Derek Wildstar Junior

Part 4

By Yuki Wildstar



12th of January, 2232

EDF Academy, Great Island


DJ kept to business when it came to Rina. Their assignment was finally coming to an end and he couldn’t wait. Since their kiss he kept his distance. He insisted on their meetings to take during lunch or after their last class, giving her time to catch the last bus home from school. “So, no studying tonight with Rina?” Fico asked.

“Naw, I promised Marisa that I would take her to Rosco and then to the movies.” He said. “Anyway, we are almost through with Commander Niichi’s assignment. We’re finished with the report all we have to do is print it out and hand it in.” He told Fico and made his way to his car. Jumping in he drove past Rina that stood waiting for the bus to come. Rain began to come down and he pulled his car over and yelled out to her. “Still waiting?”

“Yup,” she said as she held her books over her head for shelter.

He threw open the passenger door and said, “Get in.”

“It’s alright I can wait. It shouldn’t be long.” She smiled at him.

“Just get in, I’ll take you home.” He rolled his eyes at her. “Come on, it’s starting to pour out.”

She hopped into the car and said, “Thanks Deej,”

Driving off he asked. “So did you print out our report to Commander Niichi’s.

“Sure did, and handed it in also. Looks like we might get an A.” she smiled. “You do have that backup right.”

“I always have a backup.” He grinned.

“Oh? What is that supposed to mean?” She grinned back.

Blushing he gave her a mischievous smile. “Nothing, so what are you up to tonight?”

“Nothing,” she smiled back. “Maybe do my hair and nails.” Making them both laugh. “No seriously, I was thinking of catching a movie with a few friends. Then I’ll do my hair and nails.”

“You’re a comedian, very funny.”

“I’m guessing that you and Marisa have plans?” she asked.

“Dinner, movie and then we’ll do our hair and nails after that.” He joked back.

“Now you’re the comedian.” She let out a giggle and shoved him in the shoulder. “You know Commander Ang has an assignment for extra credit. What do you say? Are you in?” she said.

“Naw, I’m out on this one. I don’t need the extra grade in his class. I’m good.” He pulled up to her house and said. “Well here you are. Looks like it slow down on the rain so your hair won’t get wet. So you can check that off your list of things to do tonight.”

“Funny, well I hope to run into to you at the movies. Talk with you later.” She said then turned to him. “And thank you for the ride.” She lean in and kissed him on the cheek making him blush.



He picked up Marisa for dinner and headed towards Andrea’s “How was your day?” she asked him.

“Okay, I’m all done with that assignment. So I’m all yours from now on.” He said as he pulled up to the restaurant. He lean over to her and kissed her than smiled at her. “Are we still going to the school musical next week?”

“Yeah I’ve been looking forward to it for weeks now. I was hoping that you would be able to cut yourself free from school work.”

“Great, I have a surprise for you that day. So make sure you don’t cancel on me.”

“A surprise? I love surprises. What is it?” she purred.

“You’ll have to come and see. I promise you’ll like it.” He leaned in and kissed her again.

Description: Description: C:\Users\Honey Bunny\Documents\My Documents\Bunny Nest of Documents\STORIES\Star Blazers\FREDDO'S VISIONS PROJECT\Eva's files\DJPart4_files\image002.jpgDinner was entertaining with Andrea, he fussed over the young couple and kept telling them about when his parents were young and coming there. DJ laughed at the stories he told them about how when his father proposed to his mother and how nervous he was to ask her. “He was a so clumsy,” he said in his thick Italian accent. DJ turned beet red when he asked him if they were getting married. “No, no we are too young. I have to finish school and college and so does Marisa.” He interjected quickly before he went any further.  They stood outside of the theater waiting to go in when someone called out for DJ. Marisa turned to see a pretty girl come their way.

“Hey Rina.” DJ said.

“Are you both coming to see this one?” she asked.

“Yeah, I thought you were meeting up with some friends here?”

“Yeah, they’re over there on line, I just got here early to get my ticket and some popcorn.” She turned to Marisa and smiled. “Hi, I’m Rina. Deej and I have been working on some assignments from school. He’s told me so much about you.” She reached out her hand to shake. “Deej is so funny, he always tends to make me laugh about his time in space. I only wish I was lucky enough to do what he did.”

“Well it wasn’t funny at the time.” He gave her a nudge. “But there are few other stories that will make you laugh as to my Uncle Desslok. You should ask me about it sometime. I’m sure Damir and Dillon wouldn’t mind me telling you.” He said making her laugh.Description: Description: C:\Users\Honey Bunny\Documents\My Documents\Bunny Nest of Documents\STORIES\Star Blazers\FREDDO'S VISIONS PROJECT\Eva's files\DJPart4_files\image003.png

Marisa shook hands quickly and sized her up. So this is the girl who has been taking up his time, she thought. “Hello, I’m Marisa. Well it’s nice to put the face on the name.” she looked closer at her and said, “Don’t I know you from somewhere?”

“I don’t think so. Unless you go to the academy there’s pretty much no way of us meeting.”

“Hmm,” Marisa kept staring at her making DJ uncomfortable.

