Margaret Noel-Whitten

A Star Blazers Fan fiction


AUTHOR’S NOTE: This story is based in the Alternate Star Blazers Universe and timeline created by Frederick P. “Freddo” Kopetz. Reference to his original characters used by permission.



Planet Earth

On the outskirts of Boston, Massachusetts

June 2014




Can you hear us?

Can you see us?

We were here

All around


Not in the now

In what was

And is still


Carried on the wind

Along these forest trails

 Footsteps echo

In the rustle of the leaves



Mingled with river sounds

Children’s laughter

A community

A culture

Lost to history


Look closer

See beyond just mounds

 The imprint of a people

 Gone from this place


Can you hear us?

Can you see us?

All around

We are here






Lost in time their imprint resides; clues to their existence can be found in history if one only thinks too look.


“Please think to look,” she silently prayed. “Oh God Derek, please think to look.”


Stretching to infinity the depths of space are silent and dark. Residing in that darkness, Ekogaru, an ancient and evil entity lay hidden; on a quest to bend the Cosmos and all life to his will. Unwilling to accept there would come a day when he must die; through twisted experiments he had extended his lifespan many thousands of years beyond its natural limit. A life force only, devoid of spirit or humanity, his mind as twisted as the body he no longer possessed. He had become a terrible being filled with hatred and contempt for all natural forms of life. Planets fell silent; stars blinked out in the wake of his spreading darkness.  He had become a spectral entity… a Dark Lord… bringer of torment and suffering to untold billions of innocent men, women, and children. 

And he was angry…



The Black Eye Galaxy

Ekogaru’s Lair

May 24, 2209

Within the Dark Nebula, Ekogaru was filled with rage. Blinded by hubris the Dark Lord could not believe when he stretched out his foul hand, there were still those in the Cosmos who would not bend to his will. A light resisting his spreading darkness, in the form of slender young woman, was growing in strength. A public declaration of love by her bond mate and a vow to stand by her; enhanced the strength of the bond they already shared. That they would openly challenge him enraged him. They were becoming a threat that he could not ignore.  In the dark reaches of his mind he could feel another’s rage growing against that very couple. A twisted grin contorted his ghostly features at the thought of how to use this potential ally.

“They will pay and they will suffer!” he laughed. “Oh yes they will suffer and she will help me.”



Wildstar Residence

May 24, 2209

02:15 am


Derek Wildstar opened his eyes, unsure what had awakened him. Glancing at his wife he noted that she was also awake. “What was that?” Nova asked.


Before he could reply the anguished cry once more filled the air. “Daddy! Daddy!”


Throwing back the covers Derek was on his feet in an instant, heading for the door. “That’s Ariel,” he said. Nova was right behind him.


Entering his daughter’s room he found his little girl sitting up in her bed, clutching her teddy bear, her brown eyes wide and filled with fear. Seeing her father Ariel held out her arms to him.  Scooping her into his arms, Derek could feel her little body trembling as she clung to him. Rubbing her back he hugged her to his chest, “It’s okay, you’re safe. Did you have a bad dream?”


Ariel nodded, tears rolling down her cheeks. “Mommy is going away.”


Nova had been standing quietly behind Derek, letting him comfort their daughter. Seeing the look on her face at Ariel’s words Derek pulled her into his embrace with his free arm. ‘See Ariel, Mommy’s right here. She’s not going anywhere.”


“She is…She is…” she insisted. “Daddy, don’t let Mommy go away.”


In spite of the warmth in the room Nova shivered. Derek could sense her unease. “Sweetheart it was just a bad dream.” Even as he said the words, he wondered who he was trying to convince, his wife or himself.


“I know you’re probably right but…”she said, all the while thinking of the times in the past her daughter’s “dreams” had come to pass.


“Why don’t you go check on Alex, make sure he is still asleep, and then go back to bed. I will stay with this little one till she goes back to sleep. It shouldn’t take too long,” he suggested, kissing the top of her head.


“Okay” she agreed, first kissing her daughter’s cheek and then softly kissing her husband’s lips.


Walking across the hall Nova opened the door to the bedroom of Ariel’s twin brother, Alex. He was asleep on his stomach, covers kicked to the floor. She picked up the blankets and once more covered her son. Leaning down she kissed his forehead.  Looking at his sleeping face, she was struck again by his resemblance to his father. Her heart swelled with all the love she felt.  Closing his bedroom door she headed back to her own room.


Climbing back into bed Nova fell into a fitful sleep filled with dark images. She was not sure how long she had been asleep but when she reached out for Derek’s warmth, she found his side of the bed empty. Glancing at the clock on the bedside table she noted it was 4:30. Getting out of bed once more she went in search of her husband. As she quietly opened the door to her daughter’s room, she could not help but smile. Derek was asleep in the rocking chair with Ariel wrapped around him like a vine. She had one arm around her father’s neck, her small hand holding a fistful of his hair, her cheek resting on his bare chest, her thumb planted firmly in her mouth. Unwilling to wake them, Nova pulled the quilt from Ariel’s bed, placing it over them. Heading back to the master bedroom she shared with Derek, Nova was certain of one thing, no matter what Ariel may have dreamed she would never willingly leave her family.


The Blackeye Galaxy

The Dungeons

Ekogaru’s Lair

That same night


In the deepest pit of Ekogaru’s lair, a solitary figure sat curled in a corner on the cold stone floor. Aliscea D’Shal could not comprehend how far she had fallen. The person in the cell bore little resemblance to her former self. Her body emaciated, her once flawless skin marked with scars. Her hair, once her crowning glory and source of pride, hung limp and matted around her shoulders. She had once been the hope of her people, the beloved daughter of their Queen Astrena and a trusted member of the Earth Defence Forces and Star Force. The Pellian people had believed that as the Matrix bearer she was destined to be the one to destroy the Dark Lord. The source of philosophy, ancient knowledge, foresight and the key to the very existence of the Pellian people the matrix was a source of infinite power for light and goodness in the universe. The bearer had to be pure of heart and intent, worthy to carry such responsibility. If the chosen host proved to be corrupt the matrix could choose to leave; to seek out a more worthy host. Aliscea had proved to be unworthy.


