Dark Open Space

Part 2

By Yuki Wildstar



13th of July, 2232


Cadet Commander Derek Wildstar Jr. sat among other pilots on the conference room of the Argo. He looked around sizing up his other comrades.  There were a few he knew personally and some that were well known. He was with the top fighters including his father that stood next to the screen as he informed all of them what he expected of them with training. “Now I don’t want any hot dogging out there. The last thing I want is to contact a love one about an accident. Let’s be professional out there and stay safe. We begin exercise in 40 minutes. Good luck. Dismiss Gentlemen. Wildstar, a word.” He said.

“Yes sir.”

“I want you to stick by me out there. No showing off, do you understand.” Wildstar told his son.

“Yes sir.” DJ saluted his father and turned to join the other pilots as they prepared to take off.


He sat in the cockpit of his fighter and looked over to where his son now sat. He gave a smirk remembering himself at that age. So many years ago he was on this very ship heading to an unknown planet in hopes to restore their beloved Earth back to it beautiful lush self. He reminded him of when he was his age, so young with great responsibilities sat on his shoulders back then for him and many others on this ship. If they fail they would lose Earth to the Gamilons and the human race would have been of no existences. DJ reminded him of himself young and ready to take on the universe. He nodded in his direction and then turned back to his panel. A picture of Nova sat on his right side staring back at him. It has been only a few days since they left and he missed her already. He watched as they gave him the thumbs up for departure. Wildstar saluted him and moved his fighter to the catapult. Wildstar listened as he heard them count down to his take off. “5, 4, 3, 2, 1, good luck sir.” He heard a voice come through his helmet. As many times before he sat back and set off into the dark open space he had grown to love. Flying was his passion and being out in space flying was always a thrill. He moved his fighter to the front of the formation and waited until everyone was there. “Alright let’s get this started.” He said into his helmet and pushed his ship to its limit. They worked feverishly with training. Wildstar was impressed as to how good his son was. Alex watched from the bridge of the Argo and smiled knowing that his brother was as good as his father. DJ Wildstar sailed through the obstacle course without error. He flew past his father’s ship and gave him a wave. Wildstar frown and then gave him a grin. “Cocky little bastard,” he said under his breath. By the end of the training they were all exhausted. As they pulled back to the ship one of the ships flew past DJ almost taking him out.

DJ felt the pulse of the ship jerk and he fought to keep it under control. “Shit!” Seconds later he took control of the fighter. “Whew, that was close.” He stared over to the passing ship and watched as the pilot gave him the finger. “Jerk.”

“Cadet Commander Wildstar, are you alright?” he heard his father’s voice come through his helmet.

“Yes sir. I’m fine.”

“Good let’s get back to the ship. This exercise is over.” Wildstar called over to the other fighters. “Everyone return to the Argo.” He ordered.


Thomas Eldred despised the young Wildstar. All his life he was passed over for members of the Star Force family. First it was Captain Eager children, then Captain Glitchman, it was always one or another. Now it was another of the Admiral sons. Eldred met Alexander Wildstar once, he thought he was arrogant cocky brat back then. Now he was his superior and running a battleship. He stayed low and under the raider. The less he dealt with the Wildstar’s the better. Eldred past record with EDF wasn’t the greatest. His aggressive way of flying was always securitized by his superiors. He was reprimanded to many times to count. Watching some of his classmates get rank quicker than him made his blood boil. Now it was a cadet. He wasn’t even commissioned as an officer yet and here he was making him look like a fool with his flying. DJ Wildstar first watched as he flew making major mistakes almost causing ships to collide. More than twice he cut him off while training. Eldred soon took it to another level by brushing roughly against him as he walked by him. Once he purposely pushed him against his fighter making DJ take a swing at him. He thought of going to his father or brother but knew it would mean his fellow pilots would peg him as a snitch or a daddy’s boy. He wanted to be treated as an equal. He was just as good as they were, even better. Eldred was the only one that would belittle him and DJ would push back.

DJ was in formation ready to head back when Eldred pull alongside him. “Not on your best today are you Wildstar.” He said with a sneer.

DJ rolled his eyes and tried to ignore him. He was the last of the fighter ready to enter the Argo with Eldred next to him. He looked ahead and then looked quickly at his instruments. In a quick second Eldred moved his fighter closer to DJ’s and moved fast to cut him off. DJ almost hit him straight on. “What is wrong with you!” DJ screamed into his helmet.

