Dark Open Space


By Yuki Wildstar




2nd of August, 2232


He sat back in his chair debating. Should he do as his wife asked? “For God sakes Derek cut it off. You look like a lumber jack.” She giggled through a cough. He smiled and figured he would since she asked. Looking out into the dark open space and thought about the many mission he’s done with his wife on this very ship. He glanced over to his desk and looked at her picture. All these years and he was still madly in love with her. Each time they separated he wanted to just die for what he put her through. Ending his conversation with Spada his heart ached that he wasn’t there for her when she needed him. He hated that he was in space while she was sick at home. Although Spada and he were enemies time proved that he can trust him with his wife, finally. Helped that he was now with someone that he care for and was expecting his first child. Derek could feel relief that he was there only to help her get better.  He thought back to when she left him and divorced him it was the darkest days of his life.


She left him weeks ago and he called everyday with no avail. How he wanted her back but he knew that she wasn’t coming back. He had to try to get her back and he missed his sons. She refused his calls and it was hard to talk to his sons because of the time difference. He waited until the plane stopped and jumped out of his chair. He was going to see his sons weathered she like it or not. If she didn’t want to see him she can’t stop him from seeing his sons.  He grabbed his luggage and raced to get a cab. He’s hands shook from nervousness hoping that he arrived in time to meet them. Within the hour the cab pulled up to the school and he stepped out and saw her standing waiting for them. His heart beat faster to see her there. She was still beautiful in his eyes. He walked towards her and stopped to see him standing next to her. Of course he would, Wildstar thought. Who else would it be, now that she left him Spada finally got his wish to be with his wife. His stare from them soon sifted to the yell of his son as they scream out to him. “Daddy! Daddy!” Mark and DJ called out to him. Nova turned and was shock to see him standing there.

“Derek!” Nova said as she tried to keep calm. Michael stepped closer to her hoping that it would not turn into a hostel confrontation. She walked closer to him and said under her breath. “What the hell are you doing here!”

“I wanted to see my sons.” He snapped back giving Spada a hated stare. “Hey guys,” he knelt down and took them into his arms. “I miss you so much that I just had to come see you. How are you guys doing?” Mark and DJ hug their father not wanting to let go. His eyes build up with tears feeling the pain of losing them all.

“Are you staying with us?” DJ asked his father.

“I only came for a day or two. I got to go back to work.”

“Why can’t you stay daddy, why can’t you just leave work and come live with us?” Mark pleaded.

“I wish I can but can’t, it’s a little complicated. Let’s just make the best of what time we have.” Wildstar said trying to smile at them. He stood up and they clung to him not wanting to let go. “Spada,” he said with vile. “Where is Alex?”

“I had a car pick him up. He should be home by now.” She stood closer to him and said. “What do you think you’re doing? You know you shouldn’t just show up when you feel like it. It’s not good for the kids.”

“I would have loved to announce my intentions but you never answer my calls.” He snapped back under his breath.

She stepped back and walked over to Michael. “I’m sorry Michael, I had no clue that he was coming here. I should take care of this and not make a scene with the kids here.”

“I understand. If you need anything call me.” He kissed her on the lips and stared over to Wildstar. “I love you.” He said.

Wildstar felt his blood boil to see him there with her and he watched as he kissed her and walked away. He stood straight showing his full height of 5’11”and said. “Come on guys let’s go. You can tell me about school on the way home.”

“Are you going to stay Daddy?”

“All depends on your mother.” He said looking her way. Nova turned her head and began to walk back to her apartment while the Boys and Derek followed. Within minutes they stood in front of the building and they made their way up to her apartment. Alex sat in the kitchen with the sitter doing his homework. He looked up and smiled wide to see his father standing there with his brother’s clinging to him.

“DAD!” he ran into his arms and held him tight.

“Hey Alex, how are you. How are you adjusting to living in New York?”

Tears streamed down his face he almost couldn’t talk. “It’s been good.” He told him.

“That’s good to know. Hey can you do me a big favor and let me and your mother talk for a few. Then if she says its’ okay I’d like to take you guys out to dinner. Spend some time with you before I head back.”

“I don’t know,” she began.

Alex turned to his mother and pleaded, “Please Mom? Can’t we have dinner with dad? You don’t have to go but we want too.”

She let out a breath and huffed. “Fine, you can go with your father to dinner. Finish up your homework and then you guys can get ready to go.” They all jumped and screamed, “YEA!!” as she walked towards the living room while Derek followed. “Don’t you dare get their hopes up! We are never going to work. So have your little stay with them and get back to Great Island. I don’t want you here!” she snapped.

“Nova I didn’t come here to argue. I just wanted to see my boys.”

“Well go and see them. I’m going to my room. I’m not going with you so tell me when you’re leaving.” She said and left him there while she stayed in her room, an hour later Alex knocked on the door and informed her that they were leaving to go to dinner. She tried to keep busy nervous as to him showing up. IF he thinks that I’m just going to run into his arms and forgive him he is so sadly mistaken. Once the kids come home he can head back.

