Another fine mess

Part 4

By Yuki Wildstar


Planet Gamilon

Gamilon Headquarters

3rd of February, 2214


“Are we ready?” Wildstar asked his crew.

“Everyone is present and accounted for, Captain.” Sandor replied as he saluted him.

“Okay, let’s get this over with. The sooner we resolve this the sooner we can head back home.”

“Aye, aye.” they all said in unison. Walking down the gangway Wildstar pointed to the awaiting car ready to take them to the palace.

“Captain Wildstar, I was sent here to fetch you.” The driver said and then opened the door to the car.

“I thought I would never see this place again. I can’t believe how more beautiful it is since we were last here.” Yvey said to Howard as they approached the palace.

“Would you believe that he was present at our wedding?” Denise whispered back to her.

“No way, really?”

Sandor sat next to Wildstar and watched as he looked out the window sitting quietly with a faraway look. He could tell something was wrong but couldn’t figure out what. ‘Stay focus Wildstar this is all dependent on you.’ he thought to himself. The car pulled up to the castle and they all walked in to see Desslok waiting in the hall for them.

003 (3)b.jpg“Wildstar…it is good to see you again,” He said as he held out his hand.

“How are you, Desslok?” Derek said, taking his hand and shook it.

“Come, Devina is in the Grand room waiting to see you all.”

Devina and Aurora sat in the middle of the room looking through patterns. She smiled wide to see them enter the room, “Captain Wildstar it is wonderful to see you again.” She said as she held his hand and gave him a kiss on the cheek.

“As always, you look stunning your highness.” He bowed to her.

“Please enough of the formalities. How is Nova? Aurora, come say hello to your uncle.” Devina said in one breath.

Giving him a hug Aurora smiled up to her uncle, “Uncle it’s so nice to see you again.” She stood as tall has her mother and just as beautiful. Wildstar was amazed at how much she looked like her. “Uncle Wildstar, I sense that my Aunt is going to forgive you.” she said with a shy smile.

“What? How, how did you know?” Wildstar was shocked at what she told him.

“Auror! How many times have I told you not to read the minds of others!” Devina snapped at her.

“But mother my Uncle is unhappy and I just wanted to assure him that he and my Aunt will be alright.”

“For universe sake, Aurora. I don’t think your Uncle wants anyone knowing about his troubles. Now go fetch your brothers.” Devina scolded her daughter. “I’m sorry Derek, she still has trouble refraining from telling others what they don’t want her to know.”

“That’s quite alright, your highness. I mean Devina.” He said.

“Wildstar, Captain Namir is in the processes of docking and should be here shortly to discuss our dilemma.” Desslok informed him.

“In the mean time, you and I can go for a walk.” Devina said as she grabbed his arm and led him to the garden. “So tell me Derek, what’s wrong? Aurora is not the only one with senses.”

“Devina, thank you for your concern. But it will work itself out.” Wildstar tried to avoid her stare.

“Derek, I also sense something else.” She gave him a confused look as she concentrated on him.

Wildstar looked away from her hoping that she couldn’t read what his fears were. Devina lean a little on his shoulder and said softly. “Aurora is right Nova will forgive you. But there something else that I can’t quite put my finger on, my senses aren’t as strong as Aurora’s. Hmm.”

Wildstar smiled at what she was sensing. “Nova’s pregnant again, we’re expecting twins.”

Devina’s smile widened. “Congratulation, that’s wonderful news. When is she due?”

“A week before our return,” Wildstar sighed.

“What! Meaning you will miss their birth.” Devina’s face turned to anger at making him come all this way for something so minor.

“Captain Wildstar, your highness. Captain Namir and his wife are here. My lord wishes for you to join them.” Talan spoke.

“Thank you Talan.”Devina said “by the way how is your wife? I haven’t had a chance to ask with the preparations for Captain Wildstar’s arrival.”