“What’s the matter Wildstar? You can’t even cut it as an ace fighter.”

“Shut up Eldred!” DJ snapped back.

“Poor little Admirals kid can’t even fly straight. He almost took me out.” He sang into the helmet.

“Back off Eldred, you know I can fly circles around you with my eyes closed. It must suck that even the janitor in my school can do better.” Laughter rung out in his helmet and Eldred face blush red from anger.

“You little punk! Wait until I get my hands on you.” He said under his breath. Landing on the Argo, DJ jumped out of his fighter and tossed his helmet into his locker. Eldred stepped behind him and tapped him on the shoulder. “What did you say, you little punk.”

“Leave the kid alone Eldred.” Another pilot said.

“You think just because you’re the Admires kid that you can do whatever you like. Next time you get in my way I’ll shoot you down.”

“You and what army!” DJ yelled back. Eldred grabbed hold of his collar and DJ pushed him away from him. “Don’t you ever touch me! The next time you do I’ll show you what this kid can do.”

“Bring it on Wildstar.” Eldred stepped closer to him.

DJ tightened his fist and came closer to him when he felt a hand on his shoulder pulling him back. “Is there a problem here!” Wildstar snapped at the two. From the distances he could see the two argue and decided to stop it before it got out of hand.  

Eldred and DJ snapped to attention and saluted. “Sir!” they both said.

“Lieutenant Eldred! What is the problem?” Wildstar asked.

“Nothing sir, just a little misunderstanding,” he said.

“Wildstar?” Wildstar looked at his son.

“Just like the Lieutenant said, sir, just a little misunderstanding.”

“Looked a lot more than that,” He looked them both over and said, “hmm, very well get back to work.”

They watched as WIldstar left the hanger and Eldred turned to DJ, “good idea on keeping your mouth shut if you know what’s good for you.”  He said and walked away.



DJ’s next run in with him was two days later. They were flying out of formation and Eldred fired a live round in his direction then cut off two other pilots almost causing them to crash. When they return DJ jumped out of his fighter and ran straight to Eldred slamming him against the wall. “You IDOIT! You almost killed us out there. What the hell is wrong with you!”

“Get off me you little runt!” Eldred pushed him back, “don’t ever put your hands on me again or next time YOU may never come back from training.”

DJ stepped towards him and swung with all his might hitting Eldred on the jaw making him reel to the floor. “Get UP!” he screamed. Eldred began to get up and the two pilots he almost made crash grabbed hold of him.

“Not so fast Eldred!” one said.

“Let me go!”

“Calm down! Or else the chief will be here to see what’s going on.” The other one said.

They let him go and he stood in front of DJ, “This is not over!” and left the hanger.

DJ felt his hands shake wanting to punch something, preferably Eldred but he shove his hands into his jacket and headed to his private quarters. He lay on his rack and stared up to the ceiling. “The smug son of a bitch, if it wasn’t for Davis I would have put him in the medical ward!” He sat in his bunk for hours after soaking about what happen. It was later when he heard someone knocking on the door. “Enter!” he called out.

Alex walked in and said. “We haven’t seen you since this afternoon. What’s going on? Is everything alright?”

“I’m fine Al, just tired.”

“Well Dad and I were expecting you for dinner. He sent me here to come get you.”

“I’m not hungry. Tell dad I’ll see him tomorrow.”

“Are you feeling sick?”

“Naw, just not in the mood to deal with anyone right now.”

He looked at him and frowned. “Alright, see you in the morning. Do you have training?”

“Naw, I’m off tomorrow.”

“Okay, I’ll let dad know.”


“Yeah Deej.”

“You think I can call Marisa?”

“Sure, I’ll inform the communications officer to give you a line.” He stared at his brother and could see how much he missed her. He knew there was something more to the day’s work but he wasn’t ready to talk.

“Thanks Al.”

He nodded his head and finally said before leaving him, “Make sure your there for breakfast. You know dad, he will be upset if you’re not there on time.”




He walked into the communication room and waited until the line clear and he saw her face. He smiled wide as her face appeared. “Hey there!” he said softly. “I’ve missed you so much. How is everything going there in Italy?”

“I missed you too Derek. Are you coming home on time?”

“As far as I know we are schedule to arrive on time.”

“You look tired baby, are you sleeping well?” She looked at him with concern.

He grinned slightly and said. “I’m okay, we get up pretty early for training and all the meetings. It can really take a toll on a person. Sometimes I need to relax. How did my dad and mom do it all those years fighting battles? And I had sleep.”

