Laughs of the Present, Pain of the Past

Part 2

By Yuki Wildstar




27th of November, 2224

Gamilon Planet

Desslok Residence

Suite of the Wildstar Family


Description: Description: africa4[2].jpgSettling the kids in their room she unpacked their clothes for the ceremony that would take place in a few days. “It’s a lovely room. Desslok does know how to over indulge his guest. He actually sent a nanny for Miku. But she is having too much fun with Auror.”

“How are the boys?”

“I haven’t heard any alarms go off and the castle is still standing so I am assuming that Damir and Dillan are keeping them busy. We should hurry we have to be present for dinner in an hour. So here is your uniform.”

“Hmm, do we have to go?”

“Admiral, you will insult the emperor and we don’t need to be on his bad side. So go change and get into your dress uniform.”

“I’m sure that he will understand if we are detained for a few.” He grinned. “I mean a whole two months without making love. To have you on ship and not be able to touch you is too much to ask.”

“Derek, stop it!” Nova giggled as he cupped her breast.

“Come on the kids are still exploring with Damir and Dillan. We should take advantage of it.” He said making her giggle harder. “It’s been too long.” He took her by the hand and moved her to their bed. He slowly took off her clothes and took her in his arms. “I missed you very much Mrs. Wildstar.” Then made love to her.



“Talan, call Admiral Wildstar’s quarters.” Desslok commanded.

“Yes sir!” Talan called out.  Desslok watched as the screen focus. “Wildstar?” he looked on confused as they watched sheets moved on the bed. Desslok face turned flushed as he realized what they were interrupting. “Turn it off!” he yelled out. Coughing to clear his throat he turned to Talan, “Have someone go to his quarters and let him know that we will meet in the control room.”

“Um, yes sir.” Talan said as he tried to compose himself.



“What’s that?”

“A note from Desslok he wants to meet in the control room.”

“Oh, well I’ll get the boys and Miku ready and meet you at dinner.” He kissed her gently on the cheek and left to meet The Emperor.



“Desslok, so why meet here. I thought we would meet for dinner?”

“I, um, well I thought also that it would be better to talk on a personal level.”

“Excuse me? I don’t understand?”

“Um well I tried calling your room. And well, I really didn’t mean to spy on you and your wife.” He said. Wildstar face blushed as hard as Desslok knowing that he saw them at their most intimate moment.

Pulling on his collar Wildstar felt himself get hot with embarrassment. “I see.”

“May I ask you a question?” Desslok said looking away.

Description: Description: 004 (3).jpg“I guess,” he also said looking away.

Desslok waved towards the door and they made their way out walking towards the gardens. “I’m sorry Wildstar I didn’t mean to ease drop. But I, well, I was hoping to talk as men not soldiers.”

“What is it that you want to know?” Wildstar asked still embarrassed and confused.

Description: Description: 013a.jpg“Well this is not easy for me. I don’t know how to approach this but to come straight out with it. But how is it that you can, well, um, how would you saying it?”

Blushing beet red Wildstar looked away and wished he had a drink at this moment. “I get it. I get it. Um, well. Desslok I would think with your experience that you would know how to,”

Standing proud Desslok said. “Yes I have been with many but it is different when it comes to your wife. I would like to keep her as such. Not that she would leave me.”

Nodding his head Wildstar try to think of a way that he would understand. “I know the feeling. I kind of tend to listen and feel her body. It’s like playing an instrument. You have to listen and feel how she reacts to your touch. Doesn’t help if you listen to her, um, moans?” he turned to see Desslok looking at him in awe. How uncomfortable it was to talk to Desslok about his personal life. “IS there anything else?” Wildstar asked hoping that it would settle his curiosity.

“Um, yes, yes that’s all.” He quickly said. “Oh and Wildstar if it’s not too much to ask. Can we keep this between you and I.”

“I intend too.” He quickly replied. “We should get going to dinner. I’m sure the women are waiting for us.”

“Yes, yes, let’s go.”




Returning from dinner, Wildstar could still feel Desslok stare at him and Nova during dinner.  He prayed that it would end quickly so he can get back to his suite with his wife. Running into the room he quickly looked around the room searching for bugs and cameras.”

“What are you doing, Derek?”

“Looking.” He said.

“Looking for what?” Putting his hand over her mouth he walked her out onto the patio and looked around there. “What is going on?” she asked.

“I think it’s time to go back to the Argo.” Derek announced feeling that it was safe to talk.

“What, but why?” Nova sat on the patio chair watching him look around some more.

Taking her hand he walked her into the room and pointed to the camera. “Our little detained roost together made Desslok’s video of the week.”

“What! How! Does Devina know this!” she said feeling her body blush and violated. “Did he,”

“Apparently he tired calling earlier before dinner and saw our little rump in bed.”

“Oh my god, he did? Derek, he saw everything?”

“Not sure, but I had to advise him on how to make Devina, how should I put it, move and um,” he tried to say.

“I, I get it. And your advice was?” the more she thought about it she began to laugh.

“Not funny Nov, someone watching us in our most intimate moment is something I wasn’t planning neither on Earth or here. Anyway, I think we should just stay on the Argo.”

“Meaning there will be no hanky panky at all.” She grinned.

“What’s so funny? I would have thought you would be mortified to him and his staff watching us.”

“I am or I was. Come on Derek, I am sure Desslok was just as uncomfortable to approaching you as you were learning about it. And for him to ask for advice is something I don’t think he would want anyone knowing. After all he is the Great Emperor of the Universe.” She let out a laugh.

“Your just loving this aren’t you?” he said shocked that she was calm about it all.

