Dark Open Space

Part 3

By Yuki Wildstar




4th of August, 2232

ELDRED packed his sea bag quickly, happy to get off the ship. His roommate was long gone to the gangway to meet his family. “If I get orders to this damn ship under those two again will be too soon,” he said. He opened his door and stared at two MP’s standing there ready to knock.  Eldred looked at one and asked. “What’s this about gentleman?”

“Sir, we have orders to place you under arrest.” The first MP said that stood taller than the other. He was 6 foot 210 pounds with sandy brown hair and bright blue eyes.

“On what charges?” he asked.

The other took out handcuffs and reached for his wrist, “for the attempted murder of Cadet Commander Derek Wildstar Junior. We are here to escort you off the ship and straight to the brig.” He was a few years older than the first and a little heavier with huge muscles. He had his head shaved and grey eyes that could pierce through anything.

Eldred swallowed back and said. “Wait a minute. What do you mean attempted murder? I would never have wasted my time with that little punk.”

“Sir, its best that you come quietly,” the one with the grey eyes said.

Eldred shifted his eyes around as other officers looked on in the hall way. “I demand to see the captain!”

“Sir, he is waiting for you at the gangway. Now please turn around.” He turned slowly and then placed his hands behind his back. They escorted him to the gangway. On deck Wildstar and Alex stood waiting with three other officers.  Alex stood next to his father wanting to beat him down. Eldred looked at his superior officers and then quickly turned his head. “I didn’t do anything.” He protested to them.

“Get him out of my site.” Wildstar ordered.

“It wasn’t me! I had nothing to do with his ship!”

“SHUT UP! You piece,” Alex snapped.

“Lieutenant Commander Wildstar, STAND DOWN RIGHT NOW!” Wildstar yelled at his oldest son. Eldred pushed one of the MP’s to the side and began to run down the gangway. Wildstar quickly followed suit. He grabbed him by the collar and turned him to face him. “Where do you think you’re going?” He held his hand tight around his neck. “DAD!” Wildstar heard his son call out to him. He pulled his hands away from his throat and stepped back. “Get him out of my face!” he ordered the two MP’s. “You better get yourself a good lawyer, if you can get one that will want your case.” He told him breathing heavily holding himself back from killing him.

They watched as he was escorted off the ship, yelling his innocence. Alex finally said. “We should go dad. Mom is probably at the hospital already with him.” He thought of when they finally landed and DJ was the first off the ship. His mother stood at the bottom of the gangway waiting as they brought him down. She hurried to his side and ran her hand through his hair. Tears stream down her face as she tried to keep her sanity thinking about her youngest son. Derek walked down beside him and watched as she began to give the ambulance crew orders. She turned to her husband as he walked closer to her. He took her in his arms and hugged her. “Nov,”

“We have to get him to the hospital as soon as possible. The Doctors are waiting for him.” She quickly said. Alex wondered would his parents be able to survive his brother accident. Alex watched as the ambulance race off to the hospital and prayed that his brother would be alright. He could see the pain in his father’s eyes and told the next in command that he would resume his father responsibility so that he could be by his brother’s side. Once Eldred was taken into the van he turned to his father and said. “I think you should go sir. I can take care of everything here.”

“No Alex, you go and be with your mother and brother.”

Alex stood before his father tall, his eyes taking a darker brown from tears building and said. “Not this time Dad. Mom is going to need you more now than ever. Go sir, I have this and that is my order to you.”

Wildstar grinned and gave him a salute. Alex saluted him back then hugged his father. “Thank you Alex.”

“Go Dad, there’s a car waiting to take you to the hospital.” He pat his father on the back and watched as he raced towards the car. Within seconds the car with his father in it took off towards Great Island Hospital. Alex looked back to the great ship and let out a sigh. “Captain Tanaka, let’s finish getting these men to their families and hand her over to the dock master.”

“Wildstar maybe you should go with your father.” He suggested.

Alex grinned and said. “Thank you but no. I have to finish this. There’s nothing I can do now but wait.” He turned and walked back up to the Argo.



The car pulled up to the hospital entrance and Wildstar stepped out. Quickly he made his way towards the reception desk and asked where they took his son. “Sir, he was taken upstairs to surgery on the 6th floor.” He rode the elevator up to the 6th floor and made his way to the nurses’ station. “Can you tell me about Derek Wildstar Junior?” The nurse looked on her computer and told him that he was still in surgery that he could wait in the waiting area down the hall. He walked into the room and saw Nova facing the window biting her nails. He walked over to her and she turned to see him standing next to her. Without a word she fell into his arms and cried. Derek held her tight crying with her. Minutes later she pushed him away and slapped him.

“You were supposed to keep him safe. If I’d known that this would happen I would never allow him to go. This is your fault! What happened? Who did this to my baby?”

Wildstar felt for his face, it stung from her slap. “We are taking care of it. We already arrested the officer.”


“Let’s not think of that now. Let’s just think of DJ right now.”


“Nova, I can’t discuss that with you right now. We are still collecting evidence. I want to make sure that we make all the charges stick. Have they told you anything yet?”

She shook her head, “No nothing.”

“Where is Miku?”

“She’s with Yvey. Mark is on his way here. Alex?”

“He’ll be here first chance he gets. Who is his doctor?”

“Michael called in a few favors and he’s gotten the top brain surgeons in the world. Doctor Jennetti McComb and Doctor Neil Papavassilliou; they are the best. Michael is in there with him too to observe. He said he will keep me informed. I wanted to assist but they wouldn’t let me. This is killing me I don’t know what’s going on. I should be in there with him.” She said and started to walk out the room.

Derek grabbed her back and held her. “They’re right, Nov. You’re too emotional. Let them do their jobs.”

“How can you be so calm! This is just like you, don’t you even care that OUR son is in there. He isn’t one of your officers this is OUR SON!

“I wish everyone would stop telling me that! I’m not a self-centered prick like everyone thinks I am. I know he isn’t anyone else. I worry just as much as you do about them. It wasn’t easy watching him lose control of his ship. I had to stand there and watch the whole thing and not able to stop it! Would you rather I run around screaming and yelling and crying over what happened? Trust me I would love to lose it. But it will be no good to you, or the kids, let alone DJ. I need to work to keep from losing my mind over him.” He snapped. “I want him to be okay, Nov. It kills me to see him like that. I want to kill the man that did this to him as much as you, but I have to make sure that it’s done the right way. If I lose my head I would be in jail not him. So yes I care about him, he is my son!” Derek sat down and held his head down.

Nova stood over him and watched as he broke down and cried for his son. She knelt down in front of him and hugged him tight. “I’m sorry Derek, I never thought of how you felt. I just thought you checked out and go into command mode.” She brought his face to hers and kissed him. “I’m sorry.” He took her into his arms and hugged her as he cried for his son. They sat in the waiting area for hours. Alex and Mark walked through the door together and sat across from their parents waiting to hear from the doctors. Ten hours later Spada walked into the room and took off his hair net and mask. They all stood up and waited until he spoke.

Nova ran to his side and held her breath. “He did great. We still have to wait and see but it looks like he pulled through. They are finishing up and will bring him to a room soon. Nova, don’t worry, he’s a strong kid he will come through this just fine.”

“Michael, will he be alright if he comes out of it?” Nova asked.

He took a deep breath and said, “We have to wait. Now there is a possibility that he will need therapy to get back to normal. His speech will be off and he will have to learn a lot of things again. But we won’t know that until he comes out of it.”

“Michael, will he be his old self?” Wildstar asked him.

He lowered his head and shook it. “I can’t answer that, we have to wait and see. I’m sorry I can’t give you any more information. I really am.”

Derek stuck his hand out and he reached to shake it. “You did your best that’s all we can ask for. Thank you for getting the best team on him.” It was the most sincere that he ever was to him and Michael knew it was hard for him to say those words to him.

