Laughs of the present, Pain of the past

The Wildstars

Part 1

By Yuki Wildstar


1st of October, 2224

Wildstar Residence


“Hello baby, I’m on my way home.”

“Sorry about that. I should have known not to make a late appointment with Councilman Shin. So what does he have to say?”

“Um that’s what I need to talk to you about when I get home.”

“Should I be worried?”

“I’ll talk with you when I get home. This late I should be home in about 20 minutes. Love you.”

“Love you too.” She said. She could hear in his tone that something was wrong. What could have happen at the meeting that he has to talk with me? God I hope that their not shipping out. And if they do I hope it’s only for a few months. Not like last time when he was gone for over a year.

“Mom, when is dinner?” DJ asked.

“In about an hour, your dad should be home in 20 minutes so go get ready.” She said to her youngest son. She work quickly to finish up in the kitchen and just like he said Derek walk through the door exhausted from work. Putting his briefcase down on the chair he smiled to be home. “Welcome home Admiral. So how was your day?” she asked.

“Long,” he said as she kissed him on the cheek.

“Sorry about that. But your home earlier then I thought.”

“Well I was hoping that when I hired my aide that she would be able to keep my days short so I was able to spend time with my wife and family. But seems like she is a slave driver and wants me all to herself.”

“Sorry I didn’t mean for that to happen. Had I been warn about Councilman Shin I wouldn’t have put him on your schedule.”

Wrapping his arms around her waist he pulled her closer. “Well lucky for me I was called to the communication room. Not that he didn’t follow suite, he sure can talk.” He said rolling his eyes.

“Why did they need you in the communication room?”

“Well this is the fun part. Desslok happened to be calling.”

“Desslok, how is he? Gosh we haven’t heard from him since we left for New York. What’s up? Is he starting another war elsewhere?” She giggled.

“Not exactly, looks like Damir and Dillian are graduating and he would like my presences there.”

“Meaning you have to go out.” She said in a low tone.

“I’m sorry baby. I have no choice. Considering Councilman Shin was there he had already agreed.  Not that Desslok care to be address by someone he doesn’t know. I believe his first reaction was, who the hell are you and why are you addressing me?! I almost bust a gut when Councilman Shin almost peed on himself.” He saw her face and rubbed her back. “Hey it will only be for a couple of months. Their preparing the Argo as we speak.  I should be leaving in a month. Cheer up baby. I promise I will be on my best behavior. I love you too much to go through all that again.”

Pushing him away she turned back to the stove and said. “Dinner is ready can you call the kids.”

“Sure,” he figured as much as to how she would react. He called out to the kids and then went to change out of his uniform. Dinner was quieter than usual, Alex notice his mother a little more silent. She avoided talking to their father and was starting to worry about his parents. His father asked them questions about school as he looked back and forth to his mother. He can tell that his father was too worried about her silences. After dinner they helped with clean up trying to cheer her up.  Alex kept looking at his mother and was ready to ask what happened to make her sad. “Alex,” his father grabbed his arm. “Now is not the time. Trust me she will cheer up by tomorrow. I have a surprise that’s going to cheer her up.” Nodding his head he hoped it was a really good one. He hated to see his mother upset.


Later that evening . . . .

She sat on the bed trying to a read a book as he change into his pajama pants. Jumping in next to her he put his arms around her shoulder and brought her closer to him. “Hey you never let me finish the catch.”

“What catch, you’re going away. What did I miss?” she said with sarcasm.

“Well, see I forget to tell you that Desslok request my presences and yours as well as the kids.” He quickly said.

“What? Are you serious?”

Description: shirt2[2].jpg“We all leave in a month so you better start packing. They are preparing two quarters for you and the kids on the Argo.”

“You are serious! Really we are all going?” he watched as her face lit up. He wasn’t about to leave earth without them ever again. He missed space but refused anything that kept him away for more than a month. Planning on taking the next mission to Mars he was happy that Desslok decided to call now. She felt giddy that she was going, “You know I thought that I didn’t miss being in space but now that you say we are all going I find myself getting excited.”

He laughed to her excitement and pulled her closer giving her a passionate kiss. “You know I could use a deputy captain on this mission. The job is yours if you like it.”

“Hmm, I don’t think so, Derek. I don’t think I can watch the kids and take command of her too. No, I am content to be a passenger on this mission. But wouldn’t it be better to just have a separate ship for me and the kids?”

“Yeah they wanted to put you on another ship, but I thought it would be good for the kids. It will give Alex, Mark and DJ a sense as to what to expect when they become Captains.”

“What about Miku?”


“Yes your daughter, you remember her don’t you? You know she might just want to run her one day too.”

“I guess I just didn’t think of that. Of course Miku would love to also, if her mother can then why not. You know Mrs. Wildstar was an excellent Captain back in the day. You should have seen her take command. It was a real turn on for me.”

“Oh so you had a thing for your deputy captain back then.” She purred into his ear.

“I sure did.” He said as he moved her down to the bed. “So how about it want to take command again?”

“Mmm,  no thanks I’ll pass.”

“Um which reminds me, I’ll be in my own quarters.”

She let out a loud laugh and said, “Is that supposed to make me cringe? I think I can handle that but you,” she laughed again. “You on the other hand may not make it in the first two weeks.”

“Well then, we’d better make up for the lost time now.”



2nd of October, 2224


He sat down for breakfast with his kids. Alex watched as his mother made them breakfast and saw her smiling and humming. I guess whatever surprise dad had must have been a good one. She was smiling and that’s all he ever wanted for his mother. “So guys, I wanted to let you know that I will be leaving soon for another mission. This one will take a little longer then the last one.” I knew it, that’s why mom was upset. “Now this one is going to be a little different.” Meaning he probably stay away longer than usual, Alex thought. “Uncle Desslok requested that WE all go and see Damir and Dillan graduate from their academy.”

“WHAT!” they all said.

“We all are going to Gamilon and get this we are taking the Argo.”

“REALLY!” DJ screamed out.

“Yes really.”

“What about school?” Alex asked.

Description: mamorutosusumu2[1].jpg“Your mother will talk with Uncle Eager and have them video your classes to you.”

“Darn!” DJ snapped his finger and gave a twisted face.

