Derek Wildstar Junior

By Yuki Wildstar

Part 2



17th of December, 2230

EDF Academy


Winter Dance


He walked into the gym and looked around. “Hey Fico look over there, she’s pretty. I think she would dance with you.”

“DANCE! No, no, not me.”

“Come on, don’t be shy. She seems nice. Go and ask her.” DJ encouraged him while giving him a push in the direction of the girl.

“DJ, I don’t think so. She looks like she will say no.” he argued.

“If you don’t ask her someone will. Now go and ask her.” He said. He watched as his friend walked over to the girl and began to speak to her. Fico shook and fidgeted as he approached the young pretty girl. She smiled at him as he walked towards her and he blushed.

“Hi, would you, um would you like. Geez, would you do me the honors of.” She giggled as he tried talking to her and she took hold of his hand.

“It’s okay Fico I would love to dance with you.”

“You would?” he said surprised.

“Sure why not.” She said looking at the handsome boy in front of her. From the first day he started in school she had her eye on him just like the other girls. Everyone knew that DJ Wildstar was a catch but she was never one to chase after the one that no one could get. DJ Wildstar made it known that he was not settling for anyone and there were plenty of broken hearts to prove it.

He walked her to the dance floor and dance with her. “I’m sorry what was your name?”

“I should be offended that you don’t know my name. But I know you haven’t been here long. It’s Gail.” She said. “Cadet Ensign Gail Johnston. I sit right behind you in Geometry class.”

“Oh, I really didn’t know that. I usually stay focused in class. I have to do well in order to get my grades up.” He said as they waltz around the dance floor. The music was slow enough to talk as they danced. She felt nice in his arms as they talk throughout the song.   DJ stood to the side and cased the area looking for someone to speak to. He looked at some girls that smile in his direction and giggled when he smiled back at them. DJ Wildstar knew he had his father’s looks and it helped in getting girls. He would give them his grin and they would swoon at the attention. He walked over to the drink table and began to pour himself some punch when he saw her walk into the room. She was petite, flowing dark brown hair with dark brown eyes that dance as she smile. Her skin was tan and flawless. She wore a beautiful halter teal dress that hugged her curves. From her hair peeked a teal feather that hung from her ear. He couldn’t believe how beautiful she looked. She walked towards her friends as boys jumped in front of her asking her to dance. She kindly declined their request as she walked past them. She waved over to a friend and DJ Wildstar was in love. Who was she? How come he never met her? He had to know who she was. He began to walk towards her and tapped her on the shoulder. “Um hi, I’m,” he began to say.

“I know who you are, Derek.” She said quickly.

“You do? Then how come I don’t know you?” He said confused.

“You do know me, it’s me Marisa Pesci.”

“Marisa? We haven’t seen you,”

“In about 2 years. Sorry I lost contact with you. I’ve been really busy and going to these functions are not top on my priority list. Didn’t help that I just got back from Italy after a year. How are you? Where is Mark?”

“He’s over there with someone. You can’t miss him, he’s the one looking like a chicken that someone cut his head off.” He said pointing and making her laugh.

“Still the same Derek, I see, always with the jokes at Mark’s expense. How have you been?” Since they were small she was the only one that called him by his full name.

“Good, you look great, wow you filled out really nice.” He said as he stared at her. The last they saw of her she was awkward looking, skinny, with braces.  Yes indeed she has changed and she was just beautiful.

“Thank you but you better not let my father hear you talk like that.” She waved her finger at him.

He knew that her father was very protective of her and he was his teacher and a close friend of the family, enough to call him Uncle. “Um, yeah, right. I,”

“Relax Wildstar I’m sure that he put his shotgun away for the night.” She touched his chest and his heart beat faster than before. “Would you like to dance?” she asked him.

“Huh Dance?”