“You’re welcome Wildstar, just give them a few to get him settled and then you all can go and see him. But please keep it short, he will need his rest to recover.” They all nodded and thanked him.

They all walked quietly into the room and listened to the machines. Alex stood tall and held his mother up as she cried. Mark stood next to his father and could see him age before his eyes. He took a seat next to his twin and reached out to touch his hand. If he could trade places he would. He knew something was wrong when he felt his head hurt the day it happened. The minute he came home he saw his mother’s face. She ran into his arms and told him that his twin was hurt and she had to call Spada. He soon learned what happened when Alex called him. Before picking him up he made the call to Marisa. She told him that she was taking the next flight out to be with him.  Now he sat there looking at his brother. “Will he be alright?” he asked his parents.

Nova stood next to him and looked down at her youngest son. “We have to wait and see.”

“Can he die?”

Nova brought his face to hers and said, “Don’t you give up on your brother so quickly. He is a Wildstar and a fighter. He will come out of this, just don’t lose faith.” He hugged his mother and wiped the tears from his face.





Within days word was spread throughout EDF and the Star Force members came out to support them in their time of need. Marisa walked into the room a day later and broke down to see him lying there with machines around him. She slowly walked towards him feeling if she moved any faster he would slip away forever.  She sat with him all night and talked about the silly things they did when they first dated. She cried most of the time and prayed that he could hear her. When she got the call she was in the middle of having dinner with Gino and his grandmother. To her surprised he asked her to continue with her studies there in Italy. She would have to talk it over with Derek and think about leaving everything to be there. “So will you work here once the show is over? We could use a fresh idea to the company. Your vision is exactly what we are looking for.” His grandmother said.

“I would love to, but I have to talk with my family first and of course Derek.”

“Tell me about your little love.” Gino said.

Marisa’s smile broadened and he could see her eyes dance. “Derek Wildstar,”

“The Admiral?” he asked.

“No,” she giggled. “Derek Wildstar is his father, he is Junior. He is a pilot like his father was. He’s serving on the famous Argo right now. His dreams of being a captain and follow in his father’s footsteps. He is loving and caring. Very sweet but can put up a little of front when he comes to his feelings. I love him very much.”

Gino listen in fascination as she talked about him. She was beautiful, as beautiful as a model and extremely smart. His grandmother approved of her the minute he told her that he like Marisa. ‘She’s a wonderful girl. A lot better than what you’ve been bringing home, Gino.” She told him. He began to invite her to functions, dinner and family affairs. She was witty and absorbed everything they taught her about fashion. After dinner with his grandmother he was going to ask her to come with him to one of their private islands for the weekend. But then her phone rang and the expression on her face told him something was wrong. He listened as she talked on the phone.

“I should get this,” she told them. Her phone was ringing continuously for over an hour and at first she didn’t want to answer it but when she saw the number come up she figured it best to answer it. “Hello?”

“Marisa, I’m sorry to call you,” She heard Mark’s voice.

“Hello Mark, I hope I didn’t miss Derek’s return. He said that he wasn’t due back for another week.”

“Marisa, I, I, I don’t know how to tell you this. It’s DJ.” She could hear the sadness in his voice and heard him continued. “He’s been in an accident.”

Her face went white and she forced herself to ask, “What happened is he alright?”

“No, they’re returning early from space. They told me that he was badly hurt and that he will need surgery. I won’t know more until they dock here tomorrow.”

“I’m heading home now,” she choked back her words and got up from the table. “Tell him I’m coming.” She cried.

“Marisa, are you alright to travel?” Mark asked. “I can send a plane for you.”

“I’m coming home.” She kept saying.

Gino stood up and took the phone from her. “Hello, this Gino. Who is this?”

“Mark Wildstar, DJ, I mean Derek’s brother. I was telling her that DJ has been in an accident.”

“I see I will make sure she is on the very first plane back.”

“Thank you. I will have a car waiting for her as soon as she lands.”

Gino hung up the phone and took her into his arms. “We will get you home.” He told her. “Come on we’ll get you packed.” He whisked her out of the restaurant and back to her hotel. She packed quickly and he brought her to the airport where he had his grandmothers private jet waiting. She flew all night and didn’t sleep. When she walked into the hospital they all could see her stress and how tired she looked.

Mark went to her side and said. “We need to talk.”

“I want to see him.” She said with defiance.

“He doesn’t look good. They did brain surgery on him as soon as he landed. There is a fifty-fifty chance of him coming out of it. If he does come out of it there is a possibility that he may not be the same. He will need extensive therapy.” She put her hand to her mouth and gasps. “He will come out of it alright we have to believe.” She nodded her head and he guided her to his bed side. Nova sat next to her son while Alex and his father stood near the window looking out. It was ironic that it would rain Wildstar thought. It seemed darker then the night as the rain poured down outside as they all sat there praying for him to get well. Nova looked up and told her to sit.

“Talk to him, let him hear your voice.” She told her.

She took his hand and rubbed her face on it, tears streamed down her face. She tried to choke back her tears as she spoke. “I love you, you idiot. You have to get better. You promised me that you would be alright and look at you. Don’t you dare leave me alone. We had plans for the future, what am I supposed to do if you leave me.” It was a heart breaking moment for Nova and Derek as they watched her cry over their son. It brought back so many sad memories of their time in war. Now weeks later she sat next to him still talking and telling him about her adventures in Italy.  Each day she would come early and stay late into the night. Mark would sit with her for a while and make sure she ate. He would force her to leave to get rest and she fought him each night that she wanted to stay.

“You have to get rest, Marisa. DJ would hate me if I didn’t look out for you. You need your strength now come on. I’m taking you home.”

“I don’t want to leave him. Suppose he wakes up and I’m not here?”

“He will understand. Please I’ll pick you up first thing, I promise.” He told her. Feeling defeated she would go with him every night.




15th of September, 2232



Four weeks later Wildstar stood before Eldred as he was sentence for attempted murder. He looked him in the face with hatred and said. “If I had my way I’d take you into deep space and kill you. I’d leave your body floating with a sign on your neck saying, I am a coward and a poor excuse for a human being. I almost murdered a promising pilot. You’re nothing more than a piece of shit wearing an honorable uniform. I hope that you meet the same fate that my son has faced, with were you are going. I do not care to forgive you and your soulless soul will suffer until your dead.” Eldred faced the judge and he was stripped of his rank, dishonorable discharge and sentence to life in prison. He would serve in the new Mars Prison that house more than 500 prisoners with violent past. Wildstar walked out of the court room and headed back to the hospital where his family now stood vigil to DJ’s bed side.


Weeks passed;  he stayed the same, deep in a coma. Gino would call every day to see how things were and she’d tell him the same. “Nothing today, but tomorrow who knows. He may just sit up and start talking.” She was hopeful that he would come out of it. It was getting late when Derek took Nova’s hand and said it was time to go. Miku was sleeping on the bench cuddled with a blanket. Derek picked up his daughter and began to walk out when they all heard it. Marisa face looked up and it seemed like everyone held their breath. His moan made everyone come closer to his bed and for the first time in weeks his eyes flickered open. Marisa stood up and sat on the bed as she watched his eyes focus to all around him. He looked around and wondered where he was at. He wasn’t sure who they were and why they were crying. He opened his mouth and felt the dryness. He tried to cough and felt his head spin.

“Don’t move Derek.” Marisa spoke first.

He looked at the angel that sat next to him and wonder who she was. The older woman was beautiful and he wondered why she was crying profusely. He tried to speak again but his voice wouldn’t come through. It frightened him to hear a crackling moan as he tried to talk.

“I’ll get the doctor.” Alex announced.

Nova came closer to the bed and smiled at her son. “DJ sweetie, try not to talk until the doctor checks you out.”

