Derek Wildstar Junior

Part 5

By Yuki Wildstar



30th of January, 2232

“Why would she say that if you didn’t!” Marisa screamed at him.

“I never did anything with her. We only worked together on a project that’s all!” DJ screamed back.

She turned away from him placing her face in her hands, as tears rolled down her face. “I should have never let you in my life! I hate you Derek, just leave me alone!”

“Marisa please, I never ever slept with her. I love you and only you. Please just hear me out.” He pleaded.

“Just leave and take your stupid jacket with you. I never want to see you again.” She cried and then slammed the door in his face. He turned not expecting to see her father standing at the end of the walkway.

“Uncle Tony.” He snapped to attention.

“Go home DJ, she doesn’t want to see you right now.” He said in a dry tone.

“Please Uncle Tony, she’s got this all wrong.”

“I said to leave!” he snapped at him, making him jumped. He watched as he walked past him, head down and hands shoved in his pocket. “DJ, wait.” He said stopping the young man. “Give her some time, she’ll come around. For now it’s best to just keep away from each other. Okay?” DJ nodded his head and then jumped into his car. Pesci walked into his house and walked to his daughter’s bedroom and opened the door. His wife sat on the bed next to her as she cried into her pillow. “Marisa, honey do you want to talk?” he sat next to his wife and asked.

“No daddy,” she sat up and feared he would do something. “Please don’t do anything to him in school. Please daddy, promise me.”

He smiled at his only child and ran his hand through her hair. “I promise. Anyway I think his father will be more upset with him then I am right now. Not to mention how his mother is going to handle this. Marisa, sweetheart what happen?” He asked.

“Nothing I’ve handled it already. I’m never going to speak to him again.” She said in anger.

“Marisa,” he began.

“Tony, not now,” Denise cut him off. “She needs to calm down. Come on we’ll leave you alone, I’ll bring you up something to eat later.” She said and then pushed her husband out the door.


“She doesn’t want to talk about it right now. It’s best to let her deal with it. We have to just be there to support her.”

“But what happened? Why did she break up with him?”

Denise placed her finger on her lips and pushed him to their room. She gently closed the door behind them and sat him down. “Some girl claims that DJ and some girl name Rina have been seeing each other and sleeping with each other.”

“This is not good, Denise. He happens to be my superiors’ son. And right now I just want to kill the little prick for making her cry.” He said in anger.

“I know Tony. But you have to let them deal with it. I truly don’t believe it. Who is this girl? All of a sudden out the blue she happens to send our daughter a picture of DJ with this Rina girl in an intimate way. Something is not right. DJ would never do anything to hurt her, he adores her.”

“Well remember that Derek loves Nova and look at all the shit he put her through.” He said with sarcasm.

“This has nothing to do with his father. DJ is a good kid, and I know he would never do anything to hurt our daughter.”



He walked into the house, slamming the door shut hard. Nova and Derek watched as their son hurried to his room and slammed his door harder. “Should you go or should I?” His father asked his wife.

“I’ll go. I think he will need a woman’s perspective. I’ll let you know later.” She patted his leg and made her way to DJ room. Gently she knocked on the door and said. “Deej, can we talk?” she opened the door and peeked in.

“Please Marisa, please call me. I love you, please call me back. We have to talk, please call me.” He said into his cell.

“Deej, honey, is everything alright?” she asked again.

“Mom, I’m alright.” He said hanging up his cell and wiping the tears from his face.

“No you’re not alright. Talk to me,” she sat on his bed and patted to sit down next to her.

“Come on Mom. It’s nothing.”

“Deej, you are just like you father. You hold everything in until it all explodes up in your face. Now speak to me. If you don’t tell me I can’t help to fix it.”

He rolled his eyes at her and knew she meant well. “Marisa and I broke up.” He said and watched her face. If she was upset she didn’t show it. “Some girl from the academy, texted her a picture of me and Rina together. She told her that we have been sleeping together for months. Mom I never did that to her.”

Nova took a deep breath and said, “Alex you haven’t been honest with her. It doesn’t help that you flirted with most of the girls in school. If you want to commit to someone you have to give them all your love not just when you feel like it. What makes you think Marisa doesn’t know about what goes on in school? This is a small town if you haven’t notice. Alex went through his crap with the one girl and now it’s you. I thought you did a great job keeping a low profile staying out of the press, but there will be people out there that will do anything to hurt you and the ones you love. Give her time to calm down and then try talking to her.”

He let his tears flow and she put her arms around him. “He hates me Mom.”

“Who hates you?”

“Uncle Tony, the way he looked at me when I left I can tell he hates me.”

She gave him a hug and said, “He doesn’t hate you Deej, he is just hurting because Marisa is hurt. He would never do anything to hurt you.”

“He looked at me like he was disappointed with me.”

“Just give them time to calm down, okay. If you try to talk to her now she will only get angrier with you. Everything is still fresh and you have to let her have her space. Now, dinner will be done soon.”

“I’m not really hungry.” He stood up and grabbed his car keys. “I’ll be home early I promise.”

“DJ don’t do anything that will make things worst okay.”

“I won’t, Mom.” He gave her a smile and left.  His father watched as he walked back out the door and then looked at his wife that stood in the hallway shaking her head. DJ Wildstar drove away from his home and made his way an hour away to where his older brother now lived. He parked his car and made his way to his apartment. He knocked on the door and prayed that he was there. He swung the door opened and surprise that his baby brother was standing there. He stared at him and saw he had been crying.

“Get in,” he ordered his brother. “Sit down.” He took out a bottle of sake and poured some in a shot glass. “Here and don’t you tell mom and dad I gave it to you.” He said and handed it to his brother. “Drink it fast it will go down quicker and easier.”

Taking a quick swallow, DJ’s face twisted and almost barfed. “That’s nasty! What the hell is that?”

Alex laughed hard and sat across from him. “You’ll get used to it one day. What’s going on?”

“Marisa and I broke up.”

