Laughs of the Present, Pain of the Past

Part 5

By Yuki Wildstar



27th of December, 2224

Planet Zazba

Zazba Prison

Description: 41609[1].jpgChristmas came and went as he sat in his cell trying to figure out how to get out. Many times he asked to speak with the Queen and she refused each time. How was he going to get out of this hell? He kept busy by exercising within the 10 by 8 cell. Thinking of all the Christmas’s with his family and dreaming of his wife. At night he would look out the small window up to the night sky wondering if they took his orders and returned home. The last thing he wanted was his family trying to rescue him. His thoughts were interrupted when he heard the locks being open. A guard walked in and said. “The Queen wishes to speak with you.” Wildstar stood up and put his jacket on, followed him out the cell and back to the castle. He escorted him to her chambers and knocked on the door. From behind the door they heard her voice advising them to enter. “Your Highness, I have Admiral Wildstar.” The guard said as he bowed to her.

“Please leave us.” She ordered him. “Admiral please, sit.”

“Thank you for finally seeing me. Your highness please I ask that you release the other man. He has nothing to do with this. Just let him go. He has a family back on Earth.”

“I see. Very well if you request that we release him, then I will. Anything else?” She smiled at him.

That was too easy. What is she up too? He thought. “Well it wouldn’t hurt to let me go too.” He grinned.

She frowned and huffed at him then walked to a table and began to position some flowers. “You and I both know that will never happen. You’re here to serve your time. Now I have a proposition for you.”

“And that would be?”

“You can serve your time in a cell or you can serve your time by my side.”

“Excuse me?”

“I could use an aid to guide me through the day as well as nights. Also I am still in my child baring years.”

“What! You want me to,” Wildstar looked at her shocked.

“Is it so hard considering we already did the deed once? I’m not asking for your heart I know I can never have that. She will always be in your heart and in your dreams. I only wish your companionship. Nothing more.”

After all that he has done to his wife he wasn’t about to cave into her demands. “I don’t think so. What happen between the two of us was nothing more than a mistake. I was a little drunk and mad at Nova. You were lonely and grieving. I am not about to betray her again whether I see her ever again or not. I would rather rot in that cell and in hell before I do that again to her. So if there is anything else I would like to go back to my cell.”

Her face looked at him with frustration. How dare he deny her? “Fine, I will have them escort you back.” She opened the door and ordered her guards to return him back to his cell. “Maybe in a few days you will change your mind.” She said.

“Don’t bet on it, your highness.” He said over his shoulder as he left the room.



28th of December, 2224

Deep Space

EDF Battleship Argo

Gamilon flagship Aurora

Bolar Flagship Saku

Argo Bridge



“Thank you Emperor Deslock for coming.” Lee said as he saluted him then bow.

Deslock stared at the Captain sizing him up. “Captain Lee, have you heard from Zazba?”

“No sir nothing, which is what worries me.” He looked around the bridge and lean closer to Deslock. “I am also worried about Nova. She’s not sleeping even after you order her to. I don’t want her to know that I fear for his safety. This is a delicate situation I can handle war with my men and women. But I have his family here on this ship. It’s not easy tiptoeing around it all.”

“I agree. But it’s best not to coat it with anything. She was of course an officer on this ship. And I know Wildstar enough that he trained her how to handle situations. She’s stronger then you think. Where is she now?”

“In the captain’s quarters with her daughter. She’s been there since it happened.”

“Take me to her.” Deslock commanded. Leaving the bridge they made their way up to Wildstar quarters. Slowly they opened the door to find her standing at the window looking out to the night sky. “Nova?”

She turned to see her friend standing there. “Deslock!” she said then ran into his arms. He wasn’t sure how to handle her reaction and tears then slowly he held her in his arms holding her tightly. She cried for a few minutes then pulled away looking up at her husband’s dear friend. “I’m sorry. It’s just been a little crazy.”

“It’s alright. You would not be the first female that has cried on my shoulder. Only difference is that I always have to bring Devina something sparkly or our children to make her laugh so I can be back in her good graces again. And she can really hold a grudge for a very long time.”He said making her laugh. “I believe Wildstar has had the same situation?”

Giggling she said, “Too many to count. Thank you for coming.” 

Miku stood next to him and pulled on his cape. “Uncle Deesy, will you pring my daddy home?”