“Derek, what’s really bugging you?” Marisa asked.

“Huh, what do you mean?”

“I know you too well, something is bugging you besides the lack of sleep. What’s going on Wildstar?”

He gave her another smile and said, “It’s nothing baby. Just some two bit Jerk testing my patients.”

“Derek, please don’t get into trouble while you’re out there, especially with your father and brother in charge.”

“Don’t worry I’m on my best behavior out here. How are things with you? How is the internship?”

Her eyes lit up and he could see them dance. “It’s wonderful. Marilyn has been such a great influence. She showed quick ways of drafting. How dresses fall more elegantly. How to feel material for texture, it’s just wonderful.” She went on about things he had no clue about, but he sat there and listened to everything smiling and agreeing with her. “Derek, thank you so much in getting me this. Gino thinks that I should extend my stay to learn more.”

GINO? Who the hell is Gino? DJ lean forward and wondered where did this come from? “Who is Gino?” he finally asked.

“Oh I guess I didn’t mention it. He is Marilyn’s grandson. He is learning the company business. He is such a dear. He has been helping me in my Italian so I can communicate with a lot of designers. When Marilyn finally steps down he will take over. He’s so good in putting designs together. How he puts suits together for men. I managed to dress my dad and he almost looks like a model, well that’s what Gino says.” She blushed.

DJ listened and thought, ‘he has to be gay, right?’ “So he is taking over the company. Well that is good for you. You have a direct connection. Is he married?”

“Gino? Haha, no. He prefers to stay single. He hasn’t found the one yet or so he says.”

“Well it’s nice to know that he’s willing to hold out for the prefect guy.”

“Guy!” Marisa let out a loud laugh. “Derek, he isn’t gay! He is very much heterosexual. You should see all the beautiful women he has dated. Mostly all models.”

‘Hmm, so he isn’t gay. I have to keep closer contact with her.’ He thought. “Oh, well we should be arriving on time. I hope to see you there. I’ve missed you so much.”

Her eyes soften and said, “Derek, I was thinking of staying here the extra week. Gino was thinking of using a few of my piece in the fashion show coming up. It will be a great introduction to the Fashion community.”

DJ heart felt heavy thinking that she wouldn’t be there to see him come home. He looked disappointed and said, “Marisa I love to see you there.”

“I know baby, but its only one week. This is a great opportunity for me. It will be my first show.” She wanted him to understand it was something that she wanted desperately.

He huffed and tried to give her a smile. “I know it’s important to you. If you want to stay an extra week then you should do it.” He thought for a second and then said. “You know what I’ll do? Once I land I’ll take the first flight out there so I can see a pro in action. Then right after that I’m stealing you back to Great Island.”

Her eyes danced and said, “Oh Derek,”

“I will be at the show cheering you on.” He told her.

She smiled wide and blew him a kiss. “I’ll make sure you get front row seats. I knew you’d understand. Thank You, Derek. I promise the minute the show is over I am all yours. I love you so much. I miss you.”

“Not as much as I miss you.” He heard his name being call over the ships intercom and he turned to her and said. “I should go. I love you. I’ll try and call you tomorrow. Goodnight, baby.”

“Good night Derek and stay out of trouble.” He smiled at her and turned the communication off.  He jumped out of the chair and headed to his father quarters. He knocked on the door and waited until he called out to enter. DJ stepped into his quarters and saluted his father and stood at attention. “Sir!”

“Relax DJ.” Wildstar told his son. “Just wondering why you weren’t at dinner. Is everything alright?”

“Everything is fine Dad. I just missed Marisa.”

“I know how you feel. I miss you mother very much. Listen I heard you had a run in with one of the other pilots. Is there something I should know?”

He jumped on his father’s bed and lay out with his arms behind his head. “Naw, everything is cool. Nothing I can’t handle myself. You can relax dad.”

Wildstar frown and slapped his feet off his bed. “Get up. This is not home. Are you sure there is nothing going on?”

“Yup everything is just great.”

“You sure there is nothing I should know?”

“Relax pops everything is Cool.”

“WILDSTAR!” His Father screamed. “I might be your father, but you’re on MY vessel I am still the captain of it! So, Pops, Daddy, and Daddy O better not come of your mouth for the remainder of this mission or I’ll make sure that you spend the rest of your time swapping the decks! Got IT!”