She walked the apartment waiting for their returned. She stared at a book hoping the words made sense to her but she couldn’t concentrate on the story. They ran into the apartment hours later, laughing, smiling, and happy to see their father and spend time with him. She smiled to see them happy and announced that it was late. “You have school tomorrow, so wash up and get to bed.” They all raced to their rooms and quickly got ready for bed. They stood there facing each other Wildstar feeling awkward as she stood there with her arms folded.

“I hope I brought them back early. I didn’t want you to get upset with me bringing them home late.” He said. She just stood there and stared at him with suspicion. “Look it’s not only that I wanted to see them I wanted to see you too. I miss you so much.”

“Shut up. Don’t even try to make me feel guilty, it’s over. Now go back to Great Island. Next time call before you come here.” She said and walked to her room slamming the door shut. He raced after her and walked in shutting the door quietly behind him so their sons wouldn’t hear them.

“Nova, I tried calling you and you never answer my calls. I wanted to see my sons, our sons. I’m their father whether you like it or not. They are my kids! And not you and anyone else on this earth will stop me from seeing them! Not even SPADA! He is not their father, I AM! I don’t want him in their lives.”

“You gave up that right when you decide to have a child with someone else. You left US not only me, US.” She yelled back. “And who I decide to see is none of your damn business. If I want to sleep with him or ten other man that is my business. You no longer have a say in what I do. Now get out! You saw them now go back.” She yelled.

“I want to see them tomorrow before I go.”


“You can’t stop me from seeing my sons!”

“Maybe you should have thought of that before you slept with HER! And don’t give me that you were lonely crap, if you love us you would’ve never slept with her. So don’t you ever tell me that you love me or them again. Love would have never hurt us like you did. GET OUT!” she screamed as her tears flooded down her face. “I HATE YOU!”

“Nova, Gosh I’m so sorry.” He said in a low tone. “Please don’t cry.” He took her in his arms and held her tight.

She pushed him away and slapped him hard across the face. “DON’T TOUCH ME! DON’T EVER, EVER TOUCH ME AGAIN.”

“Lower your voice. The kids can hear us.” He said in frustration.



“GET OUT!!!!” She screamed louder. He grabbed her arm and pulled her closer to him. He kissed her hard to stop her from yelling more. She fought to get away but he held her tighter, kissing her with more passion. She tried to fight harder but found herself kissing him back. They fell on her bed and rushed to pull their clothes off each other. Their love making was tense as they rolled on her bed. She felt her body burn in heat as they both held each other tight, exploding in each other arms. They dropped back from each other breathing heavily their bodies sweating from what they did. Nova looked away and crawled up on her side crying harder. Derek reached for her and she jerked away. “Go Derek, I don’t ever want to see you again.”

“Nova, please.”

“For once just listen to me and GET OUT! Or I’ll call security.” She pulled the sheets from the bed and stood across the room covering herself. “I don’t want to do it, but if I have too I will. Now just go.”

Derek picked up his clothes and got dress in silences. He finished dressing and said over his shoulder as he walked out the door. “I love you Nova, I always have and always will. I’ll never love anyone more then I love you. Please just don’t stop me from seeing them,” and left.


A few days after his return to Great Island he sat in his office focus on his work when his aid knocked on the door. “Enter,” he called out.

“Sir this envelope came in for you. I think it’s from your wife.” He announced.

He smiled at him and thanked him. “I’ll give it a look see in a few. Thank you. What do I have on my agenda so far?”

“You have a meeting with Councilman Sandor and Captain Lee and Pesci.”

“Okay thanks.” He said to dismiss him. He stared at the envelope long after his aid left, curious as to what she sent him. Pictures? He thought. He picked up the large envelope and felt it. Slowly he opened it and searched within the contents. What he pulled out made his heart dropped to the floor. Her wedding rings sat in the middle of his palm with divorce papers attached. He then realized that it was over for both of them. He picked up the phone and dial.

“Hello,” he heard her voice.

“Nova,” she heard his voice and could tell he opened the envelope.

“Hello Derek, I guess you got it,” she said.

“Yeah, you didn’t have to send them back. They’re your rings.”

“No Derek, it’s your mother’s ring. You hold on to it, give it to Alex when the time comes that he wants to marry. It was never mine to keep.”

“Nova my mother would have wanted you to keep them. Please don’t do this. You keep them and hold them for Alex or the twins.”

He could hear her sigh and clear her throat, “No you keep them. I don’t want to see them anymore. It hurts too much to have them here. I just want to finish this chapter in my life. We have to move on, and this is one way for me to move on.”

“Did he have anything to do with this?” he said wondering if she and Spada were getting serious enough to get married. Would she marry quickly after their divorce? It scared him to death that she would move on so quickly.

“No Derek, he has nothing to do with it. Anyway, I don’t think I’ll be seeing him anymore. I just don’t think it’s a good idea to jump into another relationship right now. It’s not good for me or the kids. I have to go. I don’t care what you do with the rings, throw them out, keep them, give them to another woman. I just need to move on.” She told him that day. And although ,back then it was a relief to him to hear she wasn’t seeing Spada any longer, the truth was more of shock when he saw her pregnant at the arbitration.