DJ is that my name? He thought. Who are all these people and why are they fussing over me. He looked from one to another and kept thinking that he somehow knew these people. He pushed his words trying to form them on his lips. “WhOooo , hOoo, who aRrr, who are YoUooo?” he asked. They all stood there shocked.

Nova sat down next to him on his bed and took his hand. “We’re your family.” She told him. “I’m your mother, this is your father, Alex, Mark and the little girl in your father’s arms is Miku your sister.” He turned his focus to Marisa and frown. “This is Marisa, she is your girlfriend.”

“Why is he talking like that?” Mark asked. “Deej, it’s us your family!”

“Mark,” Nova took hold of her son and continued. “This is to be expected. His memory will come back. We have to just tell him about his life.”

“How long will this last?” Mark asked.

“It’s hard to say, it can last a few hours or years. We just have to be patient.” He looked over to his brother and wondered did he see him as a stranger? “Mark, he is still your brother.”

DJ sat up and continued to look at the strangers in front of him. He stared to Marisa and thought she was very pretty. He reached to touch her and she moved closer to him. He jerked his hand back and she reached for his hand. “It’s alright Derek,” she said and placed his hand on her face.

The doctor walked into the room and they all stood back as he checked him out. He asked him questions and checked his vitals. He ordered the nurses to get blood work and have him taken down for x-rays and head scan.  It took hours of testing and they found him to be growing stronger. Nova spoke with his doctors and they found him to be getting better and stronger. She was happy to hear that and looked forward to seeing him coming home. She spoke with her husband that was in total confusion as to what was being said. “Medical terms are not my specialty.” He told his wife.

She smiled at him and said. “He will need physical therapy then they will be working on his speech. His memory will probably take time. It’s something that will have to come on its own.”

Derek felt depress that his own son would not remember him. He looked over to him and figured he give it a try. “How do you feel Deej?”

He opened his mouth and became frustrated unable to talk. “K, k, k,” he said. Wildstar heart reached out to him and held his tears back to hear his son unable to talk to him.

“That’s alright son, don’t force yourself to talk. It will all come back to you soon.” He wanted to ruffle his hair like he used to but the huge bandage that now covered his head made it impossible. Nova was at the nurse’s station going over his schedule with the doctors. Derek walked over to her and asked. “So, what now?”

“They are going to start his psychical therapy first thing in the morning. The speech therapist will come in the afternoon to work with him. We should put some picture together and try to get his memory going.”

Marisa sat next to him and catered to all he needed. She fed him and gave him something to drink. She talked to him about their time together. “You love to fly. It’s your passion. I swear when you’re in the pilot’s seat you light up. I remember the first time you took me up in your grandfather plane. You let me fly it, it was the most amazing feeling I ever had. You were so patient with me. You held the controls while I sat on your lap. It was one of the best times I remember.” She told him. DJ sat there and listened to her. He tried hard to remember who she was but he couldn’t remember. She saw the frustration in his face and reached over and touched his hand. “I know this is hard. But you will remember.” She lean over and tried to kiss him. DJ back away from her and she moved away disappointed. “Sorry, it’s just that I missed you so much. Well it’s been a long day for you. Tomorrow is going to be a hard day also. I’ll be here every step of the way.” she reached over and touched his face. “Get some rest. I love you.”





12th of October, 2232

One month later . . . . .


DJ was walking on his own within two weeks and his speech improved enough that he was unable to stop talking. Alex would tell him that he was back to his old self and never shut up. He asked thousands of questions and they all tried to give him as much information about his past. Marisa would show him pictures of their time together in school and when they went away. She showed him pictures of him and Fico his close friend from the academy. He would sometimes get frustrated that he could not remember anything and he would throw something across the room. One day he asked Marisa, “Why do they call me DJ and you call me Derek?”

She gave him a warm smile and said. “Because you are named after you father. His name is Derek. Your family calls you DJ so that you and your dad don’t get confused as to who is getting yelled at. I just simply call you Derek because that is your given name. It’s not like I am yelling at him.” Making him grinned at the logic. “Deej, is something that they just come to call you from your friends and family. You don’t remember anything do you?” she said disappointed.

“Sorry, but if there is any consolation I feel like I’ve known you all my life.” He said it because it was the truth. When he slept he saw her in his dreams, her body and his in twined together. He looked away and blushed thinking of it. He had to ask he needed to know. “Were we, um, intimate?” he asked in a low tone.

Marisa smiled and her face blushed, “yes we were. You were always loving and gentle when we did.”

“Were we going to be married?”

She looked away. “We’ve talked about it on and off. But our careers were a little more important right now.”

“Who is the person you speak to everyday?” he asked bluntly.

“He is a friend and a co-worker. His name in Gino De Franco he is the grandson of Marilynn Holt the famous designer.”

“What does she design, ships?”

Marisa laughed and said, “No silly, clothes.”

He made a funny face and then said. “But I taught you to fly.”

“I said it was your passion, not mine.”

“Oh, I figure I would date someone that loved the things I would love.”

“Well, that is what keeps us grounded.”

“The guy who looks like me, my twin?”


“No, the other one?”

“Alex, he is your older brother. You and he were always in competition with each other. You swore that you would take the Argo away from him one day. To be honest with you, he confided in me. He said you were a better pilot then he is. You have it in your blood like your father. He is the best pilot in all of EDF, you always told me.”

She saw him grin and could see a spark in his eye. “My mother?”

“Her name is,”

“Nova Forrester Wildstar.” He finished the phrase.

“Yes that’s her name. How did you know?”

“It popped in my head. Mark is my twin, he works for my grandfather?”

Marisa became excited and she began to shake. “yes, yes, that’s right. Oh my god! You’re starting to remember!” she jumped up from her chair and race out the door. She ran down the hall looking for his family. “MARK! MARK!” she yelled in excitement. Mark, Alex and Nova turned to see her running towards them, they were ready to get lunch and they heard her yell. “He, he remembers!” she jumped up and down holding on to Mark. “He is starting to remember!” she pulled at his arm and dragged him back to the room. Nova and Alex ran behind them and in to the room. DJ sat up and smiled as they walked into the room.

“Derek, do you remember anything else?” Marisa asked as she sat next to him.

He shook his head no and said. “Sorry that’s all I remembered. Mark? How is grandpa? Has he closed on that one deal?” They all looked on in shock and DJ looked confused as to what he was asking.

Mark said, “Yeah he did. How, you do remember.”

“I guess things are starting to come but I only get pieces.” He said, “I remember my father and mother fighting over something about my sister. But each time I push to remember more I hit a brick wall.”

“It’s okay Deej, it will all come to you a little at a time.” Alex told him. “Don’t worry we will help you remember.”

“Let’s go everyone and give them some privacy.” Nova announced and pushed her sons out the door.

Marisa held his hand and said, “do you remember us?”

He nodded his head no. “Sorry no,” A tear ran down her face and he wiped it away. “I wish I could. Were we happy?” She nodded her head yes and turned away. He leaned forward and slowly moved closer to her. He looked into her eyes and tilted his head and kissed her. She could feel herself melt from his lips. They were as she remembered it, soft and passionate.

“I’m sorry am I interrupting something?” Gino said as he stood in the doorway.

“GINO, what are you doing here!” Marisa jumped from the bed and walked over to him.

“Well I was in town looking over some real estate for a new shop. I figured I stop by and see how things are with your friend,” DJ’s stared at Gino with suspicious eyes. “How are you feeling?” He asked DJ.

“Fine.” DJ said in a short tone.

“That is wonderful to hear. I am glad that you are doing well.”

“Who the hell are you?” DJ asked. There was something about him he didn’t trust. The way he was looking at Marisa was something he didn’t like. Why was he jealous over someone he barely knew?

“Derek this is Gino De Franco. Gino this is my boyfriend Derek Wildstar junior.”