“She’s doing much better, your highness. Thank you for visiting her, it brought her spirits up.” Talan said. They married not long after the war ended with the Bolars and they both found out later that her health was slowly deteriorating with a painful disease that she caught while in the hands of the Bolars. When Devina found out she went straight to his house and used her powers to heal his dying wife. Desslok watched as his wife moved her hands over Talan's wife and, he witnessed her opening her eyes and smile at him, Devina and Talan. “She said as soon as she is well she would love for you and Emperor Desslok to come to dinner.”

“Nonsense, think nothing of it, we will have something here for her and you. You have always been a devoted aid to my husband and you’re like family to us.” Devina took hold of his and Wildstar arm and walked back into the grand room. Namir stood next to Desslok as Desslok knelt down and played with Saku while Julie laughed at him.  Saku talked about his new fighter, a gift that Desslok sent to him on his birthday. “Saku, come here and give me a hug.” Devina called out.

Saku ran to his friend and gave her a huge hug. “Ms. Devina thank you so much for my fighter. I love it.” Devina looked over to her husband and frown at him. She remembered telling him not to send it. “My mom thinks it’s too much but I just love it.”

“Hmm, I agree with your mother, Saku. Your uncle could have sent something not so extravagant.”

“Thank you Devina.” Julie said giving both her husband and Desslok a disapproving look. Namir thought it was wonderful but Julie didn’t feel that a child his age should have received a gift so violent. ‘Julie, our son has to start learning how to become a man now. He will soon be old enough to go and start training.’ An argument they have often. “Derek, it’s so good to see you. How is Nova?”

“She’s well.”

Devina folded her arms across her chest and snapped towards her husband and Namir. “I cannot understand why you would have Wildstar come all the way out here for something so frivolous.”

“Devina, please let us handle this.” Desslok said annoyed.

“If you two could have handled this he wouldn’t be here.” She snapped at him. “Do you know that Nova is due soon and he is out here dealing with two grown men fighting over a little asteroid belt?”

“Derek, you and Nova are having another baby?” Julie asked with glee. “That’s wonderful.” She said as she hugged him.

“And their having twins.” Devine announced.

“Oh my goodness, you’re having twins!” Julie said.

“Yeah, well thank you. Now can we start with the meeting?” Wildstar blushed as both women fussed over him.

Turning to both leaders Julie said with disgust. “You two settle this now.”

“Julie, it’s not as simple as you two think it is.” Namir said.

“You two are acting worse then Saku here when he can’t get what he wants. It’s a little asteroid belt for God’s sake!” Julie angrily said.

“A little asteroid belt that sits in the middle of my territory,” Desslok said.

“I beg to differ, it’s in my territory.” Namir said quickly. Julie and Devina looked at each other and rolled their eyes at them. They’ve heard this too many times. At that moment Talan walked in with a map and opened it up on a table.

Desslok pointed to the area and said “As you can clearly see it’s on Gamilon space.”

“It runs in the middle, emperor.” Namir said with frustration.

“Does not.” Desslok said like a two year old.

“Does too.” Namir snapped back.

Devina stood between the two and yelled “ENOUGH! How could you two fight over something so minor? I’m sure Captain Wildstar would love to be home with his wife waiting for the birth of his twins.”

“Devina’s right, the two of you need to grow up. It’s a stupid asteroid belt that no one really needs. If I’m not mistaken you two weren’t there when we both had our children and you both still regret it. Not that we blame you for it, there was a war going on. Now there isn’t, and he should be home with Nova not here referring the likes of you two.”

“But Julie . . .” Namir began to say.

“No” Julie walked over to the map and pointed to it. “You take this part and you take this half.”

“Are you serious, woman?!” Desslok said with anger.

“Yes she is! And if you two don’t agree right now we both are taking the children and going to live on earth.” Devina bellowed.

“Devina, you’re not serious.” Desslok looked worried.

“Try us.” Devina stood her ground as Julie stood behind her both crossing their arms and giving them both a stern stare. Desslok and Namir looked at each other wondering what just happened.

