Dark Days


Residence of Derek and Nova Wildstar

6th of September, 2207

1932 hours

“Thank you Yvey, I really appreciate you taking him tonight. I just can’t remember the last time we’ve been together either alone or with Alex.”  Nova tried thinking back to the last day they were together. “It just seems that he’s so busy and tired lately that he’s become so distant. Maybe tonight will spark something back.”

“No problem chica, Alex and Dee will have a blast. They’re growing up so fast.” She looked over to where Alex slept in the back seat.

“Has Derek said anything to Stephen?”

“Not that I know of but then again they both have been so busy with all the ships needing repairs after it all ended. Where did he dock the Argo, when I go down there it’s never there?”

“They have her at an undisclosed place. No one knows where she’s at until we need her. It’s always been like that. Only Singleton knows and maybe Stephen.”

“Well if he knows he’s not saying anything.  Anyway chica have a good time.” She said and drove away with Alex in the back seat.

Nova ran back into the house and quickly jumped in the shower.  She pulled out her sexiest black dress that was strapless and fell above her knee. Carefully she put on her makeup and fixed her hair, looking in the mirror she nodded at herself then sprayed her favorite perfume on. She went to the kitchen and looked into the oven to check on the roast she prepared. ‘Smells good’ she thought to herself then went into the dining room to set the table for a romantic evening with her husband. Placing the plates on the table she hummed to herself a song that Yvey had her listen to from the 20th century.  It was Usher and Alicia Keys ‘My Boo’.  Quickly she looked up at the clock and noticed it was close to the time Derek was suppose to be coming home, she moved faster setting the table and then lit the candles. She went back into the kitchen and turn off the roast that was already to eat.  Nova poured herself a glass of wine then went back into the living room that a joined the dining room and sat down. After 15 minutes she turned on the television and watched the news and then drifted off to sleep. When she woke up she noticed that it was dark out and the candles on the dining room table were already melted down and out. She got up and walked into the kitchen pulled out the roast and said “Ruined.”  She threw the whole roast with the pan into the trash and walked back into the dining room. Staring at the table she wondered why he wasn’t home. “At least he could’ve called.” She said with anger in her voice after looking at the time. Too tired and disappointed she made her way into the bedroom leaving the table as is.

Later that evening . . . . .

It was 1:34 AM when Derek walked into the house. He put down his briefcase and cover looked up and saw the table.  “Oh damn” he said under his breath. He went into the kitchen and noticed the pan in the trash. Quietly he made his way to Alex’s room to check on him and saw an empty crib.  He realized that his wife had something special for the two of them and he missed it. He made his way to their room and looked where Nova slept on the bed with a book that lay next to her. He gently pushed a few strands of hair from her face then removed the book from her.  Gently he lean over and kissed her on the cheek. Feeling guilty that he ruined a night with her, he turned and went to take a shower.

Feeling the covers moved she opened her eyes. “Derek is that you?” she called into the dark room.

“Sorry I didn’t mean to wake you.” he said as she turned on the light.

“What happened? It’s late.” She asked with concern.

“I’m sorry Nov. It’s just that things got crazy on the docks. I totally lost track and there was no way of calling.” He tried to explain as Nova reached over to him. “Babe, it’s late and I’m pretty beat. I have to be in at 0500.”

Nova sat up and looked at him confused, no mattered how tired he was he never turned her away. “Derek is everything alright? I mean we haven’t made love in weeks. Is there something I should know?”

Without turning, he put his hand on her leg and said “Nothing’s wrong babe, just tired. Goodnight.” He said as he closed his eyes and tried to fall asleep.

‘What the hell is going on here?’ Nova thought to herself. “Derek.” She said giving him a shove waking him up.

“Come on babe, I’m really tired.”

“Derek, what’s going on? You’ve been so distant and I feel like I’m losing you, losing us.” She said with a sad voice.

Derek turned and sat up, “Gosh babe, I’m sorry if I have been distracted. It’s only that with all the repairs that need to be made and the new ships it just been crazy. Please understand it’s not you.” He touched her face as his eyes roamed around not wanting to look at her eyes.

 Nova gave him a smile and reached back to his face trying to pull him to her. “I was hoping you’d be home for a romantic dinner.”

“Yeah I saw that. I’m sorry that I ruined it. I promise I’ll make it up to you.” he gently kissed her on the lips then with a sleepy voice said. “Honey I’m really beat. If you don’t mind I need some sleep. 5 am comes really quick.” He kissed her once more this time a little longer and passionately then went to sleep. Nova snuggled up behind him, feeling his body next to her. As she rested her head on his back she heard his heart beat and drifted off to sleep.


She was awakened by him with kisses on the back of her neck. Nova felt his hand reach over to one of her breasts and his leg rubbing up and down hers. She smiled to herself and turned to look deep into his eyes. “Good morning Mrs. Wildstar” he smiled at her. “Did I wake you?”

“Mmm what time is it?” she asked grinning from his touch.

“Its 4 am, I figure since I ruined the romantic night you had plan for us I’d make it up to you.” he said in between kisses.

Nova turned around to face her husband and wrapped her arms around his neck. “Well Captain it was an expensive roast and you know how hard it is to get something like that.”

“I’m so sorry, how can I make it up to you.” he said still kissing her down her neck and onto her breast.

“I think you’re doing a great job right now.” She said breathing heavily.

“I’m really sorry Mrs. Wildstar.” He said then made love to her.



EDF Battleship Endeavor

Captain’s Quarters

7TH of September, 2207

0700 hours

“Come in” Wildstar called out to the knock on the door.

Fiona Hernandez walked in with papers in hand and smiled “Good morning Captain. You’re here early this morning. I’d figure you’dsleep in late and spend some time with the Mrs.” She said as she placed some papers on his desk.

“I would have but I have to make sure that your men stay on task. It’s bad enough that they’re behind and over budget as usual.” He said to her with a stern look. It’s been five months since he was posted to this position.  She stood 5 foot 4 inches tall, dark brunette with dark blue eyes. She wore her usual beige pants suit with black 3 inch heels. They both have been working together since Wildstar was placed in charge of having the ship’s refit from their last war with the Bolars. “So did you sleep well? Considering that we left here very late.” Wildstar asked. He finally realized that he knew nothing of her private life and she knew everything about him. “Are you married, Fiona?”