“By the way I have some rules especially for you DJ. No getting in the way. No trying to pilot or fly any ships. Stay where we tell you. And well, all the other rules we will play it by ear as we go. Understood gentlemen and you little lady all you have to do is be pretty and smile.” He said as he tickled his daughter making her scream with laughter.

Description: anime_kiss_02_01012010215910[1] - Copy.jpg“Come on Dad. Can’t we at least fly a Cosmo Hound?” DJ asked.

“NO! And don’t start this. Or else you will be confined to the room for the whole trip.” Derek pointed to his name sake and said with a stern voice. “Now I have to get going, Nova, see you in a couple of hours.” Giving his wife a kiss on the lips he grabbed his briefcase and headed to work.



October 12, 2224

“Annie, I promise every chance I get I’ll call.” Alex tried to console her. “Oh Annie, I wish I could bring you with me. But it’s only family that are allowed to go on ship. ”

Whipping the tears from her eyes she took a deep breath and said. “It’s okay Alex. I guess I have to get use to you being away. This is a great opportunity for you. This is your dream. Anyway I have a lot of studying to do in order to keep my grades up and keep my spot in Harvard.” She took him by the shirt and pulled him closer to her. “You better call me every chance.”

“You know I will. I’m going to miss you so much.” He said then gently kissed her.

“I’m going to miss you too Alex.”

“Will you wait for me Annie?” he asked with concern.

“Of course I will, I love you silly. It’s only for a few months. You will be back before we know it.” He took her in his arms and kissed her.  “Alex I don’t think here is a good idea. What about your parents?”

“They’re at headquarters. They’ll be there all day dealing with some things for the trip. Then they are going out to dinner at Andrea’s.” He grinned. “Plus I like the guest house. I’m hoping my mom gives me the okay to live here when I come home from College. It’ll give me a lot more privacy.” He led her into the room and threw her onto the bed. She giggled out loud as he approached her on to the bed. Kissing her again he knew that he was going to miss her dearly.

“Alex, what about your brothers and sister?”

“They went with dad and mom. Don’t worry we are totally alone here tonight. Stop worrying and come here.” He slowly began to take her clothes off kissing her as he worked around her neck and down to her breast. Their love making became more intense and confident since their first time. They always made sure to be careful. Not that their parents didn’t reminded them over and over about it. To Alex surprise his mother entered his room one day and threw a box of condom onto his bed making him blush beet red. “Make sure you use them!” she said then walked out. They lay in bed beaded with sweat. He held her in his arms and then drifted off to sleep.

They entered the house and Nova called out to her son. “Alex we’re home!” waiting for a reply she turned to Derek, “You think they’re out on the beach?”

“I’ll go check.” He said and walked down to the beach. “That’s strange, both cars are out there.” Looking back at the house he figured it best to check. Derek walked over to the guest house and knock on the door. “Alex, are you in there?” He quietly opened the door and made his way into the room. “Thank god their covered.” He told himself. He gave his son a shove and put his finger in front of his mouth. “Get dress.” He told him softly not to wake Annie.  Alex nodded his head and waited until he left.

“Annie, wake up. We have to get dress and go.” Alex said putting on his pants and dressing quickly. “I’ll wait for you outside. Hurry up.”

“I am.” She said nervously.

Walking out into the living area he stood still as his father sat there waiting for him to come out. “Dad.”

“Go out the back way with Annie and tell your mother that you too were on the beach. Do you understand?”

“Yes sir.”

“I’ll tell her that you and Annie are on your way. Let’s hope that she didn’t go out looking for you too.” He said then left back to the main house.


“Come on we have to go out the back way. My dad is going to cover for us. Just go with it, okay.”



“Nova!” he yelled out into the house. “In the room!” she yelled back. “Thank god. I don’t need her flying off the handle right now.” He said in a low tone.

Walking back into the kitchen she pulled her hair back and tied it into a ponytail. “Did you find them?”

“Yeah they were down on the beach.” He lied. “They’re coming.” On cue they both walked into the kitchen.

“Hey mom,” he said walking over to her and kissing her on the cheek.

“Hello honey, Hello Annie. Was the walk nice on the beach?” she asked Annie

“Yes ma’am,”

“They were all the way near the rocks I almost I had to run so they could hear me.” Derek said quickly.

“Yeah mom, I was showing her the cove.” Alex said following his father’s footsteps. “So how did it go at Headquarters?

“It went well. You will share a room with Mark and DJ and your mom will have a room with Miku.”

“Oh come on, I can’t share a room with those two.” Alex whined.

“Sorry Al, but the Argo is not a luxury ship. You can sleep in the crews quarters if that will make it better.” His father said.

“Can’t they sleep in the crew’s quarters and I have the room to myself.”

“That’s never going to happen so get it out of your head. Sorry.” His father laughed.



EDF Battleship Argo

3rd of November, 2224



“Alex, take my chair. DJ, Mark, are you both strapped in?” He asked his children.

“We’re ready.” DJ called out.

“Okay Captain, call it out.” Wildstar told his son.

“Really Dad?”

“Go on, just say it.” He encouraged his son one more time.

“ARGO! LAUNCH!” Alexander Wildstar yelled out to the bridge crew.

“Aye,  aye sir.” The helmsman called back.

Description: vlcsnap-2010-09-06-21h10m13s84.pngAlex felt his heart beat faster as the ship began to move. His hands gripped tightly to his chair and he watched as the ship began to lift from the ocean. “Go on, Alex.”

“What do I say next, dad?” he asked his father.

“Extend the wings.” He whispered to his son.

Yelling out over the sound of the ships engine Alex said. “EXTEND THE WIGS.” A roar of laughter came over the bridge.

“THE WINGS!” Wildstar corrected him.

“Right sorry dad,  EXTEND THE WINGS!”

“AYE AYE SIR!” the helmsman called back as he tried to keep from laughing. “Extending the wings.  Lifting 5 thousand feet, 10 thousand feet and climbing.”

“Okay Alex, once we clear the clouds call out to retract the wings.” His father said. “Not the wigs.”

