The Weird Parade

This is a brief introduction to some of JEFF BLENDíS weirdness.


Jeff likes to write SB/YAMATO stories which have a macabre bent.


First off, he adapted two old and well-known SF tales so that they featured a Yamato theme.


The first of these, THE CONQUERED, was based upon a story by Joe l. Hensley, and hasÖa strange theme to it.


The second of these, THE UNEXPECTED GUEST, was based upon a tale by Robert Bloch. It is pretty weird, too.


Anyway, we hope you enjoy these weird tales, and more is to come from Jeff, who is a very good translator from Japanese into EnglishÖ.







To paraphrase Dickens, I was born.Many considered this to be a good thing; some did not.At any rate, Iíve grown into a 40-something, slightly overweight white guy with glasses and a ponytail.In other words, the classic image of an anime geek.


Perhaps my destiny would have been different if not for the existence of a certain cartoon that premiered on a local TV station at 3:30 in the afternoon on Labor Day 1979.At the impressionable age of fourteen, I could tell something was different about this cartoon.One, it had an old World War II battleship turned spaceship as the focal point, which was cool.Two, said ship used a ďWave Motion Gun,Ē which was the most awesome weapon Iíd ever seen.It not only could blow up whole continents in one shot, it did it sporting a sound effect that resembled the braying of a rabid horse.And three, the characters were important to the story.The show was one complete storyline, so the characters changed, grew and sometimes died. And they sweated.A lot. It had all such an impact on me that I would race home from school to catch the last five minutes of an episode.As I said - geek.


Then, a momentous event occurred - the invention of something called a video cassette recorder, or VCR.Now I could save copies of the show to watch and commit to memory over and over again!In my mind, it was better than Sandorís ďdynamic do-allĒ machine.Bless Alexander Bonatief and the Ampex Company.


The rest, as they say, is history.Iíve met many people along the way who had also developed a love for this over-the-top animated space opera.Iíve exchanged many letters and packages.Iíve acquired many fanzines and doujinshi magazines.Iíve sent many emails and swapped art pieces via this new wonderful invention called the Internet (bless Al Gore?).And Iíve branched out into other anime shows that Iíve come to enjoy over the years.Such favorites included Neon Genesis Evangelion; Crest/Banner of the Stars; Witch Hunter Robin; Fist of the North Star; the films of Hayao Miyazaki; and others.


But my favorite will always be Yamato (or Star Blazers).It was the first - the one that deflowered me into the world of anime.The show that introduced me to this fandom that does more to drain my wallet of cash than any addiction to crack would.It is my gift.It is my curse.With great power comes great responsibility... sorry, the geek came through again.



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