“It’s good to finally meet you. Marisa talks highly of you.” Gino extended his arm out to shake his hand and DJ fold his arms on his chest. “I see, Marisa I wanted to speak with you if you can.”

She frown at DJ and nodded her head. “Yes of course, just give me a minute.” Gino stepped out the room and she turned to DJ. “He’s my bosses Grandson, please be nice.”

“I don’t like him.”

“Derek, please don’t make a scene. I’m just going to talk with him and I’ll be right back.” She kissed him quickly and walked out the room to meet Gino.

“He seems very protective for someone that can’t remember anything.”

“He had a break through today. He is starting to remember. It’s a miracle.”

“I’m glad that he is recovering quickly, its’ good news which means you should be returning back, right?”

Marisa looked away from him and said, “I can’t leave him now. He needs me more than ever. He is starting to remember his life. If I go now he may slip back. I can’t go.”

“But Marisa, your dreams of doing fashion, being a fashion designer. what about your life?” He asked.

“It will have to wait. He’s recovery is more important right now. I’m sorry Gino.”

“You can’t let a man distract you from your dreams Marisa. I know you have feelings for him but you should concentrate on what you want also.”

“Gino, he needs me.”

He took her hand in his and brought it up to his chest. “Very well if that is your choice I will respect it.” He kissed her hand and thought it’s better to step back a minute. He didn’t want to push her away. “Why don’t we have dinner tonight? I have some news that might interest you.”

“I can’t leave him.”

“How about an early morning meeting? I promise it will not take long. I have a meeting at 10 am we can meet here in the cafeteria at 8. That way you aren’t far from him.” He smiled.

“That will be good. Okay 8 am down stairs. Thank you Gino for understanding.” He lean in and kissed her cheek. “I’ll see you in the morning, I should get back in.” she turned and walked back into his room. He was standing at the window and looking out. She walked up behind him and slipped her arms around his waist. “How do you feel?”

“You had a life somewhere.”

“It was just an intern. Your grandmother arranged it for me,” she told him.

“He likes you.”

“Derek, he is only a co-worker, nothing else.” She said.

He didn’t know why he was jealous about him but he knew he was very interested in her. He held her hands tight feeling her head on his back. He smiled to himself feeling her so close. “Why are you here?”


“Why are you here? You have a life and you are throwing it away being here.”

“I want to be here for you. You’re my boyfriend and I love you.”

He turned around and looked down at her. “How can you love me if you don’t even know me? I don’t even know me.”

“I know you and soon you will remember everything. I’m going to help you remember everything. I won’t leave your side until you do. I love you Derek Wildstar.” She wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him. DJ returned her kiss with passion. He moved his hands down her back as she pulled him closer to her. His heart beat faster and he held her tighter. She moved him closer to his bed and pulled him down on top of her. Slowly she untied his gown and slid it off of him. DJ pulled away from her and stared at her. “What’s wrong?”

“I can’t do this right now.”

“Derek, we were going to go away together when you returned.”

“No, no I’m sure we had a remarkable sex life. But I won’t feel right knowing that I can’t remember anything.”

She closed her blouse and sat up on the bed. “I understand.”

He helped her up off the bed and held her in his arms. “I just want to know my past before moving on to my future. I know you love me, but I’m not sure if I love you back. I have feelings for you but,”

She felt a stab go through her heart, he didn’t love her. “Derek it will come back to you. Maybe you should rest. You’ve had a long day today. Between your therapy and having a break through you must be tired.” She reached up to him and kissed him. “I’ll see you in the morning. I love you.”


Later that night at the Wildstar residence, Nova and Derek sat in bed trying to wind down from their day. “He remembered something, that’s all I can ask for. That means he just might remember more as time goes by.” Nova said excited.

“Do you think he will remember how to fly?”

She smiled at her husband. “You never give up on his flying do you?”

“Sorry, I guess having sons you want them to achieve better than what I achieve.”

“I know you do.” She laid her head on his shoulder and continued. “I’m just glad that he is well. His memory is coming back and he is healthy.”

“Baby, I’m sorry about what happened.”

She put her finger on his lips and said. “Don’t, if it wasn’t on your watch it would have been on someone else’s. I’m just grateful that you and Alex were there.” She kissed his cheek and he pulled her closer to him. “Anne is flying in the morning.”

“Really? Is she coming to see DJ or Alex?”

“I believe she is using DJ as an excuse. But it will be nice to see her again. I know he still loves her. Only thing is, will they rekindle it again?” She hoped.

“Nova, don’t go playing match maker.”

“ME! Never. Anyway my track record shows every one of my matches have lasted a long time. Look at us.”

He laughed at her and said. “Your right, you’re always right.”

“And never forget that.” She purred. “You know we haven’t made up for you being in space.” He lifted his eyebrow and smiled. “It has been a long time since we made love.”

“Yes it has. I think we were so busy with DJ we forgot about us.” He moved her down to the bed and kissed her. For them it was a night of bliss. Even on his return they were so preoccupied with their son that their love making was the furthest thing on their mind. Now they ravished each other in one another’s arms. After pulling away he whispered in her ear, “I love you. I missed you so much.”

“I missed you too.”



13th of October,2232


DJ stood up near his window and looked out to city sky. It was going to be a clear day on Great Island and from the distances he could see fighters flying. He watched as they maneuver in the sky. Flashes appeared in his head of him flying through the dark sky, his heart race thinking of it. His therapist walked in and he smiled at her. “Do we have to?” he asked.

“Yes Sir!” Cathy said. She was a pretty girl in her mid-twenties with short blond hair. Her eyes were blue as the sky. When she smiled it made him smile too. He could tell she was athletic from the moment she helped him out of bed.

“But I’m feel fine. See I can jump and touch my toes.” He said as he showed her.

She laughed at him and said. “Let’s see how you do today and then we can talk about stopping therapy.”

She brought in the wheel chair and he looked at her with a frown. “Really I can walk now. I don’t think I need that thing.”

“Sorry hospital policy, now get in.” she pushed him into the chair and she wheeled him out the room and to the therapy room. DJ work hard to push himself. He felt stronger then when he first came out of the coma. She could see him get stronger each day. He was determined to walk within the week and he mastered it within two. She pushed him hard and he was lifting weights and running. Cathy would not let him give up and he respected her for that. “Come on give me one more sit up!” she snapped him.

“You know I hate you.” he said to her almost out of breath.

“I know, but I’m not here to have you like me. Now one more!” she encouraged him. By the end of the morning he was exhausted. For once he was glad that she made him get in the wheel chair. His legs and abs couldn’t take the walk back. Wheeling him back into the room he was disappointed that Marisa wasn’t there to see him. “Get some rest and I will see about having you released soon. You’ve done a great job. Keep it up.” She helped him into bed and he closed his eyes and drifted off to sleep.


Marisa and Gino sat in the cafeteria of the hospital looking over draft that Gino brought with him. “I like the way the hem flows in that one.” She told him.

“Me too, I think it would look great in an emerald green silk material. If I can get the sleeves,”

“No sleeves, it would look too Foo Foo. You want the younger girls to feel grown up and the older women to look elegant.”

“I see, yes I think you’re right. I’ll have them change the drafts ASAP. I will miss you and your input. Is there anything I can do to get you to come back?”

“I can’t right now Gino, Derek needs me.”

“Well I guess I should give you your surprise now.” He told her. “Grandmother and I were talking about extending the company. We thought that here would be a perfect place to open a shop and well who else would be better then you to run it. Of course you would have to fly to Italy once a month to go over fabric and styles but at least you will be close to your Derek.”

She sat there taking in his announcement and smiled. “When will this start?”

“We have to wait until the permits are issued and the paper work goes through. But we are hoping in 3 months. Do you think your Derek would be better by then?”

“He has come a long way. He is finally walking and his speech is back to normal. We are still working on his memory. Its only coming a little at a time but we are hopeful that it will all come back.”