DJ sat up and lowered his head. “Yes sir, sorry.”

“Now go get some sleep. Do you have an early flight in the morning?”

“No sir. It’s my day off.”

Wildstar shook his head in defeat. “Fine, try to stay out of trouble will ya?”

“Aye aye sir.” He stood up and started to walk out the door.

Wildstar stopped him and said, “Deej,”

“Yes sir.”

“I love you.”

DJ smiled at his father and gave him a wink, “Love you too Pop’s.” Wildstar grinned and shook his head. He picked up a book and threw it in his direction as he quickly closed the door.





2 days later


Morning exercise was tense for DJ. His mind wondered about Marisa and her new friend. He waited his turned and thinking, ‘why are you so worried Deej, he is probably some horn rim nerd that all the girls see him as their boss and his money. Relax!’ he moved his fighter with ease through the course taking his shots and thinking about her. The force of another ship passing him and cutting him off snapped him back to reality. “What the,” he called into his helmet.

Laughter came through his helmet and he heard Eldred say, “You need to keep on your toes Wildstar.”

“Prick!” DJ said under his breath. Throughout his training Eldred seemed to get in his way. By the time they all dock back on ship DJ was fuming. He jumped out of his ship and threw his helmet at Eldred hitting him in the head. DJ dove forward and tackled him to the ground. The other pilots looked on as DJ and Eldred went to blows. DJ swung at him punching him in the eye and nose, while Eldred punched DJ in the stomach. The fight went on as the crowd of pilots cheered on to them fighting. The commotion was so loud it caught Alex attention as he was walking back to the bridge from the third bridge. He ran into the hanger and found all the pilots circle around two other pilots fighting. He pushed his way through them and saw as his baby brother was in a street brawl with another pilot. He grabbed hold of Eldred and ordered the pilots to help take DJ off of him.

“STOP THIS RIGHT NOW!” he yelled. “Help me now!” another pilot took hold of DJ and they pulled them apart. Alex stepped between the two and yelled, “What the hell is going on here!” he stared to each one and turned to his brother. “Well Wildstar talk!”

“It was nothing sir.”

Alex turned to Eldred that looked at his brother with hatred, “Nothing sir.”

“Nothing! What do you two take me for some idiot!” he turned to the other pilots and ordered. “You all are not off the hook either! Get back to your stations before I give you all what they will get! NOW!” Alex then turned to his brother and Eldred. “Conference room , NOW!”

They follow him back to the main conference room and stood at attention. Alex stood in front of them with his arms cross. “I don’t know what is bugging the both of you but it stops here. If the captain gets wind of this you both will be in the brig. You will lose your rank and YOU!” He pointed to his brother, “Will never ever fly again. So quit the SHIT! Now you two will report to the mess hall at 1300 hours today and help out with the kitchen. AND I better not see both of your face peeking out. I don’t want the captain to know about this. He has enough headaches he doesn’t need anymore. Dismiss!”  He watched as they both walked out the door and let out a sigh. He walked on the bridge to find his father standing in the middle of the room looking out into space. He turned and waved him over. “Sir?’

“What happen in the hanger?” One thing he learned from his friend Deslock was be alert to everything that goes on within your ship. There was nothing that happened on ship that he wasn’t aware of.

He stared at him in disbelief. How could he have known so quickly? “It’s been taken care of Sir.”

“Do I want to know?”

“No sir.” Alex told him. Wildstar nodded his head and continued to watch his bridge crew go over their work. Alex let out another sigh of relief glad that his father didn’t persuade it further with him. By dinner time he walked into the kitchen to check in on them. DJ stood over the sink washing dishes while Eldred scrubbed pots on the other side of him. They both worked back to back giving each other insults over their shoulder. Alex stepped in further letting them see him. They both looked up and continued to work in silence. Alex grinned and then left to go eat dinner with his father.

“Is DJ going to join us tonight or is he ditching us again?” his father asked.

“I believe he has plans elsewhere tonight. He’ll have breakfast with us in the morning.” He grinned then began to eat.

DJ was exhausted by the end of the night. He didn’t want to see another dish to clean in a long time. Eldred finished his last pot and wiped the hot steam sweat from his brow. They both began to leave the kitchen and he shoved DJ against the wall. “This is not over Wildstar.”

DJ pushed him back and said. “Bring it on Eldred.”

“You little punk!”

“What’s going on here?” They heard the executive chef say.

