Derek Stephen Sandor

EDF Battleship Spirit

20th of April, 2207

Captain’s Quarters

Derek sat at his desk in his Captain’s Quarters on the Spirit. He looked over paper work as the Spirit was finally being refitted on Great Island after Stone put her in dry dock for so long. As he looked up Alex now slept in the play pen set up in his office. A replica of the Argo laid next to him. It was something Derek found shopping one day with his little family. He watched as his son opened his eyes and stretched. A smile came over to Wildstar and decided to just leave the paper work alone so he can tend to his son.

“Hey kiddo what cha got there?” He said as he ran his hand over his head as the infant wiggled in the playpen.

“One day you’ll be able to command her.” Derek picked up his son and gave him a hug and kiss. Alex wiggled more in his arms making Wildstar realized that his diaper was wet. “Your mom should be here soon we better get you cleaned up.”

Derek carried him over to his bed and placed him down while he grabbed for the diaper bag that he put together. He dressed him in the custom Captains’ uniform and hat that he and Nova had made for him. He brought him to work while Nova slept at their house from a long night at the hospital. She now was head surgical nurse, a position that was given to her on her return from maternity leave. Something that made her demands at the hospital long.  Derek took off his sons diaper and grabbed for the wipes when he heard the knock on the door. “Enter” he called out.

“Hey Wildstar thought I’d find you here.” Sandor walked in, “Hey Alex I see daddy brought you with him again. Guess he’s hoping that you’ll follow in his footsteps.”

“Hey Sandor, just getting him ready for when Nova comes and gets him,” Derek with expertise changed his diaper and had him dressed within minutes. “There all better, now mommy won’t shoot me.” He placed him back down in his playpen. He wouldn’t have much time with his son of only 3 months because he would be leaving for Pluto base station in less than a month.

“When is she coming for him?” Sandor asked.

“She should be here within an hour, why?”

“I need to show you something and I don’t think that bringing Alex is a safe idea.” Sandor played with Alex’s hair that was as thick as his fathers.

“Hold on.” Derek walked out to the hall way and called out to a Sergeant Standing outside of his door. “Would you mind sitting with him, Sergeant? I’ll be back as soon as I can”

“Sure sir, I’d love to.” He said as he took him into his arms and started to blow onto his stomach. Sergeant Sato, Derek personal guard for a year, stood 5’ 11” with a bald head and muscles that looked like boulders. He loved the fact the Captain brought his son to work with him when he got a chance. It made him looked like just another hands on dad, and he like playing with the infant.

“Thanks Sergeant, if Mrs. Wildstar comes please ask her to wait for me.” He said as he watched the Sergeant pick up his son and started playing with him.

“Yes sir.” Sergeant Sato called back to him as he left the room.

koshin[1].jpg“Alright Sandor what’s up?” Wildstar said as they made their way down to the engine room.

“We are having a problem with one of the engines, it seems that we are going to need a whole new cartridge, if we repair it most likely it won’t last long.” Sandor walked over to a crack in the barrel. “See this here. I don’t think trying to repair it is going to make a difference. I’m afraid if we do repair it and use it one too many times it could cause a major explosion.”

“I see, okay Sandor I’ll get on the horn with EDF today and have them order a new one. Let’s just hope that this doesn’t give them an excuse to put her out of commission. I’ll talk with Singleton first.” Wildstar knelt down looking at the crack.

“I hope they get it to us before we leave for Pluto, you know how they can wait on things.” Sandor told him. Derek nodded then they made their way back to his quarters. They walked through the door and found Nova and Sergeant Sato making faces at Alex. “Hey babe, did you sleep well?” Derek helped her up from the floor, hugged her and kissed her.

“Yes thanks, I hope he wasn’t much of a problem?” She gazed over to her son as Sergeant Sato making more funny faces at Alex.

“Not at all, Sergeant Sato he wasn’t much of a problem was he?” Wildstar asked.

