Dark Days Part 2 by Yuki Wildstar

002.jpg21st of November, 2207

2331 hours

Derek grabbed his jacket and made his way down to the parking lot and jumped into the car. His mind racing as he came closer to their house. He walked into the house and went straight to his son’s room. As he tiptoed to Alex’s crib he smiled at the infant that slept quietly like an angel. “Oh Alex I’m not sure how your mother is going to take this news. Let’s pray that she doesn’t throw me out.” He leaned down to his son and softly kissed him on the head then made his way to their bedroom.

Nova looked up as he walked into the room. “Hey your home early how was your day?” Derek just gave her a smile and walked straight to the bathroom.  Nova sat on the bed and watched as he showered and wonder once again what was wrong with him. A few days ago she confined to Yvey that something was wrong with him. He had been distant and cold lately. She watched as he got out and put on some pajama pants, something else he has been doing lately. He walked over to their bed and sat down his back turned to her.

“Derek is everything alright?” she said as she reached for him. He flinched at her touch and then began to talk. Telling her what happened with Fiona. Nova sat there and listened to every word. Each word felt like someone punched her in the stomach and then ripped her heart out.

“Nova nothing more happened. It was only kissing.” He finally turned to her and saw she was crying. “Oh Nova I’m so sorry. I never meant to hurt you.” He said reaching for her.

“Don’t you FUCKING TOUCH ME!” she yelled.

“Nova baby, please I love you.”

“Get out!” she pointed to the door. Feeling guilty Derek got up and grabbed a pillow and blanket. “NO! I mean get your shit and get out of the house!” she yelled out loud with anger.

Derek stood there shocked. “Nova, can we please talk about this?”

“I said get out. I can’t stand looking at you, GET OUT!” she yelled louder.

“Lower your voice you’ll wake up Alex.”

“Oh no Alex, how am I going to tell Alex?” She began to pace the room. Feeling her world crumbling around her she pace more breathing heavily as she thought at what he just told her.

“Nova calm down Alex is only 10 months old.” He tried to hold her.

“I said get out.” She said then slapped him hard across his face.

Stunned at what she did all he could say was, “Nova.”

“Either you leave or I’m leaving with Alex.” She said warning him holding back not to slap him again.

“You're not taking my son away from me.” He said with anger and fear.

“Fine have it your way.” She walked into the closet and brought out two suitcases. Quickly she began to throw clothes into them and then took out a smaller bag. She walked past him into Alex room and began to take things out of his draws throwing clothes into it. Derek watched as she walked out of the house and to her car throwing her suitcases inside. She ran back into the house and into Alex’s room. She gently picked him up and started to walk out of the room. Derek stood in front of her and figured it best for both of them.

“Stay Nova, I’ll go.” He sighed. “I can’t have you and Alex running around in the middle of the night.” He walked out of the house and grabbed her suitcases out of the car bringing them back into the house. He went into their room, got dress and then packed some clothes. Nova stood in the living room with tears running down her face gently rocking their son.  “I’m so sorry Nova. I love you so much I hope that you can forgive me.” He said then tried to kiss her but she turned her head away from his kiss. He kissed his son on the head and whisper softly. “Take care of mommy, I love you both, Alex.” as tears streamed down his face. All she heard was the door closing behind her, not turning to see him leave.


0017 hours

Pesci Residences

“I’m sorry to bother you so late, Pesh.”

“No problem, Captain.  Come in you can stay in the guest room.”

“You sure Denise won’t mind?”

“She’s gone for three weeks so it’ll give you and Nova some time to work things out.”

“I can’t thank you enough for this. I was sure that you would tell me to jump in the lake.”

“Derek, don’t get me wrong I’m pissed at you. Nova is like my kid sister and what you did is inexcusable. And you can bet your ass if Denise was here she would be tearing you a new one. Now, it’s late. Try to get some rest.”


Back at the Wildstar Residence

Nova opened the door and Yvey gave her a heartfelt smile. “How are you chica?”

“Oh Yvey, how could he do this to me and Alex. I knew something was eating at him but this?” she cried. “I never thought he would do this to us. I should have known.”

“Nova why don’t I help you put Alex to bed and you go get some rest.” Yvey said as she realized that she was still holding Alex.

“How can I sleep, I have to think of Alex.” She continued to cry. Yvey took hold of Alex and walk Nova to her room. She called Yvey a few minutes after Derek left. Nova tried to talk on the phone with her but couldn’t say the words. Sandor looked at his wife and told her to go. Grabbing her car keys Yvey ran out the door and raced to Nova’s side.