“Very well it seems fair enough.” Namir said as if they worked all day making the decision.

“I agree also.” Desslok said looking down at his feet avoiding his wife’s stare.

Devina turned around trying not to laugh and said to Julie. “I’m glad that we are in agreement. Now Derek, go home. If you leave now you just might be home in time to be there when your twins are born.”

003 (2)a.jpgWildstar stood there shock with mouth wide open at what just happened. It astounds him that the two most powerful men in the universe were defeated by two women. Without thinking he began to laugh. Namir and Desslok looked at him and then began to laugh themselves. Taken a deep breath Wildstar finally said. “I don’t know how they do it but our women can get us to do the impossible.”

“You are right about that.” Desslok slap Wildstar on the back as he took a breath in between laughs. “Come I will see you out.”

They all walked out to the other room where Sandor and the rest waited. Sandor watched as they enter the room and notice that Wildstar was smiling. “I’m assuming everything went well.” He asked him.

“Yes it did.” He tried to stop laughing at what happen. “Let’s get everyone back on the ship and prepare to leave right away. We’re going home.”

“That was quick what did you do, pull your weapon on them.” Sandor laughed

“More like Devina and Julie did.” He turned to Desslok and shook his hand. “It was great seeing you again my friend although I think both women should be your minister of state. They have a way of solving problems without even trying.”

“I agree my friend. A safe trip back.” Desslok shook his hand one last time.


EDF Battleship Argo

21st Fleet

15,000 light years from Pluto base station

2300 hours earth time

27th of April, 2214

Three months have gone by for them and the mission with Desslok and Namir went well. Every night Derek would call home to speak to his son and Nova. In the beginning she would make idle chat with him, then little by little she would let him talk with Alex more and more. He came to depend on his son on how mommy was. But there were times where he could see her sitting behind him, her stomach growing bigger and bigger with each passing week. So often he wanted to ask her how she felt, but she would stay in the back ground and watched as he talk with his son. Her due date came and went and he wanted deeply to ask her how she was. Each time he closed communication with his son, he would cry that his wife was too angry to even speak to him.

320px-Sumeragi_Lee_Noriega_2307[1].jpgAll the while he soon began to pull away from Sandor and the rest of them. Not wanting to be questioned on how Nova was. How could he tell them that she was fine when she wouldn’t even speak to him? He began to eat in his quarters and worked at his desk to keep from thinking of her. He moved her picture over to the side table next to his bed so he could see her first thing in the morning and last thing every night. He preformed his job professionally and on his time off he stayed in his quarters. Sandor and the others started to show concern for him, he was isolating himself from everyone and they wanted to know why.

“I’m telling you he is not himself. We need to find out what is wrong.” Yvey said.

“Yvey, if he wanted to tell us to know he would have already have told us. Just stay out of it.” Sandor said with a stern voice.

hs[1].jpg“I don’t care, how can you sit there and not wonder what the hell is going on with them. He seems so lost, when I call Nova to see how things are she seemed to avoid the subject. Even little Dee see something different about her when I speak to him. He says that Alex is starting to act like something wrong. Stephen we have to find out and help them through it. And yo no me importara que tu decir (I don’t care what you say).  I’m getting to the bottom of this once and for all.” She slammed her hand on the table and started to walk out the mess hall.

Sandor sat there and watched as his wife, hell bound left while Howard and Pesci followed her to the Captains quarters. He rolled his eyes and finally got up following suit. Yvey knocked on the hatch hard as she heard music playing inside. Wildstar sat at his desk listen to Jon Secada’s ‘Angel’ and drinking coffee when the knock on his hatch brought him back to reality. “Who is it?” he asked annoyed that someone was disturbing him.

“Sir its Lieutenant Commander Ortiz and Commander Howard with Commander Pesci” and before he could reply Sandor called out too “It’s me also Wildstar, Sandor”

He sat back on his chair and decided to get it over with, “Enter!”