“Naw, he’s a good kid. If you ever need a sitter to go out give me a call. I just might be free.” He said as he continued to play with him

Nova looked over to Sandor and gave him a kiss on the cheek. “Hey Sandor, can you tell Yvey that I’ll be able to go with her shopping for baby stuff tomorrow?”

Sandor and Yvey still not married found out after their return from their last mission together that she was pregnant. Sandor walked on clouds for months when she told him, he begged her to get married now that she was pregnant, but she flat out refused. “I’m not ready, and having a baby shouldn’t have us running to the altar,” she said to him.

“I’ll let her know tonight, I wish you can convince her that we need to get married before she pops.” Sandor desperate to get her down the aisle, even her family tried helping out, but she was head strong on doing things her own way.

Nova giggled at him. “I’ll see what I can do Stephen. Have you two found out what it is yet?”

“Not yet, she goes back to the doctor this week. That’s if she doesn’t pop before that. We are still debating if we want to know. As long as it’s healthy I’m okay whether it’s a girl or boy, and the fact that I’m going to be a dad almost in my 40’s is good enough for me”

Derek wrapped his arms around his wife and gave her another kiss. “So how was your day? What did you do?”

013.jpg“I stopped at Singleton’s office to say hello and informed him that I’m ready to get my feet wet.” Nova told Derek, they both have talked about her returning back to EDF. She wanted to go back, but he felt her returning too soon or taking on another job would be too much for her. Eventually Derek caved in and agreed that she was right to go back to work.

“And?” Derek asked.

“He said he’ll see what he can do.” Nova told him. “I’ve already talked to my mother and Wendy about taking Alex if we are both call out at the same time.”

Derek sighed at her decision, but he knew holding her back would make her resent him. He squeezed her tighter and gave her a kiss on the neck. “Well I guess I better get on the horn about that new cartridge, than we can go.”

“Take your time babe, I’ll take Alex to the bridge, he likes it there.” Nova scooped Alex into her arms and walked down to the bridge.

010.jpgSandor watched Derek’s face and saw the concerned face he had on. “I know what you’re feeling. Let’s face it we both have strong minded women, and they can both be very stubborn. If it wasn’t that Doctor Sane forbid Yvey from flying she still be in the cockpit. We are just gonna have to suck it up Captain.”

Wildstar gave him a grin and then picked up the phone to call Singleton about the new cartridge.

Later . . . . .

“Well Sandor that settles it, we should be getting that in a few days. Now let’s call it a day and get ourselves home.” Derek Said.

“Sergeant Sato” Wildstar called out. “You may go, no need on you hanging around for your shift to end if I’m not here.”

“Thank you sir, same time tomorrow?” He asked


“Will you be bringing Alex sir?” Sergeant Sato asked.

“I don’t know, depending on Mrs. Wildstar if she wants to take him with her. But I will let her know that you asked.” Wildstar smiled at the young Sergeant. He remember reading his jacket and found out that Sato had a younger brother that died of cancer at 3 years old and that’s why he was so attached to Alex. “Go home Sergeant enjoy the rest of the day, you’re dismissed.” Sergeant Sato saluted and left.

ya21.gif“Come on Sandor let’s get out of here.” Wildstar and Sandor made their way down. When the door opened he saw Nova holding him in her arms and humming a tune for him to fall asleep to.  

“Hey you two are you ready?” Derek held his hand out for Nova to give him the diaper bag.

“Yup, here you go,” She said handing him the bag.

Sandor grabbed him from her and gave his godson a hug and kiss. “Hey kiddo you’ll have another playmate soon.”

“I’ll see you tomorrow Stephen, remember to tell Yvey,” Nova smiled at the bond that Sandor and Alex had.

All four made their way down to the gang way. They made their way to their cars and put their son in. “You want me to drive or do you want too.” Derek asked.

“You drive I’m still a little tired from the long night.” She said while jumping into the passenger side. “I thought the night would never end, I had 3 surgeries last night, all complicated. Derek, can I ask you something?”

“Sure babe what’s up?” Derek said while driving.