“No, my work keeps me too busy from meeting someone.” She smiled at the handsome men in front of her. “I travel a lot and just don’t have time.  I was hoping that one day I stay one place long enough to find someone.”

“Can’t you just ask to stay in one place? I mean it would help to settle in one place.”

“Is that how you met your wife?”

Wildstar grinned thinking back to when he and Nova met. “Actually we met prior to us joining the Star Force. She was walking down a hall and we bumped into her.”


“My best friend Mark and I, we didn’t really start to have feelings for each other until we were almost to Iscandar. Actually she always knew that we would fall in love. She was always by my side when we went to Iscandar and back.” As he spoke she could see his eyes dance. “We were friends before I began to see her differently and bang, I was hooked.”

“You must really love her.” She smiled.

“With all my heart,” He said looking down on his desk to the picture of her and Alex.

Her heart melted as he spoke about his wife. How attentive he was to make sure everyone knew that he was indeed in love with her. “Well Captain, the crew is starting to arrive maybe now is the time to light a fire under their asses.”

“Yeah, let’s go.” He grabbed his cover and escorted her out his quarters.


Wildstar Residence

1000 hours

Yvey stood in the door way holding onto Alex on her side while her son Derek slept in his stroller. “Yvey thank you so much for watching him. Alex baby were you a good boy for Titi Yvey?”

“He was so good for me. His Uncle Stephen played with him till he got too tired to stand up.” She said as Nova took hold of her son. “How was your evening?”

“Actually it was a disaster, he never made it home.”

“Oh Nova, I’m so sorry.”

“It’s alright, it was my fault. I should have let him know that I had something special going on. I guess trying to surprise him now would only be a senseless act. He’s been working late every night and it seems like when I’m going he’s coming home. If it wasn’t for Alex it would be like living alone.” She let out a small sigh of disappointment.

320px-Sumeragi_Lee_Noriega_2307[1].jpg“Maybe next time.”

“Yeah maybe, only thing is that I don’t know when I will see him again.” Nova tried to smile through her disappointment. “Anyway, I better get ready for work. Thanks again Yvey, any time you need me to watch this little pumpkin, I’ll have more than enough time on my hand.”

Yvey turned to Derek that was now waking up and began to cry. “I think he’s wet, do you have time for me to change him here.”


“Sure, I need to get dressed. Be right out in a minute.”

Yvey place him on the couch and began to change him while Alex played with some of his toys. Nova emerged from her room in her pale blue scrubs and started to put something into a bag for Alex. Yvey dressed her son and said “Nova why don’t you and Alex come have dinner with us tonight. With Derek working late you could use the company.”

“Oh thanks Yvey. But I have a late shift tonight. It’s the best I can do to keep busy.”

“Will you need someone to pick Alex up?”

“No they’ll keep him at the day care there until Derek can pick him up. But thank you for the invite, maybe another day.” Nova said, than asked. “When are you going back to work?”

“I have a few weeks to go. But as much as I would like to get behind a fighter again, I pretty much love being around him.” She smiled at her son.

“Yeah I know the feeling.”



Great Island General Hospital

1930 hours


 Nova sat at one of the tables immersed in a medical journal. Her mind tried to focus on the article about heart transplants, but her mind kept going back to earlier when Derek woke her up. “What’s the big grin for?” she heard someone ask.

“Huh, oh Michael I didn’t see you there. What was that?”

“I asked you, what’s the big grin for?”

“Oh nothing, just thinking of something Derek did that’s all.” She blushed.

“Hmm, so is this seat taken?” he pointed to the extra chair.

“Please sit, so how’s our schedule for the rest of the night?” She asked.

“Looks like a quiet night unless we have an emergency.”

“Well I guess it’s another night of going over supplies and scheduling.” Nova tried to sound excited.

“Ha ha, so how is Derek taking you working these late hours?”

“Don’t know I haven’t seen him in days. I got lucky last night that he woke me up but beside that it’s like living alone.”

“So I take it that your surprise dinner didn’t happen.”

Nova looked down and shook her head, “No he got caught up at the docks.”

“I’m sorry. I know you were looking forward to having some time with him.” He said as he looked at the clock on the wall. “I guess we better get back to the ER.”

“Yeah I guess we should.” She answered looking at her watch.

The ER was quiet for most of the night when Nova heard a call come in through dispatch. “This is Rescue Six, come in dispatch.”

“Go ahead Six, this is dispatch.” She answered.

“Coming in with a car crash victim; Male about 23 years of age; broken ribs; internal bleeding. A collapsed lung; plummeting blood pressure; massive head injuries and right leg artery bleeding out. We have giving him 4 bags of saline, and 20 cc of epi. ETS 2 minutes.”

“Roger that six, we will have everything ready when you get here.” Nova responded then turned to the staff on duty. “Alright people we have a trauma coming in. Prepare surgical room 3, call Doctor Spada and inform him that we will need him. I’ll wait outside for the ambulance to arrive.” She ordered as she put on some rubber gloves and a disposable gown and waited for the ambulance. Within seconds she could hear the sound of the truck coming up the drive way. Quickly she threw open the doors and began to work on the young man.

yuki[2].jpg“He’s crashing ma’am,” the driver said out loud.

With quick instincts she began to do CPR. Blood still pouring out of his leg she yelled out to another nurse on duty. “Get over here and try to stop the bleeding.” Spada ran into the area and also began to yell out to the others. “Get him in here. Call down to the blood bank and have them send up some bags. Josie, start running some blood work, you give me a hand moving him onto the table.” He yelled to an orderly. He grabbed Nova by the arm and said. “Nova, we have it, you can stop.”  She stopped and began to pull out instruments handing them to Spada. “Get him intubated now. We need a chest tube over here, how long has he been down?” Spada asked the driver.

“30 minutes doc, He was hit head on, looks like he didn’t have his seat belt on. His chest hit the steering wheel and his head hit the windshield. The other driver was DOA. They had to cut him out of the car. It’s amazing that he’s still hanging on.” As quickly as they could they removed his clothing and started to run tubes and wires throughout his body. Nurses ran from station to station getting everything Spada needed, all the while working to keep the young man from dying.

