Another fine mess

Part 5

By Yuki Wildstar



Wildstar Residence

2300 hours

23rd April, 2214

“Alex, it’s really late and mommy is very tired” Nova said as she tried to catch her breath. She had been feeling heavier than ever and in the past few hours she kept getting cramps but just thought it was gas. She continued to get her son to go to sleep which seemed to her it was getting harder and harder.

“But daddy hasn’t called yet, he promised that he would call.” He pouted.

“I know sweetie, but it’s late and I’m sure that he is sleeping. Daddy has a lot of work to do before he returns home. I promise he’ll call in the morning he never lets you down, you know that.”

“Oh alright, but mommy, just ‘cause you don’t want to talk to daddy he still wants to talk to me.”

Nova stared at her son she didn’t realize that he was observing her that well. She made a mental note to make sure that he would see her talking with his father no matter how much it hurt her to speak with him. “I love you baby. Now get some sleep” Nova gave him a kiss on the forehead and skipped reading a book with him. She turned around and gave him another look before turning off his light. As she started to walk down the hall way a sharp pain ran up and down her stomach and spine. “Crap, labor,” She cringed as she made her way to her room. Picking up the phone she dialed the number for Wendy’s emergency number.

Wendy answered on the first ring, “Nova?”

“Yeah, I’m starting to get contractions. Whoa, you better bring Homer, my water just broke….” She said as she felt a warm gush of water stream down her leg.

“On our way!” Wendy said before hanging up.

Nova walked into her closet and took out her bag that she had put together and put it near the entrance of the door. She started to walk back to get Alex ready when she felt another shooting pain down her back and legs. Grabbing hold of the wall Nova stood still and waited as the pain subsided. She was about to go into Alex room when she heard Wendy and Homer opening her front door with the key that she gave them.

“Nova, Hun where are you?” Wendy called out.

‘Here in the hallway!” she tried to yell as another wave of cramps hit her.

“Are you alright?” Wendy asked rushing to her aid.

“No I just got another contraction,” She took a deep breath.

“Come on honey we have to get you to the hospital. Homer, help me get her into the car.”

“Okay” with one quick swoop Homer picked Nova up and carried her to the car. Wendy grabbed the car keys from Homer and jumped in.

“Be careful,” he said as he kissed her goodbye. “Nova, don’t worry about Alex, I’ll take good care of him. Abby is at Wendy’s Uncle’s house and in the morning I’ll take him over there to play.”

“Thank you Homer.” she said and then felt another contraction making her grab Homer by the arm and squeeze with all her might.

“OUUUUUUCH!” he yelled out.

Releasing her grip Nova felt herself turned beet red. “Oh my, I’m so sorry. Wendy I didn’t mean to hurt him.”

“Don’t worry Nova. I’m sure he’ll deserve that, it’s for something he hasn’t done yet.” Wendy laughed at her. “Okay, Homer, move so I can get her to the hospital.” Quickly she moved the car into the city and drove to Great Island Hospital. Pulling up to the emergency area she parked the car and helped Nova out. They walked into the ER as one of the nurses saw them both walk in.

“Mike, get a wheelchair. Sandy call up to maternity and tell them to page Doctor Fritz. Tell them that Mrs. Wildstar is in labor. Move it, move it.” Mike the male nurse ordered the others. He ran over to them and brought her a wheelchair. Quickly he pushed her towards the elevator as the other nurse held it for them. “Would you like to contact anyone, Nova?” he asked.

“Nova I can get Uncle Thomas to get in contact with the Argo and let Derek know that you’re in labor.”

“NO, and make sure you tell Homer not to say anything either.” Nova snapped through her pain.

“Nova he has a right to know.”

“Not now, I’ll tell him myself!”

“Nova it’s not fair to him.”

“I said I’ll tell him!” she yelled as another contraction hit her.

Mike race down to the delivery room as Fritz waited at the entrance and started to call out orders to the other nurses. “Nova, how far apart are the contraction?” he asked.

“Feels like every few seconds now.” she said holding his hand and squeezing.

