Derek Wildstar Junior

Part 6

By Yuki Wildstar




30th of March, 2232

Councilman Tinsdale sat in Captains Eager’s office fuming as to what happened with his son’s car. “I don’t understand how this academy can overlook vandalism to another cadet’s property.” He said then lit a cigar.

“This is a nonsmoking Academy, Councilman; we don’t condone smoking in any of the classrooms or offices. If you would like to smoke I suggest that you drive a mile or so down the road.” Eager said in disgust. He placed a cup with water in front of the councilman and motioned him to put it out. Slowly he placed his cigar into the cup and huffed. “Now if we knew who was involved in this vandalism we would be more than happy to bring them in and charge them. But no one here is admitting to what happen.”

“Now you know as well as I all fingers point to the admiral’s son and his little group of pals.”

Eager could feel his patients grow thin. He wasn’t about to let this man tell him how to run his academy. Pesci stood behind him growing angry as well. “Councilman Tinsdale, I don’t know what you’re getting at?”

“Well, let me spell it out for you. I can guarantee that if the little incident with my son vanishes then I cannot see charging the admiral son with vandalism. After all, the little slut probably encouraged him on. You know how young girls are these days, they see a young man in uniform and try to trap them to get statist.” He said sitting back in the chair.

Pesci leaned forward his face fuming, was this man talking about his daughter like that. Pesci place his hands on the desk and said. “I don’t think that calling a young girl that was attack by a little snot nose prick a slut.”

“The little slut let him feel her up from what my son told me and what is it to you. You should be protecting the school and the reputation of the cadets that go here.” Tinsdale snapped.

 “Well considering that the little slut you’re speaking about happens to be MY daughter I believe the shoe fits the criminal. You’re lucky I don’t kick your ass back to the hole you crawled out of, YOU POMPOUS ASSHOLE!” Pesci snapped at him

“Captain Eager are you going to allow your subordinates to speak to me like that?” Tinsdale said.

Eager held his hand in front of him to calm him down. “I believe this conversation is over. The next time you come here be prepared to pick up that little shit of a son.  Because he will be dropped from the academy as soon as they officially charge him with assault. Good day Council man, please see your way out or would you like for my subordinate here to escort you out.” Eager said leaning back in his chair.

“Fine! But this is not the end of this I can assure you this!”

“As in the words of my cadets,” Eager jumped from his chair and slammed his hands on the desk. “WHATEVER!”

Tinsdale huffed and slammed the door hard behind him. “The fucking moron is lucky I didn’t snap his fat neck, the over baring prick!” Pesci snapped from anger.

“Calm down Pesh, he is all talk. There is no way he’ll be able to prove anything. If we can’t get them to talk no one will. Those three are thick as thieve. But in the meantime I think it’s time to visit with Wildstar and give him the heads up.”





They sat in his office at EDF headquarters talking about their time on mission. They laughed at all the stunts they had to do to get out of jams. Pesci loved hearing about their time on the Argo when they left for Iscandar. He only wished he was with them. “So what really brings you two here.” Wildstar asked.

“We had a visitor today at the academy.”

“Oh? Who?”

“Council man Tinsdale. He had a few choice words for our boy. Though he can never prove it, not to mention he insulted Pesci daughter. I don’t think he has a leg to stand on. I do believe our three musketeers will never tell us any info so we are safe. I just wanted to give you a heads up.”

“I see. I’m sure your right. There is no way that he will be able to prove it. I think he is trying to use whatever leverage he can get to keep his son out of trouble. Now with all the girls that have come forward about his sons past he is grabbing at straws to keep him out of prison. I heard he is trying to call in favors all over town but no one is biting. Many of those girls were a lot of those men daughters. I managed to get them to push up the date. He should be getting the date today. Its first thing Monday so Pesh, she has to live through it again. I’m sorry about that. I wish she didn’t have to.”

“She’s more than ready to tell them what happened.” Pesci said with pride.

“In the meantime I think it will be best to start dismissal proceedings. Send me the paper work and I will sign off on them.”