“There’s blood in his urine, doctor.” One nurse screamed out from all the commotion.

“He’s bleeding internally, Michael” Nova said over the noise.

“Where the hell is the x-ray machine?” Spada screamed.

Nova watched the monitors and she went into over drive. “He’s crashing!” she grabbed the defibrillator and handed Spada the paddles. “Charging at 200 . . . .  One more second . . . .  Okay clear.” She called out.

Spada place the paddles on the young man chest and shock him in hopes that it would jump start his heart. “Charge at 300.” He told Nova. “Clear!” he called out once more as he tried one more time. They continued 9 more time with no signs of life.  2 Hours later Spada finally looked over to Nova and said. “We have to call it Nova.”

“No! He’s gonna make it. Give him another shot of epi 300cc.” Nova screamed as she worked harder on his breathing.

Spada walked over and took hold of her hands, “Nova, it’s been two hours, there’s nothing more we can do. We have to call it. Time of death 0232.” Spada said as the other nurses began to clean up. Nova stood over the young man and ran her hand down his face. ‘So young and handsome’ she thought, she could tell that he was 5 foot 11 inches tall, sandy brown hair. His eyes were dark brown with stunning features. “We have to tell his family.” Spada said.

“His wife is here.” One of the nurses said. “Would you like for me to tell them” she asked.

“No, I’ll go.” Nova said as she took off her blood soaked gloves and tossed them into the hazardous trash can. She pushed her hair away from her face and walked down the hall still wearing her disposable gown that was now covered in the young man’s blood and walked to the waiting room where his wife waited. Opening the door Nova noticed how young she was21, 22, she so young’ she thought. She stood up and noticed the grim look that Nova had then began to cry. “I’m sorry, we tried everything but his injuries were too extensive.” She said as she held the girl in her arms.

“We were just married three weeks ago. What am I going to do now?” she cried harder.

“I’m so sorry,” was all Nova could say as she try to hold tears back. She sat with the young widow for an hour trying to console her. ‘She so young, how can life be so cruel to cut his life so short.’ She thought then began to think of all the close calls she and Derek had in space. How she yearned to call him at that moment just to tell him that she loved him. ‘Get it together Nova. This is the profession you chose. The good with the bad, where there is life there is also death. What is wrong with you? You’ve seen this too often. Why this young couple?’ she thought to herself. “Is there someone we can call for you? You shouldn’t be alone right now.” Nova asked her.

“His parents they live close. I have to call my father. He’s all I have now., She said trying to compose herself.

“Would you like me to call his parents?” Nova asked her once again.

“Would you, I don’t think I will be able to speak.” She said and wrote down their number.

Nova walked over to a private office and dialed the number that she gave her. It rang three times when someone finally answered the phone. With a huge sigh Nova asked them if they were the parents of the young man. Then proceeded to inform them that their son was in a car accident and they were needed at Great Island Central Hospital. She refrained from telling them over the phone that their only son was dead. She needed to tell them in person. She found it cold and rude to tell them over the phone.

Nova stayed in the office the only light coming from a small desk lamp sitting on the far corner. She sat back and began to cry for the young girl. Never realizing how long she sat there she heard someone say. “There you are, are you alright?” Nova looked up and saw Spada standing in the door way.

“I’m sorry, I just needed some time alone.” Nova said wiping tears from her eyes.

“His parents are here, they were asking for you.” Spada informed her. “I took care of it. No need in you dealing with it twice. They’re with their daughter-in-law now.”

“I should go and talk to them.” Nova said getting up and began heading to the door.

“Nova, your shift is almost over, go home. I can handle this.”

“Michael I have to say something to his parents.”

“That’s my job, go home. You look tired and it’s been a long night.” He ordered.



8th of September, 2207

She walked through her door at 0434 noticing that Derek was still home. Still feeling drained from the night she checked on Alex who slept quietly in his crib. She walked into their room and found him still sleeping. Going into the closet she took off her uniform that still had some blood from the night on it. Without thinking she walked back into their room and slipped into bed with her husband. She pulled him close tightening her hold on him waking him up.

“Huh, Nova?” he turned to her smiling.

“Hey” she said and started to cry.

“What the hell, what happened?” he said sitting up in bed.

Nova sat up next to him and tried to compose herself. He wrapped his arms around her and pulled her close to him holding her as she cried. Taking a deep breath she began to tell him what happened during the night shift. “I don’t know why this case got the best of me, Derek. I deal with this everyday but this one just really got under my skin.”

“Oh gosh Nova I’m so sorry, maybe you should take some time off from the hospital. Maybe you started back too soon.”

“No I’ll be alright, I guess seeing such a young widow brings back some memories of what we went through.  I don’t know what I would do if I ever lost you, Derek.”

“Well I can fix that, I’m never leaving you.” he smiled. “So you don’t have to worry about that.”

Nova laughed at his confidence putting a smile back on her face. “What makes you think that nothing can ever happen to you?”

“Because, my love for you is my shield that would never let anything happen to me.” He grinned. “Why don’t you get some sleep, I’ll take care of Alex when he gets up.” He said as he kissed her nose and then kissed her on the lips.

Nova yawned and nodded “I am pretty beat, but don’t you have to go in?”

“That’s the privilege of being a high ranking officer. I can take a day here and there. I can work from here, I’m sure Singleton won’t object to it.”

“It would be nice to sleep in, thank you baby.” Derek wrapped his arms around his wife and helped her cuddle in next to him.



EDF Endeavor

Main Bridge

25th of September, 2207

1054 hours

“Wildstar the completion work on the New Jersey is almost done. She should be ready to go in about two weeks.” Homer said.

“Good, one down and who knows how many to go.” Wildstar detested this part of his job. “How about the Eclipse?”

“She’s half way through. Should be up and ready to go in about a month’s time. That’s if they don’t fall behind on their parts.”

“Yeah, it seems that they are trying to prolong the work so they can have an extension on their contracts. I’ll give Ms. Hernandez a call and see what the story is.” Wildstar said.

“Not only that, Wildstar. It seems that they are putting out inferior products as well. That fly wheel they just put in the Eurasia snapped the minute it was in space. She had to return before she even got into deep space.”