Indeed it was a horrible time for him. His mistake caused him his marriage and children back then. Never again will he lose her. Even when she wanted a divorce after the custody he fought tooth and nail not to give in so easily. Lucky for him she couldn’t go through with it. His life was full, he was still married to the woman he loved. He now sat in the captains quarters of his beloved ship the Argo and his sons where there with him. Alex now his deputy Captain and DJ one of his elite pilots, his dreams were finally fulfill. He turned on his laptop and hope that he would be able to reach her before they began their day. It took minutes but her face soon appeared on the screen. His smiled wide to see her looking into the camera. “Good morning baby. I hope I didn’t call to soon. “

“Your late, Miku has been up for an hour so far. She has been bugging me to call you. Miku, daddy is on the line. Hurry quickly before he has to work.” She called out to their daughter.

He watched as his daughter pushed her mother aside and smiled into the camera. “Daddy!”

“Hello pumpkin, are you behaving for you mother?”

“Yeah dad,” she said then rolled her eyes. “When are you and DJ coming home?”

“Soon sweetheart, Alex says he misses you and can’t wait to come home and eat one of your favorite Jell-O and pudding deserts. Are you helping Uncle Michael take care of mommy?”

“Oh Dad of course I am. Mom says that I would make a great nurse.”

He smiled at her and knew that she also love to fly. “You will be great in anything you do. Alright let me talk to your mother. I love you sweetheart.”

“Love you too Dad.” She smiled a big toothless smile.

Nova came back on the screen and blew her nose. “How do you feel baby?”

“I’m feeling a little better. Thanks to Michael, Denise and Yvey not to mention our own little nurse Miku I’m getting back on my feet sooner than I thought. Although I would have love for my original nurse to take care me,” she grin thinking back to the first time when he took care of her.

“I wish I was there too. I miss you so much. Just a few more days and I’ll be home holding you again.”

“How’s Alex and DJ doing?” she asked through a sneeze.

“They’re doing well. Alex is taking his position very seriously. DJ is actually following directions that Pesci gave him. I thought he would be pushing everyone’s buttons but he actually is keeping focus and staying out of trouble. He actually yelled at one of the less experience pilots about trying to be a hot shot.” He laughed. “Looks like he’s growing up and is going to be an excellent officer,” he said with pride.

“I’m glad that he is doing well. Derek, I wish I could talk longer but I still feel like crap and I should get some rest.” She coughed and sneezed again.

His heart went out to her. How he wanted to be home to take care of her. “I’m sorry baby, I wish I was there for you. Go and get some rest. I’ll tell the boys you said hello and they send their love and get well soon. I’ll see you in a few days. I love you.” He placed his finger on the screen and traced her face.

“I love you too. See you in a few days. By the way I hope you’re not coming home looking like that.” She winked trying to smile in the meantime blowing her nose.

He watched as the screen went black and let out a long sigh. He hoped that the next few days would fly by so he could get home to her. He grabbed his captain’s cover and headed down to the bridge. The bridge doors opened and everyone stood to attention. “At ease everyone, reports Wildstar.” He told his son.

“Sir! We are ready for morning exercises. Our pilots are now waiting for permission to take off. All stations have checked and re-checked their instruments and all in working orders. We are ready when you are, SIR!” Alexander Wildstar said snapping to attention.

“Very well let’s begin morning exercises, and commander Wildstar.”

“Yes sir.” His son stood still in attention.

“Your mother sends her l love.” He said.

“How is she feeling sir?” Alexander always worried about his mother and his father new it.

“She’s better and says not to worry.” He patted his son on the back. “Now let’s get back to work.” He turned and hop into his chair. “Tell the hanger to begin the exercise.”

“Aye, aye sir.”

DJ Wildstar sat in his cockpit and looked over his instruments. All seem to checkout, he thought. He checked his gauges and looked at a picture of Marisa and him sitting on the beach. He smiled to himself thinking of that day on the beach with her and his family. He was able to talk to her earlier that morning and felt like life was good. Considering he was the youngest pilot in the squadron his superiors and older comrades looked up to him. He was an Ace pilot something he inherited from his father. For the exception of one pilot he pretty much got along with everyone. “Wildstar, are you ready for takeoff?” He heard someone come over his helmet.

“Roger, ready for takeoff.” He replied. He maneuvered his fighter onto the catapult and prepared for the force of taking off. Within minutes he felt his fighter jerk forward and off the Argo. He guided his fighter to the others and took formation. From the distance he could see Earth and the moon. It was their last day of maneuvers and he was feeling happy that their time in space was almost over. Marisa would be home before they land and she would be meeting him once the ship docks. Their time in space went fast and once he returned back to earth he would have less than a month before school starts again. “Wildstar! Stay focus!” his squad leader yelled into his helmet.

“Sorry sir!” DJ answered back. He followed his team mate through the obstacle course that EDF used often.

“Okay Wildstar, your turn on firing. If you’re as good as you think you are, give me what you gave me yesterday.” His squad leader said.

“YES SIR!” DJ said with zest. He moved his fighter into position and began his training. With ease he zeroed in on his target. Firing his first shots he smiled knowing that he hit it in the center. He turned to take his second fly by when he felt his ship jerk and his lights began to go off. “What the fuck?” he tried to move his ship away from the huge targets that lay ahead of him but couldn’t. “May day, May day! I’ve lost control. My instruments are not responding! Trying to take control.” He yelled into the helmet. He held his hands tight to his ships control and tried to move it, still nothing. He could see the target growing closer as the ship flew faster towards them.