“Uh Nova, dear, I’m gonna need my hand back it’s not a good idea to hurt the doctor that’s going to help deliver your kids.”

“O it hurts so much, please doc give me something for the pain.”

They brought her into the room and Doctor Fritz looked up to Mike and said “Alright Mike, on my count, 1 2 3” as they moved her onto the delivery bed. They quickly put her legs on the stirrups and Fritz checked her to his surprise she was already at ten center meters. Moving quickly he ordered them to move faster. “She’s at ten she’s ready to deliver one, let’s move it people. Get those incubators in here, Mike please help Mrs. Glitchman into some scrubs. Nurse I need to help Mrs. Wildstar with the pushing.”

“Yes doctor.” The nurse said as she stood behind Nova and cheered her on.

“Nova sweetie, I need you to push, give me one small push.” Fritz coached her on.

“Come on Nova just a push.” the nurse said.

Nova sat up and pushed with all her might as the baby’s head showed itself to the world “Alright that’s enough!” Fritz looked over to her and smiled. He quickly cleaned the baby’s face and then looked back at Nova. “You’re doing just great. Okay now give me another push on the next contraction. Here it comes, PUSH!”

ARGHHHH, is he coming, arrrrrghhhh!” she screamed.

“Almost there!” Fritz called back. “Come on, one more. Here it comes, Nova. Give me one big push.”

With all her might she pushed screaming at the top of her lungs. Wendy walked in just in time to see the first baby enter the world with a loud scream.  She stood next to Nova and explained to her what she was seeing.

“He’s beautiful Nova, oh my god he has your dark brown hair, but curlier, he is just so cute.” Wendy said.

“How do you feel Nova?” Fritz asked.

“A little tired but alright, how is he doc.”

“All ten finger and ten toes are in order. Strong set of lungs and weighing in at 5 pounds 6 oz 12 inches tall.”

“His name is Mark Victor Wildstar.” Nova smile and then crossed her face when she felt another wave of contraction came.

“Alright people looks like baby number two is on his way, let’s get ready.” He ordered the nurses that buzzed around her. “Nova try not to push just yet, I have to finish here.”

“I can’t he wants out, Wendyyyy! Please tell me you didn’t tell him.” Nova said through grit teeth.

“No, I didn’t like I promise. Nova, just concentrate on giving birth we can talk later.”

Fritz looked over to Nova and started to coach her. “Breathe Nova, long deep breath. Now when the next contraction starts I want you to push real hard. Ready PUSH! Come on PUSH! Good, good, that a girl come on you can do it. One more, he’s crowning. Wow look at that black hair. Come on sweetie just one more.”

“Nova your doing just fine, he’s almost out. I see the top of his head.” Wendy eyes tear up as she watched the other baby coming into the world.

“Okay sweetie, just hold on right there, and take a break. Wendy, give her some ice chips and put a wet rag on her head.” Fritz work quickly to remove all blood from the baby’s face and suction out his mouth and nose. “Alright Nova, give me the biggest push you can give me with the next contraction.”

Nova began pushing harder. “Grrrrrr, IT HURTS SO MUCH,” Nova screamed. “ARGH!!!!”

000a.jpg“That’s it come on push sweetie, one more. Here he comes, that’s it. Good girl.” He said as he held her other son in his arms.

Wendy looked over and began to cry for her. “He looks just like Derek and Alex, he’s another mirror image of his father.”

“Derek Wildstar Jr.” Nova said breathing heavily “he’s Derek Wildstar Jr.”

“You did a great job Nova, how do you feel?” Fritz asked.

With sleepy eyes she looked over to where they were cleaning up the babies and said. “Tired but happy, can I hold them.”

“In a few, we’re going to clean them up and then check their status. But they both look healthy and sound great. Derek Jr. weighed in at 6 pounds even and he’s 15 inches tall. Now rest while we clean you and the babies up. Then we’ll bring them in the room for you.”

“Thank you,” was all Nova could say as she drifted off to sleep. Hours later Nova woke up to someone calling her name. She opened her eyes and looked up to see Andrea shaking her.