“Come on, let’s get some seats before they’re all filled up.” He took her by the hand and led her into the theater.

“She seems nice.” Marisa told him. “I keep getting this thought that I know her from somewhere.” She told him trying to think.

“I’m sure it was somewhere.” He said sitting next to her and staring out to the screen.

“Are you sure I haven’t met her before.”

“I don’t think so.” DJ said still looking ahead. He put his arm around her and pulled her closer. “Why don’t you forget about that and just enjoy the movie. It’s starting now.” He kissed the top of her head and she snuggled closer to him. The movie began and music came through the speakers. She could hear from his chest as he hummed to the music. She closed her eyes and then it hit her. “I know where I’ve met her.”

“Marisa, shh, the movie is on.”

“Don’t you shh me!” she said and got up.

“Where are you going?” he said under his breath.

“Out of here!” she snapped and walked out. DJ sat there and looked around as people looked on. He got up and raced after her.

“Marisa, where are you going?”

“Home!” she snapped.

“Wait a minute what is wrong with you.” He asked.

“Let go of me. Go back to the singing tramp.”


“I remembered where I met her. She is the one that sang to you.”

“She wasn’t singing to me.” He denied.

“Oh no? Well it sure as hell looked like it. Or her giving you her number was just a sheer coincidence?’ she snapped.

“Come on Marisa, it’s nothing like that. She’s only a friend. That’s all, I swear.” He pleaded.

“Just a friend, yeah right. And pigs fly! Take me home.” She demanded.

The last thing he wanted was to argue with her with people staring. She walked past him and he followed suit. She walked quickly towards his car and he almost had to run to catch up with her. She stood at the car and waited for him to open it. “Marisa, please it’s not what you think. We are just doing a project together that’s all. I love you. Please,” he wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her closer. “Trust me, nothing is going on with us. Just work nothing more.” He snuggled his face into her neck and she pushed him away.

“Stop it! You’re not going to weasel your way back this time. Now take me home.” She stomped her foot down and folded her arms.

“Fine,” he said in frustration. She jumped into the car and he slammed the door shut than jump into the driver seat and drove her home. She sat quiet as he made his way towards her house. He stopped the car midway to her house and pulled the car over.

“Why are you stopping, take me home!” he took hold of her and pulled her closer kissing her as she tried to pull away. He held her tight and continued to kiss her. She tried to push away but felt herself melt into his arms. They kissed passionately in the car on the side of the road. He moved his hands over her body as she moved her hands threw his thick hair.

Pulling away he smiled at her, “are you still mad at me?”

She huffed at him and said, “I want to go home.”

“Marisa, please she is nothing to me. Just a classmate, that is all. I swear.” He smiled and she tried to smile back. He knew that she was caving in to his charm. “Come here,” he lean in to kiss her again and she moved closer to let him. “Am I forgiven?” he asked.

She smiled at him, “for now but the next time you don’t tell me the truth we are over. So, please take me home now.”

“Yes Ma’am, as you say, ma’am.” He grinned and drove her home.



19th of January, 2232

“What do you mean you never got it?” DJ said on with shock. “She told me that she handed it to you personally!”

Commander Niichi sat behind his desk and gave him a disapproving look. He was a short round man and many wondered why he was still a commissioned officer. His weight was way over the limit and his near sightlessness’ was the big issue to most cadets. Face it Commander you’re getting too old and you should retire already, DJ thought. He seemed very aloof to many. Never disagreeing but always gave them a disapproving stare like he was the only one that knew better. His eyes seem to always center on something other than the person in front of him. He was almost completely bald and for years he wore a toupee until one day a gush of wind blew it clear off in front of a graduating class. Since that dreadful day he managed to gain back his dignity and go naturally bald. It wasn’t like the women were flocking to be with him then either. At least he was finally being honest to himself. “I’m sorry Cadet Commander Wildstar, but like I said I never received it. Now I will give you another few days to hand in the work, but I will have to dock you for being late.”

DJ couldn’t believe it. He worked so hard on the project to be told that it was never handed in. “Sir could it be that your mistaken? I mean I can look through all the work and see if I find it.”

“Wildstar, I have checked and double checked all the reports and yours and Cadet Yamamato’s were not among them. Are you telling me that I am wrong!” he bellowed out.

Standing at attention DJ had to hold back his anger. The old fool, he wouldn’t know it if it bit him in the ass. It’s probably sitting at the bottom of the pile and he is too old and lazy to look through it. DJ only reply was to bow his head and said. “No sir. But at least can I have a week to make sure all my notes and cadet Yamamato’s notes are right before handing them in?”

“Very well, one week. If I do not receive it by next week I will be forced to fail you.” He said as he pushed his glasses towards his greasy sweaty face. DJ saluted then turned and left the room.

Feeling anger and frustration he marched to where he could find her. I hope for her sake that she still has her notes because if she doesn’t we’re cooked. Walking faster he walked into the cafeteria and looked around to see if she was there. Relief swept his face when he spotted her in the corner with some of her friends laughing. She was in the middle of talking when he finally stood over her. “Umm, Rina can we talk? It’s really important.”