“I always wonder if you guys talk about us in bed.” She laughed. “Now I know. So how uncomfortable were you?”

“Let’s say I was turning the color of that chair.” He point to blood red color chair.

Nova laughed harder and tears ran down her face. Composing herself she stood up and walked over to where the camera sat. “I think we can fix that. He will understand.” She said and pulled the wire out. “Now we can stay and we don’t have to worry about anyone ease dropping on us for the duration of our stay.” She gave him a hug and said, “Better?”

“I guess, but just to make sure.” He whispered into her ear. “I’ll get one of our techs here and sweep the area.”

“Hmm, maybe we should keep them,” she whispered back.

Pulling away he gave her a shocking look. “Really?! I didn’t know you were into that.” He laughed.

“Kidding!” she shoved him away as she rolled her eyes.



30th of November, 2224

Graduation Day


Desslok stood in his command center looking over his staff as they work. Wine in hand he said, “Make sure that you keep in contact with the Saku. I want to know when they land.”

“Yes emperor.”

“Good morning Desslok.” Wildstar said as he entered the room.

“Wildstar, good of you to make it. I have the Saku coming in she should be landing shortly. Namir and Julie are anxious to see you and Nova.”

“I’m sure Nova will be happy to see them. Are they bringing Saku?”

“As far as I know and the queen should be with them.”

“Queen Mariposa?” Wildstar asked as his heart began to beat faster.

“Yes of course I had to extend my joy to all my neighboring galaxies. This is an extraordinary time for the Gamilon people. When will they see the future leaders of Gamilon graduate? It is a joyous time for Gamilon.”

“Yes of course Desslok.” Crap! How am I going to keep them apart? Wildstar thought. To have both women on the same planet is difficult enough but both of them in the same room, how am I going to pull this off. His mind began to race as to how to excuse himself in order to warn his wife. “Desslok I should,” he began.

“Yes, yes we should head to the hall. They should begin soon. I would like a word with my sons before the ceremony. Come Wildstar I am sure that they would love to see their uncle and you can give them a few kind words before the ceremony.

“Um, yeah sure.” Wildstar said as they headed to the ceremony hall. I’ll look for her there and try to warn her. He hoped.



The crowed gather to his son’s graduation. Damir and Dillan as well as others stood on the stage facing their families and friends. It was a big day for the Gamilon academy. To be graced with the Emperor himself was more than they could ask for. But to also have the famous Wildstar as well as the leader of the Bolar Empire attend. Upper ranks and teachers were on high gear. Nova and the kids enter the hall and saw Julie and Namir standing in the corner with Saku. “Julie!” She waved over to her.

Description: Description: dorothy3[1].jpga.jpg“Nova!”

“It’s so good to see you. How have you been?” Nova began, “Saku my word you have grown. Alex you remember Saku?” Alex and Saku shook hands as Nova continued to talk with his parents. “Namir it’s so nice to see you again. Derek should be here shortly he went to see Desslok.”

“Can you believe it? They are all grown up. It seems like yesterday when we all just had our babies. Alex is just a little man. And who is this little lady.” Julie asked as she bent down and smiled at her.

“Oh this is Miku, Miku say hello to your Aunt Julie and Uncle Namir.” Nova said. Miku giggled at her and then gave her a hug.

“She is just beautiful. She looks so much like her father. But I see a little of you too, Nova.”

“She has her father’s spirit that’s for sure.” She giggled.

“Where are the twins?” Julie began to look around to search them out of the crowd.

Rolling her eyes she said, “getting into something that their not suppose to be in. Let’s just hope that we don’t hear an explosion while the ceremony is in full swing.”

“You have your hands full.” Julie laughed.

Description: Description: 000d.jpg“I’ll say.”

Feeling someone tap her on the shoulder Julie turned and smiled. “You made it just in time.” Nova looked at her and felt her blood rush out of her body. Julie watched as her face turned paled and took hold of her arm. “Nova, are you alright?”

“Um, yeah, I, I”

 “Hello Nova.” Mariposa said as she put her hand out to shake hers. Nova stepped back away from her. Mariposa looked down to Miku and smiled at her daughter. “She’s just beautiful, Nova is she yours. My you look a lot like your father.” She said placing her hand on Miku’s face.

“DON’T YOU TOUCH MY DUAGHTER!” Nova screamed. “Stay away from her! And stay away from me!”

“Nova! What’s going on?” Julie looked on in shock. She never saw her like that ever. For her to lose control something must have happened between her and Mariposa.

“I have to go. Alex! Come on I forgot something and need you.” She called to her son. Confused he excused himself from Saku and followed his mother out to the hall.

“Mom what gives? What happened?”

“I want you to go find your father and tell him that I will be back at the suite. And get your brothers too.” She snapped at him.

“Mom, are you alright?

“Alex, do as I say and find your father, NOW!” she yelled.

“Yes ma’am.” He said then ran to find his father.

Wildstar walked into the hall and searched the area in hopes to spot Nova before she ran into Mariposa. “Dad!” his saw his son run towards them.

“Looks like your son is in a hurry?” Desslok laughed. “I hope that they’re not into something.”

“Whatever it is, I apologize now. Sorry I only hope that we can fix it. Hey Alex what did your brothers do now?”  He said avoiding his fear of Nova and Mariposa meeting.

“It’s not them Dad, Its mom she wanted me to find you and tell you that she had to go back to the room.” Alex said breathing from running.

“Back to the suite? The ceremony is about to start.” Wildstar said confused. “What happen, is someone hurt?”

Description: Description: 51819[1].jpg“No dad she was talking with Uncle Namir and Aunt Julie and then some lady said something about Miku and mom left. Dad she was really mad.”