“Will do sir, by the way Roxanna ask that we all have the next Bar-B-Q at our house. She is finally getting time to herself now that she has partners. See you later, Wildstar.” They all shook hands and left.

Wildstar picked up his phone and dialed his number. “I want you to come straight home we have to talk.” He said into the phone. Then sat back in his chair and let out a sigh. How he hated what Pesci daughter will have to face. It’s not going to be pretty they will try to tear her apart making her look like a loose girl not getting her way and yelling rape. His assistant knocked on the door and peeked in. “What’s up Seiji?”

“Counsel Man Sandor is here.”

“It’s okay Seiji you can let him in. He doesn’t have to be announced.”

“But sir, Councilman Tinsdale is with him.”

“Great, that’s all I need. Okay, send them in.” Wildstar said. He stood up and greeted them as they entered. “Council Man Sandor, Council Man Tinsdale what is it I can do for you?”

“Admiral, Council man Tinsdale feels that the charges that have been placed on his son are wrong and would like to get to the bottom of straightening things out.” Sandor said. Wildstar could see his face and could tell that he would rather be fishing or anything then to present this to him. But the council man was animated about bringing it to him.

“I see, well council man I have no ruling in the case. These are serious charges and we have allowed your son to stay in the academy because of who you are. If it was anyone else they would have been long gone.”

“Admiral, you as well as I know that this is more than about that little matter. This also has to do with my son’s vehicle, the same vehicle that your son helped destroy. Now I will more than willing to forget about the whole thing if things look better for my son.” Tinsdale said as if he was making a business deal.

“Hmm,” Wildstar said looking at him. “Prove it.”

“It’s a known fact that your son and mine have had run in with each other. And after an incident in school it so happens that my son’s car was vandalized.”

Wildstar leaned forward and said. “Like I said, prove it.”

“Admiral, I don’t believe in coincidences.” Tinsdale said.

“But I do, so prove it.” Wildstar said as he watched him squirm. “Look here Tinsdale; this has nothing to do with what happened to your son’s car. You are grabbing at straws. Your son has been a violent man towards women and now he is paying the price. And from my understanding your boy has made a lot of enemies so it could have been anyone. I suggest that you take your over bearing ass out of my office and pray that your son gets off with good behavior. Good day, councilman.” Wildstar stared at him making him feel uncomfortable. Tinsdale gave a huff, got up and walked out the door. Sandor sat down at Wildstar’s conference table and almost laughed.

“You know he won’t let this go. He’s like a pit bull holding on to his prey.” Sandor said.

“Well considering he looks like one. I won’t let anyone come in here and threaten me with demands. Especially if he is accusing my sons with something anyone could’ve done. He can try to pursue this all he wants he’ll get nowhere fast. I’ve already agreed for Eager to start dismissal proceedings. So he is going to be even more hell bound to get at anyone. He doesn’t scare me.” He said.

“He is a real pain in the ass. Seems like he is trying to get everyone to get his son off,” Sandor said.

“I don’t give a shit. I have faced tougher men then him, Desslok for one. I only wish he was here to put some fear into the over barring Hippo! Men like him make me sick and he is raising a son that will act like him. Thinking they can do anything they want and people would look the other way. Geeze, If DJ wasn’t there who knows what he would have done to Marisa. Not to mention she is my god child, our god child! To hell with him let him chase his dream.”

Sandor agreed with him. Men like Tinsdale only make things worse when they know that their child is a monster yet they want everyone to look the other way. “Any way I wasn’t here to agree with the old wind bag. I just got lucky to ride up here in the same elevator. I have some orders for you.”

“Orders? Sandor you know that I don’t do ops any more. I promised Nova that I would stay grounded.”

“I know that but I thought that she wouldn’t mind this one. It’s the Argo,” Sandor said.

“What about her?”

“She’s set to sail and needs a captain.” He watched Wildstars face and could tell that he missed his ship.

“I don’t know Stephen, it’s been so long and I’m not the same man. Nova is more important to me.”

“Alex has been assigned to her as deputy captain. We have to see how he handles her before giving him full command of her.”

“I see, I’ll talk with Nova and get back to you on it.” Wildstar said.