Rina friends stared at her then Wildstar and began to giggle when she walked away from them. “What’s up Deej, you look like your whole life fell apart. Is everything alright with Marisa?”

“Huh . . .  A . . .  Yeah. Marisa and I are fine. I have to ask you something. Did you hand in our report to Commander Niichi?”

“Yes why?”

“Did you physically hand it to him?”

“No, I placed in on his desk with some of the other reports. I think we were like the 6th ones to hand it in.”

DJ scratched his head and began to try to rack his brain. “He claims he never got it.”

“WHAT! How could this be? I placed it on his desk personally. Cater was there behind me when I did. What are we going to do?”

“Well looks like we are stuck together again for another week. Please tell me that you have your share of the notes?” his hopes that they would be able to print it out and they would be done with each other for the last time.

“I believe I do. I’ll have to check my laptop. If you want to come over tonight we can go over it. Relax Wildstar, all we have to do is print it out that will be the hard part. The graphs and poster is easy.”

“I hope your right, Ri. If I don’t get an A in his class I can kiss goodbye to flying with my Dad and Brother at Miramar.”

“Don’t worry Deej, just swing by around 1800 and we will have it done in a day or so. We can hand it in together on Monday.” She gave him a smile and he relaxed for once since Niichi told him.



Frowning she crossed her arms under her breast and huffed. “So this means our week end plans are just shot.”

DJ Wildstar had seen that face to many times to count. Did she not realize that his career was at stakes because of his teacher’s mistake? If only he would have let him look through the files he was sure that he would have found it and he wouldn’t be here cancelling his plans with Marisa. “Do you think I want to spend my weekend let alone my whole week redoing a project that was handed in a week ago! Trust me Marisa I’d rather spend my time with you. But I have to do this, if I don’t I fail and then it goes on my record. And I will be damned if that happens.” His voice softened and he reached to touch her face. “I’m really sorry Marisa, truly I am but if I don’t hand this in by the end of the week I fail. I promise I’ll make it up to you.”

She looked out the window and stared as the rain poured down onto his car. “I’m sorry too, it’s just that now you’ll be working again with her.”

“Come on Maris, she is nothing to me but a classmate. I have most of the work on my backup drive. All I have to do is the graphs, then I am all through.”

“I just don’t like her. She seems very shady to me. Are you sure she isn’t doing this?”

“To what Marisa? It’s a project. Do you think that she would have not handed in the work just to get me alone?”

“Well it looks,”

“I don’t think that she would risk her grades to get me alone. She’s not like that.” He said in defense. “You need to trust me I would never do anything to hurt you. She and I are only doing a project together nothing more.”

“I hope that it is.” She looked away and said softly.

DJ looked at her and huffed. “I should go. The sooner I do this the sooner I’ll get this over with.” Marisa stepped out of the car and watched as he drove away.



The rain poured down as he reached her house. He jumped out and ran for the door. As he reached for the doorbell it swung open and he saw her standing there in a tight tee-shirt that she tied around her midsection with a pair of jeans and no shoes. “Hurry and get in, it’s pouring!” she laughed.

“No shit it’s pouring out.”

“Here get out of that shirt and dry up.” She said tossing him a towel. She watched as he took off his shirt and was amazed how a great body he had. His body glistened with wetness from the rain. She looked over every each of his muscles and licked her lips then let out a deep breath. “Come on we can work in my room.” She turned to go up the stairs and he stood there. “What’s wrong?”

“Well don’t you think that we should work in the living room or kitchen? I mean I don’t think your dad would like a guy in your room. How would that look?”

“Don’t worry about that he’s out of town for a few days. We don’t have to worry about being disturbed. Come on, you have to relax.” He followed her up the stairs and into her room. Looking around he saw that she had a girly girl room with pinks and pastel colors throughout. A full size canopy bed sat in the middle of the room with a mirror and sofa in front of the window. His mind drifted to the thought of her changing in front of the mirror. She jumped on her bed and patted on the bed. “Come on sit down and let’s get started.” She had large post papers on the bed and her laptop sat next to her. DJ took his laptop out of his bag and sat down at the end of the bed. “I have everything on mind and the pie charts but I think some of the pages I never updated when I closed out. So we might want to look over both our work.” She told him.

“How’s your wireless printer working?”

“Should be working fine, let’s give it a try.” She printed out a page and smiled. “Looks like it is.”

They began going over their work, matching his notes to hers and did a few changes. They discussed the fighter’s G-force and how things could change to make it better. He argued with her as before on how the chart should look and she laughed at how serious he was. Working late into the night she yawned and laid back on her bed. “Looks like we should call it a night, I’m beat.”

He stretched his arms out and agreed, “yeah your right. So same time tomorrow?”

“Sure, let me walk you out.” She told him. He grabbed his shirt that now was dry on the stairs bannister and head out the door.  