How many days had passed since she had been saved by the Dark Lord’s forces from certain execution by the Blue Council she did not know, but with each passing hour her rage grew. Even then, locked in a cell in the bowels of hell, Aliscea D’Shal could not accept that her own pride had led directly to her downfall. She had not been able to accept that she might need the help of anyone in her quest to destroy Ekogaru, especially from Nova Wildstar. It had galled her when she learned of Nova’s unique heritage. Being expected by her own mother to provide Nova training as her new abilities emerged had made Aliscea’s blood boil. Her hatred of Nova and Derek Wildstar knew no bounds. She held them personally responsible for her fall from grace. As far as Aliscea was concerned Nova was the one responsible for her decision to betray her people and join forces with the Dark Lord.


“This is all her fault,” she shrieked at the walls. “That skinny, goody two shoes bitch!”


“Yes it is. And what are you going to do about it?” demanded a voice in the darkness.


Aliscea wrapped her arms around her body against the sudden chill in the air. She dropped her head into her arms, protecting her eyes from the blinding flash of light that lit up her cell. She was unable to supress the shiver that ran up her spine. Standing before her, in his spectral form of mist and shadow, was the Dark Lord himself.


Knowing she had nothing left to lose, Aliscea decided to brazen it out. “Well look who has come to grace me with his presence. And to what do I owe the privilege of this visit?” she asked sweetly. Taking in his ghostly form and lack of humanoid host she continued, “What’s wrong, couldn’t find someone suitable to wear?”


“Sarcasm does not become you Aliscea,” Ekogaru warned. “And I am in no mood to be trifled with. As for my appearance the symbiotic nature of my relationship takes a toll on a physical host.”


“Symbiotic? Don’t you mean Parasitic?” The words were out of her mouth before she even thought about what she was saying. The Dark Lord’s response was immediate and viscous. Reaching out mentally he picked her up and flung her across the cell into the stone wall. Her head stuck the stone with a sickening thud knocking her unconscious. She landed on the floor in a heap.


Regaining consciousness several minutes later Aliscea opened her eyes to see Ekogaru hovering above her. “I warned you,” he hissed. “Now are you going to sit quietly and listen to what I have to say or do you need further instruction on how to show your superiors the respect they are due?”


Dazed by the attack it took Aliscea a moment to reply. “What is it that you want my lord?” she asked, keeping her head bowed and her eyes lowered in a half-hearted attempt at humility.


“I am being plagued by a rather nasty thorn in my side. I require your assistance in removing it,” he replied.


Intrigued Aliscea raised her head and looked at him. “Thorn my Lord?”


“Thorn,” he replied. “One that I believe has been causing you no end of discomfort as well; Nova Wildstar and her irritating bond mate.” He smiled as he felt her anger flare.


Knowing he could read her reaction Aliscea quickly clamped down on her emotions. She was immediately suspicious. “What is he after?” she wondered. She had been through too much to trust him. Her decision to join him and his dark forces, betraying her people, had not worked out as she had thought it would. She had expected to be welcomed as a trusted ally but instead had been treated as little more than a servant. He had left her to suffer humiliation at the hands of the Blue Council, snatching her away only after she had been sentenced to death; on the verge of execution. Since then she had been left alone in this cell for days. “And now he expects my help.”


“What has that bitch done now?” she asked gazing at him from her position on the stone floor.


“Not what she has done but her mate,” Ekogaru replied. ”He has made a public declaration of his love for her and a vow before powerful people to stand by her, no matter what. By doing this he has unknowingly strengthened their psionic bond. They have always shared a very rare natural bond; it first took root on their journey home from Iscandar, starting with his declaration of love for her while she was in a coma, on the verge of death. It grew stronger still, when Nova defended him from the Gamilon leader Desslok, using her body as a shield. She was willing to lay down her life for him. Even then there were early signs of her psionic ability to change a person’s way of thinking. That is when Gamilon ended its war with Earth. Later still she stayed on the Argo, when Wildstar had made the crew abandon ship. Knowing what he was planning, to ram the Argo into the Comet Empire flying fortress, it was death sentence and yet she stayed. With each act, and there have been many, their strength has grown. They have become a powerful force, which must be destroyed.”


She had not interrupted during his explanation. As he finished speaking something she had heard her mother once say came to mind. “Those who are truly meant to be survive all the obstacles that should have torn them apart, and come out stronger.”


Realization dawned. “You’re afraid of them,” she exclaimed.


He glowered at Aliscea. “I fear no one! They have become an annoyance that must be dealt with. They must be separated and not just physically. A separation in space will not stop their connection. They must be separated in space and time.”


“Separated in time? And how do you propose we do that?” she asked, unable to keep the sarcasm from her voice. To her it sounded like the ravings of a madman.


Desslok of Gamilon once said, Pathetic Earthlings, hurling their bodies into the void without the slightest inkling of whom or what was out there… If they had known about the nature of the universe they would have hid from it in terror.”


“He was only half right,” He stated “those pathetic Earthlings know even less about the ancient history of their own world and the true nature of their heritage.”


“I have no idea what you are talking about,” Aliscea replied, “but if you are willing to quote that blue bastard Desslok to make your point you have my undivided attention.” Her Mother Astrena had married the Gamilon leader and she hated her step father only slightly less than she hated the Wildstars.  


“There have been countless theories on the origin of many of the ancient civilizations on Earth; that Ancient Aliens somehow played a role in their development. The very nature of their ancient structures was far to advanced for humans of that time to have built without help. Those who held the belief that these ancient structures were somehow connected and a source of untapped power was scoffed at labeled as fringe science. The fools do not realize they were correct. Several thousand years ago my own father journeyed from his home world of Rikasha to reside upon ancient Earth for a time, in humanoid form among the Ancient Egyptians.  He impregnated a Priestess of Set. So you see my own heritage is partially Terran. There were many other alien races living on Earth at the time, the Egyptians, the Aztecs, the Incas, all had their origins among the stars. They were worshiped as gods by the ancient humans. Even ancient Pellians and Iscandarians visited. Many of these ancient civilizations seem to have just vanished; popular theory was that they returned to the stars. Again they were correct. Many did return to their home worlds, some just moved forward in Earth’s history, those who stayed mated with earthlings, thus explaining the unique heritage of Nova Wildstar.” 