Kneeling down to her, he picked her up and smiled. “Not only will I bring him back but I will make sure that I punish the person that took him from you.”

“Deslock!” Nova scolded him.

“What? Do you not want his captor punished?” he said in surprise.

“No it’s not that but we are trying to teach her to see the good in people.” Nova said.

“You are too much like my wife. She tends to do the same with our children.”

“Which reminds me where is she.” Nova asked.

“She will be here shortly. She was waiting on the Saku to arrive. Namir will be here also. He is attempting to contact the queen one last time before we make our final decision before using force.”

“Deslock you shouldn’t talk like that in front of a child.” He turned to see his wife standing in the door way with Namir and Julie. “Nova how are you? Is there anything I can do? How are the children holding up?”

“Oh Devina thank you all for coming. I’m glad that we have such good friends to help in this dilemma. Alex is holding up pretty good. He inherited his father’s calmness. Mark and DJ are worried and ready to help with bringing their father back. And Miku here, just wants her daddy. Devina I know that you don’t like to tell people the outcome of what could happen. But is he alright?”

She took hold of Nova hand and sat her down on the bed. “He’s fine. He’s thinking of you and the children and is figuring out how to get out. That’s all I can say. Nova, about your dreams?”

“You know about my dreams?”

“Yes Aurora and I have been seeing your visions. She has been placing them in your mind to distract Derek. He was so worried about you that he didn’t take the time to figure out why Namir would not reply to his messages. We have been trying to contact her through our powers but she is past her senses. We are hoping to make contact with her before things get out of hand.”

“I believe things are out of hand already Devina.” Nova said through grit teeth. She wanted to personally strangle the queen with her bare hands. I just hope that I can refrain from killing her, she thought.

Deslock turned to Namir and Lee and said. “Gentlemen, shall we go to the bridge and talk some more.”




30th of December 2224

Planet Zazba

Royal Prison


Description: vlcsnap-2011-10-17-12h22m37s55.pngWildstar stood in the room wondering what she wanted again. If she proposition him again he would request to go back to his cell. He still wondered if she ever let his marine go. This would be the time to bring it up. She walked into the room in a long powder blue dress with dark blue accent in the trimming. It glimmered as she walked towards him. He could smell her perfume as she came closer to him. He had to admit she look amazing in that dress, “Your highness you look stunning.” He said.

“Thank you Admiral.”

“What can I do for you?” he asked with suspicion.

“I was wondering if you would have dinner with me. I’m sure that it’s much better than the prison food.”

“I would like that, thank you.” He said in hopes to figure out what her next step would be with him.

“Great! I will have them deliver the meal here.” She said feeling giddy.

“Um shouldn’t we eat in the dining hall with everyone? I know that your people like when you join them, especially the children.” He didn’t want to be alone with her in this room.

“I think that they will understand for this one night.” She said as she picked up her phone and called down to have them deliver the meal to her room. “Well that will take care of that. Would you like something to drink Admiral?”

“No thank you. I stopped drinking a long time ago. I found that it’s not for me anymore. But thank you for asking.”

“Well then perhaps water?”

“Um sure.” He said feeling her out. He watched closely as she poured him a glass of water and then gave it to him. “Thank you.”

“So you are probably wondering why I asked you here.”

“The questioned did cross my mind. Plus I would like to know about my man. Has he been released?”

“I gave you my word. He was released yesterday and sent to Bolar, since we do not know where the Argo is.”

“If they followed my orders they are probably back on Earth as we speak.”

“Hmm, I doubt that Admiral. You and I both know that they will try to rescue you. There’s no way that they would go back without the Captain of the ship.”

“I am no longer the Captain of the Argo. My second in command is now in charge of her.”

“Hmm, I’m sure that they will be back and I am counting on it. See since you reject my offer then I will get my hands on the next best thing.”

“And that would be?”

“Oh let’s just keep that a surprise shall we.” She said with a smile. They delivered their meal and set up the room for them. He pulled out her chair then sat across from her. “Always the gentleman, Admiral.” she talked most of the time as he sat back listening to her. She talked about their child and how happy she was that he was the father. Her cheerful voice soon turned sad thinking about what happened. She threw her napkin on the table and picked up her glass and threw it across the room. “She’s dead because of you!” she snapped at him. “Guard!” she yelled out to them.

“Your highness!” one guard said as they entered the room.