23rd of January, 2232


Description: Description: C:\Users\Honey Bunny\Documents\My Documents\Bunny Nest of Documents\STORIES\Star Blazers\FREDDO'S VISIONS PROJECT\Eva's files\DJPart4_files\image004.pngFor three nights they worked hard in completing their project. Each night it got later and later in the race to hand it in. They worked hard and laughed harder, making fun of most of their teacher to break the mood of being serious. She was easy going and he sat back in her bed joking about what happen that day. “Hey why don’t I put on some music?” She jumped off the bed and turned on her IPod. Slowly she moved to the music and grabbed a brush to make a microphone of it then began to sing with the music. “I gotta shake it off, Cause the loving ain’t the same. And you keep on playing games. Like you know I’m here to stay, I gotta shake it off. Just like a Cal gone commercial, I really gotta get up outta here, and go somewhere . . . . .” DJ sat back and watched as she did her performance, singing Mariah Cary, Shake it up. He laughed as she danced around the room and sang to him shaking her finger to key notes. By the end of the song he grinned and gave her a few claps.

“Not bad, you should become a singer. You’re actually really good.”

“Naw it’s something I do behind closed doors.”

“Well I guess that one little number you did at Rosco’s was a onetime gig.”

“Yup, I will not be there again. So don’t expect it. I have hung up my voice from preforming in public. So I must take my last bow cause it ain’t happening again.” She bowed and he gave her a standing ovation.

“Bravo Madam Rina! Please once more! Just one more for us peasants Please!” he yelled.

She blushed and threw a pillow at him, “Oh shut up. Let’s get back to work.”

Description: C:\Users\Honey Bunny\Documents\My Documents\Bunny Nest of Documents\STORIES\Star Blazers\FREDDO'S VISIONS PROJECT\Eva's files\DJPart4_files\image001.pngThey work later than usual and both fell on the bed dead tried. They lay next to each other with closed eyes. “Gosh, we are almost finished.”

“Thank GWAD!” Rina let out a long breath of relief.

“You know it’s not so bad working with you this time around. It was pretty fun.” DJ propped himself up on one elbow and looked down on her. “You’re a great notes taker.”

She looked up and smiled at him. “You’re not so bad either.” She rubbed his shirt and looked into his eyes. Her heart beat faster as she saw him come closer to her. She brought her arm around his neck and pulled him closer to him. They kissed passionately for a few minutes and it felt good. His kiss took her breath away and she wished it would never end. After their last kiss it lingered in his mind. What if Marisa wasn’t part of his life could it have worked out between Rina and him. She was a good kisser and her perfume was just intoxicating. He spent many nights with girls but putting his sex life on hold for Marisa was starting to take a toll on him. He didn’t want to lose her and his parents would kill him if he hurt her not to mention her father. She wrapped her arms around him holding him tighter and kissing with more force. She could feel his hand move to her breast and she let out a heavy sigh. Could it finally happen, will tonight finally be the night? They rolled around her bed her hands running through the thick mane on his head. His hands moved throughout her body, it felt firm and tight. Her breasts were full and round. He could feel her breathing heavier and his heart race with hers. She wanted to tell him how much she wanted him and was falling deeply in love with him. She thought hard and figure if she said anything it would break the spell to what was going to happen between them. DJ felt her hands run through his hair and down his back. Her nails ran down it almost piercing threw his shirt. She moved one hand down his back and around to his belt. Slowly she tried to undo his belt and she could feel his excitement against her leg. DJ was lost in the heat of passion when they heard his cell go off. The spell broke as fast as it started. She grabbed his hand and stopped him from answering. “Don’t.” she told him in short horse breath.

As much as he wanted to go on he had to see who was calling. “I have to answer this.” He told her. He picked up the cell and answered it. Her voice rang through making him feel ashamed at want almost happened. “Hey, no I can talk.” He paused and listened then answered. “We are finished . . . . I should be leaving soon.” Once again he paused and tried to smile through the phone. “Yeah, me too. I’ll see you tomorrow.” He hung up and lowered his head. “I should go.”

“DJ maybe we should,”

“I really should go Rina. I’m glad that we are almost finished. Looks like we will be able to hand it in a few days early.”

She tried to smile and pulled at her shirt that was now half way unbuttoned. “I guess it will be. I figured sometime tomorrow?”

He nodded his head and agreed. “Yeah . . . . I guess so. Well I should go it’s pretty late.”

She couldn’t help but continued to blush. “I’ll walk you out.” She just wanted to throw herself at him and hold him from leaving. She walked him to the door and closed it shut as she knelt down leaning against it wishing that he didn’t take the call. If it wasn’t for her we would be making love right now! Damn her!



She woke feeling unsatisfied. She wanted DJ Wildstar in her bed but his little girlfriend was always ruining things. She sat up in bed and thought about how to make him notice her the way he looked at her. She grabbed her pillow and she could still smell his cologne still fresh on it. After handing in their work it hurt that she and he wouldn’t work together again, but then Commander  Niichi lost it and he was back in her life. She was willing to walk away knowing that he was with her but now this second chance. “Hmm, what to do?”