“That’s good. Well I should go. I have meetings to go to. Can I see you tonight?”

“I can’t, Derek needs me right now.”

“Well if you change your mind, I’m staying at the Great Island Hotel. Please give him my best.” He took her hand and kissed it. “I would like to see you before I have to head back. I hope to see you.” he said and then walked away.

Marisa walked out of the cafeteria and up to his room. She found him sleeping soundly in his bed. He must have had a hard work out with the therapist. She walked over to him and covered him a little more and kissed the top of his head. She took her seat across from him and watched as he slept. An hour later she watched him moved and opened his eyes. He stared up to the ceiling and then felt her there. He turned to see her sitting there. “Hey, how long have you been there?”

“An hour.”

“You could’ve woke me. There’s nothing much for me to do here but sleep.”

“I figured you had a hell’ve a work out.”

He smirked and rubbed his leg, “Yeah it was. I missed you when I got back.” He told her. Though he wasn’t sure as to how he felt for his girlfriend having her there was always a big plus to come back to.

She smiled and asked. “Anything more today?”

“I saw myself flying. It was dark though. I could hear myself go over instruments and see my father with me. Where do I live?” he asked out of the blue.

“In the mountains near the beach shore, why?”

“Nothing, I just kept picturing a tall building in a city somewhere. It was really cold.”

“Hmm, I think that is something your parents should talk to you about.”


“It wasn’t the best time in their life. I’d rather not talk about that with you.”

“Where was the city?”

“Back in the states. New York City. Your mother and you guys live there for a while and that’s all I will tell you.”

“Where were you this morning?”

“I had breakfast with Gino. He wanted to tell me about opening a shop here on Great Island and seeing if I can run it.”

“Hmm, looks like he likes you a lot.”

“Derek, I tell you all the time, he is only,”

“A co-worker I know you’ve told me all the time. I just don’t trust him. He’s no different than that idiot Jake, what’s his name. What a pig he turned out to be.” She sat still and looked at him. She wasn’t sure if he knew that he remembered that time but she let him continue. “I never did like him with you. I still can’t forget how he almost raped you. I’m glad that Fico, Mark and I destroyed his car. I should have done worst.”

“Derek you remember something else!” she cheered.

He frowned and then realized he did. “I do remember! But why can’t I remember what happened to me?”

“You must not push it. It will all come back. Your starting to remember things let’s just deal with that.” He lowered his head and felt pain flashed into his eyes. She lean forward with worry and said, “are you alright?”

“Yeah, just something I remembered.” He said, “Miku, my sister, is my father her father?”

She took a deep breath and said. “Derek this is something your parents have to address. It is not in my place to tell you that.”

“Then tell me more about us.” He asked.

“I think our parents had a lot to do with that. We were groomed to be together as my father would put it. We reconnected when I went to one of those functions that our schools had. To tell you the truth when I saw you again I fell head over heels for you. But I had to give you a hard time.” She laughed. “You were my first Derek.”

He listened as she told him about their relationship and he watched as she blushed as she explained their time together. He reached over to her and touched her face. “Why can’t I remember how I really feel about you?”

She felt her heart break and her eyes began to fill with tears. He’s alive but he doesn’t love her anymore. “Oh Derek, I don’t know how to make you feel love for me. It’s either there or it isn’t.”

He jumped off the bed and knelt down in front of her. He looked at her face and into her eyes. DJ lean closer to her and slowly moved to kiss her. The touch of his lips on hers made her want him more. DJ kissed her hoping to feel what she felt for him. He kissed long and hard but knew that he wasn’t totally back to what they wanted of him. “I don’t know where this will go but please don’t leave me.” He told her. “I need you.”

She held his hand that now was on her face and said. “I’m not going anywhere. I promise you.” He kissed her again and didn’t want to let go.



2nd of November, 2232


Two weeks later he was healthy enough to go home. He waited in his room until his doctors and parents come in. He thought about Marisa and their time talking about his past. She tried to give him as much information about his life and his family tried to fill in the rest. His parents walked in and announced that he was good to go home. Derek Wildstar Senior put his arm around his son’s shoulder and led him out the door. Marisa, Mark and Nova walked behind them following them as Wildstar talk to his son. “Your room is still the same as you left it. But if you want to stay in the guess house you can.”

“No sir, my room would be just fine.” DJ said.

Wildstar cringed to hear him say sir. IF anything all he wanted was to hear him say dad. Now he barely knew him. For weeks he hope to hear him say dad and wouldn’t. Wildstar was beginning to lose faith that he would get his complete memory back and it broke his heart. Nova was always optimistic telling him to give it time. He would soon remember his life. They all drove home and DJ looked out into the road trying to remember how to get home. Marisa would point out a place to see if he would recall them, but he sat quietly next to her and stared out. He watched as the home he grew up in come to view and his mother asked if he was alright. He nodded yes, though he wanted to scream no. He remembered something’s but every time he pushed to remember more it frustrated him that he couldn’t. As they all climbed out of the car he hesitated until Marisa encouraged him to come out. Miku ran out the house and into her brother’s arms.

“I missed you Deej! How do you feel? Do you remember me?” she asked

He picked her up and smiled at his baby sister. “I remember your weren’t so big.” He squeezed her nose with his finger making her laugh. He walked into the house and looked around. He felt like a stranger in a strange house. He walked around the living area and then into the kitchen. Nothing came to mind as to his home. He looked out past the French doors and walked towards them. The scenery was breath taking. He wanted to remember growing up there. He closed his eyes and pushed his memory to remember but as before came to a brick wall. He felt a hand on his shoulder and he turned to see Mark standing behind him.

“Come on I’ll show you your room. Maybe that will help.” He guided him to his room and Mark opened the door. “Try not to make yourself remember, alright. Just take it easy.” He told him.

DJ walked in and looked around. He walked over to a shelf that held awards and touched them. There were many awards sitting on it and he read them.


EDF Academy

Flight school training

1st place

Cadet Lieutenant Derek Wildstar Junior


Miramar Naval Academy

Excellence in flight

Cadet Lieutenant Commander

Derek Wildstar Junior


He picked up a flight pendent and studied it. “Dad gave that to you when you finished flight school.” Mark told him. “It was his brother’s.”

“Our Uncle Alex.” He mumbled softly.

“Yes, that’s right.” Mark looked at him hopeful. “Dad always made sure we never forget him.”

“He always wished that he was still alive to see us all.”

Mark sat on his bed and said. “That’s right. He always said that.” He got up and walked over with a book. “Let me show you something.” Slowly he went through the pages of the book. DJ looked at pictures that he saved. Pictures of him next to a fighter and many of him and Marisa, “This was the day you graduated from Miramar. Dad was so proud of you that day. You were the top gun there, almost knocking Alex off the plaque, though I think you let him win that day.”

“Was I any good?”

“Good! Hell you were the best. You flew better then Uncle Tony and he is the top pilot next to Dad.”

DJ Frowned, “Uncle Tony?”

“That’s Marisa dad, we just call him uncle because he is so close to our family.”

“Right, Commander Pesci.” Mark laughed and told him that he would give him space to look around his room. DJ stood in the middle of the room wondering what to do. He opened his closet and looked at his clothes. He walked back to the bed and picked up the book and began to look through when she knocked on the door. He looked up and smiled to see her standing there.

“How are you getting along?” Nova asked her son.

“I’m still trying.”

She kissed the top of his head and sat down next to him. “What are you looking at?”

“Some picture that Mark gave me.”

She looked down at them and smiled, “I remember this one. You were 13 when your father finally let you fly solo. He almost had a fit when you bypassed him taking him out in a simulated dog fight. He knew then that you would be good.” He grinned at her and she thought she saw his spark in his eyes. “Why don’t you rest up I’ll make dinner.” She kissed the top of his head and left him in his room.


