Dark Days

Part Five

By Yuki Wildstar


Two weeks later . . . .

Wildstar called out to the knock on the door. “Enter”

“Captain Wildstar I have those reports for you to sign.” Nova walked in and placed them in front of him. She looked over at Homer that sat across from him. “How are you, Homer?”

“Fine and you?”

“Good, I’ve been meaning to call Wendy, but it’s been crazy. I hear that she is leaving for San Diego soon.”

“Yes she is, in about 6 days. Maureen is going with her and they’re taking Abby with them.”

“It must be killing the Admiral to be away from her. She is his pride and joy. Well I hope we can catch up before she leaves. I’ll try to give her a call this week.”

gallery243[1].jpg“I’ll let her know.”

“Anything I need to know, Commander?” Wildstar asked.

Nova gave him a smirk. “Only that the contractors are way over budget again and they’re behind on their repairs.”

“Hmm, what else is new?” he said rolling his eyes at her. “How are things at home with Alex?”

“Only that he missed his dad this past weekend.” She smiled at him.

Wildstar looked away from her and focused on what Homer and he were talking about. Homer tossed him some files and said. “So with the upcoming mission we will need to go over the ship’s manifest.”

Mission?” Nova stared at him.

“Yes Commander. I got orders this morning; we leave in a couple of months,” Wildstar informed her.

With concerned eyes she asked. “Where?”

“Ms. Forrester we can talk about this later. But if you must know we’re going to Pluto,” Wildstar said with a wave at the hand.

“Derek, what about Alex?”

Wildstar looked up at her and said “Commander Forrester we will discuss this later, you may leave now.”

“Yes sir.” She stood at attention and he waved her out.

Gosh I hope she doesn’t kill me later,’ He thought to himself as he watched her walk out the door.

“You were a little harsh with her. I know you and she aren’t together but do you think that was necessary?” Homer asked with concern.

“It doesn’t matter. We have to stay professional at all times.” 

“Wildstar, you have to admit it’s a shitty way to find out that her son’s father is leaving for a mission after all this time!”

Wildstar lowered his head. “Yeah I know I guess I better send her flowers and apologies to her.”

Homer lean forward and finally said. “I heard she’s dating.” From the look on Wildstar’s face he realized he didn’t know about his wife. “I’m sorry Derek I thought you knew. I heard that she is dating someone from the hospital but no one knows who.”

“Let’s get back to work,” was all he could say to him.


She knew who it was when she heard the knock on the door. “Nova, are you free?”

“Yes I am Captain Wildstar, what is it?” she snapped at him.

“I’m sorry about how I snapped at you. It was uncalled for.”

Leaning back in her chair Nova fold her arms and looked at him with angry eyes. “When were you going to tell me?”

“Tonight when I picked up Alex, I’m sorry I really tried to get out of it, but I could only turn down so many orders. If I could get out of it I would. I really don’t want to leave us like this.”

“I understand Derek. I guess you’ll be spending a lot of time with Alex now.”

“If you don’t mind,” he said then they both looked at the door as someone knocked on her door.

“Yes enter,” she called out.

A young man with pimples walked in holding a bouquet of flowers made of lilies and white roses. “Commander Nova Forrester.”

“Yes that’s me.”

“Please sign here, ma’am” Nova sign the slip and then pulled out the card from the bouquet. She read the note and smiled. “Thank you. But you didn’t need to do this.”

“I’m sorry, am I forgiven?”

 “Yes, now get back to work. I’ll see you later tonight.” She waved him out.

He stood silent for a moment and then said “Nova, I hear you’re dating someone.”

She smiled up at him and said. “He’s a really good guy Derek, you will like him.”

“I doubt that, but at least you’re happy,” He said with half a smile. “See you tonight?”

“I’ll drop Alex off tonight before I head to the hospital. Michael needs me to cover for one of the other nurses for a couple of hours.”

Wildstar gave her a twisted look.  Ever since they separated Spada has been snuggling up to her and it drove him nuts. “So will you be early to pick up Alex or is he’s staying the night?”

“Most likely he’s staying the night. It’ll be too late to take him home.” She said as she looked down and started to work.

51712[1].jpgGreat Island Central Hospital . . . .


“Thanks again Nova for stepping in.” Spada said as he put on his lab coat. “I didn’t realize that Janice double booked me and then Anna called in sick. It would have been a mad house here today and the only person I could think of that knows the routine is you.”

“Anytime, your first patient is in room 2, she’s feeling sick every morning.”


“She’s pregnant, but she claims that her husband has been out on a mission for four months and there no way possible that she’s pregnant.”

“Well let’s check it out and if she is we will have to be delicate about that.” He said as he looked down at the chart. “Okay let’s get started.”