Wildstar heart drop as he looked over to where Namir and Julie were and saw her standing there with them. Her head bow trying not to look his way. “Oh shit! Desslok I have to go. I’ll be back before your speech and the boy’s speech’s. I have to take care of this.”

Worried about his friend he said, “I can post pone it for an hour. Not to worry. It will give you time to take care of what it is that you need to do.”

“Thank you Desslok. I promise I will be here to see the boy’s and your speech.” He said and race to their suite.

He walked into the suite and found her sitting on the bed while Miku played with a doll near her. “Nova, baby.”

She stood up and walked to him. Before he could talk she slapped him three times on the face. “You Bastard! You should have warned me! I was caught completely off guard. I felt like a fool! Did you know she would be here?!”

“I found out this morning. I try to get to you and tell you but Desslok kept me busy.” Slapping him harder she sat down and cried. How could this happen? He thought. After all I put her through and here we are again. He knelt down in front of her and tried putting his arms around her. ‘Nova, please,”

“Don’t touch me. We will talk about it later. I have to freshen up. My God children need me.” She said wiping the tears from her face. “Pull yourself together I don’t want to ruin their day.” She sternly said over her shoulder as she made her way into the bathroom.  Putting her best poker face on she freshen her makeup and made her way to her daughter. “Come on Miku, Damir and Dillan’s graduation is starting and I don’t want to be any later then we are now. Are you coming!” she snapped at him. Wiping the tears from his face he followed her back to the ceremony hall.



They sat in the front row of the audience and listen to the ceremony announcer call out awards. The crowed stood up and saluted when Desslok made his way to the podium. The crowed went silent and Desslok began his speech. “My fellow Gamilon's and distinguish guest. Thank you all for coming to this joyous occasion. So many classes have gone through these walls to success within the services of the Gamilon Military. Today not only am I please of the young men and women that will now hold position to serve their home land but I am also please to say that my two sons will be among them. It is a joist day that they have become men and will lead this galaxy to bigger and better things. AFTER I step down.” He said making everyone laugh. “Damir, Dillan you are your mothers and I pride and joy. Now this does not mean that you get any special treatment. You still will have to prove yourselves within the ranks,” making the crowed laugh again. “None the less I am proud of you two. You will lead the Gamilon Empire as I have and hope that it will be at peace long after I am gone. Good luck to you all.” He finished as he raise a glass of wine. The dean stood up and began to announce the cadets and pin their ranks onto their collar. He wished them well then step aside when Damir and Dillan were called to get their ranks. Their father stood tall before them and placed their ranks on their collar. Damir and Dillan were given the rank of Captain. They both stood straight and saluted their father with a sharp snap. The ceremony ended with Desslok finest fighters flying by.

They gathered outside and Nova stood tall next to Wildstar. Namir and Julie bid their congratulations to Desslok sons then made their way over to where they were standing. “It was a lovely ceremony, don’t you think?” Julie said.

“Yes it was. Desslok looked so proud up there when he presented them with their ranks.” Nova said.

Making her way over to where they all stood Mariposa try to smile, “Hello Admiral, it’s good to see you again.” Nova stood quiet her body tense as she held on to her daughters hand.

“Mommy, you hurt my hand.” She whined.

“I’m sorry honey, let’s go look for Aunt Devina and Auror.” She said. Julie looked from Wildstar to Nova and knew something was wrong between the two. She watched as he tried to put his arm around her and she pushed him away. She could see that he was uncomfortable to be there with them and waited until Nova left to search for Devina.

“Derek, is everything alright with you and Nova.”

“Yeah, just a little misunderstanding that’s all.”

“Are you sure, because,”

“Julie please it’s just a misunderstanding.” He said in a tone that told her to back off.

“Okay, but if you need to talk,” she said.

“Thanks I should go see about the kids. Talk with you later.” He said then left. Mariposa quickly follow suit.

“Derek!” she hurried to him. “Please wait.”

“Your highness now is not the time. I have to go and see how Nova is. Please we promise to walk away clean. She was taken for a reason. I didn’t love you and you didn’t love me. It was something that happened, nothing more.”

“How could you say that to me? She was our daughter! Our child!” she began to raise her voice.

Taking her by the arm he moved her outside to someplace where no one could hear. “Lower you voice! Look I’m not saying that didn’t love my child. But I have a wife and we have kids. What I did was inexcusable. I lost her once and I am NOT going to lose her again. Now get yourself together. Be the person that you once were. Being needy doesn’t suit you.”

“You Bastard! We had a girl first!”

Grabbing her arms tighter he said. “Stop it! Not another word about her. She’s gone and I am back where I should be. With my wife and kids!” taking a deep breath he went on, “Please your highness. I know you’re hurting. I was hurting too. But you have to move on. Ask yourself did you love me? Looked deep inside and ask yourself that question. Before what happen with our child, did you love me?”

“I, I, no I didn’t.” she looked away. “But she was my baby.” She broke down and cried. He took her in his arms and let her cry on his shoulder. How he hurt for his child with her too. But he loved his wife and she was a mistake nothing more. Nova stood in the door way and watched as he held her in his arms and cried from the pain that she saw them together. She wiped her tears, pulled herself together, turned and went back to the party that now was in full swing. “I’m sorry I never meant to make a scene. It just hurts to see your daughter you had with her. She is so beautiful. I only wished I knew how our child would have turned out.”

“I’m sorry too your highness, but I have to move on. I love Nova with all my heart. And I see she is hurting to see you here. Please understand.” He begged. His fear of her being scorn would create friction with her senses and he pray that it would not begin something with both worlds. “Your Highness, please do not use poor judgment with what happen with us.”