“Right Dad.” He said. He sat next to his father, his heart thumping faster as he focused on the clouds. His father stared closer at him and he could tell that his son was enjoying commanding his other love. He’s going to be a great captain, he thought.  DJ and Mark sat nearby watching the ship going further and further into the sky. From the distances they watched as the clouds clear and the sky began to turn black. “RETRACT THE WINGS!” Alex called out to the helmsman.

“Aye aye sir, retracting the wings now.” He heard him yell out.

Wildstar stood up and said. “Great job everyone, Alex you’re going to be an excellent Captain. I’m very proud of you. Okay everyone, let’s wrap this up. Deputy Captain Lee, take command of her.”

“Aye, aye, Captain.  Oh and Captain Alex.” Lee called to him. “Great Job.”

“Thank you, Captain.” Alex said then turned to his father and brothers making their way off the bridge.

Captain Evan Lee was happy to get the call from his superior officer. He hadn’t work with him since his mishap with them back in 2204. He commanded many ships after he was reinstated, but he was now on the famous Argo. To help command such a ship was a great honor. He almost hesitated when his son became ill but his wife encouraged him to go. “He’ll be fine.  It’s just a cold. We will be waiting here when you get back.” She told him two days before leaving. It was good to go back out into space with Wildstar. Because of him and his wife he pulled his life back together. Met a wonderful girl, got married and is now a father. He never once made him feel incompetent. Wildstar was always there to encourage him to succeed in every command. “Alright everyone, let’s clear air space and prepare for our first warp. Make sure that we have all coordinates ready when the captain returns.”



“Well Alex how did it feel to command her?” Wildstar asked his eldest son.

Making their way down to his quarters Alex grinned, “It was great Dad.”

“When do I get a chance Dad,” DJ asked.

“How about you Mark? Would you like to take command?”

“Naw, let DJ do it.” Mark Wildstar waved his father’s question away.

“Are you sure? We are warping soon. You can call it.” Wildstar said. He felt his heart break slightly wondering why he wouldn’t want to take command of his legacy.

“No thanks dad. I’ll just hang back with mom and Miku.”

“If that’s what you want.” He said disappointed. Walking into his wife’s quarters his daughter ran into his arms. “How is my little princess? Did you like taking off?”

“She saw it all in the observation room.” Nova said. “So did you like taking command Alex?”

“It was awesome mom. We are warping next so I guess we are here to make sure that you know what to do.” He said.

“I think I have this one covered Alex. You know before I became your mom I did a few of those warps too.” She ruffled his hair. “How long till warping, Derek?”

“A few more minutes. I just wanted to check on you two. Mark said he was hanging back with you. So looks like me, Alex and DJ are heading back to the bridge. Once we clear Pluto base I’ll meet you for dinner. I should be getting back.” He put his daughter down and said. “Daddy will be back later. Listen to your mother.” She smiled at him and stood next to her brother Mark. “Okay Alex let’s go. DJ? DJ? Where the heck did he go now?” he said annoyed.

Description: image-kodai-syutudou[1].jpg“Right here dad!” DJ ran out into the room as he put on his full military captain’s uniform. “I want to look like a captain when I tell them to warp.” He said.

Laughing at his youngest twin and son Wildstar then turned to his wife and just squeezed her hand. “See you later.”

“Good luck, Derek.”

He nodded at her and made their way back to the bridge. Walking onto the bridge the crew stood to attention. “At ease everyone, back to your duties. Captain, are we ready to warp?”

“Yes sir. All coordinates have been enter we are ready when you are.”

“Very well, Alex why don’t you take that chair over there next to Deputy Captain Lee. DJ, sit next to me.” He told his sons. “Okay DJ, are you ready to take command?”


“Start the count down,” Wildstar called out over the bridge.

“DAD! I wanted to do that!” he whined.

“Okay go ahead, show me what you got.” Wildstar said with encouragement.

Description: vlcsnap-2010-09-04-13h28m00s232.png“Okay everyone! Start the count down.” He yelled out. “Prepare for warp!” Picking up the communication radio he screamed into the microphone. “Attention all hands, attention all hands. We are preparing for warp in 5 minutes. Secure all quarters and strap yourselves in. Mr. Watashi, take control!” he ordered. Wildstar sat there stun to his youngest son. How confident he was to taking control, more so then his older brother. Too much confident he thought. Something I need to control before he actually takes control of any ship. He reminds me of me at times. “Mr. Watashi,  when you’re ready!” he commanded.

“Aye aye sir, warping in 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, WARP!” he yelled out.

Wildstar eyes open quickly. Warping has become much better over the years. When they first did a warp it took a second or two to wake up and focus. Now it was like walking through a door. He looked over to his oldest son and smiled at him. DJ sat silent and then let out a YIPPY! He was actually calling the shots and on his first warp. “THAT was AWESOME!” He jumped from the chair and cheered.

“Good job DJ. I have to admit that was an excellent execution on a warp.” His father said proudly. DJ looked to his older brother and smiled wide. The race to command her was now on, he thought. Something he and Alex would compete for years to come. “Now let me finish up here. Alex can you take your brother back to your mother’s quarters and make sure everything is alright.”

“Yes sir.” He said.

Wildstar watched them leave the bridge and let out a whistle. “I better watch the little one. He may make captain before his brother.”

“I’ll say sir. He did a great job in warping.”



18th of November, 2224

Deep Space


2 weeks into their mission Derek and Nova Wildstar stood on the observation deck and looked out into the stars. “Did you ever think that we would be here again?”

“Not really, and this time its peace time. I never thought that the stars look different in peace time, but they do.” She said looking out. Miku twirl around the room as they watched her. “Miku you’re going to make yourself sick.”

“Leave her alone, Nov.  She’s entertaining herself.” He said rubbing her shoulder. “I missed you again last night. Sorry about the living arrangements, I wish that we could bunk together but after what happened,  I don’t want any more drama.”

“I understand Derek, but I don’t think that you will make it to Gamilon. I mean I pretty much had to throw you out the other night.”

“Don’t remind me! I had to start taking cold showers again. But once we are at Gamilon all rules are out the door.”

“Captain Wildstar!” she giggled. The mood was interrupted as the lights in the observation deck blinked red and the alarm rang throughout the ship scaring their daughter. “Derek! The kids” she said worried.