Eldred past and shoved DJ aside and left, DJ just said, “nothing sir,” and followed suit to his room.






He sat in the communication room listening as Marisa went on about her day. DJ sat and listened as he always did. He smiled at her feeling her joy. “and I finished my last design. Marilyn thinks it’s wonderful. I can’t wait until you meet her. I’ve told her all about you. She says she kind of remembers you but you were just a baby. Oh my gosh, I almost forgot. I got my picture in the papers, here.” She held up a page and it was a picture of her on the front page. She was standing close to a handsome man. He looked their age and very well dressed.

“Who’s the guy?” DJ asked.

“Oh that’s Gino. He was pushing me in front of the cameras.” He looked closer and could see his arm around her waist. Leaning back he narrowed his eyes and began to get jealous. “He wants me to be as big as his grandmother.” She went on as he sat there silent. “Gino is taking me out to dinner tomorrow so I can meet some of the other designer. Ciao, è un piacere conoscerti. Io amo i tuoi disegni.”

“Huh, what?”

“I said, hello, it’s a pleasure to meet you. I love your designs. Gino say’s my Italian is very good, almost as fluent as his.”

“I bet.” He said under his breath. “Will his grandmother be there at the meeting?”

“I don’t think so. She hasn’t been feeling herself lately so he is going to do all the business. This is so exciting, he’s going to show me how to wine and dine other designers and big department store representatives. If they like my designs I just might get a showing in fashion week.”

“Marisa, don’t you think this is going a little fast? I mean he might be doing this for a reason.”

Marisa frown and she felt her happiness being taken from her. “and what reason would that be?” she said feeling herself get angry.

“I mean dinner all the glitz and glamor. Have you asked yourself why he is being so nice to you?”

“My God Derek are you asking me to not go. This is a great opportunity for me. If this works out I can get a big jump on other designers.”

“No, no I’m happy for you but it’s just that well, maybe his intentions might be somewhere else.”

“There’s no need to be jealous Derek, you CAN trust me. Anyway he totally harmless.”

“Hmm, famous last words.”


“Nothing. I’m glad that it’s all working out for you.”

“Gosh I’m sorry I have to go, Gino is calling for me to the office. I have to go. I love you Derek.”

“Marisa wait!” he started to say but she already hung up. Who the hell was this Gino guy? DJ got up and went to his room. He pulled out his laptop and began to research Gino De Franco. Pictures and articles came up on his screen and he began to look through them. He knew he was Marilynn Holt’s grandson. Born to Marilynn’s daughter Christina he would inherit everything. He was sharp business man.  His grandmother groomed him from the day he was born. He was young but he knew how to run a business. The newspapers praised him calling him a young genius when it came to fashion. On the tabloid side he was a ladies man. Always with some beautiful model, he was handsome, dress well and was with a new woman ever other day. He left a string of broken hearts and secret love affairs with married women since he was 17. The more DJ read the more he feared for Marisa. She was falling for his charms and he didn’t like it. How was he going to get through to her while he was millions of miles in space? For now he had to concentrate on his duties then once he was on Earth he would deal with Mr. Gino and his charming ways.






Wildstar sat at the table waiting for his sons to come to dinner. He made it a priority to have breakfast and dinner with them.  He looked around and watched some of the young officers chat with each other about their day. He smiled to himself thinking of the many times he sat with his friends talking the same way.  He missed his comrades from the Star Force. So many friends he lost in battle and others moved on to other ventures. He looked around at the structure of the massive vessel. This was once his only home and the dark open spaces was his future or at least he thought at one time. They are all so young, they make me feel so old, he thought. DJ entered the room and he grinned. He was so much like him. It brought him back to so many memories of his youth. He was proud of all three of his sons. Although Mark chose not to come or follow in his footsteps, he was very proud of him to follow his own dreams. He waved his youngest over as Alex entered behind him. They both stood before their father and stood at attention saluting him, waiting for his return salute. “At ease, have a seat.” He told them. They talk on about their day, Alex and his father continued about what needed to be done the next day while DJ listened. Their dinner was long as they all went back and forth about regulations. After dinner Wildstar went to his quarters and buzzed down to the communication officer. “Is she still holding?”

“Yes sir.”

“Good, put her through.” He ordered him. He slipped off his jacket and shirt and sat behind his desk watching as the screen came on. He watched as Nova’s face show up on the screen and he smiled at her. “Hello gorgeous, how are you?”