She wiped her tears and stood tall. “You have no worries in our worlds. I would not put my people through such a senseless act. I wish you well Captain.” She said then leaned in and kissed him one last time.

Taking a deep breath he watched as she left. Straightening his uniform he made his way back into the hall and looked for his wife. He found her talking with Desslok and Devina. He stood close to his wife and put on a smile for them.  “It was a lovely graduation.” He said to them. “They are going to be great leaders.”

“Thank you Wildstar. I hope you are right. I was thinking that I should send them both to earth so they can study a true captain in his element.”

“I would need to confer with my superiors but I don’t see any problem with it.”

“I will call your council once you return and set up a time.”

“They're not going to blow up the ship are they?” he asked making Desslok laugh.

“All the better to send them to you in case that happens. Better your ships then mine.” He laughed harder.

“Mommy, I shleepy.” Miku said in a tired tone.

“I’m sorry, it is late I should get her to bed. Captain would you please get Mark and DJ.” She said in a flat tone.

Derek could tell she was still upset over her being there. “Sorry Desslok, I should be going. See you in the morning?”

“I understand Wildstar. Anyway it looks like the younger people are taking over the party. Devina my love we should go to. Wildstar I think it will be alright to leave Alex. Looks like he is having a good time,” Desslok pointed to his son that was talking to a young lady.

“I guess it would be alright. I should get the twins. Goodnight Desslok.” Wildstar fetched his other son’s and made his way back to their suite.

“Why can’t we stay with Alex?” DJ said out loud.

“Because he’s older and he needs his space.”

“He’s not that older than us.” Mark said.

“Well he’s old enough. Now it’s late.” He told them in a stern voice. They burst into the room and ran into their room. Derek took a deep breath and made his way into a dark room he knew that she was not talking with him that night. Looks like a lonely night for me, he thought. He took his uniform off and crawled into bed. Reaching over he realized she wasn’t there. “Nova?” he called turning on the light.




She waited until her daughter was sleeping then told the sitter that she was going out for a few. Nova found herself in front of her door. Gently she knocked on it and waited until she answered. “Nova, what are you doing here?”

“We should talk.” She said making her way into the room.

“I, I,” Mariposa tried to speak. The last person she expected was the wife of the man she had a child with. She shook uncontrollably to what she had to say.

“I talk you listen.” Nova commanded. “I know what happen with you and Derek. I’m not here to argue with you. Just to let you know to stay away from my daughter. I could care less about him. What happen with him and you hurt me deeply. You were supposed to be my friend. How could you! With my husband! I would have never done that to you. And remember that Miku is my child. Not yours!”

“Nova I know she is yours. It’s just that seeing her made me,”

Description: Description: ya-5[1].jpg“I saw how you look at Miku. She can never replace your daughter. Do you think I would allow you to even go near her? She’s my child and I will not stand by and let you try to take her from me.  IF Derek decides to go back with you he will lose custody of his children. I will not allow you near them. I will not allow him to take them. She is MY daughter, so if you think that you can waltz back into his life and rekindle something just know this she is not part of the package. She is my child!”

 Mariposa stood still and quiet as Nova said her words. “Nova he made it clear that it was a mistake. And I know that she can never replace my child. Yes I am jealous that you have such a beautiful little girl. I can only dream of how my little girl would have looked had she live. But it’s time for me to move on with my life just like Admiral Wildstar said. I have my closure now and I think he has his. I wish you both well.” Nova took in her words and then turned to leave. “Nova, I am sorry.” Nodding her head she left her standing there shaking.

She didn’t realize that she too was shaking after her confrontation with Mariposa. Taking a seat in the hallway she tried to regain her composer. She sat there long after the lights went out and then made her way back to the suite. Peeking into her son’s room she smiled to see them both sleeping soundly. She walked over to her daughter’s room and lay down next to her holding her tight. She kissed her daughter on the head and then made her way back to her room. He sat there on the bed staring into space when she walked through the door. His eyes met hers and knew she went to see her. Nova stared away and began to undress. He didn’t say a word not wanting to start a fight with her. Anything about what happen would only make things worse and back to the beginning when she left. She said nothing as she crawled into bed next to him. The light in the room seem to make the only sound. She turned her back to him and prayed that sleep would come so that the day would finally be over. Derek wanted to reach for her but hesitated. What could he say to her now? There were no words to say. If she left now he could not stop her. The sound of her crying made him cry with her. You’re a fool Wildstar you have a beautiful wife and wonderful life with her and you screwed it up more than once. How can you possibly make this better now? Slowly he reached for her and touched her shoulder. Her cries stopped as she turned to face him. Her eyes show how hurt she was to the never ending pain that seem to follow them. “I can’t do this anymore Derek.” She softly said. “Please just leave me alone.”

“Nova I love you. Please don’t turn me away. I told her,”

“I know she told me. I just can’t do this. It hurts too much.”  He wrapped his arms around her and pulled her close. She buried her face into his chest and cried harder. He wanted to know what was said between them but knew she would tell him when she was ready.

Bringing her face to his he looked deep into her eyes. “Baby, I love you and I’m not going anywhere. I couldn’t live without you.”

“Derek when I saw you hugging her I thought that she won you back. I just knew she would try to take Miku away and I won’t,”

“What makes you think that anyone would try to take her away from you? I would never let that happen she’s our daughter, together.”

“You don’t understand, the way she looked at her. I knew that she wanted her. She lost her baby and she wants Miku as her own.”

“Nova, she was still hurting.”