“Are you okay with me going back to work with EDF?” Nova asked.

In Derek’s mind bells went off, gotta answer this without causing another fight he thought. “Nova I know that you want to go back to work with EDF, and if that’s what you want then you should. How many times have you stood by me and the decisions that I made that caused us to wait so long to get married, and even now with Alex? It doesn’t matter what I want, I’m here to make you happy and if you’re happy working back with EDF then my job is done.”

Nova smiled at him, he was so supportive with the decision she made so far and she knew that he wanted her home with Alex, but she was not one to do that. “Derek, I love you.” she said as her hand ran down his face.

“I love you too.” Derek smiled.

By the time they got home Alex was fast asleep in his car seat. Derek grabbed hold of his son while Nova grabbed his diaper bag and Derek’s’ brief case. She looked over to her husband and son and smiled at the fact that they looked identical. Derek placed his finger on his mouth and motioned Nova to open the door.  Nova placed the bags down in the living room while Derek took Alex to his room so he can sleep. When Derek came back to the living room he saw his wife lying down with her eyes closed.  He walked over to her and gave her a kiss “Hey why don’t you go lay down and I’ll get dinner?”

“No no, Derek I’ll cook.” Nova try to get up but he put his hands on her to sit back down.

“Babe, I’m not cooking I’ll order it,” He smiled at her. He knew he wasn’t allowed in the kitchen after too many incidents with the fire department breaking down the door. “What are you in the mood for?”

“Oh let’s have some fried rice with shrimp and some sushi.” Nova told him.

“I’ll make the call, be right back.” Derek ran into the kitchen to make the call while Nova sat back and closed her eyes again. Walking back into the room he found his wife sleeping on the couch. He walked over and placed a throw on her and went to check on Alex. When the dinner arrived he woke her up and they went into the kitchen to eat. “You still look tired, are you alright?” Derek asked her.

“Just a little worn out.” Nova said.

Derek looked at his wife, “I think you should go see Doctor Sane in the morning.”

Nova smiled at him, she knew that he wanted to make sure she was alright. They talk on and off about having another child soon but lately Nova has been avoiding the subject.

Nova looked at him. “What happened on the Spirit today?”

“We are going to need a new Cartridge for the Wave Motion Engine, so that’s probably going to set back our departure date. Which is good for me, I get to spend a little more time with you and Alex.” Derek smiled at her.

“That’s good news. Alex will love having you around for a few more days. I’m not really hungry babe. I just want to relax if you don’t mind.”

Derek looked at her and then stood up. He took her by the hand and guild her to the bathroom. He took out the early pregnancy test and gave it to her. “Take it,” he told her.

“Derek, you’re too paranoid, every time I’m tired doesn’t mean that I’m pregnant.” she whined to him. “Really?! I’ve been at the hospital all day and night. And on top of it I’ve had to get up with Alex to feed him when I am here. I’m just tired.” She rolled her eyes at him.

“Okay, but let’s nip that one in the bud first and then I’ll worry about other things.”

“Fine!” She snatched the test kit from him and closed the bathroom door.

Derek sat on their bed and waited for her to come out. 15 minutes later she walked out and tossed the stick at him. “Happy!?!?” she snapped.

“Negative, okay you’re right maybe I’m pushing the baby thing too far.” Derek got up and walked over to her. He put his arms around her and pulled her closer to him. “Sorry babe, I just want to make sure we don’t go through that again. I promise I’ll lay off from now on.”

“Thank you,” Nova turned around and smiled at him. “I know you mean well, but I think I have this one covered. I’ve already started my birth control shots a month ago so no need to worry.”

Derek looked at her “But I thought that we were going to try for another one?”

“I know that we talked about it babe, but I really don’t think that now is the time, especially with you leaving in a few months. You’ve missed most of the appointments with Alex and you almost were sent out again a month before I was due. And then Alex decided to come early, now what would have happened if you went out and missed his birth. You would have hated yourself for not being there.” Nova looked into his eyes and could see the disappointment in his face. “Derek I’m sorry I didn’t mean to upset you about this.”