“Yeah that is what this is. A dance and I like this song. Come on.” She said grabbing him by the hand. She threw her arms around his neck and brought him closer to her. He wrapped his arms around her thin curved waist and began to rock with her to the song. He looked into her eyes and fell in love as she moved with him. He sang the song in his head as it played out loud in the gym. “I love this song,” she said as they listen to Chris Brown sing ‘With You’ “Don’t you just love this song?” she asked. He nodded his head and held her a little tighter. He danced her around the floor as he took in her beauty and perfume. Their bodies moved like they were meant to be. She could tell he improved from their younger days and feeling his body next to hers felt good. The song soon ended and he walked her back to her friends. “Thank you Derek, it was nice.” She looked at him and smiled.

“Sure, anytime Marisa.” He wanted so much to dance with her again.

“Oh my, are you here with someone? I didn’t mean to cause trouble with you and whoever it is that is with you.”

“No, no I’m solo tonight.”

“Really, I thought you would have at least three or four girls hanging from your arm.”

“I’m not that shallow Marisa. I just like to keep my options open that’s all.”

“I bet you do.” She giggled.

“Come on Marisa, I’ve changed.”

“Sure you have, still trying to beat Alex in flying?”

He grinned and laughed, “Well that is going to happen. I’m heading to Miramar this summer and taking his name off that plaque. How about you, what have you been up to?” He slipped her arm around his and excused themselves from her friends. “Come and talk with me.” He said and walked her to a quiet part of the gym. “You look stunning. So what have you been up to?”

“Are you trying to hit on me?” she smiled.

“Um, no,”

“Really you’re not? Shame, I was kind of liking it.”

“No, no, I mean, well, gosh.”

“Relax Wildstar, you can’t even get your words together. Remember you used to pull my hair just to make me cry.”

“I did? Geeze I’m sorry. I was young and stupid.”

“Seriously Derek, relax.” She laughed so hard tears rolled down her face. “I should get back to my friends or else they are going to send out a rescue squad.”

He watched as she walked back to her friends and they quickly circle her and began to ask her questions. He stood against the wall and watched as she laughed and talked with her friends. He stood there watching, turning down advances from other girls as they asked him to dance. Fico finally walked back to him and told him about dancing with the pretty girl. He went on and on then realized that he wasn’t paying attention. “DJ! Have you heard anything I said?”

“Huh, sorry Fico, I was a little distracted.” He said not moving his eyes from her.

Fico looked in the direction that he was staring and asked. “Which one?”

“The dark hair one in the off the halter teal dress.”

“Who is she?”

“Marisa Pesci.”

“Whoa, the captains daughter? You better back off.”

“Don’t sweat it, I know her and her parents. They happened to be close friends of my parents. Anyway she is probably not interested in me. She knows me too well.”

Mark finally walked over to his brother and slapped him on the back. “Solo again huh bro. But I notice you turning away Stephanie Sato, I thought you wanted to hook up with her tonight?” he looked closer at his brother and noticed that he wasn’t paying attention at all to him. “DEEJ! Snap out of it. What is wrong with you.” He slapped him lightly on the face and brought his brother back to reality.

“What the hell is wrong with you. You slap me again and I’m gonna knock you out.”

“Sorry but you weren’t paying attention. What’s wrong?”

“Nothing, just casing the place.” DJ said.

“The hell he is, he’s checking out the Captain’s daughter.”  Fico announced

“Marisa Pesci! Are you insane? If you try anything with her, uncle Tony will have your head on a platter, not to mention Dad and Mom.”

“Relax Mark, she’s different. I would never do anything to make her hate me. I’ll be back,” he said and walked to the DJ booth. He slipped the guy 20 and he put on the song to dance to again. Quickly he made his way back to her as the song came back on. He almost made it to her when another cadet asked her to dance. She took his hand and they walked to dance floor. He felt a wave of jealously take over as he rushed through the crowd to reach her. He tapped the other cadet on the shoulder and said. “May I cut in?” he asked the cadet.

“No way Wildstar, I asked her first. Now go and ask the trampy girls over there.” Pointing in the direction of over made up girls wearing the shortest dresses in the gym.