Alex sat back and his heart went out to him. When he and Annie too broke up he almost gave up his dream of becoming an officer. He was ready to move to the states and be with her. But she told him that it was his dream to not give it up. She needed to concentrate on her studies and he needed to do the same. That they would stay in touch and still be friends. He loved her so much he too cried for days. “Talk to me, what happened.”

“I know I haven’t been the best to her. I’m jealous, over baring, confident, stubborn, but I never wanted to hurt her.”

“Your rambling, what did you do?” Alex rolled his eyes.

“Well, some girl sent her a picture of me and Rina together. But I never slept with her, I swear Alex! Nothing happened. I know I’ve been an ass with her but if I screwed up I always admit to it.”

“Deej, you yourself told me you were confused how you felt about this Rina girl. Working all those days and late hours with her would have given anyone the impression that there was more to just a school project. Could there be more than what you’re telling me?

“Nothing happened between us, nothing that mattered anyways.”

“So what are you going to do?”

“I tried calling but she is not answering. Mom told me to just wait and let her calm down.”

“She’s right,” he said.

“I hate that you always take Mom’s side every time.” DJ rolled his eyes back at him.

“Maybe she is right. She needs time.”

“Gosh Alex, I never thought I love her this much.”

“Deej, I know this is none of my business, but have you and her well you know.”

DJ blushed and turned his face away. “No, never. She’s not one of those girls. Not to mention that Dad and Mom would have my head on platter and give it to Uncle Tony.”

“Damn you are in love. Sorry bro, but Mom is right give it time, she’ll come around. In the meantime just keep busy.” He told his brother. They talk later into the night and Alex announce it was late and he had to fly in the morning.

“I wish I could go with you, Al. Any chance on taking me?”

He laughed at him and patted him on the back. “Not a chance little brother, you’ll get your chance at Miramar. Then you can put your money where that big mouth is. I’ll call Mom and Dad and tell them you’re on your way. I’m sure their worried about you. Drive carefully.”

“Thanks Al for listening and not making fun of me. Mark would have had a great time torturing me about it.”

“Don’t sell Mark short. He’s been here once or twice spilling his guts out about some chick.” He said walking him out to his car.

“No way! Mark with a girl.” Making them both laugh.


22nd of March, 2232

Days turn to weeks since he spoke to her last. How he missed her but she made it known she didn’t want to see him. He dated on and off with girls to forget about her but they weren’t her. There was always something that made him cut them loose quick. On occasion he would see her with someone else making his heart break over again. He would stare away and quickly made his exit so as not for her to see him. School was the worse, he dreaded going to Captain Pesci class. He would blend into the class with the others and sat in the back as not to make eye contact with him. As much as Pesci wanted to hurt DJ for making his daughter cry he felt for the boy. It seemed he was hurting more than his daughter. The few times they talked he would squeeze in something to ask on how she was doing. It pained him to tell him that she moved on. Fico finally had enough and decide to take him out to case out the local theater. Maybe he will get back into the swing of things again, he thought. “Come on Deej, just a movie. You use to tell me that you never tie yourself down to just one girl. It will be fun. Some of the other cadets are going. It will keep your mind off of her if only for a few hours.”

“Okay, what time?”

“Great, we all are meeting there at 10 tonight. See you there.” He said and waved to him as he drove away.

DJ smiled glad to have a friend that cared about him. He jumped into this car and headed home.


They all met in the lobby of the theater, Fico looked around searching for his friend. He decided to ask two pretty girls with him to the movies. DJ date was a pretty blonde that was a second year cadet at the academy. She transfer less than a month there and hadn’t had the chance to meet DJ yet. She was excited to finally meet a member of the Wildstar clan. DJ entered the theater and walked towards his friend. “Deej! Over here!” Fico called to him.

He waved to them and made his way through the crowd. “Hey Fico, sorry I’m late. My parents ask for me to stop by my brother’s apartment and drop something off. So who’s here?”

Fico smiled and took hold of his date. “DJ this is Cindy, she transfer to the academy a few weeks ago and you remember Beth.”

DJ gave her a smile and then took hold of Fico arm, “Can you ladies excuse us for a minute.” He said and then walked over to the part of lobby. “What are you doing? Is she supposed to be my date? Fico I think I’m capable of finding someone for tonight. I hate when people set me up, it’s just plain clichés the lonely single guy that everyone wants to always fix up. If I want a date I would have gotten one.” He said annoyed.

“Geese I’m sorry Deej, I didn’t think you would feel bad. I can always just tell her that you’re not interested.”

“Never mind, let’s just go.” He said rolling his eyes. They made their way back to the group and DJ stood next to his date. “So I guess we are being pushed together. Well I’m DJ,”

“I know who you are, Derek Wildstar Junior the son of Derek and Nova Wildstar. It’s a thrill to finally meet you. I always see you in the hallway.” She went on as DJ made a mental note as never to lead her on. He met too many girls like her. It’s the famous parents that they seek, the trophy boyfriend to bring around their parents and friends. Fico must have thought that she would be an easy prey for him. But since Marisa no one could measure up. “Derek, are you listening?” she asked.

“What, oh I’m sorry I wasn’t paying attention.”

“Fico was telling me that you will be going to Miramar soon to fly with your brother and father. That sounds so exciting. How does your brother think of you flying with him, Derek?”

He frowned and said under his breath so that she could hear him. “It’s DJ, not Derek. No one calls me that but my mother, father and Marisa. So let’s keep it that way, okay!”

“Who is Marisa?” she asked

“It doesn’t concern you, come on let’s,” he began when he saw her walked into the lobby. His face turn almost white and he almost felt his heart stop. She walked in on the arms of the worst guy in the whole academy. Jake Tinsdale was known for being a big jerk to girls. He would sweet talk them in the beginning and once he had his way he would dump them. DJ knew that he always got what he wanted from a girl and to see her there with him just sent a wave of jealously come over him. He turned to his date and grabbed her hand. Without a second thought he moved away from her and tried to get lost in the crowd.

“What’s going on?” she whined.

“Nothing I just wanted to get something to eat.” He said dragging her to the concession stand.

Fico follow suit confused as to why his friend walked away so quickly. “Deej, what’s going on?”