It’s okay babe, I figured that something was different you haven’t been talking about it in a while. I understand don’t worry about it.” In a way he was relieve about it, he didn’t want to worry about her going into labor and him not being there or worst yet she having a miscarriage. Just then they both were brought back to reality with Alex crying for dinner. “I’ll go get him, you get ready.” Derek kissed his wife and left to go get his son.

Nova took her top and bra off and lay down on their bed waiting for Derek to bring in their son.

“See I told you mommy was waiting for you, here you go.” Derek laid him down next to Nova and Alex searched for his mother’s nipple, found it and began to eat dinner. Derek looked on at his wife and son and smiled that they made this little bundle of joy in his life. Thanks to Nova that insisted that they name him after his brother Alex he felt that his life was filled enough for now. He leaned over to his wife and kissed her, “I love you babe.”

“I love you too Derek.” Nova looked at her son and couldn’t believe how much their son looked like his dad. The eyes, the smile and the hair thick and dark like his dad.  She gazed back at her husband and she pulled him down by his shirt “Once he’s asleep maybe you and I can relax together in bed.” Nova raised her eyebrow and giggled.

“I think we can arrange that Mrs. Wildstar.” Derek grinned and then sat back as he watched his wife feed their son.

Alex fell asleep while nursing his mothers’ breast, Derek pick him up and burped him as he walked back to his room. He walked down the hall and looked into the other empty rooms (three to be exact). How he wanted to fill those rooms up with other babies but he respected his wife’s decision to wait a little longer. He place Alex back in his crib and place the blanket over him then kissed him goodnight. He turned on his nightlight and then turned on his monitor that was connected to their room and around the house. Nova decorated his room with a big mural of the Argo and the Endeavor that she drew and painted herself and planets scattered around the other walls. The blankets and sheets she found in a remote store in downtown part of Great Island they were cover in planets and star clusters. She had Derek hang replicas of the Endeavor and his Super Star in separate parts of the room. His mobile was ordered special for his room and there was no other of that kind made; it was made of soft stuff material and looked like the Black Tiger fighters and Black Hornets. Derek loved his room and sat in there with him at times for hours.

He walked back to his room and saw Nova lying down in bed looking over some medical books for a procedure that she would be assisting at the end of the week.

“He’s fast asleep.” Derek jumped in bed and turned to his wife. She had already lost the baby weight and looked great. Her breasts were still large because of her milk but she looked better than before she was pregnant.

Nova looked from the corner of her eye and saw him staring at her, “What?” she asked.

“Oh nothing, just admiring my wife you look great, babe.” He leaned closer and kissed her.

“Thank you skipper, do you want me to take Alex with me tomorrow, or do you want to take him with you?” She asked.

“I can take him. Sergeant Sato is looking forward to seeing him. Those two seem to hit it off and I feel safe with him looking after him. So, you said you want to relax.” Derek smiled at her.

Nova lifted her eyebrow and smiled at him, “and how are you going to get me to relax?”

“Come here and I’ll show you.” He pulled her closer to him and began to kiss her.

“Captain Wildstar you can be so bad at times.” Nova giggled as she fell deep into his arms.

“I can really be bad Mrs. Wildstar if you want me too.” Derek grinned at her with a mischievous look. Nova laughed at him and threw her arms around him kissing him on his lips.



Sandor walked through the door that he shared with Yvey, “babe I’m home.” He called out.

gundam-00-07-large-33[1].jpg“Out back Stephen.” he heard Yvey yell back.

Throwing his jacket on a chair he walked over to where she sat on a lawn chair and bent down giving her a kiss while placing his hand on her stomach. She looked so cute with a huge stomach on her small frame. “Hello babe how was your day, did you take a nap today.”

Yvey held his hand and smiled at him. She was sitting there feeling the baby move inside of her. “Papi feel here.” she grabbed his hand and moved it to a spot.

“Wow he sure is active, has he been like that all day?” Sandor smiled at her.