4 hours later

2056 hours

Nova threw herself on the chair and puffed some strands of hair out of her face, “Wow what a night.”

“Tell me about it. I guess the front desk must think that we have roller blades as shoes.” Spada said with a laugh. “I better make sure that they don’t do that again. I miss you taking control of the scheduling. At least you made sure that I was never double booked. Have you been giving some thought to the idea of just working here full time?”

“I wish I could Michael, but I like working part time for now here and at EDF. At least I am able to take time and be with Alex. He’s the most important thing in my life right now.”

“Are we done for the night?”

“Yes, our last patient left and the girls are closing shop now.”

“Are you hungry? We can grab something at Jackson’s Sandwich shop.”

“Sure but this time I’m leaving on time and I’m paying.”

He threw up his hands and said. “Alright you twisted my arm. Let me finish signing these papers and I’ll meet you in the front.”

“Okay, I just have to check the rooms and make sure that they are all ready for tomorrow.” She got up and left his office to do her rounds.



“I have to go.” Nova said as she began to get dressed.

“Oh come on, stay a little while longer.”

“I wish I can but I have a 10 am flight test and then I have tons of work to do.”

“We can drive in together. I can take you to drop off Alex and then over to the base.”

“As good as that sounds I like our arrangement the way it is.”

“Fine have it your way.” He got up and started to dress also. “You know eventually everyone will find out about us and then you can’t hide from it anymore.”

Nova walked over to him and ran her finger down his face. “Until then it stays the same.”

“You know I love you,” he took hold of her in his arms. “I’m so glad to have you and Alex in my life.”

“I really should be going.” Nova finished putting on her shoes.

“How about you, do you love me?”

“You’re the best thing that has come into my life.” She said as she looked deep into his eyes. “I’d better go.” She turned quickly and left him standing there.



sumeragi_lee_noriega[1].jpgNova walked into the hangar smiling from her night with him. ‘It keeps getting better and better. I just hope it works out.’

“Hey there chica, what are you grinning at?”

“Hello Yvey, are you scheduled for flight testing too?”

“Actually I’m your flight instructor.” Yvey grinned.

“NO, are you serious?”

“Afraid so, but I’m sure that you are on top of your flying skills.”

“Sure am, Derek makes sure that I keep up to speed on all the fighters, Cosmo Hounds and whatever else they bring off the lot.”

“How are you and Derek by the way?”

Nova looked past her and focused on the Cosmo Hound she would be taking her test in. “We’re alright, we’re still good friends. Shall we begin the test? I still have to report to work.” Nova said avoiding her friend’s questioning.

“I get it, you’re avoiding the subject. Well when you’re ready. Come on let’s get this over with.” She said as she looked at her clipboard.

2 hours later . . . .

“So how did I do?” Nova asked.

“Passed with flying colors. You still have it considering that you’ve been either at the hospital and Headquarters. You’re good for the year.”

“Thanks Yvey, I have to admit I did learn from the best pilots.”

“How about dinner with us tonight? Dee is getting so big and he just lights up when Alex comes around. Those two are really close.”

“They sure are, what time tonight?”

“About 1830 tonight.”

“I’ll be there, do you need me to bring something?”

“Nope just you and Alex, see you tonight then.”

“See ya later.” She took hold of her helmet and ran to her car.

EDF Headquarters

“Commander Forrester, I thought you were at the hospital today?” Admiral Singleton asked, surprised to see her there.

“I just came in to finish up some files. Shouldn’t take me but an hour to do and then I’m off to the hospital.”

“Nova are you sure that going back and forth isn’t too much?  You should be spending time with your son. How is Alex anyway?”

“He’s just getting so big and looking more and more like his father.” Nova beamed.

“And you and Wildstar how are things going?” He heard the story about them.

“We’re friends. Alex is the only thing that’s important to us.” She like that he respected their privacy and didn’t push the issue like everyone else. Her mother had been begging for her to file for divorce and to come back to the States so she could raise her son there. ‘No his father is here, and it wouldn’t be fair to him. No matter what you think of Derek he is still a great father to Alex and I won’t take that from him. It will kill him if I left to go back to the States!’ She snapped at her mother and since then she avoid answering her calls.

“Well I’m hoping that you bring him around once and awhile. With Wendy over in San Diego I miss my great niece.”

“That’s right, how does she like it over there?”

 “Too much sun, she just loves it there. She’s been begging Homer to get stationed there. But I think he wants to stay here for awhile.”

“Really I thought he would love to go there.”

“I believe it’s because of me, I just can’t let them go and take my baby girl with them,” He explained to her with a sad tone.

Nova smiled at him, he really loved his great niece. He stepped up to be Uncle and Grandfather to Wendy and Homers daughter. He loved her as if it were his own child. “When is she coming home, sir?”