“Congratulation, Nova. The boys are just beautiful. I got the results on them and they are both healthy. Would you like for me to get in contact with Derek?”

“No, I’ll take care of that. When will they bring them to me? I want to see my sons.”

“Oh sweetie, they’re right over there sleeping.” He said pointing in the direction of two small bassinets. Nova began to get up as Andrea helped. They walked over to where Mark and Derek were and Nova picked up Mark first.

“Hello Mark, happy birthday to you and your brother, I’m sure Alex will be here shortly to see you and Derek. But we should call Derek DJ, don’t want to get him confused with daddy.” She laughed and cooed at her oldest twin. She placed him back down and then picked up her other son. “Hello there handsome, my, don’t you look a lot like your father and brother. You, my special little friend, are named after the man that I will always love for giving you and your brothers to me. You’re my special little man. I love you, my little Derek or shall we call you DJ for short. As to not get you and Daddy confused when one of you are in trouble.”

“Ah excuse me.” Wendy said as she stood in the door way. “How do you feel Nova?”

“Wendy I am so happy right now, I can’t believe Derek and I made them together. They are so beautiful.” She said as she put down the baby back in his bassinette.

“Let’s get you back to bed Nova you’re going to need a lot of rest with three of them to take care of.” Andrea said as he helped Nova back to bed. “Now rest, Wendy make sure she does.”

“I will, thank you” Wendy smiled at him and then walked over to the babies. “Now speaking of Derek, have you called him?”

“No I haven’t. I will. I just need time that’s all.” Nova whined.

“Nova, this is not healthy. Derek must be worried sick. You haven’t talked to him in weeks and don’t deny it because Alex told me. It’s not fair…I don’t care what happened with him and that woman, he still has the right to know you had the children!” Wendy told her bluntly. 

“I can’t speak to him now, it still hurts too much. I just want to enjoy my sons and get back to normal.”

Normal, what is normal, Nova? You don’t speak with your husband, you’re taking on too much at work so as not to think about it. And your oldest is starting to feel the strain. So tell me again what is normal for you?!” she said with anger at her friend.

“I said leave it alone, if you can’t just be supportive. Then I can deal with this on my own.” Nova snapped at her.

000d.jpg“Fine, Homer is bringing Alex up in a few. Try not to alienate him too,” Wendy huffed and left the room.

Nova lay in bed with angry tears in her eyes. She was still pissed at what happened with Derek. ‘How could you be so stupid and let yourself get put into the situation yet again? How many times do I have to tell you, you can’t trust these young women officers! They’ve been screaming sexual harassment or affair so as to get noticed. The EDF women of today are nothing but drama queens. They’ll do anything to destroy marriages or create havoc on someone career. Not that many men allow it, but there are some that want to have that quickie affair and wind up paying with their careers as well as their marriages. Damn you Derek, why put yourself into that category? All those nights working together and you think that no one was talking’ Little by little she started to hear rumors about how a certain young Admiral was working late and  ALONE with a certain young beautiful Commander at night and the wife didn’t suspect. How they felt sorry for her, and now he is out there in space with her. ‘Gosh, now I have to listen to this crap, and pretend that I’m not upset. And what will happen if this gets back to Singleton or worst yet, the EDF Council? They are cracking down hard on all these sexual harassment stories and now it’s starting to seep out onto their lives.’

“Knock, knock. Guess who is here?” Homer said as he brought Alex into the room.

“Oh Alex, I missed you so much. Come see your brothers.” Nova said as she got out of bed. She hugged her oldest son and brought him over to see Mark and Derek.

“Mommy, he looks like me and Daddy.” Alex said pointing to one of his brothers.

“Yes darling, that’s your baby brother Derek. We can call him DJ.” Nova said smiling at him then turned to his other brother. “And this little pumpkin here is Mark. We name him after a really good friend that left us a long time ago, but he is still in our hearts.”

“Do you mean dead mommy, because if he was just gone he can come back.”

Nova looked at her son, how perceptive of him. She knew that he was sharp, but not like this. She would have to walk on egg shells around him for the rest of her life.