“Try to get some sleep. I’ll take care of Alex.”

ya-8[1].jpg“Thank you Yvey, but you should be home with Stephen and Dee.” Nova tried to gain her composure.

“No te preocupar, Stevie the one that sent me here. So don’t worry about him he can take care of Dee. Now go get some sleep. I can take care of Alex.”

Nova walked into her room and closed the door while Yvey went to Alex’s room and put him into his crib. As she walked back down the hall she heard her crying out loud. Wanting so much to be there for her friend she stop herself from walking into her room and walked back into the living room and dialed her house.

“How is she, Yvey?”


“He obviously told her she’s a wreck. I’m staying the night she’s going to need some help here. Are you going to be alright with Dee?”

gundam00-14_169[1].jpg“Sure baby, stay as long as she needs you. I can’t believe him, how could he do this to her.” Sandor angrily said over the phone.

“I know baby, but right now we need to be there for her. I’ll see you in the morning. Love you.” She hung up the phone and walked back to the hallway. She lean in to Nova’s room and listen. “Good she finally fell asleep.” Yvey said quietly.



EDF Headquarters

Captain Derek Wildstar’s office

15th of December, 2207

1233 hours



susumu[2].jpgThree weeks went by since Nova kicked him out of the house. He sat in his office buried under paper work. He took on local assignments to keep busy. As he signed his name to some papers he heard someone knocking at the door. “Enter” he said then looked up. “Alex!” he jumped out of his chair and race to his son taking him from her arms. “Thank you Yvey. If it wasn’t for you I don’t think I would be safe to see him.”

“No problem Derek, oh I almost forgot come here Alex so you can show daddy what you can do.” She took him from his father and walked across the room. “Go on, go to daddy.”

“Wow when did this happen?” he asked as he watched his son walk across the room.

“Nova said yesterday that’s why she sent him to you. So you can see it.” Yvey smiled at them.

With a concern look Derek asked “How is she?”

Looking away from him she told him her concerns. “She lost some weight and she pretty much stays close to home. I’m a little worried about her, Derek. When I try to talk to her about you she changes the subject. I was surprise that she call me to come get Alex and bring him to you.” Derek’s face showed more concern. “Dere,k she wants to see you.”

“When?” he said as his face lit up from the news.

“She’s home now, maybe you can take Alex back to her and talk.” She didn’t want to be the one to bear bad news. Yvey argued with her until Nova caved in and said. “Fine, tell him I want to speak to him.”

“Thanks Yvey.” He grabbed his jacket and his son and ran for the door.

Yvey pulled out her cell phone and dial the number, “He’s on his way.”

 He drove to the house and let out a huge breath. It’s been three weeks since he saw her and he stared at his hands that were shaking, “why do I feel like it’s my first date.” He looked behind and saw that his son was sleeping in his car seat. He finally got out of the car gently picked up his sleeping son and walked to the house. “I hope she didn’t change the locks.” He said and was surprise to see that the door was opened. He walked into the house and went straight to his son’s room placing him in his crib. Quietly he walked around and began to search for Nova. He walked into the kitchen and realized that she was outside on the beach.

Nova walked on the beach as the cool breeze hit her face. She walked bare foot in the sand lost in thought. Taking in the last rays of the sunset for the day she turned to see him standing on their porch. Taking a deep breath she felt her heart skip a beat at how handsome he is. “Here goes nothing,” she said under her breathe and walked towards him. Derek met her half way and smiled when she looked up at him.

gallery666[1].jpg“Hello Nova.”

“Hello Derek, where’s Alex?”

“I put him down in his room. He fell asleep in the car. Thanks for sending him to me.”

She gave him a half smiled and said. “Did he show you what he can do?”

Smiling wide at watching his son walk for the first time, “He sure did, I can’t believe that he is getting so big.”

Nova stared at him then gave out a sigh, “Derek I didn’t ask you here for that. I need to tell you that I file for separation today.”

Feeling his heart drop to the floor, “You did what?” he said softly with shock. He wasn’t expecting this from her so soon.

“It wasn’t an easy decision. It’s just the best thing to do.”

“You had me come here to tell me this.” Derek said with anger. “What about Alex?”

“You will always be his father Derek. I will never stop you from seeing him. I just think that it’s the best thing to do. It will give you time to figure out what you want.”