“I know that’s why I had to see her. I needed to tell her that she has to stay away from my child. Derek, can you go get her and bring her here. I don’t want to let her out of my sight.”

“Nova she’s safe here.”

“I’d feel better if she was here in the room with us.”

“Okay, I’ll get her.” He kissed her on the head and left to get his daughter. Minutes later he walked through the door with her sleeping soundly in his arms. He gently laid her next to Nova and smiled. She was his daughter, the flowing dark hair the brown eyes. “She’s beautiful Nova.”

“Yes she is.” She replied. She looked deep into his eyes and he lean in to kiss her. He pulled her closer and kissed her with the passion he always had for her. “Derek, Miku.” She said. He picked up his daughter and moved her to a couch across the room. He covered his daughter and then walked to the dresser. Turning on the portable Ipod they brought with them. He placed the volume low and hopped back into bed with her. Music fill the room as Sade came on singing ‘By your side’. “Will she be alright there?”

“She’ll be just fine.” He kissed her again and slowly took off her clothes. Quietly they made love into the night.


She woke up in a cold sweat. Derek felt her body jolt up and reached out to her. “Hey are you alright?” Breathing heavily she jump out of bed and ran to where her daughter slept. She placed her hand on her head and picked her up. She carried her to bed and placed her between her and Derek. “Nova what’s wrong? Did you have a nightmare?”

“I just kept getting this feeling that she was gone. I just need her to be close to me.” She said as her hands shook.

“Nova she’s safe. You shouldn’t worry. I would never let anything happen with you or the kids. I will always protect you and them. Now try to get some sleep we leave tomorrow.” He gave her a kiss and then they both kissed their daughter. She lay back down and wanted the night to be over. They were leaving back to earth and she couldn’t wait to go home.




1st of December, 2224


Description: Description: dadanddaughter[1] - Copy.jpgIt was a restless night for her. She woke on and off checking on her daughter and sons. Derek could tell that she was exhausted and worried about her. Dressing he watched as she dressed her daughter in a pale yellow dress that brought out her dark hair. Nova brushed her hair and put a huge Yellow bow in her hair. She smiled as she twirled around showing her father one of her new dresses they bought before coming to Gamilon. “Ms. Wildstar, may I have this dance.” Derek bowed to her and took her hand. He waltz her around the room twirling her around as she laughed. “Well we should finish up. We leave in a couple of hours.” He said. He took hold of Nova’s hand and brought her closer to him. “I hope that you will sleep better tonight.”

“I’ll feel safer on her then here. Derek, could you please get someone to watch us?” she asked in a low voice.

“You’re really shaken up about this. Why do you think someone will take Miku.”

“Not just someone, her. The way she looked at her when she first saw her. She may tell me that she has moved on but something about how she looked at Miku scares me to death. Please just an escort to the ship.”

Description: Description: 58119[1] - Copy (2).jpg“Okay if it makes you feel better. I’ll have Pesh and Delvechio escort you and the kids back to the ship.” He held her tight feeling her body shake, “stay here I’ll call over to the ship.”

“I’ll make sure the boys are ready. Miku baby, come on let’s see if your brothers are ready.” Nova took hold of her daughters hand and went to get her sons. Walking into their room she noticed DJ was not there. “Where is DJ?”

“He wanted to see uncle Desslok’s ship.” Mark said.

“He went where?!” Nova felt her blood drain. “DEREK!” she screamed out to him. 

Hearing her scream he raced into the room, “WHAT! What happened? What’s wrong?”

“It’s DJ he’s not here!”

Turning to his twin he asked. “Where did he go?”

“He went to see Uncle Desslok ship. He said he will be back before we leave.” He whined.

Taking out his communication phone to the ship he called into it. “Captain Lee!”

“Yes Admiral, this is Lee.”

“I need a search party ASAP. My son is missing. Get a group together and have them meet me in Desslok’s communications room. Alex, help your mother with Miku and Mark. Nova, get back to the ship once Pesh and Dee get here.”

“Okay, once I get the kids on ship,”

“Nova I need you to stay on ship. Let me handle this. I’m sure he is roaming around trying to fly one of Desslok ships. I’ll find him.” He smiled trying to get her to relax.

“Derek please,”

“Nova, go to the ship. I have this. I promise.” He ordered. She was too tired to fight with him. He kissed her on the cheek and went to the communication room to wait for the search party. Nova waited for Pesci and Delvechio to come and get them. She paced back and forth wondering where her youngest son was.

“Mom,” Alexander placed his hand on her shoulder and said. “Dad is going to find him. Don’t worry. You know DJ he is always wondering off when he is near planes and ships. Remember when dad took him to the Argo the first time. Dad found him ready to take off in his Cosmo Zero. He had the plane on and ready to take off. If it wasn’t for the navigation station he would’ve.”

She looked up to her oldest son and smile. “How did you become so calm? You’re like your father when things get crazy. He always seems to stay calm and pull everyone together without breaking a sweat.”

“Looks like Uncle Tony and Uncle T are here.” He told his mother hearing the knock on the door.

“Ma’am are you ready?” Pesci said looking around making sure that they get back to the ship safe. After speaking with Wildstar he could tell in his voice that he was worried for his family’s safety. “We should go. Alex, help your mother with her bags. Ma’am lets go. Stay close.”

“Wait I should tell Devina goodbye.”

“Admiral Wildstar said that he already spoke to the emperor and his wife and they will see you on ship later before we leave. So come on let’s get you aboard safely.” He ordered her. She grabbed her daughter and watched as Delvechio took hold of Marks hand. Within minutes they were heading out the castle back to the ship.