24th of January, 2232

DJ tossed and turned all night thinking of Rina. He lay awake most of the early morning thinking of what might have happened with Rina and him. She was a beautiful girl her body was amazing and feeling his lips on hers were electrifying. He turned to look at the picture of Marisa on his bed stand and quickly turned away. The shame that he felt was more than he could bear. If he told Marisa as to what almost happened, he would lose her, not to mention Uncle Pesci would do to him. His mother would be disappointed and his father would probably lose a dear friend because of him. No she must never know about it. He sat up and brought his legs towards him and thought. The thought in his head made him jump out of bed and dress quickly. He grabbed his car keys and ran out the door. He drove out of the country side and past the city. From the distance he saw the main gate come to view. He pulled alongside of the guard’s booth and flashed his military ID. They looked close at it and then at him. “You’re a cadet in the academy?”

“Yes sir.”

“Who are you here to see?”

“I’m here to see Lieutenant Commander Alex Wildstar” He said as so many other times when he came to see his brother. “Do we have to go through this all the time?”

He frowned at him, he didn’t care whose son he was. Orders were just that. . . .Orders! He huffed and said, “Yeah we do!” he stepped away from his car and walked over to the booth. He picked up the phone and dial while his partner watched DJ’s car from the door. “Yes sir, I’ll send him through.” He wrote down on a piece of paper and walked back to DJ car. “You can go . . . . Here’s your pass. I’m sure you know how to get there.”

DJ Nodded and saluted the marine as he waved him in. He drove past buildings and housing for enlisted personnel. He pulled up to his barracks and parked the car. Quickly he ran up the stairs to the top floor and knocked on the door. His brother opened the door and looked at him. “How come you’re not in school?”

“I need to talk to you.”

“Alright come in and make it quick. I have to get to work soon.”

“I need your advice, Alex.”

From the look on his brother’s face it looked important. He picked up the phone and dialed a number. “Can you tell my father that I will be late and please tell him I apologize for the inconvenience. I will get there as soon as possible and will explain once I get there. Thank you Saji.” And put the phone down and sat down in front of him. “Start talking.” DJ took a deep breath and began to tell him what happened. Alex sat in front of him without judgment. He listened to every word as his little brother spilled his heart out to him. “I have to do this project with her it’s not an option. If I don’t hand it in by Friday I fail. We should be done tonight, but I’m afraid if I go there tonight something might happen this time. The worst part is I don’t think I can face Marisa and keep this secret. What should I do, Al?”

Description: C:\Users\Honey Bunny\Documents\My Documents\Bunny Nest of Documents\STORIES\Star Blazers\FREDDO'S VISIONS PROJECT\Eva's files\DJPart4_files\image002.pngHe placed his hand on his brother’s shoulder and smiled. “Deej, I can’t be one to criticize you on how to handle this. I’m not the best role model to give you advice. Annie and I have had our ups and downs. I can never say I was the prefect guy, maybe that was our down fall.” He looked away and thought about how his life would have been if things were different. “I’m still hoping that we will someday get back together. And who knows someday we will. I mean we still talk and call each other for advice, but as us being together I’m not sure if that will happen. We are still young and are trying to get our careers going, but I wish we still had what we had. Listen bro, you will know if it’s best to tell her or not. But I think you should drop the side gig and get your act together. Make sure it’s what you want. How much longer until you are finished with the project?”

“We should be done tonight.”

“Good, maybe you should work at the house this one last night.”

“We tried that but Miku was a pain in the ass with bugging us. We couldn’t get anything done. We even went to the library and café, but seems like everyone there is always interrupting us. It was best to go to her house.”

“Well you better finish the job and get the heck out of there quick and end it before it gets any more complicated.” Alexander smiled and hoped that his baby brother worked it out. He hated seeing him miserable. “Listen I have to go. Dad doesn’t like to wait long.”

“Al, can you not talk to dad about this?”

“Not a problem. But he will figure it out, as much as we all think that he is out of the loop he’s pretty sharp for an old man.” They both laugh and he patted him on the back. “Come on, I gotta go and I am sure if you rush you’ll be able to make it to last bell.”

“Thanks Al.”

“Anytime Deej, now get going.”



DJ’s mind was preoccupied with what he was going to do. A few times his teachers had to yell at him to get his attention. “Wildstar ARE YOU LISTENING!” his teacher snapped him back to class.

“Sorry sir, I didn’t get much sleep last night.”

Description: Description: C:\Users\Honey Bunny\Documents\My Documents\Bunny Nest of Documents\STORIES\Star Blazers\FREDDO'S VISIONS PROJECT\Eva's files\DJPart4_files\image005.png“Well maybe you should go to bed earlier!” Commander Niichi yelled back.

“Yes sir, maybe I should.” Maybe if you didn’t lose my project I wouldn’t be staying up late trying to finish it! Jerk!  He thought. He looked over to his twin and shrugged. Mark Wildstar watched as his brother seemed to drift off for the lack of sleep. A few times he came home past midnight and unable to sleep once he was home. Mornings he was grouchy towards him and his sister. Today he was late for school and almost got detention if it wasn’t for their father that called and explained that it wasn’t his fault. The bell rung and Mark raced to keep up with his brother. “Not now Mark, I have to get to my next class.”