They all piled into his room and Yvey said it first, “Okay what’s going on?”

“Excuse me Lieutenant?” Wildstar stood up and looked at her with angry eyes.

“We’re here to find out what the hell is going on with you and Nova. Your son, our god son, is starting to feel the strain between you and her and I won’t have him expose to that.” She snapped at him.

“STAND DOWN RIGHT NOW, LIEUTENANT!” Wildstar yelled, not liking the tone in her voice.

“NO,  YOU STAND DOWN SKIPPER!” she yelled back “I don’t care what charges you can give me, but we see what’s going on and now the kids are seeing this. Now are you gonna tell us the problem or are you gonna let this effect your son, and my god son.” Sandor stood in the corner and held his breath, he knew Yvey to well to not stand in the way when she was like this. She was tough and he didn’t want to be the one that got the end of her fuse.

Wildstar threw himself onto his chair and stare at her. He had to admit she always stood her ground and now he was getting the end of her rage. “I, I don’t know how to start.” He began and then went into what happened. They all stood there listening at what he told them. It took him less than 20 minutes to tell but it seemed like forever as he lived what happened with him and Ramirez and Nova. “I just can’t get her to talk to me. She stop taking my calls, I only speak to Alex now. She’s due any time now and she won’t even speak with me. This is tearing me apart. I don’t know what more to do?”

“Derek how could you after what happened with you and Tolbert. Not to mention the little stint with the other chick. How could you let yourself get caught up like that again?” Denise snapped with anger, “Do you blame her for being angry?!”

“Denise,” Pesci stood in front of her to keep her from hitting him. He knew how she was about her friend and he didn’t want for her to push the Admiral no matter how close they all were.

“Don’t you think I know that, I didn’t know she was going to kiss me, I treated her no different than I would treat each and every one of you.” Wildstar said in his own defense.

“If it was only work, and only a kiss why is she so mad at you?” Yvey asked.

“I never told her that Commander Ramierz was a woman. She was in the assumption that Ramirez was a guy.” Wildstar said

“And this was something you didn’t offer.” Yvey said in confusion.

“I didn’t think it would be a big deal. It just never dawn on me to tell her. We were two officers discussing the mission. That’s all.”

“Well I can see why she is upset.” Denise said. “After what happened last time you should have told her that Ramirez was a she. If nothing was going on then it wouldn’t have been a big deal.”

“Look, I know now it wasn’t a good idea not to mention it. But right now all I can hope that she doesn’t throw me out like last time. If I can only get her to talk to me, but she just watches as I talk with Alex.”

“I’ve try to talk to her, but she doesn’t stay on long. She has been asking about you skipper, at least she still cares.” Yvey said.

“She does?” He asked with hope in his voice.

“She asks if you’re eating and getting enough sleep.” Yvey tried to ease his mind.

 “When was the last time you spoke to her, Derek?” Howard asked still a little angry with him for what happened.

“I haven’t spoken to her in over three weeks, and now I haven’t even been able to talk with Alex. I tried calling the house, but no one answers. I even called her mother’s house! She hasn’t heard from her in weeks either. I’m really worried about her. I’ve left messages with Homer and Wendy, but they haven’t returned my calls yet.”

“Have you tried the Admiral, Skipper?” Pesci asked.

“No, I don’t want him to think that my personal life will interfere with my decision as an Admiral and commander of a fleet.”

“Wildstar we understand, I’m sure that things will work out.” Sandor said as he put his hand on his shoulder.

“Listen, thank you all for your concern, but this is something me and Nova have to work out. We should all get some rest; we'll be in Earth space tomorrow.” He said as he got up and motioned them all out. “And Commander Ortiz,”

Yvey snapped to attention and said “yes sir?”

“Thank you for being a great God Mother to Alex. I will get this straightened out as soon as we are back on earth.”

“De nada papi” she said and winked at him.


To be continued . . . . .