“Another month,” Singleton said “But I’m thinking of ordering them home. My credits can’t handle their spending.”

Nova laughed at the thought and then excused herself. “I should finish up thank you again for your concern sir. I’ll make sure to bring Alex with me next time I’m here.”

“Carry on Commander.”

Sitting behind her desk Nova couldn’t stop thinking about last night. She smiled to herself thinking about him touching her body. She could still smell his cologne and the feel of his body on her. A knock on the door brought her back to reality. “Yes, enter.”

“Ma’am I tried to buzz you …Captain Wildstar is here,” Her aide said.

“Let him in.” she waved at him. Nova sat up straight and watched the door as he walked in. “Captain Wildstar, what brings you here?”

“This is unofficial Nova, I was wondering if I can get Alex tonight.”

“Sorry no can do, I promise Yvey that he and I would go have dinner over there.”

Derek face turned to confusion “What are they up to?”

“What, what’s wrong?”

“It’s funny Sandor asked me to dinner too and to bring Alex.”

“Now what do you think they have in mind for us?”

“Whatever it is it looks like they’re setting us up. So how do you want to handle this?”

“We go.” She said firmly while Derek grinned at his wife.




haru[1].jpgSandor answered the door and smiled at his friends. He looked past them and saw that they came in separate cars. “Hey guys, Yvey just finishing up in the kitchen come on in.”

Nova stepped in first and gave Sandor a kiss on the cheek. “Hello Stephen, I’ll go and see if she needs any help.” Then walked into the kitchen, Derek stepped inside next holding Alex in his arms.

“How are you Alex, Dee is in his play pen why don’t we all go into the living room so you guys can play and us dads can talk.” Derek put his son down and he quickly ran to his little friend. “Well Derek, how are you and Nova getting along? Looks like you two seem to be civil with each other.”

“We have to be for Alex’s sake no need to fight over something that is in the past. Anyway Nova is right Alex should have a loving mother and father. Fighting with each other will just make Alex’s life miserable.”

“Are you aware that she’s dating?” Sandor quickly said.

Derek looked away from what he said. “Yeah I know. Have you met him?”

“No one has.” Sandor started to grin.

“I don’t think this is funny. My wife is dating someone else,” Derek said seriously.

Confused and shocked as to his expression Sandor asked. “You mean it’s not you?”

“No, why would you think that.” Wildstar stared at him.

“I shouldn’t listen to my wife. She thinks that you and she are sneaking around,” Sandor explained. “Derek I’m sorry. We just thought that you two might get back together.”

“I only wish. I just can’t believe she’s actually moving on without me.”

“I know it must be hard on you. I never thought that you and she would ever split up. You two were always meant to be.”

“Yeah that’s what I thought too and then I went and messed it up. If Mark was alive he would be very disappointed in me, enough to move in on her.”

“Are you even trying to work things out with her?” Sandor stood in front of him and put his hand on his shoulder.

“Every day Sandor, but she just prefers to be friends.” He said.

“Derek, do you think she would want a divorce? I mean it’s been over a year.”

With a sharp pain in his heart he didn’t want to hear the D word. “She hasn’t brought it up and I’m kinda glad she hasn’t. I’m just hoping that she never will. I’m really not ready to give her up yet.”

“I wish you luck Derek. I know you’re trying hard to get back with her and I know she loves you very much.” Sandor said then both turned to the kitchen door when Yvey and Nova walked into the living room announcing that dinner was ready. Derek grab Alex and Sandor picked up little Derek. 

“Derek, why don’t you sit next to Nova?  Alex can sit here next to the both of you.” Yvey said as she put two plates next to each other.

Earlier in the Kitchen . . . .

“I’m glad that the two of you made it, Nova.”

“Thanks for inviting us. But I had no idea that Derek would be coming, too.”

“Sorry about that, but I thought for once you two can be in the same place. That way you and he can head on another date.”

“What do you mean another date?”

“Come on chica, you and he are dating. Aren’t you?”

“No. We’re not.” Nova was expecting this conversation with her. “And I’d rather not talk about who it is I am seeing. Derek knows and I don’t want to throw it in his face.”

“Nova are you going to string him along or are you going to ask for a divorce?” Yvey said bluntly to her. “It’s not fair to him or you to stay married and keep him away. You both deserve to be happy.”

Nova never even considered divorcing him. She just thought everything would work itself out sooner or later. “I’m not ready for a divorce yet. I have to think of Alex before I consider it.”

Yvey stared at her dear friend, she couldn’t put her finger on it but something was different about her. “Fine if that’s how you want it, now, help me with this.” Yvey grabbed a bowl and Nova followed suit.