Aliscea stared at him in wide eyed shock. She could not believe what he was telling her. Chilled by his words and unable to sit still any longer she rose to her feet and began to pace around her cell. Ekogaru continued his tale. “All those ancient sites, have two things in common: they were all connected by ley lines and they were all the site of human sacrifice. During times of astrological alignment, the walls between worlds grow thin and the power of those ancient sites increased tenfold.  They performed a blood ritual, human sacrifices in such number that they affectively whipped out the human population residing at those sites, opening a portal through space and time, returning them to the stars.”


“So for them to go back to their home worlds there were only specific times of year they could open the portal? And there always had to be a blood sacrifice?” she asked, in an attempt to understand.”


“For the most part yes, but there were a very rare few who had the ability to open the portals any time they wished; for them space and time held no barriers.” He explained. “Some members of your beloved Blue Council even now have that ability, your mother for one. As I said ancient Pellians and Iscandarians met on Earth as part of that damned group; Stonehenge was their venue of choice.”


The Blue Council had been formed over 3000 years ago, comprised of rotating group of wise women from multiple worlds. Each member brought a unique ability to the group. Their original purpose had been to ensure primitive civilizations on developing worlds were not taken advantage of by superior races of the time. Their current mandate was to protect their home worlds from Ekogaru’s spreading influence. Aliscea had once been a trusted member of the council. When she had betrayed her people it was the Council that had passed sentence for her to be executed. They had also planned to transfer the root of Matrix which still resided within her to Nova Wildstar. Ekogaru had prevented completion of their plan by helping Aliscea escape and the Dark Lord never did anything without expecting payment in return.    


Aliscea was having difficulty processing everything she was being told. “So let me see if I understand this, you want to separate the Wildstars and you plan to open one of these portals and drag Nova back through time?” 


“That is correct and you, my sweet, are going to help me,” he said, stroking her cheek. “You are going to be my new host. And you are going to give me control of the root of the Matrix.”


She took an involuntary step backward as once again a shiver ran down her spine. Quickly regaining her composure she stared at him. “I am not one of those weak minded humans you have been inhabiting of late. I have seen how you have drained them of their life force. That will not happen to me. Unless I agree and invite you to step inside me, you can do nothing.” Realizing she was in a unique position she quickly continued, “If you want my help, it will cost you.”


Impressed by her bravado he decided to listen to her demands. “In spite of what you think it appears to me you are not really in a position to ask for anything,” he said very pointedly gesturing at  their surroundings, “but I am willing to be amused, tell me what you want.”


“I want my mother to pay for disowning me, for choosing that bitch over me,” she answered, her voice bitter. “Take Desslok, her beloved husband, from her.”


“So you want to kill him?”


“Oh no” she said shaking her head. “Dying is too easy, I want him to live and suffer. I want to drag him back through time as well and abandon him there. Earth of the past was violent and cruel, fearful of anything they did not understand. Where could he hide? At best he would be hunted and killed because if captured he would be little more than a lab rat. Can you imagine what they would do to him, in the name of science? Oh how he would suffer.”


A twisted grin formed on the Dark Lord’s face as he began to laugh. “I had no idea you could be so cruel. What else do you want?”


In that moment Aliscea made her decision. Her expression icy, hatred clearly written on her face, she knelt before Ekogaru. “I have lost everything because of her. Everything I have suffered is her fault. Her life is too perfect,” she stated, referring to Nova Wildstar, her voice filled with bitterness. “She has a husband who adores her, beautiful children already and twins on the way. And yet she has never had anything taken from her, she has never suffered true loss. Even that which I stole from her, was returned to her in the end. Before we rip her away from her family and I destroy her for you, I want her to know what loss feels like. My lord, I do not care what you do to her, as long as you cause her pain the like of which she has never felt before. Do this for me and I will be your willing host to be used as you will.”


Ekogaru gazed at Aliscea, delighted at how quickly she had bent to his will. Her hatred ran even deeper than he had realized. “Rise my child, my beloved host” he said. “All you have asked for will come to pass. Your wish is my will. Together we shall do great things. All who have resisted my will shall feel the consequence of their choice, starting with Derek and Nova Wildstar.”


Wrapping his mist like form around and within her, the Dark Lord stepped into his new host for the first time as he transported them out of the dungeon. Moments later she found herself standing in a suite of rooms. “Lodgings much more suited to your new status,” explained a voice in her head.


Aliscea was not immediately able to respond. She was chilled to the core of her being; all the heat had been sucked from her soul. As the Dark Lord materialized before her, leaving her body, she felt smaller, as if her very life force had been diminished. For the first time she began to understand just what she had agreed to. She did not care; the reward was worth the cost.


“What are you planning?” she asked. “You know my mother and that skinny upstart will be aware of anything we attempt to do.”


“The Matrix is the key and those fools do not even know it” he replied with barely contained glee.


“I don’t understand,” she said, clearly confused. “The Matrix abandoned me, all that resides in me now is the root, and all its power and knowledge is gone.”


The Dark Lord’s laughter filled the room. “Those fools have no idea as to the true power and purpose of the root of the Matrix. I have successfully hidden within my hosts, under their very noses undetected. With the root of the Matrix under my control, my host can be hidden as well. It is a shield, a cloaking device if you will. They will be blind to our movements. They will have no idea what is coming until it is too late, much too late.”


A twisted grin formed on Aliscea’s face. She joined in the laughter.


“I have been informed by Colonel Gary Maples, my sometimes host and full time spy within the Earth Defense Headquarters that Desslok and Astrena will be arriving on Earth on June 15th. They will be holding discussions on establishing a permanent joint task force to guard against current and future threats. That is a week before the Summer solstice or Festival of Litha, as the ancient humans called it. They will be staying at the Wildstar residence and, most importantly, they are bringing their children.”


“Their children my Lord?” she asked.


“You shall teleport in, grab two of the brats and teleport back out.” He explained. “That will get their attention.”


“And you expect no resistance?” she asked, sounding unconvinced.


Once more the Dark Lord laughed, “You have no need to worry my dear; Colonel Maples is arranging a distraction for that night.”


“What about Nova? She will fight back. She will defend her children to her last breath”


“You just leave her to me. She will cause you no problem at all. As per my promise to you, that night she will experience the greatest loss and pain of her life.” He grinned.


Aliscea’s heart warmed at the thought. Revenge would finally be hers.