“Wildstar I have everyone looking everywhere for him. He will turn up. Now what’s with the escort for Nova and the kids?”

“She’s a little shaky after last night. She’s been having a bad feeling about Miku. So she asked that I have an escort sent for them to get back to the ship.”

“She knows I would not let anything happen to her or the children.”

“I know Desslok , thank you.”

“I’m not doing this for you. I’m doing this for Nova.” He grinned letting Wildstar know that he really meant both he and Nova. “Your party is here. Let’s go find your son.”




Bolar Battleship Saku


“DJ, Mariposa where are you going?” Julie asked.

“Ms. Mariposa was going to show me Uncle Namir ship.” DJ said.

“I’d figure he’d like to see what a Bolar ship looks like inside. He is such an inquisitive child.” Mariposa said.

“DJ aren’t you suppose to be leaving today. I think we should talk with your parents. They are probably looking for you.” Taking him by the hand she began to walk towards the bridge. “Your highness, are you coming?” she turned in time to see her approach her with a weapon. “What the hell do you think you’re doing?” Julie yelled. Julie pushed DJ to the floor and took hold of the weapon. They both struggled to take control of the gun. Julie yelled to DJ. “Get out of here. Go find your uncle NOW!!!!” DJ jump to his feet and ran down the hall to find help. “Your Highness, stop it! Why are you doing this?!”

“Stay out of this Julie. He will pay for what he did to me and our daughter.”

“What are you talking about, who will pay and what daughter?” Julie asked confused. Knocking the weapon to the floor Julie took hold of her and brought her to the ground. Pinning her down Julie slapped her hard across the face. “Calm DOWN!” Julie snapped at her. Mariposa finally stop fighting and began to cry. “Your Highness,” she started to say when she heard footsteps running towards them. “My god, Namir! Help me with her. She’s not well.”

Namir took hold of her and called to his officer. “Get the boy out of here and get a doctor.” Picking her up Namir and Julie took her to her quarters.

“Namir she was ready to shoot me. Why would she do that?” Julie asked.

“Julie, go see what’s taking the doctor. I’ll stay with her.”  He ordered. Julie looked confused at him wondering what he knew. “Please Julie, go.” She turned and ran out the door to see about the doctor. Namir sat next to her and held her close. “Your highness what were you thinking? The son of Admiral Wildstar?” He knew the reason behind what happen. She told him shortly after she found out she was pregnant and Wildstar was long gone. She swore him to secrecy. No one knew about the birth but those close to her. She seemed fine after he left but when they were invited to Desslok son’s graduation she began to act different. She seem disconnected to everyone. On her return back from his court marshal she seemed alright. Not that she was there long enough to speak to him. At the time she and Namir were working on expanding to another planet. She assured him that she was fine with seeing him again but as the time came closer she started to get quiet and withdrawn. He watched her reaction to seeing their Daughter at the hall and knew it was not good. “Mariposa, I have to tell Wildstar.” She just nodded her head and cried. Julie walked in a second later with the doctor. “I think she needs a sensitive. She is not well, doctor.” Looking her over he reached into his bag and took out a needle.

“What are you doing?” she yelled. Taking hold of her Namir held her tight as the doctor gave her the shot.

Julie waited till the doctor left and Mariposa was sleeping when she finally asked. “What’s going Namir? And don’t take me for an idiot. What happen with her and Derek that she try to kidnap his son?”

Avoiding her questions further he said. “I’ll call over to Wildstar and let him know that DJ is here. They must be searching high and low for him. I’ll have someone stand guard and when we get back I’ll have her seek medical attention. She is in no condition to run a world. We have to get her better.”

She knew that he was avoiding her and she figured best to get it from the horse’s mouth. “Namir, what are going to tell them? Nova will flip if she knows about her taking DJ.”

“Let’s just deal with Wildstar for now. I am sure he will want to deal with Nova alone.”



Communication Room Gamilon Headquarters


“Your grace I have an incoming call from The Saku.” Desslok communication officer said.

“Put him through,” he commanded. “Namir, I cannot talk at this moment we are searching of DJ Wildstar. Seems like he disappeared from his parents and we are searching to where he is at.”

“That’s what I am calling about. Guess who is here?” he said. The video panned out and DJ waved to his father.

“DJ, you are so in trouble with your mother. You better have a good explanation as to why you took off. Stay right there, I’m coming to get you.” Wildstar scolded his son.

“Yes sir.” He said bowing his head.



Bolar Battleship Saku


30 minutes later Wildstar and Desslok walked onto the bridge of the Saku. “Derek Wildstar Junior, come here right now!” Wildstar snapped at his son. “Do you know what we have been through looking for you? Your mother is worried sick.”

“Wildstar, it’s not his fault. I think we need to talk. General, please take control,” Namir ordered his second in command. “DJ why don’t you stay here with General Todo your dad and I have something’s to discuss.” They followed him to his quarters and had Desslok and Wildstar sit down. “Wildstar, Mariposa was with him. Julie found them and when she was bringing him to the bridge to call you the queen pulled a gun on her. She’s in her quarters now sleeping.”

Wildstar heart drop to think that she was kidnapping their son. Nova instinct were off which child would disappear. It was DJ and not Miku that was going to vanish. “I don’t know how to thank you, Namir, Julie.”

“I’m sorry that he had to witness us fighting. But had I not who knows what she had planned.” Julie said.

“Thank you Julie. I don’t want Nova to know about this. So please let’s keep this between us. I have to think of a way to tell her and when.” He trailed off. Getting up he shook Namir hand. “I should be going. We are supposed to be taking off in few hours. Thank you both again.” Wildstar said and started to leave.