“Great another problem, okay I’ll address that also.” Wildstar made a mental note to confront her with these problems.

“Captain Wildstar” one of the men called over to him.


“The officer of the day says that Ms. Hernandez is boarding the ship.”

“Speaking of the devil, thank you please have someone inform her that I want to see her in the captain’s quarters.”

“Aye aye sir.”

Wildstar stood facing the window drinking a cup of coffee as he watched the crew work on the bow of the ship and some laser cannons.  He noticed that his men worked hard while the contract workers stood to the side discussing something. One man looked up and shook his head then said something to the man next to him before saying something to the men standing to the side.  It look like words were being exchanged and one of the crew pull on his friend and then pointed up to where Wildstar stood in the window. Wildstar nodded in their direction informing them that he too sees what was going on and would be taking care of the situation shortly. Although he liked Fiona a lot he needed to inform her that he will not tolerate her people thinking that they can do as they please while his man worked hard to get the ship ready for its promised departure date. He walked back to his desk and waited for her to enter his quarters all the while fuming at what he saw.  He heard a soft knock on the door and called out “Enter.”

“Hello Derek, I was told that you wish to see me,” Fiona flow into his office smiling at him. ‘Gosh he is a good looking man’ she thought to herself as she entered his quarters.

“Ms. Hernandez, I don’t appreciate my men busting their ass to stay on track while your people look on doing nothing. My men and women work hard enough when their in space and watching them kill themselves while your people stand around doing nothing is something I will not tolerate. So please inform your people to get to work or they will be asked to leave. Your company contract is up for re-evaluation in a few months, so if they think that EDF is going to use them further you’re sadly mistaken.”

“Derek, I’m sorry about that. My boss doesn’t seem to get it, I have told him over and over that we have to put our foot down on the matter of our people but he just seems to shrug it off. He feels that the EDF owes him so much. I guess because it was General Stone’s frat brother that he can pretty much do as he pleases.”

“Well Stone is no longer with us and he’s gonna have to accept it.” Wildstar snapped.

Fiona stood quiet in front of him then finally said. “I agree Captain . . . . .  I will get on them right now.” She pivot and headed for the door.

ya-16[1].jpg“Fiona, wait.” He said stopping her. “I’m sorry, geese, seems I’m apologizing to every women I’m with lately.”

“No you’re right, my people need to stop messing around and get to work.” She tried to smile. “So how many women have you apologised to this month?”

“You would be my second.”

“Who was your first?”

“My wife, she had a romantic dinner set up for us the one night and I never made it home.”

“Oh Derek I’m sorry and because of my people you missed it. If it wasn’t for them slacking off you would’ve had a nice night with Nova.” She said with a heartfelt voice.

“Ah that’s alright. Now let’s just get this job done.” He said looking distracted.

“No problem, I’m going right now down there and whip them into shape.” She gave him a half salute and left him there laughing.



“Ah come on sweet cakes, we were taking our 15 minute break.” One of the men said.

“Yeah, once we finish our break we will get to that part as soon as we can. Ha ha. Actually that was on my to-do list. Right Henry, to do sometime in the next few months.” He said out loud making them all laugh.

“I mean it Testado, get to work. These ships have deadlines and I intend to keep my word.” Fiona said with anger which made them all laugh harder. “That’s it! Get off the ship. You can go home. I will be advising Mr. La Beuf that your services will no longer be necessary.”

“You can’t do that!” he snapped.

“I just did, now leave.” She said pointing off the ship.

“Mr. La Beuf will know about this and he’s not going to like it one bit. And if I go then I’m taking my crew with me.” He came face to face with her.

“Fine it’s not like they are doing much around here anyway.” Wildstar said as he stood behind her. “Now get your men and get off my ships.”

“If that’s how you want it Captain then fine. Come on fellas’ looks like we have the rest of the day off with pay.” The senior man said.

“I wouldn’t count on that.” Fiona said.

“We’ll see about that.” He snapped back.

“Corporal Sanchez, please escort these men off the ship, with force if necessary.” Wildstar said standing tall as his men stood behind him ready to fight for their captain.

Four large marines walked up behind the men and waved them to the gang way. “Right this way, gentlemen.” Sanchez said as he waved over to the gang way.

In silences the men walked off the ship and down the gang way when the crew cheered for their captain. “All right men back to work.” Wildstar ordered then turned to Fiona. “You know that you’re gonna have a fight on your hand with La Beuf.”

“Yeah I know, but I think I can handle him. Thank you so much for your help.” She said then noticed five men walk back onto the ship.

“Ms. Hernandez.” One of them said. “We’re ready to work. We all don’t agree with Mr. Testado and we will back you up when you face Mr. La Beuf.”

“Thank you Jonesy, I’m sure the men here would love for you to help out.” She said.

“Well Ms. Hernandez I think we should leave them to work. We have work to do also, so shall we?” Wildstar said as he bowed for her to follow him up to the main bridge.



Walking into his quarters Fiona let out a huge sigh. “I’m just shaking. It’s not easy being a woman in this position. Men in this business seem to frown on a woman giving them orders.”

“I know Nova has that problem every time we were on a mission. There’s always someone that has to test those waters. I have to admit she’s tough, but she has to be in order to get respect from some of the crew. That’s why she uses her maiden name instead of mine. She wants them to respect her for her not because she’s married to me.”

“She sounds like a smart woman.” Fiona felt her heart skip a beat as he talked about his wife.  Why couldn’t she find someone like him? “So what’s on the agenda today captain?”

“I have a list of parts we will need for the Galactic. Will we have them by the end of the week?” Wildstar asked weary at the answer.

“I’ll hand deliver them myself and talk with the manger there. But I can’t promise you anything, like I said they don’t care too much of taking orders from a woman.”

“Fair enough, if worst come to worst, I think I have someone that can take care of the situation. She has a way of getting what she wants.” Wildstar said.  “Looks like a long day and night so we better get to work.”


EDF Battleship Endeavor

2353 hours

“Wow it’s late. I thought we would never get this done.” Wildstar said.

“Well considering that we had to let some of the men go I think we did pretty well.” Fiona spoke in a tired tone.