“I want you Nova. Please don’t do this.” He began to beg as he reached to grab her arm.

Taking a step back she lowered her head. “I can’t do this. Not now. I said what I had to say now please leave.” She said and ran into the house.

Derek stood there shock at what she told him. “She’s serious I can’t believe this is happening. What the hell am I going to do now?” he said out loud as he sat down putting his head in his hands. “I can’t believe this.” he said as he watched the sun set from orange to red making the sky seem that it was on fire.  “What is it now? Hello?” he snapped as he heard his cell go off.

“Are you still at the house?”

“Yvey? Is this you?” he asked confused.

“Derek, I just finished talking to Nova and she sounded weird. Are you still there?”

“Yeah I am what do you mean she sounded weird?”

“Well I figure I’d call and see how everything went and she started to babble about how she needed to finish something. I kept asking her is everything’s alright but she just kept going on how she needed to do what she had to do. Derek, I’m really worried about her.”

Derek got up and headed for the house. With every word he picked up his pace. He ran into the house and began to look through all the rooms. He quietly looked into Alex room and then made his way into their bedroom. “Nova” he called out as he walked over to the bathroom door and gently knocked on it. “Nova, are you alright? Yvey called and she’s worried about you. Nova can you please open the door, honey.” He lean closer and listen for her. “Nova open the door please baby, I’m starting to worry. Nova, open the door.” Feeling something in the pit of his stomach panic began to reach him and he started to bang on the door harder. “NOVA, OPEN THIS DOOR RIGHT NOW!”  He yelled as he banged. From the corner of his eyes he looked down and saw a liquid substance coming from under the door. He bent down touched it and realize what it was. With all his might he kicked down the door. Nova lay on the floor lifeless. He picked her up pulled her closer to him, reached for his cell phone and dialed 911 “I need an ambulance at 14107 Kaito drive. Please hurry she cut her wrist.” He grabbed a towel and wrapped it around her wrist trying to stop the bleeding. “Nova baby, stay with me. Open your eyes please. Come on baby. Stay with me.” He cried. Within minutes the sound of the ambulance could be heard coming up the road. Derek picked up his wife and ran to the front door. He threw open the door as the EMT’s got out of the truck. “Hurry she’s lost a lot of blood. Please help her.”

“David get the gurney, Captain please you have to let her go.” The Driver said.

“Nova, please baby hold on.” He cried.

They put her onto the gurney and race her into the truck as one place an IV into her arm while the other worked on them. “Captain, you can come with us.”  The EMT that placed the IV in yelled over his shoulder.

“I, I can’t my son, I have to get my son. I’ll meet you there.” Derek yelled as they closed the doors to the truck and race off to Great Island Hospital. Derek dialed her number and said. “Yvey meet me at the hospital.”

“Oh my god what happened?!”

“She tried to kill herself.”

“Madre de dios, I’m on my way.”

Derek ran back into the house and picked up his sleeping son trying not to wake him then ran back to his car and raced to the hospital. He ran into the hospital with Alex in tow and hurry to the nurses’ station. “Where did they bring Mrs. Wildstar? He ordered.

“Sir their working on her, please have a seat and the doctor will be out shortly.” The nurse said.

Slamming his fist onto the desk he screamed at the poor elderly nurse waking up his son that began to cry. “Where the hell is she?”

Running up behind him Yvey and Sandor walked in just in time to stop him from hitting the elderly nurse. “Wildstar come on, there’s nothing you can do right now. She’s right let’s just sit and wait.” Sandor said.

“This is my entire fault Sandor, she try to kill herself because of me.” Derek began to cry as he held on to his son who now was crying for his mother. Yvey took hold of him and began to rock him to calm him down.

“Shh Alex it’s alright mommy’s gonna be just fine.” She cooed.

“Derek what happened?” Sandor asked

“She told me that she file for separation. Then Yvey , Yvey call and told me that she was talking weird and the next thing I knew I found her on the bathroom floor. What have I done?”

“She’s in good hands, Derek. She’ll come through this you have to have faith.” Sandor said.


Two hours later


Sitting down they both notice Doctor Spada coming into the room. Derek stood up and raced over to him. “Michael how is she?”

“She lost a lot of blood but we managed to stop the bleeding. We had to give 4 units of blood and she is still hooked up to an IV but she’ll be alright. She should be coming out of it soon, if you like to see her.” Placing his hand on his shoulder he wondered what happen for Nova to do something so drastic. “Derek is everything alright at home?”