“Yes Sweetie, your uncle Mark was our dearest of friends, and we will never forget him. And now he will live through your brother, by him carrying his name.”

“Does Daddy know that they are here?” Alex asked.

Nova waited a few seconds before she could say anything “No, baby not yet. But why don’t we try to call now? How’s that?”

“I think so too.” He smiled at her.

“Okay let’s try now.” she said as she asked Homer to find her a laptop to call Derek at last.

They tried for an hour for the connection to go through to no avail. Nova was a little relieved that it was not going through. She wasn’t sure if she could face him just yet. “I’m sorry Alex daddy must be on his way back to us. He supposed to be here soon. So we can see him come in and you can show dad your brothers then.” Nova said holding her oldest in her arms.

Wendy saw Nova expression of relief, and she gave Homer a shove to take Alex down to get something to eat. “Hey Alex, why don’t we get some fries to eat.” Homer took his hand and led him out the room.

“What?” Nova looked over to Wendy.

“I want you to try again without Alex here.”

“I’m sorry the last time I checked I left my mother back in the states. And that’s where I intend to keep her. If I couldn’t get through to him a few minutes ago what makes you think I can now?”

“Call him Nova. You’ll hate yourself later if you don’t.” She said and then left the room.


24th of April, 2214

Nova watched as her youngest son fed from her breast. “I can’t believe how much you look like your father.” She giggled to herself as he continued to feed when she heard a knock on the door. Covering herself enough so Derek could continue to feed she looked towards the door and call out. “Yes come in”

“Hello Mrs. Wildstar, how are you today?” Doctor Fritz said as he held her chart.

“Just ecstatic, I can’t believe that they’re here.”

“It seems like a life time, but when they finally come it’s like the time went so fast. Now I looked at their charts and yours and I feel it’s safe for you to go home tomorrow morning. Do you have help at home with the three of them? I mean with Alex it’s going to be tough.”

“I’ll be just fine Doc, no chances of me leaving today?”

“Now Nova, you know better. Tomorrow will do, trust me you’ll wish for time to sleep once you get home. So relax, sleep.” He looked at her chart one more time and then said “and Nova, congratulations again. Have you got in contact with Derek and told him about him being a father again?”

“We tried earlier but we couldn’t get through, I’ll try again later.” She said lying to him.

“He’s a lucky man, see you around.” he said walking out of the room.

Nova sat on her bed and let her mind race as to how she was going to handle her husband when he return when she heard Mark start to cry for dinner. She got up and put Derek down in his crib and then picked up Mark from his and began to feed him.


EDF Battleship Argo

21st fleet

20,000 feet from Earth surface

0100 hours

28th April, 2214

“Sir, we will be docking in about 1 hour,” Wildstar’s helmsman called over.

“Thank you, Dash. Make sure that you keep in constant contact with the dock master.”

“Aye Skipper.”

‘Finally home, the fact that I haven’t heard anything from her I am assuming that she hasn’t given birth. So the sooner we dock the sooner I can see my family. I only hope that she didn’t throw my stuff out of the house.’

“Sir,” Dash called out, “I have the dock master on the line, switching over to video now.”

“Admiral Wildstar, your ship is early.”

“Yes Commander, is there a problem?”

“No, you can dock her on slip 43 they will have to move her there anyway for any refit that she may need. Welcome home Argo. Admiral, Congratulations on the birth of your sons.”

Derek looked up with relief that at least it was good news, telling him that his sons were born put a smile on his face “Thank you, Commander.”

“At a girl Nova, congratulations Wildstar!” they all started to yell out and patted him on the back.

“Thank you everyone, but we will still have to get her down and complete this mission. So back to work.” he ordered. His thoughts went to why his wife never called to tell him that she gave birth. Have to stay focused, I’ll deal with it later.

The crew made the transition smoothly so the Admiral could get home early and see his new born sons. Wildstar met with the dock master and handed the Argo to him. He saluted the Admiral and Wildstar returned his salute, as he turned to make arrangements to get home he saw Sandor and Yvey waiting for him. “I thought you two would be gone by now. What are you waiting for?” Wildstar asked.