“I’m sure that it’s nothing. Let me go check, it could only be a false alarm. Why don’t you take Miku to my quarters she likes it up there and you can see out better.” He let go of her hand and ran off to the bridge.




Entering the bridge Wildstar shouted out. “REPORT!”

Lee turned to his commandeering officer and swallowed back his saliva. “Um sir,”

“What’s going on Lee?”

Description: vlcsnap-2011-07-16-14h14m06s124.png“Well,” he began when Alex stood up from his post and said. “Dad, its DJ.”

Rolling his eyes he had to ask. “What did he do now?”

“He took off in your Cosmo zero.” His son informed him.

“WHAT! Where is he?” he ordered the radar tech.

“Sir he is about 6 miles out.”

“No one say a word to his mother. Lee call down to the flight deck and have Pesci meet me down there in his black tiger. Alex, go to the medical ward and whisper to the medic to be prepare for anything. Listen! Not a word to your mother. Understood everyone!”

“Yes sir!” was heard throughout the bridge.




Meeting Pesci  on the flight deck he threw on his flight suit and helmet. “Are we ready,  Pesh?”

“Yes sir, they punched in the coordinates into my ship. We should be there in 15 minutes.”

“I’ll make it in 5.” He put his helmet on and hopped into the cock pit of the ship. Pesci jumped in behind him and they took off. “Argo do we still have him on radar?” he said into the helmet.

“Yes sir we do. He is about a mile from you.”

“Roger that.” He replied. “Cosmo zero one do you hear me? Cosmo Zero one DO YOU HEAR ME?!”


Description: kodaizero[1].jpgHe heard his father’s voice come through his helmet and realized the fun just ended. “DAG!” Derek Wildstar Jr. said into the helmet. Pulling back on the stick he slowed the ship down. “You listen to me right now young man. You stay where you are at until we get there. DO YOU HEAR ME! If you move any further I’ll shoot you down myself. SO STAY PUT!” from the sound of his father’s voice he knew that he was in big trouble.

“When I get my hands on him I’m going to choke the living crap out of him. Not to even think of what his mother will do.” Wildstar said through grit teeth. From the distance Pesci saw the ship come into view. Tapping him on the shoulder he pointed in the direction that he was at. “Cosmo Zero one stay put, we are right behind you. And I do mean stay put!”

“Sir, be easy on the boy.” Pesci said trying not to laugh.

“He won’t have to worry about me. It’s his mother he will have to worry about. Let’s hope that she doesn’t find out.”

Guiding the ship next to DJ, Wildstar opened the cockpit and floated towards the Cosmo Zero. He tapped on the window and motioned him to open the hatch. DJ stared at his dad and slowly moved his hand to open the hatch. Taking him by the collar he moved his son towards the back seat and slammed him down into it. Closing the hatch he stabilized the cockpit and turned to his son. “HAVE YOU LOST YOUR GOD DAMN MIND! Do you know you could’ve got yourself killed! You better hope that when we get back that your mother doesn’t find out about this. She is going to wring your little neck. Not to mention MINE! NOW Strap yourself in! We are behind schedule because of your little stunt.” He scolded his son. They flew back to the ship and landed. DJ blood rushed out of his body when he saw her standing there. She stood waiting for them to return with her hands fold ready to pounce the minute his feet touch the ground. As the ship came to a complete stop DJ knew that he was in deep trouble.

“Get over here, right now!” she yelled.

Turning to Pesci, Wildstar said. “Pesh, can you take DJ here back to my quarters?  I’ll take care of this.”

“Uh sir, maybe it’s best to let her handle this one, she looks really pissed.” Pesci said.

“It’s alright. Just take him to my quarters and don’t let him out of your sight.”

“Yes sir.” Pesci said then took DJ’s hand and quickly led him out of the flight deck.

“Come here!” Nova tried to grab hold of her son.

“Nov, it’s alright he’s fine. No harmed done. I’ll take care of it.”

“He could’ve got killed. Or WORST, gotten someone else killed! I’m going to kill him myself.” She yelled.

“How did you find out?”

“Mark told me. He was worried about his brother.”

“Listen, first calm down. I will handle this. Once I get through with him he will think twice about doing anything like that again. Now let me take care of this.” Taking her by the hand he led her back to her quarters and gave her a light squeeze on the hand. Taking a deep breath he walked to his quarters and threw opened the door. DJ stood in the middle of the room while Pesci and two marines stood guard. “You can go marines. I think I can take it from here.” They both nodded and then gave DJ a disapproving look before leaving. Wildstar walked past him and sat down in his chair. Pesci laughed to himself knowing that he was taking his time as to how he would handle his son. He has seen the Captain do this to many before him. Making the person in front of him think as to what he would do. He watched as he began to go through his paper work for a good 10 minutes and then looked up to his son. “What do you think I am going to do with you?”

“I don’t know dad, watch Miku for a half hour?” he said with sarcasm.

Wildstar slammed his hands down on his desk making his son jump, “DO YOU THINK THIS IS FUNNY?! Cause the last time I check I wasn’t laughing and neither was your mother! Now starting tonight you will help out in the mess hall and then first thing in the morning you will report to commander Pesci. Yes, YOU will help the cleanup crew with swopping the deck. After that you will wash down my Cosmo Zero and wax it until I can see myself in it. DO I MAKE MYSELF CLEAR!” he yelled.

In a low tone DJ said. “Yes sir. Geeze, you think I started a war or something!”

“WHAT DID YOU SAY?!”  Wildstar yelled.

“YES SIR!” DJ snapped to attention and replied.

“Get to your quarters and to make sure that you get there I will have you escorted back with Sergeant Millhouse and Lance Corporal Natham. Now get out of my face before I pile another chore.” He yelled. Pesci opened the door and wave to the two marines that stood guard. “Please make sure that he gets back to his mother. And don’t let him out of your sights.”

“Aye, aye” they said and saluted. He watched as they escorted him out of his room as DJ’s hung his head down.

Sitting back in his chair he let out a sigh. “What the hell am I going to do with that kid?”

“Come on sir, you have to remember when you were young and curious. I have to admit, he flew the heck out of that ship not to mention he sound pretty good over the ships speaker when we warp. He’s got a lot of you in him.”