Earth Defense Headquarters

Commodore Derek Wildstar’s office

May 31, 2209


Commodore Derek Wildstar sat at his desk staring blankly at the screen of his laptop. He was unable to focus on the crew performance evaluations he was attempting to complete. He could not get his mind off his wife, he was worried about her. His thoughts were on the scene that had occurred in their bedroom that morning.


He had gotten up that morning and headed into the bathroom for a shower. He had left Nova sleeping peacefully. After his shower he had returned to the bedroom to get dressed. He had just finished pulling on his uniform when he heard a moan, followed by a sharp intake of breath coming from the bed. He turned to see Nova struggling against an unseen foe.


“Don’t hurt him” he heard her cry.


Concerned he had sat beside her on the bed, trying to comfort her. “It’s okay, it’s just a dream.” When he placed his hand on her shoulder to wake her she actually struck out at him. Taking her flailing arms in his hands he shook her. “Nova! Wake up.”


Opening her eyes Nova looked into Derek’s eyes, his face filled with concern. Seeing him she threw her arms around his neck, pulling him close. Wrapping his arms around her, Derek could feel her trembling.


“Another nightmare?” he asked. “Like the others?”

She nodded. “It’s just flashes of faces. Angry men in uniform… gunshots… but I don’t know where I am.”


“You said don’t hurt him,” Derek told her, gently rubbing her back as he held her. “Do you know who he is?”


“No I don’t but I remember a voice, a male voice. Its familiar, I think it’s someone we know but I don’t know who. But it’s not you, thank God it’s not you” she whispered, hugging him tighter.


A knock on his office door brought Derek back to reality. Mark Venture stuck his head in around the door, “Ready for the meeting with General Singleton?”


Getting up from his desk, Wildstar pulled his peacoat from the back of his chair, shrugging it on. “Yeah, let’s go.”


As they headed down the corridor Mark asked, “Any idea what this meeting is about?”


Derek shook his head, “Not a clue. I guess we’ll find out when we get there.”


As they reached the lift Mark said, “Holly wanted me to invite you and Nova and the kids over for dinner one evening soon. How is Nova doing anyway, she’s what 4 months pregnant now?”


As they stepped into the lift Derek replied, “Actually she’s 5 months now.” He hesitated for a moment before he continued. “Mark I am worried about her. She’s having nightmares again.”


“About the Bolars?” Mark asked, referring to the incident that had occurred right before the Star Force had returned to Earth. Nova had been attacked and almost raped on New Pellias.”


“No she has put that incident behind her thank God. This is different; she wakes up shaking and screaming with no clear memory of the dream, just flashes of images and the feeling that something is very wrong.”


“Maybe its hormones, you know pregnant women have issues like that.” Venture suggested.


“I would be inclined to agree with you except that Ariel is having nightmares as well. In her last one she told us mommy is going away. Now she is afraid to let Nova out of her sight.”


Their discussion got no further as they arrived at General Singleton’s office.





The General’s adjutant showed them into his office. Both men saluted their commanding officer. “Commodore Wildstar and Captain Venture reporting as ordered sir.”


General Charles Singleton returned the salute and then indicated to the chairs in front of his desk. “Please gentlemen have a seat. I am sure you are wondering why I called you here. I will get directly to the matter at hand. Your last mission to Iscandar and Gamilon has brought a frightening reality to light. Old enemies we thought to be weak and no longer a threat are proving to be anything but. It appears the R’Khells, Black Nebulans, the Bolars and even what remains of the Comentines have united under the Dark Lord, Ekogaru.”


Looking directly at Derek the General continued, “I understand that Commander Wildstar has developed abilities to combat him, that the Pellian people, especially Queen Astrena, believe she is the one who will ultimately destroy him…”


Wildstar jumped from his seat, unable to keep the horrified look from his face. “No sir you can’t expect Nova to do that! She can’t control those abilities! They are still developing. And she’s pregnant for god sake!”


Venture also rose to his feet. “I agree with Wildstar! Sir you can’t expect…”


Raising his hands General Stone gestured for both men to return to their seats. “Please sit, let me finish. For the record no matter how desperate our situation could become I would never put a pregnant woman at risk. While I respect the beliefs of other worlds I am practical man. If our enemies have united in a show of strength then we have no choice but to do the same. The Defense Council has agreed to the establishment of an Interplanetary Alliance Task Force.”


Derek and Mark looked at each other in amazement. Recovering from the shock first Mark spoke, “But how did you manage that sir? No insult intended but the council never agrees to anything especially if it is practical and makes sense.’


“None taken Captain. As I said I am a practical man. I told them there were only two options, agree to the task force or base the defeat of Ekogaru on a belief from another world and leave the defense of our planet in the hands of a pregnant woman.” He chuckled, “The old boys club caved like a house of cards.”


Breathing a deep sigh of relief that Nova was safe for the time being Derek allowed himself to relax “I assume the task force will be consisting of Earth and the Gamilon Empire.”


“That’s correct as well as Iscandar and the Pellian Federation,” Singleton added, “Which is why you are both here. It has been requested that the Star Force be permanently assigned to the Alliance. Any time the task force is called to action, the Argo will be the Earth’s flagship and Wildstar you will be in command of the fleet. Captain Venture you will be his Executive Officer, second in command of the fleet. I thought of giving you command of one of the fleet vessels but given the record two have working together, the trust you have in each other, I felt this would be of the greatest benefit to the fleet.”


Neither of them could believe what they were hearing. ”The council agreed to that as well?” Venture asked still not quite able to believe it.


“Well when you have three heads of state making that a caveat to their agreeing to be part of the Alliance, the council was not given much choice in the matter. They had to agree.” Singleton explained. “There is an agreement in principle in place. Emperor Desslok and his Empress Astrena will be arriving on Earth on June 15 to finalize the agreement and Admiral Alex Wildstar will also be here representing Iscandar.”


Derek could not help but grin. He was delighted to have his brother coming home, even if only for a short time. “I assume General Stone will be representing Earth.”


“Actually no; it has been requested that yourself and Captain Venture be the representatives for Earth.”


Venture’s eyes widened in amazement, “But isn’t that his responsibility on the Council?” glancing at Derek he added, “He already hates the Star Force, he is not going to like this at all.”