“Just figure I’d get something to eat before we go see the movie.” He said as he looked around to see where she went. He could feel himself shake that he saw her there with him. It’s been weeks since he saw her last. It was at a family get together that his parents went to. His mother asked that he stop by and at least say hello to his uncle and aunt. He stopped by and prayed that he wouldn’t run into her. Within the hour he was in and out of the affair not wanting to see her. For days after he would call her to talk and she just simply hung up on him or didn’t answer. A month later he finally gave up trying to call her and figure it was best to leave her alone. She chose to believe someone she never met to him and now it was him that was feeling hurt and betrayed. He saw the picture that was sent to her and it was nothing more than him and her arms holding hands. It didn’t help that his past with other girls always seem to come up when they went out. There was always someone that he dated and they seem to flaunt their past relationship in front of her.  He hated them for trying to hurt her and he made it known she was his girl. Now here she was in the same theater with a prick like Jake Tinsdale. He finally got to the counter and placed his order. Cindy stood next to him and waited for him to ask her if she like something but he just paid and turned to walk towards the theater.

“DJ, aren’t you going to ask if I like something,” she asked annoyed.

DJ frowned and turned to say something when he came face to face with her. Their eyes met and his heart melted. “Marisa, hey, how are you.” He asked as his hands shook, wanting to take her in his arms and kiss her.

She looked at him and saw Cindy next to him then stared away and huff, “I see you haven’t changed. Excuse us we were just getting something before we go see the movie.” She said trying to show she didn’t miss him. She wanted so much to be with him. It took her a while to calm down from what happen when she was ready to finally take his calls. But the calls stopped and she soon found out that he moved on. The man she loved so much has moved on and she was too proud to speak with him. She soon learned that the text and picture that was sent to her was just as he said it was. A friend and nothing happened between the two. She never heard from the girl again and now she lost him. How can she face him now? She took the word of stranger and not him. But for him to move on so quickly was another wound that she took to heart. Now he stood here with yet another cheap bimbo. On many occasions she caught him leaving with someone. As soon as she arrived to the affair he soon left to avoid her. It killed her to see him with a different girl each time. He was back to his old self, she thought. She remembered how he was with other girls and he cared less to flaunt it. She took hold of her dates hand and move away from them.

“Who was that?” Cindy asked.

“No one, let’s just go.” He said making his way back to his group of friends.

“DJ, Marisa is here.” Fico warned him.

“I know we ran into each other. Let’s just go see the movie.” He didn’t want to run away this time. He wanted to show her that he finally gotten over her, though he knew he didn’t. What more can he do. He avoided her at each party, family function and so many other affairs. He glance over his shoulder and stared in her direction. How he missed her. He could feel his heart break to see her there and knew she hated him. They all walked in the theater and sat down waiting for the movie to start. He sat there avoiding eye contact with Cindy as she went on about being excited to meet him and be his date. Rolling his eyes he wanted the night to be over. From the corner of his eye he watched as she walked into the room arm in arm with Jake. Damn him! He wanted to jump over the people and punch him in the face. Staring at them he watched as they sat down and he put his arm around her bringing her closer. He whispered into her ear and she nodded her head. DJ watched as he moved his arm further down as she pushed his arm away. She said something to him and he frowned. As the movie started DJ focus his time at what was going on four rolls in front of him. Jake seem to not get the hint, he continued to move his arm from around her shoulder down to her breast and each time she would move it away. Midway through the movie she got up and Jake follow suit. DJ could see her expression and lean over to his friend. “I have to go. I need to finish up some work for class. Catch you later.”

He could tell his friend wasn’t comfortable with his ex being there, “No problem, talk with you later.”

Cindy sat there fuming that he was leaving her. She took hold of his arm and said. “Aren’t you staying to the end?”

“Sorry, I forgot about some report I have to hand in the morning. Maybe next time, see you around,” and then left before she could make a scene.  Quickly he walked out and heard people arguing. Coming around the corner he watched as Jake pin her against the wall and she fought to push him away. DJ moved quick and tapped Jake on the shoulder. “Excuse, Marisa, are you alright?”

“Go away Wildstar this doesn’t concern you.” Jake said as he stood between Marisa and DJ.

“I’m Not asking you Tinsdale, I’m asking her.” He pushed forward touching chest to chest. “Now, Marisa, are you okay. Do you want me to take you home?”

“Back off Wildstar! If anyone is taking her home it’s going to be me.” He turned and took hold of her wrist dragging her towards the doors.

“You’re hurting me!” she screamed. “Let me go!”

DJ hurry behind them and pulled at Jake’s shoulder. “She said to let her go!” Jake turned and swung at him with full force. DJ jumped back and ducked fast enough to gain his balance and swung back at Jake hitting him in the stomach. Within seconds a fight was in full swing. Marisa stood in shock to see them fighting. She tried pulling them apart as she screamed to stop.

“Stop it! Stop it!” she screamed louder, enough for some people to hear. Soon there was a crowd circling them watching as Jake and DJ went to full blows at each other. Hearing the commotion Fico ran out of the theater as he heard her scream. He pushed past the crowd and realized that DJ was the center of attention as he held Jake down on the ground swing hard and fast at him. Fico grabbed him from the back and try pulling them apart.

“Deej! Stop it! Let him go. Enough, you have to stop this.” He yelled over the crowd as he pulled him off.

“LET ME GO! I’m going to smash his fucking head in!” DJ yelled out.

Marisa quickly stood between them and helped Fico pull him away. “Derek! Please stop.” She cried as tears rolled down her face. “Please stop, you can take me home.” She said to calm him down. She took hold of his face with her hands and made him focus on her. “Derek, please take me home.” She said in a calm voice. He looked at her and realized how scared she was. He slowly began to calm down long enough to see security coming in their direction. Marisa and Fico pushed him through the crowd and out of the theater. He knew that if they got a hold of him it would be all over the papers, causing his parents to come down hard on him about fighting in public. They walked quickly to his car and Fico told him to go. Marisa jumped into the car with him and they raced out of the area. She leaned over to him and touched his lip that now bled from a punch that Jake threw. “My god Derek, are you alright?” he flinched his face away and didn’t say a word. They drove out of the city and towards her house. He pulled off the road towards a secluded area and stopped the car. “Derek, I’m so sorry,” she began when he reached over and kissed her. How he missed her. She took in his kisses and pulled him closer to her. “I missed you.” She whispered into his ear.