“Good, only thing is, is that I miss you so much.”

He grinned and said. “I miss you too. We should be home on time and before you know it I will be holding you in my arms. How is Miku?”

“She’s at a sleep over with one of her friends, she sends her love.”

He huffed and felt like he aged within seconds. “Does she have a boyfriend yet?”

She giggled and said, “There a few hot guys, as she would put that she kind of likes.”

“Hot? Huh. Does Mark know about them?”

“Relax Derek, your son has stepped in to scare the hell out of them.” He grinned, “and she’s not ready to settle down with just anyone. She’s looking for someone like her dad.”

“Well that could be just about anyone.” He laughed.

“Come on, Wildstar. You’re selling yourself short.”

He blushed and said. “I’m lucky to have you.”

“You got that right skipper.” Her eyes look deep into his and said. “I miss you so much. Nights like this I feel so lonely. Miku is out at a sleep over and Mark is having a late dinner with a girlfriend. Maybe it’s time to get a pet to keep me company.”

“A pet? Nova I don’t think that is a great idea. Remember the Hamster that we got the boys. It was dead for three days before Mark decided to tell us it wasn’t moving anymore.”

Nova giggled, “I know and it smell to high heaven. You know I got a lot of slack at work when I told them I threw it in the trash.”

“Well babe, it was part of the family to the boys. We could have buried it.”

“Oh please. They were just happy that they didn’t have to clean the damn cage anymore. Any way it would be my pet not the kids.”

“Okay we’ll get you one of those fufu dogs. The one’s you can carry in your purse.”

Nova twisted her face and shook her head. “Is that how you see me? Some up town obnoxious girl?”

He laughed at her and wiped the tear from his face. “No baby, you have a ton of class. How about you wait until I am home and we can look at pets together. Its late and I have to fly with DJ in the morning. I’ll be dreaming of you baby. I miss you.”

“Miss you too. I love you. Good luck in the morning and tell the boys that I love them.”

“I will, love you too baby.” They blew kisses at each other and he closed his screen. He took a deep breath and felt his heart break. He missed her more then he thought he would. He looked at his calendar and noticed their time was almost over and he would be holding her soon. He looked at the reports on is desk and quickly went through them before heading off to bed.







Each day DJ and Eldred went at odds with each other. Eldred continued to taunt DJ, cutting him off and trying to make him make mistakes. DJ tried his best to walk away from a fight, but Eldred pushed him to his limits in patients. Their final brawl was in the mess hall. DJ sat waiting for his brother and father to come to dinner. He looked over a flying manual to his fighter. He felt someone breathing over him and staring. When he turned he looked up to Eldred, his eyes burning with hatred towards him. “What do you want?” DJ asked.

“You little punk, I know it was you!” Eldred said with vile.

“What are you talking about?” DJ said as he started to get up. He wasn’t about to let him push him around anymore.

“You know what you did. You were screwing around with my ship.”

“What the hell are you talking about? I wasn’t near your ship.” DJ stood face to face with him.

“I know it was,” Eldred began and then saw as Captain Wildstar and Deputy Captain Wildstar walked into the mess hall. He poked him in the chest and said. “This is not over, punk. You’ll get yours sooner or later.”

“Is that a threat” DJ snapped back at him.

“It’s a promise.” Eldred said and walked away.

Wildstar and Alex watched as Eldred walked away and Alex reached his brother first. “What was that all about?”

DJ sat down and said, “Oh nothing. Just a,”

“Don’t tell me, just another misunderstanding.” His brother replied with his tired excuses.

He grinned and saluted his father. Wildstar eyes shifted from DJ to Alex and wondered. “So is there something I should know.”

“No sir, everything is just fine.” DJ said quickly. “Food looks good tonight, must be a special night for all of us.” He jumped out of his chair and ran to the line.

“What’s going on Alex?” Wildstar asked his oldest son.

“I’m still trying to figure it out. You know DJ he seems to always get into something or other. We just have to wait and see what explodes then we’ll know.”

Wildstar shifted his eyes across the room and huffed. “Just make sure he doesn’t do that. You know I hate dealing with paper work. And trying to explain it to the council is something I don’t want to do once we get back on Earth. I rather spend that time with your mother.” He said.




To Be Continued . . . . .


Tension with DJ Wildstar and Elder continue to grow. With a threat in the air what does Elder have in mind for the young Wildstar. What will also await DJ when he returns with Marisa? Read on to see what happens next. . . . .