“She sure has, I’ve been laughing all day watching her move her arms and legs, it’s so weird knowing that there another person inside of me.” She told him.

Sandor sat down next to her and smiled at the fact that he could actually see a movement in her stomach. “Yvey, Nova says that she can go with you shopping tomorrow if you’re still up to it.” He knew that she was getting bigger and more tired as she grew. She was due soon and he was glad that he was there for her appointments and will be there for when she goes into labor.

“Great, I’ll give her a call later and set up a time” Yvey smiled at him, he was so hands on with her.

“Yvey I know that this is an old story but your due soon don’t you think we should get married that way he will have parents that are married?” Sandor figure he keep pressure on her in hopes that she would cave in. He had a minster and marriage license on standby just in case she agreed.

“Aye Papi, not again can we just enjoy this without trying to make a big deal over marriage. Don’t worry I will give her your last name, she is your baby.” Yvey smiled at him

“I know but I have to keep asking, you might surprise me and say yes, I love you Chiquita.” Sandor gazed into her eyes.

“I love you too, now I’m starving…what’s for dinner? I can go for some burgers with some jalapeño and a tall shake.” Yvey grinned.

“I swear I don’t know where you put it all, we can go to the fast food place you like so much. Or I can order it and bring it back here what would like for me to do?” Sandor laughed at her.

“Why don’t we go through the drive thru, right now I can only wobble to the car and back. I swear I feel like I ate the biggest pumpkin in the pumpkin patch. Just draw some eyes, mouth and the nose can go right here on my belly button. I can’t possibly get any bigger.” Yvey complained.

“Hahaha, you look beautiful I like you this way.” Sandor helped her get up.

“Oh you’re just saying that.” Yvey said as she pulled on his hands to get up. “How can you love me? I looked like a beached whale, I can’t move any more without someone helping me in and out of a chair. I have peed 32 times since this morning, at times I feel something big in my butt and on top of everything I’m getting kicked in lungs. This last month feels like 6 months and it feels like she never going to come out.”

“Yvey, you’re pregnant there nothing you can do about it at this point. We are just going to have to wait until he is born.” Sandor tried to make her feel better.

“SHE is taking her sweet time. I don’t know papi I don’t think I can handle this anymore.” Yvey whined.

Sandor laughed and lean down to her, “I love you very much Ms. Ortiz hopefully soon Mrs. Sandor.”

Yvey rolled her eyes and smiled back up at him. “Vamos, I’m hungry.”

“Honey I think I better change, I’m still in uniform.” Sandor said just realizing that he hadn’t changed.

“Well hurry up, I’m starving!” Yvey yelled.

“Yes dear.” Sandor ran into the room and threw on some clothes. It took only 10 minutes but to Yvey it seemed like forever. “Okay let’s go.” he told her.

“Thank you,” She said rolling her eyes. Sandor couldn’t help but laugh at her.

“What’s so goddamn funny?!” Yvey yelled at him as he helped her into the car.

“You, it’s so cute that you complain about it now get in the car.” Sandor closed the door.

She looked at him as he made his way over to drivers’ side. She reached for him and gave him a kiss. “You are something else. Anyone else would have left already. I love you and I just might cave in and marry you”

Sandors’ heart skipped a beat. “We can do it right now,” he said hoping.

“Don’t get your hopes in high gear papi, when I’m ready I’ll let you know. And anyway why do you need a piece of paper to let everyone know that you love them. I’m not going anywhere are you?” She looked at him.

“No not now.” Sandor smiled.

“What do you mean not now?” Yvey hit him on the arm which hurt.

He laughed at her with his arms up. “Just kidding, I’m just kidding, I’m not going anywhere especially now that you’re having my baby. I love you, you psycho Chiquita banana.” He grabbed her hands and kissed her.

She started to laugh at him and felt the baby laugh inside of her. Sandor put the car in drive and left to get her something to eat.