“Me too, I’m sorry I ruined your night. I was only protecting you from that douche bag. Did he hurt you?” he asked as he took her wrist and looked them over. Both her wrist were red from his grip and he want to go back and finish him off.

“I’m fine, I should have known that you would do something.” She ran her finger down his face, “I’m glad you were there.”

“What would your dad say if I saw him hurt you and I didn’t do anything? Not only that my mom and dad would have my head if I didn’t do anything.” He sat quietly then looked ahead into the night. “Marisa, I can’t take this. I love you, and I can’t stand not being with you. Please can we just try and work things out.”

“Oh Derek, I thought you would never want to be with me again. I wanted to call you but I saw you with that one girl and I thought you moved on.

“They met nothing to me. They were nothing like you.” He said.

“I have to apologies to you, you were telling me the truth yet I believed some stranger. I should have never doubted you. But you always gave me reason to be cynical. All those girls laughing behind my back, flirting with you in front of me, I just hated it. I guess it was just easier to believe someone then to believe you and your past.”

“Marisa, those other girls met nothing to me. I never was ever serious with them and they knew it. All they ever wanted was my last name. They never like or love me for me, I knew that. To them I was just the son of Derek Wildstar Senior. I love you, I’ve love you for the first time I saw you.” She pulled him closer to her and began to kiss him. The feel of his body on top her made her want him. She reached down to his pants and he pulled away from her. “No Marisa, if we do it now it would only be out of desperation. I love you but to do it here will cheapen our first time. I want to make it special for us, here in the car will only be something I would do with any girl.”

She blushed and her eyes soften to his words. He was always patient with her. So many times she wanted him to be her first and he declined. He wanted to wait until it was the right time. He never pressured her and she loved him for it. Nodding her head letting him know she understood. “I understand. Well I guess there’s nothing else but to go home.”

“Can I see you tomorrow?”

“Of course, but you will have to come see me at my house. I’m sure my parents will love to see you there without dodging all social events.” She told him.

“I don’t know, maybe we should ease your dad back into this. He wasn’t happy with me at all after last time.”

“Derek, my father respects you. He hasn’t talk bad about you since we broke up. If anything he speaks highly of you.”

“That’s because of who my dad is.”

“It has nothing to do with your dad. It’s because your one of his top students even though you have been avoiding him. He always tells me about the time you and he fought in battle when you were younger. He said the only one that he ever saw fly like that was your dad. He really likes you, Derek.”

“Well we will see how much he likes me when he sees me drop you off.” He said and drove the car towards her house. They pulled up and he helped her out of the car. He took hold of her hand and walked her to the door. She leaned on his shoulder as they walked towards the door when the porch light came on. They stood still and watched as the door swung open and her father stood there.

“What happened?” Pesci asked his daughter.

“Uncle Tony, her date,” DJ began to say.

“The MP’s were here. Are you alright? You had your mother and me worried sick.”

“I’m fine daddy, Derek was only protecting me from Jake.” She said.

Pesci stood at the door and said in his thick New York Accent something that came out when he was upset, “Come in, both of yous.”

Quickly they walked into the house and stood in the foyer of the house. “He was hurting her,” DJ began.

Pesci held up his hand and said. “I heard what happen, thank you DJ. If you weren’t there no telling what that little prick would have done to her. Sweetheart are you alright?”

“I’m fine daddy. He only hurt my wrist. But Derek gave him a good pounding.”

“When I get a hold of that little shit he is going to regret being in my class or the academy.” Denise stood next to her daughter almost shaken to hear that her only child was attacked by one of her husband’s students.

“Thank you DJ.” Pesci said.

“I couldn’t let anything happen to my best girl. I’m glad I was there to help out.” DJ said as Pesci looked at them closer. “Uncle Tony, I would like to ask you something.”

Pesci smiled and was glad that they were together again. “What is it?”

“I would like permission to see Marisa again if it’s okay with you.” He asked with confidence. Something he didn’t have the first time.

Pesci and Denise looked at each other and smiled. “Of course!” they said together.

“I promise that I will be good to her.” He took hold of her hand and kissed it. “I’ll see you tomorrow.” He told her and headed towards the door. “Goodnight, I should get home before my parents send out a recon group to find me. I’m sure that the MP’s made their way to my house.”

“Derek,” Marisa called to him. She stood in front of him and leaned in to kiss him. Pesci and Denise watch on as they quickly kissed and he left to go home.


Wildstar sat in their living room with his wife. When they heard the knock on the door late that evening they were shocked to see two MP’s standing at their door step. “Admiral,” the MP’s snapped to attention.


“Sir we are here about your son Derek Wildstar Junior.”

Wildstar faced frown and sighed, “What did he do now?” he asked.

“Sir, there was an incident at the movie theater with another cadet. We are here to confirm what happen.”

“I see, well he isn’t home yet and I will make sure that he come down first thing in the morning and turn himself in.”

“Sir? He isn’t being arrested, there was a young lady involved and we already contacted Captain Pesci about it.”

“Marisa? What happen to Marisa?” he asked with concern.

“I think its best that he speaks to you about that. We are not sure ourselves that’s why we are here to verify what happen.”

“I see, once he comes home I will bring him down and speak to Captain Delmar. We will straighten all this out.”

“Aye, aye sir.” They said and saluted him. He returned their salute and closed the door. Nova stood behind him with a worried look.

“Well, at least he is not in too much of trouble. Guess we have to wait until he comes home.”

“I’m calling Denise and see what happen.”

“Nova, I think you should wait. Suppose they haven’t seen them yet. Better to see what happened first and hope it’s not that bad,” was how it went and now they sat on the couch waiting for their son to come home. Nova paced back and forth looking out the window to see if there was any sign of him coming home. “Nova, sit down you’re going to wear out the floor and we just had them done.”