“I’d like to see her now, Michael.”  He said avoiding his question.

“Of course Derek, Nurse Allen, please bring Captain Wildstar to see his wife.” He said to the elderly nurse.

Derek walked into the room and he listen to the sound of monitors that were attached to his wife bringing him back to the day they rescued her from that monster. The nurse put a chair next to Nova bed so Derek could sit down. “Oh Nova what am I going to do without you. You can’t leave us now, not like this.” He held her hand and laid his head on the bed.

Slowly Nova woke up and looked around. “Where am I?” she thought. She moved her hand and realized that someone was in the room with her. Derek felt her moved and looked up.

000e.jpg“Nova, thank God you’re okay.”

“Why didn’t you let me die?” she cried.

“What? Don’t talk like that.”

“Go Derek, Alex needs you.”

“Please don’t shut me out now.”

“Get out!” she pulled her hand away making Derek stand up. “I said get out! Nurse, Nurse.” She yelled pressing the button connected to the nurses’ station. Derek turned and walked out of the room. He walked back to the waiting room and asked Yvey. “Where’s my son?”

“Stephen took him for a walk. They might be in the lounge. Derek how is she?” Yvey try to ask but he was already down the hall looking for Sandor and Alex. He found them watching the fishes swim in the tank. Derek took his son and walked back to Nova room.

 Hearing the door opened she looked up to see him and her son standing in the room. “I told you to go away, just take Alex home.”

“Nova, look at him.” He said. “I said look at him. Look at your son, our son. How can you try to leave him motherless? How am I supposed to tell him why his mother left?”

“You wouldn’t!” she said panicking.

“I will not lie to my son when he asks why his mother left him so young because of your selfish needs. Now look at him. NOVA LOOK AT HIM!” he yelled.

To both their surprise Alex called out to his mother. With tears streaming down her face she looked at their son and reach out to them. “Give him to me!” Derek walked to the bed and handed their son to her. Nova grabbed hold of their son and began to cry. “Oh Alex I’m so sorry, mommy never meant to hurt you. I love you so much. I will never leave you.” He watched as she finally pulled him away and started to kiss him. He sat quietly at the foot of the bed and watched as she played with him blowing kisses on his stomach. Alex squealed with delight as his mother fussed and kissed him all over.

He finally stood up and leaned over to her. “Nova I’ll give you your separation. But I’m not going anywhere. I love you too much and if I have to move heaven and earth to fix us I will. I will always be there for you and Alex. If you don’t mind I like to stay at the house until you’re home. I love you.” He said then gave her a kiss on the cheek and left. He walked to where everyone was and told Yvey, “Can you bring Alex home when she falls asleep? I’ll be at the house.”

“Sure skipper” Yvey said then watch him walk down the hall and out of the ER.

“Poor guy he’s really hurting” Pesci said. Both he and Denise got the call from Yvey and they race down to be there for Nova.

“Poor him!” Denise said as she slapped her husband on the head. “He’s the reason why she’s here. He created this mess and for what? For some chick that thought he was a good looking guy. So don’t feel so sorry for the sap.”

“Yes ma’am” Pesci said as he slope down in the chair and rubbed his head.



Spada walked into the room and smiled as Nova played with her son. “Well I see that you’re feeling better already. Hey there Alex, I think you’re the best medicine for your mother.”

“He sure is.” Nova grinned as she looked at her son.

“Now let’s take a look at your bandages.” He sat down next to her and began to look them over. “They seem to be fine. But how are you Nova?”

“Huh, what do you mean?”

“Nova, I want to know why you would try to take your life. I thought you and Derek were so happy. And Alex here is something you wouldn’t leave for any reason.”

“I thought we were happy too. But I’d rather not talk about it right now.” 

19889_00-12-15_122_527lo[1].jpg“Hmm, very well but I think you should talk to someone. I want you here for a week and I’m ordering you to see a psychologist. Now I’ll get Yvey to come get Alex you need some sleep.” He said then left.

Yvey poked her head into the room slowly and smiled at her friend. “Hey there mami, como te siente?”

“Much better that Alex is here, thank you.”

“Doc says you need your rest. I can take Alex home with us if you like.” Yvey said as she sat down next to her.

“That’s fine Yvey, but you can take him home to Derek. He should be with his father right now.”

Yvey nodded her head and took Alex from her. “How long do they intend to keep you here?”