Residence of Yvey Ortiz and Stephen Sandor

21st of April, 2207

“Hey Yvey how are you feeling today, are you up to going shopping?” Nova asked.

“My, you are pretty huge.” Howard smiled at her friend.

“Thank you I wanted to hear that first thing in the morning. Where’s Alex…Nova I thought you’d bring him?” Yvey asked.

“Derek took him to work with him. He wants to spend as much time with Alex as he could. I guess he doesn’t want to miss anything.” Nova sighed “He and Sandor will be leaving at the end of next month. Pesci is going too, isn’t he?”

“Yup, and I’ll be going with them.” Denise said.

“You got your orders?” Nova asked.

“Yeah, sorry ladies but I was the only one not pregnant. And someone has to keep tabs on our men and keep them out of trouble.” Denise joked.

“Awe shucks, darn that Doctor Sane, why did he have to ground me from flying?” Yvey said.

“Uh Yvey you are pregnant, and the last time I checked they don’t make the cockpit any bigger for pregnant fighters.” Howard said.

“Oh you can bite me.” Yvey said.

Nova laughed at them arguing it was like watching two sisters fight over whose doll was whose. “Ladies now, now, no more fighting, and if I remember correct Denise you told me that you and Pesci were trying to get pregnant. So soon you’ll be just as big as the rest of us were. With your luck you’ll have twins or better yet triplets like Devina and Deslock.”

“Nova don’t put that curse on me, and I hope that mines are better behave then those three little demons.” Denise smiled.

“By the way, are they planning to stop by Gamilon, because if they are I need to send something to them with Derek?” Nova thought about something she picked up for them a few weeks ago.

They all got into Nova car and drove down to the Megalpolis City’s downtown. They walked to all the baby stores and found cute little outfits that were neutral and found a lovely crib. Nova pointed to a set of sheets that would look great in Alex room and Denise bought some plush toys for the baby’s room.

“Yvey looked at this. I think this is so cute I have to get it for you.” Denise said as she picked up a stuff toy that looked like a star fighter. Yvey squealed with delight of how it looked.

But before they could go pay for it, Yvey looked down and watched as water flowed down her legs.

“Nova,” Yvey grabbed her arm. “I think my water just broke.”

Nova turned around and looked down her friends legs and smiled. “Well there’s no turning back now. Denise get the car.” Nova then looked in her purse and pulled out her cell phone. “Doctor Sane, hello I’m bringing in Commander Yvette Ortiz in, her water broke and now she is going into labor.” Nova gave him more information and then hung up, then placed another call to Derek.


Over on the Spirit . . . .

“Hello” Derek answered his cell phone and smile to hear his wife’s voice. He looked over to where Alex was and watched him sleeping as Sandor and Sergeant Sato watched. “We’re on our way,” and then hung up.

“What’s up Derek?” Sandor asked.

Wildstar looked at him, “We better go, Sergeant Sato can you get the baby’s stuff together.”

“Derek what’s wrong,” Sandor looked concern. “Are the girls alright?”

“Sandor your about to be a father, we gotta go. Nova is taking her to the hospital as we speak.” Derek put his hand on Sandor shoulder and saw the blood drain from his face. “Sandor focus, she’s alright women go through this all the time. Grab your coat.” Derek scooped up Alex and walked Sandor out.

They made their way to the Hospital and up to the delivery unit. “Here he is nurse, this is the father. Sandor, go get some scrubs and get in there, she’s calling for you, in away.” Nova smiled at him.

“Huh, what do you mean in away?” Sandor asked.

“Well let’s just say she asked for that man that got me into this situation here yet is who she is asking for.” Nova laughed. Poor Stephen was he in for a big surprise.

Sandor got dressed quickly and walked into the labor room. He peeked over the curtain and saw the mother of his child laying and moaning from pain. “Yvey baby I’m here.”

“It’s about fucking time, I hate you! You did this to me. Come here and hold my hand.” Yvey stuck out her hand and he held it.