Description: 53905[1] - Copy.jpg“Remove the Admiral. Take him back to his cell!” she ordered them.

“Wait, Mariposa she was my child too. Or do you not remember. I mourned her also.” Wildstar said standing up to her.  “She was a part of me too.”

“YOU left the minute she was buried! Like a thief. You were relieved that she died so that you can go back to your life. Forget how I was dealing with it. You didn’t even care to tell me that you had a daughter with her. I hate you! Get him out of my site. Take the admiral to him. He will come to me after he knows the pain I went through.” She screamed.

“Mariposa wait!”

“Take him!” The guard grabbed hold of Wildstar’s arm and dragged him out the room. They walked back to prison passing his cell.

“Where are you taking me?” Wildstar demanded. With no reply from them he knew that he wasn’t going to sit in his cell. They were taking him elsewhere. I have to make my move now or else. He pushed the guard to the floor and began to run towards a door. Almost making it he felt someone tackle him from behind. He fought hard as another person jumped in to hold him down. Wildstar swung at anything that came near him then everything went black around him.





Bolar Ship Saku


2nd of January, 2225


Finally getting through to planet Zazba Namir, Julie and Deslock looked up to see her come to view. Devina and Aurora with Damir and Dillan stood to the side hidden from view. “Namir I thought you were at Omega 13.” She said looking stunned.

“I was asked to return. Your highness, request permission to land.”

“I’m sorry Namir now is not a good time. I have much to do maybe next time.” She quickly said.

“Your Highness, it is very important that we keep our part to the treaty. We do not want to upset the Emperor of Gamilon. So again I request permission to land.” He said sternly.

“Fine! If you must, permission granted. My communications officer will send you the coordinates to where to land.” She snapped. Quickly the screen went black.

“What do you think Namir?” Deslock asked.

“Let’s keep on our toes. Keep the Argo out of sight. Kaif, I need you to take a small recon group down.” Nodding his head they all turned to another screen that showed the planet. “You can descend here. It should be clear of all surveillance. I will keep her distracted as long as I can. Empress, will you be able to block her thoughts and senses?”

“I will try. It’s not going to be easy. She has already crossed the line. I hope that Aurora and I have enough power to keep her mind from knowing what will happen.” He went through all the possibilities when Nova and Alex walked onto the bridge. “Nova, how are you holding up?”

“Alright. So have you gotten through?”

“Yes we will be landing shortly.”

“Captain Namir, I will go with the recon group.” Alexander Wildstar said standing tall in front of him.

Namir looked at the young Wildstar and nodded his head. “I wouldn’t expect any less of you. Kaif make sure that nothing happens to young Wildstar.”

“I will protect him like he was my child.” Kaif now third in command of the Bolar planet stood tall next to Alex. After the war ended and things settle down he couldn’t stop thinking of her. After the signing of the treaty he headed back to Bolar and began to look for her. Weeks later he found Pasha on a small planet with her family. He stayed with her for a month making sure that she had everything she needed. 3 weeks into his visit he knew that he loved her. She fought with him not wanting him to fall in love with her. “How could you love me after what he did to me? I am damage. You have to go Kaif. You need to give your love to someone that doesn’t have a past like mine.” He refused to let her go and kept pushing her. Her parents finally helped him by telling her that he was a good man and she was crazy not to accept his proposal. She finally caved and agreed to be his. It took many months but he was patient with her and held her hand when she had nightmares. Little by little she fell deeply in love with him. How she adored him. He never pushed her into consummating their union and when she was ready she went to him. She gave him 4 sons and now was expecting their fifth. He couldn’t be happier with his life with her. When Namir called about Wildstar he didn’t think twice in helping. Without the Earth man’s help who knows where the Bolar Empire would be. “Alex Wildstar are you sure you are ready for this?” he asked the young Wildstar. “It will be very tricky and we will hike a long distance before we get to the castle. It will be cold and the terrain will be brutal.”

Description: vlcsnap-2011-10-11-21h09m59s143.pngAlex nodded his head and then looked over to his mother. “I can hold my own.” He told Kaif.

Kaif stared at the young man and smile. He had his father’s spirit. Something about him made Kaif proud to fight next to him. “Very well come with me and let’s go over some things before we leave.” He said and put his arm around Alex shoulder leading him off the bridge.

“Nova are you sure you want him to go?” Julie said.