“One week and he wants me to see a shrink.”

“I think that’s a good idea. You need to talk to someone that is open- minded. Everyone is on your side and you won’t get any positive input from any of us about Derek. Now get some sleep. Alex, give mommy a kiss.”

“Thank you Yvey, I’m so sorry that you and Stephen were drag into this. You should be home with your son not here with me.”

“Hey that’s what friends are for. Anyway Dee is with his abuela y abuelo. And you know that they are spoiling him rotten right now.” She grinned.

“Yvey thank you and Denise for being such good friends.”

“De nada, now sleep.” With Alex in her arms she left to bring him to his father.



Wildstar Residence

20th of December, 2207


“Hello Yvey, thanks for bringing him home.”


“How is she?” he asked with concern.

“She’s doing better.  Alex here just makes her light up every time he comes to visit.” She said. “I can pick him up tomorrow about 1030. Dee has an appointment at 12. If it’s too early I can ask Denise to come pick him up.”

“Oh no, the way she looks at me are like daggers. I’m surprise that you haven’t said anything or try to kill me.”

“Look, Derek. Trust me when I say that I would love to stab you in the eye with a spoon, but I have to think of my god son. Someone has to stay sane in all this. So I’ll pick him up tomorrow?”

“Yvey I have a favor to ask. I would like to take Alex to see her tomorrow.”

“I don’t know she made it clear that she doesn’t want to see you.”

“Oh come on Yvey. How am I supposed to win her back if I can’t see her?  At least I can use Alex to get back into her life.”

“You shouldn’t use your son,” She waved her finger at him. “But I see your point. I know she loves you and she is just miserable without you. If there are any two people I know should be together it’s you and Nova.” She explained. She watched his face and could see that he missed her. With a huge sigh she said “O Alright, fine you can take him. But if she tells you to go, you better. She’s going to be upset that I let you bring him, but I can handle her.”

“I promise if she asks me to leave I will.” He raised his hand.

“You better or else.” She snapped.

“Thank you Yvey.”



Great Island Hospital

21st of December, 2207


Nova stood looking outside of her room window. She watched as people came and went from the hospital entrance, once in while she would see a new mother and father leaving to bring their baby home. Smiling to herself she thought of the day that she and Derek brought Alex home. How happy he was to have a son. He fussed all over them and wanted to do everything for them. Her smiled quickly faded as she continued to think of how things went wrong so fast. Her thoughts were interrupted as she felt something on her leg. She looked down and smiled at what she saw. “Alex! Hello baby. I didn’t hear you come in. Yvey thanks . . . .” she was starting to say when she turned and found Derek standing in the door way.

“Hello Nova, how are you?” He asked.

52115[1].jpgNova looked at him with slit eyes then picked up her son. “You're getting so big Alex.” She said ignoring her husband. She walked back to her bed sat down and started to play with her son. Derek took a seat across from them and watched her with him. He sat quietly not wanting her to throw him out. He smiled at them as she played with their son, when Alex began to yawn. Quietly he got up and rolled the stroller over to her and helped her place Alex in it so he could nap. He looked up to face her and started to say, “Nova, I miss . . .”

“Hello Nova” they heard when Spada walked into the room “Oh I’m sorry I didn’t know you had visitors. I can come back later.”

“No Michael, come in.” Nova said quickly avoiding her husband’s pleas.

“I just came to check on your bandages.”

“Derek can you give us a few minutes please,” was the only thing she has said to him since he arrived.

“Sure Nov, I’ll just get some coffee.” He said and bent down to kiss her. She quickly looked away which tore at his heart then he turned to Alex and gave him a kiss. “Be back later.”

“I’m sorry Nova I didn’t mean to impose. Are you alright?”

“I’m fine. He just caught me off guard. I wasn’t expecting to see him so soon.”

“Well looks like your healing well so you shouldn’t have any scares. Doctor Rosen has informed me that you are doing great with the sessions. How do you feel, are you up to going home soon?”

“I think I am.” With a half smile she looked down at her son and said. “Alex here will get me through this.”

“You look good Nova. I’m glad that you are talking to someone. It’s good to let it out. I want you to continue to see him. You need an outlet and Doctor Rosen is an excellent Doctor.”