“Yeah, your right.” Wildstar sat at his desk and looked at her more closely. ‘Damn she’s beautiful, she so much like Nova it’s un-canny. For the exception she has blue eyes she’s like Nova in her straight forwardness. She’s funny too. Sometimes it’s like working with a comedian. She makes the day go so smoothly even when things are not going our way.’ “Well Fiona let’s put this away and get going home to our families.” Wildstar remember she was alone and then felt like a jerk. “I’m sorry Fiona, I forgot.”

“That’s alright. You wouldn’t be the first one to say that to me before.”

“I guess I better be going; I hope that Nova’s not sleeping. I miss her very much.” He said. “Let me walk you to your car.”

They got everything together and made their way off the ship. All of the crew members already left and the only ones around where a few MP’s and guards. Wildstar walked her to her car and help her into it. Looking up to him she looked deep into his eyes and said “Thank you.” Wildstar look back at her taking in her stare, ‘what is wrong with you? You’re a married man. There’s nothing that can come between us.’ He thought as he looked back into her eyes. “Good night Fiona, drive carefully. I’ll see you tomorrow.” He said feeling his heart skip a beat as he said it.

“Good night Derek, thank you for walking me to my car.”


As he drove home his mind kept going over what he thought happened. “Why am I attracted to her? Nova is my wife and I still love her, but there’s something about her I can’t seem to get out of my mind. Maybe it’s just my imagination I’m just blowing this out of proposition. She’s only a coworker that’s it and we have been working together sometimes people make things out of nothing when you work together long hours.” He said out loud as he pulled up to his house. Parking his car in the driveway he got out and noticed the lights in the living room on. A smile came to his face knowing that Nova was still up. He walked into the house and was shocked to see Nova sitting down on the coach while Michael Spada sat across from her in his chair.

“Derek, your home early,” Nova stood up and walked over to him giving him a kiss and hug.

“Not early enough. Hello Michael how are you?” Wildstar said with slit eyes.

“Derek, Michael and I were going over some of the hospital procedures. Upper management wants to change some procedures and considering that we have enough to follow it will only put a stress on everyone trying to do their jobs.”

“A meeting this late, Nova? Didn’t you get off like 1800?” Derek looked suspiciously at Michael.

“What time is it?” Nova looked at her watch. “Oh my I didn’t even realize how late it was.”

“Is Alex in his room?” Derek asked.

“Yeah, Michael helped me put him down. He didn’t want to go to sleep. He and Michael were having too much fun.” Nova smiled at the thought.

“He’s a great kid Nova.” Michael said feeling uncomfortable from Wildstar’s stare. “Well I should be going, Derek’s right, it’s late. I’ll see you in a few days Nova. Thank you for dinner.”  He grabbed his jacket and Nova walked him to the door.

“I’ll go check on my son and see you in bed babe.” Derek said still staring at Michael as he walked to the door and then hugged Nova.

“Good night Michael” Nova said then closed the door. She turned around to see her husband walked down the hall to their sons’ room.  He peeked in, smile and walked back to their room. Nova was dressing for bed as he stood there staring at her. “What?”

“Nothing, I just miss you so much and I come home to see another man in my house.” Derek said in a low tone.

“Sorry babe, it’s just that I never know when you’re coming home and I pretty much been eating over Yvey and Stephen house. So I figure it would be nice to cook for someone other than myself.”

“You knew that this would happen when they gave me the job. I’m sorry that I’m not here every night but you knew that things come up.”

“I know this Derek. I really don’t want to argue with you about it. It’s been a long day for me too.”

“Apparently not as long as it looks.”

“What are you insinuating?” Nova said tiffed at him.

“I’m not insinuating anything, but I’m a little pissed that I come home and there’s another man in my house at 1 in the morning. It makes me upset that he was here playing with my son and having dinner with my family.”

Nova stood in the door way staring at him. “Well I’m sorry you feel that way, but it was nothing more than two colleagues discussing some work.”

“You couldn’t do it at the hospital.” Derek asked as he began to get dressed for bed.

“The thought crossed our mind, but considering that US being there WE would’ve been called away for an emergency and I would’ve probably still BE at the hospital sucked into YET another surgery. So no, we couldn’t do this at the hospital!” She snapped.

Derek stared at her thinking that she rarely gets mad at him and now he could tell she wasn’t in the mood to fight over Michael being there. “Fine, I’m pretty beat, I just want to get some sleep.”

Nova slipped into bed still frustrated at what he said. “Derek, what’s wrong with us? I just feel that we are drifting apart.”

“What do you mean?” Derek said feeling guilty.

“I don’t know it’s just that we never see each other. Either you’re working or I am and when I get home Alex is always looking for you. Are we growing apart, Derek?

“No baby, it’s just that we both been working so much and we haven’t had much time for us.”

“Derek, I’m cutting back on my hours so I can spend time with Alex. I’ve made arrangements with Michael and the admin office to work two days a week and one day at EDF headquarters.”

“I think that sounds great, Alex is getting so big and we’re both missing it. At least one of us can watch him grow.” Derek said smiling at her.

“I was hoping that maybe you can take a night off and we can go out somewhere.”

“I think I can arrange something. How about I look at my schedule and get back to you on a date.” He stroked her face looking for once since he’s been home in her eyes.

“I’d like that very much.” She lean closer to him and kissed him.

Derek wrapped his arms around her waist and began to kiss her back when she felt him stop. “Derek?” she opened her eyes and found him sleeping slump on top of her. “Oh Derek.” She said with disappointment then moved him to his side of the bed covered him and then fell asleep beside him.


2 weeks later . . . .

EDF Battleship Endeavor

8th of November, 2207

0842 hours

“Sandor I’m sure she’s trying to get the parts to us as quickly as she can. You have to understand they are giving her a hard time because she’s a woman. You know that these are Stone’s old buddies. That’s how they were able to get the contracts.”

“Wildstar, if we don’t get these parts soon we will have to post pone again on the launching date.” Sandor was feeling frustrated with his attitude. For some odd reason he was defending her and he couldn’t quite make out why.

“I’ll talk with her again.”

“Well if she doesn’t light something under them, I’ll give Nova a call. She seems to be able to get things done when I mention things to her.”

“Hmm, yeah she has a way of getting things done. Let me speak to Fiona before we go giving my wife a call.” Wildstar said.