The night went quickly; they talked about the upcoming mission Derek was going on to Pluto Base Station. Then they changed the subject to Alex and little Derek.  Sandor tried to focus his attention from Nova to Derek and watched their body language.  ‘If they are seeing each other they sure are good at hiding it.’ He thought.  Nova helped Yvey clean up while Sandor and Derek talked more about the upcoming mission. Nova and Yvey walked back into the living room and noticed the kids sleeping on the floor near little Derek toys.

“I think we should go.” Nova said as she pointed at their kids sleeping.

Derek gently picked up his son and gave him to Nova “She’s right, thank you Yvey, Sandor it was nice.”

“Yes thank you both for a nice evening.” Nova said as she rocked her son in her arms.

Sandor and Yvey watched as Derek helped Nova put Alex into the car then jumped into his car and drove off. “Well, I hope you’re satisfied. They’re not dating.”

“Are you sure about that? They can be very secretive and they’re very good at it.” Yvey sarcastically said.

“When I spoke to him he seemed very convincing. There was no way that he would lie about them not seeing each other. If they were he’d make every attempt to let someone know.”

“Whatever. I still think they are and that’s that.” She said and went to put their son to bed.



His face lit up when he opened the door. “Hey, what are you doing here this late at night?”

sweetlove2[1].jpgNova stood in the door way holding Alex sleeping in her arms. “I thought it would be a nice surprise. Alex likes waking up here for some odd reason.”

“Well I like him waking up here.”

“Aren’t you going to ask us in?”

“Yes of course come in.” Nova handed him two bags and walked into his small apartment. She walked into his bedroom and put Alex into his bed then went back into the living room. He grabbed her by the waist and kissed her. “I’ve missed you so much.”

“Me too. Do you think that they know, Derek?” She said looking into her husband’s eyes as he began to take off her clothes.

“I think I have Sandor convinced.”

“I’m not so sure about Yvey and its getting harder to avoid the subject with Denise and Pesh.”

“Why can’t we just tell them? It’s getting annoying not being able to tell anyone. And I’m sick and tired of secretly dating my wife.”

“Well I think it’s just sweet,” She gently kissed him on the lips.

Derek pulled away and walked to the other side of his apartment. “Nova I know that this is what you want. But don’t you think it would be better if we didn’t shuffle Alex back and forth. I mean I love you and I think I should move back in.”

“I’m not ready for that Derek. Please can we not have this conversation again, I really just want to relax.”

With an annoyed face Derek said. “So I’m just the man with fringe benefits.”

“I wouldn’t say that, but you can’t beat it. How many men are out there wishing they were in this position?” she said walking over to him and hugging him.

“I feel so used and dirty when you leave in the morning,” He smirked at her.

“I’m sorry about that. I promise I won’t make you feel like that anymore.” She said as she began to rub him.

“Gosh I hate when you do that.” He said taking a deep breath and then took her in his arms.

Morning . . . .


“I love you Alex.” Derek handed his son back to Nova as they were ready to leave. “Will I see you tonight, Nova?”

“I’ll call you. I have to work at the hospital today. Can you pick up Alex from day care and watch him until I get off?”

“Sure, pick him up here or at the house.”

“I’ll pick him up here. Love you.” she gave him a kiss on the lips and left with their son to their house.

A Week later . . . .

Nova knocked on the door and waited until she heard his voice. “Enter” she heard him say.

“Commander Forrester what’s up?” Wildstar said as he looked up. Homer and Sandor sat at his conference table with him going over the mission plan. They were leaving in a week and half’s time.

“Captain, I need those reports from the Rising Sun so I can finish up my billing.”

“I’m sorry, Commander can I get them to you later? Say in about 30 minutes.”

“Yes sir. I think I have a few things to go over to keep me busy.” She smiled at him and then left them to talk more.

Homer thought he saw a glance between the two and asked. “So how is she taking you leaving?”

“I’d rather not talk about it right now Captain Glitchman. Now can we just get back to work?” Wildstar snapped.

Catching them both off guard with his bluntness, Sandor and Homer looked at each other. “Are you alright Wildstar?” Sandor asked.

“Sorry guys I didn’t mean to say it that way. It’s just that I’m leaving soon and I was hoping to patch things up with her by now.” He said as his mind wondered back a few days prior. To her it might have been a scare but to him it would have been the perfect situation to move back in.

“Derek, I think I’m pregnant.” She said as a tear rolled down her cheek.

He sat next to her and a small grin began to form on his face. “Are you sure?”

“No, but I’m late. A whole week.” She lean back into the sofa and started to bite her nails. “What are we going to do?”

“What do you mean? This is great news. Have you taken a pregnancy test?”