“Deej, is everything alright?”

“Everything’s fine Mark. I gotta go.”

“Marisa has been dropping by to see if you’re okay.”

DJ turned to his brother afraid that she was spying on him. “What did you tell her?”

“Nothing! Geez. I just told her that you were still working with Rina on the project and that you should be finished soon.” DJ felt himself get angry, she was spying on him. Did she not trust him? Was she snooping to see if he was going to cheat on her. Although he almost did just that the thought of her trust not being there made him angry. He loved Marisa but she seemed to constantly call him while he was trying to finish his work. Did she know that this was important and it was a major grade? If he fails this course it would determine what position he gets within EDF. He wanted to be a pilot and someday command his father ship. By the end of the day his anger seemed to grow. He snapped at anyone that tried to talk with him. At home he yelled at his sister that ran to his mother in tears.

Nova marched straight to his room and knocked. “DJ can I come in?”


She threw opened the door and folded her arms under her breast. “What is wrong with you?” she snapped.

“Nothing sorry,”

“Whatever it is that is bugging you I don’t want you to take it out on your sister. Do you understand me!

“Yes, ma’am.”

Description: Description: C:\Users\Honey Bunny\Documents\My Documents\Bunny Nest of Documents\STORIES\Star Blazers\FREDDO'S VISIONS PROJECT\Eva's files\DJPart4_files\image006.png“Now what is it that is bugging you? You can’t keep things bottled up it will make you miserable. So what is it?”

“It’s nothing Mom, just trying to finish this stupid project so I can get it over with. I can’t believe that Commander Niichi lost our report. He didn’t even let me look through the other reports that were handed in. I know Rina handed it in, she wouldn’t want to flunk his class either. We are both depending on passing this class to get our next year’s assignment. Without a good grade I’ll get stuck with maintenance on some small cargo ship. And all I ever want is to fly like Dad.”

Nova sat down next to him on the bed and wrapped her arm around his shoulder. “I’m sorry sweetie, I know how frustrating it is to hand in something and they lose it. Too many times to count. Okay I’ll keep Miku away until you go. Are sure that is all that is bugging you?”

He smiled at his mother and nodded his head. “Yeah mom, nothing else and thanks.”

Her eyes softened, she had a special spot in her heart for her youngest son. “I love you.”

“Love you too Mom.”



He walked up to her house and had his speech ready. Before he knocked on the door she flung the door open. “Hey I’d figure we go around back to the patio and work tonight.” She lead him in the house and out to the back of the house. She pivot around and said, “Listen what happen last night I shouldn’t have let it go that far. I really just want to forget about it, okay?” It caught DJ off guard it was supposed to be him that was the one to let her down easily. “I know that it wasn’t right for us. And I don’t want to make things uncomfortable for both of us. Let’s just get this project over with so we can both move on.” She gave him a sweet smile and he felt his body relax. In a way he was glad that she approached him first on what happen. So many times when he tried to move on they always seemed to explode in tears.

“Thanks Rina, I wasn’t sure how I was going to tell you.”

“Hey, it’s a mistake okay. Anyway you’re really not my type.” She joked.

“I’m everyone’s type.” He joked back.

“Aren’t we stuck on ourselves.” She shoved him and they headed to the backyard. It was a nice sized yard with a large pool that looked like it was an oasis. The hot tub sat on the far end as a waterfalls cascaded down on it. She sat down at the patio table and they both pulled out their laptops to begin their work. The Graphics were taking longer than they thought it would. They worked hard into the warm night. Usually it would be cooler at that time of the year but this night was extra warm and humid. She waved her hand in front of her face trying to cool off.  She sat back in the patio chair and said. “Wow I didn’t think it would be this warm out here. But at least it looks like we are done if I am not mistake.”

DJ looked down and glanced once more at their work. “You know I think your right. We did it Rina.” He jumped up and threw his arms up. “Holy crap we did it!” he turned and jumped into the pool catching Rina off guard.

“Alex! Are you insane?” she laughed as he splashed around in her pool.

“Aren’t you coming in?” He yelled back to her. She laughed harder and jumped in splashing near him. She threw her arms around him and jumped up and down in the pool laughing glad that they were finally finished. She felt his wet body on her and how strong he was. His muscles show through his wet shirt and she took in every inch of his chest. They pulled away and he noticed that her blouse was see through from the water. Her bra was almost a see through as her blouse and he could make out her chest outline. He turned away to give her privacy as she jumped out of the pool. She ran into the pool house and grabbed a few towels for them to dry off. DJ took off his shirt and lay it across the top of the chair. Rina threw a towel at him and stared at his half naked body. DJ felt her stare and blushed. “Thanks.”

Looking away she wanted him, “I guess you’re going to need some dry clothes. You’ll catch a cold in those wet clothes. Take off your clothes and I’ll dry them for you.” He gave her a stare. “Come on give me credit. You can’t go home in wet clothes even it is a little warm. There’s a bathrobe in the pool house, you can change in there.” DJ nodded and walked into the pool house and took off the rest of his clothes and put on the robe. He peered out and saw her standing there waiting. “I’ll put them in the dryer now.” She raced into the house and put his things into the dryer than ran to her room to change into some dry clothes. “It should take about 15 minutes to dry. I think we should get everything together so we can hand them to Niichi in the morning. Well looks like we did it and had two days to spare.” He grinned and she smiled back.