“Fine, but if we don’t get that part by  . . .” Sandor was going to say when Fiona walked into the bridge.

“Hello Derek, Commander Sandor.” She said as she entered the bridge.

“Ms. Hernandez, when are we getting those parts we asked for?” Sandor snapped.

“You mean they haven’t sent out those parts to you yet.” She said confused.

“No, and they haven’t . . . .”

“Sandor, I’ll take care of this.”

“Alright, just make sure that we have it soon. If I have to I’ll go to Nova.” He said and walked off the bridge with a huff.

“Sorry about that Fiona, he’s a little upset that some of his parts haven’t come in yet and I really don’t blame him. We have a schedule and it seems like we are always postponing each departure date. To tell you the truth admin has been putting pressure on me to get on you about it.” Pressure that Nova has been putting on him, something she approaches him every time he goes into the office when she is there.

“I’m so sorry Derek, don’t think I’m not trying but it’s like pulling teeth with them. They see me as a little girl and shrug me off. It can be frustrating at times. I just don’t know what more to do.” She said whining like a 9 year old.

“It’s okay Fiona. I’ll have one of my people give them a call. Maybe if they call they’ll get on the ball.”

“Thank you Derek.” She said as she squeezed his hand making Wildstar blush from her touch.

“Why don’t we take this up to the Captain’s Quarters and go over budget for the next ship. Once the Galactic is complete their sending us the Galaxy 3. She’s one of the newer ships.” He said as they walked off the bridge and headed up to the Captain’s Quarters. 

“Derek with this new budget they’re going to tell you it’s not possible.”

“Well that’s what we have to work with and they are going to have accept it.” Wildstar said annoyed. Feeling frustrated he sat down and rolled his head back.

“Tense?” she asked.

“Yeah just too many ships and fighting with your bosses over time. On top of it all I have my men complaining about your people not doing their jobs properly.”

Fiona walked over behind him and began to rub his shoulders. “My, you are tense here I think I can loosen you up.”

“Wow your good at this, thanks a lot Fi.” Wildstar sat back and let her work his shoulders. Feeling her hands on him Wildstar felt his heart skip. Feeling flush he thought to himself ‘why do I feel something for her. I love Nova I shouldn’t feel anything for someone else.’ He grabbed her hands and said. “Thanks Fiona, but we should be getting back to work.”

“Derek, I, I should go.” She said feeling embarrassed.

“Fiona, I should let you know that I love my wife very much and, and . . .”

“So you do feel it too?” She asked in hopes that he would too.

ya-13[1].jpg“I think you’re right you should go.” Wildstar said feeling flush. “You have to understand that Nova and I love each other.”

She stood closer to him trying to understand why he kept talking how much he loved his wife. “Derek, I . . .” she tried to say and then kissed him. Standing stunned at first Derek slowly wrapped his arms around her and began to kiss her in return. Their embrace lasted a few minutes when he finally pulled away and looked into her eyes. Fiona leaned forward again and kissed him with more passion.

Wildstar finally pulled away and said. “Fiona I love my wife.”

“I know you do, but you’re here with me, kissing me. Do you really love her?” What she said made him think about does he truly love Nova.




11th of November, 2207

EDF Headquarters

1327 hours

“Come in.” She called out from behind her desk. “Hello Captain what can I do for you today.”

“Nova, can you call down to LaBeuf’s main office and find out where the hell our parts are.” Wildstar asked.

“I thought the project manger is supposed to do that. I mean I don’t mind but shouldn’t he do that?”

“Yeah, but you know how that works. I can complain till I’m blue in the face but that never works.”

“Fine, where are the invoices?” She stuck her hand out and he handed them to her. She dialed the number and wait for someone to answer. “La Beuf Incorporated” a voice on the line said.

“I like to speak with Marshal Louis please.”

“Please hold.” The receptionist said.

“Marshal Louis.” She heard him say.

“Mr. Louis this is Commander Nova Forrester.”

“Ah Commander, what is it today.”

“Well I hate to be a pest but I have one of my captains here and he’s asking where are the parts they ordered months ago.”

“Well you know it can take time to get those things out in such a short period of time.” She heard him sneered with laughter on the line.

She took a deep breath and spoke into the phone. “Mr. Louis I know your company can’t be that far behind in parts. Now these requests were sent in months ago and invoices were sent every week in hopes that we get them. Our ships have schedules and by postponing them it’s costing us millions.”

“Well I wouldn’t worry your pretty little head about that . . .” she heard him say which made her angrier.

“Mr. Louis, I do believe your company contracts are up in the next month. Now I know that without our support your company will buckle, so if we do not receive those parts by  . . . .” she looked up to Wildstar that show 5 fingers up “0500 tomorrow, you can count on me advising our counsel to see about looking for another company. I do know for a fact that Fujisuto is willing to take on the contract and actually get the parts that we need on time. On top of the fact that their products are far superior to yours and the money we are spending on postponing can be given to them. We still will come under budget. Now do I make myself clear?” she snapped into the phone.

“Yes ma’am, I will see to it personally that those parts arrive on the docks at 5 am.” She heard him say in defeat.

Hanging up the phone she looked up to Wildstar and smile. “You should have your parts first thing.”

Wildstar walked around her desk and gave her a kiss. “You’re amazing.”

“Now if I just can get my husband to come home early maybe I would feel like I’ve conquered the world.” She laughed.

“How about tomorrow night?” He said feeling guilty.

“Hmm, well I think you will be busy with the new parts coming in.”  Nova thought to herself ‘you’ve made that promise before and seems like you never come through’

“I promise I’ll be home for dinner even if I have to jump in my fighter and land on the beach to make it on time.”

“Just be home in time for Alex to go to bed if that would be possible, I would be happy.” She said rolling her eyes as he promised once more to her.

“I will, promise.” He said but somehow he knew that it would not happen. His track recorded with her hasn’t been there. For weeks he’s been promising her that he would be home early but when he’s with Fiona he always seemed to lose track of time. Feeling more guilty he gave his wife one more kiss and left to head back to the docks.

Nova watched him walk out the door and sighed, ‘Oh Derek I only wish I knew what’s been bugging you. You’ve been so distant and moody I just don’t know how you’ll be when you get home. Maybe it’s best that you don’t come home till late. It sure as hell will stop the arguments with you.