“No I am not. But he wants to be there for his father. I can’t stop him from going. He is just as pig headed as his father.” Nova rolled her eyes and said. “Anyway I have to keep an eye out for DJ and Mark. They were set on going too.”

“I guess if Namir was taken, Saku would do the same.” Julie said.


“Father,” Damir snapped to attention as he addressed his father.

“What is it Damir?”

“Dillan and I would like to be with the recon group in retrieving Uncle Wildstar.” He said with a stern voice.

Deslock felt his heart pound with excitement. His sons were willing to enter in a risky rescue for their uncle.  “Damir you go with Kaif and Alex. Dillan I will need you to head the squandered down. Your one of our best pilots and I will need you out there leading the group.”

“Yes sir,” they both said snapping to attention again.

“Make me proud.” He said as he dismissed them. “Namir whenever you’re ready.”

“Commander, take her down. Everyone prepare for landing.” Pushing the communication button he lean in and spoke. “Kaif, it’s time. Take off when you’re ready. Good luck. Saku you will be in charge of the ship. Take care of your mother.” He said and then turned to Nova. “We will get him back.”

“Then I should get back to the Argo. I will wait for your call.” She turned and then stopped. Looking over her shoulder she said, “Thank you.”

Devina turned to her husband and said. “Good luck my love. I will wait with Nova on the Argo. Aurora come we should be going.”

Aurora kissed her father on the cheek and hugged Dillan. “Good luck brother, come back in one piece or Damir will take your room.” She smiled making him giggle at her. “I love you.”

“Come on Aurora, enough with the mushy stuff. Damir and I will be alright.” He pushed some hair out of her face to see her eyes. “I love you too.” He said in a low tone that only she could hear.





Planet Zazba


“They will try to rescue the Admiral. Be prepared for anything.” Mariposa announced. “General Sanna, make sure that they land in the designated area. I don’t want them getting any ideas. I want them all in one place.”

“Your highness what about the areas on the west side?”

“The terrain is rough and cold. Only a crazy person would make such a feet. They will freeze before they even make it to the village.” She told them. Sanna nodded and thought to himself. If she thinks that they will give up that easily she is sadly mistake. I have seen them fight for less. To capture the Admiral of the Argo was something he tried to talk her out of. But she was hell bound in capturing him. “Lieutenant, do you have those coordinate for me?”

“Yes ma’am. Here they are.” The young lieutenant handed her a paper and she turned to leave. “Your Highness, shouldn’t you be here when they land?”

“My interest is not with him anymore. There is something more important. General, keep them at distances until I have my ship in the air. I am counting on you and your people also. This is for the future of our race.”

“As you wish your highness,” He replied.

She made her way out of the control room and went to her awaiting ship. Giving the pilot the piece of paper she sat down in her chair. She ordered them to take off and the ship moved up into the sky. Now I will ruin his life like he did mine. She thought to herself. He will pay for his deceit. Turning me down was the last I will take from him. Now he will feel how it is to lose something so close to his heart. Within minutes of hitting space they warped. The pilot turned to her and said. “We are about 500 miles from the Argo, your highness. At this point we can no longer keep in contact with Zazba.” She sat silent and focused on the Argo. Why can’t I get through to him? She wondered. It’s like something is blocking my thoughts. Hmm, could it be? She will pay as well. “Keep going until you get about 100 miles from her. I will take over from there.” She ordered.



“Devina is something wrong?” Nova asked from the look on her face.

“She’s coming.”

“How do you know?”

“I just do. But she is trying to stop me from reading her mind. It’s hard to see what she is up too. Her powers are stronger than I thought. Aurora, can you sense it?”

“Yes mother, she is trying to block me as well. The evil in her is getting stronger. Her bitterness is taking control of her senses. She’s trying to,” Aurora said then went into a deep sleep.

“Aurora! Aurora!” Devina yelled. “Wake up!”

Nova watched as she tried to wake up her daughter, “Devina is she alright?”

“She’s fine, just in a deep sleep. I’m sorry Nova there’s nothing more I can do without her. Her powers have gotten stronger.”

“How can we get to her?”

“Her powers are strong in mind but her flesh is as normal as both of us. I will keep trying to see if I can reach her human side.”