Wildstar and Alex stood on the bridge looking on unable to do anything to get him out. Wildstar face grew whiter and praying that he would eject before he hit anything. Alex stood there stunned not able to move his eyes from the screen. They watched as his ship moved faster and could tell that he fought with the ship to move away from the targets. Within seconds the ship collided with the target and exploded. Wildstar ran from his chair to the screen and scream out his name. Alex grabbed hold of his father as tears rolled down his face. “Get the SR team out there. Find him!” Wildstar ordered. Alex screamed to his communications officer and ordered the same. Within minutes the search and rescue team with the other pilots were looking for him. They moved their ships slowly through the wreckage hoping that he was alright. For Wildstar and Alex it felt like hours when they heard someone yell out. “I see him! I see him! He’s four clicks from the third target. Looks like he ejected in time, Sir! I’m pulling over to him now.” They heard him say. Commander David Stevenson opened his cockpit up and moved closer to where DJ floating body was. He grabbed hold of the young man’s body and brought him back to his fighter. “I got him, he’s pretty banged up and unconscious. Have the medic’s ready when I dock.”

Wildstar’s hands shook uncontrollably. “Alex, go and meet them on the docking bay. I’ll take control here.”

“But Dad,” Alex said.

“GO! You’re relieved from duty, now go and check on him. I will get there as soon as I can.” He said. It was hard for him to detach himself from what happen but he still had over a 100 men and women that he had to oversee.  His eyes soften and he put his hands on his shoulder. “Go Alex, go and check on your brother.” Alex nodded his head and ran out the door to see about his brother. He pushed by the other pilots as they watched to see Commander Steveson’s ship touch the docking bay. The medics went into full action. They placed him on the gurney and ran past them to the medical ward on ship. Alex ran behind them watching as they checked his vitals.

“His eyes are dilated. His pulse is week. Wildstar, can you hear me?” one said as he tried waking him up. Checking his head he felt blood on the back of his head. “Looks like he hit his head, we need a CAT scan stat!” he screamed over his shoulder while he continue to look him over.

Alex stood over him and asked, “How is he?”

“We’re not sure yet, sir. Please step back so we can work on him.” The medic said.

“He’s my brother,”

“We know sir, but we have to work on him. Please just wait outside, once we know anything we will let you know.”

Alex grabbed him by the shirt and pulled him to face him. “HE’S MY BROTHER!”

Pushing away the medic replied, “I know sir, we will take good care of him I promise. Now please wait outside.”

Alex temper rose then felt a hand on his shoulder. “Leave them alone Alex. They have to do their job. Come on let’s wait outside.” His father said.

“But Dad!”

“Lieutenant Commander Wildstar! Let them do their job. There’s nothing you can do now. We just have to put him in their hands. They are excellent at their job. Now come on we can watch from the observation deck.” He said as they walked up to watch them work on the youngest Wildstar. They watched from above as they worked on DJ. His clothes were already removed and they ran a scan over his body. The Doctor looked on the monitor as the images appeared. They could see him shake his head. He ordered his nurses around and then left the room. Wildstar and Alex heard the door open and see him enter the room. “How bad is it Doc?”

“He banged his head pretty hard. It might have been when he ejected. He probably hit his head on the cockpit door. Sir, he has swelling in his head and we need to do surgery to relieve the pressure. We will have to return to earth ASAP for him to get better treatment.”

“What will happen if the swelling doesn’t go down?” Wildstar asked.

“We could lose him. I’m sorry sir, I can do my best but in the end we have to get him to Earth for better treatment.”

“I see, yes we will return ASAP. When will you start? And how soon can we warp?”

“I am having the nurses prepare for surgery now. I think it’s best to wait until after the surgery to warp.” He looked at the two Wildstar’s’ and could see the concern in their faces. “He is good hands, promise. Now I should get started.”

They sat above the surgery room and looked on as the doctor worked hard to relieve the pressure on young Wildstar. Derek finally turned to his son and said. “I have to get on the bridge. You stay here with your brother. Call me if anything changes.”

“Aren’t you staying to the end!” Alex was shocked to hear his father say he was leaving. “Don’t you even care what happens! For god sakes Dad, that’s DJ on the table. We might lose him!”

“Alex there nothing more I can do. I have a ship to run. I trust our doctors he is in good hands.”

“You selfish bastard! Is that all you care about your precious ship! Do you even care about your son and my brother! What the hell,” Alex yelled. Wildstar stepped closer to him and slapped him hard across the face.

“Don’t you ever think I don’t care about him. Do you think that this is easy for ME! DO YOU! Because it’s not, I have a ship to command and you have to learn that as well. You will also have to learn that you have to detached yourself. War will never allow you to stand around and see how your comrades are. So you better learn that quick!”

“But we aren’t in war!”

“It doesn’t matter, we still have our duties to attend to. Now I have to get to bridge.” He snapped and left him standing there.