“So how is it going in here? Yvey let’s take a look at where you’re at.” Doctor Sane walked in and pulled the covers over and felt between her legs, “Hmm, 8 centimeters, we need you at 10 and from what I see you’re moving pretty fast. I’ll be back in an hour and check on you again.”

“Doctor Sane, can you give something for the pain?” Sandor asked.

“I’ll send in the anesthesiologist to give her something but she’s moving along pretty fast and I really don’t think she needs anything. It will prolong the contraction and labor,” Sane said as he placed the order in.

“I wasn’t talking about her, she’s breaking my hand and the pain is too much.” Sandor said laughing knowing that his bionic hands didn’t feel anything.

Yvey sat up and slapped him across the face. “Does that hurt too, because I can do more?! Pain! Que carajo decir que tu sentir dolor, come here I’ll give you more pain!”

Sandor looked at Doctor Sane and then looked at Yvey he wasn’t sure what to do. He tried to focus back on her, “baby breath you have to use your lamas. Come on sweetie breath.”

Yvey looked up at him and stared him in the face with anger “If I wasn’t breathing I’d be dead you idiot!”

“Now there’s no reason to call names Yvey, I’m just trying to help.” Sandor was baffled. He wasn’t sure how to respond to her pain.

Doctor Sane watch and then grab Sandor by the hand. “Yvey I need him for just one minute.”He took Sandor outside and called Nova over, “Talk to him about labor,” and left.

Nova stood there confused about what he wanted her to say. “Is everything alright, Sandor?”

“I, I don’t know what to do, she’s hitting me and cursing me out in Spanish. What do I do Nova? I’ve never went through this before.” He pleaded with her.

Derek stood by them and laughed he too remembered when Nova went into labor, she called him every bad word in the book and told him that she never wanted to see him again. That she wanted a divorce, he thought at one time she was going to get up and go home yelling at the nurse about she had enough and she was going home.

Nova smiled at him and said. “Sandor, you’re going to hear stuff you’ve never heard before and some things that you never thought she knew. Just suck it up and help her breath, she will fight you on this but you have to grow a thick skin. Now go the nurse is calling you”

Sandor walked over to the room and took a deep breath before walking in. “Hey babe, how are you holding up?” Sandor walked over to her and held her hand again.

“Oh baby I’m so sorry don’t leave me,” Yvey started to cry.

“Yvey I’m not going anywhere, now let’s try to concentrate and breathing with the next contraction. I love you sweetie.” he lean over and gave her a kiss when another contraction hit her. She grabbed him by the head and squeezed hard. Sandor tried to stay calm and try to talked to her. “Babe you’re squeezing too hard I can’t breathed, you need to breath come on you can do it.” Yvey nodded her head and began to breath.  She stayed in labor for three more hours before they made her push. Sandor held her back and cheered her on. “Push baby push, come on you can do it.”

“I can’t I’m too tired, I just want to go home, take me home.” Yvey cried.

“Come one sweetie you can do it, it’s like flying just push the ship hard.” Sandor encouraged her.

“Sandor I’m sorry you’re right we should be married. Now she isn’t even legal we have to get married before she comes.” Yvey cried harder.

“I don’t think now is the time to do it, but we can after he is born, now push honey, push!” Sandor smiled at her.

Doctor Sane looked over the sheet and looked at Sandor, “the baby is almost out she needs to push one more time hard!”

Sandor smiled at the fact that he was going to finally meet his child. He helped Yvey up and cheered her on. “One more push baby, come on you can do it, just one more.”

Yvey took a deep breath and pushed hard screaming at the top of her lungs. Then she felt a huge pressure and the baby was out.

Doctor Sane looked up and handed the baby to the nurse so she can clean it. Yvey looked at Sandor. “Well what is it, is it a girl or boy?”

Sandor looked over to the baby as the nurse check for the weight and measurements. He turned to Yvey with tears in his eyes. “It’s a boy, babe, it’s a boy!”

Yvey looked over to Doctor Sane and laughed. “Are you sure it’s not a girl, maybe she’s over done.”