“You just leave General Stone to me. I will handle him. Before I dismiss you both there was one more request I have to tell you about Wildstar. Desslok and Astrena are planning to bring their children with them. They have asked to stay with you and your family. I know this is a huge imposition but…”


“Sir it is not a problem at all. The renovations we were doing to the house have just been completed giving us two extra bedrooms on the main floor and we now have a guest house on the property as well with two more bedrooms.”


“Commodore, that is very good of you,” said the General as he rose to his feet. “I will not keep you any longer.”


They both rose their feet, saluted their commanding officer and headed for the door. “Oh Wildstar” General Singleton stopped them at the door, “One last thing. I have assigned Colonel Gary Maples to look after security for our guests.”


Derek nodded, “That’s fine sir. I have met Colonel Maples; he seems like a good man. Have him contact me to arrange a time to come by and check out the layout of the property.”                                                                                                   




Wildstar Residence

May 31, 2209

20:30 pm


Having stayed late at Earth Defense Headquarters to finish up crew performance reviews, Derek Wildstar finally arrived home. Walking into his living room he found it empty. “Hey anybody home,” he called.


Hearing giggling coming from the back of the house he walked through the living room and turned the corner leading down the hall to the bedrooms. Entering the master suite he found Nova and the twins curled up on the bed. For a moment he stood in the doorway, watching his wife read to his children, making silly voices for the characters. Absorbed in the story they did not notice him. There were moments when he could not believe that this was his life. “How did I get so lucky,” he wondered.


Walking into the room he asked, “That sounds like a pretty good story. Any room for me?”


Three pairs of eyes looked in his direction. Climbing to his feet Alex began to jump up and down on the bed, “Daddy’s home! Daddy’s home!” With the absolute faith of a three year old, that his father would catch him, Alex launched himself off the bed in his father’s direction. Derek caught him in midair, making him squeal with laughter.


With his son in his arms Derek sat on the edge of the bed. “And how are my two favourite ladies?”


Cuddling closer to her mother Ariel patted her mother’s belly. “We are keeping Mommy and the babies safe,” she informed her father.


Glancing at Nova, Derek gave her a questioning look.  Nova nodded her head, “That’s right; they have been keeping me safe all day. I have not been alone for even five minutes today.” She sounded so exasperated that he could not help but grin.


“I’m very proud of you both for keeping Mommy safe while I was at work but it’s getting late; it must be past your bed time.”  


“No not yet, Mommy has to finish the story,” said Ariel, giving her father a look Nova had seen before; brown eyes wide and innocent and a slight quiver of her bottom lip. As she knew it would the look had the desired effect; Derek gave in.


‘All right,” he agreed, “but only if I can listen as well.”


“Yay!” Ariel clapped her hands with glee. “Move over Mommy, so Daddy and Alex can cuddle in.”


By the end of the story, both children were dozing off. Derek got to his feet with Alex still in his arms. As Nova started to follow him he stopped her. “Stay there, I’ll put Alex to bed and come back for her.” Nova nodded and sank back against the pillows, stroking her daughter’s silky hair.


A few minutes later, with both children tucked in for the night, Derek returned to his bedroom. Climbing onto the bed he pulled Nova into his arms as he stretched out. “Difficult day?” he asked leaning over to kiss her.


“It’s getting better,” she whispered, wrapping her arms around his neck; kissing him again.


As her pregnancy progressed Nova had taken to wearing Derek’s t-shirts to bed.  Pulling her closer Derek slipped his hand under the shirt she had on, running his hand over the soft skin of her back.  “Your skin is like silk,” he said, nuzzling her neck. Taking hold of the hem of the shirt he pulled it up over her head in one fluid motion, leaving her clad only in lacy pink panties.


For a moment Derek just gazed at her. “Do you have any idea just how beautiful you are?”


Nova blushed in response. Wrapping her arms around his neck again she pulled him to her. “We need to get you out of this,” she whispered, pulling off his uniform shirt. Slipping off the bed Derek stripped off the rest of his uniform never taking his eyes off his wife. Through the bond they shared he could feel Nova’s love and desire for him radiating from her in waves.  “Make love to me,” she sent him.


From her position on the bed, Nova admired the man she had married. His 6’1’ frame was lean and well-muscled. She shivered at the thought of how his body could make her feel. Sitting at the end of the bed, Derek took Nova’s foot into his hands. Lifting it too his lips he kissed the arch, making her draw in her breath. He then proceeded to place kisses up the inside of her thighs; nipping and sucking. Lifting her hips from the bed Derek quickly removed the last of her clothing. His intimately placed kisses left her shaking. Taking his time, Derek explored Nova’s changing body with tender reverence.  Her breasts were larger, her nipples more sensitive and her growing baby bump filled him with love and pride.


Unable to take his intimate attention any longer, Nova pleaded, “Please Derek I need you now.”


Entering his wife’s body in one quick thrust Derek set a pace that left them both gasping. Nova met him thrust for thrust, her hips rising to meet his. As she reached her climax Nova’s back arched as she cried out his name. Derek joined her with his own release collapsing on top of her. For several moments Derek lay there unable to move. As his breathing returned to normal he rolled on to his side, pulling Nova against him and tucked the sheets around them. Within minutes they were both asleep.




As had been happening more and more often, Nova’s sleep was plagued with nightmares.


Where she was she did not know. She had no clear memory of how she had gotten there. The room had cinderblock walls and a window that looked into the adjoining room. Her hands were tied behind her back. The metal chair she was seated on faced the window. Shivering with cold and fear she struggled to free herself.


“There is no point in struggling,” came a gruff voice from behind her. “Even if you did get those ropes untied, just how far do you think you would get?”


Heavy footsteps told her the person who had spoken was now standing directly behind her. Keeping her head down she refused to acknowledge his question. “So you’ve got nothing to say. I think you will change your mind. We set up something to encourage you.” Again she refused to look up. She did not want to see whatever was on the other side of the glass. Grabbing her hair he forced her head up causing her to cry out in pain. She struggled to break his grasp. “You will watch.” Grabbing her shoulders he began to shake her.


Feeling the power surge through her, the ropes that held her hands gave way. “Let go of me,” she screamed. Placing her hands against his chest she pushed him back sending a blast of energy through his body. The force was so great it sent her assailant flying through the air. His body landed in a heap across the room.