He watched as they worked on his baby brother for hours. His heart race every time he saw them scramble around then suddenly calm down. How long could this take? Alex paced back and forth watching in between to see what they were doing. His father would called down and ask how he was and Alex would reply that he was still in surgery. Though his father tried to keep a calm tone he could tell that he was worried about his youngest son. Finally after 6 hours, the ER light went off and the doctor looked up to him. He brought his hand up and gave him a thumb’s up. Alex finally let out a loud sigh and his body finally relaxed. He picked up the phone and call up to the bridge. “Let me speak to the captain. This is Lieutenant Commander Wildstar.” He said into the receiver.

His father quickly answered, “Alex, how is he?”

“He’s out of surgery. The doctor gave him a thumb’s up.”

“I’ll be right down.” He heard his father say and then heard the phone go dead.

Alex watched as the door opened and the doctor walked in. “How is he doc?”

“He’s out of danger for now. We have to wait and see if it worked. These things can be very tricky.” He said then both heard the door opened. Alex could see the stress in his father’s face. “Sir, he’s doing well. We will have to wait and see how he does overnight.”

“Can we warp?” He was anxious to get his son back to earth so that he could get better treatment.

“I think we should wait a few hours, if he pulls through the night then I don’t see any reason to warp back to Earth.”

“Thank you, doc, for everything.” He shook his hand and then turned to his oldest son. “Take command of her. I have to make a call.” It was one he debated to do since everything happened. He left his son and went straight to his quarters. He sat in his captain chair and looked out into the dark sky. If I call her now she will worry. She has a right to know Wildstar. I promised her! I promised her that I would bring them home safe and I screwed that up. She will never forgive me. She is going to hate me if he doesn’t pull through this. I will never be in her good graces ever again. I let her down. Damn it! I let her down. God Deej you have to pull through. He got up and left his room. Making his way down back to medical ward he went back and forth as to calling his wife. Entering the room he watched as some nurses stood at attention. He walked past them to the doctor. “Where is he?”

“This way, sir,” he said and led him to a quiet room. It was dark and the only thing you could hear was the machines to help him breath. It broke his heart to see his youngest laying on the bed unable to move. He was always vibrant and now he lay there on the edge of death. Wildstar pulled up a chair and sat it next to him. He took hold of his sons hand and held it in his. He thought back to when he first saw him. He was only 4 days old when he first saw him. How tiny he and his brother were. So many nights they kept them up. He smiled at himself thinking of how from day one he wanted to fly. He remember taking them up in the Cosmo hound and showing them how to fly. Mark was good but his brother was much better. He had the knack for flying. Since he could walk all he ever wanted to do was fly. He was one of his top pilots so how could this happen. Why did he lose control so suddenly? What happen out there? The more he thought about it the more he became angry. Something happened and he was going to find out. He wiped the tears from his face and headed to the ship’s hanger.

“SIR!” the guard on duty stood at attention.

“Have they brought in all the wreckage?”

“Mostly everything. They are still bringing in more.”

“Who is in charge of the wreckage recovery?”

“Sir, that would be Commander Vanderpump. He’s there now taking inventory of it.”

His mind raced as he made his way there. How could a perfectly good plane just lose control? I’ll make sure that every fighter is check over and over as to nothing like this happens again. I will hold the person accountable for what happened to my son. He marched towards Vanderpump and he snapped to attention. “SIR!”

“Anything yet on how this happened?”

“Not yet sir, we are still putting what’s left of the pieces together.”

“Please contact me once you know something. In the meantime, who is responsible in making sure that all ships are checked?”

“That would also be me, sir.”

“Get me the crewman that was overseeing his ship and have him sent to my quarters.”

“Aye, aye sir. I will send him up ASAP.”



Wildstar stood in the middle of his quarters staring out the window. He glanced at a pictured that sat next to his bed. He smiled slightly seeing his family together for a family picture. DJ stood next to his mother while Mark stood on the other side of her. Miku sat on her lap and he and Alex stood behind them. Much happier times for us, he thought. He heard the knock on the door and yelled out to enter.

“Sir Ensign Livingston as you ordered.” The young engineer snapped to attention.

“Hmm, Ensign when was the last time you checked out Cadet Commanders Wildstar’s fighter?”

The young Ensign shook and responded with a nervous tone, “Early this morning with Cadet Commander Wildstar. We always look it over together. He likes to know everything about his ship.”

“And you didn’t see anything odd with the ship?”

“No sir, everything was in prefect working order. Are you thinking someone tampered with the ship?”

“I’ll know more once they have all the wreckage pieced together.” Livingston stood there and debated whether or not to tell him. Wildstar was ready to dismiss him when he saw him stare away. “Is there something you know, Ensign?”

“I’m not sure sir, but just before training I thought I saw Lieutenant Commander Eldred around his ship.”

“Are you sure about this?”

“I can’t bet my life on it but I am almost certain it was him. I just thought he was wiping something off the ship.” He told him. It was no secret that he and DJ had words in the past. On many occasion DJ would call him out on mistakes that he did while in formation. It didn’t help his creditably that the son of the captain was correcting his mistake in front of his comrades and the fact he was a cadet didn’t help either. They came to blows once and Alex managed to handle it before his father got wind of it. If it were Wildstar he would have handed a harsher punishment. Eldred would’ve gotten the worst part of it considering he was active and an officer.