“What’s taking him so long? I’m calling them. They are probably just as worried as we are.” She said and picked up the phone. She dialed their number and waited for them to answer. “Denise? Hey. Have you heard from Marisa?”

“DJ just left here, he should be home in a few minutes. It wasn’t his fault Nova, he was protecting Marisa. Her little prick of a date attacked her and if it wasn’t for DJ god knows what would’ve happened.” Denise told her everything Marisa said and she listened to it all. How proud she was of her son at this time. He saved her from a brut of a boy and Nova thought of the time Derek saved her from that one man that almost rape her back in New York when they were divorce. If he didn’t come home when he did who knows what would have happened. She hung up the phone and told him everything. Now they waited. He walked into the house and found them sitting there waiting for him.

“Mom, Dad! What are you two doing up so late.” He shook thinking that he was in trouble.

Derek got up and asked. “What happened tonight?”

“Dad that prick Jake Tinsdale was attacking Marisa. I tried to stop it and he took a swing at me so I defended myself. He attacked MARISA!” he whined thinking that they were going to blame him for starting the fight.

Derek unfolded his arms and put his arm around him. “Denise told us everything. We have to go down to the MP’s station and file a report. Pesci is taking Marisa done there now. So put your coat back on. I’m proud of you son. I would have done the same if it was your mother.” He winked at his wife and she knew of the day he was talking about. “We will straighten all this out, don’t worry about it.”

They walked into the station and everyone jumped to attention. Wildstar wore his military dress uniform making everyone look in his direction in fear. “We’re here to file a report. Is Captain Delmare here?”

“Yes sir, he came in a few minutes ago. He’s with Captain Pesci and his daughter now. I will let him know that you are here. Please have a seat in his office, would you like some coffee?”

“No thank you,” Wildstar said. They waited in the office for a few minutes when the captain walked in. “Admiral, we could’ve waited until morning for you. You didn’t have to come down here so late. I know you have a million things,” he said.

Wildstar sat down across from him. “It’s fine Captain, We want to get this over with as soon as possible. Now if there is any questions that you need to ask my son he will be more than happy to answer them.

“That won’t be necessary sir, we already have a confession from cadet Tinsdale. Once he saw Captain Pesci and his daughter walk in he was singing like a canary. Ms. Pesci also confirmed that Cadet Wildstar was defending himself after trying to stop Cadet Tinsdale from assaulting her. We will deal with him in the morning. I’m sorry you had to come down here. I was going to call you and tell you it wouldn’t be necessary.” Captain Delmar said.

Wildstar stood up and said, “Well it’s always best to deal with these things as soon as possible. If there is nothing more we will be going.”

“Cadet Wildstar,” Delmar spoke with authority.

DJ Snapped to attention and said. “Yes sir!”

“It’s very admirable as to what you did. I am glad for once that I didn’t have to call your father to come get you from here.” He slapped him on the back and laughed.

They walked out of the office and bumped into Marisa and Pesci. Marisa ran into DJ arms and hugged him. “Looks like they are back together,” Wildstar said to Pesci.

Pesci smiled and replied. “I’m glad he was there for her. I couldn’t be more proud to have him date her again,” making Wildstar smile.


“Derek,” Marisa hugged him tight. “I’m so sorry to get you involved in all this. I’ve already file a report and Jake is going to be dealt with in the morning.”

“I’m just glad that I was there. Are you alright?”

“Just exhausted, it’s so late. All I want to do is go to bed and sleep.” She said.

“Me too,” he replied and then saw her father standing next to him. “I mean sleep in my own bed alone!” he said shaking that his uncle would take it the wrong way.

Pesci and Wildstar laughed at the young Wildstar and he patted him on the back. “I got your meaning DJ. Marisa is right its late and we all should get home and get some sleep. I’m sure your mothers are worried. Marisa come on, you can see DJ in the morning.” Her father announced letting them know he was happy that they were together again.


23rd of March, 2232

DJ walked through the hall of the academy as others patted him on the back for taking JakeTinsdale down. The buzz was all about what happened on the weekend with the both cadets. Rumors build that Jake would get time in the brig for what he try to pull with the Captains daughter and many other girls came forward telling their story about their time with him. But until there is a court date he was allowed to still continue in the academy, something Pesci and DJ were both upset with. Pesci made it known that he will press charges and DJ kept his distance to prevent from killing him for attacking Marisa. They past each other in the hallway and stare each other down waiting for one another to make the first move. Fico tried his best to keep DJ from jumping him and it wasn’t easy. “Deej, you have to forget about it until Marisa goes to court.”

“I can’t let it go. If he even looks at me funny I’m taking him down.” DJ said with anger.

“Listen that’s what he wants you to do so he can press charges on you and then this will become a mess. Just let it go,” Fico tried to calm him down.  They turned to hear a commotion coming from the boy’s locker room and they both ran to see what was going on. Pushing past the crowd of boys, DJ stood there stunned to see Mark fighting with one of Jake friends. DJ and Fico moved quickly to pull them apart as Jake shoved past the other boys and went for DJ. He grabbed DJ by the back of his neck and began to swing. DJ managed to pull lose and stood back to see who was attacking him.

“So you set this up! Well if you wanted to fight you didn’t have to use my brother.” He snapped.

“Deej, no I can handle this myself.” Mark ran in between the two boys. “Stay out of this!” he ordered his brother.

“No! this has nothing to do with you if he wants me then he can come after me. He didn’t have to bring you into this.”

“It’s too late I’m in this and if you’re going to fight so am I.” Mark stood next to him showing Jake and his friends that he wasn’t letting them push him around. He was a Wildstar and they stuck together thick and thin. “Anyway I wasn’t going to let his pussy friend talk about Mom or our family like that. They were saying how Mom was a tramp not knowing who Miku’s father was.” It was no secret about the custody battle between Spada and their parents. It was all over the news and as much as their parents try to shield them from it, they saw it. The stress in the house was one of the reasons why DJ became a hand full. Alex finally sat down with them and told them everything without telling their parents. He swore them to secrecy not to mention it to their parents in fear that they would be angry at him.