EDF Battleship Horizon Star

12th of November, 2207

 1936 Hours

Captains Quarters

“Derek, thank you for getting them to send over the parts I thought it would never happen.” Fiona said as she sat on his desk. “How did you get them to give in?”

“Let’s just say I have someone that can persuade them to do just about anything.” He said.

“How about dinner tonight?” she asked.

“You know I think I should go home for once and spend time with Alex and Nova. She deserves that much. Thanks for the invite but I have to decline.” He got up and began to put some papers in his brief case. She ran her hand down his face and then down his neck and chest. “Fiona, please don’t. I really need to go home and spend time with my family.”

“I understand Derek, but if you change your mind my offer still stands.” She gently kissed him on the cheek.

“I appreciate it but Nova and Alex are my family and I need to be with them.”

Feeling disappointed she hop off his desk and began to leave. “I’ll have someone walk me to my car. Good night Derek.”

“Good night Fiona.” He said as she walked out the door. Sitting back in his chair he looked at the picture of Nova and Alex. ‘I’m so sorry, I love you so much.’ He thought to himself. “Damn it! What the hell is wrong with me? How can I do this to her? Because you’re an ass Wildstar that’s why. Nova has been nothing more than faithful to you. She stood by you with the Julie thing and never left your side when you were shot down. You blamed her for losing our first child and never even thought of how selfish you where that she was going through it too. Now this, you need to end this before she finds out.” He slammed his brief case shut and left to go home.


“Derek, you’re home.” Nova looked surprise as he walked through the door. “If I knew you were coming home I would have made dinner. Are you hungry I can fix something right up?”

“No, no I’m not.” He said as he put his brief case and cover on the chair and walked over to her. “I love you Nova.” Wrapping his arms around her and kissed her.

“Wow, I love you too.” She said feeling her heart beat faster. “Is everything okay Derek?”

“I just missed you so much, where’s Alex?” he looked around and found him sleeping on the sofa. He walked over to him and gently picked up his son, kissed his forehead and pulled him closer to him. “I’ve missed you too kiddo.”

“Alex misses you too, Derek.” Nova watched him hold their son. “Why don’t you put him down, I’ll just straighten up in here.”

b0269[1].jpgHe took his son and walked him to his room. Gently he put his son into his crib and watched him sleeping. Stroking his face he smiled at the tiny boy in front of him. “You do look a lot like me don’t you little man. I’m sorry Alex, I’ve been so busy and you’re getting so big. I’m missing you growing up.” He wanted so much to change what happened with him and Fiona.

“Derek, you okay? Is Alex still sleeping?” Nova walked into the room.

“Yeah babe, just admiring our little creation. It looks like he grew a few inches.” He said as tears welled up in his eyes.

“Derek, what’s wrong?”

“I just feel like I’m a bad dad and husband.”

“Why would you think that? You’re a great dad, so what if you’ve been working like crazy. That doesn’t make you a bad dad.”

Derek smiled at her answer “Thanks, you always know what to say. Mrs. Wildstar you don’t know how much I want to make love to you right now.”

“I think I can accommodate that.” She took his hand and walked back to their room.



He sat up in bed and watched his wife sleeping soundly next to him.  His mind racing back and forth from the woman he married and loved to the woman that he felt something for. ‘Come on Wildstar this is a no brainer. You love Nova and Alex that’s where your heart should be, not her. But I can’t stop thinking of her. There something about her that I want to be with her all the time. But I miss my wife and son so much. I know Nova’s been working hard and after Alex was born she felt depressed but she’s still my wife. She stood by me through so much and forgave me for so many things. Now here I am attracted to someone else.’ He thought looking into the dark room. “No, it can’t be,” he said in a low tone as he looked from the corner of his eye to their rooms French doors. He quickly got up and walked to the doors. The color from his face drained at who he saw standing before him. “Venture is that you?”

“Hello Wildstar.”

“My god, I can’t believe it. It is you.” he said still stunned to see him there.

“What are you doing Wildstar?”

“What, what do you mean?”

“You know damn well what I mean. Nova is your wife. You two have a child together. Do you know what this will do to her? If I knew you were going to be unfaithful to her, I would have step in and fought for her. You promised me you’ll never hurt her. I over looked your situation with Julie. That was in the past and you never led her on. But this, how could you.”

“We have been growing apart . . . We both have been so busy . . . .”

“BULLSHIT!! You still love her and she loves you with all her heart and you don’t even know how much. She would die for you and you run around with some chick that means absolutely nothing.” Mark roared with anger at him.

“Mark I don’t know what to say. I, I,”

“You what, there’s no excuse! Do you think that Alex or Captain Avatar would agree with what you’re doing? DO YOU?!”

“Mark, I love Nova so much and my son is my world. I wouldn’t do anything that would hurt them.”

“She will know Derek, someday she will know and when that day comes she will hurt more then you know. End it Wildstar, End it now! End it, end it, end it. . . . . .”

“Mark, Mark . . . .”  Derek called out into his sleep waking up his wife.

“Derek, honey wake up” she said as she shook him.

“Huh, what, what  . . . Mark!” he said as he snapped his eyes opened. He sat up in bed and looked toward the French doors sweating from his dream.

“No baby it’s me, your having a bad dream.” Nova said.

“Yeah it was a bad dream. It was all a dream.” Still looking at the doors he wondered if it was actually a dream or real.

Nova reached for him and felt that he was sweating. “Derek, my god you’re soaked.  What were you dreaming about?”

“I, I, I can’t remember.” He said turning away from the door. “I’m alright, get some sleep.” Derek tried to smile and kissed her on the cheek.

“Are you sure, do you want to talk about it?”

“No, I can’t remember anyway. I have to get up early, let’s just get back to sleep.”

Wondering what happened with him Nova lay next to him awake and worried. His nightmares seemed to come more and more. ‘What is going on with him?’ she thought.

 Morning came too quickly for Derek, he tossed and turned getting up every hour seeing if Venture was still at the door.  He dressed putting on his captain’s uniform and went into the kitchen. He could smell the coffee in the air something he needed. Nova sat at the table lost in thought as he walked in.

“How are you this morning?” She asked worried that he looked tired.