“Do you think I was a little too harsh?” Wildstar asked.

“I think he learned his lesson this time. I can’t say how long it will take for him to pull another crazy stunt.”

“Yeah he is a little hard headed. I guess I better make sure his mother didn’t kill him. Thanks a lot Pesh for helping me out.”

“No problem sir.”



Nova sat on the bed fuming. The two marines stood behind DJ as his mother yelled repeatedly at him. It took all her strength not to hit him. Opening the door Derek saw her sitting there. “Where is he?”

“I sent him to his room. Why didn’t you tell me!” she snapped at him.

“Well considering I was a little busy trying to retrieve him before he got himself killed. I had to react quickly.” He snapped back.  No need to argue about this Derek thought to himself. Taking a deep breath he said. “Okay by us yelling at each other is not going to solve anything. I’ve already handed him down some chores to do around the ship. That will keep him busy for a while.” He sat down next to her and put his arm around her. “He’s safe now.”

She finally began to cry knowing that her son was safe. “I’m sorry Derek. It’s just that,”

“Hey I know. It took a lot not to choke the living crap out of him. Anyway he wanted to play pilot now he has to deal with the consequences as a pilot that took an unauthorized flight.”

“What chores did you give him?”

“Mess hall duty, then first thing in the morning he has to report to Pesci for cleanup on the flight deck. After that he has to wash and wax my Cosmo zero.”

“Don’t you think that was a little much Derek? I mean he is still a child.”

“Tough, he wants to be a pilot he will learn what it will be like to be a pilot. Plus it will keep him out of trouble at least for a week.” He took hold of her hand and felt that she was still shaking. “He’s fine Nova, so don’t worry. I would never let anything happen to you or the kids.” How he wanted to take her in his arms and console her but as Captain of the ship he couldn’t show his affection to her. After what happen he didn’t want to give them any reason to drag him back to court. “We should be at Gamilon in another week, anyway. I think as long as we keep him busy we should get there in one piece.” He moved her face to look at him and said, “Okay?”

Nodding her head she agreed. “I guess I better send him to the chow hall so he can start his punishment.”

“Nov, I love you.”

“I love you too Derek.”



“This sucks big time!” DJ Wildstar said as he washed some pots. “It’s not like I started a war. Dad acted like I blew up a planet.”

“Come on DJ you know dad told you not to get into anything.” Mark told him. “I’m surprised that he didn’t whack you on the head. Really DJ what did you think would happen. That he would give you a pat on the back and say at a boy.” Sighing, he finally had to tell him what he saw. “You know Mom was crying once she calm down.”

Stopping from his chore he looked at his twin brother and said. “Really? Gosh I didn’t mean for her to get upset.”

“Well she was and Alex wasn’t too happy in seeing her that way. So don’t be surprised if he gives you a good smack. So the next time you decide to take off think about what you put mom through.” Mark scolded his younger twin.

“Get to work! Wildstar!” they heard someone say. Looking towards the door they saw their brother walk in. Standing next to his younger brother Alex slapped him on the head. “That’s what you get for making mom worry about you. Are you stupid or what.”

“”Knock it off Alex. I’ve already got the lecture from dad. I don’t need it from you.”

“If you ask me he didn’t give you enough chores. I would have you wash and wax all the ships.”

“Well he didn’t now, did he? So bug off.” DJ loved his brother but sometimes he can act like an old mother hen. “Anyway maybe you’re just jealous that I was better at commanding the ship then you were. Mr. Extend the WIGS!”

“Shut up and get to work. Dad sent me to check up on you. I’m sure you don’t want me to go back and tell him you are slacking off.”

“You’re not going to do that so bite me. Anyway I have a little secret that Dad would like to know about his BMW. Like you taking it to meet Annnnnie.”

“Don’t think I don’t have a few things he would like to know about you and a few other girls. So back off yourself.”

“You know you can be such a prick.”

“You have no idea how much of a prick I can be. So get to work!” Alex snapped at his little brother. “I’ll be back later to make sure you finish everything.”

Watching him leave DJ cross his eyes and cringed his face making fun of his older brother. “I’ll be back later to make sure you finish everything. Blah, blah, blah, I am so sick of him bossing me around. I can’t wait to show him. When I graduate I’ll make a point to take command of her first!”

Rolling his eyes Mark just went with what he said. “I’m sure you will DJ.”



“How’s it going Alex,” his father said.

“He’s still working. Mark is with him.”

“Good, I’m sure once he is finish he should be tired enough to go to bed right quick. Make sure that you get him up early to meet the cleanup crew in the morning.”

“Yes sir. Dad.” Alex began to say and looked around the bridge. “Captain? If it’s alright with you I’d like to check on something’s. Can I be relieved?”

“Go on. I need to check on your mother anyway. Thank you again.” Wildstar said. Alex saluted and ran off of the bridge. Breathing a sigh of relief Wildstar sat back in his captain chair and said. “What could he possibly have to do this late at night?”

“I believe he is making a call back to Earth, Sir. A girlfriend?” Lee asked.

Wildstar grinned and knew that would make any man stop what they’re doing to call their best girl. “Mr. Wright, please make sure that he keeps those calls short.”

“Aye sir,” he said as he nodded.

“Captain Lee take command and once the relief crew comes in get some rest. That’s an order Deputy Captain.” Wildstar commanded. He left the bridge and headed towards his wife’s quarters. Giving the door a light knock he waited until she opened it slowly. “Hey am I late?”

“She just fell asleep. Sorry captain. She waited as long as she could but she couldn’t stay awake. The boys aren’t back yet.”

“DJ should be finishing up soon. Can I see her?”

“Just be quiet.” He walked into the room and looked down to his daughter. Leaning down he gently kissed her on the head and ran his hand on her back. She whispered into his ear, “The boys are here.” Nodding his head and left to the boy’s room. “Derek, please give him a little slack.”

“No chance Nov, he has to learn. This is not mine or your car. This was a trillion dollar ship. But I will see about him taking command one more time. Be right back.” He left her quarters and made his way to the boy’s room. DJ lay on his bunk exhausted from working. Mark sat on his bunk working on his laptop. “Hey guys.” Derek said as he walked into the room.