Nova turned to Delvechio, “Dee can you please check on the kids. I will be on the bridge with Captain Lee. Corporal, please make sure that the Empress is not disturbed and there are guards to protect her.”

“Aye, aye Ma’am.” They both said.



“Deej, mom is going to kill you. You have to stay here. You heard what she said.” Mark Wildstar warned.

“Alex is going and I’m going to help find dad too. I just can’t sit here and not help. Now stay out of my way.” He snapped then pushed his brother away. Jumping into his father’s Cosmo fighter he maneuvered the ship to the flight deck and took off.

“DJ!” Mark Wildstar yelled to his brother.

Delvechio ran unto the flight deck and grabbed Mark by the arm. “Where is your brother!”

Looking up to his father’s private flight capitulate he pointed towards it. “He took off.”

Delvechio’s eyes widen knowing that he will never hear the end of it from Nova and Wildstar. “SHIT! Get back to your room and stay there. Make sure you watch your sister I will go get your brother. And when I get him I’m going to kill him myself.” He said with frustration. Quickly he ran over to his ship and jumped in. He took off from the ship and flew at top speed to get him.




“Sir we have an unauthorized flight! Sir, its Cosmo Zero One.” The communication officer yelled.

“That’s the admiral’s ship. DAMN that child!” Lee yelled. “Get someone out there now! This is all I need.”

“What’s going on?!” Nova asked coming onto the bridge.

“It’s DJ, he took off in Wildstar’s ship.” Lee said not sugar coating it for her.

“God Damn him!”

“Ma’am, I have Delvechio on the wire he is in pursuit of him now.” The communication officer yelled to her.

“I’m going after him.” Nova said. “Call down to the flight deck and have a ship ready.”

“Nova I think Commander Delvechio has it under control. It’s best that you stay here on ship.” Lee ordered.

“He is my son and I have to get him.” She said with worry and frustration.

Taking a deep breath Lee said, “It’s against my better judgment but go.” Nova ran off the bridge and down to the flight deck. She climbed into the ship that they pull for her. She put her helmet on and took off.


“Cosmo One, come in Cosmo One.” Delvechio called into this helmet. “DJ, I know you can hear me. You better answer me right now young man. If your father hears about this,”

“He would be proud.” He replied.

“DJ we are all working to get your father back. Now going off on your own is not the answer. You’re just making things worse for the mission.”

“I can’t sit back and just do nothing. I can help. I can fight with Dillan and Uncle Pesci.” He said with defiance.

“DJ listen to me. You will only upset your mother. She has enough on her plate with your father. She doesn’t need you flying off on your own. Now tell me where you are and I’ll come get you.”

“NO! And don’t try tracking me down I turned off the transponder and tracking devices.”

“Damn this kid!” Delvechio said under his breath. “DJ! Come in. Cosmo One come in. Damn him, he shut off all communication.”

“Black Tiger two come in.” he heard her voice come through his helmet. “Black Tiger two come in this is Black Tiger six.”


Description: WONDER CARDS 011.jpg“Where is he?” She asked.

“I don’t know. He cut off all communication and turned off the tracking devices. He can be anywhere out here.”

She could feel her blood drain from her body. Why must he do this now she thought? “He’s going to fight with Deslock’s fighters. Go back Dee, I’ll get him.”

“Nova I can get him.”

“No Dee, he’s my child. Plus they will need you back at the ship should anything go wrong. I’ll be alright. Go back that’s an order.” She said with authority. “I promise that the Admiral will not be upset. Now go.”



“Your highness are sure about this?” Her guard asked.

“I will be right back.” She smiled and vanished as the machine hummed in the back ground. She opened her eyes and found herself standing in the room. She slept on the bed soundly. Mariposa walked over and stood over her. She ran her hand over her face and hair. She gently picked her up and pressed a button on her shirt. “Now.” She said into it and vanishing once again, reappearing back on her ship. She cradle the child in her arms and smiled to herself. “Hello my darling. I have missed you so much.” She cooed at the smallest Wildstar. “Tell the commander that we can go.”


Mark Wildstar wasn’t sure what he saw as he entered the room. One second she was standing there with his sister then she disappeared in mid air. He searched high and low for his sister calling out her name. I should go check dad’s room she goes there when she misses him. Quickly he ran to his father’s room and look everywhere for her. Trying to not panic he raced to the observation deck in hopes to see sister twirling like she always does. Stepping onto the deck his heart race faster, where is she, he thought. Still hoping that she would run onto the deck laughing at how she scared him, he knew that it wasn’t going to happen. He had to tell his mother that she is missing. Breathing heavily he ran onto the bridge and screamed. “She’s gone!” Lee turned to him and wondered what he was talking about.