DJ glanced through the book then placed it on the bed. He moved around the room running his finger on his things. He noticed a picture on his dresser of him and Marisa. They were smiling into the camera and it looked like a party somewhere. He smiled knowing that there was someone in his life that loved him. He turned and walked out to where they all were in the kitchen. Alex spoke, “Hey there little bro how are you getting along?”

DJ scratched his head and tried to smile. “I was just going to go for a walk on the beach if that is alright with you.”

Nova smiled at her son and said, “of course you can. Just be careful of the rocks. They can be very slippery.”

He nodded and headed out the door. Marisa walked out after him and slipped her hand into his. They walked quietly on the beach and she looked at him on and off as he looked around the area. It was a cloudy day and it began to drizzle in the air. She leaned closer to him as it began to get a little chilly in the air. DJ wrapped his arm around her shoulder and held her closer trying to keep her warm. “Maybe we should go back.” He said. They walked back as midway to the house it began to rain hard. She took hold of his hand and they ran back to the house.  

They ran into the house and Nova fussed at them, “My gosh, your both soaked. DJ, take her to the bathroom and get her a towel. I’ll look to see if I have something for her to wear.” She raced into her room and got her some clothes that would fit her. DJ went into his room and took off his wet clothes and put on some causal clothes. He sat on the foot of the bed and bowed his head down. He tried hard to push his memory to remember everything about their love affair but all he got was a brick wall that hit hard in his memory. His frustration grew more that he remembered nothing of his feeling for her. She was beautiful and devoted to his needs and he couldn’t remember how he felt for her. Feeling angry he got up and threw all his awards to the floor making a loud crash. Nova ran into the room and look to see all his awards on the floor. Her son stood on over them breathing heavily. She closed the door and walked over to him. She took her son into her arms and held him tight. “It’s alright Deej, it will come back to you.”

He cried hard into his mother’s arms. “I really want to remember! But I can’t.” he crumbled to the floor.

“DJ it’s going to take time. You can’t rush things. The more you push the more you set yourself up for a fall. Just let it come to you, even if it comes in bits and pieces.” She said into his ear. DJ nodded his head and pulled away. She wiped his tears from his face and smiled. “If you remember anything remember that Dad and I love you very much. We will never let you fall.”

“Yes ma’am.” He said trying to smile back at her.

“Now, pull yourself together and come meet us all in the kitchen. I’ll make your favorite dishes and if you don’t like them anymore I will make whatever you like now.” Her eyes soften and she gave him a kiss on the head. “I love you very much.”

DJ smiled back and nodded his head. At least there was one thing that he felt still true was the love of his mother, father and siblings. She blew him a kiss and left him to pull himself together before heading out to see his family. Slowly he picked up his awards and looked through it as he placed them back on top of his dresser. Each one he picked up he gave it a really long look. He read them one by one and wondered was this his life? He huffed and gave in a deep breath then went out to meet his family. DJ walked into the kitchen and the room went quiet. All looked up and stared at him making him feel uncomfortable. Nova walked over to her son and wrapped her arm around his shoulder. “Did I do something?” he asked.

“No, baby. We were just talking about Miku’s first play. She’s going to play a fairy in her school play.”

“Will you come to my play, Deej?” Miku asked as she grinned.

DJ picked her up and held her in his arms. “Of course I will. I wouldn’t miss it for the world.”

Wildstar said, “also we were talking about maybe taking you out to the airfield. If you’re interested we can get into a fighter and see if you still have the knack for it.”

“Derek I don’t think we should push him into it. He may not want to fly anymore.” Nova said with a firm tone.

“It’s alright, Ma’am.” He said. “I would like to very much.” Wildstar grinned wide. ‘It’s in his blood.’ His father thought. As the night ended DJ felt drained. Marisa watched his face as he tried to keep his eyes opened. He yawned and Nova gave them all a look to let him rest. “Sorry guess it was a long day.” DJ said to them all.

“It’s alright Deej, you should get your rest.” His father said. “We should have not kept you up so long.”

“Your father is right. You need your rest.” Nova got up and everyone followed suit. Alex gave him a hug and told him he will stop by to check on him. Mark took hold of his sister and started towards their rooms.

“DJ, can you read me a story?” she asked pulling away from her brother.


“You use to read me a story before I went to bed. Come on I’ll get,”

“Miku! DJ needs his sleep.” Mark snapped.

DJ smiled at the pretty girl that looked like his mother only with dark hair like his father and knelt down to her height, “It’s alright, I would love to read you a story.” He followed her to her room and found nothing like a girls room. Instead of pink he found soft browns with beige as decorative colors. In the middle of the room sat a canopy bed with sheer curtains that draped down from the ceiling. In the corner was a love seat matching the bed sheets with teddy bears scatter on it. She ran into her bathroom and change into her pajamas then grabbed a book and jumped on the sofa. DJ laughed at the little girl and jumped in the seat next to her. “Well let’s see what you have. Hmm, Cinderella, could this be someone we know?” she giggled at her older brother and DJ began the story. Mark stood outside of her room and listened as he started the story. He could hear their sister tell him to make the funny voices he use to do. DJ voice changed with each character.

“No you didn’t say it like that it was like this.” She would correct him. DJ laughed and tried to imitate her which made them both laugh. At the end of the story she looked up to him and smiled. “See you are still my brother. I don’t know what all the fuss is about. You haven’t changed.” He picked up his sister and carried her to her bed. “Good night DJ, I love you.” she gave him a hug and drifted off to sleep. DJ stood over her as she fell asleep and smiled. Quietly he walked out the door to see his twin standing there waiting for him.

“Is something wrong?” DJ asked.

“No Deej. It’s just good to hear you tell her a story again.”

“She’s a good kid.”

“Mom says she is a lot like you, head strong and outgoing. She’s afraid that she would follow in your footsteps. I don’t think mom can deal with another pilot in the family.”

“Another pilot?”

“Yeah, You, Dad and Alex.”

“How about you? Why aren’t you a pilot?”

“Not my thing. I prefer to work here on earth running the other part of our legacy. Grandpa’s company.”

“So you’re not a pilot. Well I guess not everyone can fly.”

Mark smirked and said. “What makes you think I’m not a pilot?”

“You just,”

“I said I wasn’t interested in being a pilot for EDF. I didn’t say I wasn’t a pilot. We all were taught to fly and if I’m not mistaken I think I’ve ran circle around you once or twice.”

“Oh really? Well I would like to see that.” He gave his brother a mischievous smile.

“Hmm, you’ll get your chance once mom says it okay for you to get back in the cockpit.” He patted his brother on the back and headed to his room. DJ gave a giggle and headed to his room also.




12th of January, 2233



Days turned to weeks as DJ tried to recall his past. He would get images in his head and just as quickly hit a wall as he pushed harder. Marisa stopped by every day to see how he was doing. She would talk about Gino and his grandmother opening up a shop on Great Island and he would listen silently. He felt confused over Marisa, he wasn’t sure about how he felt for her. Was he supposed to love her? Were they just friends? All he knew is when she took a call from Gino he could feel his blood boil. He tried to not listen to her conversation but he caught her making excuses to meeting him. “I can’t today Gino. Maybe tomorrow in the afternoon?” she would say into the phone.

They sat outside on his parent’s porch talking when she got the call. He sat back and waited until she hung up when he asked, “tell me about him.”

“About who?”

“The guy you talk to every day.”

“Gino? I’ve told you about him before.”

“No you haven’t. You’ve mentioned him but you never told me about him.”

“He is only someone I work with. Gino is smart and talented. He is very sweet. When they told me about you he put me on his grandmother’s private jet and sent me back to be with you. He is a very compassionate man.”

“Are you in love with him?”

Her eyes widen in shock to what he was asking. “NO! I love you. I’ve always love you. Why would you ask me that?”

“You seem to talk different when you’re on the phone with him.”