“Figure you’d need a ride home. After all, Nova doesn’t know we came in early.”

“Well I was going to take a cab home. But thanks it would save me time by waiting for it to come.”

“Come on chulo.  Let’s get you home to those beautiful babies and Nova.” Yvey took hold of his arm and Sandor and they all walked to where Sandor’s car was.

They arrived at the Wildstar house at 0323 hours. Derek grabbed his sea bag and thanked them again for the lift. He watched as Yvey and Sandor sped away to see their own son and take him home. He stood in the front of the house staring at it. He felt his hands shake as he approached his house. As he turned the key to the door, he listened to see if anyone would be up. Nothing’.

vlcsnap-2011-04-15-22h32m35s209.pngDerek placed his sea bag on the floor and took off his jacket and cover placing them on the chair. He walked down the hall and looked on Alex first. He watched as his son slept in his space PJs and then went and gave him a kiss on the fore head. He closed the door behind him and made his way into the nursery. When he opened the door he didn’t see them at first, Nova put them into one crib and they slept quietly next to each other. He picked up Mark first and looked at his son.

“Hello there Mark, I’m your dad. My you’re a handsome fellow. You look a lot like my brother Alex. I’m sure your mom told you how we picked your name. Your name sake was my best friend and like a brother to me. I could not think of a better name to give you. He was an honorable man and stood by those he loved.” He gave him a kiss on the forehead and then put him back down.b0269[1].jpg

He picked up his other son and looked at him a little harder “Wow you look just like Alex. So you’re my name sake. Well hello Derek, it’s going to be funny calling someone else my name. But I’m sure your mom has that all figured out.” He also gave him a kiss on the forehead and placed him next to his brother.

Derek walked out of the room with a tear of joy in his heart and went into his room where Nova slept. He sat in his chair and watched her sleep. After a few minutes he walked over to her and stroked her face, moving some strands of hair away. He gave her a kiss on the cheek and then stroked her face a little more. Derek sat there looking around the room and thought of what happened to them when he felt someone touching his hand.

“Derek is that you?” she said trying to focus from a deep sleep.

He reached over and turn on the light “Hey, how do you feel?”

“Great, when did you get in?”

“About 0100 this morning, Nova when did you have them?” he asked trying to remain calm. As he thought more about his sons, he wondered why she didn’t call him to tell him.

“They’re five days old. I tried calling you, but couldn’t get through.” She didn’t feel like she was lying considering that she and Alex did try to call.

He stood up and walked into his closet and began to undress, hop in the shower and then got ready for bed. Nova sat in bed and waited for him to come out. She watched as he stood in the door rubbing his hair with a towel. He looked up and saw her looking at him.

“What’s up?” he asked.

“Did you see them?”

“Yeah, I figured out which one is which, although it wasn’t hard. Considering that Derek looks just like his brother when he was born.” He smiled at her then said with a soft tone of concern. “Was it a difficult delivery?”

“No Derek, they came very fast.” She said as her eyes searched his.

“Well I’m pretty beat, will you be sleeping here with me or are you going into one of the kids’ rooms?”

With a cross face she asked. “Are you angry at me?”

“What do you think? You give birth and you do not even bother to tell me.”

“I told you I try to call and couldn’t get through.” she snapped

“Well you didn’t try hard enough. You could have called EDF Headquarters and have them put you through or you could have gotten Wendy to get in contact with Singleton. He would have been able to get in touch with me. I never thought you would do this, Nova!”

“Do what?”

“Deny me information about the birth of my sons. I may have been stupid about what happened but I didn’t deserve this! Did you think I didn’t see you in the background as I talk with Alex? Do you know how I felt when you wouldn’t talk to me? I kept thinking that when I got home my stuff would be on the lawn and divorce papers would be sitting on top of it.”

“Oh, Derek, don’t dramatize it.” She rolled her eyes at him.