“That’s right Wildstar your mom is a tramp like Marisa and your sister will be just like them!” Jake’s friend said.

DJ temper grew more intense and Fico held him back. “Don’t fall for it Deej, that’s what they want you to do. Mark you have to help calm him down.” He begged his friend’s brother.  He lean over to DJ and whispered in his ear. “I’ve got a better plan, just walk away now.”

DJ looked over to his friend and nodded. “Watch your back Tinsdale and keep your pit bulls away from my brother. This is between you and I, he has nothing to do with it. If you or anyone of your goons touch my brother again you will have another thing coming. Got ME!”

“Anytime Wildstar, anytime.” Jake replied in a laughing matter.

Fico, Mark and DJ pushed past the crowd and out the locker room. DJ turned to Fico and said. “What is it that you have in mind and is it legal.”

“Well I wouldn’t say it’s legal but it will be fun and we can shut him up for a while until the court date at the council.” Fico grinned and they walked out of the building.

“What do you have in mind?” DJ asked with intrigue.

“I’m in.” Mark said.

“No, you need to stay out of this.” DJ ordered.

“So I got a hurt jaw for nothing, I don’t think so. I’m in, what’s your plan Fico.” Mark too was intrigue to get even with him for what he did.

“Meet me at Jakes house tonight. 0100 hours and bring some tools.” Fico said.

“We’re not breaking into his house are we?” DJ asked concerned.

“No nothing like that. But let’s say the most precious thing to him will finally fall to pieces.” Making them all laugh.




Later that night . . .



He kissed her once again and held her tight. “I’ve missed you so much, Marisa.”

“Me too, Shame it had to take something like this to bring us together. So I heard that Mark got into it with one of his friends. I’m so sorry about that.”

“Don’t worry about Mark he can handle himself. After all he is a Wildstar and my father taught as all how to fight back. Anyway I’m just glad that you’re alright.”

“Derek,” she said in a soft voice. “I was thinking of that night when I told you I wanted you.”

“Don’t worry about it. I would never take advantage of you like that. It was a bad ordeal. I’m not pushing you into anything you don’t want to do.”

“But that’s the thing I do want to.” Marisa pointed out.

“Uh, what? I don’t know Marisa if your dad found out about that he will surely kill me and ditch my body in space somewhere never to be found.” 

“Oh Derek, don’t be so old fashion. We are both 18 we can do what we want. Anyway you and I will be going to college in the fall.”

“Which reminds me, have you decided which college you will be going to?” DJ asked.

She smiled and knew that he wanted her to stay close to him. He once told her how Alex and Annie try to make a go at it but in the end they couldn’t make it work. “I accepted to go to Great Island fashion Industry. I figure I can get myself ready here and maybe in the future go to Italy and take in an apprentice job. But we will see.”

DJ smiled and pulled her closer kissing her on the lips, “That’s great. I’m so happy.”

“I thought you would be. Now we should celebrate, maybe take in some dinner and then who knows.”

He smiled as to what she was saying and then looked at her with concern, “are you sure, Marisa.”

“I’m sure, I want you to be my first.”

“You’re first? Don’t you mean you’re always?”

Marisa smiled at him and hugged him tight, “of course.”

He kissed the top of her head and said. “As much as I want to stay here and be with you I promised Fico and Mark to meet up with them. So I have to go.”

“At this time of the night? What could you and they have to do at nearly 1 a.m.?”

“Don’t you worry your pretty head about it. It’s just something we all needed to do.”

“Derek Wildstar Junior,” she said. He hated when she called him by his full name it sound like his mother and he didn’t want to see her in that way. “What are you three going to do and will we have to bail you out?”

“Relax, no one is getting arrested. Now I have to go. I love you and will see you tomorrow after school.” He gave her one more kiss goodbye and then hop into his car and drove off.  He met them a block from Jake Tinsdale’s house and parked his car. Fico waved him over to where he and Mark stood. “So, what’s the plan?”

“I thought you would never get here.” Mark Wildstar said.

“Relax bro, I’m here. I just had to drop Marisa off. Now what’s the plan and why did we need tools.”

“I’ll explain on the way, grab the tools.” Fico said. Making their way to the back of Jake’s house Fico motioned Mark to keep an eye out for anyone. “Come on,” Fico stepped into the garage that held Jake’s Mint Cherry Red Camaro. He opened the hood of the car and began to work on the engine. DJ started on the tires and door and trunk.

“Are you sure about this? DJ asked.

“Yeah I did this a few times before when one of my teachers pissed me off for giving a grade I didn’t deserve, hence the reason why I was sent back here. Just make sure you don’t completely take the lug nuts off. He’ll be able to make it to school without anything falling off quickly. Trust me he will never know what hit him. And on top of it his little boy toys will be in the car with him.” Fico said.

Mark popped his head in and said in a low tone. “Shut up and hurry up. We don’t have all night. We only have a few hours to get this done.” Mark engineer the motor part of the car for Fico and practice with him to get it right the first time. Mark Wildstar loved working on things and his head for business made him smarter than his brother. DJ was quick and smart but only mechanically. Business was not for him. To sit in broad rooms and listen to old men argue on how much to spend or where to put companies was something he wasn’t interested in. Mark was better at it than any of them. “Fico don’t forget to put in the stink bomb.”

“I KNOW, now keep an eye out.” Fico snapped back.