“Looks like it. I’ll hand it all in first thing just to make sure that Niichi doesn’t tell me that he never got it.”  He thought for a minute and decided to ask. “Did you hand it in Rina?”

She looked at him in shock. “Of course I did. I wouldn’t hold anything that important. It’s our careers DJ.”

Feeling ashamed that he would accuse her of not handing in their work he walked over to her and put his hands on her shoulder. “I’m sorry I was just asking that’s all.”

“I guess after what could’ve happen last night I would probably ask the same question. Your forgiven. Now help me get all this together so YOU can hand it in to Niichi first thing.” Tightening the robe harder he put all their work together and saved it all on their laptops. DJ made an extra copy of the graph just in case and then they sat back on the patio furniture to relax until his clothes were dry. “So how long have you and Marisa been seeing each other?”

“Almost two years. I can’t believe I’ve actually dated someone for this long.”

Description: Description: C:\Users\Honey Bunny\Documents\My Documents\Bunny Nest of Documents\STORIES\Star Blazers\FREDDO'S VISIONS PROJECT\Eva's files\DJPart4_files\image007.jpg“So I hear.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“Come on Deej, everyone knows that you were the biggest player at the academy. Some girls actually thought that they would be the one to tame you. I heard all the stories Wildstar so let’s not try to play innocent.”

“Come on, some of those stories are a little exaggerated. They just peg me out because I am a Wildstar. My name can sometimes be a curse. I don’t know how my brother Alex dealt with it. It’s hard to stay out of the press, they always want to know who I am sleeping with and by the end of the day they already have me married. Mark hasn’t gotten the press that Alex and I get. He tends to keep really low key and Miku well  . . . . . . She will be very protected by us. If the press is like this with us guys they will tear her apart.”

She listened as he opened up about a sensitive part of his life. The press could be vicious when it came to the Wildstar clan. She met his mother once and could see that she was very protective of her kids and she caught her frown then when she saw a picture of Alex with his date. She excused herself and called him quickly to talk with him. “I can tell that your mom is very protective of you.”

DJ gave her a small grin and rolled his eyes, “Yeah she sure is. But she means well when it comes to those things. She a smart cookie as my dad would say. She tends to know when someone is using us for the press.”

“But you broke a lot of hearts when you and she finally became exclusive.”

“Yeah well they all knew I wasn’t settling down. I always made it known up front that it was a fling nothing more.”

She laughed out loud at his description of his past love life. “So that’s what they understood, huh? Have you ever thought that they might want more from you?”

“I try to be honest with them upfront. How they take it is up to them.” He went on about his life and she listened to his every word. It was nice to see someone actually listen to him instead of throwing themselves at him. Silence finally came for them and she gazed up into the late sky. The moon was full and she looked beautiful as the moon light beamed off her hair. She titled her head back and took in the warm night air. DJ stared at her and took in her face again. He blushed slightly and turned his eyes to the pool. “So you’re here alone again. Where did your dad go this time?”

“The states, Washington D.C.” she sighed of her father leaving her alone.

“I would think you’d be throwing parties every weekend since he is gone.”

“I’m not a party animal Deej, Believe it or not, but I like my privacy. It gets tiring listening to all the gossip in school. It’s always the same thing, who is sleeping with who, who is a stuck up snob, blah blah blah. It’s always the same. I’m sure there will be plenty of rumors of us working together by the end of the week.”

DJ giggled, “Oh I know the grape vine very well. How was your old school?”

Description: Description: C:\Users\Honey Bunny\Documents\My Documents\Bunny Nest of Documents\STORIES\Star Blazers\FREDDO'S VISIONS PROJECT\Eva's files\DJPart4_files\image008.jpg“Huh,” She had wished he would never ask her about that but here were the dreaded questions.

“Your old school, how was it?”

“It wasn’t much to talk about.” He looked into her eyes and could see that something happened to her. The way she averted her eyes he knew something made her sad.

“You know sometimes it’s good to talk about things.” He told her. “But if you don’t want to talk about it I won’t pry.”

“Thanks Deej, most people would keep digging until they get what they want. It’s something I just don’t want to talk about now or ever.” The drier buzzer finally buzzed and the silence was broken. “Looks like your clothes are dry.” She got up and went into the house to get his clothes. DJ sat outside wondering what happen to make her look so sad. He got up and walked into the house to see what was taking her so long and he found her in the laundry room crying. He thought of walking away and then thought against it.

“Rina? Are you alright?”