“No, I’m afraid to know. What if I am how will I explain it to everyone?”

“Nova I won’t deny that it’s my baby. I will not hide that. I know that you want to keep us a secret but if you are I will not stand by and have everyone think it’s someone else.”

“I would never deny the fact that you are the father. But I’m not ready for us to be a family again. It’s just, I wasn’t expecting to be in this situation.”

“It’s not a situation.” He said bitterly.

“No its not, but how are we going to explain it to everyone?”

Feeling his temper rise he snapped, “I won’t deny our child. And I won’t have you not admitting that it’s mine.”

“I never said that I would deny it. I’m just saying how am I going to explain it to everyone. If you don’t remember WE are still separated.  I guess we can always say I had a night of weakness and that’s how it happened.” She thought out loud.

“A night of weakness, how about telling everyone the truth and saying we have been seeing each other for months,” He sarcastically said.

“Please Derek not . . . “ she started to say then pushed him out of the way making her way into his bathroom. Confused he stood in his living room waiting for her to come. She opened the door and he knew from the look on her face they not need to argue about it any longer. 

He wrapped his arms around her and whispered into her ear. “I’m, sorry baby.”

“It’s alright, I guess explaining to everyone who the father is would have put pressure on us.” She said wiping a tear from her eye. “I didn’t think it would bother me this much. I guess deep down inside I kinda felt happy that I was.”

He could see she was ready to cry and he held her tighter. “Well I can always make you an honest woman. We can always try.” He said trying to cheer her up.

She let out a small laugh to his remark then let out a sigh. “I guess it’s for the best. Now we don’t have to explain anything to anyone.”

It bothered him knowing that she didn’t want to tell anyone about it. But he promised her and now he wished that she was pregnant so he could finally go home.

“She is stubborn like Yvey.”

Wildstar smirked at what Sandor said. “Yeah I guess we both married mountains that we can’t move.”

“Sorry Wildstar we hoped that the two of you would have worked it out by now, too,” Homer said.

“Let’s get to work.” Wildstar said avoiding any more questions.



“Here you go Nova, I’m sorry I held on to it so long. Everything looks good so I signed off on it.”

“Thank you Derek, so how are the plans going for your mission?”

“We will be busy from now on, but I’ll make time for Alex. It’ll be hard making it back to your place and then taking him to mine. But I guess it will work itself out.”

Nova stood up and walked over to him then gave him a hug. “Derek, I’ll miss you and Alex is going to miss you too.”

“Can we have dinner tonight at my place? I’m cooking.” Derek told her

Nova smiled “I think I can go for some pasta tonight. See you at . . . .?”

“Say around 1700 tonight.”

“Sounds great, I’ll be there.”



“Thanks again Yvey for watching him. I didn’t realize that they put me on night shift and Derek is busy getting ready for Pluto. I’ll pick him up in the morning when I get off.” Nova explained as she handed her son to his godmother.

“Any time Nova. Dee loves having Alex around and he’s a good boy.” Yvey took him from her and gave him a kiss and hug. “So how’s it going with the mystery man?”

Nova just grinned and said. “Thanks again, Yvey. Now Alex you be good for your Titi Yvey.”  Then turned and quickly got into her car. She raced home and changed putting on her favorite black cocktail dress. It fell midway on her thigh, and she wore it with a pair of Roman platform sandals. A simple gold cross that her father gave her fell just in between her breasts. She put on her hoop earrings that Derek bought her and last of all, she put on her wedding ring….something she hadn’t worn in months. For the finishing touch she sprayed perfume on her neck, wrist and legs. She looked at herself in the mirror and gave a nod at how she looked. Jumping in her car and drove the 5 minutes to Derek apartment.  Walking to the door her hands and legs shook ‘my gosh Nova your acting like it was your first time on your honeymoon. How many times have we snuck away to his apartment? Stop shaking it’s not your first date.’ She thought to herself. She knocked on his door and he opened it quickly. He stood before her in a pair of beige slacks and black collar shirt that set off his dark eyes.

“You look great Nov. Come in.” he said as he took her hand and then kissed her. ‘Damn she looks great and smells so good.’

“You look good too Derek.”

“Is Alex with Sandor and Yvey?”

“Yup, I told her that I was working late and you’re still getting ready for your leave to Pluto.” She giggled at their charade. “I have to get him in the morning so I brought my uniform to throw her off.”

“Nova you know I hate this, why can’t we just tell everyone?”

“Can we not talk about this now and just enjoy our evening.”

“O Alright, I love you Mrs. Wildstar.”

“What’s for dinner, Skipper? It smells pretty good.”

“My specialty spaghetti and sauce.” She laughed at him. He wasn’t much of a cook but he seemed to get spaghetti and sauce down pat. Each time he cooked it, it got better and better she thought.