“Dismiss Ensign. If they find out anything let me know.” He said. Wildstar watched as he walked out and walked over to his safe. He opened it and searched for his file. He took out the flash drive and inserted into this laptop. He began to read his file. Ensign Thomas Eldred, Graduating class of 2226. Reading his file he found that many of his superiors evaluation on the young pilot. Arrogant; pompous; flashy jock. One actually stated he was an evil troll that thought he knew it all. He was reprimanded more than he could count. He was showy over achiever and was always into trouble. Something he heard DJ say once about him. “I hate him dad, he thinks because he is older and is an officer that he is right.” Could he be responsible for DJ accident? If it was an accident? He would have to wait until the reports come in before he addressed the issue. Walking onto the bridge he watched as they wrapped up ready to turn over their duties to the night shift crew. Alex stood next to the communication officer going over recordings of DJ distress call.

“Play it again, Davis.” Alex ordered. It was the tenth time they listen to it and he try to listen to every noise.

“Commander Wildstar is there anything on the recording?”

Alex shook his head no, “nothing yet sir. I’m still trying to find if there was anything out of the ordinary. Everything seemed fine until he lost control. I can’t put my finger on it but I swear I thought I heard someone laugh in the back ground. I’m trying to get them to narrow down which fighter.”

“Good job commander.”

Alex stood closer to his father and pulled him to the side. “Dad could it be possible that someone was behind this?”

Wildstar looked away from his son and said. “Let’s just see what the wreckage crew say and get those recordings together. If it was foul play then I want to make sure we have a solid case. Let’s just hope that it was nothing more than a fluke.” He pat his son on the back and smiled. “Get some rest son, I can finish up here.”

“If it’s okay I would like to stay with DJ tonight.”

He smiled at his oldest and put his hand on his shoulder. “It’s best that you get sleep. I’ll check on DJ. I promise if there is any change I’ll call you. You need sleep.”

He felt his body wanting sleep and Alex nodded in defeat. “I’ll go check on him before I hit the sack. Good night, Sir.” He saluted his father and left the bridge.

Wildstar finished on the bridge and walked down to see his son. He opened the door and found Alex sitting next to him quietly anticipating his younger brother to come out of his coma. It broke his heart to see his big brother worry about him. Alex looked up and tried to smile at his father. “He’s sleeping alright. Doc, says he is doing well and we can warp back to Earth tomorrow. Have you called mom?”

“Let’s see how he is in the morning. I don’t want her to worry and he could recover before we hit Earth.” He told him. Alex nodded then turned back to his brother. “Well it’s the first time he has been this quiet.” He said trying to lighten the dim atmosphere.

Alex grinned at what he said and agreed, “you’re right dad. Who would have thought that knocking him on the head would keep his big mouth shut?” making his father laugh.

“Listen Al, get some sleep I mean it. There’s nothing more we can do. First thing in the morning we will warp back home. I’ll stay here for a while and if anything changes I’ll have them wake you.”

Hesitating Alex finally stood up and started out the door. “Dad,”

“Yes son.”

“Do you think someone had anything to do with this?” He asked him once more.

“Get some rest.” He told his son. Alex knew he didn’t want to jump the gun as to what happened so he nodded his head and went to get some sleep. Though it was a restless night for him he managed to get a decent night sleep.


Wildstar sat with him for hours after Alex left. He thought he saw him move at one time and he prayed that he would come out of it before they head back. He ran his hand over his face and leaned down and kissed him on the forehead. “I love you son. Please, please come out of it. I really don’t want to face your mother about this. She is going to kill me. I promised her that I wouldn’t let anything happen to you and now I broke that promise.” He whispered to him then turned and wiped the tears from his face. He bid his son good night and told the doctor that if anything changed to wake him. It was a restless night for him also and he ordered the cook to send up a big pot of coffee. “I’m going to need it.”  He sat in his quarters earlier than usual sipping at his coffee, worried about his son. Giving one last look at their picture he got in his chair and went down to the bridge. The night crew were just finishing their reports and surprised to see him come down early. They could see the stress written all over his face.

“Sir, the reports are ready.” The night shift officer said. Wildstar stared ahead not hearing what was just told to him. “Sir?”

“Sorry, yes, of course. Hand them over to the deputy captain when he comes in. I have to see Commander Vanderpump and see about the wreckage.”

“Aye, aye sir.” The night shift officer said feeling sorry for his captain.

Wildstar walked slowly back to the flight hanger and over to the wreckage of his sons ship. Slowly he began to kneel down and look over some of the parts that were recovered. It was hard to determine what was what but Wildstar knew every inch of each ship. Especially DJ ship, he flew the same Cosmo zero that he flew. He picked up each piece and examined it then went on to the next. “Sir,” Commander Vanderpump called to him.

“Commander, I see you’ve managed to get some of it together.” Wildstar turned and said.

“We have sir, I had my men work all night to see what cause it to lose control.” Vanderpump said.