It took them most of the night but just before dawn they clean up and left to their cars. Each one raced home to shower and change into their uniforms and hope that they would get there in time for the big reveal. DJ, Fico and Mark drove up next to each other and parked their cars. They all got out and sat outside of DJ car waiting. The morning crowd to school soon began and they watched as all the other drivers drove up and parked. Mark grinned at some girls walking by and DJ waited anxiously for Jake to arrive with his posse of friends. Fico began to talk with Beth while Cindy tried to stare away from DJ. He made it known that he was not interested in her and tried to let her down easily. Just 10 minutes before the bell rang they could hear Jake’s car drive up music blaring in the distances. The car drove slowly by DJ, Fico and Mark and Jakes friend stuck up his middle finger at Mark. DJ looked at Fico and smiled. Fico reached into his pocket and brought out a little black box the size of remote control for a garage and counted. Jake parked his car in his usual spot, something he claim long ago and god help those who park there. With a mischievous grin Fico press a button and Jake’s tires pop off dropping the car to the ground. Jake sat there stunned to see his tires roll away. “What the fuck!” he screamed as his friends sat inside with him wondering what happened. Fico handed the box over to DJ and he pressed the second button causing Jakes doors to lock. The fear on their faces made Mark and Fico laugh knowing what was coming next.

“Let me do it DJ.” Mark begged under his breath. DJ handed him the control and Mark hit the third button. They watched as a white powder exploded all over them. Their surprised faces made them laugh harder as they all realized that it smell to high heaven. DJ took the control back and pressed the final button making the doors on the car fall off and the trunk fly in the air landing in front of them. Students in the area could smell the stench that come from the car as other in the distance laughed at the site. Mark, DJ and Fico double over to see Jake sit in his car crying as his car sat there in piece and smelling like a skunk.

“Well that looks like it hurts!” DJ Laughed. “This was worth losing sleep over.”

Fico wiped the tears from his face and said. “Looks like someone’s gonna need to bath for a week to get that smell off,” Making Mark and DJ laugh harder. They finally collected themselves and walked past Jakes car and stared at him.

Mark grinned and DJ waved at him yelling, “Nice RIDE Jakey Boy. You have to let me know who your mechanic is.”

Jake watched as they walked by laughing and squeezed the steering wheel hard cursing under his breath. “I’ll get you Wildstar!” he screamed out to him and watched as they walked into the school laughing at the site. Jake and his friends try to make it to the gym lockers to shower and change and were stopped by Captain Pesci and Eager.

“WHAT THE HELL IS THAT SMELL!” Pesci yelled. Jake and his friends stood in front of them frozen not knowing what to say. “TINSDALE is that you!” Pesci asked.

“Sir, um, yes, we, well, we had a little accident.”

“A LITTLE ACCIDENT MORE LIKE YOU GOT INTO A SKUNK’S HOME AND GOT CAUGHT TRYING TO SLEEP WITH HIS DAUGHTER!” Eager said trying to hold his breath. “GET OUT SIDE NOW! We’ll get the janitor to hose you four down. I don’t want this smell in my halls. Now GO!” he yelled.

“YES SIRS!” they all said at once and ran out the door.

Pesci looked over to Eager and said. “Are you thinking what I’m thinking?”

“Hmm, it will be hard to prove. But it doesn’t hurt to try. They will never admit to it. And to tell you the truth I would never charge them. We have to admit it’s funny as hell. He is his father’s son.” Eager said then began to laugh. “Come on let’s get the usual suspect line up.”

“You think we should tell him?” Pesci asked.

“Yeah, he’ll get a kick out of it. But it’s best not to tell Nova, she will interrogate him until he admits it. This is best kept between us men.”



Mark, Fico and DJ stood in the Deans office and waited to be called into his office. To their surprise DJ and Mark watched as their father walked into the office past them and into Eagers office. Within minutes the door swung open and Pesci snapped. “YOU THREE in here NOW and double time it!”

Holy shit! Are we in big trouble, DJ thought. They all stood straight and saluted their superiors. “Well what have you three have to say!” Eager roared trying not to laugh.

“Sir, we have no clue as to why we are here.” DJ said.

“You don’t?” Pesci tried to keep a straight face and turned to look at Wildstar that sat behind them trying to keep from busting out in laughter. “Are you three going to tell me you have nothing to do with what happened in the parking lot this morning?”

“Yes sir,” DJ spoke up. He decided to take any heat that would come down to protect his friend and brother.

“So Cadet Tinsdale’s car just happen to break down and a stink bomb just so happened to go off on its own. Are you telling us he decided to do this to himself?”

“Well sir, he is a little strange.” DJ answered back.

“Do you take me for a fool!” Eager snapped.

“Well sir,”


“No sir, we don’t take you for a fool. But we had nothing to do with what happen. Though I have to admit, can I speak freely, sir?” DJ Asked.

Wildstar nodded at Eager and Eager said. “Yes you can speak freely.”

“It was funny as hell.” He said and waited for him to get yelled at once again.

Eager looked at Pesci and Wildstar and then shook his head. “Dismiss Cadets and this is not over for a long shot. Do I make myself clear?”

“YES SIR!” they all said and ran out the door.

Eager sat back in his chair and began to laugh. Wildstar and Pesci joined in and it took them minutes before they could collect themselves. “I thought I wouldn’t be able to keep a straight face.” Eager said in between breaths.

“You! I thought I was going to pee in my pants I wanted to laugh so hard. What little demons I’ve got.  I wonder who the ring leader of this little plan was.” Wildstar said trying to stop from laughing.

“Whoever it was I better put an alarm on my car. Cause I sure as hell don’t want to piss anyone off with those three. I probably find my car on a tree as ornaments. I have to admit it was pure genius.” Pesci said then laughed harder. 

“Anyway I don’t think anyone is going to talk. Eager you better prepare yourself for retaliation. But I’ll try to get the court case pushed earlier. I don’t want that little prick serving under any of my commands. Assaulting a woman is not officer material at all. Thanks for the heads up. I’ll try to talk to them when they get home. But I doubt if anyone is talking. See you on the weekend bar-b-q.” Wildstar got up and grabbed his cover and walked out the door. Pesci and Eager sat in the office laughing for few minutes more before recovering and finished the day.




Derek and Mark stood in their father’s office waiting for him to speak. It seemed like hours when he finally sat back and looked up to face them. “Listen, though it was a great plan I don’t want you two doing that again. Do I make myself clear?”

“I’m not sure what you’re talking about dad.” DJ said. It was best to keep denying everything. Even off the record will come back to haunt them.