She watched as his hand turn to a fist and pulled away from the cadet. “Sorry I did promise Derek that I would dance with him. I hope you don’t mind. I promise I’ll save another dance for you, um. What was your name again?” She asked him.

“Oh never mind.” He said and walked away.

“Really Derek, am I going to go through this every time I show up to a dance?”  She asked annoyed.

“I thought this was our song.” He said to her.

“I didn’t know we were dating” she smiled.

“Would it be so bad if we were?” he said as they danced once again on the floor.

“Hmm, aren’t you confident? What makes you think that I would go out with a player like you?”

“Me, a player. Nah, I just came off the market.”

“Really? I didn’t know you were taken that quickly.” She said giving him a sly look.

“Well, see I met this girl and she is beautiful, smart and takes no shit from me. So I just had to make her my girlfriend.”

“Oh, and this girl would be?”

“She’s standing in front me. How about it would you give me the honors of being my girlfriend?”

“Come on Derek, all these girls flaunting themselves on you and you want to be with me? You forget that I know you.”

“Do you really, it’s been a while and I have changed.”

“You change? So you’re telling me that you changed in the last 20 minutes.”

“Yes I have.”

“Hmm, I have to think about it. I don’t want to tie myself to just anyone.” She said making him laugh at her. “Anyway I don’t think just two dances will win me over. What happened to dinner and a movie before I make a decision?. Anyway my dad would like to meet the boy I will date. Or have you forgotten that my dad happens to know your parents?”

“Oh yeah, darn. I guess I will have to take you out tomorrow night for dinner and a movie.”

“And if I’ve already made plans with someone else?”

“Cancel them, or else I will have to beat the crap out of them.” He pulled her closer to him and tried to kiss her. She quickly turned her head and laughed. “Hey what gives?”

“Sorry I just don’t kiss on the first date. Oh wait a minute this isn’t even a first date. So I guess you’re out of luck tomorrow night too.” She looked past him and saw her friends wave at her. “I have to go, my friends are getting ready to leave. I guess I will see you tomorrow night.”

“I can take you home.” DJ said.

“No, I came with my friends and I’m leaving with them. Not to mention that my dad told me how it works.”

“Fine, what time should I pick you up tomorrow?”

“6 p.m. tomorrow.” She reach up on her tippy toes and kissed him on the cheek. “See you tomorrow, Cadet Commander Wildstar.” She gave him a wink and ran to her friends. He could feel his heart race faster and falling more and more in love with her.

Mark walked up behind him and pat him on the back, “It’s getting late bro we have to go home.”

“Yeah, I’m coming. Where is Fico?”

“He’s over there still talking to that girl. Do you think it will get serious with those two?”

“I guess, he learnt from the best.” DJ said, rubbing his nails on his jacket.

“You are so full of yourself. Let’s get out of here. I still have to take Grace home. Come on the car’s waiting.”

“Don’t you hate having to be driven around. It’s so old. I can’t wait until I can drive my own car.” He said as they walked out the door to go home.



18th of December, 2230

Wildstar Residence


Derek Wildstar sat in the kitchen table sipping on his coffee and looking over some files that he brought home from work. How he hated working at home. But of his high ranking position he pretty much had no choice. Nova was helpful when she wasn’t working late at the hospital she always picked up something that he missed and brought everything together. DJ Wildstar walked into the room brushing his hair with his hand and waking up slowly. He grabbed hold of a glass and poured himself some orange juice. He quickly sat down as his father took another sip from his cup. “So how was the dance last night?” Derek Wildstar asked his youngest son as he looked over the brim of his cup.

“It was alright.”

“Mark tells me that you ran into Marisa. How is she?”

“She’s alright.”

“Is that all you can say to me today?” Wildstar laughed at his youngest son. He could see in his face that something changed about him. “She is not like the others.”

“Huh what? What’s that supposed to mean?” DJ looked at his father confused.

“Marisa, she’s not like the others.”