“Yeah I know he has been helpful. Thanks Michael for everything, you’ve been a great friend.” She lean forward and kissed him on the cheek. Spada smiled at her and place the bandages back on her wrist. Feeling lonely since throwing Derek out, she placed her hand on his face and lean forward again this time kissing him on the lips. His heart pounding Spada took hold of her and kissed her back. Nova wrapped her arms around him and brought him closer to her.

They kissed for a few minutes when he pulled her away from him. “Nova this is not the time. I don’t want to be a rebound man. I don’t know what is wrong with me. I shouldn’t be here kissing you I should be encouraging you to get back with your husband. But I can’t, my feelings for you have always been there and you know that.” He said. “I better go. I have some more rounds to do. Get some rest I’ll come back later to check in on you.”

Derek stood back and waited until he left then enter the room.  He watched as his wife willingly kissed him and it tore his heart apart. Nova watched as he walked in and could see the sadness in his face. She knew then that he had seen her kiss him. He walked over to her and said. “I have to run to the office are you going to be alright with Alex.”

“Derek stay until he wakes up, its best that he sees us together when he wakes.” Without saying more he sat down and watched as she drifted off to sleep.

Thirty minutes later . . . .

Alex woke up looking for his parents. Derek quickly scooped him up and nudged his wife so she could feed him. He quickly gave her a kiss on the cheek and left.



“Captain Wildstar I wasn’t expecting you here today.” His aide said.

“Just figure I finish up some paper work before it gets crazy again.” He said as he walked into his office. Derek looked at his IN Box with a huff he sat down and began to go through his papers. ‘Gosh how did I get so far behind’ he thought at the same time his intercom went off. “Yes”

“Sir, there is a Ms. Fiona Hernandez here to see you.” His aid voice came over the speaker.

“Shit, not now” he said out loud. “Fine let her in.” Derek stood up and walked in front of his desk. She walked in with a smile on her face and threw her arms around his neck giving him a kiss on the lips. Grabbing hold of her arms he pushed her away.

“Derek what’s wrong?” she asked. She was walking out of an office when she saw him walk into his office. She knew that he was avoiding her since she saw him last and figure to stop by and say hello.

“I’m sorry Fiona, but I can’t do this anymore.” He said with heavy heart. “I told Nova about what happened.”

“You did?” she grinned. “What did she say?”

“She threw me out of the house.”

“Oh Derek I’m so sorry, but now we can actually pursue us.”

“No Fiona we can’t, I know now that I love her with all my heart. Unfortunate for me I learnt that lesson too late. But it’s not too late to work things out with her. What we had was nothing more than an infatuation. Fiona I’m sorry I have to work things out with her.”

“But Derek now that Nova knows she just might give you a divorce and . . .”

“But I don’t want a divorce Fiona, I love my wife. What happened with us was a mistake. Please understand.”

“But Derek . . .”

ya-23[1].jpg“Look she’s having a rough time right now and I’m the cause of it. She’s in the hospital now trying to get her life together and the worst part about it I think she is trying with another man. I’m not going to let that happen. I love her and my son too much. Fiona please, you’re young and beautiful someday you will fall in love with the right single guy.”

Wiping the tears from her face she nodded at what he was telling her. “Alright, I understand. Your right, I guess this makes my decision easy.”

“What decision?”

“I was offered that job back in the states. Washington DC actually, it’s an intern position and maybe it’ll lead to a better job within the capital.”

“That’s just great Fiona, I’m happy for you.”

“Thank you Derek, I hope that you’ll be able to patch things up with her. I guess I should’ve known that you would never leave her. The way you talk about her and your son, you really do love her.  I hope that someday I will find someone like you.”

“Me too, you’re a nice person. You could’ve been a psycho and drag this on, thank you for understanding.”

“Good luck Derek, I should go.” She said giving him a kiss on the cheek. She wiped the lipstick off his cheek and then left.

Derek walked back over to his desk and tried to get back to work when Sandor walked in. Putting his hand up and said, “I’m not in the mood for the lectures Sandor. I told her that it’s over. Anyway she’s leaving town so there no way of her bumping into Nova.”

“Derek, Nova is being released tomorrow.” Sandor said quickly.

Smiling, “That’s great I guess I better finish here and get everything ready for her tomorrow.”

“Huh Derek, this is more like a warning. She doesn’t want you there when she gets home.”

He lean back in his chair, a stabbing feeling hit his heart. “Fine, I guess I better get my stuff out of there then. Thanks Sandor for the warning.” He said and went back to work. Sandor stood there feeling horrible that he had to deliver the message but he saw him first.