“I’d get up and salute you sir but I’m just to beat.” DJ said with sarcasm.

Giving him a dirty look Wildstar sat down on his bunk and said. “Sit up DJ I want to talk with you.” He turned around still lying down making Derek raise his voice to his youngest son. “I said sit up!” DJ sat up and rolled his eyes at him. “Listen here you spoil brat. I will not have you disrespect me! UNDERSTOOD! If you want to be treated like an adult then you better start acting like one.”

“Yes sir.” DJ said knowing that he pushed his dad to his limit.

“Listen DJ, as an officer you will have a lot of responsibilities. One is the lives of every person on ship as well as a fleet. Had you crashed I would have to not only tell your mother but call those parents, spouses and children that you happened to kill with you. Do you know how many of those calls I had to do because of someone’s stupidity?”

“No sir.”

“Too many to count, and that is why I run a tight ship. If I let you get away with what you did then everyone else will expect the same. “

“Mom too?”

“Even your mother had a few chores after she screwed up.”


“Really. Now if you finish your chores and do a great job I will allow you to take command of her again. But remember once you screwed up again its confinement to quarters. And trust me those nice looking marines that escorted you back to your room will be your best friends for the duration of the trip. Got it?”

“Yes sir.” He whined.

“Now get some sleep you have a long day tomorrow. Alex will be waking you up first thing.” His eyes soften and said in a low tone. “DJ I love you and you scare me and your mother to death. If I lost you I wouldn’t know what to do.”

“I’m sorry dad. I promise I’ll be on my best behavior.”

“I’m glad to hear that. Now I think there is someone that would love to hear that too.” Wildstar told his son. Nodding his head they both left to his mother’s quarters. “Nova, there is someone here to see you.”

She looked down to her son and he ran into her arms. “I’m sorry Mom. I didn’t mean to make you cry. I promise it won’t happen again.”

“I’m glad to hear that. I love you DJ, there’s nothing in this universe that will replace you. You scared me and your sister.”

“I’m sorry.” He said as tears ran down his face.

“I love you DJ now give me a kiss and get some sleep. I know you have a long day tomorrow.” She kissed him and sent him on his way. “You think he will be alright to go alone to his room?”

“I think he will be. Anyway Mark is waiting for him. How are you holding up?” he asked with concern.

“Much better. Well Captain maybe it’s time you get to bed.”

“Yeah I only wish you were coming with me.” He said. “I miss you so much at night.”

“Me too.” She said wanting for him to hold her. “Derek, I thought of helping out in sick bay tomorrow if that is alright with you.”

“That’s fine but what about Miku?”

“She’ll be fine. She’s such a good helper. She won’t be in the way.” Nova smiled. Looking closer at her husband she ran her hand down his face. “Get some sleep. I love you.”

“I love you too.”


24th of November, 2224

EDF Space Battleship Argo

Deep Space, 6,000 light years from Gamilon

1732 hours

“Sir I have an incoming call from Gamilon.” Wright announced.

“Put him through Lieutenant.”  Wildstar ordered. Looking up to the screen he watched as the screen focus and Desslok image came to view. “Desslok, it’s good to see you again. We should be arriving in three days.”

“Excellent, Devina and the kids are excited that you are coming and the children?”

“They are all here. Captain Wildstar, stand up.” Wildstar waved to his son.

“Alex, is that you? My you have grown. The boys are so happy that you are coming.”

“It’s good to see you too, Uncle Desslok.”

“ALEX!” His father corrected him.

“Sorry, Emperor Desslok.”

Desslok laughed at his correction and gave him a wink. “Uncle Desslok will do just fine. Captain I will see you and the family in three days.” He said then saluted them before the screen went black.

“Okay everyone back to work. Alex, can you go make sure that your brother is not into anything.”

“Yes sir!” Alex snapped to attention and saluted his father before running off the bridge.

“Well sir, looks like we’re almost to Gamilon in one piece.” Lee chuckled as he said it.

“Looks like it. Let’s cross our fingers and hope the next three days,” he began to say when the alarms went off throughout the bridge. “I think we spoke to soon. Report Mr. Brown!”

“Sir! We have a small fire in one of the quarters.”


“Sir,” he was ready to search when they heard someone call out through the communication system.

“Captain Wildstar, Captain Wildstar. Please report to B Deck.” They heard. Looking over to Lee they both knew that was where Nova and the kid’s quarters were. Both Lee and Wildstar ran for the door and down to B Deck. They saw smoke come from DJ, Mark and Alex room and ran towards the door. The Emergency fire crew came out the room with Mark in tow. “What happen?” Wildstar asked.

Taking Mark by the collar the chief brought him closer to his father. “Should I tell him or you?” he said to Mark.

“Tell me what?” Wildstar said confused.

“Well?” Chief Zelasko said.

“Sorry Dad I was doing my science project and it went a little out of hand.”

“A little! You set off the alarms.” Chief Zelasko laughed. “Sir there is no damage but it stink to high heaven in there. It will take a day or so to air out.”

Stepping into the room Wildstar almost choke from the smell that lingered in the room. “I’ll say it smells. Mark! GEEZE! What the hell were you trying to blow up? Smells like a skunk and his family came in here and went to town. Whoa! What a mess.” He said holding his nose from taking in anymore scent. “Okay let’s get the cleanup crew up here and Mark you will help them. Start pulling the sheet down and take them to the laundry room. Then get some gloves on and start cleaning. I guess I will have to rearrange sleeping quarters.”

Nova ran into the hall and almost gagged at the smell that came into the hall. “What happened?”

“Oh your son was doing his science project. It just didn’t go as he planned it would. Lucky for us it just stunk up the place and didn’t blow up. Looks like they will have to sleep elsewhere until the smell clears up.” He said rolling his eyes.

“Mark, I told you to wait until I got off and we would do it together in the mess hall.” Nova said in a disappointment tone.

“Sorry Mom, but I thought I could figure it out myself. Well I least I didn’t blow anything up?” he looked down and tried to look on the bright side of things.

Lee let out a laugh and slapped Mark on the back. “I guess you are right about not blowing up the place.” He said and everyone laughed alone with him.

“Okay, okay everyone. Let’s get this place clean up. Mark, start stripping down the room.” Wildstar said.