Derek woke to Nova screaming and thrashing about beside him. Alarmed he reached out for her, “Nova, sweetheart wake up, you’re having a nightmare.”


When she did not respond he gently took her by the shoulders and shook her. Nova’s reaction happened so quickly Derek had no time to prepare. She started to glow, balls of energy forming in her hands. “Nova don’t…” He never got to finish the thought; everything went black as he was hit in the chest with a blast of energy.


Nova opened her eyes at that moment, Derek’s unfinished thought in her head, and watched in horror as his body was flung across their bedroom. “Oh my god… What have I done?” Scrambling from the bed she raced across the room, too her husband’s inert form.


“Derek!” she cried kneeling down beside him. Rolling him on to his back her medical training took over.  She could see immediately that he was not breathing. Placing her fingers against his carotid artery she could not find a pulse. The shock had stopped his heart. With shaking hands she immediately began CPR, five rapid chest compressions followed by mouth to mouth resuscitation. As she worked Nova silently prayed, “Please don’t take him from me.”     


By the third set of chest compressions, Nova was starting to panic. “You are not going to die on me Derek Wildstar… I won’t let you!” As if hearing his wife’s words Derek opened his eyes. Taking in a ragged breath he started to cough. When he struggled to sit up, Nova pushed him back to the floor; resting his head on her lap. “Just lay still, give your body a chance to recover. You may have broken ribs.”


Seeing his wife’s grief stricken face, tears rolling down her cheeks he asked, “What happened? I remember trying to wake you, you were having another nightmare. You started to glow and then everything went black.”


“I am so sorry…I was dreaming…I thought… oh my god Derek I almost killed you…” The tenuous hold she had been keeping on her emotions shattered; heart wrenching sobs shook her slight frame. Dropping her head in shame she could not bring herself to meet her husband’s gaze.


Through their bond, Derek could feel Nova’s absolute horror that she had hurt him. He could also feel her fear of the dreams that were plaguing her sleep. “Tell me about your dream. Was it the same as the others?”


He felt her shudder. “This one was different. I was in a room, I don’t know where. There was a man.”


“A man; what did he look like?”


“I don’t know, I never saw him… he was behind me. I think he wanted me to answer questions. I don’t know why. He wanted me to watch something in the next room. He grabbed me. I pushed him away with my psionic energy except it wasn’t him I hit, it was you!” Nova dissolved into tears again. “I’m so sorry.” The words echoed through their bond.


Pushing himself into a sitting position Derek gathered Nova into his arms. “Please don’t cry,” he pleaded, “What happened was an accident.”


Nova was inconsolable. “I hit you in the chest with a full surge of psionic energy! It stopped your heart! You could have died! All because of a nightmare… What the hell is wrong with me?” Dropping her face into her hands she continued to cry.


“Nova look at me.” When she refused to look up Derek took her face between his hands and forced her to look at him. “Look at me. I am okay.” Taking her hand he placed it on his chest. “Do you feel that?” he asked. “That’s my heart and it is beating just fine thanks to you.”




Derek stopped her protest. “No buts. I know you are frightened, I can feel it, but we will get through this.”


“What if it had been Alex or Ariel who woke me?” she asked, her voice filled with fear. “If I hit one of them…” She could not finish the thought horrified at what could have happened.


Overwhelmed by emotion Nova could feel her control slipping. Pulling away from Derek she got to her feet and walked across the room, sitting on the edge of their bed. As Derek got to his feet to follow her, Nova put her hand up in a pleading gesture. “Derek stop… Please don’t come near me, I am barely keeping myself together, I don’t want to hurt you again.”


Ignoring her plea Derek walked over to where she was seated and knelt down before her. As he reached out to take her hand, Nova pulled back, her eyes filled with fear. Undeterred Derek reached out again and firmly grasped her hand. Nothing happened. Rising to his feet Derek sat on the edge of the bed next to her. Putting his arm around her shoulders, he pulled her against his side. “See, nothing happened… I made a vow to stand by you and I meant it. I will not let you push me away. What happened earlier was an accident, that’s all. These new abilities of yours are still developing and you are still learning to live with them, never mind trying to control them.”


Through their bond Nova could feel the sincerity of Derek’s words, his absolute faith that she would never hurt him or their children and all the love he felt for her. “If it makes you feel better, Desslok and Astrena are coming here. I found out earlier today but have not had the opportunity to tell you. You can talk to her about what’s happening. Maybe she can give you some suggestions on how to control your abilities.”


Hugging her husband she smiled. “Oh Derek, that is wonderful news. I will feel so much better getting to talk to her. I want to tell her about these dreams; maybe she can help me understand them. Why are they coming to Earth?”


“That is a long story, which I will tell you about in the morning. Let’s go back to bed, it’s late.” The moment he mentioned going back to bed she stiffened in his arms and he felt her fear return.


Nova pulled away from him, on the verge of tears, “No… I can’t… I don’t want to start dreaming again… I’m afraid…”


At that moment Derek did not know what to do or say to comfort her. He could feel how frightened she really was. More than anything she was terrified of losing control again. “How do I help her?” It was then, for the first time, he felt the power of the matrix that resided within him respond with a solution. Reaching inside himself Derek let the power of the matrix fill him with a deep calm. Nova was stunned to see a pale blue aura form around him. Reaching out Derek pulled her against his chest. The aura spread around them both like a cocoon, erasing her fear; filling Nova with a sense of peace.”


“How are you doing this?” she asked. “What’s happening?”


Smiling he leaned down and kissed her. “Do you feel better?” She nodded. “I am using the part of the matrix that resides in me to share my control with you. It will keep you safe while you sleep. Will you come to bed with me now?”


Getting back into bed, Nova snuggled into Derek’s side. Wrapped in her husband’s love and strength for the first time in many nights she fell into a dreamless sleep.




That same night

Outskirts of the Federal Megalopolis

Underground city

02:30 am


Parking the air car in an alley between two abandoned buildings, Colonel Gary Maples got out of the vehicle and glanced nervously around. The entire area was dark and silent. He had not expected anyone to be about at that hour of the night, especially in such a rundown area, but he was not willing to take any chances. Taking a final look around he headed toward the entrance that lead to the underground city. Entering the lift he pressed the button to the lowest level.