“Do you need help with anything?”

“My darling wife this is your night. All you have to do is sit back and relax.” He walked into his small kitchen and came back with two dozen roses. “For you.” he said as he bowed to her.

Nova took the flowers and kissed him on the cheek. “They’re beautiful Derek, thank you!”

He finished cooking and brought everything to the table that now looked like a romantic setting from their favorite restaurant. He lit the candles that were place in the center of the table and then called her over. He pulled her chair out and help her push it back in. “You look stunning, Nova,” he whispered in her ear.

“Derek…this looks wonderful.”

“Wait till you see what I have for dessert.” He said as he served both himself and her.  “I’m going to miss you. How are you going to explain not dating while I’m gone? I mean everyone is going to be able to put two and two together sooner or later.”

“Ah, I am two steps ahead of you on that, lunch dates and cooking at home,” she grinned.

Derek laughed at her. “You’re too much. So let’s eat.”

“Why Pluto after all this time, is there something wrong?” Nova asked.

“I’m not going to lie to you Nova, one of our ships claims it got banged up and Singleton wants me to go check it out with Homer.” He said then saw her concern. “I don’t think it’s anything, we just have to debrief the Captain and see what’s up. I think he messed up and he saying that they were attacked. He’s a really young captain. It’s his first time taking control of a ship and he panicked.”

“How long do you think it will take?”

“Well the ship should be docking at Pluto station tomorrow. It took the ship 4 weeks to get back. They weren’t able to do any warps because of the massive damage. So they say. It’ll be me Sandor, Homer and two more officers to oversee the investigation. They’re giving me a week but he’ll break in a day or two. I’ll be home before you and Alex know it.”

“And if there are other enemies we don’t know about. What then? Remember when you suspected the Comet Empire and no one believed you?”

“I’ll give Desslok a call. If there is something out there we are not aware of, then he would know. But I’m certain that it was the Captain’s error. So don’t look so worry, Nova. I mean I’ve read this kid’s jacket and he hasn’t had the best record. There were a few incidents back in San Diego when he took command of a flight squadron. I can’t even understand how he made it to Captain and took control of a battleship. Sometimes I wonder what they are doing over there in the States.”

“Just do not be so quick to judge Derek, remember there were doubts when you took command of ships because of your age. And there still are.”

“Yeah don’t remind me it’s like I have to prove myself to all those old farts stuck in their own century. They think just because I’m young that I don’t have the experience they do when it comes to battles.” He huffed. “Sorry it just pisses me off when they use my age to justify their decisions, a bunch of pompous asses if you ask me. Even after Stone’s demise, his good old boy pals still hold their seats on the board. I think they should all be removed and replaced with officers that are willing to take chances….instead of wondering how much it’ll cost,” Nova walked over to him and began to rub his shoulders. “Thanks, babe I needed that.” He took hold of her hands and brought her around sitting her on his lap. “How about dessert?” he asked then picked her up in his arms and brought her to his room.

“Ah shouldn’t we have dessert in the dining room.”

“I’m bringing it here tonight.”

“Oh really and what’s on the menu?” She purred.

“You,” he grinned and then began to kiss her.

The sun hit Nova’s face waking her up. She glanced around to focus at where she was at. Slowly she turned to see her husband sleeping next to her. She looked at the clock and realized it was late. “Oh my god!” She jumped up 6_646f12cc0173fc.jpgwaking Derek.

“What, what’s wrong?”

“Derek, its 1000 hours I told Yvey that I would be there at 0730 to pickup Alex. She’s just going to hit the roof.” She ran to get her overnight bag and began to throw on her scrubs.

“Relax Nova, I’ll tell you what. I’ll go and get him and explain you got caught up in surgery.”

“Thank you but I’d better go.”

“It’s alright I’ll go and get him. Don’t worry, just get dressed and I’ll meet you at the house.”

Yvey opened the door .“Derek, I thought it was Nova. She was supposed to pick up Alex early this morning.”

“Yeah, she finally got in touch with me. She was in surgery all morning. She’s sends her apologies she couldn’t get away soon enough.”

Yvey glared at him. “I better go get him, he’s taking a nap.”

“Thanks a lot Yvey, I don’t know how Nova will manage if you weren’t here for her.”

Yvey walked back into the house and went to get his son talking out loud in Spanish. “Ellos pensar que yo saber nada.”

Sandor came out to greet him at the door. “Hello Wildstar.”

“Hey Sandor, I see that Yvey wired up. Sorry I would have picked him up sooner but Nova couldn’t get to the phone. What did she say?”

“I’d rather not say,” he rolled his eyes.

“That bad?”

“Well she still thinks that you and Nova are seeing each other and just won’t tell anyone.”