Sandor laughed at her and gave her a kiss, “thank you baby, he’s gorgeous.”

Yvey finally looked over to where they were cleaning him and told the nurse. “Give him to me, I want him.”

The nurse finished cleaning the baby and handed him to Yvey while Sandor smiled at his little family. “He is so cute look at his big brown eyes.” Yvey said. “Sandor honey, I’m ready to get married.”

Sandor grinned from ear to ear finally she was going to walk down the aisle with him.  “I better go tell everyone they’ve been waiting all day.”

“Go on, I want to bond with the baby.” Yvey said as she cooed at her new son.

Sandor gave her another kiss and walked out the delivery room and walked up to where everyone waited. By that time, everyone had come down, Yvey family and half of the Star Force waited for news in the waiting area. Half the people spilled into the hall way waiting for news from someone. Derek spotted him first and told Nova. “Well?” Nova asked.

“It’s a boy 8 pounds 11 ounces 32 inches long.” Sandor was still grinning from ear to ear.

Everyone hollered hooray and then he turned to Nova and Derek. “I need a minister and the marriage license. She finally agreed to marry me.” Sandor said.

“Finally!” her mother and father said and Nova looked at Derek and sighed.

“When can we see them?” her mother asked.

“Their cleaning her up now with the baby,” then he turned to everyone. “There will be a wedding in an hour. I’m not letting her back out this time.” Everyone laughed then Sandor and Derek went to get the licenses out of the car, something he renewed every month just in case and then went to look for a minister.

Later .  .  .  .

Yvey lay in bed while Sandor stood next to her as she held their son. The minister stood at the foot of the bed and everyone try to get into the little room. The ceremony took 20 minutes and they kissed at the end. Everyone cheer as they kissed and then Derek asked, “So are you going to name him or what?”

Sandor looked at Yvey, as Yvey told them, “We wanted to wait to name him until we were married. His name is Derek Stephen Sandor. I hope that you don’t mind sir?”

Derek was touched by the jester and shook his friend’s hand. “I don’t know what to say Stephen, thank you.”

Nova brought him over to Lil Derek and let him look at the baby “Look sweetie this is Derek after your dad. Isn’t he cute?”

“Okay everyone out. We have to give mommy and the baby rest” Doctor Sane said as he pushed everyone out the room.  Derek and Nova said their goodbyes and promise to see them in the morning. Sandor stayed with his family and doted over them. He was finally a family and happy.


EDF Battleship Spirit

29th of April, 2207


pres[1].jpgSandor and Yvey left the hospital a few days later and made house at Yvey’s cottage on the beach. She had two rooms added to the cottage before the baby was born. One was Lil Derek’s room the other was a study for Sandor.  Sandor stayed home for a week doing all the things a dad would do. He returned back to work and showed Derek pictures of the baby.  “He is cute Sandor you look very happy.” Derek told him

“I am Wildstar, now I know how you felt when Alex was born. I can’t wait until we have another one, oh scratch that after what she did to me I think I can wait.” He said as he felt the back of his neck.

Wildstar laughed at him and then heard the phone go off. “Captain Wildstar.”

“Captain Wildstar this is Admiral Singleton. Sorry to inform you but the mission to Pluto Base Station has been scrapped.”

“Sir Why?”

“At this point we have a list of refits for the majority of the fleet. Some new force field that will come in handy if we are ever at war again. As of now you and Commander Sandor will stay on the docks to oversee it. I would think this would be great news for the two of you with such young families.”

“Thank you sir I will inform Commander Sandor.”

“What’s going on Wildstar?”

“Pluto mission has been scrapped. We are to stay here at the dock to do some major refit to some ships.”

“What kind?”

“They’ve build around that force field Dillan installed on the Argo. Now they want to put them in all the ships. So we get to stay home with the kids.” He explained when they both heard someone knocking on the door.

“Captain Wildstar? Hello I am Fiona Hernandez senior manager that will help oversee on the ship’s refit…”


Until The Darkest Days . . . . . .