“I’m not, you’ve been cold and distant and for what? Some stupid young officer that thought something would become more of a meeting. She kissed me, I didn’t kiss her!” his voice went up an octave making Nova put up her defenses.

“Derek, do you even know what’s been said about your little late night meeting with her? Do you think people wouldn’t have made more of your meetings? You have no clue what I had to hear from the snickering. You put yourself into that situation and brought me and Alex with it.”

“Don’t use our son in this, Nova it’s not fair.”

“You put us into it when you had your little meeting with her!” she said as she poked him in the chest.

“And that’s all it was a meeting, nothing more!” he snapped back.

“Well, unlike being on ship where we can maintain rumors. Here on Earth the rumor mill has been burning up a storm about your meeting, and only a meeting. And you know how rumors can get thrown out of proportion by the time it gets to the upper ranks. And you, you are at the top of the list. Thank god that Stone is no longer here or he would have you court martial for some stupid late night meeting.” She snapped at him.

“What part of nothing happened did you not get!” he yelled with bile in his voice.

“Don’t talk to me like a child, I believe you that nothing happened! But that’s not the point you should have not put yourself there to begin with AGAIN. Do you know how embarrassing it has been for me, DO YOU!?”

“LOWER YOUR VOICE! You’ll wake up the kids.” he yelled.

“I can’t Derek. I just can’t deal with this now.” She said getting out of bed.

“Well when can you, so I can make an appointment to talk to you?” he snapped at her with sarcasm.

“You bastard! Move! My milk is coming in and the kids will be up ready to eat!” she shoved him out of the way and left the room.

Derek sat down on the bed and put his head in his hands. “Shit, what just happened here? She never talked to me like that before.” He walked out of their room and into the nursery. She sat on the rocking chair with both breast exposed as she feed Mark.

“Derek, not now. If I’m stressed they can sense it and it will make it hard for me to feed them.” Quietly he sat down and watched as she feed Mark and then Derek. Once she finished feeding L’il Derek she got up and placed him back into the crib next to his brother. Derek walked over to her and put his arm around her.

“You did a great job, babe. I really don’t know what I can ever do to have us back to normal. I love you, thank you for my sons.” He said then kissed her on the forehead.

She looked up to her husband and wrapped her arm around his waist. They both watched as their twins slept silently in the crib. Derek was ready to turned and leave when she put her hand in his hand. “Derek why don’t we check on Alex together?”

“Um Okay.” was all he could say as he smiled at her. ‘Gosh that smile always gets me’ she thought to herself. Derek opened the door to Alex’s room and they both peeked in then they went back to their room.

Nova turned to him and kissed him long and hard on his lips. Holding back Derek was a little skeptical as to her kissing him. Slowly he began to run his hands down her back and she ran her hands through his hair. He was the first to pull away, still suspicious of what would happen next. After the last time when they made love, he thought that everything was fine, to find out that nothing changed.


“Derek, I’m sorry. I didn’t want you to come home and fight. You’re right…I should’ve got in touch with you and told you about the twins. I was angry at you and it was wrong for me to hold information back about them. I’m so sorry. I don’t know how you will . . . .”

Without letting her finish Derek kissed her again. She still took his breath away with her kisses. “Mmmm, I love you so much. I guess there’s no way of us consummating my return home.”

“Ha. No not for another 5 weeks.”

“Damn maybe I should get back on a five week mission so when I’m back we could.”

“Well, I’m just glad that you’re home.” She looked up at him.

“I’m just glad that you didn’t throw me out, but babe. I am really tired. I have to get some sleep. So why don’t you and I lie down and get some sleep before our oldest wakes up.”

“Sounds like a great idea.”

They both jumped into bed giggling and laughing. Derek grabbed hold of his wife and held her in his arms. Before he knew it he was sleeping like his own kids with a smile on his face and his wife by his side.L13.jpg



The end



With the birth of their Twins Derek Wildstar must make a decision on how to handle his Mother-in-law when she comes to visit. Will this begin another outright war between the two? Nova stands to the side and holds her breath as they finally come face to face. Read on to another story in the Wildstars’ lives.

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