“Derek, I love you. If I didn’t I wouldn’t be here.”

“You don’t have to be here. You have another life. I am only holding you back. You should go and do what you always wanted to do.”

“Derek, don’t. I love you. I want to be here with you. I won’t leave until you remember everything.”

He pushed her away and said. “I may never remember and what will you do then. You will be by my side and you will regret it. You will hate me and yourself for putting your dreams on hold.”

“Derek, don’t talk like that. You will get your memory back and we will be as we once were.” She pleaded as she clung to his shirt.

DJ took her hands and pushed her away. He thought hard to what he was about to do and something deep inside wanted to cry. “You’re wasting your time with me. I may never remember and I don’t love you.” his words were like acid. Tears flow down her face and he turned his face away. “Go Marisa, go live your life.”


“GO! GET AWAY FROM ME! DON’T YOU GET IT, I DON’T LOVE YOU!” he yelled and walked into the house. He ran past his mother and she heard his door slam hard.

Marisa walked into the house and grabbed her jacket and purse. Nova turned to her and said. “Is everything alright?”

Marisa wiped her tears and said. “Everything is fine Mrs. Wildstar. I should go, I have something’s I need to do. Tell DJ that I will see him soon.”

‘DJ? When did she start calling him DJ. She never called him that.’ Nova thought. She wondered what really happened. Marisa left and Nova walked to her son’s room. She knocked on the door and poked her head inside. “DJ is everything alright?”

“Yes, Ma’am.”

“Well I think something is wrong. Marisa ran out of here crying her eyes out and you’re in here. So what happen?”

“She deserves a life. She is wasting her life here waiting for me to remember. I can’t take away her dream.”

“DJ, she wants to be with you.”

“For now she does. What happens if I never remember? She wasted her life waiting for me. I can’t do that. I’m still trying to remember you guys.”

“But you have to let her decide that, DJ.”

“Would you have wait for my father if he didn’t remember anything? Suppose he told you that he didn’t love you anymore, would you have still stayed? Even if he told you to go,” he told his mother.

Nova stared straight into his eyes and said, “Yes I would. Because I love him and he was always there for me. I would have moved heaven and Earth to make him fall back in love to what we had. So don’t cut her short.”

“Well I was doing her a favor in letting her live her life.” He snapped back at his mother. He picked up his jacket and walked past her.

“Where do you think you’re going?”

“OUT!” he yelled over his shoulder then turned, “Ma’am!”

Nova walked out of his room frustrated with her son. She looked up and ran straight into her husband. “What’s going on?”

“He told Marisa it was over.” She said in anger. “He didn’t even give them a chance.”

“Nova, leave it alone.”


“Leave the boy alone. You can’t force him into a relationship.”

“He loves her I know he does.”

“He doesn’t remember. His feelings aren’t the same.” He turned her to face him and continued, “He’s doing the right thing. We all wish and hope that he will get his memory back but no one is facing the truth. He may never get it back. Stop it Nova, just stop it. Now is not a time to play match maker. If it was us I would have done the same. I would hate myself if I let you destroy your dreams waiting to see if I still loved you. He’s doing the right thing.”

“But, I know he loves her.” She said in a soft tone.

He took her into his arms and whispered into her ear. “I know baby, but we have to take it for what it is. If gets his memory back then he will fight to win her back. If he doesn’t then she can live her life.”

“He doesn’t even call me mom. I miss him calling me mom.”

He could see the pain in her eyes and the stress in her face. He gave her a smile and said. “He will always be our son. He’ll come around.”




DJ ran across the beach letting the wind hit his face as he ran faster to nowhere. He dropped down from exhaustion and began to cry. His emotions confused as to how he was feeling.  Something deep in him died when he told her to go. But his mind kept telling him that he didn’t love her and he did the right thing in letting her go. He sat on the shore watching the waves come in. He didn’t realize he sat there for hours. Miku raced towards him and ruffled his hair. “Why are you here by yourself, Deej.”

He forced a smile for her and said. “Nothing, just looking at the water.”

“That’s boring. Let’s build a sand castle.” She jumped up and down pulling at his arm. He stood up and walked closer to the water and began to help her with building a sand castle. He could see his mother in her and knew that when she was of age she would be a stunning girl. He would have to protect her when she started to date. The flowing dark brown hair with big brown eyes, she was a beautiful girl. Flashes of his mother and father arguing came into his head about his sister and he was curious as to why. She hummed a tune and told him stories about his life as a pilot. “You promised me that one day you would take me up with you when you got back from space. When are you going to fly again, DJ?”

“I don’t know, the doctors haven’t said anything about me flying again and I don’t know if I want to.”

His sister frowned at her brother. “But you always fly. You like it a lot. You always told me that if they took flying away you would die. Are you going to die, Deej?”

He let out a laugh and said, “I don’t think so.” He thought about what she said and looked up to the sky. Was he as good as they told him he was? He would have to see if he remembered how to. His sister finally finished putting the flag on the castle and smiled wide. “DONE!” she yelled and then jumped up and down onto the castle smashing it all to nothing. DJ stood up and helped her jump up and down with her laughing. They finally ran back to the house and she raced to her room. DJ walked into the kitchen and found his mother folding clothes on the kitchen table. He gave her a smile and then she saw the frown on his face.

“Is everything alright?”

“Yes Ma’am.” He sat across from her and said, “She’s a cute kid.”

She sighed and smile. “she is. She reminds me of you when you were that age. Outgoing, inquisitive, and out spoken. Although she hasn’t got into the trouble like you got into back then.”

“Tell me about when we lived in New York.” He said nonchalant.

Nova stood very still and looked away. “It was a time in our lives that was very rocky.”

“Why did we move there? Did my father get stationed there?”

Nova shook her head and then took a seat next to him. “It’s a long story and I never wanted to go there again. It was a dark time in our lives and it’s something you father is not proud of.”

“So my father had an affair?”

“Yes, but it wasn’t what your thinking. I don’t want you to think that he is a cad. He is still the man you love and grew up with. Let me see how to start.” She took a deep breath and began her story. It took more than 30 minutes to explain and he sat there quietly, listening to every word. By the end Nova was exhausted. “So your father wasn’t all to blame. I wasn’t the greatest wife either. If I had not slept with Michael we would have never went through the custody battle of your sister. It was the most stressful time in our lives.”

“But she is my sister. My father is her father, right?”

“Yes, 100 percent she is your sister. Why the interest? Are you remembering things?”

“A little here and there, but nothing that makes sense.”

“DJ, I want you to know that your fathers affair was a long time ago. If I can forgive him then I want you to understand it had nothing to do with you and your brothers. He loves you all very much.”

“Who was she?”

Nova swallowed back and took a breath. “Queen Mariposa, but it doesn’t matter anymore. She is long gone out of our lives.” He nodded and got up. “DJ, he is your father and he loves you. What happen between us doesn’t make him love you any less.” She stood up and hugged him. Her heart went out to him and a tear ran down her face. Pulling away she brushed her fingers through his hair and smiled. “You are so handsome, just like your father. You remind me so much of him when he was your age.”


He walked out of the kitchen and came face to face with his father. He sized him out, and his father motioned him to come with him. He followed him up the stairs and into his office that over looked the ocean and mountain. “Have a seat.” He told his son. DJ sat down in the grand leather chair that sat across from his father’s desk. “How do you feel?”

“Alright sir.”

“Listen, I didn’t want to speak to you in front of your mother. She is dealing with a lot. I know that you are still uncertain of what to call us. I can’t expect you to continue to call me dad when you aren’t even sure as to whom we all are or you are. But can you do me one big favor.”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Can you call your mother Mom instead of Ma’am and tried to sound sincere about it. She’s been threw a lot and all she would like to hear is Mom. I’m not worried about me I can handle Sir for the rest of my life but I love your mother and if it makes her happy to hear you say Mom I would really appreciate it. ” DJ nodded his head yes. “I heard her tell you about what happened in the past. Do you remember anything of that time?”

