hold of his daughter and held her tight. “Are you alright, is she alright?”

Getting up she brushed herself off and said, “she’s sleeping, give her to me!” She snatched her from his arms and stepped back away from him. Miku stirred in her arms and opened her eyes. “Mommy?” Nova nuzzled her face into hers and kissed her on the head. “Mommy!” Miku yelled. Throwing her arms around her mother’s neck she squeezed her hard. “I knew she told a lie.”

“We’re going home Miku.” She told her daughter.

“Miku!” Wildstar was happy to see her awake and smiling. He reached for his daughter and Nova move away from him.

“Don’t touch her.” She snapped. “Stay away from us. I can’t even look at you right now.” She said walking away.

 “Nova, I don’t understand. What happened?” Wildstar said in confusion.

“What about daddy?”

“Never mind him now. Let’s just get you back to the ship. I’m never letting you out of my sight again.”

He watched as she walked away and then heard moaning. He turned walking towards the sound. She lay on the ground as if sleeping. Wildstar leaned down and checked her. Hearing footsteps behind him he turned and watched as Deslock and Devina walked up behind him.

“How is she?” Devina asked.

“She’s alright just knocked out.” Taking off his jacket he placed it on top of her and picked her up. “We should get back to the castle.” Turning his head he looked down quickly to the tiny headstone where his daughter now laid. Looking away he felt his heart broke to see it again. “Let’s go.” He told them as he held her in his arms. He rushed back to the castle with Deslock and Devina hoping to catch up with his wife but Nova was long gone back to the ship.



Now with their daughter back Wildstar must face the aftermath of it all. Will Nova come around and forgive him? Or will she alienate him once again and file for divorce. What truths will come out as they make their way back to Earth? Read on to see what happens next.


To be continued  . . . . . .