“No she’s out there looking for your brother.” Lee said.

Confused at his reply he asked. “My sister is looking for DJ? But DJ took off with dad’s Cosmo Zero.”

Also confused Lee stared at the young boy and said. “What do you mean your sister? Your mother went to search for DJ we know that he took off.”

Description: vlcsnap-2011-10-17-15h46m20s168.pngThe blood from Mark’s face drain and he turned pale in color. “Miku is missing. I searched everywhere for her. She’s gone.”

“Wait a minute. What do you mean Miku is missing?”

“She was there and then she disappeared like that.” He said snapping his fingers.

“What are you talking about!” Lee commanded.

Taking a deep breath Mark Wildstar began to tell him. “I walk into the room and she stood there holding Miku and then she just disappeared.”


“The lady from Uncle Deslocks party. The one that came with Uncle Namir and Aunt Julie. I saw her in the room.” He quickly said.

“ARE YOU SURE!” Lee screamed at him shaking him.

“I’m sure of it. It was her.”

Turning to his communication officer he ordered to them. “Have everyone check the ship. Turn it upside down if they have to. Find her!”

“But sir? The Saku will be landing on Zazba soon.”

Trying to think he snatched the microphone from him and called into it. “Attention all hands. Those that are on standby resume your positions. Every other living body search the ship for the Admiral daughter’s and keep in contact with the bridge. Don’t worry Mark we will find her. She probably wondered off to look for your mother.” He said trying to calm him down. But if he is right in what he saw she may have her. Turning to his second in command he pulled him away from ear shot of Mark Wildstar. “Send out a search party. Get navigation to see about any ship in the area. If he is right in what he saw, we have been had. Take the boy to his father’s quarters, have a guard with him IN the room.” He ordered. Waiting until he was gone he turned back to his crew. “Commander Bennings, take the bridge. I have to see the Empress.” He knocked on her door and waited until she opened it. “Your grace I need to talk with you.”

“Come in Captain.”

“Your grace Miku is missing. Mark said he saw her standing with his sister in her arms. Then she just disappeared. Is she capable of this?”

“Her powers aren’t that strong. She would have to die to be able to do that. No this is something that is manmade. Like my husband smite machine. But to transport a person is something that hasn’t been master.” She said confused.

“Or has it.” Lee said. “Thank you your grace. Please stay in the room. I’ll have two guards set to stand guard. I am not taking any chances.” He bowed and left her. Walking back to the bridge he wondered how he was going to tell Nova and Wildstar about their daughter.




Planet Zazba Prison


He opened his eyes and felt the pain throughout his body. Trying to sit up he was knock back from the pain in his rib cage. Breathing heavily he try to sit up again. Slowly he managed to sit up and placed his hand on his chest. “Shit that hurts.” He said out loud. He placed his hand on his face and felt that his cheek and eye were both swollen. “Wow guess I won’t be taking any pictures soon.” Looking around the cell he saw that there was tray on the floor with food on it. He reached over and picked it up. Removing the lid he gagged at the bug infested plate and threw it across the room. “Urgh! I don’t think I’ll be eating that. Yuck!” He slowly got up and made his way to the small sink and ran the water not able to see the color. He put his hands under it and then splashed some of it on his face. The room was dark but he could see the night sky from the small window in his room. He stared out and up looking at the stars. In the distance he can tell a ship was landing. Sitting back down he took the blanket and began to tear it up in long strips using it to wrap his chest and ribs. Trying to make it tight he felt his breathing was getting heavier from trying. “Got to get this tight so I can move better.” With what strength he had he tighten it and then laid back on the bed closing his eyes. He slowly drifted back to sleep dreaming of being with her again.



“What do you mean the Queen left?” Namir said.

“Sir she took off not long after you contacting us.” General Kilkera said.

“Bring me Major Vicana, Now!”

“I’m sorry sir but the Major has been removed from his position. I am in charge now and my queen has instructed me to detain you and your guest.”  Kilkera said as he pulled out his weapon pointing at Namir while the other officers drew their weapons holding theirs up to Deslock and their men. “I have to place you and Emperor Deslock under arrest.”