“Come on Mark, I’ll help you out.” Nova said.

“Nova, No! This is his mess let him deal with it. Mark, get cleaning.” Derek ordered.


“Sorry honey your father is right. You made this mess you have to clean it up. Strip all the beds down and send it down to the laundry room. I think all the clothes will have to get clean too. Captain Wildstar they can stay in my quarters until this is all taken care of.”

“Nova you all can’t fit in there. Stay in my room and I’ll sleep in the crews quarters. I think they can make room for one more instead of three.”

“Derek there is little space here on ship as it is. We can all sleep in my quarters.”

“It’s alright Nov, take my room.”



She stood looking out the window of his quarters thinking. It’s been so many years since I’ve stood here in this room. She walked over to where her daughter slept in the bed and smiled. Oh Miku I’ve had some wonderful memories here and some sad ones. She thought of all the nights they lay in bed and smiled to herself.  She heard a soft knock on the door and quickly opened the door. His smile was the first thing she saw and she smiled back. “Hey is it too late again?”

“Sorry Captain but yes it’s late. You really need to get here earlier. She does have a curfew.”

“I’m sorry. But you know things get crazy sometimes. And with Mark’s little mishap I had to make sure that his brothers didn’t kill him. Anyway I just came by to say goodnight and get some clothes. Are you alright here? Do you have everything you need?”

“We are just fine Derek, thank you.”

Walking into the room he searched for some clothes. “I’ll get my things and go. It’s late and we have a lot to do before we get to Gamilon.” Turning around he watched as she sat on the edge of the bed and looked down to their daughter. “She’s beautiful Nova.” He said as he sat next to her. “At least we have two good kids.” He joked.

“She isn’t a teenager yet. She is still innocent and sweet. I think Alex is the only one with a good heart and mind.” She rolled her eyes thinking of their twins.

“Now, now you know he had a few moments. And what this little princess has in store for us we will have to wait and see.” Her perfume smelled good to him. He lean closer to her and kissed her gently on the cheek. “I should go before I do something we will regret later. I love you baby, get some rest.”


“Yeah baby?”

She thought hard and decided against it. “Never mine, good night, I love you.” She said. How she missed him at night. More so then he did. He closed the door gently and made his way to the crew’s quarters. It’s been a long time since he slept here with them. So many years since Iscandar and now here he was again with the crew.

“Attention on deck!” someone yelled out.

“At ease everyone. No need to be all formal. So where am I bunking?”

“Sir, over here.” One crew member called to him.

It seemed to him that they were giving him the best bunk in the room. Looking around he walked to one of the floating hammocks. “I’ll take this one.” He said.

“Sir, this one is much better.”

“Naw, that’s alright you take it. As a matter of fact why don’t senior crew and officers switch sleeping areas for the night.” He said as some laughed. “This is not a request. It’s an order.” He watched as they all look to each other and then started to switch sleeping area. Wildstar looked on as all the crew members stare to each other not knowing what to do. He nodded their way and slowly they made their way to the lower bunks. “You guys may not know this but that bunk right there was where I slept the first time I was on this ship.”

“Sir how was it when you went to Iscandar?” one member asked.

Wildstar laughed at the question from the young crew member. “It wasn’t easy bunking with so many. I mean we all had to make do with being in the same room. Officers didn’t have their own quarters like now. And we were under attack and lost some space we had to sleep wherever we could. Be it in the hall, on the flight deck, in our cockpits. Where ever we could. Even my wife gave up her quarters so the crew could get rest. She slept in the medical ward. Going to Iscandar we had no clue as to what we will find. But if we didn’t take that chance Earth would be gone and Emperor Desslok and I would never be friends.”

“Sir, why Desslok? I mean he tried to destroy Earth.”

“Hmm, it’s a long story. He isn’t so bad once you get to know him. You have to understand that he was only doing what he had too to save his people. No different than us saving our way of life.” Wildstar talk with his crew as they listen in to all he had lived. They respected their captain and having him bunk with them, showed them that he too was one of them. “Well it’s late and we should all rest. I know that many of you have to get up early so goodnight.” He said as he hopped into the hammock and closed his eyes. He forgot how it was to sleep with many sleeping habits of others, mostly the snoring of the marines and the flickering of the lights. Wildstar tried hard to sleep and found himself leaving and heading back to the bridge.

“Sir is everything alright?” his relief captain asked.

Description: family2_s[1].jpg“Yes, yes, just a little noisy in the crew’s quarters.” He said as he yawned. “I just wanted to check and see if you’re doing alright.”

“Everything is fine sir.”

“Good, well I guess I better find some place to crash. Goodnight.” He said then made his way to his quarters. Feeling tired he didn’t care about regulations he just wanted sleep. He opened the door slowly and walked inside. Quietly he crawled into bed and fell asleep.






Feeling someone poking him he opened his eyes and smiled at his daughter. “Good morning Miku.”

“Morning Daddy.”

Nova sat at his desk and smile at him. “Good morning Derek. Well waking up was a big surprise. What happen? I thought you were going to sleep with the crew?”

“Yeah that worked about a good hour. I forgot what it felt like to not sleep at all. Marines can sure sleep through anything. How did we do it back when we went to Telezart?”

“Well it helped that after a battle we were to beat to even care about snoring and anything other than explosions.”

“Like you know how it was to sleep with a group of men snoring. You had your own room all to yourself.” He said. Getting out of bed Nova notice he still looked tired. “I need to get dress and get on the bridge. Can you check on the boys quarters and see if it will be ready for them to sleep there tonight.”

“Sure. It must have been a sleepless night for you.” She looked at him with concern.

“I’ll be alright. At least I was able to catch some sleep here.” He smiled at her as he got dressed. “It was nice to know that you were there next to me, even though we had this pretty thing in between us.” He ran his hand through his daughter’s hair and kissed her on the head. “I’ll get some coffee before I go to the bridge. See you later, I love you.”

“See you, love you too.” She waved him out the door. “Well Miku we should go see about your brothers and their room. Let’s hope that it still doesn’t smell like a skunk because daddy really needs his sleep.”

“Mark, yuck!”

