Dark Days

By Yuki Wildstar

Part Four


Four weeks later . . . . .

Nova opened the door and smiled, “hello Nova, are you ready?”

yuki01[1].jpg“Just let me get my jacket, come in.”

“You look stunning as always.” He said

“Thank you, you look great. Where are we going tonight?”

“Your favorite place, they have everything all set. Where’s Alex at tonight?”

“Sandor and Yvey took him. I was really hoping to spend time with all three of us but she insisted on taking him.”

“Does she know about us?”

“No, I haven’t said anything about us. She just thinks I’m seeing an old friend.”

“So I’m old.” He laughed.

“Oh you, you know what I mean. Come on let’s go.” She shoved him and grabbed her coat.

He drove them to a part of town knowing that no one would see them. They ate dinner and talked over some work. Nova laughed at his jokes and gave him shoves in between. After dinner they waited outside for his car to be brought around. She couldn’t believe that she was dating him and no one knew about it. Yvey grilled her every time about whom she was seeing, but Nova just smiled and said ‘It’s nothing serious, he’s just an old friend.’

“So, where to now?” She threw her arms around his neck and grinned slightly.

“I guess I should get you back at a reasonable hour. I don’t want your father sitting at the door waiting with a shot gun.” He rolled his eyes at her.

Nova lean forward and kissed his cheek, “I was hoping to see your place again.”

His eyes’ lit up at what she was insinuating, “Are you sure?”

“Yes very much.” She said as the valet brought his car around. He opened the door for her and they sped off to his apartment.

She felt someone looking at her and she slowly opened her eyes. A smile came to her face as to who was looking at her. “Good morning, Nova.”

“My god is it morning” she jumped up and race to get her clothes.

“What’s wrong?”

“I have to get Alex. I was supposed to pick him up last night. Gees, why did you let me sleep so late?” She snapped.

“Calm down, I’m sure that he’s fine. No one’s called your cell. I’m sure that they’ve figure it out that you are with me.”

“That’s the thing I don’t want them to know so I rather keep this under wraps.”

“You know they are going to figure it out sooner or later. I mean we work together and eventually they will find out.”

Nova finished dressing and lean over to his naked body on the bed. “Thanks for last night Hun. You think you can drop me off at my house.”

He blushed and said. “I feel so used and cheap. You make love to me and then you run off.  Why don’t you just leave money on the side table?”

Nova laughed at him and gave him another kiss. “I’m sorry I didn’t mean to make you feel that way but I really have to pick up Alex.”

“Fine” he said as he stuck out his lower lip. He quickly threw on some clothes and drove her home.



The door opened and Sandor stood before her. “Nova I’m assuming that your date went well.” He was happy that she was dating again. She didn’t tell them who but he just wanted her to be happy.

“I’m sorry Stephen, I fell asleep. Was he any trouble?”

“Not at all, he and Derek are actually getting to play with each other. Come on in, Yvey is feeding them breakfast.”

“Thanks Stephen you two are a life saver.” She said as they walked into the kitchen. “Alex! I’m so sorry but mommy fell asleep.” She hugged her son. “Yvey thank you so much, I can’t apologise enough for not calling and letting you know. I just lie down for a minute and fell asleep.”

Yvey grinned at her. “No problem chica, I figure once 8 o’clock came around you weren’t coming to get him. So how was the date?”

“It was nice.”

“That’s all you have to say it was nice. I want to know who this guy is and does Derek know about him.”

“No he doesn’t and I would like to keep it that way.” Nova said quickly to defuse the subject.

“Who is he, Nova?”

“Let’s just say it’s someone you would approve of. He’s sweet and witty and he’s a really great guy.” She explained as her eyes twinkled.

“Hmm” she looked at her with suspicious eyes.

“Well I should be going, thanks so much for watching him. I would’ve have asked Derek but he had to go out of town.”

“Where out of town?” Yvey began to grill her.