“Gotcha, let me know by the end of next week. That way if we need to get a replacement captain we can.” He could see in his eyes that this was an opportunity of a life time and he would need a lot of finessing to do with Nova. “By the way how did he manage to keep the wheels on the car?” Sandor asked

Wildstar laughed and shrugged, “Beats the hell out of me. They’re not talking. If my suspicions are right I believe Mark and Fico had something to do with that.”

“Mark and Fico you might be right. I would have loved to see that little plan live.”

“You! I would’ve have given my next pay!” which made them both laugh out loud.





Once again DJ stood in his father’s office. He sat across from his father wondering what happened now. “Your buddy Tinsdale’s father came to my office today.” Wildstar said as DJ rolled his eyes. “Look Deej, I’m not condoning IF you were involved. Funny as hell, but I don’t condone it. Just stay away from him until all this is blown over.”

“Dad, I have no need to be around him. As long as he leaves Mark, Fico and Marisa alone I have no need to start with him.”

He gave his son a stare and asked. “How did you do it?”

DJ gave him a mischievous grin back and said. “I don’t know what you’re talking about, anyway it’s best not to be accessory after the fact.” Then got up and walked out of his father office.

Nova pased DJ on the stairs and figure something was up. “Hey there kiddo, what’s going on?”

“Nothing much Mom, I’m going to get Marisa and we’re going to get something to eat. So don’t expect us home for dinner.” He gave her a quick kiss on the cheek and ran out the door.

She knocked gently on the door and peeked in, “Can I come in?”

“OF course you can, you’re always welcome here.”

“Well looks like this is a club house for men, seems like the only thing going on around here is in this office. So what’s up with DJ?”

He smiled at his wife and walked over to her giving her a hug and kiss. “Nothing just going over the trail and warning him to keep away from that kid, that’s all.”

“Hmm, is that all?” she asked.

He took her hand and walked her onto their roof top porch. “Come here I have to talk with you. Let’s sit down. Nova I want to speak with you about something that is coming up.” Her heart began to beat faster knowing that this was not going to be good. “The Argo is scheduled to go out. They have a deputy captain already but they’re asking me if I will take command of her. I told Sandor that I have promised you that I wouldn’t go away again.”

“Hmm, obviously it’s something you’re thinking of doing or else you wouldn’t be talking to me about it. Do you want to go?” she asked.

“Only if it’s okay with you. If you say no than I’m not going.”

“This is a lot to ask of me. If I tell you no, you’ll hate me. If I say yes, I will hate myself for letting you go.”

“Will it help if I told you my deputy captain is Alex?”  He smiled at her. “It’s an opportunity of a life time for me. To teach my son about her is something I’ve dreamt about since the day he was born.” He looked away and said, “But if you want me to stay, I’ll stay.”

“Go Derek, if you stay you will hate me. This is what you’ve always wanted, go.” She told him.

“No Nova, if this is going to make you unhappy I’ll pass it over to someone else.” He put his arm around her and pulled her closer. “Alex will understand.”

She looked into his eyes and smiled, “You go and train him how to do it right.”

“Are you sure?”

“I’m sure. When are you leaving and for how long?” Nova’s voice quivered.

He pulled her closer to him and hugged tight. “After DJ and Mark graduate and only for a month. It will be total ops we are not docking anywhere.”

“Derek, DJ was looking forward to Miramar. What are going to tell him?”

“That he is coming with me and Alex. He can practice his flying skills in space. Do you think Mark would like to come?”

“I think he had plans to go to daddy’s company. But if you ask I’m sure that he will go.” She said, then her face quickly saddened.

“Hey, what’s wrong?”

“It will only be me and Miku here. I’ll miss you and the boys.”

“Come with us.” He suggested.

“No, you have to concentrate on work. Miku and I will only be a distraction. You go and play captain, I think I’ll take Miku to the states and do some shopping and visit with friends and family for a while. I’ll ask Yvey if she wants to go and we can stop by and see Dee before he comes back to Great Island.”

He hugged her tighter and kissed her neck, “I’m sure she will love that. But then you’re leaving Stephen behind. Now he is going to be lonely.”