He blushed finally understanding what his father was getting at. “No she’s not. There something about her dad. She doesn’t call me DJ and she seems to be a step ahead of me and all those other girls. It’s like she’s a challenge.”

“I know what you mean, son. Your mother is like that. She doesn’t take my crap and tells it like it is. But she always manages to keep her dignity even in public. She never loses her patience in public and always is a lady. So will you be calling your Uncle Tony or will you walk away now?”

“I don’t get it? Why do I need to call Uncle Tony?”

“Because she is just not another girl, she’s special and the proper thing to do is ask her father for a date before you take her out.”

“Did you ask grandpa to date mom when you came back from Iscandar?”

“I was terrified when I asked him. But he knew I was sincere about seeing her. So if you’re not sincere then you need to leave her alone. She is not someone to toy with. Do you get me?”

“Yes sir.” DJ stood up from the table and sighed. “Dad can I use your account to take Marisa to Andrea’s?”

He smiled at him and felt proud that he was pulling out all the stops in taking her out. “Sure son, I’ll give them a call later and have them set up a table for you and her. I was heading over to see Uncle Tony later would you like to come?”

“Yeah I’d like that.”

“Okay I’ll be heading there in an hour so, so get dressed.” He told his son before heading to his room. Nova was out of the shower and drying her hair when he came in. “I’m taking DJ over to Tony’s later I have to go over some files with him. I’ll be back as soon as I can. Then we can take care of that little problem from last night.”

She grinned at him and said. “Little problem, I don’t recall a little problem last night. I thought it was going pretty well. But if you feel that you have to correct it who am I to tell you no.” She walked over to where he was and opened up her robe. “Should we correct it now?”

“Is that all what you want from me? I feel like a sex slave. You make me feel cheap.” He said as he pulled his shirt tighter to his chest.  She laughed at his drama and wrapped her arms around his waist. “Fine! If that’s all you want then go ahead and take advantage of me now.” He rolled his eyes as she kissed him.


They laid on the bed her head on his chest and him playing with her hair. “Do you feel better?” she asked him.

“A little. But I hate to run I still have to go to Pesci’s.” He kissed the top of her head and got out of bed.

“Mm, can’t you stay a little longer?” she said stretching out.

“I promise tonight will be just as good. I have to go. I love you, baby.” He dressed quickly and then gave her another kiss before going out the door.  He called out to DJ and they left to go to the Pescis. He pulled up to the house and DJ stepped out the car shaking slightly. It was a nice red brick home. The entrance had a huge porch with two rocking chairs. DJ had come here many times before in his younger days but this time was different. Marisa wasn’t just a friend that he could make fun of, she was beautiful and smart. “What’s wrong son?”

“Nothing dad,” he said in reply.

“Okay then knock on the door.” He ordered.

They waited until the door opened and Pesci stood on the other side. “Hey guys come on in.” it was a simple home, modest in means. They loved their home it was prefect for them and their daughter. It sat on the top of the mountain a half hour away from Derek and Nova’s home. DJ sat down next to his father and listen to them talk about a ship that was just transferred from the states there. “The reports just don’t add up. For all the fancy gadgets I expected something a little high tech. What do you think, Pesh?” they went on talking about it and DJ sat there hoping to see her walk into the room. Pesci finally said, “She’s out shopping with your Aunt Denise. They should be back soon. So is there something we should be talking about Cadet Wildstar?” Derek stood up and excused himself and left teacher and student to talk. “Well Cadet what is it that you have to ask me?”

“Um, Uncle Tony, I’d like to. Well I was hoping that I can have Marisa for tonight.”


“I mean, I mean, is it possible that we can head out?”

“Excuse me? Is this how you ask me to see my daughter?”

“No, no, I’m sorry Uncle Tony. I really meant I would like very much to take Marisa out on a date.”

“And where would you be taking my daughter?” he asked in a stern tone.

“Well, dad said I can take her to Andrea’s and then a movie.”

“And after that, where would you take my daughter?” Pesci stared him down like he was ready to pounce on him.