As the lift descended, Maples reviewed what he knew about the group he had come to meet. The Josiahites, a group of religious fanatics, had taken their views on separation of races, intolerance of alien contact in any form and absolute adherence to select bible teachings to the extreme. The group had taken their name from their former leader and founder Yvonna Josiah. Many of their actions, including their former leader’s alliance with Ekogaru, had forced them to operate in the shadows. The irony of the fact he was going to meet them at the insistence of the Dark Lord, an alien life form, was not lost on him. “Humph, just like any of these fringe groups, they bend their doctrine to suit their needs,” Maples snorted. “Selective beliefs… rubbish!”


At the direction of Ekogaru he had come to meet with the Josiahites. The Dark Lord had assured him they would be of great assistance in his plan to deal with Nova Wildstar. “These people will be only too eager to assist.” Ekogaru had reminded him, “After all she is the one who killed Yvonna Josiah. They are seeking vengeance as well.”


Looking around at the now deserted buildings. Maples shook his head in disgust. “They seem so certain they will never have need of these structures again.” Built to protect the population from the Gamilon planet bombs and used again during the attack by the Comet Empire it was a marvel of engineering and a testament to the adaptability of the human species. A modern Noah’s ark of sorts, built to save the human race from certain doom. The structures had fallen into a state of disrepair. It was now the domain of rats, vagabonds, and groups of individuals who did not wish to be seen meeting publically.


Stepping from the lift he headed down the long street. Several minutes later he heard voices. Ducking into a doorway he watched a small group approach. For a moment he placed his hand on his weapon but let it drop; these were the people he had come to meet. As the group approached he could see some of them were strangely dressed in long robes and sandals. He was mildly surprised to see several members dressed in EDF uniforms. Stepping from the shadows he acknowledged them.


The leader of the group, Joshua Piercy, stepped forward. “Colonel Maples I understand you need our help.”


“So you are aware of the Dark Lord’s wishes,” He responded.


Piercy laughed. “My dear Colonel, do you not know that I am the hand of God on Earth? I know all our Lord’s wishes. He communicates his will through me, and I see it done, with the aid of his loyal followers.” Gesturing to an area further down the passage, “Please come with us.”


Maples felt an instant dislike for the man before him. He knew men like that, over confident, full of their own self-importance, the kind of leader who got his people killed. Maples silently followed, studying the man as they walked. It was obvious to him that Joshua Piercy was a sometimes host to the Dark Lord and he was curious to see what else the Josiahites knew of his plans.


Several minutes later the group came to a stop outside a large building. Piercy approached the building, punching a code into a keypad beside the door. Two men in the group walked up and pulled open the large metal doors. As the doors opened Maples was amazed by the sheer size of the interior of the structure. It had clearly been a storage unit at one time which had since been converted into the headquarters of the Josiahites, complete with armed guards at the door.


As they entered the building Maples was stopped by the guards. “No weapons beyond this point.”


Glancing at Piercy he raised an eyebrow in a questioning look. The leader of the group gave a slight nod. “I am sorry but rules are rules. We don’t know you and I am sure you can understand that for us trust is not easily given.”


“I can respect that,” he replied, handing over his sidearm.


The group visibly relaxed and Piercy smiled. Turning to one of the men wearing an EDF uniform he said, “Simmonds, please gather everyone together. It is time to introduce our new friend and hear what he has to say.”


“Yes Sir,” Simmonds replied as he turned on his heal and walked toward a group at the far end of the building.


Following Piercy, Maples studied his surroundings. The building had been divided into sections with movable walls set around a large open space with a stage and podium in the centre. Hanging from the walls were large banners with images of Yvonna Josiah and her son Samuel. He estimated the gathering group was at least 200 people.


Stepping on to the small raised platform the charismatic leader addressed his followers. “At long last our Lord most high plans to deal with the Wildstar bitch. He has sent us his servant to enlighten us and seek out our help. ” When Maples did not respond Piercy continued. “ As you all know she murdered our leader Yvonna Josiah and her son Samuel; loyal followers of our lord. They were members of her own family no less; her aunt and cousin. For those crimes alone she must be punished.”


Gesturing to the group surrounding him, he added, “It will be our pleasure to fulfill our Lord’s wishes by making her suffer!” His words were met with a roar of approval from the crowd.


Looking directly at the group before him Maples finally spoke, “The Dark Lord has a plan for Nova Wildstar and yes he plans for her to suffer but it is he who will inflict that suffering. I require your assistance in putting his plans in motion, nothing more.”


A flicker of anger passed over Piercy’s features. Quickly hiding his annoyance he asked, “We will carry out his Lordship’s wishes; on that you need not worry. What do you need from us?”


“The Dark Lord wants the children of Derek and Nova Wildstar. On the night of June 16th we are going to attack the Wildstar residence. Our objective is to grab the children; alive and unharmed His personal messenger will come to collect them.”


“And then?” Piercy prompted.


“I must inform you that Desslok of Gamilon will also be there. His Lordship has plans for him as well. His son will be with him. He is to be taken along with the Wildstar brats. I must stress Nova Wildstar and Desslok are to remain alive, they can be damaged, but not dead. Is that clear? Once our objective is complete you have free reign to do whatever you wish with those remaining in the house.”


“After everything he has done to us they allow that ALIEN to set foot on our planet; it is an insult to those who died at his hands,” cried a woman in the group. Those around her muttered their agreement.


Seizing the opportunity to work the group into a frenzy Joshua Piercy added his agreement. “You are so right but let us not forget the aliens who walk among us. They look human but are anything but… She is one of them… Nova Wildstar is not fully human! Nor are her children…! And she is breeding again! Let us not forget the man who fathered her children. Taking an alien to your bed is an abomination! He must be punished. We must deal with her mate!”


The group roared their agreement. Turning to Maples he asked, “And how will our Lord feel about that?”


“He is of no importance do with him as you will; kill him if you wish.” His reply was met with cheers. Turning his attention to the three men in the group dressed in EDF uniforms he asked, “Are you in fact EDF personnel?”


As they nodded in response he turned to Piercy, “I had no idea your spies had infiltrated the Earth Defense Forces.”


“Did you think you were the only one doing our lord’s work within the EDF? We have learned knowledge is power and to be truly powerful one must know one’s enemies. What better way to learn of their weaknesses then to move among them unnoticed? Will these men be of use to you?”