“I’m sure that he will be busy with things here and preparing the company for the next generation of taking the helm.” He looked into her eyes and asked. “Are you sure about this?”

“Just bring my babies home safe and sound. Promise me that Derek.” She warned him.

“I will, I promise.”




26th of May, 2232

Great Island Luxury Hotel

Room 34


As summer drew closer and school was almost over he looked out the window as the moon shined bright in the sky. The city lights sparkled beneath them as he watched the cars make their way around the area.  He felt her arms come around his waist and he smiled to know that she was there with him. It became a regular thing for them to go there. He was happy that she was back in his life and now he was leaving soon to head to space. He wanted to tell her during dinner but held back. I guess this is what dad feels every time he has to tell mom that he has to leave. “What are you thinking of right now.” She said as she placed her head on his back.  He smiled feeling her next to him. “You seem so far away. What’s on your mind?” He turned to see her standing there with the sheet wrapped around her. He took her face in his hand and lean down to kiss her.

“Nothing, just glad that we can have this time together.”

“Derek, you’re talking like you’re going away and never coming back. What’s going on?”

Pulling her closer to him he guided her back to the bed and sat her down. “I have to tell you something.” He said and could see the concern in her eyes. “I’m leaving for a month a few days after I graduate the academy. My dad and Brother are leaving and I’m going with them. They need another pilot and they got permission for me to take that spot. Alex is finally going to command the Argo, well he is going as Deputy Captain and my Dad is in charge. It will be only for a month.”

“Wow I wasn’t expecting for you to go so soon. I thought we would have the whole summer together.  If I’d known that you were going away I would have made plans to visit my father’s family in Italy maybe get an internship in one of the clothing stores there.” She pouted.

“I’m sorry baby, but this came up at the last minute. It’s my dream. The last time I was always denied to fly now I am actually going to train with the famous black tigers. I couldn’t pass this up.” He tried to make her understand how important it was for him.

“I know it’s your dream Derek, but what about my dreams of being a designer. I’ve could’ve sent out letter for internship. Now it’s too late.” Her voice grew louder as she said each word and he could tell that she was upset.

“Marisa you’ve known that this is all I ever wanted to do. I may not command her this time around but I’ll get to fly. I would have to go to Miramar to fly this summer anyway.”

“You made me turn all those companies away to be with you this summer! Now I’m going to be here all alone.”

“Marisa calm down.”

“Don’t tell me to calm down. You may me give up my dream to be with you.” She snapped. She got up and walked to the bathroom and slammed the door hard. DJ sat on the bed wrapping their fight around his head. What was he supposed to do? He couldn’t give up the opportunity to fly with THE Black Tigers. The door swung opened and she stood there dressed. “Take me home.” She ordered.

“But we have the room until tomorrow. I thought,”

“Either take me home or I’ll call a cab.” She demanded.

“Okay, okay just give me a minute.” He grabbed his clothes and dress quickly. He drove her home and she sat next to him looking out the window watching the city fade in the distance. She didn’t say a word the whole time and when he pulled up to her parents’ house she jumped out the car before he could open the door for her. “Marisa wait!” she turned and gave him a look before running into the house slamming the front door shut. “Shit!” He drove back to his parent’s house and sat outside trying to figure out what happened between them. His father knocked on the window scaring him. He opened the door and got out of the car. “Hey Dad, just getting in?”

“Yeah, had to deal with some issues on the engine.” He told his son. “You just getting back? I thought you were going to be out all night?”

“Well, I thought so too. But Marisa and I had a fight.”

“About what?” His father asked as they made their way into the house.

DJ watched as his father place his things away and they made their way into the kitchen. DJ walked over to the refrigerator and grabbed a juice. “I don’t know. I thought everything was fine and I finally got the courage to tell her about our month after my graduation and she flipped on me. I don’t get it? She always knew that this is what I wanted. She started yelling at me and I don’t understand why?”

Derek stood in the middle of the kitchen listening to him and then said. “Didn’t she turn down some internship in Italy for you?”

“Yeah, but,”

“Don’t you think that you are being selfish right now, after she is giving up on her dream for now to be with you? How did you think she would react? It’s not fair to her that she gave up something important to her to be with you and you changed the rules on her.”