“Only that we lived in a high rise and that it was cold.”

He giggled and thought about it. “Yeah well it could be cold in New York City in the winter time. Anything else?”

“No sir,” he replied.

“That’s okay, I don’t want to push you. If it comes, it comes. I guess you’re trying to put all the piece together and we are here to help you do that. It might bring back bad memories but to help you we are willing to tell you. We only want you to be happy, which comes to mind, Marisa.”

“Sir, I only did what I thought was right. I don’t love her the way she thinks I did. I couldn’t live on knowing that she put her dreams on hold for me. She deserves a life.”

“I understand I would have done the same if I was you. Your mother on the other hand might play match maker again with you two but just bare with it. She only means well. She wants you to have what we have.” He said. “So, Mark tells me that you and he are heading out tonight.”

“He thinks that taking me to some spots might jog my memory.”

“What are you two up here talking about?” He heard his mother’s voice. He turned and smiled.

“Nothing Ma’, Mom.” He gave her a smile and she tried to keep from crying. “Just talking about flying.” He lied.

“Are you ready to fly?” His father said.

“I’m not sure, but will let you know. I should go. Mark has a big night for us. Thanks for the talk, Sir.”

They watched him walk out the room and Nova turned to her husband. “Are you still trying to get him to fly?” she asked annoyed.

“We were discussing it, what’s the big deal.” He said.

“Don’t you think that we should wait until he asks to fly?”

“I wasn’t suggesting that he start tomorrow. But if he is, will he be cleared by the doctors?”

“It’s been months, I don’t see why not. BUT! Only if he asks.” She said with a firm voice.






Mark and Derek Wildstar drove towards the Academy, DJ looked as the scenery passed by. How many times did he travel the route to head to school? What was school like for him? Was he popular? Was he a wall flower? Mark looked over to him and said. “You were the one all the girls wanted. Not until you met Marisa again that all the girls finally started to notice me. Thanks bro you made my life a little more easier after that.” He pulled up to the famous academy and they both step out of Mark’s car. “We had a lot of great times here. We were lucky to live off campus. Although you wanted to move in an apartment nearby so you can have girls over. Mom had a fit and she almost blew the roof off the house. Dad was more lay back. He reminded her how he lived on his own once in his life. But that was a different time. The war was still going on, mom and dad had to grow up fast. See over there?” he pointed to the sports field near the school. “That’s where you and Sheana were caught, needless to say with your pants down by Uncle Tony, lucky for you that he never told Mom, only Dad. He was pretty peed off but then just told you never to let it happen again. I guess he remember his days in the academy. She was one of many before Marisa.”

DJ grinned that he was a ladies man and said. “So I wasn’t a,”

“NO WAY! You had girls falling for you every day. Mom couldn’t keep up with the flow of girls calling the house. But when Marisa came into your life everything stopped. Within the week all the girls in the academy had a funeral for you. The gigolo was dead and there were tears everywhere. I swear they had a wake and everything. Each one of them always thought that they would be the one to tame you.”

“Our mother said that Alex went here too.”

He laughed, “Yeah that was the reason that we moved back here. Mom couldn’t take begin away from any of us. When he came here he went under mom’s maiden name. He didn’t want to deal with the competition of Dad and our late Uncle Alex. He wanted to do it on his own terms. You on the other hand use our last name for everything.” DJ frown, “No, not that way. You weren’t a spoil brat like most of the other guys.  You just wanted them to notice that there was new Wildstar in town. You hated the fact that you had to follow in Alex’s shadow, he was your arch nemesis. But you enjoyed knocking him off the plaque at Miramar. It was the highlight of your life. He claims it bother him but he was happy for you.”

“Am I better then you?”

“You wish.” He laughed.

“From what I heard I was the best.” He grinned.

“Well why don’t we find out who really is the best. Do you still love to fly?”

DJ scratched his head and thought, “I don’t know.”

“Well you won’t know until you try.” He gave him a mischiefs grin.

“Hmm,” he rubbed his chin and narrowed his eyes to his brother. “From what I’ve been told I can fly circles around you.”

“You want to make a wager on that?”

“What would you like to wage?”

“Dinner, and not just you and I. All of us and not have dad pick up the check, oh yeah and flowers for mom.” They shook hands and Mark patted him on the back. “Let’s go, I have something else to show you.” They drove past the academy and out towards the air station, DJ looked on as the fighters came to view. He could feel his heart pump faster. His eyes widened as they drove closer to them. Mark pulled up to the gate and showed the guard his ID. He waved him through and grinned at his brother. “The perks of being a Wildstar.” He pulled up to a large hanger and parked the car. “Come on. I want to show you something.” He opened the door and switched on a light. The hanger lit up and DJ stood before a Cosmo Zero Fighter. Slowly he walked towards it. He reached up and ran his hand on it. Mark watched as his brother walked around it checking every inch of the fighter. “It’s dad’s ship,” he told him. “He trained you and us on it. I think he intends to train Miku too. Do you want to get in it?” DJ nodded his head and began to climb up the latter. Without asking he opened up the cockpit and slid into the pilot’s seat. “How does it feel little brother?”

“Exciting.” He looked over the control panel and switched on the instruments. He sat there listening to the engine. He lean back into the cockpit chair and listen as it hummed. Mark stood to the side and watched as his brother check and re-check the instruments. He smiled to see as he did everything step by step. ‘He still has it.’ he thought to himself. DJ shut the engine and jumped out the fighter. “What happened?”


“What happened to me?”

Mark sighed, “I’m not sure but Alex told me that someone tried to kill you. Somehow they cut the wire to your controls and you lost control of your ship. Dad said that not even he would have been able to get out of it. At the last minute before impact you ejected out of your ship. You banged your head on the cockpit hatch and black out. They rushed you back to Earth as soon as possible. That’s all I know. I wish I was there. I keep thinking if I was it would have never happened.”

“Don’t think that way. There was nothing you could’ve done.” He grinned then said, “So when do we go up?”

Mark slapped him on the back and said, “how about tomorrow. First thing in the morning, I’m sure dad would love to watch and make sure I beat you fair and squared.”

“You only wish.”







“YOU WHAT!” Nova snapped out loud.

“I want to go up.” DJ told his mother.

Nova turned to her husband and saw the grin on his face, she moved closer to him and slapped him hard across the face. “Wipe that smug look off your face now! I forbid it!” she yelled. “I will not lose my baby to those damn ships again. You are not going up do you hear me!” she yelled at her son and then stormed to her room slamming the door hard enough to knock some picture off the wall.

Wildstar sighed and turned to his sons. “Well I guess that is not what you were hoping to hear.” He ran his hand through his hair and said to them. “Let me talk with her. She’s just a little scared of losing you again. Why don’t you guys get some rest and I will let you know if it’s a go. Good night guys.” He told his twin sons. He walked into his room and took a deep breath before heading in. She lay on the bed crying. “Nova, baby.” He sat down next to her and rubbed her back.

“I don’t want to hear Derek, I already said what I had to say. I forbid that he go up there again.”

He huffed, “listen, he’s old enough to make his own decision. There’s nothing we can do to stop him.”

“I’m his mother! I can stop him.”

Derek rolled his eyes and thought to stay calm. He didn’t want this to be an all-night fight. “Baby, I’ll tell you what. What if I go up there with him just for a safety net? If anything goes wrong I’ll be there to pull him out.

Nova heaved back her tears and nodded. She grabbed him by the shirt and looked him dead in the eye. “Don’t you let anything happen to him.”

“Cross my heart, I promise.”


To be continued . . . . . .


With DJ aching to return to the skies will he remember flying? Will he forget about Marisa and move on without her. Read on to see what happens next  . . . . . . .