“I have been placed in charge of security at the Wildstar residence during Desslok’s visit. I can have these men assigned to my security detail. They will be on site with me when the rest of your group arrives, it will eliminate the possibility of resistance from security. They will be able to provide advance knowledge of the layout of the house.”


“We have no need of your advance knowledge Colonel.” Piercy sneered. “Perhaps I did not make myself clear. We are Josiahites, but we are not the group that was led by Yvonna Josiah. She believed in keeping our group isolated, but we have learned to survive we must hide in plain sight.” Members of the assembled group laughed. Gesturing to a group of men standing at the back of the group he explained, “Did you know the Wildstar's just had a major expansion done on their home? Those men were part of the crew who worked on the renovations. Foley was the one who installed their new security system.”


Piercy grinned at the look of surprise on the other man’s face.  “We will have no problem entering their home.” Turning to the crowd he addressed some of the men, “Simmonds and Foley, please gather your men and come with us. We have a home invasion to plan.”


Clapping him on the back the leader of the group led him from the stage, “Tell me Colonel, have you ever walked into a spider web?”


Maples thought the question was odd in the extreme, but curious to see what the other man was getting at, he nodded in response none the less. “People will walk into a web because they do not see it until it’s too late,” Piercy explained, a malicious gleam in his eyes. “The Josiahites have become spiders Colonel. Our web is invisible and our spiders are everywhere.”



Wildstar Residence

Derek and Nova’s Bedroom

June 14, 2209



As the alarm buzzed Derek reached out and quickly shut it off. Glancing at his wife he was glad to see she was still sleeping. It had been a difficult two weeks. Preparations for negotiating the Interplanetary Alliance Task Force had taken up most of his time. He had been late getting home from EDF Headquarters every night. On top of that he was worried about Nova. She still had not gotten over the fact she had hurt him and that a nightmare had caused her to lose control of her psionic abilities. Since that night Nova was afraid to go to sleep, fearing the return of the nightmares that had plagued her; terrified she would lose control again. She was one of the strongest people he knew. For her to be acting that way was completely out of character.


As a result of that incident Derek had discovered he had the ability to use the part of the matrix that resided within him to aid and protect Nova. Every night since he had called on the power of the matrix to wrap his love and strength around her while she slept. What he did not know, but would soon learn, his actions had protected her from much more than nightmares. Leaning over he brushed the hair from her face and gently kissed her cheek. He decided to let her sleep for a little longer.  Getting out of bed he headed to their bathroom to take a shower. It was going to be another hectic day.




Ekogaru’s Lair

The Black eye Galaxy

The same time


Stomping her foot, Aliscea D’Shal shrieked in frustration. “He is still protecting her; every night for two weeks. I have learned to project myself through the cosmos, I can see her and yet I still cannot reach her! How can that be? I have done exactly as you showed me and yet I still cannot break through.”


The Dark Lord stared dispassionately at his apprentice and host. In the time since she had agreed to be his host he had been working with her to increase her psionic abilities, tapping into powers she had not known she possessed. When she was focused her abilities went far beyond his expectations making it clear why she had once been the Matrix bearer of the Pellian people. He also saw in her nature an underlying cruelty and quick temper that explained why the Matrix had abandoned her.


His patience with her tantrums was wearing thin. “ENOUGH OF THIS!” His voice echoed in her head. “At your insistence, even though I assured you I would make her suffer, I have let you attempt to exact your revenge on Nova Wildstar but this has gone on long enough. I told you the first time you could not enter her body that her mate was protecting her. His love for her is like a shield. I know I told you that as a pair, with the strength of their bond, I would need your help to destroy them and yet you think you can do it on your own.” Even in his spectral form, his presence filled the room. He towered over her. “Tell me Aliscea, isn’t that what happened when you tried to defeat me? You refused to accept that you needed help.”


Aliscea stood rooted to the spot; her eyes wide with fear. Dropping her head in an act of submission she whispered, “Forgive me my lord. I humbly ask for your assistance.”


Wrapping around her like a mist, the Dark Lord entered his host. Reaching out he cast their combined strength into the cosmos, focusing on Nova Wildstar. The image of her sleeping form appeared before them. She was alone.


“You do not need me, her protection is gone,” Ekogaru said separating his consciousness from Aliscea’s. “You have my blessing. Do what you have longed to do. Cause her pain.” The Dark Lord was delighted with the unexpected turn of events.  Each act of cruelty and violence she initiated brought her further under his control.


 “Yes, my lord.”  With her mind Aliscea reached inside Nova’s body, crushing her womb.



Opening her eyes Nova was overwhelmed with a feeling of dread.  She sensed something was terribly wrong but had no idea what.  She had no further time to consider as a sharp stabbing pain tore through her abdomen making her gasp. Rolling to her side she pulled her knees to her chest in an attempt to relieve the pressure that was growing steadily worse. The pain was so intense it felt as if her abdomen had been placed in a vice. Throwing back the covers she was terrified to see blood staining her nightshirt and the sheets. Nova was certain she was about to lose her babies.


“This can’t be happening, not after everything we’ve already been through,” she whispered, her heart breaking.


She heard laughter followed by a voice in her head. “Oh yes Nova, it can be happening because I am causing it!”  


Nova cried out as another pain gripped her. “It hurts doesn’t it,” Aliscea chuckled.


‘Why...? Why are you doing this?” Nova pleaded. “Please don’t. I know you hate me but my babies are innocent. I’m begging you, please don’t do this.”


INNOCENT! Oh Nova you and I both know that’s not true. Surely you remember how one of those babies came to be; how it was conceived in my womb and fertilized by your loving husband,” she sneered.


In spite of the pain, Nova’s temper flared, “You mean the night you used your psionic abilities to tear an egg from my body and to force yourself on Derek like some common tramp.”


“I don’t give a damn about those brats, not anymore. Do you really believe begging will do you any good? Everything about your life is too perfect but I am going to change that. You stole everything from me and now I am going to make you suffer.”


Nova did not have the strength to fight off Aliscea’s attack. The pain had become so intense it was a struggle just to stay conscious. “Derek…” she called weakly through their bond. “Help… please! Derek!”


To be continued in Imprint Part 2