“I’ll be okay, could use some coffee.” He said still figuring out what happened last night.

Nova poured some coffee into his cup and handed it to him. “Derek, maybe you should ask for a few days off. You really look beat. You always said you wouldn’t be any good to anyone if you don’t get some sleep.”

Wildstar smiled at what she said. “You’re right, I’ll tell you what. I’m gonna put in for a few days leave and maybe we can lounge around here and just enjoy playing with Alex.”

“That would be nice.” She tried to convince herself. His past records of promises haven’t been the greatest, but she didn’t want to start a fight with him so early in the morning.

“Well I better go. See you tonight.” Giving her a kiss on the cheek he head out the house and to the docks.

He thought of what happened last night while he drove to the base. “I have to get a grip. What happened last night was all a bad dream. I have to stay focus today and just make sure that I end this with Fiona before it goes too far. Nova is the one I love not her. She is just an infatuation, that’s all.”


EDF Battleship Horizon Star

Captains Quarters/Wildstars Office

21st of November, 2207

2032 hours

Project Completion

“It’s been a long day; we can send the crew home, no need in them sticking around any longer.” Wildstar said as he put some papers into his brief case.

“Are you going to need a ride?”

“Naw, I drove in.” he said when there was a knock on the door. “Enter” Wildstar called out.

“Hello Derek, oh I’m sorry I didn’t know you were busy.”

“Not at all come in, Fiona Hernandez you remember Commander Stephen Sandor.” Wildstar said as he smiled at the young pretty woman.

“How are you Commander I hope that you are getting those parts you needed” She said as she stuck out her hand to shake his.

Not taking her hand Sandor looked from Wildstar to Fiona and saw the way he was looking at her. ‘Something is not right here. Hmm, wonder what’s going on?’ “I’ll see you later.”

“Alright Sandor,” He said as he watched him leave. “So Fiona I was just getting ready to go home, what can I do for you?” he smiled.

“Just that you need to sign off on these final reports.” She said as she put them down on his desk.

He looked through the papers and began to sign them. “Well it’s been really fun working with you Fiona. I only wish that you were staying longer.”

“Me too, but they have me reassigned to another base. I kind a hope that they would send me back to the states, but that would mean not seeing you anymore.”

“What’s back in the states?”

“Well I put in for a job at the state capital, but I haven’t heard anything about it. I’m kind a glad now.” She smiled. “At least we can grab lunch or something, but I’ll miss not working with you.”

“I’ll miss you too.” He said then continued to look over the paper works. “Oh gosh this one was a big pain.”

She lean over and asked “Which one?”

“The Star Cluster” he said as he tensed up.

ya-18[1] (2).gifFeeling his shoulders she began to rub his back, “Oh wow you’re really tense, here let me rub that out" Derek lean back and closed his eyes.

“Wow that feels really good. Thanks.” he opened his eyes and looked up at her. Looking down into his eyes she slowly leaned down to kiss him. Derek took hold of her hand and brought her down to his lap then continued to kiss her. Finally pulling away Derek said. “Fiona I don’t think that we should do this. I’m married and have a child. And I still love my wife.”

“But, Derek I think I love you.”

“No Fiona you don’t we can’t . . .” he said when the door flew opened and Sandor walked in.

With shock on his face Sandor stood where he was and stared at them. “Am I interrupting something?”

Fiona got up and fixed her dress. “I better go. Thank you Captain if there’s anything else I’ll be in touch.”

Derek stood up and began to shift through his papers as Fiona left the quarters. “What the hell is going on here? Is there something wrong between you and Nova?”

“No, I’m done here. Let’s wrap it up and get out of here.” Wildstar said quickly.

“Wildstar is this serious with her?”

“No it’s not serious. Let’s just go.”

With anger in his voice Sandor stood in front of him. “Are you going to tell Nova or should I?”

“Tell her what?”

“About the two of you.”

“There’s nothing going on, so let’s drop it.” Wildstar said as he tried to put on his jacket.

“Like hell there is! It looked a lot like you and her have something going on. How do you think someone else is going to take it? Are you going to tell Nova?”

“I can’t, this would kill her.”

“Tell her or I will.” Sandor snapped.

“Sandor I just can’t . . . .”

“TELL HER TONIGHT! Because if you don’t I will in the morning.” He yelled.

“Hey papi what’s going on, what’s with all the yelling? I can hear you down the hall.” Yvey said as she walked into the room.

“Nothing Yvey, we were just leaving to go home.”

“Derek I mean it, tell her or I will.”

“Tell who what?” Yvey said as she looked over to her husband and could tell that he was mad, something that she saw rarely with him.

Sandor stood in front of the door and then began to tell Yvey what he saw. Wildstar watched as Yvey’s face went from confusion to anger. She walked over to him and slapped him hard across the face. “How could you do this to her, Stephen is right if you don’t tell her tonight I will in the morning.”

“Look it’s not like we have been on good terms. We haven’t slept with each other in months.”

“Funny how Nova tells me different, she’s worried about you and her. She’s been wondering what’s been bugging you and now I see why. You tell her tonight or I will, got it papi!” Yvey poke his chest as she snapped at him. “Come on Stevie let’s go before I do something I’ll regret later.” She took hold of Sandor hand and they left leaving Wildstar thinking of what happened.

056[1].jpgHe threw himself on the chair and ran his hands down his face closing his eyes. “Gosh, this is going to kill her if not her at least me.” He said out loud. Opening his eyes he was shocked to see Venture standing near the window. Jumping out of the chair and blood draining from his face, he tried to shake the image out of his mind.

 “It’s not a dream Wildstar.”

“But I, I . . . .”

“You have to tell her tonight Wildstar. Sandor may not tell her but Yvey will. She will the first chance she gets. If you don’t tell her, it will hurt her more. At least if it comes from you than it might be less painful. I told you to end it, now you have no choice but to tell her.”

“Do you know how she will take it?” Wildstar swallowed back his words.

“She will take it hard like anyone that loves someone would. Be patient and she will forgive you. Now go home Wildstar and go face the music.” Venture said as he faded away.

“Venture wait! Don’t go . . . . I need to know what she will do.”

 “Go home Wildstar, go home.”

To be continued . . . .