“Gosh Dad I never wanted her to give up her dream.”

“You two have to figure out what you are going to do. When you become an officer in EDF you’re going to be away a lot your first few years. It was easy for your mother and I because we were in the same boat and we both were in EDF. When I went away alone she understood. Marisa has dreams that will keep her here on earth. You two have to figure it out if this is what you two can handle. You can’t keep her from her dreams DJ or else she will hate you.” His father said.

“So what do I do Dad?”

“If you’re still willing to go on the Argo then I suggest that you call your grandfather and see about fixing this.”

“Grandpa, why would I call grandpa?”

“He has connections, use him.” He told his son. “It’s late and I’m tired. Plus I missed your mom all day. Good night.” He started to walk out then turned his head. “It’s still early over in the states you might be able to get him,” and went to get some sleep.




1st of June, 2232



For days he called and she didn’t answer. He was afraid that he lost her again. He pulled up to her house and stepped out of the car. Taking a deep breath he walked up to door and rang the bell. Pesci opened the door and said. “She doesn’t want to see you Deej, maybe it’s best to come back tomorrow.”

“I’m not leaving until I see her. If I have to camp out here I will.” He said with defiance.

Pesci stood there in his jeans and t-shirt looking at the young Wildstar that held a dozen red roses in his arms. “Fine come in, she’s upstairs in her room.” He said pointing to the stairs. “And DJ I hope you have a really good plan because she is pretty pissed at you.”

He nodded his head and ran up the stairs. Gently he knocked on the door and opened it slowly. “Marisa? Are you here?”

“GO AWAY DEREK” he heard her yell, then saw a small vase sail across the room. He duck quickly and saw her with something else in her hand. “I said go away.”

“Marisa please wait. I’m so sorry, I was wrong and selfish. Please just hear me out.” He waved at her and protecting himself from another flying object.

“What is it!” she snapped.

“I’m sorry, I truly am. I was selfish and didn’t consider your feelings. I feel like a prick to do this to you. I should have told my father no that we were going to spend the summer together. I don’t want to leave earth with you still mad at me. I love you and if you want me to stay I will. Just say the word and I’ll tell my Dad that I’m staying here on earth with you. Your more important to me than going into space. Please Marisa I’d do anything to keep you happy.”

“Then stay here on earth with me.” She demanded.

“Done,” he agreed.

She rolled her eyes at him and said. “You would never be happy. You would hate me if I kept you here.”

“No I wouldn’t”

“Yes you would. Go Derek, go with your father and brother. It’s your dream and if you stay here you will hate me. I’ll keep busy somehow.” She sighed loudly.

He moved closer to her and tried giving her the dozen roses. “I got these for you.”

She took the flowers and placed them on the bed. “Thank you their beautiful.”

“I have something else for you.” DJ reached into his pocket and pulled out an envelope. “Here”

“What is this?”

“I don’t think you be sitting here waiting while I’m gone.” He said.

She opened the envelope and began to read it. Her eyes couldn’t believe what she was reading. “Are you serious! Is this for real?” she began to jump on the bed. He laughed as she grew more excited and he took hold of her arm. “Derek please tell me this is not a joke.”

“It’s not a joke. I gave my grandfather a call and who would have thought my grandmother knows Marilyn Holt the designer. She happens to be a close friend of hers and she gave her a call. She will be expecting you there two days after I leave for space and you will work closely with her, personally.” Tears build up in her eyes and she hugged him tight. “Am I forgiven?” he whispered in her ear.

“Thank you Derek.” She told him. “Thank you.” She kissed him passionately and they fell onto the bed. They snuggle in her bed and talked. If anything DJ was respectful when he was in his Uncles house. Never did they make love in her room. He didn’t want to embarrass Marisa with her parents so they always made plans to stay at the hotel. “Will you miss me?” she asked.

“I won’t have time to, we will be flying every day.” He joked. She slapped him hard on the chest and he laughed. “Okay, okay, yes I will miss you. I just hope that while I’m gone that you don’t find someone else. I rather have you locked up while I’m gone.”