“Don’t give me that bull shit, Deej. Or have you forgotten that I too was once your age. I just want to know one thing.” Their father asked as they both looked on. “How the hell did you manage to get the car to run without the tires falling off before it got to school?”

Mark and DJ looked at each other and DJ Spoke first. “It wasn’t easy. But it worked,” making their father laugh.

“Okay, not one word to your mother about this. She will never hear it from me. And let’s hope that Tinsdale’s father doesn’t try to pin it on you.” They both nodded and were ready to leave. “Ah, one more thing?”

“Yes sir,” DJ said.

“I am assuming you were the master mind in all this?” he looked at DJ. DJ just smiled and they both left his office. Wildstar threw himself on his chair and said. “Kids.”



28th of March, 2232

“I heard what happened to Jake’s car.” Marisa said into the phone. “That wasn’t very nice Derek.”

“I have no clue as to what you’re talking about.  Anyway can we not talk about him? I want to just talk about us.” He spoke into his cell. “How about dinner tonight? We can go to Andrea’s and then who knows, a movie or something.”

“I have a better idea.” She said into the receiver.

“Am I going to like this idea or am I going to get in trouble with someone.” He grinned into the phone.

“Just pick me up at 6 and make sure you bring an overnight bag.”

“Wait a minute, an overnight bag? Marisa, are sure you want to do this?”

“Just be here at 6.” She said then hung up leaving him excited and scared.

Getting into the car he could feel his hands shake. He told his parents he was going to hang out with Fico and some friends and not to wait up. Since it was his senior year they didn’t question him much, just that he call if he was going to be late. He drove to her parents’ house and parked his car outside. Walking up to the house she opened the door holding a larger than usual purse. “See you later. I’ll call you in the morning.” She yelled over her shoulder.

DJ felt his blood drain from his face and said. “Did you tell them?”

“No silly, I told them I was having dinner with you and then you were dropping off at a friend’s. Come on.”

They hopped into his car and drove off, “Where are we going?”

“Down town to Great Island Hotel.” She told him.


“Relax, they have a garage to put the car in so no one will be the wiser.” She told him.

DJ drove his car towards the city and parked the car in the Great Island Hotel garage. They made their way to the front desk and she gave them her name. DJ pulled out his credit card and without knowing pull his emergency card that his father gave him. They made their way to the room and he picked her up and carried her over the threshold. He walked her to the bed and put her on it. “Marisa, are you sure?”

“More than ever, Derek.” She got up and dimmed the lights and put on the music in the room. Rihanna played in the back ground singing ‘Hate that I love you’ she walked into the bathroom to change as DJ undressed and pulled back the sheets. He laid waiting for her to come out. She walked into the room wearing a black long negligee that hug her curves and a slit that came up to her left thigh. DJ’s heart beat faster as she walked towards him. He couldn’t believe how beautiful she was and she stared into his eyes as not to think twice. The music continued to play as he watched her climb into bed with him. She sat next to him her heart beating fast thinking of all the years they’ve known each other and now it had led up to this moment. She ran her finger down the side of his face and she could see him blush in low lit lights. She lean over and kissed his lips and he kissed her in return. “I love you Derek.” She whispered into his ear.

“I love you too, Marisa really are you sure about this.” He asked.

“Please stop asking me that. I’m sure so come here and help me take this off.” She told him.

She sat up on the bed and he took hold of the straps letting them fall around her. He looked at her breast and thought she was beautiful sitting there next to him. Slowly he took hold of her and guided her down. He caressed her body slowly not wanting to rush anything. She wasn’t the other girls that he took in the back seat of his car, she was the woman he loved. She lay naked underneath him and he couldn’t believe how beautiful her body was. Slowly he worked her body before he made love to her. He was gentle and made sure she was okay. They made love over and over during the night each time it grew more intense and loving. They finally fell asleep as the dawn came curled up in each other’s arms.

He dropped her off later that afternoon and blushed remembering what they did. “I Love you.” He kissed her goodbye then she ran into the house. DJ drove home floating on air when his father called him upstairs. “What’s up Dad?”

“You tell me.” He said then placed a statement in front of him.

“What’s this?” DJ asked.

“That is a statement to the credit card I gave you to use in an emergency. Now do you have something you should tell me?”

Shit! I used the wrong one, DJ thought to himself. “Sorry Dad I thought I was using my card. I’ll pay you back, promise.”

“Who was it?”

“Dad! You always told me that a gentleman never tells.”

“I don’t give a shit what I told you. I don’t want you hurting Marisa. Now who was it?” Wildstar ordered.

DJ looked away and tried to speak. “I rather not say Dad, it will embarrass her. Not to mention her father.”

Wildstar sat back in his chair and stared at his son realizing who it was. “Oh, I see. Well next time don’t use my card. If your mother saw that before me she would think it was me. Lucky for you I got an alert from the site to my email. I don’t need the headaches, do you get me!”

“Yes sir.” He said in a low tone.

Wildstar looked at his son again and said. “This will be our secret, no one has to know. Not even your mother. Cause if she found out she will be planning your wedding. Now go I’ll cover for you and keep her off your scent.”

DJ looked at his father and smiled. “Thanks Dad.”

“Yeah well I hope you used protection.”

Blushing Derek looked away from his father. “Dad! I think I know what I’m doing She wasn’t my first. But,”

“But what son?”

“I don’t know, it feels like, well, like she was my first.” DJ said. Derek looked at his son and smiled. He truly was in love. “Sorry Dad, I know you’ve always said to not,”

“It’s alright son. But I know how you feel. Or is that too much info for you to handle about your mother?”

“Come on Dad, way too much info.” He gagged and frowned. “Can I go, I’m pretty beat.”

Derek smiled at his youngest son and waved, “Go, oh best that you crash in the guest house. Your mother will be on you like a blood hound. She’s at the hospital now so you’re clear to roam.”


To be continued . . . . .

Will DJ Wildstar and Marisa conclude with their love affair? Will Jake Tinsdale get revenge? Read on to see what happens next to our young Wildstar.