“Oh that again, gotcha.”

“Here’s daddy Alex, I know you’re going to miss him when he leaves. What is your mother going to do when she has no one to date for a month?”

“Yvey, that’s enough.” Sandor said under his breath.

Derek laughed at her, “That’s alright Stephen. She is only speaking her mind. Trust me Yvey, when and if we get together you will be the first person I call. Thanks again for helping her out in watching Alex. You’re a peach.” He took hold of his son and gave her a kiss on the cheek.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah.” She said walking away making them both laugh.            

He watched and smiled at their son played with one of his toys through his rear view mirror. As he drove back to their house he thought of the day she finally came to him. Derek answered the phone, it was 0100 hours the noise of the phone ringing made him get up. ‘Hello’ he answered annoyed that someone was calling so late.

‘Derek’ he heard her say.

He sat up and focus at her voice. ‘Nova, what’s wrong? Is Alex alright?’

‘Derek’ she said with a nervous tone. ‘There’s something outside of the house. Can you come here and check it out. I would but I don’t want to leave Alex alone in the house.’

He rubbed his face and said ‘make sure you lock all the doors and windows. I’m on my way.’

ya-5[1].jpg‘Please hurry Derek.’ He heard her with a quiver in her voice. Quickly he dressed, throwing on some jeans and white t-shirt. He put on his slippers, grabbed hold of his car keys and ran for his car. Within seconds he pulled up to their house and jumped out. He looked around the house and saw the trash cans scattered all over the ground. ‘Damn must be those raccoons again.’ He said out loud. He picked up the cans and placed them back. Before he knocked on the door he took one last look around the house.

He waited to hear her voice. ‘Derek?’

‘It’s me Nova you can open the door.’ He said then heard her unlock the door.

With a worried look she asked. ‘Anything?’

“First thing, put that thing away.” He said pointing to the astro automatic in her hand. ‘Second I believe it was only those raccoons that came back every year. You need to lock the cans it’s the food they’re looking for.’

‘I forgot about that. Thank you Derek for coming out so quickly.’ She said smiling. ‘Would you like to come in, I can make some coffee?’

Derek walked into the house and they went into the kitchen. As Nova started to make coffee Derek sat at the table. ‘I’m sorry Derek, I just didn’t want to leave Alex alone in the house.’

‘That’s what I’m here for.’ He said as Nova handed him a cup. He took the cup and noticed her hand shaking. ‘Nov, are you alright?’

‘Yeah, it’s just that I’ve been having those dreams again.’

Derek stood up and wrapped his arms around her. ‘Of your capture?’

Nodding yes to his question then said, ‘and then I heard the banging and noise.’ As she finally broke down and cried.

Derek held her tighter as the tears ran down her face and his. He thought that she had stop having those dreams once their mission was complete. ‘I’m sorry baby, would you like me to stay?’

L1.jpgThrough her tears she looked up at him and began to nod her head. ‘Yes Derek, stay the night.’ She said still holding on to him.

‘Come on go get some rest, I’ll sleep in the spare room.’ Derek walked her to their room and then walked to one of their spare rooms. He sat on the bed and took off his slipper lying back onto the pillow. Closing his eyes he remember the day they rescued her from the hands of that mad man. How he wanted her nightmares to stop forever. With a knock on the door Derek got up and opened it, to his surprise Nova stood in front of him in her bathrobe. ‘Nov is there anything wrong?’

‘Derek, I, I missed you so much.’ she threw her arms around his neck and kissed him passionately.

“Nova, I don’t think we should. I don’t want you to hate me in the morning.’ Derek said pulling away from her. ‘Don’t get me wrong, I really want to make love to you but I want you to be sure about us.’

She pulled him closer to her and kissed him once again. Slowly her robe opened exposing her naked body. ‘Derek let’s just take this one step at a time.’ She grabbed his hand and led him to their room. ‘I’m sure about this. No regrets.’

He woke up feeling the breeze hit his face. Turning he looked out the door and saw her standing on the porch that wrapped around from the kitchen. He could hear their son laugh as he played with his mother with a ball. Getting up he wrapped the blanket around his waist and walked over to where she was.

She felt his arms come around her waist and his lips on her neck. Closing her eyes, she thought of their night together. “Good morning Mrs. Wildstar,” he whispered into her ear. He looked down and picked up his son. “Good morning Alex. How are you this morning?” he said as Alex called and reached for his mother. “I guess you’ll need to get use to me being around here more. Unless last night was,”

Nova gave him a slight smile and said, “That is still up in the air.”

“Huh, but I thought,”

“Can we talk about this later, Derek?”