“Yeah your brother the genius set off a stink bomb instead of what he was supposed to, which was volcano stimulation.” She giggled. “Leave it to Mark to pick the wrong formula.”



“Attention on deck!” Lee yelled out.

“At ease gentlemen and ladies. Report Deputy Captain.”

“Sir we are back on schedule and should be arriving at Gamilon tomorrow as planned.” Looking closer at his Captain he noticed he looked tired. “Sir are you Okay? You look pretty beat?”

“Just a little tired. Wildstar! Can you please get me some more coffee? Black and a lot of sugar.”

“Yes sir!” his son said then race to the mess hall.

“No sleep sir?”

“I forgot how it was to bunk with so many. I swear it’s like cattle down there at night. I managed to get some sleep earlier this morning. Next time I’m sending the boys down there to sleep.” He grinned at the thought. “Make sure that we have everything check before we get to Gamilon and I better make sure that Mark and DJ don’t get into any more mishaps. Too think that we have to make the trip back with them. God help us all.”

“I’m sure that we will make it back in one piece sir.”

“I’m glad that you think that. Let’s get this day going. Which reminds me, I should call down to the mess hall and have them send up a pot.” he said picking up the phone and calling down.




1st of August, 2225

Gamilon Planet

Docking station A343

EDF Battleship Argo


“Sir we are docked.” His communication officers called out.

“Thank you. Captain Lee, are you ready?”

“Yes sir, I will meet you and the family on the gangway.”

Wildstar made his way to their quarters and knocked on the door. He smiled to see his daughter answering it. “Hey there sweetheart, are you ready to meet your uncle Desslok?”

“Yes daddy.” She jumped into his arms and kissed him on the cheek.

“Isn’t that against regulations,  Captain?” Nova said.

“The fact that she is my little girl and my princess I think they will overlook it. So are you ready?”

“Sure am, let’s go get the boys.”

Walking down the gangway he watched as Desslok and Devina stood next to their car waiting for them to come down. The Wildstar waved as they approached them Miku yelling hello as she let go of her mother’s hand and ran into Desslok arms. “Uncle Desslok, hi I’m Miku!” she screamed at him.

“Well hello Miku it’s so nice to finally meet you. My aren’t you a pretty girl? How lucky of you to look like your mother.” He said making her laugh.

“You’re funny,  Uncle Desslok.”

“Nice to see you again, Desslok. It’s been too long. I see you met Miku. I can take her now.”

“Nonsense,  Wildstar.” Desslok turned and said. “Miku this is Aurora, Damir and Dillon. They are very excited to see you. And this beautiful lady is your aunt Devina.” He introduced them to her.

Aurora smiled and took hold of her from her father’s arms. “Hello Miku, you are so pretty. My mom and I have a present for you.” She waved to the driver and gave her a present. “Go ahead and open it.” Quickly she ripped at the paper and found a doll inside. It wore a silk white dress and a crown on her head. The dress was covered in stones that made it glimmer. “It was mine when I was your age. My dad had her made for me. She was special to me when my brothers use to be mean to me. I think with three big brothers they can sometimes be a little mean. She will always make you smile. I want you to have her.”

“Aurora, my goodness that looks like a very expensive doll. “ Nova said looking closer to the doll’s dress and crown. The glimmering stones were actual diamonds and rubies that Desslok had placed on them from his mines. “We really shouldn’t accept this. It’s too expensive.”

“Nonsense,  Nova. I would not be pleased if you turn away a gift from my Aurora. She was dying to hand it down to someone.”

“But wouldn’t she rather hold on to it and give it to her children one day.” Nova said.

“Aunt Nova, I have tons of those dolls. Daddy is always having them made for me, even though I am too old to play with them.” She said giving her father a kiss on the cheek. “Please take it.”

“Thank you. Miku say thank you to Aurora.”

“Thank you Aurora.”

They laughed her as Aurora gave her a tight hug. “Can I show her my room Aunt Nova?”

“Sure, behave Miku and listen to Aurora.”

“I will.”

Desslok smiled at his daughter as she took hold of Miku and made her way to the car. “She is in good hands. Aurora was always good with children and she always wanted a sister. Come I have everything ready for you all. My stars Alex you are so big. You look some much like your father when I first met him. You must be Mark? And you must be DJ. Wow it’s just amazing how we all have grown. When I met your father he was just a boy. Now here we are with families. How time goes by quickly Wildstar.”

“Yes Desslok you are right in that. Are we getting old or what?”

“Speak for yourself Wildstar I am still young at heart and my sons keep me young.” Making them all laugh. Looking over to Lee he asked. “And you are?”

“Oh, I’m sorry Desslok. This Deputy Captain Evan Lee.” He introduced them. Wildstar made sure that he knew what to expect with Desslok. Stay quiet and let me handle him. Once he warms up to you he will be fine. Don’t be pushy and don’t address him unless he addresses you. He told him.

“I’ve heard very good things about you Captain.” Desslok said.

Surprise to what he said he stood there stunned. “Sir?”

“The Admiral here has mentioned you once or twice. It is good to meet you.” Desslok said as he took his hand and shook it.

“It’s an honor and a pleasure sir.” He replied.

“Come let’s go I have a lot to do before the big ceremony this week.”

Pulling Wildstar to the side Lee began to ask. “Admiral,”

“Evan, it’s not often that Desslok takes to someone. Trust me I know. So if he speaks to you take it as a compliment.”

“But sir,”

“See Evan, it’s getting harder for me to come out here. My family needs me and as you know my marriage to Nova hasn’t been the best. So if I can get someone to win Desslok over it will help me out a whole lot to deal with him when I can’t make it out here. See I was kind of hoping that that person will be you. Trust me I thought long and hard about this. So are you interested?”

Lee stood stunned to what he said and felt honored that he would pass such an important detail to him. “I don’t know what to say sir.”

“Don’t thank me yet. He can be a real pain in the ass. But I think that you can handle him. It will take time but eventually Desslok will learn to depend on you more. Don’t worry about your family. I will not give you full reign over him just yet. I am only preparing you and him to the fact that there are going to be times that I will not be able to make it out here to deal with him and Namir. So do you think you can handle it?”

“Yes sir.”

“Good, now let’s go.”



To be continued . . . . .