“You’re not going to like what I found.” He told him. “Come over here. I looked over a lot of the electrical system. Though much of it was disintegrated from the crash, the important parts were still in tacked. See these wires and cables here.”

“Those go to the rudder of the aircraft.”

“Correct sir, see here. If the ship had dated cables it would have showed aging but we check our ships every day and always before any mission or training. As you can see that it’s a clean cut.”

“Which means someone cut the cable.”

“Yes sir.”

“I want all the surveillances videos sent to my quarters, immediately. Not a word to anyone that this was no accident.”

“Understood sir. I will handle it personally.” He saluted him and left.

Wildstar stood over the parts of his son’s ship, his anger growing. Whoever did this, will pay, I swear. He picked up the cut cord and examined it closer. In deed he was right, the cord was sliced half way and snapped the rest of the way. The retention made it snapped when he took a hard turn. He placed the cable back on the table and walked back to the bridge. Alex stood on the bridge going over the night shift reports. His father looked like he didn’t sleep at all and he snapped to attention. “Sir all is order. The night shifts reports are in and everything is order.”

Wildstar nodded and said, “go and check on Cadet Commander Wildstar. Ask the doctor if we are cleared to warp.”

“Yes sir, right away.” Alex said. “Sir, can I speak freely?” he asked him and he nodded yes. “Have you talked to mom yet?”

“Not yet, but I will.” He sat down and looked out to the bridge crew. His mind racing, he had to make sure that he got all evidence to who try to hurt his son before they land on Earth. Once there it would be hard to keep tabs on the crew.

“Sir I have Commander Vanderpump on the line.” His communication officer yelled out.

“Tell him to meet me in my quarters and when Deputy Captain Wildstar calls put him through there also.” He said and punched the control to bring him up to his room. He sat there waiting until Vanderpump arrived. What will they find on video? His private line rung and he picked it up. “Captain Wildstar.”

“Dad” he heard Alex voice.

“WILDSTAR! You know better!” he snapped into the phone.

“Sorry sir, Captain, I spoke to cadet Wildstar’s doctor and he feels comfortable enough to go ahead with the warp. He is calling ahead to have an ambulance ready for him the minute we touch ground.” He informed him. “Sir, off the record?”

“Go on.”

“Dad, I really think you should call mom.” And he hung up. Wildstar held on to the phone receiver thinking of what he had to do next. He hung up and called back to the medical ward.

“Have Deputy Captain Wildstar come to my quarters ASAP.” He ordered into the phone. He walked over to his head and began running the water in his sink. He lathered his bread quickly and gave himself one last look in the mirror than began to shave his bread off. She never did like his beard and always made it clear never to come home looking like a lumber jack. “It tickles Derek! How can we be seriously making love when it tickles me?” She would tell him. He smiled at the thought and finished removing it from his face. The knock on the door made him step out and called out to enter. Commander Vanderpump entered his quarters and saluted. “Commander, what have you got?”

“Sir I don’t think you’re going to like what I have to show you.” He pulled out a flash drive from his pocket and handed it to him. “Sir I would like to be present when you hand down any order.”

Wildstar nodded and took the drive from him. He opened his laptop and placed it in the USB port. He watched as the day of the accident came on from early morning. His son made his walk through with his technician walking around his ship. They talked on and off about his ships stats and what was added to make it run faster. A joke was told back and forth making them laugh at one another. Wildstar smirk at what was said. They watched as they finished the check status and walked away still talking about his ship and discussing tales about what his father did as a pilot. The knock on his door made them pause the video and he called out for them to enter. Alex walked into the room and stood at attention. “At ease, Wildstar.” He told his son and then waved him over to his desk. “Come here, looks like we are coming up to who tampered with DJ ship.” He told his oldest son.  He started the video again and they fast forwarded to each person that was near his ship. By the fourth crew member they finally came to a suspicious crew near his ship. They watched as he made his way to the front of the ship and then underneath. Quickly he removed the panel where they would work on any cables that attached to the controls and ships Reuters. They watched as he grabbed some cutters and reached into the ship, cutting something in it. Seconds later he was placing the panel back on and clean up the area. He looked around and left the area, all the while avoiding looking up to the cameras. “Do we have any other angles on surveillance?”

Vanderpump took hold of his laptop and punched in another video. “I had this camera place in before we left Earth. No one knows about it but me. We were missing tools and I wanted to know who was taking them. And since everyone knew where all the cameras were I needed to keep this quiet so no one knew about it.” They watched from another part of the hanger as the figured walked towards it and looked up.

Wildstar looked into the face of the man that almost murdered his son. Alex blood boiled and he swung his fist to the wall. “I’m going to kill him.” He said in anger. He started to walk towards the door when his father called out to him.

“Alex! That is not the way to handle it.” he yelled at him.

“NO! then how is there?”

“We have to deal with this the proper way. You are not to approach him. This stays within these walls. No one will say one word about who we know who did this. IS THAT UNDERSTOOD!” he ordered.


“I saw the same video, Alexander. And as much as I want to kill him I have to think about your mother and sister. It wouldn’t do them any good if I am in jail and DJ never comes out it. The last thing she needs to worry about is you in the brig. Now let me handle this the right way.” He told him.  He turned to Vanderpump and said. “Bring me his wing man, I think it’s time to shake the tree a little.”