“Straight home sir.” His voice quivered as he spoke.

Pesci sat there and stared harder at him making him more nervous. Wildstar stood in the door way laughing as he watched his son ask permission. “What time will you be taking her out?”

“1800 hours tonight sir, we will have dinner and then catch a movie after. I should have her home by 2300 hours.”

“You will have her home at 2300 hours and not a minute later. I am assuming that you will have a car drive you two to the restaurant and movies.”

“Yes sir,” he shook more as he spoke.

“Very well I will expect you at 1800 hours.” He stood up and placed his hands on his shoulder. “Now that wasn’t so bad was it?” he asked giggling.

“Um no sir, I,” DJ wiped the sweat from his brow and let out a sigh.

“A word of advice, she is my only daughter and child. If she tells me that you were at any time disrespectful to her I will have you sent to the worst academy in Siberia. Do I make myself clear?”

“Yes sir.” He said sweating more profusely. Wildstar stepped into the room beet red from laughing.

“We should go,” he said to them both as he pat him on the back. They bid their goodbyes and got into the car. He drove and said to his son, “Now you know how I felt when I ask your grandfather to date your mother. Oh yeah it will get worse when you ask to marry her.”

“MARRIED! Whoa dad I’m only 16 years old.”

“Haha, okay whatever.” He said.


Pesci Residence

1600 hours


DJ stood at the door waiting with a single rose in hand. His cockiness quickly escaped him. All the other girls were just that, someone to have fun with. He was always confident and cocky when he went to their house. Their parents were happy to let their daughter go out with a Wildstar in hopes to get exposure with the connection. But he learn very quickly too who was out for a ride and who were his real friends. He made sure to stay away from the press and never be seen with the same girl twice.  His hands shook hoping that Uncle Tony wouldn’t answer the door. No such luck, he threw open the door with a disapproving look. “Come in, she is still getting ready. Sit down,” he ordered. “Now I want to make sure that she will be home on time. What time is the movie?”

“2000 hours, it’s a PG-13 movie.”

“Is it? Or are you just telling me that to get on my good side.” He snapped.

“Uncle Tony, you know it’s me DJ, right?”

“All the more to grill you, or have you forgotten that I am also your teacher, not to mention your superior officer. I have heard things too about you and a few female cadets.”

“Uncle Tony I would never, I,” he tried to speak and then took a huge breath. “She’s different.”

“Different? How is she different?” He searched his face and could see that he was extra nervous. “Well answer me, Cadet!”

“Sir, she is not like everyone else. She is a good friend and I think I love her.” He replied and then notice her standing in the door way. He swallowed hard wishing that she didn’t hear that.

Pesci finally walked over to where he sat and pat him on the back. “I wasn’t expecting that but I know she is in good hands. Don’t let me regret letting you date my daughter. Have a good time. Marisa your date is here.”

Denise stood next to her daughter and grinned at the young man. How handsome he looked in a suit and tie. His hair was combed to the side and she smiled to see him look just like his father and brother. “TONY! Really? He is our friend’s son. You don’t have to give him the third degree. Honesty, I’m so sorry DJ. She’s ready, now go have fun and don’t mind your Uncle. He is acting like a complete jerk. Marisa go have fun sweetie.” She said and kissed her daughter good bye.

“ON TIME!” Pesci yelled out to them as they left the house. Denise slapped him on the head and walked out of the room. “Come on Denise, I was just playing with him. He knew I was playing with him.” He said chasing after her.



They sat in the car quietly, DJ still could feel the sweat rolled down his face and held on to the rose tighter. “Derek, is that for me?” Marisa said breaking the silence in the car.

“Huh, oh yeah sorry. This is for you.” He sat far from her on one side of the car. He shoved the flower into her hand and stared ahead.

“Don’t let daddy make you nervous. He was only joking with you. He knows that you would never try anything.” She told him.