“ARE YOU MAD! Do you not know the outcome of this treason! You all will be executed now put your weapons down or there will be more trouble here then you can handle.” Namir snapped back drawing his weapon in defense.

“Put your weapon down sir.” Kilkera said.

“Put your weapons down, General. Make it easy for yourself and we will be leant.”

“I have my orders Sir!”

Namir stood tall still holding his weapon and spoke. “And where is your queen now. She has left you here to deal with a mess. Now, we can stand here all day or you can release the Admiral to us and we will leave here peacefully. Which is it going to be? You have less than a minute to decide.” He said.

“Or what?” The general asked.

“Or this planet and its people will be under a major attack. So what’s it going to be?” Namir said as he pointed the gun at his head.

“I swore to up hold my queens wishes and protect our people,”

“General Kilkera we are not here to start a war but if we must use force then the death of your people lay on your hands.” Deslock said in a low firm tone.

“Emperor you have no authority here and I will not think twice in shooting you or anyone else that stand in my way of protecting my people and queen.”

“Then so be it. Your time is up.” Namir said as the first wave of explosion hit the castle.



The ship landed 3 miles off the prison. Alexander Wildstar, Damir, Kaif and two more men stepped off the ship. “Let’s go, double time it. We have to get to the prison before the first wave of bombers.” Kaif said over his shoulder. They hiked over tall hills covered in with snow. They stop midway and then headed out again. Making it to the prison they all sat out past the wall and waited until they heard the first wave of attack. “Alex, you stay behind me. Damir take in the rear. Alex are you sure you know how to use that thing.” Kaif asked.

“I’ve had lesson and my dad show me a thing or two.” Alex smirked.

“Damir, are you ready.” Damir nodded and Kaif went on. “Okay everyone, here they come let’s go.” They all held on to their weapons and ran towards the prison, the distraction from the explosion kept the guards busy scrambling for cover. Kaif led them to a door and place small charges on the door. “Get back.” He ordered as they jumped for cover. The door blew opened taking out who ever was on the other side of it. Quickly they ran into the building and began to search for him. Alex stepped into the building and looked at the many doors that they would have to search.

“How are we going to find him?” he asked worried.

“Shut up and let’s go. We don’t have time.” Kaif yelled. “Split up, Damir you and Hirdor go up there. Alex you and Tanizi take down here. I’ll go check down this hall. Shoot at anyone that comes your way. We don’t have much time. NOW GO!” he yelled.

They ran in different direction looking and knocking on doors. Alex banged on each door calling out for his father. “Admiral Wildstar!” he called into the hall. His mind raced to where they could have put his father. “Do you think that they put him somewhere else or maybe took him to another planet?” he asked Tanizi.

Description: vlcsnap-2011-10-17-19h38m49s139.png“I don’t know but we need to keep looking.” He said moving to the next cell. He stopped midway and turned to Alex. Placing his finger over his mouth he pointed to step back against the wall. They heard as footsteps came closer to them. Alex lean forward and watched as two men ran towards them. He held up two fingers and tighten his other hand on the weapon. Tanizi nodded and then counted with his finger at Alex. 3, 2, 1 he waved his hand at him. They both jumped in front of the men and fired their weapons. Alex stood there holding his weapon shaking as Tanizi moved his hand down. “Your first time?” he asked. Alex nodded yes and Tanizi put his hand on his shoulder. “We have to keep moving. Shake it loose we have to find your father.” He told the young Wildstar.

The explosion woke him up. He tried to move as fast as he could to the window. Taking hold of his ribs he looked outside to see part of the castle hit. Breathing hard he tried to make his way to the cell door. He heard men running in confusion. He looked out the window of the door and backup to see someone looking in. “Dad?”


“Stand back Dad. We’re opening the door.” His son said. Wildstar grabbed the mattress and moved to the end of the small cell. Kneeling down he placed the mattress in front of him and yelled back.

 “I’m cleared!” The door exploded opened and he waited until the smoked clear. Wildstar felt someone take the mattress from him and he looked up to see himself standing over him. “Alex?”

“Hello Dad, I guess you never thought that I would be here.” He smiled at him.

He smiled back at his son and said. “You’re right about that. Didn’t I give orders for you all to go back to Earth!”