She turned to see him standing there and turned quickly away wiping the tears away. “Yeah, I’m fine.” She began to reach into the dryer and take out his clothes. DJ walked behind her and grabbed her arm turning her to him. “Your clothes are done.” She quickly said. He took her in his arms and hugged her as she cried on his shoulder. How could she let herself get this vulnerable again? She pushed away from him and smiled. “I’m okay . . . . It’s nothing . . . . Just feeling lonely in this big house. Here you can go in my room and change.” She shoved his clothes into his hands and walked out of the room. DJ wanted to protect her but it was obvious that she didn’t want to talk about it. He slowly got dressed and walked back outside. She stood looking up and she started to talk. “He was my first love . . . . . His name was Zoran  . . . .  He was a Bolar. He was so handsome and kind. I thought I would never love anyone else. We wanted to get married once I became of age but our parents . . . . Well . . . . You know how parents are. They never understand our feelings. Even with them forbidding us to see each other we managed to slip away. My mother was always out at some gala event leaving me alone at her place and my dad was here in on earth. Zoran made sure that I was never alone in a strange place. He kept me company when she went out. At school we were inseparable. He was the love of my life. But then  . . . . School . . . . They told me he was killed. No one knew what really happened. An accident they called it. He was flying his ship and somehow it hit an asteroid flying by. All I know is they took him away from me. My mother didn’t know how to handle me after that so my dad step in and brought me back here. My Father spent so much money on shrinks but it wasn’t until one night that Zoran came to me and told me that I would be alright and not to cry for him anymore. I still miss him.” DJ sat down and listened to her story His heart went out to her. What would he do if he ever lost Marisa? He would die if he lost her. She smiled, “its late Deej, you should go. We have to hand in our work tomorrow.” She said cheerfully.

Description: C:\Users\Honey Bunny\Documents\My Documents\Bunny Nest of Documents\STORIES\Star Blazers\FREDDO'S VISIONS PROJECT\Eva's files\DJPart4_files\image011.jpgDJ got up and wiped her tears away. “Zoran is right. You shouldn’t cry anymore. He would want you to be happy and live on.” He pulled her closer to him and hugged her tight. She looked up to see his face and kissed him. DJ felt his heart beat faster and faster as he kissed her back. He knew she needed him but he loved Marisa. What’s one time Deej? She needs someone. She needs me. He picked her up and carried her into the house up to her room. He placed her on the bed and fidgeted with her clothes. Slowly taking them off as she undid his pants. It was 0130 in the morning and no one would be expecting him anywhere. His parents long asleep and Marisa stopped calling. They kissed more, her lips feeling soft and tender on his. Her body arched towards him wanting him. What are you doing Wildstar? Marisa!

“Derek! We have to stop.” Rina said loudly. “No, we can’t!” He stopped kissing her and pulled away. “We shouldn’t.” she said in a soft tone. He nodded and got up. He put his shirt back on and turned to give her privacy to cover herself. “You really should go.” He nodded and left her room. He grabbed their work and left her house leaving her to lie on her bed hating herself for letting him go.


25th of January, 2232

“Are you insane!” Marina snapped at her. “You had him in your bed and you let him go! Are you stupid or what!”

“There’s more to it. You can never understand.” Rina told her.

“I understand that you let go DJ Wildstar.”

“Leave it alone, Marina. He loves her.” Rina said and walked away. She headed to class and found DJ talking with Commander Niichi. DJ turned to see her walk in and gave her a smile.

“Looks like you and Commander Yamamato made it in time. Being that you two handed in the work days in advance of when I asked I will not shave off those points.” He said with arrogance. “And I see that you two did an excellent job.” He raised his eyebrow as he looked over the work. “Very well get ready for class.” He said.

DJ walked over to Rina and gave her a shove. “I guess we are getting A’s.”

She gave him a half smile and placed her bag on her desk. “I’m glad it worked out. DJ,”

He sat down next to her and said. “Rina, let’s forget about last night. We were in the heat of the moment. Thanks for stopping us. I love Marisa very much and the last thing I want to do is hurt her. She’s very special to me.”

“I know she is. She’s a very lucky girl DJ. Last night will be our secret. And also can you not tell,”

He raised his hand to her and said. “Your secret is safe with me. I know that you will find someone soon.” He sat back and smile. “You know I think I have someone in mind. He’s tall, handsome, smart and actually very nice.”

“Come on Deej, I think I can find someone on my own. Anyway most of the guys here are out for one thing and one thing only.”

“Just hear me out I think you would really like him. Mark is a great guy and he is very much free.”

“Mark, Mark Wildstar your brother.”

“Yeah what’s wrong with that?”

“Don’t you think it will be awkward me dating your brother after what almost happened last night?”

“I wouldn’t mind. What do you say, you would like to meet him?”

“I’ll think about it.” she grinned at him and thought he was sweet. “Deej, thank you for listening I’ve never talked about any of that since it happened.”

“Hey what are friends for. Anytime you need to vent I’ll be there for you.” He reached out and held her hand and looked at her face. He could still see the pain in her eyes and he wanted to see her happy again. He would see to it that she and Mark meet and who knows.

Marina stood outside the class room and held up her cell aiming to take pictures. She zoomed in on them as they held hands and smiled. “Thank you both.” She grinned wide and left to her next class.


To Be Continued …..

DJ Wildstar’s life is about to change, will he and Marisa last? Or will he cave to what happened between he and Rina? Read on to see what happens next.