“I don’t know Marisa he looked like he was out for blood. And I have to see him on Monday. He’s my teacher. Maybe this isn’t a good idea. Maybe its best that we just stay friends?” she moved closer to him and took his face in her hand making him look into her eyes. She lean in and kissed him on the lips. The sound of his Uncles voice rang in his head and he pushed her away. “Are you insane! What if he has this car bugged or worst, a video camera hiding somewhere?”

“Derek you have to relax. My dad was only joking. Are you going to let him ruin our first date?” She lean in again and gave him another kiss. This time he took in her kiss and slowly put his arms around her. Her lips felt good on his and he ran his fingers through her hair. “Wow well that beats the kiss you gave me back when I was 7.” She said as she pulled away.

“Wow is right. Your right this is nothing like when you were 7.” She left him breathless and wanting more.

“I remember you trying to shove your tongue down my throat. I almost choked.” She laughed about it.

“Come on I wasn’t that bad.” He joked back with her.

“Really I almost choked. You shoved it so far down.” They laughed about the past and she joked about what he did when they were younger. Mid way to the restaurant he put his arm around her shoulder and pull her closer. She melted into the leather seats and he kissed her once again. The car stopped and they pulled apart. “I think we are here.” She announced.  The driver opened the door and they went into the restaurant. “Andrea’s, oh Derek, this is nice.”

“My parents come here all the time. I thought it would be nice.” He blushed. Andrea ran out of the kitchen to meet them personally. He fussed over the couple and brought them to their table.

“Anything on the house.” He announced. “Vito! Some drinks for the young couple.”

The waiter ran over with a bottle of wine and Andrea began to yell at him about their age. He waved him to the back and left them sitting there laughing. “So, did I hear you right about what you said to my father.” She asked.

DJ blushed and turned his head away. “I just wanted him off my back.”

“So you don’t love me.”

“No, I mean I like you but we should take our time in that department. I’m sorry Marisa I don’t want to lead you on.”

She smiled and gave him a light shove. “I know that. I just wanted to test you.” Her heart felt like someone stabbed her. She always was in love with him. But she knew that he had to live first before he settled down. “How’s school going?” she asked changing the subject.

“It’s good, I guess I have to work twice as hard now in your father’s class. It’s bad enough I have to live with the Wildstar legacy. I have to deal with Alex’s teachers telling about how he was one of their top students. It sucks big time egg.” He told her.

“You were always in competition with Alex. You need to let it go. He’s older then you and soon he will be out of college. Before you know it he will be commanding a ship. You have to be like Mark. He tends to take things in stride.”

“Mark is only going to the academy to please my father. He’s not going into EDF when he graduates. Actually he is thinking of going to the states to Harvard for business.”

“Really! That’s great, does your dad know?”

“No he doesn’t and we are not telling him until he gets accepted into Harvard. It’s going to kill him when he tells him. Dad always wanted all of us following him in his footsteps. But Mark never had the passion to join like Alex and me. My mom knows and she is working on him now to prepare him when he tells him. He always wanted to run my grandfather’s company. Plus my mom hates dealing with the board when she goes and Mark hates seeing her stressed about it. I’d rather fly and command the Argo. He can take care all that stuff and money problems.”

“Don’t you think you should know the business part of it too? I mean suppose something happens to him, god forbid.”

“That’s why we have board members. Why am I going to deal with that stuff?”

“Because it’s your grandfather’s legacy! He would like someone to take over what he build, like your father wants you to take over his legacy!” She said in frustration.

“Hey, chill out. What’s wrong with you?”

“Derek Wildstar Junior! You have so much and you’re taking advantage of it. After living in Italy and traveling to the poor parts of the world I saw more than enough that what we have is a privilege.” She snapped.

“Geeze, sorry I didn’t mean to get you upset. Okay I’ll show a little more interest in the company. Will that make you feel better?” he grinned and winked making her smile. “I don’t want to argue with you on our first date. Can we just talk about something else?” she nodded her head and he took hold of her hand. “I see you’re still passionate about things. Remember when I refused to go with you to save some stupid building. I truly thought you were nuts. What was the big deal about that anyway?”