“Not sure he didn’t mention anything about where at and I really don’t care. But he was sorry that he couldn’t take Alex for the night.” She looked away from her friend and picked up her son. “Alright, Alex time to go home, thanks again Yvey for watching him.”

“Well since you’re starting to go out more why don’t we all go out, just us girls.” Yvey said before letting her friend go. It would give her and Denise a chance to grill her about the new beau.

“When?” she asked

“How about Friday night?” Yvey asked. “Will Derek be home by then?”

“He’s coming home this afternoon but I’ll let you know.”

“I’m sure he’ll be back in town by now.” She said under her breath.

Nova glanced in her direction and smile at her friend. “Where would we go?”

“I know this place, haven’t been there in awhile but I think you would like it.”

“Hmm,” she looked at her with suspicion. “Just us girls?”

“Just us girls.” Yvey replied.

“What time?”

“About 2100, Denise and I will pick you up at the house.” Yvey felt giddy that she was going out since she gave birth to Derek with the girls.

“Alright, but I have to be home early.”

haru[1].jpg“Promise.” Yvey crossed her heart.

“Fine, see you guys Friday night. Come on Alex lets go.”

Yvey and Sandor walked her to the door and said goodbye again. “I think they’re seeing each other.” Yvey turned to her husband.

“What! How did you come to that conclusion?”

“Think about it. Every time she needs a sitter Derek happens to be out of town.”

“So, maybe she doesn’t want Derek to know she’s dating someone. You know how he can get. He’s very jealous of anyone looking at her let alone dating her.  She’s just being careful that’s all.”

“I really think Nova and Derek are back together and they don’t want anyone to know.” Yvey said “I can find out more Friday night. A few drinks in her and she’ll spill it all.”

“Yvey she doesn’t want anyone to know maybe we should stay out of it.” Sandor firmly said to his wife.

She walked over to him and reached up to hug him. “I guess you’re right, papi. If they are seeing each other then they are working things out. I love you Stevie, why don’t we take Dee here to my mothers and then we can have a little rendezvous of our own.” She purred.

“Sounds like a great idea, let’s go.”


Friday night . . .

“Derek thanks again for watching Alex. It’s been such a long time since the girls and I went out.” Nova said as she walked into the closet and grabbed her coat. “He already ate dinner and there some juice in the frig for him if he gets up.”

“Where are you guys going tonight?”  Derek asked as he looked as his wife. He was shocked to see her dressed in a strapless red dress he never saw her wear before. ‘She looks too beautiful to be heading out with the girls.’ He thought as a wave of jealously washed over him.

“Yvey says there’s this Latin club that she likes and wants us to check it out.” She said as she heard Yvey’s car horn. She opened the door and wave to the two figures in the car. “I’ll try to be home early.”

“Don’t worry about anything, just have some fun.” He said as he pushed her out the door.

She jumped into the car and they spend off down the road into the city. They pulled up to a club the sign on the building read The Coppa. All three women got out of the car and could hear the music as the door opened each time a patron walked in and out. The bouncer at the door smiled at the three women and quickly said “Hello there Yvey, it’s been a long time mami. Where have you been hiding?” then gave her a kiss on the cheek.

“Oh you know me Jose, busy with stuff.  You heard I got married.” She said smiling.

“Yeah, I almost fell off the chair. You get married. I thought it was some kind of joke. So who is the lucky guy? And does your brothers approve?”

“His name is Stephen Sandor and he is the greatest guy I have ever met.” She blushed.

“Well he must be someone special considering that we never thought you would settle down.  So where is the lucky guy? I would think you would be showing him off.” Jose looked around the crowed to make sure that no one was getting out of line.

“He’s home with our baby.” She beamed.

“Little Yvette Ortiz has a baby? Well I’ll be damn. Well congratulations on marriage and the baby. Boy or Girl?” he asked

“Boy, we name him Derek Stephen Sandor.” She gushed.