“Derek,” Julie ran next to him and put her arms through his. “I don’t understand why she would do this. Why DJ?”

“It’s a long story.”

“Derek you know I hate to keep things from Nova. Especially after all I put you guys threw. Mariposa seem a little unease coming here. Is that about you?”

Nodding his head he looked away and began his story as she led him to a private area. “I’m not sure if Namir talk to you about what happen.”

“Like you he can be very secretive. I knew something was wrong when Nova went ballistic on her when she touched Miku. What happen to set her off?”

“She had every right too. Well, remember when a few years back before Miku was born my mission was extended.” Julie nodded her head and listen silently. “We never said anything to you, Namir and Desslok, but for a short time Nova and I divorced. We recently got back together and remarried. We got divorced because Mariposa and I had an affair and she got pregnant with my child.”

“What? But I didn’t know she was pregnant.” Julie said in shocked.

“Yeah well it’s something we didn’t advertise. It was a mistake that I regretted. See when I was on my last mission she requested my presences when Tan died. Because EDF didn’t want to lose her peace support they sent me.



“Welcome Captain.” She said as she greeted him

“I’m so sorry to hear that he past. He was a good man.”

“Captain,” she began.

“It’s Derek, please.” He corrected her.

“Of course, I’m sorry I just thought of you when he finally went. Losing him made me think of Jetter. Tan spoke of him in his last words. He said that he should have let me chose my life and not pushed my responsibilities on me. Had he stay I couldn’t image what we would have had. Maybe we would have been happy, maybe our lives would have been different. Maybe he would be here with me and I not be alone. Instead of following my heart I followed my responsibilities. Tell me more about him.” She asked him.

“He was a good officer, very head strong. He reminded me of me.” Wildstar said grinning at the thought. “I could tell from the start that he was falling head over heels for you. He stared at you the way I stare at Nova.” He said and thought of his wife. How he missed her and his kids. He didn’t think of how much it would affect him missing his family so. He was so lonely at night and found himself wishing that he was back home or at least Nova there with him. She walked with him through the village and watched as the kids raced to be with her. She played with some of the kids and spoke with their parents. A smile crept on his face thinking of Nova when they race to see her and play with them back when they first arrived.

Description: Description: mother[1].jpga.jpgThe funeral was a somber one. She cried for her friend and aid and Wildstar stood by her holding her hand when she cried. Days turned to a week and she found herself growing closer to him. They would walk and talk greeting the children and people. He made her laugh and he would have dinner with her at night to keep her company. They seem to grow closer and talk about Jetter and Nova. How she wanted to be normal. He seemed less complicated then her life and he smiled when he spoke of his kids. He told her of funny things that his kids did to make her smile.

She walked through the town for her usual walk. She smiled at her subjects as they waved hello and the kids brought her flowers. Looking at her escort she lean in and said. “Can you ask Admiral Wildstar to my chambers please?” Nodding he left her to get him.

She waited for him to come, her mind racing. She felt herself feeling more and more depress. How she long to be a regular person. She didn’t want to walk through the village smiling. She wanted to cry and sleep until the sun went down. To be left alone without responsibilities.



“Can you try again, Ensign?” He ordered.

“”Yes sir, trying again.” Wildstar heard through the speaker. “Sir I think I have an open line. Placing it through to your room now. But sir, it may break up we are too far out and the relay system may go down just as quick.”

“I understand, thank you.” He replied. He felt his hands shake as the screen focus into the room. It’s been weeks since he spoke to her and his family and he missed them so much. It was rare that they were able to get through back to Earth. He waited until he saw an image come to focus. “Mark is that you?” He said into the monitor.

“Dad? Daddy!” his son yelled into the monitor.

“Hello Mark, how are you? Where is everyone?”

“Alex is at a friend’s house and DJ is playing in the room.”

“Good. Where is your mother?”

“She’s in her room with Uncle Michael,” he grinned at his father.

“Excuse me, she’s in the room with who?” Wildstar asked confused.

“Uncle Michael, Dad.” His son said as if he should know. “He comes and helps me with my homework.”

“Has he really?” Wildstar asked with concern. He always knew that Spada was in love with her and for him to be around while he is gone is something he didn’t want to hear.

“Yeah Dad, he’s been here for a few days sleeping over while,” he said when the screen went black. Wildstar leaned closer to the monitor and tapped it on its side. What did he mean that he has been sleeping over? Sleeping where? And Why? With frustration he called down to the communication room and demand that they get his home back on the line.

“Sorry sir, but we lost all communication. I will keep trying.” The communication officer said.

Taking a deep breath he said. “Thank you.”

“Sir, Queen Mariposa staff called and she is requesting your presences.”

Huffing he said. “Tell them I am on my way.” He grabbed his cover and left to see about what she needed.



She heard a light knock on the door and wiped the tears from her face. “Enter.” She called out.

“Your highness, its Admiral Wildstar,” he called into the room.

“Derek, please come in.”

“What can I do for you?”

“I just wanted to hear about him again.” She said softly as she poured him some wine.

“Your highness, talking about him will not bring him back. You have to move on.” Wildstar said taking another drink down.