“Uh NO!” he said beginning to get angry. What was last night about if she’s going to change her mind and regret it all? I should have stopped it before anything happen even if she was sure. “Nova I thought last night,”

“Derek, please.” She sighed. “I’m not saying that I regretted last night. I was sure about that. But you moving back in isn’t exactly what I had in mind. I’m still not sure or ready for that just yet. I’m not sure if this is going to work. Please understand I do love you with all my heart, but I’m not sure if I want to get my heart broken again.”

“So what do you want me to do?”

“Nothing, just please be patient with me.”

“So you just want to date. Is that what you want?”

“That would be nice. I think we need to get to know each other again. I’m not the same woman you married. I’ve had time to think and I’ve changed. I need to know that I can trust you again before I give my heart to you again.”

Standing there he listened to everything she said. He wasn’t happy that he was just dating her again. But it was better than not being in her life at all. “I understand. Dating is better than nothing. I guess we can double date with the others if it will make you feel better about us. I promise I will be the gentleman you first met.”

“Derek, I rather not let anyone know about us if you don’t mind.”

“Okay, now you’re asking for a lot. What do you mean you don’t want anyone to know.” He became short with her. “WHY?!”

“Because if things don’t work out than we both won’t look like fools,” she said.

“Fools? What do you mean fools? I love you and I have no intentions of not making it work. I think our friends will understand. They were never ones to pry into our lives. Oh though Yvey can be pushy, but she just wants us to be happy.”

“And that is why I don’t want anyone to know. Suppose they get their hopes up and it doesn’t work between us. I don’t want them feeling sorry for me or you.”

“You have got to be kidding me. It seems like your already setting us up for failure.”

“No I’m not. I just want to make sure that we both don’t get hurt this time around.”

Sitting down he put his head down and took a deep breath. It wasn’t something he wanted but to work things out with her he would do anything. “Fine, if that’s how you want it then so be it. I said I would do anything to make things right with you and I intend to keep that promise. But be in known now, eventually someone will find out. And it will be hard to keep this a secret. I love you Nov.” He got up and took her in his arms. He then turned to look at their son, “of course since you are the man of the house it is only proper to ask if it’s okay to date your mother.” He bowed to his son making him salute his father and nodded yes. Bringing her closer to him he said, “Can I ask what you are doing this Friday night? Cause I would love to take you out for dinner. Your choice, anyplace you like.”

She laughed at him and gave him a quick kiss on the cheek. “I’ll have to check my calendar and get back with you on that.” She said making him laugh.

He pulled up to their house and brought their son in. Nova walked out of the room tying her bathrobe closed. She walked over to them and took her son. “Oh Alex I’m so sorry about not being there for you in the morning. But it was daddy’s fault that mommy was late.”

“Sure blame me for everything.” He laughed “And to warn you now. The jig is up. Yvey pretty much figured everything out. Although I have denied it she insists that we are seeing each other.”


“Well I better go we take off in soon and I need to close up my apartment.  Then I have to pack and make sure that everyone is ready.” He said heading for the door.


“Yeah babe.”

“Come home.”

“I’ll be back soon, like I said it won’t take long.”

Nova walked up to him and stood in front of him holding their son. “No Derek, come home. Tonight. Here in the house as a family.”

 “Are you sure Nova?” he said as he took in her words.

“With all my heart and soul, come home Derek. Its time you come home.”

Derek hugged her and their son, “Oh god Nova you don’t know how long I waited to hear you say those words to me. I love you so much.” He kissed her and then his son.

“Now go and tell Yvey and Sandor before they send out a Private Investigator to investigate us.” She smiled while tears ran down her face.

Derek grinned at her, “I’ll go get my things. See you tonight, Mrs. Wildstar.”

“Derek, did Alex forget something?” Yvey was shock to see him standing there.

“No, I’ve come to tell you that you were right. Nova and I have been seeing each other and she asked me to move back in with her and Alex. Thank you Yvey, for being so patient with us.” He bent down and gave her a hug and a kiss on the cheek.

She smiled at her dear friend and Captain and said. “I knew it. It just drove me nuts knowing you two didn’t want anyone to know. I’m happy for you and Nova. It’s about time.” She turned around and yelled at the top of her lungs as she closed her front door “STEVIE I TOLD YOU, DEREK AND NOVA ARE TOGETHER.” Derek just laughed at her hopped in his car and drove to his apartment to get his things.

H4.jpgNova opened the door still in her robe and smiled. “Welcome home Captain Wildstar. I missed you so much.”

Derek wrapped his arms around her and kissed her. “Thank you Mrs. Wildstar. I missed you too.” He walked into their house feeling like a family again. That night he made love to her as if he did for the first time on their honeymoon.








Find out what happens next with our couple when Nova’s mother decides to step into their lives….

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