She frowned at what he said and pulled her hand away from him. “Still narrow minded I see. It wasn’t just any building it was one of the original buildings that remained from the Gamilon wars. It’s a symbol of our past and that we should never forget, like they did with the Comet Empire.”

He watched as her face turned to passion about what she believed in. He reached once again for her hand and held it tight. “Alright, alright I get it. You’re very passionate about what you believe in. I promise in the future I will be more supportive. Now can we enjoy dinner without making it the center of our conversation?” he lean over the table and gave her hand a kiss. Something he learned from Emperor Desslock. They talked more about their past in grade school and his parents and his baby sister. She told him about going back to Italy to study fashion which made him feel sad knowing that she would leave him someday. They finished dinner and went to see a movie. They kissed on the way back to her house and he walked her to the door. “I guess this is goodnight.” He said holding her hand rocking it back and forth. He looked down to his feet and gave her hand a gentle squeeze. She lean forward as well as he, ready to kiss one last time for the night when the door opened and Pesci stood there looking at them.

“You’re one minute late. I was ready to go look for you.” He said, than felt his wife’s hand on his shoulder.

“Leave them alone right now Tony. Go to bed.” She ordered him.

“Denise, this is not a good time to contradict me.”

“I said go to bed.” She folded her hands under her breast and tapped her foot. He knew that she meant it and gave DJ a hard stare. “Marisa, you and DJ say your goodnight and then come in. Make it quick or else he will be here again bugging you. Good night DJ.” She said and closed the door.

“Well I hope we can do this again, minus my father acting like a tool.” She rolled her eyes and shrugged.

“It’s okay Marisa, he is only being protective. We’re like that with Miku and god help that poor sap that tries dating her. There will be no one good enough for her.” Silence fill the air and he lean in one last time. “May I?” he asked and she nodded yes. He gently kissed her and then pulled away. “Good night Marisa. Can I call you tomorrow?”

“Yes,” she said breathlessly. He ran his hand down her face then opened the door for her. She step in and he left to the awaiting car to go home.



Nova and Derek sat in bed waiting for their son to come home. “Do you think that they had a good time?” Nova asked.

“I’m sure they did.”

“I wondered if he kissed her.”

“Not if Tony can help it. Plus I told him to be extra tough on him.”

“Why would you do that?”

“I guess this is the best way to get even with him after all he put us through in the past. I just suggested that Tony give him a little ran for the money. Don’t look at me like that. It’s not like he sat on the porch with his astrogun in hand or a shot gun. It was all in good fun.” He told her. She gave him a disapproving look and then punch his arm. “Ouch! That wasn’t call for. It was only in good fun.”

“That is just horrible. How could you ask Tony to do that? DJ may not want to see her again. You ruined everything!” she yelled making him laugh at her. “It’s not funny. All the work we put into this and you and Tony messed it up.”

“Whoa wait a minute, you and who worked on what?”

“Oh nothing,” she quickly said.

“No, no, you and Denise have been working on this how long?” he knew that she and Denise have worked on getting them together since they were babies. “Come on, say it. I want to hear it for once. Let’s clear the air. Ever since you and she put her and the twins in the same day care. Go on admit it. You two have been scheming this from the very beginning.”

“Oh shut up!” she said trying not to smile.

“Come on, say it.” He said as he held a hand to his ear. “I bet you two already picked their wedding day and how many kids they are going to have. Just admit to it.” He joked. “Now what happens if he decides to marry someone else, or she picks someone else?”

“Shut up! That’s never going to happen. They were meant to be together.” Nova snapped.

Derek sat there not surprised that she already had everything planned out for them. “Well I hope that it works out for your sake. Because if it doesn’t god help the women that he brings home. They won’t stand a chance.”          

“You got that right skipper!” she laughed.




To be continued . . . . .


Derek Wildstar Junior is now coming to his own and finding love. Read on what happens next in the young Wildstar’s life.