“Don’t be silly, I’ll be too busy learning the ins and outs of fashion. You are the only one for me.”

He touched her face and traced it with his finger. He was going to miss her soft skin and how she smelled. There was never a day that they weren’t together since their breakup and he was going to miss her deeply. How is he going to make it without her by his side? He wished that she had followed in her parents footsteps and joined EDF but she loved clothes and it was her dream. “Dinner tonight at Andrea’s?”

“Can we try something different tonight. Though I love going to Andrea’s I think I could go for something else.”

“Sure what would you like?”

“I was thinking eating in, we can order pizza and well,” she purred.

“Hmm, sounds like a plan.”





25th of June, 2232

EDF Academy

Graduation Day


Derek Wildstar Junior walked across the stage as everyone looked on. Captain Christopher Eager called his name and DJ made his way to the center of the stage. He stood at attention while his father handed him his diploma and pin him with wings. It was a proud day for him and his brother Mark. It was not long ago when their brother stood on this same stage excepting his diploma from their father. He stared at his father and could see the pride in his face. Mark sat on the stage and watched as his father and brother exchanged salutes and smiled. It was a proud moment for their father. He beamed with pride knowing that all three of his sons finally graduated with honors. And although Mark chose to follow other dreams in the business world he was chosen to be valedictorian for their class. DJ declined the honor in order for his brother to take the stage. DJ looked out into the audience and saw his mother and sister sitting with Marisa next to them. Denise sat next to her clapping as he walked off the stage and back to his seat. Eager finished announcing the students name and then said. “Congratulation Class of 2232 make us all proud!” making all the graduates stand up and cheer. Chaos broke within the students as they ran to meet their love ones. DJ jumped up and hurried to were his mother stood with Marisa. He hugged his mother tight and picked up his baby sister making her laugh. Denise gave him a hug and he took hold of Marisa holding her tight as they kissed. Mark and their father made their way through the crowd to them. Nova waved over to them and he hurried to be with his wife. Mark raced to his mother and swung her around holding her tight. “Mark! I’m not one of these young girls. Put me down.” She laughed. He put her down and picked up his sister swing her around as she squealed in delight.

Wildstar pat his son on the back and smiled, “Congratulation DJ, Mark, I am very proud of you both.”

Mark held on to his sister and shook his father’s hand. “Thanks dad. Sorry I’m not going with you out on her. But being in EDF is not my passion.”

Wildstar smiled at him and said. “I totally understand. I cannot inflict my dreams on you. Any way someday your grandfather will not be around and your mother hates dealing with the board. If it’s what you want I’ll stand behind you all the way. You’re going to do great running your grandfathers companies. I know you will.” He hugged his son and found himself getting emotional for him. The oldest of his twins he found himself feeling if anything more proud of him to follow his own dream.

DJ and Marisa held on to each other knowing that he would be leaving soon to space, she place her head on his chest and started to cry. “Hey, this is supposed to be a happy day. Why are you crying?” DJ said softly in her ear.

“I’m going to miss you so much.” She said.

“I’m coming back, and who knows you’ll be so busy you won’t even have time to miss me.” He kissed the top of her head and gave her a tight hug. “I love you.”

Pulling away she wiped the tears from her face and tried to put on a smile for him. How their lives were changing. He was going to do what he always dreamt of and she would be pursuing her dreams. Will this work between them? He may think it will be easy but she knew that it would be a challenge for them. “I love you too. Please remember that Derek.”

“Are you breaking up with me?” he asked. Her voice changed and he could tell she was concerned about their relationship.

“No, no we will make this work.” She said trying to convince herself. “My parent and your parents made it work we can do it too.”

She smiled up at him and he made a mental note keep in contact with her, even in space. This will be a big test to their relationship and if she wasn’t able to handle it he wouldn’t know what to do. “Come on, my parents are throwing a big party. We can sneak away later and take whatever moments we have together before I go.”













End . . . .

As the three Wildstar men head out to space will absent make the heart grow fonder. What will happen in space as flight takes place? Read on to my next tale of the Wildstar Family continuation of . . . . .  DARK OPEN SPACE.