“Derek, all I have now is my people. You don’t know how it is to be lonely. Tan was my only family and he kept me away from love. I want to know how it feels to love.” she said.  How could he tell her what it is to love? He thought. For several nights he felt depressed himself, he missed his wife and wanted so much to go home.  But he was confused as to what his son told him. Spada in his room with his wife, in his house and sleeping over. He tried to stay focus as to what she was saying but his mind kept drifting back to what his son said. Could she and he be sleeping together? It’s only been a few months since he left but he was going to be away for a year. Maybe she decided to not wait for him and move on. He tried to write often and he called when he could like tonight, but it was hard with the time difference and just getting through was hard also. His night seem to grow longer and longer and he worked late so that he could fall asleep faster. He wanted to get back and try calling again when he felt her hand on his face. She could see him blush to her touch and she moved closer to him. Her scent was sweet and he closed his eyes thinking of his wife. Slowly she lean in and kissed him. Her lips felt sweet on his and he felt her arms go around his neck pulling him closer. He felt her body next to his and he returned her kiss. She pulled him towards her bed and laid back. She tugged at his jacket and took it off. His mind continued to drift back to what his son told him and he felt his anger grow. So many times he put himself into a situation that almost destroyed his marriage. Maybe she thought of all those times and decided to not wait. Of course her first choice would be Spada. He was always there for her.  It wasn’t easy to think that she was having an affair so he let her kiss him. Thinking about her and him without hesitation he pulled her clothes off and made love to her.

Lying next to her he couldn’t believe what they just did. Reality set in, how could he do this to her? He wasn’t even sure that she and Michael were sleeping together and for him to do this was inexcusable. How will he tell her? He slowly got out of the bed and dress quickly. “Derek?” he heard her say. “I, we,”

“I have to go. We leave tomorrow and I have a lot to do. Your highness, what happen just now was a big mistake. I’m married and if Nova ever found out this would kill her. Not to mention her killing me. Please we just need to forget about this.” He said.

“I understand Admiral. Your right we need to forget about this. Nova is a dear friend and she is your wife. I’m sorry.” She said and turned away from him. Wildstar grabbed his cover and left. Not looking back.



“The next day we finally got through to Earth and Yvey answered. She told me that she and Spada were there to help with the boys because Nova was sick. I felt horrible. I knew that I could never tell her about what happen. Then the Queen sent word a month later that she needed to see me right away. We landed a week later and she told me that she was pregnant. At first she thought about not telling me at all. But she knew it wouldn’t be right to hold that secret. Luck had it that Namir was landing later that day and he called my superiors informing them that I was needed there indefinitely. It was a heart breaking decision to make knowing Nova was home waiting for me. But I had to see it through. She miscarried in her 5th month, which made it easier for me to walk away. I swore Namir to secrecy until I was able to tell Nova the truth. Then when I got back she told me about her and Spada. It was a perfect escape to shift the blame. It was easier to blame her to what happen. But I found that a secret that big would always comes out. Nova left me and took the boys. We divorce a little later after Miku was born. It was the hardest thing I had to do. Julie it’s a really touchy subject and her being here just makes everything a little complicated.”

“So that is why she freaked out when she touch Miku. Gosh Derek, Namir never said a word.”

“Julie please don’t mention this to her. It would really make going back home hard for us both.”

“I promise, but this is something you have to tell her before your son does. Kids seem to say things at the most in appropriate times. You don’t want her to hear it on one of those times.” She advised.

“I will, thanks Julie for not judging me.”

“How can I judge you after all the crap I put you threw. I mean I haven’t been the perfect person in the past.” She said smiling and then hugged him tight. “You know I feel special that you talk to me about this. It’s not often that the great Wildstar confines in anyone other than his wife.” She said making him laugh. “Hey, it will work out. Just be honest with her, before DJ tells her.”

“Your right Julie, thanks.” He said and then kissed her on the cheek making her blush. “I should be going, have to get back into captain mode. We are taking off soon. I hope to see you soon, Julie. Take care of Namir. You know he did really good when he found you. He’s a lucky guy.”

“Now you know that is so full of shit. I’m the lucky one. Good bye Derek, I hope to see you soon too. Now get going.”

Desslok had his car waiting to bring him to the Argo. Sitting quiet across from his father, DJ wonder what punishment was waiting for him when they got to the ship. Derek stared out the window watching the castle and city disappear slowly in the distances. “I wonder why she would kidnap your son Wildstar. This is not like her.” Desslok said out loud.

“Me neither. But I’m sure that Namir and Julie will get her the best possible care.” Wildstar said.

Pulling up to the ship where it was now dock they all step out of the car. Nova stood at the entrance of the gangway and ran to her son as he got out of the car. “You had me worried sick! Don’t you ever do that again!” She squeezed him tight. “Where was he?”

“He found his way onto Namir’s ship. Lucky for them they found him before he can create havoc on his ship. Why don’t you go and get ready to leave.” He told her and then turned to Desslok, “Thank you for everything Desslok. And I’m sorry that DJ caused such a mess.”

“Not to worry Wildstar, I have been there with Damir and Dillan. Only thing is that they actually blew up a ship or two.” Making Wildstar laugh. “So what happened with you and the queen? Or is it something you wish not to talk about.”

“Huh? How did,”

“Wildstar it is my job to know everything about my people and guest. For the queen to try to kidnap your son there had to be something between the both of you. It might have been in the past or present. But it happened. So am I assuming wrong?”

“My rough patch with Nova a few years back. It had a lot to do with her. I rather not get into detail about it, it’s in the past. Nova and I have and still are working it out.”

“Understood Wildstar. If there is anything I can do?”

“Thank you Desslok but it’s already finished. By the way how did my advice help?”

Desslok grinned and said. “Let’s say it was a hell of a night.”

“Good bye Desslok, I hope to see you soon.”

“Same here my friend.” He replied as they both saluted each other.



To be continued . . . .


Read on to see what happens next as the Wildstar head back to Earth and Wildstar finally tells his wife what really happened to their son. Will she forgive him or will it became another battle of Wildstar vs. Wildstar?



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