“So a boy, your family must be spoiling him to death.”

“They sure are. I’ll tell them you said hello.”

“And these two beautiful women?” he asked.

“This is Nova Wildstar and Denise Pesci. We’re having a girl’s night out.”

“Well have fun and you” he pointed to Yvey. “Stay out of trouble, I don’t want to call your parents and informed them that you got arrested yet again. And I am sure that your husband already knows about that temper of yours, so don’t make me call him too.” He waved his figure at her.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah. I’ll be on my best behavior.” She said crossing her heart as she rolled her eyes at him.

“Go on in ladies have fun and keep her in line.” He warned them.

“What was that all about?” Denise asked.

“Oh nothing, just a little misunderstanding back in the good old days.”  Yvey grinned.

“Hmm I bet.” Denise looked at her with concern eyes.

“Over here near the bar. Trust me they have the best pina colada’s in town.” Yvey waved over to the bartender and ordered “Three Pina Colada’s, heavy on the pina and three shot’s of tequila”

“Yvey not tonight, I can’t possibly drink shots tonight. Derek is home with Alex and I don’t want him to get upset with me.”

“Oh come on Nova, just one shot.” Yvey pleaded.

“I don’t know.” Nova said feeling like a party pooper.

“Come on Nova, Yvey is right it’s girl’s night out. You have to relax and have a little bit of fun. After what’s been going on in your life in the past year you need to un-wind.” Denise tried to encourage her.

“O alright just one shot.” Nova grabbed hold of the shot glass and with one swallow took it down.

“Atta girl!” Yvey laughed.

They all drank down their drinks and then hit the dance floor. With each song break they headed back to the bar and had another drink. “Come on Nova” Yvey giggled as Nova protested the shot. “Stop being such a drag.”

“Fine just one more,” Nova said each time they went to the bar. Giggling happily at the fun she was having Nova felt someone tap her on the shoulder. She was shocked to see Michael Spada standing behind her. “Michael what are you doing here?”

“Hello ladies, looks like you are having a great time.”

“We sure are.” Denise said as she saw Yvey take another shot.

“Papi how you doin, Michael comes here often. This is where we met.” Yvey threw her arms around him and laughed. “But too bad for you someone else stole me away.”

Michael let out a laugh and said. “Well I’m so glad that Stephen managed to take you away. It seems he is the only one that can tame you. Any way I was still recovering from a lost love.” He said as he looked at Nova. “How is Dee?”

“Home with his father.” She giggled louder.

“Well ladies looks like you three have been enjoying the evening.” He said looking at the empty shot glasses on the bar. He looked at Nova and saw that she too looked a little drunk and smiled at her. “How are you Nova?”

“Just fine” she giggled with the others.

“Mike, baby I wanna dance.” A tall blonde came up behind him and threw her arms around his neck.

“Huh, hold on Angie I was just saying hello to my friends.” He said.

Angie looked over the three women and gave them all a look of disgust that Yvey caught. “You are a ladies’ man aren’t you? Well he’s with me bitches.”

“Excuse me?” Yvey stepped closer to her. “I don’t think you know us well enough to talk to me and my friends like that.” 

“Well I might not know them two, but I sure know about you.” she leered down at Yvey. “After you stole my Sammy away . . .”

“I didn’t steal your Sammy away. He left you when he caught you with my brother Emilio.” Yvey leaned closer to her.

“It was none of your business, you should’ve stayed out of It.” she snapped at her

“He’s my brother and he was married. So a little tramp like you doesn’t deserve any good man.” Yvey huffed. “Michael use her while you can she’s just looking for someone to take care of her.”

“You little BITCH!” she yelled that made everyone at the bar look at the two.