“Yes sir.”

“Wildstar, have all crew prepare to warp. I want to warp within the hour. The sooner we get DJ to the hospital the better.”

“Yes sir, and sir.” Alex asked.

“I will call her right after you two go. This is something I dreaded but your right she has a right to know. Dismiss gentlemen.” He watched as they walked out the door and reach for his phone. “Commander Chuen, I need a line to my home. Please put it through as soon as possible.” He said and then sat back to wait. 5 minutes later his intercom buzzed and his communications officer told him she was on the line. Derek Wildstar senior took a deep breath and switched on his video screen. He put on a smiled and said, “Hello baby, how do you feel today?”

“A little better, but very sleepy from the medications that they gave me. How are you and the boys doing?”

“Nov, I have to tell you something. It’s DJ.” He could see her move closer to the screen and trying to stay focus. “There’s been an accident.”

“What happened?” she asked with fear.

“I can’t get into details but his fighter crashed.” Her gasped made him talk faster. “We should be warping in a half hour. We will need an ambulance to get him to Great Island Hospital. The Doctors did their best here but he needs more attention.”

Nova took a deep breath and said, “What does he need?”

“A great brain surgeon. He hit his head pretty hard. He had swelling in his brain. The Doctor here managed to bring it down but he is going to need more,”

Nova cut in, “I know Derek, when will we be expecting you?”

“I’ll have Alex send word to EDF and the Hospital. He will then contact you. Nova,” he looked away. “I’m sorry I couldn’t keep my word.”

“I’ll take care of the surgical team.” And she turned off the screen. He knew that she was furious with him and he felt he disappointed her once again. One thing he can do is make the one that did this pay. He slammed his fist on his desk and got up and headed for the bridge. He walked in and found Vanderpump waiting with someone at his side.

He snapped to attention and said, “Sir this is Lieutenant Korvick he is,”

“I know who he is.” Wildstar pointed to him and then out the door. “You, come with me!” he ordered. Korvick followed him up to his quarters and he stood at attention and jumped when he heard the door slam shut. Wildstar walked around him and sat in his chair. “Talk!”

“I don’t understand sir,”

“Don’t give me that shit! I for one know about having a partner and wig man. There is nothing that the two would ever hide from each other. SO Start talking, and it better be good! Because if it isn’t I’ll make sure you are hauling space shit for the rest of your days. You’ll never see Earth or any planet for that matter ever again!”

Korvick stood there shaking, to betray his friend and partner is something he never wanted to do. If he spoke now he would be branded as a snitch, but he never wanted to get involved with his deadly joke and he told him that much. When he spoke to him about getting even he thought it would be a small practical joke, but when the Admirals son was hurt he didn’t know what to do. In a million years he never thought he would carry out any threat like that. He wasn’t about to lose his rank let alone put his career in line for him. He ran his hand through his hair and began to talk. “I never thought it would go that far sir. I knew Lieutenant Eldred didn’t like the kid but I never thought he hated him enough to try to kill him. Sir I didn’t have anything to do with whatever he did. I even tried to talk him out of it. He mentioned that he would pay but I never thought that he would do anything to harm Cadet Wildstar.”

Wildstar eyes narrowed and lean forward. “Tell me everything.” Korvick continued and explain what Eldred told him. He went on about how he told him that he was sick and tried being called out when he screwed up by some snot nose admiral’s kid. He hated him for correcting his mistakes and embarrassing him in front of the other pilots. To him he was becoming a joke and ridiculed by his comrades. He needed to shut DJ up. Wildstar listened, his anger growing more and more. By the time he was done he felt like he ran a marathon. He stood in front of Wildstar sweating profusely, not knowing what will happen to him. Wildstar finally sat back and stared at him for a long moment then finally said. “You are not to talk about this to anyone. Prepare yourself for warp. Dismiss.” Korvick saluted, turned and left quickly. Wildstar got up and headed back to the bridge. Within minutes they were warping back to Earth.



Warping was smooth and Wildstar stood up and said, “Deputy Captain Wildstar, Commander Yamada I would like you both in my quarters, please call Captain Tanaka and Commander Vanderpump to also report to my quarters. Also keep contact with the dock master and get a time of when we land. Have them have the ambulance ready once we land. Captain Forrester will be with them.” They all walked off the bridge and went up to his quarters. Commander Vanderpump and Captain Tanaka walked into his quarter’s minutes after they got there. Wildstar lean against his desk and said, “As you all know that we have been trying to find out who or what was responsible for the accident of Cadet Wildstar. Well those questions were answer before our warp. I have hard evidence against Lieutenant Commander Thomas Eldred. Once we are in Earth atmosphere we will be taking him into custody for attempted murder. All our surveillance videos have already been forwarded to Headquarters. An Ambulance will be awaiting for cadet Wildstar so he gets off first. Lieutenant, excuse me, Ensign Eldred will be escorted off the ship to the MP’s and hauled to the brig. Are there any questions?”




To Be Continued . . . . . .


With the Argo’s return what will happen to the youngest male Wildstar. Will he survive or will bad news come to the Famous parents. Read on to see what happens next . . . . .