“Dad we couldn’t leave you behind.”

“Ah sir, maybe we should save the family reunion for later. We have to get going.” Alex grabbed hold of his father’s arm and threw it over his shoulder. Looking closer at his father he saw his eye bruised. His face was now stubbed as his bread began to grow in. Wildstar groaned as he walked with his son.

“Dad are you alright?”

“Alex the commander is right we need to move quickly. I’ll be alright. Now let’s go.”






“Captain Dillan, I have an incoming fighter. She’s coming in at full speed.” Pesci said into his helmet.

“Uncle Tony! It’s me DJ.”

“What! DJ what the hell are you doing out here. Go back to the ship we getting ready to attack.”

“No I want to help. My dad needs me.”

“DJ! GO BACK NOW! Your mother is going to have a fit if she finds out your out here.”

“I’m not going back. So you have to deal with it.”

“We have incoming!” Dillan screamed into their helmet.

“DAMN! Listen to me DJ you stay close to me. DO YOU UNDERSTAND!” Pesci yelled.

“Don’t worry Uncle Tony I’ll watch your back.” DJ said into his helmet then took off in full speed to his first dog fight.

“Damn that kid. Okay guys we have a civilian with us. Keep him cover!” Nova brought her fighter towards to what now became a huge dog fight. She pushed her ship closer to them and join the fight.




Planet Zazba



Deslock pointed his weapon to the general’s head. “Call them back now! Or the last thing you will see is my pulling back on the trigger.” Once the explosions started Namir and Deslock took the opportunity to take over the command center. Her men tried their hardest to keep control but Deslock and Namir with their men over power them and took control. “Now call them back.” Deslock snapped.

One man turned to him and pleaded. “General call them back.”

“Shut up! We must keep control for our queen.”

“Your queen has forsaken you all. She left you here to defend nothing. Now call them back or a lot of innocent people will get hurt.” Namir said trying to get them to understand. Slowly he dropped his weapon and nodded to the rest to do the same. “Excellent choice. Now call them back.”

“Captain, call them back.” He told his communications officer.

“Yes sir.” He replied and began to call back their fighters and men.



They watched as all the queens fighters pull back and returned to the planet. “What the hell happen.” Pesci said.

“Their pulling back. My father and Namir have taken control. Commander Pesci we have orders to follow suit and meet them at the castle. Everyone else return to the ship.” Dillan ordered.

“I’m going with you.” They heard DJ say into their helmets.

“Derek Wildstar Junior when you get my hands on you I am going to kill you.” Nova snapped into the helmets. DJ heard his mother’s voice and cringed as he listened to her words. Better to get it over with at least dad will be there to keep her from killing him.





Once in the light he saw how battered his father was. Slowly they made their way back to the castle knowing that there was a cease fire. Kaif inform them that the castle was now in the hands of Namir and Deslock. They stopped near the castle and rest for the sake of his father. Wildstar coughed and double over from the pain. “Dad are you alright?”

“I’m good, don’t worry I’ve been down this road before. I’ll bounce back. But it might take a little longer. I am getting old.” He tried to make him laugh.

“Mom is going to have a fit. She is going to be in tears.”

“Trust me son, she’s seen me a whole lot worse than this. And anyway why are you all here. I gave Captain Lee strict instructions to go back to Earth. To forget about me.”

“Sorry Dad but that is one order I wasn’t going to follow. So I don’t care what punishment you have in store. I’m bringing you home to Mom.” He smiled back at him.

“Sometimes you and DJ can be a real pain in the ass. The only ones that listen is Mark and Miku.” He patted his son on the back. “Come on I’ve rested long enough. Damir, it’s good to see you again.”

Description: vlcsnap-2011-10-16-00h03m56s242.png“It’s good to see you again too uncle. Though I only wish it was under better circumstances.” He said then jumped to hear a shot go off. He turned to see a guard standing in one of the doorways his gun still aimed in their direction. Damir drew his weapon and fired back. Alex stared at his chest feeling the warmth of his blood oozed out of his body.

“ALEX!” he heard his father scream out.

“Dad?” he managed to say before falling into his arms. Wildstar grabbed hold of his son and screamed in pain to see his son shot. Damir quickly yelled to Kaif. Within seconds they were running towards the castle. Kaif took hold of Alex while Damir help Wildstar back to the castle.



To be continued . . . . . .