“What are you going to do?” Yvey grinned. “Bring it on, puta”

“I’m gonna take you down you little roach.” Angie said. Watching from the far end of the bar Jose realized that it was going to escalate. He knew Yvey well enough that she would put the tall bleached blonde in the hospital. Which would make it look bad for the club and his boss would not like it one bit. Reaching for Angie first he pulled away in time to stop Yvey from hitting her. “Okay ladies enough. Angie this is the third time this week, you have to go.” He said as he escorted her towards the door.

“Me! She started it!” she yelled as he moved her through the crowd.

Yvey laughed and blew a kiss then wave as he led her out the crowded room and out the door. “Now let’s get back to our party,” which made them all laughed. They all took hold of Michael and brought him to the dance floor. As the night went on he took hold of Nova and brought her closer to him. Yvey and Denise watched as he and Nova danced to a slow song. “Could it be Spada that she’s been seeing?” Yvey asked Denise.

“I don’t know but she’s dancing pretty damn close. I don’t think this is good at all. If Derek finds out about this he’s gonna flip. You know how he feels about him. I think he would be okay with someone else, but Michael. Anyone but him.” Denise shook her head. “We better step in and make sure she doesn’t go home with him.”

He squeezed her tighter as they swayed to the music. How good she smelled and she looked great in that dress. He nuzzled his face on her neck and gently kissed it. He moved his hand up and down her back feeling every inch of it. He moved his face to looking into her eyes and stared at her closer. Michael saw how she began to look pale and walked her over to Yvey. “Yvey I think you should take her home. She’s looking a little green.”

Yvey looked over to her friend and nodded. “Yeah you’re right Michael. Denise we better take her home. Nova’s not doing too well.” She said relieved.

Quickly Denise took hold of Nova’s arm and began to walk towards the door. “Whaz goin on?” she asked almost stumbling into Michaels arms.

“Time to go home.” Denise held her close holding her up.

“But I was jus ‘avin fun.” Nova slurred

“We notice, but its late we should go.” Denise reasoned with her.

“Oh ight” Nova said with glassy eyes as she hiccupped. “Good night Mikey.” She leaned on her friend as Michael help Denise carry her out the door.

“Are you two alright to drive?” He asked Yvey and Denise.

“I’m good.” Denise said. “I was actually taking ice tea shot’s. I knew that this would happen. Once she started to take those shots I had the bartender just put ice tea in the shot glasses. Someone has to drive.” she whispered to Michael. Denise grabbed the keys from Yvey and Michael helped her put Nova into the car.

“Aren’t cha coming, Mikey?” Nova said trying to keep her eyes open.

“Not this time, Nova.”

“Oh come on, chu can tuck me in bed like befo.” Nova began to reach for him.

Michael push her back into the car and said “Good night Nova, you girls get home safe.”

They all waved as Denise pull away and drove down the street heading out of the city. It didn’t take long for them to get Nova home first. As they pull up to the house Denise looked over to Yvey and said. “How are we going to do this? I’m not going to tell Derek that she is drunk. He’s going to hit the roof.”

“We can prop her up and leave her there.” Yvey giggled.

“We can’t just leave her there.  She’ll be pissed at us if we leave her there.”

“Would you rather face Derek? Come on let’s get her out of the car.” Yvey said. Yvey took one arm and Denise took Nova’s other arm. They walked her over to the door and propped her up against the door. “Shh,” Yvey said then rang the bell. Quickly they ran to the car and drove off.

Derek sat watching a movie when he heard the door bell ring. “She must have forgotten her keys” he said out loud. He opened the door shocked to see Nova falling into his arms.

“What the hell?!”

“Weeee” she said as she fell into his arms.

He looked up and watched as the car sped down the road. “Whoa Nova, what have you been drinking?” he waved from the smell that reek from her body. “Looks like you had a great time. Come on baby let’s get you in bed.” Derek picked her up and carried her to the room.

“Who are chu?” she asked. “You look like my husbam, but chu look cuter. Shh, he’s really jealous so you can’t stay here tonight. Where you takin me?”

“To the bedroom,” he said trying to keep a straight face.

“You goin to take advantage me cutie.” She said kissing him on the lips.

Grinning from what happen and how they left her he took off her clothes and then put her in the shower. “Alright Mrs. Wildstar let’s get you washed up.”

“Mrs. Wildbar I like that sound.” She laughed. She looked at Derek with a strange look and with one hiccup she threw up all over him. “Oops I’m sooooo sorry cutie. But I really don’t feel well.” Quickly Derek walked her over to the toilet bowl and had her sit down in front of it. He sat down next to her holding her hair back as she threw up.

15 minutes later. . . . .

He picked her up from the floor and brought her into the shower. He washed her quickly and then put her into the bed. Moving the wet hair from her face he smiled at his drunken wife and let out a soft laugh. “I’ll deal with the other two later.” He said softy as he gave her a kiss on the cheek. He covered her naked body and then stripped his clothes off. Quickly he took a shower then went to the laundry room to wash his wet stained clothes. He stopped into their room one more time then made his way into Alex room to check in on him. “All is quiet” he said and went to their spare room where he would stay the night.


A pounding feeling woke Nova up as the light hit her face. She slowly opened her eyes squinting at the light that was hitting her. “Oh damn, what happened?” she held her head trying to get up. “Ouch, damn Yvey and her tequila shots.” Feeling the room spinning she lay back down. She heard a knock on the door that sounded three times louder in her head.

“You’re up. I brought you some coffee and an aspirin.” Derek said as he placed the coffee on the night stand next to her.

“Please don’t yell.” She said still trying to keep the light from hitting her face. Derek walked over to the windows and doors began to close them making the room dark. “Thank you.” she said as she took the aspirins and coffee. “How did I get home?”

“I’m still trying to figure it out, but from what I saw. I opened the door you fell into my hands and Yvey’s car sped down the street.” Derek was still smiling from what happen. “If you ask me they didn’t want to stick around to face the music. What were you drinking?”

“Yvey ordered Tequila shots.” She said bowing her head from the pain.

“So she twisted your arm to take the shots.”

 “No, I can’t put all the blame on her or Denise. They didn’t twist my arm to drink though they did encourage me to have another one.”

“That’s some encouragement.” He laughed. “Now get some sleep, I’ll take care of Alex for you.” he took the coffee cup from her and headed out the door.

“Derek, thank you.”

“No problem, baby. At least I know that you had fun. No one got arrested and I didn’t have to bail anyone out. So all in all it was a good night. Or am I going to get a visit from the MP’s or local police.”

“I’m not sure. I don’t remember anything that happened last night. All I remember was Yvey and some girl arguing over Michael.”

Derek stop in his tracks and snapped his head in her direction. “Michael, Michael Spada?”

“Yeah we ran into him a little later after we got there. He was with some woman Yvey had words with in the past. They threw her out and I don’t remember much after that. Oh damn my head hurts so much.”

Derek walked back to her and sat down. “You’ll be alright. Just get some sleep.” He stroked her face and wanted so much to be living back home.

“I’m so glad I have you in my life Derek. You could have left me  . . . .” she said then realized that she was naked under the sheets. “Did you undress me?”

“Sorry, but you smelled of stale liquor. So I figured best to give you a shower and put you in bed. Although I had to take a shower myself after you were so kindl to bathe me with what it was you were drinking last night. But I promise I was a complete gentleman. Even though you begged me too.” he joked.

She tried to smile at his answer and said. “Are you sure that you didn’t, I mean even if you did I wouldn’t have remembered.”

“Come on you have to give me credit, I would never take advantage of you that way. You’re the mother of my son. I would never do that.”

“I know you wouldn’t and thank you so much for being there for me. I’m so sorry that I threw up on you.”

“Well I guess I deserve it after all I put you through.” He said which they both laughed. “I love you Nova. Get some rest.”

“I love you too, Derek.” She said as she slipped back under the sheets and fell asleep.

 To Be Continued….